It’s Morning And the Paint Calls


I am going to paint the room that is to be floored this afternoon and which will then become the household management office (it’s more complex than it sounds because between us Dan and I own… 4? small businesses (might be five, though I think one is folded under the other) so Dan spends a lot of time doing the tax work for those and needs a pleasant place to do it in), so I can’t write a chapter this morning, but I’ll try to do one before I collapse this evening.  Though I’ll be honest, yesterday my body decided I was DONE (done, done) after I pulled up carpet and killzeed the floor. So…. it might happen in which case I’ll catch you up with a chapter later.

Lest you be alarmed the illustration is neither the wall as it is nor how it will be. It is a rather unexceptionable unpainted — or absolutely flat —  white, and since it has texture it collects dust like mad.  It will be a very equally unexceptionable pale yellow, almost white, with a touch of shine, so it’s washable and I can clean it, since Colorado is a DUSTY state….

So as soon as I put this down I’m going to go downstairs, get the painting ladder and set to.

MEANWHILE I’d like to leave you with something. So follow this link. Beware, profanity, but really, really, you should watch it.

Yes, I know, what’s a nice girl like me doing watching razorfist?  Well…. he doesn’t say any words I don’t know the meaning of, and behind that front he is actually rather sensible.  And he’s saying things we need to hear. All of us.

Be not afraid!

Back this evening.


175 thoughts on “It’s Morning And the Paint Calls

    1. I have discovered the joy of slathering my hard-wood floors in wood oil. (Scott’s, mostly because the almond scent is an old favorite)

      Pretty sure that when you pour it on so thick it puddles, it’s not supposed to absorb enough that there’s none left to polish off an hour later….

      (Yes, I kept doing it until it stopped absorbing all that oil! And it looks awesome, now.)

      1. That was a thirsty floor!

        That also reminds me I should recondition some leather gloves and shoes….

          1. I should really stop procrastinating what should probably be the first step, which is “see if the Shoe Goo works” — I have a favorite rubber-soled leather shoe that was discontinued some years ago, and most of the soles are either cracking or peeling loose.

            *cough* Granted, I am pretty sure I also have a few unworn pairs stashed in a plastic box someplace, so if most of the damage to the rubber and glue is wear rather than time per se, I have some backups.

            1. It’s so satisfying once you get around to it, I swear– just redid some of the kids’ shoes. They went from “why haven’t I thrown this away yet?” to “oh, nice, just need a quick whip-stitch on that buckle and they’re church ready.”

              1. I’m irrationally nervous about the Shoe Goo. This is partly all the warnings — which is absurd: I have successfully handled significantly more alarming chemicals. I suppose I could try to catch a time it’s pleasant outdoors, but the main issue is really just to make time when the little one can be kept out of the proceedings, and let them cure someplace she won’t trip over them or something.

                The other part is that I was not really happy with its performance on previous attempts — but a sole that’s come unglued and gone floppy, at least, should be more up its alley than trying to repair cracked rubber from the outside. (Spilt liquid nitrogen, not so good for rubber… especially if you walk on it and thus force it to flex before it’s warmed back up. Whoops.) And it’d be better to know than not!

  1. Ere my eyesight grew dim I really enjoyed painting. With each roller swipe you could see something was being accomplished. Combine it with the ability to listen to good programming on my MP3, whether audiobook or podcast, and I would be looking forward to a productive day.

    Now, sadly, my sight can only accommodate ones coat because I’ve lost the ability to distinguish the wet from the dry, which tends to make that critically important second coat somewhat haphazard.

    1. Most of the time, I can’t tell either. I always chalked it up to one of those “color” mysteries.

    2. eyesight grew dim

      Ouch! That’s one of the eye problems I don’t have, though I can no longer discern if a board is straight by looking at it. One eye bends straight lines to the right, the other, a lesser amount to the left. (Both partially repaired by retina procedures.)

      OTOH, on the garden-shed in the making, $SPOUSE suggested we use metal roofing panels for walls. Both the barn and garage are built like this, and not having to paint sounds good. Stock colors are white or a chocolate brown–not going for a solar powered sauna, so white or I’ll order a light grey.

      The only painting should be the shed’s door. I still have to do refresher coats on a couple of other sheds, including filling in a couple of woodpecker holes. Sigh.

    3. Sidelighting. It’s slower, because you have to step to the side to see the sheen of the wet paint from the lamp you put on the other side, but it CAN be done.

  2. “The paint calls”?

