When They Honk People Off

This weekend, I found that the truckers who have had enough of Little Castro’s Justin Trudeau’s insanity, enough to drive to the capital in convoy and who appear to be supported by a majority of Canadians are “really” Russian agents dressed like truckers.

My first reaction to this was to laugh so hard my son, who had just come into my office, thought I was having a stroke or heart attack or something. BTW this morning he tells me that now the NYT is running with the idea that everyone who is against mandates is “really” a Russian agent.

It’s all SO FAMILIAR. So deja vu. So full of repeat. So where have I heard that before.

Frankly, I almost titled this post “All the Truckers are Russian Agents, or How I became a White Mormon Male.” which would be a very accurate title, and also way too long, and would give whiplash to anyone who hasn’t been around for a few years.

Also, not completely accurate, because as well as a white Mormon male, I was also racist, sexist and homophobic (which is probably making some of you laugh till you hiccup) and and one time — briefly — a robot and a Russian robot. (I don’t know is Sad Robot Puppies is still active on Twitter (I never go there) but it was started by one of you adorable maniacs when that accusation came out.)

For those not around at the time, a lot of crap happened around and between, and if you guys feel you need clarification, ask someone in comments. Other people can explain. I woke up very late, and we were dealing with business taxes which makes me too cranky for words.

The 100 mile overview is that a number of us got very tired of the things that sf/f awards went to. Look, I’m semi-literary in reading tastes half the time, and I don’t even mind a lot of the more involuted stuff, but a few years ago, it went silly. No, really silly. To me, the foam at the mouth moment was “If you were a dinosaur my love” which did not take place in this world (at all. Our working class doesn’t drink gin) and was written at a level of cringe that would make 13 year old me hide if I had written it. Anyway, so Larry Correia said the award stuff made puppies cry (you know it wasn’t me, because it would be kittens) and we decided to do lists of stuff for people to read and consider voting on. And you know other people — including Locus — had been doing this for years, but suddenly what we’d done was create a slate, and we were evil racists and fascists, and we were against women (!) gays (!!) and people of color(!!!!) writing science fiction. In fact, we were denying them awards so they’d give up in discouragement. We were “Gatekeepers” and did I mention white supremacists. It all went very bad, and 2015 left a bunch of us with significant scars that still affect us. The attacks on us were as nonsensical as they were epic. People who’d never given a d*mn about science fiction or science fiction awards were suddenly running exposes and naming me as part of this evil cabal. My kids, in online gaming, had to defend me from total strangers.

This is what I thought of when I read the accusation that the Freedom Truckers (Truck off, Trudeau) were “Russian Agents.”

First of all, what’s with Russia! Russia! Russia? I mean even Putin said he backed Biden. (For good and sufficient reason. The last thing he wants is a functional USA.) Second I know how it started. Once you hang around the progs for a while, you realize they’re really simple creatures, kind of like those flatworms. They know pain and no pain and that’s about it. Anyway, their decision to accuse Trump of Russian collusion is because they are simple — stupid — creatures, who think we are the same.

They never understood our opposition to communism, so the fact we were suspicious and leery of the USSR must be because we hated RUSSIANS. Personally, you know? So, if they told us Trump collaborated with the Russians, we’d hate him too.

It didn’t work. But of course they might not know it didn’t work, since they convinced themselves that they won legitimately (Snort, giggle) so they are now trying to turn us against anyone who champions freedom by claiming they’re Russian. Because we hate Russians, see. Face>palm. Octopus face>palm, because it needs more hands.

At the same time there is the usual “racist, sexist homophobic.”

Look, the problem we have here is that the left today is a religion. It’s a religion that buys into a system that explains EVERYTHING and promises glory to those who embrace it.

There’s only one small problem: it has no contact whatsoever with reality. As a religion, it’s at the level of the People’s Temple: a scam run by corrupt paranoiacs on the vulnerable.

But it made itself a positional good by commanding the heights of culture: universities, media, entertainment. Only people who mouthed the platitudes were allowed in, and the more absurd the platitudes, the more you were required to mouth them LOUDLY.

This, as an article I read this weekend and can’t now find said, creates a form of self-hypnotism. The more you hear yourself lie to others, the more you believe the lie yourself.

So we have people walking around who whole heartedly believe in the arrow of history which points to perfect communism (Now apparently called the great reset, where you’ll own nothing and love it — while the tireless civil services roll in piles of gold, I suppose.) They believe that everyone — of course — wants this. And that this is rational and sane — look at all the studies, from respectable universities!

And they’ve been told that the only ones opposing this are “white males” who were “all powerful” and don’t want to give up their power.

Which is how I became a white Mormon male. I have to be. Or else, how could I object to a beloved genre becoming a blah pulpit for stupid ideas?

The truth is far more complicated. Of course it is. It involves humans.

It starts with the Marxist solutions have never worked ever, and there was never their original paradise where humans didn’t own property. Hell, our studies lead us to believe even apes have private property, for a given definition of it.

Trade and the free market and money have emerged over and over in human history, everywhere on the world. There is only one, exclusively European, colonialist imposition on the rest of the world, as far as philosophy goes, and that’s Marxism.

It goes on to I’m now almost sixty, and in my entire life, in the US, white males have had absolutely NO advantage. My husband is mostly white (as much as any human being can be. But he well…. he doesn’t tan.) and time and again he was held back by this fact alone. Jobs and promotions went to women or “people of color” (EVER so much more sensitive than “Colored people” innit?) or preferably both, regardless of ability to perform. Because the federal government was only interested in the numbers, and not the fact this wasn’t good for anyone, including the supposedly “favored.”

In science fiction and fantasy, specifically, I grew up reading women. And again, I am almost sixty now. And in trucking, 20 years ago, a friend told me most of the young truckers were “ethnically diverse.” (It ain’t a great job. It’s brutal and dangerous. But it does pay.)

A friend recently said that the erasure of women and ethnically diverse people that have gone before is so thorough he expects next wave of lefty idiots will claim to be the first WOMEN. There were no women before they were born. …. I wish I could say that’s unbelievable.

However, what we have to understand that for the other side this is reality. They have auto-hypnotized to the point they can’t see reality. They have no clue HOW anyone could disagree with their perfect, seamless theory. They have no contact with the real world.

And so the opposition must be Russians, or white supremacists. Or sexists. Or homophobes. Or white Mormon males.

And they’re honking us off. So, I’m glad the truckers are returning the favor.

But internally this feels like the sort of thing that can’t go on. They are effectively erasing us, refusing to believe that opposing points of view can even exist.

It’s funny, if you have a very dark sense of humor.

But it’s also a psychological break, a point of no return. And we too have reached the point we can’t back down.

We can walk away from awards, from games, from needle arts. But now they’re coming for the life blood of our economy: they’re messing with food production, with energy, with transport, all while screaming that there’s no supply issues or inflation.

There is no backing down. We can’t. Not if we want to survive.

It’s going to get very rough from here on out, and I want you to know that. Prepare, prepare, prepare, and gird your loins.

Just remember in the end we win, they lose.

Be not afraid, but don’t be rash.

Keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.

321 thoughts on “When They Honk People Off

        1. Just call what is going on here Mao’s Cultural Revolution Redux. Is it any wonder that the Democrats are also trying to recreate Mao’s Great Leap Foward with their “Green Leap Forward”.

      1. I long though his crazy years was a cautionary tale & felt the same about Orwell’s 1949 writing of 1984. That they were; ‘Hey guys this future isn’t likely but if you… it could happen!’

        However you may be right, else our beloved betters are using those docs as how to manuals.

        1. In 1984’s case, it was written as a warning and instead is being used by the ruling oligarchs as a “how to” manual.

        2. The one thing scarier than the left using 1984 as a how-to manual is the possibility they might use Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy the same way. Read it if you haven’t yet, it’s good — and scary. Then contemplate the enemy putting the scenario at the start of the first book into practice.

          1. They are using everything they read. I mean, they obviously read Orphans of the Sky and thought it was a cool way to use the term “scientist.”

  1. A version of Sad Robot Puppies appears to be on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sadrbtpuppies

    Here’s my prep for the upcoming boog, whomever starts it:

    Psalm 91, English Standard Version
    My Refuge and My Fortress

    He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
    I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.”

    For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler
    and from the deadly pestilence.
    He will cover you with his pinions,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.
    You will not fear the terror of the night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
    nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness,
    nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.

    A thousand may fall at your side,
    ten thousand at your right hand,
    but it will not come near you.
    You will only look with your eyes
    and see the recompense of the wicked.

    Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place—
    the Most High, who is my refuge—
    no evil shall be allowed to befall you,
    no plague come near your tent.

    For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways.
    On their hands they will bear you up,
    lest you strike your foot against a stone.
    You will tread on the lion and the adder;
    the young lion and the serpent you will trample underfoot.

    “Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him;
    I will protect him, because he knows my name.
    When he calls to me, I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will rescue him and honor him.
    With long life I will satisfy him
    and show him my salvation.”

    1. This remains one of my favorite pieces of Scripture. I add to this large chunks of Isaiah.

    2. Well, as long as you realize that “long life” can mean “eternal life,” and that it’s not “This psalm promises that good people won’t be killed by bad people.” It’s more like “good people won’t be allowed to be killed temporarily by bad people, unless it’s part of the plan.”

      Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body. Be afraid of the one who tries to kill the soul. And especially those who don’t want anybody else’s soul intact, after they’ve done their best to kill their own.

    1. Heinlein had some unfavorable thoughts about prophets… but it seems more and more he was one.

      I decided we were in the crazy years back when Carter sent inflation sky high, boy was I wrong in thinking those days would pass.

      LBJ started this snowball rolling and it’s only hit a few bumps on the slippery slope

      1. Because that’s what honest working people *do.* Rioting and destruction of property are antithetical to our nature. We are the builders, the maintainers, the ones that toil both day and night. The working people of the world do not need Communism in its many masks and forms. All we need of government is to defend our borders, uphold just laws with the least force necessary, and keep contracts honest. We need government most of all to get out of our way.

        Such notions are entirely alien to the bureaucrat, who thinks all people are like him, and seek to get away with as much as possible. It shows in their actions, they seek to criminalize (through law and especially regulation) all actions save a tiny permitted few. That is not how the law and our government work, to their chagrin. Thus will always attempt to change it to better suit their desires whenever they can get away with it.

        1. Awesome take by Kurt Schlichter: “I think it’s hilarious that the socialists are furious about the workers of the world uniting”

          1. Indeed…because it’s not the thing Marx told them it’d be. Never mind that the man was quite the lazy and dangerous lunatic and absolutely shouldn’t be listened to or followed. But then? They’re also quite the lazy and dangerous lunatics too…

    1. Heck, they even shot their fireworks into the sky, assaulting nary a government worker nor a government building. Quickly! Deploy the propaganda countermeasures, lest observers see that all these unacceptable people with unacceptable opinions are…civilized!

      1. It’s only terrorism if they’re doing something like bombing, etc. Whiny-*ss losers.

  2. I am very tired of having everything I love turned against me from sci-fi to needle arts, to ethnic foods. And more importantly including my own dear father and some of my hand raised homeschooled children.

    They want me and those like me who believe in freedom, rewarding hard work, in justice and in the rule of law to starve alone in the dark so they can redistribute everything to people who haven’t earned it.

    Well I have news for you, haters, Karma’s only a bitch if you are. You will reap what you sow.

      1. Nice sentiment. The thing is that we got here by way of being, “reasonable”…

        They’re bullies and lunatics and we always caved in and backed off when they pushed because we didn’t want to be thought of poorly. The problem is that they think poorly of all of us anyhow. Time to push back like the Apex Predators we all are. Each. And. Every. Time. They. Go. There.

  3. “Just wait till fully-automated self-driving trucks are perfected! That’ll show those hicks!”

    But seriously, even if they’re not perfected, constantly break down and wreck, the Trudeaus of the world are so rich they’ll never suffer, and i suspect their underlings and supporters will be happy to live in squalor so long as those they don’t like have it worse.

    1. I’m beginning to understand that evil really is just a lack, not a positive quality. It’s highest priority isn’t even love of self. The highest priority is hatred of everything good, or at least hatred of everything that’s aspiring to be good.

      That’s the scary thing: they’re not even motivated by self-interest.

        1. This was revelatory, and helped my family extricate itself from a pathological narcissist. Because of crossover’s posting, I found books on it, and my shock was realizing that they don’t care if they hurt themselves, provided they hurt you too.
          I’d always assumed person in question couldn’t be doing it on purpose because while annoying and depressing us he was HURTING HIMSELF. And then I realized–

          1. Ooooh yes. Covert narcissists in particular are hard to catch at it – they’re such martyrs! Look what they do for you!

            (And it always, always ends up with you worse off in the long run – but how could that possibly be their fault?)

            My best piece of advice is – look for the smirk. Always, look for the smirk in that unguarded moment when they’ve hurt someone and they know their victim is suffering. Because they get a hit off it like cocaine, and they can’t resist enjoying it.

            …And this is why the moment I saw Obama on TV, I knew we were in for it.

            1. Further note: I use “a hit like cocaine” deliberately. That’s not my description, that’s the sober and terrifying description of psychologists who’ve done brain scans of diagnosed narcissists while they’re indulging their sadistic tendencies.

              1. Seriously. Every little thing he did was a hint of the hideous evil he wished to unleash upon them.

                And these were otherwise smart, tough women who had it together and who I know had survived some bad times.

                    1. The primary, indeed only, driver of communism is resentment. The resentment gives an excuse for any action. I’d say it’s tailor made for narcissists who never get the recognition they believe they deserve.

              2. Yeah… many moons ago I had a revelation about terrorists that went the same way. It’s not about the cause; it’s about getting high on the act of destruction.

                1. I think they may be a mixture.

                  There’s a bunch of details that speak to folks who have an appetite for harming others.

                  I’m also pretty sure that it is possible to spend so much lime living in theory, and learning to miscategorize reality to get matches to theory, that the drives for the actions are internal, and they aren’t perceiving humans in reality. Of course, question is, does this happen without mental illnesses that otherwise cause detachment from reality.

                  1. There’s also false zeal, where you are losing faith in your cause/religion/personal righteousness, so you try harder and harder to yell at other people and/or destroy them for not believing. Jihad is a very big false zeal thing, because people who start out zealous will start to get false-zealous to the point of going splodey.

            2. One weird thing I noticed: a couple women I know who were raised by narcissists were ‘triggered’ (there’s no other way to put it) by Trump. They were and are both legitimately terrified by him, to the point where I wondered if they saw something I didn’t.

              I pointed out the obvious to one of them: “But look at how Trump’s children turned out compared to Obama’s, Biden’s and the rest!” She proceeded to make these insane speculations about how Trump’s kids were all secretly damaged and psychologically messed up and hiding it out of fear of him.

              It was bizzare.

              As near as I could figure, the narcissists who raised them cloaked it in religion or conservatism, and anything with those qualities set them off.

              But they were blind to narcisists on the left.

              1. Seriously. Every little thing he did was a hint of the hideous evil he wished to unleash upon them.

                And these were otherwise smart, tough women who had it together and who I know had survived some bad times.

                1. Trump is a glad-hander with a lot of puff, which is an old-fashioned style of sales charisma. Like being a ringmaster or a busker.

                  A lot of narcissists copy this style, to the point that it seems to have gone out of style with most normal people. So there are folks who have never seen a kindly puffmeister in their entire lives.

                  1. He always reminded me of the classic used car salesman. More or less honest (and wouldn’t actually cheat you), but definitely prone to hyperbole.

              2. cloaked it in religion or conservatism

                So many people I know hate everyone in the small town or region they were raised in because they’re all racists and homophobes, doncha know.

                I really wonder if I got a chance to inquire about their childhood that I would find out that their parents were horrible people and would have been horrible no matter where they lived.

                  1. In one case, I saw the now cosmopolitan child accuse the backwards (probably embarrassing to the New Set which he’d joined) parent of being an emotionally distant narcissist who never loved him.

                    I know both well enough to know this is utter baloney, but not quite well enough to know if the speaker really believes it.

                    Perhaps an initiation ritual ala Mark Studdock of That Hideous Strength?

                    1. Yes, a lot of folks have to fight their parents to convince themselves that they are adults, but a lot more turn against their parents because their parents aren’t Cool and don’t approve of the stupid/dangerous things the grownup kids want to do.

                  1. Wow. I can sympathize, but I probably don’t understand. My family wasn’t perfect, but we didn’t play mind games on each other and we get along better and better as time goes on.

                    When I ran into manipulative bastards later, I quickly got a sort of a sense that ‘Something is not right here’ and kept my distance from them. In particular, pushy salescritters tend to get my hackles up.

                  2. We’re they fooled or in on the abuse as well? Uncle Lars comment below is interesting about what people want to believe.

                    “No one is *really* like that,” they think. And then the doubt sets in…

                    1. Some of them were definitely in on it. Just one instance: I had a narrow and harrowing escape when a very young teenager from one of my father’s “friends” who was trying to maneuver me into his bedroom. I planted myself by a phone and refused to be moved until my father came back to pick me up. He’d left me there. Deliberately.

                    2. Should we add “fellow Huns” to Sarah’s “know where your weapons and food are”? Backup is a good thing, especially in close quarters situations..

                    3. One of my fannish mentors had some narcissist/drama stuff going on, which I only recognized in retrospect. Always getting betrayed. Never her fault. Always needing help. Then, when she actually needed help, everybody was out of energy with all her drama and feuds. Helped her after that, she tried to move in with me, I was like heck no. And magically she would no longer talk with me, and moved away without telling me. So I guess she didn’t really need the help, surprise.

                      And unfortunately, for several years after that, I assumed that everybody complaining about unfair treatment was totally drama-fying it, which caused me to not step up for some folks who did need it.

                      Ugh ugh ugh.

                    4. :cackles:

                      Oooh, I’ve only heard the ‘cunning as serpents’ translation, I am totally stealing that for a character it will fit like a glove…..

                  3. (pulls over soap box)
                    Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to be pointing at you….

                    ^^points up^^

                    One of the big flags for someone who is being realistic about issues is right there– Crossover puts the blame on the people who did, or failed to do, what justice demanded.

                    Not on some sort of vague group, giving her permission to hate on them. Not on culture, or — well, all the usual scapegoats.

