Festivities Will Start A Little Late!

That art above is a really old piece of art. I posted it on Facebook with “We’re not dead. Our flag is still there. We came from the future, and we’re going back.”

I’m posting this late at night, to explain things.

Tomorrow I’ll start the blog fundraiser.

Again, I WANT TO EMPHASIZE this is not an emergency, I’M NOT ASKING YOU TO RESCUE ME.

We’re doing all right, right now. Without y’all bailing me out in November, we’d have been in serious trouble because the house sold weird. (We’ll just say that.) But we’re fine. I promised not to ask for emergency help, and I’m not. This is just a blog fundraiser.

The fundraiser is for the blog, which is part of my writing ah enterprise. If the blog funds, I’ll be able to get help on some of other stuff and not end up with “not a post” posts, as well as devote a ton more effort and attention to all my writing in general. And perhaps have a bit more energy.

Until today I’d blithely assumed I could use GiveSendGo, but they don’t allow me to offer rewards for donations, and were offering rewards. (And we have the official only maybe a secret billionaire will pledge.)

So, it will have to be my paypal, and I’ll keep track of the amounts and update a few times a day.

I’m shooting for 50k, mostly because this one, being a business thing, I’ll have to pay taxes, of course, but mostly because Jerry Pournelle told me 10 years ago that I should have a fundraiser and set 50k as a goal. Yes, it seems like a crazy goal (Almost as crazy as that highest tier we’ll have, mostly as a joke!) and I’m a little embarrassed of putting it up. But Jerry said I should be able to clear that, given how often I post and the engagement, so I’ll try.

Doing this as a yearly event, in the first two weeks of July will allow me to not have intrusive begging or donation links on it the rest of the year. The timing is obvious, I think.

So, tomorrow will start the TAANSTAFL days on this blog, which will end on the 16th. I’ll probably put it up around noon.

Because I know these fundraisers get awkward and strange and make the blog very boring, there will be a “real post” TM beneath the fundraiser post. And I’ll do my best to make the fundraising fun too.

Word is that younger son is making cartoons of me. Pray I don’t have to kill him for it 😉

Anyway, see you tomorrow for the start of the whole thing. Next year I’ll be more precise and polished. This year I’m fumble fingered and strange, so enjoy the comedy aspects.

Till tomorrow.

45 thoughts on “Festivities Will Start A Little Late!

  1. > “but mostly because Jerry Pournelle told me 10 years ago that I should have a fundraiser and set 50k as a goal. ”

    But have you adjusted for inflation since then? 😛

      1. And you know us. We’re all thinking “It’s about damn time.”

        Relax, we think you’ve earned the support.

      2. I still think Subscribe Star (Patreon would eventually toss you) is the way to go, although I’ll donate either way.

        You are providing a service I value. The government doesn’t do that and I have to pay them.

    1. A quick SEARCH indicates that the average gallon of gas cost $3.64 in 2012. ($4.50 adjusted for inflation. ref: https://www.dollartimes.com/inflation/items/price-of-a-gallon-of-gas-in-2012 N.B. that site has a handy converter indicating that $50K in 2012 dollars should be $61,722 now, at an average inflation rate of 2.14% … which probably does NOT take into account the present 8.6% rate).

      And that was a temporary spike.

      So you might adjust Jerry’s target appropriately, although you should probably let that wait until the next fundraiser, as changing targets mid-fundraiser is not a good strategy unless you’ve already hit the initial target and can do so with suitable praise and amazement expressed about the love of (and for) your fans.

  2. No. 1: Don’t Panic.
    No. 2: Don’t pancake (well, maybe low-carb if it can work.)
    No. 4: I wonder about the levels and such things.
    No. 3: I wonder about the cartoons, I do.
    No. 5: Make up your own joke about the ox ability to count here.
    No. 6: There is no 6.

