I wished to write a post today, but time has got away from me. So I shall leave you with one greater than I, and he will have to do. (And pray we don’t need to learn the painful lesson again by saddling ourselves with a crazy king indeed because there are things worse than war, and living under socialism is one of them. And a lesson that apparently each country needs to learn in turn.)

The Benefactors

Ah! What avails the classic bent
   And what the cultured word,
Against the undoctored incident
   That actually occurred?
And what is Art whereto we press
   Through paint and prose and rhyme—
When Nature in her nakedness
   Defeats us every time?
It is not learning, grace nor gear,
   Nor easy meat and drink,
But bitter pinch of pain and fear
   That makes creation think.
When in this world’s unpleasing youth
   Our godlike race began,
The longest arm, the sharpest tooth,
   Gave man control of man;
Till, bruised and bitten to the bone
   And taught by pain and fear,
He learned to deal the far-off stone,
   And poke the long, safe spear.
So tooth and nail were obsolete
   As means against a foe,
Till, bored by uniform defeat,
   Some genius built the bow.
Then stone and javelin proved as vain
   As old-time tooth and nail;
Till, spurred anew by fear and pain,
   Man fashioned coats of mail.
Then was there safety for the rich
   And danger for the poor,
Till someone mixed a powder which
   Redressed the scale once more.
Helmet and armour disappeared
   With sword and bow and pike,
And, when the smoke of battle cleared,
   All men were armed alike. . . .
And when ten million such were slain
   To please one crazy king,
Man, schooled in bulk by fear and pain,
   Grew weary of the thing;
And, at the very hour designed
   To enslave him past recall,
His tooth-stone-arrow-gun-shy mind
   Turned and abolished all.
All Power, each Tyrant, every Mob
   Whose head has grown too large,
Ends by destroying its own job
   And works its own discharge;
And Man, whose mere necessities
   Move all things from his path,
Trembles meanwhile at their decrees,
   And deprecates their wrath!  -Rudyard Kipling

164 thoughts on “Kiple!

  1. One I hadn’t seen. Thanks. I think “Requiem,” is appropriate, too.
    “Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, ,lest we forget, lest we forget..”

    1. Ditto.

      I like what I think is the point, but I can see how my family wouldn’t have been reciting it. (the arguments about bows vs armor would’ve been epic)

  2. “The City of Brass” always makes me nervous.

    And I love “The Reeds at Runnymede:”

    “And still when Mob or Monarch lays
    Too rude a hand on English ways,
    The whisper wakes, the shudder plays,
    Across the reeds at Runnymede.
    And Thames, that knows the moods of kings,
    And crowds and priests and suchlike things,
    Rolls deep and dreadful as he brings
    Their warning down from Runnymede!”

    1. Those who can’t see the parallels in “The City of Brass” haven’t been paying much attention.

      They said: “Who has hate in his soul? Who has envied his neighbour?
      Let him arise and control both that man and his labour.”

      When we use the word “free” it means without restrictions by governmental goons. When they use it, it means to enslave another for their own benefit. We must be abolitionist again. For without responsibility, freedom soon dies.

      1. I think the failure of this generation’s Star Trek is that they did not have a Federation who had decided their Prime Directive meant that they were obligated to occupy every new culture, to “better ensure their preservation against interference.”

        Story wise, it would have been an easy transition from the loss of autonomy that happened in DS9, but it would have required the authors to realize that word have meaning, and that perverting them corrupts, so it would have been an unthinkable concept to them.

        But, had the writers done that, I suspect they would have found that resonance with events that make the first three so successful.

    2. The Old Issue.

      Leslie Fish set it to music, and someone put it on YouTube under the wrong title,

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      1. It’s doing all kinds of wierd.
        the main page is a touch narrower, but the right sidebars are not there, and the comments are wider, but I am not able to scroll over to the right (though it is only covering a portion of the time stamp’s “am”)
        WPDE always and forever

      2. I suspect something funky at the end of this article, like a screwed up HTML expression, or an improperly closed HTML tag.

          1. It went away. Did you fix it, or did it fix itself?

            I get highly suspicious of problems that fix themselves.
            Sorsha: “It went away? ‘I dwell in darkness without you’ and it went away?”

          1. I note that the site, at some point within the last hour, seems to have corrected and is now once again posting time-stamps alongside the comments rather than being right-justified.

          2. 4:38 PST and everything looks normal, by WP standards.

            Perhaps the hamsters got a 3 martini lunch on payday.

    1. “In the dark days that followed the Fourth Truce with Man, Mad Kdapt-Preacher headed a new religion. He was executed by the Patriarch himself in single combat, since he bore a partial name, but his heretical religion survives in secret to this day. Kdapt-Preacher believed that God the Creator made man in his own image.”

      “Man? But — Kdapt-Preacher was a kzin?”

      Yes. You kept winning, Louis. For three centuries and four wars you had been winning. Kdapt’s disciples ware masks of human skin when they prayed. They hoped to confuse the Creator long enough to win a war.”

