You Short Sighted Goat Fornicating Pre-K Dropouts – Bob -The Frighteningly Sane*-Fool

You Short Sighted Goat Fornicating Pre-K DropoYou Short Sighted Goat Fornicating Pre-K Dropouts – Bob -The Frighteningly Sane*-Fool

Dear Officials of the Canadian Government,

I am an American.  Additionally, I am no friend of Canada, or of Canadians.

Justin Trudeau, a senior official holding positions you are apparently endorsing, has said that a certain internal security issue is a result of American interference, and that as a result, all options will be on the table.

I would suggest that you reflect very carefully on how much risk you are willing to take in support of such policy.

Additionally, to the officials confident that they want to support Trudeau, fully and unconditionally; Are you out of your God D*mned minds?

Yes, sanity is maybe defined for a culture, and American culture and Canadian culture are very far from identical.  Beyond that, I am not considered sane even within American culture.

It may still be quite defensible to wonder how in Hell this apparent plan of yours could possibly ever be a good sane idea.

Four relevant Bob facts: 

1.  I really do not like vaccine mandates.  2.  I was in favor of this trucker protest when I heard of it.  3.  I have donated no money or other physical resources to it.  It is almost certain that Canadians have heard me speak approvingly of it, but the Canadians were mostly not my intended audience for the comments.  4. I am perhaps an expert on the difficulty of persuading Americans that there should be war with Canada; Canadian behavior just isn’t usually the sort of thing that makes Americans want to wage war. 

As best as I can estimate, the truck protestor victory condition is taking their trucks, and returning to work, without being compelled to vaccinate.  From this flows all of the conclusion that the Canadian government position in not tenable, and will collapse at some point.

I think you Canadians are barbarians, and don’t get too excited over how wrongly you behave with regard to one another. 

Why is it of any interest to me?  My calculation is that the vax would cripple me, and that my former employer did not set aside the funds for any sort of compensation for crippling me.  If I am completely denied anything interesting to do with my time, I can devote the rest of my life to making the people responsible miserable.  The truckers are doing what I would like to do in their place, but more intelligently, and more kindly.  I am not doing that yet, because I still have opportunities that are more interesting than trying to make the likes of you miserable.  I am still looking at what bureaucracies here may inflict on me.  If your policies collapse, the similar policies here may collapse.

The first argument that you are screwed takes the additional assumption that you have wrongly estimated policy impact on the logistics of Canada.  Do you actually know how many truckers you need?  How many are available, will vax, and will not fax?  Fraction that are owner-operators, and could not be easily replaced assuming availability of competent vaccinated drivers?

It seems plausible that you are stupid enough to have over looked this angle, in part because there are so many idiots here in the US being similarly stupid.  America’s freight and passenger logistics are over a combination of rail (optimized for freight), semi-trucks, buses, and airplanes.  The electric vehicle proposals in the US are probably evidence of the same level of incompetent disregard for the objective physical reality.  First, we don’t have nuke plants, so EVs are basically fossil fueled, and possibly quite a bit less efficient than heat engine combustion once you do all of the energy bookkeeping.  Second, we don’t seem to have EV semi-tractors, and California has apparently banned the conventional semi-tractors.  Thirdly, we don’t have anywhere near the charging stations that would be necessary for interstate freight and passengers to be carried by EVs.  Fourth, there was a proposal floated to have EV airplanes, and it seems our government is very enthusiastic in saying that it will be so.  One serious problem with these EV proposals, is that they would have the consequence of limiting travel within the United States.  The current apparent political consensus is a product of the level of travel, so limited travel could be expected to produce a different balance of power, and different consensus.

The second argument is that your spokesmen have seriously ruined the best chance that you had for a outcome that you would find desirable. 

The nice for you path was letting the truckers get bored and feel like they were not accomplishing everything.  If you could split off a hypothetical minority inexorably opposed to vaxxing, you might be able to get the rest to go back to work, take the vax, and not remain there supporting their fellows.

This has been mishandled pretty much from day one.

There were a bunch of loud idiots on your side mouthing off, because they had decided on violence, /before/ they actually confirmed that they had the shooters available and willing to carry out the violence.  So, your status quo policy is continuing down that route, in lieu of resigning and retiring from politics.  But, you didn’t have the shooters prepped before hand, so whatever premise you plan on using, you are planning to implement with very few people. 

Furthermore, the Truckers are Canadians.  Like the American population, the Canadian population seems to have produced good infantry.  Infantry and the population that they are recruited from are rarely entirely different from each other.  They don’t have /all/ of the psychological advantages that good infantry would have, but they have some, and you’ve made it clear enough that you intend to kill them, that they won’t necessarily be shocked into paralysis when the violence starts.  At the very least, they have greater commitment to facing the threat together.  This means that you need a lot of shooters, not a few.  Trying to use a few shooters instead, makes it very likely that the violence will be much uglier than the plans call for. 

Canadians will not be super happy about that.  Perhaps your shooters will be the unhappiest.  Long term, in supporting this going forward, you are risking personal consequences.  Everyone and their dog will know that you were involved, that it was an avoidable mistake, and your fault will be very easy to see.

There are American idiots encouraging you to do very stupid things in order to ‘remedy’ this matter.  Tires are a little bit useful in moving a semi-truck, without it getting wrecked in the process.

That would be forcing unwanted carnal knowledge of syphilitic camels, and metaphorically result in community spread of smallpox.

Getting rid of the truckers, but disabling the tractors in place is not a winning move for you.  Setting the trucks on fire, would not be a winning move for you.  Yes, you do have the weapons systems to destroy the trucks, and kill a lot of truckers; this is not a winning move for you.  Your shooters have a very difficult problem in trying to capture the trucks intact enough to be removed, instead of setting them on fire and leaving the streets blocked with wreckage.  Wrecking a strategic bridge, and setting your own capital on fire, is not a winning move in anyone’s playbook. 

Getting the trucks out of the city alone may not be a victory condition.  You may need to get them moving again.  Okay, sure, Ottawa is close to the US that you could maybe still eat even if you managed to wreck the entire Canadian economy.  Would not be good for having a political future.  Getting them back into service needs truckers.  Note: Automation is not the answer.  Automation is hard, and does not appear ready to operate semi tractors.  An accelerating tractor is a little bit stable for automation to operate, like a pendulum.  A decelerating tractor, accelerating to a lower speed, is unstable like an inverted pendulum.  This might be a quite difficult problem for automation. 

Note: You have been trying to hire tow trucks.  Basic problem 1: A tow truck company knows that if trucking firm A hires them to steal tractors, firms B, C, and D will have nothing to do with them, and then the tow truck company goes out of business.  Basic problem 2: there may not actually be enough tow trucks.  Companies buy tow trucks to handle an expected break down rate by their customers.  These aren’t break downs, and are vastly greater than the expected rate.  You might wear out every tow truck in the country just trying to get the semi tractors out of town.

One of your possible options is trying to have the police serve as shooters.  One of the challenges there is that you can’t really promise them that you will protect and reward them for doing what you want.  A cop who wants to be forced to retire, and possibly be criminally prosecuted can just go have a bad shoot against a junkie.  You would have needed to not only have supported them when they had Good Shoots, but also in abuses of police power, in order to have police view being involved in this as anything but a career ender.  Yes, you’ve asked for volunteers and loans, but I suspect that there are a great deal of unpaid parking tickets to investigate.

Another is the military.  One problem, again, they know exactly how much trouble you are asking them to get into on your behalf.  Two, shooting up a capital and setting it on fire is kinda how militaries take over the governments of countries.  Asking your military to do so on the strength of your being the government, especially on pain of imprisonment for refusing, can result in no longer being the government.  You are currently in power, and will be pissed off at them refusing.  The population of your country will probably be the population of your country for some time, will likely be pissed off if they don’t refuse, and will long have some ability to see that people are confined to prison.  You may feel that you have a monopoly on prosecutions, but political power is fleeting, and even if the cops or the military thought you could and would deliver on protecting them from prison, they would doubt that you could protect them forever.

Police and military seem to be the highest possibilities for which you may find only enough shooters willing to follow orders to get you into a lot of trouble.  This is getting eaten by the sow that you are copulating with, in the illusion that kissing makes it romantic.

One risk that you should not be worrying about is what happens in the US if the US government does stupid things at your request.  American stupidity is an American concern.  You can’t have the information to judge which things are dangerous, and which are not.

Your remaining risk that you really should be careful about judging; Is the American ‘intervention into Canadian internal security’ worth a war with the US?  This is probably extremely low probability.  Still, would it be likely to end well? 

Okay, America has not done an exceptional job of preparing for such a war, but it isn’t clear that Canada has the best strategic position either.  Normally, I would suspect that a sane American government might be reasonably positioned to force peace negotiations to occur.  However, the current Canadian policy makes me wonder if there is any way to force Canadian officials to negotiate sanely.  We’ve been negligent in prepping long range artillery tubes and shell stockpiles enough to work over a lot of Canadian cities, but would it matter to you if we had?  This doesn’t really matter, because after Afghanistan there is little reason to trust American power projection, or the sanity of American foreign policy implementation.

