Do It For The Humans


We were talking on facebook about the possible escape of small pox viruses from the lab in Russia.  (Yes, I know that’s not what they said, but I do speak fluent Russian obfuscation. You had to, in the cold war in Europe.) And soemone said that one of our techno billionaires was talking about a plague taking out 30 million people.  I said they want it, and I think I shocked this very nice lady.

But here’s the thing, it’s not 30 million. I’ve heard my liberal friends — before I came out politically — talk, unguardedly, when they didn’t think it mattered, and it’s more like 1/3 the world population. They think it would be best if a plague or something took out that many humans.

Part of this, sure, is the fact that they’re convinced there’s a massive overpopulation (there isn’t, not by any rational measure) and we should all die to make space for trees or plants or intelligent squid or something.

Part of it, is the unlovable “those people don’t matter.” or if you prefer “lives unworthy of living.

But a great part of it is more complex.

Why would humans hate humans? Why hate their own species so much that they wish it to die in great numbers, living only a very few that they imagine would live a happy and carefree pastoral existence in harmony with nature. (Okay, you have to realize what they know of pastoral existences is less than my cat knows of architecture, and also that they believe wholeheartedly in the myth of the noble savage who lives in harmony with nature.)

And there you have it: because they think it will be best for humanity in general, if most of us die, and live only a few, “to be happy, in harmony with nature.”

The problem with most of the left, and arguably with Marx himself, is that they don’t understand human suffering.

As Peterson is fond of saying, human life is tragic.  We live in an age of miracles. We have more time and better health than we’ve ever had before.  And we live longer. Much longer. But every and each one of us will die. And — I know this just statistically, from watching my cats’ lives — a lot of us will die painfully and ugly. And most of us will feel we die with unfinished business. So…

Human life is brief and tragic. What’s more, we live in a land of wonder. Almost everyone else, throughout the world, lives more limited lives.

People suffer.  And I think this bothers people on the left horribly. They can’t understand it, or reconcile it, partly because their “model” of life doesn’t have the idea of suffering or striving being a good thing.  In Marxism — a very flawed Christian heresy — there is no model of people (individually) striving or improving. All there is is being oppressed or oppressing, and eventually, the oppressing bettering their lot by punishing/despoiling the oppressors.

Because the model is a finite pie, there is no creating, no conquering your disadvantages or those of your surroundings.  If you’re suffering, there’s someone else who is not. And if you make them suffer, then your suffering will go away or lessen.

Because it’s based on a materialistic, finite pie model, the idea is if you take away what others have and “redistribute” it, then you’ll be happy. Or at least the average happiness will go up.

But the world is not finite pie. Not materially and not emotionally.  And if you think it is, you don’t understand that you can improve your own circumstances. Except by bringing others down.

This is the problem with a Marxist mind model. You think suffering is unavoidable, pointless and endless, until the “inevitable” perfect state of communism.  And you think communism will be perfect because somehow everyone will be forced to be happy and given everything they ever desired.

This is what I call a kindergarten idea of paradise, like when I was a little girl and loved this book about an imaginary land, where birds and fish were already cooked and went around with forks in them, and trees grew candy and ice cream.

It takes a grown up to understand that though we all hate suffering, sometimes it takes suffering and problems to make us move past a problem or a big blockage and achieve what we’d otherwise have thought impossible. Without suffering, we’d all walk around doing nothing.  Humans are not made for that. We’re made to create and strive, and fight for what we want. Yeah, sometimes fight against others, but mostly against ourselves and our limitations.  The kindergarten world would just infantilize us all.

And yes, the end is often tragic, but trust me, it can also be good. I’ve seen that too. There is such a thing as a life well lived, a life that justifies even a terrible ending.

Lacking that, the left is obsessed with ending suffering.  And because they don’t know how to do that, they keep trying to control everyone.  You know “Do it for the children!” “Do it for the victims.” “Do it for the planet.”

I read somewhere that in the early twentieth century the heirs to the throne of Spain were hemophiliacs (being descended from Queen Victoria) and to prevent their getting hurt the royal family had every tree in the garden surrounded by pillows, in a vain attempt to keep them safe.

If you think about it, that’s what the left tries to do to the species and the world. There’s safe spaces, and social justice, and open borders, and redistribution, and free this, and free that, and Occasional Cortex’s crazy idea that you can just print as much money as you want to and it won’t affect value, and that way everyone can have “good money” and “a good job.”

But — and I’m sure this baffles the leftist true believers, absolutely sure of their own benevolence — everything they do turns out wrong, and they keep trying to do more, and help more, because if they can just control us all, then it will work, and suffering will end.

And yet, suffering — and more importantly striving — can’t end, because humans were built to strive and try to improve themselves and others. Because that’s what humans do. That’s what humans are. That’s how we got from the caves (and before that the trees) to where we’re now. We’re humans. We create, and grow and try.  Even in the shitholes in the world, people are trying to improve things. Dysfunctionally, yes. Counterproductively, often. But they are trying.

And in their heart of hearts, the left knows that. They know the only way to make suffering stop is to make humans stop.  And thus, their minds keeps telling them that they need to eliminate vast numbers of us — and eventually, they know, all of us — to make suffering stop.

This is their foundational drive. They just want everyone to be happy and taken care of. And they fail to consciously accept that the only way to do that is to kill everyone.  Consciously they think if we just gave ourselves up and gave in to perfect communism, we would stop all this suffering.

Ultimately, they’re at war with being human. And unable to figure out the amazing glory of freedom of choice, of freedom of improvement and creation and the ability to make the world a better place.

No wonder they are miserable, and angry, and hate their own species.

No wonder they think death is the best thing they can do for us. No wonder they hate people like Peterson, who is telling people they can — individually — improve their lives and their happiness.

So what can we do?  Not shut up. Not go away. Not accept their simplistic view of cake or death. Continue to work and improve, and love.

What we can do is continue to strive and thrive, to improve and create.

We don’t need padded trees.  We need the freedom to be human.  We need the glory of being human and the joy and pain of it.

Yes, we suffer, because we are human. But we live fully because we are human, too. And the suffering is worth it.

Be not afraid.

Maybe, just maybe, some of them will  open their eyes, stop screaming it’s dark. and joins us in the glorious and terrifying light of the sun.


302 thoughts on “Do It For The Humans

  1. They just want everyone to be happy and taken care of.
    To a certain amount of horror, I realize that they like the concept of being kept in zoos, or taken care of like sheep. Or the Matrix.

    At the same time, they imagine themselves as being the shepherds. Or wolves. Or the Machines.

    It’s rather sad, that they are content – or so they believe- with such an existence.

      1. Out of curiosity, why would you refer to Shadowdancer as “chocolate rabbit?” Is there a reference I’m missing?

        1. Just because they are crazy cannibals doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Probably.

          Or, like the rednecks who keep old Fords running on rusted bolts and used oil, they have what once was quality hardware. That runs until it doesn’t, and by then they’ve “acquired” a different one. Rince and repeat.

          Or again it’s a fine example of quantum fuzzy logic. Don’t look too close at it and you’ll enjoy it better. *chuckle*

  2. “Ultimately, they’re at war with being human. And unable to figure out the amazing glory of freedom of choice, of freedom of improvement and creation and the ability to make the world a better place. No wonder they are miserable, and angry, and hate their own species.”

    They really are. Were you aware that tanning is now racist? Oh yes. Tanning is “co-opting Brownness.” The young lady was quite serious about it.

    And then there is the spectacle of stupidity happening in Canada this week, where all the Liberals are trying to pretend blackface is only racist when other people do it but not when their guy does it. Three times. And there’s video. But its cool, people. Nothing to see here, vote Liberal hellz yeah. Btw we’re going to slap capital gains tax on you when you sell your house, Boomers.

    Its easy to mock them, but they are dead serious about this shit. They are dead fricking serious about stuffing everybody into little tiny pods where we will watch government-made educational TV on our super fancy phones, and eat bugs. And the pod will be made of re-purposed sewer pipe.

    I’d say this isn’t going to happen, but then I remember the Aztecs and the Mongols, and I have to admit that it could happen.

    Time to dust off that old chestnut about the tree of Liberty needing watering. I’d prefer to see it watered with the blood of tyrants this time, just sayin’. Let the SJWs bleed for my freedom. Seems only fair, since they’re the ones trying to take it away.

    1. The Justin Trudeau Minstrel Show has confirmed something I’ve suspected for a long time: that the most obnoxious virtue-signallers are trying to overcompensate for something. From ’80s televangelists to 21st century Social Justice Weirdoes, it’s the same problem.

      1. “…the most obnoxious virtue-signallers are trying to overcompensate for something.”

        Right? Lefties -project.- Normally when one of these blackface deals shows up, I don’t care. Its a costume, it used to be a popular thing, get over it. But Justine? Three times? Him I can believe it shows he’s a racist. He’s Montreal ROYALTY, of course he’s a contemptuous jackass.

        Did you ever hear any of those really Big guys talking in an unguarded moment? They’re like pre-Revolution French nobility. They think everybody except their little circle should use the side entrance.

