Flying by Instruments


Nobody knows anything!

Honestly, this should be the motto for our times.

And it is a shame and a rebuke in the face of journalists.

I’ll be honest, they were never very good at reporting anything.  Particularly in the first heat of the reporting. Any incident I was actually present at, let alone any incident I knew anything about was reported so wrongly all my life, that it might as well be another universe.

This was even when the things reported on were stuff like a school show, the village’s new gardens, or the death of someone who was a marginal public figure and whom my family happened to know.  (They had everything wrong, other than the fact he was male and had once been alive.)

When you add the madness of politics to it, and the fact that the press is not only uniformly leftist, but that journalism schools now teach (I swear I’m not making this up) the highest calling of a journalist is promoting “social justice” you have not only something that doesn’t resemble reality but which is often antithetical or toxic to it.

And people are choosing to believe their lying eyes.

You’d think the press would have caught a clue after eight summers of recovery and stop reporting wholly imaginary stuff.

Ah! we should be so lucky.  They’re sure if they shout long enough they’ll achieve full cooperation.  And to be fair to them, they’ve managed to put any number of raspers past the public by dint of repeating them brazenly.

I see even right wing or unaffiliated publications repeating the nonsense that this is the “Obama recovery.” Which ignores… our lying eyes.  The only thing I can say is that fewer people buy this than the ones who bought that Reagan’s boom was due to Carter and if Carter had only one more term, we’d have been great.  (We gave Carter Junior two terms, I think in part because of that.  And people know what happened when we tried that one weird trick.)

But the left continued pushing.  There was their attempt at selling Hillary.  There is their continuous, made up insanity on … well, everything Trump does.  There is the added insanity of #metoo.  There was the cheering of the abolishing of presumption of innocence over Kavanaugh.  And now there’s the crazy with the boomless bombs.

Look, I don’t doubt this guy is a Trump fan.  But he’s also a multiply convicted fellon, who is convinced chemtrails are killing us, hates Monsanto, and seems to have participated in a march of support for Hillary.  Viewed in that context, he’s just one of the nuts floating in the American punch bowl.  Considering there are three hundred million of us, we can’t help but kick out the utter nutter now and then.  And his support of Trump might as well be a love of My Little Pony of Where’s Waldo. And he might as well have sent the bombs in that context.

Except… except these are still fake bombs.  And things keep kicking up that make no sense, and that might be true or not.  Like, some of the bombs were supposedly delivered by messenger, (is that true or a rumor? who knows?)  Like, the people who received them didn’t act like anyone receiving a suspicious package.  Yes, I’ve got them.  As a minor, almost not-public figure, I can tell you I put it outside the house and call the police, or attempt to verify the sender on the return address sent them to me. I don’t take pictures and handle the thing extensively, and post them in social media, to create a stir.  Because, you know, if they blow up I’m dead, at least theoretically.  None of the recipients acted that way.

BTW IF the packages were delivered by hand, shouldn’t there be security cameras of the packages being delivered?

And then there’s the FBY agent telling us these are not hoaxes and they’re very serious.  Really?  AFAICT (again reporting is unreliable and I wasn’t there) the “pipe” was plastic, which by definition makes it a non-serious bomb.  But also the detonator wasn’t, since the digital clock had no alarm.

If all of this is true, the bombs COULDN’T go off unless the recipients knowingly detonated them.  And if they went off, the most the plastic shrapnel would do is scratch someone.

Are these things true?  Who knows?  It’s not just what we’re not told, it’s the left’s crazy demand for civility when their partisans have actually injured and almost killed people, and been cheered on by the likes of Nancy Palsy, Maxinsane Waters and Cory Spartacus Booker. It’s the press’s obsession with this to the exclusion of the real misbehavior of say…. oh, antifa.

More importantly, it’s the very serious treatment given to the idea that a youtube video called Innocence of Muslims was responsible for the 9/11/12 Embassy attacks and the death of ambassador Stevens. Something everyone now knows for a fact was not only false, but completely and utterly false.

I’m told that 11 people were shot in a Synagogue in NYC Pittsburgh , and that the person who did it is a bearded white male.  Of course, I think the chances he yelled something about a snack bar before that are 100%.  But maybe not.  And maybe it won’t be reported that way even if he did (he could be a convert.)  If he didn’t, if he has creditable links to the fringe right, I want you to think about this very carefully: HOW on Earth would two marginal (very marginal) “righties”  go berserk JUST before the election, in time for the left to wave the bloody shirt?

Can you say Reichstag fire? Can you say “by any means necessary?”  Can you say “most mental health professionals are leftists and have access to nuts?”  Can you say “we can’t even trust reports of affiliation?” Sure, I knew you could.

Nobody knows anything, but the smell I’m starting to get is not good.

It’s two weeks before the elections, and not only are we blind and flying by instruments, but the instruments are leftist and are guiding us to the ground at speed.

If they win this way, you know this train doesn’t stop short of civil war station, and that will be sooner than later.

Strap in and brace.  And pray, if you believe in anyone to pray to.

We’re in for a h*ll of a ride.


336 thoughts on “Flying by Instruments

    1. That’s gonna cause some interesting contortions for the press. Since he’s a Neo-Nazi, then he must be a right-winger. But he hates Trump, which means that he can’t be a right-winger. But he’s a Neo-Nazi, so…

      I’m guessing that they’ll downplay the anti-Trump angle.

      Of course, the worst part of it is trying to figure out how “Evil Jews are controlling Trump” produces “And I think the solution is to shoot the people in a random synagogue.”

      1. It’s going to be like the tigers in Little Black Sambo, except they won’t turn themselves into pancake better. [Or am I the only one who grew up with that story book?]

        1. For those not familiar, the tigers end up chasing themselves around and around the base of the tree where Sambo was hiding, until they turn themselves into batter. (Sambo was in India, not Africa.)

          1. we had a Scotty as kids named Sambo
            yes, it was black.
            Had one person decrying its racism against Africans and asked them “I thought it was in India?” and was ignored.
            So I too ignored them and just walked off.

        2. I remember the storybook. I also remember a restaurant on Bannister Road in Kansas City that was called, Sambo’s. There were murals on the walls of pictures from the book.

          It was forced to close, of course, because it was racist because of Little Black Sambo.

          1. There was a chain of restaurants called Sambo’s that was founded by Sam Battistone, Sr., and Newell Bohnett, based upon the names of the founders. Alas, they decided to go all-in with the Sambo theme, which by the late 70’s was drawing lawsuits and protests, and some poor business decisions led to the demise of the chain in the early 80’s.

            1. I remember that. I also recall Oliver Tambo being in the news, and being a bit surprised nobody mixed them in a some nasty way… at least not that I’d heard about, anyway.

          2. I actually had a weird experience with that this summer. Was in a (very very good, but also older and a bit run-down) pancake house with my mom on a trip to Virginia Beach this summer and we were trying to parse out the odd decor. The wallpaper pictured palm fronds and the room divider was carved like bamboo,so at first we thought converted Chinese place, except there were these painted wooden cartoon tigers on the wall. Eventually it occurred to me that one tiger had on a jacket, and one trousers, and the one with his ears sticking up funny was perfectly positioned to have had shoes on his ears, and the whole thing clicked.

            And Sambo remains one of my childhood heroes for being way smarter than those damned tigers. Also smarter than his critics who tend to be woefully ill-informed.

                1. Heck, I’d be against Brier Fox, too– that guy captured the “smart,” manipulative user so well that I still picture the character at times.

