Busy with writing administrivia today

Sorry not doing a post. The day is weird today with about a million writing-related things to do.

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  1. If you’re going to keep priorities straight how do you expect to earn a career as an eccentric yet beloved writer?

    1. As we well know from the historical document “Magnum, P.I.” (the real one, not the inferior late copy), writers only have to dictate stuff once every couple of years, and the staff of their thousand-acre Hawaiian estate takes care of getting it all typed up and submitted and all the other pesky publishing details, leaving plenty of time for eccentric yet belovedness during all the intervening international jet setting, which is deductable as “research”.

  2. Since the management is busy, let’s play “We don’t need no, Education, We don’t need no, Thought control”: How does this sound?

    “Okay, so if China Joe is playing the Hindenburg role, who does that make Her?”

    “Wait, he’s a blimp? In his basement? I don’t get it. Let me take a selfie looking confused.”

    1. Harris has been aspiring to achieve the role of Fuhrer for a long time. She has a lot of company in her party who seek the same role.

      1. I’ve been wondering who was pulling Biden’s strings… Some of the fog has lifted, watching Obama stick his arrogant nose in everywhere. And hearing how many of Obama’s old team are stepping up. I also read that Kamala was Obama’s choice. Sigh. If the fraud succeeds, we’re looking at Obama’s third term, aren’t we?

        1. The slobbering media adulation of the candidate’s mediocrity is certainly reminiscent of the worst “press” of the Obama years. Even here in Canada the media has caught Bidenmania. Just today at the transit station I saw the big plasma screen (which always has news, or at least “news”) showed such headlines as:

          “Election of Biden could mean some Guantanamo prisoners could be released” (You mean the way Obama was supposed to?)

          “President-Elect Joe Biden vows to advance rights for LGBTQ2+” (You mean like his predecessor?)

        2. Point of order: When China Joe does not kill himself, if. Kamala names Barry as the new VP nom, is that a 22nd Amendment violation?

  3. It’s been a weird day for me too. My dialysis supplies arrived late. I had to call to see if they were coming. I didn’t know that each day after the election could get worse. Do you believe that even with the affadavits and testimony… supposedly we can’t “prove?” fraud. WTF I think we need a political and lawyer class thinning about right now. I feel like one of the peasants with a pitchfork, looking for the vampire’s castle.

    1. And the whole idea that someone needs to prove fraud …

      No, in this case, the big question is if “someone” can demonstrate the integrity of the election/voting/counting/certification *process!* Grrr!

  4. As an exercise in humor (dark humor, even gallows humor, but still humor) what is the strangest way that Civil War 2 might go hot, barring open supernatural and/or extraterrestrial intervention?

    I’ll open with “A majority of the electors, terrified of civil war, conspire to be ‘faithless’ and elect Mitt Romney as a compromise President. It backfires.”

      1. I once read a science fiction story about taking down the Soviet Union with snow globes. Clever little toys in which magnetic fields made tiny iron snowflakes swirl around and around in a vacuum. You couldn’t tell from the outside that the iron was antimatter, and the magnetic field would shut down if it received a certain code.

    1. A majority of the electors, citing 2016 opinions of legal scholars and law professors (two very different kids of animal) declare their duty to exercise their independent judgement and declare for Mike Pence as president.

    2. Shitposters and trolls joking about potential causes set off unstable puppy kicker, who is the snake in the grass at Camlann.

      Seriously, this has been such a very strange year. All sorts of little stresses and violations of the peaces that have made America such an exception. Could settle down, or it could escalate rapidly and unexpectedly.

      If there is an innocent cause for the irregularities, Trump’s lawyers bungle all the evidence for fraud, and the Democrats never bother to present the evidence that would show innocence, it would be bad. Forex, there is a relatively innocent explanation for the little evidence I’ve seen in relation to Dominion; incompetent engineering that relied on paying off senior Democrats for sales. (I’ve studied the evidence for fraud very little, and may have an excess of imagination where innocent explanations are concerned.)

      Perhaps a Grand Jury goes rogue, indicts a literal ham sandwich and Jimmy Carter, things escalate from there.

      I think this is generally unforeseeable. Lots of people being confident in predictability probably means that one of them will push things too far, and devoid of context, the circumstances will look silly.

      Though, revolutions sometimes occur when oppression lightens. What is due for lightening soon? Coumo, Newsom, et al.’s repression against believers.


      Fun idea. How hard is to write a ‘friend of the court’ briefing to the supremes? What if we told the supreme court that continued peace in America required us to restrict Catholics from attending Mass?

    3. Whoever ‘wins’ this election is going to be under a cloud the like of which hasn’t been seen since 79 A.D. in Pompeii. I think it would look best hung over a Democrat, instead of Trump. As long as they can’t drag the whole country down with them. How might that happen?

      Giuliani and Powell prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the 2020 election was riddled with epic, pervasive fraud, that Trump got over 80 million votes while Harris-and-Biden barely got 60 million. Even in the states where Trump won, his margins were reduced by fraud. Trump should have won 44 states and 340 electoral votes. Fraud is proven in House and Senate races across the country. All of the voting computers are completely discredited, along with the politicians that pushed for them to be used. Mail-in voting is exposed as deliberate, premeditated fraud. Assholes will be going to prison for a looong time.

      The Democrats expend their last ‘favors’ getting Harris-and-Biden declared the ‘winner’ but through such transparently corrupt misdeeds that it gets shoved in EVERYBODY’S faces, while the media mouthpieces continue bleating that it’s all a vast, baseless right-wing conspiracy theory by them Eeevul racist white supremacists. More of their partisan hack judges are exposed in the process.

