Extract from the diary of Abigail Keeva-Remy, aged 14:

December is just no fun at all, except at the end. In December, as observant USAians we fast and freeze in memory of Valley Forge, when the USAian cause seemed dead before birth.

I imagine it’s very difficult for my friends who are observant Christians to prepare for joy and fast and freeze. Though they tell me it’s also a penitential time, of preparing your soul to receive the redeemer. I wouldn’t know. Dad says that my grandparent’s religion is revolution. I’m not sure what he means by that, but he doesn’t seem pleased by it. And Christianity was forbidden so long they retain an habit of secrecy, so it’s hard to make them explain fully.

Oh, and I’m very glad my family is not that observant, so we’re not required to wear summer clothes for two weeks, even if it’s a blizzard out. But the temperature controls in the house never go above sixty, no matter what.

Till Christmas. On Christmas morning, while the newly legalized Christian faithful open gifts, and light up their trees, we light up our tree and houses too. Only our tree is an oak, the same we use for the high holy holidays in July, with red paper on the base to symbolize blood.

And then we eat gingerbread men shaped like hessian soldiers. You always bite their heads first. And you wish each other liberty and joy.

But in January, there’s another somber holiday, the last one in the string. My friends tell me for Christians it’s epiphany, and that it’s even harder to celebrate with the USAian holiday, because it’s the feast of G-d made manifest in the world.

I’d say ours is the feast of G-d working in the world through people, also. People who never give up, and keep fighting for what’s right.

Dad says it’s the anniversary of the Glorious Sixth. It wasn’t the end. It wasn’t even the beginning of the end. But it was people standing up for USAian ideals against one of the more serious attempts to destroy the Republic.

I don’t understand all the history yet. I probably will, someday. But dad says that we learn the history in the ritual, so it becomes part of us.

So on the sixth, we remember those who died or were unjustly imprisoned on sixth. Then we remember all those who died for Usaian ideals.

Of course, it’s impossible to remember them all. Some we never knew the name of, or it was lost in the turmoils. But we remember those we knew, and those in our own family.

We light a candle for each of those who purchased our ultimate freedom with their lives and share stories of our absent companions who fell in the dark years.

And eat apple pie salted with our tears by the light of those candles.

78 thoughts on “A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE

  1. Saint Ashli’s Day.
    A bunch of folks who had watched for more than two years while the other side rioted and looted, burned and murdered, so they thought they might just get away with a truly peaceful protest that did in fact include a bit of trespass, into public buildings of course.
    And there is still a school of thought that even that small criminal activity was in fact fomented by disguised government agents provocateur in the crowd.
    Organized insurrection? It is to laugh.
    Time comes for that you can take that tiny smattering of civil disobedience and turn it into serious opposition to our lords and masters and conduct it in thousands of locations across the nation.
    Think January 6 has the socialist scum crapping their pants?
    They have not seen anything yet.

    1. Somehow, the “insurrectionists, ” are a real danger to “Our Democracy,” yet they’re also blithering incompetents. What insurrection worthy of the name doesn’t have a Molotov cocktail or two?
      I do wish more people would rub their two brain cells together and think.

      1. It isn’t like they were throwing bricks, shooting off commercial grade fireworks, and throwing firebombs at the police and government buildings; all things that BLM and Antifa did with vocal support from Democrats, many of whom provided actual financial aid to the BLM and Antifa folks. And it isn’t like they were chanting “no borders, no walls, NO USA AT ALL”, the way BLM and Antifa are.

        The real insurrectionists are the BLM and Antifa activists who openly declare their desire to destroy the USA and its constitutional republic and do so in OPENLY in the name of communist revolution.

        Meanwhile BLM and Antifa mobs who burned buildings and injured or even killed people are not prosecuted while hundreds of J6 protestors have been held for lengthy periods, some almost a year, without trial and notwithstanding the presumption of innocence, in conditions that are worse than those on death row.

        No state media spin can change these plain and simple facts.

