On Sparing The Rod

Justice is either the same for everyone, or it’s not justice.

People are either punished according to their deeds and those deeds injuriousness to society, or they aren’t. But even the most lax of systems, in which everyone is left to defend themselves as best they can is better than one in which the law plays favorites.

I was thinking of this yesterday when I read this news article: Columbus Ohio Release Body Cam Footage of Police Officer Shooting 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant Just Before She Stabbed a Woman.

Yes, the sixteen year old was black. (Though trust me, these days the name doesn’t mean she’d be. But she was.) And the police is releasing bodycam footage before she can become another “martyr” and “hero” in the struggle against “unfair police treatment.”

The fact, weirdly, is that no, police have never shot more black people than white. There are (or were, this might change. For one the police is going to have trouble recruiting men and women of any worth or moral fiber) very few police shootings of unarmed citizens, and those shot are actually more likely to be white.

This will probably become more so as it becomes obvious justice in America, when imposed from above, is not in any way, shape or form equal. Witness the black teens who killed the immigrant uber eats driver. They were let go with absolutely no punishment. Because their bright futures shouldn’t be sullied.

And this chick, who was trying to stab someone? well, without body cam footage, she would have been lionized. There would be murals painted of her. Nancy Pelosi would thank her for her “sacrifice.” Her family would become rich.

You ask why most of the people the left lionizes are psychopaths who have never done a single thing in their whole lives that wasn’t injurious to themselves and others?

Well, because families that aren’t crazy of victims that aren’t psychos don’t go along for the circus ride.

I read, shortly after the whole Trayvon Martin bullshit of one of those cases that would absolutely break your heart, particularly if you’re the mother of kids who tan and who are built like brick shithouses.

College student, scholarship and honors, and also star football player. Happened to be black. His car broke down on a lonely road. He approached the first house, knocked, asked to use the phone. Sole woman in the house told him he couldn’t. I don’t know if there was hearing impairment on her side. I also don’t know why the kid didn’t walk to the next house. I know he asked woman to call someone to help him. Instead she went in the house, called the police and said he was trying to break in. I don’t remember the details, but when police parked, he ran towards them (because rescue, you know? He was VERY young.) Police panicked and shot him.

Why didn’t they use this young man as their cause and martyr? well…. They tried. The family said not only no, but hell no. They wanted to mourn their son in peace, and not see him plastered everywhere. And they understood it wasn’t so much a case of racial discrimination but of a very large, intimidating-looking guy who didn’t remember people would be scared of him.

Again, knowing the size and general appearance of my kids, talks have been had about this, and about “how to approach strangers so you don’t scare them.” If younger son were to meet someone right now, in those circumstances, he’d be in serious trouble, because he looks like an outlaw biker (which he ain’t.) Because people don’t see themselves from the outside.

But the cases the left has blazoned abroad are very bad. Both in the truth and in the lie. They’re very bad in the truth because they’re destroying people’s lives for resisting career criminals. Both career criminals and normal human beings know that.

Which means the career criminals being psychopaths will think they can now do whatever they want and the authorities and victims will be afraid to resist them. They’re not wrong. For a little while.

And meanwhile the normal, young black people who believe the left’s lie are more likely to believe the world is against them, effort is not rewarded and they might as well become criminals. Which is a slide that’s not easy to revert. They’ll also be angry, because why are they being picked on just because of their color.

I heard some recording of a young black activist saying that black people should loot everything for 200 years and it wouldn’t repay what they “suffered.”

The problem is two fold: most of the people today haven’t suffered diddly. They’ve been told people who looked like them suffered and were mistreated. And they’ve been sold the lie they’re still being mistreated and are “hated.”

The other part of this, of course, is that she’s going on color. She thinks black people suffered because they were black.

Oh, hell. They suffered because they were second class citizens. In other times and places it was white people who were second class citizens (still is, places in the world.)

Did whites behave very badly when crimes against blacks weren’t punished, or at least weren’t punished nearly as they should be.

Yeah. OF COURSE they did. Because white people are human and humans behave very badly when they know they won’t be punished and have nothing to lose from it. Sure some of us try not to. But those of us who succeed in not going completely monster are aware of the monster and have principles that refrain from unleashing it.

Those who have no principles and no fear of external punishment? Oh, dear. Yes, white people in the past, in areas where they were immune from the law behaved very badly.

But it’s important to know this was not because they were white. Whatever myth you’ve been fed about devilish white blood, and no matter how much you feed it, it was because they were human.

In the same way, we’re starting to see black people behave very badly. Beating up nursing home patients, pushing and beating people on the street, killing uber drivers, etc.

Why? Because they’re human. Every race and variety of humanity has psychos and horrible people. If they know they can gambol with no punishment, the things they do will be horrific.

Yes, they are a small minority. They are a small minority in every race. BUT they exist. And the only way to contain them is knowing there will be punishment for their crimes.

“But Sarah,” the left will wail “the legacy of racism, poverty, discrimination. They’re not responsible for what they do.”

Perhaps. I mean, not because of those, but the legacy of the great society and leftism has turned black people in America into the perpetual designated victim class: fatherless, skilless, hopeless and absolved of every responsibility, and told every day in school, media, culture that they’re victims and will always be victims.

It will certainly make psychos of everyone who is even mildly vulnerable and doesn’t have a modicum of a moral compass.

So, maybe, in the macro sense they’re not responsible for what they do. But going down that line of thought, is anyone really ever responsible? When the Bible says that a sin works itself through a family in seven generations, they’re not far off. There are traumas so horrific that multiple generations are needed to expunge their legacy. And almost every family has at least one, on one side. And many have multiple.

But this is not a salon, or a freshman lounge at a university.

This is a matter of justice. And either wrong done is punished. Or not.

Perfect divine justice that takes in account the centuries of dysfunction on some family line, or how deprived they were or whatever has to wait for the afterlife, if there is one. In this world what we’re concerned with is justice that makes potential criminals afraid they’ll be caught and punihsed and therefore keeps the non-criminal citizens somewhat safe of being preyed upon.

That’s all. We’re not trying to balance some karmic scale. We couldn’t. We’re trying to stop more crimes from happening.

And when I say “we” I say sane people, who understand how humans and societies work.

But the victims of our educational system think humans can dispense divine justice, that makes everything “right.” They also think that if they balance things just right evil and crime will go away forever.

This is a tragic mistake, one that will rebound on those they think they’re helping.

When an entire class of people think they’re immune from punishment, no matter the reason — skin color, features, size, or whatever — those people will naturally supply the vast majority of criminals.

In fact, being human, they’ll let their inner demons out to play. The more so if everyone has told them others hate them and are “keeping them down.” They will unleash a reign of terror on everyone else.

And while the idiot activists and the left will cross their arms and nod and say it’s deserved…. well, no. Because people today haven’t done anything to unleash this.

But even if it were balancing some eternal scale, it would still be stupid. Because that’s not the way humanity works.

Sure, in the short term, they’re going to run every competent policeman out of a job, and those that remain will let black people get away with whatever. Which means the psychos who happen to be black will feel empowered and be even more blatant and obvious. The lack of police will also mean more vigilantism.

It also means you bring back, in the mid term, real racism. Because you know that black people won’t be punished if they kill you, how long till truck drivers refuse to enter black neighborhoods? How long before every store closes? How long before a black person in any setting is watched very carefully and with suspicion, because you know they have license to do whatever they want and no one will call them on it or punish them? Some of this is already happening.

In the long term, it’s going to lead to genocide. And not the say the left thinks it’s inciting it. The left assumes that it’s empowering black people and in the long run they’ll kill a majority of whites, or something.

This is because the left understands neither demographics, nor humans.

They grew up hearing that white people would soon (like 20 years ago) be a minority, and they don’t think what this means, or that a lot of people with fractional Latin or Asian blood claim to be ethnic, because right now society favors it.

In their heads there’s only black and white, and if you’re not white, you’re black. So by now blacks have to be a majority, right? And if you live in a city you might think so, particularly a democrat-run city.

But in fact black people are somewhere between 12 and 14% of the population.

And what the stupid policies of the left are doing is convincing people black people are dangerous and not quite “normal human.”

We do know how this ends up, because we’ve seen it.

Every primitive society that the Western Culture contacted thought of white people as just another tribe, about the size of their own tribe. So they practiced tribal warfare. You go to the village or settlement that has encroached on your territory and you kill everyone in HORRIBLE WAYS. This is important, because it shows how savage you are. The other tribe then backs off. Everyone is happy, and more bloodshed is spared.

The problem of course was that Western Civ wasn’t tribal; had a lot more people; and had the printing press. Which in turn caused them to read about the horror and decide these people weren’t QUITE human. Which led to a lot of the racism of the 19th and 20th century. It also led to the effective genocide of the Amerindians and the colonial subjugation of Africans.

So, the left, ignorant of history and thinking that being an oppressor is somehow a quality of being white is repeating very, very old errors.

At some point the majority becomes racist. And then it snaps. And then you have genocide of the minority by the majority.

And this country, in appearance and culture is still majority white.

What they’ve managed to do so far is encourage the worst of the black elements. And convince whites that they’re a threatened tribe. All is proceeding as they wish towards racial warfare. Very brief, violent racial warfare. That doesn’t go even vaguely as they expects. And which results in a genuinely white supremacist country, where even people like me are considered suspect and held back.

They can’t win, but we can lose.

And short of unseating them and restoring some sort of sanity to our courts and institutions tout de suite, I don’t know what we can do about it.

500 thoughts on “On Sparing The Rod

    1. For a second I thought that word was ‘Cenobite’.

      After reading the article, I decided we’d be safer among the Cenobites.

    2. “In completely unrelated news, upcoming versions of Signal will be periodically fetching files to place in app storage. These files are never used for anything inside Signal and never interact with Signal software or data, but they look nice, and aesthetics are important in software. Files will only be returned for accounts that have been active installs for some time already, and only probabilistically in low percentages based on phone number sharding. We have a few different versions of files that we think are aesthetically pleasing, and will iterate through those slowly over time. There is no other significance to these files.”


      Okay, okay, enough sarcasm. I understand that people are, on the average, lazy and dumb creatures at times. I get that mistakes happen. I even understand that crazy impulse to promote to level of incompetence that happens in sufficiently large groups of humans known as “companies,” being all non-specific about that specific definition of ”
      companies” you understand.


      When you don’t plug the holes and update own software to address known vulnerabilities that can execute arbitrary code on your own testing device that generates the trusted reports you are using…

      …And that’s just the ONE example of your vulnerabilities they gave…

      Well, that land war in Asia ain’t sounding quite so bad a mistake in comparison now, is it?

    3. I wholly unrelated news:

      Athletes have good reason to beware Xi Jinping’s Beijing Winter Olympics
      … For the Communist Party, the event is also a sort of high-end trade show, where each country unveils its best competitors and its cutting-edge gear in an ­environment controlled by Beijing. Given the party’s goal of “winning” in all sectors and ­dimensions, athletes must expect a number of unpleasant factors. These include:

      1) Intellectual-property theft. Highly sophisticated technologies pervade sports these days. Costly research in physics, aerodynamics, composites and the like goes into the manufacture of the skis, luges, snowboards and skates. That research has value beyond athletics: Lightweight winter clothing, for example, is as useful for cold-weather warfare as it is for cross-country skiing. It is with such an “unrestricted” eye that Chinese officials will view the tech set to arrive next year.

      As it is, moreover, the party hacks just about every visitor on its soil. Athletes should expect hacking of phones, tablets and computers — anything of potential info-war value. Olympic-level training is often computerized, and those programs might be useful to the People’s Liberation Army for training soldiers to ­operate efficiently under extreme conditions.

      It wouldn’t be surprising if Beijing requires participants to download an official Olympics app that surreptitiously provides it with access and tracking.

      2) Genetic theft. The Olympics will bring some of the world’s most genetically blessed people to China. For the Communist Party, their very bodies are another valuable data source. A February 2021 report by the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center noted: “The PRC views bulk personal data, including health-care and genomic data, as a strategic commodity to be collected and used for its economic and national-security priorities.”

      In December 2020, then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote: “China has even conducted human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army in hope of developing soldiers with biologically ­enhanced capabilities. There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power.”

      Would the party try to collect genetic samples from the Olympians, under the guise of COVID-19 precautions or drug testing? What do you think?

      3) Future leverage. Olympians are a competitive lot, and some go on to great things in other industries. When they get there, they might suddenly find out that Beijing knows a lot more about them than they expected, given that they may have been hacked and tracked from at least 2022.

      Bottom line: While the world’s greatest athletes are in China, they can and should expect the party to steal anything it can. That stolen data will be used in any way that can benefit the Beijing regime in sports, in business — or on the battlefield.

      Olympians have been preparing for this moment for years, even decades. If we care about them, we should find a venue for them to compete where the hosts aren’t just waiting for a chance to rob them — and to dominate their nations.

      1. Well, I suppose that blood samples under the guise of drug testing is a classier way of collecting genetic samples than sending a bunch of pretty girls to the Olympic village every evening.

        It’s progress!

        1. For the record, tough, Chinese “science” sucks, for tons of cultural reasons. They can collect all this and feel like geniuses. In reality…. not much will happen.

  1. Amen Sarah.

    Oh, I’ve seen some of the results of the Left’s garbage on-line.

    There are several (apparently white) who are tired of “all the money spent helping blacks” but blacks are still claiming they are oppressed.

    Nothing I’ve seen … yet … tells me that those people would kill blacks for being black but it still doesn’t sound good.

    1. We’ve spent 12 TRILLION dollars on the poor, and they’re still poor.

      Seriously, handing every poor person a check for a million bucks would have been cheaper.

      1. you seem to be under the misapprehension that this is intended to eliminate the poor when it was to ensure they would vote a certain way and ensure a steady position for many in Gov’t

        1. If we DID give every poor person a check for a million bucks, most of them would be poor again within a year.

          They’re not poor because they don’t have money; they’re poor because they constantly make bad decisions. Money won’t fix that. Giving them money will practically guarantee that they won’t bother to learn to make better decisions.
          Welfare is pay without work. In order to provide pay without work for some, others have to work without pay. We used to call that slavery. Now they call it socialism.

      2. The study of lottery winners that found the best financial results found that winning the lottery did not actually increase your chances of filing for bankruptcy. Other studies have found that it does.

    2. Los Colonias are spreading, and not just along the border. And if you think the immigrant populations have not noticed how they’re treated whenever a black American is involved you are dreaming.

      Good luck convincing Jose Storeowner or Miriam Bookkeeper and their kin that they “owe” black Americans anything. They are being constantly told that to “Americanize” is Literally Hitler, so why pick up that sacred cow? They have their own perfectly cromulent ones after all.

      It is already starting to end badly, and every well-meaning proggie ignoramus is only pouring fuel on the fire. The grifters and the manipulators think they won’t be the ones burned and pass out gas cans and tinder.

      It might be illegal to post “No Blacks Need Apply” or “We don’t rent to Blacks” but you do not have to if everyone quietly agrees and you have your own BIPOC activists who can run cover for you while you collectively take care of business and point the mob at white supremecists.

      I suspect black Americans are currently in a state of existential dread that they are going to be despised and excluded from the wider society, despite being pandered to by mass media, academia, and the bureaucracy at every turn. They have good reason. I hope the #WalkAway movement can reach more of them.

  2. Excellent, clear writing. Thanks, Sarah.

    The post made me emotional when I read the part about your sons, and how we don’t know how we look to the world. This is a hard thing whether you’re huge/biker size, or tiny/weakness-invites-aggression size.

