Merry Christmas

And a Rather Belated Chanukah, and happy whatever else holidays you gonzo Odds are celebrating right now.

This year I was going to send out Christmas cards, I was. But between laptopcaplypse (now resolved) and a whole lot of 2020, I never got to print them, which is just as well, as I understand our post office is functioning just about as well as our other institutions this year.

So below is the Christmas card (suitable-for-printing) I was going to send out and below that is my Christmas gift to y’all which should be live right now (I think. I scheduled two days ago, as we’re kind of busy today) or shortly after. Note the sale is US only (Yes, yes, I heard that aw) mostly because, well, you know… with the 2020 being very itself, I haven’t the time to set it up for the UK and Germany, where I’ll get maybe 3 sales apiece. BUT I do promise to do it as a New Year Sale (because it’s not like we’re going anywhere) if you remind me.

Also these are not DRMed on my end, so if you guys choose to guy and convert to another format, I have no issues with that.

The cat on the front is Dan’s keeper, Valeria. The cat on the footstool is Greebo’s understudy and my current minder (since Greebo left us. Sniffle) Havelock. And the dragon hatchling is just a brat.

Now in celebration of these very very weird holidays I’ve put a bunch of stuff on sale, as well as promising to have something new our by the end of the year and then getting the backlog of recently reverted Darkship Thieves and Shifters up ASAP in the new year, before continuing those series. So, for now:

FREE FROM ALYX SILVER: But He Turned Out Very Wild: A Short Pride And Prejudice Variation.

In the original Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen there was only enough good between Darcy and Wickham to make a “good sort of man.”
But what if this were not true? What if what we — and Darcy — think we know about Wickham was all wrong? What if sweet Jane Bennet were right all along, and there was some great misunderstanding?
In this short story of intrigue and crime, one might end up feeling sorry for George Wickham himself.

From Sarah A. Hoyt in more or less reverse order of publication (I’m not sure on some of them)


Deep Pink (Magis Book 1)

Like all Private Detectives, Seamus Lebanon [Leb] Magis has often been told to go to Hell. He just never thought he’d actually have to go.
But when an old client asks him to investigate why Death Metal bands are dressing in pink – with butterfly mustache clips – and singing about puppies and kittens in a bad imitation of K-pop bands, Leb knows there’s something foul in the realm of music.
When the something grows to include the woman he fell in love with in kindergarten and a missing six-year-old girl, Leb climbs into his battered Suburban and like a knight of old goes forth to do battles with the legions of Hell.
This is when things become insane…. Or perhaps in the interest of truth we should say more insane.

Sword And Blood (Vampire Musketeer Book 1

The France of the Musketeers has changed. Decades ago, someone opened a tomb in Eastern Europe, and from that tomb crawled an ancient horror, who in turn woke others of its kind.
Now Paris is beset by vampires, the countryside barren and abandoned. The Cardinal has become a vampire, the church is banned, the king too cowed to fight.
Until now, the three Musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis have stood as a bulwark against the encroaching evil, their swords defending the innocent and helpless.
But last night, in a blood mass, Athos was turned into a Vampire. And a young vampire orphan has just arrived from Gascony: Monsieur D’Artagnan.
Things are about to get… complicated.
This book was originally published under the pen name Sarah Marques.

Witchfinder (Magical Empires Book 1)

In Avalon, where the world runs on magic, the king of Britannia appoints a witchfinder to rescue unfortunates with magical power from lands where magic is a capital crime. Or he did. But after the royal princess was kidnapped from her cradle twenty years ago, all travel to other universes has been forbidden, and the position of witchfinder abolished. Seraphim Ainsling, Duke of Darkwater, son of the last witchfinder, breaks the edict. He can’t simply let people die for lack of rescue. His stubborn compassion will bring him trouble and disgrace, turmoil and danger — and maybe, just maybe, the greatest reward of all.

(And yes, I do know that’s a lot of first in series. The series are not abandoned. I promise. More coming soon.- SAH)


A collection of science fiction short stories by Sarah A. Hoyt.
Are there truly aliens among us? What do they really want? And what if our creations could come back in lethal form? Could we resist them? If there were a time police, would we know it? And really, why do people expect enlightenment from the stars? What if aliens needed us for their moral compass? You think our illegal immigration is bad? Wait till its coming from the stars? And what happens when the coin falls on edge? Can you reproduce it? Those not particularly moral aliens might set fiendish traps. And you can never go back again. Also, why would you want to? The future will invent completely new ways of making people miserable. Also how well would a generation ship get us to the stars without humans getting in their own way? If you read the world of Darkship Thieves, there’s a story ten years after the revolution in Olympus. It bridges the gap to the second wave of novels of the Earth Revolution which will be written, eventually. And what if the Carthaginians had sowed salt on the ruins of Rome? How long is memory?

