Apple Pie by Bill Reader

Apple Pie by Bill Reader


Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Honorable 6th.

I don’t know how you are planning on commemorating today. But let me tell you how I am commemorating it.

First, I’ve bought an apple pie, and a candle.

Second, I’ve spent some time locating the direction of Washington DC.

Tomorrow I’m going to go about my usual routine. I shall eat dinner as usual, although I intend fully to listen to a selection of patriotic songs as I do so.

Once I am finished with dinner, I am going to clean up the table, bring out the apple pie, and flip the bird in the direction of Washington DC. Both fingers, with gusto.

Then I am going to place my candle on my apple pie, and light it to the memory of Ashley Babbitt and the poor souls imprisoned and tortured by the Biden regime. I’ll remember the people still being held in solitary confinement, without proper food or hygiene, at the government’s leisure, while the government—remind yourself, this is ostensibly the government of a free people— pretends to get around to holding fair trials. Of course, it will be all be over the moment they agree to be a public turncoat, as we’ve seen.

 So I will say a little prayer for them. But I will say one other prayer also—a prayer for other victims of socialists around the world. I will pray for them all together— because all of them are. If you’re struck with disbelief that the American government is doing such things, consider instead that it is the Democratic government doing them. This is the result of a government staffed mostly by one political party.

What kind of a party? The party that protested on the streets because Islamic terrorists who devoted their entire lives to plotting the deaths of random American civilians, terrorists who were trying actively to kill American soldiers overseas when they were captured, were not receiving “fair trials”. But naturally, they are now denying fair trials to actual Americans who entered the capitol in protest. In, it has been pointed out, the same manner Leftist protestors did during the Kavanaugh confirmation. But it’s not hypocrisy. Where you live by principles, the Left lives by goals.

And the January 6th protestors were a threat to those goals. Not because the protestors wanted to destroy the system of American government, as the Left lied then, and lies now, but because the franchise that lies at the heart of it was being discarded, and their protest threatened to make people aware that it was being discarded. And it had to be discarded, you see, because that selfsame government had decided said franchise was a threat to Democracy—defined as “rule by Democrats”— and only the destruction of that franchise could save Democracy as so defined. It was therefore necessary to change electoral rules illegally at the last minute in order to permit fraud, and then refuse absolutely to allow audits. And to allow Democrat shock troops to threaten any judges the issue of audits was put before.

We’ll never know in detail how badly the franchise was damaged because an accounting of the wound was never allowed by the men standing over Lady Liberty with a knife. They told us everything was fine and she was resting, and that remains the semi-official line even today, though the pool of blood is soaking our shoes. A partial audit of what was not even by a country mile the most suspicious state demonstrated that they still got caught. And that was after everything else. After a mysterious warehouse fire “coincidentally” destroyed a huge number of Arizona ballots preventing them from ever being examined, after the routers needed to fully complete even the limited audit that was allowed were hastily re-appropriated for no well-defined reason. After a promise was secured not to allow a true signature-match audit— because that would have shredded whatever vestige of the benefit of the doubt the thieves had left after that parade of damning revelations.

In fact if there is anything we’ve learned since January 6th it’s that the protestors were more correct than they probably even knew. Perhaps more than some of them know even today, stuck as they are in the belly of the government whale. As for mister 81-million-votes, however many of those were actually cast by voters, future generations shall need to guess. Current ones are already guessing.

Once you understand that the goal was being threatened, you’ll see there’s nothing inconsistent at all about their policy. They defended the basic rights of people who wish to immiserate Americans and destroy America. They are torturing and denying the basic rights of people who wished to draw attention to the crime of the century— the theft of a nation. And doing it while busying themselves with their primary tasks—immiserating Americans and destroying America.

The protestors on the Honorable 6th were my fellow Americans. I know not what country their torturers hail from, but from all that they say, I know they don’t wish America well. Wherever it is, they seem to have learned their manners and politics from the East Germans, the Soviets, and the National Socialists. Perhaps we shall see these creatures at our own Nuremburg someday, and find out whose orders they were following.

But tomorrow is not, alas, that day. Maybe if we can beat the fraud apparatus just once more, we will find within this nation the will and ability to rip the gears out of that fatal machine, and expose the architects pulling the levers inside it. With the help of the brave perhaps we can again be the home of the free. The… energetic effort by the White House handlers, working tirelessly behind the shambling embarrassment that is Joe Biden to dismantle this country to its studs, has done remarkable damage—but it is breeding nemesis. There may be coming an electoral backlash so profound that even fraud as blatant as what we have seen cannot touch it.

