Don’t Assume The Beatings Will Stop


Last year I would feel stupid posting this here.  In fact in 2008, I felt so stupid that I hid it and occluded it, when I tried to give warning.

But 2020 has stripped us of so many protections and so many protections in our constitution — I keep imagining Heinlein’s reaction if I went back in time and told him in 2020 almost all churches in America would be closed and the faithful threatened with fines and jail for worshiping — that I keep thinking of F. Paul Wilson’s phrase in Repairman Jack “The Spear has no branches.”  In his books it meant that the hero was being stripped of all meaningful attachments so he’d be the perfect weapon.

2020 feels like all of us are being dropped head first down a howling wind tunnel that is abrading essential parts of us and our society away…. probably with the intent of making us into serfs.

So — this is the part I’d feel stupid posting — I was sitting here, discussing what comes next with friends, what next great gambit the left will try and someone said that if Trump wins there will be immediate violence.

I’ll be honest. There will be immediate violence anyway.

I expected it when Obama won, which is why I posted the excerpt below.  But when Obama first won, in 2008 they were still serenely confident he was a “sort of god” and we’d all fall in line “naturally”.  (Thanks perhaps to the man’s own astounding hubris.)  if you remember the early flutter of reports and news, they fully expected he’d be so great we’d be happy to have him, as some twits kept insisting “as your king.”

…. But that was then.  Now they’ve been balked of their “natural” victory four years ago, and d*mn it, the peasants have refused to fall into line.  And they’ve been practicing by throwing fits and burning stuff.  (And btw, most of the rioters are pasty white, straight up communist operatives.)

And if they manage to cheat their way in they’re going to view it as a hard-won victory, and think they need to punish and destroy us.

The beatings won’t stop.  Worse, because nothing will turn out the way they expect, the longer it goes on, the more they’ll get violent.

Take for instance de Blasio’s bizarre assumption that New York will be repopulated with waves of immigrants once they throw the borders open.

These people are straight up doing hits of the good stuff.  Boggarting the somma.

They don’t get action and consequence and live in world of symbols that remain constant, no matter what actually happens in the world.

Look, even now — right now — Latin illegals have left Colorado in droves.  I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but Colorado, or at least the parts I go into, has gotten MARKEDLY whiter.  Makes perfect sense.  First, because our press did such a good job of portraying the virus as being worse HERE (it wasn’t but never mind.) Second because… well…  Most Latins consider themselves white.  (Yes, they also consider themselves Latin, but it’s a culture, not a race. The idiot news anchor talking about how much she loved not seeing white people and talking about her melinated heart (what the hell is that, really?) read completely white to me.)  When they see people on the streets, abusing white people, and talkigna bout how white people need to die, they’re not going to side with AOC’s idiotic declaration that Latins are black (for one the culture of at least the new immigrants is far more racist than white culture in the US has been for 50 years.)  They’re going to interpret it as their getting caught in the middle, or being in danger, and they’re going to scarper.

Let’s be serious, okay: Why do you think that Colorado is giving free tuition for training in construction trades? And I will be honest, I haven’t heard Spanish in a store in weeks.

Maybe that’s just coincidence.

However, something I CAN guarantee to Mr. De Blasio: Venezuela was once a destination point for Portuguese immigrants, many of them illegal.  Somehow I don’t think this is happening anymore.

In the future these reckless morons aim to build, NO ONE will want to come to NYC for the same reason no one swims from the US TO Cuba.

But the morons, of course, refuse to understand that and that their policies will create only poverty and death.  I mean, one would assume they KNOW they want to be lordlings over peasants, but somehow, they really think they’ll create paradise on Earth.  (Remember Occasional Cortex wants to get “native Americans” to come out and teach us the arcane arts of caring for the Earth. … Like running casinos?  I mean SERIOUSLY these fools see everything as an idiot cliche/symbol with no real world referent. And the cliches never change.  Call it a 4 year old comic-book-reader understanding of the world.)

So, if they fraud their way to victory, the beatings will never stop.  The more the world refuses to follow their script, the more it will be your fault.  Yes, yours, you hoarder and wrecker.

But make no mistake, it will start the day of their “victory” in a massive spasm of combined celebration and trying to get rid of anyone they consider “dangerous.” Which will include a lot of people here, including yours truly.

Be aware of it. Be prepared. And do not go quietly into that good night.

This is what I posted before the election in 2008, trying to send a coded message.

If you can find the short story, read it. It’s a good story, but it will also perhaps give you a little feeling for what I fear.

Below is the excerpt of the beginning:

Years ago on this blog I talked about Technique of The Coup D’Etat by Giovanni Guareschi and I typed  the beginning in here.  I shall copy that. (Assume typos are mine.)

At ten o’clock on Tuesday evening, the village square was swept with wind and rain, but a crowd had been gathered there for three or four hours to listen to the election news coming out of a radio loudspeaker. Suddenly the lights went out and everything was plunged into darkness. Someone went to the control box but came back saying there was nothing to be done. The trouble must be up the line or at the power plant, miles away. People hung around for half an hour or so, and then, as the rain began to come down even harder than before, they scattered to their homes, leaving the village silent and deserted. Peppone shut himself up in the People’s Palace, along with Lungo, Brusco, Straziami, and Gigio, the same leader of the “Red Wing” squad from Molinetto. They sat around uneasily by the light of a candle stump and cursed the power and light monopoly as an enemy of the people, until Smilzo burst in. He had gone to Rocca Verde on his motorcycle to see if anyone had news and now his eyes were popping out of his head and he was waving a sheet of paper.

“The Front has won!” he panted. “Fifty-two seats out of a hundred in the senate and fifty-one in the chamber. The other side is done for. We must get hold of our people and have a celebration. If there’s no light, we can set fire to a couple of haystacks nearby.

 “Hurrah!” shouted Peppone. But Gigio grabbed hold of Smilzo’s jacket.

“Keep quiet and stay where you are!” he said grimly. It’s too early for anyone to be told. Let’s take care of our little list.”

“List? What list?” asked Peppone in astonishment.

“The list of reactionaries who are to be executed first thing. Let’s see now…”

Peppone stammered that he had made no such list, but the other only laughed.

“That doesn’t matter. I’ve a very complete one here all ready. Let’s look at it together, and once we’ve decided we can get to work.”

Gigio pulled a sheet of paper with some twenty names on it out of his pocket and laid it on the table.

“Looks to me as if al the reactionary pigs were here,” he said. “I put down the worst of them, and we can attend to the rest later.”

Peppone scanned the names and scratched his head.

“Well, what do you say?” Gigio asked him.

“Generally speaking, we agree,” said Peppone. “But what’s the hurry? We have plenty of time to do things in the proper style.”

Gigio brought his fist down on the table.

“We haven’t a minute to lose, that’s what I say,” he shouted harshly. “This is the time to put our hands on them, before they suspect us. If we wait until tomorrow, they may get wind of something and disappear.”

At this point Brusco came into the discussion.

“You must be crazy,” he said. “You can’t start out to kill people before you think it over.”

“I’m not crazy and you’re a very poor Communist, that’s what you are! These are all reactionary pigs; no one can dispute that, and if you don’t take advantage of this golden opportunity then you’re a traitor to the party!”

Brusco shook his head.

“Don’t you believe it! It’s jackasses that are traitors to the Party! And you’ll be a jackass if you make mistakes and slaughter innocent people.”

Gigio raised a threatening finger.

“It’s better to eliminate ten innocents than to spare one individual who may be dangerous to the cause. Dead men can do the party no harm. You’re a very poor Communist, as I’ve said before. In fact, you never were a good one. You’re as weak as a snowball in hell, I say. You’re just a bourgeois in disguise!”

Brusco grew pale, and Peppone intervened.

“That’s enough,” he said. “Comrade Gigio has the right idea and nobody can deny it. It’s part of the groundwork of Communist philosophy. Communism gives us the goal at which to aim and democratic discussion must be confined to the quickest and surest ways to attain it.”

Giggio nodded his head in satisfaction, while Peppone continued: “Once it’s been decided that these people are or may be dangerous to the cause and therefore we must eliminate them, the next thing is to work out the best method of elimination. Because if by our carelessness, we were to allow a a single reactionary to escape, then we should indeed be traitors to the Party. Is that clear?”

“Absolutely,” the others said in chorus. “You’re dead right.”

“There are six of us,” Peppone went on, “And twenty names on that list, among them the Filotti, who has a whole regiment in his house and a cache of arms in the cellar. If we were to attack these people one by one, at the first shot the rest would run away. We must call our forces together and divide them up into twenty squads, each one equipped to deal with a particular objective.”

“Very good,” said Gigio.

“Good, my foot!” shouted Peppone. “That’s not the half of it! We need a twenty first squad, equipped even better than the rest to hold off the police. And mobile squads to cover the roads and the river. If a fellow rushes into action in the way you proposed, without proper precautions, running the risk of botching it completely, then he’s not a good communist, he’s just a damn fool.”

It was Gigio’s turn to pale now, and he bit his lip in anger, while Peppone proceeded to give orders. Smilzo was to transmit word to the cell leaders in the outlying settlements and these were to call their men together. A green rocket would give the signal to meet in appointed places, where Falchetto, Brusco and Straziami would form the squads and assign the targets. A red rocket would bid them go into action. Smilzo went off on his motorcycle while Lungo, Brusco, Straziami and Gigio discussed the composition of the squads.

“You must do a faultless job,” Peppone told them. “I shall hold you personally responsible for its success. Meanwhile, I’ll see if the police are suspicious and find some way to put them off.

Don Camillo, later waiting in vain for the lights to go on and the radio to resume its mumble, decided to get ready for bed. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door and when he drew it open cautiously, he found Peppone before him.

“Get out of here in a hurry!” Peppone panted. “Pack a bag and go! Put on an ordinary suit of clothes, take your boat and row down the river.”

Don Camillo stared at him with curiosity.

“Comrade Mayor, have you been drinking?”

“Hurry,” said Peppone. “The people’s Front has won and the squads are getting ready. There’s a list of people to be executed and your name is the first one!”


522 thoughts on “Don’t Assume The Beatings Will Stop

  1. No one jumps into an abusive relationship with their eyes wide open.
    A skilled abuser seduces their victim with a few nice things, but mostly with promises of how much more if only their victim will act in some certain way (which keeps shifting every time they get close, abusers love to move those goal posts)
    And as the situation gets ever worse the victim tells himself that if only they try harder things must eventually get better for what reason could anyone have to continue such abuse.
    Until the day when they realize that abuse is the goal. Their abuser gets off on the power. The ever changing demands are nothing more than the excuse for punishment.
    And eventually the abused comes to the conclusion that they have but two choices: either run and hide (either leaving the abuser or far too often by suicide), or fight back. And in that final case the choice is to do it legally or pick the most effective weapon they can lay their hands on.
    We citizens who just want to live our lives, work, play, enjoy our families are being abused by elements of government, by a once trustworthy media, and by radical extremists drunk on the current situation where there are no real repercussions for their riots, looting, and wanton destruction of other’s property.
    If Trump wins the actions of the fringe will escalate to the point where law enforcement and the politicians who control them have no choice but to take the gloves off. Perhaps to the level of olden days when looters were shot.
    If Biden wins it’s party time, and what’s a good party without a bit of destruction and burning and beating half to death of those not your supporters.
    And the people will be faced with no choice whatsoever other than fight to protect life and property, or watch it all be destroyed.

    1. Yes – and it’s coming to that, once the Antifa and BLM scum try and bring it to the suburbs and outlaying towns, as happened last night in Kenosha.

      1. The Antioch IL poilce have arrested the shooter today. He was a 17 yr old former Police Explorer Scout and he is being charged with murder. The dhimmicraps in charge are going after those who respond to the rioters. From the video I saw it was obvious the kid was defending himself.

            1. Wait, is hotmail automatically deleting stuff after you’ve already received it? That’s either a stupid design choice or a serious bug, but it would help explain why I had so much trouble getting that guest post to you.

                1. #canConfirm

                  I was able to find my folk’s mailing address…by getting part of it from a third party, and checking the People function, THEN I could find the email with the address.

                  I think they’re using the bing algorithm to “help” find things.

            2. K, I found out what I did a few years ago when we kept losing paperwork on the house via email–
              hotmail has categories, you can make one that’s something like “BLOG,” click to the left of the email header, and “categorize” it.

              I had both a house category and a house folder, and that avoided the “hotmail ate my email” problem. (Especially when I had forwarded stuff to that email because our realtor at the time was iffy on the concept of keeping emails straight.)

              1. If I’m understanding that correctly, doesn’t that mean Sarah has to have already seen the email before she can categorize it? That doesn’t help if she never finds it in the first place.

                A better way might be to have a separate account for content submissions only, like “sahoyt_submissions.” That’s what I do for this blog when I c4c.

                1. Correct, it won’t fix the ones she never sees– but it will make it so she can find the ones taht she did see, didn’t have time to deal wth, and now can’t find.

                2. Incidentally, they do have a thing where you can make alternate mail accounts that all go to the same inbox, too.
                  I don’t know how to find the stuff sent to that specific email, though, it puts you back at the mercy of “search.”

                3. Technically, you can categorize all mail from a certain address (or with a certain key phrase, I think – it’s been a while since I set up any categories) and Hotmail will flag it 99.999% of the time.

                  Sarah might be able to set up a rule that any email with “Guest Post” in the subject line* will be dropped into an assigned folder and there’s a good chance it would work, but experience has shown me few Hotmail rules are hard or fast.

                  *N.B. – this would require all guest post submissions include that phrase in the subject line.

                  1. Yeah, I’m sticking with my earlier recommendation. It’s Sarah’s call, but to me making a separate account for submissions sounds like both the easiest and most reliable method of solving this.

        1. Blake had a knife, was failing to obey police commands; frankly the shooting was 100% justified use of lethal force. Only idiots and stupid criminals of any race would behave that way. If I behaved that way, they’d have shot me too, and I’m as white as it gets.

          As for the Kenosha shooter, funny how they claim he’d already shot someone and they were chasing him.

          “According to witness accounts and video footage, police let a gunman walk past them and leave the scene with a rifle over his shoulder and his hands in the air as members of the crowd were yelling for him to be arrested because he had shot people.”

          Really? What video footage? Only footage I see is them chasing him, knocking him to the ground, and THEN him shooting. I certainly see no police line.

          I do see plenty of evidence for him to be exercising justifiable lethal self defense in the video.

          1. That was PSG’ers 2 and 3. He was running then from where another BLAMTIFA hoodlum had cornered him between cars and gotten in his face– and taken a head-shot for his troubles.

            So yes, he had shot someone already by that point, and was already moving toward the police line. The first shot was also in self-defense.

            And fatal.

            1. Something about him also having had a molotov chucked at him before he shot the first guy?

          2. Blake not only had a knife, he had already wrestled away from a couple officers and was going for his vehicle. Sure, his three kids were in the car – he should have thought of that, of the example he was setting and the possibility he was endangering them. I doubt the officers knew the kids were there and the police can hardly be expected to act more the concerned parent than Blake.