        1. “The real insurrectionists are the BLM and Antifa activists who openly declare their desire to destroy the USA and its constitutional republic and do so in OPENLY in the name of communist revolution.”

          Yep. While patriots rot in prison, the insurrectionists are out in the open and making a billion-dollar business out of it. And so are the traitors — everyone in government, big business, and various institutions who publicly egged the insurrectionists on, planned it, and profited from it.

        2. But Att. Gen. Garland said that the Antifa riots don’t count because they were at night, when the buildings weren’t being used!

          Okay, now do the Kavanaugh rioters who took over the Senate building…

          The thing for socialist systems (fascist and communist) is always to present a rationale. It doesn’t matter how absurd that rationale is to a clear-thinking person. The important thing is to present the rationale. And then once that rationale is stated, you are required to believe it’s the truth. Again, no matter how absurd it is.

          1. How about the public union members who stormed the Wisconsin state legislature to prevent a vote on public employee reforms, something which Nancy Pelosi declared to be “democracy in action”. And of course the leftist environmentalists who did a sit-in in Pelosi’s own office. They certainly weren’t charged with anything.

        1. Yeah, how did the Democrats become the ‘Party of the Working Class’ anyway? Weren’t they always the party of the Southern plantation owners? And their spiritual (and in some cases literal) successors?

          1. In New York City, Boston, and Chicago (and a few other places,) the Democrats acted to help immigrants, providing some small benefits in exchange for votes. Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed, “honest graft,” and all that. And they actually did keep things working and buildings built, and chaos somewhat limited (limited to opponents of Tammany Hall, but hey.) Those people were working class, and the (R), especially in Congress, got the credit or blame for the banks, steel mills, vertically-integrated industries, and the Panics of 1873 and 1883 and 1893. The northern Dems used that to their advantage after 1903.

          2. The Democrats started out as the party of stealing Amerind land to give to settlers. The plantation owners became Democrats when the anti-slavery Republicans emerged as the other party following the collapse of the mercantilist Whigs. After the Civil War the Democrats latched on to the nascent Progressive movement to regain enough power to get Reconstruction ended.

        2. At least one of the agitators on January 6 was no supporter of President Trump at all. Shortly after the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis in 2020, John Earle Sullivan, an activist from Utah and founder of Insurgence USA, was involved in an anti-police protest in Provo, This wasn’t entirely peaceful, because a motorist who was driving through the protest scene was shot while attempting to leave. Sullivan as an organizer was charged with inciting riot. On January 6, he was in Washington DC attempting to incite Trump supporters at the Capitol to violence and videotaped the shooting of Ashli Babbit, On the one hand, he appeared to be sympathetic to Antifa and BLM, On the other, his brother was associated with Proud Boys, On the gripping hand, he wasn’t trusted by either side and was suspected of being either a law-enforcement plant or a self-serving grifter.

        3. It’s standard Communist orthodoxy to call themselves “Democratic” by which they mean “socialist and proletarian” which really means demagogues out in front of a mob. So when someone says “democracy”, you must always ask which sense is meant: 1) a constitutionally restricted “voice of the people” democracy, 2) a classical Greek “tyranny of the majority” democracy, 3) a Communist fake democracy, or 4) a “government by the Democratic Party” democracy? It is not quite clear whether the last of these is clearly distinguishable from the previous two, although in spite of its pretensions, it is most likely not the first.

      2. One of the gun grabber groups were trying to claim DC’s gun control laws were the only thing that kept the “insurrection” from being worse. Since, of course, people intent on “oVeRTHrOwInG dEMocRAcY” would obey gun control laws… *eyeroll*

    2. The Left treats January 6th as Guy Fawkes Day, when they foiled an attempt to blow up Parliament. We on the Right need to treat January 6th the same as the Boston Massacre. Only this time there was even less justification to murder Ashli Babbitt than there was to kill Crispus Attucks.