And I hope dearly that is the case, because I want nothing less than to see a real insurrection in the United States. If one happens then there will be no going back. We will no longer be a damaged country but a fallen one. The successor will be an open question. If you’re sitting around hoping for one, all I can say is that you can’t hope to keep the baby when the bathwater, bathtub, and bathroom are violently ejected into the middle distance. We’ll be better off fixing the corrupt mess that we have, and showing future generations that corrupt messes can be fixed, than leaving future generations nothing more to hope for than a descent into pre-civilizational chaos each time the parasites outgrow the host.

But if that message or the message that surrender to the parasites is all a man can hope for, if the only alternative is a legacy of oppression in silence, then I also know the lesser of two evils. I pray that the American government has enough vestigial sense not to do things that demand a true rebellion. The major players have all the resources they need to ensure for themselves comfortable retirements wherever they like, if they aren’t stupid enough to push it. But their overblown reaction to the protest on the 6th is concerning. If they want to stigmatize resistance to the government so early and so hard, how much more do they plan to do to justify and demand not just protest, but more? Do the coordinated walk-backs of the COVID restrictions, now that much of the American populace has gotten sick of them and started ignoring them, hint at some vestige of sense? I don’t know. I hope. I hope.

And then, having expressed my own disdain for our miserable aristocrats, and having said a prayer to the memory of those killed and those languishing at the hands of the same socialist scourge that has throttled other societies and is trying to destroy ours, I will have a slice of apple pie.

Because I, unlike the people holding the J6 protestors hostage, am an American. I hold in contempt any man who thinks he is better than me merely because he can threaten me with force. I support those who defend the integrity of the vote—that is, those who want all fair and legitimate votes counted, and only those votes counted, as opposed to the charlatans encouraging people to root for more votes, from any source, for any reason, from the same person twice or thrice, from people claiming to be people who didn’t show up, from people giving home addresses from nonexistent places, from illegals, from people who were taken advantage of by ballot harvesters, from nobody at all but a printer in a lonely office somewhere. I especially support people willing to stand up to people who want to see America destroyed, and on January 6th that choice is clear. Though a government composed of perhaps millions of people and trillions of dollars, with the aid of their omnipresent media apparatus, wants you to see them as the innocent victims of the same people who also continue to suffer at their hands—even so, the choice is clear.

Because that contempt for aristocracy, and the protest we commemorate tomorrow, are as American as apple pie.

114 thoughts on “Apple Pie by Bill Reader

  1. Speaking of investigations, looks like True The Vote (an organization I’ve supported since it was founded) has gotten a serious one going in Georgia:
    “According to interviews and documents reviewed by Just the News, Raffensperger’s office received a detailed complaint from conservative voter integrity group True the Vote on Nov. 30 saying it had assembled evidence that scores of activists worked with nonprofit groups to collect and deliver thousands of absentee ballots, often during wee-hour operations, to temporary voting drop boxes distributed around the state during the pandemic.”

    Note that the founder of True The Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht, and her husband have had their businesses and personal lives subjected to continuous harassment by the American Stasi at IRS, DEA, EPA, FBI, etc,

    “Good Guys” my ass.

        1. Just so long as it isn’t shut down for “lack of evidence” the day after the election.

            1. The evidence has already been presented by True the Vote, who did what Raffensperger should have been doing. The concern is that the day after the election, it’ll be announced that, so sorry, but it just wasn’t enough/the witness(es) weren’t reliable enough/etc…

  2. Well I don’t need a second cup of coffee now. What a barn burner of an essay.

    The communists seized the gears of power and thought they’d won. Instead, we annoying Americans have insisted on resisting their tyranny. Every day more control is slipping away from them, and the midterms rise on the horizon like a tsunami. I fully agree that it is best if we scrub the government clean instead of burning it to the ground. And I think we can do that.

    “You can’t stop the signal, Mal.”

    1. Most countries are very careful to instill “respect” for their government in their populace.

      We threw off one oppressive government already. And the current oppressive government is busy tagging as many points of the Declaration of Independence as it can.

