Odd day

The bridal couple left this morning at 4:00 am.  I don’t quite know what to do today.  I’d like to go do something, but we’re horribly tired.  Also, it’s a cold and rainy and disagreeable day.

I need to torture Grant, but I don’t think I’m awake enough to.

Perhaps I’ll go lie down till the interest in moving passes?

We’ve been going going going for 8 days.  Perhaps it’s time for a day of rest.

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  1. We’ve been going going going for 8 days. Perhaps it’s time for a day of rest.

    Yes, it is. After all, consider just who it is claimed decided a day of rest was a good idea at the 7th day…

    1. Rather.

      Somewhere along the line it was recorded that that regular day of rest was something which was good for us, not just something for us to have to do.

      1. We almost do it backwards these days, though it probably still counts. We often, at least a lot of us, lead rather sedentary work weeks and then on the weekend and on Sunday we go mad and get crazy active and try to get everything else in our lives completed.

        And then we go back to “work”.

        Though I know I’m still tired out from the work week, even if it wasn’t “fast paced” or physical labor, so maybe just the change counts as resting.

      1. Last night it started snowing in Denver, and kept up intermittently all day.
        I think that is more than just a hint.

          1. Hell, Michigan, is expecting weather in the range of 48 – 61 F today, with 64% humidity and winds up to 12 MPH.

            per Wiki:
            Hell developed around a sawmill, gristmill, distillery and tavern. All four were operated by George Reeves, who moved to the area in the 1830s from the Catskill Mountains in New York. He purchased a sawmill on what is now known as Hell Creek in 1841. In addition to the sawmill, Reeves purchased 1,000 acres (400 ha) of land surrounding the mill. Reeves then built a gristmill on Hell Creek which was powered by water that was impounded by a small dam across the creek. Farmers in the area were quite successful in growing wheat and had an abundance of grain. Reeves opened a distillery to process the excess grain into whiskey. Reeves also opened a general store/tavern on his property.

            The tavern and distillery soon became a thriving business for Reeves. He built a ballroom on the second floor of the establishment and a sulky racetrack around his millpond. Reeves also sold his alcohol to nearby roadhouses and stores for as little as ten cents a gallon. His operation came under the scrutiny of the U.S. government in the years after the American Civil War. When tax collectors came to Hell to assess his operation, Reeves and his customers conspired to hide the whiskey by filling barrels and sinking them to the bottom of the millpond. When the government agents left the area, the barrels were hauled to the surface with ropes. As Reeves aged he slowed down his business ventures, closing the distillery and witnessing the burning of the gristmill. He died in 1877.


            There are two theories for the origin of Hell’s name. The first is that a pair of German travelers stepped out of a stagecoach one sunny afternoon in the 1830s, and one said to the other, “So schön hell!” (translated as, “So beautifully bright!”) Their comments were overheard by some locals and the name stuck. Soon after Michigan gained statehood, George Reeves was asked what he thought the town he helped settle should be called and replied “I don’t care. You can name it Hell for all I care.” The name became official on October 13, 1841. The second theory is tied to the “hell-like” conditions encountered by early explorers including mosquitos, thick forest cover, and extensive wetlands.


            See also:
            Hell, California
            Hell, Norway
            Hell, Grand Cayman
            Hell for Certain, Kentucky

  2. For what it’s worth, it looks like a fair portion of the internet is doing such, too. I can’t get to: anything on pjmedia, drudgereport, downdetector(!), or gab. They respond to pings, but the TLS handshake is a no-go. Everything was OK earlier today, but now, it’s toes up in spots.

    OTOH, ATH is fine, as are various other sites.

    It’s not the machine; same (lack of) response with Silk on my Kindle.

    1. I had two websites down for me last night.

      Google finally reached a new low of ineptitude after their years of punishing unmannered competence? Enemy action? Raving paranoia? Coincidence?

    2. It’s the shock to the internet caused by the Ninth Court ruling in favor of the Trump administration in an immigration case.

      And I haven’t noticed anything down except “This Ain’t Hell;” above info is from pjmedia.com.

      1. It was all fun and games until Trump threatened to send them to sanctuary cities.

    3. I called the ISP support (Dish/Hughes satellite). Turns out the problem is in my router; it suddenly decided to hang up on the TLS handshake process. (I’m now directly connected to the sat transceiver/modem.) The rest of the router thinks it’s OK. The usual incantations and imprecations didn’t work, so it’s new hardware time.

      Yet another place to stop at in town tomorrow.

