At one time I developed a really bad ear infection.  This must have been 7 years or so back.  I felt miserable.  But it wasn’t until one of the kids came in from school, looked at me and said “mom, why are you tilting sideways?” that I realized my sense of the vertical was off.  Apparently something to do with the inner ear.

In the same way, it’s possible for our thought to slowly TILT out of all semblance to normalcy until it is in some place very far from normal, but we don’t realize it.  This is not uncommon (at least brought in as a defense) for crimes committed by tightly-wound groups.

It’s entirely possible if a woman fell in with her church choir she would be saintly, but when her only source of support and love is ye little orgy next door, it will be otherwise.

Now, normally — in most cases — it is easier to do this to teens.  To do it to adult humans you need a really powerful narrative, usually a simplistic one that explains “Everything.”  It doesn’t of course, but so long as no one brings in the things it doesn’t explain, or you can keep them away with vigorous excoriating of outsiders, you’re fine.  Or not.

There was discussion here of the never sufficiently to be reviled Zimbardo who is sort of like Rousseau’s evil twin.  Rousseau thought that raising a total savage would make a noble and wonderful creature.  Zimbardo thinks raising any civilized man is BARELY keeping monsters out of the Nazi indoctrination factories at bay.

It’s not either.  Of course it’s not either.

Mostly raising children with no discipline and no instruction creates really dysfunctional eternal toddlers.  But toddlers, while throwing epic tantrums (particularly when the toddlers are over 100 lbs and in adult bodies) aren’t refined enough to think of making lampshades with humans’ skin and/or feeding humans on cardboard.  No, those are refined and civilized monstrosity. It’s the difference between your cat eating you when you die, and your SPOUSE eating you when you die.  One is just the natural beast, the other is repulsive evil.

And no, not every human is just waiting for a little bit of power to become a monster.  Some are.  And some have been socialized to be.  Taught to be.

Which is not the same as being savages.

Rousseau and Zimbardo, the mirror twins, are in fact partners in taking apart human civilization.  There is this horribly dichotomy going on, a similar one to “every culture is equally good, except Western culture, which is evil.”  In the same way “noble savages are just perfect and wonderful, and evil comes into the world through the west/white people/males/people who are minimally competent, all of whom are nazi prison guards waiting to happen.”

The goal is to stop from instilling in kids the necessary training to keep them from descending into mere feral behavior, while at the same time convincing those that have the propensity — and some will or will have acquired it — with the belief that “everyone does it, so as long as you hide it behind virtue signaling, you can. Everyone who says they don’t do it — no matter how heinous the it — is only lying. Or is too coward to do it.”  Which is how you end up with things like… well… high-placed men flying on the Lolita Express.  The president of the united states violating the trust (etc) of his intern, someone at his beck and call.  And the press turning a blind eye to it, because “everybody does it.” And the feminists turning blind eyes to it because “At least he advances the right of women to have abortions. And all men do this.”

It’s also how you get fiction in which the highest, perhaps the only true crime, is “hypocrisy” i.e. claiming you shouldn’t do these things, while, of course, doing them, because everyone does.

Except that of course not everyone does it.  But the entire society has been subjected to gaslighting on the subject since Zimbardo’s crazy was accepted as science, so now everyone is walking a little tilted.  And they think they’re vertical.  Which is why both of those gaslighters need to be debunked wherever possible.

Which brings us to how this happens to groups: look, we’re social apes. We’re designed to pick up narratives, particularly tribal narratives.

It probably saved the lives of many an orphan or lostling to be able to integrate with the tribe and start doing the things the tribe did, even if he came from some place they didn’t.  That’s humans for you.

But cultures can go… weird.

It normally doesn’t happen all at once (and no, it’s not just some kids stranded on an island. Geesh.)  It takes either generations of bad raising (coff. Not that we’re not facing that) or a culture under severe stress for a long, long time.  And people being afraid.  And suddenly you start seeing people doing and saying things that you’d never have imagined a year or two ago.

Yes, to some extent we’re seeing this happen to the left, and it’s clear to us, because we’re not of the left.  And while a lot of them were always this crazy, a lot aren’t.  In fact we’re seeing a lot of it infect the left-fringes of the right who are suddenly saying things like “Better Red than Trump.”

Do I understand? To an extent I did. I was a never Trumper almost up to election 16.  Until I realized the sort of suicide pact was going to land us with Hillary.  It took effort to step away from the group think, to go “Wait, what am I doing?”

Richard Fernandez sometime back did something about “infective memes” that act like demon possession.  Oh, I’m not saying any of the people affected by them go overnight into monsters.  It’s more that you have friends you’ve known for years and suddenly they’re telling you that it’s okay if we elect a socialist because–  and then you get word salad.  And something about how rude or ignorant Trump is (Which I guess after the gentle Obama who gave people the middle finger and talked of the Austrian language… is completely insane, yes.)

This is terrifying.

I’ve been talking for years about how we’re tap dancing on a powder keg.  Well.  Someone decided to add some nitroglycerin to their soles.

And I’m starting to see a response on the right.  We’d be more than human if I didn’t.

Look, I understand preparing.  Hell. I’ve been stockpiling necessities for over a year.  I call it “the apocalypse closet”.  I don’t think bad things will happen in my neighborhood, but you never know.  And I’ve told you guys — all of you — that it will get very bad in spots.  It’s already bad in spots. And it will get worse.  And you’ll have to think twice about where you go and what you do in your lawful pursuits.


But I’ve been seeing things like “Kill them before they kill us.”  And no, not just in comments on this blog.

I’m as guilty as the next guy (and the next guy is Bob the Registered) of demanding heads on pikes, or of posting helicopters with “Go be a commie somewhere else.”

And that’s okay.  It’s  probably horrifying for the left, but so is everything we say and do.  So much triggering becomes silly.  Boy who cried wolf and all that.

But the thing is, we too are in our groups, and it’s easier to start tilting. And not notice. We’ve been under stress for a long time. All of us. And we’re looking at the left and seeing their flaunting of the laws and established procedure.  And yes, yes, I do believe them when they say they want to kill us.  I believe them even more when they say they wish we’d all die, because frankly most of their threats to kill us are like the crazy guy who followed me around downtown yelling he was going to kill me with his snake (yes, he had one. No, not poisonous or large enough to squeeze to death.)  Until I got tired and told him I was going to do something anatomically improbable to him with my knife.  And then he backed away from me so fast he almost fell.

Most of the left has a lot of aggression and given complete safety to express it will in the manner of undisciplined toddlers (and a few psychopaths.)  But yes, there are the few psychopaths who are legitimate threats (a lot of them in politics.)  I’m not discounting that.

Or that in certain times, in certain places, you might have to defend yourself/ves.

At this point I will not attend anything that’s likely to attract antifa without being armed.  And since firearms are a problem at most rallies, I’ll have to take knifes or maces.  But frankly I can’t understand people who don’t.  (Yes, metal detectors, but there are ways.)

And yeah, I’m not going to tell anyone it’s evil if one of the antifa kiddies ends up looking for his kidneys on the floor because he messed with the wrong old guy or girl.  Mostly because, though many of them are misguided or mentally ill, they did put themselves in arms way and you can’t give a sanity test to every attacker.  (Nor should you.)

Yes, there will need to be a lot of self-defense to stop them thinking they’re immune.

But right now, where you stand, where I stand, to go after, say journalists or lawmakers with physical force would be — if not unwarranted — unwise.  To the outsider, who hasn’t been watching politics closely, you’d look like the aggressor.

The way to fight a war of laws (or ignoring them) and of lies is to fight them with speech and demands for legal action.


And as for attacking the loudmouths, the every day meme posters, the nonsense talkers of the left, the everyday agents provocateurs on blog and social media?  That’s where you’re tilting so far you don’t realize how far.

Memes should be fought with memes — we will fight them with photo shop, we will fight them with Leonidas memes, we will fight them with gifs, we will never ever ever surrender — and words with words. Even when it seems like you’re throwing pearls before swine. You are. But it’s the spectators, the maleducated, the gaslit, who go “Wait… maybe there is a reason…”

And when and if the time comes to fight? Yeah, there will be crimes.  Our side has its psychopaths, too. We’re not angels. And some people have been under tension a long time (in a way we all have. All my friends’ groups have weird stuff going on in them.) Will there be what we call “War crimes?” of course there will. Look, there are “War crimes’ in every war. That’s why war is hell.

But will there be systematic, organized war crimes? Will we be rounding up people that the left insists are in their “preserve” and just killing them because of skin color, or — yeah, I do have an interest in this one, think on — accent, or how they dress, or their profession? Because we’ve stopped seeing them as people or even thinking about who they might be, and just see them as widgets and “enemy markers.”

I’ve told you before that — in my neighborhood next to Colorado College — I went to vote early morning, 2004.  And the precinct was full of what my mind catalogued as “hippies” and “Lefties.”  Women in lose skirts, with long hair. Men with long hair, in modish clothing.  And then I realized I was assuming their politics.  After all, I was wearing my Indian cotton skirt, had my long hair in a pony tail, and was carrying an art bag slung on my back.

As it turned out, my precinct went Republican that election.

But that instinctive target acquisition is group-think.  Yes, we do it too. And when we juxtapose that and the idea that all them sumsobitches should be killed… evil results.  Monstrous evil.  And then society turns against the people they see as evil and their ideas and — as often happens — throws away the baby with the bathwater.  And we careen into socialism, which kills even more people.

I think right now the left prays every day for some inadvisable violence from the right.  No. Make that “I know”.  I know, because every time there’s a shooter they wish-cast it onto our side.

Let’s not fall into a trap so obvious that it’s like an arrow on the path, saying fud, and leading to a red-painted noose, okay?

No one is telling you that you can’t defend yourself. But step back and think about what you’re trying to do and what the actual immediate provocation is.

The left is acting so crazy, that it’s making everyone crazy.  But are they like pre-historic man trying to stampede the bison over the cliff?  Or are they an actual clear and immediate threat?  And should we throw ourselves over the cliff to certain death, or think how to defend ourselves, rationally?

Step outside the group and think.  We are unfortunately social apes. It does influence us.

We are also, in this blog at least, goats.  We shouldn’t stampede easily.  Think.

If and when the time comes you need to defend yourself, be prepared. No one says otherwise.

But even if it seems impossible, try to avoid a conflagration that destroys the civilization we’re trying to preserve. Think of the mal-educated, indoctrinated, gaslighted generations who would, of necessity, do the rebuilding.  Don’t rush.

I pray every day that a conflagration won’t come. For the first time in my life I have A prayer life.  It might not help.  But who knows, it might.

Be ready for the worst, but do try to avoid it.

Be not afraid, but neither jump, arms wide into the void.

Be of the group, but not so wholly immersed you don’t see how things look from the outside.  (Given the lively arguments here, there’s not much danger, at least on this blog.)

Watch for tilting.

407 thoughts on “Tilting

  1. Cold Steel has some effective carbon fiber knives. Not as sharp as steel, but sharp enough.

    1. even my Blackie Collins assisted opening “letter opener” will get someones attention (pre-9/11, walked through the security checkpoint at MSY with it once and it doesn’t set off the detector). It too doesn’t cut well, but does a better entry than a pen or mechanical pencil.

      1. It is generally a good idea to carry an extra pair of sturdy socks. A pocketful of change is also very useful for all sorts of situations.

        Some assembly may be required.

        1. And since firearms are a problem at most rallies, I’ll have to take knifes or maces.

          An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.

            1. I learned the SCA version: “A grazing mace, how sweet the sound, that felled my enemy; How flat the head, that once was round, thanks to my mace and me!”

                  1. The Irish blackthorn stick is a multi-functional device. In the penal years the Brits banned guns and knives in public, but they wouldn’t take an old man’s cane. Don’t mess with a Mic with a stick.See also “shellelagh.”

        2. What came to mind for me was a monkey’s fist. Just a rope and a weight, though it does require some tying of that rope. Think a sturdier version of a sock, especially since you can make the handle a loop for your wrist.

          Alternatively, the “walking stick”.

      2. An ordinary walking cane makes an effective billy club. And there are even folks who give classes in using them for self-defense.

        Among my prized possessions is a commercially-made hiking staff with a pointed metal foot designed to grip in ice and snow… and long enough to use as a thrusting weapon, should one encounter an urban predator.

        Fortunately, I no longer live where such encounters are likely. At last year’s Trump rally, our local protestors consisted of half a dozen imported unemployables waving signs outside the gate, which occasioned much laughter from attendees.

  2. You are absolutely right. The left yearns for an atrocity they can use to paint “all conservatives,” as enemies of the state. And it is really hard not to tilt in response.d

    1. And if the police don’t start dealing with these Antifa thugs the way they should be dealt with, they may get it. They may get more than that. They may get a see of blood as the righteously angered rise up and slaughter the Antifa thugs, and those behind them, in job lots.

