Resolved: The Higher The Fewer- A Blast From the Past From September 2019


*Okay, I have a confession: when I wrote this, I THOUGHT the left had hit the limits of how crazy they could go. And then 2020 happened and they said “hold our pinot grigio and watch this….
May the good Lord in his infinite mercy send them some sanity, so that in 2021 we don’t say “2020 was adorable….” – SAH*

Resolved: The Higher The Fewer- A Blast From the Past From September 2019

Guys, pssst?  Can someone check on the left? Because something is seriously, bizarrely wrong.  I mean, wrong enough that if the left, collectively, tripped into a hospital’s ER, they’d be slapped with a psychiatric hold.  These people — collectively — are not well.

Look, when I was growing up, one of our merry band was schizophrenic.  When he felt his insanity coming on, he’d go and commit himself, because he didn’t want to hurt anyone.  We can only hope (in vain) that the left could have that kind of insight into their mental processes.

Recently, I heard of someone also suffering from mental illness, who removed every electrical wire from his house, bashed his laptop, the radio, the TV and his telephone, sent in his own obituary and generally posed a danger to himself and others because the aliens/CIA/someone was spying on him through all of those.  He might be saner than the left.

No, seriously. I was texting to Bill (Reader) yesterday and I said something like “the left is so crazy it’s starting to scare me.  What kind of rational human being thinks we should reorganize our entire economy because an indoctrinated SWEDISH teen needs to allay her anxiety?”  And then he said, “Or for instance, that Biden is corrupt, therefore impeach Trump.”

And then I realized there were a ton of other things just as insane from that side of the isle, and I had to think, and then…

Okay, we’ll ignore people like Rashida Tlaib going on about how black market vaping cartridges have coffee and alcohol and other things that can’t be digested by the lungs, and Alexandria Occasional Cortex going on about filming the poisonous effluvia of fracking at a place where no fracking was happening and therefore it was just heat waves from drilling machinery.  We’ll ignore this, because stupid is as stupid does, and the concentrated stupidity in the “squad” is denser and harder than the core of some stars. On the other hand, consider, ladies and gentlemen, that the democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) think that creatures of such impressive density, whose stupidity is even now influencing the orbit of distant galaxies, are worthy not just of being in congress (I mean, the Romans, famously put a horse in the Senate. Who are we to complain about mere donkeys?) but are people we should listen to, and give any type of attention to and/or look to for the future of this country.  No, think about it for a moment. It will prepare you for what is to come.

As I sat there, staring at my phone screen, I realized some of the crazy is so crazy that the mind has attempted to erase it. I always said that the Obama administration had the interesting strategy of covering scandal with scandal, but I swear the democrats/progressives/ happy face socialists, (whatever the hell they call themselves this week. They keep changing names like a bad Chinese restaurant that cooks the neighborhood pets) these days cover crazy with crazy, until your mind rebels at the sheer amount of insanity and regurgitates it, like a cat that has swallowed half a bag of marshmallows (I’m looking at you, Havelock.)

The crazy has been so, you’ll pardon the allusion, fast and furious that I forgot one of the incidents first time through, and probably am forgetting some now.  We won’t even go back till the Mueller investigation was revealed as utterly hollow and probably fraudulent from the beginning.  Mostly because in the aftermath the NYT admitted it was trying to distract us with “racism, racism, racism” and such poor scholarship that even other leftists called them on it.

But somehow, somewhere along the line, the dime dropped that these days you can put the American people to sleep with “racist!” or its new hip variant “white supremacist.”

In between there, sometime, there was the bizarre obsession with “children in cages” which they never seemed to comprehend were ALSO from Obama’s tenure. (And we got the picture of Occasional Cortex staring forlornly into a parking lot, and a lot of other nuttery) And also somehow this morphed into “detention of people trying to illegally cross our border is like German death camps.”  Because you know, the problem Nazi Germany had was all those Jews trying to cross the border to come in.  WHAT?  Yes, it’s exactly like it, except where it’s not like it at all, which is all over.

But the left has minds so completely virgin of history that they make virgin olive oil look like promiscuous olive oil, and so from this bizarre a-historical comparison, they jumped not only to attacking ICE facilities and defacing American flags (question for the audience, what flag do they think they would prefer? Do they really think an invader would put them in charge? Don’t answer that. “Think” is a misnomer for what passes for their mental processes at this point. It’s like the random firing of defective, partially wet fireworks) but also to thinking that “free health care for illegal aliens” and “abolish ICE” is a winning point for their 2020 platform.

Look, guys, can thorazine be made into tranq darts? I think we’re going to need them.

But somehow, this fail-safe way to win American hearts and minds failed (save for a few empty heads in the suburbs who kept bleating “but the children” as though it were kind to encourage unscrupulous parents and kidnapping strangers to grab the kids and drag them the length of the Americas getting raped along the way by making “but the children” a get out of jail card to walk dry shod onto American soil.) I know, un-possible. And yet it failed. Possibly because as the fiercely heterosexual Cory Booker says, so many of us are “despicable.”

And so — because, as I read somewhere (might have been the NYT) they’re counting on (I swear I’m not making this up) scandal fatigue (attached to Trump!) to win them the 2020 election, the left decided to go completely, pants on head, writing obscene words on your naked bods with indelible marker, dancing a jig in subzero weather nuts.  We’re not talking the gentle madness of planning a transatlantic bridge made entirely out of soap. No, in retrospect that was the Mueller inquiry.  This… this is something completely … well, crazier.