              1. South.

                That’s enough, of course. As I have been assured more than once by leftists, they know the South, and they’re ALL bigots down there.

                1. Also all the characters speak AAVE. Which is part of black culture and never to be corrected in favor of “proper” English by teachers because racist, but also should never be recorded as accurately as possible to maintain the dialect of the original stories as collected by Harris from oral tradition because racist. The whole point of the game is to be impossible to win.

                2. *sigh*

                  Which makes it all the funnier that my first interaction with the infamous Southern Baptist was a guy trying to get folks to come to their military gaming room, to which I politely smiled and told him I am Catholic, but thank you– and he very earnestly assured me that didn’t matter. Definitely not what I was half expecting from the reputation of Southern Baptists, I get worse reactions from average agnostics.

                  The second interaction was a flat tire, 20 miles from base, in a neighborhood that didn’t look so good…and then services let out. Picture-perfect Scottish girl being fussed over by a dozen classic Southern Baptist ladies while several older gentlemen in suits changed my tire, while I protested that I was the one wearing old jeans and a ratty shirt. I’d no idea people really did dress like that outside of TV shows, but they all could’ve been straight out of a TV show’s “Black Southern Baptist” um…whatever they call their parishes.
                  Yes, there was subtle inquiry after the state of my soul, which was dropped when they got the idea that I’d gone to services before breakfast, and then changed into junk-clothes to go for a drive. It was honestly masterful, if I hadn’t been so self-conscious I wouldn’t have even noticed.

                  Gotten much more bias from the “rational” and “empathetic” not to mention “non-judgmental” types.

                  Guess the “projection” thing is kinda old– as is the “tolerance of anything I happen to agree with” shtick.

                  1. We don’t really have parishes, just congregations.

                    You can tell, because most any Southern town of any size will have at least two Baptist churches.

                    1. Ah. I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice variations (basically fanfic) because I’m nearly brainless. And one of the things that set my teeth on edge is this type of thing: abdicate for abandon was one of them. ARGH.

            1. I also greatly admired the clever Sambo, and Brer Rabbit as well. What made them suddenly racist icons? Same thing that happened to Uncle Tom, now an epithet of bigotry instead of a hero (read the book).
              The Left cannot abide having the Right admire the people that they are trying to keep in their own victim-corral: it spoils the narrative of White Oppression.

              And some people are beginning to figure that out.

              1. I think linking the Uncle Remus stories to racism came about as a result of Disney’s Song of the South, which did pretty up the state of race relations at the time to a nearly delusional degree.
                But yes, I’ve wondered that myself, many a time.

        3. I read it that way, but then, I’m OLD. Incidentally, there was a Sambo’s restaurant in Lincoln City, OR, a few years ago. Likely still is.

        4. I loved that book; I still can’t figure out what was wrong with it—especially since the kid is Indian. I guess the name could rub someone the wrong way.

          (And I thought it was butter the tigers turned themselves into.)

      2. And apparently because this F-wit had posted his crazy on Gab, now Gab is being chucked into the outer darkness by its hosting and by Paypal. Because everyone is to blame for the evil of everyone else.

        No word on whether Twitter is to lose its hosting over its numerous jihadist posters. /sarc

        1. The only people not to blame for the evil they incite is the Left and Democrats.
          Maybe it’s all a ploy to shut out the competitors to Twitter, by picking on someone who posts there and somehow inducing them to Do Bad Things.

      3. From some of the less over-the-top reports it appears that the shooter would argue that Haman was right, the best of all possible worlds would be a world free of the presence of any Jews. He is not the first person to suggest this, and sadly he will probably not be the last.

      1. The duration of this story will match the balance of how useful the shooter is to The Cause – if’s he’s not helpful to pushing the Blue Dribble, the story will vanish as fast as the Congressional Softball Shooter. If the balance causes this idiot to be useful, it will be hammered for the period from now to the election.

        Note that it may just be forced to option B and be hammered until the election, even with false stories, and then after the election we’ll get the equivalent of the stuff that NBC had on Creepy Porn Lawyer and his clients in the Kavanaugh confirmation – i.e. “In an exclusive investigative report, NBC News has learned that Santa-Beard-Synagogue-Shooter was not in fact a right wing sworn Trumpian accolyte as we previously reported, but was actually Creepy Porn Lawyer’s gardener and tax accountant for Nancy Pelosi’s Chinese Spy Driver, who hated the President and was actually in the pay of the Russian Embassy! Um, why did we sit on this when we had it all before the election? Oh, privacy laws, and a hurricane, and… Look! Squirrels! ”

        1. The other thing that is certain is that the media will NEVER mention the virulent hatred of Jews regularly spouted by Louis Farrakhan, and the open support and praise Farrakhan receives from many in the Democratic Party, and how many of the leftist street army spouts hatred of Jews. Instead they will say its Trump’s fault because he is critical of George Soros, never mind the lengthy demonization by Democrats of Sheldon Adelson, a prominent supporter of Republicans who is Jewish (and one without a whiff of any history of collaborating with the Nazis like Soros).

          1. No, because that’s different. How and why different, well, it just is and it’s not really anti-Semitism and hate-speech because Reasons. So there.

            (I’d love to have one my grad school profs who taught logic courses take them apart.)

            1. They can only be taken apart in that sort of argument if they first admit logic is NOT just a “tool of the patriarcheee”.

    2. Trump and the shooter can both be right wing neo-Nazis.

      Remember the Night of Long Knives.

      Trump could be the Center Right Eric Rohm to this guy’s Ultra Right Adolph Hitler.

      1. Pro-Trump whack-job sends fake bombs, causes no deaths or injuries.
        Anti-Trump whack-job kills eleven and injures several more.

        That’s how it really should be reported.

    3. I’ll give it a bit more time, because… Gateway Pundit.

      But I don’t see the difficulty for the press – they’ll just take the tac that “see, even the right thinks Trump is awful!” They might even try “See? Collusion!” (And just ignore the fact that “collusion with Russia” and “collusion with the Jews” are totally separate and different wackjob conspiracy theories.)

  1. I’ve had this nasty feeling it’s time (past time) to re-read G.H. Estabrooks (hypnosis, suggestion, persuasion, including possible military applications). He is the fellow who pointed that while one cannot be hypnotized “against their will,” that that doesn’t really matter. Induction can be set up cleverly to be done without consent which is as good.. or bad.

    While the lack of metal in a PVC bomb makes it less harmful, it is only that, less. Consider than an M-80 is a ‘cardboard pipe bomb’ and can remove fingers, perhaps hands… and handling an active device… well PVC or other plastic is less giving (forgiving) than cardboard. That none of the things sent went off at all, despite unknown handling (some likely by machinery if they did go through the mail – even if all the machine did was kick it out for manual processing. USPS, last I knew them on the inside, loved to feed everything to machines if they could and then only deal with whatever the machines couldn’t cope with.

    There is also the copycat issue… some other nut(s) might not have “gotten the memo” that the things are only supposed to explode all over the media, not actually go boom.

    1. Folks were noting some other things. Wray was careful *not* to call the powder in the “bombs” an explosive, and the charges also reflect that. Somebody (IIRC, on PJ Media) said that Wray’s description could include any flammable powder, including Coffee Mate. (I’ve seen dust explosions, but those things wouldn’t do the job.)

      The near simultaneous arrival of most of the packages was, er, incredible. Especially those with uncancelled stamps.

      One of the Anons (not sure which board) had two screenshots: in one, the perp self-identified as a Dem, while the screenshot done 6 minutes later, Republican.

