Keep Your Eyes Open

I had a dream I was being lined up against a wall and blindfolded. Which must account for my being here, stark awake at 5 in the morning, I suppose.

Only what woke me was “Why the blindfold? I don’t need a blindfold. I want to see.”

Why? Well, because if you’re blindfolded you can have false hope. “Maybe they’ll relent at the last minute. Maybe they’re not really aiming at me. Maybe.”

A lot of people are doing that right now, a lot of people who should know better. But they have jobs — a lot of them with the government that’s about to be openly taken over — or they have an oath they swore that they don’t want to think obligates them to take action that will endanger their jobs, their families, their quiet little life.

A lot of people are holding their hands over their eyes as hard as they can, for the same reason — still — most conservatives don’t protest. We have jobs, we have families, we have lives. While some of us are so broken that politics are vital to us, most of us prefer to keep that as a quiet vice, while we enjoy our lives.

Which, btw, is how we got where we are.

That blindfold is lovely. It keeps your heart from racing. It keeps you standing in line with your fellows, while they aim at you.

At worst this will prevent you from doing what you can to actually survive. (That’s why they blindfold you, not as a kindness. And in this metaphor, that’s really important.) At best it lets you die while thinking everything is fine. Again, this is particularly true in the metaphor.

Though perhaps not just in the metaphor. As someone who has looked straight into machine guns aimed at her, at sixteen, let me tell you you don’t know what you’ll do. You just don’t. In my case I froze. Also, fortunately, in my case that saved my life. And probably the life of thousands of people behind me (and other people in the front row, but mostly a guy about my age whose name I never knew. (Pal, if you’re reading this, yeah, the adults were sh*tty to skedaddle and leave us in front, but be aware that’s the only time freezing would probably work to our advantage. Anyway, freezing is not normal for me, and the two times it happened it saved my life. BUT it’s not a decision you make. It’s in the back brain. The next time I had guns pointed at me while unarmed I was 22. And I’d provoked it. And I went sarcastic. Was it the right thing? I don’t know. I’m still here. Those guys didn’t know what they were doing. I could see that. I could also see what my words did. If I’d been blindfolded, I’d never have known that.

So, not just a metaphor, but a metaphor too.

As I went to bed last night, most of the right was busily pulling that blindfold over its eyes, convincing itself that yep, there was no significant fraud.

I’ve seen this process often enough that it shouldn’t disgust me anymore. Instead, I should count myself lucky — very, very lucky — that I’m no longer being called crazy and having things thrown at me because I say there is fraud. Back in 2008 everyone was so busy going “No, the American people REALLY want socialism” that I was treated as a crazy person.

Kind of like I was treated as a crazy person when I said that the covidiocy was a covidiocy. Heck, randos will come out of the woodwork because of THAT sentence, to tell me what a horrible person I am. E pur si muove Modderpockers!

Yes, you can come up with all sorts of tap-dancing — that blindfold is so silky, so soft, so comforting — but the truth has been there from the beginning. And the orders, all over the world? The same orders? Sure, they all just arrived at “let’s kill the economies and imprison law abiding citizens for what amounts to a common cold for most age groups” unanimously at once. They choose to obscure the real statistics, the fact that masks do nothing, etc, all at once. Randomly. And the next coin I throw into the air will land neither face down nor face up. It will never land, in fact. It will become a fluffy yellow duck and fly away.

In the same way, the left ran a man who never got more than 2% of the vote on his own on a national election and a woman who came in last in her home state. They ran their campaign from the basement, while scaring people about the dangers of going out and voting in person, and demanding mail in ballots. And they had more votes than anyone in history.

Nice, nice blindfold. Is that silk?

“But everyone hates Trump. Mean tweets.” Bullshit. And you know it. Yeah, tons of people hate him. Because media. Because the media has convinced a large number of idiots that NOT trampling states governance means he’s a fascist. But a lot more people who hate him will vote for him. Crawl over broken glass to vote for him, in fact. I did in 2016 when I thought there was 99% chance he’d be a disaster. But Hillary was more disastrous.

And now you think people hate Trump enough they went and voted for the people saying “we’ll lock you and open borders.” “The most important things are climate change and health care for illegals.” And yeah, even with the media trying to hide that, most people know. They’ve seen the way the left behaved these four years.

Also you know the numbers are cooked. And if you don’t it’s because you choose not to know. Because you love that blindfold.

Hell, I knew the cooking was coming since they started running Commie la whorish and her zombie meat puppet. The additional fillip of not even campaigning? You’d have to be stupid not to know the fix was in.

You’d have to be blindfolding yourself. It’s very fashionable. It goes with the covidiocy mask.

How long has the fix been in, and how is it done? Well, it’s done in all sorts of ways, but I’m going to bet on the computer-control thing, and I’m going to bet it’s been in place since 08 at least, though they still run tons of the normal side fraud too, because the left can’t leave anything to chance. They know people don’t like them, and frankly they hate us and want to destroy us. They don’t trust independently thinking people, and they want to stop them running around with thoughts.

Anyway, I’m sure the computer is the lynch pin for four reasons:

The first is that there is no way our votes need to be beamed out of the country to be counted. And there is no excuse for vote counting machines to be connected to the internet.

The second is that the left accused the GOP of changing votes via the internet and of having the voting machines connected to the internet in 2004, and the left ALWAYS accuses the opponents of what they’re already planning to do.

The third is more complex, but is to me clear as day: the left don’t behave as if they need or want your vote. They have behaved since Obama at least as though they’re putting on theater so you can accept their “wins” as legitimate. Agitprop, not wooing the public. And yeah, I’ll give you that Obama was “popular” for complex reasons in 08, and he either won or came very close to winning against McCain who was not popular at all. BUT even there, you know, the merchants who bet on how popular he was with merchandise, even in my favorite fabric store which was in an ethnic neighborhood? Yeah. They didn’t make bank. All that stuff was gone in a couple of weeks, on the discount table. And if he’d been as popular as projected, it would never happen. And the buycotts of anyone who opposes the left are massive, while “get woke, go broke” is a thing. On the ground and from observation? Obama had maybe half the real support Clinton had. And the current G team has maybe a tenth of that. You know how you said “All the left had to do was act sane the last four years.” Well, no, they don’t have to. Because your vote no longer matters, peasant.

The fourth is that they’re working SO hard on making the very idea of computer fraud sound ridiculous.

But, you’ll say, Sidney Powell is on our side. She’s always been. Yeah. She probably is. And if the democrats were a political party that would actually mean something. But they’re not. They’re a criminal enterprise.

In other words, the feeling I’m getting is that feeling we’re all familiar with from the Trump administration: he’s trying, but he has to rely on other people, and every other wrung below him is either doing nothing, engaging in white mutiny, or outright working against him. Yes, even people nominally on our side.

Why? Because everyone has a handle. Everyone can be blackmailed. AKA the Chief Justice John Roberts principle. And the left like any criminal enterprise has specialized on having the dirt on practically everyone.

Me? Oh, they probably do. There are things I’d prefer the world at large not know. Not for me, mind you, but for those around me. Then again, I’m a libertarian. And not wholly sane.

Yes, even someone like me, at my level, has had “threats.” Thank heavens I’m too crazy and stubborn to even understand them. Which, btw, I’m sure is Trump’s secret too. But most people? There’s a handle, and it can be grabbed. And some thing that happened in 18, right after the election? Let’s say there’s ways to affect me and my family that involve grabbing other people’s handles. Only explanation for the shower of sh*t that came down in one week, November 2018 from seemingly unrelated sources. And the unremitting “bad luck” that has marked the last 2 years.

Does that sound paranoid. Okay. Then you can believe that Trump is really bad at hiring, that the FBI and CIA and the rest of our agencies have not been corrupted, that the Supreme Court is not compromised. That a lot of people like me are just “accidentally” unlucky in ways that prevent us having any real power in our fields.

How is that blindfold? Comfy?

But Sarah! Then you have to be paranoid!

What? The worldwide, irrational, not to any scientific standard covidiocy lockdown is no reason to be paranoid?

You know, I hear they make padded blindfolds. Tri-ply, so no ray of light comes in.

Look, if our vote is as good as gone — and hell, guys, we in Colorado, California, Oregon and unfortunately now everywhere, have always known the fix was in. Utah is the only state where vote-by-mail means “no one to the right of Romney will ever win again.” (And in Utah there’s complex cultural reasons.) — you have to be aware of what that means. You have to look into the gun.

For an example of what it means, look at California. Or take a gander at Denver. Go ahead. It means they don’t care. They can impose whatever fantasy they want, destroy you however they want, make you do the most nonsensical things, while preening and posing for others like them. Because what are you going to do? Vote them out?

Which means if you keep that blindfold on, the bullet WILL come. You will die. Fast-ish at a guess. Probably within ten years, we’ll be marching lockstep with Europe. Or worse. Did you know they really are serious about the Green New Deal? Or that they’re already talking redistributing land by skin color?
Hello, Zimbabwe!

Keep that blindfold on and you’ll assume at least half the country and probably more are effectively a ridiculous feminist activist from college.

Accept the reality of fraud? And be aware you’re not alone. Be able to see what’s actually happening. And maybe duck or jump on the shooter at the crucial time.

For instance, the only plausible for the current lockdowns is that they’re terrified you’ll talk to each other and share knowledge that this election is f*cked up. Just like we did with Hillary’s emails, even though the media ran an absolute blanket of silence over how stupid that was. This is why they’ll keep us locked up for another year, maybe two. Well, that and because it will destroy most of our structures of life.

As for the mandatory vaccine, that’s not the goal, although with these loons in the pocket of China, I wouldn’t put it past them to have something to sterilize you or worse in that “vaccine.” China has been known to run that gambit on their own captive populations. Fortunately they’re really incompetent, so it’s 50/50 if what they mean to do will work. BUT the point is for you to have a “health passport.” Achtung! Papers please! They’re already implementing this shit in parts of the EU. What it means is another handle on EVERYONE. Oh, you won’t play ball? Well, we cancel your health passport. Good luck ever leaving your house again.

If you think about them as a criminal enterprise, it all starts making sense.

And you start seeing ways to fight back. Most of which aren’t even — probably — obvious.

For now? Well…. For now just letting other people know they’re not alone is a good beginning.

After that come other things….

Look, whichever way this falls, you need to know it’s going to get sportive for a long time. How long? Judging by how many people will do anything not to remove the blindfold? and how many are convinced donating and volunteering is the way to go, when FRAUD is massive and in your face? YEARS. Maybe a couple of decades.

Yes, get food and emergency supplies. And weapons, which in this case are emergency supplies. And not just guns. Partly because you can’t get guns for love or money right now.

Second, make connections. In your area, and across the country. People you really, really can trust. (Yes, they might have a handle, and you might be f*cked. Which is why the longer you know them the better, okay?)

Third, if you mean to do anything that takes advanced medical services, from having babies to getting major surgery? DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Things are not instant, and even though our current idiots are in a hurry, it will take probably a decade for our medical services to hit Cuba level.

Fourth, if you’re in a blue state, no matter how much you love it, plan your escape. One year or two, four maximum. I suspect the next four years are going to see a re-shuffling the likes of which has never been seen in American history. No, I have no clue where “safe” is. Same as “if the US falls, there is no safe place in the world” (you people abroad have been warned, now.) “Who knows which places will be safe in the US.” It’s possible no place will be safe. But a large city probably isn’t. So, plan.

Fifth keep your job as long as you can, but be prepared to lose it. Because the economic dislocations are going to be bizarre and massive. If, like me, you’re dependent not just on the net, but on lefty companies…. you might be f*cked. Or not. I’d really feel a lot better if someone came up with an alternative to Amazon.

At any rate, if you have a choice: give not your money to leftists. If you can get a good or service from someone not on the left, do so. If you can hire and have two choices, pick the non leftist. If you can do someone a favor, pick the non leftist. The left has always done this thing, where they preferentially hire and buy from their own. Which is the power they now hold.

For some things, you cannot avoid giving them your money. BUT if you must buy books from Amazon, at least buy from non-leftists. And preferably indie. (Yes, plans in works. At least for me/a group of us. BUT making an outright competitor is impossible, because of the tax situation. If you have to pay taxes in every state, just keeping lawyers on staff to do it closes the internet to the average Joe Blow. Which was the intent.)

If you keep the blindfold off, you can see other things and other ways to knee them in the groin, before they can kill you. Or before those who can do wrestle the gun they’re holding to your head.

If nothing else, you can see the next panic they try to stampede the population into and not fall for it. And perhaps have a few of your friends also not fall for it.

If you keep that blindfold off, and refuse to believe their story over your lying eyes, you can remain free and fight back in the measure of possible. And maybe one day rebuild.

Because guys, seriously, this lot can’t find their *ss with two hands and a seeing eye dog. Their “great reset” (Complete with German accent and white cat on lap) is the sort of plan a Bond villain would laugh at. It only sounds plausible to the very rich and very sheltered. They’re going to get eaten. Possibly literally.

But on the way there, they’re going to cause untold horror and misery.

Don’t let it be to you!

Keep that blindfold off. Remember, as Heinlein said, they can’t control a free man. They can only kill him. (And if you’re stupid enough to think that doesn’t include women, it’s probably too late for you.)

So, yeah, the fraud was massive. There are four lights. And keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.

483 thoughts on “Keep Your Eyes Open

  1. As I may have mentioned before, Stacking isn’t just for ammo. If you think about what it takes to be self-sufficient, REALLY self sufficient you might want to just slide that blindfold back down, as Mrs. H says. If you can, stack the stuff that matters. TP, of course but mainly non-perishable food. Backyard chinkins. If you think about how much meat you eat in a week, and where it has to come from it gets daunting in a real hurry. Don’t rely on freezers. Oh, and be very careful who you tell you have these things.

    1. Tell nobody. Really. You can give advice, but don’t volunteer what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’re a target for confiscation and redistribution. They might be able to match up your purchase history around town or through banking, but make them work for it.

      1. Get yourself a house in the country. There’s less likelihood of Karens ratting you out and more ability to raise your chickens without undue attention.

        Besides – why should you contribute tax dollars to police who won’t protect you? Sheriffs are far more likely to be congenial to quiet, mind-their-own-business don’t-cause-no-trouble types who spend the time to get acquainted. No Soros-funded DAs out there, either.

        1. Can’t always avoid the Soros DAs, even in the country. Jackson County has a medium-large city in Medford (about 60K people) as well as Southern OR U in the People’s Republic of Ashland. There’s a lot of rural folk, but they all have the same DA.

          And yes, you do better when the LEOs are sheriff’s deputies than big city cops. OTOH, in smaller cities (K-Falls is 20K people), it’s not so crazy.

  2. The difference between a political party and a criminal enterprise is adherence to ritual and standards. The Democrats stopped even paying lip service to either some years ago.

  3. “But everyone hates Trump. Mean tweets.” Bullshit.

    Relative did that one.

    Did not have an answer for why, if people hated him so much, he increased his share of the vote all over the place– and just in a few known-corrupt areas, Biden increased enough more to have more votes.

    It didn’t play well with the “voting for conservative ideas, but against Trump” thing.

    1. Trump got the largest share of minority voters since Ike iirc, but had increases across the board. The only vote he dropped in was white males (iirc even white women was a hair higher percentage? And this is with the massive addition of votes in for majorly black cities pushing Biden over the top?
      That’s not a red flag. That’s a fricken May Day Parade at the height of the CCCP amount of red flags with attached parade participants who also voted (many times)

        1. Well, including fraud, he only dropped percentage of White Male vote. Not including Fraud, he picked up every group most likely. That is the massive red flag on this, with where Biden’s “win” comes from (the 4 metro areas with several majority black/minority voters) Trump picked up more minority votes there as well, but Joe supposedly won.

        2. I’m not as sure as I’d like to be, I have a few friends who can’t point to single policy of Trump’s they didn’t like, but kept bringing up his ‘horrible tweets’. Followed by them talking about voting 3rd party and then bemoaning what would happen when Trump was no longer in office. I kind of wanted to stop talking to them since most of those conversations resulted in a desire to beat my head against the wall.

          I do believe that there was massive and blatant fraud and I dislike everything that implies about the future.

          1. The fact is that most of the areas that the Dems *claim* to support are areas in which things greatly improved under Trump. Criminal justice reform? Check. Low income wage increases? Check. Low unemployment? We had freaking STATISTICAL FULL EMPLOYMENT right before everything got shut down!

            I could go on, but I’m preaching to the choir here on this topic.

            1. He has, we can see that by the minority support Trump gained over 4 years. Some of the best Conservative activists I hear or read are also minorities. Like a whole lot of other people I want from Trump is better than Hillary to “Wow, this guy is a million times better than I could have ever hoped”. Was he perfect? Nope. But anyone capable of understanding reality knew that major achievements weren’t going to happen after 2018. He got all that done despite having so many squishes in his own party who were more than happy to stab him in the back.

              The media’s massive gaslighting campaign doesn’t have to work on us, it has to work on the people who’ll be in a position to call the election for Trump. Not to mention the left who’ll be more than happy to destroy your life if you dare to do the right thing.

            1. They didn’t. Some didn’t vote and a couple voted for Johnson. Most of these were guys I went to college with and I think they got a bit more progressive in them during that time than I did, or it might have came after when they entered the corporate workforce. College wasn’t nearly as progressive in the 90’s and some of them are still stuck talking college stories instead of moving on with life, so I don’t always make much of an effort to keep in touch.

        3. No, Sara. Those demo vote details come from voter exit surveys – the largest sample of voters in the election cycle, and they are literally survey of voters after having voted. Dominion vote switches would be blind of the demo. But perhaps not of the location.

          1. Really? After THIS summer, some rando backed up by a bunch of ‘peaceful demonstrators’ confronts you outside the poll and asks who you voted for, what are you going to say?

            I’d just let my Finger do the talking…

      1. I can’t imagine why any guy, white or otherwise, who voted for Trump in 2016 would not vote for him in 2020. And it’s not due to lack of imagination on my part. There is virtually nothing that Joe and Kamala offer of value that guys aren’t already getting with The Donald. And it doesn’t matter if we think he’s a loud-mouthed asshole. He’s our loud-mouthed asshole. We voted for him because we knew we needed an elephant to pull us out of the swamp. We don’t care that he’s a big mean wild African elephant, and not a meek mild, nice little Indian elephant. He’s what we have to pull the wagon out of the muck. And we need him to keep pulling for the next 4 years.

