Fisking Anton – by Ian Bruene

Fisking Anton – by Ian Bruene

== BREAKING NEWS: Journalist maintains high word-to-knowledge ratio! More at 11… ==

A couple weeks ago an article was posted by a certain Michael Anton which contains one true and interesting point, drenched in enough manure to solve the coming phosphate supply issues before they ever get started. I meant for this to go up much sooner, but was busy and then caught Xi’s Death Rot.

Let’s dive straight in:

Regime propaganda is so ubiquitous that even if, like me, you make no effort to seek it out and even take steps to avoid it, you can’t help but notice that our masters have fastened onto a new narrative: the coming “civil war.”

This was the crux of all the maudlin, dishonest January 6 retrospectives, of several “think pieces,” and at least three new books: America is facing a second civil war and it will be started by the Right.

These first two paragraphs are the true and interesting part. The Enemy does indeed want a war, and wants us to fire the first shot to provide them with their casus belli.

But this is not new. Anyone who lived through or has read history of the 80s and 90s remembers the hysteria which was stirred up about “right wing militias”, where every policy and action seemed tuned perfectly to piss off the barely stable loose cannons on the right which the Enemy was *sure* existed in large numbers.

This eventually culminated (with the help of some political existence-justification on the part of the ATF) in the Waco massacre. Followed by the Oklahoma City retaliatory strike, even though that came not from the “right”, but the even more unusual breed of libertarian terrorist. After a while this cooled down, and with the changing administration, cultural shifts in the generally accepted view of the 2nd Amendment, and 9/11, this all sunk into the background.

Later upon the ascendancy of His Resplendent Imperial Majesty Obama First Of His Name there was a renewed push to categorize everyone who failed to bow on command as a potential terrorist, now with added infrastructure left by the response to 9/11. Fortunately like the inevitable final gun ban to end all bans after Sandy Hook, it all came to nothing.

Later still when Trump won when he wasn’t supposed to, and then didn’t pre-emptively surrender the way Republicans are supposed to, The Enemy decided that the problem was that they hadn’t gone far enough: no longer would Americans be treated as a declining minority of the population, doomed to irrelevance. Now at least half the country would be openly treated as the root of all evil, to be broken or destroyed. Which brings us to the present day. After Horus stab-, er, after Brandon’s Most Comprehensive Fraud Organization in History finished Fortifying Their Democracy(tm) they started back on the old plot thread, updated to $CURRENT_YEAR, and it has continued unto this day.

Really? With what? In one of his more lucid moments,

Oh dear… this is nose-diving fast…

Joe Biden himself noted that the disaffected on the Right have no chance of taking on the United States government without F-15s and nukes.

Mostly because Lord Brandon, Most Senile of His Name, is and always has been an imbecile who failed to learn a single military lesson in his entire political career despite ample opportunities (frequently caused or helped by him).

Like the blind squirrel finding a nut, the old man was onto something.

Mostly the location of the nearest young girl, but that isn’t relevant to the subject at hand.

The government’s overwhelming advantages in technology,

“Captain! The $TECH is being $TECHed by the $ALIEN_TECH!”

“Divert the $AUXILIARY_TECH to the $OTHER_TECH Mr. Plot Point!”

“Technology” is a rather wide net to cast. Care to specify, or are we just treating it as magic?


What firepower advantage? Small arms are close enough to parity as to not matter, and may be easily supplemented where that is not the case.

Heavy weapons on the other hand require a supply train and crews to keep them operating. There are few military situations which suck quite as badly as having your supply train completely surrounded by enemies.

And if you somehow solve that impossible problem, good luck trying to *use* any of those toys without racking up levels of collateral damage which will drive the rest of the country against you within about 12 hours of weapon release.


We can add Arithmetic to the list of subjects you don’t understand.

The US population outnumbers the military well over 10:1. Even if we assume shockingly low numbers of restorationist resistance you quickly lose all hope of getting the kind of force ratios necessary to have any confidence in victory.


‘s ok; we have printers too.


Just how much transportation do you think is needed? If there is one thing that most of the non-American world agrees on it is how we have too much independent transportation infrastructure.

supply networks,

On the one hand we have a massive government logistics bureaucracy. On the other hand we have millions of people each solving their supply problem at the local individual level.

Economics is pretty clear on which one of these curbstomps the other.

surveillance tools

I guess it is a good thing the government is run by perfect incompetents who can’t help broadcasting their every move.

And while you may have spy software everywhere we have Weaponized Autism, which has amply demonstrated it’s overwhelming superiority in recent years.

*happy thoughts about the 4chan airstrikes on ISIS*

and much else would be so lopsided

That’s true enough…

as to make the military buzzword “asymmetric” a grim joke.

Add “asymmetric” to the list of concepts you don’t understand.

Except that unlike the Goatisexuals we actually believe in weird concepts like “aiming”, and “fire discipline”.

Think, instead, Bambi versus Godzilla.

Hmmmm. Something so difficult to see from the towering hulk that it may as well be invisible.

I like this comparison.

To fight a civil war, you have to organize.

Add “Americans” to the list.

But organizing is all but impossible for those who genuinely dream of taking on the state.

Explain the organizational infrastructure of one guy who is pissed off and decides to setup with a 6.5 Creedmoor half a mile from a government building.

That’s the main killing power behind what you are fighting. And we are still ignoring the demonstrated competence of The Enemy…

The U.S. government is incompetent at many (most?) of its assigned responsibilities.

My apologies: you did have some truths left to speak.

But it’s quite good at keeping tabs on any hint of “right-wing” “insurrectionary” impulses. That task is made much easier by the fact that there is so little such activity to monitor—so little, in fact, that the feds increasingly feel compelled to incite it.

So close and yet so far…..

The reason there is “so little” “right-wing insurrection” is because almost all of what is considered that — the stuff which isn’t just “he has an opinion I don’t like therefore terrorist” — are people who are only barely connected to the right except by the vaguest similarities. An important tell is how many of them are hyper-collectivists, which also is key to understanding how they can flip-flop between apparently-left and apparently-right so easily. Secondly, the people we are talking about tend to be the dumbest members of any room they are in. And as you (correctly) hint, they are 90% glowie anyway.

But this question also depends on what you consider “right wing insurrection”. If you are talking about a half-dozen fruitcakes with an underpants-gnomes plan then no there won’t be many. Mostly because troublesome fruitcakes are a very small problem no matter what the subject is.

On the other hand if you are talking about people who think most or all of the U.S. government need to be killed, I have bad news for you. A large swath of the country considers that question settled and are now concerned with the doctrinal issues of whether it is best to follow the teachings of St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades, or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest.

It would be hard to hide a mass movement of people gearing up to fight a civil war. Do you see one anywhere? I don’t.


Nononono, *no one* is that oblivious. Even Cortez the Conservative Dream Girl isn’t that delusional.

You are in a country where, when the people get nervous, they gulp down the entire world production of ammunition for years at a time without even blinking. You are talking about a country who’s response to the collapse of the Soviet empire was to spend a couple decades buying up the entire contents of their armories, and then started complaining that there wasn’t enough.