                    Correctly, accurate, and usefully identifies that the problem was the specific small town.

                    I’ve run into a lot of folks who decide that the problem is not-the-people, and watched them turn away possible allies or even actual help, running to folks who *keep* abusing them, because they misidentified the problem.

                    It’s infuriating as heck, especially since they tend to get a little power and strike at the threat the identified. Not an actual threat, but the lowest risk identified threat, which ends up meaning they go and victimize totally innocent people.

                    The flip side of that is the folks who make excuses for EVERYONE, sometimes including the people who deliberately did them harm, so they end up enforcing the very behaviors that hurt them, and even protect it. That I got nothin’ on, insufficient observation.

                    1. *Thumbs up*

                      As to the flip side I can only say that over narcs are easier to pick out – if you can’t get physical distance from the covert narcs to get your head clear of them for a few weeks, then you keep getting caught up in emergency after manufactured emergency that never gives you time to realize the real source of the problem. You’re too busy being up to your butt in alligators to drain the swamp.

                    2. As a flip-side…corollary, maybe? I dunno…ANYWAY, in high school I was good friends with someone whose family would horrify any leftist and probably a few people here. Quiverfull, Bill Gothard seminars at every opportunity, voluntarily sent their children to Bob Jones University, etc. They probably had serious doubts about me, but I was a good little Protestant girl and therefore suitable as a friend, and maybe they could turn me toward the TRUE path.

                      And they were there for me every. Single. Second. Of my parents’ acrimonious three-year divorce. Put up with me “getting extra hours” at my McJob so that I would HAVE to stay at their house a couple days a week, let me slide into family life without missing a beat. Despite the fact that they should’ve been my geeky self’s natural enemies. So yay for people unexpectedly stepping up, I guess?

                    3. It’s almost like trying to be good sometimes results in people being, well, *good*, sometimes…. but that can’t be so, if people can be good that might mean folks should try to be good, rather than have permission to behave badly….

                      I’m sorry you had to go through that, even though someone helped. My grandfather got half-adopted by a neighbor family with a million kids, and my husband has an entire flock of zero-biological-relation sisters because his parents Made A Place when his sister dragged them home.
                      (By stereotype, she *should* be horrible– tall, thin but curvy, gorgeous, smart and quick-witted…and she’s actually nice. 😀 )

                    4. So incredibly nice people who have some oddball beliefs?

                      Way better than mainstream jerks.

                    5. Thanks Foxfier. ❤ It was a pretty spectacular divorce, but I got some good stories out of it. (Took me a while to realize the epic side-eye I was getting when I had to preface a family story about the dog with "Well, it started when my dad tapped the phones…")

                    6. When I called him on it, he scolded me for hurting his feelings by saying negative things behind his back. I was…somewhat boggled.

                  1. Yeah, that too. I was assuming for sake of argument that the person in question was otherwise okay. But yeah, some of them are clearly horrible people themselves, and horrible people blame others for their own inadequacies.

                1. Some people prefer to blame circumstances because they can’t bring themselves to blame the evil-doer.

                  I once was in an online discussion with someone who had a relative who abused drugs and him. Blamed the drugs, and worse, declared that policy should be based on his unwillingness to face that the relative was to blame for both.

              3. Tbh, I’d point to Trumps showmanship aspect. He would use hyperbole to sell himself and while much less of an issue than the outright lies of most other politicians he got called out for them. Lying to make oneself look better is a component of narcissist personalities.

          2. With respect to books, here’s one good example:

            MT is also known as Anonymous Conservative, but the narcissism book doesn’t get into matters normally covered in his blog.

            1. Another good book is Sharks in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work by Babiak and Hare. It’s helped me survive on Wall Street so it can surely help normal people too.

              1. The HG Tudor channel on YouTube. Run by a guy who admits to being a narcissist himself, but who feels that helping others escape from lesser beings like other narcissists is a great way to make money.

                Honestly, I wouldn’t trust him farther IRL than I could throw him, but he does seem to have a lot of insight into otherwise puzzling news stories about narcissist-type people. The thing that weirds me out is that he has fans who tell him how attractive his voice and personality is, when he is always telling people straight out, that he’s a narcissist and he’s using all of them. He charges a lot of money for his advice material, but as far as I can tell, all the advice is contained in his various videos, if you want to listen to a whole bunch of videos and give him the attention he craves. Which makes sense, for someone who craves attention.

                Yeah…. So there’s that.

                1. Anyway, it would be hilarious to parody the guy as a vampire who helps people escape other vampires, or something like that. Albeit the vampire would never meet them in person, and would just be a control freak long distance. Like Person of Interest, if someone were a benign-ish vampire’s daywalking Archie Goodwin.

                  1. But yeah, the problem is that, even in stories, modern people tend to fall into either making a character “good” or “evil,” with no “dangerous but just happens to have a similar goal right now.”

                    Like if the Punisher was hunting vampires. And his info-providing partner was a vampire who hated all other vampires for being so noticeable and high risk, instead of being smart and eating cow blood, and was therefore on an unholy crusade to kill every other vampire in the entire world, without ever dirtying/risking his own hands.

          3. I recall that whole business. You and yours would give and give, support, material goods, constant attention, and somehow it was never enough. And somehow every thing of value you gave he managed to destroy.
            I know the type myself. Only real answer is to cut them off cold, go no contact, and for an empathetic caring person that is very hard. It can take years of self doubt and recriminations before you come to the realization that it’s all a game to the manipulator, and you are nothing more than their punching bag.
            And I cheered you on when you finally managed to make the right decision and terminate the whole sick relationship.

            1. I have a cousin like that. Took three years to figure it out. My dad didn’t want to believe it, because she’s the daughter of his estranged brother and dad was so happy to have a connection. But in the end, between my brother and I and my dad’s natural analytic mind, he recognized her for what she is. He had a heart attack the week after she finally left Philly. He died about ten days later. She actually called me to ask for money while dad was in a coma because she knew I had charge of the accounts…this was after he’d given her several thousand dollars the week before.

              1. Oh, geez. Sorry to hear that. Maybe it was his time to go, but I’m sure the grief of betrayal didn’t help.

                That said, there should be ways to train narcissists into decent human beings, but I don’t think it would be an easy psychological retraining program to institute or keep safe.

                1. It was the betrayal on top of the ongoing stress of caring for my mom who had Alzheimer’s. It ended up as the perfect storm.

                  I don’t know that she could have been retrained. She was convinced that the world hated her. She saw slights in every single word and action.

                2. It’s easier to get a psychopath to alter his conduct than a narcissist. A psychopath may conclude that his useful tools need different treatment. A narcissist thinks that different behavior is death.

                  I have heard that the only real way to get any narcissist to change is to get everyone to “drop the rope” and refuse to be drawn in. And that’s a real trick because they are always alert for new sources of narcissist supply.

          4. “They don’t care if they hurt themselves, provided they hurt you too” is a human impulse gone wrong, rather than an inexplicable Lovecraftian one.

            It corrupts justice to benefit from the punishment of others. It creates incentives to make false accusations and to impose large punishments for smaller wrongdoings. So being willing to *pay a cost* to accuse and punish another for wrongdoing signals that one really is in it for the justice, and is not being venial about the money or other benefits.

            So the monsters apply monstrous ideas about what counts as guilt, conspicuously display the costs of punishing the “guilty,” and conceal the benefits to themselves – often even from themselves. Or they make big claims about how the benefits accrue to everyone else, as a sort of bribe to try get everyone else to tolerate their monstrousness.

            1. It corrupts justice to benefit from the punishment of others. It creates incentives to make false accusations and to impose large punishments for smaller wrongdoings.

              That all sounds nice on paper as long as you ignore that most situations requiring justice involve someone who has been injured in some way.

              If anything the insistence on a detached and uncaring form of justice is a perfect hunting ground for people who don’t care if they are punished so long as they can do damage to their target; because the target isn’t allowed any restoration, so their attack will stick.

              1. You have a point about restoration. I will still maintain that it’s perverse incentives if people would prefer to be a crime victim who gets restoration over not being a crime victim at all.

                Also, there are many crimes where restoration to the victim is impractical, so that problem will arise in any case.

                If you have an intolerably large number of people who don’t care if they are punished as long as they can do damage to their target, then either your punishments are too weak or else your society has collapsed into a state of civil war.

                1. If you have an intolerably large number of people who don’t care if they are punished as long as they can do damage to their target, then either your punishments are too weak or else your society has collapsed into a state of civil war.

                  Well that *is* the context of this subthread….

                  As for crimes with no ability to have restoration, yes of course those exist. That is why you graft punishments-disconnected-from-restitution onto a justice system in the first place.

                  But to treat them as *the* purpose, and fixing the injury as Something Not To Be Done is the justice system’s equivalent of slamming granny to the pavement because it’s bad for her health that she isn’t wearing a covid mask. aka; such a perfect mockery of the goal that we can’t even call it black comedy anymore. More like gallows humor.

          5. Until you live with at least ONE Personality Disordered individual, Sarah, most people, unless they’re a mental health professional, will not have a single concept one about just how screwed up a person can be and still function at least marginally in society.

            NIH estimates that as much as 1 in 5 have this mental health condition in our nation, based on statistics.

