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  1. Everything possible crossed for a successful day and you are able to overcome all obstacles.

    1. And 39 minutes, average speed of 110mph. Officially, that is, according to wiki. Shaving that down would take some creative engineering (definitely possible) and a situation where both road traffic and law enforcement were significantly lower than normal, such as the DemPanic of ’20.

      1. they had sacrificial cars to occupy any cops but the one who thought he was going to take one for the team was missed.
        iirc the solo guy did not have birddogs, but he did it earlier in the lockdown and had even less traffic

    2. 25:55 for a solo guy in a mustang rental loaded with 130 gallons extra gas, 25:39 for some guys in an Audi disguised to look like a P.O.S. Ford

      1. I think he did a video on Vinwiki’s YouTube channel. Kinda insane; kinda fun, like skydiving over JFK, at night.

        1. I was working from memory of that video.
          I’ve done a measly 1200 and change miles in 26 hours but that was also several long stops for food etc, and used a rather long stretch of old US hwy at 45 mph or less, and included a prolonged stay at a gas station killing time waiting for a bar to open ( said bar held the office for the campground I was headed to).
          I’ve considered the run from Border to Border for Iron Butt points. Brownsville to Minnesota but you actually cross the borders to get time stamps. 1843 miles. Nominally 28 hours. Challenge is Border to Border in 24, but that is any start/finish and usually they run the I15 route, and it is an “easy” 21-22 hour run of 1400+ miles

      1. “The first-a rule of Italian driving — what’s-a behind you is-a not important!”

        I do like that move.

        1. OK, I meant that I do like that movie, but the move is pretty awesome, too. Oh, yes, for its lack of an edit function, WP Delenda Est!

      2. “Some things get meaner as they get older.”

        427 Cobras are between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000 now; more if they have an interesting history.

        They sat on dealership lots, unwanted, for years, and most were sold at steep discounts off sticker. I had a 1969(?) issue of “Car Guide” where someone wanted to trade one for $2,500 or a late model station wagon…

        1. Ummm??? Did you say 1.0 to 1.5 xE6 US dollars???? I mean, they are cool, as quick as a quick motorcycle, and not produced in large numbers, but whoa. Does your left foot get wet when it rains? (I had a ’67 Mustang coupe with this, uh, quirk; right over the dimmer switch.)

          1. $1.5M would only be a down payment on the price one of the Daytona Coupes goes for.

      3. Brock Yates (used to write for Car & Driver mag years ago) wrote up the second(?) Cannonball run in his Sunday Driver. If memory serves, the first was a solo attempt with a van and a barrel (or more) of extra gasoline. Yates drove in the second one (done as a race) with Dan Gurney in a Ferrari and they won it. The book is mildly interesting; probably was published in 1973 or so. The Cannonball section is IMHO the most interesting.

        There are other goofball races, my favorite was the “24 hours of Lemons” series, specializing in crap cars with frequently unfortunate (but hilarious, if the articles are accurate) modifications. The MR2 with a Kinner 5 cylinder radial aircraft engine is one of my favorites. (Narrator voice; it failed.) These used to get written up in The Truth About Cars website, but I’ve lost the current linkage.

  2. Home hunting must be awful right now. House in son’s neighborhood for sale for $360,000 sold within 6 days for $375,000. Whew! Good luck. Sending prayers for you to find one.

    1. Here too. Sign was up on house down the street, the week before the open house. Open house for 3 hours on Sunday. Offers accepted Monday. $349k asking $399k closed. Nothing obvious wrong. Definitely needed upgrades. Backyard in serious need of attention. OTOH had both a front and back yards. Built 1973-ish, so decent lot size. 1500 sq ft, 3 bed, 2 bath.

      Low interest rates and inventory. Can not build homes or apartments fast enough. Can not get contractors, period.

      1. Neighbor just sold hers for $330k, asking price, in two weeks. 3BR, 2Bath, pool and hot tub. Closing in a month.

  3. So, this is another of those unreal posts Sarah likes to do just to see what we make of it!

    Good luck on the travel!

      1. Last night upon the stair,
        I saw a blog that wasn’t there.
        It wasn’t there again today,
        I wish it would just go away!

  4. Forget a “real post”. You need the day off to wrestle with you stuff and pin it to the mat!

      1. Maaaaayyyybe. And I had friends in college who did the live-action for one of the Atlanta movie theaters back when that was (somewhat) common.

  5. Best of luck on well built and maintained, avoiding old saying:” no bad deals, just bad prices.”

  6. Just saw on Instapundit that this may be the worst Wheat harvest in 60 years. Conduct yourselves accordingly.
    Me, I am preparing for the next year with some of the following items.
    Water filter
    Frog-proof umbrella
    Fly paper
    Livestock medicine
    Bactricin ointment
    Hail shelter
    Locust repellent
    Flashlight with extra batteries
    Lastly, a lamb. That one is going to be tough. I don’t keep sheep, and goats freak me out -its the eyes- my first and only born being female, and a goodly one at that, I am hoping…
    Now, I have to go to the mailbox. I have 50 quail eggs to bring in and prepare for the incubator

    1. worst Wheat harvest in 60 years.

      Is that because the most productive wheat farmers decided to go all in on rapeseed this year after last year’s bumper crop?

  7. Check the roof. Check the attic. Check, if possible, the sewer line. Check the foundation. If you see iron pipe in the drains or the water lines, be concerned. Replacement will be in your future.

    Good luck, hope none of that bad schlitz is there.

      1. Good news on the scope. I’ve had to have three (3) blocked sewer lines fixed since winter at various houses. Two of them backed up and had to have liners, the third was okay but it has city work required at the mains end. I had back-flow prevention systems installed on all three. It added up to a bunch of money I’d have sooner spent on anything else.

        Crossing fingers your scope finds nothing.

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