And these days that doesn’t just include the fact that it is *normal* for individuals to have enough weapons and ammunition to supply a squad for an entire war. But in many cases the training to use them with frightening efficiency at all ranges, body armor equal or better to anything the military has (gets complicated when soldiers or their families are buying civilian armor to use in combat….), and state of the art night vision.

If there were one, don’t you think the feds would be all over it?

Hard to do when you are legally not allowed to just arrest anyone who has a gun and speaks their mind. That would be why the glowies are out and about; casus bellis aren’t going to make themselves.

Of course they would. And don’t you think regime media would be blaring about it 24/7? Again—of course. This is a classic case of a dog not barking. Silence is confirmation that nothing is happening.

Add the endless attempts at gun control to the not-understood list…..

Organization, like civil war, requires elites. Indeed civil wars, like all wars, are fought between two opposing factions of elites. Even backwoods insurgencies have leaders. Where are the elites poised to lead red America in a civil war? Who are they? There is Trump to be sure, and regime propaganda insists that he’s a modern-day Jeff Davis-Robert E. Lee hybrid. But this is the same Trump who spent January 6 tweeting. The real elites made sure that was his last day on that platform—and then impeached him for the second time. The real elites—Republican and Democrat alike—wish he would crawl into a hole and die. Trump may have tens of millions of committed followers. But a real civil war requires generals and colonels and captains and lieutenants and sergeants. Go ahead—name some. I’ll wait.

Add Ameri-, oh wait, already added that to the list. We’ll skip over that for now.

In your world no one has ever rose to prominence during a war. They all apparently existed fully formed beforehand.

Also we are Americans. We don’t bow before self-appointed kings you elitist piece of reptile shit. If war comes, it is precisely a war between Americans, and people like you. But don’t get too comfy and think this will be limited to America; the news from the rest of the world has quite the remarkable pattern to it these days….

Granted, some on the Right speculate about the possibility or desirability of a “national divorce.” But they are in all cases proposing a peaceful way out of the present impasse—a parting that would be, if not necessarily amicable, at least orderly and bloodless. It’s one thing to argue that such is not possible; that’s a reasonable position, though one I think weaker than its alternative. It’s another to accuse advocates of national divorce of advocating or wishing for violence. That’s simply a lie.

The National Divorce scheme is mostly an attempt to limit the tsunami of blood to the deep blue infestations and the border regions around them. No one in their right mind seriously thinks everything will be happiness and sunshine, at least not if they have the faintest clue of how totalizing ideologies such as leftism work. To some extent it is also an attempt to move the Overton window, but take note: just past divorce on that path is “I shot the guy in the face so he would stop hitting me”.

So what’s going on? Two things, I think—one conscious, the other less so.

The conscious effort is what’s known in national security geek speak as a “psy-op,” a.k.a., a “psychological operation.” These are coordinated efforts to use propaganda, disinformation, truth and half-truth, to influence the target’s thinking in ways favorable to those behind the op. It’s not simply propaganda; that is, not Tokyo Rose merely telling American Marines they’re destined to lose. Seemingly fact-based lies are an essential element to a psy-op. Think Tokyo Rose telling Marines about to hit the beach that an American carrier has been sunk when it hasn’t.

Commonly known as Tuesday in CURRENT_YEAR.

I’ve been curious for a while; how much do you get paid for work like that anyway?

Psy-ops can have many objectives, demoralization being the most common. But they can also be used to prep the ground for other operations, to create opportunities that otherwise might not present themselves.

Which is one of the major reasons why The Enemy is having so much trouble now. It used to be that they had near-total narrative dominance, and could push whatever idea they wanted. That dominance is *gone*. And they don’t know how to write narratives which will stand up to any level of scrutiny.

That’s what’s going on now. The regime wishes to crush all actual and potential opposition. To do this, it needs to criminalize dissent. But doing that runs against the letter and spirit of the great charters of American liberty, and against the grain of the American character.

The Enemy’s vaunted “Arc of History” has been tilting away from them for a while, and they have become increasingly desperate. Now all they have left is to try to cow the general population into submission through overt demonstration of power, which is just making people angrier.

To do what they want to do requires changing public opinion. Or, more specifically, it requires wearing down Americans’ inborn resistance to censorship and political persecution.

Sad to see someone understand it that clearly while they are also working to help it along.

But as much as Americans hate those things, they also hate and fear even the prospect of terrorism, civil strife, and domestic conflict.

Which is part of the reason Americans have tried to make as clear as possible that certain lines will get the line crossers shot. So that hopefully the warning will eliminate the need for the actual shooting.

And why do you think *that* poorly of Americans? That they will undergo any abuse so long as it isn’t civil war?

Here we come to another dog resolutely not barking.

*continous deafening brrrrrrrr of weapons factories is slowly drowned out by chants of Let’s Go Brandon which are themselves drowned out by an endless honking*

There is no terrorism, civil strife, or domestic conflict—at least not coming from the Right. Yet the Department of Justice recently created a “domestic terrorism unit” to target “those who are motivated by racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies.”

You’ve adopted The Enemy’s categorizations. And then set up the strawman that if the shooting isn’t in full swing it cannot ever start.

Read carefully that unusually candid statement. They aren’t going after actual terrorists or terrorist acts. I suppose they would if they could find any. But there aren’t any to be found. So instead they’re targeting motives, animus, and ideologies—i.e., ideas and feelings, not actual acts.

The closest thing they have is January 6—an unplanned, unarmed, inchoate protest in which the only victims of violence were protesters. The regime is trying to brainwash everyone that January 6 was the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. But it’s not working—three-quarters of Americans think it was “a protest that went too far”—so the regime needs a Plan B.

“Too far” is an odd way of saying they failed to leave a single piked head in their wake…

And that’s to sow disinformation of a coming “civil war.” Historians, philosophers, and survivors of civil wars all agree that they are the worst of all wars. Hence the desire to avoid them is understandably overwhelming, justifying (in many minds) almost any measures, including many that would be unthinkable absent the alleged threat. If the regime can stoke enough fear of an imminent civil war, suddenly all kinds of draconian measures that are presently out of the question will become possible.

It’s also the reason Americans haven’t started shooting yet. Because if there is any way to avoid it which isn’t worse than the disease it needs to be tried first.

For this reason, there is perhaps no more urgent rhetorical task right now than to demonstrate, repeatedly, the falseness and dangerousness of this narrative. In that respect (as in many others) Julie Kelly remains a national treasure.

Annnnnd after a couple somewhat reasonable paragraphs we are back to Conservatard Surrender Chants.

No. The correct way to deal with this situation is to make it as clear as possible to the enemy that if they try to start a war every single one of them will die horribly, either by American hands, or to provide extra organs when they go running to their CCP friends.