So, what have  we seen:

Well we saw Beto O’Rourke not only saying that damn the second amendment, full speed ahead, if he won the election he was coming for our guns, but — mark my words about this, please — having T-shirts printed up with this, as though he thought, nay, was SURE this would be the making of his campaign.  No, seriously.

It is as some liberal but still sane guy said recently as if “The left thinks it’s campaigning in a country slightly to the left of Sweden.”

I’d say more than that. I’d say they think they’re campaigning in a country as disarmed as England.  Let me assure them we still have not just our knives, our screwdrivers, our sharpened spoons, but also our guns.  And saying “you’ll let me take them because I say so” doesn’t sit too well with us Americans. I suppose it’s not Beto’s fault that he never met any of us. I’m going to assume he landed, the day before that debate, from some other parallel world where there are no Americans.

Maybe in that world, the Swedes rule America.

Then there was Kavanaugh thing.  You’re going to say “Oh, old news.” Oh, au contraire, mon frere in suffering through this craziness.
No. Kavanaugh was brought up again, and the left wanted to impeach him — yes, impeach him — because some book recently published said he’d wagged his penis in someone’s face when he was eighteen. The book also said, mind you, that the woman denied and said she didn’t remember any such thing.

And when the supposed victim of this crime said “never happened.” they said that just because she couldn’t remember it, it didn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Yes. The left, ladies and gentlemen, small dragons, wingless birds and feathered mammals, the political side that #believeallwomen, even people who suddenly remember things that supposedly happened forty years ago in a house that doesn’t seem to exist, when a designated victim says she doesn’t remember anything of the kind and it never happened says, “Forget the drunken slut. She doesn’t remember but that don’t mean nothing. Wouldn’t remember her own name if it weren’t tattooed on her butt. Listen to us. We must impeach a supreme court justice because we say so and will stomp our little feet and scream till you do what we say.”

Which funnily enough, between Sweden and tantrums brings us to the next item: Turns out the left believes that the best way to treat a child’s anxiety is to rearrange the entire economy of the world.  No, seriously.

I was on a forum where a woman said we shouldn’t discount the opinions of Greta Thunberg just because she’s mentally ill.

Okay, then. I suppose the guy who ripped out all the wiring of his house should be listened to. I mean, perhaps there were in fact aliens spying on him through the wires.  I’m sorry, if you’re merely depressed, your opinion might have some validity.  Distorted, maybe, but there might be something there.

But if you’re a child who suffers from both a cognitive disorder that makes it impossible to identify irony, hyperbole and lying AND from depression, why would anyone in their right mind pay attention to what you have to say?  Worse, note the CHILD in the last sentence. Greta Thunberg is a child who has not, in fact, finished the equivalent of high school.

Now, I know that children can be geniuses. I am the mother of a diagnosed “profoundly gifted” son, and another who is “at least one standard deviation above him.”  I’m here to tell you that both of them can be very knowledgeable about whatever their field of specialty is.  Which at sixteen was…  Do you know how many bizarre arguments I endured over the best way of making ME a body replacement robot, so I wouldn’t have auto-immune attacks? Or the life history of various comic book heroes, with and without retconning?  I would absolutely listen to them, then, on those subjects. Because they were probably the greatest living authorities on them, and also on various convolutions of Asterix the Gaul. Or in the case of one of them, the economic policies of ancient Rome.

You know what they weren’t authorities on? What international policy and economics should be. You know why not? Because they were sixteen.

Even adults can’t grasp how one could change world economics without killing most of the population, to avert global warming if it were a problem (hint, it doesn’t seem to be. Or at least not within foreseeable future. Or at least none of the people who claim to believe in it actually act like it is a problem.)

But, oh, dear Lord, the left, and Europeans — WTF really is the Monaco Royal Family thinking? Have they reached the level of inbreeding where they’re as dumb as Occasional Cortex? — and the press, think that this girl, because she’s sincere and angry is somehow worthy of talking in front of our congress and the UN (as if the UN needed to further beclown itself) on how we must all change things because we Faiiiiiiiiled her.

I realize that throwing tantrums has got her parents to structure their entire lives around her dictates, but what no one has explained is how and why they expect the rest of the world to do so.

Look, any of my kids when they were young and living with us, telling us we needed to change something like our dinner time because we’d faillllllled them and were ruining their childhood would be told “Tough. Also shut up child the adults are talking.”

But the world is supposed to stop for Greta Thunberg, because she’s disabled and really, really indoctrinated? Oh, and has pigtails.  Well, then. Neither of my boys had pigtails. Must be the difference.

And of course, just in case this failed, the left organized a massive, all out tantrum by giving the kids time off to leave school and demonstrate, stomping their feet and demanding we stop everything because they’re scared.

I guess because they don’t have kids, the left exaggerates the power of children tantruming?  because for us parents, that’s called “Wednesday.”  We used to look at our kids, throwing themselves to the grocery store floor, pumping arms and legs and go “Cute.  Okay. We’re leaving. Call us when you have a job.”  This usually stopped the tantrum and got them walking sheepishly beside us.

Metaphorically speaking, that’s the only response Greta, who comes from a country as far left (in fact) as Sweden deserves from the United States. I don’t care how “sincere” she is. If her fears really were of man-made global warming, she’d be lecturing India and China, not us.

So, take her away from her horrible, insane parents.  Give her to human beings to raise. Whipping the parents in the public square till the blood runs freely is probably not practical, and besides they might enjoy it.

But wait, wait, “You must give us socialism because this Swedish kid is upset and besides we have all these other kids who will take a day off school and hold up signs” isn’t the sum total of the left’s madness… Oh, no.

No. Possibly the best part of the last two weeks is the left demanding that we impeach Trump because Joe Biden is corrupt.