      — Larry Niven, “Ringworld”

        1. The Never Trumpers are to Kdaptists as Obama (Crap Midas) was to Midas. They’ve tired of the winning it stresses them out They want to go back to losing so they can once again enjoy being tolerated at lousy dinner parties that no one wanted go to in the first place…

            1. I still find it hilarious that what was probably his attempt to ditch the space program is likely what set off the space Renaissance that we are currently in.

  4. The Maltese Cat, a new favorite, from The Day’s Work

    They had good reason to be proud, and better reason to be afraid, all twelve of them; for though they had fought their way, game by game, up the teams entered for the polo tournament, they were meeting the Archangels that afternoon in the final match; and the Archangels men were playing with half a dozen ponies apiece. As the game was divided into six quarters of eight minutes each, that meant a fresh pony after every halt. The Skidars’ team, even supposing there were no accidents, could only supply one pony for every other change; and two to one is heavy odds. Again, as Shiraz, the grey Syrian, pointed out, they were meeting the pink and pick of the polo-ponies of Upper India, ponies that had cost from a thousand rupees each, while they themselves were a cheap lot gathered, often from country-carts, by their masters, who belonged to a poor but honest native infantry regiment.

    Here’s some background on the sport:

    1. I’ve suspected for some time that Mercedes Lackey came up with kirball from having read ‘The Maltese Cat’.

      I like her world. Like so many fantasy worlds, it only works because there ARE Gods, but I like it.

  5. Greater than you, perhaps, but much less alive and kicking.

    You better believe wallabies appreciate good kicking.

  6. What’s concerning me is the attitude–and I spotted it even over on PJ Media this morning–that “Bernie is a harmless kook” and “Sure, let him run, he’ll be the easiest one to beat!”

    You know who else they said that about? Trump. And the Republicans weren’t trying to/guaranteed to do voter fraud on a massive scale.

    Bernie wants to be a socialist dictator. I’d prefer there to not even be a snowball’s chance in hell of him winning, which means I’d prefer he not even come CLOSE to gaining the nomination. We know socialists cheat, and cheat bigly.

    The one bonus I see on that front is Bernie is quite old, and has already had one heart attack…but on the other hand, he could still do a LOT of damage, what with the precedent of “phone and pen” that Obama started. (And that, unfortunately, Trump continued. I’m largely pleased with what Trump has accomplished, but doing things via executive order is NOT one of them.)

    On the other hand, perhaps I am entirely wrong, and Bernie WILL be the easiest one to beat, because although the Bernie bros are noisy (and threatening violence) they are very possibly just a noisy minority, and it will all come to nothing.

    All the same, I’m concerned about the dismissal of a man who openly admires the dictatorships of the USSR and Cuba and the fact that (apparently) so many so-called voters are totally okay with this.

    1. I am ever skeptical of “easy to beat.” Any democrat who runs will, for the immediate future, win certain states. California, et cetera. California which in my lifetime used to be Republican more often than not. Before Perot, I think. There is also the margin of fraud to beat, which will be massive compared to previous years. There is also the push to go full stupid and give the electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote count.

      Freedom is never more than one breath away from defeat. Gotta get out there and vote.

      1. I’m waiting for the popular & electroial vote to be for Trump this time. But the states making the pack vote not-Trump (i.e. either communist or democrat, because Bernie is not a democrat). Certain states heads are going to explode . You can bet your last dollar that they’ll claim the agreement is illegal . Which is true. But still, any other outcome, other than what they whaaaaaant want, is illegal. If it is what they want, it won’t be illegal.

        1. If it is what they want, it won’t be illegal.

          Years of observation has persuaded me that the Democrats have adopted the adage taught to all lawyers: When the Constitution is against you, pound the Will of the People. When the Will of the People is not with you, pound the Constitution. When neither the Constitution nor the Will of the People support you, pound the opponents.

        2. Scott Adams nailed it when he described the modern left as caring about goals rather than the systems used to achieve them, and the modern conservatives caring mostly about the systems used, rather than so much about each end result.

          The groups running the “National Popular Vote” initiative are same people who were arguing that Electors should “vote their conscience” against Trump this last election. They are only going to honor it if it favors a Democrat, not if it favors a Republican, and the entire thing is one big exercise in bad faith, meant to damage the underlying system rather than create a more fair outcome.

          1. the entire thing is one big exercise in bad faith, meant to damage the underlying system

            So – standard Progressive practice, then?

          2. They are too blinkered to understand that going with a Popular Vote might result in a lot of people in states like Illinois deciding that, well, maybe their vote will count for anything for the first time in their lives.

            1. How could anything they want have results other than what they want?

              That never happens.

              They’re as full of confidence as Bullwinkle pulling a rabbit from his hat.

          3. The end result that the Democrats want is an end to their defeats, and wins to be theirs with the slightest nail polish layer of contest; in effect LARPing ‘the will of the people’ (and only the correct thinkers at that.)

            IMO, the political violence against the non-left needs to be made viral, so it penetrates and rips apart the veil of media complicity, and to show to the non-Woke the threat posed by the neo-brownshirts to the systems that allow America to be, and their comfort. That might work, but I feel like that what is more likely to happen is a stunned “how did we get here?” reaction before people act more.

