Seriously guys!

When I said show up for the group photo, who thought that meant “non-humans only”?

And who the heck is the floating eyeball?

The only people I recognize are Paul Howard, Orvan and Bobtheregistered.

I guess the rest of you were too busy for the Hun family photo? How are we going to send a getwell cat to HerbN like this?
(And yes, this is me being silly and trying to cheer myself up.)

UPDATE: Foxfier sent this as her pictoral excuse for not being in for the group photo. I don’t believe her. That kitchen is way too clean and there are a bunch of kids missing!

92 thoughts on “Seriously guys!

      1. I can behold that. My guess was the robot. It isn’t really what I would have guessed, but comes closer to what I would have thought of than any of the other folks depicted.

  1. Seriously Sarah, your post and image above, for some silly reason, got my Id giggling, creating and whispering a bit risque joke in my ear;

    How many democrats can screw in a light bulb?

    Depends on how little the democrats are and how big the bulb is.

    Feel free to delete, of course after groaning.

    1. On the other hand, if it’s how many Democrats does it take to screw UP the lightbulb, it’s unknown, but they all seem to be giving it their best effort.

      1. Democrats don’t want any lightbulbs, they want us to sit in the dark and suffer. Isn’t that what Obamalamdingdong’s SCIENCE guy said?

    2. Why are you worrying about a lightbulb when the power grid’s down again? Go find me a match for the candles instead!

  2. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that wallabies do not participate in group photos, not even for benign purposes of wishing good health.

    If simply knowing a wallaby does not maintain your health and happiness then no picture will enhance those aspects.

    1. Addendum: the sad fact is, as medical science has shown, prolonged gazing upon pictures of wallabies tends to exacerbate feeling of inadequacy in most other species (among the known exceptions are dragons, the bull-headed, blue jays and, rather surprisingly, armadillos.)

  3. I’m human.

    Mostly human.

    Okay, one of the sub-personalities in this combat shell is human. Can’t tell the difference from baseline human, just smarter. And snarkier. And a libido that would scare most Dark Eldar.

    Mind you, I’m not that bad once you get to know me. Just that all debts are paid. To the shilling.

  4. I was looking for the silverback gorilla, then I remembered – Oh, no, that’s right, you’ve been declared a Teddy Bear, by persons who shall remain nameless, but seems to include half the dang women who meet me.

    Stomps off, huffing annoyedly.

  5. I would like to join and play, but I don’t know how to do the avatar thingamajiggy.

    On another note, I am trying not to make politics into a false idol, though I worry as much as you do. However, I have voted. I took my 88 year old dad to vote. It is now in God’s hands. What the nation truly needs is a conversion. Our Lady of America has promised miracles of the soul in the US greater than the miracles at Fatima and Lourdes if the Bishops do as she asked. I wish the Bishops would get their act together. I need to pray for them.

  6. Yeah, the waiting kind of gets to you.

    But I suspect that the only ones who walk away from Biden rallies happy are True Believers whose brains were replaced in college or subverted by MSNCBCNNABCBS.

    1. People would have to attend before they could walk away in any emotional state whatsoever. 🙂

      1. Milwaukee’s airport refused a Trump Rally . . . Too disruptive to operations and violates the state mass gathering rules.
        They okayed a Biden/Harris rally though.
        too small to be disruptive or violate said gathering rules.
        Hell of an endorsement.

        1. I missed the message about sending pixels over-of course I also have zero pixel talent whatsover; if I did, the pixel would be a shark wearing a vest and holding a couple of playing cards 🙂

          1. The wallaby does not lack the capacity – and has forty-five years of not being slain in my sleep by Beloved Spouse as testimony to that capacity. The wallaby merely disdains exercising that capacity.

            Besides, given a post titled “Seriously Guys” how could I be expected to comply?