      The King’s governors and sheriffs ran away, and George III and his Parliament were too far away to reach. Which the traitors in the District of Columbia and various state capitols have forgotten; they have no place to go if they finally manage to start the “civil unrest” they seem to want so badly.

      1. Gotta love the way leftists try to instill respect for the government in us. “How can anyone with hunting rifles possibly stand up to a government with tanks, jets, and atomic bombs! That’s why that 2nd Amendment claim is false! That’s why you have to capitulate!

        Really? Then how come Biden and Co gave up on Afghanistan as soon as they took office?

        1. It is funny when you contrast their actions with their statements, isn’t it?

          On one hand, Of Course all the cogs do what they want, and nobody ever has a good reason to do otherwise.

          On the other, they keep trying to purge the military, and medical, and schools, of all these bad-think… and then they either get told they can’t do that, or the thing collapses while the HOrrible Bad Purged go along just fine in their new area.

    2. They believe they have taken over America because they’ve bought off the scum that floats on top. They have no clue what’s underneath, approaching the boiling point.
      ‘Progressives’ believe everybody else is even stupider than they are. This explains a lot.

  3. They seem to want to turn down the covid hysteria. But it may be too late for that. I have no idea what will happen as they try to carefully remove the lid from the pressure cooker when some of the people inside are desperately trying to pull it back down.

  4. The ostensible reason for backing off some of the “rules,” is that various “elites,” are now catching WuFlu and realizing it’s not limited to inherently inferior, “anti-vaxxers,” or people from red states. But another factor may be, what happens when they catch WuFlu, and it’s not as bad as they expect? Will they congratulate
    themselves on being vaccinated, or be angry they wasted so much time and energy worrying?

    1. I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s that they need a victory – any victory – very badly, and right now SARS-2 is the only possibility they’ve got.

  5. You forgot to mention one of the Democrats’ core constituencies — the dead voters. They can always be counted on to vote Democrat in perpetuity.
    My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

    1. Some of whom, in N.Carolina, have been voting since the Civil War! If only we knew their secret to long life…

  6. I choose to celebrate every day I wake up this side of the dirt because I’m nominally “alive and kicking”. Going through a fight against multiple cancers in your body does that.

    We also have multiple other cancers in the American body politic. We need to root them out, expose them, and apply corrections as appropriate. But let’s be certain before we do or say things that can’t be undone/unsaid/forgiven. Potential allies might appear to be enemies until their delusion fades.

    God bless you all! And God bless the USA.

    May we always prioritize the best.

  7. The entire purpose of the Democrats’ congressional star chamber is to prevent Trump from running again in 2024 and to prevent enough Republicans from running for reelection in 2022 for them to keep control of Congress by default. Note the involvement of professional Democratic Party fraudster Marc Elias, who helped create and push the bogus Steele dossier and Russia collusion hoax in 2016 and whose use of lawfare in 2020 resulting in sue and settle rewrites of election rules enabled Democrats to steal key states in that election. Democrats are up to their usual tricks because the LAST thing that they want is for voters to have a genuine say in the elections; because they know if voters do, Democrats will be crushed.

    Using the Democratic Party standard, Harris and all the other Democrats who openly supported, even financially, the Antifa and BLM rioters who openly stated that their goal was the overthrow of the US Constitutional system should be barred from office. Never mind that Democrats spent four years challenging the 2016 elections and refused to recognize Trump’s election as legitimate throughout his entire term, nor the other times Democrats routinely vote against certifying Electoral College results and assert elections were stolen (Stacy Abrams anyone?).

    It is very clear that Democrats have no intention of allowing genuine elections to be conducted this year and that they intend to keep and expand their power “by any means necessary”. The question is whether they will be able to do so and if they do, get away with it.

    1. Hmmm, let’s see now, who do we remember that were big on throwing their political opponents in jail? I know I heard about that somewhere…
      The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

    2. No. They won’t. Though you’re surely right, they’ll try. Like Satan, they have a very limited playbook.
      At some point we will refuse to be ruled by bureaucratic lickspittles.
      They did it in Athens, Tennessee in August of 1946, and we can do it again, throughout the Republic.

  8. Can our Republic be saved, salvaged, resurrected?

    Yes, of course, but only if we the people do it as well as talk about doing it.