Sure, there’s other stuff there, but already the wheels are coming off, between Trump releasing the transcript of the call, and apparently the “whistleblower” not actually having heard the call to Ukraine, so he’s blowing his little whistle on … hearsay? and… Oh, yeah, this guy works for the Clintons, seems like, or at least that’s what I got from the convoluted chain of who is paying whom…

Is your head hurting yet?  Mine is.

Guys, in my misspent youth, I looked after friends who were suffering through bad acid trips and who were more rational than the left has become.

I fully expect sometime next week they’ll start an inquiry in the House on “Why is a mouse when he spins?” and return a resolution of “The higher, the fewer.”

Which would be hilarious, if these people didn’t have the power of the purse, if (through their press branch) they didn’t manipulate the perception of the US abroad, and if we were absolutely sure that we can beat the margin of fraud.

As is, though, it’s like being locked in a small room with someone who has gone completely and utterly insane.

Any minute now, they’re going to swagger over, wave something in our face and say “See, see? I told you the US is evil and Trump is a dictator. I have proof. Proof, I tell you.”
And we won’t know how to break it to them what they’re holding is a fistful of their own excrement.

140 thoughts on “Resolved: The Higher The Fewer- A Blast From the Past From September 2019

  1. When people humored and enjoyed Emperor Norton, they knew he was insane, and Mostly Harmless. But today, the loonier the loon, the more Gaia-inspired, futuretopian, progressacred that loon must be.

    1. as published in the San Francisco Herald, August 13 1869:

      Norton I., Dei Gratia, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, being desirous of allaying the dissensions of party strife now existing within our realm, do hereby dissolve and abolish the Democratic and Republican parties, and also do decree disenfranchisement and imprisonment, for not more than ten nor less than five years, to all persons leading to any violation of this imperial decree.

      Norton I, given at San Francisco, Cal., this 12th day of August. A. D. 1869

      What’s insane about that?

        1. Emperor Norton was a benefactor of his fellow man, who conscientiously looked after the poor and desperate in San Francisco, even though he himself was living off gifts. When he died, he was mourned by thousands. He was crazy, sure, but he was saner than many.

    2. Actually, from what I’ve read not only was Notorn I, Emperor of the United States and Canada and Protector of Mexico mostly harmless, when he wasn’t being harmless he was being useful, at least in a broad civic sense.

      He was also unfailingly polite.

      He is one of the greatest Americans in history and a personal hero for being one of the finest embodiments of the idea that an American is free to be anything he sets his mind to.

      He not only set his mind to being an Emperor and pulled it off, but was one of the finest men to ever be in the business.

  2. Don’t hear ever much about Sweden these days. Seems they never enacted any mask regulations and to the horror of right thinking folks had about the same rate of Covid cases as the US.
    Poor Greta milked her fifteen minutes into better part of a year or more, so obviously some native grifter talent there, but too seems to have passed.
    Britain banned all private ownership of handguns and severely restricts most repeating long arms. Had to modify their laws just to allow .22 pistols to be used last time they hosted the Olympic games. People still get shot on a fairly regular basis. Once a technology is commonly known it appears you really cannot put it back in the bottle. But that has not stopped the Brits from now going after knives and an assortment of other edged weapons. Next step rocks and sticks one can only suppose.

        1. I keep wondering,, are the media a wholly-w\owned subsidiary o f the Dem Party, or is it the over way round???????? Regardless, it’s CLEAR that they’re in cahoots!

  3. I had somehow forgotten most of this. *pinches bridge of nose* Maybe it was defensive for my poor brain meats. Gee willikers.

    Obama’s scandal-to-cover-a-scandal was quite a thing in real time, and I’m glad my husband made an LJ post of all the ones he could think of while it was going on, because without refreshing, I forget most of those pretty quickly too. Not enough to buy the assertion that his only scandal was wearing a tan suit (?! How can even a liberal believe that!?), but it’s a lot to hold in your head at once.

    I seem to recall last year, they were still at “do not normalize this president.” Now they seem to have jumped to “do not normalize this oppressive racist system, of which all white people are part” (and of course, “how dare you defend ourselves from our righteous mob!”), and I just don’t see how anyone fails to see the rotten foundations, or the rivers of blood all but guaranteed if the holy mob gets way.

    (But they’re fighting against an existing river of blood, see. Disobeying police orders shouldn’t a death sentence, even if the order was to put down the knife.)

    Can I get an honorable crazy mention for NY bail reform? January of 2020, so I’m not sure if it counts as this year or last year’s crazy in truth, sort of an overlap. But “poor people can’t afford bail, so you shouldn’t be able to keep anybody in prison” is…

    Well. I think we’ve all heard the rumors of how NYC is doing just now.

    Jeez. Anyway, I can’t believe I forgot how nuts 2019 was. O_o Thanks for the reminder

    1. That comic is a hoot and the comments are a time capsule of leftist paranoia. The leftist paranoia hasn’t changed much, but the things they were worried about have been adjusted to maintain the narrative that it’s all Trump’s fault.

  4. I’m beginning to wonder just how long waves of hysteria last. The Covid wave has been with us as long as any of them and I’m beginning to believe some people really are broken. We managed to find a restaurant in Oxford, MS that was open for dine-in, but during my online search I found an actual restaurant review where the reviewer mentioned, in passing, how uncomfortable she had been in the town square (OUTSIDE) because so many people weren’t wearing their masks. In August.

    I was hoping Mississippi would be at least as sane as Indiana, but not this part of it.

