The picture above came from a search at Pexels for “jungle cat” so, in case you wonder the day dawned just as insane as the last few thousands of days.

I’m more or less — at long last — alive today. Which means the generic cold seems to finally be gone. And I was investigating redoing the covers for the shifters series when I should be working, of course, because well…. because. And yes, I actually know this is work too, it’s just…. not as?

I’m taking the day off from politics, lest #teamheadsonpikes starts making pointed arguments that make sense.

I’m hoping to spend some time with husband and son, while we still have son with us.

Oh, and if anyone really wants to give me a “jungle cat” that looks like the one above, well…. Havey probably could use a friend. (He prefers boys, for some reason. Probably because he misses Greebo.)

And now I’ll go do something that at least resembles work.

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  1. I make it a point to only adopt boy cats anymore. Boy cats hit each other and chase each other and hiss and spit and then go lay down together and lick each other’s heads. Girl cats get … catty.

    1. I’m still surprised L latched on to H and treated her like her big sister, an arrangement she eventually accepted, instead of the two becoming enemies. All the more surprising considering they’re both torties! R and C have been good adopted brothers from about the second day after I brought the latter home, though.

      1. Lil Bit, even as feral as she was, was accepted by both Emmy and Silver. Although they were too old to play with her. Cuddles yes, play no. Thought when she was 18 months and I found Thump, who was 3 weeks, maybe, she’d be thrilled. Not so much. She wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Nether would either of the other two, OTOH they were 20 and 17. Lil Bit never did accept him. Then Emmy, Silver, and Thump (too soon), were gone. We got a pair of 5 week old kittens, a ginger male, and tortie female, bonded. Lil Bit had a hissy fit. We didn’t know what the three were going to do when the inlaws brought over Freeway. We knew Lil Bit wasn’t going to be happy, and she isn’t. OTOH the kittens, then a year old, love, love, love, her. Play, cuddle, they do the full spectrum. They adore her, she adores them. Get all 3 running through the house, you’d think you have a herd of elephants running through. Lil Bit is the first cat that never has integrated with the other felines. IDKW. She doesn’t go fur flying and blood drawn displeasure. But she lets her feelings known, and she avoids the other 3 as much as possible.

        1. Female cats . . . it’s hit and miss if they will accept other cats or not. Males tend to be a lot more tolerant. although Sib’s cat never cottoned to Sib-in-Law’s cat. But Low-cat (he was short) had been an only-cat for over a decade.

          1. We have Freeway, because the inlaws, who rescued her off the freeway medium, cat had more than a hissy fit over her. BIL said he went “red-eyed demon, I-am-going-to-kill” on her. She was in a large kennel so he couldn’t get to her. He was a semi-feral they inherited when her dad passed away. We got first refusal (sure, uh huh, you’d think BIL didn’t know little brother, or me, for the last 43 years). Lil Bit is the only standoffish cat female or male, of the 15, male or female, we’ve had. The others even adopted all the dogs as honorary cats, which is something considered only two have even been close to their size (current one and last one). The other 4 were: two malamutes (inlaws dogs we regularly dog sat), and a German Shepard. Oh wait. The cats thought the big dogs were fluffy beds with moving attachments (tails) to play with. Either that, or at least the first 6, thought they were dogs. Shilo, German Shepard, did raise them.

            1. The foursome are all NotMyCats. They have people. But they seem to prefer the sun on my porch as it were. So they’re extended guests, I suppose. Most of the cats we’ve cohabitated with have been female, oncet a two sisters and a daughter were all pregnant at the same time. Fifteen kittens, three mommies. Several of the littles remained in the neighborhood and were quite cordial with each other.

              The foursome are split, two neutered males, two females. They tolerate each other, mostly. They also team hunt on occasion. Doofus, surprisingly enough, acts as a good stalking horse. While the prey is focused on him, Neighborcat and Othercat are the killers. They stalk, Doofus makes a spectacle of himself. Everybody wins (save the mice. And birds. And moles, snakes, spiders, rabbits, and most anything smaller than them). Nastycat tries. The insanity he is plagued with does not help his hunting prowess, so Neighborcat and Othercat often use him as a stalking horse.

              The four do not tolerate interlopers, however. No dog may intrude upon their domain unchallenged, and the visiting birds are just fast food. Other cats keep their distance, looking from afar. Behind house windows or across the fields uphill. Not even kittens are exempt. I’ve seen mother cats pick up their younglings and carry them back when they stray too far downhill. Something about the four makes them keep their distance.