    2. Although there is that outside chance Bernie wins (hell who thought Trump was going to beat Felonia Von PantsSuit, certainly not me I was consigning the Republic to the trash bin of history) my big concern is 2024. Pence seems like he’d be a good follow on, but you can bet the Never Trump side will come out of the woodwork to attack him. And the Media types hate him even more than Trump (if that’s possible) due to his Evangelical Christian nature. Because Trump has (had to) use lots of executive orders his legacy (short the judges) can be undone just like Obumbles. I think the Democrats would learn the same lesson the got from McGovern which was lie through your teeth or find some gullible naif (alternate spelling of naif is C A R T E R, alternate spelling of gullible is J I MM E H) to talk the game you can’t without breaking down into gales of laughter.

      1. There are also Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, and likely many another who slips the mind at this moment. Hard to predict, given that a week is a long time in politics and the 2024 campaign doesn’t begin for another ten months.

        1. Much as I like Haley, I still remember her stance on the confederate flag as governer of South Carolina. Instead of telling the woke left to pound sand, she mumbled something about not wanting people to feel pain and caved.

          History should be remembered lest we lose the lessons of the past. I’m not yet convinced she’s solid enough to stand on her own.

        2. My concern is not the back bench as it were. Currently the Republican side has a deeper (and younger) back bench than the Democrat side. The other side has been driven to little weasel 3rd rate mayors and senators with an average age that places their birth some time just after the Cretaceous. Mostly because the ever self absorbed and ever vile Obama cleared out anyone that wasn’t to his liking. That left himself and Michelle (and he was keeping an eye on her lest she get uppity).
          No the problem is one of two things.

          1) The Democrat party crawls out of its blue funk and comes up with a compromise ticket (Sanders/Buttigieg? ,Sanders/Klobuchar) and nukes the socialist rhetoric and goes back to the time honored democrat method of lying about their intent once elected. This might make for a fight that might not let us beat the levels of cheat
          This would put the Anti Trump people back in the driver seat and we’d be headed for that 40 years of democrat rule Carville promised and either Boogaloo 2 (c.f Kurt Schlichter) or a slow decline into a mess like the UK or the Euro Zone with Venezula at the end

          2) The democrat gets a butt whoopin’ like they haven’t seen since McGovern or Mondale for 2020. This discredits their far left wing and we get sleaze compromise candidates who lie like a rug to the swing voters in the next few congressional and Presidential elections. Although the Republican bench is deep it is NOT particularly passionate (with the exception of the occasional loony from the Paul family but I repeat myself). So lieing and passionate (if chaotic evil) tends to beat milque toast but competent (alignment unclear)

          The only way one happens is if Bernie and his people come to their senses or Bernie is sidelined/removed due to health issues. Hopefully the Author will not be so kind to the Democrat party as to remove this issue for them. Bernie’s people are so bent on vengeance for 2012 that they will NOT accept anyone from the mainline (read Clinton supported) for a running mate. The big hope here is they do something REALLY stupid like Abrams from GA or AOC (yes I know she’s ineligible due to age, but since when has a little constitutional issue impeded the Democrat party?).

          I fear 2 far more. After 4 more years the judiciary will be more to a conservatives liking, but unless Trumps coat tails are long we still have an opposed house of representatives. Even should the Republicans take back the House wrangling that group of self absorbed fools yields little advantage unless they can be convinced that as Franklin quipped they must hang together or the will surely hang separately (more likely end up in the gulag lite that would evolve for thought criminals).

          I think as SOON as TRUMP wins (Deus Volent, 11/04/20) there needs to be planning to hold the house and senate for 2022 and take and hold Presidency and House and Senate for 2024. Anything less seems to be a guarantee that the 8 year span of the trump insurrection will be a blip on the historians rear view mirror less discussed than say the Whiskey Rebellion.

          1. You missed 3) Trump squeaks by in a contested election that has Democrats screeching WILL OF THE PEEPULS!!! FRAUD!! CHEEETER!!!! and starting a new impeachment circus even before the January inauguration. Pre-impeachment?

            In 20 or 30 years, will any sane people remain to look back on this?
            Huh. It says, “You have been pre-disapproved for our credit card.”

            1. 3 seems unlikely to me. EIther this is going to be a blow out of epic proportions, or somehow the Democrats get their act together and then Trump can’t beat the cheat margin in toss up states. Also they DON’T want it to go to the Supremes, the court is even less in their favor than it was in 2000.Maybe a toss up to the House? although the current house is predominantly Democrat, voting is by state delegation (1 vote/state) and I’m NOT sure where that one goes). At least in the respect of knowing where the purple states are the Democrats learned their lesson from Hilary.

          2. I believe AOC will be old enough by 2024 to qualify for the presidency, but I have my doubts she can get re-elected in her district. There are some very impressive people lining up to challenge in the primary and general elections and increasing government regulations also increase the constituent demands for aid in navigating those regs — and her constituents are already on record complaining she’s neglected their core concerns.

            Whether any of those people challenging her in the primary might prove more imposing politicians down the line is a question for another day; the problems of today are sufficient for the nonce.

