For years now I’ve opposed the term TWANLOC (Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen.) I understood why it was used, but America is a nation of belief, and beliefs change, see one Saul of Tarsus.

It took a discussion with a group of friends, where one held out that even our elites have imbibed the essentially egalitarian ideals of America, while the other one said no they haven’t for me to see it clearly.

I have some experience with these elites. I have a disturbing number of still friends and even more former “friends” who graduated from ivy leagues and come from what my mom would call “the best families.”

Families have cultures, the same as nations do. And most of these families were so far up the eugenics movement that if a German maniac hadn’t started killing people in batch lots, they and their ilk on this side of the Atlantic might have.

In face, coffs, there were sterilization programs, and worse.

And before that there were a lot of those families who thought Europe was so much better, because the “best” people got to rule.

In fact, most of our families that had power throughout the twentieth century were or became of the opinions above.

And then the kids were sent to schools where they were taught America hating. Yeah, in some cases they are also taught to hate themselves as white Americans, but you know that’s not better, right? because then they try to redeem themselves the only way possible, by becoming and ally. I.e. a Marxist that tells minorities how to be proper minorities. And this again feeds the sense of “I’m the best one.”

So, in what sense are they our countrymen? In what sense did they ever learn or internalized the founding principles?

Today Trudeau accused America of fomenting the Canadian trucker rebellion. Of course this is not true. What is fomenting it is Justine’s (int.) crazy drive for power over things she doesn’t understand.

I suspect though that our so called elites agree with him. Because Americans are JUST the worst with their belief in the individual and refusing to do what they tell us, from their all-knowing goodness.

The fact that none of these people have even the amount of practical knowledge to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel or to organize a bonk in a brothel is just the icing on the cake. They are the apex and consummation of Duning Kruger, and have been told all their lives how smart and educated they are, while being too stupid to realize they know nothing about the real world.

There are many ways this can end. But I have to tell you, if it ends peacefully, we’ll have proven that America is indeed a miracle nation. In the rest of the world, I doubt it will be peaceful.

Yes, there are very few of them compared to us. No, this doesn’t make anything easier.

Yes, it would be better if they realized they’ve lost, and there is actually no Victory condition for them, and just left to the socialist paradise of their choice.

But see where the piss-pouring is an impossible dilemma to them. (And our own idiots running around black pilled don’t help. Because it gives the idiots the impression they’re winning.)

I would very much like to avoid a butcher’s bill in America. The rest of the world is going to get very bad. Here…. If it must come, make it swift and short.

But that is a prayer, rather than a certainty, much less a hope.

Let not “You shouldn’t allow your children to be taught to hate you to gratify the self-esteem of never do wells” be the cautionary tale for the generations. Though, yeah, it needs to be learned.

And let this cup pass from us if it’s possible.

But meanwhile, keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark and brace.

This is gonna hurt. But it’s been on the way since before even the oldest here were born.

Be not afraid and work as well as you can to minimize or avoid the butcher’s bill and to keep those you’re responsible for safe.

Go work.

225 thoughts on “AND SO IT’S COME TO THIS

  1. “Today Trudeau accused America of fomenting the Canadian trucker rebellion. Of course this is not true. What is fomenting it is Justine’s (int.) crazy drive for power over things she doesn’t understand.”

    I only wish it *were* true. That Americans were so fed up with the insanity of government power creep in the form of lockdowns, mask theater, *free crack pipes* for fudge’s sake, et. al. that we fixed those issues and then went on to exhort the rest of the world to fix thier *own* issues they got from looking at us. And usually getting things wrong, because media. And because cultural differences.

    1. I suspect part of the reason why we haven’t is the safety valve called “50 states”. Gov. Hairgel can be a twit. But that doesn’t directly affect someone living in Florida. Keeping the response mostly focused at the state level meant that that localities were more responsive to the citizens. Plus, there have been a number of incidents where local law enforcement announced, “That’s nice, but we’re not enforcing that rule.”. That’s even happened with the LA County Sheriff. All of this has provided a safety valve of sorts to release some of the pressure that’s building from the bottom up.

      Rember that the immediate trigger for the Canadian protest was an extremely stupid rule that would have applied to the whole country. And the people who started the protest are the ones directly affected by the announced rule. Truck protests are spreading around the world now. But that’s because the Canadians have shown that it works.

      Given the upcoming convoy from LA to DC, I suspect that LA is suddenly wishing it hadn’t been awarded this year’s Super Bowl.

      1. Indeed – I am so glad that Texas remains a relatively sane … honestly, there are moments when I wonder if Kurt Schlichter isn’t a prophet…
        It was one of the regular commenters on Chicagoboyz who came up with the TWANLOC moniker; Subotai Bahadur. And yes, I rather agree with him – that there are those, some of them in positions of authority — who have declared themselves to be no longer our countrymen. They are willing to bend down and kiss the image of Baal.
        1 Kings 19:18 “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.”

      2. It should probably be pointed out that Canadians invented blitzkrieg, both with bicycles and motorcycles.

        Also, that it wasn’t one of the top generals who invented it, but rather, folks down below.

    2. Donated 20 bucks to the GiveSendGo fundraiser… Not much, but I’m fomenting the best I can.

      Are there any American equivalents I can give to? If so, I’ll happily do some fomenting here at home, too.

      1. There’s an “LA to DC” convoy that’s supposed to start the same weekend as the Super Bowl.

      2. Check the throughput on what charities you’re considering, do your research first. Don’t give through third parties, they tend to take a portion of your donation for themselves. Do research the organization you intend to give to. Forex, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund has an A rating at charity watch- but consider who they are and what they’re doing. Viz. the ACLU- also A rated, which while not as bad as Southern Poverty Law, does a lot of stupid crap. Even the *Clinton Foundation* is A rated by several charity watch organizations, so that should tell you something. Don’t skim. Research.

        I used to say you’d rarely go wrong with local Christian charities, but nowadays I’d recommend you look into everyone that you’re considering thoroughly.

        1. If you look at the metrics they use to do their grading, it’s usually helpful.

          I’ve also selected several charities because of what they took hits on– for example, a Crisis Pregnancy Center where the only complaints that the attackers could come up with was that it wasn’t an abortuary. (Especially in Washington State, there was a big issue with things to “help” women that had exactly one acceptable goal, and it didn’t involve information or health-care.)

        2. ACLU put out a press release deploring the Rittenhouse trial — not the prosecution hijinks, the acquittal.

          1. One reason I dislike the ACLU is that they’ve lost sight of their original mandate—which was, AIUI, ensuring freedom of speech. These days they’re up to their necks in every left-of-center cause they can find,

            1. It was the employee who was willing to die on the bridge of preventing a book from being published that impressed me.

            2. Their founding purpose – as distinct from their charter – was to keep Leftists out of jail. Anything else they do is incidental to that, done because it ultimately advances that agenda, or once in a blue moon because some local members truly believe in civil liberties.