        Man, this election is making me -tired.- We have to go vote for mush-face Scheer, a fucking non-entity frat boy if there ever was one. Because he’s the ONLY ONE who isn’t a seize-the-means-of-production, fire engine red Communist. He’s “just” a big government tax and spend socialist. He’s a company man. Awesome.

        I’m not including Maxime Bernier, because a vote for the People’s Party is in fact a vote for the Shiny Teflon Pony. That’s why Bernier is in the debates now, to steal votes from the CPC and provide an enemy for them all to gang up on. They look like bullies when they gang up on baby face Andrew Scheer. He’s so cute, you just want to pinch his little cheeks.

        But don’t you think its fascinating that Time Magazine, an American lefty rag, are the ones who broke this story? What kind of behind the scenes skullduggery is going on there?

        1. “Did you ever hear any of those really Big guys talking in an unguarded moment? They’re like pre-Revolution French nobility. They think everybody except their little circle should use the side entrance.”
          Dear Lord yes. By virtue of entering university in Portugal (which usually required tutoring/training besides public school from first grade on, and was a gating factor for keeping “the poor” (including middle class) out) I was catapulted into their circles. Dear Lord, yes. So much this.

          1. Reminds me of my growing up (not obviously) Jewish and attending Christian functions.

            You just stand about, not announcing your origins, quietly noting which throats to slit first come the Revolution.

            And remembering how to not be an ass like those folk.

          2. I know that this kind of drivel didn’t hinder my Father’s career in Academia much. Granted, in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s the rot wasn’t anywhere near as complete, and by the time the Smug Intellectual Twits had a lot of heft, Father had published so much excellent scholarship that his position was hard to attack. Then, by the mid ‘70’s he got an endowed Chair, and they REALLY couldn’t touch him. When the rot got bad at Case Western Reserve, he moved to Iowa State, and stayed there until he retired.

            He had scant patience for academics who didn’t do serious scholarship, and they were scared to death of him. What he would do now is anybody’s guess.

    2. I find the big drainage pipe home thing to be hilarious! I’ve seen those pipes here and there since I was a kid and always thought what a great hide-out one (or a few) of those would make. Never expected anyone to actually decide to turn one into a home though.

      1. It does seem funny, but that is a demonstrator for something they might actually do. Shipping container apartments are a real thing in California right now. For people who can’t afford a trailer but aren’t abject drug addicts sleeping on the sidewalk.

        1. Shipping container buildings are showing up in a lot of places– and they ain’t cheap, a lot of the time. One of the pretty-sure-that’s-trendy places in El Paso is at least six of them, all piled up to make a three story building with glass windows on the top floor.

          1. Shipping containers themselves are no longer cheap. Several years ago, there was a surplus of them, until folks figured out that a) China could use scrap metals for its manufacturing, and b) there was an overseas market for used vehicles. (There’s a picture of a machine-gun bearing pickup truck with the name of the plumbing company that had owned it beforehand. Oops.) This caused the US supply to dwindle.

            If the Zerohedge people are right, shipping stalled some years ago, and with the trade issues, there aren’t going to be a lot of spare containers. We’ve looked at pricing (might need to store stuff whenever we move), and they seem to be twice what I recalled several years ago.

              1. From what I’ve read, some actually are crushed cars, shipped as scrap metal. OTOH, there’s a market for used cars and trucks. Beyond the pickup I mentioned, there were a bunch of high end cars that went to Persion Gulf countries. (And several of these were abandoned on the streets; perhaps the upkeep is too hard to get done.)

                The Truth About Cars site once had a columnist who was a used car dealer. He’d write about the auctions, and I got the impression that a bunch of the less-than-stellar vehicles were headed overseas. (Saw a column worrying that the practice could hurt the reputation of American vehicles.)

                I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the pricier cars had been stolen, then shipped.

          2. Yeah a while back I link-stepped myself over to an article about some (canadian, I believe)interior decorator who had built herself a home using Con-X containers. And the finished project only cost ~$450,000…

          1. Down here in the American South we already have shipping container apartments. We simply lay them out horizontally instead of vertically and call them trailer parks.

            1. There’s a tornado proof house in Texas that is containers buried under a hill. At the time, it was cheaper than the other one that is a concrete dome version of the underhill home.

              1. If I’ve ever the time, I saw one the oncet I’d like to try out my own self. Shipping containers built in to the side of a hill like a cliff face. Used to be an old rock quarry. Nice little spot off the beaten path.

                1. The real problem with using Con-X container to build with is that most people don’t realize that the only vertical-strength they have is on the corners. Put much weight on the top and it crushes like a cheap beer-can.
                  So unless you do some serious re-enforcing, the first thing that happens after you bury your new “survival shelter” is that it collapses.

                  1. depends a lot on the condition and type. We used them at work in Texas and two of ours would take pallets of brass on the top, and the ones they opened a hole for adding a skylight, had “thinner” roofs but it was still 3/16 steel, just not as deeply formed.
                    Also, if one wants, you can get them open topped and add the roofing of your wishes. Those also are often taller than the regular types. and you get a benefit of added head room, and the frames on those are stout. Hard to come by. For sale and just to ship something (we requested them months before we wanted to ship in one and often it was weeks late to leave).

              2. Making trailers safe defeats their primary function, which is to attract tornados and steer them away from other targets. Trailer parks are to tornados as truffles are to pigs.

        2. Meanwhile, last I checked, the gubmint still had tens of thousands of travel trailers piled up, the unused detritus of FEMA-Katrina.

          As one site notes, “FEMA Spent more than $2.5 billion to buy up nearly 150,000 trailers, campers, and mobile homes, many of which were never even used.” Some are being auctioned off; others are being scrapped (unmaintained trailers, especially newer units, quickly go to hell). And are now being replaced with updated units.

          Search “fema trailers in storage” for hours of fun.

          1. some of those first ones were never used because the rush to build caused formaldehyde issues among others. They issued some and folks got sick fast.

            1. A lot of RVs (and manufactured homes) had some horrible issues with formaldehyde. We checked out a Fleetwood home in ’02, and had to leave in a couple minutes.

              Reading up on it: apparently formaldehyde bearing materials were either banned or limited in regular construction, and the surplus material got bought up by RV manufactures. Seems plausible, and there have been a bunch of lawsuits against various manufacturers (as well as a lot of the RV companies changing hands).

              We toured a manufactured home in ’02 and had to bail in a couple of minutes to resume breathing. That company got sold off; it did RVs as well as manufactured homes, and got dissolved/sold in ’08.

                    1. Oh. I could tell quite a bit about that one. I actually thought it had promise, but the reactions I got to my stories when I would do writer workshops was just freaking insane.

                      I made this one Big Name editor insanely mad. So much, he was pounding the table and told me I had to go watch more movies about how people react to disasters. Ya know, I did go through Katrina, so I saw a gamut which isn’t in the movies. Sadly he never pointed out how I mixed tenses, which I know now was happening, he was instead just outraged, outraged, I had customers locked in a restaurant for their own good. He swore that would never ever happen in America. BTW, I actually had that happen to more than a few times in my life. Once due to bank robbery next door to the retail store I worked at and another due to a fight/riot happening outside the bookstore I worked at.

                    2. Hell, didn’t a guy just get a medal from the president for doing this?

                      Since on the other side of the door was a dumb**** aiming for mass murder?

                    3. I had to go watch more movies about how people react to disasters.

                      AS IF Hollywood filmmakers have any effing idea how people react to disasters! On Hollywood a disaster is the waiter bringing the wrong brand of sparkling water.

        3. There was a recent article about people living in them where a woman claimed they were Hell on earth, but she was still living there.

          1. At a guess, anywhere that woman would be living would likely be Hell on Earth, especially for those living with her.

            My own definition of Hell on Earth involves being in a room with ten leading Democrat presidential candidates and a magazine holding no more than nine cartridges.

            What ploy might get them to queue up a bit better …

          2. likely the same type who showed at the Dome the first time it was used. Folks ignored the “Bring only Food, Water, and bedding” brought their TV and complained that they got fed hot dogs, fries, and Pepsi out of the concession (they were stocked for an upcoming event).
            To quote my buddy Doug :”You got a $20 meal for free! . . . what the hell you complaining about?”

            1. Probably related to the guy who had to go on welfare and complained he wasn’t able to make his Tarragon rabbit any more, because he didn’t have enough money (IIRC, this was one of the side stories during Occupy Wall Street).

      2. Back in the day, you could find many designs for bomb shelters based on them.

        Quite sensible, as they are about the only thing that is mass produced and intended to have several feet of dirt dumped on top of them.

        1. Except they are not particularly shockproof; in fact, they’re fairly brittle, in the way of unsupported concrete. The reason you pile a whole bunch of well-packed dirt over a concrete culvert, rather than just driving over its naked top, is because a naked culvert will soon fracture and collapse. The culvert acts as an arch and distributes the load to the surrounding dirt, but doesn’t support much itself.

          There are Whoopsie YT videos showing what happens to a concrete pipe dropped from just a few feet up. CRUNCH.

          1. Well, that’s why you pile dirt on them for the bomb shelter, too. (Probably would have been more clear if I had used “fallout shelter.”) A couple inches of concrete doesn’t do all that much to stop the gamma or neutrons.

          2. .and for “a few’ you can substitute “two”.