    Getting bullied, especially by my family, is horrifying. Realizing how people see things–like me–helps because I can prepare, and act, and react with better knowledge. Even against family.

  3. Side note: the guy who was beating up nursing home patients was, according to his father, a paranoid schizophrenic who never shows have been left unattended with access to weaker people.

    He just was not right in the head, and tenses to hit people without real reason.

    The only reason he was not in a psych ward was because that state’s rules mandated that anyone who had covid needed to be put into a nursing home.

    1. Oh. Yeah, but he wasn’t the only one.
      I’m not saying they’re not mental patients. A lot of the psychos killing people are. I’m saying it’s become forbidden to look at them sideways if they’re black.

      1. That, coupled with “The family called twelve times to warn that he was a threat to himself and others, and should be committed, less than a month before his rampage.”

        1. That does seem to be a theme, doesn’t it? Except when they’re using those laws to hammer someone who is politically inconvenient.

          It’s like they emptied the wards just so they could fill them with the people they really hated.

            1. Yep. It’s why they used the CCP virus to empty prisons; they needed the jail space for the political prisoners who they intend to incarcerate for wrong think-at least before shipping them to the gulags.

              1. Dammit! A Clockwork Orange was supposed to be fiction, not prediction. (Can’t remember if the comment was in the novel, or only the movie, but the gist was to empty the prisons of conventional criminals to make room for the political prisoners.)

          1. Look at criminal justice reform.

            The bastards probably are likewise believing that the seriously disturbed mentally ill are troopers they can use to keep the rest of us in line. As opposed to being too erratic to be reliable, and too dysfunctional for the social behavior of an effective fighting force.

          2. That’s how the glorious people’s Soviet worked. Dissent against the Party was de jure mental illness, so dissidents were put in sanitariums and “helped.” Electroshock and insulin shock were popular, and forced spinal taps.

            The Left always looks to their archetype… if it the Soviets did it, why then so should they…

      2. And “mentally ill” can often be a euphemism for evil in a postmodern society uncomfortable with the concept.

      3. Well, there’s also the new converts to Islam that wipe people out and the police say, “we’re still searching for a motive”. Another protected class.

        1. Similarly, it came out today that the FBI decided to consider the baseball shooting that almost killed Congressman Scalise as a “suicide by cop”. Even some of the Donks were outraged. Apparently, Bernie Bros are another protected class species.

          1. Funny that – shooting up a group of Republican congressmen is “suicide by cop” but committing “suicide by cop” shooting up a Black church is a hate crime.

            I guess it’s a matter of Republicans having “earned” their hatred.

    2. I don’t give him a pass because he was a paranoid schizophrenic (I have some in the family). If he is violent, no matter the color or covid, he should be somewhere so other people can be safe. He needs to be confined. The people I don’t give a pass to (I didnt’ give him a pass either btw) is the mayor and those who continued the policy. I think there should be a manslaughter case spread around to quite a few of those authority figures when it comes to the man beaten– and then died when he couldn’t take the constant beatings. It was torture — plain and simple.

  4. Justice is either the same for everyone, or it’s not justice.

    I’d go one step further — justice is the same for everyone, or it’s INjustice. Even worse than non-justice, because it becomes an actively destructive force in society. Whether it’s the Elitists exempting themselves from punishment for their crimes of corruption and depravity, or establishment of designated ‘victim groups’ that can’t be criticized makes no difference.

    Most people can recognize injustice, and they don’t like it.
    Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

    1. “It’s more than just. It’s ‘injust’!”
      “So this must be the most just thing to come out of Mexico!”


      Couldn’t resist…

    2. My personal gold standard for laws is that they have to be applied equally and equitably (note that usage of the latter word is being corrupted.) In other words, it has to apply to all people who infringe it equally—and it has to be designed such that it doesn’t bring in “false positives.” For example, as much as I think that abortion is a crime against humanity, I don’t find many laws criminalizing abortion as equitable, because (as currently designed) they pull in women who have had natural miscarriages as well as those who undergo necessary medical procedures that closely resemble abortion. (A D&C in the aftermath of an incomplete miscarriage is medically difficult to distinguish from a D&C designed to induce abortion, especially when said distinction is not being made by a doctor but by a prosecutor.)

      How much of the Bill of Rights has to do with the justice system? A not inconsiderable portion—and that’s because of how important the subject is.

      1. special pleading strawman equivocation… a prosecutor *could* has no weight vs an actual dead infant

        1. Except in places where abortion has actually been made illegal, women who have had miscarriages have been jailed. Not the U.S., but it’s important to look at what places actually do vs. what they say they will do.

          1. May I? I grew up with abortion being illegal.
            Do you know who got jailed? Doctors/nurses who almost killed women in abortions.
            NEVER heard of a woman being jailed. EVER. And I knew some who had abortions every year. And my family runs to miscarriages.
            I don’t think this is EVER real.

            1. Yah.

              I’ve heard “pro-abortion” folks claiming that women would be jailed for miscarriages if “abortion became illegal again” but have never seen any cites that it actually happens.

              It’s up to you Sarah, but I’d like to see B. Durbin provides some cites for that statement. [Frown]

            2. As the People’s Republic of China grapples with its pending demographic disaster I expect them to make “Failure To Carry To Term” a probable crime any month now. When the PRC wants a woman to miscarry they’ll kick her in the guts; otherwise she better finish what she started if she knows what’s good for her and her family.

          2. Going off of those cases where there’s enough information to poke at which side is telling the truth–every one of those stories I’ve seen, they basically only reported the defense’s claims and covered up the evidence showing no, not a miscarriage, it was murder. One popular case was an actual infanticide that was spun as being abortion rights.

    3. I saw someone make the point that for the left, it isn’t hypocrisy; it’s hierarchy. They truly believe in one law for them and another law for everyone else.

  5. Silly person – they’ve nothing to do with Justice Justice; they’re all about Social Justice (aka: Hell On Earth).

    1. Like other words that are actively being corrupted, they come in two-word packages. Social justice. Hyphenated-American. I’ve come to translate those packages as (first word=NOT) (second word =TRUE). Social justice is NOT justice. Hypenated-Americans are NOT Americans.

      Just makes more sense when you translate it that way.

    2. Forgot to mention, when court cases are decided because the jurors know what will happen if they return the ‘wrong’ verdict…because our ‘leaders’ are publicly calling for riots. Mad Maxine and AOC, I’m looking at YOU!
      Ask not for whom the tumbril rolls, it rolls for thee.

  6. I think fairly quickly we’ll have a segregated society again, which is so vile I can barely contemplate it. But when your culture codes you by your skin color, you have to make sure you and your family is safe. Imagine the Denver Aquarium having “black hours” and “white hours” to keep people from beating each other to death on the premises. That’s not the goal of the left, but I think that’s what they’re going to end up with. How heartbreaking.

    1. And for those of us that have folks of all races in our family, it’s going to suck just a bit more. And those people who don’t fit easily into categories, skin just a tad too dark for white, folks with funny accents, maybe the eyes don’t look right, folks with curly beards and hair and all.

      Reminds me of that whole “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” thing. People have been getting that wrong for ages. It isn’t there because we are so damned charitable we’ll take in everybody no matter what. Even though we give more to charity than any other three countries you could name.

      No, it is because those people could *succeed* here. Away from the boot on their neck and the shackles on their ambition, here they could thrive. Free. Sure, free to fail- but failing means at least you *tried.* And here you can fail. A lot. And still try again. Other places, once you’d failed *once* you were done. Still that way today in some places in the world.

      It all goes back to seeing people as just that. People. Not skin colors, or tools or widgets to make use of, even though that is a natural human default. To see things as what we can use them as, a stool as something to sit on rather than the label “stool.” Giving people the freedom to do, well, pretty much anything as long as it didn’t harm others was, and is, revolutionary.

      This dangerous experiment into wokeness has already reaped a harvest of death and distrust, has devestated homes and businesses and created injustice. But most places in the US aren’t Minneapolis, Seattle, or Chicago. And most people don’t want them to be. It is useful to remember that.

      1. Yea– I have all colors in my family too. What about the mixed race kids? Are they supposed to hate 1/2 or 1/4 of themselves. Unsustainable and kooky.

        1. Are they supposed to hate 1/2 or 1/4 of themselves.


          I suspect that’s why the more outspoken of the radicals tend to be lighter-skinned.

        2. The logic is going to lead right back to “racial purity,” flipped; marriage between whites and and blacks will become socially unacceptable because such marriages dilute “blackness.”

          1. That is already a thing that is happening. There is also a lot of backlash within the “black community” for interracial relationships, particularly with black men and non-black women.

            1. IIRC, the demographic most opposed to interracial relationships is black women.

              Sent from Workspace ONE Boxer

              1. Well, tell ya what: some time, when you’ve got about 12 – 16 hours to burn, ask a group of Black men why they don’t want to date, much less marry, Black women.

                I’m not saying those dudes are right, but they’ve got a case they can make.

                1. I’ve been blessed to do just that. I’ve sat CQ with lots of black guys, and you’ll get an earful. And they do indeed have a point.

          2. It already does with adoption. All the garbage of “they need to know their heritage”. Sorry, but part of the sad legacy of slavery is that that heritage is at best obscured. AA culture in US is a mishmash and honestly most of the stuff is mostly just inner city hooliganism. Most of the damage is much more recent than slavery and Jim crow.

            1. And that crap has been going on since at LEAST the 80s. When my parents started looking into fostering/adoption, they indicated that they didn’t care what color the kids were…and were promptly told that they would not be allowed to adopt black children (or even foster them) because they were just too white, and that meant they apparently had the wrong culture.

              And this was in *Texas* (and not Houston or Austin) in the 80s.

              1. Yep. Same issue.
                Though — of course at time when we COULDN’T — we were offered a sibling group of “half Latin” kids (Mother was Portuguese, and dead. Father didn’t want them.) Between the ages of 5 and 2. I wonder what became of them. We tried to figure it out, honest, but we just COULDN’T. We didn’t know where the next meal would come from.
                (Yes, I was mad we were being offered the kids to foster on the way to adoption, via our church, incidentally, on the basis of ethnicity. But I wish we could have taken them anyway. Sometimes I wonder if we should have taken the plunge and trusted Him to make it right.)

                1. Himself says that you’re an idiot if you start a building without having everything you need to build it. And Himself was in construction.

                  Yes, there’s a place for trusting Providence to provide, but not for dragging kids into it on purpose. If the kids are already in it, that’s different.

              2. “You’re too white for these kids!”

                “What, if brought up right they might wind up being successful, productive members of society instead of the perpetual whining victims you want them to be?”
                Why do ‘progressives’ assume that their anointed victim groups are too stupid to fill out the same simple paperwork as everybody else?

                1. Because they are stone cold racists. They don’t “assume” anything–they are utterly convinced their anointed victim groups truly are inferior and cannot succeed with THEIR (ie, Mighty Whitey Lefty’s) help.

                2. If they learn to be productive self-supporting citizens, how will the leftists grift off of them?

    2. And if you were a teenager or young adult in the 80’s or a 90s the light at the end of the tunnel was real. People really had learned to both appreciate folks skin color but not get terribly exercised about it. You looked for other markers like gangsta clothes or tats or (sorry guys) groups of young men hanging around with no kids ate families nearby either.

      All lost.

      It’s a crying shame that the warmed over leftovers from the USSR’s payola program desperately needed something to be politically relevant about. I saw it happening… Carol Gilligan, “racial backpacks” and I did not understand what was happening. What a fool.

        1. Could well be. Possibility different parts of the country were worse. The race-baiters and the dancing bears have been with us since the turn of the 20th century.

    3. “When an entire class of people think they’re immune from punishment, no matter the reason — skin color, features, size, or whatever — those people will naturally supply the vast majority of criminals.”
      Yep – I can definitely see a new segregated society, even if not mandated by law, and I do wonder why so very many rabid black activists don’t see that danger, in elevating ‘thug culture’ and excusing every sort of violent outrage by feral black youts against practically everybody else.
      Kind of makes one wonder why MLK and the early abolitionists even bothered, when urban thug culture seems bound and determined to live up to every possible stereotype of blacks being violently murderous, sex-obsessed and dumber than dirt.

      1. “Bullies” got this in school, for at least 35 years.

        If you are identified as a bully– “behavioral issues”– you get a free pass.

        The bastard who as a teen yanked my maybe seven year old self off the monkey bars, I feel sorry for.

        Because he actually identified he had an issue enough to try to go straight…and died, anyways, as the bouncer at a bar. (there were cultural indicators to tell him, hey, bad idea)

        The usual idiots who never get a check?

        They go assault someone at 19, and are put away HARD, or die.

        And it’s the first time they were slapped and told no.

        Vs the “good kids” who got smacked down for resisting…..

      2. > urban thug culture

        Which is something that is entirely a creation of the media. Who then market to and report on it. Win-win.

        1. That’s what hit me too. The people pushing this will not be harmed by it, and will i profit from the backlash.

          CNN’s target audience is upper class white leftists, so when the backlash actually comes, they will be the ones leading it and reaping the clicks from it too, as their formerly useful pawns get cut down in lot batches.

      3. And those who do not exploit that “opportunity” come to be seen as suckers.

        A very bad dynamic, incentivizing destructive behaviour, dis-incentivizing productive behaviour.

        It isn’t as if the “music” produced within the culture doesn’t exalt the rot.

  7. And the media is still trying to make the 16-year-old into a martyr. To the point of arguing “kids have been fighting, including with knives, forever, cops don’t need to get involved.”

    Tell the poor girl (also black) who was about to get stabbed that.

    1. “kids have been fighting, including with knives, forever, cops don’t need to get involved.”

      Sooooo, about those laws preventing children from buying guns…

    2. Yeah, and the post-stabbiness victim would totes have never called the popo.

      It’s not some outside agency that is making all these 911 calls from minority neighborhoods. And it’s not the minority individuals that actually live in high crime areas who are agitating to defund the police.

      All of this bushwa is coming from outside agitators who are buying their groceries using money from somewhere. Some enterprising reporter might look into that funding flow and do actual reporting – HAH! I kid, I kid!

    3. If it had hit her thigh (and a certain vein) the second girl would have been dead. This was battery to commit murder in progress (don’t remember the legal term). Plus the swing on the girl with the huge knife– it could have cut off a lot of the other girl’s leg.

      1. From the apparent size of that knife, there’s a lot of different ways the second girl could end up dead, some of them a lot faster than severing the femoral.

      2. I was in a jury for a trial where there was a stabbing. The knife was produced in evidence—sub-3 inch blade, street legal even in nanny-state California, but fixed blade, which—not really a good look to be carrying around, because it’s not really useful as a tool in an urban environment.

        With that knife, the felon (we did end up convicting) did four or five very fast punches (we’re talking maybe two seconds on video), severed one of the wrap-around muscles on the victim’s torso (abdominal wrapping to back), and punctured the guy’s lung. Which he didn’t notice for about a minute, but that can be a fatal wound. (And one that apparently has to be packed open and heal from the inside out, they showed us pictures, sarcastic yay…)

        Smaller than the knife on the video (presumably a kitchen knife.) So yeah, you could do a lot of damage with a knife.

        The thing that gets me is that didn’t have to happen. The early reports I heard was that she was the one who called the police, from inside the house—where she could have stayed. Why didn’t she stay inside?