The real danger of a war between our nations is that we both see internal security risks, and our central governments may no longer be absolutely able to bind our respective peoples to peace.  Again, infantry and the population infantry is recruited from can be similar.  Our unofficial irregular forces could war against Canada, and Canadian unofficial irregular forces could war against America, and it could prove quite messy.  From my perspective, if my folks kill off the Canadian government, and Canadians kill off the US jerks, that would be about the nicest possible outcome.  Wars are never that convenient for anyone.  Better that folks don’t get that agitated.

Your fundamental plan seems to be “these people we were leaning on aren’t doing what we want.  We just have to lean on them harder, they will do what we want.”  Sounds to me like seeking conjugal relations with a goat, in expectation of a happy marriage. 

Why isn’t quitting the better option?

*Insertion by Sarah. You were warned.

336 thoughts on “You Short Sighted Goat Fornicating Pre-K Dropouts – Bob -The Frighteningly Sane*-Fool

  1. Yes. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

    I gotta ask – is this a Candid Camera episode? Sure seems like it. Monty Python did it better.

    1. I’m actually worried at how much more enraged I am by the stupidity, than I am by the evil.

      There’s a certain logic to why that might be so, but I still worry a bit about what it says about me.

      I think that what is apparently happening up in Canada is not satire, or a prank.

  2. It’s seemed to me that anyone really trying to monkey wrench the transport network would start with the Trans-Canada Highway, north of Lake Superior. In several sections it is the ONLY road connecting the eastern part of the country to the west. (No parallel routes exist.) Some sections are only two lanes wide, and so a lot of puny two-lane bridges as well. For hundreds of klicks on end.

        1. hmm. missing reply
          It bottlenecks them enough most who could cross before all this mess didn’t bother to save time with that route. And if Boog cometh . . . mahoosive bottlenecks and ease of blockage

      1. But part of the point of the protests in the first place was the hassle involved in crossing the border. And will MI and MN now be deploying the National Guard to keep their roads open?

        1. it was a pain before the mandates, though a Winnie to Ottawa run is close to the same time, but if the route goes down, therein be a quite significant issue

      1. for Interstates, but TCH is not a highspeed route anyhow, so US2 and M28 would see the higher increase being a shorter run even compared to the TCH (Int’l Falls to Sault St Marie is 10;23 via US 58/2/M28 v 11:46 for the TCH)

    1. I have no opinions when it comes to most options for bringing pain to regimes.

      I haven’t been looking hard enough for options to have a really complete understanding.

      I would suggest that cutting off remote areas from the network is less directly harmful to the regime than being annoying where regime loyalists experience it would be.

      If it was helpful to the regime, the regime would do it. However, it may be more harmful to regime opponents than it would be to the regime.

        1. Impossible.

          Charlie Hebdo reports that Punch has done an extensive literature survey, and that thus according to Duffel Blog, Harvard Lampoon, The Stormer, The World Weekly News, and Babylon Bee (America’s paper of record), the Canadian truckers are super evil, have built a Death Star, are hijacking Gundams, have have sent bands of insane freaks to locations around the world, where they have constructed Metal Gears.

          1. “…sent bands of insane freaks to locations around the world…” Wait, the *truckers* organized BLM, Antifa and the teachers’ unions?!? Damn. whoda thunk it…

        1. There’s a letter from the Queen that I post on most 4th Julys where she declines to order her troops to burn DC again, even though you keep begging for it…

        1. Am I a horrible person to want to set up PSYOPS-level loudspeakers outside and blast “Disco Inferno” at said occupants when the bonfire starts?

            1. Yeah, but I mean, on the one hand the lyrics (especially the refrain) are rather appropriate, but on the other hand, it IS disco. Isn’t disco considered cruel and unusual punishment in some states?

            1. Anything by Phillip Glass (it was a tossup between annoyance and relief when I couldn’t get the Einstein on the Beach CD to work in the computers…), or maybe Mussorgsky’s Boris Gudenov. When I have no idea of what they’re singing, it’s a problem for me…

              1. I was introduced to Japanese rock (disparagingly called J-Pop) in the course of watching anime. Some of the music is really good, and not knowing the words doesn’t bother me.

                1. If I had actually seen BG, it might not have been an issue, but listening to an opera without knowing a) any of the plot, nor b) the language makes it harder.

                  I have terrible German (did OK in high school, but that was 52 years ago), but it’s gudenov to enjoy the Ring cycle. My Russian is more the Da, Nyet level.

          1. Just that would be a bit obnoxious. It would be best to vary the the playlist a bit. Europe’s “The Final Countdown” seems like a good choice. Maybe add some new stuff like Van Morrison’s “No More Lockdown” and “Where Have All the Rebels Gone?” and Clapton’s “This has Gotta Stop.” Perhaps some Judas Priest like “Screaming for Vengeance” or Heather Alexander’s “March of Cambreadth.” Nothing too radical or violent.

            1. >> “or Heather Alexander’s “March of Cambreadth.” Nothing too radical or violent.”

              “How many of them can we make die” is not radical or violent?

              Clearly, I need to read the rules again.

              1. Consider, it explicitly talks about a defensive stand

                Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

          1. I proposed Washington’s birthday to $SPOUSE. She objected due to America vs Canada, but…

            OTOH, Easter is coming, or if really impatient, Ash Wednesday is quite soon.

        1. There IS a growing trend of Christmas in July… So perhaps a little cross border independence day spreading might be in keeping with some traditions?

          1. Plus, Canada Day is the 1st of July. We can just combine them properly, as it always should have been.

            1. Celebrate 7/1 to 7/4 … four nights of sky fireworks!

              Um. Never mind we already get 10 days of sky fireworks, five on either side. Last year 14 days. Because the law reads fireworks (legal kind) can be lit off on the weekends before and after the 4th. Law has no provision for when the 4th falls on the weekend! This was fully taken advantage of by everyone who had fireworks, legal or otherwise.

              Note. Sky fireworks are illegal unless part of an official show. Some get confiscated, because the disposal for most the state goes to someone who legally puts on some of the shows. At the end of the summer season he puts on a private show for for extended family, neighbors, and invited friends (including the golf crew, which is our invite), of all the professional shows “leftovers” and confiscated illegal fireworks. No one in our neighborhood has had fireworks confiscated, so far. (As much as our current dog would like them to be. She does NOT like fireworks.)

              1. So if I load a model rocket with a 2 ounce black powder payload so I can pinpoint how high it went, that doesn’t count as a sky firework, does it?

                1. IDK. We had the police show up when we had the cub scouts building and setting off pressure water bottle rockets … We were on school grounds (where Pack met).

                  What was said to the group, by the police officers? “Can we help?” (What else were they going to say?) It was adorable to watch 2nd graders “instructing” patrol officers on the fine art of filling the bottles with water, setting up on the launch pad, pumping in air, and triggering the release.

                  Regarding your black powder tracking Rocket … around here when the rest of the fireworks are going off, IDK how it would be noticed. Any other time if the rocket itself isn’t exploding, won’t be counted as fireworks. Someone may report the flame. But that in itself isn’t illegal. Unless you are setting it off in forestland, USFS or NP or not. That is strongly frowned on. Only liable if you start a fire. But you are putting on a huge red flag.

    1. I kept asking for a bicentennial encore a decade back, but alas, the Canadians then were not so obliging. If you guys change your minds just let me know where to send the cash.

    2. Yeah, I am not commenting about what Americans may do in the future.

      I have /no/ idea, what so ever.

      It might be stupidity maximizing.

      It might be stupidity minimizing.

  3. The Canadian military is small enough these days that in a war with the US, the Canadian Army would probably get swallowed in its entirety by the first moderately-sized US urban area it encountered.

    Not that I think war with the US is likely. But I figured I’d throw that out there.

    1. We like Canadians. We just don’t think much of their government occupants. In fact, we consider their government occupants to be of similar ilk as our own.

      1. well, more than a few French Canukians aren’t worth spit too (or at least 90% of those I’ve had to personally deal with. Don’t get certain my cousins started, they think less of them than I, though the worst is now passed from demon cancer)

          1. hidden in my background is a FC, but way way back (the only one lurking about North America before the Civil war, iirc) The rest of the French in there was just after. The Canukistani moved to Ohio iirc before the moves that ended up here in Da Yoopee

          2. Three of my great-grandparents were French-Canadian. I can trace my tree back thirteen generations on this continent, and one ancestor came over so early that he married a woman from a tribe by default. (Then she died childless. I’m descended from his second, French, wife.)

            1. You’re too evil. But I like it. The problem with ilk is they’re slimy and don’t make good wall trophies. And don’t even think of eating them, assuming you can get past the smell.

