Sigh. Sorry

Sorry. I didn’t get a post up yesterday and today is insane. Don’t worry, I’m alive. Just really busy.

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  1. The World Is Insane!

    Except for me. 😈

    Take Care Sarah, we’ll survive (for a while) without you.

    On the other hand, I’ll make no promises about the Diner. 😉

      1. Many years ago, I was attempting to each a friend to drive. We were way out in the sticks, so as to avoid traffic. He took a corner a bit wide. Way back in the ’40’s, they didn’t have modern design ideas like curbs, or for that matter, any type of bollard around gasoline pumps. Yes, they were about ten feet away from the road. The first one indeed made it a bit farther after we hit it. My only thought as I was staring at said pump coming at the windshield was “boom.”

        It was indeed surprisingly peaceful, as I knew I was going to die, and there was bugger-all I could do about it.

          1. Actually, I was fine. My friend was in shock, just sitting in the car shaking for the couple hours it took to deal with everything. I kept on trying to reassure him, but didn’t know enough to recognize shock at that point.

            When he finally got out of the car, he stood between it and the remains of the fueling island, slowly scanning the damage. The screaming started then as he attempted to relax with a cigarette.

    1. Customer (who is decidedly NOT BUSY): “How are you?”
      Harried Clerk: “Busy.”
      Customer (who is decidedly NOT BUSY): “Busy is good.”
      * Harried Clerk . o O { Then why the HELL ain’t YOU, you &*(%$%^#$#!!!!!! }
      Harried Clerk: “So you say, sir.”

  2. Oh good, I can stop scouring the ditches. You wouldn’t believe what’s down here…. also, one of ’em bit me.

    1. Wasn’t me. Well, maybe it was. My mind might well have been in the gutter. Looking skyward, yes, but… well… I shall refrain from details. You’re welcome.

    1. Bored leads to… Ideas. And not necessarily of the “Say, that’d be a cool story to read. I ought to write this down.” sort. Sometimes of the “hold my beer” sort. Worst case is when you say that… when there is NO beer. Or any other beverage.

      1. 2021 has already told 2020 to hold its beer about 6 times. At this rate, we’ll be up to a 12-pack by May.

        But it’s virtual beer. You can’t even drink it.
        Math prof: “You can’t drink negative beer. Well, I suppose you could throw up.”

  3. We understand. Though, personally I expect another installment of the Witches Daughter ASAYAA, as soon as you are able!

    Of course, I haven’t done the cookies I meant to do for the first Holy Communion class as a surprise… Oh, well, they didn’t know what I planned, so they can’t be disappointed! Maybe I’ll do them for Easter…

  4. Wasn’t worried aabout alive, merely about still at liberty.

    Of course, this is just the kind of post Secret Police kidnappers would force you to write …

    1. That is why it has to be Sarah-at-Liberty: The secret police making her post exactly that is too obviously exactly what they would want you to think she would post were she not in their clutches, so she must be current cutch-free.

      1. So what would Sarah write if she were trying to surreptitiously let us know she had been captured?

          1. I wonder if somebody has written some better lyrics to Imagine? Because the words are repellent, but I do kind of like the tune.

            1. >> “I wonder if somebody has written some better lyrics to Imagine?”

              Well… “better” depends on your perspective:

        1. I should think it would be something obvious yet subtly incredible …

          Watch the wallabies’ puns, mate
          Watch the wallabies’ puns
          They’re very dangerous ones, mate
          So watch the wallabies’ puns

    1. Good thing it was duped. It took me twice to get. I think I left my mind in that gutter. Er, ditch.

  5. There’s enough insanity running around to make *every* day more or less insane. But yes, sometimes the madness becomes particularly concentrated.

  6. Very glad to see something from you. I was really starting to worry.

    In fact, I think the only thing that has kept me from fretting about why you hadn’t posted has been getting a story finished for a contest with a deadline last night, and trying to sort out what’s with my business mail provider. I updated the subscription-box code for two of my websites, and it appears I’m getting sign-ons, but either the confirmation e-mails aren’t being sent or the people aren’t following through. It’s looking like I’m going to have to deal with help-desk people to sort this thing out.

    1. Heh. My insurance company gave me a fun week. They took out the full premium at once instead a monthly payment. My agent apologized and had a check overnighted to me. Said check deposited via ATM today.

  7. You might want to create a macro for “hectic/self care”.

    And follow it.

    While we “need” ATH, we definitely NEED SAH.

    Take care and best wishes.

  8. Speaking of insane, has anybody checked the minion pool? Or rather, figured out why there don’t seem to be any minions in the pool? OTOH, I’m hearing some odd giggling. And what’s with the wheeled figure of Fluffy?

  9. You didn’t post yesterday? Do you know who else didn’t post yesterday?

    Adolph Hitler.

    I am ever so shocked and horrified, must swoon, etc.

      They went through a phase of saying things like “you know who else actually drank water?”
      Um…… Bobtheregistered is a construct of my kinds working in tandem….
      Not even unlikely, damn it.