            As for the seven shots in the back — what, they want cops to give him a chance to turn around and knife them? Maybe they think one of the cops ought have given Blake a gun? This isn’t about having a “fair” fight, it is about compliance with legitimate legal authority. Without knowing the model of gun carried by the officer I am going to guess the seven shots represent emptying the clip into Blake — a not unnatural reaction given Blake had reportedly already shrugged off a taser’s jolt.

            Maybe it was excessive force — that isn’t for the arrestee to decide, that is for the arrestee’s attorney to prove in court to a big fat payday for him and his client. And for the Kenosha city authorities, for the mayor, city council and police chief to establish procedural guidelines governing use of force. They’ve no business hanging their cops out to swing in the breeze, the chicken-[feces] rats.

            And now comes the news that in response to all these complaints the Democrat-led Virginia state senate has declared open season on police reduced “battery of a police officer” from a felony to a misdemeanor.

            Flippin’ geniuses. I wager they all live in gated neighborhoods with private security.

            1. “And now comes the news that in response to all these complaints the Democrat-led Virginia state senate has declared open season on police reduced “battery of a police officer” from a felony to a misdemeanor.”

              And yet I’m sure they will make an exception for enforcing the gun confiscation laws they just passed…. de facto if not de jure.

          3. About Blake (NSFW):

            This is why Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest
            The cops involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake — which touched off a fresh wave of angry, anti-police sentiment across the country — were attempting to arrest him for violating a restraining order stemming from an alleged sexual assault, The Post has learned.

            Blake, 29, was forbidden from going to the Kenosha home of his alleged victim from the May 3 incident, and police were dispatched Sunday following a 911 call saying he was there. The officers were aware he had an open warrant, according to dispatch records, though it’s not clear if they knew the specific allegations of violence.


            Blake is accused in the criminal complaint, which was obtained by The Post, of breaking into the home of a woman he knew and sexually assaulting her.

            The victim, who is only identified by her initials in the paperwork, told police she was asleep in bed with one of her children when Blake came into the room around 6 a.m. and allegedly said “I want my sh-t,” the record states.

            She told cops Blake then used his finger to sexually assault her, sniffed it and said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men,” the criminal complaint alleges.


            The alleged victim said Blake “penetrating her digitally caused her pain and humiliation and was done without her consent” and she was “very humiliated and upset by the sexual assault,” the record states.

            She told police she “was upset but collected herself” and then allegedly ran out the front door after Blake, the complaint says. She then realized her car was missing, checked her purse and saw the keys were missing and then “immediately called 911,” the complaint alleges.

            The alleged victim told cops she has known him for eight years and claims that he physically assaults her “around twice a year when he drinks heavily.”

            Police filed charges against him for felony sexual assault, trespassing and domestic abuse in July when a warrant was issued for his arrest.

            On Sunday, within three minutes of responding to the 911 call, Blake was shot 7 times in the back as he attempted to get into his car. …

    2. And it’s much, much more difficult when you’ve been raised by the abuser, and had the whole rest of society keep telling you, “of course they have your best interests at heart!”

      Even so, there are those who escape, one way or another.

      No, of course the beatings won’t stop. Abusers are the absolute worst and most dangerous when they think you’re getting away.

    3. I was heartened to see people who defended their places with AR-15s in Kenosha. I suspect this is going to mean the return of the Rooftop Koreans, who helped keep Koreatown in LA unburnt during the Rodney King riots in 1991. And yeah, I need to get some range time to dial in a few items.

      1. Never forget that bullies and abusers are at heart cowards preying on the weak and defenseless. It’s a well known fact within the 2A community that in a majority of cases the mere presence of a firearm in the hands of a criminal’s intended victim stops the commission of a crime cold.
        Best as I recall those Korean shopkeepers never had to fire a shot, their display of weapons and a perceived willingness to use them in defense of their lives and property were enough to convince the rioters to retreat to a less threatening location.

        1. I don’t know how many fired, and I don’t think anyone knows how many were killed, but shots were definitely fired.

          The gun store owner in particular is on video in a shootout.

        2. > never had to fire a shot

          That’s the extra bonus win on top of the big win of not getting burned out or killed.

          The best gunfight is always the one you didn’t have. Because once you pull the trigger you’ve already lost; now you’re just doing damage control.

          1. Sorry, but once I pull the trigger, “they” have already lost. I don’t fire warning shots, and the military taught me to fire center of mass to ensure we wounded them and didn’t miss. On the other hand, I can consistently do head shots at 100 yards with iron sights all day if I don’t have to duck and cover.

            1. Apparently the antifa creep who doxxed the kid is outraged beyond xir’s outragiest rage that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy returned the favor and doxxed her. Warmed the cockles of my heart, that bit of news.

        3. Unfortunately, corrupt DAs take that as illegally “brandishing a weapon” like that AA B* in St Louis did with the McCorkles. Don’t tell me she was fairly enforcing the law in that case.

      2. I was stationed on a Marine Airbase in SoCal in 91. My fellow Marines and I would cheer whenever the rooftop Koreans were shown on the news. The honor of protecting the Right and Liberty to stand on your own two feet and protect your own, even when the government all but abandoned you, was one of the things many of us joined the Corps for.

        1. #3 son is a marine infantryman and the Roof Koreans are very respected by the grunts to this day. A Korean buddy in his unit has a nickname of “Roof”

    4. > No one jumps into an abusive relationship with their eyes wide open.

      I wish that were true, but I’ve seen it happen more than once in meatspace. And these were people who were otherwise rational, self-aware, and presented as sane. Whatever it is about an abuser, they can spot it across a crowded room, and something goes “spang!” in their head as their focus narrows down to The One For Me.

    5. I suspect the rioting will be *worse* if Biden wins. Watch any European (and most Latin American) country whose team has made it to the finals of the World Cup. There is rioting in the streets if their team loses, but the rioting and burning and is worse if their team wins. I gather the same sort of attitude will prevail among the current crop of US rioters.

      1. The Democratic Party paramilitary will view it as their green light to openly seek to eliminate those who are deemed under their identity group Marxism to be members of “oppressor groups”. They have already been told by senior Democratic Party leadership that such people are “enemies of the state”. And if they lose, Democrats have already announced that a Trump victory will be deemed illegitimate.

        Democrats have signaled their approval for violence against political opponents up to and including outright mass murder.

        1. If the recent rioting has proven anything, it’s that anything is the green light. They were certainly not waiting for some poor appropriately tinted dude to die in custody to kick this all off – they just went with the first thing that came to hand, whether they were ready or not.

          No matter what the election results, they will be a green light for some.

          1. They weren’t reasoned into those positions. They will not be reasoned out of them.

            However, there is still a range of options that may work, short of simply killing them all.

            It may come down to civilizing them with a Krag.

        2. If you hear a knocking on your door in the wee hours of election night, grab your gun and an extra magazine before you go to the door.

            1. Hmm. I need a way to remotely open the door while I’m 20 feet down the hall around the corner for cover.

              1. We’ve got second-story options over all the entries, including the windows, and I’d want to get the kids out of the way for any unexpected knocks anyways.

  2. Vive Don Camillo! I have been thinking a bit lately about our poor parish priest, who confounded the communists with a mixture of logic, compassion and fists. Part of my dad’s (hence mine) bookshelf growing up. It is a shame so few today have either the knowledge or strength of his author.

  3. Re: the ‘spear has no branches’ thing, I’ve long wondered if Mr. Wilson has never heard of a boar spear.

    Sadly, I’d never heard of Don Camillo until Peter Grant featured a snippet on his blog recently. The good Don is even on the tube of U.

  4. Re: the ‘spear has no branches’ thing, I’ve long wondered if Mr. Wilson has never heard of a boar spear.

    Sadly, I’d never heard of Don Camillo until Peter Grant featured a snippet on his blog recently. The good Don is even on the tube of U.

      1. Seconded. The translation I have is quite good, and I’ve infected several friends and family members with him several times over the years (with some not-so-good natured cussing that I’ve given them *another* book they *have* to read… and they end up liking it, despite me. Heh).

        Reminds me of one of the nuns at Catholic school growing up sometimes. German immigrant lady, first generation, very thick accent- and with a tremendous temper, at times. *chuckle* Go, read. The little world is a fine place to be.

              1. Latin for everyone! Especially medical students. I need to find my old vocabulary and declension notebooks. I know I have them somewhere in storage. Somewhere.

                  1. get thee a copy of Kennedy’s Latin Primer and you can do the scene from Young Winston. Mensa, Mensa, Mensam, Mensae, Mensae, Mensa. But Sir, what does it mean. Thwack.

                    Glidersleeve was the standard American primer. You can get them both for nothing at Archive or Hathi. The homeschoolers use Henle. My Latin teacher daughter says it’s not bad. She does not like the Lingua Latina approach because the students need the base and they never get it.

                    I had a mad Irishman teach it to me. It was exactly like the scene in Life of a Brian. i used Wheelock, meh.They’ve come out with a lot of workbooks and stuff. The Cambridge Latin lacks rigor. I do think you need to spend the time learning the grammar.

                    1. Lingua Latina can work… with a lot of additives. That was how my teacher started it, but only used bits and pieces. The rest was self built, emphasis on vocabulary, conjugation, declension and then grammar. We were on, I think, Livy by the end of the second year. Some bits here and there, like the Fabulae Romanae, the founding of Rome, and suchlike.

                      Same issue with Cabridge, yes, lack of rigor. With anything, though, you get out of it what you put in.

            1. I am now reminded of the Enrico Fermi biography Atoms in the Family that I read once upon a time, many years ago. Enrico read some astronomy text… and only afterwards (and being Italian, this was perhaps easier him than for most…) realized that the text was in Latin.

      2. it’s a master class on writing short-shorts.

        Hey, man, dig them crazy books

        Who reads short shorts?
        We read short shorts
        They’re such short shorts
        We like short shorts
        Who reads short shorts?
        We read short shorts

        Who reads short shorts?
        We read short shorts
        They’re such short shorts
        We like short shorts
        Who reads short shorts?
        We read short shorts

        Who reads short shorts?
        We read short shorts
        They’re such short shorts
        We like short shorts
        Who reads short shorts?
        We read short shorts

        I’m a baaaaaaad wallaby.

        N.B. – Bob Gaudio, writer of those memorable lyrics, would later become, with Franki Valli, a founding member of the Four Seasons. So this song ain’t his only crime against Euterpe.

      3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that excerpt from Guareschi. I have The Little World of Don Camillo and Comrade Don Camillo on my Kindle. I hadn’t started them yet so after stopping here, I read the first few stories in Little World. It’s magnificent.

        Jumping to the subject of Latin, a colleague recommended Susan Shelmerdine’s An Introduction to Latin (2e). I grabbed a used copy. I’ve made it only as far as the second chapter but it seems useful. I think I’d be interested in that study group, if there’s a spot open and time allows.

        Thanks again for sharing that. A word in season, as Wouk had General Tillet say in The Winds of War.

    1. Well what do you expect? One copy to the site, the CC to Tim Cook, or Alphabet depending on your phonesuasion. That second was supposed to be BCC but in this case…

      1. The travel trailer we purchased uses a wireless connection to control most everything. (I got a bit stunned when I couldn’t find a light switch.) In a cost saving move, there’s no built-in control panel, so I need a smartphone to do the deed. (Current phone is a primitive flipphone that doesn’t support mainstream apps.) I had to chose between Android or iOS, but since I was able to find a refurbed iPhone 6, I’ll go with Apple as the lesser evil.

        I thought of using one of our Kindle Fires to do it, but that would require an account with Google, and that’s not going to happen.

        I’d sworn to avoid Apple products after getting burned by the Classic II, but you gotta do what you must.

        1. Our new air conditioner does a bunch of tricks, but they’re not available on the control panel. You have to have an “app” on a gPhone or iPhone, and a live wifi connection.

          Be aware, a lot of things that used to have remote controls, they expect you to install their malware on a compatible spyphone to do that now. And if something says “[phone] compatible’, that’s marketing-speak for “[phone] required”.

          1. As best as I can tell, the manufacturer rolled out the new configuration (ie, smart phone control) in last year’s models, while the lack of a built-in control panel is new. It must be intuitively obvious to the casual observer*, because there isn’t much of any documentation of it in the trailer manuals. I just hope it doesn’t need a back alley design review with crowbar enhancement.

            I had hopes that there was a web page version of the control, but no such luck; just a g or i app.

            (*) /sarc

            1. And now the manufacturer will collect data on everything you do with the trailer and on everywhere you go with it. What they will do with it I don’t know but I’m sure they can sell it to someone. At least they didn’t set it up with Alexa…

              1. It’s set up to allow such, but the WiFi-only arrangement isn’t designed to phone home (as far as I know). They offer a considerably more expensive setup that turns the trailer into an Internet of Botnets Things link, with a WiFi hotspot thrown in. That one is *supposed* to phone home.

                The manufacturer uses it for phone-side assistance when things go awry, and certain functions are allowed to happen over the ‘net. OTOH, you need a cell plan and some semi-expensive hardware to do that ($350 for the tranceiver), so I’ll ignore the partial install that the trailer manufacturer did. (They did the antenna and the interface between the transceiver and the trailer’s processor.)

                If they had gone with an Alexa arrangment, the ‘zon would probably offer a Kindle version of the app. Hmm.

                1. the WiFi-only arrangement

                  WiFi to WiFi, like printer, that doesn’t require internet or cell tower connection, I could live with.

                  If we keep the trailer, we are probably looking at the same setup for a tow camera. Camera at back of trailer. Powered by connecting directly to lights on trailer (generally clearance lights or whatever recommended for license plate rim type). But receiving of video is via wireless. Some can be to your phone. But most either come with, have an option for a dedicated receiver, or will connect wireless to a navigation/backup type vehicle screen via app (which does not require cell coverage). I was skeptical because wireless is maximum of 40′. Otherwise wired required. Our over all length is 42′ front truck bumper to back of trailer bumper. That puts us less than 40′ between the two devices (truck doesn’t have a screen).

                  Oh heck, if Costco has one, I may get one for this trip, then take the dang thing back or sell it on the trailer, maybe.

                  Regarding if things go to heck in a hand basket … where are we going to get fuel to tow the trailer anywhere? Home? We have the wood (heat). We have the camping gear … cooking. We can hunker down (ish). Might pack up & head to cousins, you know with the ranch (sheep), & couch serf. Regardless we’d have to go fishing … (dang canoe).

              2. And this is why I desire a ‘GFY’ app – it does only ONE thing – drop unauthorized packets and replace them with the expansion of ‘GFY’.

        2. Our trailer braking system needs a smartphone, too– we got a $20 burner phone (and $40 in time, it was a stop-gap) and I’ve turned that into the “all the stupid travel apps I don’t want on my phone” phone.

