I’m Working on Chapter

I’m also trying to figure out why my sale for today (almost everything in my control is supposed to be 99c for ebooks) hasn’t gone live. I’ll go kick the publishing computer and let you know.
I’m just trying to help people who are going stir crazy.
Anyone want to have a reading on zoom?  I’m thinking of doing the first Saturday Huns dinner on Zoom. Anyone interested? I mean, I can’t FEED you, but I can have dinner with you, if you guys want to.

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          1. Logistically “an Ox of the evening” presents umm issues. of course our Ox is a Minotaur, and presumably NOT a an ox per se. Then you essentially get a bovine gigolo.

  1. > Anyone want to have a reading on zoom?

    “Your lips move, but I can’t hear what you say…”

    What’s zoom?

  2. Zoom is one of the services like Goto meeting adn free conference call dot com.

    You log in, schedule an event. Then you and everyone else use the link to open up a client, have a common audio line, see each other on video, and share computer screens and stuff.

      1. I just checked the FAQs at zoom.us, and it says that the client supports Mac, PC (which I assume means Windows) and Linux.

        You can apparently download the client in advance, and test it. Which I had probably better do soon myself, for reasons.

        1. I thought there was a browser client? at least there used to be…

          Anyway, sounds like a good idea!

      2. I’ve used Zoom a lot for meetings. When you connect to a meeting, it encourages you to download a client, but also gives you a link to continue with just your browser. I’ve always used my browser (I used to use Chrome, but recently switched to Firefox) and it’s worked just fine for me on Linux.

        1. No offense but do you want Res, Orvan et alia standing around in the altogether so Paris can judge them? Actually both of them may already be naked, Res certainly shows no pants and Orvan’s Icon is only a head shot.

      1. Burner phone hooked to Ting or some other $7/mo. service… and take out the battery and hide it when not in actual use. 🙂

        1. I’ve found it useful, but mainly it’s comms with $HOUSEMATE (that sounds strange, but sometimes it’s the simplest way to relay things from Machine A to Machine B even with the same room.)

          But it seems like everyone tries to re-invent IRC, badly. IRC does have issues, and I’ve abandoned it like so many, but the fact remains.

          1. Last time I was on an IRC server, it was infested with script kiddies, and those tired of their antics, talking about how annoying they are even when one hadn’t floated in in weeks.

    1. A few authors are using web forums instead of blogs. The subforums let them separate topics by subject, and older ones are more easily available by search. Dunno about different in maintenance overhead; I did my years in the sysop/listadmin crab bucket long ago and never got into the web stuff.

      1. as an experienced moderator of a once-active webforum i will tell you that most of your admin time is spent keeping the spammers out, or they take over and the forum dies.

  3. I’d like to, but given how the ‘net is already slowing down here, I suspect it won’t work for me. (You can almost watch it start bogging down as the day progresses. And I’m supposed to have a very high data and bandwidth package.)

  4. Oh, and I noticed the ‘Zon really got slow after 0800 PDT this AM. No sure if that’s normal as the West Coast wakes up, or if they’re having some sort of difficulty today.

  5. I can’t FEED you, but I can have dinner with you, if you guys want to.

    Thanks but no — nobody likes dining with wallabies. We have gawdawful table manners (it’s the stubby little arms — great-to-the-n grandpa was a T-Rex) and tend to type with our mouths full.

    And then there’s our tendency to make jokes so bad that people’s food flies out their noses …

  6. Zoom works for me. Just be aware though, if you use Zoom for more than 3 people in a group, free accounts are limited to a 40 minute duration.

  7. I’ll have a go. Post the link, I’ll be there if I can. [aka: if the creek don’t rise…]

    But you have to say “moose and squirrel.” ~:D

  8. Why does the Kindle version of All Night Awake have digital rights management (DRM)?

  9. Sounds like a great idea and not just for the virus. Having a dinner once a month with the crew here would be a lot of fun and not having to fly to Denver to do it makes it even better.

  10. Inquiry and reproof:

    I had believed myself to have a copy of, at minimum, the first entry in Kate Paulk’s Vampire Con series, ConVent, but cannot locate it in my e-book libraries. Ok, no problem, it oughtn’t be expensive to buy (even a second time) and its money to a good cause.

    How do I buy this? Amazon doesn’t offer it, even if I hate their KFX format which blocks me from stripping DRM and readig thigs on my device (a dying Nook – sigh.)

    I know it was published by your Naked Reader Press, the URL of which I lost several computers ago. While I tried searching for it … well, do you realize what sorts of things come up in response to ANY search incorporating that first word! Fortunately I keep a bottle of Brain Sanitizer handy at my computer, but …

    1. For what it’s worth, putting even tricky phrases in quotes gets you something useful. Qwant got the editorial and blog pages by searching for (what’s in the square brackets, not the brackets) [“Naked Reader Press”]. Alas, searching for [Kate Paulk “ConVent”] found only snippets (at NRP), but no books in the Con series, even in her own website.

      Try MGC or contact Kate?

      1. Oh dear – I ought have WARNED about that. Did you get the spanking themed one? [shudder]

        I’m not sure of the brand but the label say it is 140 proof.

        1. Yes. Along with a couple of others that were worse. I shall not mention their themes here… (Why is it that encroaching senility has me confused about the day of the week, but those are still sharp?)

    2. Sigh.
      Here’s the problem: We need to put it up again, BUT we don’t seem to have a proofed copy, or even an edited one. All we have is the turned in manuscript and my life being what it is, I haven’t got around to FINDING an editor.
      Thank you for reminding me. I doubt it will be up before June, but I’ll TRY.

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