    2. I’m guilty of using this against over-zealous vegans. Also bring a little Cain and Abel into the conversation and they usually run away…

      V: “Why don’t you ate a apple instead of bacon?”
      Me: “Satan was the first promoter of fruit and got mankind kicked out of paradise…”


  10. “things-to-do” always expands to fill the available time. Even if it’s napping and reading fantasy novels.

    1. In my case it’s deadline tonight, and MASSIVE ear/sinus infection.
      It’s my fault for not dealing with it when it was “All clogged because allergies.” Eventually it…. progresses.

    1. Let me get to the place I can figure out if I need ear tubes.
      The covidiocy being past so I can go see an ear nose and throat specialist would help. Son, who has same issues was told it can be solved with a 14k surgery. I don’t know if it’s the same for me and/or if it can be done at my age….
      I get more ear infections than toddlers. and it messes with my thinking, so everything gets VERY slow.

      1. When I was dealing with Otosclerosis, I took the luck of the draw for an ENT surgeon. Round 1 (right ear) did fine, but left ear took 3 tries to stay working. Said ENT left medicine, I assume partly due to suboptimal outcomes.

        Whilst mid-recovery, I was told to use the “bad” decongestant to open the eustachian tubes. Made the couple of times I had to fly (San Jose to LAX) survivable.

        So, don’t do what I did, but find somebody who has a lot of these procedures on the resume. I know $SPOUSE’s sister went that route.

      2. Per a recommendation from the Instapundit several years ago, Beloved Spouse & I have been taking Quercetin 250 Mg capsules twice daily:

        Beloved Spouse says they seem to help reduce tendency toward sinus and ear problems. I cannot say I’ve noticed, but I’ve never been especially prone to such problems as my sinuses barely permit air passage, much less admit infectious agents.

        There is no telling if it will do you any good but at under $16 for a month’s worth it might be worth trying. Prof. Reynolds said it helped Instadaughter.

  11. “I am mostly here to connect with other sane human beings. I feel like I lost a big chunk of those over the past 10 years or so, and the fall-off in the past four months has been extreme. Like watching most of my social network severed.”

    Yeah. It kind of feels like I’ve been watching dark goo take over the brains of friends and family as they reveal themselves to be partisan zombies. People I thought of as friends were saying things about “people like me” (though they didn’t usually know it) that showed they would turn me into the gestapo without a second thought. It really kind of explodes the delusion that they were actually friends.

    Finding places like this to connect does a lot to keep from just giving up on the whole human race.

      1. To be fair, sometimes it’s insanity and peer pressure. People are back in junior high again, and so they might grow back up again later. But yeah, it’s harsh.

        OTOH, there’s now a manga adaptation of The Magician’s Nephew starting. I mean, they even adapted the part about Holmes and the Bastables, and the art seems pretty darned good at first glance.

    1. Finding safe places to talk has been a challenge, given how many places are deplatforming people. I’m relieved to have found a small community open to refugees. 🙂

    2. Yeah, when life is in the “You aren’t going to get any breaks” mode, this is a good place to be.

  12. No sweat. I spent my day out in the freezing cold holding a campaign sign, waving, smiling, and handing out palm bills at the town waste transfer station. Tomorrow I have to check the Secretary of States’ web site for what kind of stupid paperwork I have to file for receiving campaign donations.

  13. Insane Mk 2. I’m hearing from some very roundabout channels that a nephew (on the side of the family that disavowed most of the rest, though I’m more or less the only one they acknowledge to be alive) has advanced cancer, reportedly Stage 4. I politely declined the RSVP to his wedding several (10?) years ago, but there’s no direct communication. Brother and SIL (instigator of the split) must be going crazy. All I can do is pray. Yikes!

    1. The hitch is that I can’t believe the unofficial comm routes are sanctioned by SIL, and I don’t want to burn the relevant parties. She’s a piece of work, and has been as long as I’ve known her. Bless her heart.

  14. Dealing with a sick dog instead of prepping the yard for spring. So while she was dozing next to me on the sofa, I went out and found my true gender/sexuality/identity/victim group:

    Yes, I’m coming out as Super Straight. LOL!

    Remember Alinsky’s 4th rule: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”


    1. Our not-entirely healthy (at 16 years, she has a right) dog has decided that Daddy needs company during all waking hours. So, when I struggle out of The Comfy Chair, she’s right there. Mercifully, she stays with Mom at night (I can’t sleep in a conventional bed right now), so mid-night bathroom breaks don’t entail waking Sweet Sara.

      1. Everything is in the wash after bathing her in the tub. Peanut butter on the side tiles is the key. Now to rest and then shower myself. Weeds and trimming can wait for another day…

        Me: I smell like a stinky dog, gross!
        Her: I smell like a huuuuman, gross!

        (I did ask her and she identifies as a Flopasaurus Licalottapuppis.)

        Good thing I never have to bath the cats. The small one is a double ace on vets and vet techs that underestimate her…

        1. we bathe Havey all the time. We have this theory his mommy became chat mein too soon (long story) and never taught him to lick his butt.
          Either that or he doesn’t like the taste of cat butt. Can’t say as I blame him?

    2. Remember to tolerate NO Normative Shaming, nor any Heterophobic Microaggressions!

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