        1. If I recall correctly. more people are killed by knives each year than guns in the USA.

          1. Nobody is killed BY a knife, or BY a gun. They are killed BY somebody else, WITH some tool or other.

            I know, it’s a pet peeve, but ’tis mine own.

          2. Handguns are involved in more homicides than knives by about 6 to 1 (in 2019). You might be thinking of rifles; knives are involved in more homicides than rifles, despite all the attention paid to trying to criminalize them.

        2. I have seen what damage a blade can cause when it “slips” so I can imagine what would happen if it was intentional.

          As for the girl. I saw her mother on TV– and her mother didn’t look too bright either. Also rage (I’ve dealt with this a few times) is not always logical.

    4. Pretty much anybody who graduated in the last 30 years knows that they don’t care about the person getting stabbed, assaulted, etc.

    5. I wonder if we’ll see a push for “knife control” now?
      Watching the video of that incident, I was particularly struck (haha) by the tenderness with which one of the guys there kicked one of the girls in her face. Looked like a nice gathering.

        1. Oh, they can legislate whatever the fuck they want.
          Won’t work. Just like gun control won’t work.
          Y’all REALLY don’t get the difference between tiny European countries and unruly Americans. Kind of funny, really.

    6. The sad part? If the one girl had killed the other, the rest of the world would have never known their names.

  8. There was also the incident last year where Detroit PD shot a man (black.)
    Blocking streets!

    Wait, he had a gun?
    He pulled it and charged the cops?
    He wasn’t even the one being arrested at the time?
    The PD released the body cam footage to back this up?

    Don’t mind us, we’re just a large group of people crossing the street, sorry we were blocking the intersection.

    Hmm. So if present-day blacks can claim harm from slavery / Jim Crow, does that mean, being part Irish, I can do the same? After all, the Irish were segregated, etc at one point…
    Oh, wait, nope, can’t, skin’s too light to claim such.

    1. Hey, my Scottish and Welsh ancestors were cruelly oppressed, too! The Mongols invaded Europe! The Romans invaded Britain! Waaaaaah!!

      Everybody’s ancestors have been oppressed, abused, conquered and enslaved. That don’t make ya special. Pretending it does makes you an entitled twit. In other words, a Democrat.

      Maybe, finally, people are starting to wake up to what those twits are doing to us. Look at yesterday — they got everything they wanted. Derek Chauvin was found guilty, guilty, guilty of murdering a violent criminal loaded with enough fentanyl to literally kill a horse, AND THEY’RE STILL NOT SATISFIED!!
      Count Vordarian: “What? You’re a Betan! You can’t do—“

      1. Yup.
        The other half of my background is Polish…
        Maybe I could claim harm from all the Polish jokes I’ve had to put up with…
        Or hey, lets get all Godwin here, how about what the Nazis’ did to Poland, I can go after all the Germans!

        I just threw up in my mouth a little from all of that…

            1. Q: Why are blonde jokes so short?

              A: So brunettes* can remember them!

              * Change this word as needed…. ‘redheads’ ‘men’ ‘bigots’ ‘your boss’ ‘oxen’ whatever

            2. I like the response supposedly given by Dolly Parton, “I don’t mind Dumb Blonde jokes because I’m not dumb and I’m not blonde.”

          1. >> “I need reparation from blonde jokes.”

            At the risk of being charged with a hate crime:

      2. But note: they did control themselves and not burn down the city (again).

        Once you pay the Danegeld, you can never get rid of the Dane.
        However, if the Dane pillages after being paid, his leverage goes away.

      3. That’s the thing, though. They’ve been told, for *decades* that they have uniquely suffered, that no one has ever had it as bad as they did. And they believe it. Because historical perspective is racist, and learning anything is “acting white” and therefore wrong and a betrayal of one’s color/race.

    2. “Don’t mind us, we’re just a large group of people crossing the street, sorry we were blocking the intersection.”

      Except that now it’s more like “So what if he didn’t do it this time, we’re just making up for when it wasn’t caught!!!!!!”

      1. Now yes, but this was just last year. Detroit PD Chief stomped HARD on the narrative they tried to push about the incident, I think the body cam footage was dropped a day or two later when a couple small protests started.

        1. IIRC, Detroit is also the city where the Chief of Police encouraged residents to get a gun a few years back.

  9. Careful, Sarah, you are making me sound almost sane. 😀

    I recently wrote something on another site, using a different handle, in response to a twitter idiot.

    Said idiot said that folks had been fooled by institutionalized whiteness into supporting police, that kids had been fighting with knives for a very long time, and that alternatives to policing should be used.

    Said alternatives sounded like they would have to be implemented as vigilantism.

    I, of course, went into too much detail about vigilantism sucking, about needing movement controls to prevent white on black vigilantism, and at that point you are looking a recruiting a white force to enforce apartheid.

    Also, there is fun to be poked at various sorts with the “Hasbro’s MLP caused spree shooting” jokes.

      1. I was doing better.

        ATM, am hitting high levels of rage again.

        Doing a survey in an organization, after making sure people know that unwelcome speech will be punished, is not a good way to get valid information about opinions. If you are wanting to make decisions about managing the organization, you should do so with the courage not have ‘data’ backing them, or you should seriously address the punishment of speech.

        1. Hey, if I was half as crazy as the world is today I’d be in jail or a nuthouse. Instead, here I am, posting nonsense on the internet. 😛

          1. I am reminded of the joke where a ‘teacher’ asks a nonsense question of the order, “If the sky if moon is made of cheese and mice dance jigs, how old am I?” figuring it to be stumper.
            But one kid answers, “You’re 44!”
            “…that’s right, but how did you work that out?”
            “Simple, my brother is 22 and he’s only half nuts!”

            1. Plus, of course, posting nonsense on the internet does not necessarily preclude one’s being in jail or a nuthouse. But I assure you, I’m not. I can even provide 3 witnesses. Of course, they’re cats. They’ll say anything for treats. 😛
              At my house, the ‘things that go bump in the night’ are cats.

                1. About right. That and being ran over … Sure we could close the bedroom door. That just means there is no bumps in the night, because they are sitting outside the door crying, or trying to claw their way in, and crying …

                  1. Mine’s favorite game is to throw fits on one side or the other of the top-of-stairs gate (put there to prevent dogs from wandering while humans are asleep and doing things like, oh, eating books). He is NEVER on the right side of the gate. Ever. And when I take him to task about it, he cusses at me.

                    (My dog–who is the Book Eater–gets put on a leash at night so I don’t have to deal with Cat Who Is Never On The Right Side all night. But he still does it in the early mornings, when I’m working from home…)

                    1. We are down to one gate now. Dog is small (not toy size/breed), so cat food is elevated. Cat boxes are taller than the dog and top entry. The one gate gives the cats one room where the dog can not enter; plus keeps dog from stealing the not-put-away-socks, sigh. If the door isn’t open far enough behind the gate, we have one cat that will sit there and cry. Which gets the kittens “involved”, which pisses her off. Old grumpy cat, at 7 years old, decided the kittens are interlopers; she isn’t fond of the dog either. Then the cats’ have their towers.

                      One of the three gates needs to be broken down and recycled (we’ve tripped over it too many times). It is also the only one that expands to cover the wider gaps needed to block.

                      Dog is past the puppy stage so we are good until the next time I get insane and insist on a puppy, which won’t be until this one passes in 10 to 15 years (she’s 4).

                    2. *chuckles* I think my dog and the cat have an agreement: she eats his diet food, he sneaks the (grain free) dog food.

                      Really, though, his food can’t be elevated as much as the other kitty’s because for a few years now he’s been too fat to get up on top of the fridge, and even when he wasn’t fat, he’s always been a bit nearsighted, and tends to miss things when he tries to get on them.


                      I came downstairs yesterday morning to leave for the office and found the cat treats (which had been sitting on top of the box currently holding the dining room table–house undergoing remodel, so it’s still in the box) on the floor. Naturally, I assumed it was the calico–she’s been in full on ‘furry little jerk’ stage for several days now. And, of course, between her and Fat Cat, they’d eaten most of the treats. I grumbled at them, and picked it up. As it was almost entirely empty, and as the rest of the household would be up shortly, I simply put the lid on more firmly and put it back on the box.

                      Last evening, however, I came back downstairs to get something…and found FAT CAT on top of said box (we’re talking about five feet here, including the little trolleys its sitting on), slinking towards the treat box again. He hasn’t gotten up on anything higher than about two feet in *years*. I scolded him (largely bc he is big enough that the wrong trajectory could cause the table box to topple, and I am very fond of Fat Cat, and do not want him squashed) and pulled him down, and moved the treat box. Which he then later climbed up to and knocked off anyway, but this time the lid stayed on AND it landed in a bucket of tools. I heard him cussing and grumbling about it for about ten minutes, and laughed heartily.

                      I’m thinking Fat Cat is no longer actually fat, but rather at or close to his target weight (I neeeeed a reliable weight scale at home). However, his target weight is still about 23-24 pounds, because he is a freak of nature.

                    3. Our cats do the “push off treat box to see if lid pops off”. Can’t keep treats in bags, they cart them off, so I hide the bags. Current treats come in a bag (easily digestible because of one of the kittens). Before was getting the standard box treats where the lid isn’t a screw on type, said kitten learned to take off the lid and would go to town (then throw up). Treat Tupperware type box ends up on the floor a lot, but they can’t pop the lid off. Now their thing is to get into the dog’s box and pull out her single wrapped treats I’ve saved from the Barkbox monthly delivery (she’s on a diet and can’t have them right now). If I’m not careful they pack them all over the house.

                    4. Heh. About 5 years ago my cat (Fat Cat) and his brother (the dearly missed and far-too-clever Beckham) figured out which shelf I’d stashed the catnip bag on and Beckham–who was incredibly agile (albeit, like his brother, a freak of nature as he was the agile athletic one who still weighed in at 15-16 pounds) got up, got the bag to the floor, and they both proceeded to get incredibly high while I slept unawares, lol.

                      Cats, man.

                    5. Ah. Our first batch, Pixie, of blessed memory, Randy is insane and malevolent brother, Pete, cat from Hades, Deetee (the sweetest little girl ever) and her brother Zebbie pulled a similar trick one night, when we were sleeping like the dead. They then rampaged through the house, crashing down bookcases, tearing up books, upending plants and peeing on the dirt and roots. I refer to that as “the night our cats partied like the Hell’s Angels.”

  10. When it comes to use of force by law enforcement, I recently browsed through some statistics concerning a similar high-tension field – that of medicine. For instance, in 2019, the total number of American citizens shot and killed by police officers was about one thousand. These particular stats didn’t show the race of the people shot, nor whether or not they were armed, resisting arrest, etc. Now, let’s play devil’s advocate and say that in all of these cases, this use of force was erroneous, if not altogether illegitimate.

    For that same year, the number of deaths caused by medical error was, at the lowest stats I found, about two hundred… thousand. For that one year.

    So I have to ask – why aren’t those cases making the news? Why aren’t those cases investigated and made a spectacle of – for gross malpractice, deliberate harm, even racial bias while we’re at it? Moreover, apart from EMTs in certain cities, medical professionals usually don’t have to be concerned about patients trying to stab them with a scalpel while in surgery, or pulling a gun on them during a routine check-up. Never mind receiving years of training, rather than a critically underfunded bare-bones course in “Not Dying In Your First Year On Patrol 101”.

    Putting this altogether, and it seems to me that even if we are to assume severe racial bias on part of emergency response professionals, the numbers clearly warrant a greater focus on fields other than police. Like, a couple hundred times greater focus.

    Or, to put it in simpler terms that you can share with your liberal acquaintances, using racism and abuse of force as a reason attack the police, has nothing to do with racism and abuse of force, and everything to do with attacking the police for its own sake. The evidence is plain to see. And as to why it’s done, well – you don’t need to have spent a decade in a post-socialist rathole to see who benefits most from a demoralized and destabilized police force… and it ain’t worth it either.

    1. those statistics are available, including statistics for police killing unarmed males of X race… and there is something like 5x more unarmed white males killed by police every year (exact numbers vary with year) than unarmed males of color… I did the math and once you figure percentages of the population, an unarmed African American male is something like 10% more likely to be killed by police than an unarmed white male… and anyone that has ever finished a statistics class will tell you what 10% means.

      1. That’s after they altered “unarmed” to mean “did not have a loaded firearm.” So the stab-happy girl would be “unarmed child shot by cop.”

        My favorite “shot an unarmed man” one is the guy who was being beaten to death with a shovel and shot the attacker.

    1. Especially when we’ve got videos of 140 pound guys that are High On Something throwing the guy who has them properly wresting-pinned off of their backs and to the floor, when the guy doing the pinning is over 200 pounds and not fat.

      Drugs make it so that the subject can, and will, do thinks that damage their bodies.

      1. Yep. They already knew he was on something (frothing at the mouth)… and what might happen if they didn’t keep him pinned once they had him.

  11. Given how poorly Americans decode race, I’m thinking SPF 50 is becoming mandatory for the non-burning family members and hair bleach and straightener should be considered for preps. Kids could probably pass as Native or Hispanic right now (heck, they get greeted in Spanish by Spanish-speaking locals) so passing is possible.

  12. The WWII population loss in the USSR (1946 population minus June 1941 population divided by June 1941 population) comes out to 13.3%. Adding in Stalin’s additional pre- and postwar deaths ends up around 18%. While it was significant and impactful, the loss of 18% of the Soviet population was successfully absorbed by Soviet society.

    Cambodia saw the Khmer Rouge kill between 24% to 26% of the pre-KR-takeover population. Even with that massive a loss in population, Cambodia survived as a country.

    Any minority making up 13% to 20% max of the total population (some population researchers end estimating just under 20% by estimating those with any black ancestry at all) who are pondering increasing racial conflict to eth kinetics stage might take such historical examples into account.

    1. China periodically loses even more than that (by ridiculously huge amounts) during the “not unified” eras, though admittedly over a longer period of time.

    2. Add to that the history of out-and-out lies on “official documents” for various reasons up to and including being included in the culling if your numbers don’t match what your bosses expect them to. This can cause wild variations in accuracy.

      To put it mildly, I believe those numbers and percentages are on the *low* side, based on what I know of history and the actual history of communist/socialist countries.

    3. This was the comment made several times by Kirk, who comments here and sometimes at Chicagoboyz – that a minority who at best makes up only 12-14% is freaking delusional if they think they can kick off a race war and win.

      1. I have pointed out, on a number of occasions that there are on the order (conservative estimate) of about 100 million legally armed Americans in the US If every, single African American adult were among that number (they’re not) then they are still outnumbered by about three to one, and that’s before counting the number of guns that could be handed off to not-currently-armed friends and neighbors.

        They might want to think twice about pulling the trigger on that race war. It won’t go as they believe it would.

        1. It’s not them. The people pushing all of this are professionally trained Marxists by their own admission, and with the visible exceptions, the prime movers and highly mobile logistics and support elements of the unrest are seldom black.

          I have not seen anything to counter the assertion that at that level it is anything other than a professional community organizer and civil unrest enabler core telling minority communities “lets you and him fight” targeting the minority young and gullible as cannon fodder.

          1. Yep. Using “racism” is just a part of their overall effort to destroy our whole society.

    4. 2006 or so I gained a coworker who was a refugee from the Rouge. They left most everything in the middle of the night before Pot’s lot could kill them He was a child then.
      About 07 or 08 I read that ¾ of the Cambodian population was too young to remember the Rouge and asked him about it as he had just returned from a visit to relatives and he said all the relatives still there were mostly younger than the fall of commies, so it was probably correct. Very few of the family that remained behind survived though none were killed outright, many succumb to problems due to health affected by the problems that followed in its wake, some being denied treatment for being who they were related to or just from crap care etc, etc.