      1. I’ve noticed all of the cable modem/router “gateways” we’ve had will slow down and start acting funky if they run too long. Power cycling them every six months ago clears up all kinds of odd internet behavior.

        It’s time to do mine again… our increasingly-third-world power company used to take care of that for me, but now the bits are all plugged into a big UPS.

        1. The support geek (did *not* sound like a “normal” person forced to do tech support, but seemed to enjoy the detective work) had to try the upsell to Hughes 5G interwebs. Doesn’t look like a grand improvement over what I have, and the integrated router/WiFi/modem didn’t thrill me.

          FWIW, the router spent a couple hours sleeping things off. It’s working right now, but I’m still stopping at Staples tomorrow. (Takes too long to get it from the ‘Zon, since it has to go to our mail drop in town.)

        2. you shouldn’t wait six months. the MAC table on the routers fill up pretty fast… we generally restart ours once a month.

          1. Because of the shortness of the phone line, the Redquarters router is now in the attic. Over the back of the garage. Which means moving a car, carpentry tools and a table saw, moving luggage, getting a ladder, opening the hatch, crawling to the router… There are days I hate how the house is wired.

              1. If I knew which circuit it is on. The labels on the box are, well, once you get past the major appliances and HVAC, they are vague to the point of perplexity.

            1. Depending on how tightly the router is locked down (if you’re using their hardware) you may be able to log into it remotely and reboot it.

              Alternatively, just one X10 switch and controller wouldn’t cost that much…

              1. It’s their hardware. If the semi-weekly outages become weekly, I may see about persuading Mom and DadRed to get an electrician to run a remote off/on in the garage that we can get to without going all the way into the back of the attic.

        3. That’s why I don’t use my provider’s modem/wireless router combo. They do have a straight modem they can provide and I have a linksys router running dd-wrt. dd-wrt & openwrt are very stable. The Linksys provided firmware is somewhat less so.

          1. I have the ISP router but hook it to a Linksys that provides the hard connections to our PCs and the WiFi we use. That provides me an additional way to troubleshoot and a guest WiFi blocked off from our devices. It’s worked well for several years with occasional reboots.

      1. Hmm, for me, that’s like putting a 0.0005″ digital readout on my table saw. (It’d be nice, but overkill.) I did a road trip 5 years ago with the Kindle as my connection to the ‘net, but tablets and my fingers tend to be minimally compatible. It works well as a reading machine, and if a) I really need to sit in the comfy chair, and b) there’s a really long article I want to read, I’ll put it in the Kindle.

        For road trips, I now have a low end Dell laptop running a near clone of my Linux desktop. The Kindle comes along with the reading material–between hotel and doctor’s office visits, I’ll devour a book or three.

  3. Pretty sure that God would say that you’re two days overdue. Rest, relax, imagine Grant’s sufferings, and know that when you get back, we’ll have cleaned up this place so well that you’d never imagine it was used to summon Lovecraftian elder gods.

    1. It’s time to build the altars!
      This time the stars are right!
      It’s time to raise the Old Ones,
      On the Hoyden Show tonight!

        1. Cthermit the Frogman?
          Miss Yoggy the diva with a million spawn?
          Fozzy Tindilus?
          Gonzo the Great Old One?

          Yeap, lots of potential with the Muppets meet Cthulhu.

          1. Though I realized it shouldn’t be called the Muppets meet Cthulhu, it should be… The Muppets take R’lyeh.

        2. When Cthulhu awakens, the confusion of our current age will seem as blissful sanity before the brain-smiting horrors that he shall unleash.

          1. With the weirdness going on in Washington, I wonder if Cthulhu might take a look, and figure out he’s been out-smitten.

          2. Nah. Cthulhu is the sane one that makes sense. Even he’s terrified of Democrat-Progressive-Socialists; they leave a terrible taste in his mouth.

    2. Which will also explain the HUGE tartar sauce jar out by the curb…

  4. But it’s the eighth. So an even day.

    Rest up. You ain’t the Energizer bunny.

    1. I was going to say the same thing, but really I think, for me, it’s “I can’t even” day.
      We had an issue with a product, but only one test, and there is a suspicion it is a problem in the testing, not the product.
      Biggest guyer: “Send a tote and we will see what happens.”
      shipping took over a month to send it, and now, it seems they shipped it not to the plant in Tennessee, but the plant in France.
      $66,000 dollars of tote plus shipping via ship of “Oops”
      Oh, and as it is on the water, 3 weeks to customs and who knows how long it waits there (sometimes a day, sometimes a month, normally close to a week) and it can’t ship via air (acid based so maybe 200 liter package or maybe 20 liter max size, not 1000 for sure).
      So TN is looking for their stuff.
      That is over and above the one month overdue order I got with another past due and three due tomorrow, and others as a “Parting Gift” from our now ex-planner who waited until the end of his last day to even enter the orders and didn’t bother to print them out.
      So, yeah. I can’t even . . .

