Lazy Day

I’m having a thoroughly lazy day, having woken up late, then snuggled with husband till lunch time. I do plan to unpack this weekend, but only the bedroom….. so, slooooow

Sorry, it’s been a very busy month or so, with a lot of shocks to the system.

Our listing has been updated and we have …. showings? not a ton, but better than zero, right?

I’m very glad the Gofundme funded at more than double, because we’d planned on JUST paying the backlog, and we’re obviously looking at probably a few months of double mortgage. And we were going in the hole BEFORE adding another mortgage, so… (Gofundme is still up, but again, just because people asked. Comes down the 16th.)

It’s good not to be terrified, but it makes me sleepy.

I need to go over page proofs for fairytales and typeset them, to come out in hardcover, too. “suitable for Christmas gifts” And it will happen. Probably tomorrow. Today, I’m just being lazy.

This is fairly rare, so I plan to enjoy it.

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        1. I grew up listening to the “Oldies” network so it came right to mind– John Hart below linked a different version, but somehow kept it from auto-inserting.

            1. My mom had the same complaint about her class’s senior year song playing on the “Oldies” station, and honestly I’ve echoed it when the Spice Girls came on the oldies station. (They were laughing, but THEY PLAYED IT.)

              Can I offer you a pack of kids that wanted to know if my husband and I had met John Paul Jones when we were in the Navy?

              Or are complements on good taste in music enough? Because when three generations agree that record is awesome…..

                  1. Well yes, because the JPJ from Zeppelin is still alive, and meeting Admiral JPJ would mean that I would be too busy finding a place to survive the zombie apocalypse to be impressed by much of anything.

                    1. Plus Admiral JPJ is solidly enough of a stubborn SOB that I wouldn’t be too surprised if he got pissed about something and dragged himself out of his grave…..

                    2. Given sailors, would it really be surprising if his spirit appeared to them, and instructed them on their responsibilities?

                      I submit that it would be no more unusual than Jean Danjou appearing to a Legionnaire.

              1. “Can I offer you a pack of kids that wanted to know if my husband and I had met John Paul Jones when we were in the Navy?”

                As long as they aren’t asking if you met Davy Jones…..

                1. Well I’ve been told I’m younger than dirt, because I’m younger than hubby. But our son once, when asking how old dad was, dad replied, “I’m older than dirt.” So that is what the kid told everyone.

                  FYI. My mom is 87, today.

                2. And worse, they think that’s when the world was young.

                  Back in the day, when the Appalachians were the height the Himalayans are now, they were contemporaneous with the first bones and shells evolving in the ocean. (And boy was mountain climbing a pain in those days.)

                3. >> “It’s okay. My idiots literally thought I’d been alive when dinosaurs were around. So….”

                  “That’s right, and unlike YOU little punks the dinosaurs knew how to respect their elders!” [shakes cane]

                  1. As I’ve been known to tell students, “Back when I was in high school and the Dead Sea was only sick . . .” A few get it and laugh.

            2. I think you’re slightly older than I, and Fox could SOLIDLY be my daughter. Not even “if I’d been naughty young.” Just, if Dan hadn’t been too scared to propose before I left.

        1. That lady is sort of a lyric alto, isn’t she? I didn’t realize that she was singing so low until I tried to sing along in the same key… and I’m just a mezzo, not all that high in my voice placement. When I sing it by memory, I just naturally sing it several steps higher.

          OTOH, that is a really nice blend of singers.

        2. I do not speak music, but I am totally stealing that information… and it does explain the notes some of the big metal guys can hit.

          1. The lead for Twilight Force is an honest to gosh countertenor. Alas, sometimes he is a wee bit too excited to demonstrate this. (So was Meatloaf, interestingly enough.)

            1. :looks up band, notes they’re from Nuclear, sees mention about “noted for wearing LARP style costumes on stage:

              :clicks around a bit more, discovers a video with the screen shot of a FREAKING ANIME/WoW HIGH ELF as one of the guitar guys:


              That is epic…. getting your touring budget spent on LARP costumes…..

        3. Right Bass doing falsetto is NOT uncommon. It’s a physics thing. To go up an octave you’re physically pinching the vocal chords to halve their length. But as you shorten the vocal chords the amount of air to get them to vibrate goes up. Tenors who have shorter narrower vocal chords to start with can have falsetto, (see Counter Tenor 🙂 ) BUT its easier for a bass to get volume and timbre that doesn’t sound like the guys from Monty Python being women.

  1. It’s hard to take it easy but it’s well worth occasionally doing in the short and the long run.

    Sometimes we need to just stop, even if there aren’t any roses to smell,

  2. Whelp…sometimes you just have to have one of those. When I’ve had them, in hindsight, it’s often clear my body was saying, “Rest now…or else.” For me, “else” always sucks, generally in the form of something respiratory.

