The Blue Smokescreen

The left couldn’t afford a mirage. They thought we’d have one, but they couldn’t afford one, and they were jealous.

So everything you’re seeing is JUST a blue smokescreen.

It’s not very good. perhaps Hollywood circa 1930. But they are loud and ubiquitous and we are tired and scared of the danger we see the Republic is in. And none of us want socialism, or communism, because we’re not stupid, and we know history.

But the thing is, as someone told me in 2004, the louder and more triumphalist the left gets, the more they’re losing.

He’s never been proven wrong.

Anyway, this is my post about my sudden insight. It’s at PJM:

486 thoughts on “The Blue Smokescreen

    1. Yes, I had to take a break from reading columns because my anger at the fuckery was getting amplified by perceptions of despair in multiple places. I’ve been following one of the more prominent people on Gab, and the details of the fraud were pretty clear from the beginning. The anons there and on the chans are doing a lot of good work, and it’s pretty clear that POTUS and his people know what’s going on.

      (FWIW, the watermark bit isn’t verified, but it appears that DHS had a fair amount of say into ballot printing. The company they were using for fed-printed ballots has an interesting palette of tools for counterfeit detection.)

      1. Who’s the Gabber? just wondering if it’s someone I’ve missed.

        As to ballot printing, in some districts they’re printed on the fly, so how does DHS fit in there?

        1. I’ve heard lots of stuff about the supposed DHS ballots. The bit of info that seems the most likely is that states can opt into using them, but most don’t. Until someone with the Trump campaign publicly mentions the watermarks, I’m more or less ignoring the stories about them.

          1. It might just be garbled from the fact that modern color printers DO watermark, but all it tells you is that X printer produced Y document.

        2. I mainly follow NeonRevolt, though if you have an adversion to the number 17 (and all that implies), you might not want to go there. (I also follow Guild, though I don’t subscribe to the Great Awakening group. Key info is reposted by NR.)

          I saw a post showing what the printing outfit does for security (not going to try to find a link; traffic on my feed resembles Silly Valley at rush hour) and they can do specialized watermarks. FWIW, here’s the July flyer from the dot-gov agency handling it.

          Click to access mail-in-voting-election-integrity-safeguards_508.pdf

          According to them, it’s for mail-in only. (And *some* elections. No definition of “some” in the one-pager.) I’d shudder to think of mail-in ballots printed on the fly…

            1. Oh. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and after elite and MSM freakouts and hit pieces, Q or Qanon is a good way to get the twitter banhammer. Not going to try to describe Q very much, though it’s a person (or group) very close to President Trump — to the point where Q messages can go out within seconds of Trump tweets. Samantha Guthrie tried to get POTUS to denounce Q at that horrible town hall, but wasn’t going to happen. (Rough quote: “They’re against pedophiles and traitors, right? Good people.”)

              Neon wrote a book on Q. Don’t have it, but his essays on neonrevolt dot com have been instructive.

              1. Oh, that. Am aware of Q but have not paid much attention, as what I’ve heard has been too Nostradamus, and I tend to disbelieve in vague assertions. Then again, anyone who can make the leftards hop around like fleas on a hot griddle is performing a valuable service. 😀

  1. Hi, Sarah. We’ve just donated to Trump’s legal fund; we’re not ready to call it a fail till the courts have ruled. I recommend looking up the fine 19th century poem “Say Not the Struggle Nought Availeth.”

      1. My mother was telling me that the fraud being enacted now, with it’s massive lack of subtlety, was how the elections with (one of the younger, nicer) Marcos vs Robredo (for vice-President) in the Philippines was done. It’s almost copycat. The guy who introduced electronic ballots that enacted the fraud in question apparently escaped to the US YEARS ago, and was apparently well funded and backed.

        He isn’t being extradited from the US, which in of itself is concerning.

  2. Sarah, can I post a link to your PJM article on the Bar (I’m thinking it should go in Blazes)?

  3. Lovely unprofessionalism in my workplace: people openly gloating and cheering their victory. My favorite was the person who condescended to Georgians as not despicable anymore.

    Yes demoralizing. They’re all in for the sympathetic magic masks and kabuki quarantine as well. I used to really love work, y’now?

      1. There was at least one dweeb who decided that she should play Hamilton songs in honor of Biden. (Mind you, she was not a minority person.) There was also at least one person online comparing it to the Scouring of the Shire.

        These are not self-aware people, or people with any historical or moral perspective. They only know My Team vs. Them. I feel pretty sorry for them, albeit they are dangerous in their ignorance and/or malice.

        But overall, most people were either mad about the fraud, or concerned and not sure what to think (having gotten insufficient information from the media, and not being stupid). There was a sort of gloom at first, which seems to have turned into a sort of determination mixed with “wait and see.” Some interesting t-shirts are coming out. I liked “Defund Politicians.”

        Interestingly, a fair number of people are now speaking openly about the Rona masks being stupid and how they don’t mean to put up with this stuff. Some of the younger coworkers who were wearing masks religiously are now slacking off as much as they can get away with it.

        1. On the mask infatuation slipping: We walked to a more distant park yesterday afternoon so the kids could run of more energy (there’s a small park much closer, but the weather was great and the kids needed the extra time out). Keep in mind that this is a very blue area of Northern Virginia, and the City Council put an outdoor mask mandate (“any time you cannot guarantee at least 6ft distance in a public space, such as on a sidewalk or park”). Out of the 25 or so there (adults and kids), maybe four or five were wearing masks, tops. I don’t recall walking past anyone on the way there or back who had a mask on.

          1. Today doing the morning link reads (comics, motorsport news and weather) Accuweather now has an article pointing out that coughing particles can go more then 6 feet, and treating this as some new revelation heretofore unheard. Even better they use some masked and gloved young girls in school uniforms for the pic.
            I note they no longer allow easy commenting on their “news” and to get to the actual story you scroll past the same headlines and numerous others in similar vein. “Daily coronavirus briefing: Cough droplets travel more than 6 feet, study finds” classify it under “no s#!t Sherlock”

            1. Here,, our online newspaper quit allowing comments a few months back. It had always been left leaning, and my guess is that they could no longer tolerate the massive amount of critical comments.
              By the by, Bama went for two to one, and much the same ratio for House and Senate races. Jones. who cheated his way into Jeff Sessions Senate seat was soundly removed from office by Tommy Tubberville a former college coach.

                1. Yep. I’m just over the border or I would have voted for Tubberville. Even if he did coach Auburn.
                  BTW, just gotta love Alabama politicians’ names. Is Young Boozer still in office?

                2. Accuweather was somewhat reliable for a while but some years back was merged then split off and merged again so now it is just as bad as everyone else, and I learned some time back to pretty much ignore there “news” they spewed forth.
                  This made me want to see if they had any sort of way to say “Duh!” and I think the only way now is sharing their crappy link and commenting on FB or Twits.
                  I never did Zuckbook and been banned from Twits

              1. The Seattle Times only allows comments on articles about local issues. Anything Trump- or Covid-related is blocked.

              2. Newspapers are typically owned by distant corporations (e.g., Gannett) and edited by transients looking forward to their transfer to a bigger city. They like to maintain cordial relations with local politicos to avoid controversies which might affect their ad revenue. Beyond that there’s little incentive to serve local interests.

                Letters to the editor were routinely selected according to how well they served the paper’s agenda and frequently edited for “clarity” and “available space” – especially when they represented a view the editors wanted to discredit. They really resent the loss of control over their critics enabled by on-line commentary.

          2. That’s not mask infatuation slipping; I rather think it’s more likely the rules not applying to the Good People. Just saying.

            1. In Oregon, where Despicable Kate Brown extended the state of emergency to Jan 4 (because “cases” were going up. The usual: Case == positive test or any other respiratory issue, apparently including flu. Number of tests are very high, and the percent positive is stable, no increase in hospitalizations or deaths. So, “emergency” means she’s on a power trip. Again Still.), that continued the mandatory masking if you can’t stay further away than 6′ outside, and any gathering indoors. Oh yeah, and trying to deprecate the use of shields. (I found using a dustmask would likely end with me on the floor, so I’m strictly shielded outside of medical appointments. The shield is also set to let me breathe fresh air. I’m a bad person. Thank you!

              Compliance to the mask order is fraying. Modulo Home Depot and one farm supply store, the door monitors have gone away, and if you want a sanitized cart, the flu-wipes are there for you to use. Even in Fred Meyer (Kroger owned), I’m seeing more and more people unmasked. Kate wasn’t stupid enough to do the Gavin Noisome ban on mixed households for parties, though the (unenforcable) limit of 10 is still on the books. I’ll leave it to the student to determine whether mask rules are strictly applied at such gatherings. Some small businesses have been ignoring the mandate all along.

              When this horsemanure started, she had OR-OSHA and the OR health nazis authority people doing surprise inspections of businesses. Haven’t heard of any lately. I wonder if any got rumors of 3S threats…

              1. There have been 3 places where OLCC pulls their license – The jetboat company in GP (my hometown) and a bar in Roseburg, and I just heard late last week through NWObserver that there was a club / bar in Bend that got struck.

                I am glad to see my county commish board is primarily fed up with The Hag.

                1. We’re in a flyover portion of Klamath county, and I suspect TPTB figure it’s fiddle and banjo country. (More rifle and shotgun. Still, life expectancy is much higher for officious people who stay away.) In town, it’s loosely enforced in the few restaurants that I can go to (diet issues made that limited to begin with, and my favorite Chinese place is take-out only for the duration).

                  The sole advantage to the mask edict is that pics of DKBrown wearing one cover her decidedly creepy smile. (I always wonder who’s on the menu when I see those pics…)

              2. When this horsemanure started, she had OR-OSHA and the OR health nazis authority people doing surprise inspections of businesses.

                It might be amusing to do casual visits to various government offices and then phone in reports for non-compliance with mask and soc-dis mandates.

            2. In my area, I’m seeing mask usage following racial lines. Black, close to 100%, even when driving alone in a car. White, about 50/50, further broken down to Suits, ~25%, Dungerees, ~75%. Hispanic, seldom.

              1. Here we don’t have enough blacks to notice, but do have a different divide. Townies wear masks; cowboys don’t.

                1. I was up in Anchorage a month ago for a few weeks. Anchorage is mostly wearing masks inside and outside, Wasilla and the rest of the Matanuska Valley is barely wearing masks at all.

                  1. Plague mask works nicely to keep my nose from freezing clean off my face when the full balaclava is a bit too much…

          3. Now that the Tyrant Trump has been deposed there is no longer need for the lousy bastards members of the Resistance to mask in public.

            1. Them folks making lists might have a hard time chasing us down when we all show up wearing Trump masks.

        2. My husband went into a local bank, saw the, “you must wear a mask,” and put on his face diaper. He got inside and discovered nobody was wearing a mask.

          Local gossip is interesting (and I’m not well plugged in). Everyone knows someone who’s had Covid, or someone who has a family member who’s had Covid. And they’re reporting results all over the map. Older folks having cases that linger for weeks, but that don’t send them to the hospital. Younger people just sick. I’m told the bug got into our local nursing home and there have been deaths there. There’s also a story that several local churches have had
          outbreaks, suggested agent of spread being too much enthusiastic singing. But our minister took the chance of opening our tiny, mostly-older congregation church yesterday and we had, for us, a very decent turnout.

          I’ve been taking the position that yes, this is a nasty bug to catch and if you’re older or vulnerable it can be serious, but that we’ve seriously overreacted. So far, over at least four states, I haven’t had anyone disagree with me. Of course, this is in private conversation and flyover country, but still.

          Mind you, since my childhood training is to instantly think of the worst, I wonder if the CCP has Son of WuFlu ready to go as soon as mask rebellions get widespread.

          1. Talked to a friend Friday. He’s in rural Arkansas. About a dozen of his extended family tested positive for COVID. The only symptoms were “normal flu” for a few days, and then they had to sit out three-week quarantines, which are apparently one of Goverrnor Diaperface’s executive orders.

          2. youngest Sis in Memphis caught it, was rather feverish and felt rotten like flu for a bit over a week.
            She also gets hammered by the normal flu harder than most. She was about like when she gets the flu, but her fever was a bit higher.
            Haven’t heard much at all how it affected Texas brother-in-law, and Sis just moved to a house she cleans/sits for the duration. But when he was tested he showed no symptoms and they were sharing a bed, she tested negative. He did work for an elderly lady and she then came up sick, and he got the call telling him.
            My cousin up here, 59 said back in January he (and most everyone he works with) got what is likely it, as he got flu-like, but tested negative for flu, and had the loss of taste and smell. His wife never got it. The same time here at work a lot of people got ill and it too was probably the WuFlu. None of those who were sick seem to have come up with the Wu since, though it has been hitting both sides of town. The building I used to be in was closed for a week.

          3. I’ve been worried about that as well, although if the CCP is involved, it may not be that bad – after reading Ringo’s Black Tide, I’m almost more worried about some psycho doing some shady sh!t

              1. True, but establishment Republicans tend to be as feckless and compliant as the Dems are incompetent, which means incompetence can succeed for quite a while.

          4. I’ve been taking the position that yes, this is a nasty bug to catch and if you’re older or vulnerable it can be serious

            Citizen, you are in danger of being found guilty of exercising good sense when the State has mandated panic. Please consider this your only warning and remember, we’re the experts.

          5. I wonder if Trump has privately made the point to the Chinese that their COVID response (flights for thee but not for me) has satisfied our nuclear release criteria and the reason they do not glow in the dark is that he has kept his finger off the button so far.

      2. Yeah, about that. Used to LOVE my job. Last shift, I had to wear a mask the whole day, and listen to my co-worker pontificate about how the election was obviously fair, and Trump is just a sore loser. In the middle of a “pandemic” that was more important than seeing patients for him. So not only was I doing his work, in a mask I hate, but I wasn’t allowed to throttle him! Maybe I’ll just quit.

