Will do normal post soon

Sorry, guys, was driving all day yesterday, with no connectivity, and now we’re moving stuff around the new place.
More anon, though it could be tomorrow. You’ve been warned.

32 thoughts on “Will do normal post soon

  1. Please, please, give yourself a break! We’ll live without long, interesting posts for a while; it’d be better than living without them forever, IYKWIMAITYD. Taking care of yourself is the first priority so that you can then take care of others. Hopping down from soap box now….

  2. I was trying to think of a clever way to mangle “anon,” but it’s just not in me. Glad you’re home!

  3. Glad you are home, even if a short period. Cuddle with the 4-legged kids. Take some time for yourself, some for you and Dan. We’ll survive.

    Off topic.

    May or may not be online next couple of weeks. Well will get on. Question is if I have time to read anything. Driving Monday and most of Tuesday, then we’ll be sight seeing mountains. Wildlife bonus. Fall Colors is what we’re after. Estes Park, CO. Then it is the less planned section of the trip.

    1. Grin. Mountain valleys & connectivity do not play well together, unless you have that (expensive) little derby hat on top of your vehicle, proving you are paying for Satellite Radio Telephone aka Sat Cell.
      Enjoy. Try to dodge early snowstorms, eh?

      1. Not paying for special access. Won’t pay for Sat Radio because it does cut in and out, it is very irritating. MP3 music for the win. Doing the hotel route, we’ll have connections there. Just not going to have the time to keep up.

        Good thing we aren’t flying. I swear. Just my stuff: My suitcase. Dog’s case and kennel. Technically my “day pack” but it is the Kurgo Pet Ruck Sack – https://smile.amazon.com/Kurgo-Carrier-Backpack-Small-Pets/dp/B0888TWR2Z/ref=sr_1_161?crid=WT2W3SCDGVGS&dchild=1&keywords=airline%2Bapproved%2Bdog%2Bcarrier&qid=1631331701&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-161&th=1 – so pup can be carried if needed. None of which I’d be willing to check.

        Thank you. We will have fun. It is “get the heck away”. Not that we have anything to get away from (retired). Snow may come and go, based on weather reports. Nothing on the immediate horizon in Rockies & Estes Park.

        We did get one heck of a thunderstorm and accompanying rains from Late Friday to early this morning, locally, but it has dried out again. Getting warm next week again. Need more rain.

        1. We had a lot of rain Friday night and Saturday, but without the lightning entertainment factor. Kat the Border Collie is *not* familiar with wet surfaces, and convincing her to go potty on damp bark was more interesting than fun.

          The good news is that the regional fires are taking a break, and the firefighters got a bunch os hot spots calmed down. Air quality was actually good today–the first it’s been that way since early July.

    1. Fluffy is making BBQ. The sea serpent is contributing sea food. The aardvark has checked that it is all human edible by humans of most universes.

    1. I’d honestly bet on “this is stupid, let’s BS it.”

      There’s no way they weren’t familiar with the various pro-life events going on, on that day– with all the activity on Roe V Wade, Biden is way more scared of little old ladies holding beads than he is of a terror attack.

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