      Others were noticing that the ‘stickers’ on the van’s windows looked like one-piece vinyl wraps, and the passenger window was obscured. Yes, this was Broward county, but you’d think a LEO would be mildly suspicious…

      1. Wray is not necessarily trustworthy.

        This guy was Broward county, home of the school that avoided dealing with a problem child until they could make PR off of it?

      1. Has that ever stopped a prog? There’s a reason why I call them ghouls, and I’m thinking of the D&D ghouls that feed on corpses when I use that term.

      2. And we’re already marking our 2020 primary ballots for President Shooter, right?

        1. In 2016 I voted against Hillary, and voted for Trump even though I didn’t particularly care for him. In large part, being in the NYC Metro area, I saw him as simply a brasher, more uncouth, NYC limousine liberal (he was a Democrat for most of his life before recently switching to Republican). In 2020, I plan to vote FOR Trump.

            1. All this is making me wish I had the ability to vote in America, JUST TO VOTE FOR HIM.

              And yes, I did think the same thing when I saw on the news the claim that ‘The packages’ stamps were unmarked’ – meaning they were not delivered through the post, and if they were supposedly sent, virtually simultaneously, and arrived AT THE SAME TIME… Why no security cam footage of this happening?

              And … ‘at the same time’ – The false flagging is seriously high.

              I got to ask: has there been anything at all about this guy being on some kind of psych drug?

              Haven’t heard about the synagogue shooter though, it’s been a very, very hectic few days.

      1. It’s hate-magic. In their minds, all bad things come from conservatives and republicans. So, when something bad happens, they locate the ‘closest’ republican and magically assign what seems to them to be the simplest rationale.

        We saw this in the Flint (MI) water supply failures. The first person in the ‘chain of responsibility’ was the Republican governor, so it became his fault, because he’s the ‘nearest’. The ‘reason’ (“budget cuts”) was then back-filled.

      2. I believe it goes like this:  Jerusalem as capitol of Israel is known to be a snake’s nest issue.  There are all sorts of bad actors who would see moving our embassy to Jerusalem as an excuse to act badly. Anyone who kicks that nest by moving our embassy should be aware that this is the case. Therefore they are responsible for the biting that follows.

        In their minds we are supposed to go through life bending over backwards so as not to upset certain bullies.  Because facing the bullies down can be uncomfortable, even dangerous. 

        How this squares with the recent rhetoric of when they go low respond by kicking them lower I don’t know.  How to explain the logic of the illogical?
        Maybe they realize that in truth most Republicans are not uncivil barbarians?

        1. “…realize that … most Republicans are not uncivil barbarians?” – they depend on it, and have for decades.

        2. Never mind that Congress voted overwhelmingly with support of both parties to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and Trump was simply following a law enacted by Congress after prior Presidents of both parties prevaricated and did not follow the law.

          1. IIRC the Law left it to the President’s “discretion” concerning moving the Embassy to Jerusalem.

            Trump was the first President with the guts to actually more it.

  2. Seriously, at this point I believe very little of what appears in the mainstream media; after the Kavanaugh attempted lynching and dozens of other incidents where the national media either covered up, or willingly colluded (depending on political orientation, of course).
    And the mediots can’t figure out why they get booed at Trump rallies…

  3. The state of the window stickers on his van indicates a very, very recent application. I’m thinking this guy is completely nuts and bounces from one thing to another about as often as squirrel

    1. Or that its a put-up job, and he’s gettin’ paid. Which doesn’t preclude him being a nut, I hasten to add.

      1. Oh, Cesar Psy-ops is a “put-up job,” all right. He could play Audrey in “Little Shop Of Horrors,” he’s such a plant. And please tell me how this mook could have driven that van for two years around Broward County without one of the local Democrats putting it to the torch. More like two hours, if he were lucky.

    2. Someone posted some pictures on Twitter of the van in traffic, and claimed that they were taken last April. Assuming that the time described is accurate, that would suggest that the van has looked that way since at least last Spring.

        1. It would also mean that Broward County allowed him to drive around with a majorly obstructed view for months without pulling him over, even though running the plates would likely show he had a lengthy rap sheet (which generally results in an instant pull-over by LEO).

          1. All the cars I’ve seen with that many stickers, they are all over the body (holding it together in some cases), and only a few on the edges of the rear window.

          2. OK, looked it up.

            In FL, “[t]here are no regulations prohibiting stickers on side windows or back windshield”. They do suggest you comply with the tint laws, though, which state:
            “Front side windows may have 28% VLT, back side windows 15% VLT, and rear window 15% VLT. On multi-purpose vehicles, back side windows and rear window can have 6% visible light transmission.”
            And: “It is not legal to use any window tint film which alters the normal window color.”

            There’s also this:
            “Florida tinting laws permit using drapes, blinds, curtains, or other similar window coverings only on back side windows. These items must always be in an open and secure position while vehicle is on public roads.”

            This site states FL law as:
            “No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster, or other nontransparent material upon the front windshield, side wings, or side or rear windows of such vehicle which materially obstructs, obscures, or impairs the driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway.”

          3. A comment sitting in moderation because I put two hyperlinks in it, silly me (should have made it two posts).

          4. Lots of vans come with just a windshield and the front door windows; the rest of the body is sheet metal. I used to drive one of those.

            Any windows behind the driver, they’d have to push to make an “obstructed” charge stick considering the windows were an option, even those most were delivered that way.

          5. It’s already been noted that the Broward County LEO let him off numerous times when they should have arrested him.

            1. Which is why I take all those reports of “dropping crime rates” with a shaker of salt. The last 20 years have seen a steady increase of certain Official Victim Groups being given a pass. Colin Flaherty has three books full of details and links.

              1. If you get a few free hours, read up on NYC’s “CompStat” system, which computerized their police force. Due to more efficient use of police time, crime rates dropped like a rock… according to the official story.

                The truth seems to be that CompStat simply reports what the commissioners want to hear, by either redefining terms, cherry-picking data, or simply ignoring data that adversely affects the desired statistics.

                Several other large have been implementing their own versions. It’s a win for everyone. Except for the citizenry, but who cares about that bunch of whiners?

      1. It already did. Also, red coloration that doesn’t fade, in Miami? I’m guessing there were multiple copies of those window wraps.

      2. Was there verification it was actually his? False ones do get popped up pretty quick. But the fact that it is expected that the feds and social media will at best embargo, at probable destroy, at worst falsify evidence over politics only reinforces that the coup happened years ago. We are in a police state with a happy face and digital soma

  4. In Europe you can smell the fear:

    “The freedom of speech does not extend to include defaming the prophet of Islam, the European Court of Human rights ruled Thursday.

    The Strasbourg-based ECHR ruled that insulting Islamic prophet Muhammad “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate” and “could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace.”

    The court’s decision comes after it rejected an Austrian woman’s claim that her previous conviction for calling Muhammad a pedophile, due to his marriage to a 6-year-old girl, violated her freedom of speech.

    The ECHR ruled Austrian courts had “carefully balanced her right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected.””

    No word on when it will be a crime to slander Dread Cthulhu.

    1. In Europe you can smell the fear


      I dunno…

      Increasingly, the sense I’m getting is that the “fear” is limited more to the EU government itself, and its immediate supporters (including many of the European governments). The groundswell of support for anti-immigration parties suggests to me that there’s a lot less support for this sort of decision than the political leadership is trying to suggest.

      If that’s the case, then a tipping point could be reached suddenly, and without warning. And the results in such a case would quite literally change Europe’s public outlook overnight.