            1. Right punching the party leaders in the nose (or kicking them in the crotch) is not the way for a Junior member of the house to advance. But AOC was indoctrinated that Socialism is inevitable and hasn’t the guts (or perhaps brains) to really understand. Doesn’t help she’s young and the most advanced job she’s ever held was bartender (and apparently was poor at that). One would almost feel sad for her, but mostly I just want to give the Nelson Muntz (from The Simpsons) laugh…

    3. The problem is that ALL the Democrat candidates are serious threats to life and liberty. Bernie is a Communist, but with a little luck would drop dead fairly quickly. Warren is completely devoid of principle, while actually being dumber than Hillary ‘Granny Maojackets von Pantsuit’ Clinton. Biden is a pervy old apparatchik; all of Obumbles contempt for the Constitution and the People, with none of Obumbles’ charm (and I never thought O to be that charming.). Buttplug is a gun-grabbing ninny.

      Have I missed anybody?

      I would vote for Post Watergate Richard Nixon before I would vote for any of these ballot-lice. And I LOATHED Nixon, the Big Government RINO that he was.

      1. Aside from the notable mediocrity (I am kind) of the Democrats’ candidates, the critical consideration is that whichever of them wins — even Bloomberg, whom you did miss — the administration will be staffed by essentially the same people, just as Obama staffed his administration from Clinton’s junior ministers and Billy Jeff drew upon Carter’s coterie for his administration.

        1. At least Clinton and Billy Jeff would try at least to find competent people even if they were connected. Obumbles wanted “diversity” and wanted no one to eclipse his (highly limited, and self recognized) capabilities. So you get toadies and sycophants with no talent other than kissing posterior. This is part of why the Democrats who seemed to be on a roll all of a sudden are making the Keystone cops look competent. Obama performed the Stalinesque act of ritually shooting all the competent generals or expelling them to the outer dark.

      2. Buttgeig is one of the dumbest smart people I know of. Valedictorian, Rhodes scholar, the guy got a direct commission for Heaven’s sake. He’s a go-getter; but his goals are not our goals. And interestingly enough, one of his early heroes is, wait or it, Bernie Sanders himself.

        1. A direct commission into intel, while Obama’s folks were busy purging the officer ranks.

          That guy worries me, even when he’s not being a nasty religious scold.

          1. And you have to wonder why an Intel guy would be the one driving a general around Iraq; not to mention what was he doing during his supposed guard weekends before he went to the sandbox?

            1. Well, in *my* experience from the Navy, “being the face for the department” like driving folks around was where you either put your tokens or the guys you really, really wanted faaaaar away from work.

              I worked my rump off to make sure that even though I was one of only like three females in my department, they wanted me in the shop doing work, not being the token.

              1. Ah the Peter Principle in action. Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. So Lt. Pete ends up driving around VIP’s lest he screw something important up. One question that comes to my mind, was this in the period of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell or is Lt Pete that flavor of token…

          2. Mark Steyn, subbing for Rush, reported this afternoon about Booty winning a High School essay contest twenty years ago with an entry singing praise of Bernie Sanders.

            What kind of Indiana High School kid knew who the #$@% Congressman Sanders was in 1999?

            As for the nasty religious scold part … it would be less annoying if he was accurately quoting Scripture rather than misrepresenting meanings.

            1. *dryly* You mean the pro-sodomy infanticide proponent trying to scold Catholics about how he’s more Christ like than them is not entirely persuasive?

              1. I’d still like to see Trump debate the Democrats. All of ’em. At once. He’d beat Sanders like a rented mule, and ol Pete would be seen for the stumbling fool he is.

                Alas, there will only be one. Probably- contested convention could get interesting, and folks in Milwaukee I’m serious, *avoid crowds.*

                1. Hell, folks in ANYWHERE that might have a decently big crowd, avoid crowds.

                  Tell folks it’s excessive caution for the Kung Flu, whatever, but between the Mexican situation getting really ugly, the middle east having a bunch of established baddies feeling threatened, and excitable folks here feeling like they can do horrible things and it’s OK– do not get in the middle of a flock of peoples.

                  1. If you have to for work, etc., have your exit plans and basics in place. I seriously hope I’m overreacting. But when folks start broadcasting their ill intent ahead of time it ain’t a bad idea to take ’em serious.

                    And just to add to the WDPE news, WP is giving me editing tools on your comment, Foxfier. *shakes head* I my be male, but I’m not a Morman man (with any sort of rack, impressive or otherwise, unless you count the dishrack and the gunrack)!

                    1. Good. Subsequent comments take it away, so WP is not *completely* broken, just dinged a bit. Nothing new there. *chuckle*

                      One of hampsters must have fallen off his wheel at the WP headquarters. I tell you, rodent-sourced web engines are a bad idea, always!

                  2. Next week is yet another eye trip over the Cascades. Though the doctor is Chinese, the only place frequented by Asians is Costco, and I’ll try to get there when the crowds aren’t. (The Forester will look like the Joad’s truck at the end of the trip; we’re figuring that late spring and summer might be Kung Flu afflicted. Hope not, but…)

                    I will pass if he wants an 8 month followup (as this one is). It’s close enough to the Peoples Republic of Ashland and along the I-5 corridor that things might get sporty around election time. I’ll try for the end of September or early January.