        1. likely everyone who did in 16 did so as well in 20. Trump added to his 16 total by a LOT. I guess it was Racist Dems who wouldn’t vote for 0bama who turned out for Old White Racist Joe, heaper of praise on Bird and other KKK f#(ks.

          1. I think there were a lot of Democrats in 2016 who might have been excited for Sanders but were less so for Her Shrillness, who took the lying polls at face value and decided that since victory was assured, they’d stay home.

            1. 10,000,000 of them? Well, maybe not all extra 10 mil but specifically in MI, WI,GA, and PA? I doubt that. I know of a few that feel screwed yet again by the Dems for pulling yet another fast one by blocking Bernie the Commie. The knob down the street was going to sit out again, but relented and had a Joe sign. but the two at work claimed they were never going to vote for anyone other than Bernie. I mean, they are daft enough to support him so . . .

              1. Oh, I’m not suggesting that the Democrats didn’t cheat. I think it’s fairly clear that they did. But I think one of the things that threw them off in 2016 was the Washington Elite LOVED Shrially’s smell, baggage and all, and had very little grasp of the degree to which the Democrat base DIDN’T.

                I think it’s important to recognize this, because it means that not only do the Washington Elite fail to understand and feel contempt for the Trump voters. They fail to understand and feel contempt for their own voters, too. Which, should they squeak by with Grandpa Gropes (Gods forbid!) is a recipe for unpleasantness and disrupted plans. Which we should think about exploiting.

        2. And there are also people like me who couldn’t bring myself to vote for President Trump the first time (heck, I couldn’t even bring myself to vote for Johnson — I resorted to voting for McMuffin) but saw that Trump wasn’t the Democratic monster I expected him to be, and that the Democrats have torn their masks off — and was thus prepared to crawl over broken glass to vote for him.

          Granted, I voted in Utah, so it’s hard to see how it mattered, either way, but I also doubt I am alone in this. I especially doubt this was a Utah-only phenomenon!

          1. I voted for Trump the first time under the impression that I was being given a choice between an egotistical clown and a criminal scold. Imagine my pleasure to discover that Trump could deliver the goods!

      2. There are 20 counties in the US that are considered “bellweather” counties, i.e. the way those counties vote has in the past determined who won the election. Trump won EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, and yet somehow “lost” the election. Really?

        And they expect people to believe and accept that Trump lost and that the voters who voted for him were not cheated.

        1. In the bellweather list that I saw, Biden did win one of them. But the general point still stands. According to EVERY SINGLE PREDICTIVE MEASURE, Trump should have won the election. And quite liferally the only places where those predictive measures indicated a Biden win were the counties that took forever to count their votes. That doesn’t mean that Trump won everywhere else. But the vote-shift patterns were more or less consistant across the country – again, except for in those counties.

  4. Yeah a few hours ago I woke in a cold sweat. Couldn’t remember a thing about dreaming but my heart was racing. Had to shower and am trying to swallow some chamomile so I can eat without puking. I feel so weak and useless.

    1. Also I talked to God, he calmed me down a little. He has a plan. I’m trying to have faith, maybe there’s a plan for a girl who’s been useless and crippled with depression and anxiety most of her life.

      1. Hey, Obsidian! Kathy here, in the Pacific Northwest. Also known as the Soviet of Washington.

        My heart broke when I read your comments, “… I feel so weak and useless.” and “… maybe there’s a plan for a girl…”

        Here’s a quick story. I hope it makes you smile, and maybe feel like shining light on a hill.

        Every statistic I own right now is a statistic of having fucked up, massively, my entire life. I have no cash. I’m living in my sister’s back bedroom. The only job I can get is retail and I can’t work retail anymore because I can’t/I refuse to wear the slave diaper.

        Most of my life I’ve struggled with the idea that suicide was always the end game; I was always bullied, shown how worthless and ugly I was, so it was the only “hope” for the future that made any sense. I knew in my heart that when things got bad enough I’d just check out, go west, end it. I could probably still be convinced.

        I work with a terrific trauma informed life coach/therapist. Suicide isn’t my default anymore, but despair sure is. I’m learning how to take these lifetime feelings of despair, depression, suicide, feelings of worthlessness…. (You know the list. The list burns.) And I’m taking these feelings, staring them in the face, and putting them on the shelf. They can bug me tomorrow if they like, but today I have work to do.

        Mostly this works. Right now, none of my tools is having the desire effect. My peace is disrupted; my brain is calculating all the time “Where will I go, what can I do, how will I escape…?” This shit is very, very real. I was stationed where I could visit East Germany twice. Their eyes were dead, they were too scared to talk to us, their only escape was death trying to climb over the Wall. This is a very, very difficult time.

        At the same time, this time was made for us, you and I. I don’t know how, yet. It’s all I can do just to sit in front of my computer today, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, desperate for hope that I need to provide for myself. But I know this is the time for you and I to rise, to shine like the pillar of fire in the desert.

        So I wanted to tell you what I thought. Virtual hug to you. I hope to meet you sometime. 🙂

        1. > I knew in my heart that when things got bad enough I’d just check out, go west, end it.

          I used to suffer from that kind of depression. Sometimes I tried to explain that thought to other people; suicide was a way *out*; like a trapped animal contemplating gnawing its leg off. Not the out I wanted, but just knowing it was there brought enough comfort to tough out another day, another hour.

          1. I used to have that — then Gahan Wilson ruined it for me, publishing a cartoon of a guy in a chair, gun to his head, captioned “On the other hand, what if I’ve already pulled the trigger?”

            You’ve no guarantee suicide is an escape – in fact, if there is a Hell wouldn’t it keep suicides in exactly the circumstances that caused them to try to escape?

            So now I recognize the depression for what it is, hope for the best (or, at least, slightly less bad) and anticipate the worst. Just because I’m depressed is no reason to despair, after all.

            In my experience, bad puns won’t make themselves, so I’ve something useful still to contribute to the world.

            1. Yes to all you said.

              My Grandpa loved puns. He also loved to grow roses, and I still love him for both.

            2. My aunt the social worker said suicide is a way to end unbearable pain (OTOH, no successful suicide attempts in the family that I’ve heard of), but my take is that it’s a lousy way to say Fuck You to the world at large.

              My definition works for me. And the black dogs in the family have lots of white (and grey muzzles), too. 🙂

              Bad puns and dark humor. Works for me, too.

              1. “OTOH, no successful suicide attempts in the family that I’ve heard of”

                Realize that you probably wouldn’t. In 2003, my oldest younger sister struck and killed a woman walking along the side of a 4 lane street. She wasn’t speeding, and according to her and half a dozen witnesses the woman waited until she was too close to dodge or stop and stepped out in front of her car. The woman had a history of mental illness and was supposed to be on meds.

                The official verdict: Accident, because they couldn’t find a note or anything indicating she went out to kill herself THAT DAY and wanted to “spare the family”.

                1. From the inside– it depends a lot on how the family deals with it. A…basically uncle, killed himself with suicide by bull. He didn’t want to be sent back to the nursing home he’d escaped.
                  Even six year old me was able to figure out what they were saying.

                  The manic-depressive cousin who killed herself in her back yard had her room turned into a shrine, basically, but nobody TALKED about her. I think because her mom (who also suffers from manic depression) felt guilty about it.

                  We’re probably a bit odd, because mom’s family recognizes– and will attack– most of the passive routes to suicide. Drugs, drinking yourself to death, insufficient gusto (depending on how depressive the person worrying about you is)…..

                  The one pattern I see when I’ve got enough information is that people who feel like they failed almost never confront it, at least not in a healthy way.

                2. The only death by misadventure in the family is a maternal Great (or more) grandfather who fell off his wagon on the way home from the tavern in mid-winter (in Denmark). Other deaths in my parents’ and grandparents’ generations have been disease related. Obesity and smoking were factors in a few, but that’s a bit slow to consider as suicide. No known deaths amongst siblings or cousins, though I’m not tightly connected to several.

                  I can’t speak for following generations; I have a couple of cousins on the edge of *something*, and at least one has offspring with serious mental issues.

          2. When you wish to withdraw your consent, your options are to start wholesale slaughter or just remove yourself. The latter is the one less disruptive and dangerous to others.

      2. There’s a plan. Parts of it might be unpleasant to live through. But there’s a plan.

        My prayers regarding the election generally don’t mention candidates by name, but do ask that any and all fraud will be exposed and overthrown.

        1. Removing malignant cancer is never a painless process. Now is the time for contingency planning and preparation (exactly like our hostess pointed out). The ents are being forced to awaken from their slumber, they are far stronger than they realize, and the form of this wake-up will fill them righteous fury. I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards that are trying so very hard to wake them up.

          1. I love that you brought up the Ents. I’ve been imagining their destruction of Washington, DC should the enemy make the theft good.

              1. After they turned Isengard into a swamp, they could traverse it….. but didn’t want to stay there.

            1. I loved that part of the book. I know the ‘elites’ have nothing but contempt for the American people, they don’t seem to realize that it’s goes both ways and we feel just as much, if not more contempt for them.

              As long as they leave us alone, we mostly ignore their stupid posturing and games.

      3. I’m in a similar place with depression and anxiety. I had a mental health breakdown in October, quit my job, got on Medicaid, and I don’t know when I will be able to work again. I don’t have savings. I currently live with my mother and I am going down to Tucson to stay with my sister in December. My sister is pregnant with a surprise number 8 and terribly morning sick. I’m hoping that going down there to help her with childcare and housekeeping chores will help me heal. That’s something I can accomplish, something real and important that I can do. I believe God has plan for all of us; I just wish I knew what his plan was.

        1. You’ve brought me to tears. I empathize so completely with where your heart is, I want to make things all better for you. The pain you’re carrying is so, so heavy. I’m sorry.

          The enemy of souls is trying to destroy us. Suicide, depression, feeling utterly useless and hopeless, like a chancre on the butt of life. We shout for help to God, and… receive no answer we can discern. And at the bottom, the stakes are absurdly high for everything–we can’t support ourselves; we can’t pay for a place to live; no health insurance; no savings.

          Try to remember there are many, many of us walking with you, in circumstances that are not dissimilar. My purpose for the past two days has been to be a light in the world; I’ve been consumed with grief and have cried for two days. Today, my purpose is to be a light in the world.

          I shall try not to shotgun my feckless diaper-faced neighbor. That will be a win. For today. 🙂

  5. Trying to expand the local network here. Having everything in the NYS bucket is awful–yes, we’re in a deep-red enclave, but the timeline on the state-level Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act keeps marching closer (oh, look, the Climate Action Council is having a meeting at 2pm Eastern, on Zoom and open to the public, let me see if I’m up on my anti-nausea meds) and NOBODY seems to realize that a small council running an impossible-to-achieve five-year-plan is Bad News, idiots!–but agh, making community connections until we can leap has got to be helpful at least to keep from going insane, and possibly to bolster resources for the leap.

    (We were supposed to be gone by now. But COVIDiocy has stalled our plans. -_-)

    The blindfold metaphor… it’s apt. I see it around me. Particularly from… say, individuals who think the options are “give in” and “start shooting,” and don’t see any benefit and much harm from shooting, so we have to make it so giving in is acceptable.

    (As though “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” weren’t an American thing… as though, moving back a few months, we didn’t wait until they went for the armory, holding an information network ready all the while!)

    Yargh. Time to get the house together; I’ve invited someone to dinner tonight…

  6. “There is no proof of Fraud!”
    okay, then lets just take every ballot, and match it to registered voters rolls and match signatures to acceptance/application of a ballot and then count every single one by hand and have a representative of every party standing there doing the count. No machine, no counting without the R, D, L, Taxpayer, Green, etc representatives of those on the ticket standing right there. To save time, we will do just Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, Atlanta. if any issues are found then we go wider and find all those blue wave votes we were assured of . . . right? Right?
    If everything they were doing was as above reproach as TPTB proclaim, then the dems should be demanding recounts to find those massive amounts of blue wave voters. JHFC what a fecking mess.

    1. If I may point out a minor quibble; They Left isn’t screaming “There is no proof of fraud”, they are screaming “There is no EVIDENCE of fraud”, no doubt expecting people to conflate ‘evidence’ with ‘proof’ and agree with them. I may be flattering myself, but my experience this far has been that when some Troll jabbers about “There’s no evidence of fraud” and I ask “Do you mean there’s no proof? Because there’s an ostentatious PLENTY of evidence”, they clam up and go bother some other thread.

      As we’ve see before. it’s important to catch these little games of sloppy semantics that they play.

      1. I see far more the No Proof” though some “No Evidence” does come through too.
        Then again, they make sure and certain to block any attempt at locating evidence and proof as well, so like a murderer who left a body in 104F heat soaking in a vat of caustic soda, then empties the vat out in the Gulf
        “What ?”

        1. I guess I’m missing a bunch. The Trolls on PJ Media were largely doing the ‘there’s no evidence’ jive, up to when I decide I needed to stay mostly out of the comments there because tracking down one of those morons and turning him into a red smear would seriously impair my ability to take care of my Lady.

          1. it is the same tune as WMD in Iraq. “No Evidence!”
            here’s some, here is more, have more . . .
            “But that was ruined by him hiding it!” “IT was out of date! (no, they were not interested in my activating with them in a room with it to see if it was viable or not) ” “The UN already knew about that (and marked it for destruction. but it never got destructed. shocking, also a lot was out of date though not as out of date as that which was destroyed to appease the inspectors, no really that was all of it, honest)”
            They will keep braying it to stay within the flock.

            1. “No WMDs!”

              Except, you know, for the chemical weapons we found, the heavily contaminated hidden nuclear labs he wasn’t supposed to have. The chemical and biological labs, also hidden, that he wasn’t supposed to have. The delivery systems he wasn’t supposed to have, or the literal tons of yellowcake uranium he wasn’t supposed to have.

              I guess what they mean by “No WMDs” is; “We didn’t actually find a functional nuclear bomb, assembled, and mounted on a fueled and ready missile.”


              1. Exactly. “The Bomb in My Garden” is about the Colorado School of Mines educated scientist who Saddam entrusted to hide uranium refining tools and plans needed to make a nuclear device in his back yard. Saddam intended to get one made, and he used A. Q. khan in Pakistan to get it done. But neither the UN nor US nor other international intel sources knew about this. Johnny Depp bought the rights to make the film, but his personal and fiscal life self-destructed — thus, nobody should hold their breath on that True Story getting told to the masses anytime but somewhere over the horizon.

          2. …tracking down one of those morons

            That assumes there is a person to be tracked down, when it is very likely a bot.

      2. Meanwhile, a man on TV openly incited voter fraud in the Georgia senatorial race. Others have openly incited and conspired to commit it on Twitter.

        Frankly, I think our last chance of getting out of this without civil war was when they could have arrested these people.

      1. Yes. I fear, even with a full recount, they frauded enough with false ballots to cover the swapped ballots and dead voters and hid enough evidence to squeak by.

      2. Was it Atlanta that was just caught shredding a couple truckloads of “irrelevant” documents? (No, federal law says you have to save ALL of them, relevant or not, if they in any way touch an election.) Gee, I wonder how many newly-minted just-recounted ballots were in there?

        That recount was a worse farce than the original count.

        1. I doubt a district court judge would have the nerve to employ it, but (from what I’ve read) the legal theory of “espoilation”–destroying evidence by hiding the counterfeits with the valid ones, could lead to *all* the ballots from that entity being disqualified. OTOH, this is going to the Supremes, and perhaps even they are getting tired of the in-your-face contempt shown by the Donks.

          There are other approaches, and I suspect the Dominion issues will be key, but it would be nice to see serious repercussions against fraudsters.

  7. My idea to weaken the Amazon monopoly – which I’ve put into action at – is to disconnect the search for books and other entertainment from the sales platform. I believe it’s crucial for indies to stay indie, though for visibility there needs to be one place to find indie entertainment, the sales end needs to be managed by the individual creator.
    Right now, Amazon has indie creators dependent on them for the entire bookselling process, from publishing, to promoting, to discoverability, to selling – and since they have an effective monopoly, they are free to get progressively worse at delivering all of those services and elevating only what they choose. Their search algorithm is abysmal. The only way to be seen is to buy sponsored placement, which is so lucrative for Amazon that they are naturally motivated to make their search function even worse.
    If readers search to find authors and then click through to the *author’s* choice of sales platform, then the author is free to host their book somewhere that’s a better deal for them, or to host it on Amazon if that’s still the best option.
    Either way, letting Amazon monopolize the search for entertainment *and* the sales of it gives them far too much power over the cultural consciousness and individual creators.

    1. There are associations of writers out there. Science fiction, romance, Westerns… members paying dues to groups that, in my opinion, should already been doing this. SFWA was borged by the publishers decades ago, though, so it’s unlikely to change…

      There’s no reason why authors can’t form new associations, ones which can work as sales tools. Ebooks… even paper, if necessary. All the pieces are out there, waiting for someone to put them together.

    2. The problem is you CAN’T sell your book yourself, and all the other platforms are left.
      My thought…. I’m starting a substack newsletter. THIS one will wait till I’m writing and putting out regular novels.
      If you subscribe, for say $10 a month, you’ll get a couple of novels and a short as a perk.
      we’ll see.

      1. You can self host your sales.

        The problem is finding a company that won’t terminate your hosting on-demand from the left. I have yet to find one that has stood up to the left, only those that haven’t been tested yet.

        1. Hosting companies are interchangeable once you get a domain and set up your site structure. For that matter, there’s no reason you can’t set up failovers for both the store functions and payment system. Web Hosting 102 instead of 101. And you’re not limited to American-hosted services if it comes down to that.

          This stuff is all absolutely generic, all the way down to “sell your hand-knitted tea cozies from your very own online store” and up to quite sizeable operations; larger than any realistic sales from an RWA sized group.

          For that matter, you could use eBay or one of the other sell-stuff sites if you wanted to put forth the minimal effort needed.

          1. The problem with the payment TRX is that now as a store you are REQUIRED to hold taxes for each state the buyer originates from.
            AND you’re supposed to keep abreast of those laws.
            I call this the “no competing with big corporations” law.
            I’m not typing in Mandarin Chinese, right? It’s not the first time I’ve explained THIS.

                1. I’d have to do some research. I know those companies exist, but don’t have details at hand.

                  As far as setting up your own shop, several authors have.