            Based on observations from hard-won information of living 11+ years with a Borderline Personaliy Disordered Wife and her virtual clone of a Daughter for slightly less…the numbers are quite a bit higher. Worse, you see them acting out right now in the crowd we’re talking about.

            Think of a teenager with a batch of bad habits…frozen in time. It’s a close approximation there. And the world revolves around what they feel to be the truth. If they feel the sky’s green….it’s **GREEN** and you’re the insane one for suggesting it’s blue. Seriously. Though it’s beginning to not be hard seeing that sort of thing going on with the lunatics now in charge.

            1. all those little boys diagnosed with ADHD because the teacher doesn’t want to work with someone that might have a little energy?

              yeah, that counts toward that 1 in 5

              the socially inept geek that’s convinced he’s an aspie, and managed to convince his doctor of this, but he’s actually just socially inept?

              counts too.



              the people self-diagnosed with ‘ptsd’ from mean tweets from trump?

              if they can talk a therapist into it, then yup

              Also, pure and simple, the vast vast vast majority of that ‘1 in 5’ is going to be someone with very very minor problems… but if the NIH trumpets that 1 in 5 number enough, they can get a bigger budget…

              1. Strictly speaking, a mental health condition is anything that makes it difficult to function normally.

                While it’s become something of a joke… a lot of the philosophy you’re required to buy into so you’re a liberal in good standing does not work well with trying to live as a healthy, reasonably independent, functional adult.

                Even being socially inept, since formal manners previously gave a framework to make “those who can’t divine what action is desired in a specific instance by a very possibly insane or abusive person” distinct from “those actually unable to change generally objectionable behavior.”

                1. So, left-wing politics is a mental health condition? I could get behind that. 😛
                  “She turned me into a newt!”

                  1. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it?

                    One of their favorite attacks– the difference is, even if there’s nobody to blame, a progressive group will still fail to function healthily. That’s what purity spirals *are*.

                    While a conservative group can function when it’s just them, when there’s one or more progressives, or basically any time the progressive politics don’t control everything.

                    …partly that’s not fair, because by definition conservative is Stuff That Worked Before, but there’s enough different flavors that it’s not like it’s COMPLETELY interchangeable.

                    1. A progressive group will fail to function healthily BECAUSE there’s nobody to blame. Every problem is always somebody else’s fault. ‘White Supremacists!’ ‘Teh Patriarchy!’ Conservatives! Capitalism! RRRAAACIISSSTS!!!

                      Progressives are never wrong, never make any mistakes, are never responsible for the squalid hellholes that spring up wherever they gain power.

                      Jut look at our Ruling Elites scrambling to find somebody or something to blame for everything that’s going wrong now.

                      Like Ekaterin Vorsoisson observed of her husband’s many setbacks and failures — “The only constant in all of that chaos was Tien.”

        2. My sister shared a tweet she read with me. It said something akin to “they are like vampires hissing at everyone who’s standing in the light, because we remind them of what they used to be.”
          Their hatred knows no limits.

          1. And like vampires, they want your blood because it makes them feel alive, if only for a few stolen, fleeting hours.

            (I use that analogy to vampires in my own fiction: that’s why my vampires need to feed from sentient beings and not animals: it’s not the blood they need, it’s the the spiritual or psychic energy of the victim. Blood is just the medium, because it touches every part of the body)

          2. Also, my vampires always bite the artery on the neck after the blood has gone through the brain, because that’s when it’s at its richest.

            1. Umm, I think you meant ‘vein’ where you wrote ‘artery’ – blood going away from the heart leaves in arteries headed toward the rest of the body. From the brain would be back toward the heart, in a vein (likely external jugular in this case).

              Sorry. Retired RN.

              But to the larger point, I’ve seen the calculation of ‘food value’ of blood, and it’s pretty low – something more than the physical content of blood has to be accumulated somehow.

        3. Reminds me of the line in one of Stirling’s Draka book, to the effect of “They won’t kill you. They get a charge out of making people truckle to ’em,and you can’t get much groveling out of a corpse.”

            1. The Draka as a whole are ewwww, but I enjoy a lot of things about the books. I find it amusing that “ethical nihilist” Stirling wrote one of my favorite religious characters. (And my family quotes the line about “just this ONCE in our young nearly-maggot-recruit lives…” way too often.)

          1. Smart lady.

            Nutty as all hell, didn’t really seem to understand how individual people worked, sometimes, but hella smart.

    2. Self driving trucks can only be used where there is relatively robust law enforcement – they’re too easy to box in & stop.

      1. Heh… show me a warehouse district where it’s not relatively easy to hide in the shadows.

      1. People like this, and like the Gates and Bezos of the world, have their own small parralel economies just for them and their favorites.

        Trudeau can pick up and move out of honking range and never hear a sound.

        1. Even parallel economies still require freight haulers. Someone’s got to deliver the goods.

        2. Doesn’t actually work that way. They’ll find they can’t get as much or as good. yes, it’s better than everyone ELSE has, but their dacha will be decidedly 3rd rate compared to their parents’ dacha and why can’t they find a repairman? There just aren’t any and the work never lasts…

          1. That’s just life. Once you regard that sort of lag as just the way things are, you can exult in your superior position.

    3. I just don’t see self driving trucks lasting. I’ve been suffering ‘smarter’ trucks the last few years, and the things they’re doing are downright dangerous, jacking on the brakes while going around a corner, seeing reflections in the road of a bridge in the rain and stopping the truck in the middle of an interstate are two examples I’ve had in the past few months. Maybe the sensors will get better, maybe not.

      But if a car glitches, it’s limited to the damage it can do. Yes, it can run into a crowd and kill dozens, but semis take out infrastructure. Never mind buildings, with or without dangerous cargos, a truck can take out a bridge. The first time Peterbilt has to buy a skyscraper, they’ll never put steering control in a truck again.

  4. BTW this morning he tells me that now the NYT is running with the idea that everyone who is against mandates is “really” a Russian agent.

    Buwahahaha! Oh, that’s awesome, I am TOTALLY inflicting it on my husband. (Know that Boris is name of accent story? It, ah, kinda spawned an entire sub-group of D&D NPCs…..)

    1. Yeah I saw the “The truckers headed for Ottawa are Russian Agents” foolishness and thought as follows: Tovarisch Putin doesn’t care a rat’s patootie about Canada except that it keeps selling Russia grain. Like the apocryphal response of Stalin to issues with the Pope Putin’s response is to Canada is “How many divisions has Trudeau?” And the answer is not many, the total size of the Canadian armed forces is about 1/3 the size of the US Marine Corps (and it has considerably fewer aircraft and essentially no ability to project power). Yeah Russia planted deep sleeper agent truckers in Canada long ago. Right tell me another fairy tale please.

      1. it’s about Trudeau being aware that Team HarrisBiden is stoking a war with Russia so that said war can be used as a pretext to silence domestic political opponents and to seize control over vast swaths of the economy by claiming that “war rationing” is needed (recall that at the outbreak of the CCP Virus, Democrats screamed that we need to be go on a “war footing”, nationalize the supply chain, and put government in complete charge of distribution of goods and services while dictating wages “just like in WW@”),

        Trudeau is simply latching on to the “everyone who disagrees with me is a tool of Russia” so that he can engage in the same kind of mass persecution and arrest of political opponents by declaring them to be “traitors” who are working with Russia. Have no doubt that this is what Democrats are going to do once Team HarrisBiden gets their war with Russia. I expect them to use such a war as “grounds” to arrest Trump and anyone who has ever been associated with him as “traitors who work with Russia”, even though the collusion hoax has long been exposed as just that. They have no intention of reality or facts getting in the way of their totalitarian power grab.

  5. Oh yes. I saw the worldwide protest against the mandates. They’ve pushed this covid idiocy just a step to far. Of course, I only found out about thse protest because I watch those blogs and podcast that “spew misinformation” and are danger of being driven off there platforms. Because, is it really a protest if nobody knows about it? The truckers( I wish I still was one, I’d have loved to be involved) are in the “Have to be reported” but there,as you pointed out, the media has to craft a narrative that casts them in an evil light. The rest of the protests were just ignored.

    1. Last report was this “fringe group” of truckers was about 50,000 or so.

      That’s around 15% of the total truckers in Canada. Wow, fringe groups have grown!!

    1. Yeah. I know. Actually tomorrow it’s about whispers and conspiracies.
      Because remember we were all crazy for reporting the vaccine affected women’s cycles? Now they’re saying “Yeah, it does, what of it?”
      Next up “Sure, it causes infertility” Wanna bet?

      1. Pretty much figured that YOU knew, or you wouldn’t have mentioned it– but before the podcast I’d only heard enough to go “eh, sounds like a Coast to Coast AM special, I’ll dig around later.”

        Next up “Sure, it causes infertility” Wanna bet?

        I don’t take sucker bets, though I really, really hope it’s incredibly ineffective.

        They might go the “it’s a COVID complication” route, like how the vaccine reactions suddenly became COVID reactions– when they weren’t during the prior year.

        1. Dr. Ryan Cole gave a talk over a year ago where he discussed what happens when the spike proteins and lipid nanoparticles from the coof shots don’t stay in the deltoid muscle. Which they don’t.
          The lipids head straight for the heart, the testicles, and the ovaries. And then they screw around with proper functioning of same.

