So for all this time, the democrats have been about consent, right?

Remember when it was essential that every drunk college boy get his equally drunk date to sign a consent for each stage of the relationship?  Like “I consent to mild groping on the couch while watching net flicks”  or “I consent to inept kissing where you look all over for my lips and kiss my left eyebrow, then my earlobe, and end up doing a good imitation of a cow when you use your tongue to find my lips?” (What? Okay, look, I didn’t go out with him again. Besides, he’s a leftist. They’re not good at this stuff.) Like being a teen/early twenties and dating isn’t difficult enough?

Remember how important it is to keep the mentally ill and drug addicts on every street corner, because they don’t consent to treatment and we don’t have the right to incarcerate them unless they commit a crime? And of course, if they commit a crime, they do it because they’re not in their right minds and then we can’t incarcerate them either. We must respect their rights to be free as the wind,  camp all over the most expensive parts of our most expensive cities, and throw buckets of diarreah at innocent citizens.

(BTW part of the reason the despicable Jared Polis in his over stretched Hugo Boss Uniform says that he doesn’t know when restaurants will be able to open, but it’s not “in the foreseeable future” and that public “edutainment” venues like the zoo, the botanic gardens and museums will also remain closed for the foreseeable future, other than the fact that he’s not done admiring himself in front of the mirror in his Hugo Boss Uniform and polished boots, is that while there is an “emergency” he gets extra funds to spend on the homeless.  Thanks Jarred. We know you love the homeless. You love them so much you want to make every citizen of this state a pauper.)

Well, assholes, I have news for you: I do not consent. Nor do the rest of America consent.

You didn’t even have the decency to get us drunk before you started to lie to us.

Remember how this shit started, back in March, when Wu Flu was considered much more deadly — because people insisted on not paying attention to the Diamond  Princess numbers, which were right on target, and also on ignoring the fact the homeless were NOT dropping like flies on the streets — they told us to wash our hands, stay 3 feet away from other people (this was before the six foot magic distance) and cough into our elbows?  They didn’t even give that any time to work. Like a college kid with a roofie, they jumped right on us, before knowing if any of those measures had done anything, and just went for third base with the lockdown.

And then they kept changing the conditions for letting us go. It’s now to the point of “it wears useless masks on its face, or else it gets the hose again.”


So nothing. The American people are setting themselves free all over. At a guess they have a month no more before we start forcibly opening the museums and gardens, which are paid for by our tax dollars, and restaurants are setting tables out everywhere, and letting people come in.

So why are they doing this?  Well, part of it is the Polis thing, above. If you look, while the emergency persists, they get all sorts of funds for all sorts of pet projects. Or, you know, to award contracts to their friends, so that they have a place to go when we run them out of town on a rail.

The problem is I think they’re underestimating how mad people are and how ugly things will get.

Which is where the danger lies.  I know many of you think we should already have started shooting. But there’s a danger to that, while the enemy holds the highlands of propaganda.  In a way our going hot too soon and half cocked or in a way they can paint as unprovoked is what they’re hoping for. It’s their only chance.

Their media arm — and you see what they’ve done, just with scaring everyone — will swing into action, and suddenly everyone will be afraid to associate with those killers.  And they get their moral high ground back. And then they get to control the narrative. And — they think — we’ll never get our heads up again. It’s 1984 forever, and they are big brother.

The thing to remember though, is that the left doesn’t understand people. They have these…. chess markers, labeled people, who move only according to their class.

They have zero chance of getting what they want. They DO have a chance of making our getting rid of them very unpleasant and bloody. And they do have a chance of landing us with a dynastic ruler…. but not of their number.

Both of those are relatively minor, though.

So, what is going on?

Nunes — bless him and his line forever — talks about a coup in progress.  He’s not wrong.  But what he’s seeing is a fractional amount of what the left has been up to.

The coup isn’t now. The coup is what took over the culture and society of the west post WWI.  Most of the world has folded to them, even America to an extent.  They just never controlled America completely, and that galled them.  Both because while there’s freedom somewhere they can’t install their dictatorship of the enlightened, and because (they are, remember, economic illiterates) if only they had the wealth of America they could really get rocking and show the world how well socialism/communism works.

So for the last thirty years they’ve been doing everything they can to take America down and break her.  They thought they’d succeeded.  And then 2016 sucker punched them.

Which is why they have been trying to engage in what Nunes calls coups (and are by definition.)

The problem is…. they haven’t been working.

The massive overreaction to COVID-19 was part of the process. First, the media got to scare its audience. It must have felt good to have power again. And they got to keep that audience — literally — captive.  Of course they don’t want to let us go. Like an aging dowager, they have managed to fascinate people ONE LAST TIME. They’re going to try to lock you in as long as possible.

And it worked, for a while, in the beginning.  But the thing about Americans is that collectively we’re not trusting. And we’re starting to — collectively — smell a rat. And the rules — ever more deranged rules — the left tries to impose are breaking out all over.

The media is still trying. Anything to hide the biggest malfeasance of any administration the country has ever had. I mean, if they were even vaguely non-partisan or only mildly partisan, Rick Grenell would be a household name. He is already — and for that we must be glad — a Usaian. (Hey, given… everything, maybe I should send him a copy of A Few Good Men? 😉 )

And the stuff coming out. Oh, mama! I mean, I don’t trust these assholes and never have and it shocked ME. Is shocking me. Both the corruption and the ineptitude at it.

Are these coups? Well, yes, in the sense they’re trying everything they can to overthrow an established system.

But their coup has been going on since Woodrow Wilson, at least. Probably before.
What is causing them to go batshit insane? The counter revolutioon.  Us.

The internet allowed us to find each other, and to know there are still Americans out there.  Hell, we might — if you take in account massive levels of fraud in elections — be the vast majority of Americans.

And we do NOT consent. To any of this.

On a phone call with mom, she said “You know when they lock you down it’s not about whatever they tell you it is about. It’s always about being afraid of you.”

They should be afraid. They should be afraid enough to know their craziest ploy ever of “let’s keep America under house arrest until they forget what freedom is” is not going to work.

It’s not working. Each day it’s breaking apart a bit more.

Be not afraid.  We are the revolution.

And those who took the establishment through the long march through the institutions? They’re losing.

They’re going to get crazier. But the crazier they get the more obvious their corruption and intents are.

In the end we win they lose.

Go be ungovernable.

278 thoughts on “I DO NOT CONSENT

  1. The coup has been going on since the northern states were turned into slave states by judicial fiat in order to keep Dred Scott from going free. God bless Harriet Tubman and the example she set during the Civil War! May her soul rest easy.


    1. I have my own (vitriolic) opinions of the (un)Civil War, but if I recall correctly, our hostess has asked us to steer clear of that particular mine field.

    2. Frankly, I think the coup has been going on ever since the first thug came to the first farmer and said “It would be a pity if something happened to your farm here. I’ll tell you what: give me some of your grain, and I’ll make sure nothing happens to your farm” (with the implication that no wheat would result in harm to farm) … with that thug then turning around and saying “Hey, you: I’ll give you some of my wheat if you help me keep these farmers in line, even if it’s just voicing support in the next village meeting!”

      1. The difference between such a thug demanding it and the farmer and the warrior entering into a voluntary compact is the basis for a working society versus a dysfunctional one. It’s what “enlightened self interest” is all about.

        1. The problem is that renegotiating the deal too often takes up too much time, and has other problems.

          “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

      2. The entire history of the so-called “human race” has been marked in blood by the fundamental division between takers and makers. Kings, emperors, knights, nobles, communists, socialists, common street thugs — takers. Farmers, artisans, blacksmiths, tailors, weavers, traders, chip fabricator workers — makers. The line may be grey in daily practice, but the underlying sentiment is always the same: spiteful envy. Monkey see, monkey want, monkey violently take. All the rest is self-serving propaganda, mind-butt-fuck words intended to gaslight the victims of taking into believing they actually benefit from being mercilessly looted by spiteful monkeys that hate, fear, and resent them for their ability and willingness to produce real wealth.

        One wonders what would happen if the makers as a group ever made a worldwide effort to clearly, unmistakably identify all of the takers as they exist in their degraded, ugly minds and spirits. And then to say, “NO.”

        1. Nah, people are more complicated than that.

          It’s like when folks who don’t know anything about ag use sheep metaphors, and ignore that the sheep would not survive without the shepherd.

          Our ancestors weren’t idiots, and misuse does not rule out proper use– that some folks who were trusted to defend failed in their duty doesn’t mean all the defenders were useless leeches.

