Sorry not to post this morning

We went to a friend’s wedding, and though I thought I had plenty of time to get ready, I realized I’d misplaced my hairdryer.  Which led to a frantic (and fruitless) search and implementation of a plan b, which meant no time to put up a blog.
But we’re all fine, and I’ll post tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Sorry not to post this morning

      1. BTW: I look forward eagerly to the upcoming Raymond & Bags comic strip (set about five years in the future) illustrating the adventures of A Boy & His Shoggoth.

  1. Friends weddings are an acceptable excuse for missing a post, provided they do not happen with undue frequency.

    Mazel tov all around.

  2. I’ll post tomorrow.

    By which you mean you will put up Sunday promos (even if there’s nothing to promo, you can copy/paste favorite reviews of MH:G) and our Vignettes challenge, right?

  3. Last time a hair dryer disappeared in our house, we eventually found it in an (unnamed) daughter’s room. Not for drying her hair, for a cellophane art project.

    Probably not the case in the Hoyt household. You’ll eventually find it, I’m sure – I think only socks disappear down alternate time tracks. (Some dimension somewhere has a couple dozen socks of mine that they never purchased, and that they can’t wear either.)

    1. Some alternate universe where mutations cause a significant number of people with a third foot. Your lost sock is warming some poor soul’s extra appendage. (There’s not enough of them to warrant selling trios of socks, as well as pairs.)

      Crazier is how the universe where people always lose a shoe explains things.

      1. See, I was thinking: no blog, more book.

        Can’t say I’ve ever lost a hairdryer. Car keys & house keys, yes. Nowadays, car keys are expensive—-but yeah for spares! Come to think, I haven’t used a hairdryer in years so that would explain that.

      2. Sometimes I think that the theory of alternate universes was dreamed up by a quantum physicist to explain the matter to an exasperated spouse (the Little People having been taken off the table).

        That could explain why absent minded writers of science fiction so quickly latched on to the idea…

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