Alive and Well

We had a computer crisis this morning.  It’s been a slow-mo thing around the house. I think was an update. Render computer also working now!
But it took a good two/three hours, and then… other things intervened.

Please forgive me. I’m postponing promo a week.

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  1. Please forgive me. I’m postponing promo a week.

    That’s Unforgiveable!!!!! [Crazy Grin While Checking The Sky For Carp]

    Seriously, take care Sarah. 😀

  2. There is nothing short of the BSOD (or GSOD for Macs) that ruins one’s day like “System Update, please do not turn off your computer.”

    Why is it doing that? Where did my settings go? Where did my favorite feature disappear to? What do you mean they got rid of [feature]? Arrrrrgh!!

    1. No. This was a security update.
      I DO have to admit that making it impossible to connect not just to the net but also to the blue-tooth mouse DOES keep the computer safe.
      OTOH you also can’t use it….

      1. So you were close to IT security Nirvana: a computer in a locked vault with no connection to anything including power. Perfectly secure…..


          1. Hacking a computer without power? It’s doable for various levels of “I have the access and the tools*”, but not by ordinary mortals.

            (*) Along with the corrupted components, but that factory is probably offline for a while.

  3. But you’re promoting the promo you’re postponing . . .

    It’s an un-promo!

    1. Hear ye the history of Sir Render, Knight of the Flying Carp, and of how he earned his title.

      1. Sir Prize wasn’t expecting a Flying Carp…

        And Sir Vive only got a flesh wound.

        But look out for Sir Tax, he’ll try to tack on a Sir Charge.

  4. I am glad to read the render computer is working — it is very important to render bodies before disposal.

    1. Especially if the critter being rendered has a habit of regenerating after being killed.

      If the body isn’t rendered properly, a single critter may become several critters. 😈

  5. The joys of spending several hours on the phone with Costco Concierge, because Dell only has a one year warrantee for home computer sales and having to reinstall EVERYTHING because something ate files from Windows…

    I so very much hear you.

    1. One of the things I learned as a system administrator:

      Backups are nice, but only restores count.

      1. I missed a line in the config file for rsnapshot and when the backup drive hiccuped, it tried to write the full backup onto the main hard drive. Not a pretty picture, but I was able to restore the hard drive, but lost the old backups.

        I’ve now vowed to swap backup drives every six months…

        1. “Rotate and retire”, if the budget allows. That is, use each backup media a fixed number of times, then replace it with a new one, leaving the old one in storage indefinitely.

          If you don’t catch an error early enough it can propagate through all your backups. Retired backups have a better chance of giving you a snapshot of good data you can use for forensics if it’s too old to be useful as-is.

  6. Sympathies on the computer problem. I’m having my own interesting times with computers. I picked up a wireless router today at the Goodwill Outlet, figuring that I could reconfigure it as a wireless bridge and eliminate the Ethernet cables running the length of the house. Hook up the older machines that only have Ethernet to it, and have it communicate with the UVerse gateway in the front room.

    However, when I hit the factory reset, it seems to have completely shut down the WiFi. It will power up, but when the system check light goes out, the WiFi light doesn’t come on. And right now, hooking it up to Ethernet to configure it would be *difficult*. It’s starting to look like it’s just going to sit atop the new filing cabinet until I have time to get some work done on the G3 Blue and White, or the replacement G4 arrives, and I can hook it up via Ethernet.

      1. It’s a pretty nice machine, for an eBay find. However, its previous owner made some Interesting mods on it, and it looks like I’m going to need to undo some of them in order to get a stable system that doesn’t flake out on me at inopportune moments. At least it’s an easy machine to get open and work on, unlike the G4 iMac, which I haven’t even booted up in years because the hard drive started flaking out on me.

        At least even if I never am able to get the router working again, I didn’t sink too much money into it. Everything I bought today came to less than ten bucks. And I may even be able to sell the router for parts or repair on eBay.

    1. I think those routers have the wireless off by default for security. You have to connect to the local Ethernet side and enter default user name and password to configure. Otherwise, somebody could hijack your router as soon as you switched it on.

      1. And pretty much everyone knows the default username and password they reset to factory with.

        1. Worse, the folks who are likely to set up bots to do the hijacking do– so it’s not just “someone could do it,” it’s “predators are actively looking for this.”

          Some brands now have individualized factory reset passwords or user names– I know ours has it on the tag with the brand name and serial number– but then you’ve got the issue of what happens when that sticker is screwed up. -.-

          1. Which is why companies hate using them and stick to generic passwords: their repair / installation people have the same problem. It’s worse when you’re installing stuff on a router or other wireless device your company had nothing to do with installing.

      2. That’s pretty much what I’m thinking. Which is why it’s now sitting atop the filing cabinet, waiting for me to be able to get a machine I can run Ethernet on. I *could* do it on the laptop, but it would require restarting to activate the Ethernet port (presumably it’s an energy-saving protocol to not have the Ethernet port energized all the time, since most people use laptops on WiFi) and right now I’ve got several browser tabs open that I don’t want to close because I get limited pages per month on those sites, and reloading the page from a bookmark counts as a second page.

        I could try the old iMac, but as flaky as it had been the last time we used it, I’m not giving too much hope that it will even boot up.

  7. The mesmerizing Microsoft Circle of Progress!

    Please do not turn off your computer.
    Updating 1%…
    Updating 2%…
    Updating 3%…

    1. I broke down and bought a used Dell laptop from the ‘zon. Seems the state’s implementation of pdf tax forms isn’t compatible with the Linux reader. We have a Win 7 laptop where I was able to do the work required, but that machine is pretty much retired. (And not allowed to play on the Internet.)

      Starting the new-to-me Dell was interesting. Windows claimed it couldn’t find a boot drive, though the internal diagnostics said the hardware was fine. Of course, no cheat sheet came with the thing. Everybody knows how do do Win 10, donchano? /sarc. I did some poking and tried a safe-mode start, and it finally realized it was a new setup, and I went through the routine.

      Most maddening thing was that it would not accept my email address for the obligatory(?) MS account, since “is your company or school name”. So, now I’m the proud owner of a completely ignorable (I hope) hotmail account.

      Haven’t talked myself into considering Turbotax next year. The federal taxes are easier to do than the state, even with the Worksheet From Hell for one of the steps.

      Lots of waiting around for MS do do the windows setup. Have I mentioned that I hate Win 10 with a burning passion?

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