      1. In that situation, I’d think pleasant thoughts, like the ways the ex-planner could be dealt with and possibly shipped in a tote himself. The filling hole is a bit small, but that’s a solvable problem. VBEG

  5. Lie down until the urge passes, sleep as late as you can, and recover. That would be my suggestion.

    Athena T. Cat seconds the recommendation, or she would if she wren’t sleeping.

    1. Sleeping is seconding the recommendation. She’s a cat, after all.

      1. Or a shady spot. Or the spot closest to her catnip sock. Or the middle of the floor so that the two-foots have to go around her.

  6. Repeating what everyone else has said: go make some tea, put your feet up, and hang out for a while. If you doze off in your easy chair, so be it!

  7. Even G-d rested on the 7th day. How many days have you been going non-stop? Might be time to make like G-d, declare it good, and rest!

  8. Lay back, relax, close your eyes, and before you know it that ornery cuss Grant will be nibbling away at your back brain whining for attention.
    Last as I recall he learned that Julie was in danger in Portugal and we were trying to figure out how to get him and weapons over there without his bosses finding out.

    1. The last word that I have is that Grant is in Portugal and just got through with a conversation with a twenty-foot tall woman and isn’t looking forward to a conversation with Silvia’s granny. 😉

  9. Take a nap to Cravin’ Melon’s “Sweet Tea:” “On the eighth day, God invented sweet tea, sweet, tea….”

  10. If you had energy enough to put up that blog post you have energy enough to abuse Grant, visit old places and run yourself into the ground until your immune system is exhausted and willing to let any old thing into you. You can rest when you’re dead (until you rise as a zombie, of course.)

    Taking the odd day off and catching up on rest cannot lead to anything good, can it?

  11. I need to torture Grant, but I don’t think I’m awake enough to.

    Happily, you don’t need to be woke to do that.

    Although, being in the Old World I am sure The Erinyes are woke enough to make his life He abuse him.

  12. Rest, happy warrior. The world will be here tomorrow, and all of its problems will be waiting for you.

  13. Take the day off. I know how tempting it is to go-go-go, and go some more, when on vacation, like you will never be back again. May be true. But, every single time we’ve done that (and ours never has involved multi day international plane travel, which has to add more stress/tiredness) I, at least, has gotten horribly sick (either after, or before we got home.) Every. Single. Time. FWIW I don’t deal with immune or allergies compromises or regular challenges; and I still get sick. Also traveling home sick in airplanes can’t be fun; bad enough in vehicles.

    Please, TAKE THE DAY OFF, rest, relax. You still have another week of wearing yourself out again, without the stress leading up to today.

    1. That’s why I always, always build in an extra day getting there and coming back. If I miss a flight, I won’t miss the group, and I won’t be stressed as well as exhausted.

  14. Rough out some scenes for your current works in progress that are appropriate for cold, dark, and dank weather.

    Or go back to bed with your hubs and play some adult games until the neighbors bang on the walls.

  15. Well by now you’ve either rested or exhausted. And I suspect you’ve also been well fed. So get a good night’s sleep now that you and Dan both have APAP tanks, and dream of evil things to do to Grant.

  16. A comfy chair, a good book, a good view, people you love, and a chance to kip back and have a good, long nap. Go for it

    1. An nap on the beach? A nap in the garden? A nap in the castle? A nap in the car?

      One way I can tell former servicemen is that many of them have the ability to be fast asleep, any time, anywhere, in any conformation or configuration. Including hooked into fishing net so they don’t get tossed about by the waves in a small charter boat.

      1. *chuckle* That’s how I tell Filipinos at times. Stuck in traffic commuting to or from work is usually how we catch up on our zzzz.

        Apparently the commute is now so bad my youngest brother was getting maybe 4 hours sleep before having to wake up again. I used to wake up at 4 AM to get the earliest rides out to Makati at 5 AM just to make it to the place in an hour. Miss that window, and you’re looking at a minimum 4-5 hour commute.

        1. It took me an unsettling minute and carefully rereading the part where you said “get the earliest rides” to shake the mental image of traffic jams so bad the drivers are napping.

      2. My favorite, during my military service, was a nap while in a C-130 flying pretty much nap-of-the-earth on the way to the drop zone. Good times…

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