Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo

*Sorry to be so late.  Someday maybe I’ll share the story of these last few weeks. Nothing bad has happened, at least not yet, but there are several things worrying me, mostly things I can do nothing about. They’ll either turn out well, or they won’t. They are actually already decided and completely out of my hands. And I’ll find out about most of them over the next week, some others over the next couple of months. There is nothing so designed to drive a person with imagination insane.  I spend long hours doing nothing, but I know my subconscious is spinning like a hamster on a wheel. This is exhausting and unfortunately with nothing achieved to go with the exhaustion. Ah well, this too shall pass. And maybe I need to learn this: patience and that I can’t control everything. Or really, much of anything. Even when it matters desperately.  Yes, I DID in fact say it’s another d*mn learning experience.  Meanwhile for the next month, forgive me the occasional lateness and more than usual strangeness. As well as occasional bad temper, please.- SAH*


Book Promo

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(Yes, I’m fixing the widget on the side, which means I might as well push this.  It’s the prequel to Witch’s Daughter.)

In Avalon, where the world runs on magic, the king of Britannia appoints a witchfinder to rescue unfortunates with magical power from lands where magic is a capital crime. Or he did. But after the royal princess was kidnapped from her cradle twenty years ago, all travel to other universes has been forbidden, and the position of witchfinder abolished. Seraphim Ainsling, Duke of Darkwater, son of the last witchfinder, breaks the edict. He can’t simply let people die for lack of rescue. His stubborn compassion will bring him trouble and disgrace, turmoil and danger — and maybe, just maybe, the greatest reward of all.

FROM AMIE GIBBONS: Psychic Overboard: An SDF Paranormal Mystery Novella.


It’s anything but a pleasure cruise.

Ariana Ryder’s barely had her powers for three months when she takes a cruise with some girlfriends, and one serious frienemy, for their last college Christmas break.

But when she gets a vision of zombies descending on the ship, a bitchy girl becomes the least of her problems.

Now, all she’s got is one brave bartender, a stowaway flying carpet, and her wits to fight the zombies and save hundreds of innocents trapped onboard.

FROM DENTON SALLE:  Thawing Hearts.


Vanessa only wanted to do her job as head nurse and walk her dog. Not interested in love. Guys were just users.
Then that cowboy Nick turned up. Attraction sizzled. Winter got awful hot.
Burned before, can she trust her heart this time?
A sweet romance where love surprises everyone.

FROM MACKEY CHANDLER:  Paper or Plastic?


Roger was medically discharged after his service in the Pan Arabic Protectorate, cutting off his chosen career path early. He is living in rural Sitra Falls, Oregon trying to deal with hyper-vigilance and ease back into civilian life.
(Updated edition 11/2016)

FROM MARY CATELLI:  Sword and Shadow.


A short story of magic and reunions.

At long, long last. . . .

For five long years, Sanchia has held the lands of her husband alone, while he fought in the desperate war against malign shades. Much will change when he returns.

Especially because he brings the magical sword, found in the mountains, with him. And, it turns out, other things follow.

FROM PAM UPHOFF:  Freshmen (Wine of the Gods Book 50).


Diamond has made it into the Directorate School, but what does a penniless freshman do over the summer? Get together with her best buddy and get a summer job with the Department of Magic, of course. Then there are a few minor problems. Clothes, someplace to stay, sexy men who think a sixteen year old is a child . . . oh, and a major instability in the Multiverse is threatening to destroy the permanent transdimensional gates. But that not her problem. Right?

FROM ALMA BOYKIN: Furiously Familiar: Familiar Tales Book 9.


Ah, the holiday season. Peace, quiet, rest, and . . . were-creatures?

The perfect Halloween and Christmas gift for a pair of shadow mages? A fat holiday pay-check and no excitement. Lelia Chan and her fiancé survived enough excitement already for the year. Unable to work magic, André needs time to rest and recover. Lelia just wants to survive the goth sales rush of Halloween through Christmas.

But a young man looking for a were-wolf belt leads Lelia and her Familiar Tay onto a dark and deadly road.

Winter brings darkness and shadow. Evil also walks the long nights, stalking innocents. Evil also watches Lelia, patient, waiting . . .

UPDATE: Yes, yes, I did in fact completely forget the vignettes. Which will give you some insight into how strange things are out here.

38 thoughts on “Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo

  1. I hope the uncontrollable things turn out well. Meanwhile, I will offer prayers and a sympathetic “Argh!”

    And snag a few of the promos.

      1. I may be under-caffeinated, but usually when it’s the picture, doesn’t she say so?

        Either way, good plan. I shall find painkillers, coffee, decongestants, and then see if I can find 50 words for the picture!

        1. Yes, I think our hostess was undercaffeinated, because she also usually doesn’t attribute it to us.

          Well, we shall just have to run with the picture.

      1. I was just going to post that the link didn’t work, thanks. I default to, does anyone know if this overwrites referral links?

  2. Uh… vignette? Vignette? Bueller? Bueller?

    Granted, I may have missed it in my somewhat sleep-deprived state (blame my muse: she started whispering in my ear last night and I found myself researching downeast-style motor yachts of all things until the wee hours of the morning), but I think you forgot the writing prompt.

    1. Lack of prompt? Oh, dear. This could be worse than “lick.” Why, one’s imagination might just run wild with all the options open. Terrible, wonderous, exciting things, oh my.

      Could be anything. Most likely not every thing. Best to settle on just one thing. Or at most two. Easier to handle that way, assuming one has two hands. Or paws. Or grasping psuedopods.