  2. I do not Consent! I do not believe “our lives have changed forever”, I do not believe we are broken, dented perhaps, but we will not be controlled. Who knows maybe the people of the California Democratic Republic may wake up.

      1. Hmm, the outdoor range is across the county and the website hasn’t been updated since slightly after Romney lost to Whatizname. Have to see if there’s a valid phone number somewhere. I still don’t like the unofficial local range (“Rattlesnake Meadow”, anough said?). I think I should take Peter Grant’s advice and set up that CO2/BB pistol range. It beats doing nuthin’ until I can get some Real Range Time ™.

        1. You’d be surprised how much good practice can be had with a decent air pistol or air rifle. There’s a reason I have a 10-meter air pistol range laid out in my house.

          1. I have enough room to do a 10 yard range outside the shop, and with some thought, I could have 25 and 50 yards for the .177 pellet rifle. Just not enough room to do firearms, though that hasn’t stopped some neighbors

        2. There is a new and luxurious indoor gun range being constructed a short hop, skip and jump from my neighborhood (even during the Winnie-the-Flu Plague lockdown (hey, since I am in southern Texas and even if the mayor of San Antonio is being a total ineffectual totalitarian tw*t) and I will so go to it when it opens and sign up as a founding member!
          I, alas, do not have a property large enough – and a meadow big enough to have the personal shooting range big enough to have my own range…Like when a blog-friend invited us down to his property near Beeville for an afternoon of shooting with his black-powder armory, at empty wine bottles at the bottom of his garden. That was so fun…

          1. Good old trash shooting. Who needs a printed target when he has old beer cans and soda bottles? Or really anything — I’ve used milk cartons and old newspapers and more, and they all are cheap, available, and do the job.

          2. There is an indoor gun range with ladies night half price a couple of miles away. Alas DIL and I never managed to make it. The last year has been INSANE.

        3. Gun Noob Larry Correia recommends an hour of dry fire practice a day until pulling the trigger on your EMPTY gun without quivering is second nature. Also that empty gun and a holster will let you practice your concealed carry and draw (which most ranges here in the DFW area will NOT let you do).

          1. Hmm, must review the relevant info for the striker-fired Ruger flat 9mm. I had some stove-pipe issues, and it’s not as easy to grip as the 1911. Not sure if it was limp-wrist or old hands. Arthur Itis seems to have shown up since I did a lot of shooting. 30 years ago. No wonder.

            1. The easy way to tell if it’s a grip problem is to have someone else shoot a magazine through it. Also make sure it’s properly lubed.

              The compacts have a delicate balancing act in order to work; in order for the action not to be so violent it breaks parts, they just just enough recoil spring to overcome the friction of a loaded magazine, internal friction, and slide inertia. Out-of-spec ammo or a weak grip can cause function problems.

              If it’s a grip issue you can’t easily correct, higher-velocity ammo (it should be printed on the box or on the manufacturer’s web site) will often help.

              1. Good points! I’ll recheck things, especially the friction between the slide and the frame. A few hundred dry-fire cycles wouldn’t hurt. Must check the manual today and make/buy snapcaps if necessary.

                  1. Ruger says dry fire “in moderation” for the striker pistol. I’ve heard of some firearms (shotguns, if memory serves) where the firing pin can bump into the back of the action in dry fire and cause trouble.

                    1. I don’t know how the Ruger has it’s striker housed – I know that with my Glock the location of the the striker is in line with the centre of the barrel, as well as captured, essentially, by everything in the rear of the slide. I would assume that the your Ruger is a centre-fire pistol, so if the striker was to come out far enough into the (empty) chamber to potentially hit part of the chamber, it would actually just be launched through the barrel. In which case I would offer you have far more serious problems….

                    2. the striker is going to be housed, nothign would have a free striker as it would fall out the first time the slide goes forward on an empty chamber. the problem is likely peening on edges.

          2. You want to practice that somewhere where no one will get ideas.

            (This is why, if you want to bring a gun to a gun shop for repair, the prudent thing to do is put it in a box.)

            1. Jeff Cooper had a set routine to use. 0) Find a quiet, isolated spot with no distractions 1) Pull the magazine 2a) Empty the chamber 2b) Recheck the chamber 3) Aim the pistol at something you were willing to destroy 4) Dry fire once at the something 5) Proceed with dry fire practice. (If step 4 results in a loud bang, review the actions of 2a and 2b)

              If the pistol has a magazine safety, 1b) Empty the magazine 1c) Reinsert the magazine need to be added.

              A friend did dry fire on his revolver and *didn’t count the rounds* and forgot to look at the cylinder. That door was slated to be replaced and the neighbor’s fence was already beat up. (And they weren’t home at the time.) I didn’t shoot with him much.

              1. Checking for a clear chamber should be done digitally. Check by touch.

                “Your eyes can decide you. Don’t trust them”

                Pop passed along to me, many years ago, that folks will often “see” the clear chamber they want, and be shocked at the “bang”.

                An AR-15 or other modern sporting rifle is a very good example of ” easy to miss a stuck round”. Finger check.

                1. Navy procedure for clearing M1911 pistol:

                  1. Eject magazine (if present)
                  2. Lock slide back
                  3. Peer into ejection port
                  3a. Can you see all the way through the magazine well?
                  3b. Can you see light through the barrel?
                  4. Pistol cleared. Hand to next watchstander, grip first, barrel down.
                  5. Next watchstander repeats steps 3a and 3b

                  AND DO IT THAT WAY EVERY TIME!!

                2. Jeff Cooper* had people do a press check** on the 1911s frequently, though that was to make sure you would get a “bang” rather than a “click” in use. Press checks are a little tough on tiny pistols like the P3-AT,

                  (*) Was only at Gunsite once, back when “Tricyclophobia” entailed three-wheeled ATVs. People seemed to get nervous when the Colonel showed up.
                  (**) Press back on the front of the slide a fraction of an inch, look for the round. Again, this was to make sure the pistol was loaded, not before dry-fire practice.

                  1. ** I ain’t puttin’ MY hand (or anything else) in front of a gun barrel.

                    Especially if it’s SUPPOSED to be loaded!

                    1. No, you don’t get your hand in front of the muzzle. On a 1911, you press on the spring keeper below the barrel (1/2″ in diameter), and your fingers are out of the way. Since the barrel is locked in battery, there’s no use in pressing on the barrel, anyway.

                      The lack of a big spring keeper (or an exposed one) is another reason why press-checks are difficult to impossible to do on tiny pistols.

                3. Twice during Basic Training. there were incidents of, “No brass, no ammo, Drill Sergeant!” *Bang!”

                  Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 1980

                  1. I’m told there is/was a hotel near Gunsite with pictures located in strange places, due to negligent discharges and a lack of desire to patch the walls. I stayed in Prescott and didn’t have any problems… 🙂

                    For us, firearms in the house definitely follow Cooper’s first rule: All guns are loaded.

    1. That’s why a few toys in the popular calibers of 9mm, .40, 5.56, or .308 are handy, just in case ammunition… er… “becomes available.”

      My main battery is all in less-popular calibers, but “found” ammunition is good ammunition…

      1. So you saying my 1889 Schmidt-Rubin isn’t common enough?
        My other rifle is an 1889 Mauser in 7.62×51 for that very reason. It doesn’t need Trail Boss and lead pill hand loads.

    2. This concept of “enough ammunition” intrigues me, though on the face of it I cannot fathom what it might mean.

      1. I’m hoping this quote still holds true: “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.” ― Otto von Bismarck

  3. Don’t forget the regulations and interpretations thereof. For example, the masked clerk at Walmart (customers are encouraged but not required to wear them) told me the current regulations wouldn’t allow her to shorten a watch band for me and lost a sale. I told her I was getting tired of this sort of thing and she said, with feeling, “So am I.”
    Or take salons. My salon is open. I went by to pick up shampoo and hand cream because “the regulations,” say they can’t do shampoos or blow-dries. But they CAN do coloring, which requires a shampoo…
    I really need to find the button that says, “There is no point in getting angry but there is a stupid malignity to all this that does try one’s patience.” Just to remind myself not to blow up at the wrong people. But sooner or later, someone is going to blow up and things will get messy. Possibly very messy.

    1. It forces me to consider that the inconsistency is there for a good bad reason, in that the entirety of the conflicting/absurd/irrational regulations are supposed to get us deplorables ticked off to the point where we’d be inclined to strike in a futile gesture.

      I got a little nervous when I saw the media (MSM and honest) pictures of armed protesters in Lansing, though the protestors were calm enough. OTOH, getting the other side to strike first and enrage the opposition is a strategy that can be used by both sides. I don’t have to like it, but it’s there.

