Hoax or a Suicide Note?


I was reminded by someone whose opinion I respect that unless my goal in life is to write political essays, I need to make these posts shorter, lighter, perhaps linked to something else, and reduce them to two or three a week at most (that I write) since otherwise after 3k words I don’t feel like writing fiction. (Also fiction and non-fiction wire your brain differently.)

However, in the crazy times we live in I’ve felt compelled to at least CHRONICLE the insanity. It’s like being a witness at any historical disaster. I feel like I’m writing a sort of doomsday book. Though I remain hopeful that by a miracle the republic will be preserved.

Anyway, I told you things would get crazy. I didn’t say how fast and I didn’t expect this fast.

Yesterday brought two ah… interesting developments. First, apparently the left continues to emulate their hero, Stalin, in doing their best to de-exist people who upset them. Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits. 

I would like to remind xyr xer xym and vig that in fact their beloved Soviet Union was brought down by COPIERS.  If you think you can tamp us down completely, you have another thing coming.

And to prove how out of touch, how bizarrely insane their scions have gone, something is circulating on facebook which, if not a farce, is proof absolute that Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard being with no comprehension of mammals much less human beings, who lucked into his success and has no clue what people actually use his site for.


I know a few here use FB as part of their overall forum structure (as well as some having active FB groups). An author friend of mine was at the recent Developer Conference, where Mark Zuckerberg discussed and shared the upcoming intentions they have.

She was good enough to post a video in an Indie Author group I’m a member of and, while I can’t share the video as it’s in a closed group, another author was good enough to spend time pulling out the key points people who run groups and use FB as a marketing tool should be aware of.

I’m going to post the keypoints in their entirety here, some may be worded for how the are going to affect Authors on FB, but for the most part, if you swap out the word “author” it’s relevant to anyone who uses FB as a marketing too.

  • Facebook groups are the future. Facebook is focusing on privacy and making the user experience more intimate. That’s what the algorithms are going to start catering to. If you don’t have a reader group, you should start one.

  • The things we post on Facebook should create meaningful interactions. If they don’t, your post is less likely to be seen and suppressed in the algorithms.

  • Group Admins are responsible for all group activity. If content is posted in a group that goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS) or Community Standards, admins are at risk to lose their personal profile, their business page, and their group. Admins can be shut down with no recourse.

  • Negative ratings reflect poorly on the admin team. Negative ratings are the angry face, the sad face, member reported content, and the number of people who block you. These things also reflect poor ratings on groups and suppress reach. Facebook wants the user experience to be positive. Sad or angry face reactions tells Facebook that the user is having a bad experience, therefore diminishing your organic reach.

  • Post approval process is a responsibility. Admins should have post approval turned on in groups to protect themselves from negative ratings. Questions should be asked for new joins. It’s the admins responsibility to monitor and know who they are allowing in their group.

  • Contest, giveaways, and free downloads are being suppressed by Facebook. If you are saying “get this free” or “enter this giveaway,” those posts are being suppressed by Facebook. This goes back to creating meaningful interactions. Authors need to stop using the traditional language and start getting creative on how they post contests, giveaways, and free books if they want their posts to be seen.

  • When members leave the group, they have the choice to take all of their content with them. This applies to admins as well. So if you had an admin that posted great content and then they leave the group, they have the ability to take their posts out of the group.

  • Teach readers to leave a reaction, not a LIKE. Liking a post means nothing to the Facebook algorithm. It does not qualify as an engagement. Readers need to LOVE it, react with SHOCK, or use the LAUGHING reaction. This shows positive user experience and will help your organic reach. Comments also boost your reach and GIF’s give you the highest ranking in the algorithm.

  • You CANNOT tell users how to react. In other words, you can’t say things like “Love this post and…” or “Comment below and…” Those phrases will suppress your reach because they are considered engagement baiting. What you should say is something like, “Leave me a heart and…” Engagement baiting includes words like COMMENT, VOTE, REACT, SHARE, TAG.

  • Sales posts on your page and in your group should be less than 20%. Facebook doesn’t want an abundance of “buy my books” posts because they don’t create meaningful interactions.

  • Authors should reduce takeovers or change how they are phrased. The word TAKEOVER is being suppressed. Instead, have a PARTY, an AUTHOR GATHERING, or EVENING ENTERTAINMENT.

  • Reduce the number of admins in the group. Again, this goes back to admin responsibility. The group admins should be you and only one or two other trusted sources.

  • Create Group Rules within Facebook (not just pinned in the announcements or written in the ‘about’ section of the group). They set the tone for the group and gives you something to point to if someone is not following the rules. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is on the same page, or you risk losing your account with no recourse.

  • Link your group to your page. Facebook is going to be coming out with features that are specific to business pages that have groups.

  • Be a conversation starter in groups. Earn the badge. It shows you are creating meaningful conversations. Readers are like you. If you like to see something on Facebook, chances are that they will like it too.

  • Understand Facebook Community Standards and know that it’s a robot screening your content. It’s important to work within those rules in order to be present on social media. Understanding and following these standards will help boost you in the algorithms and help your ad approvals.

  • Newsfeed is shrinking. Stories are merging with the newsfeed. Messenger is being favored. Take the time to look through all the available options in Messenger. Messenger is soon going to be separated from the desktop, meaning it will be its own entity. WhatsApp and Messenger will be contained and can be used for direct selling. Remember, Facebook is moving to “the future is private.”

  • Ads are targeting new avenues. You can no longer have a small budget for Facebook ads and expect it to be successful. You need to understand targeting or you’ll be wasting money. Start testing ads in other ways that are not on the newsfeed.

  • Going LIVE is no longer on Facebook’s radar as an organic algorithm piece. If you didn’t go live often before, this is good news for you. If you are one who utilized it a lot, you’ll need to find other ways to boost organic reach.

  • Links in posts can be determined click-bait, or something that flags the Click Gap Signal. The Click Gap Signal is a measuring of inbound and outbound link patterns of a site that is being linked out from Facebook. Facebook will reduce the reach of a post if the number of clicks from Facebook is higher than it is in other areas of the internet. In other words, if more people are going to your website via Facebook versus an organic Google search, your post will be considered click-bait or spam. Facebook will suppress it and/or shut down your account. While that might not be true, that’s what the algorithm will see.