            1. You can also just make sure to convert it all to cash and empty the bank, report all sales as being from a no sales tax state or out of the country, and make them come for the money.

            2. Again, you can have the payment processor take care of taxes. What’s what you pay them for.

              You’ve built this big problem stack in your head, but those problems have all been solved years ago.

                1. Sarah, I’m not sure about “wrong”, but I’d submit that “Avoiding the problem because they didn’t need to spend the time investigating workarounds because Amazon is dependable” is an excellent possibility.

                  It isn’t their focus to keep track of the ins and outs of available software.

                2. Not your problem if they or their webmasters couldn’t be arsed to update their payment system.

                  The tax change was a long time ago, in Internet Time. The Web has adapted and moved on.

          2. I suspect eBay will be leftist converged soon enough.

            You are correct, but without planning you’re just making the left play whack a mole. You need hosting in a part of the third world not controlled by China, so probably Russia or Eastern Europe.

            We also need to find a way around the fact that the CC companies are happy to blacklist entire families for one member having the wrong politics, making it impossible to get payments period.

      2. The indie invisibility problem is the angle I’m tackling 🙂 When you have a minute, come see if you want a virtual booth in my virtual vendor hall, tagged with all the search terms your readers are looking for and linked directly to your sign-up page 🙂

  8. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” has become “save our poor overloaded medical system/staff” has become “because we know better than you do.” And now the city government has . . . well, we’ll see. The lawyers are already circling.

    1. And for us, it’s “We’re closing the restaurants and bars and venues because you peasants insist on leaving the house. That’s not what proper serfs Oregonians should do.” The governor’s added call to snitch on neighbors having unapproved guests for Thanksgiving is going over wonderfully.

      The first 2-week shutdown lasted 2 months. We’ll see what the current one does, but there’s a chance that we won’t have to move to shift from a blue state to a red one, though the latter will have different boundaries.

      If SMOD targetted Portland, I wouldn’t object.

      1. At least you are in a red county, surrounded by red counties. Some of us aren’t. Pretty sure a complaint to our police, be it county or city, will be followed up on. All Hell to Hitler Brown

        1. I understand that two of Eastern Washington’s counties passed referenda to permit secession and merging with Idaho? Does that include yours? How’s that going?

          1. Oops – sorry; I was forgetting Kate the Tyrant was making Emperor Inslee look mild. Still, precedents are precedents, right? As goes Eastern Washington, so goes East Oregon?

            I wonder of the possibility of Oregon and Washington merging then splitting North to South …

            1. FWIW, Jackson county, just west of us, is purple to blue. They got stuck with the People’s Republic of Ashland, and the perma-congress critter in Peter DeFazio. They also got a Soros DA, lucky them. OTOH, the last I was there, COVID submission was mixed. I’ll have a better idea next week; Costco run. It’s Costco, but I have other places to go to, and am staying overnight.

              There are competing movements. The Greater Idaho has some traction, but the State of Jefferson is much older. It looks like the Oregon counties east of the Cascades would be interested, as well as some of northern California (again, east of the Cascade line; the dope growers can stay in California).

              Some of the silliness that’s shown up in Idaho makes me more interested in Jefferson.

              1. We’ve talked about Idaho, but Boise… it doesn’t take very many people to tilt Idaho adversely, when the donating population (CA) is so numerous relative to the existing population. 39 mil vs 1.7 mil. according to
       (sub in CA to see the CA numbers). And since there’s no residency requirement to vote in a different state, and since no state has federalized the voting (I.e. state offices are chosen by county reps not the popular vote or something similar) it’s not clear that we’d actually be in a ‘safe’ state, at least not long term. So, since politically nowhere is safe, then the goal is to live somewhere we can have a network with local people. Since that’s probably all we’ll be able to count on if things are dark as they feel.

                1. While Californians are pretty much universally despised and demonized here in Idaho, it is actually the transplanted Texans and Washingtonians who are doing more damage.

                  And one reason the Greater Idaho movement is not gaining the traction of the State of Jefferson is because it is mainly pushed by those outside Idaho. As a general rule Idaho residents would rather see a friendly neighboring state like Jefferson than to risk adding a whole bunch of ground with enough residents to control the existing state of Idaho.

                  1. WA resident here. Just north of the Shithole by the Bay, aka Seattle.

                    Microsoft Marxists have already destroyed much of what used to be the haven of Eastern Washington. Wenatchee, the apple capital of the world has a median home price now of… nearly half a million dollars. This is farm country, and now the farmers can’t afford it. But the bitches all have their McMansions up on the hillside.

                    1. My dream is to win Powerball and buy a fortress in the Methow. Acre upon acre of wilderness, with my home in the middle.

                      And claymores surrounding the perimeter.

                    2. Bend, Redmond, La Pine, Sisters, & area between. All the little baby Ranches. We could have bought in-laws place on the Little Deschutes river. Place bordered on the Deschutes State Park north-western border (trail to “Big Tree”). They sold it for $86k in ’87. NOW? We couldn’t get it for < $500k.

                      Thought really hard about it. Hubby helped his dad build it when his folks retired, early '70s. We probably could have managed it, maybe. We wouldn't have lived in it. Would have had to *rent it out. Plus, we were renting because we couldn't afford to buy in the area where hubby's work was, AND we still were paying on the house we had **rented out in Longview (because we couldn't sell the dang thing). But, off topic.

                      * H*LL NO
                      ** Never again, ever. Just because we were good renters …

                    3. Long ago, I gave 30 seconds consideration to having income property. Hell to the no. Now, it’s not worth milliseconds.

                      The small landlords are screwed by Kate’s landlord-hostile policies, leaving (surprise, surprise) room for the big outfits. And they call the ‘Pubs beholden to corporations. Spit. I think the policies will remain in place until somewhere between tar and feathers and Dances with Danny Deaver.

                    4. I’ve been looking for bolthole property for some time: first in western WA (mostly Mason County), then eastern WA, then northern Idaho. All the inexpensive property in Mason County is GONE in the last six months. Eastern WA/N Idaho would be retire-to, not flee-to, since I have to stick around Seattle due to joint custody of my daughter for at least six more years, and in an emergency like The Big One I don’t want to be one of 500,000 people trying to escape over the passes potentially in the middle of winter. Sounds like a good way to end up dead.

                      Interestingly, eastern WA north of Spokane has way more properties (both houses and land) than Idaho north of Coeur d’Alene, even though they’re similar population density, environment, and presumably demographics. Like ten times more. I wonder if this is the real estate version of the differential U-Haul rates thing.

                    5. Yessiree.

                      Guess who the biggest landlord is in King County (Greater Seattle)? The King County Housing Authority.

                      Those rents too high, children? Guess who’s to blame.

                      And that ‘Rona “we can’t evict you” thing? The KCHA can outlast every single small landlord.

                      The battle is real, and it’s grotesque.

                    6. Balzaq,
                      Look at a map and you will figure it out fast. Idaho north of I-90 is a)small, think about it i-90 exit 0 is on the Washington line, it is only exit 74 on the Montana line and it doesn’t run due east-west or straight. B)majority Forest Service land with a portion of private timber company thrown in. There just isn’t near as much private property to sell as there is north of Spokane.

                    7. Well, by “north of Spokane” I mean all of Ferry/Stevens/Pend Oreille counties, which is about the same size as Idaho north of Coeur d’Alene and also has lots of Forest Service/reservation/national park land. But even if you include Idaho south of Coeur d’Alene down to Benewah/Shoshone counties, the ratio still holds. And that includes properties in the towns, not just raw land or cabins in the woods.

          2. No. Unfortunately. I’m in Lane County. Southern Willamette Valley. One of the Blue Splotches … Trust me, ain’t going anywhere.

  9. Only tangentially related to the post, on your freezing: Fight or Flight Response we were all taught in secondary school biology is not actually accurate. The more accurate description is Fight, Flight or Freeze. Freeze is actually very common, especially in the face of overwhelming force. It’s not rational, or a choice, your body just locks up. That’s why many rape victims are consumed by guilt “I just couldn’t move, why did I let him?” and why people asking “Why didn’t you scream or fight?” is stupid.

    1. “Why didn’t you scream or fight?”

      Because you were never trained to. Because nobody ever even MENTIONED that you might be trapped in that situation. Because if you HAD been informed, you might have done something radical like (gasp!) buy a gun! Or, at least, a punch-dagger.

      1. This is so important. Even if you can’t train directly, regular mental rehearsal of scenarios can help you be prepared and be able to act.

        Imagining a variety of rape scenarios is uncomfortable to most people (even people with rape fantasies tend to have them in a narrow set of controlled and “safe” parameters), but doing so and including how you wish you would respond in the mental rehearsal increase your chances of doing something. It might not be exactly what you imagined, but something and often something is enough as most human predators seem to prefer easy prey, which is not just about how you behave beforehand.

        Also, don’t think having a penis means you don’t need to rehearse how you’ll respond to rape or that rape is only done by penis people.

        Also, every time you are out in public, find and rehearse multiple escape routes. Rehearse what you’ll do in a fire, at home and otherwise, and riots and and and.

        1. This in spades. I am blessed/cursed with a very strong “What if [badthing] happens? What would I do?” mind set. I ended up leading a tornado evacuation and keeping lots of people calm once because of that. On the down side, gaming out that sort of thing constantly wears on a person, because I can’t shut it off easily. On the gripping hand, if it keeps other people alive, well . . .

          1. That’s actually how I deal with my ongoing depression. Having worked out scenarios and responses ahead of time has helped me to cope. Now I’m a functioning member of society.
            It’s also helped me overcome being socially awkward.
            Not that depression, paranoia or awkwardness are new to this crowd.

        2. “Be courteous., Be polite, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet” – Gen James Mattis, USMC

          Not just for Falluja anymore.

              1. The Washington Times, Wednesday morning:

                Mattis failed to disclose role with global consultant tied to China in bombshell column
                A column this week by former Defense Secretary James N. Mattis that blasted President Trump’s “America First” theme did not disclose that Mr. Mattis holds a senior position at the Cohen Group, a firm that dedicates itself to making business deals in China.

                Mr. Trump’s get-tough approach toward China — tariffs and prohibitions on Beijing’s cyberproducts — is generally counter to the Cohen Group’s objective of bringing Chinese and U.S. companies together in multimillion dollar deals.

                The Cohen Group, founded by former Defense Secretary William Cohen and staffed by a number of former high-ranking government and military leaders, has two of its four overseas offices in China.
                [END EXCERPT]

            1. Once again a successful General finds that he’s not as smart in other fields of life. His actions since leaving Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children do not make his earlier sayings any less on point.

              And you can’t be as disappointed in Mattis as I am with Clapper. I served under the man twice, once indirectly and once directly. I had great respect for him.

        3. Limiting it to “rape” is, in my view, a tactical error.

          Basic counter-terrorism training is to run through the “what would I do if” situation.

          Every situation that can be used for rape can also be used for robbery, terrorism, and “I will harm you Because I Can”– and the response for all of them is very similar.

          It doesn’t matter what their motivation is, once things are at that point. Motivation only helps identify possible vectors, and misses the Crazy People angle.

          My responses are mostly for non-human threats– four legged predators, farm animals, the tree branch that is coming at my face and F it doesn’t matter WHY–
          (That “block with hand and kind of deflect instead of absorbing the hit” response really freaks someone out if they just shoved a hand at your face, FYI. No, it was nowhere as cool as the TV “block a punch by sweeping it aside” thing.

          Driving Problems, same thing– you have to train your reactions to include “when things go wrong”. Thinking it out, first, is a basic step for that.

            1. *nod*
              That folks mightn’t automatically expand from there was the risk I was trying to counter.
              (You’ll notice I didn’t have any point to make BESIDES that it should branch out, too!)

        4. I’m pretty sure that the psychological mechanism for rape fantasies to begin with is planning game scenarios. And the important thing to note is that even if the fantasies themselves are degrading or terrifying, the person imagining them is in control of them, so they’re getting a measure of control back from a situation that is inherently about stealing control.

    2. Right makes sense, the freeze response is a common one in nature. Find a rabbit or deer in the yard and their first action is freeze. This is because 1) they have decent camouflage in forest/meadow settings 2) many of their predators are motion dependent in their vision systems. Hold still and hope cousin Harry moves and becomes lunch today. That is still in our hind brain. Our ancestors were both prey and predator, but for a long time more the former than the latter.

      1. Almost every predator is prey for something larger. There’s a reason the “top of the food chain” for any ecosystem is a singular title, not a slate.

        1. Right there is effectively only 1 apex predator in a particular environment. These days in most environments that is Homo Sapiens. We don’t necessarily eat the traditional apex predator (sharks being an exception) but we don’t tolerate them in our space for long particularly if they have a tendency to attack or eat humans.

          1. In some cases (bears come to mind), it’s not so much that the apex predators aren’t tastey. It’s that we’re trying to avoid hunting them into extinction.

            That’s the issue with humans taking an interest in apex predators – the apex predator population *must* remain limited in numbers, or they’ll overhunt the prey population. And it doesn’t take many humans to kill a large number of a particular animal if the humans are sufficiently motivated.

      2. Why do you thing they do Dynamic Entry for ATF, SWAT and all the others. To cause everyone to Freeze. If people have time to think before or are prepared the Dynamic Entry People are F*&^%Ked. Case in point ATF at Waco. ATF had NO Plan except their 60 sec take over the compound the BDs would all FREEZE and we would just walk in. If the BDs had actually wanted to KILL the ATF, Koresh would NOT have been outside and the ATF would not have made it out of the trailers.

      3. It’s the way the rabbits tend to explode into motion just when I’m about to walk by that gets me. (Even when there’s a retaining wall ensuring that they will only meet me farther down the path.)

    3. And as above, sometimes ‘freeze’ is the right response. I see rabbits in the yard from time to time, and if they bolt, I notice them. Worse (were I predator of them) is if they move a bit, then stop. Then I notice them AND see them near. Those that freeze, I might miss – and, yes, I leave them be and go on about my business. This is within city limits, so there are decided limits to what one might do if the decision were otherwise.

      1. Which is why this is taught in SERE school (or was when I went through in the 80s). It actually worked for me , still don’t know if it was an Instructor or just a camper in the National Forest, but after 20 min in a freeze position he left the area and I was able to move on towards the rendezvous site.

  10. I also spent the day thinking about Miguel Pro. And warning my young’un against the rushed-through vaccine.

    1. I see some airlines are going to insist that people have the vaccine before flying. Yet another reason to not bother with Real ID. If I can’t drive there, I’m not going, and I really don’t want to drive far any more.

      I’m taking the warnings about adverse reactions to the Kung Flu vaccine seriously. I have a history of bad vaccine reactions. Nope, *you* go first, and the horse you rode in on.

      1. For years I had been predicting the US would get Soviet-style internal passports.

        “They’re HEEEERE!”

        “Place your feet on the line. Your papers. Arms out. Look straight ahead. Say nothing. Stand still. Open your mouth for the swab. What is your destination?”

        “The bathroom, but it’s not nearly as urgent now.”

              1. While on active duty once got extremely nauseous with dizziness while at work. Supervisor sent me to the base clinic for Sick Call.

                I reported to the ER for Sick Call. NCO on the desk asked if I had an appointment. I said no, I just got sick. He told me to call for an appointment. (we both know that 0900 on a weekday morning there were no open appointments).

                I asked to use his phone, He told me I had to use a direct line. On a phone at the other side of the building.

                So I walked, somewhat unsteadily and stopping near every bathroom until I was sure I didn’t need it, to THE Phone. Surprise, surprise. No appointments available. Was told to go the ER for Sick call. Why didn’t I think of that?

                Made the journey back. He told me to take a chair and wait.

                Now I swear, I was trying for his waste basket! Getting a partial hit on his desk and paperwork was NOT my plan!

                They got me right in. gave some generic pepto stuff, and put me on quarters for a couple of days.

                Turns out it was food poisoning. The last real meal I had before I got sick was at the O Club the night before at a Dining In. Go figure.

            1. I got off an airplane at the old Denver Stapledon(?) airport, long ago. Sick as a dog. I staggered to the bathrooms in the concourse, went in… and all the stalls were coin-operated.

              Screw that. I threw up on the floor for free.

              I didn’t have any change on me. And some nontrivial number of pax wouldn’t have any American money anyway. I imagine the janitorial crew hated those bathrooms…

        1. That and you will also need to prove you are not exceeding your “carbon footprint allowance” to be allowed to travel as well. Because the nonsense they have imposed under the pretext of the CCP Virus is simply a test run for the even more draconian tyranny they intend to impose under the pretext of “saving the Earth from the climate emergency”.

          1. The Carbon Footprint problem can likely be handled by something the Left has been longing to do for the last forty years: return the airlines to regulated industry status. That way they can control the emissions and ensure that all passengers pay a premium for offsets.

            This will eliminate the smelly masses from flights, enabling reduced seating and thus less crowding. It will restore the glamour air travel once had, permit the return of such perquisites as gourmet meals, and roll drink fees into ticket charges. That way travelers would once again be able to charge their drinks and meals to their employers and against their tax expenses.

        2. I suspect they won’t be prepared for how often those will be fraudulent.

          Although getting a fake Hunter Biden internal passport sounds like fun.

  11. Perhaps this’d be a good time to point out a long, detailed exposition from which I’ve excerpted bits as seen at The Donald:

    Trump at the Rubicon: How the Insurrection Act and Militia Act Empower Trump to Cast the Die

    [… snip …]

    “In the closing days of 2020 AD, the American media has declared that Donald Trump’s term as president is finished. As the leader of the deplorables faction, Trump has many enemies among the elite irates, and as soon as he leaves office, these enemies plan to bury him in litigation. Bill Pascrell, the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Oversight, has officially called for the prosecution of President Trump for ‘government crimes’ following his term in office. In his thirst for vengeance, Pascrell has made it clear there will be no Nixonian escape by pardon:

    “‘Donald Trump, along with his worst enablers, must be tried for their crimes against our nation and Constitution. Any further abuse of the sacred pardon power to shield criminals would itself be obstruction of justice, and any self-pardons would be illegal.’

    “Like Caesar, Trump now must fight for victory or lose everything. Come January 2021, will Donald Trump decide to cast the die and cross the Rubicon? He might.

    “The same people who warned us that Trump is worse than Hitler will now scoff: ‘Donald Trump is no Caesar!’ That’s true. Trump is in a much better position than Caesar was.

