Sad News

I just had word that Dean Allen, aka Silver Drake died this morning of a stroke. She used to comment here, but more importantly, she was a regular on the old Baen’s bar.

Her husband doesn’t know how to contact any of her old friends, and I’m afraid I don’t either, I’ve been out of the bar so long.

So I ask if any of you know how to that you reach out to them, and more importantly to Michael and give what help you can.

If you ping me privately, I’ll give you his email.

(And yes, I’m going to post. I was in the middle of writing it.)

17 thoughts on “Sad News

    1. Oh, this is a good reason for “other choices” for the “like” button.

  1. Dang it. First Kittydragon, now…..

    Famous and non-famous, this isn’t up to 2016 standards but it does bite the wax tadpole.

  2. I remember Silver Drake for both the Bar (oy, been many years since I gave up there) and perhaps a few from here.
    Condolences to all who knew and loved

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