          1. Okay then. Not upgrading RV systems anytime soon … Heck just driving I-84 on Oregon Columbia Gorge, there are places where cell coverage isn’t.

            1. Oh, it doesn’t require service, it’s a bluetooth connection. Means to avoid running wires, and you can replace the parts a LOT easier, and it will warn you when things are failing.

            2. Our Cherokee Wolf Pup (appropriation. REEEEEEEEE!) uses the LCI (AKA Lippert Component Industries) OneControl system. I’m guessing that if a new RV has smart-control, it’s going to be the LCI version.

              At the basic level, you need cell access long enough to get the app. Apple or Google, choose your poison. Once that’s set up, the phone uses WiFi to talk to the trailer. Higher end RVs would want the cell version, so that when X, Y or Z go wrong, you can contact LCI and they’ll talk you through an attempt to field fix, and failing that, would institute some form of trouble call.

              I’m using a Teknosha brake controller from the Farm and Ranch store; worked well without fiddling and it doesn’t need anything fancier than a wiring harness. Rather than wire one myself, I got a premade one from Teknosha.

              Looks like last year (AFAIK, the LCI system was rolled out in 2019 or maybe late ’18), the trailer had some form of tablet that would dock to a port, but it was also a WiFi system. Since the Pup is not a tremendously expensive model, it makes sense to skip the separate panel. I must represent a tiny percentage of the RV owners who didn’t have a smart phone at the time. And yes, the flip phone will be by standard talker.

              So, for normal purposes, no cell coverage isn’t a problem.

              1. So, for normal purposes, no cell coverage isn’t a problem.

                That is good.

                Might be a little sensitive to perception that a problem might exist where one doesn’t. I worked with software developers who would have no clue that internet or cell coverage wasn’t a given. Told them their solution would not work. Got to tell them “I told you” too. (Hey I was retiring, no bridges burned.) Shasta county facilities (so did the vehicle shop, but one major crisis at a time) wanted to be able to allow the department to update facilities service data using tablets or laptop. Owner & developers/programmers thought they could get away with an app connecting background to the main program … Nope. No internet, no cell coverage at a good portion of the properties. Don’t get me wrong. Just creating an app with background processing over the internet or cell was a huge task, as from scratch. The notice that it couldn’t be used? Priceless (from my view).

                1. A decade or so ago, I was involved with developing technical manuals for an Army test system. Lots of test equipment tied together by a computer. (Not classified, but that’s as far as I’m going). The program manager wanted to be able to run the manual on the central computer. I took considerable pleasure in standing up at a meeting and saying, “OK, you need to troubleshoot the system. So you call up the troubleshooting procedure and the first step says, ‘Turn off power at main breaker.’ What’s the second step? Gee, I don’t know, the screen went blank.”
                  The looks on their faces were also priceless.

                  1. Yeah, any troubleshooting that entails the Big Red Switch implies that something other than the main system actually has the required information. Early in my career at HP, I discovered that the HP3000 minicomputer had a *clear* power off switch at the top corner of the cabinet. Found out when I was leaning against the cabinet and wanted some place to put my hand. Oops!

                    There were some unhappy users that day…

          2. [boggle]

            Of all the apps I *wouldn’t* want on a phone, trailer brakes would be high on the list…

            1. It’s wireless, but not cellular. They made the app after the wireless installs were already proven to work with a dedicated box.

            2. Of all the apps I *wouldn’t* want on a phone, trailer brakes would be high on the list…

              No kidding.

        3. travel trailer we purchased uses a wireless connection to control most everything

          You didn’t say. Does it require a cell tower connection? Because if it does … Wait! WTH?

          We have that with the “extras” for the Hyundai’s. Including prestart. Which on top we have to pay for to keep (Sonota was free first year, Santa Fe is free for 3 years – BlueLink). You can pay to get a fob that will allow you to do prestart, if not the other features. Regardless, it requires cell access ….

          My point? If the app requires cell tower connection … ummmm, we’re headed to Madison YNP for camping … Madison doesn’t have cell tower access. Not even leakage from West Yellowstone (western entrance town). We should have cell access at Grant campground later, when we move sites, but that is because it is on Yellowstone Lake & the marina.

          No cell coverage + camping is generally the default (okay, might be showing my age a bit … but still …).

          May not matter for your reasons for getting your RV. But if things go bad & cell systems go down …

          Run into that with pups FitBark too. Phone app won’t pull data from unit unless app can connect to website (in background). But they do that because the app doesn’t do the calculations to translate data collected for the dog in question, that is done by the web app servers.

          1. All I’m going to say is that the big 5 tech company I work for installed a nifty little IOT setup for the holding company that owns roughly 75% of the car dealerships, all brands, here in DFW in 2018. It involved putting a little dongle on the engine diagnostic port to phone home with an update on everything that happened with any car that went through their hands. Looked just like the original equipment, and just to make sure the customer didn’t twig, each one got it’s own cell phone number, which the holding company paid for. No inconvenient charges on the phone bills.

            Then people started wondering why they were getting maintenance reminder e-mails, texts, etc. with uncannily accurate info…. and repair shops discovered their older engine diagnostic computers wouldn’t talk to it….

            1. My 2016 Forester has the StarLink system, and that’s two way. If I look at the owner’s page for my Subie, that one has accurate information. When I was contemplating a trip back East, I knew I had to deal with a 100+ mile stretch of no cell coverage and 3 car per hour (at rush hour) traffic level. (OR/NV 140 between Lakeview and Winnemucca. It’s the poster child for desolate roads.)

              1. I know that road — I have driven it many times! People who haven’t been there just don’t believe me when I state how desolate it truly is.

                    1. I have an older model Whistler dash cam from Bi-Mart. The 8gB card ran for a couple of hours before overwriting, but it handles 32 gig, so that’s what’s in there now.

                      OTOH, I don’t expect to take that road again. My tolerance for really long road trips is kind of poor, and I lost the desire to see some of the relatives back east.

            2. I’m pretty sure that falls under the Federal anti-hacking laws. I would be angry enough that choosing between hiring a lawyer or just showing up with a baseball bat would be tough.

                1. John Deere is catching fire with its computers in tractors, and an unwilling attitude to let the repairs go outside. AFAIK, several states are doing a “Right to Repair” law to stop such nonsense. I think I heard that the Feds were interested, though Nancy would rather go after POTUS and those who voted for him. Not sure if the Departments are involved. Looks like it could be anti-trust worthy.

              1. Unfortunately what they are relying on is the permissions already given to companies like OnStar to collect that kind of information. And buried in the paperwork are clauses where “you gave them permission” to collect that info for servicing purposes. What’s getting them in trouble is if outside shops can’t connect through it there’s a claim that they are forcing you to get your car serviced by the dealer and THAT is illegal.

                1. Yeah, I’d think the expression (computer != free_cars) would more likely evaluate to TRUE.

                1. I’m a Ford guy, but somehow wound up with an ’80 Malibu.

                  A few weeks ago I put a new carburetor on it. Forty years and it was time for a rebuild… but I managed to snag a New Old Stock Rochester from eBay for not much more than a rebuild kit. Just a few years ago, a brand-new carburetor was worth more than the car.

                  1. I had to get the carb rebuilt a couple of times in the ’84 Ranger. The second time, the shop “did me a favor” and put in the *other* carb Ford used that year. Getting it past smog testing was a pain, not least because one feature in the original carb was missing in the replacement. (Wide-open throttle sensor. Go figure.)

                    I donated the truck to Salvation Army and they sold it to a handyman type. It was a pain in the neck to me, but his pride and joy. At least it ran…

          2. I found out through experience that some of the inexpensive security camera setups require a live internet connection. They stream the video to a server in China, and then you watch it “with your smartphone app!” And if it mentions “phone” anywhere on the box, it actually means ONLY with their app running on a gPhone or iPhone.

            The 8-camera system I bought for the house doesn’t require an internet connection, but the video is in some weird format that’s only viewable with their extension running on an ancient version of Internet Explorer, so I have an XP virtual machine set up for it… Almost all of the security systems try to lock you in to some proprietary hardware or software unless you want to pay a stout premium.

    2. I don’t have to worry about my trailer phoning home. It’s older than my parents, and I gutted it and am restoring it. No electronics to do anything, just now – I am wiring up the tow lights and have wire runs to nowhere. 🙂

  5. Call it a 4 year old comic-book-reader understanding of the world.

    And the comic book is sixty years old.

    Boggarting the somma.

    Should be ‘Bogarting the Soma’ — early morning sticky keys? Boggarts are those shapeshifting monsters from Harry Potter, and Soma was a brand name.

    I’d consider it more ‘Mainlining the Soma’ though. Bogarting just means not sharing; they’re doing their damndest to OD on the stuff.
    Please try to remain calm. You can panic if you want to, but it won’t help.

    1. Soma *is* a brand name. My wife’s doctor gave her a prescription for it when she was having some muscle spasms. She’d never read the book and had no idea that the name of a “muscle relaxer” (half a pill knocked her out for most of a day!) had any other meaning.

      Like the diet juice some idiots were marketing as “Soylent” a while back. “What were they thinking?!”

      Though a particularly cynical observer might wonder if the product was actually intended to sell…

      1. Like the diet juice some idiots were marketing as “Soylent” a while back.

        Was it Green? 😀

        1. Yeah the mint is just to cover up the long pork aftertaste. Heavens to betsy what idiot marketeer decided on Soylent (soy based I presume) as a name and what idiots buy it? No wait I’ll bet I can guess… its a bunch of rich 20-30 somethings that have never read anything before Harry Potter and have never seen a movie from before 1990.

          1. My understanding is that the Soylent name was deliberate marketing, since they figured people were going to make those jokes anyway. They went for I-dare-you-to-drink-this-icky-stuff, sort of like gummi worms. (“If you can’t hide it, paint it red”).

      2. It’s not actually diet food, it’s meal replacements for computer types that are too busy to fix real food and don’t care that much about eating anyway.

        AFAIK it’s soy-based, and the inventors probably though they were making an edgy joke.

        1. At least the creator did think about alternate uses for it—he wanted to create something that he could eat quickly (because he apparently has no joy in eating, weirdo) but he also thought it would be good for disaster situations as a dry product that was easy to shift and could fill nutritional gaps while food logistics were being worked out.

          1. (because he apparently has no joy in eating, weirdo)

            I don’t know about this guy, but I’ve known people who think in terms of “eating is a waste of time, I’d take a pill if I could”. Not much apparent “no joy in eating”, more “this shouldn’t have to exist”.

            If you guessed that they also can’t stand the mess involved with making anything more complicated than crackers and peanut butter you get a prize.

            1. I actually enjoyed them. I could store a case at my desk, and have one for the afternoon slump, instead of raiding the vending machine for candy bars, as was my wont. It’s a fairly mid-grain flavor, so if you’ve got some flavorings you can doctor it up in a lot of interesting ways.

              I was particularly fond of doing banana and vanilla for a banana milk-shake type thing.

              They were nice because I didn’t have to fuss with the company kitchenette thing, and I didn’t crssh the way I would if I had anything with sugar in it.

          2. To be fair, there are times I enjoy something elaborate and times I will take “can be prepared and eaten fast with minimal effort, mess, or decision-making” in a heartbeat.

            1. I have a bin of protein bars, so I get that. They are also chocolate, though, because there’s no reason they shouldn’t taste good.

        2. Probably a Star Force influence. Aer-ki Jyr’s future history had the Trailblazers early on decide they couldn’t draw the sentience line anywhere so they decided that all humanity, and alien members of Star Force, would cease eating meat or “exploiting” animals. (Cats and dogs have their own reservations; NO pets.) Their food factories produce cubic foods for the various races from vegetative or artificial sources with supposedly artificial flavoring that doesn’t mimic MREs. Their beverages are called Red, Green, Orange, etc.

  6. Of course the crosspiece on a boar spear isn’t branches, it’s a block to prevent a very angry hog from climbing right up the spear shaft to get it’s four inch razor sharp tusks into you.
    And as for me, while I can appreciate the thrill of hunting a feral hog with a pointy stick, I’m much more comfortable with a .30 caliber rifle from at least 100 yards away.
    Note: feral pigs are considered an invasive species and a serious problem across the Southern states where it is legal to hunt them year round with few restrictions.

    1. Like kudzu and nutria, Russian wild boars were deliberately introduced to the South. The hogs range through all of Dixie now, and they kill people every now and then.

      Russian tumbleweeds and Burmese pythons were by accident, apparently. We mostly have those only in Texas and Florida.

      1. The pythons were NOT an accident, those were idiots releasing “pets” that got big enough to be dangerous. And now they’ve spread snake parasites that are hitting local snakes like the indigo hard, when those species were already in trouble. Arrrrgh.

        …Usually I’m not fond of handbags. However. Python leather, anyone? Resource is yours for the taking!

        1. My Python Boot was too tight
          I couldn’t get it off last night
          A week went by and now it’s July
          I finally got it off and my girlfriend cried
          “You’ve got Stink-Foot!”

        2. the big release was Andrew though, a zoo and a snake breeder iirc had their place wiped out, but the sneks survived. Go figure, Fla is prime real estate for them getting randy and doing the “go forth and multiply” thing

          1. *Groans* Yeah; we can also blame Andrew and aquariums for a lot of the lionfish problem. More lionfish tournaments needed, and someone’s working on a robot trap to go deep enough to catch the buggers….

  7. Carl looked up at the ‘Bong’ sound curious rather than quizzical. The no smoking light was lit, as well as the seatbelt light, which was normal. Neither was ever allowed these days. Tilting his head to look down the row of seats he recognized the attendant reaching for the in-cabin microphone. He sighed and slithered down in his seat. Here we go again…
    “Welcome to the Fourth Turning, I will be your hostess on this ride. Please be aware that there are no exits on this plane, but if you lack the courage or will to continue, Disposal Chutes are located at the front and rear of the cabin. Be advised that your remains will be used in a most sustainable fashion to nourish the fruits of the upper class. These completely organically grown fruits are available from the attendants on request, and if you have the funds to purchase. Also be advised that this trip is scheduled to take approximately twenty years, or until the next generation raised in the school of hardship once again rights the country from its foolish fantasies. Have a good trip!

  8. Oh damn, the war is coming.
    Oh damn, you feel you want it.
    Oh damn, just bring it on today.

    You can’t live without the fire
    It’s the heat that makes you strong.
    ‘Cause you’re born to live and fight it all the way.
    You can’t hide what lurks inside you
    It’s the only thing you know.
    You’ll embrace it and never walk away.

      1. There are a number of fan videos for that song out there. This one, and another based on Assassin’s Creed (I think–I’m not exactly a gamer) with what looks like some American Revolution type themes are my favorites. I basically flipped a coin and picked this one. It’s just got this great vibe of arming up to go into righteous combat.

  9. I fully expect there to be rioting in the major cities, especially those run by Democrats, no matter who wins the election. If it’s Trump, they’ll be in tears because he somehow “stole” it and they’re angry. If it’s ‘Biden’ then it’ll be out of joy, and they’re just taking what should rightfully be theirs as reparations from those evil corporations. And it will just go on from there unless Trump, or someone after him, is willing to quell the violence.