            (If you’re wondering about the physics, the impact with the ground creates tension in the sides 9relative to the ground) and concrete is really bad at tension.)

      3. On another forum, someone suggested get a few pipes, link them together with the corresponding junction boxes, cover them with dirt, and voila! Your very own Bag End.

        1. Exactly what I dreamed of as a kid! 🙂

          Although I grew into a tall adult, and now really identify with the scene where Gandalf constantly bumps his head while in Bag End. So, it’s not as good an idea as it once was.

          1. The city was putting in new drainage lines when I was little; probably 6 or 7. The pipe was staged along the way, just the right size for a young’un. We had a ball on the way home from school while the sections were there.

            If they used concrete pipe for Frisco pods, would they by used ones? 🙂

        2. Yeah, great hobbit hole, but for us large people a ten or twelve ft diameter pipe would work better. But, see breakage discussion above, I think eight ft is the biggest they make.

          1. Not if you work carefully. There are 15′ diameter pipes in this area that carry water. There’s a great photo of a VW Bug in one, with plenty of room to spare.

    3. tanning is now racist?

      But I identify as epidermically variable! How dare anybody attempt to suppress my trans-skin identity! It is a fundamental expression of my connection to the day star; I need my Vitamin D and no Denialist dare interfere with satisfying that intrinsic desire.

        1. Oh, and he wants to stop car ownership because of Bad Fossil Fuels. Sounds like the SJW of not-so-fond acquaintance who thought everybody should be forced to use electric cars.

          When he starts flying around the country in an electric airplane, I’ll stop laughing. A bit. They’d be some really short flights….

          1. The popularity of battery cars bumfoozles me. They don’t go very far, they take hours to charge, the batteries are supposed to last 10 years but I’m told a more realistic figure would be five, and they’re expensive even WITH the government subsidies that put some of the burden on blue collar types who pay taxes and can’t afford this kind of toy.

            And the batteries depend on rare earth metals that are A) in short supply and B) mostly mined in China. Oh, we COULD mine them in the US…if the Ecofascists would let us.

            It. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. If it DID we would need a great deal more electric generation than we have, mostly at night when they would be charging and solar doesn’t work.

            It’s an ecological, economic, and practical disaster.

            Of course, so is Socialism, so I suppose that makes battery cars a perfect match.

            1. Worse, or add to electric car “bad” … the batteries are very toxic to recycle … Not to mention, except for parts of the PNW, the power generated isn’t exactly considered eco friendly. At least parts of the PNW the power generated by the hydro electric processes on dams that were put in primarily for flood control. But other areas – Stop the non-carbon friendly electrical production, now you can’t charge your electric car. Unfortunately the woke take that as a feature.

              1. Ruptured battery enclosures from aging electric cars occuring in an accident is also something I wonder about. Those batteris are expensive. Enterprising folk and the unscrupulous (these categories may have some overlap) *will* find ways to extend battery life, or offer cheaper replacements. With predictable results.

                Spilled oil? Sand and kitty litter will manage for the most part. Gas cleanups aren’t too difficult, by and large. Large quantities of battery acid? Hrm… That one might be a bit tougher. Need quite a lot of volume to dilute, more than most emergency vehicles have the capacity for just now.

                1. Hell, if it’s real oil rather than synthetic, the environment has been dealing with it just fine for longer than man has found it useful. In many places (New Jersey and the Arabian peninsula come to mind) it used to seem to the surface. And the amount man spills jnto the ocean is trivial compared to the quantity estimated to seep in naturally.

                  1. I’m surprised we don’t hear about angry environmentalists in Californistan demanding those tar pits be cleaned up Right Now…

                2. There’s a whole lot of warnings for fire crews with respect to electric cars after a crash. High voltages, risk of fire, caustic electrolytes. Tendencies for Teslas to ignite (seemingly at will) add that little bit of adrenaline to the mix.

                  Nope, give me something safer, like gasoline and motor oil.

                  1. the 24hrs of leMans has specially trained crews to deal with the hybrids crashing. A few years ago, Toyota had a massive one, and the driver was left to his own devices for a longer time because the nearest crew was quite further away than the other marshals. Fortunately he was okay, but to get out of the car, he climbed the bodywork, and jumped as far away as he could so as not to possibly become a ground for the batteries.

                3. hybrids and full electric use a dry battery that doesn’t use acid . . . just flammable metals.
                  I’d rather deal with battery acid. even enough kitty litter will suffice for battery acid.
                  a Lithium Ion goes up and forget about it. The FAA hates the damned things.

                  1. Lithium-polymer batteries seem to be sensitive to shock and vibration. Of course, they’re really popular for yard equipment, since such equipment never sees vibration or abuse. [shudder] I’ll stick with less scary technologies, thank you. (My ancient 12V gel cell mower is now on its second battery; it’s good for steep slopes that are a really bad idea for the gas mower or garden tractor.).

                    (I’ve seen RC planes are now offered with Li-Po batteries, but I’ve also noticed some warnings that a crash might just cause a fire.)

                    1. MotoE racing was delayed when a fire broke out and destroyed bikes, chargers, and other sundry equipment. It doesn’t seem like the brightest Idea to me for Li batteries to be used in a motorcycle almost guarantied to crash.

            2. While I share your doubts about the feasibility of battery cars, I suspect their advocates figure that battery cars ought be as easily made as assault cars.

            3. Tell people at the bottom of Florida that they will only have a cruising distance less than a hundred miles before needing hours to refuel. Tell them that when they have to evacuate.

              Sometimes I want to put these elite with no clue about the size of this country in the middle of Arizona and tell them to walk to civilization. Heck, I’d be nice and give them water and food, might even drive beside them in the A/C of a vehicle.

                1. Yeah. I saw what happened with the organized government mass transit evacuation for New Orleans during Gustav. Promised no evacuation outside of the state, then took them to Mississippi. Yes, you can bring your pets, then pets confiscated upon arrival and put in kennels. People weren’t allowed to leave the evacuation centers, even to shop. And the big kicker? They returned them without their luggage, everything they considered valuable. Then a week later announced in the morning, that day, all the luggage would be at the bus station for people to pick through and find their stuff. No tags. No verification.

                  The elites really do want us to be easy pickings for the predators.

        2. I’d pay more attention if they were setting an example instead of trying to dictate what others do.

          Watching one of the self-defined elites noshing down on a plate of kale and earthworms would be hilarious.

          However, I suspect they’re not proposing that such dietary changes would apply to *them*…

          1. Generally speaking you can’t trust people who ask you to make sacrifices they aren’t willing to make.

          2. As Glenn Reynolds puts it: “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people telling me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”

            Algore and his 30,000 square foot home, too many ecowarriors and their private airliners? Sod off, swampy!

            1. I like the way the daughter of Power Line’s John Hinderaker put it:

              I will revert to an instance of liberal environmental guilt that goes back to when my youngest daughter was in the 3rd grade, age 8. She had a homework assignment on global warming. She was supposed to articulate demands she would make on her parents to combat global warming.

              She responded: I will tell my father never to take more flights on private jets than Al Gore. And: I will tell my mother we should never live in a house larger than John Edwards’.

              I trust the teacher gave her an “A” on the assignment.

          3. “Watching one of the self-defined elites noshing down on a plate of kale and earthworms would be hilarious.”

            No, not one. MANY. With pretty much every looney idea these wanna-be despots float, there’s one or a few of the elite who are willing to do it themselves. Look at Ed Begley, jr as an example. So the elites will always be able to find among their villainous ranks someONE to “set the example.”

            So no, not just one. I want to see MANY of them doing it. And not just once. Routinely.

          1. He is. That’s the frightening thing. He’s the -least- crazy, out of all of them. He’s actually thought about it, and seems to have a functioning brain. Mostly.

          2. I am noticing an increasing number of … disturbing statements attributed to him. While I am aware that the Media Spotlight sometimes encourages people (especially politicians who are presumably people) to spout peculiar things, I am unable to determine (also: uninterested in the effort) whether Yang’s situation is a matter of Derangement By Media or merely now that the light is on him the “wrinkles” are more apparent.

    4. Looked at the sewer pipe article and immediately was reminded of these:
      Japanese capsule hotels, essentially tiny sleeping pods stacked in a honeycomb like structure. Functionally equivalent to massive dorms full of bunk beds except with a bit more privacy.
      I need to go back and see if they say how much one of those pipe homes costs to assemble then do the math on what the total cost would be to provide one to each of the 35,000 homeless estimated to live in the San Francisco area. Probably less than what they are spending each year now on the problem. Have to factor in a high turnover replacement cost of course as I suspect that many of those “free” homes would be destroyed or at least stripped of anything remotely of value by their residents.

            1. socialist germans
              Hey, I’ve been told that anyone who fights the Communist party in the streets is obviously a Far Right Wing group.
              No answer yet on who the rightwingers were between Stalins supporters and Trotsky’s.

      1. Saw a special a few years back on how a lot of young Japanese professionals, unable to afford standard housing, have taken to living fulltime in pod hotels. Apparently it started at rail stations and has since spread. Not unreasonable if all you need is a bed and some basics.