    “Unlike Caesar, Trump can cross the Rubicon legally. He need violate no sacred law. He has all of the legal power he needs to act and win. Congress has given it to him. All he needs to do is invoke the Insurrection Act.”

    [… snip …]

    “In blunt terms, Congress has given the power to President Trump to proclaim:

    “’I, President Trump, have determined that a conspiracy has deprived 70 million Americans of their right to vote and that the other authorities are refusing to protect this right. I therefore order the suppression of this conspiracy by any means necessary.

    “And with that, Trump will cross the Rubicon.”

    [… snip …]

    “If you are in the grip of normalcy bias, you are likely to be in denial: ‘Trump wouldn’t dare! The US Armed Forces would remove him from office! The troops wouldn’t respond to his call!’

    “Pompey said the same about the Roman legions. He was wrong. He was so wrong, in fact, that his decapitated head ended up in a stylish gift box presented to Caesar as a present when he landed in Egypt. Don’t be Pompey.

    “Now, I don’t expect beheadings (just helicopters) but I do expect that the US Armed Forces would obey Trump’s orders. Although he is not popular with the Pentagon, Trump remains popular with actual soldiers, especially with white middle-class men who make up a disproportionate number of the infantry, armor, pilots, special forces, and other combat arms. (His support among law enforcement personnel is even higher. The men with guns love Trump.)”

    [… snip …]

    “Remember that 10 USC § 253 grants the President the power to use the militia to take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress conspiracy. The militia is statutorily defined to include the unorganized militia.

    Therefore, when you combine 10 USC § 253 with 10 USC § 246, the President can call on every able-bodied male age 17 to 45 to take any means he deems necessary to suppress the conspiracy to deny Americans their voting rights.

    [… snip …]

    (Frankly, I’m 200 percent in support of this move myself if even the Supreme Court fails and the slimy, corrupt Democrats absolutely insist on making it necessary. I may technically be too old and physically unfit to fight, but if needs must, I will fight too! Or at least help with logistics!)

    1. Up to 45 my happy ass.

      Captain Whittemore was 78 when he last served. I might be 54 and even slower than I was a year ago (but faster than three weeks ago, PT is going okay), but I’ll stand up and fight.

      1. Two lines I’ve always skipped over, but jumped out listening to this after I posted:

        “But the truth of all predictions
        Is always in your hands”

        1. Another one that is also fitting:

          “The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams, it’s heaven and hell; they say that black is really white, the moon is just a sun at night, and when you walk in golden halls, you get to keep the gold that falls”

      2. No, you don’t understand. 45 is the top age of the militia THAT HAS TO show up when called. Not who CAN show up, just who MUST show up. Remember that difference. We are talking legal force here to force people to show up or explain WHY they didn’t. You may be like me old, fat, in no shape at all, and taking way to many pills, BUT it doesn’t take much to hold a position. Yes your chances of getting away if something bad happens is small( non-existent) BUT that IS YOUR CHOICE!

    2. People have been pointing out that Trump has shuffled a lot of things around in the interface between him and the military over the last few weeks.

      It is almost like Trump isn’t a raving buffoon. Who knew?

    3. The problem with your insurrection/rubicon scenario is that, per clear language of the Constitution, Trump’s term ends in January, no matter what. If, and only if, he is re-elected does he get sworn in again. No legislation or insurrection changes that. Thus Mr Lincoln stood for re-election.

      You are asking the armed forces to violate their oath to the Constitution. Ain’t happening.

      Not. Happening.

      Civilians may trigger the “failed election” scenario, or 270 might not reached by someone due to electors or legislatures, but the US armed forces will not be overthrowing anything, nor changing the outcome.

      Trump is a patriot. He wont murder the Republic by doing that.

      He may form an American Greatness Party and (rear-entry, no lube) the boot-on-neck uniparty and teeing up an -epic- 2024. He might buy a major media outlet and (rear-entry, no lube) them that way. The latter is much, much worse for them, actually. I hope he does both. Good and hard.

      Meanwhile, the electors haven’t met yet. We shall see. And while we see how that plays out, read up on Article Five Convention. Because -that- is how we repair this mess.

        1. Our Republic is alive and will endure. We survived -much- worse. This not the first stinker of an election. Prior debacles are well documented. We survived an actual full blown insurrection and all-out war.

          Not hardly dead, at all. It’s just getting a little awkward. And this, too, shall pass.

          Freedom wins. Because -we- won’t quit. Won’t be easy or quick. But we -will- win, because Americans are the winningest SOBs ever bred on this planet.

          1. I don’t intend to quit.
            When I was very little and granma told me I’d live through the apocalypse, I used to pray to die four years before (before things got wonky.) Uh. I wonder if that’ s why I collapsed in the shower. Anyway…..
            BUT I have a husband, sons, a large “adoptive” brood, some of whom call me mom or “bonus mom.”
            I’m not leaving them to face the music alone.
            And I’ll go down swinging.
            I’m just not seeing a path for the republic. That’s okay. I’m a writer. I only see simple paths, but this one….

            1. Yep, no going meekly to be loaded up in the rail cars; would rather go down fighting like a Klingon. Never again means never again.

              1. The day that Mr. Donald J. Trump mysteriously dies under suspicious circumstances is the beginning of the week or month that hundreds of thousands of scuttling leftist vermin die under mysterious circumstances.

            2. “When I was very little and granma told me I’d live through the apocalypse, I used to pray to die four years before (before things got wonky.) ”

              Wow that’s an eerie prediction. Was she prone to that? I notice she said you would live through it, as in get out of the other side alive?

              I can understand wanting to die before the chaos, it’s the tension of waiting that’s getting to me. Sometimes I find myself subconsciously praying for death and I have to force myself to stop. I’m reminded of something Conan the Cimmerian said: “It takes oppression and hardship to stiffen men’s guts and put the fire of hell into their thews.”

              If I perish, I perish.

          2. I disagree.

            This is a full-blown insurrection and has been for four years, but we’re all expected to pretend otherwise and, the insurrectionists having captured the capital we’re supposed to accept as legitimate and that they can continue to use the same methods to maintain power without a response from us.

            It’s as if Jeff Davis had sent officials into the Union states and demanded they follow dictates of the CSA government and the majority did.

          3. This isn’t the first stinker of an election — but it’s the first one where if the stinkers win, the stinkers will have the wherewithal to perpetually enforce their will by using the system against itself.

    4. I don’t think he WILL. And if he does, I think half the veterans are on the “nothing to see here.” And a lot of them work for the government. I don’t think they’ll wake up till it’s MUCH worse.

  12. You know, I hear they make padded blindfolds. Tri-ply, so no ray of light comes in.

    They do. Two hints. First, get one where the padding is along the edge and not full. It’ll bug your eyes less. Second, get one made of of leather, note cloth. They are just that much better at blocking light and staying in place.

    Go somewhere that you can try on different ones and find one that fits you/your victim very well. Better yet, make it yourself. Blindfolds are a great first kinky craft.

    1. Being a cheap bastard, when I need a light-stopper, I use a blindfold I found lying on the freight dock at LAX. (Really!)

  13. Fourth, if you’re in a blue state, no matter how much you love it, plan your escape.

    To where? Every state is a blue state now. They frauded their way to Biden winning Georgia even though they didn’t need to. That was a trial run for frauding us into two Dem senators from Georgia AND frauding their way in other blue states with a large metro area.

    All that is left is Wyoming and the Dakotas.

    Keep that blindfold off. Remember, as Heinlein said, they can’t control a free man. They can only kill him.

    If figure someone in the next year my posting on the net will result in a group of LEOs happy to be agents of tyranny coming to arrest me for “hate speech”. When I demand a warrant, they’ll break down the door. Hopefully, I’ll have enough warning to get C and the cats out of the house first.

    Then? I figure we need a 3:1 kill ratio to get LEOs to rethink doing such raids. Given the number of people willing to fight versus not, I suspect those of us who do need to take out 12 or all of the first wave against us if it’s not 12.

    1. Florida is holding out, and even trending against the Dems. They were expecting big, big gains there … and lost just about every statewide AND local race where Democrat pickups were confidently predicted, plus there were “unexpected” GOP pickups. It’s the state’s good fortune that its queen city has a large, influential population demographic with experience of Communism. That’s my plan for escaping the New York City gravity well; we’ve already bought our modest property, and I just have to keep my mouth shut and play the game for the short while until retirement … and once I get that pension, it’s “GANGWAY!” and living to fight another day — or actually being able to fight, for once. I think our gracious hostess should consider it, seeing her difficulties with cold and elevation. (Sarah, do you have any issues with heat, humidity, or sun exposure? I hope not.) Here’s some heartening reading:

      1. I’ve considered FL.
        Actually my head insists I should be in a particular small town. Not FL. Not revealing state.
        I’ve never even visited, but when we get a chance we’ll drive out. And if I get ANY $$ in, I’ll buy property there.

    2. Just remember, nothing says “get off my lawn” quite like a couple thousand fast moving ball bearings…

        1. Though, with napalm there’s a chance there will be less lawn for people to get off of afterwards… and scorch mark paths to highlight where the projector is.

          1. Dirt still qualifies as yard, though.

            Sad aside, I wish neighborhood kids actually came out and would play like I did growing up. I wouldn’t yell at them to get off my yard unless they were destructive or bugged the cats, but it is sad kids don’t play like that anymore.

            Perhaps there is a line, crooked but real, between than and the Random House staffers melting down of Penguin publishing Peterson’s new book.

            And I’m sure there is a pretty straight line between fear of letting kids play unsupervised outside and the success of the COVID fear campaign. I mean, the tactics of the stranger danger scare campaign are just a primitive version of the ones used to sell COVID cowering.

            1. For all that the pontificators latch on “kidnapping” as a reason that kids aren’t let out to play anymore has more to do with a cultural mismatch.

              Especially the one where it’s OK for Bobby to smash my child into the dirt, they’re “just playing,” but not for my child to kick his knee to get the not-so-little bastard off after he won’t get off on request.

              I have been the parent who
              1) corrected (politely, though an adult speaking to him apparently blew his mind) someone else’s kid about if it’s acceptable to watergun someone who doesn’t have a watergun,
              2) faced down his overgrown indulger of a father who thought it was perfectly fine because the boy had lost to the girl in a watergun-shoot-out half an hour prior. (Which was why he waited until she couldn’t fight back.)

              Same dynamics as poorly trained dogs, for those folks who’ve taken their pet to pet runs and discovered THAT joy.

              1. Having no kids, I’ll take your word for it.

                I just miss a neighborhood full of kids playing. It is more alive and more hopeful. These day, even before COVID, it seems more like that regimented planet in A Wrinkle in Time than the world I grew up in.

                1. I was of the ’60s era. We really didn’t play out in the street of our neighborhood then either. Bike ride to & fro. But not play in the streets. We did play in our backyards. Where three had corners dedicated to a kids play area (NE, SE, and NW, corners of yards) where we had areas with sandbox, one swing set. Stayed that way until NW corner contributing home sold.

                  Our son. ’90s played at the school playground during the week before & after school (full disclosure, daycare – K through 5th grade before/after school). But he & his friends never went on their own to the school playground. Nothing new for me, we as kids never went to the local grade school to play either. New for hubby. He & his gang of friends regularly gathered at the local school yard.

                  Differences. Hubby & his friends were all within a block around the various sides of the school yard. A couple dozen kids of all ages. My sisters, I, and the kids in our neighborhood, were 3/4 a mile from the grade school, which sat at on a very busy intersection. Our home is within sight of the grades school, but the play ground is two blocks away, at least 1/4 mile. Plus grade school years, he was the only grade school child within two blocks east of the school, and one block the other directions. Note, this has just started to change in the last 10 years, as the elderly long term owners have transitioned out. One other family moved in, and stayed, over the last 32 years we’ve been here, about the time our son started in middle school.

                  We did take advantage of the school property as a family. I still do. It is where I take the dog for a walk (circumventing the outside edge of the playground is just over a mile). Used to take kid to shoot baskets, throw football, throw baseball, hit baseball, fly the little remote airplane, Frisbee, Water Bottle Rockets. etc. Never shot the BB gun or Bow & Arrows over there, however 🙂

                  1. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. If it was a group of neighborhood kids, we definitely played in the street, whether a summer game of baseball or a winter snowball fight. “CAR!” was the universal “timeout” signal.

                    Vacant lots were better, and for a few years I lived in a house with a 90-foot uphill driveway with a 90×30 woods area as a “front yard”. Every boy in the neighborhood wanted to play Army there all summer long.

                    One on one, we played wherever was most useful to what we were doing. The street was good when we were flying kites or throwing a baseball or shooting those water-pressure rockets, because you don’t want to have your toys land in a fenced yard or worse on someone’s roof.

                    My best friend and I specifically couldn’t play in his corner-lot front/side yard during the winter, because his dad thought it damaged the grass. There wasn’t any back yard, so the street and alley it was.

    3. [i]What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?[/i]

      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

  14. On the “be ready for things” news, I’m probably going to ask my dentist the next time I see him about any fillings that need to be changed and if I need to have crowns put in and such. Doctor as well. Also quietly doing enough trash tossing around the house so I can move some stuff around, and lay in a stockpile of gold (TP, multi-vitamins, canned food), silver (tampons and pads, beans, rice, flour in both cake and wheat), bronze (multi-packs of panties in the common sizes still in the plastic, chocolate in several flavors, safe-sex supplies, etc, etc, etc…) and making sure the go-bag is good.

    Other news…my optimism is wearing thin that this election will be even watched carefully by most media outlets. Four years, they’ve wanted OrangeManBad gone, and they’re going to get their way…

    And, in a perverse way, they’re welcome to it at some point. Far too many people are seeing this sewer in process and the Left keeps trying to close the doors online…which triggers the Streisand Effect and gets more people curious and interested. There’s too many odd coincidences that the nominal authorities keep saying “nothing to see here, move along!” too loudly and keep waving their hands to not see the massive dumpster fire of thousands of dumpsters on dumpsters.

    I’m willing to bet that in 2022, unless Bidenenstein’s Monster and Kamalalamadingdong Harris do something completely stupid (fingers crossed…), we’ll see the Tea Party redux and worse. Republicans that are going to DC with blood in their eyes, daggers and ropes in their hands, and absolutely no interest in working with their “colleagues” across the aisle.

    This isn’t a good thing, in far too many ways. But, with the exception of the political junkies like most of us, most people don’t really care about politics because they have too many things to keep busy with. Things need to be fixed, and when people usually wake up to figure out what needs to be worked on, often they tend to get upset that things haven’t been worked on.

    But…it’s not going to be a “fun” few years. And, I think we haven’t seen all the shock-waves of everything that has happened yet. Think about it-most universities and media companies are operating on the last gasps of fumes on their tanks. Quite a few are operating under soft-boycots of several kinds, and the money isn’t coming back any time soon. And, the people that are taking over are not interested in hiring the old guard that hated them all that long ago. There’s also other things going on that we’re still waiting on to appear on the surface.

    Be ready, be prepared, and keep a good solid cash option ready, just in case.

    1. I’m willing to bet that in 2022, unless Bidenenstein’s Monster and Kamalalamadingdong Harris do something completely stupid (fingers crossed…), we’ll see the Tea Party redux and worse.

      2022 is not going to be 2010 redux.

      Michigan is going to charge GOP state legislators who discussed fraud with Trump. By the end of next year being a Republican will be de facto illegal in several states, but not de jure to aid Johnny Roberts in looking the other way. I need to look at the states in question, but at best they’ll allow GOP Senators in very, very red states to win re-election, although all open seats will go Dem as will any seat with a GOP incumbent with a fraud center (ie, large blue urban area) in his state using the model they did this year for Atlanta to magically have historically high turnout even among the dead.

      The military, LEOs, and the next election are not coming to save us. The only choice left is force. If we are lucky we’ll only need to do what Solzhenitsyn said the Russians burned in the camps wishing they had done. It won’t remove the would-be commissars, but it’ll render them toothless. If we aren’t lucky, it’ll take a lot more, will probably fail, and most of us won’t live through it.

      1. It will be interesting here, in the manner of the curse form. I’m in a purplish area (unions driving that for the shipyard and other manufacturing) but the many of the dem voters don’t go full leftoid and are those evil working sorts that own guns and bibles (granted the fools too often still vote Dem), and Marquette and Houghton are very leftoid blue (colleges), but you get out of the bottom 3rd of the state Michigan and it is very much NOT, and sparks could easily fly. Most of the rest of the state hates the appleknockers in Lansing Detroit et al already.

    2. “…good solid cash option ready,…”
      Suggest silver rounds, vendors like JM Bullion, on line sales, checks, bitcoin, electronic checks accepted, free shipping. Silver & gold ask prices high right now but…

    3. Did you see the decline in enrollments, particularly from ‘under-served communities’? Universities may have convinced the laymen that the ROI is ‘send your kid to school, and have them redirected to destructive moron studies, and come home to ruin your job instead of getting a job of their own’.

      1. I think there are going to be people that will look at the universities and colleges-outside of hard sciences and a few disciplines-as a white-collar union card at best. Far too many of the “legacy” industries are looking for that degree, but I think the competition from below is going to start chewing on them much more quickly than they expect. And, the competition is even less likely to hire people from the “legacy” companies.

      1. Dancing on the end of a hemp rope, perhaps?

        I know too many people making those noises or the equivalent in private. This isn’t the Soviet Union or even Venezuela. Gun ownership is at an all-time high due to the Crow Flu. Far too many people have seen just how blatant the power grab has been, and any incoming new administration is going to be viewed with skepticism at best. The new administration isn’t even offering any help beyond a perfunctory “please die quietly and not in front of the restaurant window that we’re having a dinner at” payment or three to fly-over country.

        These are people where philosophy and ideology trump reality and often those people can get blindsided, badly.

        There’s already been some counties and cities in places like New York and California that have made it clear that they’re not going to enforce a new “stay at home” mandate, and I think we’re going to see a lot of Irish Democracy as well, stuff being done quietly.

        And, not over until Trump conceds or the whole official and legal process of the Presidential election finishes. No matter what CNN and FOX and the New York Times keep saying. I still think Trump’s endgame is the Supreme Court. If he wins these cases, fine. In fact, he would prefer it. And, he’s getting his recounts in a number of places. But, his big hope is the Supreme Court and that when it gets to John Roberts and the current court, that’s where he’ll get his win. I’ve remembered people talking about John Roberts looking at a portrait of Roger Taney (the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Dred Scott, the case that lit the fuse for the Civil War) and going “I’m not going to be the massive fuck-up you were,” every morning.