    The scene from the movie The Hunt For Red October keeps replaying in my mind. We will be lucky to live through this.

      1. Marxism that is part of the basic college indoctrination through Critical Race Theory which outright says that stealing and violence to forcibly redistribute wealth is justified as “reparations”

    1. The media has been setting up the narrative that no Trump victory can be legitimate and no Biden win can be illegitimate.

      1. A day after Hillary and other Democrats said Biden should not concede for any reason, Al Gore and other Democrats are saying today that the military might need to remove Trump if HE refuses to concede. So in other words, their candidate won’t concede, but if Trump does the same thing, they want the military to remove him.

        The only question is have they suborned enough people in the military, particularly those stationed near DC, to carry out a military coup if their effort at mass fraud fails.

        They really appear to have decided to just burn everything down and to go full Marxist power grab.

        1. … they want the military to remove him.

          Thing is, that isn’t how the military works. They don’t “remove” Trump from the White House, they simply ignore any orders he gives as lacking legal authority. I doubt they have legal right to enter the White House for such a purpose; that seems more like a duty for the Secret Service or Federal Marshals. Military troops attempting such a removal would probably be culpable of armed insurrection.

          Not that I think the Delusional Party gives a [crap] about legality.

    2. I fully expect there to be rioting in the major cities

      The current riots have already reached the point of not being reported on by local news.

    3. I have to agree. Cities are ground zero for destructive rioting post election. However, based on what we’ve seen with ; even the suburbs are at risk. If you don’t have them already, I strongly urge folks to purchase a good, semi-automatic rifle, and have on hand at least 1000 rounds of ammo for it. Get your spouse a good reliable shotgun and at least 200 rounds of 00 buckshot. Stay home that week if at all possible. If you have the time, take them out the the range, get familiar with them and have them sighted in. Watch out for people impersonating officers. And if the Left wins, make sure your good guns and ammo are hidden, and turn in the old raggedy relics if you have any and have to.

  10. And here Nancy Pelosi was babbling yesterday about how Biden shouldn’t concede the election regardless of the outcome, and how Republicans are domestic enemies of the Republic (that’s a direct quote) for opposing her spending schemes on the Post Office. They’re openly in rebellion and insurrection against the nation, and whether they win or lose the Democrats aren’t going to stop. Indeed, if they win the Khmer Noir and Vanilla ISIS terrorists will have official federal backing, not just that of the blue-state mayors and governors.

    I think it was Tom Kratman on FB a couple of weeks ago who observed, in a fit of depression, that for the foreseeable future we won’t be more than one election away from a Communist dictatorship. He’s right. Thing is, though, that the normies are getting ready to flip that switch Larry Correia was talking about. We saw some of that in Kenosha last night.

    1. Yes, but we can foresee unforeseeable possibilities, just not ones we can count on. If it goes hard enough against the left, the go along to get along types will scuttle away like rats. There’s a possibility of a preference cascade. But I’ve been guessing preference cascade, wrongly, for years.

    2. Yeah. I’m not enthused. I’ve read history; I think I have at least a shadowy comprehension of how bad flipping that switch will be.

      But that also means I have a terrifying idea of how bad NOT flipping it will be.

      “Hungry Ghosts: Mao’s Secret Famine” by Jasper Becker, for one. Torture, murder, cannibalism to survive – no. Better to die fighting than bow to the people who want that. And that’s where the progressives’ goals always lead. Always.

        1. *Wry* Comes to that, I’ll probably be suspected of being an enemy agent from Canada or the UK.

          …No, really. Inherited East Coast Carolina dialect plus young exposure to Doctor Who plus reading lots of Howard, Lovecraft, and Tolkien. The minute I open my mouth….

      1. The best book on Mao’s famine is probably ‘Tombstone’. It was written by a Chinese journalist who was often given tasks by the Communist Party. He used the access this provided to quietly gather information on the famine, and then released the resulting book in Hong Kong.

        I don’t know whether the book has been translated into English, though.

    3. Shrill one said Joe should refuse to ever concede.
      technically did she? I know they sent out a flunky to tell folks no fake glass ceiling was going to be breaking.

    4. The Biden campaign has been issuing multiple apologies for criticism of vocal Jew hater Linda Sarsour. If Democrats win, there will be concentration camps, gas chambers and mass graves (they won’t do crematoriums because “carbon pollution and global warming”). The only question is whether they get them up and running before or after the nuclear war in the Middle East precipitated by the Mullahs and other Jihadists attack on Israel in order to “wipe it off the map” based on the green light that a Biden win will be perceived as.

    5. I post this on my FB page about a week or so ago.

      “If you really want to know what the enemy is saying what their goals are, start here: Eighty pages of drafted drivel, starting with a statement about native americans that just isn’t true.”

      Guy I know through fencing posted a reply of:

      So Democrats are “the enemy” now?

      My reply was, “When they come on my property uninvited, take my stuff, and try to shut me up? Damn straight.”

      1. So Democrats are “the enemy” now?

        They’re the ones saying it. The Democrat Platform isn’t some drunken rant, it is the negotiated agenda of their party. Read the platform and change my mind.

      1. And you’ll notice the reason the violence has to stop is because it’s hurting polls, not hurting *people*.

          1. As the left is fond of saying, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”. Idiots.

              1. Which is why Democrats are so anxious to ban private ownership of guns and to confiscate guns that people already own (of course they use the terms “gun control” and “mandatory buy backs”.

      2. Although the research will never be done I suspect real addiction on a similar level to being an “Adrenaline Junkie” compounded with the psychological addiction of MSM and their own echo chamber of acquaintances telling them they are the good people doing the right thing. I suspect many of the street level Antifa / BLM where not that stable to begin with. Sending in troops and having a Kent State massacre is just what the left wants. How about federal Civil Rights investigations of the politicians letting people be hurt.

        1. The Kent state “massacre” was exactly like this. And they’d already have staged one (if the guard hit anyone…. no one knows. There were commie agent provocateurs in the crowd) if they had full control of the media.

          1. This is where cell phone cameras actually hurt them. Have you seen the video beg that’s been going around to *not* film or snap pics of the rioters? Regular people see this stuff. It ain’t helping the Hidin’ Biden ticket, that’s for sure. Don Lemon even mentioned it. That’s the only reason there are a few, weak hearted poo-poos showing up on the Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) just now.

            1. Video also means you can’t count on intimidating/restricting the cops on site, you have to hope you can keep them not wanting to arrest you FOREVER.

              Much, much harder.

              1. The thing that struck me is, even with the expectation of the inevitable arrow and stuff, the protestians are counting on the constraints of civilized society and norms of civilized behavior to ultimately protect their persons. Even the useful idiot anarchists, who want to tear all these norms down, depend on them, thus the recorded calls to “call 911” whenever they encounter resistance, like the Hispanic fellow with the chain saw who objected to a contingent of (as usual) conspicuously caucasian protestians approaching his shop.

                But as Sarah quotes, history tells us people are keeping their little lists. And that is happening on both sides.

                So any protestian who gets recorded on video in the age of facial recognition is at risk for list inclusion from here on for the rest of their life, and if norms do get torn down, it won’t be for ambush interviewing by 60 Minutes – those lists could easily go right to the one-way helicopter ride teams.

                1. Since the cops have been told to stand down, folks are much more likely to ‘call 1911’ in an emergency.

                2. “it won’t be for ambush interviewing by 60 Minutes ”

                  Oh, ambushes WILL be involved…..

                3. The thing that struck me is, even with the expectation of the inevitable arrow and stuff, the protestians are counting on the constraints of civilized society and norms of civilized behavior to ultimately protect their persons.

                  Just had a lightbulb– they aren’t, exactly.

                  They are expecting The Teacher or the Daycare Worker to do it.

                  It’s always worked before– you mob a target, or at least abuse them in ways the in-group approves of, and if they fight back then you call the teacher down on them and they get punished.

                  1. *unprintable*

                    These people really are not civilized, and do not understand civilization.

                    Lots of people, out of public schools, and even private schools and home schools do not really understand civilization.

                    A lot of conservatives look to mainstream, conservative theory. Which has many positives, but perhaps is very oriented to problems of between ten years ago, and eighty or ninety years ago. Problems of wildly different circumstances have answers less well established in mainstream theory.

                    These circumstances may well be fairly novel.

                    1. “mainstream conservatives ” are under the delusion that we aren’t in a wartime situation, and that the opposition have any common ground, including viewing the other side as fellow humans.

                      I lost that delusion right after 9/11 when I heard Leftists complaining there weren’t enough Bush voters living in the target cities…. and not being called on it.

                    1. Oh yes.

                      My son was very upset when I slapped grandma’s torch out of his hands before he could figure out how to light it– him not knowing would not make the chunks taking out of everybody go away.

                      Which makes me so pissed at the folks who were responsible for teaching them, when they could be taught without serious harm…..

            2. What I want to know (but don’t expect to find out at least until after the election, or possibly right before) is: Is there any professional surveillance going on with these riots? I’m having a hard time imagining that after the first week, there weren’t all kinds of surveillance going on so these thugs can be prosecuted.

              If it HAS been going on, I expect to see it start showing up either as an October Surprise, or else post-election with information on how to sue for restitution from both the rioters AND the politicians responsible for letting it go on.

              1. Possibly. And No Comment.

                Thing is, depending on how the election shakes out, we may never know, or, not until its declassified.

                Some things to think about.

                Recall how, when the feds were going after the gangs, or the mob, they first snatched up outliers, and turned them? Recall how the cases weren’t a full court press, but a slow progression gobbling up little fishes here and there, but ignoring others in order to catch bigger ones?

                Maybe we shall see. Maybe not. Time will tell.

                1. The idiot in the “paramedic” hat was taking a page straight from middle eastern terrorist groups– there’s a LOT to draw from, here.

                  I expect Reason to start suddenly pushing sob-stories of how these guys are being charged for having a dime bag or something, desperately distracting from terrorism, kidnapping, assault, etc charges.

                2. Most of all, they should be going back to the paymasters, and the lawyers at the courthouse with millions of dollars of bail money they plan to lose. RICO them, track the money back, confiscate what they can and turn it into a victom’s compensation fund. If they track back far enough and can get overseas cooperation, there are tens of billions of dollars available.

          2. OTOH, the Kent State people didn’t have the capability to wire their stooges up for live broadcasting full audio and video of rounds hitting flesh at 6 feet or less.

            1. Two-edged sword, that – it’s the existing recordings that finally proved the National Guard at Kent State was taking incoming fire before they opened fire themselves. Only the non-ubiquitous recording tech allowed that to be buried for so many years.

              Kinda like the Kenosha kid: Those ubiquitous video recordings are initially looking like they will come down on his side of the case in spite of what the local DA wishes.

          3. Mr. Trump was correct in his bluff common-sense way: good folks and awful folks on all sides.

            Ignorant kids out for a lark;
            Wanna-be Selma LARP-ers who need something bigger than materialism to live for;
            Mal-educated Commie agitatators for a utopian revolution;
            Paid agitators for the oligarchs;
            Resent-filled nihilists bred up & convinced that their future was stolen by the fairies Nazis racists you;
            Envy and fearful blacks indoctrinated from pre-school+ that they’re being hunted by the fairies Nazis racists white people… Or Jews.

            Have I missed any?

            Most of them desperately need better stories. The best one, preferably.

            1. From the stories today on the background of those shot in Kenosha, you missed “convicted criminals and registered sex offenders out to take revenge on society for their getting caught”.

              1. Good catch. I assumed these were covered by paid agitators. Project Veritas revealed in 2016 that Team Clinton and the DNC hired violent mentally ill homeless to disrupt Trump rallies.

                But you’ll get volunteers too.

            2. It is gross malfeasance for the MSM to misportray Trump’s remarks about the Charlottesville protesters:

              “Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. You had people in that group – excuse me, excuse me, I saw the same pictures you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name.”

              After another question at that press conference, Trump became even more explicit:

              “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”


              That Biden and the Dems continue to misrepresent that is to be expected — they know better but don’t pretend to care about honesty and accuracy.

              They also don’t sell their version of truth as accurate, unlike the NY Times, Washington Post and the remainder of the MSM. The Dems are not expected to be honest, factual or act with any semblance of integrity. Glenn Reynolds is engaging in understatement when referring to the MSM as Democrat operatives with bylines.

              1. As the Kyle kid – the Rosa Parks of the Right* – shot a “protester holding a skateboard.” Five seconds prior said career criminal was trying to bash the kid’s head in with that skateboard .

                *For clues of “Right” = ordinary decent American.

                    1. Darn. No wonder the fish gave me dirty looks and squirted me in the eye.

                      Yes, I did. I figured you’d read it and gone pfffhlt, that’s not going to work!

                      But I reckoned without the e-mail gremlins that haunt your computer. I sent it from my user name at the proton mail. Title was… “Post About Bystander Training”

                      And a Patronus. I figured that machine of yours needed one.

                    2. Yeah. About that. I resent it to your FirstnameLastname at the mail that is hot. But I did not send it to the promo e-mail because I do not know what that is… and I cannot find it. The last listed email was for editor at dyck dot com. Which… did not seem quite right.

                    3. no. that’s not my email. My email is first initial, middle initial last name at the email of heat. Don’t know who is getting it, but it ain’t me.
                      The promo is bookpimping at outlook dot com

                    4. >> “She’s lost two of mine so far.”

                      Well, it’s nice to know it’s not just me.

                      Probably not so nice on Sarah’s end, though.

                    5. Yah. My work e-mail is like that. Though of course, my ability to stare RIGHT AT something (I went back to 2018 in Sunday Book Promos) and NOT SEE IT is what makes me a Master of Observational Science.

                    6. my ability to stare RIGHT AT something (I went back to 2018 in Sunday Book Promos) and NOT SEE IT is what makes me a Master of Observational Science.

                      Pft. I do that in the store all the time. In this case, I had a slight advantage in that somewhere in my brain, I knew what I was looking for (the “bookpimping” part), so I only had to scan that one three times to find it.

                    7. My husband can find things in my purse that I just hunted through it for.

                      It’s been the same comb at least twice.

                1. We don’t live in the same moral universe as them.


                  “But I guess I am tired of going out of my way to assuage them, reassure them, be the moderate one, pretend to think their takes could be reasonable.

                  To pretend. >
                  Why I am pretending to tolerate people who believe I am in league with Literal Nazis and that in supporting Trump I am supporting, as another academic I have known for years said of him on Facebook, “the worst person who ever lived”?”

                  1. This is a conundrum considered at Mark Steyn by guest commenter Tal Bachman:

                    A House Divided
                    There must be something wrong with me.

                    The fireworks closing off the Republican National Convention were sensational. The music was inspiring. The speakers throughout the entire convention did well—no major screw-ups that I saw. The stories worked. And through it all, Trump and his proxies articulated a clear case for re-election. As conventions go, it felt like a success.