  13. We just watched Justice Die in the Chauvin case. Anyone– “anyone” can be charged with any crime if the mob wills it. Thus saith the overlords.

    If there hadn’t been a picture with the 300 lb “child” trying to stab another black girl, we would be seeing this wanna-be-killer plastered all over our media as a sane and loving child. WTF Too bad she didn’t live to go to trial… but in our world she would have gotten off with a slap on her wrist so she could try again.

    Where are the incitement to violence prosecution against the overlords? So only conservatives and Republicans can incite to violence? I go hummm… Those words I said against Panama about 20 years ago are haunting me. I said “I’m so glad I come from a first world country and not a third world one.” So this is a slide to “mobe rule” and third world politics– right before my eyes.

    1. A ham sandwich can be charged.

      The issue is the blood-spattered-front-door pig-head-adorned-front-lawns of the jurors homes, and the official color-of-law pronouncements by elected officials that demanded violence, presumably directed against the jurors, if those jurors decided anything other than guiltyguiltyguilty.

      That city will burn when this farce goes to appeal – you can’t splash blood on appeals court judges houses and get away with it like you can jurors.

        1. I think the judge would have put a target on his own back if he did so, and there would be a mysterious stand-down order for the protection detail shortly afterwards. And he didn’t even have the tissue thin protection that the jury had. (Wet tissue, off brand.)

          1. Yes.. every one involved have a target on them whether they said guilty or non-guilty. I do believe that he showed his colors — yellow. Bravery is when you do what is right even when you know there are consequences.

            1. Yes, but my 11yo daughter asked me if I would lie and vote guilty if I was on the jury so that she and her younger sister wouldn’t become targets of the mob. I told her I’d try for a hung jury or something to cause a mistrial. But yes, I would lie and vote guilty if it came to that. The local paper outed the jury in everything but name. The reporting today said the jury’s members’ names would be revealed at an appropriate time.

              I’m not prepared to sacrifice my daughters to save Chavin. This too will pass, and my goal is to survive it, and keep my family intact. He has mechanisms available to him. I’m not going to be Leevon Finicum, killed for nothing.

              (not my usual sig)

                1. Yep, I get that. I think we already don’t have a working USA though and we’re not getting it back by enraging the mob and sacrificing ourselves. The country of my childhood is gone in all but name, in the places were most of the people live. It’s still there some places, but under constant erosion by the federal machine and the cultural weapons of mass destruction. Chauvin is not my hill to die on, nor my kids’ hill. There might be a hill, and if it comes it comes, but this was not it. Even if he walked on the three charges, the Feds are standing by with more charges, and there is always the chance that someone would RFK him on the steps of the courthouse or JFK him in the parking lot of Kroger, making the sacrifice of my family moot. I’m not being hypocritical here, I don’t expect anyone else to do what I won’t do.

                  The rules changed.

                  All over the ‘net people are saying and saying and re-saying that ROL is dead in the US. Surprise! It’s been dead for a while now, and every case like this just exposes that to more Normies. So stop and think about what that means. Rule of Law is DEAD. Internalize that. REALLY internalize that. You (general ‘you’) have to start dealing with that idea. They can and will do whatever they want to us at any point that we come to their attention. No one will come to save us. No one will blow the ceiling and fast rope down to rescue us at the last minute.

                  What does history teach us about times like this? You must be ready to denounce the people that come to ‘their’ attention. You must expect your friends and relations to denounce YOU when they come for you. Why would you want them dragged to the gulag (real or virtual) along with you? If you want to have a chance at changing anything you have to remain free and effective. Your friends LIKEWISE have to remain free to act.

                  There won’t’ be any gofundme to replace a conservative’s burned out house. No gofundme to heal his daughter after she’s raped at school because her father is a ‘bad’ man and she deserves it. No gofundme to replace the lost job that feeds that daughter (and buys the guns and ammo and armor and radios and medical and every other needful thing.) There is no underground to move your family to safety after the mob catches you alone. There is no established safe haven for you to flee to. There is no way to start over in a new place with a new name once panopticon focuses on YOU and your family (seriously, look at any kid moved to a new school because of bullying or any other issue, the kids have the new kid doxed eight ways to Sunday within hours.)

                  The other thing that history teaches us is that This too shall pass. You (Sarah) have even written about it here. They can’t hold it together. The Third Reich fell. The Soviet Union fell. Communist Cuba is going to fall. People SURVIVED those times and those places. They may have even acted to hasten the fall if they were able. There were lots who didn’t survive, and some of them included the principled, the committed, and ultimately the futile sacrifice.

                  My daughter wants her Daddy. I want to be here to guide and protect her thru what’s coming. I can’t do that if I’m dead or destitute. It’d be cold comfort for her to know that her father loved an ideal more than her. I’d love to think she’d rally around my banner, but the more likely outcome is hating me for leaving her alone in the Brave New World, or only marginally less worse, raised by her lefty Kennedy worshiping Boston grandparents to hate me for leaving her alone.

                  The rules have changed. If we don’t survive, there won’t be anyone left to rebuild what was lost.

                  I intend to survive this.

                  (not my usual sig)

                  1. You know what– you do you. and why are you living in a place where her house can get burned down, she can get raped, and is close to her Kennedy loving grandparents? I’ve been hearing the call from others to move to red states, homeschool, etc. I can tell you right now– If you keep your head down, they will come for you eventually. If you are not one of the continued brainwashed, then you are outside. Plus they can tell when you are not one of “them.” Soon you will be punished for being “white.” The strategy you are describing will not save you. I hope the best for you and your daughter. I really do.

                    1. I can tell you right now– If you keep your head down, they will come for you eventually.

                      This is the key insight that many refuse to understand. If you are in the middle of one of the enemy’s strongholds, sure, keep your head down until you can escape. But also know that they will keep ratcheting up the required clapping until you break. And because you spent all your time surrendering you will break when you are in the worst position possible.

                      So why not project enough DGAF to never be vulnerable to the social attacks in the first place?

              1. I see your point. I think it is a BAD example for your daughter. There is no honor and no courage. It wouldn’t have been for ‘nothing’ … So no law and no justice.

                1. When there is no Rule of Law, it becomes our job to create as much Rule of Law as we can, whenever we can. Which might be very small, but … as things stand we cannot count on coming out the other side, like those who kept their heads down for four generations in the USSR. If Islam rolls over us after China has their way, the tyranny will be centuries, or forever.

                  And you, my father, there on the sad height,
                  Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
                  Do not go gentle into that good night.
                  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      1. “That city will burn when this farce goes to appeal – you can’t splash blood on appeals court judges houses and get away with it like you can jurors.”

        If those who are supposed to make that hard are told to stand down…. You wanna bet?

        1. I heard someone say that there will be less burning because of sacrificing Chavin. hahahahaha No, they have found their strategy. You give the verdict we want and we won’t burn your house down, yet.

          1. “I’m saying to you, we’ve not called for the killing of white people, at least for now.”
            — Julius Malema

            1. The person you quote speaks falsehood.

              There are three reasons we know it is a lie.

              1. Some of the stupid idiots have already been unguarded enough to say so.
              2. The statements about wanting to make the security situation bad for whites.
              3. Protecting violent criminals from being killed while they are committing violent acts could be understood as an endorsement of the violent acts.

              Not likely to end well.

              If war or peace were in the hands of these nincompoops, there would already have been war. They, and probably a lot of innocents, would have a good chance of being dead.

          2. “…how we burned in the camps…”

            The threat of burning is precisely a reason never to compromise. By resorting to arson and coercion, they prove themselves beyond reasonable disagreement and negotiation.

            Compromise with such is letting the nice man with the knife transport you to the secondary crime site with his car, because surely he won’t kill you if you only do what he says.

            It is sometimes disheartening to see how many endorse this, but I try to prepare for /every/ hand to be against me, and the conclusion of my childhood remains sound. At least make the bastard kill you in his less preferred location. Killing the other guy first is better, of course, but I started my planning from the assumption of a child’s resources.

      2. What do you figure Chauvin’s chances are of surviving long enough for his appeal to hit the docket?

        1. This is what I’m expecting.

          They’ve been doing bog standard lynching prep so far, how long until they get to that point?

            1. You expect Mr. Chauvin to reach prison? Wow. You anticipate him to actually not be Epsteined before being sentenced in 8 weeks? To have a chance for his lawyer to file appeals? It could happen. I guess. As the saying goes “not holding my breath”.

          1. Reportedly he’s in isolation “for his own protection”.

            I’m wondering how many of these before some militia decides enough and breaks the victim out.

          1. You can say that, but you think the judge was cowardly… I think you haven’t yet thought thru the reality of life WROL. There IS NO law to stand up for anymore. Chauvin was doomed from the beginning and no amount of sacrifice will save him. The judge is hoping there is still some ROL but knows that there is not, and doesn’t want to throw away his whole life.

            If you insist on being a paladin, you’ll die like one, alone and without changing anything.

            If you’re past the point of having dependents, that is a choice you are free to make. If you have dependents, choosing that course isn’t noble, it’s selfish.

            (not my normal sig)– because I’m taking our host’s advice to heart and decoupling my real life from this permanent record of keyword searchable self-incriminating opposition research.

            1. This is bullshit.
              SERIOUSLY, this is bullshit.
              Americans will fight. We’re Americans.
              If you’re not, (and from your IP, you’re not) you’re excused. Shut up and sit down. The American adults are talking.

              1. THIS. THIS. THIS.

                It’s taken the theft of the presidential election to inform me of the supreme lefty ignorance that infests the world outside America. Not a damn one of the “intellectuals” understands America, American politics, the Constitution, or American Exceptionalism. They are ignorant F***s. Peterson, Murray, Saad. All of them.

                We all see the destruction. We’re living in it, up to our necks and beyond. But the idea that this means we’ll quit? Not fight?

                What Sarah said–go away.

              2. Even if he were right. Eff it. Valhalla, I am coming. (Although, really, I think I would be a better fit for one of the other halls–Forsetti’s, Bragi’s, Tyr’s maybe, although I’m holding out for Freyja’s: she get’s half the warriors and all the trollops. Just sayin’. 😉 )

              3. Yes Americans WILL fight. Anyone here is free to go engage blm directly in MN today if they think that is the best course of action. Funny that no one is though because most people recognize that that would be foolish.

                The reason I engaged with this particular comment was because it ASSUMED cowardice.

                What happened to picking your battles? Preparing the ground before attacking? Retreat to gather your forces and survive to fight another day? Fighting smart? SunTsu- don’t attack where your enemy is strong, attack where he is weak. Even f’ing YODA said “save you what can”. Suddenly we should scream then leap? We are the freaking insurgents here. The enemy is organized, well funded and blooded. Can the right say the same? The enemy has already seized the TV and radio stations, they’ve already seized the government offices. Who is going to pay your bail? Which friendly prosecutor is going to waive any charges? Which gofundme is going to feed your family while you sit in jail? I’m asking for the 300+ so far who have had the full power of .gov and the private sector turned on them because they were in DC on the 6th.

                Who is in a better position to evaluate his options and likely results than the judge himself? 10 or more commentors here assumed that Chauvin will be killed in the next couple of weeks but assign cowardice to someone who sees a losing battle and declines to throw himself onto the spears?

                The enemy has openly attacked cops with weapons, chemicals, fire, and has blinding them with lasers. They have attempted to do the same to targets’ families in their homes, climbing onto the roof, shining lasers into the windows. When they come for you they attack your wife, kids, parents, employer, everyone who knows you.

                How in Hades will you build under, around, or over if you are destitute? How will you ‘rebuild’ if you are dead?

                Never once did I say not to fight, nor did I say that I wouldn’t fight. I just observed that this jury and this judge and this case are not the hill I would die on and I understand why other people wouldn’t want to either.

                FWIW, I’m a US citizen, and a US Person (for those that understand the difference and why and where that is important), I have directly worked to support our country’s efforts domestically and abroad. I have been both vocally and materially supportive of liberty and freedom here at home. I don’t know why my IP address is obscured, but I’m hella glad it is, and everyone else should do the same.

                I think painting a target on your back is stupid. Coming to the attention of the enemy is stupid. It limits your range of actions and eats up your resources at the least, and could get you killed on your way to prison, or in your own home, to absolutely NO BENEFIT.

                If you think you will be giving up your life, liberty, and worldly goods, at least pick the right time and the right target.

                (not my usual sig)

                1. What? Are you mentally damaged, as well as whatever you’re imbibing and/or selling?
                  The fighting starts with doing what you can legally do.
                  Once you’ve abdicated that, by saying “being a coward is the moral alternative, 11ty” You want to tell us to go to another state and fight BLM?
                  Put down the ashpipe. Stop swallowing fistfuls of fentanyl.
                  You’re either a coward or an enemy agent, and I will not read your deranged walls of text.

                2. > What happened to picking your battles?

                  That’s what got us into this mess.

                  > Preparing the ground before attacking? Retreat to gather your forces and survive to fight another day?

                  A failed ideology, also known as “losing.”

                  Every time you back down, you lose ground it will take blood and misery to recover.

                  1. There’s a difference between “picking your battles” and not actually picking any. There’s a difference between a tactical retreat to conserve your forces for use at a more opportune time and just running away. The former of each pair can be valid, but is often used as an excuse for the latter.

                    Yes, one needs to pick one’s battles, but one does need to pick some. Yes, one should conserve forces (real or metaphorical) and not throw them away to no end, but one does need to use them if only for deterrent effect (else why have them?).

              4. “If you’re not [an American], (and from your IP, you’re not)”

                He betrays himself here:

                “There IS NO law to stand up for anymore.”

                I don’t think he is far off on the state of the law. But the law is not the be-all and end-all. If there is no uncorrupt law then Justice will happen outside the law.

                A deeply unsettling position, but one that Americans understand quite well.

            2. Y’know, if you were arguing for it being the prudent route to an honorable end… you could make that argument.

              Rather than “there is violent threat, thus it is not cowardly to do what the threats demand.”

                1. >> “Of course it is cowardly.”

                  I could somewhat excuse a juror for taking this position since jury duty is compulsory, but a judge has the option to simply resign. If the judge in this case wasn’t willing to do his job and apply the law impartially then perhaps he has no business wearing the robes.

                    1. Wouldn’t it be something if they were unable to seat a jury? If every prospective juror said, “I’d be a target for mob violence, and my family, and my little dog too!” Might that send a message? Force a change of venue, at the least?

                      Imagine being on that jury with the mob waiting outside, primed by certain ‘civic leaders’ to riot at the slightest excuse.
                      Now and then one should take the time to stop, and look around, and say, “What the fuck, over?”

                    2. “Wouldn’t it be something if they were unable to seat a jury? If every prospective juror said, “I’d be a target for mob violence, and my family, and my little dog too!” Might that send a message? Force a change of venue, at the least?”

                      All that means is that only those that agree with the mob will be on the “impartial” jury.

                    3. The juror has a DUTY to disclose ANY and ALL reasons he would be unable to render a fair and impartial decision as determined by the evidence and the law.

                      Failure to disclose this inability is a serious matter and means the juror was improperly seated.

                      This nation denounced such jurors for their failures in the pre-Civil Rights South; just because the Democrat Party likes the results this time does not make them any more legitimate than the last time the Democrat Party liked the results resulting from jury intimidation.

