Posting late

Finally slept a normal night. Ton of stuff to do. Post might or might not happen. Just letting you know I’m alive.

Have a picture to keep you entertained.

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  1. Yay for sleep! Here’s to a productive day, and a good night’s sleep at the end!

    ..possibly even for both of us!

  2. They sure are confident of their antigravity tech. That one ship looks to be about 1,600 feet long (almost twice as big as the nearby Eiffel Tower, over 900 feet high) and probably over 250,000 tons.

    They might want to restrict flying ships the size of oil tankers over their cities. Especially if they were built by the French. Or the government. Or the French government… 😛
    Thor: “Merriment can sometimes be as great a burden as battle.”
    Heimdall: “Then you are doing one of them incorrectly.”

    1. Of course, those ships may be bigger than you think because they aren’t as close as they seem. 😉

      1. Has anyone done a metallurgical study* of the Eiffel Tower this century? Just wondering. It was suppose to be temporary, n’est pas?

        *Corrosion, creep, fatigue, perhaps I’m missing something.

        1. It was considered an eyesore by the cognoscenti, vigorously opposed during planning and construction, and then they spent years trying to get it torn down. They got conditional approval, except nobody actually wanted to pay what the demolition companies wanted to safely disassemble and remove it, so it just sat there mocking them while they fumed about its rape of Paris’ skyline.

          see also: the Millennium Wheel in London, also originally intended to be a temporary structure

    1. The Empress was looking over one of the cities in her vast realm and its Imperial Battlecrusiers with their separable Klingon War Cruisers mounted underneath as her her human staff waited ready to serve. Looking at the skies, the new design appeared to be a clear success.

  3. I’m learning to sleep well in The Comfy Chair, since trying to sleep in ordinary bed + Mad Max brace means nobody sleeps well. 7 hours last night after a tiring day of preop festivities. Several weeks to go postop. Oh well.

    1. The cartilage in my knees is very thin, and I normally sleep on my side. And sideways bend of my knees is very painful. I use some folded towels under the bed-side knee and a pillowcase with a folded blanket between my knees to keep my legs “straight” while laying down. It can take a while before you get the thicknesses right, but it really helps.

      1. I’m going to wait until I stand a chance of comfort on my side. Both sides of the leg hurt when I try to sleep on my right side (my default position), and the tossing and turning wears out $SPOUSE, $DOG, and me. It might get better when range of motion (ROM in therapist speak) increases (2 weeks, maybe) but probably not until I start weaning off the brace–4-6 weeks from one source.

  4. Sleeping is NOT overrated. I love my new Sleep Apnea device, TAPP. Little (lot) bulkier that the prior one. It isn’t likely to break every 9 to 14 months either. Plus, bonus, both our original dentist and his new partner (his son) both wear the TAPP at night. The new partner had just gotten his a few weeks before mine was made. He had yet been able to leave it in all night (does take getting used to). I’ve haven’t had a problem. He had a few weeks longer with the TAPP, I’d had almost 3 years with the other version. (Note. A realistic dream that has taffy cleaning to teeth that can not get off … it is the device intersecting into dream land.)

    Now if the knee and bladder would cooperate …

    RCPete – you did not get lucky. Hope the operation and post op goes good.

    1. Not catching any lucky breaks. One of the four lower front teeth (AKA the problem children) took offense at biting a tortilla and snapped off. Knew it was coming eventually, and I think the little fiber that came out of the rot–er, “root” was a nerve. No pain so far, and I need to do some tentative scheduling Monday. Protip to pipe smokers; you’re gonna regret it, though it took 38 years after quitting before problem child #1 broke.

      I think I’ll go for a bridge and replace all four. Oh well.

    2. Screwed up something

      i use a night guard for grinding (yet another issue for those teeth), but I have a pair of ResMed S9s that have performed well since 2016. (Backup and travel, and now for non-master bedroom sleep.) Elder Brother uses a S10; seems to work fine for him. Main issue is to replace filters 2X per month.