                1. You think too small. Strictly as a thought experiment, consider these points:

                  1. Ilk want to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the extraction and use of fossil fuels.

                  2. Fossil fuels are, besides the whole “fuel” thing, essential sources of organic compounds for the chemical industry.

                  3. Ilk would never deny themselves of the benefits of a functioning chemical industry.

                  4. Ilk are made of organic compounds.

                  With these points in mind, I leave the poetic justice of selecting one use for ilk taken in-season in the course of this thought experiment as an exercise for the student.

                  1. Rendering them down would take a LOT of energy. Probably more than you could get out of them.

                    So, symbolic, possibly satisfying, but not really practical.
                    Bring out yer dead!

              1. According to the previous post, we need to avoid opening an ilk hunting season. Instead, we need to make them an endangered species by draining, clear-cutting, and otherwise removing their habitat.

    2. If they made a few wrong turns in Detroit, they’d probably get swallowed by the local gangbangers before the Michigan National Guard could even get there.

          1. You’d need an experienced bomb damage analyst to find any additional damage to Detroit. The Before/After pics of the Canuckistan equipment might be entertaining. And that’s just from the gangs…

            1. Well, there are parts of Detroit that have gone completely back to wilderness… maybe they’ll be eaten by wolves.

              1. I have vague memories of walking through Corktown in the ’50s as a little when Dad and his brother took us to a Tigers game. I guess I’d have been 6 or 7. Now, I try to stay 2000 miles away from there or Chicago.

      1. (Considers ordering a mega-truckload of popcorn, for that eventuality. In Texas, so our truckers are happily still trucking goods from here to there, if traffic on the IH-35 is any indication…)

    3. A while back there was a meme circulating that said something like “Oh, guys, get real, the entire Canadian armed forces would be outnumbered by LA’s police force, and probably out gunned!”

      I am curious. So of course I went and looked.

      Turned out, from publicly available information that was a little outdated at the time, that it’s more like LA and New York, with Canada being able to pull about even if you included the reserves.

      Which is one of those debunkings that is rather worse than the original…..

    4. The Canadian military would probably have the American militaries *trying to recruit them*.

      With such crazy suggestions as “hey, we have funding!”

    5. Conversely, our regulars might have issues trying to seriously occupy all of that rural/wilderness territory.

      A continuing occupation of Canada might be difficult.

      My real concern is irregulars from one or both populations. You wouldn’t need a very large percentage to make the security situations extremely horrible

      Look at how bad the spill over is with just the cartels from Mexico.

      I mean, as fun as the possibilities might be if you are designing the backstory for a slight Mahouka AU, Americans and Canadians are each at least as scary as Mexicans.

      Peace is really really awesome.

        1. We eat Mexican in America, too. Just look at how many Mexican restaurants there are here, even leaving aside the likes of Taco Bell.

          1. Anybody that thinks Taco Bell is Mexican needs to eat at one of the burrito carts or little Mexican joints in Texas. Lovely jalapenos, habaneros, beans and rice, chicken, beef, with just a bit of crispy lettuce. There is no comparison. None.

            Yes, we like Mexican. Because we like good food!

            1. Counter-evidence:
              The grew-up-in-Mexico folks in Washington choose Taco Bell over all other options, including “authentic” ones.

              1. I wonder how much of that is because Taco Bell is Tex-Mex while the “authentic” ones tend to be central/south Mexican and the immigrants tend to be from north Mexico. Personally, authentic = blech. I prefer Tex-Mex.

                1. I suspect part of it is that the “authentic” ones will select against stuff that’s actually authentic, if it’s popular enough to have been picked up whole sale.

                  That’s based largely off of the Japanese places that the fru-fru screamed weren’t authentic, but were just like what husband and I ate at Japanese places in Japan– since yours sounds like the lady who grew up in China and explained that the thing a reader had just unloaded on as unauthentic (I think egg flour soup?) was a direct port over from X region, where lady had grown up, and was even literally CALLED the same thing. And correctly identified the region that the complainer was comparing it to. 😀

              2. It’s not that Taco Bell is “authentic” – it is that it is a genre *derived* from Mexican and it very successfully activates all those “this is junk food and I love it!” triggers. 🙂

                  1. Also, it’s pretty cheap, tasty enough, and you can get it quick. *grin* Never said Taco Bell wasn’t any of those things, but I do think that authentic Tex Mex or whatever the stuff in Boerne and Bulverde was beats Taco Bell hands down. The latter is pretty good for junk food fast food. The former is better than pretty good.

                    Perhaps I am biased because I was a cook in a Tex Mex restaurant before, and cared enough about the food and our customers to make it tasty rather than quick and easy. Perhaps it is also that I prefer things much spicier than Taco Bell dares, and non-fast food chain Tex Mex will give me that option.

                    But I will maintain that at least some of the folks who think Taco Bell is authentic and actually better than the stuff you can get from individual restaurants may be operating from a position of ignorance. Not necessarily your Washington examples, but considering the anecdata from folks I’ve cooked for, from Western NC to Georgia to Kentucky and New York, Taco Bell is the lesser of the two.

                    I will allow that individual tastes do differ! De gustibus is not just a thing in story consumption after all. But good food should be shared, thus my recommendation.

                    1. Not sure how many Mexican vs “Mex-fast-food” places there are in Flyover Falls, but the central-Mexican taqueria I go to is popular enough to have another one in town and a third west of the Cascades. The front-counter people are bilingual, but the kitchen is pretty much Spanish-only.

                      Their adobada anything is wonderful…

      1. Assuming a US invasion was conducted by a sane administration, I doubt we’d want to occupy much of Canada for a long term, and maybe not at all. Carry out a regime change and then administer far eastern Ontario as a protectorate for a bit to make sure remnants of the regime didn’t cause trouble, sure. But it would be better to turn it back over provincial control to the benefit of both countries.

        1. Part of why I am concerned, I sincerely doubt that we have a sane administration.

          I would prefer the Canadian regime pretty please STFU about Americans being the root cause, precisely because I am think it possible the American regime will respond by escalating.

          Okay, there is probably a hidden reason for regime behavior in Canada, and probably a hidden reason for regime behavior in the US, and they may be the same reason, but it is not necessarily clear that nothing would happen.

          1. We have an evil and possibly insane regime at the moment, but I’m not even sure the Biden* Regime is dumb enough to– Nope, gonna stop writing and go knock on wood. Excuse me.

            1. The Biden regime did seem to be trying hard to get Russia and Ukraine to have a war, just to detract from bad news. So… Dumb and evil. Or maybe some relative will make a bundle on hockey stick futures.

                1. I keep losing track of when the invasion is supposed to happen. FICUS is pretty pathetic…on agood day.

                2. Yes, evidently it’s Ukraine’s national day. Bit too much imagination there among the G men. Still, Loki for Biden to speak about his diplomatic triumph at the State of the union. Nancy won’t rip that one up.

                  Were I Putin, and were I actually inclined to take Ukraine, as opposed to Belarus which he seems to have taken without anyone noticing, I’d invade during the SOU. Just for sh-ts and giggles.

                    1. Anyone seen a run on the banks? Or did they make that impossible with their shutdown? I think if the bank unilaterally prevented me from accessing my account, that I’d in there with a loaded assault rifle making my withdrawls.

                    2. It depends on what you mean by collapse. Sorry, but it does. A run on deposits that wipes out the ATM’s isn’t a big deal, it happens from time to time. A genuine extended run on deposits would hurt but the central bank would back stop it and it wouldn’t really damage the banks that much since they would just do repo and the bulk of their deposits aren’t from ordinary people anyway. Now, were this to lead to a genuine loss of confidence in The banking system, then yeah that would be a thing. Canadian banks are really big players in the markets, RBC and Bank of Nova Scotia in particular. Were Canada’s banking system to implode, there’d be effects, but probably not that long lasting and the effects are well within central bank ability to fudge.

                      Still, the buzz is that Trudeau got it wrong by threatening bank accounts. If you can freeze money because the current government doesn’t like your opinions, well what happens if Trump comes back? That is probably why Davos man is turning on Trudeau, and they are, everyone in the biz is talking about it. Shoot the peasants by all means, but mess with the banking system, nope.

                      Don’t be surprised to see it all walked back over the weekend. The wildcard is Trudeau’s narcissism. He’s been exposed and he’ll want to make everyone pay. Other than that, I think it’s all just noise. That’s why your warnings not to give them the violence they need is so important. I think they’re trying to manufacture an event to justify shooting the peasants.

                    3. The curious online shutdown of several Canadian banks is a worry. There’s a faint possibility it was due to overload, but my bet is on coordinated action. The “Justice” minister saying Trump supporters might be targetted for freezing is, er, interesting.

                      Quote from a CTV interview, H/T Rebe; Media via ZeroHedge

                      “You just compared people who may have donated to this to the same people who maybe are funding a terrorist,” the reporter stated.

                      “I just want to be clear here, sir. A lot of folks say, ‘Look, I just don’t like your vaccine mandates and I donated to this, now it’s illegal, should I be worried that the bank can freeze my account?’ What’s your answer to that?”