  • Facebook is tracking the link funnel. This means Facebook will follow where the link is going. This could also trigger the Click Gap Signal. Authors should send people to their newsletter or their website, as opposed to Amazon or iBooks. Here’s why: Your website is controlled by you. If a reader clicks on your Amazon link, they’ll find your books, your reviews, and your bio. You might think everything on your Amazon page is completely in line with Facebook’s Community Standards (no naked covers, no foul language, no erotica, etc). However, also-boughts and sponsored books leading to another book that DOES violate the Community Standards is also being analyzed. If the Click Gap Signal happens to fall on a page with questionable content, your reach is suppressed and your ads could be denied (even if you have no control over sponsored Amazon ads on your page). What’s more, the Click Gap Signal can flag you for the reviews on your books. If a reviewer uses negative keywords, bad language, etc, your reach will be suppressed.

  • Facebook now has the ability to scan images for content that violates Community Standards. Be careful with those erotic book covers and steamy teasers.

  • Groups deemed harmful on Facebook will be shut down. As per the statement put out by Facebook “…we identify and remove harmful groups, whether they are public, closed or secret. We can now proactively detect many types of violating content posted in groups before anyone reports them and sometimes before few people, if any, even see them.” This is a reaction to the New Zealand Massacre. Unfortunately, some people in the romance book world are being targeted by this based on keywords found by bots. They are losing their groups and their accounts are being shut down. Hence the reason why authors need to monitor group content and understand the Community Standards.

  • Sharing is not caring. Sharing from your page to your timeline/newsfeed is against the Terms of Service. By dropping your page link in a Sharing is Caring post, you are putting yourself at risk to have your account shut down. Sharing posts made on a page you are the admin of is also a no-no. Facebook wants page content to stay on the page. However, if a reader (a non-admin of your page) shares a post from your page, the complete opposite happens. This boosts your ranking in the algorithms. Facebook views this as positive content because a reader cared enough about the post to share it. If someone comments on that readers shared post, you get an even higher boost.

  • Don’t limit yourself to one platform. Stories, groups, Messenger, and ads are where you need to be on Facebook, but you should also be on other platforms. Move readers away from Facebook to other areas. Spread out your reach. You shouldn’t build your entire business on one platform that you have no control over.

  • Peer-to-peer networking is now bigger than ever. Authors should utilize each other.

I want you to admire the exquisite beauty of beings who think a crying or angry emoticon is NOT a reaction to the content but to THE THING BEING POSTED ITSELF.

Even in my fan group, there’s any number of people who use it as a support group when a loved one is sick, or they have another difficulty.

But per facebook, if we don’t want the group closed, we shall now respond to “my mom got a terminal cancer diagnosis” with a laugh emoji, or perhaps a heart (since a mere like won’t do.)

Then there is the lack of awareness that people in fact join FB to either promote their work or interact with creators.

The entire thing smacks of “we don’t want anyone on our site who isn’t a little old lady looking at pictures of her grandkids.”

Of course, that’s not what lizard-man thinks he’s doing. What he thinks he’s doing is this: he thinks he’s taking control of the site and weaponizing it well before the 2020 election. With such arbitrary and bizarrely enforced rules, he should make sure that everyone is singing from the same Orange Man hymnal well before the election.

Except for the point where none of this works that way. People will simply and finally leave. (I’m on Mewe, btw.   And there’s a Hoyt’s Huns group mostly with readers of this blog.)

You can’t impose the Chinese social credit system unless you’re the government of China. I doubt our government would be very good at establishing that.

So, if that amazing document above is genuine, it’s Facebook’s suicide note.  Everyone I know is preparing fall-back positions.  Eventually, if this system is implemented, we’ll fall back.

For now, we’ll point and laugh.

And I’ll go back to my work.

185 thoughts on “Hoax or a Suicide Note?

  1. there is the lack of awareness that people in fact join FB to either

    Oh Please! Once we get started talking about things of which the Left* lacks awareness (beginning with their selves and spiraling ever outward) you will never manage to write another word of fiction, if not at least because you cannot find Reality credible enough to write reasonable departures.

    *The Right isn’t much better, but they at least recognize the existence of ideological info bubbles. When we get down to it on sanity, there don’t seem to be anybody sane save you ‘n’ me and I ain’t all that sure about me.

    1. Really if Sarah is rushed for a post, she could just drop a random paragraph from an already written novel, and the rest of us would entertain each other all day!

      1. Well, she could do something like — tell us to ask research questions and see if the Huns can cough up an answer.

  2. Well, I knew the self-destruction of Facebook was coming. Got no love for Zuckerborg, but FB’s been relentlessly scapegoated the past two years. After all, someone needs to be held accountable for Hillary’s loss, and we all know it won’t be Hillary.

    1. Twerper, er, Tw1tter just paved the way for Facebook. I think it is a race to see who can irk the Feds into doing something, even if it is a finger shake and “Bad company, no, no. Don’t get caught doing that again.”

      1. Google has asked Twitter to “Hold my beer!”

        Google Engineer: Google News Search Results Are Intentionally Biased Against Trump
        In an explosive video released by Project Veritas Wednesday morning, Google software engineer Greg Coppola blew the whistle on Google News, explaining how it is biased against President Donald Trump. This confirms the results of an unscientific test on Google News bias run by PJ Media editor Paula Bolyard last year (tweeted out by Trump himself), and a more scientific study also suggesting bias. The Google News slant is not a conspiracy theory, though Google of course denies manipulating results. After all, Google employees heavily favor Democrats in their political donations.

        “Google News is really an aggregator of just a handful of sites and all of those sites really are vitriolically against President Trump, which I would really consider to be interference in the American election,” Coppola tells Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe in the video. “Like for example, CNN is the most commonly used source in Google News: 20 percent of all results for Donald Trump are from CNN, when that’s the entire internet of millions of sites.”

        “CNN is something that Donald Trump and his supporters would call ‘really fake news,'” the software engineer rightly noted. He was not necessarily endorsing the accusation, and even Trump supporters who rightly attack CNN for its bias should acknowledge that its news is often based in fact, but embellished or twisted.

        “I think it’s ridiculous to say that there’s no bias. I think everyone who supports anything other than the Democrats — anyone who’s pro-Trump or in any way deviates from what CNN and The New York Times are pushing — notices how bad it is,” Coppola says.

        What about Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s consistent denials regarding bias? “I think maybe in his mind he can justify it maybe through some redefinition,” the software engineer explains. Indeed, many people have no idea that they are biased.