      1. It does not matter who it is limited to as long as the bulk of the population are sheep enough to let them call the shots.

      2. I suspect at that some point if Merkel/Macron and the EU-crats continue to get harsher and shriller with their rhetoric and actions as they try to create a continent wide Fourth Reich (and that is what it is, with big central government socialism with the “EU” as the nation) countries like Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc., which still have long and vivi memories of suffering under Soviet communism, along with countries like Italy and UK (although UK is really flakey) will tell the EU to take a hike, and when the EU threatens punishment, they will rightfully respond to the EU :”you and what army?”

        Meanwhile Putin must be salivating at the chaos and for the opportunity to act as the “savior from the EU”

        1. ”you and what army?”
          Admittedly, the EU can throw that right back at them.
          (And the EU does have an army: millions of ‘migrants’……)

          1. If shooting started, then the outcome would likely depend on who is in the White House. Because I can guarantee that NATO eould get invoked *expressly* to get the US involved. Because if the US joins one side or the other, that side will win. And the personal philosophy of the sitting president will have a strong influence on whether the US gets involved.

            Regardless, the US getting involved in something like that would cause problems for the long term.

            1. Any serious movement of NATO or Western European forces into Poland or other Eastern European countries with stuff that could fight a real war would likely be treated as a threat by Putin and could provoke large Russian response,.

              1. Hopefully Trump will be re-elected in 2020. I know that Trump considers Poland to be an ally. Do we have any troops still in Europe or have they all gone to the Mid East?

                1. I think we still have a few troops in Germany (plus our military hospital there). I’m not sure about the rest of Western Europe. But I know we have “tripwire” units in certain parts of Eastern Europe.

        2. Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.,

          I hear that those are actually hunkering down, emphasizing their Christian culture and heritage and refusing to abide by the EU’s mandates that the invaders must be allowed every accommodation.

          In some talk I’ve heard from folks living over in that area, they’re not even letting them through.

      3. “If that’s the case, then a tipping point could be reached suddenly, and without warning. And the results in such a case would quite literally change Europe’s public outlook overnight.”

        Tipping points don’t change things so much as they reveal them.
        The people who object to the Muslim invasion and their governments complicity and facilitation of it, are there: they are just, rightfully, afraid of being persecuted for being sane.
        A tipping point, almost by definition, is when the slag heap gets big enough to fall – that is, they suddenly learn that they are the majority, and the people making the “rules” that are endangering them are the minority, and therefore can safely (or at least effectively) be opposed.

      4. Merkel has announced that she’s stepping down as leader of her party.

        She’s still staying in as Chancellor until 2021, though.

    2. And that, kids, is how the Austrian “far-right” came into power.
      One begins to wonder if the ECHR is secretly run by people who want Europe to go nationalist again. Seriously, y’all, what on earth?

      1. Also, side note, found another headline about how, last October, the ECHR denied that Switzerland had violated freedom of religion by requiring Muslim schoolgirls to participate in mixed-gender swimming classes.

        The Eurocrats aren’t scared of Muslims. They’re scared of free men and women.

      1. I -love- blowing up Cthulhu. I got to blow him up three times in the same book. ~:D

        “The necromancer glanced out the window when he heard the troll bellow loudly in pain. The spider had cut off one of its hands with a hidden blade. Varlian went to the casement and opened it. The spider’s voice came in the window from the courtyard as it shouted at the Dark One.

        “Hey, squidly!” it called. “Yeah that’s right, I’m talking to you! Fricking flying appetizer! Whatcha gonna do, huh? The old geezer says you’re supposed to eat me and make it hurt. I don’t think you have the stones, squidly! I think you’re a big sea-going chicken! Buc buc, b’gawk!”

        Nettled, the immense demon reached down a minor tentacle and popped the spider into its maw. The sounds of cracking armor and crunching cuttlebone came clearly, then the wet, disgusting gulp as it swallowed.
        No screaming. How disappointing, thought Varlian. He turned away from the window and was half way back to his seat when an explosion hurled him violently into the far wall. He bounced off it and fell to the floor as blocks of stone rained down.

        Out in the courtyard, there was a sea of black ooze, as the immense body of the Dark One leaked its guts everywhere. The curtain wall had collapsed under it, and the wall of the throne room was caved in from the blast.”

        Because: what do you get when you push a small fusion generator to overload -inside- Dread Cthulhu’s gullet?

        Steam explosion.

      1. Eh, I’ve read some writers who claim that, but they tend to smack of the same sort of logic that had Victorians claiming the Gospels weren’t written until three centuries after the founding of Christianity.

        1. I’ve seen an argument or two that I think carries weight, such as the lack of coinage with his profile on it (rulers back then always minted coins with their own face). But at the same time, it wouldn’t surprise me if their was a Mohammed who was an important figure, but not necessarily a conqueror. And who had nothing in common with the fellow in the Koran.

          1. Since depiction of the human form is generally taboo in Islam (smacks of Idolatry) and depictions of the Prophet doubly so, that in and of itself proves . . ; not much.

            1. Yeah… about that…

              When I heard that Islam banned depictions of Mohammed, I was rather surprised. One of the things that I still remember from my K-12 World History classes is an old painting in one of my textbooks that supposedly depicts Mohammed being taken up into Heaven.

              So I’m a bit skeptical about that one, myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a more recent addition to Islamic doctrine.

            2. The Wahabis ban all depictions of living things. Other traditions do not permit showing Muhammed’s face, and you are not supposed to show created things (aside from flowers) in mosques because of the risk of idolatry. So there are magnificent Persian, Turkish, and Mughal miniatures showing the life of Muhammad, illustrated books, and so on. He’s always shown veiled once he receives the first message from Allah. The “No Muhammad ever” stuff is Saudi and post-1979 Iranian Shi’ite.

            3. OK, I stand (well, sit) corrected. Since my major exposure to Islam was a stint in Saudi Arabia back in ’91 I guess my apprehension of the culture (in a couple senses of the word) is based on a limited data set.

              1. It’s one of those things where knowing that it’s not actually all of Islam that teaches it might actually put you in danger– because the folks who might bring it up would insist that all real Muslims do, and possibly kill you for disagreeing because that’s siding with Evil.

          2. I read an interview with a PhD scholar a few years ago. He was a European linguist who learned Arabic to understand the middle east. He fell in love with Islam and converted. He decided that his calling in life was to document the life of Mohammed. He figured that Jesus was a myth but that Mohammed was an actual person.

            The deeper he dug the worse the documentation was. He spent years on the project. He finally became dissolutioned and renounce Islam as a hoax perpetrated by Arabs to help rule violently conquered people.

      2. Good thing you don’t live in Portugal anymore, Sarah. The frickin’ EuroStazi would be banging on your door already.

        Still, its funny how nobody ever gets upset at the “scholars” who periodically claim Jesus was a made-up thing. Despite Rome and their dang records and all.

          1. There is a recent documentary on Amazon Prime, The Sacred City, that is by the same guy as the Mecca Mystery. He seems to have come up with historically plausible reasons for the caliphs to have done a bit of jiggery-pokery about city locations, and for them notoriously destroying a lot of Historical Stuff.

            And you get to look at interesting buildings and landscapes, so there is that.

  5. They must be getting really desperate: the caravan, the pipe bombs (supposedly Sayor (someone for him) changed his affiliation from Democrats to Republicans within minutes), and now the shooting.
    G-d help us…

  6. And then there’s the FBY agent telling us these are not hoaxes and they’re very serious.

    On this one, I’ll take the angle that it’s under the “it’s OK to shoot a charging MurderClown holding a blood covered knife, even if it was REALLY just a prank and the knife was a prop” form and the speaker was being mildly stupid in how they spoke.