                    1. We’re ordering food. I’ve been considering an oxygen concentrator. Look, I get asthmatic periods and times of bronchitis often enough it’s probably not bad to have around. BUT I hate to spend that much. OTOH in my particular case it could be something I really need to get through….

                    2. I work at a big box store.

                      So yeah, trying to keep my immune system strong is about all I got. Hey, it worked for most of my direct and near ancestors! Got a better statistical chance of being decapitated by Sioux….

            2. Booty’s father was reportedly an admirer of Antonio Gramsci, and head of an international society of such.

          3. Please Foxfier a nasty irreligious scold. His use of scripture is the classic case of taking quotes out of the context of the surrounding scripture and its original cultural meaning as well as out of the over arching context of canon. This cherry picking theology is a classic sign of the very liberal theologians. They are prone to say that scripture means what it means to the current reader (eisgesis) NOT what it meant to the original reader/hearer (exegesis). It’s fundamentally (no pun intended) the same disagreement that a strict constructionist justice has with a liberal living constitution type justice. just applied to scripture rather than law.

            1. A valid point. ^.^

              And now I’m trying to figure out the mangling of the word “religious” that would match “froot” for the flavor without any of the benefit….

        2. Buttplug is a sterling example of how the right ‘front’ will get an absolute idiot through the gates. Hell, Bubba was a Rhodes scholar, a turn up that would have given Rhodes a stroke were he not already dead.

          He’s managed to go through life, in the late 20th and early 21st century, without learning that Progressivism does not work.

          Or, he’s one more parasite who knows damned well it doesn’t work and doesn’t care so long as it gives HIM power and wealth.


          I frankly think, though, that if he gets the nomination the Left is going to be blindsided and shocked at how sick and tired everyone but the Wokest is of the whole Gay shtick.

          1. > without learning that Progressivism does not work.

            No, it absolutely *does* work – for the likes of him. He and his fellow-travelers are living high on it.

            That it doesn’t work for anything else is a feature, not a bug.

            You have to remember the self-styled “elites” are looking after themselves first; they’d prefer everyone else be beaten down until they’re not a threat.

            1. It works far better for the Progressiver than the Progressivee.

              Sort of the same way ham & bacon work better for the farmer than the pig.

            2. Actually, it doesn’t really work all that well even for the elites. I’ve see n pictures of the Dachas of the Party Elite and they wouldn’t do as summer homes for a moderately successful plumber. There have been numerous examinations of Communist automobiles and they all suck mucky moose feet. Furthermore, there is a strong historical tendency for Communist/Socialist regimes to make liquidating a substantial portion of the intellectual troublemaking and political class a high priority.

              1. E.g. the Yugo. A fiat 124 made at Yugoslav factories. Advanced Italian engineering produced by folks who pretended to work because the state pretended to pay them. Admittedly compared to say a 1978 Olds Cutlass (I had one in college) one might find the Yugo preferable some days. Yeah I’ve seen pictures of the mid level party dachas long ago. My friends cabin on a lake in Maine was FAR preferable and it was NOT by any means luxurious hard bunks, no running hot water, no potable water (haul it in) limited electricity, wood stove heating, Once closed for the winter sometime in September no indoor plumbing whatsoever. But in the summer the view of the lake was magnificent and the swimming canoeing and sailing could not be beat.

          1. Yeah, who was Joe going to “comfort”?
            He was A: Not Hillary (0bama hates her) B: White (dems are racist asses who needed at least one white person on the ticket) C: Male (they thought they could not win with both a black guy and a female on the ticket) and D: the complete and total idjit galoot that absolutely no one wanted to be in power of any sort, so no one on either side was gonna think of kinetic changes of office.
            I know my memory is lacking as I really don’t pay much mind to dem primaries, but has Joe ever gotten more than 20% of a primary vote? I know he got what, 15% in Iowa? That is the highest I recall him getting. Forget who coined it, but someone started calling him Single Digit Joe over his record in Presidential primaries.

            1. Obama can not abide competition. Slow Joe was a guarantee the he would not be outshone by his running mate. Also it meant that he did not have to have a presidential taster (or an onsite suicide prevention team) as he might have needed with Ms. Clinton.

    4. I see some are dismissing or hoping to dismiss Bloomberg as speaking lots of pretty words whilst saying nothing. That is not comforting. After all, that was Obama’s shtick and he got in.

      1. WHY is nobody mentioning all the sexual assaults and harassment at Bloomberg & Assoc.?

        Mikey owns the place, so there can be no claims of ignorance or inability to deal with the problem.

      2. We can at least hope that the fact Bloomberg is someone the Democrats generally claim to hate–rich, white, male–that that will work against him. (Of course, Bernie is ALSO rich, white male, so clearly they also buy into the idea that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds… ::snorts::)

        1. Romney, I’ve read, is angling for the Democrat VP nomination. To draw in Republican never-Trumper votes.

          Bloomberg/Romney – a winning ticket? Imagine the exploding heads…

          1. Romney is not angling to switch to the Democrat party. He is sticking to the calculation that when Trump is out of office, a lot of the current Trump fans will happily forget Trump. He is playing for the longer game. Wants to put the genie back into the bottle, and reestablish the old status quo of the GOP establishment. Switching to the Democrats costs him a lot of support, does not buy him any support from the left, and probably doesn’t buy off anywhere near all of the left’s enmity.