        And, it’s only been three weeks-21 days-since the election. Bush/Gore took 37 days, we had a less divided country, a much less partisan media, and far less proof of malicious intent on the part of people involved. The first, big “drop dead” date is December 14th, when the electors need to cast their votes for the Electoral College. So, Trump needs to hold out for at least two more weeks, and I think he will.

        This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ready, just in case. Or you shouldn’t start preparing for the worst, just in case. You should. But don’t become so obsessed that it’s far too easy for our enemies to turn us into caricatures. At least make them work for it.

        1. “I’ve remembered people talking about John Roberts looking at a portrait of Roger Taney and going “I’m not going to be the massive fuck-up you were,” every morning.”

          Maybe – but Roberts already has done his Dred Scott decision, when he declared that Obamacare was constitutional because it was a “tax”, even though Congress hadn’t said it was. That bit of pretzel logic gave Obama his second term – and discredited the GOP Establishment, which is how Trump got elected in 2016. The fuse has burned longer, but that’s when it was lit.

        2. I still think Trump’s endgame is the Supreme Court.

          Always has been.

          I’ve had people try to claim that the goalposts are being moved. As if we didn’t know FROM DAY ONE that this was going to SCOTUS.

          1. Well, we HOPED it would be handled by the existing safeguards. There’s also the inside-the-existing-system of not enough votes being certified to top the…what, 270, so it goes to congress.

            And there’s been a lot more activity than I would’ve expected, honestly.

            But yeah, even the Left was already howling about how Trump’s appointees “must” refrain from ruling on the matter.

            1. Obama’s VP, and with Obama chiming in on the election, by that logic Obama’s appointees would also need to recuse themselves.

              2-2 split in the court, and a fair amount of workload for four people. Of course, with Hillary wanting to be an elector, Clinton’s appointee should also recuse itself.

              I’m obviously in a super civilized and charitable mood right now.

            2. As to topping the 270 electoral votes mark, I think what happens, should a state not submit electors, is that the total needed for winning the Electoral College is reduced, so that it isn’t a matter of needing >269 electoral votes but rather a majority of the votes cast.

              Of course, it is unlikely ay state would withhold electors — they are, in fact, chosen by the state legislature in accordance with the popular vote in that state. But is the legislature decided the popular vote is invalid (a mighty high bar to hurdle) they can send the slate of electors they decide would have won if the election had not been corrupted.

              While it is unlikely there would be any significant number of faithless electors voting across the party line, it is conceivable that a state’s electors could abstain in protest (wishing to be able to return to homes not burnt to the ground) in which circumstance (for example) Pennsylvania’s twenty electors abstaining would mean the president would be the candidate exceeding 259 electoral votes.

              But I suspect the sun rising in the West is more likely to happen than a large* state’s electors abstaining.

              *Small states, whose electors number three, might conceivably agree to anything.

              1. No. It remains 270EVs and that is fixed in the Constitution. If 270 is not reached, the election becomes contingent on the House, where each state delegation counts as one single unit.

        3. Even LA FREAKING COUNTY (along with Orange, Ventura, and San Bernadino Counties) has said, “No, we’re not enforcing this new curfew order.”

          Of course, in LA County, it might be because the Sheriff is in hot water right now. The voters made a bad decision the last time the Sheriff was up for vote, and the guy they put into the office is squirming and trying to figure out how to save his political career. Ticking off the voters isn’t a good idea in such a situation.

    4. The Dems have been talking about a media bailout for a while now. If they control Congress and the presidency, then it’ll happen.

      Universities probably won’t get an official bailout. The Ivy Leagues have endowments so large that they really don’t need tuition payments (seriously!). And state schools are already on the public teat. Other schools will get “research grants” if a politician decides to help them out.

    5. The problem is those people who didn’t care about politics have been hit over the head with the lock down and everything else. They have seen politicians tell everybody that they cannot buy Booze from Tuesday through Thanksgiving weekend because COVID-19. WTF! They have seen Newsom go to a party with health care reps while telling everyone else to stay home.
      The people who DID NOT CARE about politics have been shafted so hard by the Democrats that they can’t pay their bills, have seen their life be destroyed, their business be destroyed and their lives smashed all because of COVID-19 that 98% of people survive without a problem.
      These people are NO Longer sitting back and saying who cares about politics. They are trying to figure out what to do. The Democrats are telling them “You can’t do anything, YOU MUST OBEY!!!”. That isn’t going down well. There are a lot of people getting really pissed but they are having a hard time deciding what they can do or should do. The Democrats are just stupid enough to provide a target for these people to focus on.

      1. So, the trick is to aim all of this anger at the Democrats, especially the E!Democrats.

        And make sure to have the tar, feather, pitchfork, rope, and torch concession on the way there.

      2. The primary targets should be the crooked election officials. The enablers. Take those out, and their replacements, and theirs, until the appointment becomes something those chosen run screaming from. When they can’t get anybody to fix elections for them, that’s a start.

  15. I went to sleep last night with pretty much the same feelings. My id/ego dream information integration must have dealt differently than Sarah’s, no memory of blindfold upon awakening but a strong feeling that most are most comfortable as property of the State, & if one can’t change that, gotta figure out how to exist with it/them.

    Poets and outlaws define and delimit the world within which we live.

    The Hell’s Angels’, the Homer’s the Hoyt’s the Heinlein’s show us the edges, the limits but I throw a little Harrison as well since most are today comfortable as property. Know the edges, stretch, bend break them but be cognizant of and utilize the delightful little cracks within, gotta think like James Bolivar diGriz, to survive, prosper, enjoy.

      1. I truly think they are comfortable, and yes they are being lied to and yes they want to believe it, but we, you & me, can comfortably disagree as to if they find that comfortable.
        signed; Stainless Steel Slippery Jim.

        1. I don’t think they find it comfortable. Even my lefty friends live largely in a fantasy world. They have no clue what’s heading for them. when the mandates start, they’ll be more stunned than I.

          1. I suspect it’s ‘comfortable’ in the manner of the devil-they-know. And they’ve been so used to being blindfolded that they don’t think, they *can’t* think, to take it off to see that the other ‘devil’ isn’t really the hideous monster TPTB have been shrieking about for years.

            I spent the run up to Zerocare telling anyone who would listen what it would lead to, including me losing my medical librarian job. My parents assured me that none of that would happen, and of course my job would be safe. They have always failed to acknowledge that *everything* I said happened, including the job loss. Classic none so blind as those who will not see. So I’ve felt no guilt at all in having them have to help support my family since they supported the cause that lost my family our major source of income, and they still support those causes.

          2. I don’t think they’re comfortable. I base that opinion on the blow back I get from people when I make comments about fraud, Hunter, assault, or anything else (especially fraud). I think they KNOW that I make a good point, but their figuratively (and maybe literally, I don’t know) sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Because if they could hear us, they’d lose all their illusions. And that is what’s making them uncomfortable.

            Oh, and we’ll be spending Christmas with some of those people….in California. Yay.

              1. I’d love to. And, it’s not my family that’s going to be the problem…although I’m going to have the camera out when hubby tells them about his experience observing vote counting after they’ve all loudly proclaimed that any stories about fraud are fantasy…

        2. Jim, My opposition to this “the rest of the population wants” is two fold.
          1- I think by FAR the majority of voters (I mean I think without last minute fraud Joe would have lost big, but I think without fraud he’d not have won …. well…. more than one state) voted for Trump. In 2016 enough of them voted for JOBS over welfare that Trump’s win sucker-punched the left.
          This is not “they want to be controlled.”
          2- A lot of people say this, and it’s the same as saying “well, I didn’t fight to save the rape victim, because she wasn’t fighting.”
          I.e. it’s another blindfold. This one has the double benefit of making the wearer feel superior AND absolve him from fighting.
          Yeah, I know, that’s not what you meant. But I’ve met this gambit enough in conversation from supposed libertarians to know its function.
          Don’t underestimate your countrymen, please.

          1. I may not give a damn about the rape victim, in fact I may know that the victim richly earned it, but I’ll still pop the rapist between the eyes if I get a chance, if only because I don’t want to live in a society where that is acceptable behavior.

            Similarly, I may not particularly care about the people of Portlandia, and figure they brought their woes on themselves (at least in part, by failing to recognize election fraud), but I’d still give Portland’s Democrats free rides on the helicopter if I got the chance, because their antics harm all of us.

          2. What is lacking is a focal point, a crystallizing moment like whassname – Cliven Bundy, the cattle rancher who faced down the Bureau of Land Management.

            If there’s another Waco expect plenty of folk to show up in support. It’s mostly a matter of slowing the Feds down until the cavalry arrives.

          3. the rest of the population wants

            PUCK what the rest of the population wants! MY rights are not contingent on what the rest of the population wants. I thought we established that principle when we told Fat George to take his bully boys away.

            1. “I believe all Americans are born with certain inalienable rights. As a child of God, I believe my rights are not derived from the Constitution. My rights are not denied by any majority. My rights are because I exist. They were given to me and each of my fellow citizens by our creator, and they represent the essence of human dignity.” – Senator Joe Biden, during Robert Bork’s confirmation hearings.

              The trouble is that Fraudin’ Biden doesn’t actually believe that crazy talk – as he showed when confronted with a Supreme Court nominee who did believe that.

            1. I’m not sure about California, but I suspect without fraud, it could go quite red. Illinois used to have a solidly red portion of the state that was matched by Chicago. The suburbs frequently nullified Chicago, but somewhere in the last few decades, they went D. (I think it was a lot of libs leaving Chicago, and taking their politics with them.) Still, minus fraud, I don’t think Biden would have taken Illinois.

              1. Chicago and the Capital now out do the rest of the state, add in the other enlarged cities and they got it fairly safe, they’d just do a GOTV instead of a Print Up the Vote, though sans fraud, and the Two big garbage centers, it would be Republican. East St. Louis would do its damnedest to flip it though. half the time I think if there was no fraud, E.St Lou would have 10 voters.

  16. What the Democrats did was a bigger fix than the 1919 World Series, and just like with the infamous “Black Sox”, there are people who think that just because some players/precincts weren’t in the tank, that somehow that means there was no fix. Additionally, the press back then actually took a real interest in investigating the fix, whereas now they either ignore it or even more often actively aided and continued to aid in the fraud and efforts to cover it up.

  17. I hate to agree with you, but here is an actual affidavit about election fraud ( It’s one thing to post on a blog, where as long as it’s not actual libel accusing a specific person you’re safe. It’s another to file an affidavit under penalty of perjury.

    The smoking gun is paragraph 13 on pages 4-5.

    They assume a real world rate of 2000 votes / (machine*hour). I think we should be generous, and assume no problems, so it was the theoretical maximum of 3600. This adjust the maximum number of votes countable from about 95,000 to about 171,000. That is still considerably less than the actual reported number for the time period, which was over 380,000.

    1. They’ve been redefining the meaning of “perjury.” When the courts began accepting “parallel construction” at face value, that was de facto approval of perjury… as long as it was on the prosecutorial side.

      “One law for us, another for you.”

      Also note that “law enforcement”, politicians, and “the government” generally get a free pass in the perjury department anyway.

      1. There is no rule of law anymore. There are the powerful and the powerless.

        We need to quit respecting the law from the LEO on the street to the SCUS. They have sacrificed their authority to be the prostitutes of the powerful and should be treated with all the respect your average streetwalker gets.

        Actually, less, because most prostitutes from the corner to the $2000 an hour call girl is honest about what she is.

        1. The US Attorney for DC refused the prosecute the thugs who assaulted Senator Rand Paul, his wife, and the cops near them. It’s becoming clear that regardless of who is in the White House, the Executive Branch has become a Domestic Enemy.

        2. most prostitutes from the corner to the $2000 an hour call girl is honest about what she is.

          Nor does she demand the patron pretend she is otherwise.

      2. When the courts began accepting “parallel construction” at face value, that was de facto approval of perjury… as long as it was on the prosecutorial side.

        How on earth does providing evidence that is sufficient to support your charges, even if you don’t say “oh, yes, by the way– we started watching you because your mom was afraid that you might be running guns again and that’s why we LOOKED to see the publicly accessible information”, approve of perjury?

        1. Mom would be a credible informant, sufficient for a warrant.
          Parallel construction is an abominable monster.
          It is the legal analogue of the “unmasking” of people in CIA / NSA intercepts. The interception is itself illegal, or is a workaround of an illegality, like the “5 Eyes” agreements where the US spies on British civilians (illegal for British GCHQ to do), and gives the Brits the info, while the Brits (and others) do the same for us.
          Parallel construction is taking info which, because illegally obtained, could not support a conviction, and useing those facts as the basis for a search with a known end point, constructing a fake path to that point, and having the court accept it as true.

          1. Mom would be a credible informant, sufficient for a warrant.

            Possibly– it’s only hearsay, after all– and only ONCE.

            Assuming she’s willing to do it, when she’d have to stand there and say “I did this.” Which is not just a family politics issue, but has a very good chance of resulting in both her, and her son (or whatever) becoming dead.

            Or, she can tell the cops there is something to see– although she’s not willing to testify, but tip them off that it’s not wasted effort– and they can look for other non-warrant-requiring evidence that is strong enjoy to justify a warrant.

            It is the legal analogue of the “unmasking” of people in CIA / NSA intercepts.

            If anything, it’s the equivalent of masking, not unmasking.

            You cannot assume a thing is an illegal work around in order to prove it is an illegal work-around. That’s circular reasoning.

            If the original information is illegally obtained, it explicitly invalidates the parallel construction. That’s why defense attorneys make the accusation! (Well, besides their clients wanting to kill or otherwise ensure the legal informers are not going to testify.)
            That is why a dirty cop is such a big deal– because every single case they have been involved in has to be gone over to see if they may have introduced poison to the case.

    2. The vote totals Harris/Biden received in the “big fraud four” cities were not merely statistically so improbable so as to be a clear indicia of fraud; they are outright mathematically impossible. Unfortunately the courts don’t seem interested in this or even allowing it to be used to obtain discovery that would provide the kind of evidence the courts are insisting on.

      I think a lot of them just wish Trump would “go away” and accept being cheated out of a second term via fraud and they don’t understand why so many millions of people are so angry that the Democrats appear likely to get away with the fraud. I think they believe that somehow that they can win future elections with someone else other than Trump running without grasping that once the spying on political enemies and massive election fraud is accepted, our elections become as meaningful as those held in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

      1. Cardshark Said

        that once the spying on political enemies and massive election fraud is accepted, our elections become as meaningful as those held in the Soviet Union under Stalin

        I’m afraid many view this as a feature not a bug. Our Nomenklatura/Brahmandarins/Party Members want the law to be what they say it is. Many of the Judge pool are part of that willingly wanting their status, others are too biased against Trump or to innumerate to be able to see the argument. Probably others are quietly giving in having seen the insanity of Antifa/BLM hoping the beast eats them last. Others like our Chief Justice appear to be compromised in fashions not easily determined. I fear that this path out of the fire is closed. The paths I can see out are all unpleasant.

        As for moving out of the blue, as someone noted the options in places to go get smaller and smaller. If they can compromise places like Virginia and Georgia any state that has one (or more) large blue bastion cities is no longer safe. It’s not a matter of if but when they use those cities to mangle the vote.

        As noted the 2016 election was the flight 93 election. Unfortunately the analogy is too good, we managed to get the controls back but too late to do much more than delay the inevitable. Maybe if the RINOs (I’m looking at you Paul Ryan and all those in the house and senate who waffle) had cooperated early in 2017 and hammered the various sources of fraud (i.e. force federal requirements to make sure voting fraud was very difficult) we MIGHT have kept control into 2018 and at least forced states with republican legislatures to take some action and neuter the big cities. Might have worked, might not but the gutless wonder nudibranchs of the Establishment GOP in the House didn’t even try. I dislike that option, but given ones opponents have refused to comply with the agreed upon rules of interaction, we then have to move to the Tit for Tat strategy in game theory terms.

        1. We are under-rating the power of the MSM, its ability to bequeath or deny institutional ethos. Roberts proved himself malleable, able to be twisted by his desire to retain and enhance credibility of the Court, little recognizing that his acquiescence to such pressure ensures more of it and hollows out the Court. Far better to have elevated Thomas or Scalia, justices who had demonstrated fealty to the law and not to the idol worshipped by the clerisy.

          The nation was all too agreeable to the abuses of the campus Title IX procedures, accepting the lynching of students on mere accusation. We’ve been too compliant with the Covidiocy and double standards of the last eight months. Just so has the MSM been allowed to anoint the nonsensical office of “Resident-Elect” without pushback.

          Seems to me it is time for Project Veritas to turn over some rocks of the MSM, and I do’t just mean Chris Cuomo’s double standards.

      2. I think they believe that somehow that they can win future elections with someone else other than Trump running without grasping that once the spying on political enemies and massive election fraud is accepted, our elections become as meaningful as those held in the Soviet Union under Stalin.

        This. The RINOs and GOP old guard are helping to make those blindfolds. They are the same as the D party elite…comfortable in their role of smartest in the room, confident that they are better than the great unwashed, and blindly self-assuring that the Ds are playing by the same rules of the game. But mostly the first two are what govern their response to the hoi polloi. And, it affects others who do consider themselves conservative. Because, those conservatives are deathly afraid (although they won’t admit it) of being labeled racist, sexist, whateverist, and deathly afraid of losing their position as “Joe is conservative, but he’s not crazy like those guys who voted for Trump.”

        The strong human desire to belong to a group is overwhelming them right now. I do think that some of them will come around. But the rest of us have got to keep on keepin’ on. Because we’re the vanguard.

  18. Yeah, I’m going with “I haven’t been collecting information a systemically, and I’m not freaking out yet, so possibly Sarah is reacting to an information program directed at conservative political junkies.”

    I’m not sure how to read things.

    Yes, 2000 was a campaign during my life time.

    I was much younger, the information environment was different, and some of the other stuff was different.

    So, from 2016, 2012, and 2008, I’m not gifted with parallels for how to interpret changes in noise around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are the awful essays about how to tediously lecture relatives about this year’s cause being written? Because an absence could be evidence.

