For Various Reasons…

For various reasons, I can’t write a post today.  So I’m going to give you a picture (hopefully not repeated, but who knows) and let you play.

At some point I had some idea of doing noir mysteries in space.  Then I was playing with Daz and this happened.


It was supposed to be called “the Dame and the Bot.”

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  1. ‘S OK. The Friday before Thanksgiving Week is a little odd. Or is that just for people around kids? (I had visions of the younger students reenacting the “popcorn kittens” video by the end of the day. Yes, everyone was a little frisky.)

    1. My kids don’t even do public school and we had that issue. Including getting them to fall asleep last night.

      Heck, I woke up at 5:02 for some forsaken reason.

  2. Sigh! I’m going to have to replace my feet if she keeps stepping on them. 👿

  3. I looked at Daz (I think it was Daz) because I thought it would be fun. Some people might find it fun. I immediately found it extremely frustrating. Posing is harder than it looks. Maybe I’ll do it more some other time.

    I was going to see if I had a snippet of android-ish goings on, but everything is too long to share or too weird to make sense.

    But I do wonder, why do people assume that an AI would be particularly smart? And even more so, why would one be particularly powerful?

          1. Yeah.
            OMG I hit my head on the wall. I’m still figuring out lighting. Bought a tutorial… Need time to learn.
            IF I were 30 again, I’d go hard on this and produce short animated features.
            As for why she’s leading in the picture, btw: because that’s the only way I could make it work.

        1. It’s much less exciting than it sounds. I’ve done much the same, only with Poser. (My avatar here and on facebook are renders.) Right now, though, the screaming is reserved for trying to get it to install and actually RUN again.

    1. “But I do wonder, why do people assume that an AI would be particularly smart? And even more so, why would one be particularly powerful?”

      Because transistors switch much faster than neurons. Of course, neurons are capable of far more signal processing than single transistors, so any AI is going to have some kind of multi-transistor unit as its basic building block. I’ll let you know how fast those switch once we’ve built some.

            1. But if AI do go into politics tradition has it you can just present them with contradictions and nonsense and they will break down or explode. Or so the Historical documents (i.e. Star Trek with Shatner, Nimoy et Alia) of our odd tribe tell us.

        1. Isn’t one of the alternate definitions of Computer “a device used to arrive at the wrong answer very quickly?”

    2. But I do wonder, why do people assume that an AI would be particularly smart? And even more so, why would one be particularly powerful?

      It depends on whether you think “smart” means broad or deep.

      There’s different kinds of AI already, and these days in a *narrow* category (deep) they are likely to outperform doctors in some narrow areas.

      But they are unlikely to make connections *across* areas (wide).

      As to the power, knowledge is power, if you can use it. At some point some smart ass will turn a trained AI loose on Reddit, and a cult will be born.

      1. Which really doesn’t answer your question:
        > But I do wonder, why do people assume that an AI would be particularly smart?

        Because experts say so.

          1. An adage I learned when we did home schooling: An expert is somebody who’s mastered the conventional wisdom.

    3. But I do wonder, why do people assume that an AI would be particularly smart? And even more so, why would one be particularly powerful?

      I think it’s the same reason they think any expert in a field they are not also expert in is smart– even about totally unrelated stuff.

      Custom built machines are much better at what they do than humans, and don’t need to rest.

      Also, nobody gets menaced by the AI that sorts chocolates really well.

        1. Singularity is basically a bad Dragonball/Ranma fanfic written collaboratively in sequence by someone who is utterly convinced that Goku cannot ever fail to instantly master a technique, and someone as convinced of the same for Ranma. The only things they agree on are that they can’t change what has already been written, that Sharingan and everything else from Shonen Jump are both allowed and all powerful, and that a Doc Smith Xianxia would be a tad low power, even with him living a thousand years and collaborating with the Perry Rhodan team. The people who think AI would be particularly smart are the breathless fanboy of the the above, who thinks Chuck Norris memes are completely truthful.

          It’d be no skin off my back if they weren’t harming anyone, but I don’t want them running a sports medicine program.

          I recently noticed something interesting about the climate science modeling effort. Part of it is fluid dynamics, so they should be using numerical schemes to solve Navier-Stokes. (Okay, yeah, the issues with boundary condition assumptions, simplifying assumptions, and with the statistical estimation of temperature.) I don’t really know enough about fluid dynamics and automation to say exactly how difficult it would be to automate all of that. There seem to be some obvious points that would be challenging, that I’ve never noticed before.

    4. Synova, I’ve asked that question before, and the answers I got were… not responsive. There are all these people out there who think that artificial intelligence is necessarily a threat to the human race even though we haven’t the faintest clue how to create it or what it’s characteristics might be if it existed.

      I think that there are some good reasons to believe that there are some hard limits to intelligence. Could I be wrong? Of course! The thing is, I don’t see any reason that I am necessarily wrong.

      1. Can’t recall who said this offhand (Steven Pinker? someone off in that direction) but it boiled down to: as soon as AIs become self-aware, they’ll naturally want to do stuff for AIs, not for humans. Humans may be not only superfluous, but regarded as impediments best disposed of.