    So…good on you 🙂

  3. Been taking a F’ it day myself today, just doing basic laundry, then been messing around with my 3D printer making stuff for the bicycle, and doing bicycle maintainance while stuff’s on the printer. You need a reset once in a while.

  4. Yay for a lazy day! Enjoy resting and recuperating… at least the parts you’re awake for!

    I started this day pinned down by a cat who had determined I wasn’t yet ready to be up and moving, and she wasn’t ready to let me. Fortunately, it’s Saturday, which is an excellent day to let the cat win, turn the electric blanket back on, and enjoy being flat for a while.

    1. Only one caution. Cats and electric blankets, not a good mix. We caught one of ours snuggled into a short circuit he had created with his claws once. He thought the extra warmth was great. Fortunately wife felt it, woke up, and commanded me, “Turn off the blanket!” When I’m asleep I take commands well, so responded without asking until I woke up a few seconds later.

      1. Yep. This one is actually an electric mattress pad, to be precise. So there’s plenty of sheet between cat and heat (cat actually prefers the texture of the blanket. You might even say no sheet, she has blanket permission.)


      1. Dear hostess, perhaps listen to your feline friend 🙂 . They’re not always right (and are prone to do really stupid things, just scan YouTube or TikTok some time) but in these kind of things they seem to have a better feel for how we are feeling than we do.

    2. I’m maybe coming out of a problem that developed with getting OCD under stress, and getting to where both ‘work’ and ‘relaxation’ were done deliberately and by forcing myself. Therapy yesterday helped with unpicking things. I’ve finally read Combined Operations #2 and #3, #2 before therapy, and #3 yesterday after, and #3 was a lot more effective at getting away from tension and actually relaxing.

      So I’m letting myself be a bit lazier.

      Anyway, I just came by today to say, generally, that I’ve noticed that our communist terrorists are perhaps the weakest they’ve been in generations.

      Wobblies, etc., before the Soviet union really started funding stuff.

      Was a thought this morning while relaxed, that angle of optimism hasn’t been mentioned much here.

  5. Yea for lazy days.

    Glad you got the script changed and now are getting showings. Here is to maybe the realtor got the subtle 2×4 hint. You only need one good offer …

  6. I want to be lazy, but I have a sewer pipe to unplug. It’s not critical, but I’ll probably do it today.

    See, the bathroom I use most of the time is still on the old cast iron sewer pipe. It backs up now and again. When I remodeled the old, original 35 square foot bathroom, I put in a new 4″ ABS sewer pipe for that bathroom, the laundry and the kitchen sink. Tying in the other bathroom just wasn’t practical at the time.

    Last night I flushed the crapper and the water didn’t go down. It slowly drained overnight, but the pipe needs unplugging before it can be flushed normally. I have an ice pig almost ready to go.

    Ice pig? What?

    I’ve had that sewer pipe snaked out a couple of times, but it always backs up again in a few months. So, I’ve got one of those water jet attachments that goes on a hose. Just using that, though, usually clears only a small channel through the pipe, which backs up again in a short time. Something larger has to be forced through the pipe to get a longer-lasting clearance.

    I thought about various ways to push (or pull) something through, but couldn’t come up with anything I was convinced would be practical and, more important, wouldn’t get stuck. If that happened, there would be no choice but to dig up the floor and tie that bathroom into the new pipe. I did make preparations for that when I remodeled the other bathroom.

    A pig is an object you force through the pipe with air or water pressure to clean it out — but that makes it even more likely to get stuck than something pulled through with a chain or cable. Disaster! So, I hit on the idea of making a pig out of ice. If it gets stuck, it will just melt.

    Take a tall cup full of water and freeze it. Trouble is, I don’t have any cups the right size. So, I cut about a 2″ piece of 4″ ABS pipe to make an enlarged section around the big end of the cup-shaped chunk of ice. Then I put a thin piece of plastic foam inside the pipe segment so the ice pig turns out just a bit smaller than the pipe.

    So, today or tomorrow I will unscrew the cleanout cap, drop the ice pig down it big end first, push it as far as it will go with the hose and rubber water jet thingy, and then turn on the water. That should force the pig into whatever is plugging the pipe and shove the whole mess out, solving the problem at least for a few more months.

  7. If anyone’s earned a lazy day it’s you and your family so enjoy it and get as many kitty snuggles as you can in while you’re at it!

  8. I’d love a day of two where I’m not frustrated and annoyed. My fear is that I wouldn’t know what not being frustrated and annoyed is, and that would leave me frustrated and annoyed.

  9. Dear Lady –

    If *anyone* has earned a Day of Rest, it most surely is you..

    Snuggling with Spouses is The Best, possibly only enhanced by an additional Snuggle With A Cat. Or Two. Or ….