    I really, really, have some psychological incentives to overlook things. Not sure how to navigate.

  19. Three other implications it would take a fool to miss.

    Robber murdering a convenience store clerk is a relatively common crime. After it has become clear that many minorities in blue areas voted Trump, we cannot be certain that murders in blue areas are not reprisal against Trump voters. Every homicide in a blue area with defunded police since voting day is potentially a political retaliation.

    Votes that are not absolutely clean for officials who have defunded police are potentially part of a wider conspiracy.

    Votes that are not absolutely clean for officials who have ordered covid restrictions are potentially part of a wider conspiracy.

    Every Democrat who ‘won’ in a precinct with voting machines, every Democrat involved in that precinct’s operation, and every Democrat involved in a Covid restriction is potentially a valid target for reprisal in response to the government sponsored murder of Trump voters.

    Either Biden does not take office, or people demonstrate that the irregularities are innocent.

    These uncertainties are not great, and there is not happy path except in a full and complete discussion of the allegations.

    Trying to shut up critics is a bad idea.

    Conceding innocence when innocence has not been stringently proven is a bad idea.

  20. I’m “Keeping My Eyes Open” and waiting for another snippet of “Witch’s Daughter”. [Very Big Crazy Grin]

  21. >> “Partly because you can’t get guns for love or money right now.”

    Eh, you can get guns. I just got my second one a couple of days ago and there were plenty more under the counter. It’s finding AMMO that’s the problem.

    Speaking of which: if anyone knows a good source for 9mm right now, help a buddy out and drop a link would you?

    1. is your friend. Ammo, mags, reloading supplies. They look over the net for price and unit of measure, box of 20 or 50, by the case (1000) or whatever. Search for certain case type, bullet type or whatever. gives you price per round.

      1. Another possibility is lightening the burden on ammunition stocks by loading up some on rope suitable for hangmen’s nooses.

    2. Also sign up for Palmetto State Armory’s emails, they do have deals on ammo occasionally. Got my last batch of “assault weapon” food at MidwayUSA

  22. Another message to the US LE and IC web monitors who are reading this:

    You need to consider carefully and choose wisely. Recall the words in your oath. What does “enemies foreign and domestic” really mean? If actions are taken as folks here expect and things go really sideways, where will you land? What will you do when you personally are ordered to support those actions? What will you do when you personally are ordered to perform those actions? Think this through.

    You should be thinking through exactly what it is that, if you are asked to do that thing, is simply not worth your FERS TSP benefit, and positioning yourself to have options if those orders come down.

  23. Folks, if you thought “Trump the President” was damaging to the Left, imagine the epic entertainment value of “Trump (whizzed) off over being cheated out of term 2” .

    Trump Media

    Trump Party

    The man has -billions- and plays the long game. The Left is better off with letting him win a second term. Mark my words. If he gets cheated he will play payback. As in “Bite the pillow, Donks” .

    I wonder what info gets dumped, between now and January…

    He is a -disruptor-.

          1. I’m thinking That As Of Now, they couldn’t do anything Legally against Trump that he couldn’t counter and As Of Now they lack the Power to do anything Illegal that he couldn’t counter.

            Note the “As Of Now”.

            1. They couldn’t legally assault Senator Rand Paul, his wife, and the cops near him, but they did, and the damn US Attorney for DC refuses to prosecute.

              1. Oh Yes, those commies are All Powerful. We might as well lie down and die. [Very Very Big Sarcastic Grin]

                  1. This was not, by the way, a call to rise up and kill them all. We should continue down a peaceful path so much as possible, but we should not let ourselves be killed, nor our rights violated. If police and courts fail to protect us, it is only right and proper that we apply properly focused violence in defense of ourselves and others.

                1. I never said they’re all powerful, Paul. Inn fact I’ve talked about how they aren’t. And they usually destroy themselves. BUT they’re REALLY good at destruction, and they don’t have any breaks.

        1. He’ll be Epsteined or suffer an accident, of course. Plausible deniability. When Portugal was spitting out the blue pill, the leading candidate had an unfortunate accident….. airplane crash.
          His party is now allied with the communists and the greens.
          It’s how these shits work.
          AND all of you will be telling me “Oh, come on, Sarah, it was just an accident/heart attack/ plane crash.”

          1. Nope. Not all of us.

            I’m familiar with people who have ill-gotten power. I know there is NO depth to which they won’t stoop. I’m currently in the process of moving specifically to get myself out of retribution range from a family member who thinks now that our parent’s out of the picture, he should be the one calling the shots.

            It’s going to make prepping for the darkness on the horizon… difficult. But better to eliminate the source of danger from someone who has personal reasons to make my life hell, and then worry about the rest of the rounds “addressed to Occupant”.

              1. Indeed. Where I currently am is… not like that.

                Seriously, one of the few interactions I had with the neighbors just across the street was the lady of the house wanting to know why we took out some (very, very prickly) rosebushes from our yard, because now she couldn’t come over and cut some when she wanted.

                …No, she’d never asked if she could have some. Ever.

          2. I would hope that anyone planning a plane crash would remember what happened after such an incident in Rwanda.

            Of course our “elite” are much more sophisticated and smarter than any dumb African. None of those people went to an Ivy league school or have been to Darvos after all.

          3. Rwanda started like that. And had a general who was willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of his own ethnic group, never mind country, to make sure he would win.

          4. And people said Jim of the Blog was overreacting when he said the same thing a year ago. Well, here he is again:
            (Jim’s comments are worth reading too.)

            Reportedly Don Jr. just said something to the same effect (I haven’t seen it, just heard of it).

            The moment Dems felt powerful enough to start talking about making lists of Trump supporters who need “re-education”, it was too late for it not to continue to the gulag — unless it’s stopped dead, here and now.

            And tho I think the Dems are going to get reamed in Congress in 2022, that won’t matter, because they’ll still have control where it most counts — at the top. And all the GOPs who were spineless before Trump came along will once again roll over and hope to be eaten last, so don’t count on a majority achieving anything but a little stall until the next election can be rigged.

              1. Yeah, now that they’ve openly got away with it, they’ll sure try. Anywhere that’s not a total landslide, they’ll take control. 35,000 automatically added blue votes is enough to swing a lot of elections.

                1. That and they will start using it in state and local elections now that they know it works and they can get away with it.

                  1. According to … was it Sidney Powell? they’re already using it, inserting 35,000 blue votes into every major election nationwide (at least that aren’t hand-counted).

                    Which goes far to explain some …peculiar wins… in vulnerable places.

                  2. I think there are a great many state-elected Republicans who are already performing that calculation and coming up with “we’d better tighten our voting procedures before we’re taken down.”

                    They had better act fast.

                    1. And an important part of that calculation is “and we might just have a SCOTUS who won’t overturn it.”

                      See today’s 5-4 decision that Fredo can put his religious edicts where the sun don’t shine. I especially like Gorsuch’s concurrence:


                      “It is time — past time — to make plain that, while the pandemic poses many grave challenges, there is no world in which the Constitution tolerates color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues, and mosques,”

                    2. This, however, bugs me:

                      “many whose services are not limited to those that can be regarded as essential, such as all plants manufacturing chemicals and microelectronics and all transportation facilities”

                      Did they not learn in March how many things are essential without being visibly so, or did they forget? I still remember the trucker’s tweet about how Pennsylvania shut down all rest stops and how viral it got.

                    3. This, however, bugs me:

                      “many whose services are not limited to those that can be regarded as essential, such as all plants manufacturing chemicals and microelectronics and all transportation facilities”

                      Did they not learn in March how many things are essential without being visibly so, or did they forget? I still remember the trucker’s tweet about how Pennsylvania shut down all rest stops and how viral it got.

                  1. A ‘Pede over at shared a screen capture from the night POTUS won. It was a landslide.

                    They are trying to steal a landslide. They will fail, I do believe.

          5. They’ll let him live, the better to torture and discredit him. He’s going to get the Captain Queeg Treatment. I can see it now, Trump rolling his twitter-phone in his hand, going on about how he proved, “with mathematical certainty,” that they stole the election. They’ll want to psychologically destroy him, render him a laughing stock as they’ve done with “America’s Mayor.”

        2. They’ve already outright killed someone, and without an outcry to put a stop to it.

          A president is an escalation, but so are a bunch of other things that they have done.

          We have to assume that they may do so.

          If something happens, we have to assume foul play.

          And that is before the possibility of ChiCom involvement is considered.

          1. While I would strongly Believe It Was Foul Play if anything happens to Trump, I suspect that he has taken measures to Safeguard himself & his family (and business).

            For that matter, while I’m sure that plenty on the Left (including ones with political power) would like Something Bad To Happen To Trump, I suspect there are some “smart folks” on the Left who’d stamp on any attempts At This Time.

            1. Drak there is an assumption there, that there are ANY “smart folks” on that side of the aisle, where smart implies an adult with some modicum of wisdom. Sadly I think the last adults left the room on that side nearly 30 years ago when they decided Slick Willy could stay no matter what instead of giving him the Nixon Heave Ho. The moral pygmies that are there now have been talking about “reeducation”. For anyone that remembers the boat people from Vietnam and Cambodia or similar issues from earlier communist regimes that should make you certain that you ARE the baddies. They don’t even flinch their consciences are gone or so seared that they truly believe the ends justify the means to reach their (insane illogical) goals.

                1. Do they, really? They’re beyond the reach of software-enhanced rifle sights that can reach just over a mile to accurately hit targets as directed by an ad hoc, technically savvy network of patriot observers who track every movement of the leftist filth in question? They’re immune to a round or three from a 22-caliber pistol, the reputed classic favorite of mob hit men, to the head wielded by a patriotic janitor or room-service hotel employee at the direction of a fluidly effective, crowdsourced network of real-time information? They’re beyond the reach of a “grey man” silently and undetectably cutting the brakes of their private automobiles at the behest of a hidden, reputation-moderated death decree from patriots? No peculiar devices will meet their daily checks of mail at home or at the office?


                  Needless to say, these are rhetorical questions not meant to elicit a serious reply. This is all in the interest of purely fictional outcomes in interesting novels or stories. *wink, wink*

                  1. Heck, I’ve been perusing the FOSSCAD archive, there’s plans for not only boomsticks, but “muzzle devices.” So, it’s only good for one or two rounds, but the Allies dropped thousands of one shot sidearms over occupied Europe during the war for similar purposes.

                2. There is a line from Black Sabbath’s Lord of This World that fits these people to a tee: “The soul I took from you was not even missed.”

                  1. “”Ye have read, ye have felt, ye have guessed, good lack! Ye have hampered Heaven’s Gate;
                    There’s little room between the stars in idleness to prate!
                    O none may reach by hired speech of neighbour, priest, and kin
                    Through borrowed deed to God’s good meed that lies so fair within;
                    Get hence, get hence to the Lord of Wrong, for doom has yet to run,
                    And. . .the faith that ye share with Berkeley Square uphold you, Tomlinson!”

            2. These are the same “smart people” who just removed Senator Feinstein from her position on the Judiciary Committee. They’ve given reasons that sound sort of reasonable, if you ignore the fact that she’s a powerful and respected veteran senator. But some have noted that she just happened to share a hug with one of Trump’s Supreme Court appointments. Or in other words, it’s likely punishment for showing a public modicum of civility.

              1. By the same token, some on the Right are up in arms because Lindsay Graham shared a fist-bump with Kamaltoe. (Looked to me like she initiated it, tho, so he just went along in passing — but that’s a dominance move when you make the enemy bow your way.)

                So I guess it’s official — neither side is allowed to be civil. Okay, maybe that’s all to the good — if our guys will stand up for themselves and stop being polite when the Left act like douchebags.

                1. People might be up in arms over Graham being courteous to Harris…

                  But is there any sign that McConnell plans to do anything about it? If McConnell ignores the ruckus, then it doesn’t matter what noise certain people make. But Schumer *has* removed Feinstein from her position. He’s evidently not ignoring the ruckus.

                  1. Yep, agreed. One is just noise, the other was action. Well, maybe it’s time some top Democrats felt the sting from the scorpion they’ve been nursemaiding.

                    It’ll get really crazy once all the old-timers with some sense of political self-preservation are removed…

                2. I try to keep a certain Churchill quote in mind: “When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite.”

                  1. It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you, and they are. They have said so on many occasions and continue to do so.

                  2. When the previously reliable sources of information are continuously tested and prove unreliable, people go nuts.

                    Some stop processing the new information.

                    Some just go along with who ever.

                    You and I seem to be among those who respond with paranoia.

                    Which is functional, because we have enough of a history with suspicion that we have coping mechanisms.

                  3. As I’ve occasionally pointed out, elsewhere, when “paranoia” comes up, paranoia is an irrational fear that someone is out to get you.

                    With their own words, both low-level mooks and people in positions of real power, the left has made it clear that they are out to get us. That’s not paranoia, that’s just acknowledging reality (y’know, the subject of this blog post 😉 ).

                    1. The question is not, “Am I paranoid?” The correct question is, “Am I paranoid enough?”

              2. DiFi’s been on their list since she led the contingent that went to the WH to ask Slick Willie to exit stage left instead of putting the country through an impeachment trial. When he said no she went back into loyal soldier mode and played defense throughout that impeachment, but she’s been suspected of disloyal thoughts ever since, so when she said non-vitriolic things in the public hearing about ACB, with Schumer in charge of the D caucus no less, her place on the Judicial commitee was doomed.

          2. Yeah even a couple months ago I’d have thought assassinating an ex president was a bridge too far. But with these swamp creatures I don’t know. If it does happen it’ll either be a carefully generated lone wolf, or a skilled professional from a great distance. In either case the perp will either disappear instantly into the woodwork or suffer a fate similar to Oswald. Anyone that looks into him/her will find NOTHING and that screams spook. You see that happen and you can be absolutely certain the left side is moving us further to banana republic / 3rd world status.

              1. Speaking of no limits to what they will do, don’t be surprised if a couple of the conservative Supreme Court Justices have “tragic accidents” that clear the way for them being replaced even without outright packing the Court, or leave it with a 4-3 leftist majority that Democrats will be happy to leave be in order for the four leftists to impose the leftist agenda by judicial fiat and to uphold all of the tyrannical Harris/Biden decrees.

                They think they are on a holy mission (they say it themselves) and think ANYTHING is justified.

                1. The Marshal’s Service Judicial Security Division protects Federal Judges including The Supremes, and from what I’ve heard they and the Secret Service are pretty much the last apolitical Federal LE organizations, with the Marshalls lacking those Secret Service off-duty reputational scandals. Those Marshalls are very low profile and good at their job.

                  That’s why Georgia is important: China Joe can nominate whoever God-Emperor Winnie the Pooh tells his handlers to muppet him to nominate, but they can’t pack the court if Cocaine Mitch has the votes and retains Republican Spine 2.0.

                  And if things go to kinetics at that level, I would not want to be any of the Dem Senators from states with Republican Governors and state legislatures. Kinetic redistricting goes both ways.

                  1. if Cocaine Mitch has the votes and retains Republican Spine 2.0.

                    Mitch wo his last reelection and isn’t likely to run for an eighth term in 2026 when he’ll be 84. Although who knows?

                    Some interesting things from his Wiki page, the sort of things his Democrat attackers are not inclined to credit.

                    Early life and education (1942–1967)
                    McConnell was born February 20, 1942, to Addison Mitchell McConnell Sr. (1917–1990) and Julia Odene “Dean” (née Shockley) McConnell (1919–1993). McConnell was born in Sheffield, Alabama, and grew up in nearby Athens, Alabama. He is of Scots-Irish and English descent. One of his ancestors fought on the American side in the American Revolutionary War.

                    In 1944, at the age of two, McConnell’s upper left leg was paralyzed by a polio attack.He received treatment at the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation. The treatment potentially saved him from being disabled for the rest of his life. McConnell stated that his family “almost went broke” because of costs related to his illness.

                    In 1950, when he was eight, McConnell moved with his family from Athens to Augusta, Georgia, where his father, who was in the Army, was stationed at Fort Gordon.

                    In 1956, his family moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where he attended duPont Manual High School. McConnell was elected student council president at his high school during his junior year. He graduated with honors from the University of Louisville with a B.A. in political science in 1964. He was president of the Student Council of the College of Arts and Sciences and a member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

                    McConnell attended the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where Martin Luther King Jr. gave the “I Have a Dream” speech. In 1964, at the age of 22, he attended civil rights rallies, and interned with Senator John Sherman Cooper. He has stated his time with Cooper inspired him to run for the Senate later in life.

                    In 1967, McConnell graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law, where he was president of the Student Bar Association.

            1. More likely it’ll be a random truck of peace, with an explosive payload. Plausible deniability; it was just a jihadist, wrong place wrong time.

              But I don’t think I’d go golfing alone.

            2. They’ll just phony up charges and he will get lost in shuffle or die “resisting arrest” at 0300 by plainclothes stasi agents of the fibbies.

            3. > will find NOTHING and that screams spook

              Want to make a bet? If there’s one thing the lefties enjoy, it’s committing crimes right out in public, to show they have the blat to get away with it.

          3. They also made an attempt at multiple members of Congress, no matter how much the Democrat’s media arm tries to cover it up and pretend it never happened.

  24. My dream last night was much more pleasant: I was at an SF convention and a string of attractive women wanted to hang out with me and sit on my lap. 🙂

    But seriously, I happened to watch Eric Weinstein talk to Lex Fridman yesterday, and they got onto the topic of Jeffrey Epstein. Eric’s take is that “Jeffrey Epstein” was a construct by bad actors, probably governmental (although not necessarily our government), for purposes as yet unknown. He makes the point that yes, there absolutely are large scale conspiracies, but the first thing a conspiracy would do is make conspiracy theory radioactive to ordinary society.

    Reminds me of Stross’ The Rhesus Chart, and apparently spoiler tags don’t work so I can’t explain why. and especially at 2:23:18

  25. I always thought the conclusion of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington pushed credibility, that Senator Paine would have never cracked — but I accepted it as dramatically necessary.

    I suppose we will soon enough see which, if any, Republicans have spines.

    BTW – the sequence in which the Taylor Machine floods the news and suppresses alternate news sources remains prophetic. “You kids with your mimeo machines need to settle down and shut up lest youse gets hurt.”

    Screw ’em. If Truth has no value, nothing else does.