      1. One starts to wonder just how long before Portland|Seattle|Blue-City PD starts hearing “Do your damned job or we’ll start going after you!”

        OTOH, the attrition rate in Portland Law Enforcement is reported to be horrible. Maybe they’re already hearing it.

        1. Probably that’s not what they’re hearing.

          What’s probably happening is that the ones who want to actually be law enforcement are leaving, while the ones who stay are content to be lap dogs.

    2. I’m still startled Antifa didn’t try to pin their dead guy on the right– it’s got to be something so obviously bad for them that htey didn’t dare draw attention.

      1. Somebody (was it here, yesterday?) speculated that it was left-on-left intramural fighting, thus the call by other Antifa not to talk to the police. Considering it’s Portland, it’s got to be something devastating for their cause.

        I’ve not seen any information as to who owned the (bullet-perforated) SUV, but I’ve been away from Portlandia news for a bit.

          1. I reviewed the smidgen of news; it *wasn’t* due to fascists, sayeth the anti-fascists. The police are maintaining a respectful (spit) silence on the whole issue. No comments on the bullet-riddling of the SUV, but it gives rise to some thoughts… Night of the Long Knives, perhaps?

            1. I read someone speculating that at least part of anti-fa has slid into trying to compete with one of the regional gangs, and this was part of it. Criminal vs. criminal, not a political act. *shrug* I have 0 idea, but it was an interesting thought.

          2. It was noted in the comments of Tim Pool’s discussion video; “I wonder if the person who shot at the SUV had the gun legally.”

            That would probably explain why not wanting to talk to the police.

            Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a false flag on part of Antifa.

            1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a false flag on part of Antifa.

              Heh. Imagining two toddlers dressed up in Antifa costumes standing over a broken cookie jar with caption reading, “I know – we’ll say the Proud Boys did it!”

            2. Shadow, remember the Occupy Wall Street episodes where they were pressuring women not to report actual rapes in the encampments because optics.

              My money’s on an own goal by these psychos.

      2. They were trying. Even Tim Pool was kind of doing it, based on the concept that ‘the Right are more deadly when they become violent.’

        Pfui. The fact that the Proud Boys were repeatedly filmed being able to more EFFECTIVELY fight back in self defense has even the center-left bitter.

        1. Damned straight “The Right are more deadly when they become violent“!

          That’s because the Right are more likely to be adults and know how to throw punches, vs the childish slap-fighting in which the Left engages.

          It is also why we practice self-control, because we understand the consequences of losing it. As a man once said, “This ain’t Dodge City and you ain’t Bill Hickok.”

          And never confuse reluctance to fight with inability to fight.

          1. In the US at least, the Right goes straight from “piss off” to “I’m going to comr over and kill you now” without much in between, and very few actually want to take that step

      1. God rest Christopher Stasheff, I still tear up when I think of the way he took Don Quixote and used the character– I think it was like five books into the Wizard in Rhyme series, my goodness what an abject love that man had!

    1. We are also, in this blog at least, goats.

      As long as we’re not Fainting Goats! We’ll leave the fainting to the leftists.

  3. It is human nature to seek to discharge tension once accumulated to a certain point, even if that discharge be destructive. A bow left strung without firing eventually cracks.

  4. RAH was wrong.

    It isn’t just hard drink that makes you shoot and miss.

    Anger can make you shoot and miss. It can also make you hit the wrong targets. 😉

    1. He only said that strong drink can lead you to shoot at tax collectors — and miss.

      He never said strong drink was the only thing that could lead you to shoot, and miss, or that tax collectors were the only possible target.

  5. Yeah, this with bells on.

    Sure, I am seriously warped and bent. I have a lot of capacity for doing evil, some of which I deliberately and knowingly try not to use.

    (Other bits? Folks here have pointed out to me how corrosive hatred is to the soul. I know that, hate that specific hate anyway, and continue working on justifications for Evil, even while knowing that in other contexts I can recognize the same general approach as mistaken and refrain. That one issue of mine? If I could stop myself I probably would have already. I’ve stopped a great deal of other things that were not correct.)

    I have many internal guideposts. I can very well see that some of them are seriously tilted compared to the rest.

    There was discussion here of the ‘they were wrong to kill my brother when he was trying to kill them’ videos, and the chilling impact of seeing that those specific individuals have so narrow a monkeysphere.

    I’m not familiar with the videos, but had a similar chilling impression of Black Lives Matter. As a result, I found myself sliding into some thinking, and had to wrestle myself over it a bunch. It helped very much to realize that the ‘killed my brother’ spokesmen and the Black Lives Matter spokesmen might have been deliberately selected to project an incorrect picture of a group, and that my initial reaction could have been sought by the opposition.

    1. The story that got me was the loud lamentations of the siblings of the guy who was shot and killed while committing an armed robbery. That takes the crybully’s “That’s not fair! He hit back!” to a whole new level.

      So far, the most obnoxious lefties in our county are those who’d like us to have ever-looser marijuana laws, and were willing to try to destroy mail-drop boxes where votes against such could be counted on.

      It’s a matter of firm policy for us; we won’t go west of the Cascades longer than necessary (I’ll spend two nights there for each medical appointment.) and we won’t venture into Antifa-central. We’ve already put Ashland (about 10 miles south of Medford) on the no-go list, and we won’t go much north of Medford. It doesn’t matter what the attraction might be, we won’t go to Portland. Ever, at least not until grownups are running the city.

      1. Sadly, the only reason I am pretty sure I know which one you mean is that I can only think of one where there was only a sister and brother; usually it’s the mom, sometimes an aunt, etc.

        1. Perhaps that is a “good” thing, in that this sort of thing is very rare and thus only a very few documented incidents exist?

          1. Other way around. It’s getting common– up there with the eternal “he was turning his life around” stories, or the interview where the thugs grandmother talks about what a sweet, gentle boy he was and surely he couldn’t have been doing what he was doing when he was shot by a victim.

                  1. Even Jesus, an amazingly forgiving guy, said to “Go forth and sin no more.”

                    Considering he bore the marks of every sin, that seems a very mild request.

        2. We had a similar one a couple years ago, but in that case the perp survived (some bite marks on his arms–Good Boy!), and the aunt was going on about how mean it was; he only intended to rob and managed not to kill anybody.

          I am somewhat familiar with the above family. Aunty is full of it.

          1. AFAIK, Dad and Mom are both still in the greybar hotel. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
            We did an ambulance run for that guy years ago; there are times you kinda wish you were too late. Not quite, but close.

      2. I know it’s Oregon, but Medford makes *me* think of Medford, WI. And while Madison and Milwaukee have the insanity (it’s called MadTown for a reason), generally the rest of the state is at least in proximity to sanity. Note, I said sanity, not sobriety. [Even the drunks are generally more sensible than the leftists…].

        Admission: The town I grew up in & around is one of two (of which I know) that claim(ed) the most bars per capita of anywhere in the U.S.A. A few years ago, on a whim, I pondered a “pub crawl” just as a thought experiment. I walked around a SINGLE BLOCK downtown and decided that would be a Bad Idea – and the count is down significantly since Back When (and the Back When, is within my lifetime, in this case). Now consider, I once went and hit probably every bar in a *college town* and had two shots of whiskey per each (It was a friend’s 21st, but I’d never been seen… and Things Happen)… and it was just an interesting walk home (and lots of water… and drinking said water until the “oh, bounce & jiggle movie” started to bug me for lack of coherence.

        1. One local nickname for Medford, Oregon is “Methford”, and indeed, there is a striking lack of healthy dentition in certain parts of town. They’ve been in “hard times” since the logging business was killed off.

          And Ashland is where a bunch of hippies went when their commune collapsed. They have a university, and the Shakespeare festival drawing tourists, which means they can’t let the homeless-drug-using-campers problem get quite as bad as SF.

          The municipalities along I-5 between the two are desperately trying to not be either.

          1. Current news stories say it’s heroin and related opiates that are now the big problems in Medford, OR. (Ox, there’s a Medford, Mass, too. At least we’re not talking about Springfield. Not sure how many states have one of those.)

            Meth has been a chronic problem over here (Klamath Falls and the county), though the high potency Marijuana is causing a hell of a lot of trouble. The car wrecks are getting more creative.

            1. $SPOUSE (who watches local news so I don’t have to) says it’s both meth and heroin, with the gangs getting kind of shooty.
              Doesn’t help that the DA is an SJW, with a particular soft spot for Hispanic perps.

              1. My goal is to wear red, white, and blue in Lithia Park on Independence Day.

                Which a whole bunch of my friends. The big, burly ones that look like they will beat some Che-wearing blackshirt into hamburger for fun.

                1. How about with the short slight friends who are VERY well trained. Much more fun (although more expensive legally). Just think of the prosecutor telling the jury that you provoked the attack by wearing red white and blue on the 4th.

    2. Journalists and news rooms deliberately choose whose interviews to publish and family that is dealing with the loss of a family member are never rational, nor ought they be rational. Some woman wailing about how her nephew had only broke into those old people’s house (picking a case where everyone involved was white on purpose) in order to get some *food* because he was hungry… she’s not *supposed* to be sane at that point of a grieving and mourning process.

      So why does her incoherent excuse making (and excuse for her own failure to raise the boy better, which even a saint would be feeling guilt for) seem newsworthy? Why does someone choose to put that grief and irrationality on television?

      So deliberately selected, yes, and possibly to project the craziest possible view of “those people”. Possibly not thinking beyond ratings. Who knows.

      Bob, I remember when BLM was new-ish that there was a news thing about a community that had a picnic/BBQ with black police and people in the neighborhood and the idea was to do something positive about neighborhood policing. Some supposed “BLM leadership” made a statement about how that “wasn’t what we’re about”, but I’m sure that wasn’t the only positive thing that anyone did, but we didn’t hear about picnics when someone could report on a freeway blockage instead and really, who decided who the “leadership” was?

      My take on it was that properly woke people were given an opportunity to prove their creds by approving of the bad stuff while all the people less committed complained about working class people being late for work. After all, it’s easy to approve of and support good things, but in order to support bad stuff you actually have to symbolically say you’d be happy to be stuck in traffic with a toddler for hours… because *that* is a level above.

      1. deliberately selected, yes

        Of course. “If it bleeds it leads” is a basic rule of modern journalism — especially if they can frame it to reinforce a desired narrative. I wish it were conscious corruption – that would be (possibly) remediable. In better times even journalists would feel shame for exploiting a grieving family in that way but now? They justify it as allowing the public to see the harm done by vigilante acts.

        As with their framing of the TEA Party rallies, that is their view of the world in which we live and changing that view is extremely difficult. They gaslight us with sincerity because that is how the’re conditioned to see the world, but they’re gaslighting us all the same.

        1. I was working at a news radio station (connected to a TV station) in a small market when I went for a visit to the Bay Area. The news on the hotel TV had a bunch of jackals hanging around a house where a mom was possibly going to be told that the police had found her son’s body. The door opened, the woman came out wailing… and the cameraman zoomed in.

          My job at the time was often boring. I was thankful for that, given the behavior of *the mainstream news* in a major market.

        2. I pretty much agree with you, but I have to point out that self-defense is *not* a vigilante act. The media may justify it as such, but it ain’t.

          1. Lax phrasing on my part; I ought have been clear that the “vigilante act” is the Media’s phrasing.

            Self-defense: it is not only a right, it is a public service.

            1. Montana’s stand-your-ground law extends to defending persons or property, or preventing forcible felonies, without the need to consult the cops first:

              Montana Title 45. Crimes § 45-3-110. No duty to summon help or flee

              Except as provided in 45-3-105 , a person who is lawfully in a place or location and who is threatened with bodily injury or loss of life has no duty to retreat from a threat or summon law enforcement assistance prior to using force.


              Just looks like common sense to me…

      2. Journalists and news rooms deliberately choose whose interviews to publish and family that is dealing with the loss of a family member are never rational, nor ought they be rational.

        Some of them are terrifyingly rational.

        They started with the obviously hurting, obviously flailing, eternal cry of my brother is dead— but it’s shifted, over time.

        Now, they seem to be doing it with less pain than what I have years after my sister’s (peaceful) death, it’s sheer outrage.

        Maybe that’s a channel worn in by the prior exposure; I don’t know.

        It’s freakin’ terrifying, though.

    3. Black Lives Matter is a Black Quisling operation. It frequently ignores actually questionable police behavior in favor of building transparently fraudulent narratives in situations where the cops had good reason to shoot. This ties BOTH the Black community AND the cops more tightly to the Democrat kleptocrats who are running the cities.