Typically, the first rule of a psy-op is that you do not talk about the psy-op. And that remains the case with this one—to a point. But interestingly, regime voices have chosen this moment not merely to acknowledge the existence of psy-ops but to praise and recommend their use to further regime ends.

And after all of this, with every action the regime takes going at cross-purposes to any sane goals, you still haven’t clued in to how incompetent and out of control they are.

That may be a coincidence. Or it may emanate from an uncharacteristic sense of self-awareness on the part of the ruling class.

The administration’s official position on current problems is Let Them Drink Margaritas. That is on top of the decades of projection.

We aren’t even in the same universe as the one where the lizards have self-awareness.

Certainly some of them believe the nonsense that the Right is yearning and preparing for civil war.

For yearning, it’s the projection, because their hellspawned chaos cult says that slaughter is how they get to utopia.

As for preparations, if the US weapons industry brrrrrrrs any harder it will crack open the San Andreas fault and push most of the problem into the Pacific.

But just as certainly, many do not. The second rule of a psy-op is that those mounting it must be able to distinguish truth from falsehood.

You clearly spent too much time in D.C. and it rotted whatever brain you once had. If you donate what is left to science we might be able to figure out why GOP politicians keep stabbing the country in the back once they fall under D.C.’s spell.

The Enemy can’t even distinguish today’s lie from yesterday’s, let alone the truth.

It’s possible that some who know they’re lying feel bad about it, at least on some subconscious level.

Lizards don’t have consciences.

It’s also possible, even likely, that many elites intuit that if a civil war were to come, they would bear the lion’s share of the blame: for despoiling middle America for decades, and then for demonizing decent, normal people for daring to object to their despoilation. One way to cope, psychologically, with the guilty conscience that may arise from harming so many for so long is to contrive rationalizations for why the victims are evil and deserve it.

Also known as “Leftism 101”.

The truth is that for the last 50 years, and accelerating greatly over the last 10, America’s elites have relentlessly divided the country, strip-mined its institutions, leeched its wealth, and attacked a large portion of its people. Those actions, taken together, may be said to be almost a recipe for civil war. Perhaps the smarter elites have concluded that such a war is now inevitable and they want to get a jumpstart on assigning blame.

Make up your mind. Either we are on a path with a realistic chance of civil war or we aren’t. You don’t get it both ways.

A cynical person (not me!)

Of course not. Cynicism requires at least the approximate intelligence and awareness of the world around you as is contained in your average anglerfish.

might wonder if civil war is not exactly what the ruling class wants and is trying to provoke.

Well you can’t have the Glorious People’s Revolution without a little prodding. Gorram workers keep failing to do a Marxism as they should….

We might therefore analogize every fresh provocation to those feds who apparently entrapped some very imprudent men into trying to kidnap the governor of Michigan.

Such a complicated case that one…… on one hand fuck the FBI, on the other hand fuck antifa (who the idiots seem to have been), on the gripping hand fuck Whitmer (not that way, ew).

“Why can’t they all lose?”

They want you not just to talk about civil war,

The 80s called and want their social developments back.

but to begin taking concrete actions

Now the 90s are on the phone yelling for you….. wait a minute….

that they can insist are preludes to war.

Dammit now you’ve got the 2010s yelling as well! We don’t even *have* that many phones!

Then they will have free rein to impose ever more censorship, surveillance, no-knock raids, computer and records seizures, asset confiscation, frivolous (but deadly serious) criminal charges, endless pretrial detention, and draconian sentences for misdemeanors and noncrimes.

On the one hand… Tuesday.

On the other hand if we are talking a full ramp up I guess it’s open season on the bidirectional shooting range then.

So my advice is: don’t give them any excuse. Be careful what you say and do. You may complain: “But it’s unfair that a stray comment might be used to throw me in federal lockup while leftist allies can loot and torch whole cities and get off scot-free.”

Indeed it is. But this whole system, this whole regime, is unfair—to you. That’s the whole point of it.

So knuckle under like a good little serf. Who knows! If you work extra hard to make sure the dinner is perfect and the kids aren’t a bother he might be satisfied with only slapping you a few times tonight instead of the full bone-cracking beatdown.

If there is anything you have proven in this bucket of slop, it’s that your life is run on the same setup as the Enemy: you completely disconnect from the state of the country, and then decide that if you don’t personally see something it doesn’t exist.

[This article only became funnier because of the delay, now that The Great Honkening is afoot]

This image brought to you by the combined efforts of BGE and Deep Lurker (the verses) Caitlin Walsh (the drawing and Francis Turner, the meme-ing. Well done you creative little maniacs. I’m very proud of you.)

165 thoughts on “Fisking Anton – by Ian Bruene

          1. I remember the GW Bush years when the left was all “You can’t legislate morality!”

            Turns out you can.

            So morality IS going to be legislated. The only choice left is who is doing the legislating.

              1. Poland is very good at producing resistance under persecution. But this seems to be a cultural habit from multiple occupations over the centuries, they are good at resurrecting their country. There may be some things to learn from them.

                But Americans have a long tradition of being ungovernable and trowing off tyranny. Which seems more pertinent to the current situation.

                I have recently made some immigrant friends at Church, who share YouTube videos of Priests calling the government out. Lately a priest laying out the habitual medical crimes of the US government.

                They commented that American Priests will call this stuff out because they have never been truly persecuted like in their countries of origin. I’m not sure what to say to them.

                I’m scared that they are right, but a part of me thinks Americans just on average react differently to these sorts of challenges. And it’s a chicken or egg thing.

                What I want to think as an American is that we don’t have these sort of totalitarian persecutions as much in the US because when they are tried they produce a martyr effect much more rapidly than in most other cultures.

                What is your insight Sarah?

                1. The bit about persecution probably has some truth to it. Devout priests might do it anyway because they answer to a higher power. But some likely wouldn’t. The left knows that it won’t have to answer for its troublemaking, no matter how much it decries the “fascism” of the right. So they do it. In the aftermath of the Trump Inauguration riots, roughly 200 rioters were arrested and jailed. This apparently shocked and disturbed quite a few of those arrested. Ultimately, nothing came of the arrests. Not one person was charged, and they were all released. But there were some shocked, panicky tweets in the meantime.

                2. They commented that American Priests will call this stuff out because they have never been truly persecuted like in their countries of origin. I’m not sure what to say to them.


                  Are they trying to characterize that as a bad thing?

                  1. No, they just think it is an American privilege thing. i. e. The priests that might have those views in their country don’t say anything because of political persecution.

                    I think they think it will all stop if the US government starts acting like their origin country’s government.

                3. What I want to think as an American is that we don’t have these sort of totalitarian persecutions as much in the US because when they are tried they produce a martyr effect much more rapidly than in most other cultures.

                  To the tune of charging and sentencing, when they’re not “persuaded” to drop charges because it’s “kinder.”

                4. “Poland is very good at producing resistance under persecution.”

                  Which may explain why the first line of their national anthem is, “Poland is not yet dead.”

                5. An old Pole finds a magic lamp. He rubs it, and out comes a djinn. The djinn says to him, “I will grant you three wishes, but then you must set me free. What is thy bidding?”