      1. Captain Cat reviews the starships of the Solar Cat Imperium as they sport over Paris…..just a cat dream.

        Good sleep to all😺

  5. Lysette sat there, comfortable and immobile as a boulder, and contemplated the wonder and marvel that was Nouvelle-Paris.

    Crossroads of a hundred worlds, Silk Road to at least half a dozen major timelines, heir and conservator to an art that fused Renaissance-era “magic” and her era’s “technology” into a seamless whole… it was dazzling, and pretty, and magnificent, even awesome in the older and truer sense. Considered all by itself, never mind as the crown jewel of First Wave colony New France.

    With the reproduction of Eiffel’s Tower, its detail blueprints merged from five of the exemplar timelines’ originals, right there in the center of it all.

    But, when you really got down to it, also something a bit too like Hollywood’s wilder and further stretches. Like her time and timeplace’s Versailles, such an example of elegant high art yet somehow, baroquely, a bit… too much.

    Though perhaps, she reflected contentedly, her vision was touched with a twinge of envy. After all, her own era’s biggest achievement was getting over the ugliest excesses of what her parents often called the Marxo-fascistic Dumbassery; first ending the psychotic social and political debauchery, then… remediating its considerable toxic residue, as best as could be done.

    A little bit too like being proud cultural and political garbagemen, for her taste. (And even though, as her parents so frequently reminded her, it could have been so very, very much worse.)

    But here, she reflected, sitting on her haunches, it was very hard not to be so proud of humanity, so happily aware that here, at least, “we made it” was not in any doubt at all. Here it was about her, the future; like Jules Verne, factorial.

    Even if, she had to admit, your best option for travel across the light-years and the para-leagues was sometimes to possess (in a very non-spirutual and techno-thaumaturgic way) a cozily-willing ginger cat.

    Because in addition to being born to a generation of cultural garbagemen, Lysette Jones was “lucky” enough to be… quite paratime-travel-sick, indeed.

  6. Sure, it looks nice from the top of the tower but realistically I’d bet that those parks would qualify as wretched hives of scum and villainy, because that’s how big cities work in real life these days. Homeless tents and trash, gangs, discarded needles, drug dealers, etc.

  7. I sometimes feel like my last twenty years have been all about the struggle to get a good night’s sleep. There’s so much that disrupts it and it’s so hard to get the “recipe” right. I have a cpap machine. Various aches and pains which are sometimes exacerbated by exercise and sometimes improved. Cannot eat foods or supplements with pyridoxine hydrochloride (a B6 vitamer) because it gives me horrible insomnia. Diabetes and too many carbs keeps me awake. Sometimes ibuprofen helps me sleep and sometimes it seems to keep me awake. I take sublingual melatonin, but too much causes me to wake too early and too little does no good. Too much anxiety and politics keeps my brain racing and interferes.

    Every once in a blue moon I wake up and feel rested. Very infrequently.

    1. Various aches and pains which are sometimes exacerbated by exercise and sometimes improved. Cannot eat foods or supplements with pyridoxine hydrochloride (a B6 vitamer) because it gives me horrible insomnia. Diabetes and too many carbs keeps me awake. Sometimes ibuprofen helps me sleep and sometimes it seems to keep me awake. I take sublingual melatonin, but too much causes me to wake too early and too little does no good. Too much anxiety and politics keeps my brain racing and interferes.

      Not CPAP, but SnoreGuard TAP device (or equivalent). What got me to the Sleep Clinic Tests for the Sleep Apnea, even with 7 to 10 hours reported “sleep” (FitBit tracking), I was achy, all over, all the time. Now I “sleep” 8 to 9 hours (45 to 65 minutes awake no matter what, by the FitBit reports). Biggest difference between before and after? I’m dreaming again. I too, take Melatonin, with Alive, or one Tylenol + one Advil; sometimes the nuclear (for me) option of Tylenol PM (Glaucoma, not suppose to take). None of this helps me go to sleep, it just allows me to go back to sleep when I have to get up in the middle of the night (I will be getting up in the middle of the sleep period). If I’m not sleepy, or I’m too tired and wired, nothing helps, it just makes me wired/more-wired. This is at home, in our bed. If we aren’t home … OMG! I’m not diabetic. Too many Carbs put me to sleep, hard, then I get woke up (it’s her job) as crash to too low (Reactive Hypoglycemia); now I’m wired (great if this was out of a Carb crash nap, not so great at 2 or 3 AM).