      I find it interesting that there is a small movement among Blacks to #walkaway. If that is a reaction to eight years of Obumbles’ drivel and idiocy, then something good may yet come of his embarrassing Presidency.

  6. In other words: don’t lose touch with the normies and what the normies consider acceptable.

    You can create the best comic books in the world, but if you name it Alt Hero the normies will shun it and it’ll never get mainstream.

    I’ve tried explaining it and it’s like talking to a brick wall: it’s not 2016 anymore and after Charlottesville the alt brand is poison.

    I’ve been informed I’m a cuck.

  7. “But I’ve been seeing things like “Kill them before they kill us.” And no, not just in comments on this blog.”

    Ah yes, the good old Golden Rule. Do unto others before they do unto you. Never been a fan, myself.

    This is a tactic, not a strategy. If you’re IN a fight already, that’s one thing. But if the fight didn’t start yet, and you go anyway, now -you- are the problem.

    Uncle Phantom’s Rule One of how to get through life in one piece, don’t be the problem.

    Rule Two is have a solution handy for when some other asshole decides to be the problem. Maybe you’ll get lucky and not need it, but you better have it.

    1. I’m more for the Golden Rule Mod 1: “Do unto others as they would do unto you, first”.

      I don’t follow it in daily life (at least the bad, I do try to do good for others before they do for me) due to legal and tactical restrictions (that Sarah pointed out) and the fact that I realize that I am not omniscient and might misinterpret an innocent action and cause harm unnecessarily.

      I’ve walked away from and talked my way out of many fights because I didn’t want to kill (or even attempt to) someone over something that was basically trivial.

      Because I also know that there’s a part of myself that I keep under very tight control and that once that is released…

      1. There’s an old story about walking a mile in another man’s shoes. Had too do that when they’re too small, too big, falling apart, or the cat upchucked into it.

      2. Those with the strength and ability to do great and/or lethal harm generally learn very quickly the virtues of self control. Either that, or they learn a lot more about the insides of the legal system than most are wont to discover on their own. Those *without* the strength or means tend to view things in a more all or nothing manner, no measured response. They’ve no experience of violence, by and large. Exerting their will by force seems a simple solution, elegant and to the point. Not the messy, uncertain, and ugly method that it is.

        Thus I believe it is necessary to be *capable* of violence, but restrained in its use. There are times and places for it. In defense of self and others, and so on. It is a last resort. Violent acts affect those who commit them, as well.

        1. I learned very early in life that I don’t have the ‘common’ aversion to killing. I realized that presented with solid reasons for why someone needs to die, I would do it and not regret, because those reasons were very, very good. What was interesting was other people realizing this was so (and oddly, approving of it.)

          The ones what were horrified were all solidly ‘pacifistic’ lefty; the ones that would rather have someone ELSE do violence on their behalf while condemning them at the same time.

          Mind, my reasons are : self-defense, of self and others as necessary; child predators, predators of other folk, removal of a very real threat, and war. There’s that oddly understood ‘They needed killin” type too.

          So, we know what we’d go to violence for; the Left on the other hand, are far more willing to become violent for shallow reasons (disagreement seems to be enough, per the most recent videos coming from Andy Ngo.)

          1. I agree that there are things that must indeed be met with lethal force when encountered. Some men, the only way to end the threat they embody to you and yours is to put them down permanently. Others, a lesser gradation of violence is possible to end the threat. But there is a cost to pay, and it is not insignificant. This is something I hear *no one* on the left even acknowledge.

            The ending of a human life- even one *absolutely and without doubt* deserving of death- is not a small thing, good lass. It lays a mark on the human soul that cannot be scrubbed away. It changes a person. Permanently, irrevocably as the life taken. It is fundamentally different than killing a deer for food, or putting down a mad dog. Human lives *matter.* Yet again something many on the left seem dangerously uncaring of.

            Our political opponents are humans, too. As much as possible, I would like them to be alive when all is said and done. Redemption remains an option, even to the last breath, may it not be soon. Little do they know, little do they care, *we* know that come the day, they’ll be the first against the wall should their political fancies come true at last. Even a cursory look at history bears this out in bloody detail again and again.

            Protect yourself and your little ones, good lass. Never doubt that is good and right. But none of us should be eager for (not that you are, mind) or mistake the cost of a life taken. The left does that. Learned, no doubt, from their heroes Che, Stalin, Mao, Marx, et. al. I don’t want any more of ours to end up learning the hard way what often happens when you kill humans.

            1. I understand the loss when it comes to having to take a human life, having experienced loss myself. But having come very, very close to killing someone in self defense at least once, I know this for certain about myself: I wouldn’t feel bad about killing someone in self defense. I’d feel pity, maybe. I wouldn’t beat myself up over it. Regret, perhaps, that it came to that, and having needed to kill. I wouldn’t think less of myself for having had to kill another human being for that other person basically seeing me as less of a person, of less value, someone that is prey.

              But if it absolutely needed to be done, and there was no other way? Especially to protect and defend?

              I’ll bear the cost with no nightmares. Human lives matter. That’s why I’ll fight, even kill, to defend and protect, to stop a threat.

              Understanding that I am capable of that is different from being eager. I am not eager to shed blood. But if pushed to that point, I’ll do it. No regrets.

              I don’t know if I’m explaining the sentiment all that well, I’m afraid, so forgive my clumsiness in that regard.

              1. I get you, good lass. And it was less directed at you than I may have sounded like (more I’ve heard the sentiment phrased similarly far too many times). Having firm conviction is not eagerness, and being willing to defend you and yours is *right.*

                *shakes head* I don’t really have the right words to put what is on my mind to page. It isnt that someone who has killed will think less of themselves- some do, some don’t- but that they are very definitely not the same after. I will think on it. Some things I can say, some I can’t. Maybe I can steal someone else’s words if they look better for what I want to say. *grin* That tends to happen a lot, as there are a great many people out there who express themselves better than me.

                1. My sleep is especially broken these days (I think I mentioned somewhere that my daughter’s new game is to wake at some unholy little witchling hour, escape from her cot, crawl onto Mummy’s pillow, and land on Mummy’s face. My shriek is apparently funny as hell, or it tickles against her ribs. Something. She’ll grin at me then cuddle and sleep soon again, but I’m quite unable to sleep for a while afterward.

                  or she barfs in her sleep. Not fun.


                  I love her anyway.

                    1. I didn’t experience that (so far), but my eldest, at 3 years old, somehow managed to get the giant bottle of baby powder from the top of a tall bookshelf, and verrrrry carefully covered me and ALL OF THE BED…while I was asleep. She then fell asleep on a pile of pillows that she’d removed beforehand and I woke because I felt cold. And realized I was completely covered. I heard my mom at the loo, got up out of bed, to show her the granddaughter’s latest trick. Scared the hell out of her, then she saw me properly and started laughing. We both looked at the me-shaped outline on the bed and laughed again.

                      The kid would regularly go through the house, in pitch black darkness and crawl into her bed, or my bed, or my brothers’ beds.

                  1. You call to mind the night Momma Cat, who had shifted from sleeping atop my stomach to on my chest decided, for whatever demented reason, that atop my face was the place to sleep.

                    I sat bolt upright, she ran over my face, across my head and into the outer darkness … and Beloved Spouse asked what was wrong with me.

                    1. Had a dream last night that my head was in a brace and couldn’t move, and my feet were tied down. Dang cat. Dang dog. Cat, despite multiple hints, has decided that top of the pillow, so he is supported by my head, is the place to be. Dog decided my legs did not need to be moving.

                    2. I do not suggest this, but Kill cured our cats of that.


                      by launching them across the room when they tried to lay on his head…..

                      Apparently it’s similar to a “prank” that was common in the men’s berthing.

                    3. Side effect is I get hot(er), so I’ll swap/flip pillow to cooler option. Cat takes exception and goes off in a huff … legs got angled to middle of bed. But now I know why the dream was weird.

          2. Yep, I feel similarly to you. I’ve thankfully never been in a situation where I had to use violence, and almost never been in a situation where I even thought I needed to use violence. The couple exceptions in my life, though, my thought process was, “Okay, I don’t have any actual weapons on me… what around here could I grab and use as an improvised weapon if X happens?” X didn’t happen, though, so I never had to. But if X had happened, I wouldn’t have hesitated, because I had already made the decision, conditionally, to use violence. (Once would have been against an animal, in self-defense; but the other time would have been against a human being, in defense of another person rather than of myself).

            And if X had happened and I had had to use violence against another human being, I would have later regretted the necessity, but I doubt I would have regretted my actions, because if X had happened, they would have been entirely justified (for instance, I would have stopped using violence the minute the threat to the other person stopped. I had played the whole thing out in my head beforehand as I was walking towards the situation where X might or might not happen).

            1. I’ve actually BEEN in situations where the violence has had to happen. The opponent is usually male (I’ve had a few females though and females… you have to actually be more careful because they’re backstabby and vicious in a fight; a number get surprised that someone DARES to fight back. Oi.) and being so much smaller than my opponent tends to result in my needing to be more brutal than the other guy.

              It sucks, because I know my limitations and have to work with them, and well… I have to think differently in situations now, because Australia.

        2. This is why we should let children fight. They physically can’t generate enough force to really cause major harm, but they’ll quickly learn that there’s no such thing as the winner of a fistfight. Enforce some basic rules like no teaming up, gouging, biting, or tools and let the kids go until they’re tired. Odds are they’ll be friends afterwards.

          1. Worked when I was a kid. Learned real quick not to throw a punch with a closed fist, a punch in the nose hurts more than one on top of your head, and exactly where my kidneys are, for example. *chuckle* It’s the best time to learn.

            1. Didn’t work when i was a kid. kept getting bullied and hit and into fights until high school when i finally had learned enough to hip toss someone into a locker hard enough to dent it.

  8. Rousseau was either an idiot, or a monster, depending on whether he believed his own bullshit or not.

    The natural state of Man (and Woman) is that of an animal — an unreasoning, violent creature driven entirely by primitive emotions and impulses, constantly seeking immediate self-gratification. In order to overcome that bestial nature, all Men (and Women) have to be taught to think rationally, and carefully inculcated with the values and principles of civilization, a process of education which must be started early and maintained consistently until (at least) young adulthood. If such teaching is not applied, or is not effective, though they may walk upright and speak in the words created by civilized folk, they will remain feral brutes and threats to all around them.

    That’s what they’re raising in those ghettos, slums and barrios. Packs of feral beasts with no better response to their failures than violence. That is what the ‘progressives’ want, because they can promise to solve the problem they caused with the same tool they used to cause it: massive government intrusion into our lives.

          1. I think you could make it a mile, but like catapult-assisted-travel, the landing would be the issue.

    1. Idiots who don’t think that rational thought doesn’t require training, mentoring and discipline should be required to teach AP physics to teenage girls with ADD.

      1. Methinks you put too many negatives in that statement.
        “What? You’re a Betan! You can’t do—”

    2. Rousseau deliberately sent his own children to orphanages with the full knowledge that meant their chances of surviving to adulthood were, percentage wise, single digit.


      1. Worse, IIRC he didn’t even try to leave them at one of the more-survivable ones, but left them at the nearest one, which was one of the worst in city.

      2. Instant summary based on 3 or 4 random paragraphs from _Emile_ :

        Everything will be perfect if only man can be changed to fit our ideals. The fact that we have no experience at child-rearing (having disposed of our own) is irrelevant; it’s our ideals that count.

        IOW, a proto-communist. Yeah, that’s a monster.

  9. There is a reason that there are lots of psalms and prayers that demand His attention! If you have a concern or a beef, they are there to be used.

    At my Catholic parish, which is at a university, the kids and the current priest are praying the St. Michael prayer after every daily Mass. We never should have stopped, to be truthful, but it is amazing how many folks are doing it again.

  10. Until I got tired and told him I was going to do something anatomically improbable to him with my knife.  And then he backed away from me so fast he almost fell.

    I was in the grocery store parking lot and had just opened the trunk to stow the groceries when an ‘aggressive panhandler’ approached. I had just been to the karate studio, where I had taken something I’d bought recently to show the instructor.

    When I pulled my brand-new katana out of the trunk, the approach turned into a hasty retreat.

    1. There’s a tale that goes around at least the Kingdom of the East in the SCA (supposedly about one of the Cleveland locals back when I lived in Akron). A fighter of some repute, a Duke specifically (in SCA terms meaning head previously beat all comers in SCA weapons combat to become King for the year–twice), was returning from an event in full garb. Someone attempted to mug him with a comment about he has “six inches” (length of pathetic little knife) as to why said Duke should comply.

      Duke draws his sword: “I’ll see your six and raise you thirty-two.”