        Consider that every major construction site in CA now has an armed night guard, so all the copper wiring doesn’t walk with Jesus, and figure how long anything metal would last in quickie-quarters where you could get at it with less effort than dynamite.

        Also consider that most of the current homeless don’t want a home if it means they have to give up drugs. (Per a recent on-the-street survey in L.A., over 60%.)

        Consider too that following Katrina, there were more than enough FEMA-owned trailers to house every homeless person in the U.S.

        1. My mother lived in a FEMA trailer for a few years after Katrina. There was nothing wrong with it and it was nice enough that she wanted to buy it from them and keep it indefinitely. They eventually forced her out so they could scrap it.

          Your tax dollars at work, kids.

        2. When I was younger, I’d have done that in a heartbeat. Cheap sleep, secure, and clean? Beats the heck out of motels nasty enough to make you want to sleep in the truck after eighteen plus hours of hard physical labor.

      1. which means your skin turns red, stealing the culture of the native tribes of north American. you racist.
        (now where is the sarcasm button at)

        1. Used to have a little red light on it, but it burnt out ages ago and the lettering is worn off from overuse. It is still around somewhere, I’m quite sure.

          1. Lettering worn? By now the key itself if long gone and the wire moved enough so often they broke from metal fatigue. Really, we might as well just solder that sucker closed-circuit and be done – assuming there’s anything left to connect up.

    5. The Progressive Left has been dead serious about stuffing The Unwashed into some sort of Bauhaus monstrosity for half a century or more. Indeed, their plans for The Workers, along those lines, were their first big post WWII defeat in the US. During the Depression, a lot of the working class had followed along with such pipe dreams. Then the War caused the government to gather all kinds of power to itself. The Progressives were ecstatic; they would build many planned communities of worker housing, and the Workers would travel by public transportation and go to lectures and Mahler concerts in the evenings.

      Well, after several years of regimentation in the military, or well paying jobs in ‘vital industry’, the Workers were less than enthralled. They wanted cars with tail fins, a house in Levittown, and a TV set. They oretty much dropped the Progressives with the alacrity of a recruit getting rid of a live grenade.

      I don’t think the Progressive Left has trusted The Workers since. Hence their plans to bully them into conformity.

      2016 was a ‘f-you’ to the Left. They aren’t taking it well. They may be able to pull something out, and that worries me. But if they don’t manage some pretty spectacular fraud, I think 2020 is going to be ‘f-you twice, with jalapeño lube’.

      1. I don’t think the Progressive Left has trusted The Workers since.

        Before you can trust you must first understand.

        I see no evidence the PL has any interest in understanding workers.

        For that matter, I see no evidence the PL has any interest in understanding anything. They seem to prefer imagining their ideal of a thing and them damning the actuality for not meeting their ideal.

        I understand that soppy teen girls have a similar problem with objects of their interest.

        1. Honestly, the tiny house movement is on the list of things I don’t have a problem with. They’re relatively inexpensive and easily movable, and if you’re one of those folks who just doesn’t need a whole lot of space, they make better fiscal sense than renting an apartment.
          My objection shows up if someone tries to force me into one.

        2. I have no problem with anyone who WANTS to live in a ‘tiny house’. I think local zoning should be changed to accommodate them where it doesn’t already.

          And I think that anyone who wants to FORCE people to live in a ‘tiny house’ should be stuffed into a very small container and thrown out with the rest of the trash.

  3. Yeah. This. Many, many, many times over.

    In my teens I worked out that there was, mechanically speaking, no way to completely prevent scrapes and abrasions, hence prevention that did not come with an accepted risk was futile and insane. That is with all life’s troubles. There’s work to be done minimizing some risks considering the trade offs with others, but the people set on completely eliminating all hazard and hardship are largely out of their minds and a danger to others.

    We have enough of the all the safety for free lunatics that they are themselves a systemic hazard.

    Freely talking about horrible things, pushing the boundaries of the Overton window, is a way to counter those misconceptions and help mitigate that systemic hazard. Speech control minimizes awareness of costs and unexpected side effects, ergo makes that systemic hazard worse.

    I have tried to talk people into responding to the drug war by mass murder, or into liquidating the pot smokers. I have not had enough effect to think that there are enough mass murder sympathetic types on the right that, even if the Overton window included the pluses and minuses of mass murder, there would not suddenly be a right wing faction in favor of ethnic cleansing or killing the poor. The big risk of such a shift in the Overton window is the left, and maybe the center.

    1. “I have not had enough effect to think that there are enough mass murder sympathetic types on the right that, even if the Overton window included the pluses and minuses of mass murder, there would not suddenly be a right wing faction in favor of ethnic cleansing or killing the poor.”

      Yes. All the mass-murder lovers are on the Left. Hence their body count.

      I remember a story where any citizen could change any law. But there were some laws so old and respected, that if you wanted to change it you had to cut off your right arm to show you were serious about it.

      So I think a new concept is needed. Any government official who proposes a new tax or a new regulation has to cut off a finger. Otherwise the proposal won’t be considered.

      1. if you wanted to change it you had to cut off your right arm to show you were serious about it.

        Left-hander Privilege!!!!!!! That’s So Sinister!

        The problem with requiring any government official proposing a new tax or regulation having to cut off a finger is that in next to no time being fingerless would become as much a status thing as the old mandarins who never cut their nails. They would trot their infirmity as proof of their virtue and require feeding at the public’s expense.

        How about public flogging, instead?

          1. I considered a rule that would permit each and every voter opposed to the proposed legislation the right to bugger* each sponsor of the bill — but decided there were probably all too many Progressives who would enjoy that.

            *On the “do unto them what they’re doing unto us” principle.

              1. I suspect that as painful as that is, or is intended to sound, that there is still a kink for it (NOTE: I do not claim it a healthy or sane kink) and.. well… do really want “leadership” by THAT sort of pervert?

                Face, we ARE going to have perverts as leaders (at least a percentage) but we can or should at least set some limits on what sort they can be.

                1. *raises eyebrow* I’d take a representative that is in to self-pain over the kind that gets off on the pain of others. We’ve had a bit too many of the latter stripe, yes?

                  Of course given my druthers, a sensible, sane, representative that just wants to be left alone and is willing to extend the same courtesy to his constituents would be nice. Quite a change, actually.

                  Of course while I’m wishing for improbable things, I might as well wish for more hours in the day to get stuff done in and a mute button for the political class. Or a shock rod. Or maybe just a button that drops them into lava…


                  Oh don’t look at me that way. There’s a bit of evil overlord in all of us.

                  1. Trust me, you really don’t want the sort who isn’t “into” self pain, but is willing to endure it for a Good Cause.

                    I can see myself getting to that point. Sure, I’d do worse to myself than others…but you really, really wouldn’t be reassured by that.

                    Fanatics are dangerous.

                    1. That would depend on the books. Far too many of them want to bring Nineteen Eighty-Four, Animal Farm or Brave New World to life. Of course, they believe they would be the pigs…

                  2. a sensible, sane, representative that just wants to be left alone and is willing to extend the same courtesy to his constituents

                    I have difficulty imagining such a person enduring the process of standing for office, let alone running. Holding office and having to work with the sorts of people with whom you’d be forced to associate? Inconceivable!

                    Shucks, I miss the days of politicians engaging in honest* graft.

                    *Honest graft: sure, things cost a bit more but they were well built and of good quality materials. What we get now are politicians happy to cut open the goose laying the golden eggs … or want to put the goose through an experimental process intended to produce platinum eggs.

    2. It has always been my impression that the Gods of the Copybook Headings are big fans of natural selection.

    3. From the 1988 movie Red Heat… (Russian cop Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Chicago cop Art Ridzik (Jim Belushi) are looking for a Russian dealer.)

      Ivan Danko: Chinese find way. Right after revolution, they round up all drug dealers, all drug addicts, take them to public square, and shoot them in back of head.

      Art Ridzik: Ah, it’d never work here. Fucking politicians wouldn’t go for it.

      Ivan Danko: Shoot them first.

      1. There’s a basic and fundamental problem or two.

        We could do it if the American people had the will power, and if there were few drug free types willing to defend the druggies.

        There’s a decent chance that there are millions or tens of millions of druggies to kill. Even without others adding to the defense, an apparatus that can kill that many in a reasonable time is a bit too dangerous to allow the creation of.

        One in eight Americans are black. That’s not enough to rule the country by force, but it is enough that any internal mass murder that goes through them will be quite costly. Black people would be stupid not to act if an internal mass murder scheme looks like it is intended to kill off their young men as a prelude to exterminating them. In some of the states where pot has been legalized, some of the marketing looks like it targets young black men. If this is generally the case, then any narrowly targeted mass murder of stoners is going to appear credible as an attempt on blacks. My best guess is that quite a few whites would violently object to an attempt to commit a mass murder of blacks. So likely additional costs make it far too expensive to possibly be worthwhile.

        Sadly, the best chance of having the murder of all stoners come out anywhere near a net positive is to first start with a bloody civil war. And making a mass murder of stoners a goal then has the drawback of risking the restoration of peace and an end to the conflict.

        1. There are quite a few whites who would violently object to an attempt to commit a mass murder of ANYONE!

        2. > One in eight Americans are black.

          According to whom?