      3. Might want to think twice about that……

        Emphasis added, break at dashes.

        “TD Bank confirmed it had frozen accounts holding the cash in private accounts and is now applying to the Ontario Superior Court to accept the money, and will file an interpleader application that, if granted, allows the court to accept the funds and decide how to disburse it.

        In a statement to the press, TD Bank said that it intends to give up money totaling $1 million from GoFundMe, as well as an additional $400,000 the truck drivers accepted through direct donations.
        “TD has asked the court to accept the funds, which were raised through crowdfunding and deposited into personal accounts at TD, so they may be managed and distributed in accordance with the intentions of the donors, and/or to be returned to the donors who have requested refunds but whose entitlement to a refund cannot be determined by TD,” spokesperson Carla Hindman said in a statement to CTV News.

        GoFundMe is about to take it in the shorts, unless the courts accept force majeure as to why they can’t return the donors money as they said they would. That’s a small silver lining.

        But even the article admits that when funds, whether normal or crypto, enter the banking system to be spent, they’re vulnerable to the same treatment. Let’s see, who was it that predicted in the past week that civil asset forfeiture was next……. No arrests, no charges, just gone, and now they’re having to pay lawyers to try and get it back. And yes, I know that GoFundMe is mentioned in the press release while GiveSendGo isn’t, but the bit about also seizing funds from private transfers ought to be a Clue.

        PS: Links to TD press release announcement, emergency order authorizing this, etc. in article.

        1. PS: I’ve been giving small amounts; I’m conducting a small test on how long it takes credit card companies to start blocking their cards from being used to donate. So far, Discover and PayPal MC are allowing it…. probably so they can store a list of donors.

    3. Kinda connects to yesterday’s thing about bad reports.

      Sure, they might get ideas from looking at us… but what parts? And holy cow, that lens! How many times have you wondered what color the sky was in that world, when you’re familiar with a story being reported?

      Iowa had a “wear a mask, if you can, if you’re going to be up close to someone who isn’t in your household for more than 15 minutes straight” order for….three? Four? Flu-season months. When not only did that not work, but it turned out that places with harsher masking requirements (ie, “wear a mask to be here at all”) had higher rates even after adjusting for other factors, it was dropped.

      There *isn’t* a single point to “fix” anything. Because anything that can fix everything, can also *destroy* everything…..

      1. Indeed. The government that gives you everything, can also take it all away. That’s the great thing about the Tenth Amendment. What’s right for urban NYC is quite often utterly wrong for rural Wyoming. Or suburban Texas. Or even urban Salt Lake City.

        I believe it’s a consequence of bureaucratic power creep, among other things. Again. Every bureaucrat, every politician seeks to grow the power of his office. Even the “good” ones, so they can keep up with the “bad” ones. Well, I should say *nearly* every one lately. Trump reduced regulations. How many other politicians can we say that of?

        1. *Part* of the difference is that Trump made a point of counting regulations where you combine 8 into one as -8, +1. Previously, folks ignored if it was superseding regulations, or even actively counted a whole regulation as being issued (page-counts) when it was modified.

          I say part, because– the reason he did that was because they made a point of aiming to reduce regulation. If you can’t reduce, at least simplify.

          It’s a matter of a cultural focus and getting stuff rolling in the right direction, as well as removing room for nonsense.

    4. Sheesh, last week it’s the Russians, this week it’s the Americans. Make up your mind, Pretty Pony.

  2. But, of course everything that’s going wrong is our fault. Couldn’t possibly be the result of their own greed and stupidity.

    Yeah, and Boom-Boom Biden is a wise, benevolent statesman, too.
    ‘Progressives’ believe everybody else is even stupider than they are. This explains a lot.

  3. Will probably point this out tomorrow:

    Our damned moron elites are explicitly and vocally encouraging their damned moron elites.

    Trudeau is being mighty selective in his handwringing about American influence on events in Canada.

  4. I will freely admit that I did not know that poking a hole into a truck tire was an exceedingly dangerous idea, but I will also offer in my defense I also don’t think it particularly wise to go breaking other people’s stuff when I haven’t a clue how it functions 🙂

    Oddly enough I had previously run into a thing on the dangers of handling split rim tires but I think that was a tangent from trying to find out how to properly sharpen an axe…

    1. I had to watch safety videos about inflating airliner tires. And what happens when said tires overheat and a pressure relief plug blows . . . or doesn’t. Assume the same thing for a big rig. I don’t want to be anywhere near someone who decides to use a blade or other thing to flatted one of those 140 PSI monsters. Even with hearing protection on. No.

      1. I can believe it. Thing is, I’m an aviation nut so I’m already familiar with the Concord crash and other tire related ‘fun’. It just somehow never occurred to me to consider truck tires would be equally high pressure bombs.

        1. They’re generally 95 to 110 PSI. That’s for a standard tire, I’m not sure about the supermax fat tires, as I’ve never pulled anything with them.

      2. How easy is it to puncture / slash a rig tire, anyway? I can remember reports of those things bouncing point blank small calibre pistol fire, fercryinoutloud.

        1. The tires on those big rigs are nothing like car tires. The CNN moron who encouraged people to puncture/slash the tires was endangering the lives of anyone who listened; there is reason why you see the remnants of exploded truck tires on highways; those tires tend to go BOOM when cut/punctured so that they lose air rapidly; the tire shrapnel can easily kill someone.

          1. Several years ago I was at an interstate rest stop when I looked up and saw a tire bouncing up the highway. Bouncing really high -I figured maybe 20 feet up. I still don’t know what happened, but I bet it wasn’t pretty.

            1. My uncle made the Chicago newspapers when the rig he was driving lost a front wheel. No injuries to himself, but the bouncing tire (on one of the interstates in the city) caused a bit of disruption. No major injuries, but a car was much the worse for wear.

              The fire department I worked for used an M35 truck. One of the tires was shot, so I took it into town for a replacement. The tire outfit uses a cage to keep things in one spot if the split rims let go. An acquaintance had one let go when he was putting air in at home. He survived, but was a mess. I’m not sure of the legal status of split-rim wheels, but I know they’re strongly discouraged.

  5. I absolutely love the instapundit-highlighted tweet from a Harvard Professor and self-proclaimed national security expert: “Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.” That’s the kind of cluelessness that’s teaching at Harvard. Please give me WF Buckley’s phonebook.

    1. Yup. Good way to turn a vehicle into a very large multi-ton paperweight. The more pragmatic part of me hopes that the government does something stupid that leaves lots of immobilized 18-wheelers in very inconvenient locations. But decent people would get seriously hurt if that were to happen.