                  The old Pole thinks for a moment, then says: “I wish for all the Cossacks in the world to come riding across the steppe, to loot, pillage, and burn Warsaw, the most beautiful city in the world.”

                  The djinn looks at him funny, but a wish is a wish. And so all the Cossacks in the world came riding across the steppe, looting and pillaging and burning all the way, and have their way with Warsaw, which is now a smoking ruin. Then they ride back into the sunrise with their loot.

                  “Excellent,” says the old Pole. “Now here is my second wish. I wish for all the Cossacks in the world to come riding across the steppe, to loot, pillage, and burn Warsaw, the most beautiful city in the world.”

                  The djinn is starting to think he’s seriously teched in the head, but a wish is a wish. And so all the Cossacks in the world came riding across the steppe, looting and pillaging and burning all the way, and… well, there’s not much left of Warsaw from the first time, but they salvage a few trinkets, rape a few old women, then ride back into the sunrise.

                  “Even better!” says the old Pole. “Now here is my third wish. I wish for all the Cossacks in the world to come riding across the steppe, to loot, pillage, and burn Warsaw, the most beautiful city in the world.”

                  By now the djinn is certain he’s mad, but a wish is a wish. And so all the Cossacks in the world came riding across the steppe, looting and pillaging and burning all the way, and… kick around the cold ashes, piss into the stinking mud, swear volubly, and ride back into the sunrise.

                  “All right,” says the djinn, “now I’m free, as we agreed. But first — tell me. If Warsaw was the most beautiful city in the world, why did you wish the Cossacks to come loot, pillage, and burn it three times??”

                  The old Pole smiles and says, “They had to cross Russia six times.”

                6. No. It has nothing to do with not being persecuted. Americans are different. A lot of us were persecuted. We know the price. We also know what America is, and want to keep it so.

      1. Conquer Canada while Trudeau’s preoccupied with truckers, then use that as springboard for retaking America?

      2. Exactly, where would an American go? Personally, I’m an American born and bred, with a family tree going back to 1630 in America, three officers who fought in the Revolutionary War, and one who was killed at the Battle of Tippiecanoe.,.,.While I draw breath, no one’s running me out of my country..

        1. Same here. Jamestown colony. Family has been at the front of the spear in every migration in America. Blood spilled in every conflict. This is my country and me and mine will fight to the death to preserve or if needed rebuild it. The idea of America is in our DNA. At that praying it never comes to that, but I am one of those that wanted to be left alone. If that is not to be, then…

          1. I’m a raving psychopath by the standards of almost every population.

            I’ve somewhat made my peace with the idea of living with other Americans. They are wrong, but in a way that is a little tolerable.

            I mean, if I’m going to find myself unable to rest until I am violently dead, why travel overseas for that purpose?

    1. This guy is a fool. He doesn’t understand that there is nowhere else to go. One thing is for sure, he’s NOT one of the “elite leaders of the revolution.”

    2. If he is proposing conservatives leave, he can go f&ck himself.

      There’s no country in the world that can absorb 100 million, or 300 million.

      Running makes it much easier to kill you.

      Better to die here, and take as much of them as possible with us.

      The only reason I think peace is possibly feasible, is that I suspect we may have it won, and will be hanging them peacefully.

    3. Going off to a completely unfamiliar place with no network, no support system, no understanding of how the social system works and where the dangers lurk? And standing out like a sore thumb for having resources? Nuts. You’ll be fleeced, and maybe killed. As the rich American who is completely at their mercy.

      People who resettled in former times, maybe they will have an advantage, yes. But it’s too late for this. It’s time to face what’s coming with courage and foresight.

        1. Repeating becasue really, really, really important:

          “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” Ronald Reagan.

  1. I see where he is trying to come from. Basically, don’t cede the moral high ground. But I think he is misconstruing that not ceding the moral high ground also requires doing nothing.

    What is striking about the trucker protest is they are following the long established rules of peaceful protest. They’re there, they aren’t leaving and they’re keeping the honked down from 8pm to 8am because they aren’t there to keep the kids up all night.

    Ultimately all they ask is to be heard and have their grievances addressed. That’s how it is supposed to function.

    But if the state shoots them all and burns the trucks, all bets are off.

    1. That’s been my thought, too. The convoy truckers have been the model of passive-resistant, polite behavior. And seeing as they’re Canadian, that is saying something, eh!

      Also, I love their social media posts. Especially the ones where they apologize to the citizenry for the disturbance and honking, but ask that if they want it to stop, to call Justin Trudeau’s office and demand he rescind the vaccine mandates. No more and no less.

      1. >> “The convoy truckers have been the model of passive-resistant, polite behavior.”

        Gotta give the Canadians credit: if I were going to bet money on it I’d have bet America would be the first to do something on this scale. But either way, it’s good to see we’re not the only country getting tired of all this crap.

  2. The Reader acknowledges a master fisking. Well done, Ian.

    Anton wrote some insightful things during the period before it became obvious that we were facing an attempt at a total power grab by the Left as opposed to politics as usual. He can’t face what he sees in the abyss now that the Deplorables are restless.

  3. Apropos of nothing much, apparently I am in the mood to have arguments on buses with ex-hippies, who claim that Trump is the reason for all evils in 2022, and that the January 6 protesters were evil assassins, and that it was the first time anybody ever occupied or “attacked” the Capitol.

    I think the only point that stuck during our far-ranging discussion was “Women’s suffrage was something Republican women pushed through, and you can look it up.” He kinda faltered there, because he’s old enough to know that it was Abolitionist Republican women.

    I’m not exactly proud of myself, because I’m not good at oral argument, but I set my feet and pushed back pretty logically. It helps to have a ton of American history to draw from. I really need to memorize a list of all the past terrorist attacks on the Capitol and exactly who pardoned each of the evildoers (Carter, Clinton, Obama, Biden….)

    1. Where’s my darn meme about “have you looked at how many guns and how much ammo the right has? If we wanted someone dead….”

      1. Story I recently read.

        “Last week I braced my shotgun on the rocker on my front porch. Ammo in a basket next to the rocker. All day it sat there. People walked by. People drove by. Children played in the streets. People came and went from my house. Mail was delivered. At the end of the day not one person was shot, let alone killed. The shotgun didn’t load itself with the ammo available. The shotgun never moved. I have the laziest shotgun in the world.”

        1. Only black plastic guns go feral. Especially the ones with the folding shoulder thing that goes up. This everyone knows. *sage kitty nod*

      2. Collected so many memes you can’t keep track of them all, eh? Should I stop sharing weird stuff I find until you can get more organized? 😛

          1. I’ve seen you act obsessed, angry and almost pained when you can’t find a meme you want to share, so it’s good to see you taking a more relaxed attitude about these things. I’ll take it as a sign that you’re growing as a person. 😛

              1. And naturally, that remark baited me into finding it for you:

                Well played, little kitsune. Well played.