  5. When you control the narrative and can have lives destroyed because they are inconvenient to it, reality is moot. Media has regained much of earlier power, even as it went completely insane to anyone not believing it. Reality can be suppressed by nothing more than computer algorithms. None of the world can make sense to those not of the body.

    1. No, we’ve definitely shifted behavior into a nonlinear area that we do not have a lot of information about.

      ‘Chaos now, chaos forever’ is just one of the simple assumptions that we should not rely on holding.

      Unforeseeable order can still come from chaos.

      I have no idea what is going on. That can scare me, and has. I’m now trying to take comfort on it, calm down, and spend my effort on things I can actually change.

      1. Problem is that most of the time that order is a strongman and seems more likely to be a strongman from the side of chaos rather than those trying to hold onto what once had.

        1. Nah. The side of chaos as it is right now is too incompetent to last any amount of time. Communism has 4 generations, with the last being too incompetent to wipe their own butts. By taking over some entities, including government service, early and promoting on ideological conformity, we’re ALREADY at 4 generations.

          1. They still seem competent at the three things that matter for authoritarianism. Propaganda,violence both state sponsored and party sponsored, and destruction of competition

            1. Sure but when they seize power they really can’t hold it. And become increasingly more absurd.
              Even the Covidiocy that was supposed to destroy trump is in fact destroying their holds: Publishing, Hollywood, newspapers.
              We’ll be okay. But getting there is going to be hell.

              1. I pointed out to one of my more lefty cousins that come the revolution things won’t be run by people like her it’ll be run by people like me. AlL totalitarian states transition to inefficient bureaucracies before the end of the first generation.

              2. I am afraid that although their absurdity is apparent to those who think much of their support comes from folks who have mistaken feels for thought. Their side has been so stunted by lack of thought (and generally shunning it) that they don’t see the absurdity. And a lot of the rest of the populace is afraid to note that the emperor is sans culotte (or anything for that matter). And all that happens when the little boy points it out is that he is either stoned or forcibly reeducated.

              3. But on opposite hand it has served to reempower the media (see covidiocy), the internet masters of universe, and bureaucracies. The loss of already dying industries is just replaced by growing or resurgent ones.

              1. See the branch covidians and the number of people who willfully ignore reality to hold fealty to newsreaders. Like it or not, they hold power in media and online that they use to shape opinion. Hence propaganda.

          2. I think presuming incompetence is a mistake. The proverbial “powers behind the throne”, i.e. Soros, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, the Google leadership, are NOT incompetent.

            1. Yeah, but what they have to work with is the gang that doesn’t even know how to shoot, much less shoot straight.
              Look, if they earn even a transitory victory, people like me are on the first list to be gone.
              BUT there’s a chance the republic will survive.
              So, I’m okay. I’m just flesh. The Republic, though? That’s the woven, shining hope of mankind.
              THAT we need

            2. Yeah, but they don’t have perfect skill, perfect information, or perfect preparation for even some of the foreseeable consequences of their play.

              The pessimistic approach to theorizing what they are up to has its time and place.

              Taken out of proportion, is it easy to construct an unbeatable theory of the opposition, that doesn’t hold up consistently when you cold bloodedly examine the pieces and implications that are far away from where your emotions are conjuring nightmares..

              Perhaps anything official, or on social media is information warfare, preparing the battlespace for the vote. If the opposition really had the broad fanatic organized support some sources suggest, there would be no need to actually advertise that evidence.

              I definitely have biases that may be throwing me off. I could be pretty deep in denial.

              We have obvious new information about the left, degrees of determination, and ‘fool some of the people, some of the time’. Those are seen things. There are also unseen things, which aren’t obvious when we are panicking about the seen things. Yes, terrorism, but there has been terrorism before. Yes, fraud, but 1960. Yes, too many people are buying covid/blm. However, many here were somewhat positive on criminal justice reform. Were we doomed years ago, simply because Libertarians were not Bob grade extreme on criminal punishment for drug use? No.

              The political grifters are going to keep playing out the idea that Biden remains viable, because if he concedes now, no more donations. Democrat and Republican ‘strategists’ alike have a financial interest pulling them together more than partisanship forces them apart.

              Yes, the violence will continue. BLM is about mobilizing violent felons for political activism. The felons were violent before. At least now we have evidence to potentially hang some of the lawyers and judges in on the conspiracy.

              We never had a perfect human government, only one that sucked less than some of the alternatives. We don’t yet have physical proof that less suckage will be impossible in the future.

        2. These chaotics are magical thinkers.

          Deeply wedded to a theory of “Step 1: Chaos Step 2: ??? Step 3: Ultimate victory for our side”. They get excited when they see chaos, but then they get frustrated when it doesn’t automatically get them everything they want, and they hit the chaos button again, harder.

          They fundamentally do not get how many normal people/’oppressed’ people this pisses off, how many people will be quietly thinking “Wait, what was this supposed to do again?” Especially because ethnic minorities, non-binary, women, poor, etc. are simply assumed to be their ‘allies’/servants.

          There may well be cynics hiding among the left, calculating that they can ride the chaos to power as an apolitical strong man.

          But game it out from the perspective of someone nursing such a hidden ambition, or related drive. To seize the ultimate power, you either need to play a manipulation game with your superiors, or create a new institution from the chaos. Because you need a certain minimum stake of political power, propaganda, or force to play the game and then win the pot. Winning the initial stake out of the existing Democrat Party organization means going up against all the other ambitious people who have been drawn there over the decades. Creating new in the middle of chaos is unpredictable. Given the risks, someone who bets all their ambition on riding chaos into power has a good chance of being delusional about their relative level of ability.