      1. BTW – According to legend, during the final weeks before Nazi occupiers closed France, theatres reportedly played Mr. Smith non-stop. I guess that corrupt government did not startle the French but they found exposure of it amazing.

  26. Here’s a page from a site that purports to be a copy of U.S. court filings (From the Free Law Project)

    Not that while signed and dated, it’s not notarized.

    Also note that the witness confuses Minnesota and Michigan data; although I suspect the percentages in the tables are computed correctly, the state/county attributions in the text are probably wrong.

    However, the vulnerabilities noted in the election machines are probably the key pieces. What needs to be done is a real, legal investigation of the votes. The witness has shown us the trail. It’s up to us to follow it to the body.

  27. Here’s a Thought for those who think that the Left will make an Attempt On Trump’s Life.

    Imagine the Fun And Games if they try and miss. 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

  28. Gotta watch Dave Rubin’s livestream from this morning… clip of cops doing a full-court takedown on a guy for breaking curfew. After watching this… all I could think was … maybe the cops =were= on our side, but they’re not now; somebody’s buttered the other side of the bread. He also speaks of grocery stores closed for the next two weeks in … New Mexico?? how’s that supposed to work — Soviet bread lines ahoy??

    1. New Mexicans need to ignore their governor. The grocery stores need to ignore the governor, and if they do not, then the people of those towns have the right to raid those stores until empty. Now someone will bring up that it’s not very conservative or Constitutional to do that. However, when you decide to be a provider of essential human needs, you know, those things on the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you have a duty, and obligation, to continue to provide them or hand over those operations to someone who will when or if you decide to cease doing so.

      1. All they need to do is put on black baclavas and shirts that say BLM and they can walk right into the grocery stores after breaking the windows, completely empty the place, and the police and state government will do absolutely nothing to them.

        1. While they’re dressed for it and out and about, I wonder if they’d be so kind as to hang some holiday ornaments? Say, involving a rope, a lamppost, and a governor.

        2. If you’re short of supplies, you could do the same…

          Why not? It’s not a crime, according to the various authorities who have refused to arrest or prosecute. You’re a schmuck if you pay for what you take.

          Sarah talked about “high trust” and “low trust” societies a few years ago, and how the US was trending from high to low. I didn’t expect skipping right over “low” and going to “no trust” in one swell foop, though.

          1. And the people who gleefully destroyed that trust think Soviet bread lines were a good thing because they were “fair”.

      2. The problem is that of the ones being closed because more than four of their employees are infected, several of them are Walmarts. If Walmart, the proverbial 800 pound gorilla of the brick-and-mortar superstores, openly bends a knee to the diktats, what are the smaller stores supposed to think? That a company that can buy politicians wholesale bends the knee doesn’t mean that the smaller companies (that maybe can afford to buy a local representative a McDonald’s meal every now and then) can just ignore the diktats?

        1. “openly bends a knee to the diktats, what are the smaller stores supposed to think?”

          “Wal-Mart can afford to shutdown one store while I can’t afford to shut down my ONLY store. Sure it costs now, but they make it back fast with no competition. Meanwhile, they can also pay for people to make a lot of noise about how I should obey because Wal-Mart did.”

  29. They’re already implementing this shit in parts of the EU.

    About that …

    The Coming Fights About Vaccinations and Returning to Normal
    The CEO of the Australian airline Qantas said his company will require travelers on international flights to be vaccinated for the coronavirus once it’s available. “Whether you need that domestically, we’ll have to see what happens with COVID-19 in the market, but certainly for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, we think that’s a necessity,” Alan Joyce said.

    “Once it’s available” will probably not be simple to measure.


    The first couple months of 2021 could see some pretty complicated arguments about who should be allowed into where and when, depending upon their vaccination status.

    A decent percentage of the population will be in the lower-risk categories and at the back of the lines for vaccination, but they will want to start getting on planes and getting together in groups again. They’ll really resent it if some Americans can go back to normal life safely, while they’re still waiting for their turn for the vaccine. Will it be safe to allow an unvaccinated 25-year-old on a plane, if the vaccine is only available to those over 65 for another month? Would Qantas or other airlines or companies bar someone for being unvaccinated, even if the vaccine is not yet available to someone like him? Many people are flying on planes unvaccinated now; why would it be an unacceptable risk a few months from now?

    Once a person is in a group that qualifies for vaccination, how long do they have to get vaccinated before they’re barred from certain activities? Will airlines, arenas, concert halls, stadiums, etc. say, “Your group qualified for the vaccine two days ago, you’re not allowed onto this flight?” Or a week? A month?

    Since some of the vaccines require two doses, are you considered vaccinated after the first dose or the second one?

      1. THIS THIS THIS – testing to ID people who already had it is just a chemistry problem, and instead they are pushing the crazy-over-sensitive RNA tests. Those look like they are configured to drive the numbers in only one direction, UP, due to false positives. Heck, those tests are so sensitive they detect destroyed viral RNA fragments in people who beat the bug thanks to that T cell immunity – and all those false positive numbers get added to the “Whoop Whoop Cases (really positive test results) Increase” that Emperor Gavin is using to lock deep blue California down again, Now With Added Curfew, because the bug can tell time!

        But the internet gestalt is noticing things – more and more like the vid below are getting lots of views”

          1. Except they don’t always work. Have been enough cases that even signing liability waivers that explicitly identified risks wasn’t a truly safe bet. Especially if an unfavored risk.

            1. Yep. The waivers meant nothing when people sued “Traction Park” (i.e. the old Action Park in NW NJ).

    1. Never mind the US will probably be allowed to get vaccine absolute last of world for reasons. Plus the untermensch will get absolutely last. They’ll use trumps ny vaccine “threat” to not let anyone in Trump country take it.

          1. There’s that point, too, yes. I’m certainly not going to be first in line for a first-generation coronavirus vaccine. Given that it’s not all that dangerous, I’d like to see efficacy and side effects demonstrated in the field before I go taking it. Let’s make sure they aren’t slipping in anything extra, like that vaccine distribution effort in Africa that caused sterility. And that they didn’t miss something by accident in the rush, like making people more susceptible to it like with the 1976 swine flu vaccine debacle.

            1. There are non-zero risks with ordinary vaccines that have been in general use for decades. When you’re looking at polio or smallpox the risk factors are favorable. For a flu with a less than 2% death rate, mostly among the elderly and infirm… not no, but hell no.

              Sure, they can try to make it “mandatory.” And then they’ve laid the legal groundwork, and they’re one step away from Soma.

            2. I made the mistake of buying a first year car once, I’m sure as hell not taking a first year vaccine.

            3. Effort(s), and they hit Mexico and the Philippines plus a few other places before they tried it in Kenya.

              Hearing that it’s a two stage vaccine did NOT reassure me, although the hCG- tetanus version took five shots spaced several months apart.

              Oh! I mean, the completely coincidental accident of the tetanus vaccine where those delivered to Catholic hospitals and other places that serve the poor and undesirable were unaccountably contaminated with hCG, at the same time that the tetanus vaccine was to be given in a much longer series than usual, and those insisting there was nothing wrong refused to provide evidence that matched what they demanded of the charity-and-rural hospitals.

              Which is of course just proof that the Catholics are horrible and crazy and the evidence, provided in the format demanded, is not good enough. *eyeroll*

          2. Fuck them, fuck their “vaccine”.

            No more flu shots for me, either. These people are evil.

  30. Always – ALWAYS – be aware of the gaslighting. “Office of President-Elect” my sweet patootie. They can call it “Court of the God-Emperor” – that don’t make it so, that don’t write it into the Constitution. This election isn’t stolen won until they file title, and that doesn’t happen before December 7th 14th.

    Meanwhile, although the MSM (including much of Fox News) is furiously pretending there’s nothing to see and we all ought move along …

    RNC Chair Says Trump ‘Is Not Done Fighting’ and Outlines Next Steps
    After a series of legal setbacks this week, the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee says the President is nowhere near to throwing in the towel.

    Pennsylvania rejected Trump’s attempt to block Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar (D) from certifying the results, and on Tuesday she went through with it, handing Biden the Keystone State’s electoral votes.

    But RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel told Trump supporters what they needed to hear.

    “He is not by any means giving up this fight,” she said on Fox News on Tuesday, before explaining a few voter inconsistencies that they are still pursuing.

    “We still have a recount going on in Wisconsin,” she noted, “with major issues in how their election laws were applied with over 200,000 people saying they were indefinitely confined, that is four times more than happened in 2016. It just doesn’t seem correct.”

    And that, she explained, “helps them to evade voter ID laws.”

    She pointed out other suspicious activity in Georgia. In 2018, 280,000 absentee ballots came in with a 3 percent rejection rate. In this election, 1.2 million ballots came in, with a .3 rejection rate. The governor announced a recount to take a closer look at the signatures. And in Michigan, the Board of Canvassers voted that there should be legislative review of the election process.

    In other words, McDaniel said, “There’s a lot still going on.” …

    1. Last I heard, Georgia?? (I’m losing track of which state does what idiocy) had decided “Fuck you, we’re not showing you any steenkin’ signatures.” And had put it almost that bluntly.

      So, when are those sufficiently-red state legislatures going to say, “Fuck you too, we’ll pick our own damn electors” ??

  31. Hillary decided to flatter herself with vast crowds in California and skip the grunt work of talking to the rubes in Wisconsin etc, and thereby lost the election.

    I said (and repeated often) that that would not be permitted to happen again. I don’t know about your area, but Dane county is pretty hard left, and any sort of get-out-the-vote betters the leftist’s chances in state-wide elections. And the get-out-the-vote was intense.

    My wife and daughter got a card (more than once) explaining that “whether” you voted or not was public record, and that if you didn’t vote you might get a phone call asking why.

    That’s shady, but not illegal–not fraud.

    I haven’t seen how big the fraud was, but I’d estimate that the non-fraud effort had a big impact. And the way some places did mail-in was not illegal as such, but was an obvious setup for fraud: Implausible deniability.

    Cleaning out the actionable fraud is only part of the job.

    1. I’d be very tempted to respond to a call like that with an invitation to a face to face meeting.

      At a friend’s pig farm.

  32. If you keep the blindfold off, you can see other things and other ways to knee them in the groin, before they can kill you. Or before those who can do wrestle the gun they’re holding to your head.

    If you don’t keep that blindfold off, you greatly diminish your chances of spitting in their eye.

  33. Like Hades he was dumb enough to believe that was “chocolate ice cream” – this is just rubbing our noses in it!

    On day five of election recounts in Milwaukee, all observers were given poop emoji wristbands from Wisconsin Center staff
    Mary Spicuzza
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Each day of the recount seems to bring some new controversy.

    And on Tuesday morning, the controversy briefly turned to poop — or more specifically, poop emoji wristbands given to recount observers who arrived at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee.

    On previous days, the observer wristbands featured things like “VIP” in gold or purple lettering.

    But all observers — those for Donald Trump, Joe Biden or media members — who arrived Tuesday morning had a paper wristband with smiling poop emojis affixed around their wrists to show they passed the required health screen. Some were not happy about it.

    “A recount volunteer says she and others were forced to wear these bracelets to participate in recount,” conservative radio talk show host Vicki McKenna tweeted. “Staff, attorneys and volunteers all wearing them. Do these people NOT take elections seriously?”

    She called on the Wisconsin Elections Commission to explain whether the wristbands were “acceptable.”

    But the state panel apparently had nothing to do with them. Neither did the Milwaukee County officials overseeing the recount.

    Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson dismissed the controversy as silly.

    “I always thought it was chocolate ice cream, personally,” Christenson said when asked about the poop emoji wristbands. “Wisconsin Center is our vendor. They handle the logistics. They are probably just pulling what they have in stock, because this is the first opportunity they’ve had to be open in quite some time due to this pandemic. So again, it’s a non-issue. Everybody got one.”

    Christenson added, “I think this shows that some people are just desperate for any controversy that they hope will distract from the fact that the recount is going smoothly and will confirm the results reported on election night.”

  34. Everybody, the Left may be demonically inspired but they’re Not Demons!

      1. Right Now Sarah, I’m afraid that you’re NOT MAKING A JOKE.

        I’d count Communists as Among The Worst Of Humans but They Are Not Supernatural Beings With The Power Of Hellfire.

        What did Jerry Pournelle tell you? Something about Despair Is A Sin?

        Too many here are giving the Communists credit for having TOO MUCH POWER. 😦

        1. Yes.

          Stand in the face of a Marxist and nine times out of ten it will scowl and run off. Then try to knife you in the back because they are invariably cowards.

          Remember our power. We aren’t perfect but we are acting in a righteous cause. David had four rocks in the bag and one for the sling. The cause drove him.

          I think we can make the same argument.

          And apropos of nothing other than my imagination racing around, I’m remembering a line from the Lord of the Rings. It talked about the Rohirrim: “And they sang as they slew.”


          1. Standing up to the bully the first time is always the scariest. Once you do that it gets easier and easier.

            1. You nailed it.

              The first time I pushed back at a bully I had to go and sit and shake afterwards. Plus I felt like barfing.

              But I lived through it. And the second time is easier, and the third…

          2. There’s a fine line between despairing and realism as well as optimism and believing your own propaganda. We’re all guilty of going too far sometimes. If the commies enlist demons God and his host will be drawn in. Oops 🙂

      2. The distinction between demons and communists is the same one noted by CS Lewis; unlike demons, communists think their tyranny is for our own good. and thus can never be sated.

        1. I’m not sure there’s a point in making a distinction, if either poses an imminent threat, just attack them until the threat is no more.

  35. I’ma all drunk again. I say weird things when massively sloshed that I’d ordinarily refuse to say to others because that would inherently dignify the infinitely lazy, arrogant, contemptuous leftist habit of refusing to shut the fuck up with their self-pleasuring blabber long enough to listen and learn.

    What was the point, anyway?

    Oh, yeah. Communists, socialists, and other strutting, murderous leftists need to have their sneering faces melted with off with blowtorches and poured down their shrieking throats.

    Those sobbing liberals that hiccup with terror and convulsively object to this hellish scenario naturally enough *also* hysterically refuse to righteously condemn the convulsive leftist filth that shriek for the terrible deaths of patriots who insist on legal and cultural respect for individual lives.

    Oh, **** me. I’m too drunk, and I’ve lost the plot. Where was this going?

    Screw it. I’ll close with a facile point. If they don’t care, you know what? I don’t care either. Tell you what. If these hysterical filth want me dead. .. why don’t I tell you in turn that I want them dead, dead, dead?

    Yeah. Talk about about mutual hatred and total indifference to each others’ lives. Only, the leftist vermin are the ones who deliberately, purposefully, maliciously started this crap. You’ve got a problem with that? By all means stalk into their headquarters and spark a conversation about their blubbering hared of decent Americans. Wanna bet on the outcome?


    1. Ugh. I really have to stop drunk-posting. Not only do these rants serve little purpose, they suffer from typographical and punctuational (yes, that’s a real word) errors. The word “hared” should be “hatred,” and the ellipse is mangled with a misplaced space. Pfah!

  36. Good Bye (From this thread).

    I’m sure that we’re in for “interesting times” but IMO too many are making the Enemy to seem like an Unbeatable Foe. 😦

    1. IMO too many are making the Enemy to seem like an Unbeatable Foe.

      Careful; you’ll get your Conservative card revoked with that kind of talk.

    2. No they are NOT Unbeatable but they may be unbeatable without us having to do things we would really rather not do. They may become unbeatable at the ballot box. They may become unbeatable in the courts because the Judges are unwilling to go against them. That leaves only one way. Most of us hate the idea of going THAT WAY. Some will decide that it is just not worth it. They maybe able to live out a nice life. Others will decide differently. The outcome is not KNOWN or KNOWABLE and is unlikely to be close to what we want. You can no longer be the NICE Polite friendly person that you wanted to be, that you were. That is HARD to accept, even harder to act on. Every individual will have to decide when or if he/she will change.
      Death is easy, living with what MUST be done is HARD.

      1. I feel like we’re a band of brothers brainstorming what is our next right step. Sometimes that means we give the enemy more power than he actually has, as we speculate. That’s all it is.

        If I am the only one left standing, I’ll load the Glock and continue killing as many of the enemy as I can before I am taken.

        I’m pondering, should the battle go ill, a national shutdown. No trucking. No retail. No work that goes on at the bottom, like restocking shelves or cleaning bathrooms or picking up the garbage.

        I’ve also been thinking about the book The Pushcart Rebellion.

        1. Usually better to overestimate your enemy. In fact, unless you have a resource problem, or a fatalistic moral problem, it’s usually to your benefit to overestimate your enemy. We saw that in Desert Storm. We’ve seen that in multiple historical battles. Heck, it’s one of the reasons for voluminous police response to SWAT instances. That’s part of the doctrine of overwhelming shock and awe.

          1. The very same, yes.

            Reading it as an adult, the collectivist overtones are blatant, which didn’t help the re-reading.

            I still like the spirit, if not the message. And the illustrations in the original are terrific.

    3. I think the problem right now is that something important is about to happen, we don’t know which way it’s going to go, and we…

      … have to wait.

      It’s hard to sit and wait in a situation like this. The adrenaline is there, and we feel like we need to do *something*. But the productive things that we can do essentially amount to preparing just in case the worst happens. It’s a hard situation to be in, and it’s very stressful. And it tends to make people gloomier than they might otherwise be.

  37. That’s what I consider most probable. Unfortunately. May they rot in hell. Most of my relatives are lefties. I keep imagining little conversations in which they repeat the commonplace slanders of Trump, and I let them have it with both barrels, instead of just changing the subject like I’ve done in the past.

    1. That right there is my marching orders for the day, the week, for the rest of life.

      Beautiful. Courage and strength are beautiful.

  38. Re: the above rant by Sarah:

    1) Bravo, my dear.

    2A) Talked to a couple of people the other day who don’t Internet and get all their news from the TV. They were very concerned that Americans were traveling for Thanksgiving, and considered it criminally stupid because of Corona. The Canadian media have gone to full afterburner on the Corona thing. They are wide f-ing open, pedal to the metal. We are all gonna dieeeee. Huddle, good people! Huddle in your homes, and fear the outsider! But you can still fly to and from China and Europe and stuff like that, and you can have violent demonstrations to defund the police but you can’t have a family gathering and you can’t go shopping. Okay, peasants? That’s our psychotic Canadian media right now.