          And the Idaho health mafia is trying to destroy his ability to work.

          1. If the vaccine screws with my system and starts my cycles again, I won’t be happy. I’m too old to have and raise a baby. Dang it. Don’t get me wrong. 10 years ago, I’d been thrilled. At 65? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

              1. Well, there’s no eggs to do anything with, so having cycles restart would just be a net drain on the body.

                Oh, and apparently it also headed to the breasts and caused constant nip-up for women, just like it’s been causing priapism for men and little boys.

                All these “minor side effects” that we shouldn’t ever have worried about, amIrite?

      2. And after admitting to all the horrific side effects and injuries, they will say “Hey, you chose to get jabbed, no one forced you!”

      3. There are commenters here and there on various conservative-leaning sites who have reported that young women they know, or are in their family – have had messed-up menstrual cycles after having had the Holy Vaxx. Or pregnant women who miscarried after it. Yeah, I know – on the internet, and anecdote is not data – but such accounts crop up often enough to be worrying.
        My daughter spent a good chunk of last year pregnant – and her OB-Gyn and the perinatal specialist that she was referred to (as she was pushing 40) only suggested getting the vaxx to her once, and never brought up the subject again when she refused. (Nothing, absolutely nothing which would endanger the survival of Wee Jamie, in utero!) Which kind of suggests to me that they had serious misgivings about it from the jump.
        Kirk, the retired Army NCO, who comments here and sometimes at Chicagoboyz has remarked often enough on adverse health effects from military administration of vaccinations and over-vaccinations.
        (With regard to the military – we used to have a bitter joke along those lines: “The military will take care of you … so don’t turn your back on it for an instant!”)

        1. Which kind of suggests to me that they had serious misgivings about it from the jump.

          One of the Dissident Doctors on Bret Weinstein’s channel was talking about the vaccines shortly after they’d been introduced and IIRC explained that there’s no way you even think about giving a new vaccine to pregnant women until it’s been thoroughly studied and tested and used on non-pregnant people for literally years.

          So I suspect that’s not misgivings about this specific vaccine, but about vaccines and pregnancy generally.

          1. “but about vaccines and pregnancy generally.”

            That. With a few specific exceptions (certain reproductive diseases in livestock) vaccinations are contraindicated in pregnant mammals, human or otherwise. Vaccines during pregnancy are a known trigger for abortion. Naturally, since pregnancy requires a certain laxity on the part of the immune system (so it doesn’t reject the foreign tissue that is the fetus), and the vaccine just goosed it.

          2. His statement is correct– but that basic normal precautions went out the window was a HUGE red flag, and I suspect it’s why even the mildly crazy ob/gyn didn’t even breath a word about getting the vaccine.

        2. There are commenters here and there on various conservative-leaning sites who have reported that young women they know, or are in their family – have had messed-up menstrual cycles after having had the Holy Vaxx. Or pregnant women who miscarried after it. Yeah, I know – on the internet, and anecdote is not data – but such accounts crop up often enough to be worrying.

          They tried to tell OB/GYNS that they weren’t really seeing a sudden influx of women coming in because their cycles showed up a week and change after their prior cycle.

          “Oh, that happens with stress, they’re just freaking out about getting a shot!”

          IE, hysterical women. :eyeroll:

          …no, no it doesn’t, not like that, if it was a few days early it would be annoying but not freak out. Showing up IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FERTILE CYCLE instead of after that cycle is completed is a huge health warning flag, :grumble grumble:.

          1. One of the frequent commenters on The Lotus Eaters said she went up two cup sizes after the vax.

            Sniggering aside, anything screwing with the hormonal system *that much* is dangerous.

            1. Holy crud, having kids only took me up one size.
              That sounds like inflammation of the tissue– assuming accurate description, anyways, internet, etc.

              For folks who don’t speak bra, a cup size is roughly one inch beyond the “belt” at the bottom of a bra.

              Training is basically just covering them in cloth, A is one inch, B is 2 inches, etc. Use to be that sports bras were effectively an A, but that hasn’t been true for a long time.

              Design of the bra, individual shape, activity level and changing situations, a woman might change bra size without there being an issue, but… two sizes? Unexpected changes in shape and condition is one of those “go to the doctor RIGHT NOW” signs, just like sudden massive changes in female cycles.

          2. What’s happening to the birth rate? If these complications are more than scattered anecdotes, they should be showing up in population statistics by now. Are they? Is anybody looking at those statistics?

            Or are they very carefully not looking at them?

            1. If these complications are more than scattered anecdotes, they should be showing up in population statistics by now.

              The CDC doesn’t directly track miscarriage, only stillbirths.

              That big study that was following pregnancy outcomes which should have finished the last births by September only had the early release of “nothing to worry about here– as long as you assume anything under 25% miscarriage rate is normal” never got a final report. That’s the one that is based on mostly Kaiser hospitals’ medical records. ( “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons.”)

              After folks got too picky about that not being finished, and then someone did a more intense examination and identified that, based on what the study said, first two trimester losses were insanely high, a new CDC report based on the v-safe self-reporting app.
              How can I participate?Once you get a COVID-19 vaccine, you can enroll in v-safe using your smartphone. Participation is voluntary and you can opt out at any time. You will receive text messages from v-safe around 2p.m.local time. To opt out, simply text “STOP” when v-safe sends you a text message. You can also start v-safe again by texting “START.” How long do v-safe check-ins last?During the first week after you get your vaccine, v-safe will send you a text message each day to ask how you are doing. Then you will get check-in messages once a week for up to 5 weeks. The questions v-safe asks should take less than 5 minutes to answer. If you need a second dose of vaccine, v-safe will provide a new 6-week check-in process so you can share your second-dosevaccine experience as well. You’ll also receive check-ins 3, 6, and 12 months after your final dose of vaccine.Is my health information safe?Yes. Your personal information in v-safe is protected so that it stays confidential and private.*

              Participants who “identified as pregnant” were looked at in that study, they found a 13% loss rate even with all those issues, looking at 20 weeks or earlier. Oh, and they made sure to include “people” who “identified as pregnant” after vaccination. >.>

              20 weeks is the point it, in theory, goes from miscarriage to still birth, and gets reported to the CDC.

              1. “20 weeks is the point it, in theory, goes from miscarriage to still birth, and gets reported to the CDC.”

                And since that is based loosely on the “trimester” / fetal viability in the abortion debate, you’ll have different states defining it according to their standards. Just to make sure there’s enough mud in the water for maximum clarity.

                As a result, you can’t do direct comparison between the feds and the sum of the states. Same issue crops up in “infant mortality” comparisons between countries.

                Defining terms is always the first step.

                1. And that’s before people “adjusting” the age of the kid for various reasons. (many of them non-nefarious, like that doctor who saved a premature child by ‘mistaking’ him for two weeks older)

              2. I meant the actual birth rate. How many children are being born this year, compared to 2019 and 2020?

                Any influence from the experimental retrovirus inoculations should have started showing up around June, with effects increasing as more people were injected.

                Is the birth rate down? If so, by how much? Does the curve track with anything related to the not-vaxx?

                Has anybody been asking those questions?

                1. That’s not reported for quite some time– but the CDC has reported that stillbirths and pregnancy losses went up with Delta.
                  …you know, when they started the vaccine drives.

          3. My cycle went a bit wonky, and I email-documented it to my doctor.

            Truth be told, I didn’t even worry about it, because my line of thinking was “I know what caused this, it will go back to normal soon, NBD.”

            It’s possible that my worry-meter isn’t calibrated properly.

            1. Eh, defensible if you were aware of the possibility.

              Hormone Stuff big enough to trigger it that you don’t know is going to happen is the big scary– that’s usually serious issues.

        3. It’s not in the mainstream news, but the reports are there and very scary. It’s been a couple months so I’m probably remembering the numbers slightly off but they should be close enough.

          British Columbia – Lyonsgate hospital 13 miscarriages in one day, all mothers vaccinated
          Waterloo, Ontario – hospital that has an average of 7 miscarriages/SIDS per year, for 2021 had close to 80
          Scotland – had enough miscarriages/SIDS higher than the average to trigger an investigation for 2021

          If you want to search, use a search engine other than Google.

      4. Apparently, miscarriages are now a major issue for “vaccinated” women. Gates did say he wanted 80% fewer people on the Earth.


      5. One of #2 son’s high school buddies and his new wife boasted last year of being vaxxed and boosted, She now has had three miscarriages in 2 years. We know of at least three other vaxxed couples who have had them too.

  6. “There is only one, exclusively European, colonialist imposition on the rest of the world, as far as philosophy goes, and that’s Marxism.”

    And while Western Civilization and its ideals have largely been a beacon for the world, it does deserve some serious damnation for letting the plague of Marxism in all its forms loose upon the world. The penance will likely be paid in blood – again. Let’s vow to make it the last time.

  7. ” BTW this morning he tells me that now the NYT is running with the idea that everyone who is against mandates is “really” a Russian agent.”

    And here I had the impression that the NYT has been an agency of the USSR since about the 1930s.

    1. I figure that Russians are now go-to villains for the Left because they’re apostates who overthrew the Soviet Union. And apostates are hated worst of all – more than unbelievers or even heretics.