      1. They are treating it as Pearl Harbor and 9/11; “President” Harris (Biden’s own term) said so herself. Remember that Democratic Party LEADERSHIP has repeatedly referred to ALL people who disagree with them, not merely the J6 protesters, as “enemies of the state”, “deplorables”, “bitter clingers” and a whole host of pejoratives that make it clear that if they could simply wipe us from existence, they would.

        The fact that their competence and intelligence is severely lacking doesn’t change their desire.

        1. They are the Educated, the Enlightened, the Progressives — which means that everybody else is, by definition, even stupider than they are. They keep telling themselves so, it must be true!
          ‘Progressives’ will do the wrong thing just because the people they hate do the right thing.

          1. And the hilarious thing is, there are a heck of a lot of conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarian, and others on the Right with way more education than the self-proclaimed Educated, Enlightened, Progressive Left,

            1. Eh…

              “Educated” implies formal education. And people with post-graduate degrees (i.e. the highest levels of formal education) tend to align themselves with the left.

            2. As with all things, your actual level or field of education don;t count unless you have the right correct political views.

        2. Now that’s just wrong of them. Biden occupying the Oval Office was the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.

          1. More like Palpatine becoming Emperor, except he’s played by Leslie Nielsen and he’s really a puppet of Darth Jar Jar.

            Okay, maybe I need more sleep.

              1. It’s a fan theory, also parodied by Robot Chicken at least once.
                (Which I consider to be canon even if others do not.) 😀

  2. ‘Twas not ordinary, that 6th January,
    The obvious Astroturf plot.
    I pray in good season the ones who did treason
    Despite their denials get caught.

  3. Interesting times… Especially with the blather from the administration this morning and the blame game…

    1. Shared without comment with a few friends. First reply received was, “Amen.” Sent that person the links to ATH 01/05 and 01/06 posts. He will appreciate them.

  4. There are videos of more than a dozen instigators smashing in the Capitol Building doors and windows.

    Why have none of them been arrested?

    Why have none of them been identified?

    Why are the Fibbies not even looking for them?

    Strange, strange goings-on all around that mostly peaceful protest.

      1. Democrats took the opportunity of the protest to do their very own Reichstag Fire, for the same purposes as the original.

        1. They even tried to do a Horst Wessel with Brian Sicknick. I’m surprised somebody didn’t write a song.
          The Capitol is OUR house. Congresscritters are just the help.

          1. They borrowed one from “Hamilton” instead. Which . . . yeah. No further comment.*

            *Not a “Hamilton” fan, more because of the style of the compositions than the content of the musical itself.

  5. “Instructor, why are those animals scratched on the wall in the basement?”

    “Well, child, those are pictures of wolverines and fish. When this building was a holding pen for insurrectionists back during the unrest times there must have been people who called themselves “Christians” and “patriots” down there. “. They had some sort of secret code that they used to message each other. They still do even now. But don’t worry. Those are old drawings. However, if you ever see newly scratched examples you need to be on your toes. Because that means those insurrectionists are around ready to cause trouble.

    “There are still insurrectionists!? I thought they were all taken care of a long time ago”!

    “It turns out they are harder to root out than expected. Especially the ones who follow both creeds, Christianity and Republicanism. For some reason they think G-d is on their side and if they resist long enough they will have victory. Which is ridiculous. If there even was such a thing as G-d he would have helped them by now and not let them get captured and suffer. ”

    “I thought we weren’t supposed to use the R-word or the C-word”.

    “Normally, no, and I never expect to hear it from you. However, you are almost old enough to choose your gender and its time you start hearing the hard things. Remember, if you ever see fresh scratchings of subversive ideas or hear anyone mention these ideas, proceed immediately to the nearest moderator and report it. These people are very wiley and they have seductive tongues. You will not last in a battle of wits with them. Your only hope is to have them silenced before you hear what they have to say. Remember, Silence is Violence when not reporting possible Republican behavior.”

    1. I’ve read an article where a son who turned his own father in for 1/6 is now oh so anxious that his father may be radicalized by jail.