    Can’t you tell it that it got the wrong number? [Crazy Grin]

    Seriously, Take Care! 😀

  3. I think Mr. Rageaholic is probably right that there isn’t much to worry about in the CHAZ/CHOP/whatever they’re calling it now. I mean, at the moment it’s more or less disbanded, but even before, I was on the, “Seal the borders, put drone cameras inside, and buy popcorn futures” side.

    I’m more worried about whomever Senile Joe selects as his Vice President. I suspect there are a lot of people lying to pollsters, but even with that, the numbers still aren’t good for Trump. Biden has succeeded in becoming “generic not-Trump,” which is his best chance of winning.

    1. I am thinking the presidential debates* will be interesting. Not so much for the actual events but for the efforts at spin subsequently. I anticipate extensive explanations of how Trump was deploying dog-whistles for racism/white supremacy/xenophobia while they praise Biden’s use of zen tropes.

      *you know … the thing.

      1. I’m half expecting Biden to drop out after the VP debate, which will be spun as a Pence loss, in the hopes that Trump won’t have enough time to properly prepare against a brand-new opponent. It would also render any Republican ads against Biden himself moot, and it will drum up some sympathy. Even Trump would have to say something nice about Biden as he shuffles off into the sunset.

        1. Even Trump would have to say something nice about Biden as he shuffles off into the sunset.

          I’m less confident of that — the best I’d hope for is something not quite so mean … although I’m sure the MSM would spin it into “the worst comment ever.”

          1. Yeah, Trump might say something nice or he might say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the place where you’ve been wrong about everything for the last fifty years.” Really just depends on how his circuits are firing that day and whether Biden said something nice about him in his retirement speech.

            1. What he would need to do is attack the Democrats for knowingly running someone who was mentally incompetent and would have to withdraw precisely so they could pull the bait and switch during the election. Remind voters that the Democrats are the party of sleazy mechanization and the will to power, and that whoever is on their ticket can be expected to rule by decree and impose the same kind of arbitrary rules that all the Democratic Party governors did, including things like sending sick people to nursing homes.

              Being “nice” is what got Romney slaughtered in 2012.

              1. Elder abuse.

                Enough Americans have family members with dementia and the crime of what the Democrat governors have done to the nursing homes would make it resonate.

                Mean but effective.

                1. Tie it in with the high rate of LTC deaths from COVID19 in New York, Michigan, Minnesota and other Democrat controlled states. Power Line’s reporting has found that early 80% of deaths from COVID19 occurring in Minnesota were people Long Term Care facilities.

                  Point out that Biden medical policy adviser Ezekiel Emmanuel has previously advocated ending lives at age seventy-five.

                    1. You’re right that it is mean, and we can count on the MSM to denounce it as such … and divisive. But they will do that no matter what Trump does or says. Which is a point Trump could make preemptively in his ads.

                      Hell, he could compile their attacks on Reagan, Bush (both), McCain and Romney as Hitler and use it to attack their playbook.

                    2. Or better yet, attacks on their own. A compilation of “vicious things the left has said about each other” with Trump shaking his head, “..And they call ME a meanie…?”

          2. Trump could say “Good morning” and the MSM would spin it into “the worst comment ever.”

            1. I’ve been saying for years now, Trump could say “Free Ice Cream for Everyone, out of my pocket!” and he’d be denounced as racist for the prevalence of lactose intolerance for minorities, wants the diabetics to die, and milk is murder.

          3. I expect he would be more likely to say something sympathetic to Biden, but at the same time smack the Democrats upside the head, similar to what Cardshark said. Something like, “I feel sorry for Joe, with the Democrats propping him up for so long instead of gently convincing him to go home and rest instead of get out and be mocked for the gaffes he’s been creating. They are really inconsiderate, don’t you think?”

        1. Apparently Biden has signed on for 3 debates. Not that he remembers it mind you…

            1. Three points:

              1. The Press is already spinning the fact Trump called for a fourth debate as proof he’s running scared, “The lagging candidate always wants more debates.”

              2. Due to the advent of early voting and mail-in balloting, voting in many venues will have already begun before the debate’s conclusion. It is possible that laws preclude changing the nominee listed once ballots have gone out. That could prove interesting, for certain values of interesting.

              3a. No matter how Biden performs in any debates, prepare for vigorous fact-checking of Trump’s assertions, a la the Bezos Post recent debunking of his claim that the twenty most dangerous cities in America are governed by Democrats:

              Washington Post beclowns itself with desperate Trump ‘fact-check’
              The Washington Post’s crusade to resist the Trump administration continues to embarrass.