      1. Well, you *can* move a truck with slashed tires. Probably screwed up the rims, too. It just takes a good long while. A *lot* longer than towing a truck with intact tires.

        You know what? If they’re dumb enough to break the law and destroy property like that… Well, Canadian police will arrest them and put them in prison, right?


        1. Requires specialized vehicles, though. And there are a *lot* more trucks than there are specialized vehicles. Any kind of “mass shutdown” of the Canadian trucker protest is going to take a very long time to clear.

          1. Yeah. Could well be months, if the governmental forces are especially stupid. The trucker protest is the trucker’s to lose- as long as they don’t blink, the only thing Mme Trudeauşescu can do is lose.

            Crack down on truckers, who have massive popular support? He loses that support. Leave things as they are? Truckers win, his supporters leave him. The longer it goes on, the worse things get for him.

            1. I particularly liked the part where Weasel-Boy’s voiceover of ‘waving Racist Flags’ shows a sea of Canadian flags…

              “Daaayum, boy, wuz you born that stupid or did you have to study for it?”

              1. Why not both? I mean, I’m sure he *did* study for it, government schools being what they are (and what I assume they are in Canukistan).

              2. Remember that scene in “Nightwatch” where the two officers in the Ankh-Morpork army discuss how the people at the barricade are involved in suspicious activities such as waving the city’s flag and singing the national anthem?

                Remember how Terry Pratchett noted that his American readers weren’t really sure why the two officers thought that worth commenting on?


                1. The left clearly does not like it when “afflicting the comfortable” means that they become the afflicted ones. After all, they are all victims in one way or another, so how can they be designated as “comfortable”??

              3. There were some images of someone w/the Stars and Bars flag and maybe another with a Nazi swastika flag.

                Which means a plant. I’m now rejecting any image of one (or a handful of them) person with a “bad” flag or symbol or costume at a protest that the progs hate. It is not “proof” that they are “really” evil, it is proof that the progs fear them and want to destroy their reputation by planting false flags in the crowd and pointing at the small group and screeching: “See? SEE?! They’re ALL RAAAAAAAAAACIST…” etc.

                When the Nazis, Klan, etc held their actual rallies their symbols/costumes were all over the place and not a lone nut or small cluster of them doing so. Though I think a lot of people realize it outside of the progs hivemind.

                1. I saw video of the Stars and Bars with a truck superimposed. One guy, face covered (well, it was cold), shoulders slumped, moving slowly through the crowd. Making no contact with anyone. The attached message said he was asked to leave.

                  1. Not surprised, actually – in the Tea Party rallies that I was a part of, we were prepped and geared for that sort of thing. I and other key people carried blank signs, and markers – on the lookout for false-flaggers. We could cosy up next to them with signs pointing out that they were such.
                    We were on the lookout for dirty tricks like that. Glad to see that the truckers are, too.

              1. Trudeau and Biden make a rutabaga look like a Nobel prize winning genius.

                Not that the Nobel prize is anything special these days. They’ll hand one out to anybody that recites the correct ‘progressive’ slogans.

                1. That’s peace, literature, and econ. Physics, chemistry, and physiology/medicine still seem to involve some actual accomplishment.

              2. I’m… going to have to disagree on that one, much as I hate to say it. Not that Mme Trudeauşescu *isn’t* analagous to an acephalous chicken, judging by his recent actions. But not even that level of dumb makes Biden looks smart.

                Biden’s in the early stages (at least) of dementia. And has a long history of plagiarism, racism, corruption, gaffes, lying, and being not too terribly bright. He’s just got more experience in the job, and is going senile is all. Mme Trudeauşescu is younger and has the energy of someone high on power and sniffing one’s own farts. Just because Castro’s illegitimate child doesn’t call a lid a 10am on a tuesday doesn’t make Biden look smart, I don’t think. Just old and in need of a rocking chair and a blanket more than a microphone and a podium.

    2. All I could think of was that scene from Underworld (Doctor Who, 4th Doctor) where the minions have just discovered they’re the ones holding the pocket sized h-bombs. The leader is screaming at them to get rid of them.

      All the chief minion can respond with is a completely frustrated “How?”

    3. Lord in heaven these people are clearly stupid Frank said they said
      “Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks.”
      > Slash the tires
      How elegant, you now have an 17.5 ton (best guess empty tractor trailer ~35Klbs) object that you have to DRAG. Perhaps there exist flatbeds that could move the cab, but I don’t think ones to move cab and trailer are blindingly common. On top of that damaging truck tires can be quite exciting. Like needing clean trousers exciting.
      >empty the gas tanks
      Ok depending on the cab tanks run 175-300 (US) gallons. That’s 875 to 2100 lbs of fuel How you going to do it? Siphon? going to take a while AND you have to store it. If you are from the Northeast you are likely familiar with fuel oil tanks. The one in my cellar is 275 (US) gallons is an oval object about 6ft long 3.5 ft tall and 2-3 feet across. And there are a couple hundred trucks you need to empty. Admittedly Diesel/#2 fuel oil is not SUPER flammable (be glad its not gasoline or jet-A) but it is still rather hazardous AND a nasty environmental contaminant for water etc. And finally once you drain the trucks something ELSE has to move them as they will no longer move themselves
      >arrest the drivers
      Part of the issue is that the skill/certification to drive one of these things is not common. Thats part of why this sit down strike is causing issues (the more important part is the darn things are BIG). You can probably find a bunch of folks with some knowledge in the Canadian military, maybe a few in the RCMP that can move them(though whether they’ll refuse is an issue). Of course given 1 and 2 you don’t need a driver you need Superman because it has no tires and no fuel
      > Move trucks
      Mayhap we should have done this first HMMM? Of course that involves issue 3, and the fact that you will have a bunch of irate truck drivers/owners as you try to move their trucks which are $100K-200K average and which is their source of a living and they likely have a huge loan on. Better to reach into a pack of angry bobcats to steal their food than try that.

      How in the name of Hades did anyone get that stupid? I mean that takes some serious effort. An advanced degree in idiocy perhaps? Probably more useful than a (blah) studies degree, heck you could end up a congressperson VP or president with little effort with that kind of skill set given our current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      1. Her degrees are Ivy League, a BA and a JD.

        SEriously, that one tweet revealed a lot about the current degree of staggeringly incompetent active stupidity of current regime officials. Yeah, twit is academic now, but has been a government bureaucrat, and seems to be otherwise typical for a Democrat one. Possibly also for a Republican.

      2. A day cab (no bunks for sleeping) generally weighs about 17-19 thousand pounds, a box trailer’s about the same. If it’s a long haul truck with a sleeper, hauling a refrigerated trailer, probably another four or five thousand.

      3. Not so much stupid as never worked for a living and have zero clue about anything outside their narrow little worlds.

        But yeah, couldn’t have designed a worse plan if the idea was to clear out 50,000 trucks, and not wind up decorating a pike.