    I think I was accused of being black pilled over a 6 January comment I made earlier (It’s hard to be sure as threads get tangled a bit.), but I wasn’t saying we’ll lose, I wasn’t suggesting there’s no hope, I was and am saying don’t get cocky, many win the day, slack off a bit,and lose the war. As that astute American philosopher, R. Carpenter, reporting for the Dallas Post, said in the seventies; It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

    Yes we can save the Republic perhaps without bloody confrontation. If enough people John Galt. If truckers stand and don’t deliver to D.C. If we give unto Caesar, pay our taxes, but not a smidgen more and not a second earlier than necessary so the government’s not earning interest on our money, If enough of us find ways to say no, I shan’t comply each and every day.

    If enough of us do as well as talk, and no, doing isn’t necessarily manning the barricades, She also serves who makes them stand and wait while she spend 45 minutes digging through her purse looking for her non-existent papers.

    I don’t expect to live to see the risen America, none the less I will do everything I can to assure such occurs!

    Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do to emasculate your countries enemies.

  9. I’m sorry to be a wet blanket. I cannot think of an instance when oppressive government changed to freedom without either war or the death of the strongman in charge. We don’t have a single strongman here. The future looks bleak.

    Elections are window dressing now. They exist to allow for the existence of “political action groups” which are just ways to give cover to bribes. If what Leftists are doing were brought to light, they know they would be in danger of being killed. That’s the only reason for the really bad political theater they do. Outright tyranny would endanger their lives. And that, unfortunately, is the only thing that will make them stop.

    1. Eh. But America is unique, dude. And think about this: in the face of unprecedented brain washing, people went and voted for Trump in such numbers that the left had to fraud openly, in front of everyone.
      This is not how winners act. They’re not winning.
      They aren’t fully installing their oppressive regime. And if they did, they couldn’t make it run.

          1. True getting rid of cancer costs more than just money. I’d show you (some of) my scars. I don’t expect America to be easier to fix than I was.

      1. Also remember that, now that they have occupied DC (in a manner reminiscent of how Paris was occupied in 1940) they have managed to push the conflict down into state and local levels … where more and more of our neighbors can no longer ignore the reality of what the occupiers advocate and are rejecting it where they’re at … and where free men and women still have elected officials who are willing to ignore and even push back on the DC overreach in favor of federalism.

        Which makes it easier for all of us us to ignore and/or push back on the occupiers as irrelevant, instead of being compelled to submit in every area. We saw it in Loudon County, VA, and Southlake TX … and in the governors’ offices of FL, TX, SD, and other states.

        We shall fight them in the schools …
        We shall fight them on the playing fields …
        We shall fight them in our offices,
        and in our factories …
        We shall fight them on the highways,
        and on their receiving docks …
        We shall fight them in our city halls,
        and state capitals …


        This could be our finest hour … if we are resolved to reject dependence upon the social technocracy that has come to dominate the free world, and return to reliance upon those closest to the problems: ourselves and our neighbors (and Naybors), to find the answers we need and use them wisely.

    2. What about most of Eastern Europe in 1989-1991? Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and East Germany all went from oppression to freedom without war or the death of the Communist leader in charge. (Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania was the exception.)

      1. And there remains the fact that the USSR only survived because we FED them. Communism is inherently parasitic. There’s no one to feed America. And no country large and wealthy enough for the US to conquer and despoil. Communism isn’t possible in America, period.

  10. Those who believe themselves “aristocrats” demand we acclaim them as such and thus fearfully obey them.


    Not hardly.

      1. Anymore whenever I hear the phrase “apple pie” in a political context, I mind myself of the popular TV series, Justified in which an antagonist — Mags Bennet (played by Margo Martindale) — served her opponents (in politics and crime to the extent there’s a difference) a drink she called Apple Pie. Poisoned moonshine.

        I think we should serve the junta some metaphorical Apple Pie.

    1. (Apocryphal)

      Newly arrived Brit to doughty american ‘peasant’ (farmer): Take me to your Master.

      American farmer to Brit: (Spits) SOB ain’t been born yet.

  11. Since it’s the eve of the Pelosi Reichstag fire, I think we would do well to remember that there is a simple question of probability in play. Since all the senior insurrectionists seem to be FBI agents or agents provocateurs it would be rational to assume that all black pill provocateurs are FBI agents too. Yes, this will do this or that individual an injustice, but the odds seem to favor such a position. There is a lot of history to back this up.

