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      1. Works for mythical creatures, I guess, but there’s folks what is but the thinking ain’t so much a thing based on careful observation. A moderately sophisticated bot routine could replace their social media accounts and the world would hardly notice.

        …Wait. Is that what actually happened? The body snatchers left meat robots with badly coded AI behind? Might explain a lot, actually.

          1. “I think I am, I think I am, I think I am…” – The Little Analytical Engine Who Could Think.

    1. Though I must admit I expected a capitulation and vote of no confidence in their prime minister Justin Castreau rather than and before aiming armored vehicles at the people!

      1. Did see a report from the Ontario PD that essentially said “We do not have the staffing to do what you want” and “do not send in the army, or anyone else” was the subtext.

        1. Unpossible, I’ve been assured that anyone in uniform who isn’t marching in to commit armed insurrection in support of the trucker protest is eeeeeevil!

            1. Got something that doesn’t require pretending Portland is normal?

              The place that tried to call in cops from neighboring cities, and even the liberal ones told them to go jump in the creek?

              As several people here pointed out– nearby cities that had attempted AntiFa infestations, that enforced the laws, didn’t have an issue.

              The city has to actively punish cops for enforcing the law, for the AntiFa to run riot.

            1. As a response, that doesn’t even make sense. While that lack of making sense matches how your convictions are supposed to be binding on the actions of others, doesn’t improve the quality as a response.

              More over–
              Have you seriously been unaware that Canada has been chasing after people for “hate speech” for decades, now? They are a different country, they don’t follow our laws.

              1. Have you seriously been unaware that Canada has been chasing after people for “hate speech” for decades, now? They are a different country, they don’t follow our laws.

                Pointing out that Canada is a wannabe totalitarian state doesn’t help your argument.

                1. If your bar for “wannabe totalitarian state” is set so low that “fails to properly live out the philosophy of the Preamble,” you need to recalibrate.

                  It demonstrates a lack of proper respect for the boundaries set by the rights of others, yes; so does insisting that if someone isn’t publicly and immediately acting and reacting in a manner desired by the speaker, they are an enemy on par with the active murderers of totalitarian regimes.

                  It’s kind of like those who insist that all sin is equally bad– there’s some truth to it, but if you can’t recognize a difference between taking a candy from your sister’s Halloween bag and mass murder, you’ve got issues.

                  1. Granted different acts have different social costs, depending on whether they’re done wearing a badge. OTOH, either sin has the same eternal consequences.

                    1. Nope. Numbers 18:22 clearly established the separate category of “deadly sin” aka “mortal sin,” and that is not a humanly-defined category, but comes straight from God. Then, for the NT, 1 John 5:16-17 shows that the category still exists.

                      Not that any sin is a great idea, but the amount of bleeding from a papercut is different from what you get by stabbing yourself in the heart and gut.

                    2. Wrong. Reread Romans 3:23, 6:23… Sin brings spiritual and physical death. Any sin.

                      Why debate over how many spoonfuls of horse manure may legally go into your oatmeal? Reject it all!

                    3. The Hebrew of Numbers 18:22 is “laset het lamut,” [so as not] to bear a sin and die. The context is that having priests in the tabernacle/tent of meeting would keep ordinary Israelites from getting smited, do golden calf and Baal-Peor stuff, touch the Ark, etc.

                      The Septuagint is “labein hamartian thanatephoron,” take on/incur deadly/deathbringing sin. The Vulgate is similar – “nec committant peccatum mortiferum,” lest they commit deadly/deathbringing sin.

                    4. The degree of transgression matters– as do the facts around an act that either reduce, or remove, the sinfulness of the act.

                      Sin, after all, requires the (in)correct mental state– and desire to be a totalitarian state involves a hell of a lot more than insufficient respect for rights, especially when there isn’t an objective measure for many of the considerations involved.