      I’m pretty sure the tale is apocryphal but it’s just plausible enough that maybe…

      1. I have heard a couple others… truth coefficient: UNKNOWN.

        1. Group going home from $EVENT. She (least bulky attire just then) refuels… and gets unwarranted ‘attention’.. wraps/yells the code to present/assemble… The Gang pile out of the van, in armore/armed… and $ATTENTION_SEEKER has WAY more attention than he really desires.

        2. Dinglefritz actually DOES try to stab… the guy who hadn’t taken off his plate armor, but just pulled a big shirt over it. The stabbing fails, and fails HARD.

        1. Supposedly a young woman coming home from an SCA event was approached by a mugger. She pulled out her weapon and said, “Oh, boy! Real Combat!”

          1. I knew a little stick of a girl who broke a guy’s collarbone for him at a bus stop, on her way home from Tai Chi. With a palm strike.

            Not just for little old ladies.

            1. Know someone, then middle-aged, 5’5″ and maybe 120 lbs, who got mugged while in London for… Worldcon? I forget, been ~25 years. Anyway… she resisted. He broke her arm, but she broke 3 of his ribs, got control, and frog-marched him back to the con hotel, where he was handed over to the cops.

              To be fair, she had a prior career as a corrections officer.

        2. My guess is Rural Myth.

          There’s so many variations, because it DOES happen all the time.

          …says the gal who sprinted up the stairs with a sword because she Heard Something, and the sword was there.

          1. Years ago, a friend’s brother, who happens to a cop, was off duty when some idiot tried to rob him (this was in late 80s) and pulls a knife. Off duty officer says :You really don’t want to try this, put down the knife” Idiot goes “you better give me your money, or I’m going to cut you”., Officer says “PUT DOWN THE KNIFE”. Idiot goes, man you better give me your money. Officer pulls his gun, which he carries off-duty. PUT DOWN THE KNIFE. Idiot drops the knife and says “knife’s down, want my money?”
            Happened outside a restaurant/bar that we used to go to a lot.

            1. You’d think they’d cover this in Crime University.

              “If you’ve got the mark outgunned and he isn’t afraid of you, you don’t have the mark outgunned. Get out.”

            2. The friend’s brother was lucky, if the 20 foot rule* would have been in play.

              (*) Knife wielder can close and kill faster than a defender can draw and kill the perp. Especially if the firearm is concealed.

              What little I’ve learned about such situations is it’s a good idea to get some distance from the person with the knife. OTOH, if you’ve already drawn before then, it’s another story.

              1. The thing is, the robber wanted the money, not a dead body.

                Comes seriously into play when someone wants to murder you, and robbery isn’t safe, but the way the robber kept threatening instead of stabbing gave him some leeway.

          2. There was a case where a man broke into an apartment with a sword, but the woman’s screams were in fact from a movie. Read the news articles. There were no charges.

          3. first heard this one with Pournelle in the Gary Stu role…


            Tribal warfare is ongoing. We are not yet at the point of mounting punitive expeditions, and yet questions arise:

            1) at what point should we accept Their demonstrated tribal enmity as creating a de facto Us? Who, exactly, is pushing for White Nationalism?

            2) Should we accept extinction rather than allow ourselves to be categorically lumped in with Portagees, Spics, Froggies, Krauts, Bohunks, Dagos and Micks (etc,. etc.) in an undifferentiated mass of Problematic Whiteness?

            3) Does it have to be directly me or mine victimized for it to be proper for Me to preemptively act?

            4)If dumb Polacks can discover Solidarnosc, why can’t we?

            1. *slow blink*

              One, your comment has no identifiable connection to the conversation at hand, nor indeed to any other comment on this thread.

              Two, your argument stinks on ice, since it is a freakin’ rehash of the stupidity that their racists try to use to scare sufficient numbers of “their” people for control.

              Which works so well that they have to keep importing new target groups.

            2. 1) the threading here is funky… sorry for disconnect.
              2) connection was to “see your 6 and raise”
              persistent folkllore story..

              3) my +5SD buddy and I had just been discussing sheepdog costly altruism in a group selection context

              I was responding to “don’t start a war” with LOLWUT? START??

              The crocs in Lake Victoria grew fat on those who Refused to Notice.that they were in a tribal war.

              what am I to make of Sarah Jeong’s “cancel white people? Let me emphasize that the unabashedly racist category is hers not mine.. that’s what the string of euro- pejoratives was trying to convey…”White” is their melanin based hate target, not a nationality until they forge it into one…
              Telling ME to shut up because THEY do a lot of “put you back in chains, y’all..” wolf-crying? LOLGF! the Grima is strong in this one…

                1. “respond to words to words” (re Sarah Jeong)

                  “No one ever died from reading Der Stürmer, but the culture it served caused 6 million Jews to drop dead” – George Will

                  Jeong and her crowd greenlight “punching Nazis” and then declare all white men as Nazi. Words have power.

                  I get where your article is coming from, but the Left is going to tag us as violent monsters regardless. And it’s a difficult line in sand you draw – the need to resist being gaslighted into passivity as Antifa cracks our skulls open with bike locks, while simultaneously setting a *credible* warning to the Left to stop “or else”.

                  As for the “or else”, while you may be alarmed at the rising sentiments of “kill them before they kill us”, I’ve been hearing “keep your powder dry” and all it’s variants for some 30 years now. I think it’s all talk. And my concern is opposite yours: is it a bug or a feature that conservatism appears to lack the will to defend it’s ideals with force, or even the threat of force? That’s why Trump beat out the other Republicans, even my fav Cruz, because the GOP had mastered the art of Losing Gracefully, playing a Prevent Defense for 4 Quarters, turning routs into orderly retreats and declaring that a “victory”.

                  If we lose this Republic, do you really think the Left’s Indocs Centers will teach that the Right wing fought honorably?

                  I keep seeing calls for us to err on side of caution, so I try bring that back into balance by calling for us to go for the ball, risk incurring the foul. The Left is out there agitating for “revolution” every single day for forever. The Right is busy pursuing careers and raising families, and just wants to be left alone. The Left provokes, the Right reacts. That’s as losing strategy.

                  When was the last time the Right overplayed their hand? I think a good basketball coach would be concerned if his players never incurred a foul – it shows they aren’t being aggressive enough. Sure, don’t foul out. But not even one bad call? Timid. Passive. Submissive. Impotent. What does that invite.

                  I also believe we are in part responsible for the threats and violence from the Left, because we have taught them there is no consequence for their behavior.

                  “respond to words with words”… I have conservative friends who are dosed with daily outrage porn about the Left’s latest act. But they have become so afraid of being misportrayed by the media that they have been effectively neutered. Their red line no longer exists. Their destiny is to write 500 words lamenting the Fall Of The Republic for the Atlantic. I think they have come to believe that if we must resort to violence to save the Republic, then something is inherently wrong with our system and it’s not worth saving anyway. And they consider that virtuous.

                  ““And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if – ” (Solzhenitsyn)… you know the rest. That’s my fear, that conservatism lacks the will to fight, that we will either go out with a whimper, or be taken over by a “stronger” political philosophy that will devolve into a monster far worse than our inner monsters we keep restrained.

                  1. Sure, and if they come to arrest is time to fight.
                    Let’s be real, though, shall we? NOTHING IS HAPPENING (including people like Jeong) that hasn’t happened the last 50 years and more. It’s just now you see it.
                    Don’t let yourself be stampeded off the cliff.
                    The left isn’t screaming because they’re winning.

                  2. I get where your article is coming from, but the Left is going to tag us as violent monsters regardless.

                    No, the hard core will scream we’re violent monsters.

                    A lot of relatives are in the “nice” liberal group. Guess what happened with the ones in Portland when Antifa rioted and busted up a car dealership?
                    Guess what happens with old classmates when they share the usual posts, I make rational arguments, and their buddies fly in like incoherent harpies?
                    They don’t suddenly convert…but they definitely are a lot less enthusiastic, and it sticks. They still do the genuflections but they’ll even agree, especially when there’s someone to take the heat.

                    And they’re NOTICING who is violent, and who only does violence when attacked, or to save someone.

                    They’re not suddenly going to stand up to people who can destroy them– the left spent at LEAST decades choosing targets from among their outliers to prevent defections.

                    But they’re losing. The folks are slipping through their fingers.

              1. It takes two to start a war. It only takes one to start a pogrom.

                Which is why I am ancestrally committed to taking at face value expressions of a desire to eliminate “me and mine.” But I prefer to persuade potential genocidalists, through words, that their blatherings are at risk of being taken seriously — the clean-up is much easier.

                There is, of course, historical support for gentle persuasion in lieu of violence.

                  1. Piffle. One can make peace.

                    Or a desert, and call it peace.

                    War requires two sides else it is only slaughter.

              2. You hit the button that says ‘reply’ next to the time-stamp, which is next to the name of the person you are responding to, and directly above the comment you are responding to.

                There is no comment about starting a war on this entire page, beyond your own and responses to it; likewise, the discussion of the Left’s attempt to create white nationalism are on an entirely different page.

                I did not tell you to shut up, I said you were wrong, pushing a stupid idea, and gave reasons why. Grima.

                    1. True. Hadn’t noticed the “new” twit had directed Grima at you first. Ah well, that’s what I get for skimming past another moby’s Concerned bleatings. *facepalm*

                    2. Disputably accused, Sir Res.

                      Nobody likes being accused in the first place, but the injustice of someone accusing others of that which the are innocent, but the accuser is guilty of– that’s extra annoying.

          4. I once charged down the stairs in my underwear with a shouldered rifle because I heard a crash and a scream downstairs. Turns out somebody knocked over the easy chair goofing off, and buddy’s ditzy wife – who was seated in it at the time – was the one who screamed.

            In my defense, there _had_ been break-ins in the neighborhood.

      2. My uncle (married to the nurse I mentioned about an hour ago, on the side that look like 5ft8 dwarves) Heard Something outside one night, and charged down stairs. Someone was screwing with the cars parked out front– his or the neighbor.

        So he grabbed what he THOUGHT was his baseball bat from the front closet, and charged outside wearing boxer shorts and yelling…..

        He’d grabbed his (personally forged, longer than his arm) sword.

        Then his neighbor, who was also in the same Celtic group, ran out with his (unsharpened, but Very Cool Looking) battle axe, also in his boxers.

        They got two cans of gas from the deal because the twits who had been siphoning gas ran like heck in the face of the loons.

        1. If you’re ever at a point where you’re not physically capable of violence, a large helping of Crazy can often win the day. And if you do it right, sometimes you avoid the need for violence altogether.

          1. Yeah. There was a friend of the family (who was quite short) who managed to get a drunk by his yard with a gun to calm down by pulling out a larger gun and saying, “Do you want to continue escalating the situation?”

            Not precisely Crazy, but weird enough to trigger some sign of self-preservation in the drunk…

        2. also in his boxers.

          Are you saying that you’re never underdressed when you’re carrying a battle-axe?
          “You call that a knife? THIS is a knife!”

        3. I had a college friend by the name of Thumper who was about 6’5 and correspondingly broad. And liked to play with broadswords in the SCA.

          He was walking the (tranquil, quite lovely) college grounds with his girlfriend after a meet when the prank-prone Idiot Fraternity jumped out of the bushes whooping and hollering. Cue Thumper, in a dramatically swirly cloak, pulling his (rattan, but it was dark) broadsword and charging them, screaming his lungs out.

          I’m told it was quite effective.

      3. One… actually two stories.

        I was stationed on a Marine Air Station (El Toro) when the King Riots happened in LA. A car full of guys rolled through the base housing area just outside the back gate real slow with a guy sitting out the passenger side window, obviously looking for trouble. They found themselves pretty instantly surrounded by a bunch of pissed off Marines. I thought they were going to wet themselves. We didn’t hurt them, but they sure seemed glad to see the MPs when they arrived to cart them off.

        Another occasion, A few friends (also Marines) and I were… perhaps a little drunk…. walking down a street in a not-so-nice neighborhood and a snot-nose kid in gang colors walked by, pants sagging WAY down below his ass, and strangely enough he either wasn’t wearing boxers, or his boxers had sagged with his ill-fitting pants. Comments may have been mad as to how we didn’t want to see his naked ass hanging out, and snot-nose decided that he had been disrespected. So he tells us to just wait, he was coming back with friends!

        So we, sorta, waited. Mostly we kept walking, but walking is slow enough it wasn’t like we were going to get away. Just when I about decided we weren’t going to see that snot-nose kid again, he actually shows up with a few buddies, and the pull out knives. Puny little ones. We Three Marines, against five teenaged punks… with tiny little knives.

        “Hey guys, they have knives! That means we get to HURT them now!!!!”

        And we charged, ran right at them… they scattered like the chickens they were and vacated the area. Fun!

        Needless to say, we made sure we weren’t around in case they came back with guns next.