        1. Oh, you can always design a worse plan.

          That much fuel in one area and I wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities managed to melt parts of the roadbed. Won’t that be fun…

          1. I remember about eighteen or twenty years ago, a gasoline tanker caught fire on Interstate 93 a couple miles south of Boston. It melted the aluminum light poles on either side of the highway for about 250 yards, never mind destroying the pavement.

            1. Same thing happened in Atlanta in 2006? Gasoline tanker hit the center piling of the bridge where I85 crosses over 400. Melted the bridge for one side of I85 completely. It took months to finish the replacement and traffic was 9th circle of Hell (as opposed to the normal 5th circle).

      4. going to take a while AND you have to store it.

        Store it? hahahaha, my good man, you are not thinking like a committed leftist protester.

        You dump it on the ground, declare the area environmentally contaminated, and extort billions of dollars from the government to clean it up.

        Or, y’know, set fire to it and burn all the trucks. Then go for the environmental contamination play.

          1. It would also have the advantage of depriving all those deplorable truckers of their livelihoods (and possibly their lives), so there’s really no downside, as long as the Leftists can either make it look like an accident, or have the media lie about how the fire started.

    4. Considering tires like that go off like bombs when they’re popped, I’d welcome to try this.

      1. I’m sorry to report sir that the orders got confused. I told the Spartans to kill the men and sheep, burn the village and do what they wanted with the women. However, steps one and two seem to have been swapped…

    5. There’s a meme image of that. The one with the bald CGI-animated villain with a series of signs and he glances at the last one because it ruins his plan? Not sure what movie it’s from, but it’s a funny format to use.

      1. My favorite version of that meme is

        1. Build city.
        2. Build tower that reaches to the heavens.
        3. (In Greek) The workers now all speak different languages.

  6. Well, things may be looking up for Castrudeau the Bastardo Castrato ( or Fidel-Lite if you prefer ). Word on the street is that Caitlyn Jenner has offered to donate his ballsack.

    1. (golf clap) Very nice, though somewhere I heard him refered to as Trudeascu. One can hope, perhaps pour encourager les autres?

  7. I am given to understand that emergency vehicles are being let through the various blockades. So if someone DID take her dubious advice to try to slash truck tires there would be a path for a suitable vehicle carrying one of those large medical spatulas that they use for scraping remains off the pavement to get through and haul them to the morgue.

    I’m sure the video would go viral.

    1. Yes, the truckers are explicitly leaving a lane open for emergency vehicles.

      But they’re “terrorists”, while BLM, Antifa, and the rest of that bunch of f-wits are “legitimate protesters”… who happen to make sure that no one gets through unless they let it.

      Yeah, I sprained my eye muscles with the force of that eye roll, too. 😛

      1. IIRC, when leftists blocked traffic, they didn’t let an ambulance through, and someone died.

        And then made some remark about collateral damage.

        1. CHAZ shooting, wasn’t it?

          Of course I’m going to look….

          K, two deaths, they tried to blame it on the cops.

          And then there’s this:

          Speaking to The London Economic podcast, Unbreak the Planet with Mike Galsworthy, the eco-warrior said he would have “stayed there”.

          And when asked whether he wouldn’t have moved if there was someone dying in the ambulance, he simply replied “yes.”

          He added: “What we’re talking about is the loss of people’s pensions in the next ten years, the loss of people’s incomes, the mass migration of hundreds of millions of people, the indescribable injustice to people of colour in the global south because of the collective selfishness of people in the north.

          “We’re talking about the biggest crime in human history imposed by the rich against the global poor.

          It comes as this morning a woman following her mum in an ambulance today begged “selfish” eco-warriors to let her pass as they held all four corners of London hostage in yet another string of protests.

          1. My recollection is that the first CHAZ shooting was inside the perimeter, and the ambulance showed up but the medics (rightly) said “we’re not going in there without police protection”, the mob wouldn’t let the cops in, so the medics didn’t go in, and the victim died.

            The second shooting was on one of the bordering streets, so there wasn’t the same issue. But that kid was shot dead so it was moot anyway.

        2. There was one here in Boston from the Occupy Wall Street period where a bunch of idiots chained themselves to heavy objects and then dropped themselves out of the back of trucks on to rt 93 southbound through Boston. Rt 93 became a parking lot and several ambulances detoured via secondary roads (MA Rt28 and RT2 I think) to avoid it. Much of the later day was dealt with via Med flights making a mess of the boston sky and increasing costs. I think all involved survived but it was a close one on the one that had been on 93 and had to dodge down rt28.

          1. Woman on Twitter was being snarky to Rand Paul for supporting the truckers blocking roads. The snark being, ” I bet he didn’t support BLM doing the same thing.” I told her if she believed all road-blocking was good, the truckers were good. If she believed all road-blocking was bad, then BLM was bad. And if she believed, “it’s good if I agree with the protesters,” she agreed with what she was attributing to Dr. Paul.

            1. My response would have been “Remind me again how many people the truckers have dragged out of their cars and beaten to a pulp. Because BLM/SturmAntifa have.”

  8. Meanwhile on the right I’ve been hearing: “We all need to go back to monarchy because that’s more stable than democracy!”

    Me: *points out that it was the monarchies that got us into WWI*

    Them: “Well, monarchs would be tied to the people and their counties and not be a bunch of elites!”

    Me: *points out the royals were a big incestuous extended family that had more in common with each other than their respective peoples.*


    1. Bob Said:
      points out the royals were a big incestuous extended family that had more in common with each other than their respective peoples.

      Precisely how does that differ from the current Brahmandrins/Elites? They make the upper class twits from Monty Python look like a win

      1. That’s my point: there are people saying going back to monarchies would solve everything. I say it’d just be exchanging for the same thing.

        1. Depends on how you do it. If princes went back to marrying peasant girls whom they met at balls. . . hmm, that one required help from her dead mother, we may want to try other ways of matchmaking.

          1. Put it in the Constitution. Manticore did. “The Heir to the Throne must marry a commoner.” Probably want to define a FEW standards, though. Hildebeeste was a commoner.

              1. They wouldn’t need to reach very far. Under UK law, only the title holder is a Lord; the heir can serve in the commons while his father still lives, Younger sons are called Lord as a courtesy, but the offspring of younger children are commoners from birth unless their father inherits. It’s different in other countries, of course.

              2. It’s not all that hard. The only thing that makes someone a commoner is a lack of aristocratic titles. Strip the Grand Duke of his titles right before the wedding, and there’s nothing stopping him from marrying the Princess.

