Book Promo Tomorrow

Sorry, guys. It was a very weird day compounded by the fact I drove about six hours yesterday, so by the time I went to bed, I kept startling myself awake from dreams I was driving and… falling asleep. So I woke up early today for things that I couldn’t be late for. I just got back to the hotel.

On the good side, I drove six hours. On the highway. Those of you who know my issues with driving, particularly on the highway, know how momentous this is.

So I’ll put up the book promo tomorrow, since we actually have a very nice batch of books.

I told you this week was going to be weird even for me. OTOH hoping to get these two books out the door so I can publish one this month, and one next month.
I’m also well into editing the Con books, and will talk to Kate about the next two next week, and hopefully lock in the contract. (Editing: SOMEHOW we don’t have an edited version, which is why they’re not up yet. And yeah, I’m doing it, because why not? I was still sleeping 6 hours a night. It will be fine.)

She also has some space operish mil-sf and other stuff I’ll try to get out ASAP. I mean, what am I doing, otherwise? worrying? what good does that do?
And yes, in case that doesn’t come through: I am feeling better.
So promo post and special Labor Day challenges tomorrow (when husband has his birthday, too.)

Catch you on the flip side.

35 thoughts on “Book Promo Tomorrow

  1. Only Six Hours?

    When I was young I drove 18 hours non-stop!

    Oh, I have driven long distances but with pit-stops and even if my car could do it, I’m very sure that I couldn’t. [Embarrassed Grin]

    Take Care Sarah! 😀

  2. 30 years ago, I rode about 9,000 miles around the country. After three weeks, I woke up around 8 AM in the KOA outside the west entrance of Yellowstone and decided that was enough vacation. I pulled into my driveway in San Diego around 6:30 the next morning.

  3. Well. A happy birthday to Dan.

    Six hours? I suppose that is good, considering your issues – but that is something that I USED to do. It would be a very bad idea these days.

  4. It’s all fun and games until you are barrelling down Interstate 80, then look down and notice the key isn’t in the ignition.

      1. Sorry. Was referring – too subtly – to that zoned-out space you get in after driving for a long time and then sitting around at your destination instead of going to bed.

  5. Six hours is a sufficient duration. One time I drove from Hamburg, Germany to Basel, Switzerland in six hours including fill ups and lunch. That’s not possible any more. When the wall came down, open Autobahns went away.

  6. Gentlemen,

    I have discovered that Disney is problematic.

    If the historical/legendary Mu Lan can be argued as not Han, than the Disney Mu Lan movies are appropriation.

    Which is in the context of mass murders and genocides by the PRC regime, and Disney/Hollywood efforts to suck up to said regime.

    The live action Mu Lan is an artistically inferior version of Triumph of the Will, and buying Disney Princess swag for your daughters is the same as enrolling them in the DMB.

    Look, apparently, orcs and drow in Dungeons and Dragons had something to do with George Floyd’s death, and fixing that is part of the deeply intrusive wide ranging mummer’s show of doing ‘something’ about murders of blacks. Dungeons and Dragons could not possibly increase the murder rate of blacks, even if someone published the module HH-88 Against The Mud People.

  7. We started a little road trip of our own last Tuesday, getting our youngest to graduate school. Outbound: Virginia-Indianapolis-Topeka-Denver.

    Return? Just started that bit a few hours ago. It’s 10:45 CDT in Western Kansas.

      1. Can’t figure out why that kid has to go so far away to school. Actually, I do know, but dang it, her elder sister managed to do her undergrad near Philadelphia, which was only a three-hour drive in good traffic.

        By the way, having spent last night in Independence, Missouri, my wife and I have made it as far as Dayton, Ohio tonight. The rest of the way to the NOVA tomorrow shouldn’t be all that bad. Hopefully.

  8. Haven’t done a road trip in quite a while. We’ll be doing one when we move and I’m kinda looking forward to it. Don’t know when or what destination yet (hubby is still job-hunting), but hopefully sooner rather than later. I’d *really* like to be out of Philly on the day after the election.

  9. Glad you’re okay and happy to hear that you’re doing okay and getting stuff done.

    I really need to get my stuff done, but every time I think I’m about to get to work, something happens.

      1. I consider, every time this year frustrates, irritates, or otherwise annoys me-that I have two choices.

        Brutal, heartless, terrible, unthinking revenge that would harrow Hell.
        Or, getting on with it and giving the ultimate revenge to this particular terrible year-to be ignored.

        I choose the second, always.

        Easier on the property values, at least.

  10. Happy Birthday to your co-author and husband!

    Enjoy your road trip. I guess my last one was to Avon on the Outer Banks, and I think I cheated and took the ferry at least one way.

    Remember to crash in the bed, not the car. 😉

      1. He’s NOT? I was under the impression the two of you had authored two long-form series and a number of short adventures (the latter commonly termed “cats” of the house.)

        Nothing in print, of course.

        1. The one about the married couple on a colony on a far-flung planet; they had to decide about genetic engineering adaptations or not to adapt to the planet?

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