                      I think Canada does it wrong, of course– and have for quite some time. A large part of the reason for that belief is that some compromises make abuse much, much more likely, often exactly because abuse isn’t the goal.
                      There have been improvements, and backsliding, and I can’t fix that, because I neither have nor want the power to forcibly change the minds of an entire country nor to force them to behave as if they agree with me.
                      Giving good example, good argument, and supporting the folks who are more correct is about the best I can do.
                      Being the guy who attacks anyone who doesn’t do exactly what I think is best, right away and without so much as voicing hesitation?
                      There’s a meme for that:

                  2. Because it’s totally not totalitarian to do this.


                    When the police knock on your door to tell you about a protest they know you’re going to be at because they were monitoring Facebook, what they’re really doing is saying “We know who you are and we’re watching you.”

                    One wonders just what would clear your bar.

                    1. The problem, Snelson, is that you employ tribal morality with glorious abandon. Collective morality does not work.

                      Even the flimsiest of allegations against those you have decided are The Enemy is clearly truth, and all you have decided are in that group are equally guilty of it.

                      Yet, your own personal totalitarian impulses, such as “I’m not there but I can totally say all videos of people in uniform behaving really well are meaningless” or your call for execution of a parent who didn’t use theraflu on her child, because YOU decided that she was an antivaxxer and it was thus child abuse,

                    2. The “personal totalitarian impulses” of someone you referred to as “an internet rando whose grandfather died of asbestosis because he ignored safety precautions” (that didn’t exist at the time) are more concerning to you than having various organs of the state feeling free to
                      1.sabotage equipment,
                      2. seize money without charges or trial from people’s personal bank accounts,
                      3. send cops around to people’s homes because they discussed exercising their rights on the internet,
                      4. allowing people to be assaulted by mobs because they backed the wrong political party,
                      5. openly fraud elections,
                      6. establish open surveillance as “terrorists” of parents speaking at school board meetings
                      7. etc.

                      Someone has their priorities wrong, or is gaslighting. I’ll let the readers decide who.

                    3. Observe the attempt to deflect, again, from the issue of collective morality for those with whom he disagrees, but not apply those same standards to himself.


                      The “personal totalitarian impulses” of someone you referred to as “an internet rando whose grandfather died of asbestosis because he ignored safety precautions” (that didn’t exist at the time)


                      I can give the link to your demand, and defense of said demands when given more information.

                    4. Ah, found your very loose inspiration for the ‘quote’– it’s where you jumped into an ongoing conversation of generational debts to get a cheap shot in, and…well, actually I just deleted several paragraphs, because that is the summary.

                      You decided to get a cheap shot in, and to heck with anything else.


                      As you pointed out a few days ago– you don’t want to give details, there’s no point; when there’s enough that I can research them instead of just genuflecting to your chose interpretation, I keep showing that they don’t say what you want to believe.

                2. All states are wannabe tyrant states. It’s their natural tendency. But Canada has a way more advanced case of ass. Which might be why they’re rebelling first.

                  1. a) probably more baseline desperate, because fewer illusions
                    b) their bureaucracies may have been quicker to fully implement insane stuff that cuts off every path but rebellion
                    c) their mandarins are were more emotionally
                    d) Canadians are a people that seems to still be able to produce good infantry, /and/ there is no way in hell the government of Canada can cut off secondary arms supply from the united states
                    e) There is a small slice of concentrated population for the mandarins to mistake for fully subjugated, and a lot of a country with people living in it that can’t operate according to urban totalitarian rules.

              2. Any regime that fails to respect the Lockeian trinity of respecting life, liberty, and property, or which fails to genuinely govern with the consent of the people, is illegitimate. Its overthrow, peaceful or otherwise, is therefore legitimate.

                1. Did you ever get around to reading the lines around the one you quoted earlier? The part about prudence before, and the following part with an actual list?

                  1. The time for prudence is over. The time to destroy all the tyrants and their minions, throughout their world, has come.

                    1. If not by me, then by whom? I’ve been patient for decades, listened to platitudes about how voting for the Republicans would change everything domestically, only to watch things get worse and worse. I’ve watched the past two years as western governments killed millions of their own citizens with their malign COVID policies, all while they attempt to stifle dissent. These regimes are no better than the Nazis, and all the tools and tactics deployed in fighting the Nazis should be unleashed upon them.