        1. Hapsburg/Habsburg was in the Fourmula underclasses for F1. You need money more than talent to get very far there. Then again, he came to my attention by hitting a wall . . . granted it was in Macau, and pretty much everyone who races there eventually hits a wall. IIRC the Thurn Und Taxis was in sport cars and I think it was at the long track of Nürburgring or a 24H race I first saw them drive, and 24H has Pro/Am classes with “Gentleman Drivers” and while some are like Patrick Dempsey and own the cars they race, others try to find the fastest “Amateur” they can

      1. At least it means he probably understand natural law better than our current rulers. Isaac Newton is a deadly sob.

  9. Trudeau’s claim is, even by his standards, absurd. Canadian intelligence agencies (such as they are) did not predict the trucker protests. If there had been such blatant foreign involvement, you’d think they would have realized *something* was afoot. The PM is clearly in denial about how angry the Canadian public is about the endless mandates. But it’s hardly a surprise coming from the guy who keeps slandering the truckers as “swastika-wavers” while the news (hardly objective) keeps showing the sea of maple leafs. If I were him I wouldn’t be playing the Race Card too much anyhow. Trudeau wouldn’t know racism if it was painted on his face.

    Oh, and now the “fact-checkers” are desperately trying to convince us of the PM’s paternity, which is the funniest crap ever.


        1. It’s a great time of year to have protests, if you’re a trucker or farmer. Christmas is over, it’s a long time till spring, and these are the least productive months of the year in the US and Canada. So why not?

  10. “Go work.”

    My work day ended a few hours ago. I have no intention of working right now. Maybe later. ;p

    But I think there’s a lot to what you say.


  11. Yes, it would be better if they realized they’ve lost, and there is actually no Victory condition for them, and just left to the socialist paradise of their choice.

    “Don’t you understand? There’s no throne. There’s no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe you’re able to continue to fraud your way into power and maybe the courts will continue to allow that to stand, but it all comes down on you because you. We may not be able to save America, but we damn sure can avenge it.”
    (Phrasing borrowed even though I’m pretty sure Stark would never actually say that–he’s much too authoritarian himself.)

    1. Stark of the first two Iron Man movies and early Avengers would.

      I blame bad writing for that character change.

      Okay not exactly BAD writing, but FORCED writing. The overall arc of the MCU demanded he be a sympathetic antagonist to Cap, so they had to turn his character more authoritarian, but they did a fair job showing how everything he went through made him take that route. I just didn’t like the change.

      1. I think they did a *great* job of showing a Tony Stark who kept making worse and worse decisions because of the [mental, metaphorical] demons driving him.

        1. And he’s redeemed completely by Infinity War and Endgame, because we finally see in Infinity War the terrible threat that’s been subconsciously haunting him all this time, and that he’s afraid he won’t be equal to no matter how he prepares.

          At first I didn’t care for how they turned Spider Man into Spider Boy to make him Stark’s sidekick (and all but cut out Uncle Ben), but the surrogate father/son dynamic between them worked to put a personal face on Stark’s fears.

        2. They did a great job showing it, I just wanted to jump through the screen and beat…um… roughly half the support cast with a copy of warning signs for PTSD or something.

          Short form– basically everybody *except for* Falcon had signs of really bad PTSD, and the pattern of “how much interaction with Sam do they have?” to figure out who was dealing well worked worryingly well, combined with mental formation like ability to fail. Ever. Or be less than the smartest person ever, and thus best able to do everything….

          1. Falcon really was a great character. Under other circumstances, it would’ve been fun to see him with the shield and the Captain’s mantle for awhile – he took on the role a few times in the comics.

            But these days…it’s gotta be a ‘statement’ and send a ‘message,’ with all the nuance and subtlety of a club.

    2. I’m still kind of sore we never got a real fight between Iron Man and the Mandarin.

      Iron Man of the early movies: unapologetic capitalist and lover of freedom and inventiveness vs an enemy steeped in Oriental tradition, covertly working behind the scenes in China and wielding mystical powers equal to Dr. Strange (but actually advanced alien tech, making him a big hypocrite).

      But they’d never have made a movie like that and played straight.

      1. He was underwhelming in Shang-Chi. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed Shang-Chi. But he’s the kind of villain that should have been in the background for a few movies before we finally see him for the first time. And in that movie, he gets away so that he can come back later. Unfortunately, in the MCU he exists largely to give Shang-Chi a backstory, and to calm fan anger somewhat over the Ben Kingsley Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

  12. The stupidity, it burns.

    I don’t know why people are surprised the idiots would double down on a losing hand.
    That’s pretty much their MO. Keep raising the ante, and make it too expensive for opposition to consolidate.

    Which has obvious problems when the opposition cannot afford to lose, and cannot be marginalized.

  13. Pentagon pushing socialism: Via Breitbart:

    A summary of the event, posted on the university’s website, reads:

    Western countries are still struggling to define their attitude towards the Beijing regime. In this talk on February 22, 2022, Thomas Piketty will argue that the right answer lies in ending Western arrogance and promoting a new emancipatory and egalitarian horizon on a global scale, a new form of democratic and participatory, ecological and post-colonial socialism. If they stick to their usual lecturing posture and a dated hyper-capitalist model, Western countries may find it extremely difficult to meet the Chinese challenge.

    Full article link:

    Yes, they are pushing the same idiocy that was pushed in the 1960s and 1970s about the Soviets. It is very clear that our government at all levels, with exceptions few and far between, is irredeemably corrupt and committed to the imposition of totalitarian Marxism.

    1. Universities generally, are full of talks by f&cking morons.

      Piketty is a known quantity.

      Obama took great care with the officer corps.

      Biden regime pulling this stuff is unsurprising.

      1. I’d love to take a broom to the commissioned office corps. Well, not exactly a broom, but a sieve. Something like, Thunderdome. 2 go in, only one office comes out. Just have to make sure you don’t put two good ones in at the same time.

    2. Piketty? Is anyone still taking that poltroon seriously? Oh, wait, it’s the ‘Biden’ administrationregime. That explains it.

      And Judge Posner is (also) still a moron.

    1. This is the chick who went and got an EdD from the state university int he state where her husband was a U.S. Senator because she wanted her name to come first on invitations, to be “Dr. and Senator Biden”. Yes, she is really that petty and insecure.

  14. We are all in God’s hands. Let us trust Him to do His job.

    And, as it says in Psalm 91, among many other Bible verses,

    “Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him;
    I will protect him, because he knows my name.
    When he calls to me, I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will rescue him and honor him.
    With long life I will satisfy him
    and show him my salvation.”