          1. Do an exhaustive check of publications for Beholder stat blocks, then do a Monte Carlo simulation?

          2. Well, eyes do tend to come in pairs. 😛

            Unless you’re a spider…

            Or Mr. Trash Bags. 😀

          3. There are a lot of one-eyed monsters in our avatars.

            And yes, I needed to type that out to realize what it sounds like.

            1. Yeah, but by that logic, my name is actually Wencit of Rum. Which is not actually correct.

  7. Here’s a thought — if Harris-and-Biden do steal the election, all of a sudden the Hunter Biden corruptocrat story explodes EVERYWHERE and the investigation takes off at warp speed. The Democrat controlled House ‘reluctantly’ starts an impeachment and Komrade Joe ‘resigns to preserve the dignity of the office’ leaving, of course, Kamala Harris in charge.

    Which enemy of the people and the Constitution gets appointed as Vice President? (emphasis on the ‘Vice’ part)

    Just heard on the news. (Fox, of course) In preparation for riots after the election:

    Apartment buildings of the New York elites are hiring armed guards, including off-duty cops with submachine guns.

    Saks and Tiffany’s are closing stores. If they’re not stupid, they’re moving their inventory to secure locations.

    Lots of other stores are being closed and boarded up.

    Rodeo Drive will be closed and barricaded. No mobs allowed!

      1. Or taking precautions, just in case. The way things are right now, there’s not much downside in preparing and a LOT in getting caught with their pants down.

        1. Wall Street don’t know nothin. The pros are hedged out the patootie. One of the reasons you got got big drops last week is that no one is exercising or selling off their puts until after the election. The little blue bird noise company run by that rasputin beardy boy was off over 20% yesterday after being up8% the day before. that’s not normal action for a $40B company and a lot of people who should have known better lost literally everything.

          No one knows nothing and no one will make a prediction — it’s all commentary on what the polls say or what the prediction markets say. if this poll is correct then … Prediction markets say … but they’re very thin … It’s really strange since their clients are banging on the door asking for some clarity and there’s none to be had. I’ve never seen anything like it in 30+ years on the street. You can always get an opinion, it’s probably wrong, but you’ll get one. not now.

          I hope we win but I still don’t think we’re going to. Still, God is good and we’ll have to go on or go under and I don’t intend to go under.

          FWIW, I’m hedged out the patootie too with puts laddered out for 14 months, which was really expensive — unless I need it, then it’s cheap at any price — but with BoJo locking down the UK again, Jihad in France, and Murphy and Cuomo needing more cover for their deadly incompetence anything can happen,

          1. I don’t claim to be a Wall Street whisperer but much of the analysis I’ve found credible suggests the current market is a) induced by Pelosi’s stimulus tease (and fear the administration would take those poison pills) b) banks salivating at the profits to be made from handling the vast amount of (watered down) money Biden plans to flood into the economy.

            1. Meh. A lot of the action has been 20 year olds buying and selling options naked with leverage on the FAANG companies. They’ll all get wiped out, a whole bunch did on Friday. There’s one big whale out there doing the same with billions, they’ll get wiped out too but are likely to get bailed out. Yes, bail out money and money printing generally should be good for the short term market players but they’re not really betting now and the volume and uncertainty has driven up the cost of hedging and kept it there. Bad for business that is.

              What you have is what we call a crowded trade and there will be blood when everyone in it crowds toward the exit. A patient man can do well if he has dry powder and discipline but it’ll get wild before it’s done.

          1. Let’s not be sexist. Oiseachan too. My mother was a teacher in the Gaeltacht before she came to this country. She loved that one.

            1. Never seen that word before… Unfortunately I’m far far away across the waves from the Gaeltachtaí. Can’t find it through an Foclóir Beag nó Foclóir Gaeilge- Béarla… Can you give a rough idea, LDT?

  8. I’m totally in there, upper left next to the eagle. But I’m not very photogenic, being a phantom and all. Transparency, you know, not all its cracked up to be.

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