      1. Ideally the flashpoint would be an obviously blue population group erupting over something that the blue political leadership has done. It’s not particularly far-fetched, either. It just needs to be broad, and to be able to escape the inevitable attempts by the left to hijack it and redirect it.

        1. Or the blue political leadership striking out at the blue population. “Curious” silence from the Antifa in Portlandia, though. It’s like, they approve.

          1. The same Democrats who denounce anyone who refers to the origins of the virus as being from China or who criticize the CCP as racist will either be silent about what the New Black Panther Party is doing here or will express support. While the NBPP actually has legit criticisms of the way the CCP treats black people both in China and in the rest of the world, that is not the fault of Chinese Americans.

            I have not seen a single expression of condemnation from Democrats about this. Note that Stacey Abrams, who the Democratic Party media arm is building a cult of personality about has close ties to the NBPP.


            1. As for Abrams, they’re sort of trying. But, it’s more of a sideshow for the punters & rubes, a way to pretend that they’re all like cool & hip & with it, kind of like with Beto and others.
              They’ll loose interest soon enough. The press always does with the sideshows.

            2. I doubt this is going anywhere in the Senate but it ought be an amusing debate:

              Harris Introduces Resolution Condemning Use of ‘Wuhan Virus’ as Racist
              Harris introduced the resolution on Thursday, joined by fellow Democratic senators Tammy Duckworth of Illinois and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. It aims to “condemn and denounce anti-Asian sentiment, racism, discrimination, and religious intolerance” related to the coronavirus, and specifically cites phrases such as “Wuhan virus,” “Chinese virus,” and “Kung-flu.” It also calls on federal officials to “expeditiously investigate and document” credible reports of hate crimes or threats against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities and “investigate and prosecute perpetrators” if necessary. …

              1. *tries to imagine someone stupid enough to make a credible threat against the Pacific Islander community, who would also use the term ‘kung flu’*

                *Comes up blank*

                1. In a similar context:

                  Q. “What’s black and blue and bloody and lies on the floor?”
                  A. “The next person who tells a Pollack joke.”

                  I’ve known a few people from Samoa. Not going to mess with them.

                  1. My favorite thumbnail is that at one point I was in the Crying Room, I was the only person over the age of 12…and the only people shorter than me were my own babies…..

        2. So, you’re hoping for some blue-on-blue fragging? Checking my popcorn inventory…

          1. Not so much hoping for it specifically. What I’m hoping for is that if a flashpoint finally does occur, it starts blue on blue (or at least popularly perceived blue on blue) and red only gets drawn in as things start to snowball out of control.

      2. I don’t remember if I said it here, or where, but as I pointed out shortly after that protest– I was and am extremely uncomfortable with the guns there.

        Because it is a threat of deadly force.

        However, I do not disagree or oppose it, because they were responding to an official threat of unjust force, which is by definition to be presumed as possibly deadly. (See also, why you can’t assume the guy who broke into your house at night just wants to take your TV.)

    2. I don’t vent my frustration and outrage on the poor mooks tasked with implementing this insanity. Unless they’re going Full Stormtrooper and getting off on it. When told ‘masks required’ I give The Finger to the store in general and walk out. If everybody did that, the ‘policy’ would change right quick.
      I used to live on a farm. I know what bullshit smells like.

    3. Mask Sharia is on and signs are going up “we are asking our customers to wear masks.” Asking. Due to to a Directive. Which, in the fine print turns out to be… Not actually a law. Somebody is dressing up in a cop costume and hoping for a dim light

      So I decided to run the flag up. Yesterday I walked past the Governor ‘s Directive sign toward the entrance where a masked employee greeted me. I smiled at him, and grabbed a cart. Nothing happened. Nearly everyone inside was wearing a mask (It is yuppie central there) and one store employee jumped and took a step back when I asked him a question. From 6’ away.

      But here’s the thing. All those sour faces hiding behind their kabuki cloth masks (I saw one real deal on an older man.) I ran into two normal women talking about a new pasta. I asked one of they’d tried the Italian sausage one – was it spicy? We were an island of cheerful normality in a sea of frightened conformists clinging to their magic talismans.

      I think that might be the most usefully rebellious thing we can do.

      And yes, I still figure that if, and probably when, I get the Wuhan Gurgling Death, I’ll die. But I won’t have sold everyone’s kids down the river of my fears.

      1. I saw a bit about a Costco manager going full stormtrooper on somebody not wearing a mask (I assume in the checkout lane–I seldom watch the videos). OTOH, Costco makes it clear that that’s the policy, and they have *I think* the legal right to enforce it. And take the legal consequences if someone sues or is harmed by forced mask wearing.

        The Twitter Karen Krowd were quite proud of the manager. Gab is down for upgrades; more civilized there.

        1. I had my “mask” in my pocket. Noticed someone in front of me didn’t have one. Watched to see if she’d get in without it … Nope. Local Costco is at least handing masks out if you don’t have one. They have people whose job is to direct you (never had so much help available) and to politely remind to keep the masks “on”. Shoppers? Define “on”. Most have their mouths covered, but not always their noses. Me I kept pulling down to both breath & see. In fact someone else was in my way, when she saw me waiting & apologized, my (normal response) would to be “that’s okay hubby complains I’m the same way”. This time it was “no problem not like I can see anyway”. Her response was “or breathe”. At which point we both shrugged and laughed. Only heard one “Karen”, general response around the victim was “whatever”, loudly and in chorus. This is in Eugene OR; I think people are thoroughly over this.

          I have 3 observations on home instructing the kids. One hardly counts, she’s a retired middle school science & technology teacher. Teaching their 8 year old and 30 month granddaughters, while their daughter & son in law work, has been a joy.

          Another is expanding on their children’s education using scouting materials (one is in GS the other is in BS). Hardest part of the BS merit badge program is the appropriate merit badge councilor process (can not be mom or dad, or shouldn’t be). Neither work within the school system & have no problems. They remind us of us. Sure public school but keep a strong pulse on what is being taught and expanding on it depending on kids interests. Everything is a learning opportunity without the kid being aware of it … oh they catch on, then the concept is the inside joke, but it still happens.

          The third? Is so done with this. She has three, currently grade school & middle school, but next fall it’ll be grade, middle, & high, school levels. Getting them all to do the school work is hard enough without the tech issues she’s been complaining about. One child is particularly difficult due to ADHD. She has worked as an aid working with kids with ADHD. She’s been within the school system.

          1. I can imagine attention issues would make homeschooling more difficult, even more so when it’s a disruption to the routine instead of normal.

            In general, though, I look at the people stunned that their kids are done in half the time and the people complaining about how hard it is and how much more teachers should be paid, and I think maybe the second group are normally responsible for slowing down the first group.

            Apart from the cases where the schools are clearly trying to pump themselves up by making it as much of a hassle as possible.

            1. I look at the people stunned that their kids are done in half the time and the people complaining about how hard it is and how much more teachers should be paid, and I think maybe the second group are normally responsible for slowing down the first group.

              Apart from the cases where the schools are clearly trying to pump themselves up by making it as much of a hassle as possible.

              Most of us saw the former coming. The disruptive students are the ones being held back because the pace is too slow (bored), to those who continually fall behind because the pace is too fast no matter how much pace is slowed to accommodate them (frustrated). Not all who are in these categories act out. But those who act out are in these two categories.

              How many parents, with students in the first category, finishing their work quickly & accurately, are asking themselves why their student is considered a trouble maker?

              Latter. Definitely seeing this. Poor gal across the street is finding the district IT is a brick wall. The adjustment provided to the problems are incomplete. The one she shared was she can’t get her youngest school provided configured laptop to connect to the school network. Can’t get a response from IT (calls, emails, texts, standing in the street screaming … you know the usual …) The provided work around is to get a packet provided by the teacher through the school. The problem is the packet has the online questions to answer for the lesson (in this case a reading lesson) … that is only available online on the network … you know … that can’t be connected to …

              Telling her “I understand” doesn’t help.

              It doesn’t help that the online schools won’t take your student unless you un-enroll your student from the local school, then formally enroll into their program. Which creates problems if you don’t want this option long term.

    4. No “wash” but “Coloring” is permissible? How about a nice dash of “neutral” from H2O?



  4. I use “Wuhan fever” in e-mails, even official, logged ones. Among other things. My little extended digit.

  5. I concur 100% on forcing THEM to be the first to resort to violence. We MUST hold the moral high ground. Right now, we’re doing a good job of it.

