Notes on the Great Book Sale – I Love You Guys Edition!

First, I love you guys.  Second, be very patient with me.  Unless you indicated you need the books urgently, and included the money for first class or express shipping, it’s gonna be a week or so to mail.  Mostly because … well, the son who is supposed to be doing the packing and shipping could only give it three hours this week, which means…. never mind.  Going slightly nuts.  This is precisely the type of thing I suck at, so please be patient.  They’re making me use a spreadsheet.  (Cries.)

Please don’t order books that don’t exist: None of the DST series were ever in hardcover, for instance.  (They will be, IF rights revert, but not yet.)  And there’s no mass market paperback of Darkship Revenge.  They never printed one.

Also Night Shifters is a weird, weird shape, halfway between mmpb and tpb.

It is, however very thick, containing two books: Draw One In The Dark and Gentleman Takes a Chance.  So I’m charging $10 for it.

Please, don’t pay until I tell you “Yeah, I got that book.”  Please pay once you say you will.  Nothing will ship until I get payment, either paypal or check.

Um… I think that’s it.


37 thoughts on “Notes on the Great Book Sale – I Love You Guys Edition!

    1. Spreadsheets: the ancient and terrible evil. They have even infiltrated our computers.
      Ai! Ai! Our doom has come! Ai! Ai!

    2. I heard a rumor that the secret name of the International Lord of Hate is Spreadsheet.

  1. Shucks. I was going to request that facsimile edition of the First Folio, and the Lindesfarne Gospels. Margaret of Austria’s Book of Hours as well, unless that’s already been spoken for.

      1. *Takes the link and RUNS* (I’m always looking for ‘I’ll never get there’ things to try. Yes, I do illumination. Slowly and only adequately at the moment.)

      1. Someone once asked the little old lady running a used bookstore for the Necronomicon. With a cackle, she announced it was right over there. . . .

        She was joking, but she gave him quite a start with the act.

    1. yes. There’s the absolutely horrible first edition of DST (I’m handing those out sparingly as only 1k were printed, they’re probably already collectible and if not will be and I’d like to keep a couple to help finance education/first business for grandkids.)
      And then there are about a million GTAC. of which there isn’t a tpb. I thought there was, because I got confused.

          1. I’m reminded of the story about the farm winch being sold by classified ad. There was a typo in the ad, and then it got worse.

  2. Are you still managing to do this, Sarah? I might have a desire for a gift for someone, autographed.

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