I was going to write a blog post

And then we went out to breakfast, to send younger son back to do work in Colorado.

And …. then I was exhausted and came home to nap, which is when Havey reminded me I needed to nap more…. and….

Well, then we bought some wood for shelves I need in my office. And suddenly it’s midnight.

Normal post tomorrow, I promise.

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      1. It’s a sad day when an otter is corrupted. The last one was running a protection racket on the herons

    1. Look, if the cat can herd you back to bed, you need to be in bed. Just roll with it.

      I had this deal with Cody, a sheltie of great fluff and cunning. If he could herd me back to bed when I was trying to get out the door, it was time to take a sick day and stay where he herded me. Strangely, his hoomans, roommates and good friends of mine, never disagreed with him when I lost the battle of wits.

  1. Wait? Midnight where Sarah is?

    We Have A Clue To Her New Location!

    She’s in the Eastern Time Zone!!! [Crazy Grin]

    1. It’s always midnight somewhere. Except in Simon R Green’s Nightside, where it’s always 3am, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, where it’s 5 o’clock.

  2. Sarah, Do not worry about tomorrow. The huns will still be here. In your absence, I will endeavor to create the usual comment storm with my next totally off-topic comment.

  3. I have now been notified officially that my services and those of my unvaccinated colleagues are not only no longer required, but no longer legal. We have been given a chance to resign or be terminated by November 22. This is driven by the federal regulations implementing FICUS’ orders. They offer a fig-leaf hope of religious and medical accommodation, but since the regulations rule out full-time remote work, and continuous testing as alternatives, I fail to see what possibilities remain. I doubt they will offer us decontamination suits to work in. The feds have not made these regulations public yet although they have informed businesses with government contracts of them. My paranoid guess is that they are delaying publication to try to forestall lawsuits until it is too late.

    Because I am not quiet and have a history of making rude observations in public, I have been in contact with a number of fellow employees of similar mindset. This nation is going to have quite a hangover on November 23. My best estimate is that government contractors will lose from 8-10% of their workforce by November 23. This is in an atmosphere where my company and many others are offering large bounties for successfully referring a job candidate. My company knows exactly how many employees are not vaccinated, but I think they believe they can intimidate (by withdrawing our livelihoods) all but an insignificant number of us into surrender. I will be contacting a lawyer next week after I get full clarification of what the firm really intends. It will make a difference to a lawyer because various compensation issues are involved, not least of which is potential unemployment compensation if I resign or if I am terminated (don’t know if they intend to make it with cause or claim it as a lay-off).

    I am looking into rearranging my stock portfolio. I had been viewing this as a personal issue, but I think the war is on my friends. This will not be pretty.

    1. I say, don’t quit. Make them fire you. Then file a complaint. Use up their time and resources. The more people do that, the harder it will be for them.

      Be as big a pain in the ass as possible! 😛

      1. That’s why I need the advice of a lawyer. I want to know whether I no longer have a case if I resign. Also I want to know all the financial details to give the lawyer. As for being a pain in the ass. I started composing my resignation/termination email last Thursday night, and I’ve been posting internally since then. I intend to use my best talents to resist, including my “vicious rhetoric.” I have no intention of going “quietly into that good night.” Others have much more difficult choices than I (involving how to take care of their loved ones), so I intend to use my relative freedom to advocate. LOUDLY. .

        1. IAMNAL, but yeah, you lose your standing to sue if you resign. Profit from my bitter experience. Make the bastiges fire you.

        2. There is a certain amount of freedom when you know that “two weeks notice and I don’t need your reference” is a reality, even if it is well before you wanted to retire (and before 62). Which makes a case in point … Agree with Ms. Johnny … Make them fire you. Doesn’t matter if for “cause” or not. You aren’t the only one in this situation (class action?). Lawyer has a case for going after the company for a lot more reasons if they try to make it “for cause” and report that to prospective employers and disallow unemployment. Personally anything a lawyer can terrify them to force *remote work and continued employment is in your favor.

          * You wrote they are not allowing remote work. Is it even physically possible?

          1. “Our network security policies don’t allow a connection from outside our network even thru VPN.”

            1. I get it. My last job, they provided the VPN to log into, even if used own sourced VPN, had to then VPN into company provided version … Even knowing what I was doing, I had to have documentation to set up the process. Log into VPN, then could log into company provided PC hardware. Funny thing is, if one “knew” the procedures, client data was wide open to the web. At least until I retired, and for at least 20 years, the security was “nobody knows about us” … I know IT had been working on closing that “little” problem, but matter of resources to trigger compliance. Once company was purchased, on retirement of owner, they might have gotten those resources, but IDK.

