Things Moving Along

So, things are moving along, both with figuring out the phone thing and ensuring it doesn’t happen again, and…. House stuff I can’t do getting done…. and….

Everything is moving except me. I’ve done a whole lot of nothing today. Not sure why. Just low on batteries or something.

Going to try to finish some writing.

Just don’t want you guys to worry. I’m okay. I am busy, just not doing much about what I should be doing. Sort of unintentionally vegging because it’s proving too hard to make myself work.

26 thoughts on “Things Moving Along

  1. Just take care. Do all you must do for your safety and sanity. Even time off, or a name change( kidding).
    But care!!

  2. Have you considered the possibility that vegging is exactly what you SHOULD be doing today?

    We need you in good shape. Also, a day off now might save you a week of involuntary vegging in the near future.

  3. Sometimes vegging is good for you. You and Dan had a scare. .Take a breath or two, or three, … Take care of yourself.

  4. I’m totally zapped today too. I need to plant 9 bare root fruit trees, but it’s 76! Too hot. Also after getting the hose, sprayer, wheelbarrow, a couple bags of soil, etc etc…. Preparation counts. And sometimes vegging is just what you need.

    1. was out in the garden and already the red lily leaf beetles are trying to munch on my lilies. .. barely more than sprouts

      This doesn’t happen until it’s in the 70s regularly.

    2. Lucky. I’m not out gardening because we got snow this morning.

      Happily (?) there’s plenty to do inside.

  5. My writer brain has been engaging, but only in fits and starts. My reader brain? Nope! I’m trying to evaluate possible new textbooks. Which may explain the crossed eyes and symptoms of brain failure. . .

  6. I still can’t believe some meatball at the phone company hacked your phone. Imagine the appalling stupidity at work there. Where’s his upside?

    1. Upside? Dude, he probably cleared $20!

      “Losing his job” probably never occurred to him.

      That is, I *hope* that’s what will happen. As Woke as so many companies are now, that’s not a sure thing any more.

  7. Take Care of yourself Sarah. That’s important.

    Oh, this last few days seem like a “Good News, Bad News Joke”.

    The Good News is that I got that Relief Check.

    The Bad News is that the Master Cylinder of my Car’s Brakes went out.

    The Better News is that the Relief Check covered (with some left over) the repair work.

    The Great News is that Baen’s Bar is Back! 😀

  8. Do not veg out!

    We are predators. We carnivore out!

    (Just picked up meat for the new-old smoker…)


      1. Also picked up some roasts for the crock-pot this week.

        Understand how you feel recently I have 4 days of outside work to do this weekend, but as tired I am, I’m not killing it, but doing the minimum since next week is the start of major fun in the workplace.

  9. I understand about the slow moving– every year I get slower. Had a three hour nap and I feel better than I have for days. You need it

  10. Is it OT on a day like this? Oh well.
    Among the items I have from going through Dad’s things was this handwritten note from his Father.
    Grandpa Kalishek loved riding motorcycles. and Dad had a few as well, and as the rifle Grandpa handed down got stolen, this is all I have of his now, via Dad. I have one other item intended for Grandpa but he died before it arrived so he never collected it. Stolen at the same time as the rifle, was a pistol Dad got from him as a Graduation gift. I wish I had those. Anyhow, here is Granpa’s Poem:
    I get up early in the morning at the break of day
    I warm up my old Honda, then I’m on my way
    There is nothing makes me more happy than to ride on down the trail
    to hear the birds a singing and looking at the quail
    I keep on a going till I come to the brook
    cut myself a fish pole, put on line, a hook

    Posted in the Diner as well, but I figured here on this post was a good place as well.

  11. Hi, everybody once and awhile needs decompression day. Recharge batteries, if you don’t it’s not fun to implode. Best wishes to you and your family.

    Cheers Tom

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    1. Bowl of Red

      Sarah A. Hoyt


      Atop one of the highest mountains of the world, there lived a dragon. And the dragon was the most powerful beast in the world, able to listen to and control all of the magical animals everywhere.
      And the dragon said to his bride, “Are you sure it will be all right? Closing the diner for a whole hour?”
      Kyrie Smith, the dragon’s bride, a panther shifter and co-owner with the dragon – her very beloved and permanently worried fiancé, Tom Ormson – of the George Diner in downtown Goldport smiled while shaking her head, and pulled back a strand of curls that had worked free from Tom’s pony tail. “It will be fine, love. It’s just an hour, after lunch hour.”
      Tom still looked worried. Well, Tom always looked somewhat worried, it was part of what was so endearing about him. But Kyrie had worked hard at blocking the time three to four pm, so they could get married in a modicum of privacy. Well, the right kind of privacy. Though Every table was occupied these were their friends – a lot of them from the police department – and people who mattered to them, not whatever random might wander in from Fairfax avenue.

  12. Nothing wrong with taking a day for yourself and just chilling… NOT a thing! Enjoy the downtime.

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