    It pays to study the American Revolution. The Patriots put up with quite a bit, even people being shot, before the war went hot at Lexington and Concord.

    Not to mention the minor fact that we’re winning. People are waking up and realizing that a pack of particularly nasty Karens are running the government. No surprise to US, but now even the center-left is thinking it. And people are coming out. Living. Opening businesses.

    And I’ve suspected for two years that Trump was holding his fire on the Seditious Conspiracy…for the 2020 campaign. Which will be a bloodbath.

    Oh…T-7 days. And counting. 🙂

    1. We’re an ungovernable mass of cats, and it’s a great thing.

      Even our Leftist self sabotage when they teach “question authority”. It’s a tactic they intend to be used against Republicans, but it does tend to cut both ways. Karen may want her neighbor to be under the full force of law and regulations, but is often angry and offended when those are turned against her.

      If they were smart, they’d be more into teaching ‘know your place’, and ‘obey your betters’, ‘duty to the state’ and obedience even to those leaders you don’t agree with.

      1. Not ungovernable. But we’re a pack, not a herd. The red state governors are leading – setting out sensible policies, persuading the public that this is the right path. Blue state governors rely on threats as a FIRST resort.

        1. Despicable Kate Brown has the Irritated School Marm speech she’ll use before the threats. Even more tiresome.

          Not a threat, but beyond evil: Whitless now wants to force nursing homes (at less than 80% capacity) to take in Winne-the-flu patients *whether or not they’re set up for it*. EO placed yesterday. Does she want the Zyklon-B franchise while she’s at it?

          1. That’s murder. Her buddy in Noo Yawk already proved what happens when you stick infected patients into nursing homes.

            If the legislature won’t do anything about this… they’re guilty by association.

            “Michiganders, get your ropes!”

            1. I expect it to go to court right away. She doesn’t listen to the legislature, (I heard they were trying to sue to get her to knock off the unconstitutional crap, but haven’t heard of any outcome; Oregon’s issues take up more of my attention.) but she might possibly listen to the DOJ. After the ACLU filed suit against DOEdu’s efforts to reinstate due process in Title IX cases, I don’t expect them to lift a finger against the Wicked Whitmer of Lansing.

              Oh, how I’d love to see a perp walk with US Marshals. I can think of a few Dems needing one, but Whitmer is so far over the line it’s absurd.

              1. Biden picking her* for his Veep constitutes implicit endorsement of her heavy hand of government. That ought work well in the general election: Dems denouncing Trump the Tyrant while Trump trumpets actual tyranny by the Dems.

                *Heck, Biden even considering her represents approval of her dictator role play.

            2. Her buddy in New York finally started edging back from it, IIRC, and now she wants to start?

              1. I read the Detroit News article; the original order was done mid April, but she renewed it *last week*. According to the Royal Inquisition’s Office in Lansing, she now has the policy “Under Review”.

              2. Andy Cuomo is now playing the Blame Trump card, claiming he was just following orders, adhering to CDC directives.

                Apparently poor reading comprehension is his excuse, because not even CDC guidelines are that stupid.

                I guess we ought be relieved he isn’t giving COVID patients intravenous Clorox.

                Cuomo downplays calls for federal probe into nursing home coronavirus deaths: ‘Ask President Trump’
                New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday brushed off calls for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into the massive number of deaths in the state’s nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic – claiming he was only following guidelines from the Trump administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

                While no formal probe has been announced, the speculation comes amid scrutiny of his March 25 directive that required nursing homes to take on new patients infected with COVID-19. The order stated that “[nursing homes] are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

                Nursing homes in New York – which has been the epicenter of the public health crisis – have been particularly devastated by the pandemic, with the death toll in the facilities topping more than 5,000 as of earlier this week. Cuomo recently issued a new directive stating that hospitals cannot send patients back to nursing homes in the state unless they test negative for the virus.

                CDC guidelines require any newly admitted and readmitted resident with a COVID-19 case to be placed in a designated COVID-19 care unit, while those who have met the criteria to have recovered can return to a regular unit in the nursing home. New York – along with California and New Jersey – at the time had specific guidelines saying that nursing homes cannot refuse to take patients from hospitals solely because they have the coronavirus.

                When questioned about the deaths in nursing homes and a possible investigation into his role, Cuomo deflected the blame onto the Trump administration’s guidelines and suggested the calls for a probe are politically motivated. …

    2. I tend to agree about Trump. He’s a street fighter, and the Left still doesn’t seem to grasp that he isn’t a gentlemanly loser. I suspect that he’s waiting for the Democrats to announce their candidates (VP especially) and platform, whereupon he will go ‘time on target’, and the freaking sky will fall on them.

      There’s still the matter of vote fraud, of course. As I’ve said many times, I have to wonder why anyone believes Shrilary won the ‘popular vote’. There, too, I suspect Trump of biding his time. And if my suspicions are at all on target, I think the Democrat Party is in for a very rough ride.

      1. Happily, the Republicans- especially some of the newer ones- are beginning to follow his example and fight back, instead of just awkwardly fading and collapsing in the face of the usual Media criticism.

          1. This. You’re about my age, right CS? So you know that was the underlying belief of the ENTIRE right. “We fight as long as we can, but in the end they win, and they probably deserve it, and and annd”

            1. Oh, hell, I remember when the Republican Party was “we want to do the same Big Government stuff the Democrats want to do, but slower”. For all the Left depicts him as Beelzebub, Nixon was one of those.

        1. Desantis for example. Need to get a full mapping of actions taken by governors and feds and put em side by side to compare. Even then the media’s felating of Coumo and Witmer will be hard to break.

          I’ve said it before but this is just pure proof we are broken. Even with Trump’s ego he could easily point out where could have been better as well as the states, but even if he admits that FDA and CDC fell flat on testing (true and should result in getting more options available) and the pandemic stockpile was neglected for a decade that will be the only thing that gets play. Meanwhile the Angel’s of death seeding nursing homes will skate.

            1. I’m referring more to dates and actions rather than the results. Too many will just toss it all out to luck or in the case of florida, lies

            2. It’s a nice little infographic from my own particular governor, but I wish it had been proofread a bit better. I’m more interested in the comparison of mortality rates between the states, not the *morality* rates.

      2. There’s still the matter of vote fraud, of course.

        C’mon, man! There’s no voter fraud, we all know that. That’s just part of Republican efforts at voter suppression! Pay o attention to that man behind the curtain.

        DOJ Charges Philadelphia Election Official with Stuffing Ballot Box
        By J. Christian Adams
        Oh brother, Philadelphia is more corrupt than we could have imagined. Today the United States Department of Justice announced criminal charges against an election official for stuffing a ballot box with fraudulent votes to help Democratic judicial candidates.

        United States Attorney William M. McSwain announced today that Domenick J. DeMuro of Philadelphia, a former Judge of Elections, an elected official responsible for elections, has been charged and has entered a guilty plea. What did DeMuro do? He literally stood at the voting machine and cranked in vote after vote after vote for particular Democrat judicial candidates. He was allegedly paid by various unnamed political consultants for the behavior. …

    3. Not to mention the minor fact that we’re winning.


      Which is why I get so pissed when folks start doom, gloom, we should go out in a blaze of glory-ing.

  6. There’s a well-known saying here: I’m from Tennessee, you can’t tell me what to do. Just keep repeating that mantra yourself, substituting your state for “Tennessee,” and spread it to everyone you can.

    “I’m from Pennsylvania, you can’t tell me what to do!”
    “I’m from Kansas, you can’t tell me what to do!”
    “I’m from Florida, you can’t tell me what to do!”
    “I’m from Idaho, you can’t tell me what to do!”

    1. I’m from America, the REAL America, and you can’t tell me what to do!

      Lots of folks have tried to tell us what to do over the years. Things did not end well for most of them.

      1. I’m a naturalized Texan. All y’all statists can go play in the Brush Country in August. Say “Hi” to the native flora and fauna for me.

      2. They can tell me what to do.

        And I can quote Shakespeare.

        I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
        Why, so can I, or so can any man,
        But will they come when you do call for them?

        1. I’m Irish-American and a native Oregonian – You may not, can not, and will not tell me what to do. I have sworn no oath of fealty to any crown and I shall not wear a collar. I am intractable, irascible, and impatient. If you think things are difficult controlling us now, your “Troubles” are just beginning. My family left Éire a step ahead of the British Army because we dared to dream and fight for freedom, and I will not allow the Black and Tans to rise again. Not here.

          Ní Bóna Ná Coróin!