          Someone like Tulsi Gabbard, who is willing to quit the table now, to come back in the future, could fit the profile of a potentially successful hidden danger. So they may well exist. But the current level of chaos isn’t enough, so they would need to get their confederates to top this degree of trouble.

          Right now, my feeling is that the cynical/careerist types might be getting a bit nervous.

          1. Especially because ethnic minorities, non-binary, women, poor, etc. are simply assumed to be their ‘allies’/servants.

            They assume if you are in the same room with them you are their ally/agree with them.

            I see that all the time. They make gross insults about Republicans/Conservatives/Trump supporters/etc, especially about intelligence and their ability to think right in front of me. Because I don’t wear my politics on my sleeve and am in the same room with them they know I agree with them so don’t worry they’re insulting me.

            On the rare times I’ve spoken up, at least once I’ve gotten, “You’re a conservative? But you seemed so smart.” That one revelation is enough to overturn, at the time, years of discussion that lead them to think I was intelligent and educated.

            1. On the educated part, I think the thing that grinds me most is how people much more poorly read than my barely literate happy ass think they are at the pinnacle of education.

              Hell, I consider myself poorly read and I’ve usually read more of their side’s fundamental works than they have, much less a broader reading.

              1. That’s what you get for putting your identity into things other than delusions about how well educated you are.

          2. You’ve got a large number of dynasties already formed that are ready and willing to jump in and help guide industry thru the growing political morass. Maybe a couple will get hit to make an example of but most will be somehow able to avoid the turmoil by mouthing the right platitudes. The revolutionaries on ground have already shown they can be directed and targeted with just a little misinformation (see the police shooting of “kid” that turned out to be a 23 yo suicide) and they are absolutely willing to execute their enemies and the politicos will use force to protect their paramilitaries while obliterating anyone that doesn’t bow fast enough. (See the Missouri and Kenosha cases.)

            Maybe I’m too cynical but you’ve got people completely unmoored from reality and they are within hairs breadth of total power. There shouldn’t be any worry on election or covid if there was any honesty but tens of millions are gulping down bs like its ambrosia.

  6. The thing is, the Fascist t Left has flat run out of rational SOUNDING arguments (they ran out of rational arguments sometime shortly after WWII at the latest), but they haven’t run out of ego. They are another failed Aristocracy, and like most of the other failed Aristocracies in history, as they lose power they are becoming more obviously absurd. Also abusive of their own. They way they test this Thunberg kid Is plain an simple psychological abuse.

    As a side note: The kid’s handlers and the UN are so similar importance (microscopic) and deserve each-other.

  7. Greta. Haint Greta of the ‘why the eff do we tolerate the lack of capital punishment for minors again’?

    Anyway, the author of Full Metal Panic, Amagi Brilliant Part, and Cop Craft was canceled in Japan for comments about Greta.

    For all that FMP disappointed me, I am seriously ticked about the cancellation.

      1. Not sure about FMP.

        I couldn’t tell you if the fourth season finished the material in the novels.

        All I know, is that they apparently pulled the seventh volume of Cop Craft.

    1. *Facepalms* This is the thing that grates me the most about the progressives. “We must have diversity!” Until you have a different opinion than theirs.

      It’s as if they’d rather be the Borg. Numberless diverse species subsumed into one evil hive mind.

      1. Thing is, that sense of group feeling is a key part of some religious rituals.

        You’ve probably heard more than enough of my babbling about leftism-as-religion.

          1. Where those religious people based in a religious community that would ostracize them for exercising their abilities to observe and think?

  8. I’m just thinking about this morning’s news that the terribly left-wing and totally ineffective mayor of Portland is seriously behind his opponent, the Antifa-loving commie who prefers to participate in the [riots|protests].

    The ranting about the Blue states breaking away from the USA if POTUS Trump is re-elected is sounding somewhat attractive, providing that the people in the red, flyover, deplorable counties in those same states can wave bye-bye and stay USAian. And yes, I know what kind of hell such twin secessions would create, I think. Still…

      1. Nah. Invade. Break off the red counties, besiege the rest, and reconstruct them after the food riots.

        1. Accept refugees from the Red counties.

          For California just cut off “international” flow of water and electricity.

          That said, losing California will be a food disruption, although their water policies may have made that less sever than it could have been.

      2. You’re assuming we’d take them back. In the case of California only as three to five separate territories who have to get their affairs in order to reapply to enter as states.

      3. I’ve read elsewhere that one issue with letting the coastal areas go would be loss of West Coast ports. OTOH, if we kept San Diego (at one time, somewhat to the right of Lenin), that might suffice.

        The productive food areas of California would be split between Red and Blue; from what VDH has written, the Fresno area is pretty well Mexico Norte and pretty dependent on the dole, with corporate farms (almonds, mostly) sucking up the water and leaving small farms to die. (I’m being quite literal on the water; Hanson mentioned that some wells were having to go down 1000′ where the almond operations were in full flow.)

        North of Sacramento, the valley area is more conservative. The MJ growing counties along the coast would stay Blue, but once inland, it’s pretty Red, and fairly well pissed at Sacramento.

        Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic series presents a plausible scenario of Blue “Utopia” in case of a split. Spoiler: it’s not a utopia.

    1. As I have noted previously, Antifa and BLM are best described as the Democratic Party paramilitary arm.

      1. They are the Brownshirts.

        If they had ever been taught any history, they might be aware of what happened to the Brownshirts after they had served their purpose…

        1. They’re blinded by the concept of the POWER they have, to make cities, states, and corporations osculate their posterior, the fawning praise of the politicians, CEOs, and media, the legitimacy from the Democratic Party, and the money from Soros and his fellow-travelers. They’re riding the endorphin wave; LOOK AT ME! I’M SOMEBODY!”