    The folks that got the packages didn’t act like they thought they were bombs, but they REASONABLY should have. “Gosh this is just too over the top to be real” doesn’t actually prevent a bomb from exploding, after all.

      1. B. They don’t have the common sense or experience to be really suspicions of envelopes with odd-shaped contents and lots-n-lots of stamps.

        1. Six uncancelled stamps on one. The CNN one posed next to the Clorox wipes container. Was somebody trying to remove finger prints?

          It’s getting odd when conspiracy theories make more sense than what the MSM is putting out.

          1. I understand conspiracy theories making more sense than the actual action of a nut. That’s part of shy they start. But the photo actions of i believe it was CNN are the ones that it should not. Most places, a suspicious package (addressee and return address are a huge flag) would be either put thru more rigorous screening like x ray or left where it is andauthorities called. Not open it and take pictures. And i somehow doubt that competent law enforcement (granted that’s an oxymoron today imo) would let media back in to plaster photos of the device everywhere even if wasn’t detonated in place. Would expect copycats.

            1. Someone at the HQ had a good question. Given that the package was addressed to John Brennan, *why* did CNN staff even open it?

              Really, that photo was the single item that unraveled the narrative. Thank God they were so stupid/arrogant as to insist on publicizing it.

              1. Admittedly there is no positive spin for the MotU. Either they knew safe, in which case the hair pulling is obvious politics and self serving, or they are stupid to the point of Darwin Award territory.

                Just the addressee and return address would set off klaxons for myself

          1. Dunno, Sarah. Militant stupidity is alive and well. I’ve known plenty of Lefties who do the “trust humanity” to a life-threatening degree. Signaling their moral superiority of course.

            Guy I used to know would leave his doors and vehicles unlocked, deliberately, all the time, on the theory that somebody else might need his property more than he did. Pretended not to care when people helped themselves.

            Its a thing they do.

            1. Was he independently wealthy? Could he replace his items easily? I have forgotten to lock my front door once or twice. But that was an error not policy.

              1. No, just a worker dude same as me at the time. University education, thought all the Collectivism was suuuper cool, wanted to Save The World and stuff. I could tell that the day somebody stole his ladder he was steamed, because he -needed- that ladder to work. But he persisted with the stupid moralistic nonsense. And used -my- ladder. Lucky day for him I was there and I locked my shit up, right?

                  1. I’ve noticed a real temper issue with a lot of “pacifists” I’ve known over the years. Lots of them have this kind of slow, easy-going, its-all-cool presentation, but if something happens they’re right up in your face snarling like a dog. It’s the “California Buddhist” type thing.

                    Truthfully I can’t say I’ve ever met a real, actual pacifist. Just poseurs.

                    I have known a lot of guys who have Been There and Done That for real. My uncles were WWII vets, lots of guys I had for teachers, my grandad. My Latin teacher was a commodore during the Battle of the Atlantic. All of those guys had one thing in common, a vast reluctance to start shit with anyone.

                    1. Same here – lots of vets among HS teachers, fathers of friends … all very quiet men. Didn’t want to talk about it much — although there was the HS civics teacher who COULD be diverted into telling funny stories of his time in Korea. But only funny stories, mind. And there was the female gym teacher who was supposed to have been in the WAACs. Wish I had actually gotten up the nerve to ask her about that.

                    2. And then there are the leftists who assure me online that they would kill someone if they owned a gun.

                      So, we say, YOU don’t buy one.

              1. Not to mention “Everything I receive is only part of what I’m due, which is everything I want, and therefore merits no gratitude.”

            2. “Militant stupidity is alive and well. I’ve known plenty of Lefties who do the “trust humanity” to a life-threatening degree. Signaling their moral superiority of course.”

              Remember this exercise in “trust but don’t bother to verify?”

              “Al-Balawi was a Jordanian doctor and jihadist website writer who was detained and interrogated over three days by the Jordanian intelligence service, the General Intelligence Directorate (GID), in January 2009. The GID and the CIA thought they had turned al-Balawi to penetrate al-Qaeda in the Pakistani tribal areas to provide intelligence for high-level targets. Instead, al-Balawi used this trust to gain access to the CIA base in Afghanistan unsearched and perpetrate the attack.”

        2. Back when I worked for USPS (I’m feeling better now, thanks) there weekly safety meeting about various thing (inevitably one about frostbite and hypothermia in Summer, one about heat stroke and such in Winter. No need to parody, it just was.) and a few times a year the subject was ‘package bombs’ (always called by that name) and how to recognize them. It seemed that perhaps as many as half the parcels that went through the mails would meet at least one of the criteria for being suspicious… and, yes, it did seem to be a guide of “If you mail a bomb, don’t do these things and it should get right through.” That is, assuming ‘sniffing’ systems didn’t pick up on things.

        1. Which is exactly why the whole ideal of self-driving cars gives me the willies.


          Mark my works, that fad will last until dozens of the same model turn up a,software bug during rush hour and suddenly make a turn into the next (occupied) lane. Then the lawsuits and blame shifting will last a decade, and you won’t be able to GIVE a self-driving car away.

            1. Maybe. I HOPE so, even though I detect a little bit of ‘maybe we can detach the damn proles from their damn cars’ in the whole thing. But I’ve lived with computers since we bought my Lady’s Apple II, and while to err is human, a computer can take that error and repeat it a million times before you can stop it.

              I really don’t think this will end well.

              1. I’m with cpschofield on this. This side of skiffy A.I., “self-driving” cars *are* people-driven. They’re just *different* people. In fact, they’re the people running places like Google who think that having a brown vagina* with non-standard usage habits doing the coding makes the software work better. Even when it doesn’t.

                And we do have a reasonably functional “self-driving” car set up. It’s called railway. Despots prefer it to private transpo for the usual reasons

                (Yes, I do know there’s no such thing. THEY don’t)

              2. I’ve written software for 35 years. I’ve dealt with too many others on issues that I know are darn well computer related & couldn’t get the people in charge to admit it ever, or initially. Ever, because ultimately didn’t care enough to bother to walk them through it. Initially, when I took the time to point out they were missing some steps & they needed to do some research on processes. Only to finally have them come back: “Oh, yes. There is a problem.” plus either “They are working on it.” or “Okay it’s on a list.”, neither would be at all comforting regarding software and self driving vehicles …

                That said. There are things that can be done to make cars assist drivers better. Just lane change alerts are good (if irritating when you straighten a corner, accurate, but it doesn’t determine if you are doing it on purpose). As well are lane change collusion alerts when you use your signal & a vehicle is in your blind spot (again irritating when traffic is busy, & you know you have vehicles in your blind spot, because that is the nature of grid lock, but you still need that opening that is coming up). Other small things. Overall take over, nope, not convinced.

              3. The self-driving car thing is all about taking control of people’s transportation. They really, really, really want you riding a train. But if they can’t have trains, they’ll damn well control that car.

                The infernal arrogance of an engineer who thinks he’s smart enough to design a system that can deal with the real world -better- than humans. As if.

                1. First they will be sold as a “convenience”, then the self-driving will ability will be mandated as a “safety measure” and then finally disabling the self-driving and taking control of your car will be made illegal and subject to criminal charges. Meanwhile, the self-driving will be required to have a government “hack ability:” to take control of the care for safety and emergency (they will sell it as stopping car thieves and “ending” dangerous high speed chases) which will morph to widespread driving limits, control over how the car drives, and restrictions on when the car will drive (all to “save the environment, etc.).