              1. That was the attitude of a number of the women during France’s occupation some eighty-odd years ago.

                After the occupation was ended (by others) they were identifiable by their shaven heads.

                1. Given my confidence in the aiming ability of the French, especially when there are scapegoats to be made, I’d rather not involve them in situations where the enemy went from military forces to unarmed, individual women.

            3. If you won’t stand up for what is right, even if it costs you your life, all you teach your children is that cowardice and caving to evil is what should be done. That doesn’t teach your children right from wrong, it just teaches them that they are sheep for the slaughter or serfs for the enslaving and that they can’t possibly change anything about it.

              One person CAN change things. It’s been done more than once, throughout history. ::looks pointedly at a little place called Nazareth::

              There are worse things than death. There are worse things than rape, or being beaten. Many, many worse things. Namely, surrender to evil in the name of “But I can’t do anything if I’m dead!” Guess what. Doing nothing while you’re alive is even worse–because you had the choice to do something, to say something, and deliberately chose not to. So no. I will fight, even if it costs me my life. Even if they threaten my family. Even if they threaten the children I don’t yet have. (And if I had children, I would fight for their sake, even if I died doing it. I’ll see them again, and I don’t want to have to explain to them OR G-d why I allowed evil to run rampant without even trying to resist it.) I will not denounce others, and if others denounce me, I will fight them and those they send for me. I won’t stand by and let someone else be dragged away into the night–because simply surviving doesn’t change a damn thing. All it does it let the lie continue and to murder more people than it ever would have done if people had only stood up and said “No. You will not do this.”

            4. I won’t continue with this– I think you haven’t thought it through. Because so many people have gone along to get along we are now in THIS– I have faced similar situations on a smaller scale. If I didn’t have this attitude I would NOT be able to survive a chronic illness with the lost of kidneys for 18 years. I am not made that way. *sigh I am perfectly aware that I am not considered normal in my ability to ignore pain.

              1. Yeah. We tried this plan for decades. It didn’t work.

                Same as trying the Don’t Offend The Grabbers plan didn’t work. Now we come up with every in your face work around for gun laws that we can find.

                1. Yep– it just drags us deeper into the black hole. I’m old enough (around our hostess’ age) to have seen what happens when you appease, compromise, and cajole the Left– or whatever name they have disguised themselves this go-around

      3. They also sent death threats to the attorney representing Chauvin throughout the trial, and also threats to another attorney with the same name who had nothing to do with the case and practices family law. The threats were quite explicit that they intended to murder the attorney for representing Chauvin and that if Chauvin was not convicted that the attorney and his family would be violently attacked.

        Needless to say many of these threats were made on Twitter, Facebook, etc., who had no problem with allowing this specific targeted violent threats and took no action to censor the messages or to ban the posters.

        Also needless to say, the intent of this, with the backing of the Democratic Party and their tech oligarch allies, is to ensure that those who would represent or assist those deemed “enemies of the state:” will be deterred from doing so.

        1. Heh. I’m so old I remember when they did that to any lawyer stupid enough to represent a Black defendant. They’re still playing the race card, only now it is the other direction.

    2. “If there hadn’t been a picture with the 300 lb “child” trying to stab another black girl, we would be seeing this wanna-be-killer plastered all over our media as a sane and loving child. ”

      And if all you watch is certain MSM outlets, that’s exactly what you are seeing.

      1. Pish-tosh. I am reliably advised, by the highest authority, that “Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons.” and “We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers.”


    3. Yep. This is what drives me to frothing fury – the madness I survived from my family now seems writ large upon society. “You are the designated target because you try to behave like a decent law-abiding citizen. We do not. The law does not protect you.”

    4. My mom is from Panama and I last visited in 2014. Even then, most of capital looks more like a first world country than downtown Los Angeles does today. My mom comments all of the time on how corrupt and third world-like our politics have become.

      1. When literal banana republics are looking at us and laughing…

        (I don’t necessarily mean Panama, don’t know how crooked their government is or isn’t)

      2. I went to Panama just after “Just Cause.” It was pretty scary. You couldn’t trust anyone. People either shot at you are threw bricks at you. It only calmed down after two years I was there at the same time they started to put traffic signs up.

        1. I realize this is crazy talk, but I cannot help but wonder what would happen if, instead of spending a billion on homeless encampments they were to spend it on roads and brides?

          Nyah – that’d never work!

          1. >> “spend it on roads and brides?”

            Spend the budget on building brides, you say? Heh. Reminds me of a joke a (female) co-worker told me once:

            ADAM: Lord, the Garden of Eden is wonderful, but it is lonely here. Can you do something about that?

            GOD: Indeed I can, My son. If you are willing to pay a price I shall make for you a woman.

            ADAM: What is a woman?

            GOD: A being much like yourself who shall be fair to behold, sweet in temperament and supportive of all your needs and desires. She shall be the perfect companion for you.

            ADAM: That sounds amazing! What will it cost me?

            GOD: Naught but an arm and a leg, My child.

            ADAM: Hmm… that sounds a little steep. What can I get for, say, a rib?

  14. Keep having stuff where this is relevant.

    Loooong quote.
    The One Who Sins Will Die
    18 The word of the Lord came to me: 2 “What do you people mean by quoting this proverb about the land of Israel:

    “‘The parents eat sour grapes,
    and the children’s teeth are set on edge’?

    3 “As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, you will no longer quote this proverb in Israel. 4 For everyone belongs to me, the parent as well as the child—both alike belong to me. The one who sins is the one who will die.

    5 “Suppose there is a righteous man
    who does what is just and right.
    6 He does not eat at the mountain shrines
    or look to the idols of Israel.
    He does not defile his neighbor’s wife
    or have sexual relations with a woman during her period.
    7 He does not oppress anyone,
    but returns what he took in pledge for a loan.
    He does not commit robbery
    but gives his food to the hungry
    and provides clothing for the naked.
    8 He does not lend to them at interest
    or take a profit from them.
    He withholds his hand from doing wrong
    and judges fairly between two parties.
    9 He follows my decrees
    and faithfully keeps my laws.
    That man is righteous;
    he will surely live,
    declares the Sovereign Lord.

    10 “Suppose he has a violent son, who sheds blood or does any of these other things[a] 11 (though the father has done none of them):

    “He eats at the mountain shrines.
    He defiles his neighbor’s wife.
    12 He oppresses the poor and needy.
    He commits robbery.
    He does not return what he took in pledge.
    He looks to the idols.
    He does detestable things.
    13 He lends at interest and takes a profit.

    Will such a man live? He will not! Because he has done all these detestable things, he is to be put to death; his blood will be on his own head.

    14 “But suppose this son has a son who sees all the sins his father commits, and though he sees them, he does not do such things:

    15 “He does not eat at the mountain shrines
    or look to the idols of Israel.
    He does not defile his neighbor’s wife.
    16 He does not oppress anyone
    or require a pledge for a loan.
    He does not commit robbery
    but gives his food to the hungry
    and provides clothing for the naked.
    17 He withholds his hand from mistreating the poor
    and takes no interest or profit from them.
    He keeps my laws and follows my decrees.

    He will not die for his father’s sin; he will surely live. 18 But his father will die for his own sin, because he practiced extortion, robbed his brother and did what was wrong among his people.

    19 “Yet you ask, ‘Why does the son not share the guilt of his father?’ Since the son has done what is just and right and has been careful to keep all my decrees, he will surely live. 20 The one who sins is the one who will die. The child will not share the guilt of the parent, nor will the parent share the guilt of the child. The righteousness of the righteous will be credited to them, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against them.

    21 “But if a wicked person turns away from all the sins they have committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, that person will surely live; they will not die. 22 None of the offenses they have committed will be remembered against them. Because of the righteous things they have done, they will live. 23 Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?

    24 “But if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that person has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness they are guilty of and because of the sins they have committed, they will die.

    25 “Yet you say, ‘The way of the Lord is not just.’ Hear, you Israelites: Is my way unjust? Is it not your ways that are unjust? 26 If a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin, they will die for it; because of the sin they have committed they will die. 27 But if a wicked person turns away from the wickedness they have committed and does what is just and right, they will save their life. 28 Because they consider all the offenses they have committed and turn away from them, that person will surely live; they will not die. 29 Yet the Israelites say, ‘The way of the Lord is not just.’ Are my ways unjust, people of Israel? Is it not your ways that are unjust?

    30 “Therefore, you Israelites, I will judge each of you according to your own ways, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall. 31 Rid yourselves of all the offenses you have committed, and get a new heart and a new spirit. Why will you die, people of Israel? 32 For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign Lord. Repent and live!

    1. Sometimes I get the idea Himself is going “seriously, how can I say this in a different way and make them listen?”

      1. Write it in flaming letters 20ft tall on the side of a Rhode Island-sized rock coming at the planet at a few hundred meters per second?

        1. *points up at quote* He doesn’t just want it to stop, He wants us to stop doing it. Slightly different. NOt doing it because dead doesn’t work as well.

          1. Well, not *everybody* would be dead…
            After all, He only promised not to flood the world again, dropping a big hammer is still on the table…

            1. His plan has been pretty clearly expressed. Let’s just say that if you notice a sudden disappearance of His true followers you need to buckle up for a hard ride.

              Anybody got the number of that Beast? I wanna order take-out.

              1. >> “Let’s just say that if you notice a sudden disappearance of His true followers you need to buckle up for a hard ride.”

                Bumper sticker: “In case of Rapture, this car will be unmanned.”

                Different sticker: “In case of Rapture, can I have your car?”

  15. As a first generation American whose family could not pass on any account of American history or context, I find I am continually puzzled how the Democrats, who were originally on the side of the slavers, are now somehow the party of the descendants of those slaves.

    Can anyone explain how that turnaround happened? I am baffled.

    1. there was never a turnaround. They just got control of the media, culture, and started saying it enough times that a lie became truth.

    2. Easy. They were always the party of the people after power. Once slavery was outlawed, ginning up power came from controlling mobs. So.

      They’re not the party of slave descendants. They’re the party of taking advantage of slave descendants.

    3. The way I understand it…
      Lyndon Johnson was President when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed (which wouldn’t have happened without the Republicans). So he took the credit. Also, when Barry Goldwater ran on the basis of supporting “states’ rights,” the Democrats successfully portrayed it as an appeal to racism. (They also made him out to be a slavering warmonger; ironic, that).
      Then, the Democrats and media spun the narrative that Richard Nixon, in order to win, invited all the Southern Democrats, racists to a man, to join the Republicans (the infamous “Southern Strategy”). So from 1972 on, “everybody knows,” the Republicans are the party of racism.
      Anybody who knows more, or can correct this, jump in. I was 8 years old in 1964.

      1. Pay no attention to the decade of the 1950s when Senate Majority Leader Johnson actively blocked any Civil Rights legislation from coming to a vote. That is what the CCP calls “historical disinformation.”

      2. As for the “Southern Strategy” that turned on Nixon’s recognition that, absent racism, the Democrat Party had nothing to offer Southern voters, while the GOP could offer patriotism (including supporting our troops, an area in which the Dems were at a slight disadvantage), Law & Order (admittedly, made somewhat easier after the pranks pulled at the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago), economic policies not geared to rewarding people for not working, Supreme Court justices who actually referred to the Constitution for their rulings, and various other elements of the GOP’s racist agenda.

        Why, do you realize the Republicans have had the nerve to claim themselves “The Party of Lincoln”!

        1. Nixon’s only ‘Southern Strategy’ was not being a racist Democrat.

          I actually saw that last part somewhere. Some radical Leftroid wound up a rant against conservatives/Republicans/whoever with “You’d think you won the Civil War!”

              1. Neither did mine, 1960s/1970s. Sainted Lincoln ran a small store in Illinois, then was installed in the White House by universal acclimation. Well, they didn’t actually *say* that, but it was a good example of “lying by omission” or “selective presentation of facts.” Or maybe what the modern judiciary accepts as “parallel construction.” i.e., a known lie, but accepted de jure as truth.

                We had a whole 9-week course on the Civil War. At no point was it even *hinted* that the South had a government, Constitution, and President of its own; I didn’t find out about Jefferson Davis until long after I escaped the school system. This was a school in the same state that had Robert E. Lee’s birthday as an official holiday.

                1. Or maybe what the modern judiciary accepts as “parallel construction.” i.e., a known lie, but accepted de jure as truth.

                  I really have no idea where you got that, or why you keep throwing it out.

                  It’s so screwed up that it’s not even exactly wrong, it’s like declaring that purple tastes like dirt smells.

                  Parallel construction means that they don’t offer legal evidence, that they have, in a court of law, generally because it would get someone killed. Shockingly, people don’t go to the cops when they are afraid that they will die and the bad guy still won’t be stopped.

                  They still have to follow all the rules for all evidence offered.

                  1. Say what we might about George H. W. Bush, he did at least ONE thing very very right:

                    Clarence Thomas, Jones v. Mississippi:

                    The Court’s language in this line of precedents is notable. When addressing juvenile murderers, this Court has stated that “ ‘children are different’ ” and that courts must consider “a child’s lesser culpability.” Montgomery, 577 U. S., at 207–208 (emphasis added). And yet, when assessing the Court-created right of an individual of the same age to seek an abortion, Members of this Court take pains to emphasize a “young woman’s” right to choose. See, e.g., Lambert v. Wicklund, 520 U. S. 292, 301 (1997) (Stevens, J., joined by Ginsburg and BREYER, JJ., concurring in judgment) (emphasis added); Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U. S. 833, 899 (1992) (joint opinion of O’Connor, Kennedy, and Souter, JJ.); Ohio v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health, 497 U. S. 502, 532 (1990) (Blackmun, J., joined by Brennan and Marshall, JJ., dissenting). It is curious how the Court’s view of the maturity of minors ebbs and flows depending on the issue.

                    Page 29 of 57

                    Emphasis added.

                    1. Husband started howling yesterday, and when I gave him a look, just said “Thomas!”

                      Yes, that epic snark shall stay in the record, and DESERVES to.

                    1. Since you aren’t willing to do more than throw out chunks– you’re seriously taking popular media characterizations of a well known, carefully defined legal process as something besides nonsense until proven otherwise?


                      After the last several years, THAT is the thing you choose to trust the media on? When those same news articles declare it to be a “prohibited tactic”– when in fact the fruit of the poison tree is what is prohibited, NOT parallel construction?

                      Seriously, figure out when you’re being used.

                2. Again.

                  Please justify your claim that if my husband hears a rumor, from a friend, and mentions it to a law enforcement friend, who looks at the situation and can’t see any reason not to happen to be in the area, and then observes illegal activity — that failure to list my husband, and the friend who told him the rumor, along with home addresses, is “a known lie.”

                  As opposed to, you know, basic policing, or being a decent human being. They’re not mutually exclusive.

                  I know it pisses the cartels off, greatly, to not be handed a list of targets. But we can’t all be New York.

        2. My favorite in this genre of historical “wait, what?” is the guy who declared Jefferson would’ve never gone out picking fights with Islamic terrorists. 😀

          1. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a newly formed nation in possession of a thin record of military success must be in want of a war with Islamic terrorists.


            Because Mexicans are a fight for a nation with at least moderately good fighting men.

            Anyway, this really cheered me up.

          2. Technically correct: they weren’t terrorists, they were extortionists* – and since they started it he never “went out picking fights” with them. They picked the fight, he just demonstrated the flaw in their assumptions.

            But I doubt that is what the guy making that claim meant.