        Read The Whole Thing

        The problem with vast conspiracies (and those banded to confront what they imagine to be vast conspiracies) is the type of mind with which you inevitably find yourself associating.

        1. Spoking of Google . . . Tubes of You are also doing some whonky crap. WW2 is getting demonetized because YT is teh stoopids. So they came up with Cats on Vacuums!:

          or living in Sweden is really warping Indy’s mind . . .

          1. Is it accurate to unlink Google & Youtube?

            I thought Youtube was owned by Google or their parent company?

        2. I see that Google is now retaliating against the whistle blower. How dare he tell the truth!

      2. I think the race may be over. DOJ yesterday announced a wide-ranging anti-trust investigation of the social media giants.

          1. I’m certainly not holding my breath, but in this case the base of both parties have laundry-lists of complaints about social media. There may even be a little bit of overlap in the complaints. And Facebook did just pay out $5B in penalties regarding privacy violations. I’d be more surprised if DOJ did nothing – though doing something utterly ineffective seems the mostly likely outcome.

      3. I was more of a Fantastic Four fan (back in the ’70s). Perhaps Ben Grimm had it right: “It’s clobberin’ time!”

        1. MySpace died too young to reach that point. FB has survived long enough to grasp the principle that with great power comes great irresponsibility.

  3. And it will be interesting to see how much they try to impact the 2020 election. It’s the death knell of the Borg… And good riddance. We had forums before the Borg ever came along, and personally, I think we were better off for it.

      1. They admitted to doing it to Ireland a year or 2 ago. I wonder about Brexit?

        Cooked tomato slices on an empty stomach? Ugh.

      2. Well, people can’t be trusted to make the right decisions, you know! /sarc

  4. Just reading that list makes my head hurt. I’ve never considered joining the facebooks as an individual. I’ve always thought I might have to as an author, if/when I start publishing. Now, I think I’ll avoid that mess as not worth the effort.

    1. I’ve been working on an author page to drive some blog traffic as I get ready to put a book out.

      I doubt it will get much work going forward.

  5. Wasn’t FB’s original purpose to re-connect old friends together? I fail to see how “groups” will help. Yes, my High School has a group page, but that would also re-connect me to old enemies [actually, I have no HS enemies, but there were some people I don’t want to re-connect to.]. And, yes, some of us have geographically dispersed Families, and I still want to pledge support for my Cousin’s daughter’s dance marathon 4 states away.
    Strangers scanning my images, tests, even on private groups? I guess they are adopting the Google built Chinese Oppression System. Is it time for the Princess Leia “the tighter you grip…” quote?
    About all I use FB for is my picture here and on Discus. That is all that I will miss.

    1. yes, Old Enemy showed up for my 30th high school reunion, already drunk, and just HAD TO make a snarky remark about my hair. I brushed it off rather than be The Guy That Started An Argument.Fight At The Reunion but yeah still PO’d.

      1. I was an odd kid who was bullied relentlessly – by both fellow students and faculty – but with 30 years or water under the bridge and no reason to care about those a-holes I can’t really remember much about my tormentors. I can’t imagine they would remember me all these years later. If they did, can you imagine how pathetic it would be for bullies to remember ME 30 years later? Do former high school a-holes sit around remembering the glory days?

        “Hey Chet? Remember that Viking kid? Boy we really did hit him over and over in gym class every time coach looked the other way, then made out like he was just a crybaby when he complained.”

        “Yea, Frank. Good times. Coach hated that skinny fag too, I didn’t even bother waiting for Coach to look the other way. Coach just acted like he didn’t see.”

        “Aw man, I hope he comes to the 30 year reunion. I still got my plastic floor hockey stick and have been dreaming of hooking him in the crotch from behind for months!”

        “Too bad he’s too old for Coach to send another note to his parents about how he can’t get along with other students again. You know, I heard he got beaten bloody by his dad over that note that one time. He sure had marks all over his back and ass in the shower after gym class the next day.”

        “HAHA! You know how I know you’re gay Frank? Cause you just admitted to looking at that Viking fag in the showers.”

        (Hey, it was the 70s and early 80s. Calling / Being called gay was like the “usual” insult back then, I can only assume someone still stuck in those “glory days” would still use that)

        1. My experience is much newer than yours, but the female version tends to either ignore it happened, justify it or actually invert it.

          So they were never mean to you, you deserved it, and you did it to them.


          1. ???! Are you saying a female victim might eventually come to believe themselves to have been the bully?

            That’s… that’s… alien to me. Hmm.. maybe there is something to that Mars Venus thing. (idea stored away to be considered for future female characters)

            1. I was pointing at the female bullies deciding they are a victim, but with enough social pressure, yes, the victim will decide it was All Her Fault. It’s a form of gas-lighting; it exploits the recognition that one can, possibly, be mistaken and weaponizes it against the target.

              Thank God I got out of my home area and my social circle wasn’t all local even in high school, because when a couple of those idiots got into the anti-bullying thing and tried to assure me that I’d been bullying them, it didn’t work.

              (As best I can tell, the logic is something like I did or was something that made them feel bad, so they were just defending themselves in any action they took. Logic might be overstating the case, though.)

              1. That seems to be the rationale (I *won’t* dignify it by using “thinking”) behind the “your speech is violence, and our reaction is just us defending ourselves against it, you rightwing Nazi” stuff that you see around the loonier blue enclaves.

                1. Now I’m musing on toxic femininity (Archetypal Terrible Mother?) and the abrupt accusation of the mirror popping up for every blessed thing, especially combined with 1) Seattle being leading-edge American liberal, 2) my high school being very Seattle, 3) activists of my rough age being the kind who sink claws into other folks’ kids in a sort of shifted maternal impulse, where they can bypass the Boomers.

              2. Seen more and more in work places in fields taken by the left. Both varieties.
                This is why things like “white privilege” is so useful. It can make any victim into a bully.

                1. If I’m reading Sarah right, she wasn’t objecting, so much as saying “yes, this WTF is accurate.”

                  It’s a girl thing where friends, or even just friendlies, will constantly double-check folks as a reassurance/guidance.

                  Picture it like how Daphne always has a hand on Fred’s arm.

                  Like a simi-constant “I am here, where are you…no, you’re not crazy…” thing.

            2. Look into the response patterns of females in the losing role in abusive relationships: all abuse is “justified” by some failure of the victim. In some instances the mental processes are so corrupted that failure</I. to abuse is perceived as not living her (him – males are also subject to such exploitative relationships.)