          1. In the “Things I Found On My Way To Looking up Other Things” category:

            Not as funny, but that’s the advantage of having editing.

    2. I had one of those “Aggressive panhandlers” approach me while I was pumping gas in my car. The first thing he noticed when he came out from behind my car (likely in an attempt to surprise me not knowing I had seen him coming) was that the gas nozzle was pointed at his face and I was patting my pockets looking for a lighter.

      If he had pushed the issue and become violent, I was all set to douse him in gas. I *probably* wouldn’t have lit it…. probably… and to do so I would have had to borrow a lighter since I don’t smoke.

      1. You don’t need a lighter, just a spark. Steel on cement will do the job, and if you use a lighter it’s kind of hard to say ‘Oops’ afterward.

        Remember, on these new-fangled gas nozzles, you have to pull the rubber snout back or it won’t squirt. Makes it a pain to fill my motorcycle tank because the damn things always shut off about two gallons from full.
        Shannon Foraker: “Oops.”

        1. Best-delivered “oops” in any fiction I’ve ever come across. Love that scene. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    3. Know what a brush ax is?

      I don’t mean the puny little goat’s foot knives. Sixteen inch blade, broad as a wood ax, on a four foot haft. With a wicked curving point on the back. Think farmer’s assegai. Or really broad bayonet. Good working tool for clearing light brush quickly. Or swamp weed and saplings. A man with a little experience can get quite good leverage on a swing. It’s a good piece of gear to have if you work outside and in loose forested/marshy areas. Beats a machete all hollow in my opinion.

      This story takes place at a nightclub. Oh dark thirty, bit chilly, late fall. Nice place to catch a drink and maybe spend a little time with the office ladies that like to dance (and I kid you not, these gals could *dance*). Parking lot gets a combination of work trucks (us) and little euro sedans (them).

      The bar a block down the road caters to a bit rougher crowd. Folks that take their drinking seriously, see.

      Well, it would seem that critters one, two, and stupid (he don’t rate a “three”) were none-too-gently tossed from the bar for basically being who they was, which was young drunken idiots from across town wanting to pick a fight. They then meandered down the street to the nightclub. It had a nice, bright sign out front. It had loud techno thumping out the doors. And girls. Pretty girls giggling and going inside. Having been ousted from their first attempt at “fun,” how could they resist?

      I’m sure y’all can fill in a few blanks here. They got turned down, got p*ssy about it, and booted out. Decided to make even bigger asses of themselves by harassing a customer or two of the feminine type outside in the less-well-lit back lot. Only this time there was, I think the word used was “persuasion” involved. Attempted, I should say.

      Buddy of mine, being all of five foot six and the kind of build they used to call “wiry” catches the sound of female voices in firm protest. And critters one, two, and stupid, of course, being what they were. Buddy digs in his truck box a sec and grabs the handle. Swings it over a shoulder like a baseball bat. Looks a fair piece like a baseball bat that way, too. Decides to do what men of a certain breed do in such a situation. He goes and puts his nose in it.

      Critter one sees him and decides he needs some backup. So he pokes critter two. Critter two (not the brightest bulb either) decides he needs some moral support, so he pokes stupid. Stupid decides he’s got one of those trench knives with a knuckle duster, and two idiot friends with cool switchblades no less, and he thinks they can take him.

      Buddy swings the brush ax down, ready, and decides “okay. Y’all want to play ball, I’m game.”

      The office called in thought it was hilarious. The EMT was less amused. The young lady from the parking lot laid kept the revolver in her purse and thanked Buddy most kindly. No stupids were seriously harmed, other than pride, and needing clean pairs of britches.

  11. I have been chastised by family members for constantly referring to those of the Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Fascist/NAZI/Progressive/Statist bent as “stupid” and “idiots”.

    I do so because many of them are, indeed, Useful Idiots that don’t understand what they are actually working towards.

    As for the rest, well the more I consider how Evil they are, the more I tend towards my preference of removing Evil with extreme prejudice, which is not healthy, for either side.

    Better to think of them as stupid, at least until if/when they kick the ball off (which would be stupid on their part).

    1. “Stupid” and “Idiot” are convenient shorthand descriptions, suitable for casual use among friends. Full delineation of their intellectual failings, shortcomings and misapprehensions would be needlessly tedious and is only appropriate for formal discussions.

      1. Progressives do not think. What they call thought is nothing more than a fetid pile of logical fallacies, unwarranted assumptions, and inchoate emoting.

        1. “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. It isn’t even that Johnny can’t think. It’s that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is. He confuses it with feeling.” Thomas Sowell

          1. The problem is that Johnny’s vote counts just as much as yours or mine.

            That’s why a property requirement to vote is necessary for a properly functioning republic.

            1. Nah. I’ve known plenty who’d meet that requirement who can’t think, and plenty that couldn’t who can and do.

              I’d settle for making people pass the citizenship test.

              1. Yeah. Mark Zuckerberg meets that requirement, Nancy Pelosi meets that requirement, Maxine Water meets that requirement, Tom Steyer meets that requirement, Jane Fonda meets that requirement, Barbra Streisand meets that requirement, George Soros meets that requirement …

                Depending on how one defines “property” I doubt Sarah’s sons meet that requirement but I am sanguine about their voting … OTOH, if the “property” requirement is merely satisfied by a $10,000 car I think many such people would meet that requirement without supporting Constitutional norms in the slightest … while somebody owning no property except a in hock up to the eyeballs food truck might be exemplary voters.

                1. My understanding is that property had to be real estate, or a profession. The idea was to require a stake in the community that would make the voter subject to any crazy politicians that he elected without being able to just walk (cough California) when the crazy started to hurt.

                  1. So, the folks who own homes in San Francisco and Silicon Valley still get to vote?

                    I understand the Founders’ logic but am glad they realized the potential hazards.

              2. I’m not talking a property test as in real estate, more along the lines of putting up a bond for several thousand dollars for a rather lengthy period of time to be able to vote. It’s not going to be perfect, nothing is, but it would be better than what we have now.

                  1. It’s not quite as bad as the “you have to have X, Y or Z income” one, but it’s up there.

                    (Gosh, yeah, let’s disenfranchise housewives or those who invested well or….)

  12. I have long been of the belief that should things get to widespread political violence, I would almost certainly not survive. The worrying sign for me is not that the belief has changed. It hasn’t. It’s how okay I’ve become with the idea.

      1. I have a fondness for the Steve Rogers of the MCU Captain America.
        Like him “I can do this all day”. Amazing how the left couldn’t ruin Cap no matter how hard they tried.

        1. Amazing how the left couldn’t ruin Cap no matter how hard they tried.

          They usually fail at it. Reality always imposes a message they never intended; the character becomes unlikable, or stupid, or something

          One story in particular that I know of had a leftist revolutionary that, when The Revolution happens is revealed to be a monster. Cue screaming from the usual suspects. Then when the story was expanded upon the revolutionary was revealed to have deliberately appeared as a monster so that [Time travel machinations] would happen….

          The problem is that ok, she is unusually self aware about her own dark side. Credit where due. But her cause still went full killing fields the moment she wasn’t there to keep her people in check.

          It is actually more damming than the original.

        2. What’s interesting is that Chris Evans apparently leans pretty far left IRL; which says he’s got some good acting chops to have pulled it off.

          1. As far as I can tell, the SJWs really think Cap is one of theirs. Because he’s kind and brave and cares about the little guy.

            1. Exactly — that is the way the human mind works.

              Ad it is why we can find common ground with many on the Left — and why their herders engage in so much othering of conservatives. Watch their political messaging and you will note that >80% is about how terrible conservatives are and the rest is vague promises of pie in the sky by and by.

              Even the ones who speak of “reaching across the aisle” expect those on the Right to do most of the stretching.

          2. Speaking of Chris Evans…

            One of my friends just posted a link to Facebook saying that Chris Hemsworth wants to remake The Three Amigos with Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans.

          3. Yeah, some of the Usual Suspects of the “gosh, let’s copy the Left” tried to destroy the character by having hissies about how dude is hard-core left.

            Don’t care, he breathed life into an archetype and did good work.

            (Actor does good stuff as a person, too. Still loving the Superbowl thing that a couple of the actors did, where the “bet” was something like showing up dressed as teh other guy– and then they both went and visited kids in the hospital anyways.)

            1. That’s our major problem: good people who have bought into the false narrative, and we aren’t able to get them to change their minds. And it’s a very human thing to not want to look at something again to change our minds once we’ve already decided on something; regardless of whether we made the decision emotionally, or logically.

              1. It took me the longest time to understand! The Emotion once ignited, whether by a Fake Thing or not, is itself a Real Thing, a kind of self sustaning feedback loop in the brain of the emotified ?propoganda victim?
                ?mob participant?

              2. it’s a very human thing to not want to look at something again to change our minds

                Pull one loose thread and the whole damn thing might unravel.

                Which is why cults hate apostates more than mere unbelievers and why converts are often the strongest apologists.

                1. On the flip side, it takes a lot of time and effort to explain things– so it gets really old, really fast, to have to explain EVERYTHING. Especially if half the time, they don’t appear to pay any attention to the explanation.

                  *glares at her children, significantly*

        1. If the Democrats get power, they will simply bankrupt the entire healthcare system, including the pharma companies that make the medicines we need. The violence will come AFTER they have already wrecked things.

          1. Yeah, how many new drugs have been developed in those wunnerful countries with socialized medicine? How many new medical devices, or surgical tools, or improved forms of treatment?

            I hear in Canada there’s a three-month waiting list for an MRI scan. I guess if you die before they can figure out what’s wrong, that’s just too bad.
            Label seen on Outrageous Acts Of Science:

    1. What scares me is NOT the idea I might not “make it” but what I might think up and rig up should push come to shove. The crap I think of on an *average day* scares me. (Ex: I am TWO chemicals away from contact laxative. And they both can bought on Amazon. No, I haven’t. Yet. And I damn well will NOT have them on the same order, if I ever Go There. And there are things nastier than laxatives… at the local hardware store.) And then, even if I am truly and utterly enraged and thoroughly ready to Be Very Nasty Indeed… I am a *piker*. Others know MUCH more, and are likely better prepared – even if only by subconscious accident.

        1. Yes. Though that’s not all of it. Nicotine, ethanol, and the more obvious assorted pesticides and cleaning products.. though according to some theories, one might even include *bread* as a long-term poison.

          1. Only if it is mass-produced Bread of Pallor. Or if it contains grain. “Grain-free bread is fine.” (Yes, it took a lot of control not to *facepaw* right there.)

      1. I have sometimes contemplated carrying of two squirt-guns, one filled with bleach, the other with ammonia. Or perhaps bleach and vinegar. Or vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Or baking soda in solution and lemon juice. Or …

        1. Hmm. Has anyone invented the spray bottle with two reservoirs, but one sprayer that accesses both sides at the same time? Thus when pulling the contents, it pulls from both sides equally to combine automatically into the spray? One bottle, one lethal combination kept separately until triggered.

          1. I suspect it should have dual nozzles so that the contents don’t get mixed until after exiting the sprayer.

            I am sure it has been developed for industrial and/or military use but doubt it is available for home consumers.

            But it ought be simple to manufacture with 3D printing. Start with a pair of plastic bottles, each flat on one side so they can be paired under the mount … a dual-headed spray nozzle with single trigger or paired triggers? Either way, it would be off-the-shelf tech needing only minor adaptation.

            Add an supply of compressed air to aid pressure …

            1. >> “But it ought be simple to manufacture with 3D printing.”

              Make sure the bottle is VERY tough. Unless you’re actually trying for a Darwin Award, that is…

          1. But does the person getting squirted know that?

            Which is why “milkshaking” merits a deadly force response.

            1. Once they started putting Portland cement in the mix, the only thing keeping the situation from getting extremely bloody-er was Portland PD in their role as sympathetic witnesses for Antifa.

              1. At some point Portland police are going to find that they are taken out first to clear the way to Anti-fa. That is what happens when police decide (and yes it is their decision even if they have such orders) to support the thugs.

        2. In The Man With The Golden Gun, a brainwashed 007 attempts to assassinate M in his office with a bulb-butted cyanide-shooting water pistol. Elsewhere this is described as a weapon useful for assassinations, being undetectable without special attention, its effects likely being passed off as a heart attack. Ideally it should be used when coming down the stairs against the target coming up the stairs.

      2. Part of my job is hazard *prevention,* along with the maintenance and repair stuff. Folks with experience that can be gained in high school shop class and entry level chemistry (or could have some decades ago, when I was a student) can do some things. Those who have made their careers in hands on jobs, real engineers, and suchlike would have a good idea of what things not to do simply from MSDS sheets, safety briefings, and on the job training.