          1. We left the British Isle’s so long ago we don’t know why we left … Hit the east coast and spent the next 100 years making our way west, getting to Oregon and Montana as some of the earliest settlers. We’re probably related to half of Oregon on dad’s side (lots of kids, most survived), and a quarter of Montana on mom’s (pioneer family didn’t have as many surviving kids). Note, unfortunately does not mean some haven’t drank the Koolaide but you can’t choose family …

            Stubborn? Trust me they don’t know the meaning of the word. Controllable? Good luck with that …

    2. It’s none of your damn business where I’m from, you can’t tell me what to do.

  7. Man has anyone else seen how insane political hat has gone over this?

    He “fisked” you on masks and it’s sad. I used to like the guy’s stuff but I just can’t respect anyone who is all on in masks. Just too damn foolish.

      1. Not sure of the person (I assumed it was Popehat, but I don’t know). The website is easily found via search.

        1. There’s a photo floating on the book of faces, with a middle aged saguaro which naturally appears in the form of a hand with the middle finger erect.

      1. I figured you didn’t. 🙂 It wasn’t good either. Larry Correia’s fiskings are far superior, and dead on. I wish he did them more often.

        1. I have to hope he’s happily busy; writing, getting settled in his newish home, etc. Fisking the Deranged Left is fast becoming a matter of coals to Newcastle. Their utterances are self-fisking.

  8. The lockdown had little or no effect on my life, been doing what I usually do, going where I usually go. Not only did I not consent, I saw no reason to comply. Guess I’ve always been ungovernable.

    I do try to maintain a comfortable social distance from progressives of course, but I did that long before the lockdown as well.

  9. A fine analogy for our times is the following blurb for fantasy novel “Quartz” by Rabia Gale (courtesy of the Book Cave mailing list):

    To save their world, the mages of old plunged it into eternal darkness. It’s time to bring back the light.

  10. The thing they don’t grok is that what works in Europe doesn’t work on USAians, like fitting a 25mm nut onto a 1″ bolt.
    We don’t have the same long standing culture of “know your betters and know your place”. Nor do we really do the whole thing of truckle under publicly, but do your own thing privately.
    Even the most Europhile of internationalist would bristle under a Euro style government. They think that’s what they want, but again, they really don’t know what they are asking for.

    1. Speaking of Europe:

      France’s general population remains under extremely strict lockdown; the police have been ordered to enforce the rules ruthlessly. Permits to leave one’s home were limited to 60 minutes, once a day, and no farther than half a mile. On Aril 23, Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner said, “Since the start of the lockdown, more than 915,000 citations have been handed out; 15.5 million persons have been stopped and checked”. The citations, according to newspapers, were given to people who stayed outside for more than an hour, or who went beyond the authorized limits.

      People living in no-go zones [zones-urbaines-sensibles “sensitive urban zones”] are treated differently. Police officers have been told by the government not to stop them at all and to avoid as much as possible going near where they live.

      https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/15977/france-no-go-zones-riots (hat tip to samzidata.net)

      Even in France, it’s disturbing to see this happening.

      The authorities fear us USAians, but it’s a hate-filled fear. Like a wild boar, they would take a spear through their own guts for a chance to disembowel us. But they treat the Islamists with a respectful sort of fear.

      1. Because they expect that here you will simply have sword rattling before the subjects back down again, just like they have all the times before. The Islamists at least are known to be willing to fight.

      2. I think they just hope the people in the banlieue will just die. European racism is much stronger than anything you’ll find here and they have no common feeling at all.

        1. Well. There you go. We have the perfect ethics-free lab experiment. WuFlu death rate of an actually quarantined population, and that of a nearby life-long one.

    2. It ain’t even working all that well in Europe anymore. The peasants are growing increasingly restive, and the elites are clearly nervous.

      1. Let’s hope the more nervous they get, the more they clamp down. They have to put their totalitarian fantasies on display for all to see. I wonder, do they still have grapeshot?

        Larry Correia visited France a couple of years ago and wrote that the French army was patrolling Paris in squads of four, with battle armor and submachine guns. When the Eurotrash on David Weber’s forums start ranting about how violent we are here in America, I ask them if that is still the case. Never have got an answer. It’s like they can’t process the question.

        I like the quote: “Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do remember history are doomed to watch everybody else repeat it.”

        What about those who remember history as it never happened? What are they doomed to?
        My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

  11. They haven’t asked consent, they have demanded compliance.

    They will not like what they get.

    1. Now I want to look up that Hydra mantra from the Agents of SHIELD tv series.

      1. Okay, found the text that I transcribed from a creepy video. I’m sure Sarah and others are ready to present their middle fingers, though. 🙂

        Take a deep breath.
        Calm your mind.
        You know what is best.
        What is best is you comply.
        Compliance will be rewarded.

  12. If you can govern yourself properly, no one else needs to. Or ought to try.

    By properly, I mean:
    Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you:
    do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

    1. To borrow a quote:

      John Bernard Books: “I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”

  13. “Operation Haircut” this morning in Michigan. Such a brazen, shocking display of Disorderly Conduct.

  14. Yes, you should totally send him an autographed copy.
    I don’t think people remember how close things were to going “hot” under Clinton.
    Until McVeigh decided to become a terrorist, then Clinton and the media used their megaphones to tar anybody who might resist. (And accused us of burning churches, just to show they could.)
    They’ve been running this scam since JFK was assassinated by a card-carrying communist and they successfully blamed it on”extremists” like Goldwater.
    They’re sure they can keep performing the same con, and the marks will never get wise.

    I fear they’ve gravely miscalculated.
    I fear even more that they’re right. That in spite of everything, the bulk of the population would be happy to blame the victim, and go back to sleep. For this reason alone, I am happy to see them openly abusing their power and flagrantly destroying their credibility.

    1. I DO remember just how close to revolt we came in 1994. The ’94 midterms saved us.

    2. The part you overlooked was that with Clinton, they didn’t really have any competition for the bullhorn. They tried to call the Tea Party racists, militia nuts, what have you…. and didn’t realize that everyone could see what was REALLY happening via pocket cameras and the early cellphones.

      There were two turning points there. One was when Obamacare was signed, and Nancy P did the gavel walk past a bunch of protesters at the Capitol. The usual suspects tried to claim racial slurs had been yelled — and Andrew Breitbart offered $100k for anyone who could produce evidence….. because every inch and second of that walk was recorded and no slurs were audible or visible.

      The second was the Tea Party rally organized by Glenn Beck in DC in 2009. A million people assembled, protested, and left the Mall cleaner than it was before they got there….. in contrast to the Leftist rally a week or two earlier. That’s when people started realizing the media was lying about them…. and probably had earlier.

      1. The Media had a long run with their idiocy. I don’t recall ever buying their tripe, but I grew up in a House with The National Review on the coffee table.

        1. I know. RatherGate (the National Guard “memo”) is now in the government textbooks. (I was part of it, much to my students’ shock.)

          1. Me too. I was hanging on Free Republic under my nom the blog and was one of the voices going “Wait the f*ck up, I used a typewriter at that time, and it couldn’t do anything that looked like that.”

    3. For the record, I WISH I could go back to sleep. Now that this is out in the open, all the roads are scary.
      BUT it’s even scarier to die inn the dark.

      1. I think it’s most important for us not to sleep. I’ve given up being nice and trying to go along to get along. I tell everyone I come in contact with that this is stupid and we are being lied to. And I throw the doctor card as needed (something I swore I’d never do in casual conversation-it’s obnoxious). The squishy middle needs to hear and hear often!

  15. Hit them from multiple angles.
    Doctrine of lesser magistrates: support and encourage sheriffs, mayors, and other local officials who don’t go along with the tyranny.
    Clog the bureaucracy. File forms that require a response. Make sure they’re perfectly filled out. Especially complaint forms.
    Contact state legislators…repeatedly.
    Lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits. Especially when the PTBs exercise their double standards.
    Remind the wafflers they can be primaried.
    Exercise constitutional rights of free speech, free assembly, freedom of religion, and free commerce.
    Come to aid of anyone being harrassed.
    And most of all: intercessory and imprecatory prayer.

    1. Amen. I keep praying that the Holy Spirit will change the hearts of the willing, guide the feet of the confused and that God would thwart the plans of the wicked. D.V.

  16. Vive la contre-révolution!

    Pennsylvanians have just about had it up to here [holds hand just below eye-level] with Governor Wolf and his continuous vague, nonsensical, and arbitrary restrictions. To the point where there’s a serious motion on the table in our state government to impeach him. LEO agencies across the state are publicly saying that they cannot and therefore will not enforce his commandments. And almost everyone who is still in favor of continuing the lockdowns are either hardcore Leftists or Never-Trumpers.