              1. Feral cats will create colonies. Small colonies are probably started with a mother cat with her surviving kittens, and their kittens. But, locally, small familial colonies will attract other non-related strays, until the colonies can be huge.

                We have seen “team hunting”. Do not have video, because this was in ’81. Four cats stationed around a mound of dirt with hole, with dirt frantically flying out of hole. Occasionally one cat would reach out and swipe across/into hole. Finally the mole caught a paw. Cat must have jumped straight up 4 feet, paw shaking. Mole flew off. Cat scramble after mole. Mole made it back into hole, dirt flying again. They didn’t catch it that day. But it was eventually caught by one of them. One huge mole.

                The four would do the same with some wild doves or pigeons that frequented our backyard. Nothing funnier than watching a 3 week old bottle raised kitten stalk a bird that is 5 times bigger than him. When he was bigger he was one of the 4 stalking the moles and the big birds. Moles we would find evidence they were being caught. Pigeons we never did find any evidence of being caught. Other birds were caught. Snakes were delivered. We lived across from the head of a steep wild canyon. All 4 hunted in the canyon.

                1. Got to see a baby red-tail try to catch a half-grown kitten– screwed up the catch, so didn’t draw blood– landed and was trying to recover, sibling of almost-caught kitten jumped on red tailed hawk.

                  All three escaped without harm, and the cats became VERY paranoid about Stuff In The Sky.

                  1. Both my inlaws and grandparents couldn’t let cats, or small dogs, roam their properties. Hubby said inlaws had a few indoor/outdoor cats when they built on their 3/4 acre property on the Little Dechutes south of Sunriver. The semi-rural raised San Diego cats did not last. Their subsequent cat was indoors or leashed walks, only. Grandparents, when I was growing up, had a female cats who regularly had kittens, plus the big tom we left behind. Kittens never seemed to grow to big cats … a number were lost. When the two adult cats aged out and passed, subsequent cats wouldn’t last unless they were indoor cats. Last 40 years or so they lived on the property. Originally 5 acres, split of 2 1/4 acres in ’70s. Eagles and big owls were the problem. Coyotes weren’t. Inlaws malamutes taught their cats how to deal with big dogs. Grandparents had two border collies to teach theirs. Not to mention that the border collies would run down the coyotes if they came on the property. Malamutes didn’t have that option, as they were on chain lines or in kennels. They did make a racket though.

          2. Have always have had female cats; of course when they show up at the door to claim their new home, it isn’t as if you get to make a choice.

            1. Nine males, and six females. Right now we have one male, and 3 females. Dogs have been all females, all 3.

  2. Hope the “jungle cat” doesn’t kill one of the Faerie Folks. 😀

  3. I suddenly think it’s a good thing Hoyt Compound Lower Altitude is at unknown location, lest you have a porch full of “angry kitty fury in a box that wants let out now” and “neurotic kitten in a box” and “popcorn kittens in a basket”…

    And probably a ratel, and a falcon, and a plushie, and a pet rock. Because this crowd, man…

      1. Oh, no. An inbox full of kitten photos with “needs a good home.” Ach, my sympathies. That’s worse than a basketful of chocolate at your elbow right after you swear to go keto and lose 25 pounds…

      1. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for I am the meanest SOB in the Valley.

    1. Google tells me that “Ratels are strong, fearless fighters but in captivity can become tame and playful.”

      That sounds like *just* what a BbESP needs!

  4. Funny thing, you mentioned looking for a ginger cat while I was up there right when I finished putting on my Conquest/White Horse Catpocalypse shirt, where the Horsekitty in question is a ginger! I feel like I should have saved that one for lunch with you and Dan instead of going ahead and wearing the Death/Pale Horse shirt. We’ll keep fingers and paws crossed for you down here and we’re all glad the Safeway Special is finally going away!

    1. Well, if you manage to come to Texas for Wee Jamie’s formal christening, I can introduce you to Augie … who was a very tame and likely wholly-indoors ginger and white cat, dumped in the neighborhood by heartless prior owners. He was so traumatized by the experience that when we first found him, we thought he had been injured.
      He is still bullied by the other indoors girls.