    1. Well, yes, but there is that old saw about God helping those who help themselves. Or, for the less religious, the one about good luck being most likely to occur when summoned by careful preparation …

        1. Previous commenter said “old saw” not “Bible says.” But, that aside, from Luke 4:

          9And he [the devil] brought him to Jerusalem, and set him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down from hence:
          10For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee:
          11And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
          12And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

          “God helps those who helps themselves” strikes me as a pretty good paraphrase of the meat of that exchange. God promised help (citing the 91st Psalm, if you’re interested). The devil challenged Jesus to demonstrate said help. And Jesus replied with why you don’t just do that, implying that you can’t just throw yourself into harms way and expect God to save you. You have to do your part in not putting yourself needlessly into danger. Yes, there was also the bit about “consider the lily’s of the field…” but there was also the “if any of you lack a sword, let him sell his garment and buy one” (Prefer KJV for that verse from the implication that it’s better to be naked than unarmed).

          Maybe things are a little more complicated than the simplistic answers people try to wrest out of the Bible.

          1. You and I are sinners who CANNOT save ourselves. Period. Given half a chance, we sin more and more–driving a wedge between ourselves and God.

            We may be talking at cross purposes here. I’m not talking about saving our earthsuits, but our souls. Given the one has a short expiry compared to eternity, which do you think is more important to protect? And which do you think the Bible is really talking about?

            1. That’s nice. What it has to do with the topic at hand is an open question, but it’s nice that you have your beliefs.

              Those beliefs, however, are not mine. Doesn’t mean I don’t understand a number of different forms in which Christian belief falls. But those beliefs are not mine.

              So, on that topic. The context at hand, the context of the old saw, is not any hypothetical (or “faith based”) afterlife but about the mortal here and now. That’s the context of “cast thyself down”, the context of “he who has not a sword, let him sell his garment and buy one” and it’s the context of James’ “Faith, without works, is dead, being alone.”

              In the tradition I follow, it goes even farther. The gods breath fire (will), cleverness, and strength into a man at birth. It is then up to that individual to build on that and to use that to accomplish his ends. That the gods generally don’t take an interest in an individual’s life does not mean that they are idle, just that they have larger monsters to battle. (And before you ask, it’s complicated but basically, I’m a follower of Norse paganism.)

              1. If you comment on the Bible, expect a Biblical response. There is no compulsion to believe as I do. Each of us has to meet God on our own.

                1. Except the post you responded to didn’t cite the bible. It referred to “the old saw”. But that aside,if you don’t think the Bible doesn’t deal with concerns of the mortal world as well as the afterlife, then your knowledge of the Bible isn’t as thorough as you might think it is. I gave several examples right here in this thread.

                  1. No need to argue about it. Romans 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 8:1, 10:9-13 tells the Gospel. Your quote from James (and Galatians 5) talk about the evidence or “fruit” of conversion.

                    There are hundreds of online Bibles, so I recommend everyone interested read for themselves.

                    The thread running through the Bible is we’ve fallen and can’t get up; but God helps us. YMMV.

                    I understand some (many?) folks disagree with me. Can’t be helped. Even married folks disagree at times. 🙂

                    1. The thread running through the Bible is we’ve fallen and can’t get up

                      a thread. Not “the” thread. I suggest you look up “confirmation bias.”.

                      Jerico didn’t sit on his ass and wait for God to deliver Canaan to him. He went out there and fought as best he, and the troops under his command, could do. Only when it came to the point where all that men could do was insufficient did we get miraculous intervention (cf. Jericho).

                      David and Saul did not sit on their hands and expect God to deliver them from the Philistines. Once again, they had to work their asses off, doing all that mortal men could do, to win their particular victory. Sometimes that involved divine intervention. Other times, their martial prowess was sufficient. But even in cases of divine intervention, they had to do all that they could do first. (Or, perhaps in a few cases where God wanted to show off, they were told basically to stand back and watch and be amazed, but in general…)

                      The Bible is full of such examples. We, here in this mortal world, are expected to do everything in our power to do what needs to be done. It is only when mortal efforts prove insufficient does God (when it suits His purpose) stop in to provide the extra needed.

                      Or, as the old saw puts it, God helps those who help themselves.

                      And, once again, the comment to which your replied with your “the Bible doesn’t say that” said nothing about the Bible. It referred to the old saw. You brought the Bible into it, rebutting a claim that was never made.

                    2. Joshua? I haven’t re-read the Bible in…. 3 years, but I’m fairly sure that Jerico is a place. Based on the fact I took up referring to some people as “An ass of Jerico.”

                    3. ” Your quote from James (and Galatians 5) talk about the evidence or “fruit” of conversion.”

                      No, the quote from James talks about salvation.

                      We can tell this is a fact because whenever you quote it to someone professing sola fide who does not recognize it as a quote from the Bible, the reaction is always “Heresy!”

  15. So I didn’t get fired (yet) for a bit of impromptu anti-establishmentarianism, and my 80-year-old mom survived the fauciflu *and* her damaged spine hasn’t gotten any worse, *and* she’s recovering from her stroke 100%. (It’s been a rough few weeks). So even when your house is falling down around you, you can still get gifted a surprise birthday cake*

    Have a white pill.

    *Yes. This actually happened!

  16. The German eugenic sterilization programs were based on American ones. German doctors cited Buck vs. Bell at Nuremberg and were still convicted — while the American programs trundled on.

    1. If the government won’t listen to the people, there’s no reason the people need listen to the government.

    2. Yep. The government is applying the stick. Now it’s time for the truckers to make it even harder. And Trudeau will keep going he gets the violent flame up.

      1. And some darn Michigander tow truck drivers are apparently lining up to help dislodge the Canadian patriots.

        1. Has it changed since this morning?

          The one that had a number on the side, that folks called, was answered by the owner and he listed off other places he owns, and said that his trucks are there to help with emergency services, that’s it.

  17. I always thought “Atlas Shrugged” understated things. Atlas won’t Shrug. He’ll Drop-Kick.

    Our “elites” aren’t the Best and Brightest, they are the Best Connected. Daddy’s name and Mommy’s money were their tickets to power, not their accomplishments or abilities.

    And they are STUPID. Go take a close look at the French Revolution. It wasn’t led by the mob, it was led by a bunch of smart middle-class guys. That was in 1789…before the advent of most skilled workers, completely before the advent of the skilled professions. If modern high-skill workers and professionals decide to pull the plug, the “elite” will NEVER be able to put it back together.

    My rent-a-guillotine business is sounding more and more profitable by the day. 🙂

    1. We’re certainly seeing how the engine of the world could be brought to a halt and it’s breathtaking.

    2. I remember an article in — Salon, I think — where the author talked up the ancien regmine talked up the life of the aristocracy. Drew a picture of a high-life of sleep, luxury foods, gambling, sleeping around, and otherwise being a complete waste of space. Casually admitted it meant their infant mortality rate sky-rocketed. Left me wondering what sort of person would publicly admit to wanting to be a useless leach.

  18. Just a thought I just had. When the authorities say the Trucker Protests have changed into anti government protests. I keep hearing ‘ one world government’. Instead of ‘Canadian Government’.