          Except, behind their masks, they’re nobody, and their power is only a shadow cast by their masters. They don’t *see* how they’re just pawns. They can’t; their self-image is tied up in it now.

        2. Not just Brownshirts. Same happens to communists and even before the Civil War was over the Falange realized they’d be used as cannon fodder and were getting nothing out of Franco, because Franco was not a fascist. He was an opportunist. He didn’t even commit to the coup until the last minute.

      2. Having seen how some of them fight I might use pseudo instead of para, but yeah.

        Then again, I’m the one warning people the easiest way to lose a war is to be convinced you can win it. So maybe we should think para.

  9. The government has become their environment. They have completely adapted to it, and are no longer fit to survive in the real world. But the government is an artificial environment, and since they lost contact with the real world they have been twisting the government so far that even they are having trouble surviving in it.

    Since everything in their environment is mutable, they are unfamiliar with the concept of a hard physical universe that can’t be changed by simply telling the proper lies. They believe their lies have force equal to the principles of thermodynamics, biology, chemistry and geology. They are unable to believe otherwise without destroying their own identities.
    There are a lot of idiots in the world that believe sticking a politically correct label on a thing will make it what they wish it to be, instead of what it is. They are full of shit.

  10. The Brennan notes and the rest of the documentation pretty conclusively proves that the entire Trump-Russia connection was a fraud, that Barack Obama and Joe Biden conspired to use government resources to attempt to deny Trump’s election, that the Obama Administration violated their oaths to support and defend the Constitution, that the Obama Administration committed multiple felonies covering up Hillary Clinton’s knowingly breaking the law concerning the handling and storage of classified information.

    This isn’t a minor disagreement between loyal citizens. These people are outright, 100% bad people, hell-bent on committing evil to further their own ends.

    1. This more than anything else is why the Democratic Party establishment intends to steal the election by any means necessary; a Trump second term means potential prosecutions; a Harris presidency means they all got off scot-free, and can be assured that they will be able to engage in even worse against political opponents going forward. It will literally be the end of the republic.

    1. Right. Remember when months had a maximum of 31 days? And when “Flattening the curve” didn’t mean “completely eliminating a cold virus?” Good times, good times.

      1. The local government is rumbling about “if we hit 15% we have to close things”. That’s 15% of hospital patients being positive for the CCP-virus [h/t Epoch Times]. Now, they won’t say if that’s 15% of admissions, or 15% of people admitted total including people who just happen to test positive.

      2. A fairly non-political grocery checker and I were talking, and I mentioned my frustration at wearing a mask (I use the visor, with it tilted up enough so I can get fresh air to nose and mouth. I’m a baaaaaad person, but damn few Karens in the county. Besides, I like to be able to finish shopping without collapsing.). She mentioned it would be 2 years longer. Curiously the length of time left in Despicable Kate Brown’s term as Fuehrer. Confirmed with her conversation with the next pissed-off customer in line.

        And this is from somebody who’s non-political. I’ll see about talking her into voting.

        RCP March 228, 2020

      1. Cut the Bee some slack! They’re trying, but they are handicapped by sanity, while the Leftoids are not. Can YOU come up with something so batshit crazy the Democrats won’t be doing it next week? I used to think I could…

    1. I kid you not, I was on an airport shuttle Sunday morning and got to hear two young useful idiots on a ten minute conspiracy rant that the president was making up his COVID diagnosis and treatment so that he could tell everyone how he survived and it wasn’t that serious. Also that the numbers are worse than ever (they so aren’t) but that the White House is controlling all the numbers being released so they can manipulate the current level of panic. Stupid? Evil? Who can even tell at this point.

      1. AND, Jane. The key word is AND. Also, remember that being stupid AND evil does not preclude ignorant, delusional, indoctrinated, or any combination thereof.

      2. Trump controlling the WHO!? Funny how it’s the US sources like Fauci *spit* who keep pumping up the death rates when WHO has the IFR at 0.14%.

  11. I’m reminded once again of the story of Zhao Gao and the deer. Zhao Gao was the prime minister of the Qin Dynasty under both the first and second emperors. During the (inept) reign of the latter, the story goes that Zhao Gao presented a deer to the ministers of the court, and told them it was a horse. Most of the ministers agreed with him. The few that argued that the animal really was a deer were executed.

    Some of the Democratic insanity reminds me of that story. Yes, there are many who don’t ever personally see the “horse” for themselves, and rely on the reports of others. But there are many who *do* see it, and still insist to all who ask that it is indeed a horse.

    1. The Democrat insanity about calling everyone racists reminds me of another Qin Dynasty story, that of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang.

      Chen Sheng was an officer and Wu Guang was his lieutenant. They were to bring their troops to a location by a certain time upon pain of death. When flooding delayed to them, Sheng asked Guang what the penalty for being late was. Guang said, ‘Death’. Sheng then asked what the penalty for rebellion was and Guang again said ‘Death’.

      Sheng then said, “Well…” and thus began the first rebellion against the Qin. While Sheng and Guang failed and were executed within the same year, they released built up frustration with Qin rule that destroyed the dynasty within three years of their rebellion.

      Those of us who light the fuse against these fools will fail, but I suspect when it reaches the powder there is so much they’ll get the right wing government they “fear” (personally, I think they want it in a fetish way, but don’t realize it won’t come in a fetish way, but as the real thing).