              1. Theodore Dalrymple observed it. The women found that non-abusive men were intolerably cold and distant because they lacked that obsessive interest in them, and so commitment, that is inferred from the obsessive level of control. (They generally leave men when they learn that despite the relentless control, the man is not so committed as they had thought.)

        2. when they are (in this case) the co-captain of the football team etc etc… yes, they do.

    1. Ralph the weird hamster ate one of my posts a few days ago. Usually, the other hamsters will let them go through, maybe a few minutes later. So, repeat in unison:

      “WordPress delenda est.”

  6. Okay. Any bets on how long an infant FB page whose basis is death will last?

    Pioneer Historical Graveyard which is still in use, and cared for by descendants of the original land grant homesteader’s (first people buried were their mid-20’s daughters.)

    FB page created so members of the family could communicate and ask questions about the graveyard. Including posting of annual and board meeting notes.

    “we shall now respond to “my mom got a terminal cancer diagnosis” with a laugh emoji” — Well okay. How can I get around that? OH I know. Use heart emoji for “sending health love vibes.” Then COMMENT I’m sad for your mom. Where gee, before, I could just use a sad emoji. I mean, come on FB, not like users can’t get around your restrictions and thumb their noses at you at the same time. The ONLY way for FB to stop anything is to shutdown everything; or in short for FB to stop undesirable behavior in FB, then FB needs to commit corporate suicide … Oh, wait, it is, by a thousand cuts.

    1. An interesting question, but one I refuse to research (due to not touching FB with a thirty-nine-and-a-half-foot pole). Though seeding it some of the posts from back from alt.suicide.holiday (e.g. the Methods FAQ) could be hilarious or triggering or yes.

    2. FB needs to commit corporate suicide … Oh, wait, it is, by a thousand cuts.

      I kinda wish I could post a picture of angsty teenage girl into self-cutting to illustrate FB’s drama — but I know better than to search for such things.

    3. I was cautious about FaceBook a while ago. Haven’t blocked it in my hosts file, but it’s blocked in my main browser. OTOH, every once in a while, I’ll have to let Firefox (wide open, so used warily) at a page. For some reason, now MeWe needs that open bit. On the gripping hand, PaleMoon is not well liked by TPTB. I think of it as Number 6.

  7. You know, if FB starts shutting down pages with too many sad & angry reactions this will quickly be weaponized. Don’t like someone? Just get your friends to help flood their posts with sad faces.

    This sounds like a terrific way to empower bullies.

  8. Understand Facebook Community Standards

    I do. That is why I rarely access my Facebook account, and then mostly only for things like checking menus at local eateries. Facebook Community Standards are only appropriate for mind-numbed zombies, StepfordWives-type Communities, and Driveling* Idiots.

    *I am confident that non-driveling idiots have better venues to haunt.

    1. You’re one-up on me. Facistbook changes community standards more often than Zuckerberg changes his crusty panties.

    2. > menus

      A couple of restaurants near us have taken down their web sites and gone Faceborg-only. And I’ve encountered other businesses that have no other online presence.

      Looks like they don’t want my business, then. I have four dozen Facebook addresses blocked in my hosts file just to make sure I don’t feed the Zuckerberg anything.

      1. Really, not smart. I’ve seen a lot of restaurants that have only a FB presence, and I don’t think a single one of them does a decent job of displaying their menu. There’s probably some way to do it, but the platform doesn’t make it easy.

    3. I have never been tempted to join the Zuckerberg Data Mining and Info Sales scam.
      So, I guess I am one of the non-driveling?
      I do hope.

      1. I’ve been on FB for years, for all that I was late to the party. Was never on my space. Used to follow nieces, cousins, etc. What posting I have done, hmmm:

        1) Been adopted again – picture of 3 week old kitten
        2) Dog died – picture of last dog
        3) Cats not happy with us – video of cat checking out new 6 week old puppy that had been brought into the house that day.

        Repost/share of some items, mostly pictures. Yes. Might tend to show I’m right of center, but (I don’t think) nothing remotely to imply I voted against her majesty-in her-mind.

        Even in the last 3 years, where I’ve posted much more, I’ve never presumed anything is private. To my page, which is locked down as tight as possible and only friends are allowed to see (don’t know if they can share or not), my rule is pet pictures, little to no political. Otherwise conversations are limited to PM or on pages that are join only and have private settings like Sarah’s Diner. Even then, it’s only advantage is only that group has direct access to what I post. Am I naive to think that no one else can’t get in and see it. Hell no. Will it be the friends I have on Facebook? Doubt it.

        If Facebook goes away today the worse I’ll loose are contacts I don’t have anywhere else. Some shared posts, but if I cared about the picture shared there, it has been saved off. Otherwise, any of my pictures, any of the old family pictures sis has scanned in and shared on her page, those are saved. Everything else. OMG I might have to get people’s cell phone #’s and message them instead of using PM. I mean really .. how rude.

        Regarding personal information FB has my name right, an old email, everything else is wrong, or blank.

        1. > Regarding personal information FB has my name right, an old email, everything else is wrong, or blank.

          You might not have typed it into the fields, but they *do* have that information, all nicely cross-indexed. It came from the profiles of other Faceborg users, “affiliates” who share data, and not-obviously-Facebook companies Facebook owns outright.

          Selling your data is their *business*.

          Now, as a programmer, you know exactly how accurate merges databases are likely to be, but they don’t care.

          1. “Now, as a programmer, you know exactly how accurate merges databases are likely to be, but they don’t care.”

            LOL Boy do I.

            Well that is kind of my point. As long as the data is inaccurate. Merging of data makes it even more inaccurate … that’s their problem.

          2. No, they don’t. I’ve looked at what they have on me.
            You’re assuming they’re MINIMALLY competent. This is a bad assumption with leftists.
            I’m a medium left Earth-Mother type. did you know that?

  9. I think you understate how self destructive these policies look.

    Of course, I avoid Facebook.

    This looks to me like it could be similar to the apparent dysfunction within Google.

  10. All of this crap is just that… Crap.

    If someone were to provide definitive proof that FakeBuch and all the other “social media” sites were actually CIA-front operations, I’d be like “Yeah; that’s what I figured…”.

    Seriously–How damn narcissistic do you have to be to start Instathingy-ing your ever meal? Why do you feel the need to share the intimate details of your life with the world? Sweet ‘effing Jesus on a prolonged series of pogo sticks, but I specifically loath the whole idea of small-town gossip, in the first place, and the lack thereof is about the only reason I can think of to move to a major city–And, the general public seems to be intent on recreating that crap-fest digitally? WTF?

