I’m Ill


I thought I was being unusually lazy yesterday.  Today, even though the body aches are gone, I feel like sleeping and am having freezing/burning up spells.Fairly sure it’s just a cold son has been so kind as to share with me.  But I don’t feel up to a publicity post.  Do it tomorrow?
I’m going to go back to bed.

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  1. 😥

    In the immortal words of Count Rugen: “NOT TO FIFTY!” er… whoops. Wrong line.

    “Get some rest. If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything”

        1. Toe soup? You’d get better just to avoid the stuff!

          Funny thing — I haven’t had a cold in years. Maybe I’ve already had all the different colds, and developed immunity?

          They say you never catch the same cold strain twice. Guess Sarah has missed a few?
          Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

          1. Their chief weapon is surprise! Surprise and fear, fear and surprise. Their two weapons are fear and surprise, and ruthless efficiency! Their three weapons are fear, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope! Their four…no! Amongst their weapons…. Amongst their weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise… I’ll comment in again.

      1. OK given the preponderance of suggestions of phlangophagy here and in other comments I’m beginning to be concerned that many of the locals here identify (or are No one knows you’re a dog or Old One Minion on the internet) as shambling minions of the Old Ones. Given I live within nearly visual distance of the model for Arkham Sanatorium ( The Danvers State Hospital https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danvers_State_Hospital) this resurgence of the Old Ones is a bit distressing. Although perhaps not as distressing as it will be for the current residents of the site of Danvers State Hospital which got mostly torn down except for a few facades and turned into up scale apartments and condo’s

  2. A Columbus Day Promo Post, or an Indigenous People’s Day Promo Post?

    Nyah — I cannot see Sarah doing anything with “People’s Day” on this blog.

    Well, maybe a Victims Of Peoples’ Republics Day but that ain’t a thing.


    Rest, relax, improve. Sorry you are ill as well as sick, but then we’re all sick around here.

    1. Rest and get well soon.

      And y’all encourage people to become nurses. The emergency department was short of nurses last night.

  3. The cold now making the rounds in socialist and intermittently dark California, apparently starting down in SoCal but now running around up here, is nasty. For me it is only really feeling like it’s gone well into the second week, and dragging on with a cough yet longer than that for the Spousal Violinist.

    If the bug in Colorado is similar, you cannot push through – you need to hydrate, rest and recover.

    1. Hmm, get released from post-op confinement, just in time for cold season. At least I have the flu shot, assuming it helps.

      Take it easy, Sarah!

          1. I’ll second TXRed’s statement this years flu shot seems not to have caused me troubles other than the usual soreness at the injection site. Rumors are that 1) This was a tough season in Australia which usually first sees the flu epidemics due to their opposite seasons, 2) At least here in the Northeast cases are already popping up. So if you’re an older geezer like me (or interact with small children a lot) get the shot ASAP sounds like it may be a rough ride this year.

            1. There’s an FNP in a sort-of nearby town (not in the city) who does a bunch of the flu shots in the county. I’d rather go to him to minimize getting the crud while waiting at my regular clinic.

              (The drug store offers shots, but the people who do it are not skilled at minimizing pain…)

              We’ve been going early September lately, shortly after the vaccine is available.

  4. When you are ill just rest. Might maybe write a very short post, along the lines “still alive, but not feeling up to writing a real post” from time to time so we know you are still around but leave the rest to us. Well, considering my comments now mostly seem to go to trash until you save them, to those who can comment. I like to read (most…) of them even if I have problems participating. 🙂

  5. I feel you! I spent the weekend at Robinsonfest in New Hampshire and am now waiting for my flight back home at Logan Airport and all I want to be doing is get curled up in my bed and sweat thus crud away. I need to hibernate for a year,I think.

    Hope you get better soon, Sarah!

  6. The Contessa is extremely offended, because she’s got a runny nose.

    So the cutest member of our house is in complete empathy with you.

      1. Um, I’d be careful about the North Central corner in the Minion pool room. The plaster that’s supposed to be covering the column *is* the column until ACME 5th Column repair shows up.

        1. The aardvark got that in the witching hour last night. (Between the first stroke of midnight and the last.)

          1. I hope he got them to the right one. Don’t want to use the styrofoam set liberated from Obama’s 2008 speech.

                1. He’s been hanging around a lot. Though he and Fluffy seem not to make as many appearances as of old.

                  Also, he serves bonbons.

    1. We don’t want to tempt Fluffy.

      Besides the immediate effect, it results in his not being able to cook BBQ for a week.

  7. Rest well, wake refreshed, and may your health be restored.

    It’s funny, “health” is taken as sort of the norm for the vast majority of people. But all of us have our complaints. Injuries. Bad knees. Arthritis. Migraines, eczema, creaky joints, back problems, allergies, and so on. For the most part *we don’t tell anybody about them* unless it’s a particularly bad day. I mean, given how much we could complain, we don’t (with few exceptions, of course).

    Humans are pretty awesome.*

    *:Compared to how we could be. Eh. I’m constantly surprised at how the world consistently fails to live down to my pessimistic expectations doesn’t sound as good. *grin*

  8. Being somewhat suspicious, I immediately figured that a better flu shot experience than last year probably was a bad sign for efficacy…hoping I am wrong since I work in schools. They are all walking green snot machines on a regular day, much less following candy holidays, when they double down…

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