    2B) There are starting to be instances of open insurrection against the Corona Cops. In Canada, be it noted, where normally everybody follows the rules. Businesses are opening in defiance of closing orders, and huge crowds are coming to scare the police away. Nobody believes the media, nobody believes the government. Like, at all. That’s not my wishful thinking, that’s what I’m looking at driving around. Wait until they start pushing the insufficiently tested and made in China vaccine here in Canada, things will get exciting then I bet. (The vaccine will be made in China and/or India because there are no vaccine making companies here in Canada anymore. There used to be, but they were all driven offshore by the flaming sword of socialism.)

    3) Saw something interesting with the cancel culture:
    -J.K. Rowling’s new book is breaking records, despite all the crazed hatred against her from the fruitbats.
    -Target stores banned “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” due to one (1) tweeted complaint from some dickhead SJW. Target later reinstated the book, and it is flying off the shelves. Best seller.
    -Jordan Peterson has a new book coming out from the Canuckistan Random Penguin. After the announcement the employees of the publishing house had a group hug in their safe space and cried while playing with puppies to reduce their stress. Peterson’s daughter tweeted: “How to improve business in 2 steps: Step 1: identify crying adults. Step 2: fire,”

    You can steal an election, but you can’t make people like you or do what you say. So I think it’ll all be okay.

    1. > sufficiently tested vaccine

      And how will you know if *that* is the vaccine they just shot into you, and not some almost-but-not-quite low bidder equivalent from one of their political contributors, or something else entirely, or the real thing, but with something “extra”? And even if you “accidentally” got some bad stuff, remember everyone in the chain, from the lowest supplier to the Fed, is exempt from any means of recourse you might pursue.

      “No trust.” Unless they can make a believable case otherwise, I’m assuming the worst-case scenario.

      1. Given the -Soviet- levels of propaganda and disinformation currently being pushed at all levels of government, and parroted faithfully by all the media, I would not be amazed to find out that the “vaccine” that gets served up (sometime around June/July/August 2021 because this is the Liberal government we’re talking about here) is saline solution. Might even be sterile saline.

          1. TL;DR:

            1. “no evidence!” doesn’t age well. (but we knew that)

            2. Turns out that the legislature didn’t bring Dominion to PA. The Governor mandated it himself.

            3. The Senators have been informed of the constitutional powers they didn’t realize they still had (after their lawyers misinformed them).

            4. PA Senate Mad.

            1. And there was the small matter of more mail-in ballots were counted than were distributed.


              1. This does not look god – for Pennsylvania Democrats:

                GOP Poll Watcher and Fraud Expert Gives Explosive Testimony About What He Observed Happen in Delaware County
                Gregory Stenstrom, a Navy veteran and forensic computer scientist, testified Wednesday before the State Senate Majority Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, about an election process in Delaware County he described as being “forensically destructive.”

                “In all cases the chain of custody was broken,” the GOP poll watcher said. “It was broken for the mail in ballots, the drop box ballots, the election day USB card flash drives.”

                Not one procedure defined by the Delaware County Board of Elections and Election Process Review was followed, he added.

                Stenstrom said he, along with Democratic poll watchers, witnessed a person described as “not a part of the process” come in with bags of USB cards, uploading them into machines.

                “I personally observed USB cards being uploaded to voting machines by the voting machine warehouse supervisor on multiple occasions. I saw this personally. I brought it to the attention of the deputy sheriff who was there stationed, who was a senior law enforcement officer, and I brought to the attention of the clerk of elections,” he said.

                “I brought it to their attention. I objected, and I said this person is not being observed,” he continued. “He’s not part of the process that I can see, and he’s walking in with baggies — which we have pictures of and it was submitted in our affidavits — and he was sticking these USBs into the machines.

                “So I personally witnessed that happen over 24 times. We have multiple other witnesses who saw it, including Democrat poll watchers.”
                [END EXCEPRT]

                Read the whole thing – watch the embedded Tweet/videos

                Cry for our nation if this is allowed to stand.

                This is not about who is our president, it is about how our president is selected.

                The nation spends billions on presidential campaigns – if we aren’t going to count the People’s votes
                fairly we could at least use that money productively and stop annoying everybody with commercials, poll-calls and GOTV visits.

        1. I watched the part where POTUS spoke.

          And the audience cheered his words.

          The Thieves were not amused.

          1. The fact they’re already terrified that Trump fan will “overwhelm” thieving Joe’s inauguration (they can have a pretend one in his basement!) tells you they know who won, and won OVERWHELMINGLY.

            1. I feel like standing up and shouting, like when I’m visiting a Pentecostal Church. “Hell, yeah, Jesus! Landslide, babeeee, yeah!”

              The schadenfreude over their agony is also delicious.

  39. I am shocked, shocked. I am sure there is a perfectly logical explanation for these people’s warehousing. It’s probably due to how Trump mishandled the COVID crisis. In fact, I think I saw a Weekly World News headline while checking out at the grocery proclaiming just that: “Trump Economy Left Me Living In A PO Box.”

    Thousands in Georgia Registered at Postal, Commercial Addresses, Portraying Them as Residences, Researcher Says
    Thousands of people registered and voted in Georgia using addresses of postal facilities or businesses, but making it look like they were residential addresses, according to a former Trump campaign official whose team analyzed the states’ voter data.

    The addresses listed on the voter rolls included information that didn’t make sense for the actual locations, but on paper made the addresses look like residential ones, according to information published by Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

    “Georgia: We have identified over a thousand early/abs votes cast by individuals whose registered addresses are in fact at post offices, UPS, and FedEx locations, wilfully disguising the box numbers as ‘Apt,’ ‘Unit,’ etc.,” he said in a Nov. 22 tweet.

    He published a sample of 15 such address entries in a Nov. 24 tweet.

    “With just a partial review of the state,” he said, the team also discovered “a thousand votes cast by those registered in non-residential, purely commercial addresses also disguised with ‘Apt,’ etc.”

    He added that these were “the residential addresses, not mailing addresses” that the voters have listed.

    Nearly all those “who disguised a postal facility as their residential address” used an absentee ballot to vote, he said. …

    1. Nearly all those “who disguised a postal facility as their residential address” used an absentee ballot to vote, he said. …

      In-Laws votes here in Oregon could be suspect in a similar fashion. As could the other 4 who reside at SIL’s mother’s household. The in-laws use the same address for mail & voter registration. The deal is the household consists of: Mom (89), two sons (65+), mom’s 90+ BIL, and the two in-laws. Mom & the sons actually live in the house. The BIL lives in an a unofficial ADU (it was SIL she-shed until Uncle needed it. Fully insulated & has a full bathroom.) In-Laws have a 5-wheel that they live in full time parked in the backyard (they used to do the snowbird thing to Arizona, spending the non-Arizona time doing campground hosting. Just using “home base” as a quick stop in between.They still do some of the latter for a couple of months here & there, even this last summer. The snowbird & long term camp hosting gigs stopped when mom broke her hip late one fall about 2 years ago.)

      Point is. In-Laws are, and have been, full time RV living. That they use an actual residence as their base address, while not unknown, is unusual. What IS usual is for Post Office & UPS stores with post office boxes to be used as mail drops. Then they file a “forward to”, once they know where they are parking for a week or month, or next destination post office pickup (put everything online financially & there isn’t that much that gets forwarded). These RV’ers may never step foot in their official state of residence for months or even years. Easy to do when one goes from physical fixed residential location whether house or apartment in state where retired in. More difficult if changing states. There are a lot of articles on how to pick the best retirement state for taxes and how to make that state your official residence, sometimes without ever setting foot in that state. Right now that state is considered Florida; but as always, it depends on each RV’ers financial status.

      Could “a thousand” RV’ers be using Georgia as a home base and be using mail drops? Yes. They’d use the physical address of the box location for residence (required by Amazon etc.), then use the PO Box as second line address or apartment # address (again, required by Amazon and those entities that won’t ship or mail to PO Boxes). Thousands, depending on the actual number (higher worse), I’d have problem with. But a mere Thousand? Sorry, no.

      Doesn’t mean that they aren’t any fraud ballots in the list. But do some digging and some will fall into the above category which will debunk that part of the fraud; at least to the demorats.

      Could also account for “only voted top ticket” too. If you aren’t in the State full time why vote for Senate & Congress? (I would vote these if nothing else but to vote straight ticket to help at national level … but that’s me.) Now voting for state senate & congress makes sense. They’d want to ensure the state stayed favorable to RV’ers. But a lot won’t do that.

      1. FWIW, we use a mail drop in Klamath Falls. Officially it’s Private Mail Box #XXX, usually written as PMB #XXX, but occasionally I’ve led a business think of it as an apartment. (Don’t recall why. Might have been a business I didn’t entirely trust, but had to deal with…) OTOH, our voter registration is for our physical address. We don’t get the K-Falls measures, nor the races in the city or that legislative district.

        1. That is what my grandparents did. There wasn’t mail drops on their rural road. They had a PO Box in town for their mailing address, but their actual address was the property location. Both for vehicle registration and voting.

          But the point of full time RV’ers, they may, or may not, have a physical location in their state of residence.

          1. The question, of course, would be “How many illegitimate voters are hidden under each of those voters legitimately using “non-residential” registration addresses. We’ve all seen those film/television scenes where an attaché case full of bundles of money reveals that each bundle of twenty-five bills consists of ONE genuine C-note atop twenty-four carefully trimmed slips of newspaper.

        2. Friends did the full time RV thing for about ten years before settling down, mostly due to some medical issues that made them have to stay in one place for a bit. They said there was a strong market in mail forwarding services targeting full time RVers based in various states, with the specific state for official residency decision driven by the best combination of vehicle registration fees, drivers license fees and state taxes. Apparently (not surprisingly) the best choice was never CA, and often TX. They picked TX, and then ended up buying a place west of Austin to settle after traveling just about everyplace to which they could drive their rig.

      2. The question is whether your relatives set up their PO Box address to look like an apartment in the voter rolls. If they did not, then it’s different than what’s being described.

        1. The question is whether your relatives set up their PO Box address to look like an apartment in the voter rolls. If they did not, then it’s different than what’s being described.

          In-laws use her mom’s address as that is their home base. I understand the difference and what you are saying. OTOH I could see the UPS Store telling new box holders that “this is how it works to fool Amazon”, etc., and the new box holder setting up their voter’s registration that way too. Regardless, the valid ballots setup this way give a thin veneer to the fraud ones, which have to be weeded out.

          1. FWIW, Amazon doesn’t care or might prefer shipments go to the shipping/storage company I call the mail drop. Somebody’s there with set hours, and they’ll get daily (or more often) deliveries/pickups from UPS, FedEx, and USPS. It’s been a long time since I had to do it, but at one time it cost less to get UPS to ship to a business than to a residence.

            At least for us, it’s no problem having the elections people knowing our physical address isn’t our mail address. Mileage may vary in other states, though.

              1. The question is how many people have legitimate reasons to use their PO Box as a “real” address, and how many are using it as a way to attempt fraud.

  40. Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs today

    “I mean, people sitting on the floor writing on the side of buses filling out ballot after ballot. It’s in your face everywhere. The statistical evidence is insurmountable. The mathematical evidence is to a mathematical impossibility. This is no way there was anything but widespread election fraud here. We’ve got one witness that says in Arizona at least there were 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate just to start their voting off. It’s like getting your $500 of Monopoly money to begin with when you haven’t done anything. And it was only for Democrats.”

    She also predicted there might be a document drop Wednesday … but she needs to stop the teasing and cough up some suits before she utterly loses credibility.

  41. It occurs to me that you should accept the blindfold. With a properly inserted rock or handful of sand it could prove very useful.

  42. Wear that blindfold, wear it proudly, be compliant to all authority. And the idiot left will never look close enough to discover that your blindfold has been altered with slits to conceal the truth that those modifications are perfect for a sniper’s vision.
    Personally, I fully expect that the vaccines will be delayed until just a bit past Jan 20, 2021. It would be intolerable to allow distribution on Trump’s watch after all.
    And I’ve started a collection of wooden shoes, known by the Dutch as sabots. Handy things, those. But be careful. Drop a sabot in the gear box and all sorts of things can occur.
    And once again, my favorite quote in the area of lessons learned the hard way:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? […] The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!” —Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    Never forget, the left have time after time proven themselves to be incompetent idiots who cannot run a railroad, any company for that matter for long, and especially any government without turning it into a chit show quickly and catastrophically. Our most effective roles are to first minimize the collateral damage that spills over to harm ourselves, our families, and our friends, and second do all the countless small things that we who do know and understand how processes work in the real world can contribute to helping our new rulers crash and burn.

    1. He has been a target for quite some time. The reaction of the SJW mob to him simply reveals how utterly totalitarian they are and how they want to eliminate any disagreement with leftist orthodoxy.

  43. I’ve been trying to get this idea into better shape, with scant success, so here goes.

    We are not the only ones ‘they’ are trying to blindfold. Hell, they routinely blind themselves. Fro. What I’m seeing, they appear to think that if they can install Grandpa Gropes and Kamala Blowswell, the BLM/Antifa mob will quietly melt away. Which leaves them with a problem; when the mob keeps rampaging (because it’s a mob. It has an excuse and doesn’t need a REASON) they can appease it (which won’t work, because the mob’s demands will cause immediate shirt-term problems that won’t go away AND the mob won’t be satisfied anyway.) or they can attempt to put it down, HARD. Which is gone be difficult both politically and logistically.

    And that’s just the most obvious case of their self-blinding.

    1. One thing the left does well is to gather disparate faction into a cohesive action group, aka mob, to achieve political power. Reaching ever further into the fringe radicals necessary to cheat their way to victory this time they have had to bring into the fold the far fringe radicals who now that the goal has been reached, will simply not go away quietly until the next election. BLM, Antifa, radical Greens, all of them are already crowding the trough demanding that their agendas be given priority. And when they are told “be patient, the time for your bit will have to wait” well, patience and understanding are not a part of their playbooks.
      And at the same time the Dems soon to take office are conversant enough in political chicanery to look with horror at some 73 million Trump voters despite their best efforts to destroy the man.
      My cut is the Dems won’t be able to control their own for much of any time at all, and their peaceful transition will devolve in short order into a hot mess. Does not bode well for their chances in 2022. They will have destroyed their working relationship with major portions of their ground troops, will be unable to stir up their base without an evil orange man as a target, and I believe and hope have shot their wad with the most blatant and obvious vote fraud elements. If real efforts to correct the worst offenses committed by our electoral system have not been at least toned down half the country will find other ways to get the representation necessary for a decent life. No idea hear and now how that will all shake out, but what cannot continue will not, and must change, usually in the worst and most destructive fashion.

    2. I note with interest that the various burning-down-the-downtown mobs across the country have vanished – even local news from up in Portlandia indicates their professional protestors are reduced to tagging and breaking windows instead of besieging police stations and assaulting and blinding police officers these days.

      Turning off ‘protest’ rioting that is nominally responding to police behavior once a particular marionette politician gets elected indicates direction and control, and direction and control of criminal behavior is criminal conspiracy, China Joe – just sayin’.

    3. There is reason to believe that there are actual instigators. The sort of people who post on Facebook that they need a place to crash. These people give the cue that the shiftless and greedy locals seize on that it’s safe to riot because there will be enough safety in numbers.

      The question is exactly what’s driving the instigators.

      1. Three failed replies later (black-holed – no mod message or failure notice, just nada), WP DELENDA EST, I here try again without the blockquote tag (watch all four replies now show up):

        The one buying S&S is Bertelsmann. TOR is MacMillan which per is Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a different kraut publishing company:

        Macmillan Publishers is a global trade publishing company operating in over 70 countries, with imprints in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and India. Macmillan is a division of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a large family-owned media company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

        Macmillan operates eight divisions in the US: Celadon Books; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Flatiron Books; Henry Holt and Company; Macmillan Audio; Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group; St. Martin’s Press and Tor/Forge. Our writers come from a vast array of literary backgrounds and have won awards including the Nobel Prize, the Man Booker Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the Printz Award. In the UK, Australia, India, and South Africa, Macmillan publishes under the Pan Macmillan name. The German company, Holtzbrinck Deutsche Buchverlage, includes among its imprints S. Fischer, Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Rowohlt, and Droemer Knaur.

        I wonder why various kraut companies are buying up failing US publishing companies – IP?

      2. The one buying S&S is Bertelsmann. TOR is MacMillan which per is Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a different kraut publishing company.

        [blockquote of all the ownership info from that link omitted because of five failures where replies black-holed, WP DELENDA EST]

        I wonder why various kraut companies are buying up failing US publishing companies – IP?

        1. Here that text from the link:

          Macmillan Publishers is a global trade publishing company operating in over 70 countries, with imprints in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and India. Macmillan is a division of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, a large family-owned media company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

          Macmillan operates eight divisions in the US: Celadon Books; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Flatiron Books; Henry Holt and Company; Macmillan Audio; Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group; St. Martin’s Press and Tor/Forge. Our writers come from a vast array of literary backgrounds and have won awards including the Nobel Prize, the Man Booker Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the Printz Award. In the UK, Australia, India, and South Africa, Macmillan publishes under the Pan Macmillan name. The German company, Holtzbrinck Deutsche Buchverlage, includes among its imprints S. Fischer, Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Rowohlt, and Droemer Knaur.

        2. They’re ALL krauts.
          Ah. Because they don’t realize they’re failing. Book bricks are still THE thing in Europe, so they can’t understand it’s not the same here.

          1. Heh:
            “Klaus, look at all these books they have listed sitting in warehouse inventory!”
            “Ya, Werner, exactly! The idiots are only asking cents on the dollar – we can buy the company, get all those hardcover books, and we’ll be RICH!”

                1. You don’t have to worry this time — you’ve proven they can milk you for now and butcher you at their leisure. But once you’ve paid the Danegeld you’ll never be rid of the Dane.

                  So use what time you’ve bought by bending the knee to beat those plowshares into blades of a different sort.

                  1. Yeah, in the old days an honest politician was defined as one who would stay bought; these bozos can’t even pass THAT test.

  44. I expect, if the time comes, that I’ll never make it to the wall. I intend, at the last extremity, to go out with my thumbs and teeth dug into the throat of some Stasifa nitwit. If I end up on the wall, I will refuse the blindfold. As noted above, it improves the chances of spitting in their eye, and will make the bustards look *me* in the eye as they pull the trigger.

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