                    2. Dude. Duuuude. Take a chill pill. Civil war is not something to be agitating for at this point in time. Advocating civil war is a bad thing. Going all ragey on the government means you get a lot, I mean a *lot* of collateral damage to innocent people all over the place. Folks start picking sides, and you end up with a country not at all in a good place. We’d end up Balkanized.

                      Are there bad things going on? You betcha. We see it all the time. The fact that bad stuff is going on does not preclude the possibility of good stuff going on now, and in the future. You *do* remember years 2008-2016, yeah? Then what happened?

                      Trump could have gotten a lot more done with better staff. But he did one thing beyond spectacularly well: he identified the backstabbers and quislings within the party and pushed them so far they can never be taken seriously by conservatives and libertarians ever again. Do not underestimate the effect of that. Nor the effect of Virginia.

                      Establishment Republicans failed Virginia hard in 2016-2018. They didn’t keep their promises. And when they asked the voters to give them another chance, the voters said “Nah, bruh. Ain’t happenin’.” Which lead to four crappy years and then Youngkin/Sears. A large step up, in my opinion.

                      Biden and his cronies are not well supported by anyone save the establishment pricks that need him where he is right now. *Nobody* thinks that man is executing his duties well and in accordance with the Constitution. Not even his own party, nor his own *staff.*

                      Don’t just blindly pull the R lever. That’s dumb. Primary the establishment pricks. Be loud and proud. Support the candidates that do a good job, and run against the ones that are not representing the interests of their districts yourself if you have to. Become active in your local politics, because that’s where your foundation is. Make sure your city council isn’t full of establishment pricks, so you don’t get mayors and police chiefs and sheriffs that blindly follow along with the stupid policies from the state capitol, Congress, or the Chief Executive.

                      But don’t go around trying to incite violence, bub. As Miss Sarah said, that’s glowie crap. Don’t be a glowie. Be a good guy. And don’t underestimate the intelligence and ability to detect bullfaeces of the folks who comment here.

                1. And the guy who put out a pamphlet listing the Biblical arguments for marriage being between man and woman.
                  (would’ve been about ’05 that he was found guilty)

                  And I know there was *something* back when I was in high school, but beyond “Oh. Wow. So THAT is why the Founders did that” I can’t remember.

                  It was probably not for slander/libel, that was an English case where they tried to hit an American for telling the truth.
                  (America says it’s not slander if it’s true, the UK says that you can be charged for slander if it wasn’t public. I say that there’s a perfectly good word for telling the truth when it’ll harm someone’s reputation, detraction, and making a third category would avoid the biggest abuses that the UK has…and likely put them right here at the “no you can’t sue him for telling folks the truth when you wanted them ignorant.”)

            2. Canada and basically all of Western Europe and the USA have been pushing towards full-fledged totalitarianism at an alarmingly quick pace to the point where this kind of news story is a regular daily occurrence. The next step towards totalitarianism, which we are seeing with the ever-increasing censorship efforts is the silencing of these kinds of stories and the persecution of those who write, publish and promote them. Look at what happened to the NY post during and after the 2020 election.

          1. The truckers set up a hot tub. Progressive brains are melting.
            The fact that counter-protesters were holding signs suggesting “anti-vaxxers,” should be killed won’t help their cause.

            1. Don’t look so hard at the magician’s right hand…..


              “Three excavator vehicles were parked on private land with permission from the owner.

              RCMP had allegedly asked the owners to move the vehicles so they wouldn’t be visible from the highway. The owners obliged, and sometime after moving the vehicles found the damage.

              Damage reportedly included the cutting of electrical and control cables. And an expandable foam was sprayed inside the vehicle causing additional damage.

              RCMP media representatives have confirmed that they were behind the damage.

        2. I think that was sent to the Ottawa PD, as opposed to the Ambassador Bridge stand off where this was.

          1. “The Ambassador Bridge is a tolled, international suspension bridge across the Detroit River that connects Detroit, Michigan, United States, with Windsor, Ontario, Canada. ”

            “Ottawa’s police chief said the capital may request aid from the armed forces to stop the ongoing anti-mandatory vaccine Freedom Convoy trucker protest, but the Defence Ministry responded saying they had no plans to get involved in the situation.”