    1. Word. I used to say about my job: “This is like being in the bridge crew of the starship Enterprise!” and “They’ll have to carry me out of here feet first.” Most of us are sort-of upholding our institutional culture of Not Discussing Politics at Work, thank G-d. I am not saying a word to my fellow professionals, being outnumbered almost everyone to one, but dang! half of the custodians are as angry as I am. I have to pretend to support the magic mask, which incidentally reminds me of Moorcock’s Granbretan, where everyone goes masked 24/7 and the entire nation is violently, criminally insane. When the Martyr George Floyd Memorial Insurrection broke out, the weremate and I cashed out his IRA and bought a modest retirement condo near his stepmother, and I’m leaving ASAP, which is in two years. Sad that it should come to this, but I’m one of the luckier ones.

        1. Yes! I have read and enjoyed that one, and am taking the great Mr. Vance’s advice: I bought three custom wolf-muzzle masks from, one cartoon, one photographic, and one photo-realist painting. They’re a hit with my customers at the Reference Desk!

          1. I got some masks for hubby & myself. Hubby gets chuckles out of his golf themed:

            Picture car off pier, sinking. Man handing golf bag with clubs to rescuer & stating “Hold these. I have to go back for my wife.” 🙂 Bonus. When someone asks how I feel about it the answer is “she bought it for me!”

            The other masks? Little OSU Bennie The Beaver all over them … we live in Duck country.

            Thought about custom mask “WANTED election thieves HARRIS/BIDEN“, ole west wanted poster style. Not ready because someone might actually read the small print. Locally that would be a bad idea. OTOH it might make a good patch on my SD … NOBODY reads those, that I know …

        2. You are the mask you wear, eh? Someone could make a killing right now selling masks printed with Trump’s face.

      1. News you can use:

        Can I complain to the boss about my colleagues’ political banter?
        My colleagues can’t stop talking about the election. The conversations make me uncomfortable. Do I have grounds to complain that it’s inappropriate at work? Should I speak to my colleagues, my boss, or go to HR?

        In a normal year, colleagues may have been able to talk politics without offending each other. This year has been anything but normal. Now, unless you all have similar views, it’s all but impossible not to devolve into something hostile. While a discussion in the workplace about politics is generally not considered taboo (unlike the topic of sex, for example), it’s prudent to avoid discussions about anything that could reasonably offend someone. Whether you say something to your boss or HR really depends on your relationships at work and how comfortable you feel. My advice is always to deal directly with your colleagues whenever possible. If that doesn’t work, escalate from there.

      1. Mom (age 97) was neutral about it, but her only source of “news” is broadcast and the Chicomcago Tribune. I told her about the lawsuits coming and the fraud issues. IIRC, I described it as more crooked than Chicago voting…

        1. Beloved Spouse grew up in Frank Rizzo’s Philadelphia and attests that fraud there has always been rampant – it is just that, unlike Chicago in 1960, it never before tipped a national election.

          For one thing, prior to Trump’s capture of frackers, Pittsburgh’s unions coupled with Philly to keep the state Democratic, although the Philadelphia “collar” suburbs often produced enough liberal Republican votes to elect an Arlen Specter.

          1. Ah, Philly. I think it was 2008, when Christian Adams was pulled from the DOJ case against the Black Panthers for election intimidation in Philly. Fraud is normal here, it’s just that this year, it had to be IMMENSE!

              1. The actually believed their polls* — which is why the election night panic and the hundreds of thousands of ballots cast for just ONE race.

                *Well – their polls and their routine ballot box stuffing, with its mail-in vote frosting They could not imagine Trump turning out so many votes. Were SNL about comedy rather than catering to liberal smugness just think about the skit they’d have been able to do depicting panic at the DNC.

                  1. Never! Wallabies don’t swing that way.

                    Besides, none of those have Hitler managing effective, if incredibly sloppy, action.

      2. Wrong spot but I love your story about the caretaker in the cemetery very much. Any chance of a sequel?

          1. Mea culpa! I thought that I was replying to Cedar. I don’t have anything major just one million medium issues. I also have anemia and diabetes. No knows why the anemia though.

  4. It isn’t as if the MSM hss no history gaslighting:

    America wasn’t founded on slavery in 1619 — but on Pilgrims’ ideals written in 1620
    By Peter W. Wood
    In August 1619, a pirate ship, the White Lion, stopped at Jamestown and traded twenty-some captive Africans for food. The Africans were treated as indentured servants and soon released.

    Fifteen months later, in November 1620, an English ship blown off course on its way to Virginia ended up off the barren coast of Massachusetts. It landed more than one hundred men, women and children. Those voyagers founded Plymouth Colony.

    Which event mattered more?

    Last year The New York Times declared that the arrival of the captives in Virginia was the “true beginning” of America — an America the Times characterized as a “slavocracy.” The Times calls its campaign to promote this story The 1619 Project. In my new book, “1620,” I argue that the arrival of the Pilgrims along with dozens of non-Pilgrims (“strangers” as the Pilgrims called them) aboard the Mayflower is the real beginning of America.

    Why? Because before this mixed group stepped ashore they signed an agreement, which we now call the Mayflower Compact. In that document they set aside their deep divisions and voluntarily joined together to govern themselves with “just and equal laws.” This was the very beginning of principled self-government among European settlers in the New World. The Mayflower Compact is not quite 200 words long but those words pack almost as much meaning as Jefferson distilled into the Declaration of Independence 156 years later, or Lincoln in 1863 condensed into the Gettysburg Address.

    The Mayflower Compact is a much humbler document than those two, but it has the advantage of being the first: the first time a mutually suspicious collection of settlers decided, without compulsion, to respect one another’s rights. Plymouth enacted its own laws, elected its own leaders, and after a winter of severe hardship, thrived as a peaceful self-governing community.

    Meanwhile, Virginia was run by a private company in England which allowed the settlers some limited choices. Jamestown’s place in American history is secure, but it never became the model for American independence or a template for self-government.


    By contrast, the arrival of those pirates in Jamestown with their twice-stolen African captives laid no foundation at all. Slavery was already present in the Americas but it wouldn’t take root in the English colonies until more than half a century later.

    The New York Times portrays slavery as starting in Jamestown in 1619 and spreading from there to become the bedrock of American society. That’s a false history, a myth.

    The Pilgrims have also been mythologized from time to time, but the difference is the Mayflower Compact truly is the precursor to 1776, and Plymouth the archetype of American self-government.

    Peter Wood is president of the National Association of Scholars. His book, “1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project” (Encounter Books), is out Nov. 17.

    Wallaby Weaction: I’m so old I can wecall when they taught about the Mayflower Compact in school.

      1. ABC news described the November 5th fireworks in England as celebration of Biden’s “victory”. The more polite responses directed them to the Wiki article on Guy Fawkes.

        Layers and layers of factcheckers, indeed.

              1. I’m speaking of a possible different means of usage. But these idiots couldn’t forsee that either

              2. First, by all reports these idiots staffing the networks are generally young and college-educated (so, woefully ignorant.) Moreover, being narcissists, or course, they thought it was all about them. (To be honest, I am not sure they truly grasp the concept of “other countries” and would not care to engage them in discussion of that topic for fear of contagion.)

                The real question is whether they imagined Americans to be that ignorant.

              3. But EVERYTHING revolves around them. They diss America and take it for granted everything in the world is about us at the same time.

          1. I think she means, “The fuck, ABC?” rather than not knowing the significance of November the 5th in Britain.

        1. Ox head ….. no.
          Ox now used to that much ignorance/propaganda from the Garbage Media.
          Garbage media considered as likable as used toilet paper – for the same reason.

      2. My only objection is that I’d rather avoid invoking the whole killing-each-other-horribly-and-taking-their-stuff-back-and-forth-several-times thing.

        And not just because the first thing they did in that mess was loot and slaughter the observant Catholics.

        (Have I mentioned, lately, how awesome George Washington was? He did an epic rant about that holiday….)

  5. Rudy Giuliani, that widely-reported tool of Russian intelligence, on TV this morning:

    Rudy Giuliani: 450,000 Pennsylvania Mail-in-Ballots Were Processed While Republican Observers Were Illegally Kept Away
    “It really would be wrong for him at this point it be wrong for him to concede,” Giuliani told “Sunday Morning Futures.” “There is strong evidence that this was an election that at least three or four states and possibly 10, it was stolen. In other words it was based on false votes. Now you can’t let that election go into history without challenging that.”

    “There are upwards of 50 witnesses, and this will be the subject of a lawsuit that we file tomorrow for violating civil rights for conducting an unfair election, for violating the law of the state, for treating Pittsburgh and Philadelphia different than the rest of the state, which is an equal protection violation, which goes under Bush v. Gore,” Giuliani said on Sunday. “We’re at now 450,000 definite mail-in ballots that they separated from the envelope, threw the envelope away. We can never tell if they’re valid or not.”

      1. Here’s the youtube link for that interview:

        Kudos to PJM for the link.

        In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, Giuliani said as many as 900,000 invalid ballots were cast in Pennsylvania, and that the Trump campaign will reveal this evidence in court.

          1. Anons were noticing that the livestreams of election coverage by mass media have been taken down. (Fox did it early. Hmm.) There was one bit on CNN that showed Trump’s numbers *declining* as Biden’t numbers rose. I also suspect there’s CYA for when the peculiar calling of states “won” or “lost” happened.

            They’re trying to get people who recorded the shows to send copies.

            1. For future reference, there are a number of tools that can download youtube videos. I mostly use downvids DOT net or y2mate DOT com (beware of clicking in the ad window, if it comes up) for Youtube, fbdown DOT net for Fakebook vids, vimeo-downloader DOT com for the obvious, and getmytweet DOT com for twitter vids. Sometimes one will work when another doesn’t, or you have to pick a different vid quality. One of ’em has a pretty good MP4 to MP3 convertor, too.

              Anyway, you can usually snag the video shortly after the stream ends. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to do so with the election streams (and my connection is too slow for such large files anyway).

              There’s also youtube-dl as a local client, tho it’s too arcane for me. No idea why sometimes it works without complaint, sometimes it just blankly stares….

              1. Youtube keeps changing its interface. I have to find a new downloader every year or so.

                Last time, it turned out that the first *twelve* I tried had been bought out, and were now just front ends for “”, which I suspect is Youtube, given the ads it started popping up.

                Anything worth sitting through to watch is worth saving. Too many times, I found Youtube had deleted a video I wanted to watch again…

                1. Yeah, I hear they recently broke youtube-dl, and another web service I’d used gave up and threw in the towel. On the plus side, since a few changes back Youtube’s ads generally don’t work at all in Seamonkey, and I have ’em blocked in Chrome. Serves ’em right.

                  Anyway, the ones I listed are currently working, as I’ve been using ’em as recently as yesterday. And yes, if a video has value, save it, because you don’t know when it’ll disappear. Sometimes they reappear on (most of Braving Ruin/Edgy Sphinx’s work is there) but sure can’t count on that.

                  1. They routinely make changes to Youtube that break youtube-dl, and the youtube-dl maintainers routinely get their software working again within days, usually within hours. If youtube-dl fails, just run `youtube-dl -U` (capital U for “Update”) to update it to the latest release and it should start working again. Only once have I actually noticed it being broken before the update was ready, and that time I had to wait a whole DAY (!!) until running `youtube-dl -U` make it work again.

                    1. Oh, and the backticks are not part of the command. I included them because on GitHub, backticks mean “format this in fixed-width font because it’s a command or a bit of source code”, and I wondered if WordPress has the same thing. It doesn’t. So the command is just youtube-dl -U with no backticks around it.

                    2. Whenever I’ve run the program, it’s auto-updated itself, so theoretically it should be up to date! have heard they’re pretty proactive on keeping it working. Have not had it fail due to YT machinations, but rather because apparently it does not always listen to the user. I do the same thing I did last time, and nothing happens?? maybe it does not like XP??

            2. …one bit on CNN that showed Trump’s numbers *declining*

              And it wasn’t only Trump’s numbers; there’s a whole few minutes spent on a similar D-up, R-down moment in that ~1h video from the other day by an Internet / real-world forensic election analyst. IIRC, it was the Ky. Governor’s race and CNN’s coverage. It’s presented as an example of fraudulent “vote hacking” live in real time, once they establish how many (29?) states’ voting is Internet accessible, controlled by a bankrupt company in Barcelona, Spain, and stored as primary-copy data on a public server in Frankfurt, Germany.

              Or in short, to misquote Niven and Pournelle, think of it as vote fraud in action.

              youtube dot com slash watch/?v=ficae6x1Q5A

              …which now says, when you try to start it, “sign in to confirm your age, this video may be inappropriate for some users” — YEAH, riight. Sure glad now I watched it all the way through yesterday.

              Or in other words, “we want a verified list of everyone who watches this video on Useless Tube so we can send it to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for retribution processing.”

              Yup, that Biden “UNITED” thing is sure off to a promising start.

              On the other hand, wasn’t Nixon’s big, fatal mistake the coverup, not the crazy black-bag shenanigans by his underlings?

              1. You can use youtube-dl to download age-restricted videos without signing in. Here’s the output of youtube-dl when you download that video:

                ficae6x1Q5A: Downloading webpage
                ficae6x1Q5A: Downloading embed webpage
                ficae6x1Q5A: Refetching age-gated info webpage
                [download] Destination: Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud-ficae6x1Q5A.mp4
                [download] 23.6% of 115.26MiB at 1.07MiB/s ETA 01:21

                Note that at no point have I given youtube-dl access to my Google signin data. Rather, the software is downloading the video’s webpage, analysing it for the link to the actual data (e.g., the HTML page says “once the user signs in, redirect them here”) and then grabbing the post-redirect link without actually signing in.