                  1. I… don’t understand what you’re referring to? I just found that pic through a DuckDuckGo image search.

                    1. Patriot Minear has a very poorly written redirecting command so the link, on Sarah’s page, redirects to a pr0n site. The meme will show up correctly on your computer until it has to refresh the…cache?
                      I don’t speak computer too very well, just remember the name from a friend having had the misfortune to marry one of the family.

                    2. [blink]

                      Oh. I didn’t realize that.

                      Sarah, if you want to delete that image link I have no objections. It looks like Fox found the picture she was thinking of anyway.

                  1. I think it’s more like 600+ million guns.

                    They’ve only been keeping track since 1968, and it only takes 926,000 guns per month to hit 600 million. According to Ian’s chart, there were almost 40 million gun sales last month.

                    Larry Correia in his second career had 0bama’s picture on the wall in his gun store labeled ‘Salesman Of The Year’.

                    Did you scroll down to the one about a German trying to request steak knives in a pub wound up asking for ‘food weapons’?

                    “That’s what I’m calling them from now on!” she says.

                    1. Oh the fun thing is that the calculations assume guns go bad in a *ludicrously* short time– like 15 years, crazy short time. Even as a half-life, that is……

                    2. Some that actually fire. Don’t Democrats watch “Pawn Shop”? I don’t often, but I’ve watched a few where Rick is gleefully out at a non-official range with an expert firing very, very, old pieces.

                      One of the rifles (that was lost in the boat accident) is my dad’s 30-30, that he had hunted with since he was 14 or so (when he bought it), the rifle I started carrying at age 12. He had been 87 today. Then there is HIS uncle’s hexagonal 30-30 that great-uncle (born 1905) got used in 1910 -ish to hunt meat for the family (with his older brother and father). I got to carry that one when my sister turned 12, because she got the lighter of the two to carry. While I haven’t fired either in a long time, they both work.

                  2. D’oh! 38 million was the 2021 total. Only 3+ million guns sold in December 2021.

                    I remembered the number but not which box it was in.

                    No data for January 2022.

        1. >> “Should I stop sharing weird stuff I find until you can get more organized?”

          Oh, and speaking of me feeding your meme addiction even as I mock you for it – yes, I realize I’m a terrible person, thank you, no need to point it out – it occurs to me that it’s been a while since I last offered you some random piece of weird internet crap.

          Make of this what you will:

  4. Americans will not undergo any abuse so long as it isn’t civil war.

    But it will require broad confiscations, attempted imposement of martial law for trivial reasons, use of lethal force by police against people who are not part of the gang/drug culture, add widespread SWATting and no-knock raids for trumped up or imaginary reasons.

    One thing you can say, Canadians ought to start feeling a bit hungry real soon with this trucker protest. And that’s going to be the match that burns Trudeau and his ilk out of office.

    1. This. I’m waiting for the Honkening, Part II, the Leavening. “Well, it’s clear you don’t want any truckers in Ottawa (or [Blue-infested-city-name-here]), so we’ll leave. Good luck on getting deliveries.”

      What’s that rule of thumb? 9 meals?

    2. And in my experience, truckers are a tough bunch…Doubt they’re going to give in to Castro’s cowardly kid..

  5. Why do so many Democrats and media people (BIRM) assume that a leftist government would have the powers of the military at their disposal? Most of the troops, and almost all of the actual trigger pullers, voted for Trump. They’ve been working on corrupting the officer corps, but a general who ordered his troops to attack civilians in the US would be more likely to acquire a curvaceous (really, almost spherical) and quietly hissing bedmate than see obedience.

    Regardless, ordering a armored division into the American heartland would result in either a steady trail of destroyed or powerless trucks and tanks surrounded by bodies or a reprise of what we’re seeing in Ottawa in DC, but with Abrams instead of trucks.

    1. Vietnam saw the practice of fragging bad officers/soldiers. (I’m sure there were instances during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, but a lot less advertising/stories about them.) I’m fairly certain that a considerable number of NCOs would refuse an order to attack American civilians as long as they haven’t already initiated the attack, and either arrest or execute the officer issuing an order of questionable lawfulness.
      Rule Number One: never issue an order you know is not going to be followed.

      (I would pay a year’s income to see a Chief of Staff arrest and imprison pending impeachment, a President who issued an unlawful order.)

      1. I suspect in WWI the idiot officer would blow his whistle, go over the top and his command would delay joining him. Shortly thereafter everybody on the other side would notice there was an idiot coming over the top and shoot at him. Results relatively predictable. WWII similar Idiot officer gets allowed to be a LITTLE too far ahead and finds the enemy with minimal backing. Results again predictable.

        1. It goes back a long way, sort of. Think David and Uriah. “Joab, put Uriah in the forefront of the battle and then pull back.”)
          Not that it worked well forDavid.

          1. Nor did it work out well for Bathsheba either other than she didn’t end up stoned for adultery. All around bad situation. That’s kind of the idea though I think Uriah’s own men supported him, can’t remember if anything in scripture says that though… quick search shows nothing obvious story mostly in 2 Samuel chapter 11 (got to love online searchable books)

    2. Aye.

      It’s as if Mr. Anton never heard of Hanoi, or Bagdad, or Kabul.

      ‘Insurgency’…not civil war as shown above.

      That ‘F-15/nukie’ behemoth jobozo chest thumped about needs about a 10:1 loggie to trigger puller ratio to work.

      And it just got done not working in A’stan…for over 20 years.

      There called ‘BSAs’…Brigade Support Areas. Filled with cooks, mechanics, medics, clerks, ammo handlers, and such. Not tier-1 Delta/Ranger types.

      Stockpiled with tons of fuel, ammo, and food/water supplies.

      Saw 2 OPFOR (opposing forces) guys lay waste to an entire BSA through the night in wargames once. Over 75% casualties. Two guys…with M16s.

      In a day the forward infantry units carrying 100lb. rucks were screaming over the radio to the BSA…for water.


      1. In wargames, of course you’re not going to actually burn down the fuel depot. But I’m sure they had a way to simulate “Hey, we’ve burned down the fuel depot so now you don’t have that fuel”. What was it, if I may ask?

        1. ‘Artillery simulators.’

          ‘Umpires’…my job…was to verify coordinates OPFOR called artillery in/or planted simulated C4 charges, and assess ‘BDA’ (Battle Damage Assement).

          ‘Destroyed’ supplies weren’t allowed to be used by the ‘BLUFOR’ until they had reordered them through normal logistics’ channels.

  6. Yesterday I got into a debate online with someone who’s said it was OK if some of those heartstring-tugging stories about “my loved one with life-threatening condition spent X hours waiting in the ER because the hospital was overwhelmed with COVID cases” are false, because (at least supposedly) most of them are true. I pointed out that every time one is proven false, it damages the credibility of the source, and already we have a lot of people out there who no longer trust the media, who no longer know who or what to believe, and we’re coming close to a cry-wolf situation. The other person then told me that the story that started the discussion had been fact-checked by (some dude I don’t know) and was true, and then launched into a big-scary-numbers spew and ended it with “this is an atrocity,” like COVID were on the same moral level with the Shoah or the Holodomor or the Great Leap Forward.