            *Know your criminal acts

            1. Eh, both the Cartels and the Terrorists work the same as the pirates. Mafia, too, although historically they kept their deals….

    4. From roughly the 1840’s through the 1950’s, the Democrat party maintained its voting base by encouraging poor middle- and lower-class whites to consider themselves superior to blacks. In the Civil Rights Era, those whites decided that they had been wrong. The Democrat party immediately swapped tactics to encouraging blacks to consider themselves superior to middle- and lower-class whites, and amazingly, it worked.

      It’s really the most amazing political jiu-jitsu I’m aware of in the historical record.

      1. More complicated than that.

        You really can’t summarize the full story without going into the 1st ACW, and Reconstruction.

        But, by the 1920s and 1930s, Blacks had been voting for Republicans for some time, were taken for granted, and were no longer really getting any payment for the support.

        Around that same time, the Democrat backed white supremacist terrorists had made a fresh effort at terrorizing the blacks.

        The Republicans didn’t have anything more that they could and would offer for support, and the Democrats were at least in a position where they could deliver on toning down the terrorism. So, maybe that had something to do with the apparent shift in support for FDR. Also, look at what FDR was doing then, and for how long.

        WWII also resulted in many Americans seeing very bad sides of such policies overseas.

        Segregation relied heavily on Southern anger over Reconstruction and the 1st ACW to internally justify that political situation. Three or four generations is a while to sustain such, and it might’ve been due to end around the fifth generation anyway.

        It is probably more correct to think of those as a combination of factors that made the changes politically possible that were later branded as the civil rights movement.

        Safety and access to remunerative jobs were branded as a result of federal policy, so obviously the beneficiaries had to keep paying their political dues lest they be withdrawn just as much by fiat. This wasn’t true, but from information available, it could have seemed true.

        1. My summary was extremely simplified. But it wasn’t just the result of impersonal societal forces. It was a conscious decision on the part of party leaders. (Johnson said as much.)

        2. There’s an interesting book, entitled “Double Victory” which argues that WWII did a LOT of the setup for the Civil Rights movement. 80 years after the ACW, not too many left who had been slaves, or even children of slaves. Or who had fought in the war. Then, with the demands of the War, the Tuskegee airmen, the Codetalkers, women working in factories and flying aircraft from them to training depots, people got out of their small towns and segregated and Balkanized city neighborhoods and noticed that the Other were just folks, like themselves. So when they got back, it was harder to justify segregation. Especially after what they’d seen those kinds of polices lead to in Europe.

          1. Yeah. Civil Rights Movement may well have been taking credit for earlier developments…

            … and LBJ was an SOB, who coldly calculated policies for effect …

          2. Honestly, I can see that – a lot of people got thrown together and made to serve and possibly under fire with people that they would never have otherwise have had nothing to do with. Women got thrust into fields and skills that they would never have contemplated otherwise. I can see that particular thesis and mind-set working out in the years after the war.

            1. There was also the stuff where folks found out what it was like elsewhere in the country– my grandfather STILL didn’t have a clue what the color-line he was supposed to look at was, he couldn’t “see” the markers. His wife could halfway see it, because she came from a well off family in Kansas– but expecting him to care about something as stupid as hair (as far as he was concerned) when people were shooting at him was nonsense.

              The other way worked, too– the places where color at least roughly tracked cultural differences being thrown in with folks where genetic markers didn’t indicate the same culture were given an eye-opener. (Religious stuff, too; my grandfather wouldn’t have been able to get the Protestant supervisors to go into the parish basement if they hadn’t trusted him because of he-served-with stuff, and the stuff around JFK may have included many massacres. They were SERIOUSLY scared that there were weapons in the basement of St. Pat’s.)

            2. There weren’t African-American infantry units deployed, but things like the Red Ball express happened.

              Lot of things in that war lined up right on the American side for resolve to develop after the war to see things improved.

              For good, and for ill. Vietnam peace movement seems to have partly been a result of quietly realizing, for all that it was a righteous fight, how much of the war propaganda was a scam. The Vietnam peace movement was not in the right, for all that Bobby McNamera was a technocrat who should not have been trusted with that position of power and trust.

              Americans have a long history of trying to do the right thing in bad circumstances, and coming up with better answers than they have any secular basis for accomplishing.

              Why, even up late with anger insomnia, I can still see hope, and am not wholly blinded by clouds of doomer and blackpill.

                1. It was pretty much a communist op, but one folks were vulnerable to because the Republicans remembered FDR, and so did the Democrats, but the latter did not want to admit their own wrong doing, so they later ascribed the wrong doing to an other.

                  The war time propaganda that was a scam was WWII. Cans of food thrown away, buried aluminum, etc. Extracted a lot of compliance by pleading war time needs, but then a lot of the stuff procured by awarding contracts to cronies was disposed of to hide things.

    5. The tale they tell is of the parties ‘switching places’.

      They do not name specific people at specific times sufficient to justify believing that the institutional cultures of the parties switched.

      Beyond that, fifty state parties and one national party of each flavor. For the switch to be true, it would need to be true for all of the state parties.

      If someone knows a state’s political history very well, they can assess how likely that situation is between the present adn the last time the state Democratic party was implicated in white supremacist terrorism.

      Specific examples of what bother me perhaps place me too strongly as to place. Also, they are almost entirely pointless after what BLM did last summer.

      I specifically do not credit the valorous honorable wokurai warriors against racism in my neck of the woods. The largest such local outspoken organization is very top down, the current leader was a crony of a previous leader, adn that previous leader is deeply suspect because of his previous political activity.

    6. Inflection points:

      Margaret Sanger and her program of voluntary eugenics deliberately weakened the black family and community

      Truman integrated the military. (Really, re-integrated. It was mostly integrated before Woodrow Wilson segregated it again. But before Wilson, the Constitutional ban on a standing army was mostly observed. So there generally wasn’t an army so much as a cadre to build a military around. And also why the Marines were the tip of the lance, since they existed on more than a notional level.)

      Most of the civil rights icons were of the Left. Some of them actually receiving substantial funding and support from the USSR. (This is awkward, and has been mostly swept under the rug.)

      LBJ launched “The Great Society” (AKA Welfare) and partially sold it as reparations for Jim Crow.

      Bobby Kennedy was media manufactured into a martyr for the cause. (Somehow.)

      A conspiracy theory about Richard Nixon being a secret racist looking to resurrect Jim Crow, in conjunction with the SDS breaking the Democratic Party and McGovern getting his butt kicked across the South.

      And a conspiracy theory that Reagan and the CIA were responsible for the crack cocaine ravaging the inner cities. (To fund fights against communists in South and Central America.)

    7. They lied, and the media repeated the lie.

      And the media hated Nixon as much as they hated Trump, especially as they had tried to take him down and failed previously, so they expanded the lie to “explain” how Nixon won in 1968 when they hated him so much. Aha! He cheated! Unspecified racist Southern Democrats changed parties! And then Nixon won a landslide against McGovern in ’72. He had to be taken down – and Nixon handed them what they needed to do so by staying loyal to his guys, instead of disavowing the WH Plumbers and firing a few staff.

      At this point the classist media are repeating the lie to themselves as a mantra to explain away the massive increases in President Trump’s minority vote share that came through even after all the 4am lead change vote tampering.

      But the Republicans remain the party of Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation, and the Democrats are still the party of Jeff Davis and the KKK.

      1. The reality, of course, is that the South didn’t decide an election until 2000. Before then, it was either a small part of a much bigger wave (ex. Reagan) or split for both candidates (ex. Clinton).

      2. > But the Republicans remain the party of Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation,

        Historically. In 2021, they’re the party of Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, and the late John McCain.

    8. The Dems were all in favor of playing one race against another back then, and still are today. What’s changed are the rationales and the details.

      There wasn’t even a moment’s pause for the civil rights era, as affirmative action started getting pushed pretty much as soon as Jim Crow got killed.

    9. Consider how they treat those descendants, and how they treat any of them who move against the narrative.

      They are still slavers; they have changed the chains from physical to mental.

  16. I think I may need a trigger warning to read the news. That is, I am insulted nearly to the point of incoherent rage by the inanities uttered by the likes of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. I am sick to death of hearing people bleat about “white privilege” when poor black criminal victimhood-based privilege is being so aggressively promoted as a “remedy”. Sufficiently advanced stupidity and malice are indistinguishable. I’m willing to acknowledge a certain lingering legacy of racism and unequal treatment of black and white offenders, but as a believer in imperfectly realized ideal of liberty and justice for all, I insist that this legacy does not excuse rioting and violence, whether George Floyd was a criminal or a saint, and whether Derek Chavin is declared guilty or not guilty of murder. Making everyone a victim is not how to achieve justice of any kind. Anyone who says that it does is unfit to live in a civilized society, let alone have a seat in the legislature.

    1. I am sick to death of hearing people bleat about ‘white privilege’ …

      White privilege? What, like Hunter Biden enjoys?

  17. What they do not understand is that ‘we’ control that monster inside us. We purposefully don’t let it out. If they push long enough/hard enough, they will find out that they do NOT like our monsters… Echoing the other posters, mixed race families will truly be in a quandary. Who is the ‘good’ member today? Tomorrow? Next week?

  18. She actually still is being lionized, the same way that 13 year old gang member “Lil Homicide” is being lionized. Apparently it is now wrong for police to shoot someone who is actively trying to stab someone else with a knife, refuses orders to drop the knife, and continues with their attempt to murder someone else. Leading the charge to push this is Obama mouthpiece Valerie Jarrett, which means that the Democratic Party itself is behind trying to incite more rioting over the incident.

    1. Been like that for decades, the cop that was on video backing away from a habitual drunk (went from one side of the car, clear around the other, yelling the whole time, ran out of room to run away from acting crazy guy WITH A KNIFE) coming at him with a carving knife was booted out of Seattle when I was a youngster.

    2. Addendum-it’s via Fox but Congressional Democrats are echoing the party line narrative that the shooting was murder due to racism rather than something that saved the life of the girl the criminal with the knife was actively trying to stab and kill.


      Democrats want to both ban the right to bear arms and also get rid of police. It is clear they want to disarm the public and eliminate law enforcement so that the Democratic Party paramilitary mobs have free reign to engage in “forced redistributive justice” and that their brownshirts/blackshirts/Chavistas/Red Guard can be unfettered in their enforcement of the Democratic Party’s Marxist totalitarian reign of terror.

      1. You know, sometimes, despite the level of horrors it would unleash, I think the Dems squealing for defunding the PD should get what they want, good and hard.

        The entire PD in their city / district just up and close up shop, go to other cities / departments that aren’t dealing with that kind of insanity (ideally, departments around their old stomping grounds, for reasons soon to be obvious.) Just leave them to their own devices.

        BUT. Surrounding departments essentially put a hard “blue wall” around these areas. You can go in, POs will warn you you’re entering a no-PD zone at your own risk. Leaving said zone, cops will stop and endeavor to determine if the persons in the vehicle / walking would be a potential threat to their community and deny them entry. (I know, I know, hordes of constitutional problems with this idea…)

        Wonder how long it’d be before the defund crowd started screaming for PD again…

          1. Well of course. The ones calling for it would still maintain their “home” in their district, but you know it’s so hard being a Rep and I just can’t afford the travel so of COURSE I had to buy a house near DC and it’s just a coincidence that since the police all left my district I haven’t been back for more than a day or two (and stayed in a hotel outside my district while there with a LARGE, ARMED security team,) and it’s all because those evil, horrible, raciss police are keeping our people from freely traveling outside the district!

            1. I think every elected official, up to and including the President, who has and is screaming “defund the police” should be required to not use any public safety security forces, nor can they hire any, also they have to live by no defense by firearm. Family members have to put up with their elected family member’s choices (or leave). You spout it … you live it. Their addresses and phone numbers are made public. No exceptions.

              1. But they’re IMPORTANT and NEED to be protected!

                Unfortunately, what I could see happening is sure, said pols would quickly change their tune from “defund the police and no one needs guns” to “police* and guns for all**” and still making it California levels of absurdity when it comes to normal folks obtaining firearms…

                *Police Chiefs and any officers ranking Sargent or higher personally selected by Federal House Representative in which the locality resides, political affiliation of selected officers can be used for dismissal at any time.

                **Gun rights restricted, any person wishing to own a firearm must be able to immediately detail-strip ANY firearm handed to them and reassemble in working order (hands them a Japanese Type 14 Nambu and no tools,) identify all parts of a randomly selected firearm including the thread pitch of any and all screws from memory, hit the X-ring of a standard 50ft pistol target at 200yds with a randomly selected firearm 25 times in 30 rounds with no familiarization time.

                1. Well son and hubby could. I haven’t fired a firearm in 50 years. Never cleaned one. Dad always did that and while I watched him, as a child, more than once, it wasn’t something he taught any of us. Now my husband does this. Son learned while enrolled in college ROTC (he didn’t contract, Obama cut the programs, severely, he didn’t make the cut). Not that I couldn’t learn to clean them and will when I need to. Most the rifles we have, don’t “just disassemble and reassemble” easily. (They are going to be a PIA to dredge up, and clean, … that boat accident, you know.)

                  I’ve already mentioned that when we get CCL, I’m not carrying, but will have my CCL. This is because of the rules that go with a CW in a vehicle. Not a problem if hubby is carrying the CW all the time on him, but I Know that won’t happen when we travel long distance, which is when we will have a CW. The CW will be in my reach. That puts me in legal jeopardy without a CCL. Not that I expect that we’ll get one in the next 4 years, or ever, at this point, even if we get our act together and take the class and put in the paperwork, today. I think that option has sailed into the universe and beyond. We are in the wrong location, we do not “know anyone” to get it pushed through.

                  1. Heh, some background on my gun rights restricted bit:
                    I googled for “hardest firearm to field strip” and someone commented about wanting to never, ever have to deal with the Nambu again, so I went with that.
                    Same thing with the target requirement, made it as difficult as I could.

                    After all, as long as the rights-restrictors can point to just ONE person who can meet their requirements, that’s good enough to fend off the “those restrictions are unreasonable” people (well, in the restrictors minds, at least.)

                    1. So if ONE black person can meet the voter ID requirements, they’re not unreasonable, right? 😛

                    2. Considering most of the requirements to get a voter ID seem to boil down to:
                      “Show up at your local Secretary of State office with a state ID / drivers license / utility bill with your address on it and sign here,” it seems to me it’d take a concerted effort to NOT be able to meet the requirements…

                  2. A friend’s daughters have been cleaning guns since they were five or six years old. He’s a home-based FFL, and offers cleaning as a service for people and his local police department. They’d bring their guns in and put them on the table, and he’d call the girls in and they’d field strip and clean while the adults watched and drank coffee.

                    And then the girls got paid.

                    I’m sure it violated child labor laws if nothing else, but nobody ever complained.

                    1. I really do not know why dad didn’t teach us to clean the guns. Car mechanics, that I understood, the answer to car mechanics was “your grandfather is a mechanic, he does it.” But not cleaning guns. All three of us, all girls, were expected, to camp, fish, clean fish caught, hunt, gut what we hunted, and help haul it out. “Help” because one reality couldn’t be gotten around, even at 17, we weighed less than the deer. At least the oldest two of us were required. Younger sister was enough younger that I was in college when she started hunting.

              2. They need to be held to strict liability for any and all actions by their private security forces.

                1. How about “not allowed” private security forces? Period. In fact. They should be required to live in the housing projects they’ve built over the years, with their families, … If it is good enough for those unfortunates, downtrodden, it is good enough for them.