      1. That would follow; the rabid lefties have all the earmarks of the worst sort of religious fanatics. I’ve seen the assertion (which sounds reasonable to me) that the main reason Trump is so hated by the left is that he’s an apostate who deserted the Dems when they “went rogue”. That is obviously unforgivable, like an ISIS leader who converts to Judaism.

  8. Absolutely…As I have said all along, when and if these lunatics start messing with our food, clothing, and/or shelter, things will go kinetic very rapidly…We’re Americans, not serfs…

  9. I have been following the Canada Freedom Convoy for days, and waiting to see how the media would frame it when they finally had to cover it. Today I read multiple stories about the protestors “desecrating” a national monument in Ottowa. “Vandals desecrated a monument!” they screamed on tv news.

    So I did some digging, and it turns out a protestor stood on the steps of the monument and jumped up and down, cheering. From that they went to “desecration” without a single morsel of shame for their lies.

    But alternate media goes around the gatekeepers and brings us the truth. They’re losing control. Good.

    1. Desecrating a national monument, huh? I am reminded of an incident, oh, about 45 years ago now, when the Queen’s University engineers’ annual pub crawl descended on Ottawa. First thing when we got off the bus (and of course, we’d started drinking as soon as we left Kingston) was to line up on the steps of the Parliament Building for a group photo. There was a (female) RCMP officer nominally standing guard, between the steps and the perpetual flame. Photo taken – well, first photo taken. Second photo was all of us doing an about face, dropping trou, and mooning the rest of the city. Said RCMP officer did her best Sgt. Schulz “I see nothing” interpretation. Then it was back in the bus and off to the pubs.

        1. They also put a placard around the neck of a statue of a US draft dodger, but then they took it off again after taking a picture.

          The fact that Canada has statues of a US draft dodger is a bit worrying, but OTOH they had to put up with him for X more years than we did. Advantage: US.

        1. Nit – the line was put into the mouth of the villain, in that he didn’t want the law restraining him.

  10. Solidarność is right. Shopping today, I was looking closely at what was out of stock, and there was a LOT that was single deep, if there at all. Talked to the baker, they haven’t been able to get ‘certain’ flour for over a week. And this is just a week into the BS. Fresh veggies were down probably 20%, bacon aisle had 3-4 foot gaps, etc. And gas approaching $4 a gallon in Texas? Oh hell no! I really wonder if a single one of these ‘elites’ ever sets foot in a grocery store, or do they just send minions… Grrrr…

    1. I hit the local HEB grocery today – the one that my daughter and I call “the Podunk” because it is nearest to us and ever-so-slightly downmarket, in contrast to our favored HEB outlet which is a but farther away but serves a less economically-blessed clientele – and hit a gold mine at the marked-down shelves. Olive oil, canned tomatoes and tomato paste. We both bought, and stashed away. Those items we use, and use lavishly.
      The nicest part? I dropped the bag with olive oil in it, on my way out of the market and getting the car keys out of my pocket, and the glass bottle was smashed. Fortunately, this happened right in front of the cart jockey on duty and one of their managers — and the manager sent the cart jockey into the market again, to get me another bottle of the same, after a squint at my receipt.
      Which was really nice of them – as technically-speaking, this minor disaster was all on me. I had already paid for it, was on my way to the car … they rightfully could have blown me off. But they didn’t. and so I forgive the Podunk for being such buttheads about masks in one incident, early last year.
      BTW, this Texas-based chain has been generally fantastic, during the Covidiocy. They rigorously promote from within, which probably spares them certain MBA-driven idiocies, and they looked and planned ahead, early on.
      They are also strongly-supportive of local suppliers and sources, and their distribution center is in San Antonio, which might explain why their shelves are mostly still well-stocked.

  11. I’ve never met an old, happy Progressive. If decade after decade after decade all of your great ideas keep not working, you either change your ideas, or you start looking for Kulaks. It’s that easy.

    1. “the study of happiness often sounds like a sermon for traditional values. The numbers show it is not the rich, privileged, robust, or good-looking who are happy; it is those who have spouses, friends, religion, and challenging, meaningful work” Steven Pinker of all people.

  12. I’ve never met a happy, old Progressive. If decade after decade after decade of your ideas don’t work, you either change your ideas or you start looking for Kulaks. Or, in this country, white supremacists.

  13. Amusingly, the last time I heard a “They’re all Russian agents!” claim, it was a claim the negative online comments about The Last Jedi were all being made by Russian bots.

    The International Lord of Hate had a post up mocking that claim.

  14. A young, fifty something, doctor friend blames all the empty shelves, etc. on those (especially me) who are un-vaccinated. I guess it’s the if your a carpenter with a hammer, every problem is a nail or if your a doctor with a syringe every problem is a virus.

    Actually I understand he is quite frightened. Everything’s out of his control, tumbling and rumbling, and as he’s a true believer in the majesty of the Great Reset and his own right think, he has to find something to blame it all on.

    1. “he has to find something to blame it all on.”

      The problem comes when he decides to do something about any unvaxxed that walk into his hospital.

  15. Plant. Plant a garden, even if only one tomato. Plant ideas. Plant rebellion. Just start planting.

    And keep seeds from what you harvest.

  16. I was too caught-up in the joking about Sarah being a “White Mormon Male” (who, like Larry before her, hails from the white … [checks notes] … hispanic land of Portugal), but something insidious only just occurred to me: they make this accusation becase they implicitly believe that White Mormon Males are automatically racist, homophobic, and sexist.

    And this, in turn, is a dispicable suggestion.

    But those making the accusations don’t care, because they have their narrative, and that’s all that matters.

      1. Heck, I’m a Latter-day Saint, and it took me this long to notice the hidden insult! It’s subtle, and when I saw it, I recognized it as a little window into their soul.

      2. Now the full schmere for you, Amanda, Kate, I think Cedar and several others was homophobic, misogynistic, racist, white Mormon males. So of course our counter was “Yeah, but they have great racks!”
        Really could not say that about Larry, Brad, and the guys in the whole Sad Puppy gang.

        1. No, but Larry’s the kind of guy you don’t want to insult if you’re within arms reach (and his arms are probably longer than yours).

          Or if he has a clear line of fire to you…

          1. I don’t know . . . it might depend on how witty, clever, and original the insult was. The usual stuff the left dishes out? Nah, not smart.

    1. They’ve broadcast that idea since the Prop 8 (the second time the state voted to ban same sex marriage) battle in California. The LDS Church fully supported Prop 8, so ads ran in at least one market that depicted LDS missionaries forcibly entering into the home of a same sex couple and terrorizing them.

  17. I’m Canadian, living in the US. My younger brother, his family and our parents live in Canada and my two older siblings with their extended families live in Australia. Up until Saturday night I was in a family chat with everyone. I like to one at them occasionally, as my younger brother, AFAIK is the only other conservative. So I asked if they were going to update Where’s Waldo with Where’s Trudeau? My older sisters response was to post a photo of someone at the protest who was holding a Canadian flag, a flag that said F*ck Trudeau, and a Nazi flag. When I asked her if she’d actually read any of the articles about what was happening, or was only reading the MSM, she told me that the Australian media is fair and balanced and accused me of supporting white supremacy. I am no longer in a group with my family. If this was Nazi Germany, they would be supporting the German government.

  18. Just imagine if half those Canucker Truckers decide to take a week off work “for covid symptoms”, and take with them a key chunk of the ignition system.

    Popcorn? (Hope someone stocked up…)

    Or, perhaps if the implications of that are too dire, they just drive real slow for a week, especially in small groups.

    I assure you, even that week long slowdown could trigger upheaval in places.

    I fully expect that the Ottawa regime to “make examples”, in an epic mistake that causes the thing they sought to prevent.

    (Must go buy popcorn…)

    An all most politely, of course.

    1. The problem with that is they own their own trucks, and a good chunk of them are paying off a minimum $120,000+ loan on it over three years. More likely pushing $150,000. These guys are paying out the arse for this protest, and I salute them for it.

      Too bad PM Hairstyle isn’t going to take the message seriously.

      1. All they have to do is put on BLM shirts and they can go around and pretty much loot whatever they want and get praised for it by the same Canadian government and global media.

  19. I’ve been mulling a think about people, politics, ideas, and power for a while now, and this dovetails into it a bit. Jordan Peterson says that ideas have people, and don’t want to die. The people thing that Olavo de Carvalho talks about as well. People are possessed by these ideas (simple ones. And lies- those are ideas, too).

    But you cannot kill an idea. You can discredit the idea. But people are what matter. People in politics matter. And people who go into politics (and bureaucracy), most of them do it for the power. You don’t convict an idea, you convict and sentence a person- or elect them. You can be tough on “crime” (as was the thing back in the 80s and 90s), but that means you must be tough on *criminals,* because they are the people that commit the crimes.

    The progressives don’t care if their ideas are discredited because it doesn’t matter. When Harry Reid lied about Mittens, he knew he was lying and we knew it too. What mattered was their guy won and the other guy lost (not our guy- Mittens was never our guy). The simple ideas that are so boringly predictable are not what gets elected- people do.