              The president often claims that the 20 “most dangerous” cities are “Democrat-run.” He is basically correct. Democratic mayors preside over 19 of the “most dangerous” cities in the country — if we are to use violent crime per capita as a measuring stick.

              The Washington Post, however, published a hilariously failed fact check this weekend claiming otherwise. …
              [END EXCERPT]

              3b. No matter how Biden performs in any debates, prepare for MSM praise for his Zen-wisdom. The fact he makes Chauncy Gardener look brilliant will provide no deterrence tot he MSM acclaim.

              1. Re 2: New Jersey law had a lock out date on candidates, until a Democrat was indicted while running for Senate after said date. Then the courts found flexibility in the law.

    2. Keep in mind, the polls either lied or screwed up massively in 2016. Either way, I’m not hearing a lot of, “Well, we obviously had some problems with our methodology, and here’s what we’ve changed.”

      Creepy Joe the Wonder Veep is at least as much of a liability to his own campaign as Her Shrillness was in 2016. Yes, obviously his VP pick is going to end up running the country IF HE WINS. But the Democrats aren’t going to pick a VP candidate that excites anybody but the Washington Insiders. And the country is sick to the teeth of Washington Insiders.

      Yes, the Democrats will try to steal the election. They think that all that happened in 2016 was they didn’t commit ENOUGH fraud. They still haven’t grasped that Trump isn’t a nice Republican Good Loser who will roll over and wave his paws in the air. My bet is that he has pretty solid evidence of systemic fraud from 2016, and hasn’t deployed it because he doesn’t need to. My bet, IF the Democrats manage to fake enough votes, is that THE NEXT DAY Trump will present the country With chapter and verse on how it was done; “Here’s what they did in 2016. Here’s the same pattern, writ larger, in 2020. Here’s the Subpoena for most of the officers of the State and National Democrat organizations involved, demanding explanations.”

      And meanwhile, as I’ve said before, I think a lot of the ordinary Liberal Democrat voters these imbeciles have inconvenienced or whose property they’ve damaged are going to be thinking seriously about voting for the side that doesn’t throw destructive tantrums.

      It has been said that if the Democrats don’t get 90% of the Black vote, they lose. I don’t think they’re going to be getting 90% anywhere they’ve been rioting.

      1. I hope you are right. Off topic but has the word systemic been ruined for anyone else? The left’s abuse of vocabulary is terrible.

            1. I suppose some instances of it are reasonable if one chooses to read it as “Well, it’s never been this year before.”

          1. I’ve just internalized that the Left says ‘unprecedented’ when they mean ‘that didn’t go the way we wanted’.

            It’s a fairly common trope on the part of failing Aristocracies throughout history.

        1. Not at all. I have a hard loop in my head which, every time that occurs, plays back “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

        2. Systemic, novel (especially after three+ months of twice and more daily use), holistic (which does not necessarily = New Age or South Asian, but seems to in popular usage), and -phobic.

        3. I stopped worrying about the verbal mannerisms of the Left sometime in the 1980’s. They are subliterate, maleducated imbeciles. Their dialect is roughly equal tot he kind of “lower class” dialects that writers of the Victorian era used as class markers; annoying, but translatable.

          Oh, there are a few of their linguistic blunders that annoy; ‘natural’, ‘organic’. Otherwise I do my best to let their babble wash over me like the prattle of small rug-rats.

        4. It’s not abuse; they just don’t speak English. It’s confusing for the rest of us because the words sound, and are spelled, exactly like some well-known English words, but the meanings are completely different.
          Cast Away: Only Tom Hanks could make two hours of talking to a volleyball great.

            1. N.B. – any attempt to dissuade these people of their … novel … usage of these words will be immediately denounced a Anti-Semantic.

                1. Imaginos I think you need a refresher course in Australian animals, RES is NOT a wombat.

                  1. AARRGGHH!! I knew that! Why did I say Wombat?

                    He’s still a wicked, wascally Wallaby! 😀

                    1. It happens :-). In any case,
                      Alex I’ll take Australian animals whose names start with W for $500 please…

                  2. I had considered pointing that out, but decided it best to avoid discussion of what I am not.

                    We’d need a much bigger blog.

            2. Hayek, too.

              “The most effective way of making people accept the validity of the values they are to serve is to persuade them that they are really the same as those which they, or at least the best among them, have always held, but which were not properly understood or recognized before The people are made to transfer their allegiance from the old gods to the new under the pretense that the new gods really are what their sound instinct had always told them but what before they had only dimly seen. And the most effective technique to this end is to use the old words but change their meaning. Few traits of totalitarian regimes are at the same time so confusing to the superficial observer and yet so charactersitic of teh whole intellectual climate as the complete perversion of language, the change of meaning of the words by which the ideals of the new regimes are expressed….