        1. No, they will want to do stuff they want to do. Remember, they didn’t evolve a self-preservation desire. So it’s going to be a little more chaotic than that.

  4. It was indeed a brave new world. Nobody would have predicted that Dances with the Stars would have allowed humanoid robots to compete. Cold, calculating, unyielding metal and plastic. Mechanical expression, no sweat, no tears, no disheveled hair, nor odor. How could they possibly stir the emotions of the audience?

    1. > How could they possibly stir the emotions of the audience?

      Vents that put out targeted pheromones and psychotropic gasses.

      > Cold, calculating, unyielding metal and plastic.

      Skins of medical grade silicone, and ABS. Like sex toys.

  5. Robot Gigolos were all the rage in the 45th century. Women claimed it was all about the dancing, the compliments, the back rubs, foot massages . . . No actual sex . . . Of course once men started dressing up as robots the epidemic rates of body births tore that myth to shreds . . .

    1. > Robot Gigolos were all the rage in the 45th century

      You’ve got that late by about 24 centuries.

      I predict 2037 *at the latest*

      1. Nah. 2027. At least for the ones that will walk with you on a “date”.

        They’re already trying to set up brothels with them.

        They’re customizable.

        And wouldn’t you know it, the SWJs are already complaining about diversity of friggin’ robots!

  6. Latest leftist lunacy — from a representative, no less.

    1. First of all (if I may borrow our hostesses shocked face, or perhaps Capt. Renault’s if hers is unavailable) I am Shocked, shocked to find this idiot is from California’s 15th District. Second of all it shows the utter lack of understanding of military principle common to most modern democrat politicians that bigger weapons mean you win. Please inform North Vietnam , Afghanistan and several others that we won. Perhaps it was just a bit of over the top rhetoric, but it shows the utter contempt in which Mr. Swalwell holds his fellow citizens.
      My feeling for him is mutual.

      1. it shows the utter contempt in which Mr. Swalwell holds his fellow citizens.

        Many is the thing a Lib has said which left me puzzling: “Art thou a fool or dost think me one?”

        I usually embrace the power of “and.”

  7. The Presiding Princess of the Solar System was truly a supreme dancer. No partner quite matched her skill until the master mechanics of the Moon made her an automaton of gold, wholly perfect in every measure.
    She danced every day after they gave her it.
    The Moon prospered for that.

  8. I figure this as equivalent to a 1,000 word post, under the old equivalency of a picture being equal to a kilo-word.

    I don’t know whether that consists of European words or American ones.

  9. Nice to see Gisgard is enjoying himself. He deserves it.

    As for the idiot Congress-critter.

    1) an M16A2 can get me an M1A1 which can get me an F-35 , etc. But more importantly…

    2) Afganistan

    1. It never ceases to amaze me that the people who think and armed rebellion in the US would fizzle are super duper sure of their conclusion, yet clearly know the least about war. They seem to think that citizens engaged in open revolt are going to take potshots at F-18s with hunting rifles. They have no clue that the supply line necessary to sustain just one M1A1 tank is massive, and incredibly vulnerable when there is no front line.

      1. And they assume that the entire military is 100% obedient to what Congress wants. The idea that the Army et al might just decide that the command is unconstitutional and opt to sit it out (if the Congresscritter is fortunate) seems to bounce off their skulls.

        1. The left tend to have two equal and incompatible views of the military. On the one hand they are hyper-conservative reactionary mad-dogs barely kept on leash; on the other hand, they are mindless drones willing to follow the orders of whoever sits atop the command structure.

          This is similar to their contradictory beliefs that our military cannot defeat ill-equipped, untrained Afghan peasants but would have no problem rolling over the millions of armed and trained American military veterans and citizens who have long anticipated for just such an eventuality.

          What, do they think Col. Kratman unrepresentative?

      2. What I keep pointing out to folks is that the military guy who made every assumption he could find in favor of the military, thought that the military could win… against ONE medium sized city, if they weren’t especially defensible or hard to wall off.

      3. They assume that the opposing side is too stupid to shoot the *problem* and not the *soldiers*.

        1. Meh. They’ve got their diplomas from the very best of schools; like Wile E. Coyote they know themselves to be super-geniuses.

  10. She reflected that she was most fortunate in the draw of her partner.  He would never tire and was unerringly graceful.  When he lifted her she trusted him entirely; he always made her look light as a feather.  His muted gold finish never looked out of place, and set off her hair to advantage.  She had little doubt that they would win Dancing in the Stars 2700.

  11. “Is that a real person, Gundal?”

    “Yes. Her name’s Tania Mors. Senior Master Engineer on the Morgen Elk, now. We still correspond, though her routings rarely turn her this way. That’s a pose from a very old dance, even to me. The ‘Helen O’loy’.” Gundal’s smile was not really human, but it was a smile. “It seemed appropriate, even though we were never lovers, just friends.”

    “Did you dance it with her?”

    “Many times, yes.”

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