      1. I’m guessing that was meant as its own comment? H, L, R, and C are quite happy being my only four! =P

      1. We should consider sending a box of pet rats to the White House. Either they’ll settle right in feeling perfectly at home; or they’ll fight tooth and nail to escape.

          1. Biden doesn’t even have the mental awareness to realize there is a new cat in the White House. His staffers got it so they could create a press story to try to distract from the ongoing disaster that is HarrisBiden.

  5. Pray for me. I have a female and a male cat who get to drive with me to North Idaho (from north of Seattle). It’s about 5 hours if you don’t take more than a rest stop break.
    They’ve lived together their whole lives, and Fiona is just a flat bitch to everyone.
    *I was trying to get to East TN, but finances and logistics dictated a more to a bit closer part of Free America.

    1. Five hours isn’t bad, as long as they stay on the dash, rather than trying to get under the pedals.

      And none of the rest stops on the way have large amounts of underbrush that they could slip their harnesses in.

      (One of my cats did that once at the first rest stop into Montana. Happily, she was so interested in exploring slowly that I was able to catch up with and capture her.)

      1. That’s what I had to do the first time that I drove from San Diego to Ogden, Utah, with a pair of cats who had hardly ever traveled by car for very long. We had some nice kitty sedatives for them, and each had a harness — and a long tether tied to it, and to something inside the car.
        One of them did make a break for it, at a gas station near St. George, and got hauled back into the car by the tether… The sedative had worn off, I think.

        1. Try driving with a juvenile (pet, sorta) raccoon from Beaufort SC to Annapolis MD. It was…*interesting*. Especially since his favorite perch was the top of my head.

          1. Sib and Sib-in-Law managed to move from Texas to the Midwest with two cats, a chinchilla, and a dozen or so fish. Everyone survived the move. Ditto when they relocated within the Midwest. I’m impressed. I never have asked how they managed to keep the fish-tank intact.

              1. No, to be honest, I have no idea where Blackwell came from. My mind goes in strange directions. Well, that and a bit of “How do you make a non-mammal. non-lizard Familiar work?” Blackwell swam up.

      2. We drove from Claremont, CA (east of LA) to Rochester, NY over four and a half days with three cats…it was an adventure! Then with those same cats to Saratoga Springs, and then down to Philly. Drove down to Texas from Philly with just one cat…but man did he howl on day one. By Day 2 Max was quiet husband joked that Max thought it was just further to the abattoir than expected. He still thought he was going to die. LOL!

        1. Many years back, we moved from South Carolina to Richmond, VA with our two Maine Coons, affectionately known as Fat Cat and Flat Cat. (Same height: Fat weighed 27 pounds and Flat weighed 12 soaking wet.) Both of them raised hell, but Flat was by far the smarter and realized that I couldn’t hear them over the engines. So he saved the *really* heartrending noises for gas stops, and they were heartrending indeed.

    2. Good luck with the move! Holly who comments here has a lot of connections in the state so she’ll definitely be able to help you out.

    3. Hey Kathy,
      I’m at the opposite end of the state, but went to college up in Moscow. Poke me if you need help there: I still have friends around.

      I’ll warn you, they’ve had snow for the record books this winter. Moving stuff could get interesting in all the bad ways. Don’t hurt yourself.

      Ashen, thanks for the heads-up!

    4. Our boys moved in a (“medium”– big enough for the kids to play in) dog carrier, and when we drove from Texas all three were in a rabbit box we modified to lay sideways and put three stories into.

      Good luck.

    5. We drove from Riverside to Lawrence with ours in a carrier. He’s a big guy, so we got a carrier sized for a small dog, and wedged it behind the driver’s seat.

    6. Prayers issued. Glad you can get out of Seattle like you want to.

      We’ve traveled with cats. First time was “getting out of dodge” when no one knew what the new Spirit Lake natural dam was going to do. Our rental was in the flood plain along the Columbia. Not working, so went visiting the folks and inlaws out of town. Loaded both cars with what we could, and took the pets, including 2 cats. Got called back to work, so back we went. Travel time 3 hours. (3 hours to my folks, then 3 hours to his, then 3 hours home). At one cat squalling the first 30 minutes (she was NOT Happy).

      We’ve had two cats that loved cars and loved traveling. Probably because they were bottle babies, and traveled with us regularly as tiny kittens. One of them had to be taken to work every day, for weeks.