    1. If the government is doing something seriously wrong then being “anti-government” is a good thing.

  19. I didn’t like the term TWANLOC either. But when it reached the point where they showed that they considered us to be TWANLOC[1] I had to admit that the term fit.

    [1]Not that they’d used the term. It’s “right wing” and therefore sinful and taboo.

    1. *facepaw* Just the optics alone, let alone that she’s going to be eaten alive by the Russians (proverbially speaking). Neville Chamberlain was a hard-eyed realist in a lot of ways. She’s . . . not.

        1. Or peace for our time, either. (Chamberlain was quoting the then-current Book of Common Prayer, as it turns out. Which makes sense. Just . . . didn’t exactly work out as he’d hoped, aside from buying desperately needed time for Britain to re-arm and brace for the impact.)

          1. And its even questionable that playing for time was wise. Everything modern I’ve read indicate the Brits and French were overestimating Nazi strength at the time of Munich; some analyses suggest that relative strength increased faster for the Nazis than for Brits and French.

      1. Now, now. The Russian are invading Ukraine on Wednesday; not Tuesday, Wednesday. So, the Davos men in the west are in trouble. What they need is a short victorious war to take the peoples mind of their problems.

        Coincidence that the truck convoys are being broken up now in Windsor Ontario while they’re starting up in Australia and France.

        Let’s see. they pretend the Russians will invade. They have a conversation on the phone. No invasion. Statesmen! Lather, rinse, repeat. Since they think news cycle to news cycle, they being psychopaths to a man, woman, or mu, that’s all it takes.

        Or there is an invasion. Wave the flag. Get the boys off the bridge and on their way to die for Biden’s Billions. Hunter has blown though the Burisma money and hookers and blow ain’t cheap.


        PS Burisma came up as Bautista in autocorrect (spit). Seems fitting somehow.

      2. While she’s known for negotiating on her knees, the Russians AND Ukrainians have better to tap… in all respects.

    2. this is 4D chess supreme genius

      we are doomed, doomed, doomed, they are so much smarter than us

      yeah, i am just being silly

      maybe professor biden wants a war, because edith wilson had a war

      1. As I think I replied to Jeff Gauch, the problem isn’t that they’re competent, it’s that they’re flailing around with a howitzer lanyard and an autoloader.

  20. Trudeau’s got snipers covering protesters now.

    Snipers. For unarmed, non-violent protests.

    God save Canada.

      1. The silence of the “Defund the Police” crowd is deafening.

        1. And there’s no way every officer on the force isn’t aware of this.

          Until Good Guys arrest Baddies, they’re accessories.

          1. If they think people are pissed at Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian government now, if they shoot someone, Canada is going to explode.

      1. And this, which Rebel hasn’t reported yet.

        “Fox News:

        Police, wearing yellow safety vests, moved into place around 8:45 a.m. local time, according to CBC News, directing protesters to clear the bridge. CBC reporters also noted that police brought several armored vehicles and that law enforcement had formed a blockade.”

        1. And over in France, the police are fining people for the offence of . . . carrying French flags.

          1. Well, that only follows. After all, displaying an American flag in the U.S. is white supremacist hate speech . . .

    1. Tbh, that doesn’t surprise me. The issue is that there is a societal allowance for them to fire on truckers vs blm or the dnc militia

      1. Not really. A good chunk of *society* will get more pissed off if they fire on the truckers than on the usual lefty cannon fodder. An awful lot of people wished that the police had done the same thing that Rittenhouse did, but many more times. It’s the would-be aristocracy that would prefer that the police fire on the truckers.

  21. I find that with these elites – at all income levels – that they have an intense need to feel superior to other people, and especially the less educated, less connected, non NYC-DC types. I don’t know what fuels this character flaw within them – why they just can’t be content in their own lives without having to look down their noses at others. But it’s definitely there.

  22. Trudeau is really doubling down on the stupid response. And Xiden is sending Kamalamadingdong to Munich to talk to Putin…Oh, yeah. That’s going to end well. Like Sarah, I’m worried about the butcher’s bill to come. We are nearing a perfect storm of stupid domestic and foreign policy moves. Hang on to your hats!

      1. I’d mutter something about doesn’t that political party have anyone competent under age 70 that can run for office, except that the Old Guard have eliminated everyone competent under age 70. And over age 70, as best I can tell.

  23. “In fact, most of our families that had power throughout the twentieth century were or became of the opinions above.”

    Sorry, that’s simply not true.

    And I speak as a pedigreed WASP…a term that seems to have fallen out of common usage.

    Interestingly, the term was coined by a well-known 20th-century sociologist, Digby Baltzell–full disclosure, he is a first cousin once removed by marriage–in his seminal work, /The Protestant Establishment./

    Baltzell argued that every country–including the US–has a class system. He argued that, however, what most countries conceptualize as a “class system” is really a “caste system.”

    In most countries, if you are born a commoner, you will always be looked down upon by the upper crust, even if you are hugely successful and even if that success earns you a “noble title.”

    Here in the US, conversely, success is its own reward. The American class system–dominated for most of our history by WASPs–is highly assimilative: success allowed you to accede to the WASP “aristocracy”…not that they ever referred to themselves as such.

    The classic American immigrant success story is, you get here on the boat, you open a shop, or a restaurant, or you work in a mine or a factory. Then your kids get to be cops, or firemen, or shiny-collar office workers. Finally, your grandkids get to go to college and become doctors and lawyers. At that point you are completely “assimilated” as we would have said when I was a lad.

    Even in ethnically monolithic areas like the South, there was a progression, often marked by which church you attended: the bottom group were evangelicals or Baptists, the middle group were Methodists or Presbyterians, and finally, at the top, you started worshipping at the Episcopal Church on the hill…

    Ironically, the breakdown in this system came about in the post-War era, when the meritocracy took over. Don’t misunderstand my point here: the meritocracy is a good thing, and opened a lot of doors for people who were further down the sociological food chain…particularly a certain ethno-religious minority whose identity you can probably deduce.

    Full disclosure: my father was one of them.

    But meritocracy has a bias in favor of the educated, not the practical people whose success in the real world fitted them to lead the country. Indeed that is one of the dye-markers of a caste system: when businessmen and entrepreneurs are viewed as “not our kind, dear…” you know you have left the class system (assimilative) for the caste system (exclusive).

    In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, this country admired and respected people in business: after the War, that became much less true. For better or worse, that was entirely the consequence of an aristocracy of birth being replaced by an aristocracy of merit.

    “And then the kids were sent to schools where they were taught America hating.”

    Sorry, also not true. In the first part of the 20th century and especially in the post-WW1 era, a rising concern about the burgeoning tide of immigrants–meaning, of course, non-Northern/Western European immigrants–led to the impetus to reform schools and colleges to inculcate a patriotic spirit in the immigrants’ children.