            His current thinking might be rational or irrational, but going overtly over to the democrats would be super irrational. Not impossible during the crazy times, but not something to forecast reliably.

            Bernie or Hillary probably would not pick him. I think anywhere near a compatible nominee would be a low enough chance that it would be really stupid for him to plan for. He lost in 2012. He is not that sort of risk taker.

      3. If the Blooming Idiot gets the nod, every single gun owner in the country will get to the polls to vote against him. His long campaign against the Second Amendment has been as nuanced and subtle as Carry Nation’s campaign against Saloons.

      4. But Mikey can’t make the fans swoon like 0bama did. You don’t hear folks talking about how uplifting and soaring his speeches are while not being able to tell what was actually said. Everyone hears him and comprehends what he is spouting.

    5. Let them all run. The more the talk, the clearer it will become that they are all so far left they are falling off the edge of the map. it shouldn’t take much of a push to knock the last one standing down. But I’ve been wrong before..I’m 0-for-2 in predicting the last two presidential elections. There’s lot of fur left to fly.

        1. Amen sister. And, judging from the Trump rallies… Well. I’d say cautious optimism but the pessimism is dug in hard. Vote like your freedom depends on it. ‘Cuz it does.

      1. Doesn’t matter. Some people will just listen for a politician to say the proper keyword, and they latch on and turn their critical faculties off. Healthcare! Racism! Illegal immigration! The economy! Stop the war! Get tough on crime! Farm subsidies! Free trade! Education! The environment! Doesn’t matter, they’ll promise whatever it is they think potential voters might want.

        Every four years, candidates stand up and bare-facedly make absurd claims. The same claims all the predecessors made, years ago, and never managed to make any headway on, but it doesn’t matter, because nobody seems to remember that far back.

        If any of them *could* deliver, they’d probably still be President-for-Life.

      1. Yeah, this is one of the many reasons I’m eyeing the declarations of “Bernie is now the front-runner” with trepidation.

        Not to mention, I wouldn’t put it past the evil little commie gnome to try and appoint an ‘heir’ to take over as supreme leader if/when he DOES die…

      2. Getting the help of the international communists would probably cost him the nomination: we know how much the Democrat party detests foreign interference in our elections.

        Is it the other one has bells?

    6. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to see a reduction in executive orders, no matter what party affiliation future Presidents may have.

      It’s not the “power” thing so much as Congress failing to do its freakin’ *job*, so they sit on their thumbs and let the incumbent deal with things Congress really should be doing, but why bother getting anything nasty stuck to them when they can put all the downside on the President?

      If you look at, not just Trump’s, but Obama’s EOs, way too many of them should have been dealt with by Congress or the Federal bureaucracy, not by the President.

      1. I don’t disagree, but it’s created an incredibly dangerous precedent.

        Also, part of the POINT of Congress is that it fails to accomplish things. That’s a feature, not a bug. The problem is that they’ve done their darndest to strip the states of power in the meantime, although I’m beginning to see some hopeful rumblings in that direction.

        1. It’s not that they’re not doing anything– it’s that they’re not doing their job.

          They shopped out the work, so stuff still happens, just they’re not responsible for it.


          I did notice that a lot of Obama’s orders were of highly questionable legality, but got ignored, while even the totally-in-his-power ones for Trump get attacked. In doing so, they’re setting an additional precedent that the orders CAN be challenged, legally.

    7. That, and all the people who want to vote for him are very willing to be violent lunatics. Heard about the fuckwit who drove his van into a campaign tent, and the commie who slapped a kid. They want the violence so bad, but want to be able to do this without retaliation.

      1. Remember, under their desired system the government owns a monopoly on use of force so they (as advocates of omnipotent government) are entitled to employ force against anyone who obstructs their seizure of power while any force used against them is illegitimate because it is not done to enhance government power.

        In other words: We’re right and you’re wrong, nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-na.

      2. I seem to remember there’s been a second vehicle incident.

        Still nobody dead, thank God and situational awareness.

        Also, a retired cop got beat bloody by some b**** in a restaurant because he had on a hat that said “make 50 great again.” At his birthday party.

  7. “His tooth-stone-arrow-gun-shy mind
    Turned and abolished all.”
    One can only wish, but it’s impossible to uninvent things. Yes, Japan effectively abolished firearms (in order to protect its armored aristocracy) … for a while. The first guy to use the forbidden weapon will win. Just saying.