                  1. This is exactly the expected glidepath. One can almost name the politicians who will pursue each piece. You can see it working in case after case, as different technologies are subsumed into the social control complex.

                    Yet every time it comes to many people as a surprise. It tests my faith in my fellow man, I must say.

                    1. It tests my faith in my fellow man the public school system, I must say.

                      There, fixed it for you. If the school system taught history at all competently, a lot fewer people would be surprised by that sort of thing. The extent to which this is deliberate is left as an exercise for the reader (my opinion: somewhat, but not 100%: never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, and there’s a LOT of stupidity to be found amongst those running the public schools).

              4. I can’t help but think how amazing self driving cars will be for the disabled or those with bad eyesight or bunches of medical conditions that make it so that one should not drive. Old people!

                There are elements about it that I don’t like, but they seem relatively minor or at least solvable.

          1. imo, the problems will start when someone figures out how to remotely hack one. Because sooner or later, a manufacturer is going to release one that doesn’t properly isolate the navigation functions from the wireless functions.

            1. was it a Jeep the hackers got to brake when they said to, not the driver? iirc, It required access to the system, but it was oil change shop levels of access.

            2. Effin’ Tesla distributed a update implementing minor self driving capability wirelessly. I think years ago. Especially if Musk still runs things, they’ll not have gotten their head out of their rear and rebuilt things from scratch for security. We are saved so far because a) a rich man’s toy is not going to the scrap yards in quantities to permit outside security analysts to defeat the walled garden security setup b) taking advantage of it for a premeditated killing is still situational enough as to be prohibitive (bombs are probably still more reliable and technically accessible) c) Murder is rather serious for what domestic technical experts are willing to do, and we aren’t yet vulnerable enough for foreign governments to really profit from.

            3. Ah yes, the hack.

              Imagine all you do is make all of them stop. At the same time. That would be a hell of a traffic jam, eh?

              Now do it during a snow storm.

                1. That’s true. One car at rush hour, stuck in the middle lane. Happens every damn day here. That’s why I live in the hayfield.

                2. You make me think of the famous 50-car pileups, in the fog, on certain parts of Calif freeways — usually starting with just one car in trouble. And the autonomous-car people are all about how much denser traffic can be if car computers are talking to each other real-time…. Can anyone say “200-car pileup”?

                  1. If the system relies on computers talking to each other, they are vulnerable to hacking. Period.

            4. It will be designed that way. Because no dealer wants to have to pass out software updates by bringing in the car and plugging in a cable. So they’ll allow wireless software updates and someone will figure out how to fake that.

          2. Mixing self driven and AI driven on the same road will be a problem. Expect a push to make self driving illegal. Bicycles will be a problem. Harder to sense than another car and in my experience less likely to follow driving rules. Maintenance will be a problem. A lot of sensors and actuators will have to be kept calibrated. Dave down the street who is good with tools is not going to cut it. Cost will be a problem. I can easily see the technology needed for autonomous driving adding 10-20k to a new cars price.

            My cynical side sees the current push for AI driving as a way to get a few more cars purchased by aging baby boomers.

            1. ” AG lot of sensors and actuators will have to be kept calibrated. Dave down the street who is good with tools is not going to cut it. ”

              Heck. Home garage mechanics can’t work on current cars now. Haven’t been able to for years. Both hubby & BIL learned to work on cars at their engineer father knees. BIL was actually a mechanic for 40+ years, retired about 5 years ago. Has all his tools. He can’t work on his rigs, he could never afford the machines needed.

  7. As an instrument rated pilot, I resent any comparisons between those of us who legally fly in the clouds and emerge safely, and the mainstream media. We instrument pilots might fly blind, but we read the instruments and know what to be wary of. The media just walk around with their heads in the clouds [probably pot smoke] or up their fundaments.

      1. That may be unfair to JFK Jr.

        When I was a *young* aviation nut I read an article in FLYING MAGAZINE about a phenomenon that had recently popped up. A rash of “flew into clouds and fell out” crashes, all involving the same type of aircraft–the Piper Cherokee Six, which was relatively new at the time. There was a lot of speculation about possible design flaws, etc., but they eventually concluded it was something a little more subtle.

        For almost the first time, a large number of pilots owned an aircraft that could reliably take the entire family, plus luggage, plus enough fuel to go pretty much anywhere they wanted to. The sort of thing every pilot kept telling his family they’d do someday. Well, today was the day, and they were on the way to, say, Disney World, for a week. He’d bought the tickets, reserved the motel room, and they’d planned out everything they were going to do in the Enchanted Kingdom for five days.

        Then a warm front shows up in the path. No thunderstorms, just clouds. But clouds are enough to kill you. Our Daddy has maybe a hundred hours in the air, but no IFR rating. The plane has the instruments, but he doesn’t have the practice using them. The sensible thing to do is divert to an airport and wait for the front to pass.

        Which might take two or three days. In a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere. With a wife and kids who were expecting to be talking to Mickey tomorrow. Between the rising temperature in the back seats and the lowering temperature in the shotgun chair, doing the sensible thing seems less and less viable.

        So Daddy tries to find a break in the clouds, a path that will get him through the front without actually losing sight of the ground. “Scud-running” is the common term. If he finds a way through, he’ll salvage both the trip and his wife’s rapidly deteriorating tolerance for this stupid expensive hobby of his, which he’d sworn was going to pay off now. If he doesn’t find a way through, he’ll turn back.

        Funny how the clouds can suddenly close in and bunch up sometimes…

        JFK Jr. was flying a retractable version of that exact plane. To a big family get-together. With his wife.

        Of course, that could describe at least some of the media as well. Some of Sarah’s “roll left and die” may well be people who know how they’ll be treated if they *don’t* roll left, however stupidly hard…

        1. Yup. It is very, very easy to wind up WAY off from straight-and-level in IFR or marginal VFR conditions. Had it happen to me once.

        2. “Get-home-itis” is the most dangerous illness for any pilot (or aircrew member). Sometimes it manifests as “get-there-itis”. It’s worse than the flu, or even a clogged eustachian in an unpressurized aircraft above 10,000 feet. It will kill you.

        3. JFKjr was not yet instrument rated. He’d passed the written exam and was taking instrument flight instruction, but his instructor’s notes in the NTSB report indicate he was a ways away from being ready for his checkride. He was also relatively new to his newly purchased Piper Saratoga, which offered very different visual cues than the Cessna 182 taht he had flown prior.

          TXRed can comment on this part, but for me flying at night over water is very interesting – your brain keeps trying to find things where there are no things.

          The way this manifests is often that the brain decides that some of those lights out there are the horizon, and if it happens that the lights in question are aligned at an angle (say, a random set of stars), all of a sudden the brain has a conflict. If a pilot does not religiously trust the instruments (and pilots get lots of training on crosschecking instruments against each other to identify instruments that have broken in such a way that they display falsely) the pilot might start reflexively banking the plane to match that false horizon. As a result of that bank the plane starts descending, and so the pilot pulls back on the yoke, which just tightens the turn, so the plane descends faster, so the pilot pulls harder, and so on.

          It’s called a graveyard spiral.

          That is exactly what JFKjr’s plane did according to the radar track: He started a slow turn, then entered an increasing spiral, seemed to recover, then spiraled again into the ocean.

          Because he did not have enough trust in his instruments to be able to use them to convince his brain what was actually happening.