                      “Well, I think if you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, they oughta be worried,” responded Lametti.

                      Is FICUS going to try to do a hold-my-beer moment on the American donors?

          2. One of the reasons there even is a vaxx mandate for truckers in Canada is because the Biden Regime insisted. They won’t back off it because Biden said no.

            One suspects there’s money involved, somewhere…

            1. The Biden* Regime is owned, or at least rented, by China. This mandate is harmful to the economies of both America and Canada. China considers America an enemy, and Canada is an American ally.

              A broken economy can also be leveraged by the unscrupulous to obtain more government power.

              The Biden* Regime has put a lot of effort into convincing the populace that the vaccine is absolutely essential, possibly because the pharmaceutical companies wanted more money, possibly for reasons of their own. Admitting that it isn’t necessary would be something of a loss of face and contrary to that objective, whatever its actual purpose.

              Any would be sufficient for the Biden* Regime to do this. One or more may be the reason. There could be others.

      2. I don’t want to fight Canadians. I’d rather play bedroom games with Canadian ladies. Of course if they have a pest control problem that they want a hand with…

      3. I think we could negotiate our way into occupying the government houses of Canada (at least temporarily, while the adults get their house in order). Practically speaking, it isn’t rural Canada that we’d have issues with.

        More we’d have issues with soldiers sneaking off base to go ice fishing and drink copious amounts of alcohol and inadvertently go AWOL… Put the command in Ottowa, and Canadians would be *supplying* the alcohol free of charge at this point, from what I gather.

        And some on our side would be quietly asking if they might be convinced to return the favor, more than likely.

  4. The bridges are clear, traffic’s moving, to misquote Charles Bukowski; “He declared martial law, we’ll fold up our chairs and go home, the revolution’s over.”

        1. SDA is ahead of everybody else most of the time.

          Another great blog is Blazing Cat Fur.

          Those two blogs are where I get 90% of my Canadian news, the rest I scrounge up from local paper/blogs. I don’t even check the national papers or the TV stations anymore, all disinformation all the time.

      1. One blockade, at Coutts, Alberta was lifted after the police admitted disabling some protester equipment, sent officers to people’s private homes over Facebook posts, and as a grand finale they arrested 11 people, claimed they had an arsenal, and then “discovered” that a truck parked elsewhere in town had been highjacked that contained 2000 guns, magazines, and ammo.

        The Coutts blockade organizers decided they weren’t in a mood to be framed so they gave up. I expect to hear about some of those showing up in Ottawa on Parliament hill. So are the convoy organizers there. Links to details

    1. From what I can tell, that was the bridge into Michigan, and they left after Ontario had lifted all the mandates that group had asked them too.

      So that protest appears to have been a complete win, but the news seems to be calling it a loss to try and deflect from the Ottawa debacle.

      1. The Truckers don’t need a win, just to not lose and even them leaving the Ontario crossing was not a loss even if the local mandates hadn’t been dropped

        1. True, but there isn’t just one group protesting and they aren’t all protesting in the same area. Pushing Ontario once they’ve already accepted the terms they can control isn’t going to move Ottawa. Better to move on to Ottawa with the crew there.

          And again, lots of fog of war going on too. (Hopefully not dog of war. That would be bad all around…)

    2. I have no opinion when it comes to what events have actually happened.

      Very heavy information warfare environment, and I’m not quite being self-destructive in my behavior to spend the time trying to find out.

        1. May be the right choice for some people to chase this stuff down.

          Just isn’t for me.

  5. “Like the American population, the Canadian population seems to have produced good infantry.”

    In fact, the Canadians invented stormtroopers back in WWI.

      1. Most countries are run by tyrants these days. One need only look at the widespread denial of effective prophylactic and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19, the deaths that resulted, and the draconian responses to any who attempted to call them out at it. No better than Hitler or Stalin, really. So sure, she probably feels comfortable. On the other hand, I just keep getting uncomfortably reminded of the few things my grandmother mentioned about life as a young woman in Nazi-occupied Denmark, and what I’ve heard from those I knew who had the misfortune to grow up in the East Bloc.

    1. That is my understanding, but I’m not well read on the specifics.

      I do know that rumor does not paint their current infantry as terrible, and that seems at least as reliable a basis for inference.

      Fighting your own population with people drawn and supplied from that population is always potentially risky.

  6. That is some… vivid… descriptions.

    It had not occurred to me that Ottawa simply may not even have enough wreckers to move the trucks. Block shipping indeed.

    1. It is disturbing how often ‘does politician proposal make sense, considering the scale’, works as a test for identifying potential stupidity.

      1. I suppose it’s the inverse of the “if this worked at a small scale, would it detonate if I scale it to the size I want?” test.

        One should always do that if one wants to try to use one’s favorite French toast recipe to feed a battalion.

          1. Sounds good to me. Extended family member works at one of their plants.

            I needed a paint match for metal roofing, and the worker bee at the SW outlet was damned determined to get the color match perfect. He got it right. I’ll go back there when I need more paint.

          1. Hmm. IIRC Surface of an elliptical spheroid is A = 0~π [2π(2 sin t) Sqrt (4 cos2 t + sin2 t)dt.]
            I assume we want a dried paint depth of 1/5 mm?
            And we get about 400 sq ft of coverage per gallon of paint.
            Okay, you figure it out. I have a meeting to attend to. 🙂

  7. “One serious problem with these EV proposals, is that they would have the consequence of limiting travel within the United States.”

    Or, how to collapse the #2 industry in a whole lot of the more-remote parts of the U.S…. Tourism.

    [An industry I regard as an unwise foundation from the gitgo, being it depends on other people’s surplus income.]

    1. Given that in those remote parts government control of land has limited the ability to mine, lumber, graze, or farm, tourism probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

      1. Lefties won’t let any of that happen either way. It’ll disturb the “Pristine Wilderness” or whatever the stupid buzzword of the hour is.

        1. A lot of the areas now reliant on tourism used to be reliant upon mining, lumbering, grazing, or farming, and only turned to larger-scale tourism once the government put the kibosh on it. Putting the kibosh on tourism might effectively depopulate portions of the west. I wouldn’t put it past the Biden* Regime to deliberately destroy people’s livelihoods and deny the citizenry recreational opportunities, then justify it with some line of Progressive BS like you mentioned.

          1. EV-only would depopulate Flyover County in general, and $TINY_TOWN in particular. To the FICUS crowd, that’s a feature, not a bug.


    2. [An industry I regard as an unwise foundation from the gitgo, being it depends on other people’s surplus income.]

      If that is the standard we are using there is hardly an industry which will avoid the hammer.

    3. Screwing over local industry of course makes people less inclined to identify with or obey remote elites.

      And, lots of American government relies on trust, consensual government, and federal aligned folks moving around in a way that helps them identify more with the broader US.

      I do /not/ understand how Canada works socially speaking. I suspect that folks living in places remote from the central government might need to be persuaded, not forced, in order for the central government to have much int he way of power.

  8. I would note that I started writing this on Friday, and finished preparations on Saturday.

    I’m still not sure what, if anything, happened Monday.

    The information warfare has been very active, and I have not had much time to study it, nor much basis to form an opinion.

  9. San Francisco just threw out three members of it’s school board. They were apparently the only members of its board that could be recalled. The mayor, London Breed, will appoint replacements who will serve until the next election. This represents an improvement, as even the mayor has been upset with how woke the board has been acting.

    As ILOH noted in his Facebook post this morning, the tide might be shifting in our favor.

      1. That’s what the school board claimed. In response, individuals such as “Gaybraham Lincoln” showed up in full drag to show their support for the recall.

    1. Yeah, am not on Facebook, and don’t follow Larry.

      Thanks for the info.

      I have /no/ idea what is happening right now.

      1. For the Facebook-averse curious, Larry’s post was later posted up on his blog,

        Things are happening. Something is shifting. I don’t know what it’s shifting to. That’s hard to read where I am, where things don’t seem to be changing much at all. But something appears to be happening.

        1. There’s something happening here
          What it is ain’t exactly clear
          There’s a man with a gun over there
          Telling me I got to beware

          (It was a bit of a letdown to learn that the song is about something as meaningless as a curfew protest.)

          1. Why am I still on Facebook? Because I can link to things like what the former President of Brand Maintenance at Levi’s posted the other day when she quit, or the Native American tribes complaining about Colorado’s new “No Indian mascots!” law a couple of weeks earlier. And I know that people read those links, because I sometimes get thanks from unexpected quarters.

  10. Well said, as usual! I’ve been saying for ages the push for automated trucks is because the Powers That Be realized how a trucker protest could disable the country in a matter of days. I live in Montana – drive a snowplow for them, on occasion – and I’ve seen the mess that can happen when the intertates are closed even for a few hours. A handful of trucks parked at the top of Monida and Lookout passes disables frieght movement from both Seattle and Portland, not to mention shutting off a good portion of freight from Canada heading West and South. And that means China is not seeing their goods move, either. The current ‘supply chain’ shortage would be a hiccup compared to a deliberate trucker’s strike.