    I do question it all myself some times, but if it comes to insurrection it’s game over. Yes, another game will have started, but you don’t get the old game back and the new game is usually much worse. The American Revolution is one of history’s miracles and even then a large part of the population lost everything. Still, I value that old game and am loathe to piss it away through false flags and emotional outbursts.

    1. Black pill narratives, if from a false flag hostile, are intended to demoralize the right. To persuade the rightwinger to go meekly to the camps, etc.

      Glowie narratives, if from a false flag hostile, are the agent provocateur stuff.

      The left has been for years desperate for crimes that reasonably fit their narrative of unjustified rightwing crazies. I’m pretty sure they have people actively searching groups that can be painted conservative for anyone stupid and unstable enough to tied to a choreographed incident.

      Fundamentally, the things that we can discuss in public are necessarily theoretical. Complicated gut instinct stuff, that fast and immediate reaction, is something we can put into words after the fact. Sane grounds to act are going to either be gut instinct stuff, or based on information that at the time is not going to be widely known.

      We can break down the logic of the theory.

      The black pills formulated by the left are often based on the left’s idol of an infinitely foreseeable future. So, we can say it is reduced order model x, and thus should not truly bind a rightwinger of faith.

      Glowie narratives often have similar flaws, which are thanks to left influence also widespread on the right. They also tend to overlook the question of why ‘must act now’ holds for their proposal, and not for a plan chosen independently, with timing, means, and target not communicated to anyone.

      So, what we can communicate intellectually, and understand theoretically, may tend to point towards the waiting game. Theory of the waiting game may be very wrong.

      But, if it is wrong, it will probably not be my instincts realizing it. Because I can work out that I am an ideal target for this sort of information operation, and that I personally screw up the over all strategy less if I do nothing actionable. Because I have had bad periods of time, where I wound up spiraling into depression and despair.

      Rittenhouse was a combination of some very good action on his part, and the freak chance that everyone he shot deserved to die. I don’t have Rittenhouse’s circumstances, or his relative level of preparation. It is likely that I would not have his luck.

      1. I’d say it wasn’t a coincidence that everyone he shot deserved to die. After all, people who don’t deserve to die don’t typically attack armed strangers for the “sin” of trying to put out a fire.

        1. Wasn’t a coincidence, but it was still fortunate.

          Attacking armed strangers for interfering with an arson attempt is not something that a good person would do, no. Yeah, bunch of common law capital felonies, and generally deserving of death in my eyes. But, persuading me wasn’t the issue, the issue is persuading all of the moderates who keep on thinking about the criminal justice system, and not immediately concluding that we should be killing a /lot/ more people.

          Everyone who could behave like that, confronting in that way an armed do gooder, is a marble in an urn. Some of those marbles are folks who don’t have rap sheets. Some of those marbles could manage to testify about their actions in a way that doesn’t make them sound like wounding instead of killing was a regrettable event. That none of the marbles drawn could put together, or have put together, a credible narrative for being innocent, is luck. And, a fair amount of information being publicly available, because that prosecution probably would have suppressed all exculpatory evidence if they could have, and also were not so incompetent as to outright provide it.

      2. Infinitely foreseeable future …. Just so. The illusion of Control.

        As for despair, and I know exactly what you mean, Ne timeas Robertus insepientis; invenisti enim gratiam opud Deum

    1. Yes, with Russian and Belorussian troops coming in to “restore order.” Almost half the world’s uranium is mined there.

      Tsar Vladimir smiles as the old Russian empire is restored.

  12. Well said! Not exactly off topic, but relevant in the larger sense: To All Innocent Fifth Columnists – by Ayn Rand ( Theres an excellent essay by Ayn Rand that all need to read. Whether one agrees with her philosophy or not, the ideas are important.


    1. “We are the majority, but we are scattered, unorganized, silenced and helpless. The Totalitarians are an efficient, organized and very noisy minority. They have seized key positions in our intellectual life and they make it appear as if they are the voice of America. They can, if left unchecked, hijack America into dictatorship. Are we going to let them get away with it? They are not the voice of America. We are. But let us be heard.”

      She could have written this last week, if she were still alive.

  13. Thanks for the post.

    I’m going to stop by a bakery tomorrow and get a slice of the most delicious pie I can find, along with a candle.