    They then use the power of that office to do things like muck up our entire transportation infrastructure and thereby the economy, impose ruinous lockdowns, and more. They do it because they are the people with the power. It’s not enough to prove them wrong. They need to be ridiculed at every turn, because they are ridiculous people- but it is the people and their actions that matter.

    Progressivism, Marxism, Communism- these things are pathways for people to gain power. Which they then use to pull the ladder up behind them and make sure nobody else gets any power ever again (vis the attempts in 2016, the many, many questions we still have about 2020). So who was it that made sure there were ballot drop boxes all over Georgia, Arizona, et al? What persons were involved in that debacle in every state? Are they elected positions? Recall them, run against them, investigate them, put them on trial.

    Trump had the right idea and the right campaign against Biden. The latter is a mentally failing old man who has been in politics his whole life. There’s a lot to condemn him for already there. Trump and his campaign just didn’t expect or react quickly enough to the massive fraud that was perpetrated against them and the rest of the people that voted for him.

    I’m still thinking on it. I wish Andrew Breitbart was still around. And Rush Limbaugh, and Jerry Pournelle and a bunch of others while I’m at it. A lot smarter people than me have spoken more intelligently and eloquently than I on this sort of thing, and I miss those wiser heads being around to bring common sense to the fight. Too often our side gets saddled with losers and establishment pricks (though I may repeat myself there). Jason Miyares and Winsome Sears seem like good folks, but where are their counterparts in Texas? Or Wyoming? Or heck, where are they in that cesspit on the East Coast, DC? Outside of Lauren Boebert and maybe a few others, who? Certainly not McCain, McConnell, or the like.

    The establishment pricks have had it their way for far too long. They need to be primaried by some folks with the stones to stand up to them. It took Virginia going through years of proggy rule after the people turned their backs on the ones that didn’t keep their promises in 2016-2018 to get where they are today. Is that what’s happening on a national level? Don’t know, myself, but it’s a nice thought. I just don’t put much faith in it yet.

    When are people going to learn that Progressives are after power and nothing else? Politicians don’t tax you to fund parks and give parades. They want power. How are we going to take that power back from the fed gov level and the bureaucrats? The president has the power to create and destroy on that level, but who outside of Trump would do it? DeSantis, I’m still not sure about. I like what he’s doing in Florida, but beyond that, I don’t know yet. Where’s our cabinet people, our non-backstabby folk that are willing to do the dirty job and clean up the swamp- and work themselves out of a job in the process? Because I think that’s what its going to take.

    Just some random thoughts on the current day. I believe it’s worth thinking about, at least.

        1. When I watch and see their offended hissy fit over that sad little misguided spontaneous protest on January 6 (spontaneous on the part of Trump supporters, won’t speculate on influencers with ulterior motives) I cannot help but think: Oh you pitiful fools, you have no idea what we are capable of when we decide to get serious. And literally tens of thousands of us have had years of experience with asymmetric warfare.

      1. Not the implication I was going for, actually. The other side has advocated violence, involuntary imprisonment (its not kidnapping when the government does it, viz Jan 6 detainees who’ve yet to be charged or have their day in court), deplatforming, silencing, removal from society (a euphemism?), re-education and more.

        I’d very much like to see people publicly denouncing the people that got us where we are with the lockdowns, the shampeachment, the election fraud, the criminals going unprosecuted (or let off lightly, or sent off without bail, or…), economy in shambles, the transportation infrastructure needlessly crumbling, the rampant inflation, the abuse and corruption of children in schools- and all the other things that we’ve suffered through. The point that I was wandering toward is that we’re not fighting (*figuratively* and with words, votes, and the like) Marxism- we’re fighting Marxists.

        I am most certainly not advocating violence, murder, or assassinations. That’s boog stuff, and I sincerely hope it never happens. Because, outside of a few world travelers and a mortal lot of soldiers and veterans, the *vast* majority of Americans do not know the terrible chaos that is civil war. That is a good thing. I would not wish such knowledge on the innocent.

        So, the people. You know that house representatives serve for two years, senators six before they must run for re-election, right? Do you know who *doesn’t*?

        The staff. They serve Republicans, Democrats, but they never leave. The bureaucrats. For a most of them, the same is true. Many of these are the “deep state” that you hear about.

        Also, who votes on the bills in the House of Representatives? The Representatives themselves? Want to bet on that? They often send representatives (HA!) themselves and don’t go. They don’t read the bills. These are the people that… represent *you.* And me. And the rest of us.

        If you want to change Congress, change the people in it. And *keep* changing them until someone does the right thing by you and yours. That’s just at the national level. What about in your district? Your school board? City council? Mayor and alderman? Are *they* representing *you,* or are they representing themselves and maybe a few wealthy backers?

        The people are what matter. Do you honestly think if socialism wasn’t getting AOC paid, she’d be pushing it? Or any of the other folks that get real, tangible benefit from it? What about the BLM leaders and their million dollar mansions? If they weren’t getting money and power from the idea, they wouldn’t be pushing it! The ideas are a means to an end. Socialism/Marxism/Communism is popular with two kinds of people: those that think they’ll get tangible goods from it and those that think they’ll be at the top when the dust settles and have all the power (and therefore get any tangible goods they want at that point).

        We can argue- and *win*- constantly with socialists, because their ideas are stupid, wrong, and often Nihilistic in their ends. But winning those arguments doesn’t matter if they keep power in the end. You have to elect representatives that *aren’t* socialists at the bare minimum. To do that you have to have honest elections and a politically aware and engaged population. The democrats have the latter- free stuff is a powerful draw to the lazy.

        We need more Trump, more DeSantis, more Youngkin and Sears, and MTG, and so on. We don’t get that by telling people about fractional reserve banking, the fair tax, and so on. It bores people that aren’t already politically aware and interested. Trump engaged more of the p*ssed off normal people than any other politician since Reagan because he spoke plainly and honestly. DC is corrupt. It’s time to drain the swamp. Hillary is crooked. He didn’t tell you he was going to tax you and then give a little of it back for this program or that. He ran on deregulation and cutting out the rot in Washington.

        No to violent revolution. We’re not there, and we don’t ever want to be. Yes to ridicule, to keeping one’s own representatives honest, and electing people that aren’t socialists (at the very least).

        1. “To do that you have to have honest elections ”

          Which we don’t have, and haven’t for a long time. I’ve posted too much evidence showing that.

          1. Correct. We *haven’t.* There are some promising things going on and a good direction, but we’re not there yet. The fact that we aren’t there means we have to clean up the justice system, too, because bet me that laws *haven’t* been broken, spindled, and mutilated and are going to be in 2022. Lot of work yet to be done.

    1. “The non-violent danger it posed”

      As opposed to violent, but mostly peaceful danger? As I was saying at Larry’s, the lies are so insulting obvious.

    2. “Is it merely the absence of physical violence and injury? That’s not unimportant but is insufficient as a definitional threshold.”

      Um, yeah, that is pretty much the definition of ‘non-violent protest’ in a nutshell. Unlike the ‘mostly peaceful protest’ description of video of a neighborhood in flames.

      1. You’ll never go anywhere as a scholar with thinking like that.

        If you stick to ordinary normal words, and ordinary normal thinking, you can’t confuse your audience with nonsense, insist that only your cronies are expert enough to comment, and dectuple down by demanding that we respect your authoriteh.

  20. white males have had absolutely NO advantage. My husband is mostly white (as much as any human being can be. But he well…. he doesn’t tan.) and time and again he was held back by this fact alone. Jobs and promotions went to women or “people of color” (EVER so much more sensitive than “Colored people” innit?) or preferably both, regardless of ability to perform.

    (Just a minute while I double check, yep still female …) Being a White (pale-ish, despite relatively easily ability to tan), or mostly of British Isles descended, with (recently discovered) French Jewish mixed in, woman (female), I’ve never seen any advantages. Not in hiring, not in promotions, not being kept on “longer”, not even with the ability to perform. Really don’t know what I did wrong (did because now retired). Well okay, if insist, if I take our illustrious VP Harris as an example, I can guess, but I don’t want to tar others that have been able to advance on their merit. Just saying. I do realize that if I’d had stayed with the US FS, once I got on permanently, it probably would have been different. But then I never, ever, wanted to get advancement not based on merit.

    But it also pisses me off to no end to know that people like your husband, and our sons, are going through this discrimination.

    My husband’s career didn’t have that problem. Women didn’t stick around long enough to get promoted to supervisor, let alone, the one management job. First 15 years it was hard for anyone to stick it out. But not true of the last 20. Then it is a very cold, very wet, very hot, muddy, dusty, depending on weather, working outside, job. Yes. there were days I’d say “dang it is nice outside wish I was working outside.” There were more sleet, hail, pouring down rain, icy, snowy, hot (asphalt usually), windy (dusty despite watering down asphalt), days, I’d say “Glad I’m not working outside!” too. Oh, pay was “how long have you worked there”, regardless of skill, or lack.

  21. Boris Badinov: Oh sure! Everyone is Russian agent now. When I was Russian agent, was very demanding! Must be master at blending in with strange foreign customs. Must make reports to Fearless Leader frequently and without delay! Is not cool anymore. Sure send off for one-time-pad in one of your cracker jack boxes.