    1. I’m pretty sure part of the push for automated trucks is active/stupid.

      These people apparently thought self driving cars were a good idea.

      1. Just think of a vehicle with the brain of a Tesla and three coils of steel on the back. 30 tons each. How’s that going to be, hmm? Hope a chain doesn’t break.

        Now imagine the same thing, but it’s snowing.

        And finally, imagine a bunch of teenagers in crappy Toyota Camrys bullying the robot steel carrier on the highway for a laugh. In the snow. Sure hope them chains is good…

        1. chain breaks, cargo drops, and if intact, robot truck keeps driving to its destination…

          tire blows, robot truck drivves on the rim for a hundred miles and tears up the road…

          1. Assuming the system was integrated by somebody halfway competent (not always a good assumption, but work with me here) there would be some integration with the tire pressure monitoring system and the truck would pull to a controlled stop and await maintenance, or drive only as far as the nearest maintenance facility.

            1. Teslas have this really unfortunate habit of driving into the backs of cop cars on the side of the road. It happens about every month or so that some dimwit is watching a movie on his/her/xer phone, and the Tesla bullseyes a cruiser. Kapow.

              Now imagine the steel carrier.


              Living in Hamilton Ont. for a long time, you get familiar with what happens when a coil falls off a truck. 30 tons, and it is -round-. They can roll a looooong way, they’ve been known to flatten cars and go through buildings.

              Even worse, sometimes they unroll. Nothing like a big long ribbon of 1/4″ steel. Can’t cut it, can’t lift it, can’t pull it. Ten guys with torches plus a couple of forklifts, all day long.

              1. Semi trailers are by definition a little bit heavy.

                Stability is a big thing in robot mechanics, and in the theory of electrically controlling mechanical things. I talk a little about it above.

                Be going too fast, and brake too hard up front, and not enough with the rear brakes, or the rear brakes are broke or not present, and the back of the trailer is real easy to make want to go sideways. Can make the whole thing flip over, or kill people, or go /into/ a building.

                Humans don’t know everything that they are sensing. They don’t know everything that they are processing at the back of their brains. So, an experienced worker can pull all sorts of awesome incredible saves, if they have been working a smart way, instead of being constantly micromanaged by power hungry idiots who want to automate every little fiddly thing with robots and/or rules.

                Robots only know about things the engineer thinks to look for, and then only if the sensors are working.

                Robots either a) only think about things that the engineer tells them to think about b) think about a lot of things, but go unpredictably crazy, because of the AI technique c) have very carefully constrained ability to do things that the engineer did not foresee, in theory, but are very very very complicated, so in practice one of the engineers screwed up someone, and that screw up made the whole thing unpredictable.

                A robot is never going to be ‘feeling’ the movement of the load, and ‘just knowing’ when ‘the load is coming loose, time to pull over and refasten.’

                Automated applied, implemented, or pursued stupidly is a recipe for fuck ups. You basically have two types of people who can provide you automation. A) Very cautious people, who study the automation application carefully, and do not encourage others to apply automation blindly without due consideration. B) Very over confident people, who never imagine their AI killing people, because physically possible, and a bad job done constraining.

                So, the test for ‘is this automation a good idea to push on engineers’ goes, talk to a bunch of engineers. Ask electrical and mechanical engineers ‘if your time, and your money is not an issue, would you do a start up selling a self driving semi truck?’. The answers you are looking for are ‘technical feasibility’ and ‘financial liability’.

                If you get forwarded to specialist engineers, and they decide to do a start up to implement, your idea /might/ not be an insane idea to legislatively require.

                If, instead every single engineer tells you it is a bad idea, then requiring is probably absolutely insane.

                Mixtures and being directed to specialist experts is an interesting edge case. “I know semi trucks, but don’t know AI”, can speak to some controls approaches, but doesn’t know a lot about possible and impossible in AI. “I know AI, but nothing about any vehicles” is going to be lost on the special issues of semis. Some combinations may in fact be impossible, but you won’t know it talking to separate experts, because the impossibility may require an expert who has worked on both.

                  1. But not the Worst Thing, because normally if the first you are aware there’s a problem is that your trailer is passing you, it means that you and your trailer are no longer a unit whose fates are hitched, and you might be able to stop while it continues down the hillside.

              2. Human drivers have this unfortunate habit of driving around crossing gates at railroad crossings. Along the 70 miles of the Brightline in southeast Florida, three cars were hit in four days because of idiotic Florida drivers. One woman with an infant in the back got stuck and barely got herself and her baby out of the car before the train hit it. While computerized driving systems such as those on the Teslas do need improvement, I hope they don’t try to model them too closely on human drivers.

                  1. Just a note… The current state of self-driving vehicles (Waymo, etc.) is bad enough, but the stupidity of those who uncritically want to implement “full AI” for semis, using current technology and knowledge, in *not* artificial; it’s genuine.

                1. The Santa Clara county light rail system ran in the median of First St in San Jose. There was a signal for the light rail, with a white ‘T’ signifying “go” for the trolley. Enough idiots mistook the white ‘T’ for a green left turn arrow that accidents were quite common. The trolley was going ab out 30 MPH in that stretch, so it was an impressive crash. I don’t recall many fatalities, though there were at least one in the early years.

                  Several months after startup, I met the systems first Ace.

                1. There’s a known problem with Tesla’s sensor system that causes it to report a trailer with a high ground clearance passing perpendicular in front of the Tesla as “open road”. This has caused more than one fatality when the “driver” was letting the car drive itself and not paying sufficient attention.

                2. My Ridgeline was way too happy to get up close to the service truck ahead on Monday . It “saw” the truck, but had no clear idea of the distance.

                  It has the automagic lane keeping (with steering nudging) system, but I use it cautiously. $SPOUSE drove the Ridgeline when I had the knee injury, but she really distrusts vehicle AI systems.

            2. But it can’t describe how bad the situation is to 911.

              Based on experience to date, even with the latest work, assuming competence in the design of self-driving over-the-road trucks is unwise. You’d be safer assuming a spherical, cubical, or octohedral cow. Or tetrahedral. An icosohedral cow is too much even for me.

        2. Or get someone with an axe to grind, have them stop in front of the truck on a long stretch of highway, and disable the brakes. Locking them would take about 3 seconds, backing them off so they don’t work would be about five to ten minutes, depending on equipment.

        3. I suspect what we will really see is people figuring out the holes in the AI’s logic, convincing the truck to stop and then looting it down to bare rims.

          I still suspect we’ll see self driving trucks, just with people riding shotgun instead of simply driving them.

  11. We share thousands of miles of un-fenced border. Any conflict north of our border is going to be utterly intractable without massive US government intervention, and -that- won’t be popular at all -here-.

    Folks need to step back from the Abyss.

    1. I’d quibble, but I only have the barest understanding of the infantry task.

      Stepping back from the abyss is good, if possible.

  12. On a completely different tangent (I hope) someone had mentioned a handbook on PTSD? Just realized one of my characters is acting weird because they likely have it, so trying to track down a couple of solid references in it.

    In retrospect, I should have grabbed it when it first came up, but didn’t think to at the time.

    Thank you!

      1. Thank you. I will have to go dig through that. Also found that there appears to be an actual Handbook of PTSD that seems to be put out by an academic press. May see if I can find a copy of that through a library.

        My Internet quiddity going to be real interesting for a while…

        1. Hopefully, whoever suggested the book will remember– or someone who got help from it.

          I know there’s a *lot* of self-serving nonsense out there, sadly.

          1. I think you might have been the one who’d brought it up, actually. It was in the context of nearly all the MCU characters showing severe signs of it.

            In this case, I’m just trying to understand how someone who has it would behave. All I’ve got right now is a little intuition that they will be acting in ways that do not make sense to someone who does not know the situation has put the character on an emotional fault line.

              1. I think that’s a different one, but it’s definitely a very interesting readthrough.

                Also a very interesting debate on what makes it stick vs not sticking, and helps out names and faces to things I’d sort of figured, but didn’t a way to describe.

                Basically the one character is ultimately consumed by it also had no, or a very fragmented, support network when things were sideways, while the one who is not mostly destroyed by it, gets through because they’ve already built a solid support structure and known that they need it. Still ends up being a bit of a really rapid way to posts them off, but they’re able to deal with it in a much less destructive way.

              1. There is a brief discussion of PTSD in Gateway to Fiction.

                Rec from Chancy for initial references is the PTSD wiki, and the c-ptsd reddit.

            1. I just got moderated for linking to Wing and a Whim, and to Arsenal of Hope on Amazon.

              1. I think WP(DE) has the two-link moderation flag set. I’ll tweak links after the first, a la this_blog dot com.

      1. Whoa. I picked up the kindle edition and started reading, and that was the character right on the front page. All the odd things about them that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why they did that, right on page 1.