          2. Links to Ted Cruz and Sidney Powell interviews (incl. that 450K+ Biden-only “undervoted” ballots thing) still do seem to work, however:

            youtube dot com slash watch?v=GV46G8zf4KU
            youtube dot com slash watch?v=DKXMypeXnAU

            (total run-time ~10 min.)

            also Kevin McCarthy on the new House
            youtube dot com slash watch?v=By5AOn6Crvg
            (~5 min.)

            1. Pulled ’em all. Maybe we need a perpetual open thread with just links to videos that need preserving.

              1. Sigh – remember when the Democrats were all aflutter over a George W Bush supporter owning Diebold, whose voting machines were widely in place in Ohio in 2004?

              1. Sounds like a great idea but I am not inclined to arrogate myself the authority to make such selections. Would it not be better for you – or such persons as you designate – to decide whether material ought be added to the permanent collection?

                  1. Can you provide any guidelines? For example, the link under discussion is news, but how about the Whoopee Goldberg [expletive deleted] video below?

      2. Apparently the Speaker of the PA House agrees, as he just sent a letter to the governor calling for a legislative audit of the election, and no certification until the legislature is satisfied. Some type of action by the PA House expected in next couple of days.

  6. Thank you, Sarah. I’m feeling better after reading this, watching and reading some other stuff today, and watching church online, most particularly.

    I think this is a big part of what has been bugging me the last few days. I started my Army career as a PSYOP specialist and everything I’ve heard over the past two months feels like a PSYOP campaign from both sides, setting and reinforcing the narrative. And I saw the announcement of Biden’s victory yesterday in that light and I can’t explain it to anyone. I’m very interested to hear what the courts have to say.

    1. everything I’ve heard over the past two months feels like a PSYOP campaign from both sides

      In fairness, a presidential campaign is a PSYOP campaign. Two (or more) political parties strive to sell a narrative about the state of America and what course the nation ought follow into the future.

      For example, nobody really knows how the economy is doing at any given time, nor whether it needs greater or lesser regulation or if Keynesian stimulus is helpful or harmful. In 2016 the Democrats assured us that the economy was performing as best as could be hoped; the Trump campaign disagreed.

      1. Yeah, there was a joke some thread back about how helicopters aren’t too expensive, because of the economic stimulus caused by every dropped commie. We can actually infer that this may be largely untrue.

        But once you aggregate the choices so much, who knows?

          1. Same logic as the ‘cost savings’ of bureaucratic death panels; food is super cheap these days, doesn’t take much for caloric profit, and most people are actually a little bit beneficial.

            At best, a particularly destructive commie is killed, and the significant benefit is more absence of harm than actual positive good.

            At worst, there a slight chance of killing a commie that could have done a little net good somehow.

            The biggest issue was that maintenance crew, pilot, copter, parts, and fuel are personally expensive, and any net benefit from a dead commie would have to be collected somehow before those costs could be reimbursed, etc. Large rotor UAVs are in development, but they also feel a little expensive, and I’m sure that there is a better option for the nerd on a budget.

            1. A coil of traditional hemp 1/2 inch rope runs about 30 bucks on Amazon, but man made nylon or poly can be had much cheaper.
              Good wood and steel pitchforks run from $35 to $60.
              A feather pillow will cost anything from $30 to over $100, I’d lean toward the cheaper ones or find a farmer’s wife with a little egg business. They cull the hens usually twice a year and usually discard the feathers.
              Because when we protest we have a choice: copters or go old school.

              1. Depends on your values. Hemp will result in a nice clean “snap” of neck bones. Nylon or poly has a lot of stretch. End result is the same, but there is a lot more thrashing and struggling. Of course, some would think of this as a feature, not a bug.

                1. Braid up some used bailing twine; makes a fine rope at minimal cost. As a bonus, here in Flyover Country we’ve got lots of it lying around that needs using up.

                  1. For most of those pencil necks there won’t be much braiding required. As they apparently cannot distinguish between a noose and a garage door pull I suspect kite string would do to instill fear of justice in them.

                    1. For many years I had a noose as home decor (thin rope, not a real noose)… because I found the knot interesting. So I am officially a scary lynchist (totally a word).

                    2. Bah, my mom taught folks how to do them for Halloween, and because they’re REALLY easy to do — take a rope, loop it around your hand one and a half times (so there’s a circle, and then enough so it’s going like it would if you just laid it across your hand) then take the short end and go about two thirds of the way up, start wrapping it around, and when you’re done put it through the loop on top.

                      It’s also great for hanging equipment if your rope is very slippery.

                    3. Do keep in mind that traditionally a hanging noose must have thirteen coils in the knot.
                      Gives it enough heft to tilt the head and cause the neck to snap on the drop.
                      There is actually quite a science to the hangman profession, calculations about weight of your subject, length of drop for the proper snap, new stiff rope vs old softer fiber, and such details.

                    4. >> “There is actually quite a science to the hangman profession”

                      Yeash. And they call economics “the dismal science.”

            2. How about a new game in America called Commie Chunking. Using any means, how far can you throw a Commie. A weight/Distance calculation would have to be done of course since the Commies are anything but standardized. The Air Cannons will of course maintain their lead. They will not have to worry about pieing.
              Just think of the money that could be brought in, especially when well known Commies were going to be chunked.

              1. I look forward to watching the Centrifugal class. Tranzi’s rotated at incredible rates until they blow chunks and then lobbed several hundred meters. Good times, good times…

              2. I don’t know, some of those commies are so blobby and squishy they might very will pie under pressure.

                All of those chunkin’ contests are missing an entire category of launchers — rail guns! Devices that accelerate the payload down a long track. Air cannons seem to have pretty much topped out at 4,500 to 5,000 feet, but rail guns should be capable of reaching over 6,000 feet. I can think of three basic types:

                Electromagnetic linear accelerator
                Cable pulled
                Rocket sled

                All 3 would have to incorporate some way to stop the basket or shuttle from breaking the Chunkin’ Rules by exiting the business end.
                Bring out yer dead! (voters)

                1. Water brakes were fairly standard on the rocket sled. A couple of troughs of water that vanes dropped into. Fast deceleration and no wear.

                  1. CARPbuchet?

                    Now I have a mental image of us launching commies at people who make puns around here. At least it’s a practical use for them, I guess.

              1. Just put them on United as pets and they are guaranteed to be put in the non climate controlled cargo holds.

                1. As one who used to regularly ship dogs… lordy, ANY route but via United or Chicago. Cargo hold is normal if it’s going as air freight. Complete chaos in the booking system and flight-missing delays at the airport, tho… no one else ever had those problems. Only United and Chicago.

                  1. Oh, quite a few stories been told about a good many airports and carriers.
                    My personal experience was mostly with connections at DFW and Memphis International.
                    Spent more than one night “resting” in a seat at DFW because our travel folks could not get it through their heads that half an hour for a connection was almost never enough.

            3. Yeah but the pilots get to log the flight hours.

              And their proficiency increases with both flight hours and recency of hand flying.

              Plus the crew in the back gets physical exercise.

              Lots and lots of value right across the evolution.

            4. ” a commie that could have done a little net good somehow.”
              I understand all the words, yet the sentence makes no sense to me.

      2. In the end, it always seems to come down to Mack Reynolds’ observation that if any of the economists actually understood how the economy worked, they ought to be filthy rich.

        The closest anyone seems to get is insider trading, or the big-boy version where they buy cheap, toss a banana peel under the economy, and sell high.

        1. if any of the economists actually understood how the economy worked, they ought to be filthy rich

          By that measure, members of the US Senate clearly understand how the economy works, since they all become filthy rich on government paychecks.

          1. Yep 🙂 I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason nobody in DC wants to pursue the obvious and flagrant selling of access by the Biden Crime Family is that most of them are also doing it. With a couple of exceptions.

            1. Recall: a major reason none of the “news” networks covered the Hunter Laptop was because the Biding-Harris campaign threatened to freeze them out during a Biding-Harris administration. Not that the “journalists” weren’t more than happy to provide cover anyway.

              Subbing today for Rush, Mark Steyn noted a NY Times story about the law firm representing the president, one of those DC Powerhouses that never manages to win for a Republican client:

              Growing Discomfort at Law Firms Representing Trump in Election Lawsuits
              Some lawyers at Jones Day and Porter Wright, which have filed suits about the 2020 vote, said they were worried about undermining the electoral system.

              Steyn asserts there are revelations here that violate Bar standards; if they don’t there are no standards for the American Bar beyond “DON’T get caught and DO get paid.

              Washington DC is a classic example of a company town and is more than happy to see the sheriff brought in to clean up the place ride on out.

    2. I couldn’t make myself watch Biden’s “Academy Award acceptance speech,” but the tiny bit I did see sounded EXACTLY like an Oscar speech.
      Also saw my first case of buyer’s remorse on Twitter this morning…someone saying, “If I’d known he supported lockdowns, which are useless and bad, I never would have voted for him.”
      I was polite in my reply. Mainly, “If you didn’t know that you weren’t paying attention. “

  7. Michigan’s John James is fighting for that seat. I cannot help laughing at the idea that the Dems will flood a billion dollars into Georgia senate races only to have James win his challenge and make those Georgia races irrelevant.

    Of course, if the recount of presidential votes in Georgia puts David Perdue back above the fifty percent mark …

  8. Thank you for your insights Sarah. We should get some fans to blow the smoke away. 🙂

    I have been reminding myself all day that Trump won in a landslide. A landslide that was larger than the last one. So many of the democrat votes are fake. We are surrounded by fellow Trump voters. There are no people behind fake votes.

    1. And no people behind fake votes means those are soldiers in their cause that don’t exist.

      We outnumber them by roughly 2 to 1.

      Even where it’s nominally blue.

      1. THIS.
        As I said, I overheard a talk between lefty insiders and they said “No. Without special measures this is still red country.” (CO) “These fuckers hate us.”

        1. If we didn’t hate ’em before, we do now, if only out of sheer self-preservation.

          It ain’t paranoia when they really ARE out to get you.

          1. I didn’t hate them before the last four years. I thought they were dangerous and insane, but I didn’t hate them.
            Now they will get exactly what they give. With interest.
            And I will only do business with them until I find an alternative.

            1. I have never hated Democrats — only their political leadership, whom I rank with Jim Jones in the tasonomy of human evil.

              1. Amending and revising my remark:
                … the tasonomy taxonomy of human evil.

                I need a keyboard with visible characters. Too many of these keys are now blank.

                  1. I see there are some available at very reasonable prices — I fear that using them might reveal the problem is that I am a truly lousy typist but I will give it full consideration.

                    1. RES, as the computer guy in my family I have spare keyboards I’m probably never going to need. If money’s really that tight I could just mail you one and call it an early Christmas gift.

                      Is USB okay?

    2. Plenty of fans here and some of us probably even have explosives training. (Oh were you talking about fans with blades and motors?)

  9. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? Pelosi’s long-time chief of staff is a key executive at Dominion Software? Diane “Chinese” Feinstein’s husband is a significant shareholder of the company????

    Dominion Voting Systems tied to Clintons, widely used in battleground states
    [SNIP] … The Denver-based company’s Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 software was used in 69 counties in Michigan on Tuesday.

    Dominion Voting Systems Inc. is one of three voting equipment vendors which control 88 percent of the U.S. market.

    During congressional testimony in January, John Poulos, CEO of Dominion Voting Systems confirmed that the machines Dominion manufactures include components from China and noted the issue of foreign suppliers isn’t unique to the voting equipment industry.

    “Several of those components, to our knowledge, there is no option for manufacturing those in the United States,” Poulos said.

    Election integrity analysts have long been concerned about what is known as supply-chain security, the tampering of election equipment during manufacturing.

    Dominion Voting Systems software is also used in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota and in Maricopa County, Arizona.

    Dominion Voting Systems has ties to prominent Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    Bloomberg reported in April of last year that Dominion Voting Systems hired a high-powered lobbying firm that includes a longtime aide to Pelosi. They hired Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck. Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account.

    In 2014, Dominion was listed in the Washington Post table as having donated between $25,001-$50,000 to the Clinton Foundation.


    In Georgia, glitches with software updates on Dominion Voting Systems equipment were reported in contested polling locations in Morgan and Stanley counties.

    Due to the glitches, Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting until 11 p.m. on election night. The counties use voting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems and electronic poll books — used to sign in voters — made by KnowInk.

    The companies “uploaded something last night, which is not normal, and it caused a glitch,” said Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at Spalding County Board of Election, Politico reported. That glitch prevented pollworkers from using the pollbooks to program smart cards that the voters insert into the voting machines.

    Ridley said that a representative from the two companies called her after poll workers began having problems with the equipment Tuesday morning and said the problem was due to an upload to the machines by one of their technicians overnight.

    “That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election,” Ridley said.

    Neither Dominion nor KnowInk responded to Politico’s request for comment. A spokesperson for the Georgia secretary of state’s office also did not respond to follow-up questions about who uploaded the dataset and whether it had been reviewed and tested by anyone beforehand.