    We were talking about the whole lack of accountability and consequence in society, the other day. FakeBuch and all the rest? They’re trying to install a fake version of what we all sense we’re missing, one that they control and guide. There’s all kinds of outrage over some guy kissing his girlfriend over the results of a successful hunt, but limited to no outrage over the sort of behavior that’s typified by people getting doxxed like that little girl that parodying AOC?

    The whole thing is a disgusting and vile expression of the same nasty human desire to spread gossip and innuendo that’s in small communities. There’s a reason why everyone wants to live anonymously, and not have everything integrated into some vast scheme of mean girls running a high-school lunchroom.

    That’s one reason I think the poor Chinese are going to crash and burn, hard, before the end of this century. All this “social control” BS is going to result in some really severe society-wide psychosis, and the unpredictable nature of where that is going to take China is terrifying. They only think they’ve got problems with the Uighur now, wait until they’ve conditioned most of them into believing that they’ve got nothing to lose. Wait until there’s a critical mass of those “nothing to lose” types in the Han population of the major urban areas, and there’s going to be hell to pay. The whole thing is going to turn into an unholy mess of entirely unpredictable second- and third-order effects that the CCP is going to be unable to control. I think I can safely predict what the rest of the world is going to look at and interpret as society-wide mass insanity–Human beings simply cannot live like that, and maintain sanity. It’s going to wind up like those rat colonies where the population is allowed to go out of control.

    I don’t see that working out, here in the West, at all–The Zuckerdroids of the world are going to reach for control, but the market forces are going to slap back. FakeBuch is going to go the way of MySpace within a generation, TBH. The only thing that could save it would be government intervention and then forcing everyone to use it.

    And, I still don’t understand the drive to do this–Why the hell would people do all this crap willingly? “Oh, yeah… I’m gonna broadcast every intimate detail of my life to the world…”. It’s fun and sexy when you’re a pretty young thing being a “brand influencer” for bikinis, but who the hell wants to know what brand of adult diaper those chickie-snacks are gonna be wearing when they’re 68? At some point, the whole thing is just going to devolve into nobody giving a rat’s ass.

    I mean, seriously–Who takes modern advertising at all seriously? Does anyone with more than two functioning neurons pay any attention at all to that dreck? Aside from making me aware of a product, there’s jack and sh*t that I get out of modern advertising–It’s just crap I skip over on the way to the content it pays for, and it might as well not even exist, for all the attention I pay to it. Most people are like that, from my observation. I think the advertisers are fooling themselves and their customers, because they only “test” advertising from within the pool of brain-dead that pay attention to that crap in the first place–It’s all self-referential. The average person tells that cute girl with the clipboard to go to hell, down at the store, and when someone calls them at home late at night, they do the same damn thing. The only people they get to talk to them are the congenitally lonely and the damaged, so what good do any of those surveys do? What do the focus groups tell you, when you can’t go out and get a truly random set of participants? Unless, of course, you start grabbing them off the street at gunpoint–All you’re going to get is the skewed set of idiot dolts who’re willing to participate in such BS in the first damn place.

    The trouble with all this stuff is that the apparent success of it has turned the potential audience into jaded and cynical people who don’t believe a damn thing they see or hear in the media. It’s the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, writ large across society, and the diminishing returns on advertising ought to be telling someone something about how there’s an ever-reducing rate of return on investment for this stuff… Discredit the source, as they’ve done, and the credibility ain’t ever coming back.

      1. That would be the only surprising thing I would find in that scenario, TBH…

        “Seriously? They were that competent? Who knew?”

    1. Not just gossip – *forever* gossip, that will follow you the rest of your life, that you can’t ever escape from. And since their business is selling that information, it’ll wind up everywhere…

      I can’t understand how so many people who are intelligent and *know* better, insist on feeding the Zuckerberg anyway…

      1. ‘forever’ gossip, that will follow you the rest of your life,

        And forever susceptible to being taken out of context. So statements from your Best Man’s toast will be presented as genuinely held opinions.

      2. Because they’re different. Like my students who insist on using SnapChat™, even after I call up the stories about the SnapChat™ data breach and how their material still exists. Because it won’t happen to them. They refuse to accept that the Internet, like a diamond, is Forever.

        1. The Internet is Forever, except when it is not. When the one website that hosted the information you’re looking for wasn’t copied and propagated to a zillion places, or covered by the Internet Archive – or not recently enough. I remember a bunch of folks trying to reconstruct the content of a site whose owner had passed away and whose site had been taken down, and they were able to get around 80% of the content from a mix of old Internet Archive content and content people had downloaded to their hard drives. In another case, a web site owner took down the content because his family was going into commercial production of near-replicas of the vintage object he’d provided so much detail about – though I have downloads of what interested me.

    2. “The whole thing is a disgusting and vile expression of the same nasty human desire to spread gossip and innuendo that’s in small communities”

      Yes–the use of communications technology to create a ‘global village’ ALSO means the proliferation of some of the not-so-nice attributes of real villages.

      In one of his novels, Hans Fallada wrote about a young couple in the Nazi era who moved to a small town to escape the politically-hysterial environment of Berlin, in the hope that their new life will be calmer and freer. But:

      “Like many city dwellers, they’d had the mistaken belief that spying was only really bad in Berlin and that decency still prevailed in small towns. And like many city dwellers, they had made the painful discovery that recrimination, eavesdropping, and informing were ten times worse in small towns than in the big city. In a small town, everyone was fully exposed, you couldn’t ever disappear in the crowd. Personal circumstances were quickly ascertained, conversations with neighbors were practically unavoidable, and the way such conversations could be twisted was something they had already experienced in their own lives, to their chagrin.”

      Freedom, the Village, and Social Media


    3. I specifically loath the whole idea of small-town gossip
      ^THIS^ x100
      SO much of Farcebook and Twitter is this. Worse, it’s often junior high small-town gossip.

  11. Don’t know if it’s a hoax, but FB’s ever-changing “not-discrimination” standards now don’t accept the word “mother” in an ad. “Parent” is ok. Saw someone not being able to advertise because of this one word. No explanation from FB.

    1. O Brave New World, that hath such people in it! Everyone talks about George Orwell’s nightmare coming true but what I see looks a bit more like Aldous Huxley.