    So there’s hope for the Keystone State yet, it seems.

    1. Where do I sign!?!? I’m Pennsylvania, and I’d LOVE to see him impeached!!!!
      Been driving around Lancaster, looking for open businesses to pay, just because. Can’t around home, too many leftists……

  17. The problem is I think they’re underestimating how mad people are and how ugly things will get.


    Des Moines zoo emailed me today that they’re open again. Their offering to the freaked out is that tickets are time-locked, and the “safari route” is one way (I almost want to go just to see how they handle that, because wow is the zoo not designed for “go this one direction and see everything”) but they are open.

    Oh, no Des Moines shopping report this week, the Chief sprained his ankle so I am hanging out and fussing over his VERY three year old self.

    1. Klamath Falls shopping: With Despicable Kate granting most Oregon counties Stage 1 opening, restaurants opened their dining rooms, though with absurdly few tables. (About 30-40% of nominal in the two I saw). Other businesses reopened, including the jewelry store ($SPOUSE’s watch battery died April 4th. Not happy.) My usual Great Clips location won’t open until this Saturday, though it’ll be moot for a while for me.

      It’s a biased observation, but I think peak mask wearing was a couple weeks ago. It’s up to the store, and most don’t insist. The hospice thrift shop did, and I really wanted to look for a used sewing machine. No luck.

      Groceries are steady, with the return of Pinto beans, though they now cost more than black beans. IIRC, the last time I bought Pintos in early March, they were $31 for 50 pounds. Now $37. Last year they were running $25 for that quantity. With all the reports of bean crop failures in all of North America, I’m happy to see dried beans at all. Meats have a limited selection at the restaurant supply, but they had stock. Paper products still tight everywhere, but some available.

      JoAnn has slightly more rational hours, though still limited. I got in twice (forgot something) before they hit the crowd limit at noon. OCD wipedown at the checkstand between customers. I guess Karen shops there.

      Next week I have to see if pressure treated framing lumber is in stock at Home Desperate. The website says nothing greater than 8′, and I need 12′ for rim joists. Sigh.

      1. Saw posting of tables at a restaurant in Redmond (might have been Bend), where the tables weren’t removed, but had “Reserved for Tzar Kate Brown”, “Reserved for HRM K Brown & party”, and more …

        1. Oh, that would do well over here! Especially at the places where they have to block off booths. The Chinese place we frequent, for instance…

      2. Husband and I went to our local Aldi’s this morning. As usual we were the only ones barefaced, I because I like breathing, he because he doesnt like them, thinks it’s pointless, and he’s with me.

        I actually had an older gentleman, who was masked, stop and thank me for not wearing one! And he was completely serious. I assume he was either glad to see someone ignoring the nonsense, and was wearing one himself because he is indeed high risk (or has family who insist), or he just was happy to see something normal.

        1. What the hell — I’ve been waiting for more people to mention this, but the thought seems to have dipped for the nonce below the radar horizon of a substantial fraction of the blogosphere. To wit, wearing N95 masks and to a lesser extent any masks at all appears to be actively harmful for otherwise healthy individuals and even deadly for a few. These devices feel suffocating because they do in fact suffocate you. I’m not sure what is Ms. Hoyt’s policy on quoting, so I’ll keep it minimal.

          “With the advent of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a number of medical practices that have little or no scientific support as regards reducing the spread of this infection. One of these measures is the wearing of facial masks, either a surgical-type mask, bandana or N95 respirator mask. When this pandemic began and we knew little about the virus itself or its epidemiologic behavior, it was assumed that it would behave, in terms of spread among communities, like other respiratory viruses. Little has presented itself after intense study of this virus and its behavior to change this perception.”

          [… snip …]

          “It is also instructive to know that until recently, the CDC did not recommend wearing a face mask or covering of any kind, unless a person was known to be infected, that is, until recently. Non-infected people need not wear a mask. When a person has TB we have them wear a mask, not the entire community of non-infected. The recommendations by the CDC and the WHO are not based on any studies of this virus and have never been used to contain any other virus pandemic or epidemic in history.”

          [… snip …]

          “Unfortunately, no one is telling the frail elderly and those with lung diseases, such as COPD, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis, of these dangers when wearing a facial mask of any kind—which can cause a severe worsening of lung function. This also includes lung cancer patients and people having had lung surgery, especially with partial resection or even the removal of a whole lung.”

          “While most agree that the N95 mask can cause significant hypoxia and hypercapnia, another study of surgical masks found significant reductions in blood oxygen as well. In this study, researchers examined the blood oxygen levels in 53 surgeons using an oximeter. They measured blood oxygenation before surgery as well as at the end of surgeries.(4) The researchers found that the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels (pa02) significantly. The longer the duration of wearing the mask, the greater the fall in blood oxygen levels.”

          [… snip …]

          The essay by retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock is well worth reading in its entirety:


          1. Mrs. Hoyt.
            BUT the reason it wasn’t mentioned is that I did a whole post on it — early this week or late last — so this commentariate has said everything it had to say about masks.
            Personally they precipitate me into asthma attacks.

            1. My apologies, Mrs. Hoyt! I missed that post and very much look forward to reading it and the entertaining discussion thread that inevitably follows. 🙂

              BTW, I have a decades-old habit of using “Ms.” by default as context demands in a perhaps overcautious attempt to avoid giving inadvertent offense. Admittedly, these days, it seems that avoiding giving offense has become an exercise in mental parkour in certain circles that we all know and … uh … try mightily to avoid. ^_^

              In any case, I know I’m a dinosaur whose mind still dwells in the zeitgeist of the Cold War era. Happily, I’m a little too young to have had to actually program with punched cards, but one instructor did proudly show off a punched-card deck as part of an educational experience, and my textbooks covered them as well. Am I rambling? Enough of that. ^^;

      3. Denver, 20 minute drive to vet.
        I’ve never seen these many people on the road on a weekday. EVER. to the point of nerve wracking for this nervous driver.

      4. Here in $HOOTERVILLE the real can’t-find-it item is disinfectant wipes. Everything else is there, is sporadic and whatever brand can be had. Shelves are ‘full’ but often with whatever was handy and many tags reversed to let, say, Butter Kernel Corn take up the space that multiple varieties of (say) green beans once did. And that might reverse in a few days. The store(s) are trying very hard to not look East Bloc, and sort of succeeding – for now.

        Considering it is May, and what has happened to production overall (agricultural, industrial) it’s not hard to imagine that come November things might not look even this good.

        1. The Kroger we usually go to has rearranged the wine/beer area, the bakery, and the produce to increase social distancing….. and take out about two aisles so that they can fill in the holes in their stock without it being obvious.

      5. I forgot to add, I did do a local shopping trip to grab a gallon of milk (price actually dropped to only a buck fifty more than in Des Moines!) and hit the pharmacy, too.

        The just-over-college kids in the pharmacy all had on masks, which they popped down the second that it was clear I wasn’t fussing about it (it’s supposed to be all by drive-through, but they have “forgotten to re-lock the door” after buzzing people through who need more privacy than sitting in the car at the drive-through.) Nobody else who came in had a mask.

        In the grocery store it wasn’t very busy, there were signs asking folks to please try to observe social distancing, the gal stocking the produce had a mask, and the kids at the checkout had masks under their chins.

        One customer had a mask, a rather nice black one that looks like an inexpensive cosplay accessory, he got ribbed by two guys who obviously knew him and did the embarrassed chuckle it’s-a-pain-to-get-back-on-comfortably explanation for why he didn’t take it on and off.
        From his outfit, I’d say some sort of lawyer type office worker.
        His two buddies could be anything. (Also: holy carp, Iowa farmboys, y’all are tall.)

          1. Sounds like a possible crazy– the attempts to get around rules, including by insisting others are doing so, is a standard “warning sign of an abuser” from the Safe Child training, too.

            Probably just a serial mean girl who has always gotten her way, but ugh.

    2. Went to Lowes yesterday. All store employees masked, and sadly about 90% of customers. Same for Harbor Freight. No employee masks, about 50% of customers at Dollar General. Not a mask in sight as the gas station.

    3. Here in Connecticut, restaurants are open for outside dining, but the only one of my favorite restaurants with it was still take-out only. I got it, but —

      And there were no other stores taking advantage of the opening that had been closed before.

      1. My favorite grocery store is never opening up again. :/

        I’ve been hearing some places either can’t get the workers, or know they can’t make money enough to have people come in with only half or a third of their tables.