    Wallaby Weaction: I do not know if World Tribune is a reliable site, but searching on “pelosi investment in dominion software” turned up a slew of “right wing” stories breaking on this:

    Search domain centipedenation . com/transmissions/the-election-software-system-in-michigan-that-switched-6000-votes-from-trump-to-biden-is-called-dominion-it-is-used-in-30-states/https://centipedenation . com/transmissions/the-election-software-system-in-michigan-that-switched-6000-votes-from-trump-to-biden-is-called-dominion-it-is-used-in-30-states/
    Small, quick dig on Dominion software below. On Thursday the Michigan’s GOP claimed that a glitch in the election software in one Michigan county gave 6,000 Republican votes to Democrats. One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to…

    Pelosi Has Suspicious Ties With Election Software ‘Glitch ….
    Search domain cleverjourneys . com/2020/11/06/pelosi-has-suspicious-ties-with-election-software-glitch-company-in-favor-of-biden-ballots/https://cleverjourneys . com/2020/11/06/pelosi-has-suspicious-ties-with-election-software-glitch-company-in-favor-of-biden-ballots/
    The company with all the voting machines that “glitch” to create more votes for Biden is “Dominion Voting Systems.” Their DC lobbyist is Nancy Pelosi’s longtime aide. The company hired Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck earlier this year. Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff, is one of the lobbyists on the account. Their glitches…

    Nancy Pelosi Outed For Dominion Software Connection Used ….
    Search domain whiskeytangotexas . com/2020/11/08/nancy-pelosi-outed-for-dominion-software-connection-used-to-steal-votes-for-democrats/https://whiskeytangotexas . com/2020/11/08/nancy-pelosi-outed-for-dominion-software-connection-used-to-steal-votes-for-democrats/
    This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Dominion Software, Nancy Pelosi, Sidney Powell, voter fraud on November 8, 2020 by Bone Fish. Post navigation ← Watch Nervous Biden Slave Chimp Out At BLM Color Revolution Victory Party Ԁresident Ǝlect Biden To Announce COVID Task Force Imposing Mask Mandates And Big Tech Contact Tracing On …

    Breaking: Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein Linked To ….
    Search domain http://www.rightcountry . com/breaking-nancy-pelosi-dianne-feinstein-linked-to-software-behind-voting-machine-glitches/https://www.rightcountry . com/breaking-nancy-pelosi-dianne-feinstein-linked-to-software-behind-voting-machine-glitches/
    In April of 2019, Bloomberg reported: “Dominion Voting Systems — which commands more than a third of the voting-machine market without having Washington lobbyists — has hired its first, a high-powered firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” And it is true that Senator Feinstein’s husband has a major stake in Dominion.

    Dominion Voting Systems: The company at the center of ….
    Search domain noqreport . com/2020/11/06/dominion-voting-systems-the-company-at-the-center-of-michigan-and-georgia-voting-glitches/https://noqreport . com/2020/11/06/dominion-voting-systems-the-company-at-the-center-of-michigan-and-georgia-voting-glitches/
    Adding to the intrigue, Dominion Voting Systems has apparent ties to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat. Bloomberg reported in April of last year that Dominion Voting Systems — which commands more than a third of the voting-machine market without having Washington lobbyists — has hired its first, a high-powered firm that includes …

    The Dominion software -Is Nancy Pelosi a silent partner of ….
    Search domain http://www.tapatalk . com/groups/theerant/the-dominion-software-is-nancy-pelosi-a-silent-par-t107502.htmlhttps://www.tapatalk . com/groups/theerant/the-dominion-software-is-nancy-pelosi-a-silent-par-t107502.html
    Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN The Dominion software -Is Nancy Pelosi a silent partner of the company?

    Dominion Voting Systems Leads to Voter Fraud – NRN • New …
    Search domain newrightnetwork . com/2020/11/dominion-voting-systems.html/https://newrightnetwork . com/2020/11/dominion-voting-systems.html/
    Glitches in Dominion Voting Systems Machines. Fast forward to our present election debacle “The county clerk [Sheryl Guy] came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes,” Michigan GOP chair Laura Cox said. “Antrim County had to hand-count all of the ballots News outlets are reporting a “glitch in the software of Dominion Voting Systems …

    1. We’re perma-vote fraud by mail, so my knowledge is third hand, but I was under the impression that the machines were supposed to be offline during the actual election process.

      Interesting that Twitter is banning the use of “Scorecard” and/or “Hammer” in a post that has “vote” in it. Searching (using Qwant) on “scorecard cia” is interesting. (Also seems to be known as Hammer. Don’t know why.) It seems to explain the “glitches” in Michigan and elsewhere. Of course, the machine has to be online for the shenanigans to work…

            1. Yeah, it’s gone from “Don’t believe it until the government denys it” to “If Twitter censors and bans you for saying it, it’s really true”. Which is why I have an account on Gab (lurk only) and nothing on anti-social media. (Not quite, I have a dormant login for MeWe.)

      1. I’ve seen several amusing screencaps of people posting pictures of hammers, or talking about Arm&Hammer detergent, with the words “elect” or “vote” in some other part of the tweet, that get flagged by Twitter as spreading misinformation about the election,

        1. Twitter is banning for spreading misinformation about the election?

          I guess that means that Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, the NY Times, Washington Post, USA TODAY and all other MSM sites are off Twitter?

            1. Misinformation – they keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

              I will not start searching for a meme depicting the Democrats as Vizzini. I will not start searching for a meme depicting the Democrats as Vizzini. I will not start searching for a meme depicting the Democrats as Vizzini.

      1. Yes And No.

        Computers always do what you tell them to do but sometimes what you tell them to do IS NOT what you want them to do.

        Mind you, I suspect those machines are doing What the builders/programmers Want them to do. 😈

        Note, I’m a former COBOL Mainframe Programmer. 👿

        1. Computers always do what you tell them to do but sometimes what you tell them to do IS NOT what you want them to do.
          Mind you, I suspect those machines are doing What the builders/programmers Want them to do. 😈
          Note, I’m a former COBOL Mainframe Programmer. 👿


          Note. Retired programmer, after a 35 year programming (not limited to): COBOL, RPG, Fortran, C, C++, C#, and Delphi (Pascal) …

          The program in question isn’t rocket science. ANY novice, entry level, programmer should have been able to get it right, unless they chose not to get it right. The evidence is in what happened. Not a programming glitch. Enemy Action.

          1. The glitch has been denied by the Michigan AG and SecState, so it must assuredly be false.

            And I have a really beautiful bridge in Brooklyn that is being privatized and I’m willing to let you in on the IPO at a discount.

            You do NOT do last minute updates to significant software — there must ALWAYS be time to test that the update worked as promised.

            I am not a programmer – but I have been at multiple corporations which installed new Windows updates and had their networks locked up for hours.

            1. And I am a programmer AND a software tester for 30 years. Exactly this. Best practice MANDATES a code freeze around significant events such as end of fiscal year. Better to live with the errors you know about than risk introducing new ones plus confusing your users with interface changes.

            2. Ah, this is the AG who’s so concerned* about voter fraud in Detroit that she’s threatening criminal charges against the reporter who did the videos, unless all is deleted.

              Here’s Gateway Pundit’s article on that:


              (*) I didn’t say she was *against* voter fraud, mind you…

            3. Ah, but their Department of State’s “denial” of the glitch was to say that the software hadn’t been updated, so it gave the wrong numbers.

              Which is their justification for it being a human error.

            4. The glitch has been denied by the Michigan AG and SecState, so it must assuredly be false.

              And. (-1 * -25) = -25

              Just saying.

              FYI. Regular actual complaint from governmental employees, who (IMO) should have known better.

              Nothing to see here folks, lets move on … /sarcasm off

          2. Saw on Gab that multiple small counties were getting votes for Biden vs Trump “inexplicably” flipped. There were some screen grabs. Here’s a post with more counties mentioned.


            When caught, it’d get blamed on “human error” or other such twaddle.

            Dominion’s connections to Deep State/Soros/Act Blue and other interesting groups is coming out. With connections to Pelosi (her chief of staff is the CEO, if I recall it right) and Di Feinstein’s hubby, I’d be amazed if it *could* do honest work…

    2. glitch, nothing. machines do what you write the code to do. Don’t accept ‘glitch’.

  10. From the Epoch Times this morning:

    Whistleblower Saw People in Biden Van Opening, Filling, and Sealing Nevada Ballots, Trump Campaign Claims
    https://www.theepochtimes . com/whistleblower-saw-people-in-biden-van-opening-filling-and-sealing-nevada-ballots-trump-campaign-claims_3570956.html

    Whistleblower Alleges Mail-In Ballot Signatures Were Disregarded in Nevada: Affidavit
    https://www.theepochtimes . com/whistleblower-alleges-mail-in-ballot-signatures-were-disregarded-in-nevada-affidavit_3570818.html

    Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressmen Call for AG, Secretary State To Recuse Themselves
    https://www.theepochtimes . com/pennsylvanias-republican-congressmen-call-for-ag-secretary-state-to-recuse-themselves_3570800.html

  11. It’s been somewhat amusing to watch the Power Line folks express how much they are “Shocked! Shocked!” that Zuckerbook and Teh Twits are blocking their attempts to self-link their own posts over and over again. Apparently they were not paying attention over the past months and years – or it just was never done to them before.

    They and Insty have also taken official notice that foxnews has changed sides, Drudging themselves.

    A lot of eyes have been opened.

      1. Some years back I gave up on cable and didn’t get satellite, nor is there any truly reliable “over the air” TV signal. Now I have to keep drinking water or blood pressure runs a wee bit low. If I’m gonna have a problem, that looks to be one of the better ones – easily dealt with, and the ‘drug’ is mighty cheap!

      2. If it weren’t for my church using FB for on-line services and mass communications I’d be outta there so fast the dust wouldn’t even rise, much less sette.

    1. I’m getting somewhat annoyed by the Powerline columns on “What will the Biden administration do with X?” Dammitol, he’s not certified as president-elect, and it’s being contested 7 ways from Sunday. Save the columns in the just-in-case drawer and help with the fight!

      FWIW, Fox News started rolling left when Rupert gave control to his kids. With their election performances, I think they’ll complete the phrase. [Makes note to see if Dish offers Newsmax or OAN for when Tucker jumps ship. He’s the only person $SPOUSE watches on FN.]

      1. learned some elections back to ignore Powerline for election years, especially Paul. The others might have something valid and you can tell by the lead, but for the most part, If it wasn’t for the WuFlu stuff, an only so often that, I wonder why I have them in my feed.

        1. I appreciate their Week in Pictures, for what it’s worth. But I usually get there via Instapundit, or search it out directly.

          1. Andrew Bolt is another one I drop from time to time, but last Paywalling I just didn’t bother deleting so of late I have not paid his crap too much mind, just glance at the headlines, but this weekend he blamed Trump “BRAGGING DONALD TRUMP THREW THIS ELECTION AWAY” and today he had a “REAL CONSERVATIVES DO NOT SAY TRUMP WAS ROBBED”
            Oh shut your face yobbo. Love the Real Conservatives™ horse shite, Mr. Arbiter of what is happening half a planet away from your crappy city paper.

        2. Interestingly, Paul Mirengoff — who has always been the most Trump-skeptic of the blog — has this advice today:

          Claiming that the nation “can’t afford two years of gridlock,” the Washington Post’s editors call on Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi to work together. I call on McConnell to be exactly as willing to work with the Biden administration as Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were to work with the Trump administration.

          McConnell will chart his own course. However, I’m betting it will be closer to the one I’m urging than to the Post’s.

          As for those pesky Trump voters — close to half of the voting population — the Post says Biden should “reach out” to them with “rural broadband, for example.”

          It turns out that Trump voters aren’t “deplorables” after all. They are just hicks with insufficient access to highspeed internet.

          After five years, the Post is as clueless about the Trump phenomenon as it was when candidate Trump walked down that escalator in Manhattan. The grievances that gave rise to the Trump movement — grievances shared by people like me who never warmed to Trump — have nothing to do with internet access.

          Trump voters reject the vision of America, and of Americans, shared by Democrats, media outlets like the Post, and the new business elites. They can’t be bought off with broadband.

          Mitch McConnell and his caucus represent, albeit imperfectly, people who hold a very different vision of America. People who, for the most part, like the America they grew up in and don’t think it needs to be transformed. People who cherish their freedoms and resent governmental intrusions on them. People who don’t want yet more income redistribution by the government. People who don’t want to see religious freedom eroded.

          People who reject the idea that America is plagued by systemic racism. People who favor merit-based decisionmaking, rather than a racial spoils system. People who want a strong military. People who are favorably disposed to the police. People who disfavor illegal immigration and expect the government to curb, rather than reward, it.

          Gridlock in Washington reflects the national divide on these and other matters. For Republicans, gridlock is infinitely preferable to rule by the other side. The same is true for Democrats, as the past two years demonstrated once again.

          Two cheers for gridlock.

          1. I call on McConnell to be exactly as willing to work with the Biden administration as Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were to work with the Trump administration.

            I don’t think they have the first clue what they’re asking for there. Chuckie and MaligNancy have been about as willing to cooperate with Trump as a couple of spoiled two-year-olds forced to eat their strained peas.

            I hope the Republicans are EXACTLY as willing to work with the Democrats as the Democrats have been these last four years!
            How can Leftoids create a better world when everything they do makes this one worse?

            1. Prediction-Harris/Biden will simply ignore the Senate entirely and in addition to executive orders will use the UN as their mechanism to impose things they can’t get through Congress; such as speech and gun rights restrictions, restrictions on travel and fossil fuel use, etc. They won’t even bother trying to have Congress implement legislation or have the Senate approve agreements.

              Expect them to impose the executive orders and international agreements through “sue and settle” by finding friendly leftist judges (who always seem to get these cases) who will sign off on them, and they will count on conservative judges to go along based on the agreements being settlements (there is a lengthy history of case law that favors settlements and limits the scrutiny that courts subject them to).

              Obama used this a lot and it will just be ramped up to 11 under Harris/Biden.

              1. There would seem to be time for a lame duck president to submit, and the Congress pass, a bill asserting that the UN has no, zero, not any, none, zilch, nada, authority over American citizen’s rights except as specified in treaties enacted by Congress.