So Little and So Light

From a parallel world where we have all the dreams of pulp writers, to a future where bioengineering kindles new hates and new heroes, to a different Tudor England, to the intricacies of time wars, this science fiction collection provides a glimpse of things undreamed… some from which we’ll gladly waken, and some we’d very much like to be true.
Contains the short stories: Wait Until The War Is Over, Only The Lonely, Lost, Neptune’s Orphans, After the Sabines, The Serpent’s Tail, Spinning Away, The Private Wound, Super Lamb Banana, To Learn To Forget, Things Remembered, The Bombs Bursting in Air, On A Far Distant Shore, So Little And So Light.

Dragon Blood: A Collection of Short Stories

From the trenches of WWI where the Red Baron just can’t help turning into a dragon, to the desert sands of a future world where humans have become something else, from a coffee shop between worlds where magicians gather, to a place where your worst nightmare can love you, let Dragon Blood take you on a series of fantastic adventures.

With an introduction by Pam Uphoff

This collection contains the stories: Rising Above, From Out The Fire, Yellow Tide Foam,
Hot, The Blood Like Wine,The Least Of These Little Ones,
Scraps Of Fog,Something Worse Hereafter,The Littlest Nightmare,Dragon Blood

Here Be Dragons: A collection of short stories

A collection of short stories by Award Winning Author Sarah A. Hoyt. From dark worlds ruled by vampires, to magical high schools, to future worlds where super-men have as many problems as mere mortals, this collection shows humans embattled, imperiled, in trouble, but never giving up. Angel in Flight is set in Sarah Hoyt’s popular Darkship series.
The collection contains the stories: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
First Blood, Created He Them, A Grain Of Salt, Shepherds and Wolves,
Blood Ransom,The Price Of Gold,Around the Bend,An Answer From The North,
Heart’s Fire,Whom The Gods Love,Angel In Flight,Dragons as well as an introduction by fantasy writer Cedar Sanderson.


From Elizabethan England to the Far Future, discover who really was Shakespeare and why Marlowe was called The Muses Darling. Discover the horrifying secret that Leonardo DaVinci found beneath a cave in his home village. In the far future, find a new way to keep Traveling, Traveling. Use cold sleep to find your love again, and join the (high tech) Magical Legion.
Seventeen short stories from Prometheus Award Winning Author, Sarah A. Hoyt. This edition features an Introduction by Dave Freer and a Bonus Short Story “With Unconfined Wings.”

Crawling Between Heaven And Earth

A collection of short stories by Prometheus Award Winner Sarah A. Hoyt. The first edition of this collection was published by Dark Regions Press in paper, only. This updated edition contains two bonus short stories: High Stakes and Sweet Alice.
It also contains the stories: Elvis Died for Your Sins; Like Dreams Of Waking; Ariadne’s Skein;Thirst;Dear John;Trafalgar Square;The Green Bay Tree; Another George; Songs;Thy Vain Worlds;Crawling Between Heaven and Earth.

No Will But His

Kathryn Howard belongs to a wealthy and powerful family, the same family that Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s great love originated from. From a young age, her ambitious relatives maneuver to make her queen. Brought up in a careless manner, ignorant of the ways of the court, Kathryn falls victim to her kind heart, all the while wishing she could be the wife of Thomas Culpepper.

(Yes, I do know the following covers aren’t the best. I’ve been struggling with them and the musketeers. Honestly the books need editing and re-typesetting. And I need an assistant. I plan to indenture tall son. Stand by. – SAH)

Ill Met By Moonlight (Magical Shakespeare Book 1)

Young Will Shakespeare is a humble school master who arrives home to find his wife and infant daughter, Susannah are missing, kidnapped by the fairies of Arden Woods, the children of Titania and Oberon. His attempts at rescue are interrupted and complicated by a feud over throne of fairyland, between Sylvanus, king regnant, and his younger brother Quicksilver who is both more and less than he seems. Amid treachery, murder, duel and seduction, Shakespeare discovers the enchantment of fairyland, which will always remain with him, for good and ill. (This book was originally published by Ace/Berkley 10/2001)

“Filled with quotations and references to the Works of Shakespeare, this debut novel will interest the playwright’s fans of any age” VOYA

“Sarah Hoyt has taken tremendous chances:She has told a tale of how Shakespeare became Shakespeare, weaving the language of the plays deftly through the narrative. Reading the book feels like discovering the origins of the quotes we know so well, rather than something derivative.” San Jose Mercury News.