  12. I don’t know if this relates, but have been looking for a way to describe FB as of now. Finally was reminded of a German/Yiddish word, verkakt. Something so ridiculously twisted and turned around that has become er, doodoo. And they are everywhere. FB and Google add scripts to almost every webpage you open. Recently, my USTV feed stopped working. Even there, I have to allow scripts from facebook.net. My ass is extremely chapped.
    Just read Glenn Reynolds’ booklet The Social Media Upheaval, and highly recommend it.

    1. Just read Glenn Reynolds’ booklet The Social Media Upheaval

      Tha’s odd – upheaving, heaving, upchucking is what Socialist media tends to leave me wanting to do.

    2. Years ago a lot of sites outsourced their advertising content to “Content Delivery Networks”, otherwise known as cdns. I blocked a bunch of them. Then I started noticing a lot of sites would come up with text but no images, or, weirdly, images but no text. Looking at page source showed they’d moved those to cdn servers. Not all of the web site; just enough you can’t use the site without turning the ads back on.

      Not an accident, I’m sure. So, yet more places I don’t go.

    1. “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

      All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

  13. TL;DR: “We don’t want you to do anything on our platform”

    Maybe it would be easier to deal with the bot infestation they are always complaining about if they could recognize humans….

  14. > So, if that amazing document above is genuine, it’s Facebook’s suicide note.

    Well, maybe it’s at least enough to lever you our of the Faceborg…

  15. It seems to me you should lock your FB groups and tell everyone to go to MeWe where there will not be such onerous data manipulation.

    FB is not going to get better. Ever.

    1. FB does not want to get better. FB is a “socially responsible company” and it is determined that its clientele customers product users usees become socially responsible too.

      1. Modest Proposal: Any company that starts spouting that it is “socially responsible” should be immediately sued by the shareholders / investigated for breach of fiduciary duty.

        I’ll also note that Facebook’s social responsibility once again proves that the word “social” negates whatever comes after it.

        1. Only problem is that Zuckerberg set up Facebook’s stock structure in such a way that he owns the equivalent of 75% (or something like that) of Facebook’s shares, so the shareholders can’t do anything about him.

    2. I suspect that mention of MeWe on FB will soon be a reason for immediate shutdown.

  16. Groups deemed harmful on Facebook will be shut down.

    This means the Diner, Ringo’s groups, and Tom’s groups are on borrowed time.

    Hell, it means GOP groups are on borrowed time.

    The entire thing smacks of “we don’t want anyone on our site who isn’t a little old lady looking at pictures of her grandkids.”

    I’d say I’m happy to give them that, but given how little I use FB I already have.

    I’m on Mewe, btw. And there’s a Hoyt’s Huns group mostly with readers of this blog.

    When Google+ shut down the huge RPG community there went mostly to MeWe. While there is RPG activity on FB, it had gone mostly to FB (at least the OSR parts I mostly engage) as we had been on Blogspot prior. However, by the G+ shutdown no one thought FB was the logical place to go.

    I think right now I prefer minds.com more than anything. Been meaning to ask about opening a Diner franchise there.

    You can’t impose the Chinese social credit system unless you’re the government of China.

    I’m not sure. With banks appearing to use politics to decide if you have accounts, PayPal removing people for politics, and a lot of services like Lyft and Uber banning people over politics they are giving it a good try. Yes, they are going after publicly obnoxious people, but only those on one side (plenty of Antifa groups planning their actions on FB still). If it wasn’t for the already established alternate CC processors for firearms the banking and PP would really hurt.

    1. > Hell, it means GOP groups are on borrowed time.

      If they didn’t realize they were existing only by the sufference of their enemies… no great loss, then.

      1. This.

        No matter how bad these companies get I have trouble generating more than a little sympathy beyond the simple “that sucks man, hope you find an alternative”. You went to the hyper centralized provider and expected them to not act like raging assholes? Did you learn nothing from the last N thousand years of human history?

    1. Sadly it seems that one must have an account to even look, which (while I do have an account) is repulsive. “You have to join us to see how great we are” broadcasts “not so great” from DC to daylight. I recall FB being thus or nearly so. It would be better if closing off access was an account or per-post option rather than a default way of life. As it is, MeWe is NOT “Facebook done right” but “FB doen slightly less badly.”

      Really, LiveJournal had the world by the [BIPPY] and managed to screw it up with an astonishing level of incompetence. Then selling out to a company in a country that utterly disrespects the 1st Amendment ideals… well, there’s reason my last post there is my Last Post there.

      1. It seems to be incompatible with Pale Moon, my default browser. It used to work with it, but as Firefox and PM diverge more, no such luck.

        It’s not worth it unless I have no alternative. And there are other alternative, like Gab.

        1. Aye. Gab seems a fair to good alternative to Twitter (and even Gab realized that a downvote button was a Bad Idea prone to abuse). My default browser these days is Vivaldi. I’ve not used Pale Moon, of I have, not for long. I keep Firefox around for a couple things, but mainly so that there is a rather different browser for some things – and it gets fully closed/shut down after each use.

          1. Ice Dragon & Vivaldi for me
            I use Ice Dragon for my regular browsing, do my email in a private window there (usually), use Vivaldi in private mode for other things I don’t want tracked/cookies left lying about (watching shows, bank stuff, etc.). I also use it to have two different sandboxes to do private things in, simultaneously.

            It also helps when I’m working on a webpage – I can try it in two different browsers (Vivaldi is Opera-based). I have occasionally opened IE or Edge to test, also.

            1. For those just tuning in (as it were) Vivaldi is based on Chrome *code* but -OLD- Opera *attitude* (it’s pretty much run by the _original_ Opera team, not the utterly fscking useless schmucks that ruined Opera).

          2. I’ll just make this official, then: Sarah, I’ll check out your minds.com account now and then but I’m not interested in your MeWe account as long as they require registration. And apparently I’m not alone so you might want to take that into account when deciding which one to favor or whether to cross-post.

            While you’re at it, let the PTB at MeWe know that they’re driving away eyeballs by not letting people look for free. I know ESR has an account there that I’d also like to see, but not under these conditions.

            1. Not letting people look for free– that is, without making an account– is exactly what MeWe brings to the table, from where I stand.

              If I wanted to post pictures of my kids and basic social updates on my blog, I’d be doing that.

              1. Fair enough, but I think Orvan has the right of it: if MeWe is going to restrict access to content they should let the content creators decide the level of restriction for themselves.