          The Census was pretty sloppy before; now that Dolezal-types can “identify”, it’s farcical. And while in the South mixed-race people were traditionally “white” (that’s racism for you…) nowadays they can change their “identification” to whatever looks most advantageous at the time.

          Next Democratic administration, I expect “furry” to be a legitimate choice…

            1. (For anybody not following: this means that people will pick a single designation that roughly fits and go with that, which is bad news for the racist twits.)

          1. Looked at censuses back to the forties. Didn’t see an obvious drop after Roe vs. Wade.

            Wouldn’t matter if the true numbers are one in ten and might not if one in twelve. One in sixteen? I’m not sure. My brain is probably not working yet, not really. If we presume that the 1940 or 1950 census is honest enough, then perhaps we can speculate as low as one in thirty two without being insane, but I have not truly thought about the issue.

            1. Most abortions are performed on women who wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place if they didn’t know they had an escape route.

          2. I presume you meant to say traditionally “black” — one drop rule — until they could manage to pass and could hide their past.

      2. A lot of that movie is in Russian, with subtitles.

        The Voices suspect the spoken part might be somewhat different from the text…

        Back when Westerns were big, lots of Indians were played by Navajo, who were organized and therefore easy for Hollywood to deal with. The Dineh, ordered to “talk Indian”, sometimes amused themselves by speculating about the inadequacies of the studio peoples’ genitalia…

  4. They think it’s a good thing because they believe that the “icky” people will be the ones that die, not them. They’ll be OK, it’s the riffraff that will die off. In regards to smallpox, anyone born after the 1970’s has never been vaccinated so the mortality rate will be much higher in those under the age of 40; the world will be dominated by those 50 and older, which will make the world much slower to repopulate. That does imply that death rates will be higher in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, where reproductive rates are higher than in First World countries. They assume that, but the West will not be unscathed. (I was vaccinated three times between my birth and age 12, so my immunity will probably be better than many.)

    Additionally, having killed off a large portion of the working age population, who do they think will keep the infrastructure and basic services running? Can you really expect a bunch of 70-year old farmers to keep everyone fed, or keep refineries or electrical generation plants running? As usual they forget to ask, “And then what happens?”

    1. A lot of the military got vaccinated a few years back when we were deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, (That’s when I got my vaccination.) but that’s only to the Right’s advantage.

      1. Medical personnel, too, my aunt was vaccinated already but I believe she got a booster.

        If I remember the run-down in the Navy, it’s not actually as horrifically deadly as folks are thinking if you start with a healthy population AND the sick get basic medical treatment.

        It ain’t no picnic, but there’s a reason that even the crazies haven’t started using it in biowarfare yet. You’ll hurt a country and leave their most dangerous folks fully functional, and suddenly both lacking in resource drains AND wanting to kill you very, very badly.

          1. I actually got vaccinated against smallpox when I was very young, as I was in the last year of children born in the US who were given the vaccination as part of the regular course of vaccinations.

            1. My mother couldn’t remember — my older sister was, my younger wasn’t, but she dithered about me — but one day I realized that mark on my arm was a smallpox vaccination scar.

      1. Madame your husband is in his 50’s and was born and raised in the US,Yes? So in school in the 60’s. Folks of our age were vaccinated as was anyone entering school at that time. There were some religious exceptions but they were few and far between. Somewhere in the early 70’s they stopped. Easy enough to tell big ugly circular scar, usually upper left arm in 60’s, later on buttocks or thigh to hide it. There is some concern as to how valid these vaccinations remain.

        As for modern treatment the standard was ring vaccination in areas near cases. Vaccination within 3 days of exposure greatly reduces mortality. Unfortunately last I heard the store of vaccine was small, There was talk of increasing it in the 2000’s not sure if they ever did anything. If it got to the Obama administration you can bet not as they did nothing usefulas far as I could tell. Some of the modern anti virals might be of use ( ) but stockpiles of those are limited. If contained probably bad but not the 50-70% fatality rates seen in virgin populations in the past. If the system gets overwhelmed it would get ugly fast.

          1. They did revaccinate deploying military that had already been vaccinated in their youth, as apparently there is a value to re-educating ones immune system about what it once learned 40+ years ago.

            Along the same lines as the shingles vax and chicken pox.

  5. Milady Sarah

    Unfortunately, wanting 1 out of every 3 people to die is not the end goal.

    It is worse than that. I can remember the shock I felt once when I read a blog by somebody who believes that the Earth can only support a human population of 500 million. And then calculating what it means:

    That he expected 13 out of every 14 people now living to die, disappear or otherwise evaporate cleanly, so that he can live out his dream.

    That is of course not what he said, but is very much what he meant.

    Ever since I have held the radical environmentalists in contempt. And they deserve it.

    1. Whatever method they picked would have to operate pretty fast.

      At least, once Americans started dying in mass lots, there’d be umpty million not-quite-dead citizens armed to the teeth and determined to get their revenge while they could.

    2. That’s just bloody crazy. These people want to make Thanos from Avengers:Endgame look like a humanitarian. They want to make the designers of Dachau etc. look like pikers. And of course they think they (and those they love) will be in the 1 in 14. What mental illness makes them want this? I’m a strong proponent of Hanlon’s razor (Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity). but this isn’t stupidity this is EVIL, written bold face, all caps in 72 point type. The callous nasty side of me says that if they are so bad for the environment why don’t they just solve the issue and off themselves? Oh and ninnies like Ms Thuneberg? You go right ahead and not reproduce until the problem is “fixed” sweetheart. Please convince your like minded followers of the same. Meanwhile we rational few will just keep following Genisis 1:28 “…Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it;”. There’s a reason the meek shall inherit the earth as the world is inherited by those that show up.

      1. Well … it comes from a “good” place. For certain values of “good”.

        The climate strike is all about indoctrination, not science
        Kids in the city will be missing school today for the nationwide “Climate Strike.” They might see it as a small sacrifice: Who needs an education to prepare for tomorrow when tomorrow is a dubious proposition? Truth is, they probably have no idea just how silly are the things they’re promoting.

        “We, the youth of America, are striking because the science says we have just a few years to transform our energy system, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the worst effects of climate change,” the manifesto of the Youth Climate Strike (one of the event’s sponsors) begins. That sobering sentence is followed by a set of profoundly unserious demands, beginning with 400 words on why this all-consuming threat to the very habitability of the planet is most pronounced for women and minorities.

        Strikers assert that “marginalized communities,” including the impoverished, disabled, LGBT and minorities, and the economically displaced should be foremost on the minds of policymakers.

        The game is further given up when the strikers endorse progressive reforms that relate to climate change only as a result of a stretch of the imagination. Among them, the creation of state-owned banks, affordable housing, “local living-wage jobs” and “fully paid quality health care” for affected populations.

        All this fits with the organizer’s prime directive: the “implementation of a Green New Deal,” the bulk of which is only tangentially related to environmentalism.

        It calls for the shuttering of all fossil-fuel-generating power plants, replacing the country’s energy grid, upgrading and renovating “every residential and industrial building” in America, reducing US productive agricultural capacity, retiring the combustion engine and phasing out fossil fuels entirely by 2030. … One of the final demands, “comprehensive climate change education,” is to be aimed at children ages 5 through 14 because “impressionability is high during that developmental stage.”


        Judging from the bizarre, extremist, sloppily composed manifesto, the students who have the city Education Department’s blessing to attend this event clearly won’t be learning much of anything truly “science-based.” The rest of us, however, are learning quite a lot about the climate change movement, and it’s not pretty.

        1. “The Science” don’t say dick. Some SCIENTISTS are making absurd claims. When you investigate them, you find out they’re getting ‘grants’ from leftist politicians, or left-wing eco-extremists.

          Climate changes. It has been changing for 3 billion years, and will continue to change for 5 billion more. We’re not even close to some of the extreme conditions this world has seen just since the emergence of complex life 600 million years ago and guess what? Life is still here.

          Farm tractors run on gasoline, diesel or propane. Fertilizer, weed killers, bug killers, transportation, refrigeration, all the energy-intensive parts of our massively complex food supply system, use a lot more. The whole point is to produce more food per acre and get it to where we need it. ‘Economizing’ on our food production means either:

          1. Farming more land, or
          2. Producing less food

          I wonder which one they’re shooting for?

          Thing is, they don’t grow food in those leftist cities. When it runs short, do they propose to take it by force from the people who won’t give up their guns?

          They all need to read The Last Centurion by John Ringo.
          A politician is worse than a toilet. They’re both full of shit — but at least you can flush the toilet.

          1. > SCIENTISTS

            Scientists do science. But the media considers university professors to be “scientists”, though most of them apparently wouldn’t know the scientific method if it bit them in the posterior.

        2. RES if these are students from NYC unless they’re from Stuyvesant or one of the other specialty schools they probably learned more out of class than in. Heck their chance of meeting someone with opinions other than those of dyed in the wool socialists (even the Stuyvesant students) went up by many orders of magnitude.Likely that person was the hot dog vendor at a cart. They at least have an inate feel for economics.

        3. “because the science says we have just a few years to transform our energy system”

          They don’t know *what* the Science says, because they are not intellectually equipped to understand it–not even, for the most part, as the most superficial level. They know what certain Scientists say, especially those who are the particularly loud and/or politically-connected.