    2. Remember Christianity does better when persecuted. It winnows those only there for the rice bowl, leaving only true followers of Jesus/God/HS. We just have a minor problem later: What do you do with those who broke under torture?

      It is frustrating to deal with pharisees of any denomination who only care about following rules. The paradox is to know when to not follow rules, yet to do it right, follow rules better than the pharisee, by doing what the rules point to, not simply what they say. A map and territory quandary, since rules never are a perfect match for reality, only dark illusion.

      We are not promised success. We are only promised true HOPE, which is the possibility of success. This is why despair is a sin, and why John’s father is told to shut up by the Angel. Never tell God what He can’t do.

      1. “The gates of heaven are lightly locked,
        We do not guard our gold,
        Men may uproot where worlds begin,
        Or read the name of the nameless sin;
        But if he fail or if he win
        To no good man is told.

        “The men of the East may spell the stars,
        And times and triumphs mark,
        But the men signed of the cross of Christ
        Go gaily in the dark.

        “The men of the East may search the scrolls
        For sure fates and fame,
        But the men that drink the blood of God
        Go singing to their shame.

        “The wise men know what wicked things
        Are written on the sky,
        They trim sad lamps, they touch sad strings,
        Hearing the heavy purple wings,
        Where the forgotten seraph kings
        Still plot how God shall die.

        “The wise men know all evil things
        Under the twisted trees,
        Where the perverse in pleasure pine
        And men are weary of green wine
        And sick of crimson seas.

        “But you and all the kind of Christ
        Are ignorant and brave,
        And you have wars you hardly win
        And souls you hardly save.

        “I tell you naught for your comfort,
        Yea, naught for your desire,
        Save that the sky grows darker yet
        And the sea rises higher.

        “Night shall be thrice night over you,
        And heaven an iron cope.
        Do you have joy without a cause,
        Yea, faith without a hope?”

        1. I would rather face anything with Christ than be given everything without Him.

          Those who seek too strenuously to hold onto what this world offers will lose it and the world to come (Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36).

          Yeah, my instincts are to follow General Patton’s famous advice about making the other guy die; but when it comes down to it, my only true weapon is my faith–which is a gift from God, not something I can brag about (See Romans 10:17, Ephesians 2:8-9).

          Do I want to see America return to being America? Certainly! And I’m willing to do what I can. Which does not include being duped by Federal Agents into committing crimes.
          www (dot) nytimes (dot) com/2021/09/25/us/politics/capitol-riot-fbi-informant.html

          Will I “kill a commie for Christ”? I don’t think there is a Bible verse to back that up; but I can show you my Cold War era DD-214… might cost you a slice of apple or cherry pie and some decent coffee tho’…

          Some folks might understand what my avatar means.

          1. One of the left’s heresies is that a “christian” must be a pacifist, (a peacemaker), not realizing that it is the soldier who is the peacekeeper. Those who stood on the wall, or in my case an army base communications center, from 1967 to 1969. I never saw “action”, yet was essential. Top secret clearance. Worked nights, doing nothing, yet was essential. When you go to war, you must be prepared to kill. I am responsible for what I did not do, because my actions supported those who directly did.

            If you are not prepared to go to war, war will come to you unprepared. The importance of the peacekeepers. The Roman soldiers who kept the peace, were not told by Jesus to stop being soldiers. It is likely that at least one of the Roman soldiers who killed Jesus became a Christian, since we seem to have testimony in the gospels from someone present in the dividing the clothing.

            God gives each of us gifts. How will we use them? Each called, but to different paths.

            My avatar seems to not be recognized. It says i am unknown. I am Presbypoet.

      2. What do you do with those who broke under torture?

        At Survival School we were taught that breaking under torture (and anyone can be broken, given time and the right interrogator), was not in and of itself a moral failing. It’s what you did next that makes the difference.

        There were examples in the Hanoi Hilton of men breaking and giving up some information. When the NVA interrogators came back at them later, expecting an easy time, these men made the Communists start all over again in the process of breaking them. Eventually it got to the point that the NVA risked killing them (bad for propaganda purposes) without getting any significant amount of intelligence or propaganda statements from them.