    1. I might need to get a pie.
      Candles I have.
      With that bunch in D.C. running things, I have candles, kerosene lanterns, butane/propane cooker, alcohol stove, solar-battery lights, a wind-up radio… because if they get serious into energy policy, I’ll NEED them. *grumble*mutter*grumble*

  14. Thank you for the excellent post.
    I’d like to suggest more guest posts on a regular basis, so Sarah can do her other work and we can be blessed by others.
    I read this and was out in the parking lot yelling “Liberty!” with a blue face and my claymore before I knew what hit me.
    This is something Washington would have read to his men Christmas Eve before Trenton.

  15. Something to keep an eye out for– besides the obvious things like blackpills both natural and planted, look out for folks pushing on how this or that politician has Utterly Betrayed Us, especially if when you look at the details it only makes sense if you assume that what their politicians have done is normal. This is a favorite Progressive tactic– I am still quite sure that there were deaths planned in the protests on January 6. All the photographs with scaffolding for renovation going right up to Republican office windows is just way, WAY too obvious, just like the piles of bricks that kept showing up at AntiFa/BLM protests. It would establish such behavior as normal.
    But… we don’t protest like that. So they didn’t get the cover, and no politicians died.
    And it’s screwing them up just like it did when naming everybody born after 1980 as “the youth vote” no matter how old we got didn’t change our voting patterns.

    An advantage of double-think is that they are pretty good at spinning something useful out of most any result– which is why they try to get us to shun those who aren’t in lockstep with what they’ve decided we’re doing. That is WHY we get people showing up saying “but Trump likes the vaccine!” and getting confused when we go “So? That doesn’t answer ANY of my arguments.” And so on.

      1. Yeah, he did. Given that Vichy and the rest of the GOPe don’t like him (remember this little tidbit from Bob Dole?), and the Democrats have been calling for his expulsion from the Senate since he challenged the electoral votes there, I’m not surprised he’s walking a fairly fine line.

        Bob Dole said Wednesday that Ted Cruz at the top of the GOP ticket would mean “wholesale losses” for the party in Washington and across the country.

        “I don’t know how he’s going to deal with Congress,” Dole said in an interview with The New York Times. “Nobody likes him.”

        Dole, a former Kansas senator, was the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 1996.

        Donald Trump would “probably work with Congress,” though, Dole mused, because he’s “kind of a deal maker.”

        Dole characterized Cruz as an “extremist” unwilling to work with his own party. The Times’ Maggie Haberman notes that Dole’s comments reflect a larger tension that establishment Republicans feel with Cruz, who portrays himself on the campaign trail as their antithesis.

        Last month, Dole told MSNBC that he might oversleep and not vote next November were Cruz the Republican nominee.

      2. a) I would think Cruz would at least realize that ‘Muh Democracy’ would piss off some /Republicans/.
        b) The vote by congress was an attack on the Republic
        c) President Trump would have had the power to mobilize the unorganized militia in suppressing an insurrection.
        d) No federal elected official can be trusted, because the regime may be threatening their loved ones.
        e) Cruz can go eff himself as far as I’m concerned. I’m not Texan, and he does not represent me. I have my own senators and representative to be thinking about.

      3. Both Cruz and Rubio rode the gun control bandwagon when they thought it would do them some good.

        They’re both swamp creatures who’ll say anything that might give them a temporary advantage.

        1. “Both Cruz and Rubio rode the gun control bandwagon when they thought it would do them some good.”

          I’d need a cite on that one for Cruz. If I can provide links, anyone can.

          1. Only specific thing I can find for Cruz is this one:

            The “actually enforce existing mental health laws and incidentally yank the teeth on some of the abuses they keep trying”.

            I believe that was when that legally-found-insane-and-barred-from-having-fire-arms guy bought a gun and wasn’t caught by the background check, and the progs were trying to use it to strip gun rights from everyone.

      4. *points at story Snelson linked*

        It’s entirely possible that it was.

        Cruz has been quite good at giving them enough rope to hang themselves when they’re being clever, and it drives them nuts.