  22. Sarah-I believe this is the article-https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/the-dangers-of-propaganda-to-propogandists

  23. A friend recently said that the erasure of women and ethnically diverse people that have gone before is so thorough he expects next wave of lefty idiots will claim to be the first WOMEN. There were no women before they were born. …. I wish I could say that’s unbelievable.

    This was part of my plan wrt to writing a Vermina Supreme book.

    A satirical send up of the brave women hagiographies that literally insists that women did not exist before modern times, and in fact were spontaneously generated around five minutes ago.

    1. But— but— what about the Benevolent Prehistoric Matriarchy that was overthrown by White Male Supremacists thousands of years ago, leading to all the evils in the world?

      1. What kind of progressive in good standing can’t hold two contradictory ideas at the same time?

      1. The basic idea is arguing that because the Democrats and the Republicans are determinedly ignoring the blatant cheating of 2020, the Democratic and Republican candidates were disqualified, and hence the real President is Vermin Supreme. Who is also America’s first woman president, and first president of color.

    2. I’d think that you were joking, but for my experience of going round and round and round again with an epically deluded woman in my writing group who appeared to believe that before passage of the national voting act bill that women in the US had no… no legal rights at all! She appeared to believe that all women – full stop – had been essentially barefoot, pregnant, powerless and brutally abused before 1920 or so. Having done a lot of research into women’s lives in 18th century America – I knew very well that this was just not the case. Gave her examples, cited local law and customs … did no good at all. Her mind was made up, not to be dislodged by any heavy artillery of fact that I could bring to bear.

      1. When facts argue with blind faith, facts lose. You weren’t arguing with a cogent, rational adult at that point but a cult member feeling their faith being threatened. No logic will convince a cultist that thinks you are a dangerous heretic.

      2. I’m having to keep telling some of my die-hard students the same thing. Plus “what was in the law book wasn’t always how it worked in real life.”

      3. My joke would be insisting that women literally did not exist. Plus a bunch of “Vermina didn’t have any female role models”, etc.

        The things satirized is most of the stuff around the Harris/Clinton/Pelosi ‘historic woman in politics’ push, the ‘need women in STEM’ push, and the ‘women don’t have enough role models’ stuff. Plus the Trans stuff.

        Which, as you say, includes delusion that is extremely close to the joke.

        I’m not confident that it wouldn’t run afoul of Poe’s law, even supposing that I could drop everything and write it in a month. Or even a week.

  24. If you say you are a woman, and someone misgenders you, shouldn’t they be condemned for transphobia?

      1. Hmmm. That is a more logical choice, but I expect people on the left will deny that such a thing as cisphobia is even possible. Maybe “I identify as a woman. Why are you misgendering me?”

  25. The morons pushing the “white supremacist” narrative (seriously folks, get a new playbook already) have yet to find an explanation for the fact that a significant number of Sikhs and Natives have joined the trucker protests.

    1. Russian agents in disguise!

      I can’t help remembering that old movie, ‘The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!’

      “Emergency! Everybody to get from street!”

    2. Ignore them. Declare them white. Call them race traitors.

      The special prizes go to those who do all three at once.

    3. The term I’ve heard tossed around is “internalized racism and white supremacy.” Which makes as much sense as accusing Sikhs of participating in settler colonialism back in South Asia. (I bailed out on that before I lost a brain cell.)

      1. “Internalized racism and white supremacy” is just as bogus and just as condescending as “false consciousness” and emanates from the same theory that rhymes with “Barksism”.

        1. Because they are one and the same. Critical theory, Marxism, feminism, racism, classism, sexism, and so on. Once you’ve learned to spot the tells, you can’t unsee them.

  26. Shesellsseashells and I were talking yesterday…and we both find it ironic as hell that if The Boog actually kicks off, it might be the Canadians that do it. THE. CANADIANS. The friendliest, most apologetic people in the world.

    It would be the most polite boog ever.

      1. Yeah, and to that point: it should be “Fuck aboat and find oat”. “Oot and aboot” is Scottish.

    1. When the heir of all the ages “has the honour to remain,”
      When he will not hear an insult, though men make it ne’er so plain,
      When his lips are schooled to meekness, when his back is bowed to blows –
      Well the keen aas-vogels know it-well the waiting jackal knows.

      Build on the flanks of Etna where the sullen smoke-puffs float –
      Or bathe in tropic waters where the lean fin dogs the boat –
      Cock the gun that is not loaded, cook the frozen dynamite –
      But oh, beware my Country, when my Country grows polite!


    2. I’ve been thinking about certain Churchill quotes for some time now. In particular: “When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite.”

      (Also, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.”)

  27. Interestingly, I’m not seeing any comments among my FB friends (and also my totally unscientific anecdotal data set) about the Canadian truckers one way or another. My primary explanation is that they are aware of it, but can’t process it, know that they should be able to process it, but still can’t, therefore they pretend it isn’t happening. My secondary explanation is that they have no clue it’s happening. I doubt the second one is accurate because a number of them have been consistently following the accepted talking points. So I’m waiting to hear about the Nazi trucker rally in Ottawa any day now…

  28. So now, it seems, we’ve all suddenly learned “Truck Justin Fudeau!” is how you say “Let’s Go Brandon!” in Canadian. And I guess that suddenness is simply the way a Cultural and Political Singularity works…

    More seriously, looking at the headline illustration and doing my best (American through and through, but I did live and work those few months in Canada, some years ago) to interpret it, as native Canadian speaking insider Canadian to same, only in graphics — this is barely a few degrees shy of boiling point. (Polite, eh?)

    And I don’t mean “pot will soon come to full rolling boil” nearly so much as I mean “that hole in the ground burps a cupful of water, then another, then a stream, then it’s ‘Oh, that’s why they call it a geyser!’ time.”

    Remember, they don’t have “our country exists because we said, No!”… no precedents. Switch is harder to flip, but more likely to get, ah, stuck for awhile once it closes.

    Just one interpretation, by outsider, others know better than I, and so forth… and yet. And, Yet.

    “Et Dona Ferentes” (see above) came to my mind too, right about then.

    1. Switch is harder to flip, but more likely to get, ah, stuck for awhile once it closes.

      Such switches have a significant hysteresis. The ‘off’ point is well below the ‘on’ point. This at least makes things less likely to go into oscillation – which generally makes things Even Worse because you’re never SURE things are over when that can happen.

    2. Canadians have an absolutely inordinate trust in government. When (not if, at this point) it breaks, the whiplash is likely to be impressive.

      For me, it took getting a government job to go full on “let’s privatize sidewalks” libertarian.

  29. We’ve already heard the “FIRST WOMAN” fallacy. First women to write in sci-fi and fantasy (forgetting people like Andre Norton) as an example. First women to go in the military– forgetting women who went into the militay in the 70s and 80s. and the organizations like WAC and WASP. And when you try to correct these assumptions (esp about military) they say– well they weren’t in combat. Unfortunately many women were in combat areas — as nurses etc. So their experiences don’t count? A lot of the “new women” need to be cut down to size.

    1. “A lot of the “new women” need to be cut down to size.”

      Do they make a microtome that will slice that fine?

    2. What gets me is that they forget the first SF/F mega-bestseller outside fandom was Anne McCaffrey. And that not a damned book prior to that was a major hit (generally speaking) without Judy-Lynn Del Ray backing it.

    3. forgetting women who went into the militay in the 70s and 80s. and the organizations like WAC and WASP … and combat area nurses

      (Hopefully turned block off correctly this time.)

      Not to mention the women who took up arms in the Revolutionary, Civil, 1812, Mexican, Texas Revolution, and the numerous frontiers.

      1. The women of Limerick drove off William’s men with stones during the assault on the Black Battery in 1689. I suspect that you’d see the same in Jericho if we had records.

    4. Seriously, Grace Hopper.

      WWII veteran after she was a teacher and had a doctorate in mathematics, was a freakin’ ROCK STAR for the history of computing, and… I only found out about her because my grandmother-in-law is a fangirl, in no small part because the Rear Admiral was so good with faces and names that she recognized said lady, and remembered she’d been seriously dating another Navy vet last time they’d met, YEARS prior, and inquired after him by name. (They’d married by that point and had a daughter.)

      We didn’t even get a to-do in school when the ship named for her was commissioned.

      1. When my eldest had a Famous American report to do in third grade, we steered him to Grace Hopper. I mean, perfect subject for a kid who loves computers and math.

        1. And she was a HOOT!

          Seriously, imagine this kind wizened looking gal, in an Admiral’s uniform, waving a handful of wires (the distance a signal travels in a nanosecond, look like long spagetti) around and talking animatedly. 😀

      1. *Ahem* Actually, there had been military nurses since WW1, and also women who volunteered to serve as telephone operators on the Western Front. I believe they held rank as Naval ratings.
        IIRC, the military nurses captured in the PI, after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor didn’t actually participate in the Death March. Not that one, anyway. The Japanese seemed to not quite know what to do with them, so they were treated as civilians and interned at the camp near Manila – Sao Tomas, I think. Too late in the day to look up specifics, but I do have the books on my shelves about their experience.

  30. #SadPuppies and #RabidPuppies tags dont autocomplete. #SadRobotPuppies deleted. But #NationalToastDay trending. #RIPTwitter

    Sadly, Sarah, I think they’re no longer on Sh*tter.

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