                Since it seems multiple people here that I respect have accounts I’ll go ahead and ask: is it worth signing up?

                1. I think so. It doesn’t nag, and you can lock down so hard it’s almost anon.

                  Oh, and they don’t have any creepy verification things. So it’s up to the individual to figure out if this Foxfier is that Foxfier is that Mary Lou.

                  1. >> “Oh, and they don’t have any creepy verification things. So it’s up to the individual to figure out if this Foxfier is that Foxfier is that Mary Lou.”

                    The way you put that has me wondering just how many Foxfiers are out there. And I’ve got a spoof of that song from Winnie-The-Pooh running through my head: “The wonderful thing about Foxfiers is… *I’M* the only one!”

                    Damn it, brain, stop doing this crap to me.

                    1. Oh dear! here I was thinking “nom de keyboard” referred to the cookie crumbs I drop on the laptop.

              1. Nominally PRIVATE messages are publicly accessible?!?

                Okay, I can see why you’d have a problem with that.

  17. I see something far more sinister. Yes, we are repulsed, but I’ve already seen younger people “hearting” posts about tragedy. They say it’s a hug, but rhetoric influences too many. How long before the toddlers raised on this will see “death of Grammy equals happy hearts! Death of Grammy was a good thing!” While I can see this in a Christian perspective, these people are far from Christian.
    We can say this won’t happen, but I remember being horrified at a local big fan run convention where the young adults blithe-fully stood in line, letting volunteers search their belongings for contraband water! Buy it inside, they were told. I expressed outrage and millennial told me what was the big deal. It was normal.
    What have we become? What will we become with this new social engineering? Dr. Pournelle wisely stated we were sowing the wind. Every day I miss his blog’s daily wise counsel more and more.

  18. Makes me sick to my stomach after reading this. I wonder if they have already been implementing much of this during the last few years. I’ve noticed that my range is very limited now.

    1. I think it has been. I posted a bit of art with a … ahem … cheesecake, completely dressed. The site HID all the comments on it. I could only get to the comments on that photo if I went to it via notifications!

      1. As much as I hate to defend FB, this might not have been them.

        The Stop Sex Trafficking bills that passed a while ago f***ed over everyone. As is typical the only way the laws could work is to sanitize communication, regardless of context, source, visibility, anything.

        In the meantime any real monsters probably weren’t using anything affected by the laws in the first place.

        1. My reading of some of the earlier versions of the bills, if the Feds wanted to they could use them against public school and illegal immigration advocates. I think the lawyers don’t know how vague a term system can be, and that litigation hasn’t yet established a way to be totally safe from the new laws.

          1. Congress: It is always “Do something!” “For the Children!” They never consider the Law of Unintended Consequences as they believe they are above the law.

            1. Some of the sponsors were conservative representatives/senators from border states, so there might be a knowing intention to weaponize things in this fashion.

              Forex, Lankford, Cruz, IIRC Cornyn.

              Possibly also idiots. Lankford, IIRC, has a degree in divinity, so could easily be missing both parts of the background to see how bad an idea this was. I had expected better of Cruz.

              I somewhat suspect that the FBI petitioned these folks for the law because the FBI wanted a law that they could abuse in a way that censors political speech.

            2. For a long time, one of my go-to conservative phrases as pertains to legislating has been “Don’t just do something, stand there!”

            3. Those who DEMAND we/they “do something” “for the children” ought to play Russian Roulette – but NOT with a revolver.

              Gruesome, but effective.

            1. That’s a great essayist. I had a look his more recent.

              His latest, on leaving academia, has a couple of holes that if filled lead to a hilarious conclusion.

              First hole is economics. Dig down to the nutritional calorie layer, as being harder to play silly games with. Sources are agriculture and gathering, with gathering nearly definable as the calorie sources that have limits that human effort cannot improve. If you look at the space of hypothetical societies along a line of constant tech/agricultural work force/arable you that you have a variable but limited food supply, and can only really support so much population. A society operating on a social contract is possible if it has a limited budget for supporting people that do not contribute to the nutritional calorie production in any significant way, hence also has rationing for academic slots, hence rationing for academic training.

              The second hole is cultural. Social contracts can exist within a population with a common culture, or within a group with shared background leading to shared values. Hence why the American right’s background in the mixed cultures of the Colonies leads it to believe that social contracts are impossible; individualism was a functional adaptation to mixtures of values too great for a single social contract. Hence also why the left likes the idea; they think they have enough shared values to make it work.

              There are two strategy extremes. The individualist who seeks to become a specialist for economic reasons and a generalist for robust survival reasons. If you throw everything on the social contract, you follow the employment directions society has the information to provide. Since on the societal scale quite a lot of information is lost, this may mean that someone who in a more individualist society is a CS PhD is instead a not very impressive ditch digger. Also, societal scale planning for agricultural loses enough information that famine is a risk.

              Can an academic lay plausible claim to the social contract? Yes, if one’s field/work sufficiently improves net agricultural production. Yes, if one’s career path permits remaining in the same cultural/value group as the agricultural production, and if that cultural/value is social contract positive.

              Academic careers tend to involve culture changing relocations, except maybe in the most widespread of cultures. Actual American culture is largely not social contract positive, so maybe India and China. India is a mix of cultures, so maybe not. Social contract on individual merit for academics might be possible in the PRC for Han, if we understand merit as being political skills and connections.

            1. I have heard (not actually seen) that there is a ‘odd wave’ of trolling comments at popular artists’ Deviantarts that their art is ‘against body positivity’ or ‘against transgenders’ or anti-LGBTQ. Somehow. (Perhaps for ‘enforcing cissexual stereotypes of unattainable beauty?) Because fictonal characters on digital paintings and people’s tendency to want gorgeously drawn fictional women as computer wallpaper oppresses somehow.

              So, knowing what I’ve seen of Frazetta’s art, people liking such things is apparently now Badthink.

              (I don’t even try to make sense of it. Because it isn’t about sense in the least.)

        1. My Gracious! His covers on the Lancer editions of the Conan paperbacks are what introduced me to Robert E Howard!!!

          Y’know, that rather explains their suppressing such material.

          1. Oh dear! Greater than usual typing fails! Kindly insert “editions” in place of “editoins” and strike the second eye from Graciious.

  19. I wonder…

    Zuckerburg has this occasional flashes of a kind of autism (or similar behavior) that I’ve seen in other people. He’s very good at the whole “extreme ends” of the emotional spectrum, but the middle is very difficult for him to handle. He can handle black and white, but any shades of grey confuse him.