        *shakes head* The thing is, when you spend your life building and maintaining the things, you *really* DO NOT WANT to go causing chaos. There’s enough of it going ’round as it is. Fixing it is a pain. It would take a *lot* for a guy like that to turn his expertise to ruination. We would all be best off making sure such men don’t have a reason to.

      3. when Darlin’ Daughter was in High School I instructed her that during an active shooter event she was to user her judgement, not the school personnel’s as to whether to run, hide or fight. (which brought up a favorite line of ours from Serenity)

        The one room she was in without an adequate alternate escape route? The Chemistry Lab. I think she considered that an opportunity, not a problem.

        She apparently also freaked out some of her more sheltered classmates when, during discussions of active shooters, she started listing off the improvised weapons available around the school.

        Yeah, I’m a dad bragging about my kid. Deal.

  13. I used to think it was some sort of sick joke when I would hear some radical lefty talking as though they were somehow middle of the road moderate on some issue. Over time I’ve had to come to accept that in fact in their bubble universe of alternate reality they really are. Their’s just does not map to any of our realities.
    Or to use a term I first encountered in one of Heinlein’s later works where he called the infinite realities across the multiverse fictions. Every thinking person has their own fiction and assumes that everyone else in the world has the identical or very similar one. And will tend to gravitate towards and join such social groups of people with fictions that offer minimal conflict with each other.
    The true test of course for any fiction is how well it interacts with an unbiased reality. One might say that the scientific method was developed to take theories of various aspects of how the world works and test them against such a cold hard reality since the natural tendency of observers is to color their perceptions with their own fictional realities. Case in point being the current kerfuffles on both climate change and various aspects of our economy.

    1. Back in the day, some of the more “hawkish” Democrats, frustrated with the more pacifistic (at least in terms of rhetoric–I’ve never seen that they’ve been all that pacifistic in practice) branch of the party “discovered their inner conservative” and made the jump to Republican, bringing most of their “liberal” policies and attitudes with them.

      The term for these newly minted Republicans was “neocon.”

      It was not long, however, before “neocon” was being used as though the term meant some arch/uber “conservative”. “Far right extremist” being another claimed synonym. So anyone who would be moderate right, let alone moderate left, would be way, way to the left of these neocons.

      In such ways was the definition of what constituted “center” moved far to the left.

      1. You overlook the most common interpretation of neocon: Jew.

        Because it was primarily Liberal Jews whose confrontation with the practices of WWII rendered pacifism a non-starter (or rather, an obvious dead-end.)

        In the conservatism of that era they were acceptable on the principle of “We agree on the great things and can debate the lesser” — especially as it was generally recognized that our disagreements were in routes, not destinations. We all wanted to strengthen families, reward responsibility, eschew crippling of those in need, and encourage education as an essential qualification of active citizenship.

        Of course, those terms allow for an awful lot of wiggle room, and concepts such as “education” were about as malleable as a dishonest bar’s drink servings. We probably, for example, agree with the idea that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” but have found that the meaning of “rare” is a loophole through which many elephants can pass. It is that playing fast and loose with terms (“Health of the mother” is another such, and the SCOTUS is currently deciding whether “Sex” will be yet one more) which destroys the essential trust upon which a society relies.

        1. . We probably, for example, agree with the idea that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” but have found that the meaning of “rare” is a loophole through which many elephants can pass. It is that playing fast and loose with terms (“Health of the mother” is another such, and the SCOTUS is currently deciding whether “Sex” will be yet one more) which destroys the essential trust upon which a society relies.

          A useful distinction I’ve found is to switch ‘abortion’ for “take an action which will cause the death of the child.”

          In part because it guts those folks who do reports that say “XYZ say abortion is OK” and then define abortion so broadly that Catholic teaching says abortion is OK…in some cases. Including “hey, getting chemo while pregnant is OK, even though the kid may die, because they can’t live if you don’t; refraining is truly Heroic Virtue.”

          1. I’ve been calling it “infanticide” for a bit now. Same sort of thing. Because if you leave it alone, it will in all liklihood be born, grow up, and maybe sire/birth children of his/her own.

      2. Democrats remind of the scene in the Blues Brothers when Jake asks the bar owner what kind of music they have, and the answer is “oh, we have both types, country and western.” Democratic Party equivalent is that they have endorse types of socialism, communism and fascism:

    1. Or in other words, once it starts, every person in a mask is an immediate deadly threat. Respond appropriately.
      Before it starts, they are just non-immediate deadly threats. Get out of there, but the law does not allow stopping future threats, only immediate ones.

    2. Also “avoid crowds.” They are, by and large, not interested in the health or well being of any individual within it.

      Not my habitual hermit-like anti-social pessimism, I promise! *grin*

    1. I do recall reading (Something by Oliver Sacks, most likely) of a place where plumb-bob hats where used to allow those afflicted with a balance disorder to get some feedback and correct.

  14. One of the reasons I left CA was hearing coworkers talk about how they thought any evil right winger who still opposed gun control ought to be shot. Thing is, I don’t think most of them really truly believed it; rather they were repeating their spiel and didn’t actually think about the costs of doing it.

    I doubt any of them even realized if it actually did happen, they’d be in the splatter zone. Did rather poison the well though. It was years before I really mostly came to terms with it, and I’m not fully sure I actually have.

    1. The same way that those that call those on the right and currently “running the government” NAZIs don’t really believe it.

      If they thought there was the slightest chance of being arrested today for saying that and being shipped to a concentration camp or guillotined tomorrow, they’d keep their mouths shut and try to blend in.

      And the loudest of them would be the most enthusiastic party members denouncing others.

  15. As a minor point you said “your cat eating you when you die”. I just realized that my beloved sable feline may not be just giving me a love nip every morning. It’s a test, from his perspective: “If daddy gets up and feeds us it’s good, If not then well a kitty has to eat…”. I should not be surprised at the pragmatic nature of a cat.

      1. So THAT is what the cat is doing every morning. Shouldn’t really be a surprise. She is a smart cat 🙂

  16. OT:

    Phrasogenesis: “Relative Autism”. By analogy with “relatively prime”

    When two people reliably cannot understand each other and misinterpret the other’s statements in ways similar to a stereotypical interaction between a neurotypical and an autist.

    1. Hrm.. I see HALF of that. I work with a fellow (or two) that is high functioning autistic… but I break his world without even trying. Granted, I do that to “normies” too, but it’s a MUCH more rare occurrence. When i don’t understand something, it seems to be a matter of the speaker not realizing that because he can hear himself, that does NOT mean someone else (near some OTHER sound source[s]) can.

          1. Yeah, but that sounds so much better than a short, chubby, pre-caffeinated minotaur wearing glasses ineffectually trying to sneak by my cubical in the morning.

              1. meanwhile, i walk up on people unobserved all the time. i am living proof that most people are in condition white

  17. But the thing is, we too are in our groups, and it’s easier to start tilting.

    Long ago, back when AOL was a thing, I realized the dangers of living in echo chambers, hearing our thoughts reverberate and amplified by like minds. The Internet makes it too easy, really, and it has become even more of a problem as supposedly Centrist sources have gone full-out editorial page — and not merely the Center-Left or Center-Right editorial page, either, but full on Krugmanite.

    Used to I could force myself to read all the columnists on that page, balancing Safire against Friedman on the NYTwits page, Cohen against Will at the WaPo. Now? Even their supposedly conservative columnists adhere to the party line, with people like Brooks and Rubin playing the game of feathering their beds by criticizing the Right from the (faux) Right. At least with the WashTimes, American Spectator and NRO I was reading admittedly Conservative stuff and could allow for the tilt. I concede that places like the New Republic and Slate and Vox are completely ignored — as the MSM moved Left they moved far Lefter and became predictable for their insane — “if you assume pi equals three, then …” — arguments.

    So it is harder to follow True North, all compasses being warped by powerful magnetic fields, but knowing this I make allowances, I adjust for Drift and never forget that my data is flawed. It is about all one can do, in these times, to follow the path even as it requires staggering like a drunken dervish. I look to navigators who’ve sailed far stormier seas, writers like Lewis and Chesterton and even the words put on Thomas More’s lips and restrain my urge to hew down all the trees in my way.

    1. I look to navigators who’ve sailed far stormier seas, writers like Lewis and Chesterton and even the words put on Thomas More’s lips and restrain my urge to hew down all the trees in my way.

      Thank you. Good reminder.

    2. I read from every viewpoint I can. We are all of us flawed, with flawed perspectives Blind men with an elephant. Even given “honest” reporting, details will be missed. I want two people who won’t agree between it being sunny and 95F, or a whiteout snowstorm, reporting on an event. They’ll at least hopefully tell me what color the building is on the side they’re on. If I read an opinion with which I disagree, I hope doing so will round the rough edges off my own beliefs.

  18. all them sumsobitches should be killed

    Aye – so they should. but that doesn’t mean I’m the one should do it.

    Besides, any honest appraisal adds my name to that list, so I’m throwing no stone until it becomes a matter of self-defense, in which event, “Rock On!”

  19. We are unfortunately social apes.


    I’ll concede the unfortunate.

    The sociable is debatable as I lean mostly to the anti-side on that.

    But I sure ain’t no damned dirty ape!

      1. De gustibus non est disputandum.

        I share your disdain for dirty wallabies and associate only with those who, like myself, engage in careful routine hygiene.

        I doubt a discussion of draconic hygiene would prove profitable.

        1. Well, Dirty Dragons don’t live very long.

          Other Dragons object to them living in the same galaxy. 😈

    1. The sociable is debatable as I lean mostly to the anti-side on that.

      You’re in good company there. Just not too close, mind. I’d say more often than not, we’re a solitary type well-used to our own company.

  20. We shouldn’t stampede easily.

    Oh Hell No! Stampedes are dangerous. You could turn an ankle or wrench a knee and you never know in what terrain (or with what companions) you’ll end up.

    Best to side-step the crowd, hide in the brush and wait to take out from behind those causing the hullabaloo.

  21. Watch for tilting.

    Heh. I knew of a guy who was seriously into tilting; he wound up getting clocked by a windmill.

  22. OT @ Foxfier

    We keep reliably knocking heads on what appear to be basic misunderstandings. It is becoming annoying, and probably not half as annoying as it is for the bystanders.

    I know the misunderstandings cannot be 100% on you. There have been enough times where people who weren’t BobTheCanadianGenocidist sided with you, as well as times where I’ve discovered mis-wordings in what I was saying.

    I know the misunderstandings cannot be 100% me. Because I’ve had known sane people liking my posts before the argument gets started. And in other (not insane) venues I’ve said the same things and people have understood the meaning.

    I also know this can’t just be a humor mismatch. Because as any reasonable person on the internet does I try to match my humor output to the audience. Here that is quite simple: keep my overall humor the same, but turn up the bloodlust a few notches.

    And yet whoever or wherever the confusion is happening the result is that your characterization of what I say has about as much to do with what I think I’m saying as “Pro-Lifers want all women chained in the kitchen” has to do with any Pro-Life position. This happens across all topics.

    Here is what I see in conversations:

    Me: “Our thought-leaders have been stabbing us in the back reliably enough for ‘sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable form malice’ to be in play. We should treat them as such.”

    You: “Ian wants perfection. He has a hair trigger for stabbing his allies in the back!”

    Me: “WTF?”

    You: “WTF?”

    Presumably you have a similar narrative of confusion. It might help to compare notes.

    1. Presumably you have a similar narrative of confusion. It might help to compare notes.

      Based on prior evidence, it will not.

      Because you consistently go along fine, right up until you hit a point you cannot respond to effectively– at which point you suddenly cannot grasp the idea of a continuum vs a positive/negative.

      You are frustrating because you are perfectly good for conversation and discussion, up until the point where it appears that you don’t have a solid response, and then you suddenly suffer a serious loss of reading comprehension. Even of things you previously had no difficulty understanding and responding to.

      1. up until the point where it appears that you don’t have a solid response

        Or flabbergasted that someone just asserted something on the order of “Our problems are due to a completely unregulated market!”. At which point how do you even respond? Dumbing down the argument to pre-school level is fine if you think the other person is an idiot, but is insulting.

        Or at least that is my perception of the situation. Which is why I tried the olive branch because I know some of the guilt it mine.

        Based on prior evidence, it will not.

        Mutual ignoring it is then.

        1. Or flabbergasted that someone just asserted something on the order of “Our problems are due to a completely unregulated market!”. At which point how do you even respond? Dumbing down the argument to pre-school level is fine if you think the other person is an idiot, but is insulting.

          I’m sure that is how it appears from your point of view.


          That would only work objectively if it hadn’t repeatedly shown up immediately after you’d made assertions that were countered by objective evidence.