    At that point I decided there was no longer any use continuing the discussion, because the other party was not willing to argue rationally. And I’m wondering how much time we have left.

      1. Our local, rural hospital was “full capacity” at 17 patients, when, to the best of my knowledge, there are 55 beds. The shortage is largely due to medical personnel refusing to get the state-mandated not-Vax.

        FWIW, the hospital was forced to run at 50% capacity a year ago. The procedure to fix my knee normally would have entailed an overnight stay (at least), but there were no beds available, so it was effectively outpatient surgery. Mercifully, things worked out OK.

        1. Locally, unless there are medical reasons not to, knee procedures, including replacement, are out patient procedures at the large clinic (Slocums) that does them. This is true of hip replacements too. This is relatively new. Hubby’s first hip replacement, 2012, was 3 days in the hospital; second one in 2015, was also in the hospital for 3 days.

          1. The surgeon said he would have liked for me to stay overnight. What was supposed to be a one-hour procedure took over two. I think that’s why he was a bit concerned.

            OTOH, they never gave any word to prepare for such. (For my second retina procedure, the surgeon was prepared to keep me overnight if necessary. It wasn’t, but I had a backup CPAP machine with me when I checked in.)

            Knee replacement might have been easier to do than reconnecting the tendons.

            1. Sister and BIL both had tendon knee surgeries. Do not know if they were full on hospital stay or outpatient. It was a few years ago. Do know it was arthroscopic VS larger open incisions. They aren’t “local”, so information was kind of “getting it done”, then “it is done”. Good thing their main living is one floor. They do have a downstairs area but that is the kids domain. Besides they weren’t on crutches at the same time (she tore out her knee playing adult sport baseball, then a year later, he tore out his, doing the same thing).

              1. I have an impressive scar from the incision. AFAIK, I manged to completely sever (or damn nearly) the connection. The diagnostic test is a straight leg lift. I managed a quarter inch in the evaluation.

                Considering the damage (from that event and several earlier catastrophes), the knee is doing quite well. I just have to remember that using the bum leg to climb a ladder means I’ll need the ibuprofen and acetaminophen shortely thereafter.

    1. It’s called triage. You treat and stabilize the worst cases first (in the civilian world under normal conditions.) There were several weeks where my hospital was at 120% bed occupancy (we’re a 100 bed hospital that constructed temporary emergency occupation beds in several treatment rooms and converted conference rooms.) Diversion of emergency cases between various hospitals was constant. But, once received, no cases were shipped out to any other facility until that person’s condition was stable. That’s part of the EMTALA act. That act also prevents hospitals from blowing off people unable to pay. They can try to bill them afterwards, but they have to treat and stabilize regardless. And covering those cases costs is one of the reasons why hospitals bill those of us who can pay, more. So yes, we do have a form of socialized medicine in this country.

  7. But it’s quite good at keeping tabs on any hint of “right-wing” “insurrectionary” impulses.

    Snort. What the government is good at is inventing imaginary “right wing terrorism/insurrection”. If anything real actually showed up, it would be lost in the crowd, a needle hiding in a mountain of imaginary needles.

      1. Really. I used to have lots of arguments with an Aussie friend who said that the US’s political scale, globally, ran from hard right to center-right, and that we don’t have leftists. I kept telling him that was not useful or interesting when the subject was US politics.

        And now…I haven’t spoken to him in a good long while, but I suspect he’s still carrying around the same delusions.

        1. In fairness, given the apparent fraud, there is a case to the argument that Americans actually include very few that are left of center.

          Of course, given that I’m lunatic enough to think that RedState may be a fairly centerist blog, there’s a very strong case that my positions are extremely far from useful or interesting.

        2. “The CDU is conservative.” Me: giggles madly in cat.

          The Christian Democrats (German political party) are, well, left of Nancy Pelosi, right of the Squad and Bernie, as best I can tell. But pinning European and US political groups on eachother’s “left right” scale is as productive as nailing Jello™ to a wall.

          1. I’ll quibble on this a little– it can be helpful to identify who politicians will be lifting ideas from, when you identify that they’re grabbing a hold of *something* but you can’t identify *what* thought process was involved.

            Mostly seen that for importing European “libertarian” stuff, though– I’d have to say AntiFa is at least half credit.

    1. They’re only good at it because the MSM is in on it. If we had a less biased news media that did actual investigative journalism then the federal government would be no better at that than most of the things they do.

  8. I’m guessing that the chart is ammunition purchases? It’s not labelled, and could be a bit clearer in the text.

      1. NICS numbers are not terribly useful in themselves. For example, Kentucky runs a background check on every CCW licensee every month. There is a really weird 2021(?) number of 8 million or so for Illinois, clearly wrong, but not explained. It seems some other places accept CCW as sufficient, and no check is run for gun purchases. Person-to-person sales, without ‘blessing of FFL’ are legal in most states, I believe, so no checks are run. Not all NICS checks are run for gun purchases – see Kentucky, above, and other states. An NICS check actually associated with a purchase is not necessarily for a single firearm.

        However, the change from 1999 to 2021 suggests *something* is going on, and reports from gun dealers suggest a lot of recent first-time gun buyers.

      1. No, as I noted above. There IS a relationship between NICS checks and gun sales, but, other than ‘it is not one check to one sale’ and ‘more checks probably means more gun sales’, it is not clear what that relationship might be.

        I can’t come up with anything else that is a vague indicator of a probably positive trend but has no reliable scale. Maybe a negative: increasing arrests by Border Patrol along the US-Mexico border probably indicates more illegal attempted crossings and successes (I call that a negative), but how many more attempts and successes remains unknown.

  9. Humor as a weapon is highly asymmetric right to left.

    Most of the left simply cannot stand being mocked or laughed at. Most also seem to lack the honest introspection for real humor.

    Leftist attempts at humor at the expense of the right often misfire with the right. Example: attempting to shame folks out of “ethnic” mascots” with “The Mighty Whiteys” t-shirts. The response was not supposed to be “Cool! Want it!”.

    And it is very hard for folks to fear or despair when you make them laugh hard enough to risk leaks.

    So “humor” the Left, every chance you get.

    1. Most of the left simply cannot stand being mocked or laughed at.

      Tyrants never can. Not being treated as Serious Business(tm) dings their fragile egos.

  10. So my advice is: don’t give them any excuse. Be careful what you say and do. You may complain: “But it’s unfair that a stray comment might be used to throw me in XXXX lockup while YYYY allies can loot and torch whole cities and get off scot-free.”

    Indeed it is. But this whole system, this whole regime, is unfair — to you. That’s the whole point of it.

    Okay, this (what seems to be the real punch line of the original article) is really quite amazing. Especially how it aspires to the “merely useless” but yet, in the end, still fails miserably.