    And, since he makes all the right people money, he has people that…enable him. Yea, that’s a good way of saying it-he has people that smooth over his issues when they get out into the wild.

    1. Had (thankful for THAT tense) a manager who managed to creep me out (NOT a common thing!) as he was emulating a decent person… almost. The emulation lag was just enough to make the Uncanny valley appear.

      1. As someone that kind of has the same issue, I have to remind myself that the responses I have are not the responses of baseline humans. Or vice versa.

        But, I don’t have people enabling my issues.

  20. Reinforces my original decision years ago to forego participating in the Devil’s Database.

  21. https://phantomsoapbox.blogspot.com/2019/07/another-day-another-lesbian-blocked-on.html

    That’s my post from this morning, another lesbian radical feminist blocked on twitter for saying men can’t be lesbians. In this case it was a picture of two red t-shirts with printing on them that got her banned.

    And who’s coming to the defense of de-platformed man-hating lesbians? Conservatives. Conservative MEN, at PJ Media specifically.

    So, I think the Farcebook thing is a suicide note. They’re going to go out of business. They’re going to roll hard Left and burst into flame before auguring into the dirt. Ka-pow.

    Any of y’all doing business or advertising on Farcebook, get out now before the rush.

      1. I’m sure somebody will buy that technology at fire-sale prices when it all goes on the chopping block. Oculus is one of those things that everybody thought was going to be SuperAmazingAwesome!!! and would sell a zillion copies just like the iPhone. Turns out it has a limited number of applications, mostly because it makes a lot of people motion sick.

        Also turns out that female humans do not -see- the same as male humans. Their visual cortex is wired differently. Every once in a while a research result like that comes along, and you realize that we don’t know Jack about ourselves.

    1. I was never on FB. I seem to be unable to find it now, but I do have this memory of Zuckerberg claiming that “privacy is an obsolete concept” and that right there sealed it for me. His creation need{-ed,-s} to be nuked from orbit. Twice. And after that, we must get SERIOUS about removing the malignancy from the earth.

  22. If Facebook if determining content on their platform, doesn’t that make them a publisher and thus subject to different federal laws? They can say that they don’t make the content, but they seem to saying that they are going to reject content, which is at least half-way to being, say, a magazine publisher.

    1. There’s also the matter of being a proprietary network. Much like Ma Bell or if Sprint were the only cellphone provider. While you can link outside posts into FB*, and can (if public) provide links to FB pages**, you can’t build your own FB page and simply join with all those FB folks – you have to use their network.

      (* Hey, you could always use Ma Bell to fax that newspaper article….)
      (** And you could put phone numbers in the newspaper.)

  23. Been trying to figure out how on earth someone thought this was a good idea, and I think I got it.

    Right now, Facebook does interaction based off of raw interaction.

    So if I copy-paste the complete context of an out of context quote for That One Aunt, suddenly EVERYTHING she posts is high priority– because look, I did 300 words!

    Likewise, trolling for attention.

    This stuff is all related to social media pile-ons, too. (Build pylons, not pile-ons!)

  24. Holy carbuncles, Batman. I was this close to deleting my Facebook account and taking the heat at work, but you’ve just posted the saboteurs guide to FB.

    Share this widely.

  25. I don’t often / if ever post to Victorygirls blog, but I hope Sarah doesn’t mind if I repost the comment I made there, here.

    (re: creating alternatives to popular services and social media and online sites)

    Use Cloudflare’s anti-DDOS services if you do make these alternatives. The Established do not like competition, they see it as defiance and escaping their control. Cloudflare has been resistant to taking down sites on the mere accusation ‘Conservative hatebigot must deplatform.’ As long as there’s nothing illegal on your site, you’re good, and since I reckon most of us aren’t even remotely criminally inclined…

    Making viable alternatives from scratch usually means that there is a financial outlay (whether it’s building your own server-expensive; or website hosting and various other security concerns), and given they’ve made it very, very difficult for conservatives to crowdsource to make these alternatives, there will also be need for alternatives to the financing side of the problem, or there will be someone taking the early financial blow.

    Also, don’t expect full content management systems to be cheap if you want one shiny brand new built just for your site and never used by anyone else. There are several out there that aren’t as popular as WordPress, but using the WordPress software (which is, if I am not mistaken, FOSS) and self-hosting on your own webhost (which gives you more freedom and control than using WordPress.com’s hosting services) can give you a basic start.

    The early versions of these alternatives will probably not be shiny or pretty, or even remotely easily used and will likely only spread through word of mouth, and despite what folks say about wanting to jump to other alternative versions, we’re all rather used to a certain level of convenience, that often determines whether or not it will actually happen. There ARE breaking points (for example: a number of folks I know that aren’t in these social circles jumped from Windows to a Linux distribution that suited their needs best) and it’s a matter of luck that gets people connecting to your alternatives. And once you get a certain level of traffic, well, you might need to upgrade your services (it usually takes a while though, so you should have time to prepare for it.)

    There’s also a certain (and, I feel, healthy) distrust of ‘new’ alternatives, at the very least, ‘will my email and any personal details be hacked’ level of distrust. Trust is built up, not immediate.

    Unless folks are willing to embrace what could often be rather inconvenient learning curves, it’s going to be slow going for any alternative social media and communications.
    Most of us just want a place where we can discuss things, share news, etc. but we’re getting driven out of the places that either were built for that purpose, or those places get shut down.

  26. Anyone who thinks we can’t implement Chinese social control probably needs to read this. And “Muh Private Business” is being used by “conservatives” like the NRO NeverTrumpers to cover a multitude of sins. Anyone who thinks that a financial system that can’t exist without government doesn’t present 1A issues is at best naive, IMHO.


    “It worked not by building bridges but by accepting walls. “One country, two systems” has already been proposed by Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney as a possible solution for Northern Ireland after Brexit. There need be no checkpoints because modern technology makes it possible to apply different rules to individuals in the same physical space making it feasible for affinity groups intermingle yet capture the costs and benefits of the identities they choose.

    Imagine a world where Red Card holders cannot apply for abortions at Blue Card institutions nor illegal immigrants will find their cards honored at Red Card institutions; where the Blue Cards can’t buy guns and pay higher taxes but the Reds forswear public education and health in favor of a school and insurance voucher. It would not be so very different from the place we already know today.”

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