All Night Awake (Magical Shakespeare Book 2)

Touched by the magic of fairyland, unable to forget Lady Silver, Shakespeare goes to London to seek his fortune. But there, the elf will follow, on the trail of a creature so deadly that, unless Shakespeare and the king of Elves stop it, it might very well consume London and all of England. (This book was originally published by Ace/Berkley 10/2002)
Praise for All Night Awake:
“Ingenious… fans of the first book won’t be disappointed.” – Publishers Weekly
“Hoyt sustains her intriguing premise with a soaring, lyrical style. A most enchanting novel” – Booklist
“The author of Ill Met By Moonlight continues her portrayal of the secret life of William Shakespeare with a tale of deception and betrayal that brings to life the raucous world of Elizabethan England. Will have particular appeal to fans of literary fantasy.” – Library Journal.

Any Man So Daring (Magical Shakespeare Book 3)

William Shakespeare, successful playwright, receives word that his only son has died. Reality is far more complex. The young Hamnet is a hostage in fairyland, where a war rages, and where a young princess waits a Prince Charming who might never come.
Can an all too human playwright stop the magical war that threatens both worlds?
(This book was originally published by Ace/Berkley 10/2003)

Under Elise Hyatt

Dipped, Stripped and Dead (Daring Finds Book 1)

A Dyce Dare Mystery
When she was six, Dyce Dare wanted to be a ballerina, but she couldn’t stop tripping over her own feet. Then she wanted to be a lion tamer, but Fluffy, the cat, would not obey her. Which is why at the age of twenty nine she’s dumpster diving, kind of. She’s looking for furniture to keep her refinishing business going, because she would someday like to feed herself and her young son something better than pancakes.
Unfortunately, as has come to be her expectation, things go disastrously wrong. She finds a half melted corpse in a dumpster. This will force her to do what she never wanted to do: solve a crime.
Life is just about to get crazy… er… crazier. But at least at the end of the tunnel there might be a relationship with a very nice Police Officer.

A French Polished Murder (Daring Finds Mysteries Book 2)

When Dyce Dare decides to refinish a piano as a gift for her boyfriend, Cas Wolfe, the last thing she expects is to stumble on an old letter that provides a clue to an older murder. She thinks her greatest problems in life are that her friend gave her son a toy motorcycle, and that her son has become unaccountably attached to a neurotic black cat named Pythagoras. She is not prepared for forgotten murder to reach out and threaten her and everything she loves, including her parents’ mystery bookstore.
A Dyce Dare Mystery.
Originally published by Prime Crime.

A Fatal Stain (Daring Fin Book 3)

When Dyce Dare buys a table to refinish, the last thing she expects is to find a human blood stain under the amateurish finish. Whose blood is it? What happened to the person who bled on the table?
Helped and hindered by her fiance, Cas Wolfe, her friend Ben, her son E and an imaginary llama named Ccelly, Dyce must find the killer and the victim, before the killer finds her.
A Dyce Dare Mystery.
Originally Published by Prime Crime

(Yes, yes, actually the next one is ALMOST finished. Again, I’m going to plead 2020 and promise to get on it ASAP- SAH)

Under Sarah D’Almeida

Death of a Musketeer (Musketeers Mysteries Book 1)

When D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis discover the corpse of a beautiful woman who looks like the Queen of France, they vow to see that justice is done. They do not know that their investigation will widen from murder to intrigue to conspiracy, bring them the renewed enmity of Cardinal Richelieu and shake their fate in humanity. Through duels and doubts, they pursue the truth, even when their search brings them to the sphere of King Louis XIII himself and makes them confront secrets best forgotten.