                I wager there are enough House Democrats who could be cudgeled into supporting such a bill if only to give Nancy a kick in the pants on their way out and of the Senate takes it up before Georgia votes in its runoff it would a) be a useful issue in that and b) potentially still be live when the new senators take their seats, with time to pass it and Trump to sign it on his way out of the White House.

                It would make a darling house-warming gift for the new administration.

              2. But that’s where SCOTUS comes in. And they can’t “use the UN” without a law to implement it.

                1. I admire your faith in their willingness to obey a republican SCOTUS any more than they’ll obey a republican senate.

                  1. Oh, I have no faith in their willingness to obey it. As a justification for citizens arrest / Battle of Athens, it works much better.

                    1. “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation”

                    2. “They’re a bunch of unbearable a-holes who want to strip our liberties” isn’t good enough?

                      Okay, it wasn’t in 1860 …

                    3. “Why doth treason never prosper? Because if it prosper, none dare CALL it treason.”

                      Winning covers a multitude of sins. The question is what are you fighting for… or against.

          2. hoping for gridlock myself, and a whole lot of SCOTUS “No, you have to pass that through Congress” if this doesn’t show enough fraud to reverse all the Joe gains

            1. Yeah, with Roberts no longer the swing vote there’s hope in SCOTUS again.

              I hope they get forced to publish the kompromat they have on him – and then I hope the Senate declines to impeach him he embarks on a quest to punish those who blackmailed him.

              Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  12. I’m very glad that you’re back off the ledge. Now we have to support the fight. We have to support the two Georgia senate candidates. And we have to demand fixes for the voting systems, physical and human. Any legislator who doesn’t get on board and doesn’t vote accordingly must be tarred morning, noon, and night with support of voting fraud. We also need to make the penalties much more severe, because voting fraud is sedition, if not treason.

    1. I’m not sure if making the penalties more severe will help, since even blatant voter and electoral fraud, and other violations of election laws, often go unprosecuted. Will making the penalties more severe help when vanishingly few of those crimes are prosecuted?

        1. Penalties will be imposed based on one’s identity and membership in designated identity groups and whether one is a member of an “oppressed” group or not as defined by the SJWs.

    2. So, something I realized a little while ago, is that the burden of proof should be on the election officials to prove that their tallies are valid, not the other way around. Basically, all of our legal history starts from the assumption that the burden of proof falls on the one seeking a change in a status. The prosecution seeks to change the status of a person, so they must bear the burden of proof. So, if we demand proof beyond reasonable doubt to fine someone $20, why is it that election officials, who are supposed to spend months preparing the audit trails, and setting up systems to ensure the integrity of the election, are somehow exempt from this?

      It turns the Rule of Law on its head, and invites perversion of justice, as we have well seen.

      1. Worse, the crucial element of proof seems to be that the illegal votes were sufficient to change the outcome. But without being able to prove that these particular n ballots were the illegal ones and tally them up (because ballots are anonymous and commingling destroys that information), it becomes literally impossible to prove. Catch-22.

        I think that elections should be guilty until proven innocent, and that there should be a “reasonable person” standard of trustworthiness or the whole thing gets thrown out, maybe precinct-by-precinct and maybe a complete do-over.

      1. Paper, and a hand count overseen by a crowd of suspicious citizens.

        Cuz the moment the paper is fed into a machine, you no longer know what happens to that vote.

        And a hard cutoff at 8pm on Election Night. Found ballots at 4am? too bad, you knew when they were due.

        1. Exactly the way my county worked. Until 2008, when the electronic voting machines nobody asked for showed up.

          Nobody was ever able to explain why the machines were better than paper. The poll workers counted ballots out in the open every half hour and phoned in each new total; the last ballots were counted minutes after the polls closed, and shortly afterward the tables, boxes of ballots, and whatnots were loaded up, lights out, doors locked, and everyone driving away.

          I know I’ve only harped on this eleventy times, but there is *no* justification for electronic voting machines other than to facilitate fraud.

        2. Re 4am – Note the ballots did not show up at 4am, the counts mysteriously were added to the state totals at 4am.

          If they are injecting “votes” at that interface they don’t even need real ballots, which is a great time saver.

          As TRX says, the correct way to do this is count by hand and phone number in – that way no data moves except by voice, so no data can be altered by “man-in-the-middle” type attacks. Issue one time pads to each counting location authorized-vote-count-reporter-via-phone for authentication so you can be sure it’s an official report.

      2. Paper doesn’t glitch out.
        Paper doesn’t have networking issues.
        Paper.. is its own paper trail.

        Imperfect, but the issues are rather well-known.
        The problem, it seems, is people.

      3. Electronics should be used to make sure that we can watch the count, and to make sure that the counts at the polls match counts reported, but that’s about it.

        1. The first step, before a single vote is counted, should be to close the balloting. Mail-in/absentee ballots can be counted, but not tabulated, before polls close. That way we would know how many ballots are in that particular universe, establishing a maximum number of votes for that venue (precinct, county, state.) NO late arriving ballots may be added; all such ballots (including provisional ones) are sequestered under strict control for possible challenges before being added to the valid ballot population.

          If that means we don’t know results on election day, what of it?

          Electronic tabulation is okay for first pass, with audit checks and later manual tabulation to follow. In a city of any size there are a lot of votes cast on a single ballot and tabulating them by hand is both tedious and prone to human error.

          There ought to be available standard upon which Best Practices cand be built, but this current mess is inexcusable. We practice vastly more hygienic voting for the Academy Awards – there’s no valid excuse for the Charlie Foxtrot our elections have gotten to be.

    3. “And we have to demand fixes for the voting systems, physical and human. Any legislator who doesn’t get on board and doesn’t vote accordingly must be tarred morning, noon, and night with support of voting fraud.”

      Also, call into question how THEY got into office.
      “So, could you have won without the zombie vote?”
      “What are you doing to encourage better turnout among the breathing-challenged?”

      1. Presume the actual question: “When you win an election based on the fraudulent votes of dead people, how does that make you feel?”

  13. Checked some more Fox today. Yesterday, they canceled Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show to fawn over the prematurely anointed ‘president-elect’ but Greg Gutfeld, Mark Levin and Steve Hilton, and their guests, are all talking about the election fraud and what a catastrophe it would be for the nation to allow it to stand.

  14. We do not live in the worst possible timeline. I think Trump has a fighting chance.

    Also, my dad says he once saw Walter Cronkite, in a video for students about voting, reminiscing about how fun and cool it was to vote illegally and underage and without residency, as directed by the Kansas City machine. Cronkite allegedly seemed proud of it.

    Also, WIlliam Shatner played Archie Goodwin in the 1959 Nero Wolfe failed pilot episode. And he does a good job as Archie, at least in the first five minutes I have watched.

    1. I don’t know what video my dad saw, but Cronkite obituaries that were based on his autobiography talk about “On Election Day, two policemen working for Tom Pendergast escorted Cronkite to a polling station and instructed him to vote — twice.”

      So this was when he’d just moved to town and started work at KCMO radio in Kansas City, so he probably did have residency (depending on how that was defined there). But he was underage and he voted twice, albeit under duress. The under duress part doesn’t sound like something that would give fond memories, though, so maybe he went willingly.

      1. Holy crud. He does tell this story in A Reporter’s Life, and says that he voted twice under assumed names that he was given by the policemen, in different precincts; and yes, he was underage, didn’t have residency, etc. And his station was owned by a friend of Boss Tom Pendergast, so the policemen didn’t even bother to tell Cronkite how to vote.

        1. Would be unlikely but fun if he voted Republican both times, then could not tell anyone because professional suicide.

        2. Given the control exercised by the Pendergast machine it is likely Cronkite saw nothing particularly wrong in voting for its slate. It wasn’t as if his non-voting or even voting against the slate would have had any effect beyond his personal immiseration.

          Sort of like Chicago under the original Mayor Daley: your vote only affected whether your street got plowed and your garbage collected; Daley was going to win regardless.

    2. I’ve watched that pilot. I rather enjoyed it, although I did enjoy Timothy Hutton in the A&E version more.

      Still, the Shatner version has a charm only Shatner could bring to the role.

      1. Kurt Kasznar as Nero?

        I vaguely recall they made a couple of movies of the duo back in the Thirties, with Lionel Stander as Archie and Edward Arnold* as Nero. Meet Nero Wolfe and The League of Frightened Men, both from Columbia, inserting Walter Connolly** as Nero in the second film.

        There was a very good pilot in 1979 with Thayer David as Nero, but he passed away before the series got green lit. It was based on the novel The Doorbell Rang and, four years later, recast and reshot as the pilot for the William Conrad series of mis-adaptations.

        *likely remembered for his performance as “Boss” Jim Taylor in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

        **probably best known for his lead as Claudette Colbert’s tycoon father in Capra’s It Happened One night

        1. His Nero was nowhere as strong as Maury Chaykin’s portrayl. Then again, I’m not sure we saw the A&E pilot so it might not be a fair comparison.

          Also, at a designed 30 minute runtime, based on a 26 minute pilot, the 50s series would have been a shallow entry.

    3. AK, PA, GA, NC + NE2 will be an EC tie. AK, PA, GA, NC + any other state is an EC win for President Trump. Other paths remain open, too. It is time to mobilize Rep legislatures in troubled states. A few honest or pro-America Dems may even go along.

  15. Anger results in either action or depression. It is not yet time for the boog, so depression.

  16. Rest assured there’s teams of people with analytical talents digging into results around the country even in non-swing states. The stupid idiots have cheated in races they didn’t need to cheat in as well, in the most obvious ways possible.

    And remember this is the same mob media that admitted that they had the goods on Epstein years ago and squashed the story. Any organization(s) that protects such vermin won’t blink to to help steal an election.

    1. I’m not sure they didn’t need to cheat.
      There are ways that “sellers” (metaphorically) behave when they are faking the results/broke the feedback cycle.
      That’s the way the left behaves in the US (I just did a post for PJM about this. Haven’t looked yet today.)
      I think they need to cheat EVERYWHERE.

      1. They don’t think of it as cheating. They think of it as “making things right.” Cheating is when the outgroup – you – does it.

        And mightily are they offended, and wrathful is their just retribution.

      2. Their need to cheat is akin to our need to eat or Stephen Green’s need to drink. They simply cannot imagine not cheating, are convinced Republicans cheat, and cheat simply because they can.

        Whether they needed to cheat to win this election is irrelevant.

  17. I believe that the democrats perpetrated massive voting fraud, but I’m still fearful that our institutions will not accept the “proof”, in brain-dead “let’s move on” idiocy. I hope and pray that Trump will prevail but in lieu of that I hope that the Democrat fraud machine is exposed and it stops becoming okay to resist rational attempts to prevent fraud.

    1. You’d better fight this with all you got, because these people have ONE talent. Psyops. They are completely incompetent at everything else.
      We’ll have famine within a year and they’ll convince people it’s global arming.

      1. Hey, I’d be all in favor of Global Arming. Particularly as opposed to Arming Only The Bad Guys.

  18. I’m not working for a while, obviously, which is just as well. I expect two people on my team, well aware of my politics, will continue their normal shit talk just amped up. I love the one-way street nature of politeness on that topic.

    Except for Insty, and here I’ve mostly avoided it on the net. At this moment, there isn’t much I can do. My audience, such as it is, is a choir that is getting plenty of preaching. I’m still in PA, so I can’t be an observer in GA (and the special elections aren’t for a bit).

    I’m not despondent, but I am a bit depressed in the “I’m watching all happen and can do nothing,” so I’m avoiding the news.

      1. I’ve read them both.

        Thought about doing my Sunday links on my blog as a round-up, but didn’t do a post period.

        I really, really, really want to avoid partisan material on my blog because no matter what the libs say the personal is not the political. Unlike anyone writing Star {Trek/Wars} or Dr. Who I’d rather have people show up to talk about gaming and writing and all that and not alienate half my audience.

        I guess I’m still dreaming and accept the Left has won in that one way, the personal is the political now. There is no space between the two.

  19. Our friend and ally the International Lord Of Hate has a new post:

    The More Fuckery Update

    I particularly like his ‘violate the basic laws of the universe levels of improbability’ line.

    As for me, I will continue to call Komrade Joe ‘The Prematurely Anointed’ and hope we can dodge this incoming artillery shell.
    My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

  20. Because these sorts of blog posts need to go viral:

    No, Joe Biden is not President-Elect
    On Saturday, the establishment media did something incredibly irresponsible. In the midst of the most contentious election in modern history, instead of acting as neutral observers of the political process, they decided to embrace the undemocratic role of kingmaker by prematurely calling the election for Joe Biden. Yes, in normal times it has been a time-honored tradition that the media act as the unofficial scorekeeper in presidential elections, but this role has no official standing, despite the desperate attempt by the media to usurp that role for itself.

    These are not normal times and the media’s action amounts to an attempt to short circuit the official and legal process of selecting the president. The outcome of this election is still very much in doubt. The electoral margins are razor thin, votes are still being counted, recounts will be held in a number of states, and there are legal challenges that have yet to work their way through the courts. Regardless of the false claims of the media, the election process is not yet over.

    The media is compounding its own malfeasance by making the false claim that there is no evidence of election fraud and by suppressing any reports of the many problems with the vote counting. Although it may be true that there is yet to be any proof of election fraud, this is not the same as there being no evidence of fraud. Evidence and proof are not the same things. And the proper bodies to judge any evidence are courts of law. In our constitutional system, neither the news media nor the laughably misnamed “independent fact checkers” of the social media have any place deciding the merits of the evidence of fraud taking place in this election.

    Of the many actual pieces of evidence of election fraud surrounding the vote counting, the most damaging are the cases of GOP poll watchers, in violation of election laws, being kicked out of the vote counting rooms in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. It was in these very Democrat-controlled cities that partisan political machines in charge of the vote counting, now behind closed doors, somehow managed to find enough additional votes to flip the vote counts in their respective states from being in favor of Donald Trump to being in favor of Joe Biden. The media has become wilfully blind to this clear violation of the law.