      1. I’ve heard that story is apocryphal, and likely not true.


        During the Qin Dynasty, there was a very minor official named Liu Bang who was tasked with leading the escort for a group of prisoners. Some of the prisoners escaped, and the punishment for “allowing” that was execution. A conversation very similar to the one you described was had, and the members of the group reached a similar conclusion. They weren’t the first group to rebel, but they were still important because Liu Bang later became Emperor Gaozu, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty.

        1. The exact conversion probably is recreates, but the Dazexiang uprising is attested in Chinese documents. Among others Records of the Grand Historian recounts it. It’s biography of the principles is probably as reliable as Western medieval hagiography, but the rebellion and the fact that Qin punishments were on and off, with no middle. are historical.

          1. Yeah, I’m familiar with how stupidly harsh the Qin punishments were. And I’ve no doubt that the rebellion really did take place.

            I’m also somewhat amused that two notable of the rebellions against the Qin Dynasty were possibly triggered for this reason, though Liu Bang’s rebellion would have quickly turned into just a group of starving bandits if the empire hadn’t already been in an uproar.

  12. Has that been only a year? My, how Time drags.

    The ability of the MSM, Democrats and Progtards* to stay worked up over their imaginary dangers is truly remarkable.

    *But I Repeat Myself

    1. Marx said something positive about the early anabaptists in Munster and the lefties still go on about it. That was 1534. Like the Bourbon’s they learn nothing and forget nothing.

      I think it’s a sign of just how religious the Leftist movement is. Catholics still recall the earliest popes and martyrs in the Roman Canon, — Perpetua, Felicity, Agatha, Lucy, Agnes, Cecelia — which goes back to al least the fourth century. Lefties do the same thing and while, in principle at least, the teachings of Jesus act as a restraint on the RC’s nothing restrains the left.

      They are religious fanatics looking to build heaven on earth, much like the early anabaptists and with as much reason and restraint. The thing about Munster in 1534 is just about everyone ended up dead.

      1. I love looking at East German books about the Peasants Revolt (1524-25). They turn “we don’t like centralization, down with the overlords grabbing our traditional rights!” into “Long live the proletariat! Workers of the world, unite!!” Er, um, about that . . .

      2. Actually spent an afternoon at the Mennonite cultural center in Shipshewana, Indiana, and they don’t have much use for the (they say) renegade/misguided anabaptists in Munster either. Their comment was that was the only time they abandoned non-violence, and that’s what everyone remembers. It was a very interesting afternoon.

        1. Well, there were anabaptists and then there were anabaptists. The Munster crowd got the Lutherans and the Catholics to stop killing each other and start killing them. I think even the Calvinists would have joined in.

          As for the Peasants Revolt, they did the same thing with Jack Cade, an interesting choice for a hero.

          I remember reading somewhere that Lenin treated the French Revolution like magic and thought that his revolution had to go through each step in exactly the same way. I suspect he would have done the killing anyway but Terror because the French had the terror is, umm, terrifying.

          I studied the English Civil War In an English university and couldn’t get past the damned Marxists skewing everything to fit the paradigm,

          It’s all just magic.

          1. Given the Roundheads would be the predecessors of the Protestant Dissenters who were the backbone of the Industrial Revolution, I’m guessing somehow the Cavaliers were the tribunes of the people. I’m kinda curious how they twisted that one to work.

    1. You’ll be hearing from the Rabid Weasels Anti-Defamation League’s lawyers in a few days.

    1. Forgot to include: This is voter registration figures for PA this election vs 2016.

      TL;DR: the Democrats are in the deep end of the sewage tank.

        1. With these numbers the margin of fraud escapes plausibility. And the fraud issue is being addressed behind the scenes.

          Oh ye of little faith; wherefore dost thou doubt?

          (seriously y’all: making the “everything is awful”ist beat people over the head with good news is as bad as making the bezerker calm people down.)

          1. Berzerker Dragon-head seems to be a pretty nice guy. He posts frequently over at Ace’s blog.


          2. You are discounting the ability of cities like Philadelphia to generate vote totals that exceed the number of registered voters-with every one of those voters voting for the Democrats (this happened in 2012 with votes tallied for Obama-notwithstanding these irregularities, the votes were counted and contributed to the statewide total that gave Obama the win in PA)

          3. I have no doubt they can generate that much fraud.

            The media is doing battlespace prep for them to fraud Texas blue. Listen to all the talk about how Texas is lean Biden.

            They are betting that the GOP will, like it has my entire adult life, roll over and play dead when they do it. They figure enough of the office holders will take their crumbs from the power table and let it happen.

            The question is will the rank and file generate the leaders needed to not just roll over as well. On that I would say the jury is out.

  13. Voted early today, down at the county election board. This was the second day of early voting. We got there at 8:45 AM, and there were enough people lined up that it took an hour and a half. There was a slight drop in voters arriving from 9:30 AM to 10 AM, and then more people started showing up again.

    Yesterday, I gather it was a good two hours or more. But people stayed in line.

    People have been saying they were going to vote early and in person, with the board of elections checking ID and signatures, and having to tell them orally your name and address as well. And I see that people were serious about it. Nobody wants to get caught with a last minute “oh, yeah, we’re closing the polls because of COVID” thing, like in May, and nobody wants their vote stolen in the mail. So it’s vote early and in person.

    The Democratic Party folks didn’t show up until after the polls had been open for a few hours, but the Republican Party had folks handing out slates and answering questions from the crack of dawn, practically. To be fair, it’s mostly been a Republican county since before the Civil War, but… it’s kinda sad if the Democrats don’t show up in a timely way. OTOH, they don’t really have much to be enthusiastic about, given how their national party has been messing with their state and local parties, and some of their local party stuff has been backstabby or control-freakish, over the last few years. So unless they really hate Trump, there’s not much to get up in the morning for, and not everybody hates Trump like that.