        For what he might be going at– I keep pointing out, there were Proggy activists violently assaulting people before Trump even spoke– they didn’t stop because it became the 6th. They were there with REALLY OBVIOUS intent to threaten violence if Congress didn’t say “yes, Biden won.”
        That is an attack on Democracy, same as the threats against the auditors was, same as the “gosh, your kids wo go to school at ZYX school would feel just HORRIBLE if you didn’t do what we say” threat was an insurrection and attack on our Republics democratic functions.
        Arresting and holding the Conservative “rioters,” but not the AntiFa/BLM ones, is… and so on.

        1. I see Cruz get attacked frequently quite savagely and viciously by people who are on the right. They always find a reason. I don’t know what the current thing is about, and I don’t really trust the media to deliver the real story on it.

          Fortunately, though, I don’t have to think too hard about it. After all, he’s not my senator. I’m stuck with a couple of lefty nutjobs here in California.

            1. Yeah. Ironically, it’s long been understood that she’s probably one of the better Democratic senators…

    1. “I am still quite sure that there were deaths planned in the protests on January 6. ”

      When you combine the chorus hollering that Trump is guilty because he didn’t go down to the Capitol and stop the riot and this little tidbit showing that the Acting Attorney General unilaterally sent federal SWAT teams to the Capitol, I’m quite sure that if President Trump HAD gone to the Capitol, he would have been involved in a blue on blue.

      “A year ago today, senior leaders of multiple federal special forces teams met to discuss contingency plans and possible threats ahead of the Joint Session of Congress where President Joe Biden’s electoral victory was sealed, Newsweek reported.

      Ex-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who ran Donald Trump’s Justice Department at the time of the Capitol riot, reportedly acted alone in deciding to activate the elite units. ” Emphasis added.

      1. I think it would be more likely to be one of the Antifa/BLM guys doing the shooting, but goodness, yes, I do think it would’ve gotten him killed, and they were hoping to blame it on the violent (right-wing) mob.

        Only an idiot would’ve done what they say he SHOULD have done, in going into a stated riot.

        WHICH WAS KNOWN DAYS IN ADVANCE. Because of the violent SOBs. had BEEN rioting….

        I’m pretty sure the only reason Trump is still alive is because he is really, really good about listening to his security detail when they explain “OK, this is dangerous because of this, that and the other thing.”

        1. And don’t forget, he has never exclusively relied on the Secret Service; he had his own team and advisors.

            1. I’m still flummoxed at the, “All he had to do was go on TV and tell them to stop,” soundbite from Liz Cheney. Really?

              1. Don’t you carry a TV around when walking in government buildings?

                I await questions re: not saying “stop burning minority neighborhoods” if that works….

    1. As if we had any doubt that they were going to try something like this. The game was up when they told McCarthy that he wouldn’t be allowed to pick the Republicans who would sit on the committee.

      1. The entire purpose of the J6 committee is to get documents that DOJ and Marc Elias’s Democratic Party hit team can’t legally get on their own, so that they can be used in an effort to smear Republican candidates as “insurrectionists”.

        The purpose of this, as stated expressly by Elias (of Steele Dossier/Russia collusion hoax infamy) is so they can sue to bar Republicans who voted against certifying the electoral college vote and any who had any communication with anyone even remotely connected to the protest, from being on the ballot in 2022. They intend to do this by suing to compel Sec of State offices to bar them.

        This would, in states that have Republican representatives and Senators but a Democrat as Secretary of State (Pennsy comes to mind), allow those Secretary of States to do the usual “sue and settle” shenanigans, which would force the candidates to have to affirmatively sue to get back on the ballot.

        1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats’ shenanigans regarding blocking Republicans from the House end up causing a new hot civil war.

  16. I thought I said something– I did repost this up on Gettr. Anyway, let us celebrate that most holy of days with a one finger salute sacrament to that most holy of places. Salud.