      But we’ve always used kennels, when we moved cats. No free roaming.

      Do have adorable pictures (print/slides) of one black and white tux kitten (1980) curled on hubbies’ shoulder as he drove. Another one of a black kitten (1981) curled up on the same place, again as he drove. We had a kennel for them when they were active. But sleepy kittens got different options.

    7. Happy to hear that, Kathy. I’m in Eastern WA, only a few miles away from the Free State of Idaho…depending on which part of n’Idaho you’re going to, we might almost be neighbors. Hooray for moving to Free America! 🙂

  6. Neghborcat and Othercat decline to move cross country. The hunting is good, the laps are warm, and you needs to get back to scritching, hooman. At least that’s what I interpret them to say. Nastycat is still insane. He decided to attack the ivy in the front yard… because. Came back once again covered in something sticky and greasy, *not* wanting bathtime (got it anyway). Doofus got caught in the screen door again. With the door open right beside him. Crying to get out. Two inches to the right was evidently a bridge too far for poor Doofus. The fluff has penetrated his tiny skull and is suffocating the last remaining brain cells, or so Neighborcat says.

    The hunting of mice continues apace. We are gifted with all-dead ones lately, rather than only half dead. This being the work of Neighborcat rather than Doofus and Othercat, who only like to play with their food, Neighborcat hunts on the clock. Punch in, one dead mouse, stop for scritching, off to work again. Othercat dreams of dead squirrels. Unrequited, of course.

    Last week the Nastycat the cat-goat decided to scale the house and got stuck in the gutter. Somehow. Cleaning the gutter goo was once again not appreciated, and he gave me nasty looks for a whole day after. He’s stopped visiting the car lot as they haven’t been feeding him on the sly anymore. We got to listen to him sing the song of is people again today, attempting to romance what I think is a ferret or some kind of weasel through the neighbor’s window. Said weasel did not even give the poor lad the time of day.

    Doofus today attempted to play in traffic again. No accident this time, but he came back floofed up to twice his size and very jumpy. Probably another near miss. I maintain that Doofus should be, or used to be, an indoor cat as he doesn’t quite get this outdoors thing. It’s loud, there aren’t any sofas outdoors to lay on, and hardly anybody pays him his proper attention. Also, dogs. Doofus disapproves of dogs. Muchly.

    Othercat went missing some days past. No answering to any calls or entreaties by his people, nothing. Then back up he shows last night like nothing happened. Othercat’s disappearances are mysterious. No one knows where he goes or where he’s been. Attempts to follow him by the littlest of his people have come to naught. But he always comes back, sometimes with new scars. Never tells anyone a thing. Othercat could teach folks a thing or two about keeping secrets.

    The foursome still appreciate the free food and occasional lodging, though.

  7. So, if a shifter turns into a cat, and the cat has polydactyly, does the shifter also have more than the usual number of fingers and toes?

        1. I’m with Pam on this one. The Dragon shifters don’t have wings or even similar appendages so Polydactyl shifters probably wouldn’t have extra fingers? Of course the official definition will neither be Pam’s or mine 🙂 .

      1. Building off of Pam’s comment– it seems like it would depend on if they turn into a… whatzit… Platonic ideal, I think it’s called?

        The foundational THING that is THE thing.

        So, they turn into “Ideal Cat,” and it’s modified from there.


        They have human form, and cat form?

        Just realized I’m assuming that changes carry across, that is an actual variable– scars, cuts….suddenly imagining a lion who shaves his head and has no mane….

          1. Seems like it’d be the most immediate end, then– the are really shifting between forms (like how I shift from sitting to standing) rather than turning into X shape, or turning into X archetype (modified to match or not).

            … FWIW, I only have this stuff on-hand because I needed *SOMETHING* for a magic worker to geek out about, and the difference between a shrinking potion and a “turn you pixie sized” potion seemed like it would be useful; also healing vs growth, and thus why not everyone is packing around a healing potion to knock back any time they get hurt.

            1. Shrinking potions seem rather generic. Drink and shrink to the limits of the potion. Potion of Pixie Size is a very specific bit of magic. Theoretically, you could be the size of a microbe from drinking a couple of generic shrinking potions, then drink a Potion of Pixie Size which would then ENLARGE you.

              Attempting to apply logic to magic is almost as difficult as attempting to apply logic to progressivism.