                    And yet as the last firework fizzled out, some melancholy seized me, and I wondered if the real story of the week wasn’t the convention at all, or the upcoming debates, or even the winner of the 2020 election. I wondered if the real story was an irrevocable, worsening rupture no election victory could cure.

                    After all, it’s one thing for citizens to differ on a sales tax initiative or what to name the new highway. It’s another for them to differ, and differ deeply, on whether it’s okay to murder full-term newborn babies, burn down buildings, or release hordes of violent criminals to the streets to resume their psychopathic predations. And as it happens, the clash between the rival world views underlying those disagreements has spawned nightly, real-world battles—complete with actual casualties—within a country called the United States.

                    The truth is, there’s nothing particularly “united” about the United States these days. Even basic perceptions now differ. After watching the same video of 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse, half the country thinks he committed pre-meditated murder, while the other half thinks he justifiably defended himself against weapon-wielding attackers. Same with the McCloskeys over in St. Louis: half the country saw them illegally threaten peaceful passersby; the other half saw them legally deter a mob of trespassers threatening their safety.

                    Half the country can’t glance at Trump without envisioning him in a Nazi uniform shouting from the Luitpoldarena podium in Nuremberg; the other half just sees a pragmatic, commonsense guy, albeit of eccentric appearance, who just wants to make America great—hell, even just functional—again after decades of mismanagement.

                    Half the country sees Joe Biden as a mentally sound, principled, independent man who’ll “calm everything down”; the other half sees him as the increasingly senile, corrupt, amoral puppet of cunning corporatistas and violent leftists. And we could spend another three hours thinking of examples just of the perceptual differences.

                    The moral divide is even more striking. … No country can remain intact and democratic with moral and perceptual divides this great, nor with this many citizens actively or passively trying to destroy it. A house this divided just can’t remain standing for much longer, at least in its current form.

                    So where does that leave us?

                    Three main possibilities present themselves. …

                2. I wonder if we’ve been invaded by elves. It’s technically true, like that thing I keep ranting on about “the camera stopped recording before the officer involved shooting” where the video shows the camera, on the officer’s chest, smashed with a shovel….

                    1. Pretty sure Bane means lady, doesn’t it?

                      Dark is one of the ones with a dh in it… Dhu?

                      Unseelee, in the 80s fantasy novels….

                    2. “A banshee (/ˈbænʃiː/ BAN-shee; Modern Irish bean sí, from Old Irish: ben síde, pronounced [bʲen ˈʃiːðʲe], “woman of the fairy mound” or “fairy woman”) is a female spirit in Irish folklore who heralds the death of a family member,[1] usually by wailing, shrieking, or keening. Her name is connected to the mythologically important tumuli or “mounds” that dot the Irish countryside, which are known as síde (singular síd) in Old Irish.[2]”

                    3. Not bane, bean. Bean means woman/wife, etc. Dhu is Scots (Gaelic influenced English) for Dark/Black. The Gaelic is dhubh, Irish is dubh.

                      The Washerwoman (bean sídhe) is the harbinger of death, washing the clothes of the about to die and keening over their death.

                    4. The Gaelic is dhubh, Irish is dubh.

                      *gives a fish-eye* And how many of those dh db type thingies are silent, or pronounced funny?

                      I seem to remember the Irish seemed to take a French-like glee in making new letter combinations. “It’s Hlf! Pronounced like Q.”

        2. Kent State was the focus of a week of escalating riots before the shooting took place.
          And the shooting was justified.
          But that’s not what the media reported, or what history remembers.
          (Clio is a fickle #$&+.)
          It’s bitterly hilarious that the Black Liberation Movement and Antifa were trying to recreate Kent State, but sympathetic mayors ordered the police not to engage.
          Neither can back down and retain power.
          Now they’re trapped in a vicious self-destructive cycle.
          Oft shall evil with evil mar.

          1. Kent State was eerily similar to what’s going on in urban areas now. The college, the city, the county, and the Governor all colluded to set up a violent encounter; campus security did nothing, the city did nothing, the sheriff did nothing, and the Governor chose to send in the National Guard instead of the State Police. Who were *not* trained in crowd control, or any type of “law enforcement.”

            Once the chain of coincidence gets that long, you have to scratch out “incompetence” and write in “malice.”

        3. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. So I fence, mountain climb, and occasionally go white water canoeing. I keep “thinking” about going boar hunting with a real boar spear, but so far common sense has won.

    1. The violence is a direct consequence of Fascist Left policy going back at least two thirds of a century. They worked hard for it, they earned it, and when it arrives they aren’t going to like it one goddamned bit.

      They’ve been telling themselves that they are half the country. Ha!

      They’ve been telling themselves they are ready to take it to the streets. The streets they’ve taken it too are being run for the benefit of their delusions, and even there the locals are clearly getting Tired Of This Shit.

      They’ve been telling themselves they are the Wave Of The Future. They are the sewer back-up of the past.

      1. The exact same kind of people killed President McKinley; kidnapped and killed my grand uncle; attempted to do the same with my grand aunt; beat, stabbed, and tried to choke my great grandfather to death over his sermon denouncing the ‘anarchist’ movement that led to McKinley’s assassination.

        It’s one of the reasons you need to look twice at any of the anarchists hobnobbing with Libertarians. Because anarchists have historically been closely associated with the whole communist/marxist/socialist crowd; usually being used as their expendable, less intelligent, troops.

        1. I’ve been thinking that, staying true to the empirical historical pattern which does not feature any arrows, the inevitable arrow “trained Marxist” folks would very rapidly have no further use for their anarchist black block fodder.

          There plenty of cadre that would more easily stay under thumb if they were to swing a win.

          Too bad this cannot be proven to them until it’s too late.

  11. > And I will be honest, I haven’t heard Spanish in a store in weeks.

    If it’s that way in Denver, it makes me wonder about the current demographics of some of the cities the Democrats have traditionally had locked solid. At least, the Democrats have always thought of the Latinos as part of their core constituency.

    The 2020 census won’t be handed in until after the election. Oh, and the Census web site says you can do it by phone or online; you don’t have to send the forms in. (anyone else feel a little twitch reading that?)

    And though there have been signs and billboards admonishing us to comply with the census up for a year and a half (and painted on the side of our police cars!), and the Census web site says the forms should have all been mailed out in March, we just got ours yesterday. Since it’s a quarter-inch thick, I assume we got the “long form” again, which demands ridiculously detailed information that’s none of their damned business, “under penalty of law.” As we do every time, I will mark “two adults” and mail it back, as is my Constitutional duty. Their $100 fine for not answering every question is even more risible considering they officially admit to “sampling” most areas instead of doing the full count they’re required to do.

    1. Last I heard, the census is counting illegal aliens, and those counts will then be used to apportion Congressional districts. California will get 4 to 7 extra seats BASED ON THE NUMBER OF ILLEGAL ALIENS PRESENT.

      States with a lot of illegal aliens will also be ‘entitled’ to more Federal Funding, doled out on the basis of population.

      Why do Democrats want to open the borders again?
      Why do so many idiots believe that the way to solve our problems is to go on voting for the same shitheads that caused them?

      1. But if the illegals fled back to Mexico from CA like they have Colorado ??? Not that news of any type has noticed or reported this. OTOH CA can just lie … oh wait …

          1. Oh, don’t worry about that! It isn’t as if they were going to be the ones casting those ballots, anyway.

      2. The Constitution mandates that the census count all “persons” not just citizens.

        That’s why I think we should get rid of all federal taxes and fund the federal government with a head tax based on census population. Congress passes their budget bills and then the full amount appropriated goes to the states, if a state has 12% of the country’s population it pays 12% of the budget. The IRS gets shrunk to around 500 people, including the guys who take out the trash. Any state that doesn’t direct their treasury to pay the taxes due has every state legislator who voted for the budget and the governor if he didn’t veto it arrested for tax evasion.

        It balances the federal budget, it allows the states to experiment with the most efficient tax schemes, and it provides a disincentive to inflating your state’s population in the census.

        1. Okay, having reread Article I, Section 2 because I’d never previously paid attention to its exact wording, one could make a case that illegal aliens fall under the same category as the “Indians not taxed” that are excluded from representation in Article I, Section 2. It would be tenuous, but it would fit: the Indians were excluded because they were not truly part of the United States and not really subject to its laws. (At the time; the 19th century changed a lot of that). Same with illegal aliens: they are participating in the country, and are definitely “free persons” (employment conditions for illegal aliens may be abusive but they are nothing like slavery). But in many places they are treated as exempt from the law, and in other places they try to avoid coming to the attention of the law, so either way they are in a similar category to the “Indians not taxed” that the original founders said should not count for representation.

          I’m not sure that would fly with the Supreme Court even if it consisted of nine originalists like Clarence Thomas, because it is a tenuous argument, and it certainly wouldn’t fly with the current Supreme Court. Roberts would definitely vote against it, and I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas voted against it too. But IMHO, it’s a fair case. Legal aliens should count*, but illegal aliens should not count.

          * Though I don’t think people on short-term tourist visas should be counted in the census as they will be leaving in a few months. And the Constitution’s text does not actually tell me one way or another how it thinks that people traveling from one place to another should be counted: if someone was on a business trip from Georgia to New York at the time of the first census, with intention to return to Georgia the next year, which state would they have counted him in? I think they would have counted him in Georgia, his state of permanent residence, and likewise I think a tourist from Britain who plans to return to Britain next month should not be counted in the U.S. population.

          1. I think the question here is “Are they taxed?”. If they are paying payroll taxes, they count. If they are not they should not. Of course, this rule would also mean that many Americans would not count, such as stay-at-home parents. I am not sure if this would be a good thing or not.

            1. They don’t count if they’re paying payroll taxes with a stolen or fraudulent SSN.

        2. the full amount appropriated goes to the states

          I don’t think that would work very well. There are collective responsibilities, such as the military, CDC, FEMA which would not, I think, apportion quite so readily.

          Then there’s the problem of population mobility which already gives rise to such complaints as New York’s gripe that it only gets 70 cents* of Federal spending for every dollar of taxes sent to Washington. Aside from the aforementioned programs like the military (the only active military base remaining in NY City guards the Hudson river against invasion) there’s the problem that taxes are paid by individuals, not states, and many individuals who pay taxes in NY retire and take their pensions & SS benefits elsewhere, someplace they go further and where many of the amenities of NY are no longer of interest (nor, in many cases, such as riding the subway, safe.)

          *Number not necessarily accurate, used here for illustrative purpose only

          1. The funding of collective responsibilities wouldn’t change. I don’t pay less in federal taxes for FEMA because I live someplace with relatively few disasters. The only thing that would change is instead of paying money to DC for FEMA I would pay it to Olympia which would then forward a portion on to DC.

            Population mobility is actually a good thing for this scheme. It encourages states to come up with truly fair tax systems, since a tax system perceived to be unfair will cause taxpayers to leave, meaning the legislators responsible for the unfair tax system will be stuck with a bill for a person no longer paying taxes. I don’t think there will be many people who move to the lowest taxed states after each census, but if it is a problem there’s no reason why we couldn’t do a census more frequently.

            1. “The only thing that would change is instead of paying money to DC for FEMA I would pay it to Olympia which would then forward a portion on to DC.”

              Wasn’t that the system under the Articles of Confederation? That didn’t work out so well.

              The solution is to strictly define the “national responsibilities” and then require something like an amendment to change them.

              1. Not really. Under the Articles the central government was funded by contributions from the state’s but had no power to demand payment. The original Constitution gave Congress the power to levy taxes on the states in proportion to their population. It was never applied because tariffs initially brought in enough money to run the government.

      3. Need to seriously have the illegal alien question for representation census counting be put to the Supreme Court. Technically speaking, these are unlawful invaders of our country, an enemy force, and therefore do not count as persons for census purposes. At best, they could be considered to be diplomatic representatives of their native countries, but again, that group is exempt from being counted for representation. And yes, I’ve had idiot liberals try to argue that I’m wrong.

        1. I’ve had idiot liberals try to argue that I’m wrong.

          “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right,” AOC says.

          I’ve no idea what constitutes the basis for AOC’s moral code but I don’t think it corresponds to my morality.

          1. My answer:

            “Failure to get your facts straight, much less outright ignoring or denying the facts, will cause you to have the most incredibly stupid beliefs, which will lead you to do equally stupid things.You have a great deal of experience with such failures, whether you are aware of it or not.”

    2. It’s a booklet with 12 or so pages, one for each person in the household.

      Make sure to scribble out all the pages you don’t use!

  12. I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but Colorado, or at least the parts I go into, has gotten MARKEDLY whiter.

    Interestingly enough, this hasn’t been my experience. The parks that I go to used to be, roughly speaking, 70% white to 30% latin. Now, its more like 50/50. My interpretation is that, by and large, the hispanic families are less paranoid about the plague than the white ones and are thus less likely to be cowering in their houses.

    Remember Occasional Cortex wants to get “native Americans” to come out and teach us the arcane arts of caring for the Earth. … Like running casinos?

    I believe most of them would respond, “Step 1: Call the MGM-Mirage corporation.” I know there are a lot of Amerindian-owned casinos, but I’m not sure how many Amerindian-RUN casinos there are; I think most tribes make use of the “arcane art” known as subcontracting.

    1. Boyd Gaming was big that way for a while. As a side note, I used to know the late 90’s Treasure the Mermaid from before she was Treasure.
      The locals up here are mostly Tribe run. I know the former CEO of one company. Cousins of mine still work for two of them. One does ally with one of the Gaming companies somewhat.

  13. Oh, the beatings will stop all right. Right now the Fascist Left has been rioting in carefully selected venues against carefully selected opponents, sort of like an aging boxer’s ‘bum of the month club’. And they may think They are intimidating the Peasants, but the evidence is that what they are actually doing is encouraging the Peasants to arm up. So, the beatings will stop pretty quickly once it is shown that throwing a Fascist Left tantrum is an excellent way to get beaten or shot.

    1. judging by the new purchases and reasons why . . .
      Often think the correct response lately has been Open Fire, and Cover me While I reload.
      Someone in Kenosha seems to feel the same.

          1. Ahh much like Captain Renault in Casablanca

            And remember, this gun is pointed right at your heart.

            Captain Renault:
            That is my least vulnerable spot.

      1. Head, chest, bicep, one each. Reports are still coming in. Ain’t calling it yet. Some are saying the rioters threw a molotov at him, he fired hitting one in the head. He then ran, calling 911. Tripped and fell. Another rioter came at him with a skateboard, swinging for the fences. Got a chest shot. A third pointed a handgun at him. Shot in the bicep. He then ran up to police, hands up. Since been arrested.

        Let’s wait and see what actually occurred. But from the video evidence, shots 2 and 3 look like clear self defence. Again, not calling it yet. But it don’t look good for the rioters.

        1. If they started by throwing a molotov at him, he has clear grounds for self-defense.

    1. …our couches have bonded with our buttholes on the subatomic level

      was priceless.