        2. Mutual ignoring it is then.

          Yeah, no, not going to hand you “she isn’t going to respond to me” just because you have a flabbergast that people don’t share your assumptions.

    2. Canadians are not a group genocide can be committed against. Genocide implies that the target population has a stronger degree of internal blood relationship.

      Canada and Mexico survived to be our neighbors now because their historical behavior was deemed tolerable by the Americans of the day.

      The Mexican border has more violence.

      Canada is a handy example for a number of more general positions, as well as being a dangerous potential adversary in its own right.

          1. A) why do you think Bob isn’t autistic?

            That would explain his blathering the other day….

            B) why do you think Bob is serious?

            Because I was given to the understanding that unlike the rest of the commentor population here he is actually serious when it comes to the “kill all the X” comments.

                1. Ian, many here adopt personae as other than they actually are; it is part of playing the Game of Huns. Bob is, despite his label, not a registered Fool. While he has been certified a fool he has insufficient tenure in the role to achieve certification; he is merely a probationary fool although all here are confident in his eventual certification.

                  Not is RandyGC actually randy, although he does get a bit frisky at times. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard is indeed a dragon although the jury remains out on his bibliophilia (some believe it true love, others suspect it is merely a fetish.) Tregonsee314 is not an actual Rigellian — his family hails from one of their outer colonies.

                  I, of course, am a wallaby but I am not a homicidal maniac with a perverse sense of humour. I assure that I am quite sane and have no sense of humour (I tortured it to death years ago.)

                  1. Sigh. Tired I was, and one was flat. Corrections as indicated:

                    While he has been certified a fool he has insufficient tenure in the role to achieve certification registration; he is merely a probationary fool although all here are confident in his eventual certification registration.

          2. I really do think of most countries as potential adversaries. Canada is clearly more potentially dangerous to us than Monaco, Brazil or New Zealand.

            I really do think “why don’t we just kill them” is useful rhetorical positioning. Getting ‘some costs are too high, or too expensive right now’ nailed down first saves on dealing with a bunch of pointless appeals to emotion. And we might find ourselves needing to kill of bunch of people no matter what foreign policy we do, so it is better to find out early who wouldn’t have dropped the bomb on Japan.

            If I were 100% serious, I would be trying to get the necessary ground force built ahead of time. I’m not trying to do that. It’d be hard to create, only really useful for that scenario, and dangerous even to just have around when you aren’t actively using it.

  23. Speaking of tilting, this is now well into blood libel:

    Viral liberal hoax claims Chick-fil-A backed a law to execute gay people
    How sad is it that we have to fact-check the fact-checkers? Unfortunately, though, many ostensibly neutral fact-checkers have become too obviously infected by liberal bias for us to take them at their word.

    Snopes is the latest fact-checker to do its readers a massive disservice. This time, their dereliction of duty concerns the smearing of Chick-fil-A. The story here is an audacious liberal hoax that accused the delicious fast food chain of supporting anti-gay death penalty laws in Uganda.

    Here’s how this all started.


    The company is not responsible in any way, shape, or form for that fact that a separate foundation its owners fund donates to a nonprofit of which 1% or less of its work has some tenuous connection to Uganda — where an anti-LGBT death penalty law may or may not even be happening. Indeed, a Chick-fil-A spokesperson told me that “Chick-fil-A has not supported legislative campaigns of any kind in Uganda.”

    Then again, perhaps it shouldn’t really be a surprise that Snopes botched this one so badly. This is the same outlet that “fact-checks” clearly-marked conservative parody sites such as the Babylon Bee and sometimes labels blatantly false liberal propaganda as true in spirit.

    But Snopes has got to do better. It’s just not fair to let a company like Chick-fil-A be smeared by fake internet rumors, even if you disagree with their Christian stances and values. If our “fact checkers” can’t even acknowledge that, they’re good for absolutely nothing at all.

    1. Addendum: by the logic utilized to condemn Chick-fil-A, every. single. advocate. for “Liberal” policies, especially socialism, is far more responsible for the hundreds of millions of dead accumulated in the name of that vile philosophy. They are responsible for the repression of Hong Kong, for internment of the Uighur, for the depredations of the Kims and for the dispersal of Middle Eastern peoples consequent upon their policies in Libya.

      1. Ah, but that was different comrade! Come, let me tell you how that wasn’t “real” socialism, and *this* time we’ll get it right! Only have to kill *half* the total population to start. Then…

        1. The primary difference between socialism and NAZIism is that NAZIs don’t try to claim that “real NAZIism hasn’t been tried”.

    2. Snopes has descended into self-parody.

      If one searches snopes for “Iran 1.7 billion cash” to try and check their views of an actual factual instance of a US politician holding elected office shipping $1.7 billion in cash, on pallets, to a foreign ruling cabal that actually executes gay people, one would find nothing.

  24. Yep. Things are crazy. I’m always armed when I leave the house. Oddly, being armed makes me for likely avoid touchy situations.

    1. I’ve found the same thing. Part of it is the knowledge that use of my carry weapon is going to be a bad day, no matter how justified. The other part is what I call the “Zen of Concealed Carry”, the knowledge that I can Mozambique* this sonofabitch if I absolutely have to. Makes any insults or other challenges seem like the trivia they are. That, and predators with a working victim selection radar tend to avoid those exhibiting confidence.

      (*Mozambique Drill, AKA Failure to Stop Drill: 2 to the chest and one to the head…)

      1. At my last job, we had a seminar on how to react to an Active Shooter. When the coordinators asked for ideas on appropriate responses, my reply of ‘two to the chest, one to the head’ was met by unhappy glares. Their approved method amounted to Run, Hide, and Pray that the cops would get off their asses respond in time to engage the miscreant. In gravest extreme (if the bad guy actually found us) I think we were supposed to throw trash cans at him. Of course, we were not allowed to be armed on campus so something like that would have been what (most of) we were able to do.

        1. “Run, Hide, and Pray? What is the basis of your confidence our local police are more reliable than those assigned to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida?”

    2. And THIS is why an armed society is a polite society. Not fear of being shot, fear of needing to shoot.

  25. “I’ll have to take knifes or maces.”
    How do you get a Mace in? It is hard to conceal.
    I believe that a stick mace in a cane would be better.
    But easiest would be a cane with a hardwood shaft and a lead filled head.
    It is just a cane, doesn’t come apart and with a suitable head would make a good mace.

  26. In Eugene Ionesco’s play ‘Rhinoceros’, humans begin turning into rhinos, which behave very destructively. Among the humans, rhino-collaborators proliferate exponentially, making excuses for the beasts. Even the protagonist’s girlfriend eventually sings their praises, speaking about the beauty of the rhino ‘language’.

    I see people turning into rhinos almost daily, and once they have turned, they seem unreachable.

    (There is an excellent movie of ‘Rhinoceros’, starring Zero Mostel)

  27. ‘Rhinoceros’, written in 1959, was based on Ionesco’s own experiences in Romania…in part, the dominance of Iron Guard…a lot of Romanians actually *did* become Nazis, or something close to it…and in part, on French collaboration with Nazis during the period of the occupation.

    From a 1970 interview:

    “University professors, students, intellectuals were turning Nazi, becoming Iron Guards one after another. We were fifteen people who used to get together, to find arguments, to discuss, to try to find arguments opposing theirs. It was not easy … From time to time, one of the group would come out and say ‘I don’t agree at all with them, to be sure, but on certain points, I must admit, for example the Jews …’ And that kind of comment was a symptom. Three weeks later, that person would become a Nazi. He was caught in a mechanism, he accepted everything, he became a Rhinoceros. Towards the end, it was only three or four of us who resisted.”


    Interesting to note that university students were disproportionately represented in the Iron Guard.

    It may well be that some American Leftists have tried to use the play to claim that Americans are turning into Nazis, but I don’t think that had anything to do with Ionesco’s actual play or the intent behind it.

      1. Well, if you were a leftist in the 1930’s and early 1940’s, you would already have accepted many socialist or Communist premises that were also Nazi premises. You would worship a weird idea of efficiency, you would agree with the jolly free love and group exercise drills, and then you would find it hard to resist the attraction of a strong brutal evil dictator, as representative of your leftist dreams.

        Now, if people didn’t start as leftists, it would have to be conformity and “nothing succeeds like success.”

        1. In Weimar Germany, there was a considerable crossover between Nazi thugs and Communist thugs. Patrick Leigh Fermor, who traveled in Europe in late 1933, observed an interesting example of this. A man he met at a bar invited Paddy to stay over at in spare bed at his place. It turned out that there was Nazi regalia everywhere, and an SA uniform hanging neatly ironed. “When (Paddy) said that it must be rather claustrophobic with all that stuff on the walls, he laughed and sat down on his bed and said: “Mensch! You should have seen it last year! You would have laughed! Then it was all red flags, stars, hammers and sickles, pictures or Lenin and Stalin and Workers of the World, Unite!” He went on to say of he and his friends “We used to beat hell out of the Nazis, and they beat the hell out of us…Then suddenly, when Hitler came into power, I understood it was all nonsense and lies. I realized Adolf was the man for me!” His old friends had all changed sides as well; the only problem he saw was that there were hardly and socialists or communists left to beat up.”

          1. IIRC, William Shirer wrote that the real life Horst Wessel, whose murder inspired the song that became the Nazi anthem, had a communist girlfriend at the time of his murder, and was thinking about switching his loyalties from the Nazis to the communists.

    1. Sadly, I know too many people who have become RINOs. At least, there is some hope for them to return to the path of truth.

  28. At the strategic level, we need to remember that there are Friendlies, Hostiles, and Neutrals. Winning the support, or at least acceptance, of the Neutrals is critical to winning. This means obtaining and protecting Legitimacy. Even in the American Revolution, the members of the Second Continental Congress could claim to be the properly designated representatives of legitimate Colonial governments…that THEY had legitimacy, the minions of the British legislature did NOT.

    This requires a degree of forbearance that grates on many of us. Including me. But it’s necessary. On the other hand, we DO get to make the riposte devastating.

    Part of this is good tactics. I would not, under any circumstances, hold an event on a college campus. The administrators are craven if you’re lucky, hostile if you’re not. Hold it OFF campus…and bring your own security. In numbers, and armed. (A discussion of just WHAT to be armed with in a crowd omitted)

    1. I’d like to be armed with two very large Marines, and one very small Marine, all mean as Hell. But I’ll take a quartet of Rangers if Marines aren’t available. Obviously not concealable.

  29. I don’t think we’re in the prelude to a civil war so much as we’re in the middle of a civil rights movement. For decades conservatives have been forced to sit in the back of the bus and anyone who objected was professionally destroyed. Now we’re standing up and demanding our share of the infosphere and the Progressives can’t handle it. They tried to shame us back into our place and, since that’s not working, they’re moving on to intimidation.

    The key is that the future won’t be decided by the Left or the Right, it will be decided by the apolitical bulk of the American population. People who see politics as, at best, an unpleasant duty. They don’t care about Republican vs. Democrat, they just pick somebody on the ballot based on the information presented in the last couple of months and then expect things to just work.

    That’s why it’s imperative that we not retaliate. It’s not the first blow that’s seen, it’s the second. The Left still has superiority in the news media, though they lack the supremacy they once enjoyed. That means that they’ll be able to do a lot to ignore the provocation and focus on the Right’s “unjustified” reaction. Right now the Democrats are looking to pick a corrupt serial liar who used his position to profit his family, a corrupt serial liar who used her family lore to advance her position, or an avowed supporter of the Soviet Union as their nominee for President. They would love to talk about ANYTHING but that. Let’s not give our enemy what they want.

    1. Uh, no. Retaliation is required, but it needs to be appropriately targeted, and unlike a military strike, needs to be proportional to the original attack, else the optics make it look like we are the aggressors. The Left see failure to defend as compliance and acquiescence.

      1. Retaliation needs to be in the proper form and venue.

        Such as suing a city and its policy-setting officials for violation of (or failure to protect) civil rights. Any public official boasting of participating in such an event needs to be held accountable.

        HT: Power Line [powerlineblog . com/archives/2019/10/how-evil-is-the-left-this-evil . php]

      2. The Left sees a lot of things that aren’t so. Remember, we don’t care about the opinion of the Left, that’s never going to change. We care about the opinion of the normals. Any retaliation, no matter how justifiable, will be spun as unprovoked and brutal and will cost us some support among the population we need to win over.

          1. And that point isn’t even on the horizon yet. If you think it is, you’re either being stampeded, or doing the stampeding. Towards the cliff. Because that’s the left’s last hope.

          2. Having known Jeff for years, and met him in the flesh once, the chances he wants to wait too long or be too soft is 0.
            The chance that he’s a coward or a pacifist? also 0.
            Chances that you, oh, unknown, advising that it’s time to strike with force against the hooliganism of the left that has been going on and known for over 100 years, are in fact a false-flag? I’ll call it 50-50.

