Will Do Chapter Afternoon Tomorrow

I promise.
I’m sorry. I’m actually recovered today, but slept a lot and then had Huns dinner at Pete’s kitchen.
Chapter tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “Will Do Chapter Afternoon Tomorrow

  1. Sarah, I’m on vacation and I’m barely at fifty percent.

    Take care of you, the huns will guard the line.

  2. Guard the line? I say NO!
    Rome is weak, riven with internal dissention and corruption.
    We must strike NOW if we are to take the City and the Empire!

  3. That’s cool — I haven’t been reading them anyway.

    At my age one does not simply read serialized novels.

    I’m not even sure about novel series — George R. R. Martin is only the most recent abuser of readers’ tolerance.

    1. We Few came out in 2006! Where’s the next one, Weber, Ringo? When’s the next one?

      Don’t tell us “Sales collapsed!” Don’t claim “The publisher isn’t interested in more!” Don’t be like Frank Herbert and Johnny Tolkein, leaving the mess for your kids to clean up.

      1. And Ringo has put out a chapter or part of one of it.
        Is Wen Spenser saying “Hey, it hasn’t been as long as Ringo and Weber!” as her excuse?

        1. If that were a valid excuse, almost anybody could say they were faster than George R.R. Martin…

          Or, who was the wanker that got a British writing grant 20 years ago and still hasn’t published a word? They probably got their money’s worth by paying him NOT to write. Like Chico Marx and his band, people paid them NOT to play!

          I would really, REALLY like to read the sequels to Elfhome and Wood Sprites. She’s been working on Harbinger for 6 years. All we can do is wait, and try not to nag.

          1. And one writer got sick after leaving her time traveling heroes about to plunge into the Seine, wrong city, wrong century.

      2. Or the poor lady gets cancer and perishes. Kate Ross!

        We did get Liad, though. I was at work when I stumbled across the fact that Miller & Lee “ain’tn’t dead”. I took an immediate break and called my best friend long distance, collect.

        And Robin McKinley got the final book in Castledown published.

        So it *does* happen…

    2. As a clerk at Uncle Hugo’s referred to Jordan’s series (back when there *was* an Uncle Hugo’s 😡 ), ‘The Waste of Time’.

    3. Gotta admit, one of the downsides to reading/watching something where it’s going to take fohevah!!1elventy!! to resolve the issues is the feeling that “when I die, I won’t know the outcome. My spirit will be *pissed*.”

      OTOH, do Sad Puppies go to heaven? Is Amazon-Celestial able to provide ebooks to my Kindle Halo-edition? For that matter, if you get a copy sent to heaven, is it really “down”-loading? On the gripping hand, I assume that Kindles in hell melt down and paper burns up, so no reading there…

      (The caffeine is just starting to take hold this morning.)

      1. All I can say is once I dreamed I had died, and Dan met me at the train station. (Roll with it.) and took us to our house, which was a combination of everything we’ve loved in all our houses. In the sunroom was a bookcase, and on it were three shelves of new Heinleins.
        To my exclamation of surprise, husband’s reply was “Well, of course he’s been writing here. How else would he be happy?” 😀

        1. Oh, my. I hope all of your family and friends were at the train station, too – lest they believe you went the other direction. (Mine wouldn’t lay eyes on me for the next millennium or so…)

    1. Agreed. Glad you are doing better. Dinner with friends sounds particularly good right now.

  4. Good for you! Look forward to it.

    Look, you’re not a national treasure, but that’s only because you’re not widely enough known, and I wouldn’t wish it on you anyway. But we care.

    1. This. Take care of yourself and family first. We’ll be here….and we promise not to break any of the good china 🙂

    2. Hmph. Sarah is a treasure to many of us – and we are scattered all across the country. Doesn’t that make her a national treasure? (Actually, an international one, at least in the English speaking world.)

  5. [Wonders where Pete’s Kitchen is, goes off, looks it up]

    Ah. Denver’s answer to Crazy Otto’s, my fave workin’ man’s greasy spoon in the high desert.

    1. It’s the real life basis of The George in Shifters. We usually meet first Saturday but this month had TWO virtual weddings to attend and also I felt like crap.
      To me, it’s home away from home. When we first went there Marshall did not exist. Next we walked Robert in by the hand and Marsh in carrier.
      It was a constant when we moved and moved and moved again.
      The boys would ask us to meet there when flying back into the state. They would demand we stop there for breakfast before red-eye flights.
      It’s just “home.”

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