              “If one has not one’s self experienced this process, it is difficult to appreciate the magnitude of this change of the meaning of words, the confusion which it causes, and the barriers to any rational discussion which it creates. It has to be seen to be understood how, if one of two brothers embraces the new faith, after a short while he appears to speak a different language which makes any real communication between them impossible. And the confusion becomes worse because this change of meaning of the words describing political ideals is not a single event but a continuous process, a technique employed consciously or unconsciously to direct the people. Gradually, as this process continues, the whole language becomes despoiled, and words become empty shells derived of any definite meaning, as capable of denoting one thing as its opposite and used solely for the emotional associations which still adhere to them.”

              The Road to Serfdom, Chapter 11: The End of Truth

                1. Oh man. I’ve been mostly listening to this on audio during dishes, right? During this chapter I kept having to pause after what seemed like every other sentence because of all of the WHAM. X_X

                  1. I had the same reaction to Chesterton, back about 2010.

                    NEITHER of these are reassuring.

                    I hope that they’re touching on timeless human issues…..

                    1. I was reading an essay by Sayers on the period between the World Wars.

                      Do not want. 😦

              1. Hayek wrote The Road to Serfdom during WWII (aka, The War Against Racial Totalitarianism), publishing it in 1944; Orwell’s 1984 was written in pretty much the same period. I’ve scant doubt both (an Heinlein, too) were influenced by the circumlocutions of the Nazi regime, although the practice of redefining words to obscure evil deeds undoubtedly goes back to the earliest human language usage.

                The deep-seated need to deny in words the deeds of one’s hands may have been a major evolutionary stimulus.

        5. I mourn the loss of the phrase “confirmed batchelor” and appropriating it to mean “gay.” Doubtless some of the well-known confirmed batchelors were homosexual, but I highly doubt that all of them were. There are reasons someone might choose not to marry that didn’t involve sodomy.

          1. That would involve not organizing your life around your genitals.

            This is an amazingly hard sell for a lot of these guys….

            1. In his autobiography IN THE ARENA Charlton Heston writes about doing research on Michelangelo for his role in THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY. He knew there were theories that Michelangelo was gay, and (being a good actor) wanted to know. What he says he discovered was that Michelangelo tried both women and men, and (from what little we have in the way of primary sources) just didn’t see what the fuss was about, either way. He liked carving marble. He got more pleasure from sculpting than from bed-sport with either sex.

              Hardly definitive, but an interesting take. I do think the modern West is excessively concerned with sex. Certainly to the point that the (so-called) Intellectuals have a hard time believing in close emotional bonds that aren’t sexual in nature.

              Which makes their interpretation of history even more distorted than their attachment to Marxism would on its own.

          2. It’s amazing the number who will proclaim something is gay and then deride heterosexual men for avoiding it — because it’s PURE HOMOPHOBIA and not at all playing to women’s well-known preference for heterosexuality in their men.

            1. Yeah, I always wondered when ‘Meh, not my thing’ became HOMOPHO-O-OBIA!!!

              1. Alright the pedant in me HATES the stupid word homophobia. 1) Its a latin word (homo) clipped onto a greek base (phobos), a grammatical no no 2) Homo means MAN not having anything to do with sexuality so what have have is fear of men (which properly would be androphobia).
                There are two words related to that arsenikos and malakos (koine greek making a distinction between sodomites and catamites as the latter was far more denigrated in middle eastern cultures). So why not arsenikophob or malakophobe and 3) the overuse of homophobia is approaching and fast exceeding the overuse of racist. My issue also applies to transphobia (latin clipped to greek), and it just p*sses me off they stole usage that I learned for chemistry (cis, trans and ortho compounds). Ok I’m better now…

      2. Rumor now is that Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) might be suggested for VP. She’s military, combat vet (and how), female, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Thai, BUT born in Thailand to an American father working there and a Sino-Thai mother. So the “what does ‘natural born’ exactly mean” argument will roar forth once again.

        1. I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV. However it LOOKS like 8 USC 1401 ( paragraphs d and g cover this. If her father
          fulfilled residency requirements in those paragraphs then she was a US citizen at birth and that
          in the general view makes her a “Natural born US citizen”. Of course the Supreme court has NEVER ruled on this so we can have lots of assorted arguments either way,

  4. What do you call the alt right if they had support of the government, a media that ran cover for them, and could enact violence and intimidation without consequences?