  14. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you live in/near a shopping district in a DemocRat-run city. The only reason Portland is still going is because they recycle.

    Catch-and-release agreement with Antifa in Portland confirmed. That kind of thing used to work, but now that there’s an internet, we can all SEE them doing it.

    Therefore, all it would take would be one (1) federal judge to bring them all up on insurrection charges, and the whole thing would be over in a day.

    The Left has doubled-down for so long that they’re betting the farm on a pair of twos.

      1. Looking back through my blog, I recalled a bunch of posts about local PDs getting free MRAPS armored vehicles from the feds. And coupled with the -massive- ammunition buy made by federal agencies like the Post Office and the Dept. of Education, coupled with things like Ferguson Missouri, coupled with the never f-ing ending media assault during the Obabma admin, I think they tried very hard to stage a coup in 2015/16 but failed because Internet and because nobody really cares. Inertia. Also because somebody slipped a Trump card into their stacked deck.

        So now, 2020 re-election year, they’re trying again. Only this time they’ve got a demented old hair sniffer and a glorified hooker on their banner instead of Hitlery. Their one and only hope is to raise a general insurrection, but even shuttling rioters in the front door of the police station and out the back door, they can’t do it.

        No less a slime-dweller than Don Lemmon said last night that the rioting is becoming a problem for the Dems. EVERYBODY can see that it’s a brazen try at a putsch.

        IMHO, they’re f-ed. I guess we shall see.

        1. People forget that some people Never Forget.
          Most of those MRAPS and what, as well as the other excessive militarization of the PDs is in Deepest Commie cities. Now they got riots over the perceived treatment of certain peoples by said same PDs (in “commie cities”, in “commie run states”). Selling it as Institutional and a chronic problem to the people doesn’t work well when the seller of these false issues are also the “oppressor’s” biggest allies.
          The Stupid Party might be messing up a ton, earning their pejorative, but fortunately we seem to have an even stupider group of leftoids who keep shooting themselves in the foot trying to take every advantage.
          One can only hope they are so far beyond manufacturing the margin of fraud they make Mondale’s look like a close race.
          High, We’re the Party controlling all the places full of Institutional Racist Policies and to fix this, you need to vote for Us . . . Or Else!”
          Seems legit.

          1. I think their underwear-class plan is along the lines of:

            1. Defund the Police
            2. Well, now they don’t need all this ammo and stuff – give it to the Committee for Public Safety!
            3. ??? (Including much omeleting)
            4. Arrow of History

            1. It ain’t going how they want. They keep poking themselves with the Muzzy on the Arrow.
              Also, notice it’s “Protest!! Defund!! ACAB! Loot Pillage Burn” * BANG* “Someone call the police!”

              1. This part
                * BANG* “Someone call the police!”
                is such that as our Hostess and Instapundit are wont to say:
                One would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

                1. Nearly every time someone has ventilated an attacker of the marxist anarchist variety protesting the police, this has been the first things out of their mouths. “Call 911!” a close second.

            2. Different groups have different intentions.

              The leadership of groups like Antifa sees it as –

              1.) Defund the police
              2.) Citizen groups led by “community organizers” step in and fill the vacuum
              3.) Action is taken against the h8ers.

              The “community organizers” in question would, of course, be chosen by the local governments. “Coincidentally”, the most likely members of such “citizen groups” would be those who had participated in organizations such as Antifa. And before you start talking about popular resistance at a community level to such “citizen groups”, there are two things to keep in mind.

              The first is that any city that voluntarily defunds the police *already* has a very high number of individuals who at least publicly agree with the aims of such “citizen groups”. So the communities that such “citizen groups” would be imposed on (at least initially) are pretty much guaranteed to have a low level of resistance (again, at least initially). The second is that things would get out of hand – as they always do – and you’re probably looking at tribal warfare in fairly short order between communities that accept such an arrangement, and their neighbors. And it would get very ugly.

          2. The Stupid Party might be messing up a ton …

            The GOP stupidly keeps acting as if their opponents can act with honor … their opponents, the Delusioal Party, keeps acting as if the GOP will forever turn the other cheek.

            1. The GOPE acts like that (Hence the whiney ones at the DNC last week) but the Delusional ones think it not just the GOP, but the GOP Base, and those libertarian sorts who ain’t full turnip will allow things to go on. Well, they are delusional.
              and evil
              and even more stupid than the Establishment Stupid Party

                1. I think Rand Paul has entered it, too.

                  Or maybe he’s just turned conspiracy nut …

                  Rand Paul Claims Mob That Harassed Him Outside White House Part of ‘An Organized Interstate Racket,’ Calls on FBI to Investigate
                  Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) is calling on the FBI to investigate the mob of protestors that swarmed him outside of the White House on Thursday following President Trump’s Republican convention speech, saying the group is part of “an organized interstate racket.”

                  In an appearance on Fox & Friends Friday morning, Paul detailed his experience being harassed by an angry mob of “over 100 people,” saying if not for police who formed a wall around the senator and his wife, he believes he would be dead or seriously injured.

                  “I truly believe this with every fiber of my being, had they gotten at us they would have gotten us to the ground, we might not have been killed, might just have been injured by being kicked in the head, or kicked in the stomach until we were senseless,” he said.

                  Protestors shouted threats to kill and hurt him, including saying, “We’re not going to let you go alive unless you’ll say you’re for criminal justice reform” though Paul has authored 22 criminal justice reforms, including the Breonna Taylor law to end no-knock raids, he said. Video of the incident appears to show a protestor shoving a police officer, nearly knocking him down.

                  Paul believes the protestors were people who came from outside Washington D.C. as paid agents of anarchy.

                  “I believe there are going to be people who are involved with the attack on us that actually were paid to come here, are not from Washington, D.C., and are sort of paid to be anarchists,” he said. “This is disturbing because really, if you’re inciting a riot that’s a crime, but if you’re paying someone to incite a riot that person needs to go to jail as well.”

                  Paul said the attack “isn’t normal” and that “there’s something going on here,” saying “the FBI needs to be involved. This is an organized interstate racket.” …

              1. They cannot accept that they aren’t playing the (political equivalent of) the Washington Generals any more.

          3. Yeah, and just how good are those MRAPS they got at quelling the riots? Apparently not very.

            1. Anything is not effective at all when it never gets rolled out of the motor pool.

              Back when the first flush of protestiness hit here in Silicon Valley, the SJPD had their armored vehicle assets out of view in covered parking garages while the riot shield lines did their thing on foot, so they were not seen on the overhead media feeds. The only vehicles seen in use were bike cops, motorcycles, and one paddy wagon van for stashing those arrested.

              I’m not actually certain what the local PD use case is for an MRAP for other than for the bomb squad.

              1. Oh, they pull them out for use when there is no real need to be using them. Like closing a business they dislike and refuses to heed their ignorant closure rules. use to protect police when leftoids riot? Feh, can’t have that.

  15. The sons of [rhymes with witches] have let loose the dogs of war and there’s no going back, merely going forward.

    Tyrants who’ve abused authority dare not relax their reins, just as Pelosi cannot deny the consequences of having called the president and all who support him traitor. We’re in it to the knife now and the only questions are whether it will be messy or kept out of sight.

  16. On a totally unrelated topic, can anybody identify the anime this is from?

    (Is not Little Monster; is “anime girl stop nope nu-uh” gif.)

  17. Second because… well… Most Latins consider themselves white.

    The black gangs consider them “white,” too. Meaning “not part of my group and thus lawful prey in front of my peers,” rather than in-group which you need to find an excuse or be sneaky to prey on them.

    Partly that’s because the cartels are also racist as all get-out, and fairly often shoot people for being black on the assumption that a they are of course a rival gang member or immediate family to one, thus it’s a good way to establish dominance. (That poor guy who was shot in Cali on the way to work, gassing up, during a wave of similar shootings was a victim of this; middle class professionals who happen to be black had their houses set on fire, too, DEA got involved with a bunch of other federal groups to get the idiots trying to “move in” on “turf” that didn’t have gangs in the first place.)

  18. I have been saying for a while now that at least some of the rioting we have had this year has been dress rehearsals, and in a way cover for, rioting after the election. People tell me I’m crazy.

  19. And in the inevitable argument among Conservatives over whether the Defender of Kenosha is pure enough for them, someone finally brings a little wisdom to the table:

    You’re one of those guys who thinks the McCloskey’s are a bunch of libs we shouldn’t support either, right?

    Sorry pal, this dude just became *your* poster child for armed self defense, whether you like it or not.

    He sure as hell ain’t gonna be welcomed back by his commies if they were his buds, so you might as well make peace with his past & embrace what he now represents; that one man, with a single black rifle, can defend himself & others against the many.

    1. He sure as hell does NOT have to be MY poster child for anything at all– not in the least because the psychopaths will destroy any normal person who gets made poster child.

      Until such time as we have actual outlaws–those beyond the protection of the law– people have a right to defend themselves and others from unjust aggression.

      Even if the mob is “mostly peaceful.”

      1. not in the least because the psychopaths will destroy any normal person who gets made poster child.

        Yeah…… it’s kind of late for that.

        1. Oh, they can get far more vicious than short-term damage.

          Look at that poor, Hispanic Democrat who did the horrible, horrible thing of being a neighborhood watch and not letting the guy who had slammed his head into the cement finish with a curb stomping– he’s been followed around, harassed endlessly, because he is a “posterboy.”

            1. Who shall be hounded to the ends of the earth for not allowing himself to be curb-stomped to death while being the wrong race.

              1. Sarah, I could claim “legally black” under the Shaun “Talcuum X” King standard. Something about “one drop”….

                1. except for the 25% (from 15 to 25. It changes) that’s English/Irish/Scottish.
                  Bless the young men of Wellington’s force. Without them I would be missing an arm, or something.

        1. To shamelessly steal from a fun book, “even werewolves have second amendment rights.”

          Which both tickled me silly, and I thought it made a good point.

          (Count Taka and the Vampire Brides.)

                1. Nope, it was a book with some kind of a collection. I remember the cover, can’t remember the contents… I want to “remember” it as being Hoka, but it’s been decades, hasn’t it?

                  1. Not Hoka — DIlbia. Two novels (Spacial Delivery and Spacepaw), plus a novella/novelette (“Law-Twister Shorty”). Note that the first title is correctly spelled, and not to be confused with “Spatial Delivery”, which is Randall Garrett’s novel. The first novel established the world, and the other two stories appeared later. Later collected into an omnibus edition

          1. That’s my favorite of her books, and Vathara / crossovercreativechaos is probably my favorite of the authors I’ve discovered through this blog and Mad Genius Club. (And I have you to thank for helping me discover Vathara, thanks to your recommending Embers about six years ago, so thanks for that!)

              1. I don’t remember whether or not you had chimed in, but I do remember seeing Foxfier’s recommendation and thinking, “Hmm, she’s mentioned liking a lot of other things that I like too, so if she likes it then it’s worth giving a try because we appear to have similar taste.” So I am certain of whose recommendation got me to check Embers out.

              1. I’m pretty sure I found my way to the blog from AO3.

                I’m remembering that I learned about AO3 at all because of Emily Nelson.

                I think I may have learned about the livejournal fansite for Embers from you, but I haven’t been to that for years.

        2. You don’t got that, you got bupkis. What gets me is, who is it that does not have the right to defend themselves? Only answer I can think of is slaves. And we fought a war to stop that crap. Why does it surprise anyone that the party of slavery, that opposed civil rights, that destroyed black families, wants to take away guns, self defense, and police all at the same time?

          1. What gets me is, who is it that does not have the right to defend themselves? Only answer I can think of is slaves.

            That right is absent in hierarchical societies — societies structured with a king or a god at its pinnacle. You have the “right” to defend yourself against those lower in the hierarchy and no right to strike those higher than you.

            1. eh, humans are often more just than that. Societies in which the superior had the absolute right to kill and the inferior no right to self-defense are considerably rare than hierarchical ones.

        3. The most fundamental of all rights is the right to life. If a person does not have right to life, then they have no rights at all. However, the right to life is immaterial, meaningless, without the right to defend that life against those who would deny it. Without the right to self defense, there is no right to life. Further, the right to defend life is immaterial, meaningless, without the right to those tools best able to be used in defense of that life–arms, and the possession of those arms when and where one might need to defend ones life. And so, without the right to keep and bear arms there is no right to self defense, and therefore no right to life.

          Thus, to acknowledge a right to life, one must, by inescapable conclusion also acknowledge a right to keep and bear arms or one is caught in a contradiction.

        4. Yes.

          And it is one of the inviolable rights. As in, no government can take it from you; they can only commit gross crimes against humanity in attempting to suppress it.

          And it is looking like the Wisconsin government is about to do just that.

          I’m glad Trump is sending in the feds now, and I’m hoping he’s able to crack down hard on this. If this stands, I fear it will be the death of civil society.

        5. Too many people consider self-defense to be a malum in se crime rather than a basic human right.

      2. Well, looks like they are charging him with Murder 1 and evading arrest: Teenage Suspect In Kenosha Shootings Charged With 1st Degree Murder, Trump To Send In The Feds “To Restore Law & Order” | Zero Hedge

        Given that, apparently, he walked right to the police to present himself after the shootings (, I think it’s reasonable to think that that last charge is an outright lie, which strongly implies that this is intended to protect the people who were attacking him, and demonstrate that Wisconsin State stands with the rioters.

        Yeah, this isn’t going to stop.

        1. Would they usually do a non-traffic ticket for this?

          Something doesn’t smell right… well, besides the whole blasting the kid’s name all over when he didn’t allow himself to be set on fire and beaten to death by looters.

        2. I saw at least two different videos from different angles. Four thugs attacked him, knocked him down, and one of them tried to steal his gun. If I was on that jury, I’d rule it a clear-cut case of self-defense.

          After they ran off, as you say, he walked straight to the police with his hands up. They didn’t even open the doors of their vehicles. Was he required to borrow handcuffs, put them on himself and climb into the back seat?

          He’s being persecuted for defending himself with a gun while white.

        3. The teenager went home to Illinois. I guess the cops told him not to leave town, and he did.

            1. Regarding “safety:” Somebody on Mike Williamson’s thread on FB about the Kenosha shootings published a whiney rant by one of the other Antifas – a friend of the guy who got headshot, apparently – who was complaining that after she helped dox the kid with the rifle that now the right wing was doxing *her* and exposing *her* to rape and violence and IT WAS SO UNFAIR.

              So yes, the Vanilla ISIS and Khmer Noir crowd are definitely after the kid for defending himself and the local business he was guarding. But, as usual, they can dish it out but they can’t take it.

              Wonder if anybody’s told the so-called “ANTIFA paramedic” who now has half an arm “Hey, no biggie, you’ve got insurance. Check your privilege.”

            1. That’s my speculation for the basis of the “evasion” charge. Got to remember, the cops aren’t charging him with anything; the Soros funded DA is.

              1. *nod*

                Explains why Trump is jumping in with both feet and sending in the feds right away, though.