        I’d understood they had been through some likely horrific stuff, though I didn’t know the details (again, not my universe) but I had not appreciated just how profoundly broken they are.

    1. That reminds me, I am a bit salty about Canadians talking about ‘democracy’.

      WaPo does seem to want to help constitutional monarchy die in darkness.

    2. I wonder how many responses will be versions of what I plan to respond if and when I get one. Something along the lines of “Go f*** yourself, you fascist shill.” I may elaborate on my theme.

    3. When Larry saw that, he took a screenshot of his online donation receipt, and posted it to his Facebook page. He then started talking about how much he hopes the “reporter” in question contacts him.

    4. Maybe the “reporters” had to talk about it on Twitter, because most people don’t read email from strangers allegedly from media companies, and it was all going into the spam pile.

  13. and what if the truckers simply started driving at 5 kph on every road around the capital … not parked, not “protesting” just clogging …

    1. Conversely, “Whelp, you have me driving a shipment to Ottawa. Martial Law has been declared, in response to truckers in Ottawa. Can you provide me with more funds as a security for the trip to Ottawa?”

      Increased prices are a communication of information.

      1. “Hell no, I won’t go” might be risky to one’s job, but the seizure threat could be far worse if you showed up. I’ve noticed the distinct lack of safety checks in these punitive measures.

        1. Of course, if you DON’T show up, the response is likely to start with “Oh, you’re a “terrorist supporter”, eh?” *SEIZE*.

          Stupid enough to wreck it all.

    2. 20mph would be sufficient. Unfortunately, that only annoys the public, not the government.

      I’m sure they’ll think of something entertaining before long.

  14. A) Bob, you are making sense again. This is troubling. ~:D

    B) It is dangerous to assume these people are -stupid-. They may be pursuing a course that is entirely sensible to them because they have knowledge that we don’t, and they have requirements that we don’t know about. On the face of it, declaring martial law over some truckers parked on the side of the street seems insane. For that matter, vaccine mandates seem insane.

    But, we don’t know what promises have been made under the table, or to whom, or what will happen to Shiny Pony and the Lieberals if they welsh on those promises. They know what they’ve done, and they know what they’re in for if The Plan comes off the rails. Given previous behavior, this wildly idiotic over-reaction might well be their only chance of avoiding life in a federal penitentiary.

    C) Canada doesn’t really have a military. If they call out everybody they’ve got who can see lightning and hear thunder, they -might- be able to move all those rigs. Once. In one city. That’s why Canadian Forces are not towing those rigs today. Also, all of Canada’s armor is in Germany. The most they have here on this continent is LAVs and a few busted old Centurions.

    Remember you Americans, the New York National Guard could invade Canada and burn the capital in a lazy weekend if they felt like it. They wouldn’t even need air cover.

    This is the first time in my life I’ve been happy about that. Trudeau the Elder killed the military in Canada, and now his spawn is screwed because of it. What goes around comes around.

    1. A) I think I concur. I didn’t build my mind towards being ready for ideally sane circumstances.
      B) Yeah, but I wrote the thing nominally to speak to actual Canadian government officials. I think your model here is probably correct, but saying so outright didn’t strike me as useful for the purpose of peeling off anyone I can.

      I suspect regime has prepared around 180 crazy MPs. I’m not sure that they were able to prepare MPs crazy /enough/.
      C) I don’t disagree, but 1) I prefer to err in certain directions 2) I don’t feel it is productive to address foreigners with “Hey, we have better military, LOL.” As persuasion it raises the obvious possibility that I am simply an arrogant jerk. Okay, I am an an arrogant jerk, but that does not make me wrong when I am using arguments that people are willing to hear.

      3) I am a bit concerned with irregulars.

      After the first ACW, we had lots of angry Confederate veterans running around as bandits for decades. Some of that was rage at Reconstruction, but some of it was harm done to ability to ‘bind’ folks to peace, before and during the war. This is a concern WRT to the second ACW. Canadians are at least similar in ability to Americans, so Canadian civil war, or war between Canadians and Americans, are also a bit concerning.

      All in all, I’m glad that I wrote something that mostly passes basic sanity checking in your eyes.

      1. We haven’t really populated the US yet, so Canada seems like a bit too much backyard for us. OTOH, I guess I’d be okay with Alberta seceding and joining us as a new state. And similar with other provinces.

        1. Just for fun, the other day I looked up the provincial population of Canada and compared it to US states. If we annexed Canada and made each of the 10 provinces a state, they would fall out like this:

          Ontario would be #5, between NY and PA
          Quebec would be #14, between VA and WA
          BC would be #25, between MN and SC
          Alberta would be #30, between KY and OR
          Manitoba would be #45, between HI and NH
          Saskatchewan would be #48, between ME and RI
          Nova Scotia would be #51, between MT and DE
          New Brunswick would be #54, between SD and ND
          Newfoundland/Labrador would be #59, having 10% less population than WY
          PEI would be last at #60, having only 1/3 the population of NL and smaller than most small US cities
          And Yukon, NW, and Nunavut Territories would stay territories since they have only 128,000 residents between them

          If we admitted Manisaskalberta, it would be #17, between AZ and MA
          If we admitted Atlanticanada (NL, PE, NS, and NB), it would be #40, between KS and NM

          Most of Canada is High Plains/Rocky Mountains values of EMPTY.

          1. I’m happier with Canadians being Canadians. I am not categorically opposed to their voluntary annexation, but the impacts on the political calculus of adding Ontario in particular would worry me greatly, and B.C. would also be of some concern. The consolidation of some of the provinces into states would help ameliorate the impact in the Senate, though.

          2. IIRC, nearly all of Canada’s population is within roughly 150 miles of the southern border with the US.

            1. I saw a post indicating something like 50% of the Canadian population is south of Sault Ste. Marie.

        2. Based upon water availability, we’ve actually overpopulated some parts of the US, but there are vast swathes of America that could easily sustain higher populations. Alas, those tend to be the areas that have been hemorrahaging population for decades, or areas largely under federal government control where development has been sharply circumscribed or outright banned.

      2. Sanity wise you are 5×5, good sir.

        Irregulars, for right now, are all Antifa. There have been a few cases where individuals showed up with a Confederate flag or the Nazi flag, they got invited to leave. Couple of cases with Lefties attacking people in the demonstrations, or attacking the cops at counter-demonstrations. Not much to show for three weeks of RIGHT WING VIOLENCE!!11!, right?

        Freedom Convoy and the other little grass roots spontaneous demonstrations that have emerged and then dissolved again have been 100% peaceful, even in the face of some really disgusting police behavior. Studiously so, in fact. They’re not trying to intimidate the cops, basically. Their mere presence is all the intimidation that’s required. Just sitting there they’re scaring the sh1t out of Shiny Pony. You can see it on his face.

        When Canadians en-mass stop following the rules like this, the government knows that they -better- fix it right away. That they were willing to go this far over a stupid vax mandate, which is ILLEGAL btw according to the Charter of Rights, tells me there’s Reasons. The longer they go on, the more it looks like those reasons are going to get a lot of big names some big jail time.

        I strongly think that -if- something ugly starts somewhere, the safest assumption is going to be a false-flag event as excuse for a violent crackdown. After that, my crystal ball is cloudy. It has never happened before, no way to tell what’s going to go down.

        1. Antifa has found something else to do.

          “Monday night, Giuliani received an urgent call from her staff. She told the Ottawa Citizen an employee told her, “They’re threatening to throw bricks through our window. They’re threatening to come and get us.”

          She told them to lock up and go home, and then Giuliani reported the incident to the police.

          These are the same police effectively nationalized to Canada’s federal government on Monday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new emergency powers.”

          1. Watching the news media gleefully doxx and call down fire on people for daring to contribute money to something is really quite amazing.

            I mean, I knew they were corrupt liars, but I didn’t really understand how -petty- they are. Learn something new every day, eh?

            1. Apparently we are now in that blizzard hell world timeline where (checks notes) Ilhan Omar is being the voice of decency and sanity.

              She’s pointing out the only reason “journalists” would point out names of people with such small donations was to get them harrassed and that it was unconscionable behavior.

  15. The communists have dropped any pretense of normality and are now going full demonic evil. Can you even look in Castro’s son’s eyes and not see a soulless demon screaming in rage?

    Biden’s eyes, though. They’re empty. To paraphrase Captain Quint; “He’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.”

    1. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen demonic evil in anyone’s eyes.

      I rarely look people in the eyes or even face.

      It may be that I don’t really body language or facial expression very well. I’ve also had fairly little human contact period.

      Some of the time, Trudeau’s pictures do seem wrong to me.

      1. One can learn how to translate body language and facial expressions, if one did not learn such while young or is woefully unpracticed at it. I do not recommend it as worth the time and effort involved in most cases, though. The rate of return on the effort is rather low, presuming one does not have something vitally important on the line that recognition of facial and body language *alone* might give a clue. Such situations are quite rare in common, civilian life.

