I’ve Been Fighting A Bug ALL Year

I’ve been fighting some kind of respiratory thing all year, and finally got meds on Friday. No, it’s not Covid, or at least those tests were negative (Thought he reliability of the tests is low, since three of us tested, you’d expect at least one positive.)

Other people who had this took two weeks to get better. To be fair, we are better, just not yet well. I suspect because we were so rundown from working on the house in CO and multiple trips back and forth.

Anyway, I’m trying to get done with Bowl of Red, and I thought some of you might not have listened to this yet, and might enjoy it. And yep, I’m being supremely lazy and echoing this interview at Mad Genius Club too.

If you need incentive: I say Moose and Squirrel at the end. 😉

Worldshapers Podcast interview.

55 thoughts on “I’ve Been Fighting A Bug ALL Year

  1. There’s a terrifying thought… you guys having this WHILE working on the house in Colorado, with no Theoretically Responsible Adult to go be responsible at the other Theoretically Responsible Adult.

    (Search your heart; you know it is true. You take much better care of each other than yourselves!)

      1. You forgot the ™. Also, are you sure we have to disavow? I haven’t got the memo yet on what The Science ™ is this week.

        1. Better to disavow on general principles. Wouldn’t want to be caught being Insufficiently Enthusiastic! after all.

    1. “Bugs, Mr. Rico. Zillions of em!”

      Looks like Sauve qui peut may be in order… Check with the Sky Marshal. Who is the Sky Marshal? Its that Neo Cat Havelock…

      1. The SDS-940 had a loader-debugger by that name. Engelbert and English refer to it in their 1968 conference paper, which I am reading.

      2. Tops-10 / Tops-20 had a symbolic Debugger DDT. I believe Tops-10 had an absolute debugger named FLIT (FLIT being a WWII/ 1950s bug spray originally DDT based). I think the OS for the DG MV10000 had a symbolic debugger named RAID. I’m not sure on FLIT I only worked on Tops-10 for a year in college, and an absolute debugger is not a tool for learners, or those without Wheel privileges :-). Similarly my memory of RAID may be wrong, I was an operator/ tutor on that system senior year in college.

        1. “Quick Henry, the Flit!”

          The amusing thing? The fellow who did at least some of those ads… was a fellow by the name of Theodor Geisel.

          Well, in full, Theodor Seuss Geisel.

        1. When I ran a search (as opposed to stumbling upon it while reading the article that went with 1968 “Mother of All Demos”) apparently it is a popular name for debugging tools on various platforms, even today.

  2. I listened to part of that audio a few days ago and laughed with pleasure. You remind me of my favorite neighbors when I lived in Germany, and it was such a lovely surprise.

    I’ll say extra prayers for your full recovery. It’s awful to have a nagging bug. Feeling punk all the time sucks.

  3. Heh. Moose and skvirrel.

    A few years ago, when I thought about Miles Vorkosigan’s speaking with a flat Betan accent in his role of Miles Naismith (I think of Kipling’s “Yankee delegate” making a speech that begins, “There’s a girl in Jersey City who works on the telephone”), and wondered what he sounded like when he was being Miles Vorkosigan. It struck me that with the Russian influence, Barrayarans probably all sounded like Boris and Natasha. So now I hear Miles and Ivan talking like Boris Badenov . . .

  4. {Listening to Havelock breathe into microphone between every sentence.}
    “Even though the character is a total ditz.” [I can almost place that accent….]

  5. I was just contemplating your health while I was canning carrots today. They’re pickled carrots with dill, a jalapeno strip, and a garlic clove. So pretty, and canning helps me calm my mind and think deeply.

    If I might make a suggestion from the contemplative depths of the canning bath. Find a local honey bee place and buy their honey. Take a tablespoon of that every day. Bees collect pollen, and that makes up their honey, and your body will recognize this place as your new home once you start eating the honey made from your new ecosystem. Or, this is just an old wives tale. But you’ll still get delicious honey out of it, so why not?

    My best prayers for your continued recovery.

      1. Get Orvan to run a stampede of bison into the house. Colorado must have that as a reason for insurance companies to pony up replacement cost.

          1. I think Mike was figuring for more a.. trigger effect… but where to GET a herd of bison and get such to the right area presents nontrivial difficulties. Also, not sure what the insurance would then cover, even if such was feasible.

          2. I also fear that as minotaurs are usually thought to be from Greek Mythology a Minotaur stamped would be considered an Act of God(s)…

      2. Sarah, I hope you’ve talked to an attorney about suing that first realtor for everything but his underwear.

      3. Things are not going well in the markets, May be something, may be nothing. I think it’s the beginning of something really big and really bad. If you can, please get the damned thing sold.

          1. Interest rates are not your friend here. All this price and asset inflation seems to finally be flowing through to rates. Housing prices and mortgage rates tend to be inversely related. There’s a very real possibility that the FRB will “surprise” with a rate increase this month to show they’re still in charge, especially after Biden’s latest disaster. They need some shock and awe. Historically, that Fed tightening has been the prick that pops the bubble and we’re in the middle of a world historic bubble right now.

            on the other hand, the really big bubble seems to be in multi family (5+ Units). That market is currently nuts.

            I hope it works out for you but don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  6. Sara, please check out Stangel Maneuver” on YouTube. Most common pulmonary diseases are inflammatory. In response, lungs make phlegm which is often difficult to clear. Uncleared mucous becomes increasingly thick and increasingly difficult to mobilize

  7. When the interviewer asked where to find you, I didn’t notice a mention of here, unless it’s lack of sleep thereby attention on my part. Was that intentional?

      1. I tend not to look at info on podcasts, as I generally listen whilst driving a semi, and touching my phone when I’m moving is a $3000.00 ticket, and another $10,000 for my company.

  8. Glad you and Dan had recovered enough for the lunch to happen before I left! Hope all of you have made some progress in recovery and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to stay in the new city! It’s a real gem for sure (and even I felt less brain fogged with no right foot pain during my visit).

      1. Glad it was worth it, and for whatever it’s worth the only physical problems I had came from driving fatigue (and dreading going back to the Realm of the Overlords in mandatory overtime) more than anything so whatever you two might have had didn’t affect me. Hope the new addition to the coffee shrine is fitting in well, too!

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