              Point is. Legal means may change that little problem. Just because security in place forbids access, doesn’t mean security process can’t be changed. Ran into that with clients (government), a lot. Surprisingly client IT could get their hands slapped hard enough, enough times, to get them to find “alternative” methods to allow us onto the network remotely (sometimes, not always). Came under “It still isn’t working” complaint with a response of “Sorry. Get the update installed.” But their IT couldn’t get to the patch installation. The patches that got IT attention usually had to do with THEM getting paid … be it payroll (internal) or payment systems (external). The other way was an implementation of a (paid) service where we installed the patches, which by contract, required access … that solve a lot of problems!

          2. Some places still require hard-wired connections to everything. Like a certain institution of [mutter mutter] learning, where they announced “all tests must be done on campus and/or through a hard-wired internet connection” because the micro-drops in WiFi tripped the log-off alert and ended the test. That did get changed, because the uproar was, well, about what you’d expect.

    2. If that booster wasn’t fake, Joe Biden will probably be dead of booster complications before late December.

      1. How do we know Biden isn’t already dead and whet we see if a combination of body doubles and an animated corpse?

        1. Well, it’s not an animatronic. I recall a number of cartoons back when HRC was running about needing to reboot her, and the BSOD appearing in her eyes. IA and robotics have gotten better since then, not worse.

        2. If someone was pulling that off, regime capriciousness would fit to other patterns. It could have happened, but it can’t have been happening for more than a short period of time.

        3. > animatronic … corpse

          “The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde”, Norman Spinrad, 1969

          Good enough for government work, at least until pieces started falling off…

    3. The TikTok videos keep getting taken down, but they are reposted under new accounts just as fast. A girl who cannot walk and has terrible breathing issues after receiving the jab. A woman whose father is facing amputation of both legs after the jab. A nineteen year old athlete who has myocarditis and whose college career in athletics is gone. The side effects from these jabs are horrific, and they are being covered up by the government and the media (but I repeat myself.)

      Several months ago I watched a video of a doctor saying that everyone who took the jab will be dead in five years. I rolled my eyes at that and thought that it was a ridiculous thing to say. How could that possibly be? And now I’m thinking that it’s not such a conspiracy theory after all.

      Hold fast. Live. Do not comply.

      1. Yes, with those who view humanity as vermin or an infection on the planet pushing the vaxx the hardest and with lies completely burying the truth, it is hard not to have thoughts like that. There is an old SG-1 episode like that where the aliens offered wonderous gifts, but the price was the end of humanity over time.

        1. I remember that one (Yeah, I’m a nerd). As I recall, the members of the disbanded SG-1 finally had to send a message back through time to stop the mission where they made first contact with that particular batch of bastards. Frankly those guys were so sleazy they made the Goa’uld look downright guileless.

          1. “Supposedly” the vaccine is injected into muscle and the mRNA stays in the muscle so only muscle cells make the spike protein. That wouldn’t be too bad.
            But the body isn’t that simple, muscle tissue is fed by blood vessels, and if the mRNA gets into blood vessels and cells in the vessel walls produce the spike protein you can get myocarditis which is very bad.
            Most people won’t die from the vaccine. It’s seems to be relatively safe – almost as safe as catching COVID19 for those 40 -> 60 without co-morbidities, and safer for those most vulnerable groups.
            But it sure as heck isn’t a good bet for the young & healthy.
            BTW, there’s a study that shows nicotine is helpful in clearing out spike protein from the blood vessels so some short term vaping or patch use could be a useful treatment post vax.

    4. DH has the same thing but deadline is Oct. 15. We are prepared as can be, and he’s still looking for another job (has been for about 18 months now). But he’s not resigning UNLESS he has another job. He will require them to fire him. I am eternally grateful to my late parents that I have a stock portfolio that does very well. Prayers to you and yours and away we go! Whee!

      1. My prayers go out for you and your husband (that’s DH I presume), and God bless you for supporting him. After 40 years working for the DoD, I doubt a commercial venture will be interested in my services, but I have no one left dependent on me, so my decision is much easier than most. As I ended my last work email, “May God have mercy on all our souls.”

        1. He is supporting me as I try to make writing a full-time gig. However this goes down, it’s going to be an adventure (that’s the way I have to look at it). I am my father’s daughter in that while I know this is going to be risky, I am confident that it will work out for the best.

          1. Do what’s right and trust in God. We threw ourselves on God’s mercy when my wife left her PhD program with only her MS rather than falsify her results for her thesis advisor. I was only making 6k a year, and even back then that was barely enough for one to live on. God intervened in many ways. No, we didn’t get rich, but we survived. God bless!