    Any ballots counted during the period when GOP observers were locked out of the counting rooms are now tainted and legally suspect. If the courts eventually do throw out these votes, as they should, the fault would not be on Donald Trump for bringing a legal challenge, but on the Democrats for attempting to use their partisan political machines to control the vote counting.

    One final point. If Joe Biden wanted to ensure that any victory would be seen as legitimate by Trump’s supporters, he should have immediately joined the Trump campaign in demanding that GOP poll watchers be allowed to observe the vote counting, as they are entitled to by law. The fact that he remained silent, as did the entire Democrat establishment (including their media allies) makes him complicit in any illegal activities that occurred behind those closed doors and will forever taint any claim that he has on being legitimately elected as president.

    – Nick Forte, re-posted from The Pelican Report hat tip Samizdata

    1. One minor editorial suggestion, to be passed along to responsible parties:

      “These are not normal times and the media’s action amounts to an attempt to short circuit usurp the official and legal process of selecting the president.”

      verb: To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force or without legal authority.
      intransitive verb: To take over or occupy without right.

      Gee, now I cannot decide: “Joe the Usurper” or “Usurper Biden”?

  21. Y’know what? It finally finished dawning on me that this coup-by-fraud attempt is actually for many of us, on a both a visceral and a (perceived) practical level, worse than the September 11th terrorist attacks.

    Despite the far-greater immediate, direct loss of American life back then, almost nobody seriously saw those as an existential threat to us as a nation, or the basis of our government: the vital and vulnerable connection between “the expressed will of the people” and “who constitutes the government.”

    This, at worst, can and would be an extinction-level event for our Republic. And that is why, to so many of us, it feels like an ongoing kick in the guts.

    Maybe some assorted people should ask themselves: if you just haul off and kick someone in the guts, what’s likely to happen next?

    1. Yes. I feel like I woke up in an alternate universe where I live in a banana republic with lying, cheating, and fraud accepted and shrugged at by half of the population. Maybe more if you count the Republican squishes. Almost all of my friends and relatives are leftist, unfortunately, and it’s difficult not to blame them too.

      1. Look, this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. We have been living through a period when it was hidden better, but it was going on. Maybe not at this magnitude, but it was.

        In the 1980’s, because I was friends with a man on the Maryland State Survey crew, I had the opportunity to spend an evening or two at the Stonewall Democratic Club in Baltimore. The beer was good, and the people were interesting in an Anthropological way; mostly unreconstructed Southern White Trash. I listened to them reminiscing about election fixes past and kept my mouth shut.

        Later, when I was living in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, there was a Gubernatorial election that pretty much everybody in the State knew was stolen by the Democrats ( by timing, I think that would have been one of Schaefer’s terms). There was no point in challenging it, as the Democrats were in position to drag it out through to the next election.

        No matter if the Democrat machine won or lost, I doubt there has been an even moderately honest election, at least as regards Baltimore, since the 1950’s, and maybe longer.

        What’s different now is A) they’ve gotten desperate and therefore sloppy and B) there is a faction of Republicans in Washington and Nationally that have grown spines.

        This may not be the Last Hurrah of the Washington Establishment Democrats, but even if they manage to smother the vote checking, there are enough people IN POLITICS who are angry enough that I think the Democrats are in real trouble.

        1. Again, that only makes a difference if the vote fraud can be overcome. As we saw with how Obamacare got rammed through, what the people actually want is utterly irrelevant to the aspiring tyrants.

    2. In fairness the current Democratic Party/leftist powers think the Jihadists are the good guys, so the similarity in the effort to destroy America as America and to “fundamentally transform it’ with a religious fervor really should not surprise anyone. They even share the same rabid hatred of Jews and religious Christians.

  22. And if anyone should still need a sufficiently thoughtful and weighty counter-argument to the (R) voices raised against Donald Trump (and thus indirectly for mass vote fraud) — whether they’re genuine dyed-in-the-wool Never Trumpers or RINO-publicans, or merely “shocked and awed” moderates who aren’t quite thinking straight again yet — maybe this voice, from someone they probably know and might even respect and admire, will help:

    The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

    — Abraham Lincoln(R), 1862

    We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

    And if anyone fails to understand what “disenthrall ourselves” means in the most direct, active, and practical sense today, I could likewise point them to one Sarah A. Hoyt — who has just now done exactly that, out loud and for the world to see and hear.

    ((see that PJMedia post and the last few ATHs too))

    Because if it’s not time yet to free ourselves from the Democrats’ 150+ years of merry servitude to their ideological and mental dumb-assery — when will we ever be free?

    And just in case it hasn’t already been said enough lately… thank you, Sarah.

  23. Gee, this writer seems interesting. I wonder if she’s got a blog or something? She sounds like our kind of people!

    When the Free Marketplace of Political Ideas Is Thwarted
    By Sarah Hoyt
    There are plenty of articles about the blatant naked fraud we all saw happening in this election. I usually link my friend Larry’s post, because he has a bunch of the indications (though not all).

    But though we’ve joked for a long time about having to beat the fraud—cemeteries voting in Chicago is a perennial—the only state to go all vote-by-mail and not become perpetually Democrat is Utah, and that’s probably cultural.

    However, it’s almost impossible to prove how long the left has been committing fraud or whether it’s actually won them elections.

    We do have some indications, such as the fact that the Dems passed Motor Voter, allowing people to register to vote even while they’re here on a temporary visa (and definitely when they’re illegal) because it’s illegal to even ask people if they’re citizens. It might give them bad feels or something.

    It wasn’t till I was in the middle of a discussion with #2 son today that I realized we do have another indication. …

  24. For an idea of how truly bad Harris/Biden would be, they are apparently going to select Susan “Death to Israel” Rice to be their Sec of Sate, she of the active role in Obama administration spying on Trump and in the post 2016 election coup attempt.

    If there fraud succeeds, Starship Troopers/Pinochet/Franco becomes the best possible outcome.

  25. Today I would like to remind everyone that the Berlin Wall fell.

    It fell because the Soviet Union was dying.

    Why was the Soviet Union dying? 1. It had been slowly choking itself to death for decades with coerced organized lie upon lie, endless and unrelenting. 2. Ronald Reagan sensed the truth of its weakness, and pushed.

    The PRC is not going to last forever. Jinping Xi thought is, in fact, pretty bad at managing complexity and technical problems. All totalitarian government is. You lose information about how the mandated programs are dysfunctional messes, leave them in place, and are standing there surprised when the defects line up to make the whole thing collapse. Then the mob strings you up.

    As for our fuckers, they are making the problems worse for themselves.

    1. Corrupting the database, as Wretchard puts it.

      There’s plenty of that going on in the US as well.

  26. Also, there may be a fraud machine in Utah. Dems can’t make pedo baby killing 100% acceptable there, but Mitt Romney is a little bit more plausible.

    1. Larry’s comment that he’s met jellyfish with spine than Mittens is spot on. I personally hope that he loses a primary challenge next time.

      1. Rumor is that Biden is going to offer him the Secretary of Health job; if so, I hope Utah has a Republican governor and that governor appoints someone who is not a RINO to replace him.

  27. One thing I haven’t seen anyone on the president’s team mention is if you need to mark 100,000 plus ballots in a few hours, it’s difficult and dangerous to do by hand (too many witnesses needed), so I’m guessing the ballots had to be marked by machine. It should be easy to detect forensically such markings. Just sayin’….

  28. Good News Everybody!!! It is okay to criticize the WHO now; the NY Times has caught them discovered

    “As it praised Beijing, the World Health Organization concealed concessions to China and may have sacrificed the best chance to unravel the virus’s origins.”

    , reported Monday, November 02 – just in time to have no effect on the election.

    See the NY Post editorial:

    How WHO is still letting China block a real investigation of how COVID-19 started
    It’s been clear from the pandemic’s start that China staged a shameful coverup that cost lives across the world. Now, newly uncovered details show that the World Health Organization didn’t just kowtow to the Communists — the UN agency actively helped Beijing whitewash its deadly deeds.
    Back in February, WHO’s emergency director, Michael Ryan, said it was critical to understand the virus’s source. But the agency ignored the advice of its emergency committee in dealing with China, and “negotiated terms that sidelined its own experts,” the Times reports. “They would not question China’s initial response or even visit the live-animal market in the city of Wuhan where the outbreak seemed to have originated.”

    Indeed, nearly a year “and more than 1.1 million deaths later, there is still no transparent, independent investigation into the source of the virus.”
    The Times report follows one the June probe by the Associated Press that found WHO officials privately complained in January that “China was not sharing enough data to assess how effectively the virus spread between people or what risk it posed to the rest of the world, costing valuable time.”

    WHO praised China throughout January, thanking the country for sharing the virus’ genetic map “immediately” and saying its work and transparency were “very impressive and beyond words.”

    In reality, “Chinese government labs only released the genome after another lab published it ahead of authorities on a virologist website,” the AP reported — more than a week after it had the genetic map. “The delay in the release of the genome stalled the recognition of its spread to other countries, along with the global development of tests, drugs and vaccines,” the AP noted.
    Even now, nearly a year later, WHO continues its coverup. Withdrawing funding from this corrupt organization that has the blood of a million COVID deaths on its hands was one of the wisest parts of President Trump’s coronavirus response.

    1. Off Topic Res (or anybody else), how do you do the “strikeout” feature?

      I know Bold and Italics but not “strikeout”.

          1. I am advised that “s” and “strike” work and have heard of “strikethrough” serving as well, but as you asked how I do it, I use “DEL” … and, of course, the /[COMMAND] works to end all versions.

        1. I realize this is kind of inside baseball, but really: oughtn’t that be K and /K?

          Okay – both of you who got that can climb back off the floor and hit the pellet release button for your ration of peanuts and cracker jack.

          1. Spare me that obscure reference to America’s pastime. Even though you seem to be having a ball.

  29. Notable headlines from Town Hall’s Tipsheet:
    [To activate links remove blank spaces either side of the . between townhall and com]

    GOP Attorneys General Ask Supreme Court to Reverse Pennsylvania Court’s Decision on Mail-in Ballots
    townhall . com/tipsheet/reaganmccarthy/2020/11/09/pa-amicus-brief-n2579775

    Leader McConnell: ‘Let’s Not Have Any Lectures’ From The Party That Refused to Accept Results of 2016 Election
    townhall . com/tipsheet/reaganmccarthy/2020/11/09/mcconnell-on-election-n2579770

    ‘An Embarrassment For Our State’: Sens. Perdue and Loeffler Call on Georgia Secretary of State to Resign
    townhall . com/tipsheet/reaganmccarthy/2020/11/09/perdue-and-loeffler-call-on-sos-to-resign-n2579767

    Three Reasons to Remain Hopeful About Trump’s 2020 Vote Count Challenges
    townhall . com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/11/09/three-reasons-to-remain-hopeful-about-trumps-2020-vote-count-challenges-n2579763

  30. The following is a test.

    ABCD efghi

    ABCD efghi

    Let’s see if that works.

  31. They’re already making those lists:
    (redirects from donaldtrump DOT watch)

    Click on the state links, then on the city and street. So much for leftists screams about doxxing. Not that this isn’t public information, but what they scream about usually is too.

    OTOH, in some areas this may serve as our key to people who may need protection during “civil unrest”.

      1. Tee hee, I had similar thoughts. Followed by, “This is OUR country, you twanloc assholes. Molon labe.”

        Hey, if we all had a dozen aliases, d’ya think we could get ’em to bloat their lists as big as their voter rolls?

  32. His Excellency is due
    To take his station
    Beginning his new
    He’ll make his appearance when
    The clock on the wall strikes ten

    We’ll give him a rousing cheer
    To show him we’re glad he’s here
    Hail, hail Freedonia!

    Hail, hail Freedonia
    Land of the great and free!

    Hail, hail Freedonia
    Land of the great and free!

    Hail, hail Freedonia
    Land of the great and free!

  33. Word is that Barr went to go speak with McConnell.

    And then after he came out, Cocaine Mitch started speaking up in favor of Trump challenging the returns.

    Makes me suspect that Barr presented some very solid evidence to the Warturtle, and McConnell now believes that Trump has a good chance of pulling it off.

      1. We moved to NH from NY six months ago and I’m soooo glad to be away from Cuomo and NY blue state insanity. And the taxes. They will have to go through the roof to pay for all the covid breakage.

        1. If you trim everything after the jpeg suffix (i.e., ?resize=500%2C443&ssl=1) the picture is more likely to appear when posted:

          And it very much deserves being seen.

      2. I do not hate him. I simply desire he suffer a slow, tortuous death as an example for others. I want him to be an extremely good example.

              1. *points at her blood family*

                You and what army? They can handle my one-eyed crazy uncle like he’s normal. Normal people are more likely to confuse them!

                1. Ah, so what you’re telling me is that they come pre-corrupted. Well then for God’s sake, woman, get ’em in here already! How much longer are you going to keep your people from their online homeland? 😛

                    1. But then we get cute mother stories from them. Not seeing the downside for the rest of us, here. 😛

    1. This just crossed my “Breaking News” feed: “AG Barr authorizes DOJ probe of allegations of ‘voting irregularities’ in 2020 election ”

      1. In the comments over at Ace’s blog, someone noted that Barr’s authorization is important because standard DoJ practice is to not investigate until after the results have been certified.

    2. At the very least we can assume McConnell saw enough in Barr’s brief that he believes, even if Trump cannot win, there is enough substance to hurt the Dems in the race for the senate seats from Georgia.

  34. Reporting in from Southern Kalifornia (very southern) where I had to wait in line for ten minutes outside the supermarket. Something about ‘increased number of illnesses’ reported.