      The Democrats will cheat in the Georgia Senate elections. Of course they’re going to cheat. At this point, cheating is like a reflex. They are incapable of NOT cheating. They lose anyway, AND get caught like a monkey with its fist trapped in the cookie jar because it’s too stupid to let go of the cookie.

      That New York dingbat puts out arrest warrants for the whole Trump family, Pence, and every other name they can remember. An emergency injunction from the Supreme Court prevents them from arresting anybody without actual indictments, based on real evidence which of course they don’t have. Trump is on vacation and Florida gives them The Finger on extradition.

      Recall petitions for Biden circulate in every state and collect 40 million signatures within two months. Recalls and impeachments begin for the judges, starting with Emmet Sullivan. Biden ‘retires for health reasons’ and Harris can do nothing with a divided House. A bitterly hostile Senate rejects radical left-wing Vice President appointments one after another. The Harris recall petitions begin.

      All of that takes time, and more time. Meanwhile, more Republicans finally start acting like they’ve got a pair and push back against the left-wing idiocy.

      1. Looking cloudier all the time …

        Pennsylvania Republicans Introduce Resolution Disputing Election Results
        Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania on Friday announced a resolution they will soon be introducing to dispute the results of the 2020 election.

        The text of the resolution, released in a memo on Nov. 27, states that the executive and judicial branches of the Keystone State’s government usurped the legislature’s constitutional power to set the rules of the election.

        The resolution “declares that the selection of presidential electors and other statewide electoral contest results in this commonwealth is in dispute” and “urges the secretary of the commonwealth and the governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay certification of results in other statewide electoral contests voted on at the 2020 general election.”

        It also “urges the United States Congress to declare the selection of presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute.”


        The proposed text lists three steps taken by the judicial and executive branches to change the rule of the election.

        First, on Sept. 17, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court “unlawfully and unilaterally” extended the deadline by which mail ballots could be received, mandated that ballots without a postmark would be treated as timely, and allowed for ballots without a verified voted signature to be accepted, the resolution says.

        Second, on Oct. 23, upon a petition from the secretary of the commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that signatures on mail-in ballots need not be authenticated.

        And third, on Nov. 2, the secretary of the commonwealth “encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate representatives of mail-in voters whose ballots contained defects,” the resolution says.

        All of the changes are contrary to the Pennsylvania Election Code, which requires mail-in ballots to be received at 8 p.m. on Election Day, mandates that signatures on the mail-in ballots be authenticated, and forbids the counting of defective mail-in ballots.


        Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano, a Republican, said Friday that the GOP-controlled state legislature will make a bid to reclaim its power to appoint the state’s electors to the Electoral College, saying they could start the process on Nov. 30.

        “So, we’re gonna do a resolution between the House and Senate, hopefully today,” he told Steve Bannon’s War Room on Friday.

        “I’ve spent two hours online trying to coordinate this with my colleagues. And there’s a lot of good people working this here. Saying, that the resolution saying we’re going to take our power back. We’re gonna seat the electors. Now obviously we’re gonna need the support of the leadership of the House and Senate, we’re getting there on that.”

      2. No. Just not. ‘ve seen what our fucking governor has done. I don’t want to see that done to the country.
        If Joe and commie la whorish get in?
        Forget cloud. We’re done as a country.

      3. Look, everyone knows already – that poll showing half (Rasmussen-reported 47% + their margin of error of 3%) of the entire population believes the election was stolen only reflects the opinion of people who talk to pollsters. Guess who does not talk to pollsters.

        So by far a vast majority of Americans already know what is going on.

        The issue now is “What can I do? And really what’s the worst that could happen? He should just run again next time. And I’m all a’fear’d of That Chinese Bug so I can’t go out to any demonstrations. And now I’m locked down again, even though the death rates are not spiking and the hospitals still have lots of beds. It’s all just politics anyway. Any theory about conspiracies is just a conspiracy theory.”


        If there’s no cost for in-your-face-obvious 4am vote dumps and counting after “stopping” to kick observers out and stacks of mysteriously incomplete unfolded “mail-in” ballots showing up and thump drives being either lost or found as necessary and openly miscounting ballots right in front of the observers and so on, then all of that and more will be guaranteed to happen again.

        To say nothing about voting machines running proprietary software written by agents of a foreign adversary nation.

        The boxes-of-ballots stuff is how that holding-down-the-lower-tail-of-the-bell-curve comedian became the MN Senator – go look back at the contemporaneous reporting, featuring “found boxes of mail-in ballots” that provided his “victory” – and consider the lessons the national party learned after the “normal” stuff ailed to deliver the victory to the Dowager Empress. They incorporated all of that, including a panic button, into “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” in support of Muppet China Joe to make certain that they would “win”.

        If DJT’s landslide had not totaled 7.9 million more votes than The One received in his 2012 victory (at least – see vote swaps) it would not have been necessary to hit that button and so openly fix the race.

        But this time they had to “find” more votes than there are registered voters, and delay due to mystery “water pipe leaks” that did not result in any actual water, and so on. And the same real-time vote totaling that let them know where to add votes also exposed those additions and shifts.

        So everyone already knows, no matter what they say in public.

        And the thing is, if they get away with this with no cost or consequence, from here on it won’t matter what anyone says.

        And while the dirt will still be here, it won’t be the same country.

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