    (The “whole point of it” is, what will you do to make it better!?)

    And the reason I’ve edited in those “variables” XXXX and YYYY is simply to highlight how it manages to fail in (at least) two different eras.

    now: XXXX = federal, YYYY = leftist
    then: XXXX = British, YYYY = Royalist

    As far as I can tell, its only practical effect (other than the obvious self-censorship, and the loss of morale, personal integrity and authenticity) would be to have fewer thinking, speaking, “real Americans” to visibly make the points, and when and if necessary, do the work — and hand the Redcoats/Commies a softer ride and more comfortable job. Not even useless.

    (And of course, to help those Lefty Powers that Be delude themselves that the opposition to their Great Leap Leftward are a few crazy misfits. And that might not be so bad, except of course for the likely butcher’s bill.)

  11. Part of the problem with the original post is that it thinks “government” is all one unified whole.

    Oh, heck, no! EVEN WITH major changes to try to prevent 9/11 part 2, it’s a PAIN to get different organizations to work together.
    There are seriously investigations that are made 100 times worse because group A won’t talk to group B because group C told them that someone in B said that someone in A was a jerk, and then they treat guys who are temping from B at C like crud so then B thinks that C doesn’t like them and…. aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! It’s freaking soap opera stuff!

    And that’s before things where criminals usually do a *lot* of different things, and you can get nasty fights about who owns it, and then they won’t work with people in the groups that cheerfully crash their investigation for a quick arrest, and more sane type drama.

    Not. Unified. At all.

    That’s BEFORE issues like professional objections to “nuke Kansas.”

    1. Well, the government IS all one unified whole when it comes to each part having their own armed enforcement officers. Nobody has a good answer to why the Education Department has an armed response force. And Dr Jerry always had a good one with the magician Bunny Enforcers.

      1. 1) Showing “the government” is unified by pointing to them not sharing groups who are authorized to be armed in the course of their duties Really Does Not Work.
        2) I’m guessing you’re talking about infamous “Education SWAT team” claim?
        It was from an investigation by the Education Department’s Inspector General. The guy who investigates fraud student loan fraud. They got a warrant, it was served by normal law-enforcement.

        Incidentally, he *was* helping with student loan fraud. Ringleader was his ex wife. Appears to have cooperated with police against her, too.
        So the original story that the house was raided because of his ex-wife’s defaulted student loans wasn’t entirely nonsense, just… mostly.

        1. Spent *far* too much time last night, wondering how much of the OUTRAGE1!1!!11!! stuff is inertia from bad information from bad sources that happens to be useful to spin up folks to set their hair on fire– the most likely source for the “Education Department SWAT team for unpaid student loans for someone who didn’t even live there” claim is the guy’s lawyer.
          Don’t forget the “Transportation department has canons!” … that’s the name for the noise makers to scare birds off of air strips.
          “Why does the Energy department have machine guns?!?!” The security for nuke plants is under that department.

          When I was a kid, the “fire the cattle guards, but offer them re-training” thing was believable, but supposed to be funny because it was someone flying off the handle without bothering to get good (or at least broader) information and make sure they understood what was going on.
          It wasn’t supposed to be a guide on how to form information!

    2. People think that government is a giant brain with 100 hands, but the reality is that it’s a giant fist with 100 brains.

      I wish I could remember the book I pulled that from.

  12. I just had to block javascript from gravatar, because was churning 100% of CPU, and this box isn’t THAT slow…

  13. That was a Brilliant Disassembling of a piece of Regime Propaganda – this guy Anton is just re-hashing the Meme of “Revolt is Impossible, the government has Nukes” bullcrap that every smarmy libtard has clung to for Decades, while screaming for “Gun Control”. What those supporters of the Regime don’t understand is, that the Ratio of Rebels to Stormtroopers is so High, that some of us Rebels may have to settle for just the Head of someone with a Biden Sign on his Lawn on a Pike, rather than a congresscritter or hollyweird pedophile or media ‘Face”.
    That’s also what (un)Civil War is about- one Side Removing, ‘with extreme prejudice’ everyone on the opposing side. I’ve heard Enough of the commie/libtard/left screaming for ME to be put in a Concentration Camp, and Executed, for Refusing their Bioweapon not-a-“vaccine”.
    There’s No Reason, whatsoever, for Me to see this as an attempted Genocide. And Respond accordingly.
    And yeah, “Explain the organizational infrastructure of one guy who is pissed off and decides to setup with a 6.5 Creedmoor half a mile from a government building.” Great line.
    Add, And the guy a Mile Further, with the 20-MM Solothurn (Swiss) Anti-Material Rifle. He won’t get Burned by the Sparks of the Main Feeder Transformer blowing up, and the Lights go Out.
    That’s the other, unspoken, mostly Unknown and Unknowable to the commies and .gov, of How Much, and How Strange, the unaccounted-for Weaponry is, “Out There”.

    Organization in Military Affairs is Nice, but it makes for a bigger Target. The Lone Wolf is Unstoppable.

    1. Speaking of long rifle ranges, didn’t someone – the British, I think – develop a rifle that could snipe from 3 miles away? I’m wondering how long it would take for an open source 3d printable version of that to emerge if war does start. I imagine a lone wolf with one of those would be nigh-impossible to find or stop.

        1. requires stiffness that 3d printing currently cannot offer. Also requires a big fat barrel….

  14. For all of his misguided praise of our overlords’ abilities, the smoke still rises from the fallen left behind in the ‘Stan. What hisetory is this moron reading?

  15. Glad to see this post make it up, Ian! It was enjoyable for sure. Good thing I didn’t have to explain to my co-workers that I was laughing about the “goatisexuals” and “St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest” lines when I was reading it earlier…

  16. The National Divorce scheme is mostly an attempt to limit the tsunami of blood to the deep blue infestations and the border regions around them. No one in their right mind seriously thinks everything will be happiness and sunshine, at least not if they have the faintest clue of how totalizing ideologies such as leftism work.

    I get to repeat one of my most frequent statements.

    Succession/divorce is as a path forward complete nonsense.

    The ‘case’ for it is that we are no longer populations that can share a country in civil peace.

    Sherman had a point in arguing that the Confederate cause was utterly hosed from the point of conception. The hypotheticals per his thinking went, Union wins, and you have a single country where central power has crushed a revolts. Confederates force the Union to terms, and you have two countries, each of which no longer necessarily has the ability to prevent further splits. You would also have a bunch of angry people with access to arms, who may be willing to succeed if they can continue to fight. He cited Mexico, which he knew to be a dumpster fire of a country, with frequent civil wars.

    So, our issue here is that the left are insane murderous nutjobs, cheat in elections, and are well beyond what we can sustain a peace with inside a country.

    They are beyond what we can sustain peace with in separate countries. The only situations where they are not waging war against us by any practical means are a) they can’t kill us, and have to be satisfied with internal murder b) we have killed them first.

    Separating and only then having an existential war is much much stupider than having the war first, and not separating.