    1. Forgot to say that the voting machines were activated with a card, and had touchscreens with a disposable stylus (which they told people just to take home with them), coupled with a printer that prints a paper ballot. The “new” feature was that there’s a backlight that shows your printed ballot while it’s printing, but otherwise is translucent to keep your ballot secret. The good side and the bad side is that the printed ballot stays in the machine until it’s unloaded.

      I’m not concerned about fraud in our county, but I’m glad I’m not voting in a few others I can name.

      The line was “socially distanced,” but people were pretty relaxed. Masks both over and under noses, and curbside voting if you have health problems. The board of elections has several thousand masks if anyone needs one, but they said they’ve given out about ten masks so far. One of the board of elections line watchers was telling people horrible dad jokes with a Halloween theme. So I told her some of mine. My parents were horribly embarrassed.

      Best T-shirt: “Second Punic War Veteran”.

      1. Carthago Delenda est!

        Or as my husband just said, “I guess he’s old enough to vote.”

      2. New Jersey’s in person balloting is not using the usual voting machines. Anyone who goes to vote in person must either 1) turn in their mail in ballot or 2) complete a provisional paper ballot which will likely not be counted until up to 10 days after the election, presumably to create enough time to manufacture enough votes to enhance Harris’s national popular vote total and to steal the two remaining House seats that have Republican representatives.

    1. That might work if all the trees survive the planting, which, in the physical world, never happens.
      And with our luck, they would be trees unsuited for the climate and soil.

  14. VP debate update:

    Summary of the debate? Brandolini’s law.

    Better debate than the presidential one. Harris is worse than Biden. Annoying voice. Obvious lies. Pence has to take longer to refute her bullcrap completely, concisely, and competently. Moderater “Thank you Vice President Pence”- Its Not Your Turn When I’m Trying To Make Dumpster Fire Harris Look Less Horrible.

    1. Another debate where the Republican is debating two people-the Democrat and the moderator; and this one is actually openly making “fact check”, i.e. Democratic Party talking points when Pence accurately states the Democratic Party positions on things like fracking.

      1. Final question- and you can just *feel* the impartiality- “When the Bad Orange Man loses and doesn’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power, what will you do?”

        Should have had Joe Rogan moderate the debates.

        1. I think they should give up the pretense of impartiality. Have half of the debate moderated by Michael Moore, the other half by Tom Kratman. Flip a coin to decide who goes first.

            1. Me too !! Well at least Col. Kratman’s half. Tubby Reifenstahl can go choke on a ham sandwich for all I care.

    2. Harris blathers that our enemies hurt American soldiers after we took out Suleimani.

      What Pence needed to say:

      “Candidate Harris seems to believe that we should be afraid to strike at our enemies because—” (hushed voice) “—they might strike back. President Trump and I believe that our enemies should fear us.”

      1. Yep. Our military should be made up of the bigget, baddest, most competent soldiers in the world, such that any foe should crap their pants at the thought of seeing them downrange.

        1. Our enemies should fill their shorts at the realization that THEY are downrange.

          As one survivor of the Iraqi Republican Guard put it: “Your first clue that you are in a battle with an American M-1 tank is, your tank blows up.”

          1. Pence was amusingly in charge the whole time, while never raising his voice, and often going gentle and sympathetic. It was like what Clinton and Obama tried to do, except they didn’t actually have any feelings or convictions to back it up. Pence is like a weapon that’s all in one piece, even though he has different edges and uses.

            1. Apparently the Democratic Party media arm recognizes that Harris was destroyed because their uniform verbatim narrative is that Pence was showing hatred of women by constantly “mansplaining” to her.

        2. They don’t seem to realize they’ve told all our adversaries exactly how to handle her.

      2. For Harris and the rest of the Democrats, Iran are the good guys. If you understand that, their policies and statements all make sense.

      3. Hurt *which* American soldiers, exactly?

        My nephew was in Iraq at the time, just outside Baghdad. I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago, and he said the Iranian “retaliatory” attacks were a disgustingly obvious face-saving farce for the Iranians. No US soldiers were killed, and I don’t think any were even hurt. And he mentioned that the US embassy has a very clearly demarcated “Do not cross this or we will kill you” line that the “protesters” who attacked the US embassy were *very* careful not to cross.

  15. My main question about the left at this point is, if I am forced to endure young radicals mindless, if unknowingly, enslaved to an early 20th century radical why does it have to be Antonio Gramsci instead of Emma Goldman?

  16. I don’t see the Left as having become crazier since last year. What I see is the crazy level remaining constant but with a shift to a different sort of crazy with higher danger and immediate-violence levels. For example, the crazies are defending the rioting and looting (which would be unjustified even if there actually was a secret KKK conspiracy in police departments to identify and murder various blacks). But they don’t seem to be obsessing over which of the 57 Heinz pronouns must be used for each rioter, the way they would have been last year.

    On the other hand, the Beto O’Rourke thing was pretty bleeping threatening. On another forum I’ve pointed out that a hypothetical right-wing equivalent might be something like “Hell yes, if you’re black, if you’re a woman we’re going to take away your right to vote, to make contracts, and to be treated as an adult. We will not let your fellow Americans continue to suffer from your inherent childishness and criminality.”

    It was a clue-by-four that got at least temporary attention from one of the leftist commenters. (“You’re saying I’ve underestimated the level of extremism with which Beto’s statement is viewed by the right?”)

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