The Musketeer’s Seamstress (The Musketeers Mysteries Book 2)

Aramis emerges from the water closet to find his lover, a duchess, murdered on her bed. The room is locked, and Aramis is the only one who could have entered it. He’s sure he didn’t do it, but no one else believes him. Even Monsieur de Treville, Captain of Musketeers, doubts Aramis’s word. Aramis must leave Paris and go on the run, entrusting the solving of the murder, and the defense of his honor, his freedom and his very life to Athos, Porthos and D’Artagnan. Can “one for all” carry the day when every powerful person in France believes Aramis a murderer and when powerful interests would gladly frame Aramis for it?

The Musketeer’s Apprentice (Musketeers Mysteries Book 3)

It’s August in Paris 1625 and Porthos, once a dancing and fencing master, has taken as apprentice a young nobleman, whom he’s teaching to fence and ride. When the young man dies, poisoned, the stories of his ancestry and domicile unravel into layer after layer of deception and blackmail, involving Porthos’s relatives and his own past.
Can Porthos, Athos, Aramis and D’Artagnan dodge the Cardinal’s guards while finding the real murderer? Who was Guillaume Jaucourt, and who could have killed him? And why?
It’s one for all and all for one with the swashbuckling sleuths, in a race against time and their own misgivings.

The Musketeer’s Inheritance (The Musketeer’s Mysteries Book 4)

A letter from Gascony calls D’Artagnan home. His father died suddenly and D’Artagnan must come and take charge of the estate. His friends, of course, accompany him. But what Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan don’t know is that the older D’Artagnan was murdered and that they must find the killer, if they want to keep the younger D’Artagnan alive.
By award winning author Sarah A. Hoyt writing as Sarah D’Almeida

The Musketeer’s Servant (Musketeers Mysteries Book 5)

When Porthos’ Servant, Mousqueton, is found near a dead armorer or swordsmith and taken up for murder, the four friends, Athos, Porthos, D’Artagnan and Aramis set out to investigate. Their work on this private crime leads them to unfold a bigger plot, against the Cardinal or perhaps the king himself. Will the musketeers have to work on the side of Richelieu to keep Louis XIII safe?


(Okay, the explanation for this one is: young I was. Bored I was. Sometime in 1998, husband got a traveling job. For the next 3? years, he was gone most of the week, leaving me with two toddlers. I could only haunt friends on chat so much. Also, I wanted to write, but had kind of despaired of EVER being published. So, since Indie was not yet a thing, I started looking around for fanfic sites. The big problem with that, of course, is that I barely watch TV or movies. So, eventually I alighted on Jane Austen Fan Fic. I still say it was the best place to learn writing, because the comments immediately let you know if you struck a cord or not. This is one of the stories I wrote then. There are another 5 (?) yes, waiting editing before being released, because you know, now indie is a thing, and there’s no reason to give these away for free. Oh, and this one is a little crazy. – SAH)

What if he Were to Pick Me?

What if Mr. Darcy, trying to avoid the appearance of being lofty and proud, so far mistook himself as to be charmed by Lydia Bennet?
How long could the fair strumpet lady hold his interest? How would Elizabeth Bennet feel about it?
As all the Bennet sisters fall into the strangest of relationships, you’ll fear you lost your mind. But you haven’t. Just grab your sweetie and a whip – in case of unruly pillows – and hire a Bennet coach to Gretna Green. They have the best carriages, and guarantee no one will catch you.
Then hold on to your hat. You’re in for the ride of your life.

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  1. What if Mr. Darcy, trying to avoid the appearance of being lofty and proud, so far mistook himself as to be charmed by Lydia Bennet?

    Heaven forefend.

    You may have broken my brain a bit with this premise…

  2. Oh, I’ve read “So Little and So Light!” (It’s on my Nook emulator which I never open.) That includes the one where a time traveller keeps trying to fix history by helping John Lennon. And the other time traveller romance at the back. And “Only the Lonely” which is, well hard to describe without giving away the game. And one or two from the Few Good Men / Usian version of Earth. And several more.

  3. Have to see if I can link those Musketeer’s books to our division fencing FB page. Swashbuckling stories are always good motivation for blade work.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your’ Sarah, and best wishes throughout the New Year!

    Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year to all, and have a plan D

  5. If you have time (after you get your laughter under control and get up off the floor) perhaps a set of book packages, one for each series if you don’t have them already. And a very merry Christmas to you and everyone (including the cats) in the Hoyt family.

      1. You clearly need a hatchling Dragon to maintain the excitement level in your household. I wonder where we could find one.