  17. Hubby has been told by TPTB at his work that he will need to inform them of his vaccination status. He will be asking for a religious exemption. No idea how that will go. His automotive parts store is owned by a corporation out of Minnesota. Four of the 5 employees are not and will not vax. Leaving one female who has no ability/interest in running the store. The other 3 guys are retirement age and will just retire if forced. We aren’t old enough to retire. So the store will have to close leaving nowhere for anyone to get car parts. If they decide to follow the mandates which is unclear.
    Meanwhile, yesterday I was informed that my neurologist will not be coming back from his remote practice stint because they have no nurses to “cover his office”. The other 2 neurologists that treat MS patients are full and not taking new patients at this time. I was very helpfully told that I could go to Denver, Casper or Billings if they have openings. Yeah I can’t drive 6 hours. I have MS. Geeze. Anyway I suspected this sort of thing was coming and I have been getting better care from my functional medicine CNP than I ever had from any of the Mayo Clinic affiliated doctors so I am not without options. Also the local grocery stores are completely empty. The checker said that they hadn’t had a truck for three days. And no idea when there would be one. I can feed hubby and I for at least three months on what I have put by, assuming I also feed a hungry neighbor or so, but others will be suffering. And this is rural South Dakota. The cities will get ugly sooner rather than later.
    It has begun, dear ones.
    However, we in our house are Americans by golly and we will be having apple pie with a candle in it tomorrow for dinner and saying a prayer for suffering patriots everywhere!


    1. I am disappointed, but hardly surprised, at that about Mayo. Mayo can be good – but even in Rochester one needs to “speak their language’ to bypass medical arrogance and get Real Answers. Otherwise it’s “I’m telling this yutz what to do.” Been there. Damnit. Too many times.

    2. Dunno what you have for stores in your area. If there is a Hy-Vee (I’ll grant might be ones first choice) they seem to get shipments almost like clockwork. Now, as to if everything hoped for actually got shipped is another matter. I’ve heard a Product Manager mutter darkly about all the stuff that was unobtanium. And some was readily had at another store. Go figure.

      1. Stores that have their own dedicated supplier farms often also have dedicated trucks and truckers. This leads to some odd results, with smaller chains like Save A Lot often having more and better stuff than the big boys.

        Walmart and Sams Club do have their own suppliers, but they also need a lot more truckers than most chains.

        Lots of weird things happening.

        1. Noticed that here in DFW with Braum’s; they have their own dairy operation and thus all the dairy that places like Kroger’s might not.

          1. I’m seeing similar effects in the regional (Sherm’s [varying named] 3 store) grocery minichain. They got clobbered in the 2020 antifa fires because some major suppliers were forced to shut down or lost their warehouses/plants, but right now, they have a better selection for a lot of stuff than the Kroger affiliate (Fred Meyer).

            Forex: Fred’s has one variety of Adel’s sausages, and IMHO the flavor would be disgusting on pizza. Sherm’s has several varieties. I’m seeing more and more examples of this, to the point where we used to spend 2/3rds of our standard* grocery money at Fred’s, and 1/3rd at Sherm’s. Now it’s the other way around.

            (*) We still get a fair amount of stuff on the semi-annual Costco trips, and the restaurant supply lets us get stuff in bulk quantities.

  18. I hope that fair elections will be held this year, but if we see a return to the fraud that occurred here in Michigan in 2020 then I am afraid that it will not be long before the Balkinization of America occurs.
    It would be grand if it were like April 19 1775, but that was followed by 8 grueling years of war.
    I doubt we will be blessed a second time.
    Still it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


    1. If they try frauding again this year, I want to see lawsuits and prison sentences for the fraudsters, or else lynchings outside the polls.

      1. If only it could be so. Instead, I see lawsuits and prison sentences for anybody trying to investigate election fraud. Disinformation! Conspiracy Theories!! REEEEE!!!
        Candidate Joe Biden, August 2020: “We have assembled the most extensive, comprehensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

  19. Well, I will be celebrating Epiphany.

    But certainly there can be lesser as well as greater revelations.

  20. Finally got the two cars registered in my new state today. Now to go online and order my personalized “Don’t Tread On Me” license plates. Tomorrow will go grocery shopping despite the cold, and will definitely look for the apple pies.

    Good essay, thank you for posting it.

  21. “A person who will take me in, without questions, should it be necessary.”

    I’m sorry, I always ask questions. Questions like, “So if I see the SOB coming up the walkway with a gun, you want me to shoot him, or warn him off and then shoot him?”

    “A person who will act against their own personal self-interests, on principle.”

    I hate to say it, but that depends. There are some no-win scenarios where standing on your principles puts you in a last stand situation, with zero support, and zero chance of winning. Heinlein, Bless his soul, said that moral behavior is that which tends toward survival. Sometimes the moral thing to do is swallow that pride, hold those principles in abeyance, and wait for a better day. If it helps any, don’t say you’re retreating, say you’re advancing in a different direction!

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