I’m fine

And I know I’m not being good with novel installments, but younger son came home, and I’m trying to fix what I couldn’t finish in the garden last year. So….
Anyway, just letting you know everything is okay.

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  1. Yay!

    I’m not going outside again today though, Sarah. Given what happened yesterday, I’m staying right here in the command bunker. ~:D

    1. Yep. And both visits and gardens are rather more time sensitive.

      P.S. New spark also fine so far. And boy.

      1. Yay. May he grow, develop and thrive. Boys are SO MUCH fun to raise. And at least mine are wonderful as adults too.
        I’ll keep the prayers going.
        I owe a bunch of people a bunch of blankies/kid toys/dragon stuffies/etc.
        I’ll get on it and maybe I’ll be caught up by the time spark makes an appearance.

        1. I have been so, so, so grateful for the prayers and emotional support here. Thank you.

          He has so far been very mathematically reassuring, hitting expected growth measurements like somebody showed him the chart. (All two of them so far, but still, I appreciated it.)

          I want to get to know him. His sister’s amazing. I’m hoping he shares her in utero tendency to nudge me whenever I start worrying too much about movement levels.

  2. But I wanted more “Witch’s Daughter”! [Crazy Grin]

    Seriously, have fun with the garden and with younger son. 😀

      1. I will console myself by working on a novel. A sorceress’s daughter is close enough. 0:)

      1. 1. It is precisely Obama’s vetting of Biden that makes the Reade allegation more credible. The consistent pattern with Obama’s appointments generally makes it seem very unlikely that he would have picked a Vice President that did not have a few skeletons that could be used to bury them if they got out of line.
        2. So what if Biden is senile, he is still effectively better educated and better able to apply his intelligence than Obama.
        3. I am not entirely well, but am hopeful for the night’s sleep.

        1. I always thought this: Obama was meant to be offed to put the unelectable Biden in the big chair, but O made such a good figurehead, and Biden was so unreliable, that O was left in place… while Hillary actually ran the show. And remember when Hillary suddenly resigned (citing ‘health concerns’ that immediately vanished), and O went golfing for the rest of his 2nd term instead of doing any Presidential type work? I think that’s when O discovered the plot, and his deal was: Hillary resigns, and O doesn’t spill the beans. Hence O’s absent to lukewarm endorsements of Hillary and Gropin’ Joe.

          1. I think that is a wee bit too paranoid.

            a) It was pretty obvious at the time that HRC leaving was a combo of distancing from Benghazi and prep for 2016.
            b) Obama was never that dedicated a worker. Liked the prestige, and management by press release. Did not have the skills or awareness to apply himself to actual leadership.
            c) He was still active in his second term on helping Iran get the bomb, and trying to start a race war.

        1. Uh, negative. Negative! We have, uh, a reactor leak up here. Very dangerous!

  3. You’re “fine”?

    That’s the sort of thing one would say in a hostage post.

        1. Her non-hostage, everything really is just peachy-keen fine …

          is “I’m okay!” — not “I’m fine.”

    1. In “Red Storm Rising”, “Things are going great” is a code phrase that means “We have been captured by the Russians.”

  4. Thanks for reassuring us. Have fun with your son, “Witch’s Daughter” can wait another week.

  5. Spend time gardening with your family. Time with family is priceless.

    I’m looking forward to tackling my own gardening project — got home too late to do it today, other than seeding the bare places that need to be grass again. Tomorrow’s rainy, but I’m hoping to get at least a good start on it Monday or Tuesday. Minimum, I want to outline the flowerbeds and mark the location of each bulb with a stone, so I know where to add more.

    1. We had some much-needed rain yesterday, so leveling a new site for the old plastic garden shed might have to wait. Once that’s done, more construction–a sturdier garden shed that will be thief-resistant. (We haven’t had trouble yet, but neighbors have.)

      I see Gavin Noxious had the riot control forces out arresting 33 people for the horrible crime of lack-of-social distancing. The pictures of the CHP after the event are priceless for the hypocrisy.


  6. Catch up with family and garden. We’ll be eager for your return. And get your vitamin D, by whatever route! (Mine is D-3 gelcaps.)

  7. We’re fine here, too. Went out to the Farmer’s Market this morning, then took my husband to a lunch date to celebrate restaurants re-opening.

    In between, I walked into one of my favourite coffee shops, and one of the baristas looked up and said “Your usual?”
    “As it’s getting hot out, I think I’ll learn about cold brew instead?”
    He cocked his head at me. “Have you ever had cold brew before?”
    “No. Years ago my housemate made some, and said it was smooth and awesome, but I was always thinking ‘cold coffee? In Alaska? Weird!’ So now, in Texas, it makes sense and I’m learning. What’s the difference between with nitro or without?”
    He grabbed a fistful of sample cups, and waved me away from the till. “Come over here. You’re going to learn!”

    It is indeed, smooth and awesome. And more caffeinated than hot brew. Between the samples and the final drink, I was talking almost as fast as an auctioneer by the time I met Peter for our lunch date…
    Fortunately my darling man loves me, and was quite amused.

    1. I keep telling people, cold brew is dangerous!

      Tasty, tasty danger. It’s like Fireball whiskey’s coffee cousin.

        1. No, thanks. Someone opened that one already. I’d like a door back into springtime, because it’s getting into the 90s and the AC inspection got re-sceheuled for the third time. It was supposed to happen in late March. It is now to be done in two weeks.

    1. I always find the scene with HAL trying to talk Dave into not lobotomizing him to be deeply, hysterically funny.

    1. I’ve been debating it myself – I’m certainly not Mint, nor even near. Fine seems unduly optimistic and even Good seems a over-estimate. So, I guess I am Fair, perhaps Fair+.

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