Promo Post Tomorrow

We were away from home and on uncertain access. Or if you prefer, the big converted double decker bus was parked in a dead zone.

Anyway, I came back to cries of “you were gone forever, I counted” from Havey cat, who is now tapping my arm so he can get–oop. He’s on the keyboard. Sigh.

Forgive me for being late with post. I tried.

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  1. Late with Post?

    Well, that’s better than being late with Dinner. (Just ask your cats). 😀

  2. Eh, no worries. Husband has been fetching and carrying for me since we got back from the house-hunting trip (we were gone for six days) because King Max, Feline Overlord of Poplar Street, has been keeping at least one paw on me every time I sit down.

  3. I figured you were busy, too, and wasn’t concerned about it. Havey’s reaction sounds like typical R and C when I’ve been out, though… Those three really do have a lot in common, don’t they? R and C haven’t left me alone since I finished eating and sat down to catch up on things! That’s why I keep calling them the snugglebrains, though.

  4. Forgiven. Been a rare, lazy Sunday anyway. Sometimes a day where you get to do eff all is necessary. Recharge the batteries, like. Pet the cats. Take a wary look out your door and say “Not today.” Putter about.

    Days like that are precious as they are rare. You go flying about non-stop, sometimes you forget a little bit of your why, nose stuck so far in how, and what, and when that the why never gets its say. And the why is important. Ask any toddler. Or rather, wait five minutes in their presence and they’ll remind you.

    It has been a good day. The sun rose on time, as it is wont to do. I didn’t. Slept in for a whole twenty minutes, at least. Talked with the family a bit. Got glared at by minicat, the gray neighbor cat that thinks my porch is his. Apparently I scared off the bird he was stalking. I remain unrepentant.

    Worry not for this little corner of the internet. This little community is quite possibly the least likely to set fire to your blog in your absence. Or at least, we’d fix it back up so’s you’d never notice, anyway. Not that that has ever happened. More than twice. I think.

      1. Just, let’s not use the polka-dot paint this time. Between the spots that turned out to be portals, and the loud rendition of “Beer Barrel Polka” at 0500 on Saturday mornings, it was not a successful experiment.

        1. Floral print wallpaper is right out. There is not enough herbicide left to deforest the sub-sub-basement again, and the vorpal goats won’t eat it. That makes it the *only* thing they won’t eat, at last check. And, note to self, always hammer the paint lids back on *firmly.* Portal-polka dotted cats with the zoomies at 1 am gives a new definition to total chaos.

  5. For a millifraction of a second, I read that last sentence as “I fried.”
    Given the physical and emotional roller coaster you have been on, that could just as easily be true. And with increasing vintage, it’s an increasingly easy state to get into, and hard to get out of. No worries from this reader.

  6. If you really do have a big converted double-decker bus, in my head it looks like this:

    (It would have to be, to hold your library.)

  7. Yeah we went to visit my Brother in Law in VT on Saturday. Got back and I was informed 1) Dinner was late, 2 ) We had not properly filled out the paperwork for Daddy Cat to be absent more than 1 hour. This morning breakfast was late due to return to EDT. Our behavior is NOT acceptable, Hiccup (my black cat) has been following me around today and haranguing from time to time. Apparently Havey has similar issues with you dear hostess.

    1. My cat experience is half “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!” and half “Oh. It’s you. ‘Sup?”

    2. The border collie pup named Kat has decided that if both Mom and Dad are out of sight, though still in the house, All Is Lost, and Woe Is Me. I suspect her theory is that the louder she wails, the sooner we’ll finish our business and get back to the part of the house she’s confined to. She also objects to the vacuum cleaner (as has almost every other dog I’ve lived with), perhaps based on the possibility that it might be louder than her barking. Narrator voice: It’s not.

      We were starting to think about letting her have the run of the house, but excited 5 month old puppies with full bladders means there will be accidents. We’re also trying to figure out how her “I gotta go, NOW” bark differs from “I’m bored and teething. Entertain Me!” bark.

      Then there’s her “I peed in the usual spot, but you haven’t seen it yet. Clean It Up!” bark. Bitchy little princess… 🙂

      1. “Then there’s her “I peed in the usual spot, but you haven’t seen it yet. Clean It Up!” bark. ”

        We pad trained our pups by putting down pads in the Usual Spot, then moving them to where we wanted them to go while barricading the Usual Spot with something.

        1. She’s supposed to go outside, but if she’s excited, upset, and/or teething, it gets interesting. I discovered a small puddle of pee this morning from when (I think) she got excited to go watch TV with us. The vinyl flooring in the kitchen is doing a yeoman’s job at keeping the pee from clobbering anything else.

          We had a half-inch of slushy snow this morning. Kat found it tremendously interesting. It’s her first snowfall, and I’m interested to see what she’ll do when we get the 6″ dumps.

  8. Does that make this a post-dated post?

    It has occurred to me that the GFM merits a musical number:


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