        Merry Christmas and thanks for the book sale. I bought the few I didn’t already have on the Kindle.

          1. It also appears that the wreath has detached from the wall and is floating away, so you might check the grav plates in that section of orbital evil space princess lair hab.

  6. Thanks for overloading my holiday reading Sarah. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. Merry Christmas, Sarah, and thank you for all the just-about-free books. I’ve loaded up on… I forget how many. These will be my first Hoyt readings, and I’m excited to begin.

    I never knew such a place as this existed, and I am so glad.

  8. Merry Christmas!
    My husband pulled out the handwoven Nativity set (the result of a group project by the local fiber guild) and I set it up on a TV tray. He said since it was the two of us, we should have the Nativity with us.
    Now our son and his girlfriend are coming down for Christmas. So if all goes well it won’t be just the two of us.

    1. In this winter of darkness, let us remember a light unto all mankind …

      … and remember: tyrants will be oe’erthrown.

  9. A fine set of stories and so exceptionally well edited if I do say so.
    And a total gift as if I recall correctly each sale of these garners Sarah the princely sum of thirty cents.

      1. You’re welcome. Longtime fine of Tull myself (yes the thrash metal fan who is usually posting things like Megadeth and Metallica is also a Tull fan :).

    1. I used to belong to a community chorus that performed the Christmas portion of the Messiah every year. One year we did the entire Messiah and took it on the road. We had a guest conductor, and my proudest moment came when the poor man collapsed from the flu, our regular conductor stepped up,and we didn’t miss a note.
      Singing the Messiah is a wonderful thing.

      1. I went to see The Messiah at the Metropolitan Opera with my daughter’s school years ago — all girls. She sang in Chorale. I rode home with them in the bus and had to provide the entire baritone section of Unto us a Child is born among all the altos and sopranos. It was one of the highlights of my life since I actually managed to stay in tune.

      2. Singing any of the Messiah is a joy. My favorite memory is at the Digital Spitbrook Road facility. We had a small (25 or so person) chorus and had also managed to create a small orchestra out of various residents (there were 3k + people at the facilityand music and computer seem often interelated). We performed each year and one year of of the locals had arranged parts so we could do 3 of the choruses plus Hallelujah with orchestration. Oddly on the day of the performance we were asked to perform in another venue as there was a corporate meeting with Ken Olsen (president of the company) that day in the large conference room we used. We rescheduled, and figured we’d do it the next day RHIP. very quickly we were asked if we could perform O We Like Sheep and Hallelujah at 2:30 PM in the back of the Cafeteria. We were informed that it was authorized with our managers (usually this was a lunch time amusement). We showed up for the impromptu performance to find Ken Olsen and much of the executive committee politely awaiting us. We quickly stuck ourselves and the orchestra together and off we went. When we finished Ken Olsen was very enthusiastic in his applause. He was a Born again Christian and a lover of Handel and thought for a bunch of amateurs we had acquitted ourselves well. He then stood up and came and greeted each of us asking what we did and thanking us for our performance and our service. That is Noblesse Oblige personified

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the Huns and Hoyden.

  10. Number one son will be chanting the traditional Christmas Proclamation. He majored in Latin and has a beautiful baritone voice so he’ll be singing Octavo Kalendas Januarii for the purported Midnight Mass. He’s supposed to do this in a subdued way according to the USCCB. I won’t be there because I refuse to go to midnight mass at 6:00 and the pastor is mad at me because I blurted out that standing in the back was not illegal because Gauleiter Murphy’s decree is not a law. Evidently a I blurted it loudly, or so number one son says.

    The USCCB couldn’t run a whelk stand and have a very poor grasp of English, never mind Latin so I’ll give you the traditional translation of the Christmas Proclamation instead of theirs.

    For those who celebrate. Gaudete, Christus natus est, ex Maria Virgine, Gaudete and for those that don’t, best wishes for the season.

    The twenty-fifth day of December.
    In the five thousand one hundred and ninety-ninth year of the creation of the world from the time when God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth;
    the two thousand nine hundred and fifty-seventh year after the flood;
    the two thousand and fifteenth year from the birth of Abraham;
    the one thousand five hundred and tenth year from Moses
    and the going forth of the people of Israel from Egypt;
    the one thousand and thirty-second year from David’s being anointed king;
    in the sixty-fifth week according to the prophecy of Daniel;
    in the one hundred and ninety-fourth Olympiad;
    the seven hundred and fifty-second year from the foundation of the city of Rome; the forty second year of the reign of Octavian Augustus;
    the whole world being at peace,
    in the sixth age of the world,
    Jesus Christ the eternal God and Son of the eternal Father,
    desiring to sanctify the world by his most merciful coming,
    being conceived by the Holy Spirit,
    and nine months having passed since his conception,
    was born in Bethlehem of Judea of the Virgin Mary,
    being made flesh.
    The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh.