      2. Trucescu is too much a narcissist to go softly into that good night. No, I suspect he’s in his “cottage”, the one that got $9mm in work done on it last year since government pays very well, acting like Hitler in Der Untergang. I also suspect that the Canadian analogs of Himmler and Goering are in active negotiations about what to do once someone else does the deed, peacefully, in an apologetic Canadian manner of course.

        Hold the line boys. Solidarność

        1. Heard earlier today that the Prairies and one of the Maritimes have cried Uncle.

          Oh, and not cottage; dacha.

  1. But that was a post.
    And if you comment, it‘ll be a postscript. Which is like a post, but flowery.

  2. As always, the fuzzies and I (especially C today) want you to take care of yourself and get some rest! We’ll be fine on our own here. For some definitions of the phrase “fine on our own” anyway…

  3. The current leftie reaction to the trucker protests, where, after a few days of denial, are now spreading conspiracy theories about International Trumpism (Hey, don’t you get banned from social media for that kind of stuff now?), confirms the intellectual blind spot of the elitists: They cannot conceive that the people would rise up, not only without them, but against them.

      1. I don’t understand. Hasn’t Trump been cut off from all media and social communications? (At least until his new channel is up and running. Which it isn’t?) So? How is Trump responsible for “International Russian-American Trumpist Conspiracy” Thought control? Osmosis? Besides all the Canadian, French, and other international, truck protests are coming from Trump haters. They’ve always said so. Or has CNN, NBC, CBS, etc., been mistranslated all along … Um, wait … How would we know?

        1. Trump is sort of the human version of Macavity the Mystery Cat. “But when they reach the scene of crime . . . Macavity’s not there!” (With all apologies to T. S. Elliott)

          1. Except that Trump isn’t the *cause* of anything, he’s just a symptom, an *effect*, if you will, of the massive, seething dissatisfaction with the growing tyranny…

            May the so-called :ruling elites” wise up quickly…

  4. *Presents scruff to be scratched*

    ‘S OK. I’m trying to outwit “new and improved” software so I can just get my music onto my [mildly rude word] phone. The computer and I are tied, one all. Makes me glad I got “the new very low end iLeash” instead of the super-duper Wonderphone!

    1. [sympathy]

      Got a similar Teeshirt when I was transferring my music to a thumb drive for the Subaru. The audio system in the Subie takes files in the order that they are loaded in, but the Linux “cp -r *” command doesn’t transfer them in order. I had to create a script to copy each album/song in order so I wouldn’t hear the 4th movement before the first.

      I don’t do music in phones. Cars and computers, yes, but the working phone is a bottom-end flip phone. [casts wary glance at the refurbed iPhone that holds the travel trailer apps]

      1. I like to listen to music when I write (or just hide) during lunch-minute at work. I don’t like the commercials on U-toob, or being tracked. So I keep some tunes on the phone. Also for when I’m on the hot-walker at the gym. I cannot abide what they have playing on the main sound system.

  5. The story goes that:

    “Stalin once ripped all the feathers off a live chicken as a lesson to his followers,” it says. “He then set the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was bloodied and suffering immensely, yet, when Stalin began to toss some bits of wheat toward the chicken it followed him around.”

    Stalin then purportedly told his followers: “This is how easy it is to govern stupid people, they will follow you no matter how much pain you cause them, as long as you throw them a little worthless treat once in a while.”



    if your average proggie tried to recreate Joseph Stalin’s allege chicken example the chicken would peck the crap out of them and steal their wallet.

  6. Don’t feel bad. I sometimes mean to write a comment but never seem to get around to it.

  7. Off topic: Leslie Fish has written a lot of music that’s popular among Huns. Now she could use some help.

  8. Here is a youtube Rabbit Hole for everyone.

    There are 6 Parts. “Explaining the Pandemic to My Past Self” … Got the link from another source.

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