          In addition to their general lack of scientific knowledge, these students also lack the life experience to be able to disentangle probably truth, or closest approximation to truth, from conflicting narratives.

      2. It’s more like they are Agent Smith from The Matrix. They view humans as a virus that needs to be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

  6. Proverbs 8:36, Wisdom speaking, concludes “all who hate me, love death”. They truly love death in all its connotations: physical death; death of cultures; death of relationships; death of civilizations; death of families, on and on. They seek the death of all things because they hate that the world is governed by God and not themselves. In short they seek vainly to destroy God’s creation because they cannot destroy God himself.

    I hate what they do, hate what they are and are becoming, but do not loathe them: but for the grace of God, I would be them.

  7. I just want to know why Sarah hates intelligent squid. She must if she doesn’t want all of us to die so they can thrive.

        1. I used to work with the public (well, people in boxes. Office buildings, factories, the like. Boxes, I tell you). Surprising number of them had dogs.

          Over 90% were nice dogs. Even the “I thought he hated strangers, but he loves you, why?” kind. For the others, the “I want to EAT YOUR LIVER with FAVA BEANS” kind, I simply explained to the people that I was simply too tasty for dogs to resist me and they needed to put them away while I worked. Most of the time, that sufficed.

          1. I have not (closely, anyway) met the second sort. I have met the first sort, complete with utterly bewildered human(s). I cannot say for sure what ‘it’ is, but I seem to generally get along well with dogs. Not enough experience to be truly sure of horses, but in general we seem to get along well enough. Cats… well, cats is cats. But then, dogs is dogs. No experience with live pigs* and I prefer to keep it that way.

            * Before I moved to a place that has a *lot* of pork production and genuine good cuts, I agreed with Pa’s not-entirely facetious quip. “Bacon is great, ham is good, but pork comes from a vile animal.” Granted, a friend of mine occasionally had alleged pork chops, and I spent more time dissecting the gristle away than eating any meat. So there was a decided bias. Then I moved to a place that “knew from pork” and their idea of a ‘pork chop’ is another thing entirely. There might be some fat, but there is NO gristle. Thus did I discover that my experience with pork was like my experience with beer. I thought I didn’t care for it, but it’s just that I have standards. (Go ahead, make joke about how ox have low standards – ox still have them!)

        1. a little bit of garlic, some olive oil… sometimes its own ink.
          And btw, it is entirely possible that squid are actually sentient. We just have no way of knowing, not for real. Sea life is different.
          I grew up eating them. I hope I don’t have to feel guilty.

              1. They seem to have learned how to attack humans. A claim one fouled a water intake intentionally, causing someone to dive in to unclog it, and then going after the diver.
                Might be a Mexican Fisherman’s version of DropBears, but one scientist said plausible. He said they have been getting more bold and coming up to the surface more lately. He doesn’t trust them much.

                1. It’s the whales putting ’em up to it. Y’all will come to regret the cessation of whaling.

    1. We LOVE them. We want to give them the sort of challenges that will let them live up their full potential.

  8. Also, in the event of an actual globe-spanning plague (which anything that starts these days would be), we all know who the victims are most likely to be – they’re poor, don’t have access to good food or medical care, and mostly live in the Equatorial zones.

    That the leftists are hoping for such an event exposes them for what they truly are.

  9. It’s be said before but is worth saying again.

    “You think there are too many people on Earth and most should die? OK, you first”. 😈

    1. “The answer to anyone who talks about the surplus population is to ask him, whether he is part of the surplus population; or if not, how he knows he is not.” Chesterton.

      On a related note, he also said:
      “The landlord or the employer says in his hearty and handsome fashion: ‘You really cannot expect me to deprive myself of my money. But I will make a sacrifice. I will deprive myself of your children.’”

  10. Heard Jimmy Akin on one of the Catholic call-in question shows yesterday, and he said something very useful about the whole pie model.

    The model only accounts for the new mouths.
    It doesn’t account for the brains.

    1. It’s amazing, all the things humans have managed to think their way out of. Why, one might suspect they’re rather good at that means of escaping disaster.

      1. It’s simple really. Survivors survive, it’s what they do.
        And those that do not survive become minor footnotes in the history books.
        Much like “in war the winners write the history books.” In similar fashion it is the survivors who tell the tale.

  11. Whenever I read or hear somebody talking about ‘living in harmony with Nature’ I remember the end of RAINBOW SIX when the Eco-terrorists are abandoned in the Amazon jungle and told to go harmonize.

  12. “Lacking that, the left is obsessed with ending suffering. And because they don’t know how to do that, they keep trying to control everyone.”

    You can see a foreshadowing of this in the animal rights movement, where the big organizations at least have tended to become quite authoritarian, and also end up killing vast numbers of animals. No doubt they started out with kind-hearted motives, but, as with humans, there’s no way to eliminate animal suffering without vast amounts of interference and coercion in people’s private business – and even then you ultimately have to kill all the animals just to be sure.

      1. And in various countries in Europe it is common practice to offer medically assisted human euthanization to seriously ill patients.

        In fact, they insist on it.

        Dutch ‘Forced Euthanasia’ Doctor Cleared of Charges
        By Wesley J. Smith
        September 11, 2019 4:09 PM
        I could have told you this would happen. A Dutch doctor who lethally injected a dementia patient, has been cleared of criminal charges.

        Euthanizing dementia patients isn’t against the law in Netherlands if the patient expressed a desire to die before losing competency. What made this particular case notable was that the patient who was killed wanted to decide the time, and never gave consent. Moreover, she was not only drugged to allow her to be killed easily, but when she woke up she fought against the doctor and struggled to stay alive. Rather than stop, the doctor had her family hold her down as so she could be dispatched by lethal injection. …

      2. I used to live near their headquarters, where they were generally known as People Embarassing the Tidewater Area.

      3. Peta’s stance on pets seems to be no pets not even one. All I can say is you’ll have to pry my Kittehs from my cold dead hands. But I wouldn’t be counting on that if I were you…

          1. Honestly they’re mostly vegans and probably stringy as heck, except for those that indulge in lots of Avocado Toast. Although as my two felines constantly tell me when i offer them green beans “Vegetables, it’s what food eats”.

    1. Far as I can tell (and I’ve been paying attention, because the animal rightists set dangerous precedents, and their spawn the ‘rescue’ industry has pretty much killed my profession) NONE of them started with kind-hearted motives. One literally mutated from a give-us-all-your-money cult church, having discovered it was a lot easier to suck funds out of animal lovers than out of the less-abundant needy nutjobs. Others are basically outgrowths of Marxist philosophy of oppression and enforced equality, now with equality worth billions in foreign investments. ‘Rescue’ is the same scam on a more-local scale, and makes more money than breeders ever did.

      HSUS is just PETA in a nice suit. PETA kills 97% of the animals it takes in (or in some cases, steals). Animal rightists don’t love animals; they hate people.

  13. I know that’s not what they said, but I do speak fluent Russian obfuscation.

    Aw, C’mon man!* When have the Russians ever lied to us?

    Cripes, next thing you’ll be saying we cannot rely on the Iranian Mullahs to abide by international agreements.

    Cynical, suspicious people like you are why we can’t have good things.

    *As Sleepy Joe would say

    1. English grabs loan words where a concept is better covered by the new word than existing English. I think it gives a hint as to where the native-language speakers heads are at.

      This of course led me into a www research rathole, but here’s a few that kind of point towards my point:

      The term Maskirovka, a military deception, is a military science loan word in English from Russian. We also grabbed Disinformation from Russian, and Pogrom.

      English grabbed the military science term Schwerpunkt from German, plus Schadenfreude and Angst.

      From Spanish there’s Armada and Embargo, but we also grabbed barbecue, siesta, avocado and guacamole.

      And in honor of our esteemed hostess I went and looked for words English swiped from Portuguese and found Embarrass and Mandarin and Palanquin and Savvy and Monsoon and Breeze and Caramel, but the only militaryish loan word I found from Portuguese is Commando.

      1. I remember a lot of angst among certain Conservative circles that Spanish would supplant English (this was in the Clinton years). I kept telling then that if the Hispanic population of the country rose high enough, English would swallow Spanish whole, belch, and move on.

        1. Ok so with all of this I just realized something. Perhaps I’m dim and Naive to have not seen this before. There’s a reason the left loves it some illegal immigrants. Especially if they’re from the spanish speaking contries/cultures. Those folks are effectively already 1984’s Proles in their country of origin. Avoiding assimilation and keeping them ghettoized and terrorized (e.g. MS13) and giviing them garbage education makes them a very nice class of proles (if you’re and up and coming Party aparatchik). The current group of prole class folks are too ornery or to disorderly (or both) to be the lower class. They want the class system back, hell they want the Indian Caste Sytem if they could get it. The more I look at this stuff the more convinced I get that somewhere the Father of lies is back there pushing this crap. Once is chance, twice happenstance, three times is enemy action. What the hell is 10^20?

            1. It is my belief that Western Intellectuals fell into lust with the idea of the Chinese Mandarinate bureaucracy about two centuries ago, and have been doing their damn-est to try and get it implemented in the West ever since.