      Every once in a blue moon I wake up and feel rested. Very infrequently.

      Same. Or I wake up feeling rested, but it doesn’t last, past late morning. Naps make it worse.

  8. Thinking about the futuristic picture… I find myself losing my belief in the continually improving technological future. I often wonder these days if the cultures that last will actually be more rigid and authoritarian than we are now, because they have a chance of holding onto religious belief systems which will maintain a moral human culture. If progressivism is the default to which human behavior tends to degrade, I’m not as optimistic as I used to be, because it looks pretty self-destructive. In the area of not actually reproducing, if nothing else. The future belongs to those who reproduce.

    Progressivism is anti-human, anti-reproduction, anti-morality. Seems like it will always collapse of its own weight, sooner or later.

    1. a) Continually improving future was always a model to distrust. i. Curves fit to data can sometimes be interpolated, but extrapolation is suspect. ii. If you cannot describe a robust mechanism, concluding that some universal principle holds is suspect. iii. Humans are complicated, and can be very difficult to measure. iv. One of the characteristic flaws of the left is taking religiously curve fit simple models of human society. Left is heresy of Christianity. Therefore, a Christian who is attentive to avoiding the left heresy should ID the continually improving future model as potentially one of the problem types that should be avoided.
      b) Progressivism is not the default to which human behavior tends to degrade. The stable/typical society is what LeBlanc describes in Constant Battles. An endemic warfare society without the institutions that make possible advanced agriculture and extended periods of peace. The top ten or twenty historical societies that come to your mind are likely unusual, unless you happen to have an interest in tribal warfare. Ancient civilizations had some cultural developments that permitted improvements to be maintained over the usual level of warring tribal barbarians. Rome had a lot of fancy, unusual, and expensive cultural features/improvements over even Zhou China, Athens, Babylon, etc. Christianity allowed some super awesome features, like giving a tiger wings*. The journey since has been developing better cultural features, to enable societies that spend more on cultural upkeep, and thus are capable of more impressive worldly things.
      c) Rigid and authoritarian are not a path to improving spirituality. Authoritarianism is effective for public adherence to the demands of a state cult, but does not promote individual belief. If anyone could have made that work, Rome would have, and Rome did not suppress Christianity.
      d) Basic issue here is the struggle between the religions. Path to victory is falling back on the believers who practice properly enough to count as the church, regroup, and counter attack. Some of the Orders were founded in response to an heresy, and overcame that heresy. The Jesuits were found in response to Protestantism, and yet Protestantism remains. We need attention to theology, to understand exactly how leftism is heretical, to show people that they must choose between Christ and the world. We must grapple with our faith, witness, and if necessary die as martyrs. We must speak Truth, not speak power. Seeking worldly power for the theoretical purpose of Christ’s cause mutes us to Truth.
      e) Technological improvement as has been recently observed is heavily an artifact of Christ. If Americans have largely abandoned Christ, we would expect a brief period of continuing technical improvement, gradually undermined by lies, until stagnation or decline occurs.
      f) Scientific literature /is/ partly lies, and thus of discounted value.
      g) More broadly, we do not really know what has happened. Enemy is putting out a lot of disinfo to demoralize us. That might be an unnecessary addition, or they may need us demoralized or else be certain to lose.

      *Chinese idiom, tigers are powerful, wings are obviously better, right?

    2. because they have a chance of holding onto religious belief systems which will maintain a moral human culture

      The problem with that is that it was exactly those belief systems that abandoned the field.

  9. Racist misogynists condemn Kamala Harris, because they do not want girls and young women of color to think that they can become successful by providing sexual favors to a more powerful man.

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