    1. I seem to remember that the Shogun had a few guns available, but yes outlawing guns is generally a loser game.

      I remember one After-The-Bomb novel where everybody had outlawed guns except for one group and it amazed me that the group who hadn’t outlawed guns hadn’t taken over North America. 😈

      1. Outlawing guns in America is totally ineffective. We have people building air cannon to throw pumpkins over 4k ft, just for the hell of it. People making model engines and such. The French made Sten guns with hand tools. Americans have lathes and mills and they know how to use them. Making guns isn’t that hard. All the information is out there. Plus the fact that the Government is NEVER going to be able to get all the guns even if nobody fought them.
        Plus the fact to get a gun you only have to take out the government LEO with one. Crossbows and bows work real well for that.
        Anybody who WANTS to fight MAD Americans has a death wish and is really stupid. The Democrats seem to fit that description.

        1. “Plus the fact to get a gun you only have to take out the government LEO with one. Crossbows and bows work real well for that.”

          There was a case back in 2018 where a police officer in Massachusetts arrived to a call of a man throwing rocks at a house. As the officer got out of his car, he was knocked out by a thrown rock, then shot to death with his own sidearm. “Great” gun laws in Massachusetts

          1. Hell, about 20% of cops nation wide who are killed in the line of duty during a crime are shot with their own weapon.

            As best I can tell, yes, this includes the guys hit by vehicles during traffic stops if it was something besides J Random Idiot.

      2. In Japan, the focus was more on putting society into stasis. Up until the Tokugawa Shogunate, it was possible – albeit unlikely – for a nobody to become ruler of Japan. In fact, this is exactly what Tokugawa’s predecessor did (and perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s the one who started the process that Tokugawa finished). The rulers didn’t want peasants threatening the social order. So they were banned from owning weapons. Guns were very powerful weapons that could be used with minimal training, meaning that they were the perfect weapon for a peasant uprising. Banning them was pretty much a given to make it more difficult for the peasants to revolt.

        1. *Wags paw* Shotguns were permitted for control of farm pests, but had to be registered. Apparently a few nobles also had firearms, and there were enough gunsmiths that when Commodore Perry arrived (1854), firearms production was able to ramp-up pretty quickly after the lords of Satsuma and Chosan decided to try and drive out the foreigners.

          Alas, they also discovered that Japanese firearms were not quite up to the standard of US Naval gunnery (1864).

  8. I watched Razorfist’s Bioshock LP recently and he raised an interesting point: if Trump wanted to start acting more like a dictator post-acquittal he could probably get away with it. He may be right. I doubt Trump could survive going full dictator (never go full dictator) and making his critics disappear, but if he wanted to play a little more fast-and-loose with what the law allows hardly anyone would listen to the objections. His critics have cried “wolf” too many times.

    I don’t think he will, though. For which I’m thankful.

    1. The fact that he *could* worries me. Not because I think he would, either. More that it seems a better idea to encourage the wrong people to do the right thing than assume our elected officials will be anything but self interested human beings.

      Heck, Republicans do a lot of things I disagree with as it is- the 2016 Republicans got elected to do *what* now and couldn’t swing it with the House, Senate, *and* a President that was all but begging them to do it? Not going to start ranting on the waste and spending (hard to stop once you get started). But as perfect candidates don’t exist outside of fiction- and only in bad fiction at that- we vote for the ones we mostly agree with and hope we don’t get fooled again. Too badly.

      The Party of Leave Me Alone, Don’t Take My Stuff, And Don’t Tax Me Too Much doesn’t exist. So we have to work with what we’ve got, and it ain’t always the best. All the more reason to pay attention and vote…

    2. In my opinion based on fifty years of observation, the entire Democrat party meets the Constitutional requirements for treason. A Republican president could legally charge, try, convict and hang/shoot the lot of them especially as no Democrat would be allowed on the jury as they would be under indictment too.

  9. I haven’t read this one of Kipling’s before. Thank you. He is definitely on my greatest poets list. Funny that– his poems are as meaningful today as it was when he wrote them.

  10. As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

    We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
    That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
    But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
    So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

    We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
    Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
    But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
    That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

    With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
    They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
    They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
    So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

    When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
    (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
    Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

    In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
    By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
    But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

    Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
    And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
    That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

    1. Hmm. Let’s have something more cheerful, too.

      “The three-volume novel is extinct.”

      Full thirty foot she towered from waterline to rail.
      It cost a watch to steer her, and a week to shorten sail;
      But, spite all modern notions, I found her first and best—
      The only certain packet for the Islands of the Blest.

      Fair held the breeze behind us—’twas warm with lovers’ prayers.
      We’d stolen wills for ballast and a crew of missing heirs.
      They shipped as Able Bastards till the Wicked Nurse confessed,
      And they worked the old three-decker to the Islands of the Blest.

      By ways no gaze could follow, a course unspoiled of Cook,
      Per Fancy, fleetest in man, our titled berths we took
      With maids of matchless beauty and parentage unguessed,
      And a Church of England parson for the Islands of the Blest.

      We asked no social questions—we pumped no hidden shame—
      We never talked obstetrics when the Little Stranger came:
      We left the Lord in Heaven, we left the fiends in Hell.
      We weren’t exactly Yussufs, but—Zuleika didn’t tell.

      No moral doubt assailed us, so when the port we neared,
      The villain had his flogging at the gangway, and we cheered.
      ’Twas fiddle in the forc’s’le—’twas garlands on the mast,
      For every one got married, and I went ashore at last.