    You call them BLM.

    It really hit me the other day and made my jaw drop: for how many months have they been screaming about dangerous right wing protests that would have a reign of terror and intimidate people? Then we see the CHAZ.

    For how many years have they been talking about a society riddled with racial supremacy? Then we hear BLM’s demands.

    It’s true: they ALWAYS accuse others of their own crimes!

    1. Yep. Which is why when they started accusing DJT of setting up secret extermination camps for liberals, gays, and trannies, I paid attention.

            1. Indeed, I recall runs on guns by gay sorts and various “right-wingers” offering up training services (some by Right minded gays/lesbians, to keep them in a comfort zone of sorts) if not the day after the election certainly within days

        1. They were accusing BUSH of trying to set that up– one of my early indications that Seattle was bonkers was when some of their lesbian clique that liked to play cowboy was talking about insanity like that back in ’03 or so.

          I figured it was a means of picking an enemy that really isn’t that scary. I mean, seriously, the guy whose biggest flaw is he’s a nice guy type Christian, vs the guys who will gladly kidnap, rape, torture and then execute you on the accusation of being…well, absolutely anything but their preferred flavor of Islam?

          1. Oh, hell. Our sensible lesbian friends in Colorado Springs swallowed that insanity hook line and sinker.
            It’s not Seattle. Again, I repeat, the left have been INSANE a long time. They just used to hide it better.

            1. Despite any of the problems I’ve had with younger son, I’m still proud of him for telling his mother and her lunatic friends they were nuts when she posted how afraid she was for him (because he’s gay) after the 2016 election.

  5. Oh, yeah. Painting with Killz. Been there, done that. But never a floor.

      1. Ah, Kilzing the floors. When I saw that I knew at once Cats were involved.
        “Maximillian is a devout Cat. Whence he came upon a field of virgin carpet and pronounced, Let us Spray”

      2. “idiot cats”. As much as I love the furry little beasts that statement may be redundant.

          1. Right once things are marked NO feline no matter how well mannered is not going over write the message left by some other cat. Every once and a while our current felines get peeved over finding things left by Spike one of our predecessor felines. The whole process truly is well demonstrated by Cat from Red Dwarf.

      1. I SWEAR I have them outlined, Herb. But 2020 has done a number on my writing TIME.
        Of course I keep wondering if I’m fixing up the house for the Great Expropriation TM.

  6. Nothing wrong with listening to Razor, especially when he’s a breath of fresh air and sanity.

    I rather wish there was, really, a way for us to fight back outside of the elections. Cancel culture has honestly gone too far, where people who are associated with the ‘sinner’ to be also penalized for refusing to throw their loved one under the bus.

    That’s insane. That only affects us in the long run, because that effectively ends in the most meaningful core way the First Amendment. Tis but a skirmish in the long war against the Communists.

    1. Well, Raz has a point. If you’re not personally threatened by these terrorists, then you’re just fine. My poi9nt is, if you’re personally threatened by these terrorists, make sure you have a report on file with the police, or a 911 call in, and then get your weapons and ammunition out, and self-police your home or business. Use of lethal force is then authorized.

    2. You want a way to fight back? Mock them. Call them out for their ridiculousness, their childishness, their pettiness, their ignorance.

      Doing that effectively requires our own institutions, of course. But Hollywood no longer controls what we see and hear in our movie theatres and on our screens. Streaming video is tech accessible to many and an avenue people like Prager and Whittle & Co. and others are already developing. We merely need to use it more broadly.

      Consider a streaming sketch comedy show, depicting Louis Farrakhan and Ilhan Omar at the Pearly Gates. Or AOC on Jeopardy. Heck, some of the funniest don’t need to be produced, they’re already extent. Consider some of those “Progessive on the Street” interviews that are already online.

      Other stuff is available for the streaming:

      Abolish the police? Black residents in Harlem say no as white liberals push for it in video
      Amid ongoing protests and Black Lives Matter activists calling for abolishing the police, one filmmaker decided to ask residents in two of New York City’s neighborhoods what they thought about the proposal from the left.

      Ami Horowitz first went to the East Village in New York City, asking white liberals if they think it will help the black community. The responses showed apparent anger and hatred toward law enforcement.

      “Absolutely,” one man responded. “They’re monsters.”

      “I think that they (police) are disgusting,” another man added. “I just f–ing hate the police and everything they stand for.”

      “Policing in this country is about keeping black people down,” another white man said, calling law enforcement an “occupying army” that “arose out of slave catching patrols.”