        4. Must have misremembered since I just looked up. Thought he had gotten into ifr condition knowingly.

      2. I’m not certain if I’m at liberty to discuss what happened, but I can say that I have flown the same equipment as was in JFK JR.’s plane and the autopilot can appear to be engaged when it is not. I was “on top” and knew of the problem, and still missed it. Managed to catch it in time to avoid an altitude violation, and I triple-checked everything from that point on.

      3. What really got my goat about the JFK Jr. fiasco is that the Coast Guard and Navy spent however many millions of dollars locating and recovering the bodies, and in the end returned the ashes to the sea. If it had been a mundane in a small plane, there would have been a token effort, and after recovering some floating debris a write-off.

      1. I am still instrument rated. I am not current for either good weather or in-clouds flying, so I’d need to fly with an instructor and meet certain minimum experience requirements before I can legally carry passengers or fly on an instrument flight plan.

      2. No, you have to keep up your ‘currency’ because those skills are fungible. Getting currency back is not trivial, but doable.

  8. I don’t see how those could have been sent through the Postal Service without someone noticing them. You cannot just put an envelope like that in a mailbox – it’s too obviously full of stuff. You either have to present a package in person to the post office or you have to go online, purchase and print the proper postage and then they will come and pick it up.

    I don’t know any mailman who would not think those packages were a bit weird and deserved further inspection.

      1. That and the “How Dare You!!1111eleventy!!!” attitude presented by the Trump-haters at the notion of a false flag. Sorry folks, that’s a “tell”.

        1. I’ve been a hair hesitant of the false flag just because it is more complicated than crazy guy with pvc, powder and wires and a media knowledge of bombs. Eventually one of the nuts would be someone that could be pinned on the right, same as McVeigh was. Plus since we have had powder envelopes twice sent to rep targets and castor beans to others (reinforcing the stupid person with tv knowledge theory) in past what, 6 months?

          But the timing is something that makes me think there may have been prodding, as do the actions taken and targets chosen (admittedly all political individuals since cnn was to brennan).

          1. It is very common knowledge that the bomber had severe financial problems. Perhaps he was simply paid for his services.

            1. Even just someone posting on the more conspiracy targeted site could find the crazies and nudge. FIBies do it with a lot of their “terror” collars.

    1. compared to a lot of things that I order and have shipped by mail, there is nothing (other than the addressing) that makes these packages especially suspicious from the outside.

      padded envelopes are made to handle such odd-shaped contents and there are a lot of such packages in flight at any time.

      I sometimes get several a day delivered to my house. At work, we get dozens on some days.

      1. But such packages are almost invariably metered not stamped. And point of origin is always a commercial mail facility or scheduled routine pickup at the source.
        And from the USPS website itself:
        If your mail item weighs 13 ounces or less, and you have affixed correct postage, you can drop it into a blue collection box. If your item weighs more than 13 ounces, and you have affixed postage stamps, you must take it to an employee at the retail counter of a Post Office.

        1. Not really.
          Housemate would get tons of gels and pomades and other hair products in the mail from tiny little producers (and even bigger ones!) that hand-mailed their products in padded envelopes. And I’ve even gotten one package through Amazon that I immediately thought “dang, good thing I know I ordered this, or I’d be putting it on the front lawn and calling the bomb squad.”

        2. But the Post Office has an automated package scale and postage meter printout machine in the lobby, along with a big-gulp package box, just to avoid hiring employees for routine mailings.

      2. The padded or plastic envelopes, yes… in the last six months, I have received them from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, India, Greece, Britain, and Canada. Should be one showing up from Russia real soon now.

        The domestic mail… a list of vendors I do business with would probably make a liberal functionary retire to the fainting couch.

      3. I send odd shaped packages to customers – 4 dryer balls in an envelope are very lumpy, I cannot put them in a mail box next to the post office, you are not allowed to.

        I have to either go into the post office with a package, or in my case, because I’m a small business, I can purchase my postage on-line and print it out along with the mailing address, and then, using only Priority Mail, the mailman picks it up from my house, handles it, and takes it to the post office.

        There are rules for sending packages, that you might not run across just being a receiver of packages.

    2. I can just imagine the results if I tried to ship…oh, some home made summer sausage, for something the right size, even if I went in and used the self-service kiosk.

      I’d thump the package into the flip-chute, you’d hear it thud down into the sorting area, and then you’d start hearing feet beat and I’d be face down on the floor before I could walk out the dang door!

  9. re: plastic pipe.

    I shoot professional fireworks, we shoot out of plastic pipe (the black plastic) specifically because if a shell does go off in the gun, the pipe stretches and tears instead of fragments, absorbing a very substantial amount of the blast.

    This bomb maker was utterly incompetent at building bombs (at the very least)

    1. Not all plastics have the same properties. I have the impression that PVC is fairly brittle, but I really don’t know what the relevant properties are. With the right explosive filler, it shouldn’t matter.

      1. Yes, different plastic pipes would react differently. But mostly, they are terrible choices for bomb containers because they don’t fragment well. And I note that the police have NOT said that any of them contained shrapnel inside the pipe.

        But this guy is a nutter, and he built something that looks like a cartoon bomb. About what I might expect.

        1. some are, but CPVC or PVC in non-cellular form can hold higher pressures, will fragment well enough, and I have seen Schedule 80, 1/2 inch made into firecrackers ala M80. Granted going off would take bad luck to actually kill, but I’d not want to take a chance with a shattered end cap at high velocity. and going of in-hand would be quite detrimental to the hands
          That said, nothing I have seen said these had actual explosives in them, nor that they have any detonators, but I been busy and not really hunting things up, and it is a highly polluted pool to search now.

  10. IF the “bombs” wouldn’t actually explode as-delivered

    AND he actually comes to trial…

    THEN even a bad lawyer could make such a strong case for “protected political speech” that he’d be acquitted.

    Over the decades there’s been a bunch of (generally from leftist judges) decisions ruling “protected” for everything from intimidation to outright violence. Gonna be hard to stuff that genie back in the bottle.

    About the only thing they could actually convict him for, as of the last information I saw, is sending prohibited items through the US mail.

      1. I’m sure Creepy Porn Lawyer will be unencumbered by any Presidential campaign and available to take the case.

          1. And he’s now not a useful tool for the ruling class, indeed probably a liability. So no protection like antifa or queen Clinton

  11. I wouldn’t say that plastic pipe means the bombs aren’t serious. Per a former Air Force EOD Tech, PVC doesn’t fragment as well as a metal pipe would, but it’ll still kill you just as dead if you’re in the lethal blast radius.

        1. I didn’t note the source, and am not having luck in the quick search. I think it may have been off twitter, which I read with javascript off, and might not find it again.

        2. Anonymous law enforcement guy who saw the x-ray…so it might be something like “the guy who was there because he got here last week said it looked like glass at the coffee shop.”

          1. OK, maybe I’m being too skeptical, and I certainly don’t have any expertise in x-ray imaging, but glass showing up on an x-ray? Metal, sure, but glass?

            Maybe the image showed voids in whatever the filler was, and they know it’s not metal, so concluded it’s glass?

            Does anyone have direct knowledge of x-ray transmissivity of glass?

            1. *shrug* It’s a source, but not needfully a good source.

              I know that bottles show up on air port x-rays, but I don’t remember any visual difference between glass and plastic– maybe the guy just jumped to conclusions? Heck, might be sugar chunks, if it really is filled with sugar, or some sort of flour, or any other not-explosive-but-energetic type filing.