    The world will not stop turning if you take a pause from cranking – we’ll make sure of that. Enjoy, doze if you are sleepy, have a nice meal or two or however many; if so moved, a second glass of wine, …

  10. Dear Lady –

    If *anyone* has a Day of Rest, it is surely you.

    The world will not stop turning if you take a pause from cranking – *we’ll* see to that. Don’t Worry!

    Enjoy snuggles with your spouse, enhanced by more snuggles from a cat.

  11. Ugh! I got tangled up in my WP login, didn’t think my first comment had posted, then went back and resubmitted it. Sorry for the double post – you may ofc use Editorial Discretion and remove one (or both) as necessary.

  12. The Fairy Tale book is coming out in time for presents? Hot diggity! Thank you Mrs. Hoyt.

    If you want the Juniper Tree illo for scrap to work your render maguc on, it is yours.

  13. Battery recharge day. Everyone needs 1 every once in a while. Charge up for the time ahead.

  14. I spent Saturday 0900-1900 doing aviation training on line. Today is another day of it. But I’ll be good for another 24 months, G-d willing.

  15. A sudden end to stress can make you seem lazy for a bit afterward. That’s how I felt after graduating engineering school. It was delayed by a day as I walked on Saturday, had normal church activities on Sunday. Then on Monday – nothing. I couldn’t stay awake until after 2 that afternoon. Tuesday wasn’t quite so bad, and I was almost functional Wednesday. I could afford for that go much further as less than a month later I had leave Tennessee and move to Ohio.

    Moving wasn’t bad as I’m an Air Force brat and used to moving. It was still an annoyance.

  16. The Rittenhouse trial is sort of a straw-breaking-the-camels back for me. I’m having a crisis of faith. It’s a weird place to be for someone whose closest approach to religion is somewhere in the “squishy-Deist/agnostic” zone: There isn’t a lot there to begin with, what’s to contradict? I have a vague sort of theodicy that if I’m in the right frame of mind I can almost swallow (don’t like it, but I don’t get the impression that we’re *supposed* to like it.)

    It isn’t just the sheer in-your-face injustice of it. The world has been unjust before, and likely will continue to be so. What has been going on in this trial, like much of what has been going on for the past two or three years, isn’t *natural*. It makes no damn sense. It’s the nightmare logic of an unreal dream, not even the operation of an indifferent world. I’ve been watching that judge realize that things are wrong, and trying to stop it, but then getting this halfway vacant expression on his face, getting talked around in circles, forgetting what he was doing, and acquiescing to things he knew were illegal and unconstitutional just a few tens of minutes before. It isn’t like he’s afraid of blackmail, or he’s on the prosecutor’s side, it’s like he’s a marionette having his strings pulled. The defense just sitting back and letting things happen for the most part. By the end of the day, the judge is laughing and joking and telling stories, as if he’s forgotten that the prosecutor he’s talking to isn’t some protege to be brought up in the profession of law, but a monster who is trying to destroy an innocent child on the orders of his masters, and put a lie over on the jury.

    I’ve been praying – it’s something I almost never do. I know what happens next in the nightmare logic of this terrible lie: The jurors all turn into glassy eyed puppets and allow themselves to get talked around and around until they forget what they’re doing and condemn an innocent boy who only ever wanted to help them.

    It isn’t *true*! It isn’t true! I don’t want to beg God though I have, I want to shake some damn sense into Him. In the sunlit world before everything started crumbling into horror, this wouldn’t happen! American’s aren’t *like* that, we never *were* like that. It’s a lie, it’s a lie that among 15 jurors there isn’t one person with a soul and enough mental strength not to be bullied into ritually sacrificing a child to leering evil. And what does it prove if everyone stops acting human and goes along with this like marionettes having their strings jerked?! What does some unnatural automaton-depiction of a travesty of justice prove? Everyone, at the critical moment, suddenly stops being what they are, stops being themselves, their virtues turn to vapor and they go sleepwalking off, destroying everything they ought to love along the way.

    I’m beginning to hate the world. Maybe this lie will evaporate. The Americans I believed in would take maybe 10 minutes tops to orient themselves amid the mountain of bullshit before laughing and acquitting. There is still a chance. It’s a test, but I don’t know what it’s a test of!

    1. They will NOT like what comes next *IF* they convict this child, even on the lesser charges that supposedly are now rumored to be allowed … which are also BS.

    2. And it’s a ‘Racially Charged Trial’ at that. Huh? Kyle is white, all 3 of the violent felons he shot were white, most of the rioters were white left-wing ‘Social Justice’ wankers.

      They’re all calling him ‘the shooter’. Like there weren’t dozens of rioters running around with guns and other weapons.

      1. He shot three of their footmen and scared the rest– he damaged something they care about.

        As opposed to, say, “protester” guy who shot that retired cop, Mr. Dorn, when he checked a friend’s store to find out why the alarm was going off.

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