      I left ’em all in couples a-kissing on the decks.
      I left the lovers loving and the parents signing cheques.
      In endless English comfort by county-folk caressed,
      I left the old three-decker at the Islands of the Blest!

      That route is barred to steamers: you’ll never lift again
      Our purple-painted headlands or the lordly keeps of Spain.
      They’re just beyond your skyline, howe’er so far you cruise
      In a ram-you-damn-you liner with a brace of bucking screws.

      Swing round your aching search-light—’twill show no haven’s peace.
      Ay, blow your shrieking sirens to the deaf, gray-bearded seas!
      Boom out the dripping oil-bags to skin the deep’s unrest—
      And you aren’t one knot the nearer to the Islands of the Blest!

      But when you’re threshing, crippled, with broken bridge and rail,
      At a drogue of dead convictions to hold you head to gale,
      Calm as the Flying Dutchman, from truck to taffrail dressed,
      You’ll see the old three-decker for the Islands of the Blest.

      You’ll see her tiering canvas in sheeted silver spread;
      You’ll hear the long-drawn thunder ’neath her leaping figure-head;
      While far, so far above you, her tall poop-lanterns shine
      Unvexed by wind or weather like the candles round a shrine!

      Hull down—hull down and under—she dwindles to a speck,
      With noise of pleasant music and dancing on her deck.
      All’s well—all’s well aboard her—she’s left you far behind,
      With a scent of old-world roses through the fog that ties you blind.

      Her crew are babes or madmen? Her port is all to make?
      You’re manned by Truth and Science, and you steam for steaming’s sake?
      Well, tinker up your engines—you know your business best—
      She’s taking tired people to the Islands of the Blest!

  11. Breaking News: Mayor Bloomberg Admits Suicidal Urges
    Mike Bloomberg could team up with Hillary Clinton to try to take down President Trump in November — by making her his running mate.

    Bloomberg’s internal polling has found the combo “would be a formidable force,” campaign sources told the Drudge Report Saturday.

    1. A clear sign that Bloomberg is NOT as bright as Obama (who knew he’d never make it out of his first term with Hilary as a running mate). My heavens what a pair of congenial personalities (NOT!!!) that ticket would be.

      A separate issue is Bloomberg is spending like mad in online media. My two 20 something daughters showed me that all their social media is full of Bloomberg adds. They were HIGHLY unlikely to vote fore him, but they’re saying their friends despise him as he’s screwing up their relaxation time. Perhaps he should just take a couple of pallets of benjamins and burn them and have Fauxcahontas make smoke signals with them…he’ll get a better return on his investment.

      1. My daughter said the same, of some Instagram site that she follows, which had Bloomborg (deliberate misspelling there) – the comments were all “Oh, ghod – HERE? Can’t we get away from politics for a farging minute? Give us some rest, you B*astards!”
        I was wrangling a yahoo discussion group for indy authors leading up to the 2008 election and I came down hard on any political element. IT WASN’T WHAT THE GROUP WAS THERE FOR! Earned me some butthurt from the conservative end of things, but oh, well … the group has gone anyway. It’s not that hard to keep a group neutral.
        I suspect that Bloomie has probably earned himself some down-votes from his venture into the internet. But just my .02.

        1. Yup he seems to have earned himself, “OK, Bloomer…”. Seems like lots of money still doesn’t get you good advice, the youth vote and the assorted minorities votes are critical to overbalancing the suburban/ rural vote in a lot of swing states. Lose that and things start to come off the rails for the Democrat presidential candidate in the electoral college. They’re also quite necessary for the Democrat Primary so it will be interesting to see how nanny Bloomberg does once he actually starts competing (Super Tuesday + I think, He wasn’t In Iowa or NH and not in Nevada caucus). If his opponents had any brains they’d be running his statements about stop and frisk 24×7 but none want to play hardball due to the Golden Rule (The person with the Gold makes the Rules) as they suspect they can beat him without getting nasty and take advantage of his HUUUGE tracts of land.

      2. And Bloomy wouldn’t want to have have the Hildabeast as a Vp. They are both residents of the same state (N.Y.) so the electors of NY may not vote for both of them. in a tight race that could leave the VP position up to congress or even to the other party. Normally one avoids a VP from the same state, although if both were from say RI the loss of 3 Electoral votes would NOT be as detrimental as the loss of 29 for NY for the VP (one presumes the electors would vote for the more critical office).

        1. The residency issue is trivial. Bloomberg has multiple homes and has said he would simply change his registration to one of his other domiciles, such as his mansion in Bermuda.

          Besides, both Bloomberg & Hillary are citizens of the world and their “residences” are merely mail drops.

          Curiously, it strikes me that, should Bloomy win, we’d have consecutive presidents for whom the White House was a slum.

  12. “The INTERNET? No. Sorry. Just no. Sure DARPAnet was a government effort. BUT the internet of cats and porn is NOT DARPAnet.”

    And thank Ghu it isn’t. Look up the history of the official Army-run brothels in North Africa in WWII. Squalid and depressing and not fun. I’d be afraid to see what they’d do with cat gifs.

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