              1. It is impossible that we could have false flags here. Impossible. Nor do we have sarcastic regulars, idiot newbies, deranged stalkers, or paranoid nutjobs who mistake decent newbies* for false flags.

                *Everyone remember when I suspected Herb was a false flag? In fairness, the puppy wars were fairly recent, and he was ahead of the curve in figuring out that the Republican establishment was bankrupt.

                1. No, I don’t remember it, but I do remember me bristling and challenging at….argh, I suck a names, the lady with the pretty and adorable jaguar in her user pic.

                  For that matter, there’s a non-zero number of regulars that I am irreconcilably opposed to on various philosophical issues, they’re just not *liars*. (as best I can tell, anyways; never sure if I should go with assuming folks’ honor or pointing out my deficiencies)

                  1. I’d quite forgotten it, until Herb mentioned the incident on his blog without naming any names.

                    Are you thinking of TXRed, or the other one? I want to say the other one is Galaxy Jane, but I think Galaxy Jane has an owl.

                    1. It’s a really pretty cartoon style icon, green forest in the back, full body kitty, illustrated. TXRed is a photograph of a pretty house cat.

            1. You misread me, though to be fair, I was a bit uncertain as to his own intentions, and thus may have phrased things a bit less clearly than I might have.

          3. No, cowardice and pacifism are defined by why there’s no retaliation, not whether or not there is retaliation.

            We care what others think because it is they who will decide the future. Much like foreign leaders care about what the US thinks.

  30. On the bright side, humans are pretty good at getting along with groups, and in groups, that don’t have much in common with each other.

    When I was in the SCA, some of the more immature/damaged members took a lot of glee in not just surprising non-Scadians, but in trying to freak them out in a more serious way. Others really tried to educate others and make their hobby non-scary or appealing.

    But here’s how it looks from the other side, at the closest Walmart to a big Texas renaissance fair:

    Last Stop Before: Renaissance Fair

    1. That’s awesome. Reminds me of the time I was stalking strawberries and whistling “Southern Soldier” and look up to three Confederate re-enactors walking by.

  31. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to write faster.

    Put out more resumes.

    Maybe get published enough to afford to live somewhere else.

    I don’t want to be in California when it finally breaks. Maybe a bit later, when things get fixed..

    But, I think things are going to get broken here. Broken bad. And, where I live is only a two day walk away from SF (assuming the Golden Gate is still up), and an hour’s drive without traffic. And, nobody that I know that is around here is willing to pull their heads out of the sand and do something about it. Or really prepare for it.

    1. I saw an article t’other day claiming Hispanics are now the largest “minority” voting block, coming in around 32 million eligible voters. There is significant support for the president’s economic policies and for his immigration policies among that block and, while the majority of them may vote for the Democrat, President Trump does not need to win a majority of them, merely a larger portion than in 2016. I cannot believe that California liberals are winning much support among their Hispanic constituents, who (last I read) were noticeably unappreciative of their kids not being taught English (or much else) in the public schools.

      Hispanics Become Largest Voting-Eligible Minority Group
      About 32 million Hispanics will be eligible to vote in the 2020 elections, up from 27.3 million in 2016, when Hillary Clinton won two-thirds of the Hispanic vote and Donald Trump took the remaining third. Latino voters now comprise just over 13 percent of total U.S. voters, according to the Pew Research Center.


      The increase in eligible Latino voters could spell trouble for President Trump and Republicans, although significant percentages of the group also support various parts of his immigration policies. Over a third of eligible Hispanic voters say they at least somewhat support building a wall on the southern border to discourage migrants from crossing between ports of entry, and nearly 40 percent also say they believe Central American migrants pose a national-security threat to the U.S.

      The majority of Hispanic voters still cast their ballots for Democrats, however, perhaps in part because immigration has historically not been the top issue for them. In past years, they’ve been more concerned with issues such as education, the economy, and health care, according to Gallup.

      1. I see a kind of “battered women’s syndrome” in the Hispanic/Latino voters here. They want to leave…but, the Democrats, when they are nice, they are so nice to them and telling them how important they are…

        1. There might be something similar in much of the Asian community here in California. They *know* that they’re being openly discriminated against, particularly in things like being admitted to the state schools. They openly complain about it. And yet there are an awful lot of Asians who vote Democratic.

          1. I can hear it too often, and it’s hard to explain when the Right has people that I would prefer to pretend didn’t exist at all and are so good at being bad examples.

          2. There is another factor, one I ran into when first moving to my current residential state: the only election that matters is the primary.

            When one party control over a state (or even a Congressional district) is near absolute the general election is decided by the primary of the controlling party. (Thus AOC.)

            Asian-Americans in California are smart enough to know that voting for a conservative is a wasted vote (under current conditions) and so are left with the choice of voting for the least bad Democrat (which can still be pretty bad) or accepting the abuse as preferable to the abuse caused by standing up.

            Sorta the difference between a mugger who takes all you have vs one who leaves you cab fare out of that neighborhood. Or a rapist who believes in leaving no witnesses vs one who advises, “You better put some ice on that.”

            1. California uses the “jungle primary” rules. The individuals on the ballot (aside from the Presidential contest, which is mandated by the Federal Government) are the two individuals who got the most votes in the primary irrespective of their party affiliations.

              This does, occasionally, lead to amusing situations in which so many Democrats run for a single “easy” seat that the Dem vote ends up incredibly fractured, and two Republicans end up as the only candidates in a heavily Democratic district. But more often, the Dems use it to completely shut the Republicans out of an election, and you end up with two morons like Linda Sanchez and Kamela Harris facing off against each other in the general election.

      1. “Get published,” which I should have said “get on KDP, get this BEEPing cover done, hope that a beta reader actually responds (1), collect pickles for the alien sex goddesses that I will work for when The Day comes, all the other secondary stuff.”

        Sort of having a frustrating creative day and wishing my fine motor control was good enough to draw the art I want to do.

        (1)-I know. First-time authors have poor beta reader quality, because you don’t have the people wanting to read to see what happens to the hero next. Still discouraging, but I am not giving up.

        1. I’ve been reading the Soloist snippets with interest; when it comes out, I’ll spend money. OTOH, about beta reading, I know nothing.

          Is there something in the MGC collection on betas? (1. How to find/recruit betas and get them to do what you need, and 2. how to be a good beta reader.)

          FWIW, we found south central Oregon to be less oppressive (and less expensive) than California, though the state is largely controlled by the progtards in Portland Metro and the area around Eugene. OTOH, the weather is interesting* and employment can be a challenge.

          (*) Hey, we haven’t gone below 15F all month, and only had an inch of snow in late September…

          1. You probably can see my smile at that statement (reading with interest), the money is just a nice and wonderful bonus. 🙂

            I’ve been in Oregon enough times that if I had to move there, I would aim for the Corvallis/Albany area (probably Albany-they have a Costco). Treat Portland like I treat San Francisco-it’s a day trip and you leave before the sun goes down and all the critters come out.

            1. Corvallis. Harrisburg. Brownsville. Sweet Home. Philomath. Are not that far from Albany Costco. For that matter Junction City, and N. Eugene, are fairly close to Eugene’s Costco; let alone Coburg, just up the road, and Springfield to the east of I-5. Then there is Veneta, and the other little towns along Territorial Hwy, or the small towns on south I-5, Cottage Grove, Drain/Yoncolla, etc. Hey. What’s 60 miles to Costco, when the worst commute is still less than an hour?

              As someone who lives in *Eugene (well house is technically county, still), we just avoid UofO, and downtown. Sure Beltline is a PIA for the morning and evening commutes (not that I care anymore … retired). Sometimes slow down in the afternoon extends from time school gets out till after 6 PM … all 5 or 10 minutes of your drive (about a mile). Unless there is an accident, then all bets are off if you have to go across the river (either direction).

              *Grew up here. Don’t pay taxes to Eugene, just county. They keep saying they’ll incorporate us, but they’ve been saying that since they disallowed Santa Clara’s incorporation, sometime just after ’63 … I suspect their foot dragging (now) is the non-liberal contingent is in the urban growth boundary but doesn’t currently pay city taxes … That said we’d like to build our dream home. But all lots in the area automatically are city lots when built on. Do not want to support the current regime. But we like the convenience of the area. Buying a home doesn’t change it’s tax status, neither does extensive remodel (not sure about tear down/rebuild). City tax lot status depends on when home was built.

              1. There was a trick used in San Jose before we left. House was bought, and demolished, *except* for a corner; might have been a few studs. The rest of the house was rebuilt while incorporating that corner, and TPTB were happy to call it a “remodel”. No idea if it would play for you, but it might be worth looking into it.

                (On our area, the rule of thumb is to be wary of befriending newcomers until they’ve made it through their second winter. Our personal “best” has been -28F, but only got a 2-foot snow dump in 16 years. Back in the ’50s 3-foot or more were not uncommon.)

                1. Not sure we can afford to do the tear down, use base foot print, with additions, and rebuild 100% … I thought neighbors were going to get pulled in on their renovation as they added to their footprint, but they didn’t so you may be correct. It did change the tax basis of their home, which comes under Oregon rules, but didn’t pull them in to the city for taxes. There are some changes I would love to make without adding to our footprint, nor does it mean moving more than two walls. But husband won’t put that kind of money into this house, plus it would mean moving TWICE (out, and back in); uh, never mind.

                  Neighborhood has a lot of oversized lots which easily can be built on using the fill-in concept. Some of the fill-in lots are bigger than the newer planned neighborhood lots built on the former Eagles 9 hole golf coarse, or the old Filbert Orchard north of us. Now their “driveways” off the main street are narrow. ALL those lots, once subdivided, and built on, are City taxed.

                  More recently, all commercial property, and school grounds, were officially annexed into city proper. Individual or neighborhood homes, will spawn, immediately, class action lawsuits. City of Eugene had gotten beaten up badly, even with Oregon’s liberal courts. They’ll win eventually, been 60 years and counting … another 50, and I won’t care (hey, I might live to be over 100 🙂 )

                    1. Friend Writer in Black,

                      You must be entirely incorrect. My flashbacks to the puppy wars are purely unrelated.

        2. I had a beta reader who said that what he’d read made him really want to continue reading and find out what was going to happen. But despite occasional nagging on my part, he still never made it past Chapter 5.


          1. I’m beta reading for someone now. Last chapter was #10. Been waiting now (forever, whine) a couple of weeks for the next ones. Hope I’ve been adding value.

            1. Somebody who would do it for the halibut?

              I have to say no to beta- reading. After 12 weeks post-op (and a couple weeks preop chasing around) where I got nothing done on the Honeydo list, I’m way behind. We did the Costco run today (100 miles each way), and between the walking and 4-5 hours in the car, I’m exhausted. I expect to be short on energy for a few weeks/months…

              1. Don’t flounder with the Honeydo list. Because of Dad’s shoulder, I got stuck with it and Mom has a tendency of “oh, just one more thing…,” and Mom doesn’t realize that that one thing requires you to drive there, park, get out of the car, go to the store, get it, get in line, try not to strangle the counter jerk when you realize that you could do the whole transaction faster than yourself, get to the car, get back on the road, get home, and Mom asks what took you so long for “one thing.”

  32. I’m pleased and surprised (Although I probably shouldn’t be surprised) that so many posters here realize a firearm isn’t the be all end all of self protection.

    I’ve felt quite comfortable in rather seedy areas in Malaysia with an umbrella in hand.

    1. My mom had a special umbrella built for me as a teen in Portugal. Known as The Weaponized Umbrella, it was solid, sturdy, and its wood shaft had been filled with metal, while the head was weighted to serve as a handy mace.
      To make it all better, it had little frills around it making it the most FEMININE lethal weapon ever.
      Unfortunately it was stolen by movers when we moved from SC. No, I have no idea why.

      1. I suspect your penultimate paragraph explains the theft. Movers know good swag, and some succumb to temptation.

  33. The problem is that the children of the vast middle and lower classes are now being subjected to the worst sort of brainwashing in the schools as the left endeavors to change “the facts on the ground”! Many of these parents are either unaware of how bad it’s gotten or they see no alternative to public school as they can neither afford private school or afford for one parent to stay home and home school.
    In one generation this could change the US beyond recognition. Bill Ayers went into teaching teachers 40 years ago for a very good reason and he and his ilk have used these 40 years to embed their mischief into public schools at all levels. They have now accomplished their goal. They will not be easy to dislodge even if the body politic realized the danger in time which looks doubtful.

  34. Fortunately for me, I have a bad knee, and use a walking stick, just in case it starts to go out. It’s an Irish blackthorn shillelagh.

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