              It they succeed, they would be the Mandarins running the whole show. That it requires masses of poor peasants to oppress is a bonus. That it would stifle innovation and progress, a bonus as well.

              More and more I am getting the idea that for the health of the West, the bureaucracy needs to be pruned regularly, publicly, and bloodily. I have so far restrained my impulses in this regard, since the side effects of such a program seems to outweigh the usefulness of the program.

              But my resistance is crumbling, the more I find out about the antics of senior and junior bureaucrats.

              1. But.. but… mandarins are oranges and oranges are, well orange yet they say ‘orange’ is somehow bad…

                Perhaps we both are in need of a good, stout labrys?

              2. I suspect it is more a matter of parallel evolution; European courts had courtiers well before there was ever any contact with the Orient.

                There is an environmental niche which attracts a certain kind of predator and whether it is symbiote or parasite depends upon the degree of infestation.

                The problem in the West is we’re become too tolerant of encroachments of our liberty. Whether this is a terminal condition or merely chronic is yet be determined. The ship of state will forever have its barnacles, but have we the will to scrape them?

            2. OK so I am in very good company thinking this. I was about ready to have my beloved spouse haul me off to the looney bin (Pardon me, Mental health facility, I denounce myself 🙂 ). It just feels so much like a bad Stephen King plot or a bit from That Hideous Strength that reasoning part of me says “Nahh cant be” and stalks off.

                1. Yup Pascal’s Wager is seeming better and better. Admittedly things may get really awful between now and whenever then is. But we know the Good Guys already won, the Enemy just doesn’t seem to be willing to give up yet.

                  1. The enemy suffers a delusion common to many novice chess players: that the player who captures the most pieces by the end of the game is the winner.

              1. Thing is, culture shapes your ideas about reasonable. Culture that has been partly shaped by Hollywood and other mass media, for years.

                If there were such an effect, than that is the response that would be cultivated in you by malicious people without your best interests at heart.

                Hand, cut off, eye, pluck out.

                You should assume that there are layers of deception that you do not see a concrete reason for, and be ready to cut off attachments when you see them being used to unjustly manipulate you.

                Okay, it is easily possible to overdo things, and fall into occult or cult stuff.

                If life feels like a Lars Walker book it may simply be that Lars Walker is not fundamentally wrong.

      2. you missed the most controversial word swiped from Portugese.

        Nigre and all of it’s derivatives. Negro. Negress. and of course Nigger and Nigga(h). Apparently, the “h” is optional.

        Does the execrable “n-word” get “credited” to the Portugese, or is the chain of custody so corrupted that it’s all on our own wordsmiths?

        1. All it means in Portuguese is “black”. Hell, when I was growing up it was a POLITE term for black. (As opposed to preto, which wasn’t.) That’s Negro, which still isn’t offensive in the US. The derivation? Not Portuguese.

            1. I presumed. Portuguese is 4th century legion Latin, which is why it only kept the accusative casus.
              But since it was being tracked to Portuguese as the means of infection, I wanted to point out it has no bad connotation in Portuguese. It’s just erudite-word for black. In fact, one of the songs mom sang to me was Olhos Negros. (Not that mine are. My younger kid’s are, but..)

        2. That would be like blaming the Portuguese for Pequenino’s derivation. All it means in Portuguese is “Little one” and is still used for kids of all colors. So… the hell are you talking about, actually?

            1. Perhaps — but many Americans were fluent in Latin. The fact is that it doesn’t really matter: the word acquired its taint long after it became commonly used and only an idiot would criticize the sourcing rather than the besmirching.

  14. We’re made to create and strive, and fight for what we want.

    Not “made” as those stoo-pid anti-science religious zealots ignorantly say, but made by eons of evolutionary pressure. You aren’t an Evolution Denier, are you? Humans must struggle; it’s the Evolutionary Way!

    1. Well then! Clearly, evolution always strives toward the higher good. Therefore humans are the highest good of evolution, and should rightly control the planet.

  15. Doesn’t the report of the Russian Lab Fire remind you of just about all the Plague Movies and books. Naturally the Russians do their normal thing but stories emerge about people who are sick in the area. Russia naturally denies this but the rumors continue. Then someone notes that there are suddenly many rich Russians leaving Russia. You know the rest from there.

    Wouldn’t it be strange if some internet people started posting rumors and stories just to see who bites? No, people would NEVER do that.

    BTW: Is anyone else listening for such stories JUST IN CASE.

  16. loved this book about an imaginary land, where birds and fish were already cooked and went around with forks in them, and trees grew candy and ice cream.

    Sounds horridly boring. All the best children’s books, the nes that become beloved and are handed down over generations, involve struggle. Alice’s struggle in Wonderland, Dorothy’s in Oz, the Princess and Curdie, even Harry Potter — all of these involve struggling to understand and cope with the worlds in which they find themselves.

    That book of Candyland Dreams sounds like Twain’s tale of Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven.

      1. I wonder where my copy of that work is. It is perhaps the one Twain work I started but did not finish (there are one or two I purposely did not start, but that’s another matter).

    1. Big Rock Candy Mountain has, OTOH, been a long standing trope. Perhaps more in times and places where food was not so reliable. Nowadays it seems limited to children’s fare.

  17. One could almost — almost! — wish they got their dream and discovered it for the nightmare it would be.

    One third of humanity dead? Who’s gonna bury those bodies? ‘Cause if nobody does the die off (and the stench) is gonna get a lot worse. Somehow I have scant confidence in the ability of many Lefties to run a back hoe competently.

    For that matter, who do they imagine will grow the crops, oil the machinery, generate the electricity and clean the places they live? The average Progressive makes Eloi look capable. You could write a series of novels set after the Marxist Apocalypse Dream Come True, depicting the collapse of their Dream into fiefdoms run by folk who would give Vlad Drakul bad dreams.

    1. Machines. They believe robots will do all the menial jobs. And yet one I know who spouts this drives cars with the oil light on, exhaust puffing out black smoke and when the engine finally seizes, complains loudly about “bad luck” with cars!

  18. We don’t need padded trees.

    I have mentioned ere this, I am sure, an article from the … oh, late Eighties, I guess … about malls discovering they needed volunteers to come in and shake the trees which had become a popular element of their decor. It seems that absent wind, something for them to struggle against, trees do not develop sufficient fibre strength to support their own weight. So, every day, volunteers had to go through the mall shaking the trees in simulation of breeze.

    Adversity is important for the human condition. It develops confidence, it toughens the soul, it is necessary for development of real empathy. Absent adversity we become hothouse flowers, prone to wilt at the first harsh blow.

    I have long thought the Boomers were the first American generation in which adulthood was optional but looking at the current trend it is hard to believe it will even remain an option. Societies who disdain adulthood are slaves waiting to be taken. Lecturing the new slavers about how America has suffered grievous moral taint from four centuries of slave-holding seems unlikely to deter the invaders.

    1. Teaching humans to overcome adversity is what raising children is all about. Well, that and the whole morals and support structure thing. And the free* labor. If you aren’t raising them, then they’re just getting taller and wider, not growing in any meaningful sense.

      *: as my family used to say (heck, they still do) “Lincoln freed the slaves, but he din’ say nothin’ ’bout the children!”

      1. That is the crux of my criticism of the Boomers: too many of them did not raise their children. That would have required them to grow up and they were not willing to do so.

        Many Boomers did a fine job of parenting, but swimming against the tide of those who refused and an educational system and culture which abetted the neglectful was too much to overcome.

        1. Something you have to consider… the world changed a LOT between the Boomers’ parents and the Boomers themselves. The jump from the 1930s to the 1950s was enormous in terms of social change, and there were a lot of books written about how people were failing to make the adjustment.

          How *could* the Boomers’ parents have done better? They had absolutely no idea how to raise their children to fit the new society. The Boomers had no effective examples on how to raise children either. And now the State has usurped most of what we used to expect parents to do.

          The cost of WWII wasn’t all in money.

    1. yes, let’s just allow the American Ash to go extinct, because we’re too high minded and virtuous to help protect it from an invasive species from the other side of the world.

      That botanist, if not speaking tongue-in-cheek, is a fool and douchebag. And that is the most charitable characterization possible.

  19. Alfonso XIII of Spain (1886-1941; reigned 1886-1931) wsa married to Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg, granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

    They had four sons; the eldest, Alfonso (1907-1938) and Gonzalo (1914-1934) were hemophiliacs. However, note that both survived childhood, so the “White Garden” actually worked, Both died of internal bleeding after being in minor car crashes.

    (The royal claim passed to the third son, Juan, whose son Juan Carlos regained the throne.)

    Incidentally, Victoria’s youngest son, Leopold, was a hemophiliac, but lived to be 30 and had two children. (Photographs show that he shaved, or was shaved – by a very skilled and confident barber!)

  20. This is what I call a kindergarten idea of paradise

    Funny you should write this today, because I got to thinking about Marxist utopias, and especially you writing it, at Lacuna Coil last night:

    I think the first verse and chorus will convey the (I’m sure seen by me, but not by the musicians) anti-utopia nature of the song:

    Oh no,
    here it is again
    I need to know
    when I will fall in decay

    Something wrong
    with every plan of my life
    I didn’t really notice that you’ve been here

    Dolefully desired
    Destiny of a lie

    Set me free
    your heaven’s a lie
    set me free with you love
    set me free, yeah

    Except maybe the “set me free with your love”, as it is the nominal love of humans that creates dystopias.