        1. I’ve never been quite clear on why they think those burned out post-mostly-peaceful-riot cities would continue electing the D pols who voted to defund their police.

          But I’ve never been clear on why they get elected in the first place, so maybe I have the wrong mindset for political analysis.

          1. Honestly, you’d think that the Democrat Party supporters of color in the urban sinks would have noticed by now that their lives aren’t any better after half a century of electing morons like Sheila Jackson Lee, Mad Maxine Waters and supporting post turtles like Obama, who promise the moon and give back only a few crumbs. It’s enough to make you believe they reside on the far side of the Bell curve…
            Or maybe it’s all displaced anger…They can’t blame those fools they voted for … so must project the blame onto someone else…

            1. Possibly, the Reservation effect is going on– you’re only “really” a minority if you’re still on the reservation.

              You leave the reservation, you’re not REALLY black. You’re “acting white.”

            2. After Nov. 2020, exactly how certain are you that the supposed Democratic supporters actually voted for those supposed to have been elected by them?

              1. Not certain at all, actually. But those urban sinks were probably loyally reelecting those creatures for a couple of decades before the vote-stealing became computerized…

                1. Please, I semi-joked quite some time back that if Kwame Kilpatrick, the mayor CONVICTED and sent to prison for corruption, were to run for Mayor again, he’d get elected. And despite the recent voting shenanigans, he wouldn’t even need to fraud the vote…

                1. Notice how loud they decry *every* effort to enforce greater clarity, veracity, or security in th election process. From voter i.d. to even as simple as taking the dead people, pets, and folks that moved away *off* the voter rolls, they’re against all of it.

                  These aren’t itty bitty red Commie flags you’re seeing, this is a gigantic blimp and parade of fraud, right in front of our faces.

            3. Been saying for a while now that the only two possible explanations for the conditions in the city are that urban minority populations are too stupid to understand what/who they’re voting for, or that the elections are crooked. Democrats should pick one, because there is nothing else. (I suspect they DO think they are stupid AND also know that the elections are crooked.)

          2. As has been demonstrated all over the country, the results of the elections are only loosely connected to how people vote.

            Who controls the voting machines, controls the election.

        2. Second time today I’ve seen this suggestion. I second it. They want it, give it to them… with no saviors swooping in to save them when it backfires. It’s all on them.

          Someone else pointed out that this is exactly how the Islamic no-go zones are handled in parts of Europe.

          1. Back to the future; the Montgomery AL police department was handling the majority black housing projects in exactly the same way back in the 70s. They wouldn’t go in except to escort the fire department. Criminals who came out were generally arrested / shot before they made it back in.

            They called it “the self-cleaning oven.”

              1. Why not give them exactly what they (claim to) want? Pick a city, preferably one already run into the ground by decades of Democrat mismanagement, and declare that it will be a police-free zone starting in six months. Buy out anybody wanting to leave, give free bus tickets to anybody wanting to move in. Set up National Guard checkpoints around the place and allow Nature to take its course.
                Natural selection — making the world a better place, one idiot at a time.

      2. Take away guns from a people as… proactive as Americans, and they start to get creative.

        Burneystuff and boomenstuff is fairly easy to make and deploy. I… don’t think this will end the way they think it will.

        1. I really, really don’t want to give people ideas.

          Because there are, oh, a great many things that can be done to bring civilization to a screaming, blazing halt that take nothing more than a handful of guys and a couple days, tops. And would cost a great deal of time, money, and effort to repair. Cities, heck, the economy is a lot more fragile than you’d think.

          I do not want things to go that way. So I am very appreciative of the people who *know how* but do not spread that knowledge widely. *grin*

          1. I will slightly disagree here. I think a large part of the trouble is that these idiots have no idea just how vulnerable they are.

            Sent from Workspace ONE Boxer

    3. I swear, the Dems and the national establishment media want a race war, want it in the worst, slavering-at-the mouth way. The Dems for having the spigot of mob action to turn off and on at their will (and t’was ever thus, I suspect) and the national establishment media because watching the USA burn is a guarantee of good ratings for them. (And also, that both lots are a lot of malicious b*stards.)

    4. Only if black. To an extent if other minority or aggressive liberal like rioters or demonstrators. Anyone else could be cuffed, on knees and executed with a bullet to te.ple and it’d be a “good shoot”

  19. You ask why most of the people the left lionizes are psychopaths who have never done a single thing in their whole lives that wasn’t injurious to themselves and others?

    No, I haven’t asked that since I learned the truth about Che, about the Weather Underground, about Fidel and Evita and all the rest of the Progressive idols. Now, if the Left hails someone as hero I pretty much take that person as psychopathic until proven otherwise.

    It’s just simpler and more efficient that way.

    I also take that as operating assumption about the (Leftist) MSM. Because I can see them.

  20. and thus the reason Lord of the Flies should be required reading. And discussion led by a sane person, defined as someone who acknowledges the existence of the monster and 00000000 works to keep it at bay.

    the 0’s are Hildus the cat saying hello to Havey!

    1. Lord of the flies is a ridiculous fantasy based on the idea that without constant, strict supervision otherwise normal school boys would become monsters.
      It is part of what afflicts us, not the cure.
      It’s rather based on the idea that they were monsters BECAUSE they were English Schoolboys.
      In other words,bullshit.
      Also, one of the worst books ever written, pulling strings without solid world building. More of that no one is clean bullshit.

      1. Someone once pointed out that a “boys stuck on their own” incident really did occur, around the time when that book was set, even – and the result was nothing like that book. Turns out they had some idea that genuine Civilization was a Good Thing.

        1. To those of my former colleagues that decry any notion that American culture is superior, I have pointed to that story a time or two. Because there are others, in other places, where it most certainly did not turn out nearly so rosy.

          I like our culture. Good things come from it.

            1. That sounds like the one I heard about.

              If it is, one thing not mentioned in the link was that one of the boys broke (IIRC) a leg and the other boys took care of him until the leg healed.

      2. ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ is more believable by far. Including the Disney version.

        If a bunch of pampered kids really did go full brutal savage, how would any of them survive even six months? They don’t have the skills or experience to be successful savages.
        Natural selection — making the world a better place, one idiot at a time.

          1. Yes. Eek!Stravaganza was the cartoon, and the short was titled “Lord of the Fleas” and yes I think that was a deliberate pun. A lot of the titles were like that.

            Leaving a bunch of penguins in a mall overnight might make them… savage. 😉

      3. Look at it from the other way around. Lord of the Flies is what you get when a Junior Stalin winds up in charge, complete with everyone clapping in unison on command.

      4. It’s rather based on the idea that they were monsters BECAUSE they were English Schoolboys.

        Imagine the reaction if somebody wrote a version of it featuring a group of “inner-city” yutes somehow stranded … I guess if you “explain” it by having the flight being a “gift” by a White Conservative Billionaire (Murdoch, perhaps?) and the stranding being due to deliberate intent, a scheme to “prove” they’re “animals” with hidden cameras recording events for display on right-wing news.

        1. One of those after-school programs that does enrichment, they’re at a summer camp and there’s a flash flood. The boys’ bus gets shoved over a cliff.

          1. Ugh, you just reminded me of that anime series ‘The Fruit Of Grisaia’. The bus crash arc is one of the most F’d up things I’ve ever seen. Worst of all, it’s believable.

  21. “well, without body cam footage, she would have been lionized”

    Some are anyhow. Her mother was praising her for her efforts to “make peace”. Every person shot by the police is a would-be Gandhi. What are the chances?

    1. What does it say about them when their ‘heroes’ and ‘saints’ are monsters?

      1. It’s all for the rubes anyhow. BLM leaders live in big mansions in white neighborhoods while complaining about how hard it is being marginalized by systemic racism.

  22. The family said not only no, but hell no. They wanted to mourn their son in peace, and not see him plastered everywhere.

    The family was obviously capable of accepting that his was a meaningless death, as are most deaths. (Doubt me? Review Andy Cuomo’s talks about nursing home Covid deaths.) They were capable of resisting the urge to turn their so’s death into a cause célèbre in the delusion that doing so would give his death meaning — when only their living good, productive lives in his memory could achieve that.

  23. without body cam footage, she would have been lionized.

    She’s still being lionized, or at least the police officer that stopped her from stabbing a woman is being demonized.

    Anybody who knows me knows that I am not a fan of policing in this country (or any country really, but I’m more concerned about the one I live in), that I have argued that the problems go beyond a “few bad apples” to deep, systemic problems. But these BLM types consistently back the “bad guys” in these cases. In fact, I can’t think of a single exception. At this point it has to be deliberate and the reasons why that might be are, let us just say, troubling indeed.

    1. . But these BLM types consistently back the “bad guys” in these cases. In fact, I can’t think of a single exception.


      And I’ve been looking, for years.

      That is beyond even “the family won’t play ball.”

    2. McDonald case.

      And that is speaking as someone who thinks that McDonald should have been killed, and his family should have probably been arrested for the negligence in their guardianship of him.

      That specific cop, and some of his colleagues, apparently really did incriminate themselves trying to cover it up.

      But I am far from persuaded that BLM would have known that at the time.

    3. And I concur that there are genuine cases of misconduct, and genuine reasons to be concerned about how the police are managed. Some of these cases and reasons we even agree on.

      And that is an admission against interest, because you and I have some philosophical differences that can basically be summarized as me being crazy by the standards of American culture.

      1. I read an internal observation somewhere to the effect of “Even a Bad Cop can have a Good Shoot.”

      2. If there is a problem with police the responsibility lies with the civilian authorities – the mayor, city council/county commissioners, prosecutors, etc. – who establish the training, procedures and operational guidelines for the police. It is their failure to exercise proper oversight, failure to enforce discipline, overlooking abusive officers that is the problem.

        Accountability starts at the top. The citizenry elects politicians to ensure police are accountable. If the politicians who fail to manage their police forces and the public fails to reject those politicians, then who ultimately is responsible for police abuses?

        But it is easier for everybody to blame the police rather than failure to properly oversee them, especially when ultra-woke politicians can spew nonsense about defunding the police (proper response to abuses is increased funding for training, oversight).

        People always prefer to shout “Bad dog!” when the problem is bad dog owners. Especially whe the people own the dog.

  24. Reposting this from yesterday’s comments, since it is so on point to today’s post:

    HarrisBiden quietly issued an executive order that seeks to silence any political opposition by declaring that anything deemed to help the Russian Federation is illegal and allows the immediate complete expulsion of the person doing so, along with any families or organizations, regardless of any actual intent.,


    As we all know, anything that contradicted the Democratic Party line has been called “Russian disinformation”. By formally issuing an Executive Order that without trial or due process authorizes the complete barring of any commerce with such person (in a way that would make the Ferengi Commerce Authority jealous as to its reach), they have essentially declared that they can outlaw anyone at anytime by merely claiming that they are advancing the interests of Russia, This is the kind of decree that dictators such as Hitler, Mao, Chavez, Lenin, et al., all issued in order to set the stage to disappear political opponents.

    Expect this E.O. to be cited by the tech oligarchs, finance, web-hosts, etc., to cutoff anyone who voices dissent to the Democratic Party line.

    The reason Democrats are so anxious to pack the Supreme Court is so they can appoint justices who will go along with Democratic Party totalitarianism and persecution and elimination of political opponents.

    1. repeating my tl; dr response.

      The democrats are not favoring policies that would enable killing the Russians.

      We could gut social spending, and massively increase the research investment in missile defense and in improving delivery of nuclear weapons without even bothering with programs and capabilities we have zero real world need for. Explicitly leaving off both the step of raising an Einsatzgruppen C to finish the job after the nuclear war, /and/ seriously planning to start a nuclear war. The funding for more research in those areas than we could make productive use of would not require that significant a decrease in social spending or graft.

      I would like to see a resumption of above ground and below ground nuclear testing, and I’m pretty sure that even useless tests of that sort could not efficiently absorb all of that money.

      This is absolutely rope that could justly hang a great many democrats.

      1. It is also worth remembering that defense spending is primarily domestic spending (only an insane polity lets itself become dependent on outside sources for vital industries) and creates domestic jobs — very often, highly compensated domestic jobs. (At least I don’t think there are many minimum wage positions in nuclear laboratories.)

        Moreover, military spending is a perfect arena for refining technology with significant civilian application. Our experience with nuclear powered ships ought long since have been translated into safe, green, cheap electrical power.

    2. I’ve seen similar analyses elsewhere. It sounds like the same basic purpose as the short Austrian’s “Enabling Act” in 1933…

  25. ‘But Sarah,’ the left will wail ‘the legacy of racism, poverty, discrimination. They’re not responsible for what they do.’

    That argument renders them subhuman, incapable of agency and in need of “adult” supervision. As with any “impaired” persons they cannot be permitted full participation as citizens, cannot form contracts, cannot vote, and must have their lives managed for them.

    Oh. That is how the Left sees everyone not of their cult. It was also the underlyig reasoning in support of Jim Crow and Racial Slavery. The more things change, eh?

    1. Well yeah, we already know they’re incapable of getting picture ID’s, right?

    2. Agency. Funny how agency is what they deny. I suppose we’re they to hold other people responsible for their actions they’d have to take responsibility for their own. Even the dump on whitey trope removes agency since we can’t help it. More and more I believe their fear of responsibility is the root of all the madness.

  26. In this world what we’re concerned with is justice that makes potential criminals afraid they’ll be caught and punihsed and therefore keeps the non-criminal citizens somewhat safe of being preyed upon.

    In this world we are not truly concerned about Justice, per se. No, our concern is maintenance of social order, maintaining conditions that permit a majority of people to thrive. That requires faith that the system is not fundamentally unjust.

    Laws must be clear, understandable, sensible and related to their avowed purpose. Enforcement must be not obviously uneven, not obviously unjust.

    Pursuit of Cosmic Justice (aka Social Justice) obstructs actual justice, substituting grand, nebulous factors for clear and immediate ones. That inserts greater “wiggle room” into processes, enabling the clever and unconstrained to game the system.

    Not cool.

  27. When an entire class of people think they’re immune from punishment, no matter the reason — skin color, features, size, or whatever — those people will naturally supply the vast majority of criminals.

    More than that, when an entire class of people believes that they cannot advance their station within the law, they will turn to crime. An “underprivileged” kid who has a knack for Math but is taught there is no place in Society for an ethnic mathematician will turn to the Numbers and/or making Book. A class f people told they may not have bank accounts nor steady work without benefits loss that exceeds their earnings will find venues for entrepreneurship outside the legal avenues.

    Of course, there are those who will observe that the wealthy, the Privileged, will always have their private guards protecting their security and that the burden of “repaying” the systemic injustice they weep over will fall upon those less far up the ladder, upon those of the “Middle” classes trying to build wealth, and upon those further down who would provide badly wanted services for the very classes amongst whom the criminals live.

    But I am not so cynical as to make that argument.

  28. I thought their authorization was limited to picking up mail from Point A and delivering it (in a timely manner) to Point B? With a limited duty to act against fraudulent use of the mails?

    Report: U.S. Postal Service Is Monitoring Americans’ Social Media Activity
    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is monitoring Americans’ online social media activity beyond the scope of its stated jurisdiction, according to a new blockbuster report in Yahoo News Wednesday.

    The mail agency’s Internet Covert Operations Program, known as iCOP, is a surveillance program not previously reported which includes combing through social media platforms to identify “inflammatory” posts and disseminating them across federal agencies.