        What they did NOT do was break faith with their fellow POWs. They did not give information on others, or cooperate with the NVA in spying on or subverting their comrades.

        So what do you do with those that broke? Find out how they handled themselves afterwards, and welcome those that did not break faith back into the fold, and help them regain their strength and self-respect.

        Active collaborators on the other hand…

      1. I like the story we got from a Native American in Maine. Back in the day, the British sent a ship to Machias, ME to
        “restore order, ” and the captain took a long boat of troops in. The colonists and the local tribes had been having a three day binge – I mean, party- to celebrate their new anti-British alliance. The chief saw the oncoming boat and said something like, ” I can hit that! Hold my beer!” (The colonists were starting to panic). He took the shot, and got the British commander. His ‘loyal’ crew instantly turned the boat around and headed back for their ship. When they reported in, they claimed they’d been faced by a hoard of howling savages and rebels and just escaped with their lives.

    1. “Secret commandos, authorized to shoot to kill, were at the Capitol. FBI and ATF law enforcement confront supporters of President Donald Trump as they protested inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.”


  6. “And then we eat gingerbread men shaped like hessian soldiers. You always bite their heads first. And you wish each other liberty and joy.”

    I now have a brand-new January tradition. 😀

  7. I tell my daughter that our Hostess knew she was an American long before she knew where America was.

    I was a Usaian long before I knew what that was. No pie for me tonight, so a crisp apple will have to suffice

    1. Peel an apple. Cut it into small pieces in a bowl. Toss in a packet of instant oatmeal. Add a table spoonful of brown sugar, a dash of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of butter. Add just enough water to get the oatmeal wet. Nuke it for a minute or so. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a chunk of good Vermont cheddar (make sure there’s no Bernie clinging to it.)

  8. Yes, Joe Pseudodent, let us confront the truth, on the record, today as your media Gobbeli gobble …

    The compromises in the election processes – junk-mail voting, hasty changes in election rules, and irregular activity in counting the votes; perpetrated by judges, governors and other unauthorized parties in haste in a crisis-not-to-waste – tainted the election as much as bad police procedure taints courtroom evidence that leads to its exclusion … and the government, as opposed to its individual operatives, does not qualify for the presumption of innocence.

    The compromises are all the evidence that is needed, that this election can’t be trusted and should have been sent to the House per the Constitution to vote in a President, not merely certify a compromised election. Of course, that would have led to Trump winning a second term, and they couldn’t validate 75 million deplorable people like that.

    And it is reinforced by the courts ducking their duty to adjudicate the process on technicalities.

    It is the job of government to prove that this election was on the up-and-up. And “because we say so” is not sufficient.

    The unrest of January 6 2021 would never have happened, had our leaders adhered to Constitutional requirements and processes – both before the election to avoid the compromises, and once the compromises became evident. This is the elephant in the room, that shall not be named – much less discussed – according to Big Tech, the media, and the Powers that Be.

    But the Tarkin Effect applies to their efforts here … and the recent repudiation by Omicron reality of the lockdown panic-demic paradigm will likely deny the compromisers the cover to play fast-and-loose with the process as they did in 2020, in 2022 and 2024.

  9. A memory in a cup.
    Drink it down, hold it up.

    A day in history.
    What it means, we’ve yet to see.

    Lift your eyes to the sky,
    Lift your prayers and hold them high.

    Distil the truth to memory
    Pour the wine, let it flow free.

  10. Remember, the Left is the Wile Coyote of politics (of course, the Republicans are Elmer Fudd). So all their insurrection talk will come back to haunt them if we ever get another leader with a backbone. Imagine declaring an Antifa/BLM riot an insurrection, justifying the use of federal forces.

  11. It’s obvious to me that the reason they keep bringing up Pearl Harbor is that they are planning an all-out nuclear attack on the American heartland. This is because that is where the resistance to their pedophilia comes from.

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