    Theodore Roosevelt famously gave a speech to a newly-sworn group of citizens in which he emphasized the obligation not only to embrace America, but to forswear all other allegiances: as he put it, to be a hyphenated-American is to be no American at all.

    And that sensibility continued well into the post-War era. Even when I was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, it was largely still true. And I’m a product of the “best” schools, so I beg leave to think I can speak to this with some authority.

    So while many points you make are correct, the idea of an exclusive elite that fended off any attempts to join it is completely ahistorical: that system is the product of the same contemporary sensibility that has foisted the 1619 Project on us.

    1. particularly a certain ethno-religious minority whose identity you can probably deduce.


      1. Nope. Three letter word that rhymes with “blue.” 😉

        As late as the 1920s, the Ivies had what was called the “numerus clausus” (“closing number”) for this minority. The concern was–as we currently observe with Asian candidates–that if the schools did not impose a hard cap on these vexingly smart, hard-working folk, they would wind up taking all the good spots and crowding out the “meritorious” sprigs of the WASP aristocracy.

        My father–a graduate of Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn and also of Brooklyn College, did his graduate work at Harvard. This was…unusual, even in the 1940s.

        When I made this observation to a friend and colleague back in the 1990s, she burst into tears and ran out of the restaurant because it did not accord with her view that discrimination in America was and had forever been about black versus white.

        We now see this exact cognitive pathology repeated by Whoopi Goldberg: that the Holocaust was a white-on-white affair and therefore not at all about race.

      1. Just got done surfing Ezra Levant’s Twitter feed and that of his Rebel News site. The Ambassador Bridge is still blocked – at one point a bunch of Canadian veterans showed up and linked arms to shield the protestors from the cops – and new protests erupted at several other border crossings, including the crossing into New York at Niagra and the West Coast crossing into Washington state at Surrey, BC. (The Surrey protestors reportedly hadn’t intended to block the highway, but as long as they were there . . . *snicker*)

        At least at today’s Niagra crossing protest and the ongoing protest at Coutts, AB, there were large crowds of Americans cheering them on from our side of the border. And the Ottawa protest has basically become a giant Mardi Gras in parkas.

        1. Meanwhile, DHS is “surging” a bunch of employees to LA in advance of the announced LA to DC Convoy that’s supposed to start tomorrow.

    1. Haha: “So Trudeau stepped in to blockade the (Ambassador) bridge with concrete barriers so the protesters can’t blockade it. Nice. Thanks Justin.”

      Apparently the cops managed to push the protestors back from part of the approaches, but how exactly is putting barriers across the cleared part of the highway an improvement on the situation?

      1. It’s different when they do it. Because reasons. [Although this time . . . There aren’t enough facepaws for Trudeau’s foolishness.]

  24. In the first phase the truckers came, in the second phase they stay home.

    I’m stocked up for a long haul and suggest everyone do what they can.

    Hold the line, boys! Hold the line!

  25. There are many ways this can end. But I have to tell you, if it ends peacefully, we’ll have proven that America is indeed a miracle nation. In the rest of the world, I doubt it will be peaceful.

    The problem with it being peaceful at this point is they will still be here, just “out” of power. It will mean a nasty clean-out every generation because the worms are still in the wood.

    1. Not necessarily. The enemy is losing control of education, media and culture, so they won’t be able to corrupt future generations on the scale we’ve seen in the past. This will get easier as they die off on their own, and if most of them have taken the vaccine that process might go faster than you’d think.

  26. Is that way our elites started to spread the idea that everybody should try and get a college education? So they could get more people brainwashed because while they had gotten hold of the colleges the trades were still concentrating mostly on things that were real, and worked, and if you learn those you maybe can figure out real from fantasy better?

    1. I’ve had thoughts along those lines. As I went through high school, the teachers who’d been hired before I got there never uttered a political comment. In the school library, a book on political correctness was shelved in humor. Rhetoric from the school administration was mostly egalitarian and meritocratic. History classes were pro-American while acknowledging that immigrants and minorities were sometimes treated unfairly.

      By the time I was graduating four years later, few of the new hires, fresh from college, would refrain from uttering leftist political comments. The teacher for senior year American history was the worst. She was black woman straight from college. She replaced an older black woman who happily handed out pieces of the Berlin Wall to history and took joy in its fall. The new teacher insisted on having a Gall-Peters projection map on her classroom wall, and insisted that oppression of blacks in American was somehow worse than any other oppression in history, and frequently uttered dubious criticisms of America. Ugh.

    2. I think it’s more that college was the pathway to a high-paying white collar job. It used to be that if you went to college, you were all but assured to get something in that category. And those were the jobs that were seen as most desirable. You didn’t have to work with equipment that was often at least somewhat dangerous. Your physical exertion was generally close to non-existent. And you were all but guaranteed a very nice paycheck.

      These are generally things that people prefer.

      1. But a combination of the post-war G.I. bill and ‘guidance’ has produced an excess of college graduates, as well as shortages in the skilled trades. Not to mention all the worthless ‘degrees’ in Racial Grievance and Gender Studies. Along with a vainglorious certainty that they are better than everybody without a degree.

        Even if the only job they can get is at Starbuck’s.

        We wind up with millions of ‘managers’ and nobody to do the actual work. Worse, the ‘credentialed managers’ believe they don’t have to know anything about work, or technology, or deductive logic. Follow the steps that have been drilled into them in college and success will just happen.
        Not everybody should go to college. Some folks, you send ’em to college and you just wind up with an educated idiot.

      2. In part college became a pathway to a high-paying white collar job because college degrees became a prerequisite for most of them. Before WW2, there were a lot of decent white collar jobs that were available without a college degree. Even fields that today require a college degree in the field and certification could be entered by those with neither, or more commonly to any who could pass the relevant test.

        1. Even fields that today require a college degree in the field and certification could be entered by those with neither,/blockquote>
          I remember reading a history of the early days of the space program, particularly leading up to Apollo. There was an individual who went to work for one of the NASA labs as a model maker right out of high school. He moved from that to drafting. And finally became one of the major overseers of technical work–all OJT.

          1. Dad moved from draftsman eventually to project manager without a college degree. What he couldn’t get was the Same Pay the other project managers with same experience who had a college degree. It caused a bit of resentment.

        2. That’s the problem these days. Degrees were seen as a sign of discipline, so having one was a positive even for jobs that didn’t need them. And the desirability of having a degree meant that more colleges were created to service the demand, which meant that more people got them, which meant that it became a topic of note if you *didn’t* have one.

          And that led us to our current situation in which many companies won’t even consider your resume if you don’t have a degree, but the degrees are increasingly worthless.

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