                That’s an attempted lynching.

                1. Well, you can hardly blame the Dems for objecting: lynching has been their go-to, trade-marked tool for over 150 years.

                  Due process is for them, not us deplorables. Allowing anyone to obstruct, unscathed, their tantrums establishes an unwelcome precedent. Others might get that idea, right?

            2. Now, remember that this is a second-hand account, but I was told that the police told him to go home, then the Illinois police got a warrant for his arrest. If that is correct, sounds to me like possibly the police considered it self-defense, but the DA disagreed.

              Of course, if that’s NOT correct, then I’m not sure what’s going on.

          1. If I had to guess, the cops didn’t arrest him, but did tell him to go home, and call them back in the morning. Apparently he lives only 15 miles away. When they are talking about “crossing a state border” they’re talking about the other side of the city.

            1. When I was there at the end of the 1970’s, Kenosha and North Chicago had grown together like two trees planted too close. You couldn’t really tell where the state line was. I can only presume it has gotten more so since then.

              Great Lakes Naval Training Center was in Illinois, where the drinking age was 21. Drinking age in Wisconsin was 18. Kenosha was the first town across the state line. Bars and liquor stores as far as the eye could see.
              Thor: “Merriment can sometimes be as great a burden as battle.”
              Heimdall: “Then you are doing one of them incorrectly.”

        4. I see Nick Sandmann’s attorney has signed him as a client. I also see he’s reported to be on a No Bail arrest … I kind of think that’s not a good contrast to all the “mostly peaceful protesters” being released without bond.

      3. How does having outlaws remove the right to defend oneself? Or do you mean that only outlaws lose that right?

        1. The old meaning of outlaw was one outside of the protection of the law– which would mean you could kill them at will. Or anything else.

      4. Careful Foxy, come November 12th, WE might be the outlaws.

        Of course under those conditions, the law won’t be worth the toilet paper it’s printed on. The Constitution will be suspended, and we will be operating under a more basic legal framework of the Declaration as amended to apply to the current state of tyranny.

        1. That wouldn’t be outlaw, that would be either selective enforcement– which is like backdoor outlaw– or bill of attainer, probably also backdoor.

    2. one man, with a single black rifle, can defend himself & others against the many.

      Black Rifles Matter.

  20. I live a mile and a half from a college. It’s on two very high-traffic roads. It’s also easy to route around…and the kids that go there won’t leave the general campus area. Because the suburbs are full of armed rednecks, and they shop. Really, campus is the only safe place TO riot, around here.

    And yes, I have been avoiding driving anywhere near campus since this crud started, even though there’s no real signs of the crap starting up in SW MO.

  21. The only thing that is good about losing my job in SF?

    I probably won’t have to go to San Francisco or to the Bay Area for more than one or two reasons before the election. I don’t need to find a job until the end of the year, even if extra COVID money doesn’t comes in (saved most of the extra COVID money from earlier in the year). (Hell, with Covered California, I will be paying a reasonable rate for one of Kaiser’s best plans. I know that you have to be VERY pro-active with Kaiser and I’m going to have to beat them over the head with a stick to get my psychiatric care, but…)

    Otherwise…I will miss San Francisco. I missed the city that was there. I miss Portland, and how it was. I miss Seattle.

    I miss the froth that the Big Cities could create, even if I didn’t want to live there.

    Now? If we are very, very lucky, enough of the Democrats will realize that the E!Democrats and the activists are not good for them and will turn them out in large numbers. My reasonable hope is that Trump wins hard enough to cause the media to finally crash and crash hard. We’ll lose new TV and movies for a while, but hopefully the Money will tell all these people to pack their boxes and they’ll hire new people that can not say stupid s(YAY!)t on Twitter or insult the fan base or hold a blatantly partisan position on the news. We can start doing election reforms, fix some of the most egregious problems we have, that kind of thing.

    My fear? Bidenstein’s Monster wins, and he “retires due to stress” just at the right point to ensure that Kamala Harris has a two and a half term Presidential run. And, she and the E!Democrats make sure from their bully pulpit that the only Republican that can ever get elected again is a RINO ventriloquist dummy. That all of the Terrible Things That America Does And Did. See the Green New Plan and reparations and 57 gender flavors be enforced by militarized federal law enforcement and then the civil war.

    (And, for our enemies, I think we’ll still have an America after the civil war. It will be one that we will not like but will probably like more than the political Left. But, if we find even a HINT of foreign interference…well, I would never use Caliphate as an example…but, it wouldn’t take that many nukes to destroy our enemies. All of them, because we can’t take any more risks with our enemies.)

    I don’t want the civil war. I don’t want even this chaos. I think I will die very quickly if things get worse and however much I complain, I enjoy life and want it to be better.

    But, we keep being driven into tighter and tighter corners…

    1. Coworker is moving from SF to “escape the s-hole”. To Portland.

      Yep. Portland. Says relatives report all the nightly troubles are in a small downtown area.

      1. But will the co-worker keep those SF cultural mindsets, and keep voting for them?
        In other words, another case of Californication strikes again, and the person realizes just how inflated the SF housing market is — 1 million in SF-bay is a shack, but that buys a LOT in Portland.
        This isn’t good for the local housing markets.

          1. And may they be damned for it. They have burnt the state to a cinder because of their thrice damned “morality”. The rest of the state is more than just backdrop for your pictures and vacations. Wall off Portland from the rest of the state and let the rest of us live our lives as we see fit ourselves – let them exult in their fornicating and piles of excrement until the sores weep and the flesh rots.

            SOJ XX

        1. Dad knows a few real estate people, and there are a lot of people moving up to Sonoma County and points north from San Jose and the Peninsula. Why? $600,000 might get you a two-bedroom condo in San Jose. The same money will get you a possibly decent two bedroom house here. If you’re willing to live farther from 101, you might even have an actual yard. Most of them are in tech and can work from home, so all they need is an Internet connection.

          We’re talking short sale escrows and the works.

          The recent local fires might have discouraged some…but, the migration of the wealthiest rats have already begun.

          1. Houses that had been on the market for a year or so when we moved to Iowa have sold.

            Houses that threw up “for sale” signs in July have “pending” or “sold” on them.

            Houses that, from the smell of the furniture on the curb, have been sitting empty for at least a year are getting cleaned out and I expect them to be on sale soon.

            And that’s just in our fairly small town.

              1. It’s hard to tell here if it’s getting faster — when we were shopping a few years ago, we looked at some that sat around a while, but others would disappear basically as soon as anybody had time to do paperwork. (I… think the lady who sold us this one was a little shocked.)

              1. At that point, I would build a semi-buried concrete dome house, build periscope windows, and put a full bunker under it. Because, you might as well for that kind of climate conditions…

                Oh, yea, almost forgot-high water table and you’d need a s(YAY!)t load of E-3s to scrub the corners to get mold out.

                1. That neighborhood doesn’t have to worry about a high water table. Drilling down $30,000 and getting no water, *is* a worry. Our aquifer is close to the surface, but the well driller (who lives 1/2 mile from us) drilled 600′ just to be sure. He made sure he got a good aquifer; volcanic areas can have interesting water chemistry.

              2. Eugene/Springfield, heck even Drain has homes on Old Baldy on South side of town. Grandparents old place has even resold; it sat abandoned for at least 3 years.

                Our neighborhood has had two new developments go in. Smaller one is the old Elk Club 9 hole golf coarse. Built up in less than a year, all sold. The other one was the old orchard stretching from River Road to (almost) Lancaster. Built up in two phases. Second phase took just over a year. All sold & built. Our area, houses are going up with the “for sale sign” with Pending and even Sold already on it. Few open houses. Slowed down a tad during the CV19 this spring, but only with homes on main access streets.

                1. Several places we considered as marginal have sold fairly quickly. There are some places where the roads are terrible, and another where the roads are fine, but the HOA likes the Hugo Boss uniforms. So, we’re doing what we can to make the current place more maintainable until we *have* to move to town.

                  (If anybody comes up with a general purpose yardwork robot, count me in!)

              3. ….did they really use “it’s a 3ksqft commercial garage that has been converted into a house, unfinished attic’ as a selling point? For Luxurious?

                Now, I’d love that house… if it were here. 😀

                1. I took a good look at the pictures, but the red line was putting all the shop stuff in the house. No real room on the lot for an outbuilding (2 acres, sort of pie-shaped lot). If I were a model railroader, the attic would have been a hell of a selling point, though. Still, trying to do shop work in the only building on the property strikes me as folly.

                  I love the cognitive dissonance between the pole-barn shape and the shutters and other homey touches. So far, I’ve only seen one dome house on the market; the DIY builders tend to use more orthogonal elements, like the porch that was closed in with several salvaged patio doors.

                  “If your house is built with castoffs from the dump,
                  you might be a redneck.” (after Jeff Foxworthy)

              4. I wonder what the sellers think of all these people (and Minotaurs, and Wallabies, and Dragons) from all over the world suddenly looking at that house?

                1. Hey! People* are interested! Maybe we can sell this year!

                  I’ve seen stranger listings, but that’s pretty high up in the list.

                  (*) For various definitions of “people”.

            1. I suspect that a lot of people that moved to the big cities to make their fortune realized that they would never make it there and are trying to find something good close to where they think they belong.

              1. Some of it is people in places like Silicon Valley (now sadly misnamed) have seen enough real estate appreciation that they can cash out and move to a cheaper place. That’s pretty much what we did. Proceeds from the sales and savings kept us going (on a tight budget) until retirement money was accessible.

          2. Looked up some SF U-Haul rate pairs last week: Small van SF to Boise is $1,603 vs $137 the other direction, indicating a slight demand imbalance.

                1. A lot of people are going back to where they started. Enough stories of people who left NY or Chicago and went back to their “town,” because there was nothing in the big city that made them interested anymore.

                    1. Younger son just moved in, and I suspect still ahead of the curve.
                      I grant you we bought way more house than we needed, but we did it not knowing who would win in 16, and thinking the whole family might need shelter.
                      I’m glad we did.

                    2. It’s going to be an interesting curve.

                      I really need to get back to writing, so I can talk about my character’s interesting curves some more…I’m hoping that closing out some more of my life makes it easier to do so.

                    3. Thumbs up from this end of the world. I’ll have to get to writing the odd character study to get my head back in. And finish up the f(YAY!)king web page and everything else. But, I’ve made progress. There’s a checklist that is 2/3rds done.

                    4. Sympathies and wishing I could do…well, a lot of things that are in the realm of science fiction right now.

                      I suspect that quite a few of them would get me in trouble, but upgrading your body to Plains Ape 2.0 would be nice.

      2. [thinks about the Hiroshima survivor who relocated to Nagasaki just in time for the second bomb…]

        “small downtown area” still comes down to “aided and abetted by the city government.” But hey, Portland ought to be just like home, right down to the piles of human excrement on the sidewalks. Nothing quite spells “nice place to live” like shit on a hot sidewalk…

        1. … ought to be just like home, right down to the piles of human excrement on the sidewalks.

          It’s the piles of human excrement holding high public office that ought really foster that “just like home” feeling.

      3. Negative. Moving into residential areas from the city core. Laurelhurst the only one I can remember right now. I would recommend staying Gladstone and south. There was a bit of a thing last weekend at the Oregon City Courthouse where apparently the commies did a thing, but I haven’t heard anything else, besides Eugene / Springfield and Central Portland having issues with pinks.

        1. Antifa/BLM tried something in Ashland (people’s republic thereof) when it was supposed to be about Fentanyl Floyd, but got close to zero participation from the locals. *Somebody* did graffiti saying “Ashland will Burn!”. It hasn’t, and TPTB are a bit more interested in finding out who wrote such. I don’t expect sanity from that section of the Rouge Valley, but it can happen.

          (There was a vandalism incident in Medford. Local news gave prominent space for the disabled Vietnam vet who’s truck was vandalized (slashed tires on trucks, and burnt flags). The implication was that the next time somebody tried that crap, they’d get high speed lead poisoning, Soros DA or not.)

          1. Eugene, outside of 6th & 7th at Washington Street Bridge/Park, had protesters “march” RR … All 3 of them … people avoided RR to ignore them. Or drove by with their fists, with middle fingers, raised (not exactly supporting). Haven’t heard of any protests back in Eugene since. Washington Street Bridge Park is a homeless hangout. I think the protestors pissed off the homeless. Springfield has had problems off main street into their suburb Thurstan, just off main/hwy 126 … neighborhood was not receptive & were perfectly happy to yell & harass back, but it didn’t get out of hand. OTOH neighborhood watch was on post, on roofs, armed.

      4. Says relatives report all the nightly troubles are in a small downtown area.

        Had phone talk with Father-in-Law a while back in which he made that very same point.

        I inquired whether he, in Philadelphia, had noticed the M.O.V.E. riot back when the city bombed their building. He acknowledged that even though he worked downtown it had not been noticed.

        Plenty of suburban Detroit residents were not notably affected by their 1967 riots, Same for Los Angles residents for the 1965 Watts and 1992 Rodney King riots.

        Hell, there are people living in the Minneapolis suburbs “unaffected” by riots that did a half a billion dollars worth of damages in that downtown.

      1. I’m old enough to miss the SF that you see in Hitchcock movies or Bullittor “The Streets of San Francisco”. That was where I had relatives that we visited when I was little.

        last time I was up there we walked past blocks of tents on the way to an overpriced and underwhelming dinner, and the whole time I felt my spidey sense going off.

      2. I just went into SF today and it’s a ghost town. 10 AM in the Financial District in January, even in the rain, the sidewalks would be full. There were more homeless out today than “regular” people. Most windows are boarded up or stores are closed out completely.

        Getting there was faster than 90% of the times I’ve gone down.

          1. Driving into San Francisco with a clutch reminds me of when Bill Cosby was funny (and not at all creepy).

            If there is a hope…it is that people escaping the cities will now have time to actually create new things. Most of them are going to be crap. That’s fine. The more stuff PERIOD means more stuff that I’ll like.

            1. Sturgeon’s Law is as inexorable as Murphy’s — but without the crap, you won’t get the 10% that isn’t crap.

            2. I think I have figured out what the Leftoids are trying to do. They have seen that 90% of everything is indeed crap, so they have set out to eliminate 90% of everything.

              Upon discovering that 90% of what remains is still crap, they proceed to eliminate 90% of that.

              And so on.

              They will NEVER figure out that Sturgeon’s Law applies to them, too.

              1. And, what is crap to you might be extremely valuable fertilizer when you move it past the Back Forty. If you do the research, you might find out.

                I don’t want to censor things (except outright pedophilia. And Tina Fey. How does she still get any work…). I just recognize that to find diamonds, you’re going to dig through a lot of crap.

                And, you know what? Somebody might actually like the crap, so best ship it to them in the best condition possible.

    2. Live free or die; death is not the worst of evils.

      Although a slow, painful, and meaningless death really sucks.