    What time of year is it, again? Oh, yeah, IT’S THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING FLU SEASON YOU DIPSHITS!!! You know, the season when tens of millions of people come down with respiratory disease EVERY FUCKING YEAR!!!

    They’re not wasting any time tightening the screws. If Trump can’t undo the cheating, we’re in for a long, grinding, ever-worsening ordeal which WILL end in an explosion.
    There’s ‘statistically improbable’ and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental laws of the universe’.

    1. Personally, a part of me hopes that Newsome keeps clamping down. The more he does so, the more people will resent it. Disney’s started to get noisy about the company’s inability to open its original theme park. Sure, laugh at Disney bringing this on itself. But the important part is that big companies are getting frustrated with Newsome. And this could have some lasting repercussions.

      1. If there’s one thing the connected family of corruptocrats at the wheel of the Glorious Peoples Bear Flag Republic Bus respect, it’s the kind of money that The House of The Mouse commands, and the money power behind them from The Middle Kingdom of the Winnie the Pooh God King.

        So the fact that they are stomping so hard on Disneyland, with current guidance it will not open before the new year, is actually something of a puzzlement.

      1. Does died-reanimated-zombie count as a medical “ethical” treatment decision for China Joe?

        Anyone look at his CV for any necromancy studies degrees for that medical “ethics” dude?

      1. His veep thinks he’s a sexual abuser and his medical ethicist thinks he should be dead.

        1. It serves as a reminder that the Democrats/lefts’ version of 1984 includes a healthy dose of Soylent Green.

        1. *cough*

          A point of order – I did say *Inauguration Day”, and not “Biden’s Inauguration”.


          And I take the Fifth (while we still have it) if anyone asks whether that was intentional.

            1. If Trump wins in court the Dems go the Podesta route with threats of secession and trying to get the military to support a coup to oust Trump notwithstanding the court victory.

                1. Heck, I suspect a lot of the National Guard rank and file would try and sit things out if their blue states tried to pull a secession over the election.

                    1. Am I seriously the only one who likes the idea of just letting the deep blue cities go? Let the red areas in those states petition to remain part of the U.S. if they want and wish anyone who doesn’t want to stay the best of luck.

                    2. I love the Denver zoo and the botanic gardens and the natural history museum. They have memories of the kids growing up.
                      BUT right now feral homeless and idiot lockdowns are keeping me from them anyway.

                    3. It doesn’t work that way. Cities usually develop where they are for organic reasons. Often those reasons involve ease of use as a trading hub, though that isn’t the only reason. Give up Los Angeles, and you lose the Port of Long Beach. Etc… Some of the cities no longer have those reasons as times and technology have changed. And some cities that started as trade hubs grew even more important for other reasons (i.e. New York). But the important point is that just cutting off the big blue urban areas isn’t as straightforward and problem-free as many likely assume.

                    4. >> “Give up Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell?!??!”

                      The longer we keep these people as part of our system the more time and opportunity they have to corrupt us. What good is keeping Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell if it ends up costing us our actual independence and liberty?

                      Making new symbols will be far easier than restoring what those symbols represent.

                    5. >> “But the important point is that just cutting off the big blue urban areas isn’t as straightforward and problem-free as many likely assume.”

                      I’m not saying there won’t be downsides. But keeping people who are utterly hostile to freedom around hasn’t worked out so well, has it? It’s brought us to the edge of ruin, and it’s not like there’s a long line of people like Trump waiting to stave off disaster four years at a time forever. We’re better off in the long run if we amputate the worst of the infection, and if the infection is volunteering to amputate itself then so much the better. I think we’d be fools to pass up a gift like that.

                      Besides, is holding the states prisoner really compatible with American ideals of liberty and self-rule? Is it compatible with the 10th amendment?

                    6. >> “Abandoning the folks who are there because loud-mouths declare themselves in the majority has seldom turned out well, either.”

                      But we’re not abandoning them altogether, are we? We still hold them by force by denying secession. But at the same time we ignore it when their state and local governments deny them their birthright as Americans. We even turn a blind eye when their local masters forbid them to even defend themselves against criminals and rampaging mobs.

                      What’s failing is not complete abandonment, but this halfway state where we keep them as nominal citizens and give them the vote but don’t really do anything useful for them. If we truly want to help them then we need to take harsh measures against the governments that are hurting them: sanctuary cities, cities and states that deny their people arms and the right of self-defense, that stop them from earning an honest living, that indoctrinate children instead of educating them or allowing homeschooling, etc.

                      And let’s not kid ourselves about the price of that: it’s going to mean armed rebellion and possibly a full-blown civil war. And even after winning that we’ll have the same problem we did after the last civil war: we’ll be keeping a large number of people who hate what America stands for and letting them continue to have a say in our politics. Which is exactly what led us to the current crisis in the first place.

                      Do you really think you’ll save more people than you condemn that way? Because I have serious doubts.

                    7. We still hold them by force by denying secession. But at the same time we ignore it when their state and local governments deny them their birthright as Americans. We even turn a blind eye when their local masters forbid them to even defend themselves against criminals and rampaging mobs.

                      The system isn’t perfect, but it DOES have to burn itself out– and short-circuiting it to a BAD end will not go well. It just teaches those same mobs that they can do it again and again, and those resisting will be handed over, along with the land.

                    8. The answer is simple and has precedent: we simply enact a contemporary version of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

                      The Voting Rights Act of 1965, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote as guaranteed under the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

                      this time applied to states where corruption is effectively denying citizens their voting rights through fraud and mismanagement. Install Federal Voting oversight, with DOJ provided and supervised registrars, election boards, polling operation and ballot counting.

                      Humiliating? Sure – it was humiliating for the Jim Crow states, too, but it was an earned and necessary humiliation. And eventually (for a while) they learned how to manage relatively clean elections and earned their release from the supervision.

                    9. >> “and those resisting will be handed over”

                      But by letting the system burn itself out – meaning: letting things continue this way – we’re letting their state and local governments force people to choose between being destroyed legally for defending themselves and letting their throats be slit. In other words, we ARE handing over those who resist, along with those who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s just more of keeping the innocent disarmed and helpless, and it hasn’t improved matters.

                      Either we intervene to help them, continue letting them be destroyed or cut those regions loose entirely and wash our hands of it. And either of the first two options leaves us with the problem I mentioned before: with us still having too many people who want to end American freedom being allowed a say in our politics. When I spoke in terms of amputating infected body parts I didn’t choose those words by accident; I really do think our choices are to excise the worst parts or eventually lose it all.

                      Also, I didn’t get an answer to my earlier questions. Is holding territory against the will of its people compatible with either American principles or with the 10th amendment? If most people in a deep blue city actually want to leave, by what right or constitutional authority do we stop them?

                    10. Which people?
                      Because with corrupted votes, how do you know if people want to leave.
                      I can damn well guarantee most of Colorado has no wish to secede. So, would you cut us loose because of a few LOUD wokies who shut everyone else out of the microphone?

                    11. “Also, I didn’t get an answer to my earlier questions. Is holding territory against the will of its people compatible with either American principles or with the 10th amendment? If most people in a deep blue city actually want to leave, by what right or constitutional authority do we stop them?”

                      You didn’t get an answer because it requires venturing into the forbidden topic of the American Civil War. The 10th Amendment was repealed in 1861, had that repeal ratified at Appomattox, and will never be resurrected.

                    12. >> “I can damn well guarantee most of Colorado has no wish to secede. So, would you cut us loose because of a few LOUD wokies who shut everyone else out of the microphone?”

                      No. As I said before, I favor allowing secession by county (or even by precinct, as Reziac suggested) rather than by state. Only the areas most densely packed with our enemies would go, and the rest I suspect we could manage.

                      As for fraud, RES just hinted at what I had in mind when he mentioned the Voting Rights Act. The strictest voting integrity measures imposed from the top, with federal troops looking over your shoulder as you count the votes ready to bust you if you play any games, and all of it on cameras broadcasting live.

                    13. “As for fraud, RES just hinted at what I had in mind when he mentioned the Voting Rights Act. The strictest voting integrity measures imposed from the top, with federal troops looking over your shoulder as you count the votes ready to bust you if you play any games, and all of it on cameras broadcasting live.”

                      And you will NEVER get those reforms without boog level civil war. Blue jurisdictions will simply refuse and dare you to invoke the Insurrection Act, while their SturmAntifa terrorize the normals.

                      Not saying these reforms shouldn’t happen. Just that you should have a clear understanding of what recent reality has conclusively proven will be required to get there.

                    14. >> “The 10th Amendment was repealed in 1861, had that repeal ratified at Appomattox, and will never be resurrected.”

                      I would expect that answer from a group of normal people, but not here. This crowd doesn’t believe in unlimited federal power or in throwing up our hands and saying “oh well, I guess we’ll just let the constitution go then.”

                      So let me rephrase the question: by what right, constitutional authority or American principle do *WE* argue that we should hold territory by force against the will of its people?

                    15. >> “And you will NEVER get those reforms without boog level civil war.”

                      Yeah, I get that. But I think we’re going to get some level of armed rebellion anyway.

                      And as I was just saying to Fox, we can’t let the status quo continue. That just gives those who hate us time to keep spreading their poison until we lose everything. Our only real options are to let the democrats take entire states and go without challenge or intervene in ways that will result in violence. And even if we choose the latter, trying to keep everything and everyone still leaves us with too many America-haters sticking around to undermine us.

                      So what I’m proposing is this: Impose election integrity measures while at the same time declaring that we will allow secession votes on a local basis. We announce that we’ll let people vote themselves out if that’s what they really want, as long as it’s an honest vote. That casts the lefties that resist as the ones who want to hold people by force and fraud, not us. When they rebel they’ll be massively outgunned on both the physical and moral levels. Put the rebels down, have the vote and wish the seceding territories the best of luck with their independence.

                      We’ll need some rule for dealing with physically isolated regions that want to remain, but other than that I think it will work well enough.

                2. I gather Whoopee Goldberg offered these words of comfort and advise on The View today:

                  “I want to say all those people who don’t believe that Americans actually got out and voted,” Whoopi started. “Let me say this to you. When You-know-who was elected four years ago, Hillary Clinton didn’t say, ‘Hey wait a minute this doesn’t feel right, stop the count.’ She didn’t say, ‘This isn’t right, I’m not going.’ She didn’t say any of that. So all of you — suck it up! Suck it up like we sucked it up.”

                  “And if you’re not sure you’re not comfortable with Joe Biden do what we did, find things and then take it to the law,” she said. “And then if the law says it is something to look at, look at it. But from now on suck it up. Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself because this is ridiculous you’re not sure that he won. You bringing into question all these Americans who voted, legally, came out, stood, and voted. How dare you question it.”

                  NSF Warning

                  So I’m looking for a knitting pattern to make a testicle hat to complement the prick they’re calling President Elect.

            2. If Trump loses in court, Biden could have a tragic demise before the inauguration.

              3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect
              shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. (20th Amendment)

                1. See, I think if they win the\is cheat, they will keep China Joe propped up and pronouncing behind his mask well past his best-by date because they will have an easier time doing the muppet thing with him than in maintaining control of her.

                  But if the courts throw out the illegal votes and China Joe is nothing more than a failed coup prop? Yeah, he’ll be hydrostatically desanguinated on live TV, and be certain they will have a handy dupe at hand with all the appropriate ZuckerBook posts and such to make their scripted points.

                  And boy howdy, keep powder dry and flints knapped then.

    1. Ezekial Emmanuel is also an open admirer of the British NHS and during the ram through of Obamacare said that he wanted to make the US health system like the British one; i.e. absolute total government control, including literally over who gets treatment and who does not; i.e. the much-mocked “death panels:

    2. I read Ezekiel’s article. The man believes in “efficient use of resources.” So in his world, children below 15 (I think; I read the article several years ago) and adults above a given age should receive nothing but palliative care. The children, because they are too young to contribute resources to the State, and the old because they are no longer able to contribute. Only workers in their prime should be given full treatment (repaired?) so they can continue to contribute resources to the State.

      And since most people have declined in health and strength by age 75, it would be much better for them and the State if they committed suicide, since it would conserve valuable resources for the younger and more efficient citizens.

      The word that keeps coming to my mind is “monster.”

      1. I’ve seen that. What everyone needs to understand is that THAT is the logical conclusion of universal, or government run, healthcare.
        The first time someone tells me I can’t treat a baby, is the day I quit. After I take care of the baby. And there’s likely to be someone else’s blood on the floor.

  35. I think we should stop giving the benefit of the doubt to insecure voting systems, period. The assumption should be that if there isn’t voter ID, paper ballots, purple ink-stained fingers, constant poll watcher monitoring, and a clear way to double check voter counts at the voting station with the places where the votes are reported, then there is de facto cheating.

    This won’t eliminate election fraud, to be sure, but it would significantly reduce it!

    And anyone who opposes these measures should be assumed to engage and/or benefit from voter fraud.

    1. And unlike current systems, where there have to be lawsuits and the penalty is a slap on the wrist, election officials should have to post bond against errors coming from their section of the overall process, which they only get back if every part of the system reconciles. That way, every poll worker has an interest in the honesty of the entire system, and a bad actor would have to come up with a very large amount of money to make everyone okay with cheating anywhere.

    1. This is the same AG who defied a court order to strip a barber of his license for staying open notwithstanding the illegal order from Michigan’s fascist governor. But remember, according to the same governor and AG it is Trump who was a threat to a free press.

      In a just world, the AG would herself be charged and arrested under Federal law for civil rights violations.

      1. As well as the dem governors. Crimes against humany, truly. Ask any depressive, any person whose cancer got out of control, anyone who lost everything to unnecessary and HARMFUL lockdowns.
        I hope He is writing it down in His book, and there will be a judgement.