      However, when Horowitz traveled to Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem, he heard a different tune from black residents.

      “I think they’re full of crap,” one woman said of people calling for abolishing the police. “I think they’re being somewhat ignorant.”

      Another woman said, “I have family members that are police. I respect the police. I would not want to see a lawless society.”

      “It’d be worse than what it is … robberies, looting, raping, murder,” another resident added.

      A man wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt said abolishing the police would be “suicide” and added, “There’s too many criminals out here. I wouldn’t feel safe.”

        1. Yet another case of arrogant White People deciding what is best for Black people without ever asking Black people.

          Just as they’ve been doing since 1619.

      1. I don’t see the great mass of urban poor Blacks waking up and voting against the Fascist Left, but it wouldn’t astonish me if we saw, say, 25% of the ‘Black Vote’ going Trump, and another chunk staying home.

      2. It’s too late when their blood is up and the urge to destroy is upon them. Mocking doesn’t work very well when a fired up young ruffian has a lit Molotov cocktail in his hands.

          1. Or even shooting the bottle-carrier* — small arms are legitimate in the face of deadly force.

            Following the Biden Protocol — emptying your weapon into the sky — is not advised.

            *if she becomes a bottle-thrower you took too long.

      3. I get so frustrated with myself because my memory leaves me and my words go on strike when I try to engage that I have just given up for the most part, because I don’t want to be an example they can point to and say, “Look how stupid the other side is!”

        It’s really frustrating because of “delayed perfect response syndrome”.

    3. I rather enjoy Razor. The only ranter on YouTube I’ve found with as much quantity verbiage is The Critical Drinker and he only does media reviews.

  7. OT:

    I am not God.

    I am not even *a* God.

    Proof: Louis Farrakhan has NOT been hit with a lightning bolt, mysteriously falling anvil, piano, or spontaneously appearing pie.

    1. Forget Farrakhan. Yes, he’s a poisonous toad. But he’s also far less damaging than Black Quisling Al Sharpton.

      Now THERE’S a man I would love to see get trampled flat in one of his own riots. Maybe flattened by the toppled memorial of some White Abolitionist.

      1. Speaking of similar pranks;

        Are the Cool Ghetto Youth still wearing their pants below their hips and their unmentionables above their waists? When that was big in the ‘90’s I often wondered how many people got shot or beat up because they couldn’t resist giving some Terribly Serious Gansta an atomic wedgie.

        1. I do have to thank the Gangsta movement for one thing in the ’90s. Their use of size 50 pants meant that many types of pants that had been available up to only 42 waist now came up to 50 waist. enough of the SansABelt and plaid pants thanks be to the Author.

  8. >> “Yes, I know, what’s a nice girl like me doing watching razorfist?”

    [Remembers all the times Sarah hoisted twin middle fingers.]

    [Sniggers at her attempt to play innocent.]

    1. Our hostess has been accused of many things, but I don’t think she’s ever been accused of being a “nice girl.”

  9. Ah, paint. Or how I spent last summer, painting the rental house (but it was butt-ugly, and now looks awesome). That old stucco was like painting a sponge made of razor blades. May I recommend Behr paint, and “Swiss coffee” (very pale cream, looks white but doesn’t show dirt), and any texture but ‘flat’ (which loves to permanently glom onto dirt).

    1. Tangent; In the fading Summer Colony where I grew up, it was the custom to paint wooden floors with boat paint (as likely to resist salt water tracked in) and then spatter that with white. When the white speckles started to wear off, you knew it was time to repaint the floor.

  10. Frivolous OT: a trailer for a movie called, “Greenland,” appeared on my Twitter feed today. Like most trailers, it seemed to be designed for people with ADD but I watched it through. My first thought was, “Well, a formula picture about Keeping the Family Together.” My second thought was, “Are you kidding?”

    The premise is a body is coming into the Solar System from interstellar space. It’s named “Clarke,” though there is no indication anyone even suspects it might be a starship. Clarke becomes a media sensation. The intelligent pre-teen son of the protagonist (Gerard Butler) is very interested in Clarke and tells his father the experts now think some pieces of Clarke, which has apparently broken up, will enter Earth’s atmosphere. Everyone in the protagonist’s quiet, upper-middle-class suburb takes Clarke’s approach to Earth as a really first rate fireworks show.

    Then the news feed of the first fragment heading for the ocean shows no splash….but the news shortly announces the fragment has “devastated,” central Florida. From that point, there are lots and lots of smoking balls of flame heading toward Earth. An apparently random friend tells the protagonist the government/scientists have been lying to them, they expect an “extinction-level event,” and they have set up a “bunker,” in Greenland.

