A Sad Excuse For A Post, and Free Gift

Yes, in the future I’ll be doing normal, full posts on this blog, under the fundraiser post, but posting that first one was scary and incredibly stressful. (No, you have NO idea how much.)

So, what the heck, some of you liked this picture when I posted it here, so…. The following picture is my own artwork and is hereby released under the creative commons attribution license.

This license lets others distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.

I call it In Space, Only the Winged Cats Know What You’re Up To.

58 thoughts on “A Sad Excuse For A Post, and Free Gift

  1. “Who’s Bright Idea Was It To Give Us Butterfly Wings??? We Wanted Dragon Wings!” [Very Very Crazy Grin]

        1. “Butterfly Wings Are Too Cutesy! Give Us Dragon Wings!”

        2. L, being the princess that she is, would naturally want fairy princess wings! 🙂

      1. The Reader is not a writer (except for lab reports and defense contract proposals – the 2nd occasionally being fiction), but the image will find its way onto the background of my computer screens. The Reader could see slipping that image into a Powerpoint presentation to see if the audience was awake if he were still working – sort of like the slide he used once proposing to reduce the weight of a phased array antenna by using Slimfast as a coolant instead of ethylene glycol.

      2. The Reader is not a writer of fiction (well a couple of proposals he wrote for DARPA approached fiction so inserting it in one of those would have been fun) so cover is not required. The Reader thinks it will make a nice background on my monitor though.

        1. Aww Come on. An effectively perpetual energy producing machine is fiction? You were merely expanding the definition of our universe.

          1. The Reader never wrote a proposal for DARPA that was on the wrong side of physics. Some that involved designs of a complexity that they broke our design tools, and materials that weren’t quite out of the lab yet, but never something that Feynman would have objected to. However, he notes that there were folks in DARPA that were repeatedly on the wrong side of physics.

  2. It’s great Sarah … does it go on my phone lock screen or home page??? Decisions, decisions.

    Oh and congrats on the fundraiser. Long time lurker, longer time fan, you are more than worth a regular subscription.

  3. Skin suit a la 7’o 9.

    Cat would probably do better with ‘Flying Squirrel’ wings.

    That woman’s eyes…and mouth: “Yes, Dear, whatever you want dear” 😉

    Heh: Probably could do a whole post on why women like super-pets 🙂

    1. Er… This art was done for a very specific purpose, to suggest both SF and Fantasy. I have several super-pets. They’re cats. Ask them.
      As for your comments on my sartorial choices for character, see where “SF and fantasy.” (It was designed to be printed onto a box and cover up a hole in the wall in my office, with words Who is more real? Homer or Ulysses? Shakespeare or Hamlet? Burroughs or Tarzan? – Robert A. Heinlein at the bottom.)

  4. Since this is a bit of a free for all post, and today in July 1st, a reminder:

    Next year’s LibertyCon tickets go on sale on the 16th at Noon eastern. Be there or miss out.

    1. I’m off that day and it’s usually my laze around and do nothing day anyway so I’m prepared!

    2. $HOUSEMATE, looking at marked calendar: “LC?”
      “In July?”
      “The day registration opens.”
      “Oh, right.” (Already has it set as an alarum, but multiple indicators are a GOOD THING.)

  5. The cat looks like one of the kittens i just turned over to the vet for placement.
    Um, minus the wings, of course.
    well, last I looked

    1. IF you had a winged cat and didn’t give me first pick, we’d have words.
      SOBS. CRIES.

  6. “Light Cannon”? Meh.

    That’s the biggest laser-pointer for a kitty I have ever seen.

  7. Rule 3. That is someone I don’t want to be around. At least without a heavy steel plate between us.

  8. It is well that men from my homeland were slower on the trigger in the 20th century than the 19th (once at least). You see, after a days fighting General Stonewall Jackson at dusk surprised a sentry from N. Carolina, who shot him and the general died six days later.
    According to this article (https://www.strategypage.com/cic/docs/cic191b.asp#two) Prime Minister Churchhill was stopped by a Carolina born sentry at 3am. That sentry called for the corporal of the guard instead of opening fire.

    1. Which is fine if the unknown isn’t an immediate threat. After all, you can always shoot him after the corporal of the guard declares him an enemy infiltrator.

    1. I glanced past this and saw “Revolution” preceded by a word that started with the letter “D,” and my brain momentarily auto-filled to “Dance-Dance Revolution.”

      I knew it had to be wrong, but you’ve got to admit it would have made Victorian history a bit more interesting.

  9. Sarah, something’s off with this post. It’s showing up on the “Week in Posts” sidebar but I’m not seeing it on the main page.

    1. Wait, scratch that; it’s there, but it’s BELOW the TANSTAAFL post on the main page and ABOVE it in the sidebar. So one or the other is slightly out of order, which threw me off.

      Probably not worth worrying too much about, then.

  10. For some reason I just recalled the gent I saw in Edinburgh (Scotland). He was in a work-a-day kilt and sporran, polo shirt that went with the kilt, and had a backpack slung over his shoulder. On the backpack was a yellow patch, with green grass and a coiled serpent. The text read “No Step On Snek.” I was tempted to congratulate him on his excellent taste. 😀

      1. Clan MacBean’s IRL motto (slightly amended by Mary Stewart for her skiffy psychic romance Gothic) is “Touch not a catt bot a targe” (Do not touch a cat without using a targe shield). *

        So “Don’t tread on me” is very much in the vein of Scottish mottos.

        MacBean crest: “A grey demi cat-a-mountain salient, on his foreleg a Highland targe, gules.”

  11. Hmmm . . . I have a crazy redhead . . . could add a cat with wings with not much trouble . . . Really should finish Summer Interns . . .

      1. Yes! The girl’s perfect. The background’s more likely to be an untamed world she’s exploring, but the more I look the more I go “Oh yeah, that’s her!”

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