    2. And since Barr announced a Federal investigation, she can be charged with obstructing it if she tries to enforce it.

  36. Sarah,

    I’d like to apologize for my defeatist comment on Saturday.

    Bit of missed sleep, aggravation from lib family, the three hour self-coronation/circle-jerk of pols and their cake sniffers in the media…

    I weakened.

    I’m sorry.

    On the beaches and the landing grounds, to the last tooth, the last breath.

    1. Dearheart, I’ve been down the week before and three days after.
      it took effort to get my head out of the psyops of the left. It’s EVERYWHERE. I can’t throw stones.
      Hugs. Welcome back.

    2. I still don’t know how this ends. The flinch of the abused-spouse non-leftist is still in place. I’m deeply afraid. And I think the next couple of months will be hellish.
      I enjoin you to print this, just in case, and put it somewhere you can read. I have:

      “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
      ― Winston Churchill, Never Give In!: The Best of Winston Churchill’s Speeches

      1. I still don’t know how this ends. The flinch of the abused-spouse non-leftist is still in place. I’m deeply afraid. And I think the next couple of months will be hellish.

        I don’t know the details. But it ends with the Republic in much better shape and Trump in his second term.

        Hellish for the other side though; they got caught in a naked dream and are stumbling around trying to figure out why we won’t listen to them.

      2. I beg to move,

        That this House welcomes the formation of a Government representing the united and inflexible resolve of the nation to prosecute the war with Germany to a victorious conclusion.

        We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. Let that be realised; no survival for the British Empire, no survival for all that the British Empire has stood for, no survival for the urge and impulse of the ages, that mankind will move forward towards its goal. But I take up my task with buoyancy and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. At this time I feel entitled to claim the aid of all, and I say, “come then, let us go forward together with our united strength.”

    3. They are demons, in my mind. And in my mind. Part of my nightly devotions includes petitions of help chasing them away, and keeping them from winning the spiritual {in the “be of good cheer” as well as theological sense}. It’s hard. You don’t have to believe in literal evil spirits to be oppressed by the [garbage] in the air. I had really bad nights Saturday and Sunday, Monday was just long (Day Job plus dress rehearsal, plus . . .) But today is another day.

    1. Funny how that tends to work, isn’t it?

      It seems a shame,’ the Walrus said,
      To play them such a trick,
      After we’ve brought them out so far,
      And made them trot so quick!’
      The Carpenter said nothing but
      The butter’s spread too thick!’

      I weep for you,’ the Walrus said:
      I deeply sympathize.’
      With sobs and tears he sorted out
      Those of the largest size,
      Holding his pocket-handkerchief
      Before his streaming eyes.

      O Oysters,’ said the Carpenter,
      You’ve had a pleasant run!
      Shall we be trotting home again?’
      But answer came there none —
      And this was scarcely odd, because
      They’d eaten every one.”

  37. Oh, and apparently in the Rankin-Bass Hobbit, Thranduil was voiced by Otto Preminger, Thorin was Dr. T., Smaug was Paladin from Have Gun Will Travel, and Bard the bowman was Tony the Tiger and the guy who sang the Grinch song. And of course John Huston as Gandalf and Orson Bean as Frodo, plus Don Messick who was in everything.

    The Rankin-Bass Hobbit is just ridiculously deep in its talent pool and music.

      1. I was planning to comment on that too. Looks good. 🙂

        How are the others doing? I assume Havey’s gotten used to things by now?

          1. Sorry to hear that. 😦

            I know you probably still don’t want a new pet right now, but another playmate might be good for him.

  38. One of Larry’s lines struck me. I’m paraphrasing it here to make its meaning more obvious. Maybe someone can work it into a filk.

    You have to use special scientific software to calculate the odds against some of these things happening, because Excel doesn’t have enough zeros.

    (BTW, this is not an exaggeration. It is literally true. In geek-speak, IEEE double precision floating point format only has about 308 decimal places in a number.)

  39. I hear AOC is heading down to Georgia to enlighten those poor rednecks so they’ll all be sure to vote for the two Democrats come January.

    I can hear the despairing cries of Georgia Democrats now: “PLEASE DON’T ‘HELP’ US!!

    Maybe Mad Maxine will tag along, too, to shame them into voting for the Correct Candidates. Along with a special selection of left-wing celebrities.

    1. I confess I admire her demands that Republicans not obstruct the Democrat president while also calling for blacklists of Trump supporters. n an earlier century she could have prospered selling treaties to Native Americans.

    2. All together now, raise your voices in song:

      The Devil went down to Georgia
      Lookin’ for some votes to steal…

      With all the weeks before that runoff, you have to know that somebody (or somebodies) in Georgia is going to think of that, turn it into a full-fledged song(s), and saturate either the Internet or the airwaves or both with it.

  40. I realize that many here are no longer watching Fox News, in which case you’ll have missed the selfless, noble promise from Senator Manchin that, even should his party seize those two seats from Georgia, Joe will NOT provide a fiftieth vote* to revoke the filibuster or pack the Supreme Court.

    I say that in recognition of this promise we should do everything in our power to save Joe Manchin from such unbearable pressure from his fellow senators. We MUST ensure both seats from Georgia remain Republican. DO IT FOR JOE!

    *Attentive minds will notice he said nothing about admitting Puerto Rico and Washington DC as states, making the Senate 54-50 Democrat majority.

    1. Regulars at uncoverdc dot com will recognize ‘shipwreckedcrew’ as an infrequent but familiar source and contributor on things like Spygate, the ever-more-insane Michael Flynn prosecution, and the endless “What is John Durham doing” question. A recent ‘byline’ there reads

      Shipwreckedcrew has 22 years as a federal prosecutor; six years in private practice. Follow on Twitter @shipwreckedcrew

      on a “real” news site that has done detailed coverage of deeply tangled stuff like the Steele dossier and the filthy details of the impeachment hoax.

      So, I’d be inclined to believe what this ‘redstate’ article asserts, that this new resignation is basically just Deep State grandstanding (a la Comey, Brennan, Clapper,…) as the DOJ’s experts get free rein.

      But almost more interesting still is another ‘redstate’ article:

      redstate dot com slash brandon_morse/2020/11/09/2020-rigged-n277187

      Yikes! State Department Precedent Qualifies This 2020 Election as “Rigged”

      which might just represent something like an objective assessment of just how crazy is this electoral madness that’s blasted out at us so suddenly.

      Which would be, roughly, crooked as a snake’s back.

      1. Wall Street Journal column Best of the Web Today discusses that resignation and reminds one and all where they likely saw DOJ attorney Richard Pilger, head of the DOJ’s election crimes branch, ere now:

        In an e-mail dated October 5, 2010, former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner asked Richard Pilger, an official with the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch, about his formatting preference for “the disks we spoke about.” Pilger forwarded Lerner’s e-mail to an FBI agent, writing, “This is incoming data re 501c4 issues. Does FBI have a format preference?” He then responded to Lerner, “Thanks Lois – FBI says Raw format is best because they can put it into their systems like excel.”

        So, nothing for concern there.

  41. Here’s a scenario for you:

    Trump’s lawyers manage to dig out enough fraud that denial is impossible. In some states he loses the case due to blatantly partisan dirty tricks, but. they do flip several state elections, giving him the electoral votes to just barely squeak by. Republicans maintain a narrow majority in the Senate, maybe only by 1.

    House Democrats refuse to accept those electors, and pile on enough political pressure (and maybe other kinds) to coerce a couple of the ones from Pennsylvania to flip back. Harris and Biden are crowned with all due ceremony, accompanied by deafening cheers from the media, communist ‘celebrities’ and the left-wing billionaire ‘donors’.

    The Democrats are forced to reveal themselves to the whole country for what they are.

    Old Joe issues dozens of executive orders in the first week, reinstates all the worst parts of Obamacare, repudiates Trump’s Middle East peace treaties, renews the Iran deal with a huge ‘apology’ payment which Iran wastes no time spending on terrorism. Masks and lockdowns are imposed with an iron fist, particularly in those uppity states like Florida, Iowa and Mississippi that resisted ‘teh Science’ and had the audacity to do better than the locked-up Democrat-run states.

    The radical Democrats publish their Enemies Of The State lists, persecute Trump supporters and their families, and cut off government ‘aid’ to any organizations that don’t go along. Trump, Pence and some of their associates get arrested on transparently specious charges. Big Media, Farcebook, Twatter and Gargle crank the censorship up to 11.

    In sum, Komrade Joe undoes all of Trump’s work, bends over for communist China, tanks the economy, and COVID19 numbers spike like we haven’t seen since last April. All the while, Democrats and the media crow about what a great job the Geezer-In-Chief is doing. Abject failure is due to ‘Republican obstructionism’.

    The country goes through a bad couple of years, but the Democrats have completely discredited themselves. Biden goes totally ga-ga and Harris takes over just in time for the Democrats to get massacred in the 2022 elections. The few remaining sane Democrats finally grow a pair and start to take the party back, but they’ll be a long time gaining any credibility.
    There’s statistical improbability, and then there’s ‘violate the fundamental laws of the universe’ improbability.

    1. >> “Harris takes over just in time for the Democrats to get massacred in the 2022 elections”

      I’m with Sarah on this: if the current fraud is allowed to stand then future elections won’t be allowed to matter.

      1. Yep. Not only would future fraud make elections meaningless, but the use of the full power of government apparatus to persecute political opponents, particularly those running for or supporting those running for office, will be unleashed knowing that such abuses of power carry no punishment. They will make the abuses of 2016 and beyond by the Obama/Clinton cadre look minor league compared to what they will do if the current fraud stands.

        Expect everyone on “the lilts” to face IRS audits and harassment, Kafkaesque bureaucratic persecution and much more.

        1. Lest any doubt the capacity of Democrats to obsess over their grudges:

          Senator Whitehouse Slams FBI for Lack of Transparency around ‘Tanked’ Kavanaugh Sex Assault Probe
          Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.) slammed the FBI for not investigating sexual assault allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday.

          The hearing itself was organized by Committee head Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) to interview former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe regarding the origins of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. However, Whitehouse criticized the Republicans on the committee for not looking into other allegations of wrongdoing involving the FBI and Justice Department.

          “We have what appears to have been a tanked FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh hearings, and I’ve asked questions about that, to which I’ve had no answer whatsoever,” Whitehouse said. “We’re highly selective in what we choose to look into, and we’ve been extremely solicitous of the stonewalling and non-responsiveness of this Department of Justice.”

          Whitehouse went on to argue that Senate Republicans had established a precedent during the Trump administration whereby the FBI could simply ignore requests for information issued by the minority, and suggested this precedent would come back to haunt them during the Biden administration. …

          1. About that: I cannot recall “lack of supporting evidence” ever being presented as a credible criticism of Democrat claims.

            70% of Republicans say election wasn’t ‘free and fair’ despite no evidence of fraud – study
            78% of Republicans who alleged unfairness said mail-in ballots spurred fraud, while 72% believed ballot tampering occurred
            According to a new survey, 70% of Republicans do not believe the presidential election was “free and fair”, even though multiple news outlets have called it for Joe Biden.

            There has been a dramatic decline in Republican voters’ faith in the system. Before the election, in the same Politico/Morning Consult poll, 35% of Republicans thought the vote would not be free and fair.

            More Democrats voiced trust in the election, 90% saying they thought the results were “free and fair”, up 52% from the pre-election poll.

            Among Republicans who thought the election wasn’t fair, 78% thought mail-in ballots spurred extensive voter fraud, while 72% believed ballot tampering occurred.

            Donald Trump and his supporters continue to allege such problems, without offering any substantiating evidence whatsoever. …

    2. The Senate decides who is VP (without a tie breaking vote by the current VP), not the House, so if House Dems try that scenario you could get feeble Joe as POTUS and a Republican as VP. I suspect if it gets to that, they make Harris or someone else POTUS (they are not bound to vote for Biden in the it goes to the House scenario). Also, House votes are not on a full House vote but rather on a state by state basis, so decision is based on number of state delegations held by each party.

      My expectation as noted elsewhere in this thread is that if this scenario develops, the Dems send their mobs into the street to riot even more and try to see if they have poisoned the military enough to go the outright coup route.

      1. I am pretty sure the preponderance of House delegations are Republican majority. California really distorts the “by state” balance.

        So a House decision on POTUS could return Trump … if Republicans had spines.

    3. Oh, I forgot to mention the totally spontaneous Right-Wing Extremist riots that break out every time Trump wins in court.

      (Make that the 2022 election day massacree)

  42. Open letter to activists for Left causes; as scared and angry as the ongoing fraud has made those of us on the Right, it should frighten you as much or more. If the Washington Power Elite get away with this, they no longer have any need for you. If you examine their pattern of ‘support’ for your causes, you should see that it tends to address those causes cosmetically without actually doing much UNLESS it grants the Washington Clique and their vassals more power. If they can get away with simply printing up however many ballots they need to win, after the fact, then they don’t even need to do THAT much for you.

    Observe that all environmental ‘concern’ tends to end up with ‘green energy’ boondoggles that subsidize the connected Rich at the expense of the poor who pay the energy bills.

    Observe that most of the cases of ‘Police Racism’ taken up by the BLM movement are seriously flawed. Once in court, they tend to get dismissed, but they distract from real problems with policing, such as the way big city administrations use the cops to nickel and dime the urban poor into dependence.

    The Democrat Political Elite are NOT on your side. They may USE you, when it’s convenient. But if this fraud goes through, they will need you less than ever.

    Ask yourselves which is more dangerous to you; a relatively honest opposition that ( despite the Washington Elites claims otherwise) plays mostly by the rules, or an unchecked bunch of self-selected authoritarian eltitists who pretend to be your friends…but seldom do anything but make matters worse.

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