              1. Depends on the magic, doesn’t it?

                Look at cooking– at one point, baking was magic. You put the bread out, and it either rose, or it didn’t. Then someone figured out ‘yeast’….

                Or look at stones. What the ancients meant by “ruby” isn’t what we mean by “ruby.” Theirs was color. Ours is elemental description and crystal format.

                So, if you’re going to have a Mad Scientist type magician… he’s going to have to try to figure out what the magic is actually doing. Is it shrinking you? Or is it making you X size?

                  1. Of course there are places where magic has rules, Heinlein’s Magic Inc. , Nivens The Magic Goes Away, Rick Cooks Wizards Bane. Always fun to have a set of rules…

  8. No cats for me at the present…I’ve wound up with two parrots. One of whom was my parents’.

  9. I’m taking the day off from politics, lest #teamheadsonpikes starts making pointed arguments that make sense.

    You can take a day off from Politics but will Politics take a day off from you?

      1. *headdesk*

        I know, I know, when the US gets a cold the rest of the world comes down with terminal pneumonia, but come on. Really? The thing Canada wants to steal from the US is… RussiaRussiaRussia?

        Let them have Biden! Free to a good home. He’s confused a lot, and he lies, and he likes to sniff little kids hair creepily, and he’s been corrupt… But he’s old and he’ll be harmless if you ignore him and just keep him fed and watered like a plant. Just don’t put him in government is all.

      2. I will see your stupid and raise you an asinine. From


        You’ll be shocked to hear that the body of this essay goes on to warn that the convoy is also about “white nationalists” and “climate change deniers.” It’s like they have a bucket of this shit next to their desks, and they just slop it all over the page in random order whenever an editor pokes them with a stick. How do you know the waiter has brought a journalist the wrong food? Because he points at it and says, “These tacos are white nationalism, climate denier!”

        1. I’m sorry to admit that I’m no longer surprised by this sort of thing. Many in the media and “leadership” have no desire to do anything but parrot* the latest approved slogans of attack, probably because they have grown too intellectually lazy to put in the effort to be creative (and heaven forefend they go against the Party Line.)

          *With all due apologies to parrots, mynah birds, macaws, corvids, and other birds.

          1. They’ve been carefully trained in universities and schools to do so. Marxist critical theory and its bastard children are as intellectually lazy as one can get. It does not even take anyone particularly bright to realize this. It is childishly simple to pick apart quite literally anything and call it -ist or -ism. Cheese is racist, electrical engineering is sexist, and cheap ebooks are oppression upon the working class- you or I could write any of these in our sleep and get them accepted to any number of glitterati news and professional publications.

            The plaudits one gets from certain quarters only ensures the continuation of goblin thinking. There is no need for rigor, internal consistency, or the difficulty inherent in explaining complex concepts in clear, unambiguous language. Quite the opposite, in fact. The more opaque the text, the better received, as I believe we’ve discussed before.

            And so anything that even mildly threatens one of the cossetted clueless the response is terribly and boringly predictable. Their intellectual toolbox is quite small, its implements crude and simple in all the worst ways. Blaming Russia was, in a way, novel for the poor dears. They tried blaming Christians, whites, males, rich people (just not their rich people), straight folk, Israel, and Conservatives and it didn’t work like it used to. Trump proved to be impervious to their old tricks.

            We know those old tricks well. The riots remind you of anything? They tried that before in the sixties and seventies. Discrediting troublesome opponents with blatant lies (like Robert Bork, et al)? That tactic is as old as politics itself. -Ist and ism are simple variants of that.

            And so it is that policies that have attempted to murder an ailing economy result in outcry and push back. The news cycle is as predictable as it is tawdry. The presstitutes are just tools, however. Patsies protecting those in power that lead them by the nose. These stories, along with Russia/Ukraine, Omycrud, and the next (Taiwan, or some other sensational scandal is in the wings, never you doubt it), while serious, are useful distractions. Even Biden’s mumbling incoherence is, too. Build Bad Bolshevism is a failure, but what else is going on beneath that? Where are the Jan 6 detainees? What’s going on with the clean up of the election mess from 2020? And all the retiring Democrats pre 2022, hardly a peep going on there.

            That’s not to mention what the bureaus are up to. The IRS, the fibbies, home land insecurity, and so on. The eff ups we know of are hardly the only ones, and based on their actions thus far, I expect in 2037 there will be more than a few revelations about what went on behind the scenes.