      2. Inhumanly speaking, I’ve run into…well, one evil, and one demonic rage. With the evil person, it was a passing encounter. I happened to be waiting his table and spent the entire hour-and-change with letters of fire across my brain: THIS PERSON WANTS TO HURT YOU. It was bad enough and strong enough that I got the Very Large Bartender to walk me to my car and follow me out to the interstate after my shift was over. The rage thing…was a bit more ongoing and less acute, but when the rage took over, every instinct I had was proclaiming to me that I was trapped in a room with a volatile, inhuman predator and needed to get OUT. Right damn NOW. In retrospect, my backbrain’s insistence on “this is not human, you are trapped with a bear” is…interesting. Not enough to try and recreate the experience, though. 🙂

        What Biden, OTOH, reminds me of is C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce”, where a soul can indulge so thoroughly in its one particular sin that it simply…dissolves into it, becoming just a shell for the sin to be performed in. “The question now is whether she is a grumbler, or only a grumble.” (I make no claims that he’s in that state. Not my business, thank God.)

        1. Thank you for following your instincts. A lot of true crime stories start with, “This guy made him/her feel nervous, but he/she decided to ignore it and laughed it off… And then he/she was found dead.”

          1. My overprotective mother drummed “trust your instincts” into me as long as I can remember. I’ve been grateful many times. 🙂 In that particular case, I’m pretty sure I’d have wound up as “corpse with a really dire backstory” on a true crime program.

            1. Reminds me, my mom has stolen “the hair on the back of your neck exists for a reason, pay attention to it.”

              I think I got it from here. 😀

            2. Yours too?

              Only ran into it once. Even then it wasn’t “run away now”. Just do not trust outside of XYZ which was work. The clue might have been when my 60# 10 month German Shepard almost took his head off. A dog who had no problems with anyone else on the crew, or anywhere. This was outside of work. No one else knew she’d done this. Situation was something that he’d been tossed out by one of them. OTOH he probably wouldn’t have done what he did if someone else had been there. His crime? Walking in the door without an invite. Anyone else would tell you she was a big baby.

      3. Trudeau sets my wife’s radar off, same way Beto does. he’s a malignant narcissist, stay away.

        He’s glib, charismatic, and charming on casual acquaintance. The narcissistic grandiosity, need for constant stimulation, and shallow affect are obvious — look at his need for costumes. He’s a politician so the parasitic lifestyle is a given, and his deceitfulness is marked even for a politician. Whether he cheats on his wife or is promiscuous, I don’t know, but he ticks all the rest of the psychopath’s boxes.

          1. Obama did it for me and I’m as thick as two short planks about that sort of thing.

            I know people who are in a position to know and Obama’s kids give Biden’s a run for their money in The dysfunction stakes.

        1. Shiny Pony spent two years, as a theater teacher at a private school, effing an under-13 girl. The case went unpunished but he lost his job. Oh, I’m sure he is up to no good still.

  16. So, the Canadian leadership finally got around to doing the paperwork to follow through on the Emergency Act stuff.

    Website here:

    Required publishing here:
    February 15, 2022:
    Part II, Vol. 156, Extra No. 1
    SOR/2022-20 (PDF, 303KB)
    SOR/2022-21 (PDF, 303KB)
    SOR/2022-22 (PDF, 303KB)

    It is… sincerely pathetic, and appears to indeed say that they can order people to help them tow trucks, and then arrest and/or fine them if they don’t.

    1. a) At least someone is putting the brakes on full nutjob level violence.
      b) No emergency act can physically ensure that they have enough tow trucks, or that the tow trucks don’t wear out from being used a lot in difficult circumstances.

      1. C) the waiting until today/late yesterday to file the paperwork what they said they were doing on the 14th means that people had time to GTFO– like the guys who contacted their bank yesterday morning, unfroze their accounts, and pulled the money out.

        1. Almost as if some of the people in the machinery of government indulged in a little creative foot-dragging?

          My favorite example of creative mischief is the Air Canada person who put the Keenan Brext, the reporter from eeeevile Right Wing media Rebel News in the seat next to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on a flight Monday morning, right before martial law was announced. That was comedy gold right there.

          1. Unfortunately some of them are back to active / stupid:


            “The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) is urging demonstrators to “make necessary alternate care arrangements.”
            In a statement released Wednesday, the Society said that parents attending the demonstration at the city’s downtown core should make “the necessary alternate care arrangements should they become unable to care for their children following potential police action.”

              1. “What to do with the kids when the adults are arrested” *is* a major problem– which is not addressed by banning kids from peaceful demonstrations.

                Even if Prime Minister Pretty Pony feels threatened by people opposing him ordering them to get experimental medical treatment.

            1. As Foxfier pointed out in a different conversation in a different venue, this is actually good sense (having a plan for your children if your involvement with the protest leads to detainment).

              Now, the *timing* of this warning (admonishment? reminder? hint-to-the-wise?) certainly does give the appearance of – shall we say lack of good faith?

          2. Specifically, it’d have to be the people who *actually do the work*– the press release people put out stuff, they clearly told the media what to report, just…kinda failed to actually have the papers filed like you need to do for it to be a Proclamation ….

            So creative foot dragging with incompetence/assumption that just announcing stuff would work, the way it didn’t the last couple of times.

            1. You may be interested to know that the Big Five Canadian banks are ALL off-line right now. As in, simultaneously. You can’t get money from your ATM.

              No one is saying the two words “bank” and “run” in the same sentence… but…

              1. Bank in [tourist town] when I was a kid always ran out of cash in the ATM– they might be using that as a means to avoid a bank run….


                May end up *triggering* one, worse than Pony’s being a twit….

                1. Interesting. My current engagement is with a large worldwide financial/banking company and that hasn’t been on the grapevine, but I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not all that plugged in.

          3. Picture of said mischief. I’m sure Ms. Freeland had a huge oh-SH*T! moment. Somebody at Air Canada do not like Trudeau. Or Freeland.

            1. That’s awesome. Kudos to whomever came up with the idea, and kudos to Mr. Bexte for being agreeable enough to agree to change seats without knowing *why* he was being asked to move. Hopefully whomever orchestrated it won’t get into trouble.

    1. And now Herr Gauleiter Inslee has revoked the statewide indoor & school mask mandate as of March 21.

      Halle-f***in’-lujah, and about goddamn time.

      It will be interesting to see if private businesses go along or insist on further extending “safety”.

      Oh, and of course there was nothing about Inslee relinquishing his arbitrary, tyrannical “emergency” powers, because I suppose he needs to keep those in order to punish protect us if Covid goes back up again.

      1. “It will be interesting to see if private businesses go along or insist on further extending “safety”.”

        With the fresh precedent supplied by the Remington verdict, I expect to see a number of “workplace safety” lawsuits to ensure they do.

  17. This might be anything from late-breaking news to stale news, and most especially to Canadians; but what I just heard on the Uncover DC podcast is, well, attention-getting — even if the person (apparently some sort of spokes-minion for/with Government Canada) doing the talking was never named…

    From 27:01 to ~28:23 in audio at

    uncoverdc dot com slash 2022/02/16/dark-to-light-its-all-going-to-come-to-a-head/

    [My transcription, so YMMV; all emphasis added by me]

    An order, with immediate effect under the Emergencies Act, authorizing Canadian financial institutions to temporarily cease providing financial services where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations.

    This order covers both personal and corporate accounts.

    Third, we are directing Canadian financial institutions to review their relationships with anyone involved in the illegal blockades, and report to the RCMP or [“seesis” — likely some other acronym I don’t know].

    As of today, a bank or other financial service provicer will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order. In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith.

    Federal government institutions will have a new broad authority to share relevant information with banks and other financial service providers to ensure that we can all work together to put a stop to the funding of these illegal blockades.


    So notice that only suspicion by someone at a financial institution is necessary, to freeze any/all accounts of any person or business for a “temporary” but otherwise totally open-ended period of time; and that nobody can be sued for any damages (or personal or business disasters) that result, unless it can be proved such an action was not “taken in good faith” (whatever that turns out to mean); and that government entities and banks etc. are encouraged and authorized to share information on anyone “involved” in the “illegal blockades” — which sounds to me like a really good way to use the resulting game of “telephone” to launder away any responsibility for having acted in bad faith, in the resulting red-hot rumor mill that might (only might) be as coherent as a “don’t bank list” equivalent of American don’t-fly lists (and their own little problems).

    My first reaction wasn’t even the liberty-loving, anti-tyrannical one; rather, it was that it’ll be a miracle if this doesn’t produce something quite close to a partial and incomplete bank run across Canada pretty soon.

    Because if either or both of your personal and business assets are able to be thrown in instant magic limbo “for the duration” (unknown), based on dime-drop rumor or guesswork, with no possibility of being able to sue for any resulting damages (like EUA vaccine injuries, and all available COVID vaccines ever are EUA ones)… it sounds nothing but prudent to turn, say, 20% or so of all your bank assets (incl. retirement accounts and stocks, etc., anything financial) — before they, quite literally, disappear “till they come back from Faerie” or whatever.