            1. S’okay. I got the opportunity to use the word “tardis” in common language again, not in reference to any of the recent bad tv plot ideas. *grin*

  3. Yes, I DID in fact say it’s another d*mn learning experience.

    Sigh – I hate those. One would think a wallaby as worldly, wise and informed as I had learned everything worth knowing by this age but the Universe keeps throwing additional bricks through my windows.

    1. I’m getting a few of those. The not-a-flu is getting better, but naturally I shared it with $SPOUSE. OTOH, she has only one of the risk tickey boxes, so she *might* recover quickly. We hope.

      Doc said to wait 3 days after symptom-free, so late this week for me. At best. I did a couple of essential chores this AM and didn’t kill myself, but I felt it. Nice of the snow to show up, but wish it had happened earlier this season. Sigh.

      Assuming there’s stock, I’d like to get more hot dogs and corn tortillas. Something to disinfect dental stuff would be nice. I’m using isopropyl alcohol, but it’s suboptimal.

      1. As long as your local LawGivers haven’t closed the stores, maybe some Everclear as a disinfectant?

  4. As well as occasional bad temper, please.

    My Dear Great And Glorious Dragon Lady Sarah, am I allowed to suggest a few good targets for your “bad temper”? 😈

  5. Eying the Floating Grimmor, the Old Wizard yelled “Apprentice Harry Come Here”.

    Running into the room, Apprentice Harry saw the Floating Grimmor and whine “I don’t know how that happened Master”.

    “Well, let’s figure it out because it has your magical signature and it is an interesting spell”.

  6. Bad temper forgiven. Lateness forgiven. Strangeness not forgiven. Strangeness is why we come here. Strangeness CELEBRATED!!!!
    Hope everything turns out well.

  7. Silo bounced into the room. Granted, the heavy-worlder bounced everywhere, but Maura had expected a flying magic textbook would give even him pause. Instead, he cocked his head towards her. “Second order Recall of Memory? ”

    “Yes, sir.”

    He swung his arm past his foreleg, framing the scene. “You’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft lately, haven’t you?”

    Maura blushed. “Yes, sir.”

  8. Sympathies on the Difficult Times. It seems like everybody’s getting hit one way or another. We’ve finally gotten through Home Repair Craziness, complete with extra helpings of hurry up and wait, not to mention stuff going astray, and now the coronavirus hits. Suddenly our big spring convention is indefinitely postponed. The one we’d been counting on to stabilize our finances and enable us to do some additional work on the house and yard, unrelated to the storm damage but really needed to prevent future damage. So instead of the stress level finally going down, it’s gone UP.

    I’ve been trying to get stuff to sell online, and it seems to be a real uphill battle. I’ve been posting on every Facebook group that vendors have created to try to help other vendors get online sales, but I know I’m just one of many vendors who’ve had critical conventions yanked out from under their feet, and a lot of our usual customers are probably tightening their own belts, not sure whether they’ll even have a paycheck in a month or two.

    And it doesn’t help that I’m finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate on writing projects when everything is so uncertain. So I sure know about sitting doing nothing while the mind seems to be running at a hundred miles an hour, trying to go in a dozen directions at once.

    I try to tell myself, this too will pass, but it does so little to quiet the terrified voice of “how will we survive? if we don’t get some money coming in soon, we’re going to lose our shirts!”

  9. “Come in,” came the answer. Aidan opened the door.
    He blinked. Five months working with Carrigiana had taught him that wizards used more things that he did, but next to the array in this room, she used as few as he did. Here there were teapots and candles (some lit), books both codices and scrolls, and crystals in every color, and potion bottles.
    The window was stained glass. Perhaps just for fancy, but perhaps it was part of the magic. And one book floated in midair, on nothing.
    “Still too cheap to buy a book stand, I see,” said Carrigiana.

  10. He tried to not listen as he flew by, but the TV blared so loudly.
    Everyone knew how it worked. A magical room with sigils and stained glass windows and potions and crystals, a solemn ritual based on ancient papyri, and superpowers ensued.
    He knew it was the most likely explanation for his powers. He didn’t work with gadgets, as everyone could see. He didn’t get kidnapped and experimented on by a demented scientist. And his powers perfectly matched some kind of solar god invocation.
    He had just woken up with them, one day. He would have remembered a rite.

        1. Actually, that’s not a bad prompt right there. Over the loudspeaker, we heard the scream, “I forget the vignettes. Sigh.” Okay? So now everyone who wants to do a vignette, go for it! You can title it, “Gone, But Not Forgotten” if you like…

        2. You don’t imagine that would stop US?

          All right, I only got two vignettes out of the picture, but that’s not being stopped.

      1. Wait a minute, it’s supposed to be the dog ate your homework, not the site ate up my vignette. I mean, let’s stick with the classics!

          1. Oh, that’s a sticky prompt! Probably some little kid got his sticky little hands all over it, maybe some rubber cement from the desk, and… wow, look at that dust bunny sticking to it! Wait, is that a classic? Okay, go for it! What’s up, Doc! Now that’s gotta be a classic, right? (who did fractured classics, anyway? I’ll have to google that…)

  11. “Come in,” came the answer. Aidan opened the door.
    He blinked. Five months working with Carrigiana had taught him that wizards used more things that he did, but next to the array in this room, she used as few as he did. Here there were teapots and candles (some lit), books both codices and scrolls, and crystals in every color, and potion bottles.
    The window was stained glass. Perhaps just for fancy, but perhaps it was part of the magic. And one book floated in midair, on nothing.
    “Still too cheap to buy a book stand, I see,” said Carrigiana.

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