Probably No Witch’s Daughter Chapter Today

I might try to do a chapter of the current free novel later, but no promises, as I woke up and wrote four posts now cued at PJM to go up at their convenience.

This thing isn’t exactly under my control, but at least some stuff is getting written.

And I want to work on the interrupted novels.  Normally I do the chapter in the morning before I clean, but I cleaned yesterday. So today I’d like to work on other stuff that’s been hanging while there was a wall preventing me from working.

Of course I also have ALL THE COOKING to do.

We’ll see.

I am also typing this in my night clothes (I know, I know) because we had a gas leak this morning, which was just fixed.

So, yeah. It’s been 2020 all over.  And while I’d like to write a chapter on Witch’s Daughter, it’s not actually my main priority, as the books that have been stopped for months are finally coming to life, and I’d like to finish one of those…. yes, while I must start cooking because younger son (whom we haven’t seen in months) is coming home tomorrow.  Which yes, of course, means I must cook for three thousand give or take a few.

Look, if things go well, it’s the last holiday with both sons in Colorado and able to come home for it.  And if things don’t go well, it’s the last holiday when I can indulge in massive and unreasonably abundant cooking.  Maybe the last holiday to be properly and excessively American.

Not being Maudlin, but you know it’s a possibility.  In the same spirit, in the certainty that Hillary would win, in 2016 we went out to a burger joint, kicked the wheels off our diet and had burgers with buns, fries and coke.  One last great American meal.

In the event, the fat lady hadn’t sung, and the totalitarian non-lady didn’t win.

Let’s hope this holiday meal is also a prematurely maudlin “last time to be excessively American.”

Anyway, still alive. Going to shower now, and put clothes on.  Part of the issue of being low carb is that I must make all the stuff we’d normally buy, like crackers for the baked brie appetizer, and bread to go with the meal. I’ll do that and desserts today, and meats and veg tomorrow.

I also really want to finish my cyborg detective short novel, if possible.  Computer looks about to ready to be operational on Monday. (And allow me to publish.)
So probably no chapter today.  Sorry to play hooky.  I’ll try to do two next week.


72 thoughts on “Probably No Witch’s Daughter Chapter Today

  1. I know we’re not supposed to despair anyway, but I’m still praying to be spared again, both from your being too right about the politicians and your being too far wrong about the disease. This is exhausting.

    Let Hell be harrowed, death die, and the captives be freed.

  2. 1) Personal health and well being.

    2) Family.

    3) Paying work. (Is there a discount code for VIP linked to your name?)

    999) Gratuitously satisfying our greed.

        1. It is HOYT.
          And it does matter. first, because it will get you a little more than the average discount. Second because I get a (small, but it accumulates) bounty.

  3. Take care of yourself. Don’t allow yourself to fall into despair. Be ready in case things go bad, mind you…but don’t be so worried about the disasters to come that you don’t take the opportunities that come up.

    I am carefully stocking up on staples, just in case. And sharpening some edged items, for the same reason.

  4. Witch’s Daughter is NOT IMPORTANT compared to your well-being and compared to your paid work.

    Take Care! 😀

  5. I’m listening to audiobooks from Big Finish Productions. Easter is tomorrow and I should be trying to prepare some sort of video services. I just can’t do it. Everybody being rah-rah about livestream church services is plain ol’ nuts.

    I’ll think of something yet, I hope.

    1. Yeah, I’d thought of FM transmitters so we could go from speaker’s microphones to car stereos, but I’ve waited too late for Easter. What freq do wireless microphones use, btw?

      1. “Radio Frequency (RF) wireless headphones typically operate in the 40-90MHz band (VHF) or 800-900 MHz band (UHF) although they may soon follow cordless phone technology and move on to higher frequencies like 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.”


        A better solution would be to get one of those adapters you can plug into your music player to broadcast as radio– Amazon has some, like the “DEWALT 20V MAX Bluetooth Jobsite Radio Adapter”.

          1. De nada; you’d be unlikely to get as lucky as I did when the wireless phone my mom got just happened to broadcast on a frequency the radio was using could catch. (I told her about it immediately, at which point we discovered it was strong enough for feedback, too.)

        1. What I’m seeing are transmitter boxes, both low (usable without an FCC license) and high. The no-license units aren’t supposed to go further than 200′. The high power units could cover a small town. It looks like some of the cheaper, low power units are no longer in stock, and aren’t getting restocked because “made in China”.

    2. Speaking of Big Finish — have we had any news from Pohj? She seems to have been absent of late.

      1. Hopefully just busy. Haven’t seen several older regulars for a while, come to think of it.

  6. Earn money first.

    Happy ending, nice and tidy,
    It’s a rule I learned in school.
    Get your money every Friday,
    Happy endings are the rule.