      1. I’m pretty sure that the Oh, Bullshit! that tends to preface any remark I make about Bucktooth Phil didn’t come out loud. Not that I really care, but it wouldn’t be appropriate in church and the wife wouldn’t like it.

        Still, we here in Whoville will NOT be crying boo hoo hoo, we’ll be celebrating the coming of the savior of the world even though the priests and bishops have failed us again.

    1. Ah, yes, the bayonet hangover cure; perhaps proving Catherine or Aragon’s point about not partying on Christmas.

      1. The British commander had a letter describing Washington’s plans in his pocket when he was found dead. It had not been opened.

        1. Right up there with Lee’s Antietam battle plans being used to wrap cigars and being found by the Union before the battle; not that they were able to take full advantage of it.

  11. Thanks for all the reading material, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, and best wishes for 2021!

        1. My favorite in the piece though (it is the lefty Tablet after all) is how they blame Christians for it rather than the secular socialists who dominate the vegan/animal rights mob, and how they also call Muslims “powerless” politically when the EU governments constantly rushes to appease the Muslim community and outright defends Jihadists at times.

          And yes, they will selectively enforce it, and they will claim the selective enforcement is due to threats of violence by those they choose not to enforce it against.

        2. And to think that when the US was out to settle the survivors of the Holocaust in the Middle East, they were accused of wanting Europe as “Jew-free” as the Nazis.

    1. Man, it’s a great thing they have those enlightened Euro elites instead of those fascist, racist Americans. /sarc

    1. It’s the announcement that December 24 is ‘Anthony Fauci Day’.

      Yes, let’s all celebrate a self-important incompetent twit! It’s the perfect end to a perfect year.

      I’m telling everybody who will listen (and the ones who don’t get away fast enough) that if there was any point to this distance/mask/lockdown bullshit, it would have worked by now. Those imposing the idiocy are proclaiming that it didn’t work, so they will do it to us even more. If you administer a drug, and the patient gets worse, how stupid do you have to be to INCREASE THE DOSE?!

      If we were all going to die of this cold virus, which has been spreading since September 2019, it would have already happened.
      “The Science Is Settled!!” we are told, again and again — but then ‘The Science!’ changes every week, and somehow it’s always exactly what the politicians need it to be.

      1. I see the ” socialism,” argument (argumentum ad socialism?) used for lockdowns: “That’s because they weren’t done properly! If we do the lockdowns correctly, THIS time they’ll work! But because Trump didn’t take it seriously…”
        I have to assume this is from the same stream of thought that truly believes this is a real plague. (It’s nasty, but it’s nowhere near “plague” proportions). They really are LARPing and they’d know it if they read much history.

        1. The lockdowns were done everywhere, and failed everywhere, so NOBODY ‘did it correctly’? And yet somehow, in the few places where masks were optional, and lockdowns were minimal, the ‘pandemic’ was much less serious.

          BUT THEY DID EVERYTHING WRONG!!! They don’t DESERVE to get better results!! How dare they contradict The Science!!
          People can make stupid mistakes, but only the government can force everybody to make the SAME stupid mistakes.

    2. Probably the hardest part of the “fight” is enduring the endless, increasingly outrageous verbal/text fellatio the marxists heap upon themselves. Gushing, cooing, fawning lickspittles. Whoopi looks like Jabba with white skank-dreads.

  12. Since we are posting Christmas music, here is a version of Ave Maria with the late Dolores O’Riordan and Luciano Paverati:

  13. Hi, Sarah! I just bought nine more of your books, most of which I had previously read on KU, so I get to pay you twice for the pleasure of reading them again. Thank you! I wish you a very Merry Christmas. And I really do like the Christmas card!! 😉

      1. Sarah, I’d never read your work before. I picked up a large handful of your stories, especially the short stories.

        Fabulous. Page turners. The stories pull me in immediately every single time. I’m so glad I found you and your work.

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