  21. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lefties are not known for being large-scale farmers. Can you say “Famine in the cities”, boys and girls? Can’t raise cattle and sheep in the cities or suburbs, so repeat previous sentence. Hordes of chickens? Also seems unlikely.

    1. Wasn’t there some murmernings on the leftish side of cannibalism being cool now? I seem to remember such.

      If that’s their solution, then calling them zombies, and considering the relative lack of personal hygene, well…

  22. 1) I’ve realized that these people are eliminationists-get rid of complexity by getting rid of people. Fewer people, fewer things that cause complexity! Fewer people you have to argue with to get your way! That means you get more stuff as well!

    (Yea, completely illogical…but, we’re dealing with Marxists. They always believe that someone else will pay the freight.
    2)Death…here’s my problem.

    Ultimately, everything ends. Even the universe will end at some point, as entropy causes things to drop down. And, right now, our lives exist as brief flickers-born, live, die.

    But, on the whole death thing? Screw that.

    Maybe we can’t live forever, but we’re learning more every day. Maybe we’ll be able to upload our brains, maybe we’ll improve our medical care so that we can live as long as we want to. Right now, there’s only so long and we don’t have a choice.

    So, let’s make death a choice. By our own efforts, not owing someone or something else. Maybe we’ll live long enough to see the people on the Left gain some kind of common sense.

    I might not want to live forever, but I’d like to live for as long as I can. Maybe I can finally see The Last, Dangerous Visions published.

    1. equestriaverse said “Maybe I can finally see The Last, Dangerous Visions published”. Sadly I think not. Elcin the tiny but powerful god of Thunder has passed, June of last year it looks like. Ellison wasn’t my cup of tea, but I always had to admire his style in reviewing things, especially TV and movies. And even if he didn’t get exactly what he wanted “The City on the Edge of Forever” is a fairly decent Season One Star Trek and a tolerable Time Travel story.

      1. Oh, I know, and I suspect that Ellison was afraid to publish because there was so much he had promised that he couldn’t cover.

        Still would like to see it published.

  23. They are indeed at war with the human condition. They want no one to fail. They want the world to be fair. Which is why, I believe, they are horrified when less than perfect people have careers, jobs, or awards which they believe should be theirs just because they are good and want no one to suffer.

    1. they are horrified when less than perfect people have careers, jobs, or awards which they believe should be theirs

      This is surprisingly easy when the other guy is boasting about being perfect at things having nothing to do with their jobs.

      Mickey D doesn’t want people concerned about Capitalism’s exploitation of women and minorities nor even despoliation of the rain forests. All they want is somebody able to pull the fry basket out of the oil when it is done.

      Hell, they don’t even require their employees be capable of figuring out correct change — they’ve registers programmed to do that.

      1. It’s amazing how many socialists I know memorize complicated gaming rules, but can’t figure out the rules of life. Once I figured them out — no help from media, PR spins, or school— I began to succeed.

        1. When, in my youth, I dabbled in theatre, one bleeding obvious realization is that if you initially learn lines wrong it is much harder to learn the correct lines.

          Unlearning bad teaching is difficult.

        2. They prefer rules where they and the other player make all the decisions and everyone else qualifies only as pieces.

          1. As President Clinton said, when explaining at a college rally his resistance to providing a tax cut, Y’all might not make good decisions. (admittedly paraphrased.)

            And we all know Bill Clinton was renowned for his good decision making.

  24. It goes even further. There is “anti-natalism.” The argument runs, it is better not to procreate, because any child inevitably suffers. Talking about this with our grown children, my husband and I have stressed that going through suffering can be an important part of life. Not existing is not preferable to life.

    As for apocalyptic dreams, it’s a feature of certain eras in human history, isn’t it? There have been times in the past when people have been convinced the world would end in their lifetime. As eco-fanaticism has clear religious elements, it could be a reflection of a (dark) spiritual enthusiasm.

  25. Hemophiliacs don’t see or hear about them much now days. It was starting to be a big problem. More were living, and having hemophiliac children. People were wondering how to stop it. Then along came AIDs and problem solved. Plagues can solve problems.

    1. Wrong. There are over a million men worldwide who have hemophilia. A surprising number of hemophiliacs who received AIDS blood transfusions also have the genes that make it hard to get AIDS, even if you are sickly. (Genes that are associated with descent from plague survivors in medieval Europe.) So a lot of hemophiliacs
      died, but not everybody.

      You hear about hemophilia less, because there are better drugs to prevent excessive bleeding by hemophiliacs, provide antibodies, etc.

      1. A friend’s brother had hemophilia. Every year or two he’d bleed enough that the docs would add some before sending him home. He got some contaminated blood a year or so before they started screening for HIV.

        Before they had all the palliative drugs for AIDS, it was a nasty and painful way to go.

        A lot of people forget that blood banks used to be a common and profitable business, and they banded together and hired lawyers and lobbyists to block every attempt to make them screen donors or test their blood for diseases.

      2. I’d guess the way you can pick up a quick-clot stick from pretty much any shaving aisle is not going to hurt survival rates, either.


        For that matter, a whole lot of folks are on blood thinners, now– even if you don’t count aspirin. So the “look out, he’s a bleeder” issue is now WAY bigger and thus, oddly, much less of a problem.

        1. And some of us are easy bleeders for other genetic reasons. Red-heads and true blonds don’t clot as fast, and our blood vessels tear a little more easily, so docs have to be aware of the problem when a redhead or true blonde has major surgery. (As my dentist discovered the hard way.)

          1. Yup one of the many effects of the m1cr (main red hair) gene. I’d say side effect but that presupposes the red hair was the only desired effect. The thinned blood tends to be less prone to clotting (and certain types of strokes) The weakened vessels on the other hand can lead to the well know fact read heads bruise easily, but it also can lead to aneurysms which in the wrong blood vessel (brain, heart etc) can be fatal. Bit of a caution to those who wish to genetically engineer humans. So many weird results from tweaking a single gene.

            I am a known carrier of m1cr as both of my daughters are redheads, so unless it was the milkman (and I haven’t seen one of those in 40 years girls are early 20’s) I have it as a suppressed recessive. Some of those features especially easy bruising and limited production of eumelanin show in me. This may be a case where the single gene provides enough reproductive (no ricketts in the north, avoiding early death from clots) advantage that it stays in the population. It also gets selected for in the full recessive form as some of us find the coloration quite attractive and from time to time it comes into vogue (e.g the period of the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood).

    2. Once upon a time I knew fellow, Dr. Paul E. Gray. His doctors killed him. They saved him, yes, but how they did it killed him. The blood products kept his hemophilia at bay… but before tests existed (and were at all reliable).. well, the treatment had a lethality of AIDS, or (if you prefer) the complications that AIDS allows. Those who claim that AIDS is “punishment from God” have a shitty God.

  26. Um. there still are hemophiliacs. Hemophilia is carried by recessive genes, so the problem was not “solved.” (there are various types of hemophilia.)

    Gene therapies are close to producing a cure:

    The use of such therapies, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, could in the long term reduce the number of people suffering from hemophilia. At present, according to the CDC, there are estimated to be ~20,000 hemophiliacs living in the US.

    1. The use of such therapies, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, could in the long term reduce the number of people suffering from hemophilia.


      Yes, killing everyone with a genetic condition or who might have that condition does tend to reduce the number of people with the condition.

      Being able to minimize or cure it with gene-editing is awesome, though.

  27. Amusing how every Lefty thinks they will survive the 2nd Purge.

    If they DO win, I plan to quietly climb their hierarchy all the way to Minister of Purges. Revenge will provide decades of delicious morsels. My bucket list is full of names not experiences.

  28. Such hatred of humanity is of the devil. We are all God’s children and anyone advocating for our destruction is working, either consciously or unconsciously, for Satan.

  29. Those who claim that AIDS is “punishment from God” have a shitty God.

    Nah, just terrible theology.

    You could argue that it’s an effect of sin, but that requires all the framework to recognize that being hit with the effects of sin doesn’t have a very high correlation to sinning, and that it’s not God who is causing it it’s a natural consequence….

    Short version, for physical harm, who is (visibly) harmed more by someone blackening their soul by torturing an innocent person? The torturer, or the innocent? That harm is an effect of sin (we’ll keep it simple and say Jesus’ Second Great Commandment), a visible result of an invisible action (sin), but it sure as hell isn’t hitting the sinner!


    There’s a reason that Pratchett could boil ‘sin’ down to treating people as things and have it work without narrative anvils–and it’s sad that an atheist author of fantasy humor put more thought into the matter than many theoretically religious loudmouths.

    1. it’s sad that an atheist author of fantasy humor put more thought into the matter than many theoretically religious loudmouths.

      Kind of predictable, actually. The atheist cannot simply pull something from the tool bin but is forced to think it through.

      One rarely has call to think through the implications of one’s assumptions, after all. This is part of why converts make such effective apologists.

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