      1. If they fit with your carbohydrate budget, sure! And if you don’t have to concern yourself with such things, lucky you! As I am (ever so slowly….) reducing my tonnage, I must pay some attention to such things. It’s NOT that I find pancakes or French Toast (and REAL maple syrup!) unappealing. But… biochemistry and all that.

        1. Hey Biology is not destiny as our idiot overlords try to entreat upon us. Of course if your skin is slightly melanin enhanced they seem to think you are are theirs from birth (we used to call that slavery) and don’t go off the reservation or they will fling epithets such as Uncle at you.

        2. I made french toast for the first time in eons last weekend, with forrealz butter and maple syrup, and a touch of honey as well.
          But I feel ya on the tonnage reduction needs. mine is just a bit too high. I’ll consider it compensation that I used only a single small rasher of bacon and one slice of English Toasting bread to make that breakfast.

        3. French toast incorporates eggs, which provide increased protein which reduces the carb uptake, so less of a blood glucose spike. Add bacon, sausage or country ham on the side and it is almost healthy, especially if you’re using a high-protein whole-grain bread.).

          There are some pancake recipes which incorporate cottage cheese in the batter – largely un-noticeable and much protein boosting – enough that even a person with Type-II Diabetes can occasionally indulge.

            1. Well, in all accuracy I think my face is more a-oval, but it is glad I be to be welcome in any gathering of grand folk such as these.

          1. As a child my parents fought me to eat pancakes, but no problem with french toast. Which based on RES’s analysis, makes sense, now. I still won’t eat pancakes, because I can’t. Not diabetic, but if I want to see a sugar spike/crash, have pancakes. Guarantied. It is one item that is really bad. Suspect, although not diagnosed then, pancakes were causing problems. I can still have french toast, but have to be careful.

    1. I already miss Scottish/English breakfasts – high on the fat and protein, carbs on the side. Kept me hiking and museum-ing from 0800 to 1800 without blinking.

    1. Right after turning Ganymede into farmland yes ( C.F. the historical documents in particular “A Farmer In the Sky” 🙂 ). Although with puddles of various volatile substances (Methane?) here, there and everywhere Titan it would be worth containing that stuff first as it is far to useful to waste. Definitely a no smoking zone during construction.

      1. I can see someone lighting that atmosphere on fire… I was going through seismic survey site reports, and the favorite smoking spot was right next to the explosive used in the holes in the ground to make the boom (usually called dynamite, though I’m not sure it actually IS chemically dynamite that they use anymore.)

        1. I think most modern construction blasting uses AMFO (Ammonia Nitrate/ Fuel Oil mix). Apparently far more inert until you set off the blasting cap and less likely to throw pieces all over the place.

  3. Meanwhile, wife and I are down with COVID. Just leave us “some ammo, some water, some chips if you got any” (think that’s right). Worst flu ever; do not recommend; 0/10.

    1. Ugh. My sympathies. I had it last November, with the neurological symptoms lasting until mid December. 0/5 stars, do not recommend, return policy unacceptable.

      1. $SPOUSE and I got it in March ‘2020. Seriously not fun, but it’s conveyed immunity to the lesser variations. Yay us!

        (I noticed a snippet in AC’s blog that indicates the not-vax makes/could make one more susceptible to OMGicron. /Snerk)

    2. just your luck to not get the “middling cold” version. That’s the one I got.
      I hear Falsey got the Pax-Rebound version and it is worse the second time, so of course he is ignoring actual doctoral and research and going with Pax a second time.
      If there is justice in the universe, he have plenty of complications all caused by his advice.

    3. I guess the relevant question is, did you get vaxxed and still got COVID anyway? I know Trump put big Pharma on the fast track to build vaccines, but when he got scammed out of office, you have to wonder what the scammers who took over loaded into those syringes.