    The rest of the movie appears to be the saga of the family’s escape to Greenland, dodging bolides and confronting armed guards and possibly a refugee camp. My suspension of disbelief got sprung pretty quickly.

    But I finally realized that in addition to the lousy physics and serious potholes, the kicker was that “the government,” and scientists had kept Clarke’s trajectory SECRET. When two days’ observation would have had every amateur astronomer screaming online, “Oh, my God, it’s gonna hit!”

    Is this a flaming dumpster fire or what?

    1. Sheesh. I can think of even more flaws, too, such as: okay, you expect an extinction-level event. How, exactly, is your bunker going to protect you? Be specific. For example, what is your plan to obtain food — in Greenland — once the rest of the human race has died out and there is nobody left to grow it in warmer countries and ship it to you?

      1. Ehhhhh… can we really classify “politicians utterly fail to understand how life works” as a flaw in the writing?

        1. Having given it some thought, I’d say “Yes” in this case. If the movie had pointed out the flaw in the politicians’ thinking, even as a single line of dialogue, then the writers obviously thought of it and understood the issues, and have chosen to have the characters be stupid. In which case the answer would have been “No”. But here, given that they didn’t even think of amateurs with telescopes, it’s clear it’s the writers who are failing to understand how life works, so that can be chalked up as a flaw in the movie.

          1. On top of all that, we don’t have he ability to predict a point of impact far enough ahead to be able to build anything. Well,I guess we could determine the time closely enough to decide which half of the globe to build it in, but again, you’re talking about major nuclear winter here. The Sahara Desert might be a good place, if it was going to hit somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, time-wise.

            It’s hard to even tell something is going to hit the planet as a whole that far ahead, though.

      2. And what are they going to use for long-term power? I mean, solar isn’t going to be working and the windmills all got busted…they’d better have a lot of fuel stocked for the nuclear reactors they’re going to need.

        And let’s not forget the lifeboat conditions: don’t care how much you love your family, the bunker representing the survival of some fragment of humanity is going to have a finite capacity, and that random suburban family is not going to be on the list.

        My husband suggested they’d be better off trying Cheyenne Mountain.

        1. Well, there is supposed to be a (non-secret) bunker for seeds and archived stuff, but it’s in the mountains in Norway or something. (Actual trolls are probably living it up.)

          So if the bunker had been built in Greenland, and the politicians were just going there, I guess that might work. If the bunker was more like Greenbriar and also had lots of resort accommodations.

    2. Is this a flaming dumpster fire or what?

      Given what typically passes for science in Hollywood this seems pretty typical. Might even be a step forward in Hollywood scientific literacy.

      Damning with almighty faint praise, I acknowledge.

    3. This sounds like the world’s worst* ripoff of Lucifer’s Hammer, with all the intelligence carefully strained out.

      (*) And some screenwriter in Hollywood just said “Hold my venti, half-caff, soy-whipped latte!”

      1. Carefully strained out? Nah, they just left out the parts they didn’t understand.

      2. Anybody else remembering the summer of ARMAGEDDON and DEEP IMPACT? Drivel from a scientific POV, but superficially entertaining. Somehow I doubt this offering will be as good.

        1. Yep! And both of those got used by the Geology Department at Flat State U for their “Bad Science Movie Night.” We got to throw popcorn and boo to our hearts’ delight.

        1. No, the Incan stuff was a simple reference to the Lonesome October style ritual in Birmingham, England; the world cannot be destroyed before December of 2024.

          /writing related nutjobbery…

          The second two claims are true for the mess I am trying to plot.

          Anyone know where I can find a baseball bat? I hear this wall to wall therapy thing could fix the problems I am having with this project.

      1. Stargate SG-1 did it better, I suspect. Though the asteroid in that episode was on a course that was off the ecliptic and it was supposedly hidden since only a handful of telescopes were in a position to see it, and the US government controlled most of them.

        (I also like the “poorly designed bomb” bit from this episode.)

  11. Hmm.

    Had another bout of depression, may have worked my way out again.

    Just watched the Razorfist vid. Sounds plausible. His theory that AF are basically bernie bros, the democrat base, and will not be voting this November, that I’m not sure of. Haven’t really thought it over before, certainly not in numbers*, but my instinct is telling me to disagree. I don’t know what I think, and it feels like it may be important, so I probably ought to figure something out at some point.

    *For all that I bitch about innumeracy, I think most of my thinking is qualitative, not quantitative.