    Brecht & Weill generally offer good advice alongside their trenchant social analysis.

  7. No worries. Easter and family are more important than free novels. Oh, yeah, and fixed gas leaks are also more important. (Plumber: Did you do a bubble test to see if it is leaking? DadRed: No, I stuck my finger into the hole and touched the other side of the pipe. Plumber: I’m on the way!)

  8. No apologies needed. If you get a chapter done amidst everything else, great. If not, it can wait until next week. We’ll still be here — and very glad you caught that gas leak and got it fixed before anything horrible happened. Gas leaks are nothing to mess around with.

    I’d planned on getting a bunch of work done today. Those plans were changed by the arrival of an absolutely gorgeous bookcase, purchased by a dear old friend whom I encouraged when she believed her life’s work should just be put into a very large box and moved on from. So I’m going to be spending the rest of the day putting it together and getting it into place, and then unpacking the books and getting my office back into order, then making the potato pancakes for tomorrow’s Easter breakfast.

  9. ….I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing for Easter dinner tomorrow. Probably a snack tray, lunch is ham and beans (which is beloved, especially in the damp) but “and then we snack” is a terrible plan.

    1. We’re going to do the steaks that Rhys was able to snag. I wanted KFC, because; but the empty shelves at our local shops with ‘grab what you can now, if you find it’ makes a horror of our budget. I would’ve liked to do lamb.

              1. Took me till last year to take the plunge, but it really is very useful, particularly when you have a tougher cut of meat that you don’t want to put in the crockpot.

  10. Last week was the first time for normal cooking in weeks, so tomorrow’s collaborative pizza (gluten free, from scratch) is still a treat. Both of us are finally up to Doing Things, including outdoor work. Yay!

    My 97 year old mother in the Midwest is getting a bit bored; her eyesight is bothering her again, but she’s trying to knit to keep busy. Elder brother is watching as much TV as he wants. (shudder).

    1. My parents are self-quarantining, which makes sense, because SIL is health care provider as is her older DIL.
      But for my gregarious parents who love family holidays, this is hell.

          1. Oh man. My mouth started watering just reading that, and dinner had me stuffed! Sounds like it’ll be amazing. Thank you.

            I’m a bit hesitant about cooking with red wines (they are strong to my tongue, I’ve worked with some white wines before), simply because I’m not experienced doing so, and haven’t taught my tongue how it should taste (recipes are rough guidelines to me). That said, I remember that some of my favorite restaurant red meat sauces were wine ones, so one day I’ll sacrifice some meat to the experiment.

    1. I looked at the hams, and I had been thinking about getting ham… but I just didn’t like them for some reason.

      Maybe I’ll go see if there are any left. It’s a pretty good price for meat, after all.

  11. “Let not your heart be troubled”.

    For He is Risen.

    On a practical level, despair is the weapon of the Enemy. Don’t give the bastards the satisfaction. Hope is the mortal enemy of the Tyrant. Wield hope as a weapon.

    He is Risen.

  12. The weather has cleared up here. We got more than 5 inches of rain over the last few days, which for San Diego is like Noah’s Flood. About half of what we normally get in a year.

    So, in addition to all the Wu Kung Flu hysteria, we’ve got weather alerts and flood warnings. The fun never ends. At least the people waiting to get into the few open stores don’t have to stand in the rain.
    Simple answers appeal to simple people, never mind that they’re wrong.

      1. I got hailed on Friday while the sun was out and shining.

        Very small hail, very brief. But still, I could feel them hit.

        1. That’s what we got. bit of sleet on Friday afternoon. Down to 35 overnight. turned into a beautiful day.

          Lit a fire outside for the vigil.

  13. The best hymn for times of trouble is “How Firm a Foundation”. The best reading is 1 Kings 17. What do we do when our brook dries up? What do we do when I one we trusted, lies in a tomb? In this time between cross and empty tomb, do we trust? Do we know God is with us?

    Our human response is Peter’s as he realizes he can’t walk on water. Elijah when Jezebel threatens, Peter when the servant girl questions. In this day in between, know God is with us. Know He is with us as we walk to our Zarephath, unknown dangers lurking along our path.

  14. On the subject of it being 2020, successively we had: rear quarter glass on our van broken out, my front tooth decided to break while eating (I look like a 7 year old wishing for two front teeth), and for reason known only to Bog our back door mechanism decided to break costing us hours and $$$. Did I mention my wife was laid off back in March (19th IIRC) and she’s very upset about it.

  15. the Queen gave an Easter message today, first time ever I think. “Easter isn’t cancelled, take new hope from the risen Christ.” The Irish republican side of my family are rolling in their graves but God Bless and Keep Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Defender if the Faith.

    He is not here; for He is Risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

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