      1. judging from early data I looked at in the early days, I’d bet Trump was sold a bill of goods on how, as this was just another version of SARS and MERS (and it is) all the early research done would suffice, and with little work, if the FDA was told to hold off on full length testing requirements, they’d have just the thing needed spun up in no time.
        They just left out how unsuccessful all the early runup work was . . . all early versions of the SARS/MERS vaxs were rotten messes with higher rates of side effects than actual effectiveness and none got very far in initial testing. Everything we now know about the MRNA vaccines (and also J&J, though less reasons of side effects and more the lack of effectiveness) were why they were not put out as SARS/MERS vaccines after 10 or 12 years of work and testing. They are not effective enough, and don’t actually stop the spread or slow it much, while having an alarming rate of death and disability on their own, especially in younger, otherwise healthy individuals.

        1. A further problem is the report from a few countries of major birthrate drop-offs 9 months after the not-Vaxes were introduced. The miscarriage rate in the clinical trials was pretty bad, and that got pretty well swept under the rug.

      1. Mine was first week of Feb. and after the fever and body pains left, I was damned tired for a good while. Not getting the hard core version though I was back to normal by end of April

    4. Dang. Sympathies. Agree. 0/10 or 0/5 depending on your scale. Actually -1 or -2 on either scale.

      I’ve had it twice. Once before it was originally “recognized” as here (Dec 2019) and again after vaccination, and first booster. Second just after I got the second booster (Jan 2022). “It proves your immune system is fighting it” my fat ass. It was as bad as the first round. As in answer to “Are you going to live?” was met with a vague wave with both fingers, and a grunt. I was Sick. As sick as the first round. I can get that sick when I haven’t had anything catch me in awhile, but when I do, I’m usually good for a good 36 months, minimum (it is possible age is interfering with that, …. nah). At a minimum, if not CCPFlu both rounds were “Colds on Steroids+”, oh wait … Besides second round happened a week after son had a few days of light fever and tested positive for CCPFlu. Then hubby had a single day of fever (didn’t test). I didn’t test either. Test kits unavailable. Too sick to bother (but not sick, or stupid, enough to head to emergency or urgent care).

      1. Testing wasn’t available when we got it 3/20. I’d gone in for a flu test, and that came out negative (as $SPOUSE said, “He failed the flu test!”). The doctor who reviewed the flu test left a message and noted that they had two patients in the hospital with suspected Wuhan-coof, but they couldn’t get anybody to part with a couple of test kits for them.

        Four months later, my regular doctor claimed that the Coof never hit Flyover County until late April. Couldn’t fire the SOB (not enough docs in the county to pull that off without issues), but I haven’t trusted him on COVID since. That made for tedious arguments since he was pushing the not-Vax. OTOH, when I saw him last month, the not-Vax never came up.

  4. Do your fundraiser. I buy your books, and I’m willing to buy your blog. And you’ll be far from the first – I support the creators that I like on Patreon, I chip in each year for the DBD fundraiser (going on now, for the fans here who haven’t yet contributed), I gave Jerry Pournelle a Paypal gift each year on my birthday, and I’m more than happy to send an annual subscription fee (or monthly Patreon, if you wish) your way. It’s just my little way of being a Patron of the Arts (it must be pronounced so the capitals are audible). The fact that many of the artists I support this way cause leftist tears is just a bonus.

  5. I gave up on Paypal several years ago for privacy concerns and a reputation for screwing over vendors (circa 2007-8, haven’t looked recently). Any other options?

    FWIW, on GabPay:

    Commission 1.9% + $0.15 per transaction (who pays is up to the vendor). They say they’re set up to work with any bank that offers on-line services (and I suspect even that could be stretched).
    Downsides: It’s only usable in the USA, and some people are allergic to Gab. (Not identical to Gab Social, though Andrew Torba owns both.)

    Failing that, is there a mail drop in a secure location where one could send a check?

  6. Just as went to type “I’ve stopped coughing,” I coughed. So better. Wife better; youngsters sleeping like logs but I haven’t heard them cough.

    So, better than an S-boat in the Aleutians.

  7. Well, I give to a candidate politician, but your content is better and more frequent. Wish I had enough to actually -buy- a politician, and I might spring for the dinner prize.

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