            1. Sooo many things in that movie – but it was a ripping good movie.

              As only one example: I highly doubt a Roman Citizen could ever become enslaved just because “he was just sitting there” when the slave caravan rolled by in long settled Roman territory. Citizenship was a big deal, and a jump from there to slave was a big jump. As much as Roman society was a relationship society, there were actual laws.

              But among all the other issues that’s small potatoes.

              1. “As much as Roman society was a relationship society, there were actual laws.”

                Sure. Just like there are “laws” against burning people’s businesses to the ground. Been to Uncle Hugo’s lately?

                “Roman laws” had just as much relationship to the “legal system” as American laws today, no matter how much flag you wrap them in.

    1. That was totally cool, but given the mortality rate I think I’d stick with a safer profession like High steel ironworker, Tightrope walker or maybe jumping from biplane to biplane without a chute. Safer.

      1. Oh, Imperator was demonstrably well into “Bering Sea fishing industry worker”, “high steel tap dancing tightrope walker” or “Vladimir The Shirtless political critic” levels.

  22. The beatings will stop when the Left is driven from power. Extirpation of the Left would be even better, but just driving them from power would allow most of the Marxist thugs to be taken out of circulation. Whether that is because cops start arresting them, or prosecutors stop releasing them, or they get a whiff of grapeshot, a non-Leftist government should be capable of dealing with the Marxist rabble.

    1. Prosecutors failing to charge those arrested is the crux of the problem here in Philly. Our city DA is a former defense attorney who’s a HUGE defendant’s advocate, and apparently despises victims…he’s rapidly losing the support of the black community because he’s letting murderers go without charging them.

      1. I wonder what modern metallurgy and materials combined with only having to deal with black powder pressure levels would yield.

        Probably get a whole lot of recoil bounce from a titanium mountain howitzer, but it would sure be light.

        1. Obligatory copypasta is obligatory:

          Own a musket for home defense, since that’s what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. “What the devil?” As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he’s dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it’s smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, “Tally ho lads” the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion.He Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up, Just as the founding fathers intended

          1. I have a .50 cal. smoothbore black powder pistol. If you can aim, you’ll hit center of mass of a body within 20 feet easily. The neighbor’s dog need not fear!

      2. I like the Coehorn Mortar, though I’ll pass on his idea for a hunt. (Ours are welcome to all the garden rodents they can catch.)

      1. Ahh, yes, the “Shiny, let’s be bad guys” stage. I personally am at “I aim to misbehave”.

        1. But if I don’t abandon the position before everyone else comes to see that it is true, I will lose /all/ of my credibility as a hipster.

      2. FAFO. F(ool) Around And Find Out, as Lawdog is known to say. Also known as Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None.

        I’m all for freedom to speak one’s mind, to assemble, to protest and such. But. Commit crimes and you are a criminal. Commit crimes in some certain situations… well, you might just be a horrible warning.

      3. If we get to the “What’ve I got to lose?” stage they’ll have to rent refrigerator trucks for the Antifa & BLM corpses.

        And that’s only for those they can locate … I recommend not putting the mortgage money on pork bellies.

  23. I have said for the last couple months that our planned move needs to get us out of Philly well before the election. We are in the city, but not downtown (thank God). But no way in hell I want to be here. Currently we have a BLM/homeless encampment on the Ben Franklin Parkway on top of the Little League fields. The (utterly spineless and evil) mayor said he’d move them out by July 10…a federal judge just said that the city *could* remove them by any means necessary…still no word on when or even whether the city will remove them. Some (I suspect the truly homeless who are just trying to survive) have left already. The remaining activist types, and there are quite a few, are still there. Whatever the mayor decides to do (like Lemon said, he’s losing support rapidly), it is going to get ugly.

    1. They unleashed? They??? No, mein freunde, it was Trump unleashed that violence. Seattle’s mayor says it was a Summer of Love there until Trump butted in. Pete Butigieg went on Brett Baier’s show on FNC to explain the viiolence is all Trump’s fault and why Biden must be elected if the riots are to end.
      I am increasingly convinced the D in DNC stands for Delusional.

  24. See Byron York’s Daily Memo:

    Democrats gird for post-election battle, ‘massive legal operation’
    DEMOCRATS GIRD FOR POST-ELECTION BATTLE, ‘MASSIVE LEGAL OPERATION.’ By now it is conventional wisdom that the results of the presidential election might not be known on election night or even the next day. Widespread voting by mail, encouraged in some states because of the coronavirus pandemic, will take days, or weeks, or even months to tabulate.

    If that happens, neither side will be sitting around waiting for the votes to be counted. There will be frantic maneuvering, a flood of litigation, and a take-no-prisoners political and media battle as the election hangs in the balance. And now Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee who still seems unable to process her loss to President Trump, is advising Joe Biden to “not concede under any circumstances.”

    First, Clinton argues there is no way Trump can legitimately win. “Look, it’s gonna be a close election,” she says in a new interview with Showtime’s “The Circus.” “The only way they can win is by either suppressing or stopping voting, or outright intimidating people into feeling that they have to go with the strong guy to stand up against all these threats that Trump is going to gin up to scare people.”

    If there can be no legitimate Trump victory, then Democrats are justified in doing whatever it takes to stop the president from claiming an illegitimate win. “I think that they [the Trump campaign] have a couple of scenarios that they’re looking toward,” Clinton explains. “One is messing up absentee balloting. They believe that helps them, so that they then get maybe a narrow advantage in the Electoral College on election day. Because remember, we’ve seen a couple of cases, like in Wisconsin, where they did everything they could to mess up voting, but because courts had ordered absentee ballots to be counted if they were postmarked on election day, Democrats actually won some important races there.”


    Clinton’s “40 Republican lawyers” story appears to be apocryphal. But it says a lot about how Democrats view the election. If it is close, the 2020 election could turn into a legal battle that will make the 2000 Florida recount look tame. The Biden campaign is working on a “massive legal operation” to assure victory. Given that we have seen recent stories about more than half a million mail-in ballots being rejected in the primary season, look for a wave of Democratic lawsuits to press courts to stretch or force exceptions to rules on the timeliness of ballots and the limits of acceptable voter error.

    So there it is: Assured of the righteousness of their cause, believing there is no way the opposition can legitimately win, Democrats are prepared to do anything. “I love Joe Biden talking about bringing people together and leading us into the light,” Clinton says. “But it’s a battle.”

    1. TROLL LEVEL: Presidential

      Trump calls for drug tests before Biden debate
      President Trump says he will call for drug tests for both former Vice President Joe Biden and himself before the first candidates’ debate on Sept. 29. In an Oval Office interview Wednesday, the president expressed suspicion at what he said was a sudden, marked improvement in Biden’s debate performance during the Democratic primary season and suggested that he believes the improvement was the result of drugs. The president offered no evidence to support his speculation.

      Biden took part in 11 debates during the primary season. Most were against a crowded field of candidates, but the final debate, on March 15, was just Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders. The president claimed to see a big difference between the last debate and those that came before.

      “Nobody thought that he was even going to win,” Trump said. “Because his debate performances were so bad. Frankly, his best performance was against Bernie. We’re going to call for a drug test, by the way, because his best performance was against Bernie. It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill because he wasn’t, but it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened. And we are going to call for a drug test because there’s no way — you can’t do that.”

      Q: “What do you think was going on?”

      “I don’t know how he could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie,” Trump answered. “My point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he was so bad. He wasn’t even coherent. And against Bernie, he was. And we’re calling for a drug test.”

      Q: “Is this like a prizefight, where beforehand you have a test?”

      “Well, it is a prizefight,” Trump answered. “It’s no different from the gladiators, except we have to use our brain and our mouth. And our body to stand. I want all standing; they want to sit down.”

      Trump based his call entirely on his own observations and not on any actual knowledge of Biden’s actions. “All I can tell you is that I’m pretty good at this stuff,” he said. “I look. I watched him in the debates with all of the different people. He was close to incompetent, if not incompetent, and against Bernie, he was normal … and I say, ‘How does that happen?'”

      The first Trump-Biden debate, to be held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, is little more than a month away. Trump gave no indication of when he would make his drug test request or to whom, but he appeared to know that there is little chance such a thing would happen. “I think it’s appropriate,” Trump said. “I don’t know that they’ll let me do it, but I think that they should do it.”

      “Go back and watch his performances in some of those debates,” Trump continued. “He didn’t know where he was. And all of a sudden, he was not good, he was normal, and I don’t understand how. I don’t know if there is or not, but somebody said to me, ‘He must be on drugs.’ I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’m asking for a drug test. Both candidates. Me, too. I take an aspirin a day.”

      Trump made a similar call with Hillary Clinton in 2016 after their second debate. In October of that year, Trump said, “I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. We should take a drug test prior because I don’t know what’s going on with her.” There were no drug tests during those debates.

      Now, there have been months of wrangling about debates. At first, employing a tactic often used by candidates who are trailing in the polls, Trump sought more debates than the three proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The commission declined. Then, Trump asked that the first debate be held earlier than Sept. 29 in light of the beginning of early voting. The commission again declined. Now, both sides have committed to participating in the three debates as sponsored and scheduled by the commission. That is unlikely to change.

      1. Man, those Babylon Bee authors are really reaching now. They’ll write anything, no matter how unrealistic it…

        Wait. *hovers over link to see where it goes*

        WHAT? That was from the Washington Examiner, not the Babylon Bee?

        Muggeridge’s Law strikes again…

    2. The only light Biden can lead us into comes from a hundred dumpster fires.

      There won’t be one wave of Democrat lawsuits, there will be hundreds. They’ll still be trying to overturn this election in 2032. Maybe that will finally mark the end of the Democrat party after 180 years of blatant racism.

      Hey, I can dream, right?

      Now Sharpton is going to disgrace Martin Luther King’s legacy by leading a march on Washington DC on the anniversary of his march. Dr. King wanted to end oppression, primarily perpetrated by Democrats. Sharpton wants to be the oppressor.
      “They were the bad guys, as you say, we were the good guys, and they made a very satisfying THUMP when they hit the floor!”

      1. “This” election? In 2032 they’ll still be trying to overturn the *last* – that is, the 2016 (!) – election.

        For that matter, assorted Democrats, including the execrable Nancy Pelosi, have promised to continue to investigate Trump and his family even after they leave office until they find something they can use to put him in jail and destroy his business.

        The Democrat’s weaponization of the law against their opponents is another reason why I’ve resigned myself to the Boog.

    1. Borlaug. Not Balrog.

      For a minute there, I was seeing a demon of shadow and flame… with teeny little librarian’s glasses and a pocket protector. *chuckle* Strange, the places the mind goes at times. Though Borlaug himself was something of a scrapper in his youth, too, as I recall reading. *grin*

  25. Apparently they are now rioting in Minneapolis and looting a mall because a homicide suspect killed HIMSELF while being chased by police seeking to apprehend him.

  26. Ah declare, them idjits is a-tryin’ to re-enact the French Revolution. Do none of them have a clue how that turned out?

    Part of that ‘white patriarchy’ history they’ve never been taught, no doubt.

    1. As I saw somewhere, separate from the requisite terror and body count, there’s always a captain of artillery waiting about in the wings.

      1. BTW – for those interested but not for three hours, I recommend these highlight speeches:

        8:48PM EDT
        Rep. Daniel Crenshaw (R-TX)

        8:57PM EDT
        Tera Myers, School Choice Advocate (Mansfield, OH)

        9:03PM EDT
        Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary

        9:20PM EDT
        Sister Deirdre Byrne, MD, Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts

        9:37PM EDT
        Madison Cawthorn, U.S. House Candidate (R-NC)

        9:41PM EDT
        Jack Brewer, Former NFL Player

        9:46PM EDT
        Chen Guangcheng, Attorney & Civil Rights Activist

        9:58PM EDT
        Burgess Owens, U.S. House Candidate (R-UT)

        10:14PM EDT
        Clarence Henderson, 1960 Greensboro Sit-Ins Participant

        10:19PM EDT
        Richard Grenell, Former Acting Director of National Intelligence

        Click on the speaker’s listing to be taken directly to the speech.

    1. Most people only know the first part of the National Anthem. There are 4 parts total. Story goes that Isaac Asimov knew and could sing all 4 verses; although I can’t attest to the quality of his singing voice, his memory and patriotism are not at fault.

      Oh, say, can you see? By the dawn’s early light
      What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming;
      Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
      O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming.
      And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air.
      Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
      Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave?
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

      On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
      Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
      What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
      As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
      Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
      In fully glory reflected now shines in the stream:
      ‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh, long may it wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

      And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
      That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
      A home and a country should leave us no more?
      Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution!
      No refuge could save the hireling and slave
      From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

      Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
      Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
      Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
      Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
      Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
      And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”:
      And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        1. Actually, I like having the word “slave” in it. It’s a reminder that we as a nation weren’t, and still aren’t, perfect. Although we have a bunch of people who want to exploit those imperfections for their own benefit, we’ve made massive improvements in human rights since then.

  27. All good ones. I think that, “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t really black,” remark of Biden’s struck a nerve.
    Crawthorn and Guangcheng both gave me shivers.
    And it would almost certainly be culturally inappropriate, but my first thought when I saw Mr. Guangcheng was that I wanted to give him a hug. So much pain…

    1. “So much pain” is a good summary of most of the drama this year.

      Difference being how it’s dealt with–the gentleman who escaped whatever Red China calls themselves, the mother of the idiot in Kenosha is one heck of a classy lady, she scolded the rioters when she’s got to be screaming inside, and apologized for an idiot relative who said something “rude.”

      And… the rioters.

      I know who I want to be.

        1. I can’t watch videos unless I can commit to watching them about fifteen times, with every @#$@# person in the house coming in to watch, comment, and demand questions-fodder (not answers, no, maybe…responses?) so while I’d heard of it, haven’t watched.

    2. In fairness, Biden didn’t exactly say that “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t really black” line. What I recall hearing was “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black” He could have been praising Black decisiveness, not asserting “ownership” of Black votes.

      Of course, he’s had how long to correct the record?

  28. Okay, shameless rip off from the movie, “Independence Day”.

    “Good morning. Good morning. In about 2 months, conservative voters here will join others from around the country, and you will be launching the most important election in the history of America. The History of America, that phrase should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by the forces of anarchy and totalitarianism inherit in socialism. We will be united in our common interest. Perhaps it’s fate, and you will once again be voting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist and should we win the day, November 2020 will no longer be known as just another month and year, but as the day when the free declared in one voice, ‘We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on, we’re going to survive.’ In two months time, we will declare, “Give us liberty! Or give us death!”

  29. There you have it, straight from Harris: the riots aren’t going to stop. Makes a fascinating contrast with Biden’s statement that the rioting must stop, doesn’t it?

    1. That right there tells me that she doesn’t believe in, or support, the rule of law or the U.S. Constitution; and intends to cause harm to the citizens of this country.

  30. I’m no poet, but maybe somebody can make something of this:

    They curse us when we tell them what their folly will lead to
    And then curse us again when it does.

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