        1. I gather Sec. Treasury Mnuchin has pointed out that anybody turning down work because “Unemployment pays better” is no longer eligible for Unemployment benefits.

          Maybe they need to publicize that more?

          1. Apparently we’ve also got “We’ll hold your job for you and maybe even keep up your benefits, but we are less likely to go out of business if you take unemployment while we can’t make any money.”

          2. That would just mean that folks who would turn down work will then blame their employer for it, and not do their work as well, thus making failure even more likely.

            So the employer is looking at destroying their relationship in the employee pool while also paying to go out of business.

            1. Well, those that have already turned down the re-employment probably can’t just go back and demand it. And the labor market is distinctly loose.

  18. I still get a little fangirl moment when I see Devin Nunes in the news. I used to live in his district, was one of the people crossing their fingers that the age rule would let him run (it did, the Constitution holds that you must be 25 to be a representative, not that you must be 25 to run for the office) and he has always held the safety and prosperity of the country. Probably because he is from a Portuguese dairy family.

  19. One potential point of Prog stupidity that has me worried is the Virginia anti-gun laws recently enacted.
    They come into legal effect on July 1, 2020, a Thursday. 4th of July is Saturday.
    As eager as Northam seems to be in seeking conflict, this could be a flashpoint.
    And we will likely be on the Chesapeake Bay if it happens.

    1. no idea why the flashpoint in VA would be there… also, lets see hmm… there’s already a challenge for the red flag laws prepared, and VA had one handgun a month before and survived it jsut fine.

    2. It’s more likely we’ll just see a quiet, general non-compliance instead of a flashpoint. Most people won’t be turning in their guns, and the law enforcement people won’t go looking.

  20. Another point to ponder- most humans tend to get inured and complacent to danger pretty quickly- just ask OSHA or any safety compliance type people.

  21. I’m hoping Sin City gets spun up in the next ten weeks.

    Already have air tickets/reservations.

    That’s a community (hell, state!) that’s been hurt far worse than most because of all this shrieking power-grab. And their politburo has handed down a much more draconian list for the reopen…

    1. Tell me about it. I work for one of the Connecticut casinos.

      CT is starting to reopen today, and the casinos won’t start with partial openings until June 1st. Lamont and other idiot regional ‘governors’ think that’s too soon but the tribes are refusing to go along. According to the Foxwoods interim CEO, they’re losing several million a week (I assume the Sun is losing similar amounts), and it’s not like they have a tax base to make it up.

      I’m not in phase one since I’m involved with back office hotel stuff and they aren’t opening all the hotels up. I don’t even know if I’m phase two, which is four weeks later. Maybe. And that’s assuming the governor doesn’t force things by ordering the staties to put up road blocks. I wouldn’t put it past him, but that could get … interesting.

      1. What odds do you think the Staties would obey such an order? I’m seeing stories of Law Enforcement rolling various shutdown hysterics “no, we won’t enforce that. We have real things to do.”

    2. If everything is normal and we have the money end of year, Dan and I might do Reno for New Year’s. Not for gambling. We’re both completely indifferent to it. Just a nice room, some buffets, and fireworks on the night.

      1. Ummm…. Not sure seven months is soon enough for buffets.

        Might have to wait until the 43rd of never.

        Which is a shame. Smorgaspreads are (were?) one of my favorite parts of my trips.

    3. As usual, NV is letting the largest city situation determine what the rest of the state has to endure.

      SIL lives a bit south of Carson City and she’s getting fed up with the governor. Our niece is about 6 months pregnant and the lockdown is driving her crazy, though her hubby is still able to work. (Apparently, in NV, paint is essential, and he’s working for a manufacturer.) It could have been worse; she used to live near the Tesla factory before they got married, and the Tesla people did not play well with others. The lockdown version of those people would be crunchy.

  22. BTW, Sarah, the crew over at Ace of Spades HQ have become mini-fans of late.

  23. Brava. Very well done. What she said. I’d guess before July 4 at the latest.

  24. Tampa Bay Comic Con is a go! The promoters have officially announced that yes, the event is happening on schedule.

    Today I bought two big bottles of hand sanitizer at the closeout store so we can have plenty for ourselves and our customers. I’ll also need to make sure I have refillable pump bottles on hand to actually dispense it, since the giant bottles are repurposed liquor bottles (the hand sanitizer was made by a distillery).

    Now I begin the process of repairing damaged merchandise so I can sell it, and getting everything sorted and packed and ready to go. The van will need a trip to the shop for routine maintenance and a complete bumper to bumper check over between now and July. But I’m already excited that we will finally have a convention — and had to hold my temper when certain people on a private online forum made comments to the effect that the promoters didn’t value human life, only their bottom line.

    I’m hoping it goes well, and that it is not the only convention we have this year.

  25. San Diego Comic-Con and the county fair at Del Mar have both been canceled. Oh, no, wait, the Del Mar Fair has merely been ‘postponed until 2021’. So if it doesn’t get ‘postponed’ again, the 2021 fair counts twice? Why can’t leftists ever plainly admit what they’re doing?
    Why do politicians always call their out-of-control spending ‘investment’?
    Because ‘flushing your tax money down a rat-hole’ just wouldn’t play well?

  26. “But their coup has been going on since Woodrow Wilson, at least. Probably before.” Yes Sarah, A. Lincoln started it in the early 1860s in order to fight the break away States.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. No. While I have issues with what happened with state power after the war, the war itself was baked in the contradictions in the funding. BUT whatever Lincoln was, he was NOT a redistributionist.

      1. “the war itself was baked in the contradictions in the funding.”

        Um, I’m guessing you mean “founding” instead of “funding.” But that’s just a guess and I’m uncomfortably aware that I could be way off base in terms of understanding what you were trying to say. :/

        What were you trying to say?

        1. Yes. I meant founding.
          Sorry. We’re dealing with bureaucratic cr*p relating to younger son’s school, so I’m often interrupted and mind is not here.

  27. Me and mine have never ” known our place”. Probably why they left Europe quite a while back. I don’t need a permit to walk God’s green earth. As His daughter I’ll go where I please. Lucky we live in a more freedom loving corner of a blue state. Saw a meme today- ” I don’t tell people to stay safe as a greeting anymore. I say stay free! “

  28. Well, we all knew about the Bishop of Las Cruces, NM, ordering all parishes to say outdoor Masses, back on April 15, on the grounds that his people were suffering spiritually and mentally. The next week, Great Falls-Billings and Helena, Montana, and Lubbock, Texas dioceses opened. The states which have opened up have mostly had churches open up too, except for some wuss bishops. The archbishop of Cincinnati ordered his parishes to all open for daily and Sunday Masses, starting next Monday.

    Well, now the Minnesota bishops are going against their governor’s order (on Constitutional grounds) and are going to open all parishes as of next Tuesday for public daily and Sunday Masses. Minnesota. Yeah.

    It’s part of Catholic teaching to cooperate with the secular government and be law-abiding citizens — so far as possible. Apparently, Minnesota bishops think it’s no longer possible.

    1. Mind you, this doesn’t mean there aren’t questionable things going on. Some towns and states are trying to allow services but ban Communion. This has disparate impact, since some churches have Communion as optional, whereas Catholic and Orthodox Masses can’t take place without Communion (at least by the priest). There’s also all kinds of fun with ordering gloves and masks, and prohibiting singing or Communion on the tongue, by Karens inside and outside the churches.

      So yeah, stuff is not settled.

      1. Yup, that’s why Minnesota’s mad. They let tons of people into bars and nightclubs, but first it was no church, and then it was ten people. So the Minnesota Catholic bishops are suing and defying, and so are the Lutherans.


  29. My terms:

    I WILL NOT: stay home, wear a mask, refrain from using CASH, sit in a circle.

    I WILL: allow you to take my temperature, though unnecessary, stay at home when I’m sick, use CASH, remain a distance from you that is socially acceptable determined by me, cough or sneeze into a Kleenex and refrain from socially greeting you physically without your consent.

    These terms are non-negotiable.

    1. I got a poll from a group I sing with asking if I would feel more safe if [list of silly things}. I said let’s just take flu season precautions and get on with it. You know, don’t come sing if you feel lousy, don’t cough on people, sneeze and cough into your elbow, wash your hands, don’t share water bottles [I know who you are, and you know that I know].

      1. Everybody’s ridiculous Governor should keep his (or her) pie-hole zipped instead of blovating.

        All the time.


        Not gonna hold my breath, though.