    1. The hope, frequently mentioned on conservative sites, is that surrounding the blue cities in a sea of red regions will force them to be nice or get blockaded and starved.

      Personally, I suspect that such thinking is similar to the Union thinking before the First Battle of Bull Run.

      1. The folks who would be hurt first would be the ordinary defrauded ‘voters’ in those places.

        The actual evil doers will simply enjoy more time with a free hand tormenting others.

      2. The optimism going into First Bull Run had nothing to do with the blockade, it was based on the same kind of assumption of government superiority that is the foundation for Anton’s article.

        In the end, the Anaconda Plan did work. Lee, the only general in the Confederacy that posed an actual threat, was seriously constrained in what he could do by the Confederate supply situation. Don’t forget that Gettysburg started as a meeting engagement between Union cavalry and a Confederate detachment looking for shoes.

    2. Another thing that the “national divorce” argument seems to miss (or refuse to see) is that leftists, by and large, are not “live and let live” types. They know (though they aren’t able to be honest about it to themselves or others) that the only way their trash* ideology succeeds is to eliminate any opposing ideologies, because an honest exchange of ideas is a really lousy battlefield for them.

      * Not the first word that came to mind, but I’m trying to be nice today. 😛

      1. I honestly think that a lot of the national divorce folks are establishment fake ‘conservatives’, glowies, or black pill.

        Of course, someone could make the argument that I think pretty much everyone is establishment fakers, glowies, or black pill. 🙂

        Offtopic: I’m into Fate fanfic within the Nasuverse. I’ve just realized the case for it being possible to summon Romney as a faker.

      2. Live and let live is antithetical to activism and being an activist for leftwing causes is what makes one a good person*.

        *According to the left

  17. My wife said she was “vaguely disturbed” by the ease with which I was able to tell her how one could make effective homemade napalm and how to turn a car into a bomb using simple household chemicals. I don’t know about anybody else, but I learned how to do this in HS and I genuinely thought everyone knew this. I suppose it’s the reverse of Pauline Kael — all my friends know this.

    One would think that even Sleepy Joe would understand this sort of thing after Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Not the least of the things the Canadian Truckers have shown is just how hollow the authority is and just how stupid and cowardly the authorities are. It’s not necessary to blow them up, it’s actually counterproductive. No, all we have to do is not consent.

    As for leaving the US. There’s nowhere to go. this is it, the last great hope on earth.

    Perhaps some Sir Walter Scott. I learned this when I was very young since I went to an actual school where we memorized and recited poetry, not one of these dumbed down modern Marxist monstrosities.

    Breathes there the man, with soul so dead,
    Who never to himself hath said,
    This is my own, my native land!
    Whose heart hath ne’er within him burn’d,
    As home his footsteps he hath turn’d
    From wandering on a foreign strand!
    If such there breathe, go, mark him well;
    For him no Minstrel raptures swell;
    High though his titles, proud his name,
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
    Despite those titles, power, and pelf,
    The wretch, concentred all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonour’d, and unsung.

    1. A couple months ago I accidentally head-designed a chemical weapon grenade.

      Not because I want to build chem-grenades, but because if an interesting and easy to solve problem pops into a geek’s head it’s going to get solved.

      1. I like the idea of doing weapons design.

        So far, I’ve been quite rubbish in practice.

        I don’t build hardware prototypes, I don’t study the stuff I’m missing, I don’t stick with projects…

        I’m surprised that I get to “wouldn’t it be cool if…” so frequently.

        There loads of people who are actually competent when compared to me in some way. Who have a good enough answer, and don’t spin their wheels chasing the features that are too expensive to easily realize.

        It is harder than it looks. At the same time, it is much easier than it looks.

        The truck’s air horn may prove /the/ decisive weapon. Which would leave the IJN disappointed. 🙂 I would /never/ have come up with the air horn as the answer to the problem. I try for shit that is much too complicated, or, I handwave about a bunch of other people doing something a bit cruel.

        Most of North America, when it comes down to it, has better insight into stuff readily available, and more common sense than I do. What I do is think about contingencies before everyone else does, and try to figure out brute force answers to problems that will be solved by gentler approaches before circumstances get that bad. So, I have a little insight when things get really bad so fast that people haven’t realized how bad things are. The folks who are slower to realize what is going on are very often faster to find the practical answer for what /they/ need to be doing to make things better.

        1. Some darn Canuck judge just issued some sort of ruling banning the honking in Ottawa. Don’t know if it is going to change anything or is just to give a fig leaf for Ottawa police thugs to go after the truckers. The geese were heard to be upset.

            1. That reminds me of something Razorfist shared on Twitter recently. Apparently a Youtuber who goes by “animattronic” is making electronica music using recordings of air horns from the protest. The videos are of him composing the music rather than a final product, so this takes time to build up and has stops where he makes changes:

      2. I honestly thought that everyone did this in HS Chemistry. I went to an all boys school, what else did we have to do? We had no intention of ever making (e.g.,) napalm — I don’t have that intention now Mr. FBI man, not for nothin — but it’s nice to know one can if one must.

        It’s nice to know that many of us have very particular sets of skills. Skills acquired over very long careers as it were. Skills that make us a nightmare for people like them.

          1. Um doesn’t everyone know how to make those? And to not use plastic bottles? [See the Tube of You for horrible warning videos]

        1. HS? I did stuff like this in my back yard with my brothers as a kid. It was fun, like setting up empty milk jugs as targets for shooting the BB gun, or paper plates with circles drawn on them for bow practice. Setting stuff on fire was always a good time.

    2. I’ve always loved that poem, and like you, have it memorized. IIRC it is quoted in the short story “The Man Without a Country”, by Edward Everett Hale, where it has a profound impact on the protagonist.

    3. “Even the pacifists know at least three ways to make napalm.” – Somewhere in the 1632 series… (which I read until Eric Flint said he didn’t want any sane* person’s money, thus do I oblige.)

      * Can recognize blatant election fraud as blatant election fraud.

    1. I don’t think very many leftists know how to fight. They’re used to ordering others to do so and I’m pretty sure way to many have decided to take the red pill. I suspect there will be little actual fighting and a great deal of surprised people being lead to a Nuremberg trial.

  18. That is a well done fisking! And I really don’t think they understand what they are pushing for… They REALLY don’t…

  19. ” whether it is best to follow the teachings of St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades, or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest.”
    You left out St. Benito of the municipal hanging decorations..

    1. Look, from a sanitation standpoint, it’s st. Augusto. Also Benito HUNG he didn’t hang them. I’m okay with Romanian christmas gifts too, but the clean up is messy.

  20. I’d like to point out

    us pop is like 330 million
    combined military is 1.8 million…

    that’s 180:1

    1. and as a further excercise, it only three percent actively fight, that’s still 9.9 million.

  21. It always seems strange to me that a lot of people assume that in a civil war it will be the Government Vs the rank and file citizens. It seems to me that the moment a full blown civil war starts that some states will shift sides and the military will fracture. Just like the first (US) civil war.

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