    According to a March 16 bulletin obtained by Yahoo, “Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021.”

    1. monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021

      So, they got played then?

      I mean, geeze, basic intelligence analysis, especially open source, is all about assigning and adjusting weights to different sources based on how accurate they’ve been to date.

    2. Well, that explains why they’re having so much trouble delivering the mail.

    3. The important questions are:
      1. What is this clearly planted story actually covering for? Yahoo News doing investigative journalism??? Not likely.
      2. Are Hoyts Huns of interest to the USPS?
      Asking for a friend.

    4. So… doing what the NSA is chartered to do, and that the FBI spends millions on, and even some police departments do.

      Sounds like someone’s featherbedding program to me.

      No wonder the USPS has a continuing “budget crisis.”

  29. Well, I have changed my mind a little. I think I’m okay with them keeping everything they can carry over the border in a wheelbarrow.

  30. I heard some recording of a young black activist saying that black people should loot everything for 200 years and it wouldn’t repay what they “suffered.”

    I had something else to say, but the sheer ignorance behind that line drove it out of my head.

    Seriously, forget SHOULD, this idiot thinks that they COULD loot everything for 200 years? Where does he think that “everything” comes from? Does he think that every morning, looted stores restock so that they can be looted again the next night? Does he think people will constantly be opening new stores to replace the ones that are closed down due to looting?

    If this guy is serious rather than just playing to the dumber people in the crowd, then I think I understand how these guys could be stupid enough to fall for Marxism again…

    1. Spoiler alert: He is serious and these guys ARE stupid enough to fall for Marxism yet again.

      1. Mea culpa. But I use “he” as the pronoun for indeterminate sex, not because it’s grammatically correct but because it annoys all the right people.

          1. One of the benefits of being Conservative is you get to play by the Grammatically Correct rules instead of the Politically Correct fashions.

            I am not sure there are any other benefits, other than not being an obnoxious cretinous ass at war with the gods of the copybook headings.

    2. Actually, yes, they DO think that.

      Friend in South Africa relates where the locals burned their school to protest their shitty education, (shitty mainly because they couldn’t be arsed to attend class or do the work), then complained because they had no school.

  31. The long form of the saying is “Own a firearm and know how to use it. Because it is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

    I’ve modified that these days to “Own a firearm and know how to use it. Also own a shovel and make prior use of it. Because it is better to fill in one hole than to be tried by twelve or carried by six.”

    1. In a totally unrelated observation, it is my suburban-dweller-with-farming-relatives understanding that backhoe attachments are common and not that expensive for standard small farming hardware, so technology and money can be traded for muscle pain.

  32. Arrrrgh. I am watching the N.K. Jemisin commercial for MasterClass, where she offers to teach people how to write sf/f. And I was starting to think that maybe she was going to be fair… but one minute in, she starts to be insulted because, when she asked librarians to recommend sf books, they only recommended books by middle-aged white men.

    First off, does anyone believe this? She would have been a “little black girl” in the 1980’s and 1990’s. You cannot tell me that they wouldn’t have been handing her McCaffrey, LeGuin, and McIntyre, among many others. You couldn’t get in a library door without Virginia Hamilton getting shoved into your hands. Did she live in Germany, or something?

    She also claims to be a “marginalized writer,” despite her ridiculous number of unearned awards; and to be constantly encountering bigotry, and “fighting that battle” so that others “won’t have to fight as hard,” because of course there can never ever be an end to bigotry and the SJW gravy train.

    But then, she also claims that it’s important to “break in” to publishing

    Argh argh argh argh. It’s only a 2:20 commercial, and she spends almost a minute on “poor wittle me the victim, I onwy have a zillion awards fwom insulting my fewwow witers and fans.” (And twenty seconds of it is silent, with the ad telling you to push the button and buy their course.)

    1. If you assume she didn’t like Anne, and was too dumb to realize the rest aren’t her cliche, kinda works?

      Yeah, that’s all I got.

      1. Oh, and James Tiptree, though I guess there’s an excuse for not knowing that’s a pseudonym.

    2. OMG. Elsewhere, she literally claims that Octavia Butler was the only black female science fiction writer, and that she never encountered her work until college. I guess it’s easier to unperson Virginia Hamilton now that she’s dead, but I seriously doubt that she somehow managed to hit libraries in both Mobile and Brooklyn without encountering a Newbery Award sf/f writer, back then. She’s two years younger than me; so she can’t claim that things were oh so different in her day.

      I also was under the impression that she was a “young” science fiction writer, when actually her “breakthrough” was not until 2010. Thirty-eight years old is not “young.” It’s middle-aged. And so her telling people, “Oh, you too can waste years and years on writers’ workshops until you finally get picked up by some publisher if you’re lucky” is ridiculous. Ugh ugh ugh. We live in a time without gatekeepers, and she claims to be encouraging new writers — by setting up artificial barriers! Insane!

      1. *curious, searches*
        born September 19, 1972

        Dear heavens, so another freaking old bleeper wanting to tell me how I’m doing it All Wrong, when I’m happier with my life than she is.

        I’m US median, she’s over a decade older than I am, I’m US median, she can take her fresh young thingie and shove it in her ear.

          1. Called the old-grandmother (my mom)

            She said: “Uh… you know I was still in high school, right?”

            So, yeah, not young.

        1. Eight years older than me. Which means all the writers I read growing up were perfectly available to her as well, and likely recommended by librarians, too. If she ever in fact actually asked.

          Heck, the first edition AD&D books had an EXCELLENT list of books that they had used as inspiration or encouraged DMs and players to read as inspiration for their campaigns.

            1. I am invariably *surprised* by what a writer looks like.

              I conclude that NO ONE writes like what they look like.

              My characters aren’t human. And they have teeth like a spotted hyena. If I look like them, can I bite my critics?

    3. This is liberal privilege and why they fought so hard for the Hugos. They get paying jobs out of it.
      She actually has some talent. But she has ZERO idea how to write. She’s never had to study.

    4. Jemisin, who writes beautiful lyrical prose about the most ugly worlds and people imaginable, and insults her awards with her poor-me BS (even if the awards hadn’t been insulted enough already). Always reminds me of this:

      1. “Norman coordinate” — that’s SSSEEEXIIISSST!!!

        I guess not wanting to listen to her whining is sexist, too.

    5. She is a world class grifter. They all are, at best, average writers and the race, sex, class, etc., grift is all they have. Were one to read the older writers one would never read their twaddle so they try very hard to make sure that one does not.

      1. I am happy for her to be published; and just because I don’t like her stuff, doesn’t mean that other people won’t.

        I just wish she would enjoy herself. She had about a minute of enjoying her art and the field, in the video, and that was the person I wish we saw more of.

    6. Female SF/F writers I grew up reading or were available in the 80s and 90s: McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Lois Bujold, Rosemary Edgehill, Barbara Hambly, Josepha Sherman, Margaret Weiss, Elaine Cunningham, a bunch of others I would have to go to my bookshelves to check. I don’t have any Atwood because she was boring.

      1. I remember noticing back then that most of the authors I was buying happened to be female. Shrugged and went back to reading.

    7. One of her courses is “writing while marginalized”. Lady, I know about a dozen libertarians/conservatives who could teach *you* a thing or two about that.

    8. This is clearly an instance of sensitization; there probably were plenty of female writers but she was so triggered by the male authors she only “saw” the hateful middle-aged white males.

      Clearly she is rage-addicted and seeks justification for her anger everywhere but internally.

      1. I’ve been reliably informed by the last five or six moral panics that desensitization is the most horrible thing that can possibly happen, and leads to rivers of blood.

        Therefore sensitization must be the solution.

  33. Off topic. Got my second Pfizer shot today. Arm is sore. Other than that, nothing, so far. Tired, and sore, but moved 4 yard of bark and laid down yard cloth for most the flower/plant beds (have at least another yard to get to finish off),, over the last week (you know put down cloth, take a break, put down 5 wheel barrows of bark, take a break, finish of bark for that section, repeat for next area the next day, for 5 straight days). Woke up at 5:30 AM, tried to nap at 6:30, but between the fur kids, that was a bust, so … kind of can’t blame being achy or being tired symptoms on the vaccine.

    1. At about 20 hours after, I was Very Tired Indeed. Evidently the extreme tiredness after but not immediately after the second dose (both Pfizer and Moderna) is fairly common – but NOT universal. I know some who had nothing more than a bit of the typical ‘jabbed in arm’ soreness.

      1. I hear that’s common if you had the coronavirus and recovered from it. Whether you noticed having it or not.

        1. It is entirely possible that I did have it, but asymptomatically due to my supplementing with D3, zinc, and a couple other things (that are not antimalarials or antiparasitics, fwiw). I did have multiple co-workers out with it – while they did test positive, the real ‘tell’ was how screwed up their sense of taste/smell was.

      2. I’m less than 8 hours from the shot … time will tell.

        Hubby didn’t say anything was wrong after his second shot. But he rarely has those type of reactions, okay, never does. Plus he wouldn’t say anything anyway, unless he was really sick … then … he isn’t the best patient.

        Mom had the tiredness and sore arm.

        1. $HOUSEMATE asked, “But if you had it, why didn’t I?” (NO tiredness reaction after 2nd shot).

          “I was asymptomatic, therefore not transmitting.”

          1. I’m pretty sure that I had C19 between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019 (I’ve mentioned this before). I was not asymptomatic. Why didn’t my husband and son catch it? When it is soooooooo infectious? …. Because, when I haven’t been sick for awhile, and I hadn’t been for 5 or 6 years, I will catch whatever new thing that is hitting. Might say my immune system is primed for it. Hubby doesn’t easily catch anything (he does get sick, but not often). Son, well he is always bringing something home from work, but he is on a different schedule that we are, so sharing viruses back and forth just doesn’t happen. About the only symptom I didn’t have was the long term (short term, yes, long term no) loss of smell and taste (which come on already, no smell = no taste, that is SOP biology). There was a time while I was sick, that I considered heading to Urgent Care … but that process is such a PIA, that I figured I could just feel crappy at home. I guaranty that had I had the same symptoms after the virus was officially recognized with the symptoms I had, but before tests were available, it would have been marked down as the new virus.

            1. From what I remember, it’s not very infectious, anyways, based off of the way that most people who were quarantined in a cruise ship room with an infected person didn’t get it.

              1. I looked it up someplace. The R0 (the measure of infectious-ness) is 2.5; the seasonal flu is also 2.5. Measles is 18, if I remember right.

              2. “Oh, well, that was a very early version of the virus, and it has mutated several times since then, and it’s MUCH more easily transmissible now. And by the end of the year there will be a mutated version that makes your head explode like that guy in ‘Scanners’.”

            2. The evidence for high infectivity was based off of the spread observed when it was “known” to have only started spreading in late December in China. 😀

              1. By the time anybody started taking the ‘pandemic’ seriously, it had already been spreading around the world for six months. Just like, gee, FLU SEASON.

                1. It is possible that by the time of the lock down, herd immunity had already occurred.

      3. iirc Dad only had the “Been stuck in the arm” after his doses (Pfizer, I think) and considering all his other every-day pains barely noticed it. Ma hasn’t said one way or the other, and Sis in ATL was a bit dragged by it (no idea which one she or Mom got)
        Don;t know if Sis in TX has gone for it, and Baby sis had the WuFlu early last year

    2. Got my 2nd shot about a week ago. Arm was sore for a couple days and had a low-grade (~99deg) fever for about the same amount of time. Then it was gone.

      Still disappointed the “m” in mRNA doesn’t stand for midichlorians. :-/

        1. You see, it’s things like this that make me wish I could use Force Lightning. 😉

    1. Yup. It didn’t start with cattle cars and gas chambers. The Nazis spent eight years laying the groundwork of hate first. We’re at about, what, year 6?

  34. Simply put, primitive cultures fight battles, civilized cultures fight wars.
    Even if well intentioned, which I do not really accept, affirmative action has burdened many minorites with the assumption that every one of their successes and advancements was given them rather than earned by their own merit.
    In similar fashion, what can be more racist than the progressive left’s assumption that any significant fraction of American minorities are too slow and feeble to figure out how to obtain a photo ID? You know, the kind you must have to drive, open a bank account, rent an apartment, fly, enter any public building, buy alcohol, or register for food stamps.

    1. I’ve met even leftoid black folks who have said the conservatives who hired them did so on merit and ability where the leftoids they had worked for did so more to check off a box, and acted like they could not be expected to actually do the job right and left because they were micromanaged, yet the leftoids remained leftoids (though one was just a useless sot anyhow). The more conservative ones were either former military, kids of military, or converts and long ago stopped accepting positions at such places. They can tell by the form of questioning in interviews.

      1. The more conservative ones were either former military, kids of military, or converts and long ago stopped accepting positions at such places. They can tell by the form of questioning in interviews.

        As a woman, in software, I learned those buzz words and questions. They were irritating at minimum.

        1. Chuckle Chuckle

          Then there were the “surveys” handed out when you filled out the Job Application. Surveys that asked questions that Legally the companies couldn’t ask on the Job Application.

          And Of Course, the surveys wouldn’t be stored with the Job Application. [Sarcastic Grin]

          On the other hand, the Companies may have been playing “Cover Their Rear” with the surveys.

          IE Yes we haven’t hired “enough” women/minorities but look at how many applied for jobs with us. 😦

          1. Last job I had, 12.5% of the employees, were female 🙂 … all one of me (of 8). When I retired. There were 3 females who applied to the open position, (actually positions because understaffed and were looking for multiple people). ALL were offered jobs. None took the job. Why? Because I guaranty those buzz words and questions were not part of the interview.

            1. Dare I ask what those buzzword and questions Re?

              Sent from Workspace ONE Boxer

              1. It has been, wow, almost 20 years, since my last round of interviews. I’ve forgotten most of them.

  35. It is no longer justice, it is Just Us and there are no consequences.
    Until there are.
    John in Indy

  36. “They’re not responsible for what they do.”
    Neither is a rabid dog. But while a misbehaving dog is punished, a rabid dog is put down. Because a rabid dog is not responsible and cannot be corrected.
    Are you sure that you want us to believe that they are not responsible?

  37. Is the initial initial lastname at the place of thermally active mail address still active, or is there a different place to send tips that ought not to be posted directly?

    1. We need to return Yesler Way* to its original operation, and we need to find Tex Johnson for another 707 barrel roll over Lake Washington.

      The Jet City is not the poofter “Emerald City” except to the people in Bellevue because the silhouette of Seattle looks like Oz from across the Lake.

      *Yesler Way runs right through the heart of downtown Seattle. It used to be a logging sluice. “The Yesler Mill on Union Bay”: https://www.historylink.org/File/11244

  38. Howdy ma’am. Haven’t read any of the comments hey, just wanted to pop in and say this essay is genius. It encapsulates everything I’ve been thinking about the last few weeks and will be sharing it far and wide. Have a lovely day.

  39. All the news that fits, they print:

    ‘Crisis’ at Politico
    Things that have recently been described as “crises” in Politico:

    Empty retail space.
    Threats to the Supreme Court’s legitimacy.
    Widespread wage cuts.
    The condition of rural America.
    A cyberhack of the federal government.
    The decline in the size and morale of the Capitol Police.
    Climate change.
    The drug epidemic.
    The position of the Spanish monarchy.
    The coup in Myanmar.
    The state of child care.

    Things that are not to be described as crises in Politico: The “present situation” at the southern border, which “does not fit the dictionary definition.”

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