  30. I’m surprised you were shocked to any degree at the corruption and ineptitude of the current crop of coup-leftards. Maybe because until 2015 I lived in the DC area or maybe I’m just observant but this shit has been increasingly obvious since the 1980s and the rise of PC offense culture. At least through the 80s and 90s they were a little sneakier and the media not so obvious but the signs were there to read. It became painfully obvious during GWB’s first term and got worse from there.

    1. Well, I knew it. I’m just kind of shocked to see it all in the open and writhing alive.
      Kind of like you know, you know what a bucket of snakes looks like, but the sight still shocks you?

  31. Had a young delivery person at a restaurant tell me yesterday, “I guess it’s going to be like this forever”. NO, NO, NO!! I told him in no uncertain terms, that this was overblown, and so far out of the realm of medicine, that we couldn’t even see it anymore. This is political, and should be treated as a political powergrab. Now get to work, and fight for your future!

    1. We had to have a residence call from the maintenance company that sees to our home HVAC system, because of a sudden issue.
      The tech who called was so relieved when we told him that we hadn’t any Chinese Commie Flu issues, and that we were perfectly OK with him taking off that stupid mask when we discussed what he had found in the attic.

  32. “Remember how important it is to keep the mentally ill and drug addicts on every street corner, because they don’t consent to treatment and we don’t have the right to incarcerate them unless they commit a crime?”

    This one is very tough. Declare someone potentially unstable and worthy of being locked up, and you get Minority Reporting and Red Flag laws that tromp all over civil rights. The other end is San Francisco and defection in the the streets, and random people being violent.

    I do think choice is still the best thing, but I don’t know what you do about the mentally unstable person who lives next door who blasts death metal at 4 am and is convinced you are hurting your teething child and calls the cops on you because they heard the baby crying.

    1. Sure. I THINK the mentally ill who hurt nobody but themselves are sad but not big deal. OR at least no one else’s big deal, if that makes sense. We can and perhaps should try to save them, but the state should butt out. (Then again “The state should butt out” is almost the whole of my credo.)
      OTOH I think the laws against vagrancy must be enforced and drug addiction shouldn’t be ENABLED.

      1. Child Protective Services have the same problem. Horrifying things do happen to children at the hands of horrible parents, but the things that happen to children in the hands of CPS can be even more horrifying. Especially if you’re a parent who is guilty of anti-government WrongThink.

        When it comes to the mentally ill, I have a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for a Sanity Field Test: The cop, social worker, or other government agent says “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help you.” Subjects who believe this statement should be taken into custody as posing a danger due to being out of touch with reality.

  33. Help me out with an off-topic question?

    An online acquaintance said:

    “I’m scared of going to the states right now, and with covid, it’s not very safe in Canada either.

    “(I’m chinese and there’s a lot of anti-chinese/asian violence right now)”

    My question is – Is this in any way connected with reality, or has my young friend been fed a very strange poisonous stew?

    1. …I’m sorry, all I can think of is how, back before the lockdown cascade, somebody was talking about how the Chinese restaurant they’d gone to was packed way beyond normal lunch rush and they were so proud of the customers for showing up against racism.

      And all I could think at the time was, “How is that a good idea with a bug going around?”

      Of course the chat it was in has gone all-out-pro-lockdown since.

      1. /sigh
        Hadn’t thought of that, that probably *IS* the source of the stupid claims of violence.
        “You didn’t go and be excessively familiar with people who just came back from China, you must HATE THEM!!! Xenophobe!” BS from back at Chinese New Year.

    2. I haven’t heard of a single credible case that went beyond “idiot kids being idiots to other idiot kids, may have actually even happened kind of that way.”

      I wouldn’t lay money on it, given the way that the “shot for asking a woman to put on a mask” story fell apart after the most basic of eyeballing, but it could happen with hundreds of millions of people.

      Heard one case the ‘victim’ said he got beat up for looking Chinese, turned out he was being a drunk idiot and started the whole “oooh I’m Asian I have the china flu” and coughing on people, then got his *** beat.

    3. No. Not in reality. The safety part also being that most Americans can’t tell the Chinese from the Burmese from the Japanese from the Korean. Now there’s a lot of idiot on idiot violence, but that’s normal everywhere.

    4. It’s utterly normal to have skewed ideas about violence rates within the United States.

      I knew a guy who went to highschool, college, and was married in State A, spent twenty or thirty years in state B, then on moving back to A, had absurd ideas about violence risks and dangers in A.

      It is more natural to try to extrapolate the US from Hollywood movies than it is to start from the official statistics, and so people like the English and Germans often have really weird ideas. Recall the anecdote about the Iraqis who thought that Americans had a custom of murdering their parents. (Okay, it was more a theory of gang style initiation into the 82nd Airborne than a theory of Americans generally.)

      And the Philadelphia killing of that Covid researcher was totally anti-Asian violence, and nothing to do with MOSS silencing voices that could have contradicted their preferred narrative.

      The government of the PRC is completely trustworthy, and would never exaggerate the dangers of being in the US so that the Chinese would be more frightened of living out from under their thumb.

      1. Heck … my daughter who served two hitches as a Marine ran into the belief among some foreigners – that in order to enlist as a Marine you had to have killed one of your parents…
        Seriously, words fail.

  34. You are blessed with a more astute mother than I. Mine believes everything the TV meat puppets tell her. At her three-digit age, all the adult portion of it spent as a Democrat, there’s nothing salvageable. My children, on the other hand, give me hope.

    1. Mom is 86. She has a lot of native shrewdness and a load of stubbornness. You could say I’m her (VERY) pale shadow. (Not in coloration. She’s pink and white and green eyed.)

  35. “So, no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.” — Mal Reynolds, Captain, Spaceboat Firefly.

    Woodrow Wilson was a political science PhD. NEVER trust us poli sci types with any kind of power!

  36. Since I’m in a strange mood I find myself wondering:

    If there is passive resistance, can there be passive aggressive resistance? 😀

      1. Ah, sure, if ye start that passive aggression, I’ll be after meeting it with active aggression. 👍🏻

        1. Meh, most of the folks who’ve come after me claim passive aggression– it’s amazing how common the definition is something like “is an actual person who doesn’t follow the script in my head, and in fact probably doesn’t know me from Adam.”

  37. I imagine Jerry Pournelle would have had a lot of entertaining commentary about the Coronapocalypse.

    1. Someone suggested putting pictures of our mentors, or writers we admire, in our offices. I’ve been thinking about it. I think Heinlein and Jerry would be both. Heinlein unwitting, but he gave me so much advice on how to be a good writer, in his novels, and in his articles, and some of it passed on through Ginny. Jerry was both. I should probably put Pratchett up too, as both someone whose writing I admire and a mentor, although we only met a half dozen times.
      The problem is, given the quality of my mentors I fall HORRIBLY short, and I’m afraid if I put up their pictures, I’ll just spend the entire time sitting there, ashamed.

      1. The best piece of writing advice I’ve ever seen came from Robert A. Heinlein: “Tell the story.”

        I would add one bit to that: “Tell the story you want to read.”

        Can you go back and read your story, and enjoy it? If so, chances are other people will enjoy reading it, too. Seems to me, that is the only test that really matters — do people enjoy reading your story? If they do, you have succeeded.

        Now, if you can include powerful, emotionally compelling language, profound themes, and exciting conflict, those are plusses.
        Delenn: “There are beings in the universe billions of years older than either of our races. Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants, vast and timeless. They taught the younger races, explored beyond the Rim, created great empires. But to all things, there is an end. Slowly, over a million years, the First Ones went away. Some passed beyond the stars, never to return. Some simply disappeared.”

  38. Agree with your observations…except this one: “The thing to remember though, is that the left doesn’t understand people.” Au contraire…the Left understands people *very* well. They understand that
    a) even people who love freedom won’t take up arms against infinitely-better-armed cops; and
    b) not a single Democrat voter really values freedom for anyone but himself.

    1. No. They really, really, really, really don’t understand people. They understand constructs in their heads. Which is why their empire of lies is coming unglued.

        1. I presume the person is saying that they are better armed using department-issued weapons, which is still not right 😛

          1. I read it as “if they can successfully disarm the populace as they desire, the cops will be infinitely better armed compared to zero,” but I may have gone the wrong direction there…

    2. 1). Cops aren’t “infinitely” better armed than most firearms owners. Some cops, aka SWAT teams, maybe slightly better armed; but the average beat cop carries a single 9mm with an extra mag or two but gets less actual practice than the average gun owner, oh yeah, and maybe a taser.

      2). Push people far enough and yes some will take a futile stance against an oppressor. Principle example: the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, extra credit example, the Warsaw Uprising which Stalin let the Wehrmacht destroy.

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