            Changing the culture is a slow process, but it *is* ongoing. I remain doubtful of the left’s new realization that lockdown theater was both a bad thing and worse than useless against the latest flu scare. I am waiting on the fall of Fauci to happen, though he’s a much better schemer than he is a doctor.

            Considering all that, the occasional cat picture day is good for mental health reasons. As well as legal ones. We don’t want Sarah to go to jail, she’d miss out on writing time and who knows what else.

          2. No. It’s because the narrative has approved villains. And if you don’t fit the approved villains? You have to fit, anyway. Or how I became a white, Mormon male.

            1. Their philosophy ideology has long practiced packaged identity. Internally it follows the form of “As a GOOD Feminist/Person-of-Color/Homosexual/Leftist/Party member you must believe ALL of the following …”

              Externally, it requires that anybody who disagrees in ANY element must be tainted with disagreement in all, because their identity politics is a package deal: no individual selection is permitted. You MAY NOT Take “one from Column A, two from Column B” because that way lies the end of group solidarity, dissolution of their identity matrix and a beginning of free thought.

              Identity Politics is incompatible with Individuality.

              1. For example:

                The Hill: Poll: 76% Want Biden To Consider ‘All Possible Nominees’ To Replace Breyer

                Ergo, three-quarters of Americans are Racist, Sexist and White Supremacists. Probably several varieties of Phobes, as well.

                1. What’s especially funny is when they broke down the internals, 72% of the non People of Pallor agreed that AA for judges is a bad idea.

      3. Brave Sir Justin ran away.
        Bravely ran away away.
        When danger reared it’s ugly head,
        He bravely turned his tail and fled.
        Yes, brave Sir Justin turned about
        And gallantly he chickened out.
        Swiftly taking to his feet,
        He beat a very brave retreat.
        Bravest of the brave, Sir Jusin!

  10. Taking the day off from politics is a good thing when you can do it.

    Since I’m part of the ‘Unacceptable Fringe Minority” (That’s Canadian for ‘Deplorables’) it’s a bit tough to do at the moment. We’re trying to get our country back at the moment, so please pardon the mess….

        1. Some time ago the Babylon Bee posted stating that they were no longer going to satirize Biden, since every time they tried he topped it. I think the media and Trusseau fit in the same category.

      1. Tha Hell!! I ain’t Russian, I am take Life at a leisurely stroll, pausing periodically to peruse the roses.

      1. Luckily with r/cats and the related subreddits this problem has been solved… we expect sufficient CIBU (Cat Image Bandwidth Usage) to sustain the internet well into the 22nd century unless there are major breakthroughs in Cat image compression and Cat steganography.

  11. Sarah, I read some time ago that you wrote that you are a “Revolutionary War Hoyt-in Law”…If that is so, we may be related. My 4th great-grandfather was Nehemiah HOYT, a Green Mountain Boy who lived in Castleton, Vt. I am also DOUBLY related to Nehemiah’s brother, Noah.
    Nehemiah married Sarah (MOORE?) MOULTON (as her 2nd husband). Previously she was married to Captain Abel MOULTON,who died in the War. Sarah and Abel had one child, Sarah….who married Noah….. Both HOYT MEN married into the RICHMOND and CAZIER families.(oh, my, the gene pool).
    Nehemiah and Sarah (MOORE’S?) daughter Nancy married Philo RICHMOND; Nancy and Philo’s son, Trajan HOYT RICHMOND married Lydia CAZIER….Then, wait for it….Noah and Sarah (MOULTON’s) daughter Sarah (HOYT) married Lydia CAZIER RICHMOND’s brother, John LECONTE CAZIER.
    If any of this sounds familiar to you or to your husband, please let me hear from you….you certainly have the right name for marrying into the HOYT family.
    By the way, I do have the HOYT, HAIGHT, ETC. Anthology, and can see how you found at least one of your pen names. Elise HYATT.

  12. >> “Oh, and if anyone really wants to give me a “jungle cat” that looks like the one above, well…. Havey probably could use a friend.”

    I thought Dan wasn’t going to let you have any more cats while your current ones are still around?

    Anyway, a while back I offered to try and contact Leslie Fish to see if she had any of her breed available. The offer still stands, if you’re actually ready for one.

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