          2. Read the short story on your website. Your father sounds like a very good man. (Yes I know it’s only a character, but we authors understand.)

  4. Take care of yourself! Mark Levin just had some kind of heart thing in a parking lot or something. You people have to stay healthy!

  5. I’m glad to hear that your cat is using his dormitive powers for good. I hope he helps you recover from the stress!

  6. Cat nurses are the best, aren’t they? R and C pinned me in bed for a few hours yesterday when I was a bit drained. Feel better soon and as always we wish you good luck in everything move-related!

      1. He knows something about your health that you don’t know? 😉

      2. That’s feline nursing for you, especially from overly affectionate ones with fluffy tails! I’d just go with it at this point, especially if you can leave things to your son. 🙂

          1. Oof, that is a problem… Hopefully he’ll back off in time, or long enough to let you finish? He and C really do have a lot in common aside from fluff, it seems, since I actually had to push past him to make it to work last Thursday.

  7. The Reader wishes you well and notes that you can take pride in a son well raised. The Reader is beginning to think he won’t make it out of the purple pool where he resides before the SHTF because reasons.

  8. Studebaker.

    [This has nothing to with anything, other tans it’s fun to say “Studebaker.” And in an even slightly sane, rational Universe, instead of an idiot governor or such, :”Hickenlooper” would have a dealership. How could anyone resist at least visiting Hickenlooper Studebake?

  9. On a completely different tangent, don’t know if you follow Alex Berenson on substack, but he posted an article about a bad post vaccine covid case in Israel that ended up infecting a significant chunk of the ward.

    What jumped out at me was, despite the patient showing major covid-19 symptoms, they did not test them at all until the patient was massively overloaded with viruses. Apparently it has a PCR threshold of 13.6. Basically there’s no good medical reason they should have let it get there.

    I think catching Covid-19 is now seen as a sin, which implies that testing someone for it is also accusing them of committing sin.

    I think what has happened is, because the average person “knows” if you do all the things the CDC tells you, you won’t catch it, so if you have caught it, clearly you must have done something to deserve it.

    And, because, if you are vaccinated you must be a “good” person, you clearly wouldn’t have done anything that would have caused you to get it, so testing you for it would be a clear accusation that you are some sort of secret sinner. (And because the rules are impossible to follow, everyone has already been bending the rules right and left, no-one wants to kickoff the stone throwing lest they get called on their transgressions too…)

    Im figuring this is going to drive opposition to rapid testing, opposition to anti-body testing (if you’ve had it and recovered your an even bigger secret sinner) and delays in treatment and seeking treatment for pretty much everyone, vaccinated or not.

    This will be fun…

    1. I think you may be right as much as I don’t want you to be. I think that’s where the “unvaccinated are threatening the vaccinated” spiel comes from despite the evidence showing that the vaccinated are more likely to pass on the virus (since they’re all close to one another because they’re all “safe”). So, now the sin will still be on the unvax because they obviously lied about being vaxxed simply to get close to people in order to infect them.

      Because why else would you refuse the vax if not to infect everybody? They are desperately trying to deflect anybody from asking why it’s so easy for the vaxxed to get sick. They really don’t want to look at bad vax reactions nor do they want to try to *prevent* or find the equivalent of Theraflu because that will mean that the control proxies didn’t work.

      Yes, it’s about sinning and controlling sinners. Eventually everybody will be a sinner.

      1. Add it to the sins that include being fat, having more than two kids, not graduating college, being military or a vet, or pro-life, or stay-at-home mom, being rural, being poor, being an obviously religious Christian, being a gun owner, smoking (except weed)…

      2. I’d suspect it is more a feedback loop that’s gotten out of control. The CDC bureaucrats need to show they are Doing Something ™ so they start spamming rules out like a printer set to rapid fire.

        Further, they cannot handle the unpredictable, so they tell themselves and everyone around them that these rules will create Control(tm) and Predictability(tm). And because that’s what everyone has told them their entire lives, they believe it. That’s the foundation of the religious fervor: they’ve been living on their infinite faith in Government(tm) and Systems(tm) to solve everything. To consider otherwise requires destroying their core beliefs in how the world works.

        Then you mix in the power hungry who just love being worshipped, and they’re going to do their best to harness that ride it to (tin)godhood, and you get one heck of a feedback loop going.

        Tie that in to the west currently going through a loss/rejection of its traditional religions (Christianity has very effective antidotes to the problem of chaos, but you can’t use them unless you are willing to believe in a God greater than Man) and you’ve got a perfect storm for all sort of cults to start spawning.

        Fun times.

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