    I’d love to think I’m wrong, there, but not holding my breath either.

    (Sarah’s remark above, “We could pay in gold, immune from confiscation” is looking more and more like prescient… though cash loonies (C$) ought to be safe at least for the short term.)

    Always, always, “they” with True-dope’s mob somehow manage to surprise. Sigh.

      1. Y’know, that sounds exactly like the rational, logical, measured action of people who can add 2 + 3 and get 5 just like I did above… only they have actual, professional responsibility to try and prevent things like a ~5-10+% nationwide bank run, either at the merely-corporate or more-collective level.

        With likely a dose of What You Said too… the equivalent of Foxfier’s quote of “And don’t stand next to anyone who’s tossing bags of shit at armed men” but for people who might not be “protected against civil liability” if Fou-deau’s latest shiny-ness spashes badly onto them, as corporate fiduciaries.

        “Keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark” and all that.

        Oh, and if anyone wants one, free talking point: “Now the only way left to restore confidence in our nation’s financial and governmental institutions is to dissolve the Prime Minster’s government and form a new and trustworthy one.”

        1. I had to explain what a bank run is to my daughter today … but she agrees with me that the Canadian banks are now in a world o’ hurt, never mind how matters play out – in the establishment favor … or for the protestors.

      2. OK so other than Ezra Levant’s tweet and one other tweet I have yet to see any actual confirmation of that.

        In fact I went to outage report to check and see no reports of issues. Now it could be that outage report isn’t the right place (nor is isitdowncanada which doesn’t have any Canadian banks) but I’m a tad suspicious.

        OTOH if I were a Canadian (or even a N American) I’d be withdrawing a good $500-$1000 in cash if I could do so, just in case

      3. The bank closures might be CYA.

        i.e. “The government’s going to come down on us like a ton of bricks if we don’t freeze protester accounts. But that will piss customers off. And we’ll potentially be open to liability if we accidentally freeze the wrong account, no matter what the order claims. So let’s play it safe by just closing until we can figure out how to proceed.”

    1. I think this comment adds a great deal to my essay.

      Because it is a predictable consequence, that one would prefer to avoid, that I was not thoughtful enough to predict.

      My essay, is one level of discussing predictable consequences. There are probably some more comments mentioning predictable consequences, that I missed.

      Then, there is this one. Which I missed, partly because I don’t think about finance, or fiduciary responsibility much. Partly because my every effort to be properly complete is almost ensured to be incomplete.

      So, this event is an estimator for the level of consensus/properly complete feedback of Canadian government, and of the supreme genius of that government.

      Hey, government due bros: I repeat myself. Are you /sure/ that you want to do this?

      1. This afternoon, the Prime Minister (the same guy that ran away and hid from the truckers three weeks ago) told the Conservatives, and in particular the Jewish lady who was asking him a pointed question, that they “stand with people who wave swastikas.” I couldn’t possibly make that up. He really said that.

        So yes, I think the government dude bros are really sure they really want to keep doing this. Though I’ll bet you they didn’t even think of a bank run as a possibility.

        The farther in they get, the more I think that if we really knew what they’ve done to us, we would all be screaming in outrage. When the truth finally comes out, there’s a whole lot of Normies going to be picking up their jaws off the ground.

    2. I would certainly pull at least a few months money out of the bank if I lived in Canada. All it would take is a mistaken name or a malicious rumor and bam! No food or mortgage or gas. If they were trying to destroy the economy they could hardly do a better job.

    1. The Federalist is saying we’re on the verge of another housing bubble collapse. Which puts a point on thank goodness the house in Denver sold.

        1. I was saying two years before 2008 the market was going to go south. Now I figure as soon as a serious interest rate hike goes up this setup will start to unravel as withdrawal (from easy money) sets in.

          1. Yep.

            The acceleration in house prices may have peaked. Only one data point, so the next Case-Case Schiller should be interesting. It’s due out next week.

            I had a look at the Denver/Colorado number and our hostess may have ticked the top.

            We had a stock bubble in 2000, a housing bubble in 2008, and now we have a stock, housing, and bond bubble. Add in the geo political stuff, the incapacity of the Davos men, and the demographics and it would seem we live in interesting times.

            The one thing that strikes me when looking at all the price data — food, gas, etc., — is that Trump’s time in office was an outlier. Prices aren’t really that high compared to where they were under Obama but they are very high compared to what they were under Trump. Make of that what you will.

            1. What I make of it is “energy policies.” Obama’s policies were hostile, except to crony “alternative” energy (and alternative energy is “alternative” because it’s inferior in so many ways). Trump’s policies weren’t. Then the Biden regime returned to hostile policies.

              There are other factors, but I believe that the different energy policies take the lion’s share of the credit and blame.

          2. My daughter the real estate agent has said that the housing market is basically on a seven year cycle. Right now is the absolute peak of the seller’s market. At the bottom of the bubble – that is, when it all bursts … it will be a buyer’s market.

      1. This is a long standing and major logistics problem in any arrest situation– not sure if it hit the news outside of the Seattle area reports, but every time they actually go and clean out a “homeless camp” it’s a huge problem to find safe, legal places for the animals.

        Really hard on the type of folks that step up, too, because without any information on the animals– you have to keep the locked up most of the time, and isolated, lest one sick dog infect the rest.

        Some of our animal rescue folks where I was a kid got burned out exactly because of that stuff– it’s like when they get an animal hoarder cleaned out, but worse, you can’t even keep the seems-healthy animals to each other unless they were already in the same vehicle.

        Happens in hurricane evacuation situations, too.

    1. Guy who is claiming to support is tryign to say truckers smashed the windows of places that flew the Pride flag, and is blaming *the truckers* for disabling vehicles….

      1. And now some guy in what appears to be a Sikh-style turban just did a not-at-all veiled threat on anybody supporting the truckers in the House, about the “consequences” of that.

        1. He’s the NDP guy,I think, so commie’s gonna commie. You don’t become a commie unless you,lie, to push people around.

          It’ll all come down to the PQ.

        2. That was probably Jamgeet Singh, the leader of the New Democrat Party, NDP, or as I like to call them, the NDPee or the Non-Democratic [Communist] Party of Canada. Some of his rhetoric the last three weeks has been right out of control.

          This is all going straight down party lines. The Bloc Quebecois and the NDPee are keeping Shiny Pony’s Liberal Party in power, the Liberals are in a minority position. Therefore the NDPee will lie/cheat/steal and commit murder to maintain their position. The Bloc is falling in line too.

          The Conservative Party of Canada CPC is -limply- supporting the truckers, basically as little as they can get away with. They really don’t want to support them at all, because “ew, rednecks!” but if they reject the Freedom Convoy they may as well quit politics. They’ll never hold a seat in the House again.

          We may soon see CPC party members getting their bank accounts frozen. The government might even declare the CPC a terrorist organization. That’s the direction this is all heading in, the way these guys are talking.

          The toboggan has gotten to the steep part of the slippery slope, my friends. This is where things start to happen fast.

          1. I seem to recall that Jamgeet Singh has flashed his Communist/totalitarian inclinations before. Back just after Trudeau took his family on the all-costumes-all-day tour of India.

          2. Hopefully, there’s some folks with the sense of Ilhan Omar as far as “Uh, these are *really bad* tactics I don’t wish to have used on me or my supporters.”

        3. Jagmeet Singh, head of the New Democratic Party (aka the commies). He has been propping up Trudeau’s Liberal minority government

    2. Well, THAT is creepy… .heavy set, about Indian-dark fellow with white hair just paused and had that *smirk* that Crossover has mentioned– saying that these protests are bad because… uh… not legitimate way to have voice heard, or something, then went and did the same claims-of-assaults-by-truckers

    1. Thanks.

      Don’t disagree that I am insulting goat fornicators.

      Though, some of these incompetent loonies are actual advocates for bestiality, or have the sort of disordered sexual interest that can lead to the decision to violate animals in that way.

      Possibly there are ones among them that should /not/ have been put to death earlier in life. Very definitely, there are ones among them that we’ve been derelict not to have in prison or in a psychiatric care facility where they have limited ability to hurt others.

      Yes, I am still too crazy to be handed the power to be personally making those determinations on behalf of mentally ill people. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong about what is wrong, merely that I’m incorrect about best ways to set things right.

      I think the most hilarious feed back to this essay is Kim Du Toit’s observation that I am nuts, and that I unnecessarily bring up the possibility of war between the US and Canada. I suspect that he and I are actually vehemently in agreement that the US government is more an enemy to Americans than Canadians are, and the Canadian government more an enemy to Canadians than Americans are.

      Canadian national government choices have taken me past Kuroko_headdesk.gif to “I can’t even.”

      Personal baggage may be contributing.

      I have a head ache, just about can’t string words together, and have to go out and walk to sort out my head ASAP.

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