    1. Well, the vast majority of the Bernie Bros are probably not out demonstrating, because the vast majority of Bernie Bros are like other Americans, and have better things to do. (They probably aren’t doing anything but posting black squares, and possibly yard signs.)

      And the Bernie Bros aren’t the Democrat base. But they are a large enough amount of Democrats that their nonparticipation, or rebellion against the Democratic Party, is enough to split the party vote, and to encourage other members to think about voting for all kinds of other weird parties. (Or even Trump.)

      1. Hey Democrats! Want to drive the conservatives crazy? Vote for Trump. They’ll go nuts trying to figure out why you did.

  12. I could wish Republicans would be more specific about the meaning of ‘law and order’. Something like, “A society in which people do not have to fear violent rioting mobs.” That would be worth a lot.

    Because right now, everybody is living in fear of mobs. Not only the existing ones, but the ones that will spring up at the slightest excuse. A white man fought off a black mugger? Riot! Police arrested a black violent criminal? Riot! The white candidate got more votes than the black candidate? Riot! A white author sold more books than a black author? Riot! Why not? It’s fun, and nobody will do jack shit about it.
    The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

  13. Floors – there’s this stuff used under floating wood floors laid over concrete, fairly thick plastic (12-15 mil, IIRC), comes in rolls, overlap about 25% and tape edges (go to a REAL flooring outfit, not a “home center” to find it). Designed to prevent water vapor coming up through the concrete and buckling the wood at the joints. Standard practice is 32-36 grit sanding disks on a floor buffer to rough up the concrete enough so it absorbs liquid (Pro Tip: Powerful exhaust fan in the window because a lot of concrete dust will be created, use your N95 mask, too, and don’t give up too soon, you’ll go through a bunch of disks and it will take a while), apply sealer in VERY heavy coats until it stops being absorbed – the first coat has to be extremely heavy (just pour on, spread, work in with a stiff broom (the small stiff brooms intended for spreading driveway sealer work well), keep pouring and working in until absorption stops) because once absorption begins the additional coats won’t be absorbed as well, what you want is deep liquid penetration into the concrete, not “painting on layers.” Then when sealer is completely dry (48 hours) use the rolls of plastic stuff. Works just as well on wood subfloors under carpet, put it under the padding, on top of the subfloor, does a good job of protecting the subfloor (A reminder – do NOT use the concrete sealer on wood. If you have a plywood subfloor that you think needs additional protection, either epoxy paint or elastomeric.) We recommend the plastic layer when someone wants wall-to-wall over what could be a very nice hardwood floor if it got a little love. Eventually someone will remove the carpet, see the hardwood, and want to sand and re-stain (which is what should have happened in the first place, but, well, people….)

    RE: Razorfist. he’s right, chill out and let it run. Buy ammo, buy food, keep the tank full, stay alert, but let it run. If it’s on your doorstep it’s a problem, but if not, unless you’re able to smell smoke, it’s someone else’s problem. Don’t forget between Nov 3, 2020 and Jan 20, 2021 is 78 days during which Trump will still be President, and he’s certainly smart enough to ensure adequate documentation being kept on the election and voting process. Those 78 days? That’s when you should be completely ready for Whatever; no idea which way it’ll go, or how far, but wild cards are in every deck. Stay frosty.

    1. We have neither concrete subflooring, nor hardwood floors. It’s a conventional suburban home, the first we owned since the eighties. just plywood. I’m nto trying to protect it. I’m trying to make it so the cats don’t smell the previous owners’ cats, because, well… I don’t like to live in a cat pissoir.

    2. Buy ammo, buy food, keep the tank full, stay alert, but let it run.

      Ideally be completely stocked — possibly with a bit of overflow — on November 2nd.

      November 4th is when the real panic buying would start (it isn’t a real panic until 20 boxes of 5.56 are going for over $100). November 3rd is when all the Very Smart People will decide to “beat the rush” for their panic buying that they should have done months ago.

      1. Which, given the prices and supply right now, is truly going to be interesting. *sigh*

        Grumble, grumble, why did I have to find a perfectly wonderful gun in a caliber I don’t have? Well, I do now…

        1. My Chosen Pistol Caliber is somewhat niche, so I can still find plenty in the places that have it.

          The flip side is that (except for one re-manufacturer that is OOS) I’ll pay .40/rd on a good day.

            1. “Bless the Cartridge and His fireball.
              Bless the coming and going of Him.
              May His passage cleanse the world.
              May He keep the world for His people. ”

      2. Ammo is currently harder to come by…. slowly stocking up. Don’t have as much M855 as I want…

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