      1. Translating, it has a blast radius, so it can still kill you, even if it’s nowhere as serious as a properly made bomb.

        Assuming the powder is actually, oh, black powder or a substitute. If it is actually sugar, obviously not.

          1. 90psi in volume will kill. A guy died in New Orleans inflating an old tire, which failed because he put the full 90psi the line held into it and it was dry rotted. just the concussion killed him.
            The bike shop I worked at stopped leaving out an air line because of the incident. Our was at 125psi for bike tires.

      1. Bubba Shackleford, the greatest Monster Hunter who ever lived, always said “When all else fails, kill it with fire”

        The yard-ape is sitting next to me chuckling, and reading choice bits aloud. It seemed to fit here 🙂

        1. Note: “Application to dragons, phoenixes, salamanders, or fire demons not covered under warranty.”

  12. May have more to say later (errands day). But I should note that my comment on the cancellation of the postage MAY not be correct. I am awaiting a reply (hopefully with support this time) from someone who claims to be a former Postmaster, who just gave me a blanket denial.

    So, in the meantime, put that comment into the hand-waggle file, please.

  13. Given events of the last week, the upcoming election, and Halloween coming up this week, it seems like anyone who wants to simply create chaos and societal disorder has a golden opportunity to do so, knowing that no matter the facts, state media will blame Trump and proclaim that everyone needs to vote for Democrats, a result that our enemies abroad would love.

    1. Maybe we will be able to do a song of the twelve days of October surprise, 2018. Nine days to go.

      Wee bit concerned. I have a work deadline to hit next week. I’m finding focus a bit challenging.

      1. Synagogue.

        Leftists finally got their dream shooter after all these years. White supremacist who hates Trump because he didn’t go far enough, hates Jews for controlling Trump, and had an AR-15. Its like an early Christmas!

        Funny how media outlets already know what kind of gun he had. Usually the cops don’t release that kind of information for days.

        1. The cynic in me says that the pd released it because it fit their wants. Other parts say its from what witnesses reported after coming out.

          I will state the fact that the first two real right wing terror events since OKC and the abortion clinic bombings years ago happen days apart, right before an election that the rulers are certain will let them not only get back into power, but get permanent power.p

          1. Posted too early

            Makes the idea of enemy action as opposed to convenience much higher.

            Note that off the top of my head in past 4 years we have had one BLM shooter, one Berniebro shooter, and the FRC shooter all attack rightwing targets but no one knows about them, and no one cares.

              1. Depends how cocky they are. As I’ve noted, I expect they don’t need any.

                But the reason I noted it was more just that this is the first major crime by a right winger other than the BLM issues, abortion shootings in 00’s and before that, OKC. This is the one major reason that conspiracy theories seemed more plausible than typical for me.

        2. It was freakin’ Pennsylvania. They can lawfully carry guns to church if they want. Did anyone return fire? No? They chose not to exercise their right to be armed, and not to have armed security. Church shootings and robberies are publicized enough that some kind of designated armed response plan is so common as not to be noteworthy.

          Simon Weisenthal might as well have not bothered trying to tell people they don’t have to be victims.

          1. Does Pennsylvania have shall-issue CCW? I assumed it was like New York State, legal in name only. In NY carry permits exist, but you can’t get one.

            I bet the rush of Jewish East Coast Liberals to get CCWs swamps the cops for months now. A whole new crop of Liberals will suddenly discover what they’ve been voting for all these years. What a thing to finally wake up to.

            The world is a dangerous place. Liberals think they can depend on Big Brother to keep them safe, and if only they could disarm and crush all those dirtbag rednecks, everything would be fine. They’re calling for the arrest of everybody who contributes to the “radicalization” of the Right Wing. You know, like Sarah and Vox Day.

            I’m sure that will work out really well.

            1. > Does Pennsylvania have shall-issue CCW?

              Yes they do. Pennsylvania has the second highest number of concealed carry licenses in the country, 1.23 million, out of a population of 12.8 million. Except in a few urban blights, they can carry openly with no license at all. No restrictions on “assault rifles”, large caliber rifles, magazines, or NFA items (silencers or machine guns). They also have a no-retreat “Make My Day” castle law.
              Pennsylvanians can carry in churches. (not allowed in some states)

              Pennsylvania is armed to the teeth. Except in that synagogue…

              1. “Pennsylvania is armed to the teeth. Except in that synagogue…”

                I’m sure they’re reviewing that policy right now. Vigorously.

                However I must say that the notion of having to be armed at church does irritate. The ultimate breakdown of civil order.

                Only slightly less alarming than needing to be armed and not being allowed to. I imagine there are many worried faces in Canadian synagogues right about now…

          2. IIRC, I saw mention in the news that the Rabbi at the synagogue had just recently delivered an anti-gun message. So I doubt he would have welcomed anyone who might carry in his synagogue.

              1. The horrifying thing about Liberals is their invincible ignorance. The Rabbi is most likely doubling down on his anti-gunner message even now. SJWs always double down.

                1. Yes … but some of his parishioners may be deciding not to listen to him, now. Concealed means concealed.

          3. Well….. not necessarily. Even here in TX, we have major metro areas (Austin, Houston) whose police and DAs have openly stated that while open carry is technically legal, expect to be harassed if you do. Pennsylvania (Philadelphia for sure) is probably the same way.

              1. To get people used to the idea and accustomed to seeing guns in a holster on someone’s hip as un-alarming.

              2. In part, because open carry is far easier to justify on historic legal Constitutional grounds than concealed. More than a few states have universal open carry, while still requiring a license to carry concealed. “An honest man carries a weapon on his hip, a varmint hides a weapon in his coat.”

              3. It’s pushback against the idea pushed by leftists that you’re doing something shameful or abnormal by exercising your Second Amendment rights. As a secondary matter, having open carry as legal prevents anti-gunners from having you arrested if you inadvertently show you have a gun.

        1. Maybe not next, but I’d be wary of something on Sunday, 4 November, afternoon or evening or maybe Monday morning.. just enough time to hit the news and be the news before and through Election Day.

          1. It’s possible. More than 3 or 4 would hopefully start setting off alarm bells even in the less politically aware. Although I still think there are more people mainlining propaganda than not.

            Even just these two are probably enough to tamp down enthusiasm among indies who lean right. Especially if properly massaged. For instance did the synagogue shooter ever support Trump, even for a short time? If so, he’s representative.

            Also helps shore up the Democrat Jewish vote. Were getting some hits by their more honest candidates that were hurting them. Now for low info voters, right wing and Nazi will again be intertwined

        2. Hmm….

          November Surprise #1: Migrant Mobile Mob trouble. Bus/truck several thousand to the border and bum-rush the ICE agents/scale the fence. Trump either has to start the shooting or look uselessly weak. Arizona or Texas for this one, most likely Arizona.

          November Surprise #2: Halloween Massacre. Mass shooter attacks the kids. Florida, due to having both high-stakes Senate and Gubnatorial races.

          November Surprise #3: Assassination Attempt. Pick a high-profile Dem. Try to kill them. Could be anywhere.

          November Surprise #4: Muller Interference. Mueller brings charges against someone, most likely for Obstruction of Justice.

          Special Guest Surprise: Trump gets a REAL backbone and rolls up the Seditious Conspiracy that tried to overthrow the Government of the United States. Mass arrests.


            Shots Fired into GOP Campaign Office in Florida

            At least four shots were fired into a Republican campaign satellite office in Volusia County, Fla. on Sunday, police announced after a campaign volunteer reported the shooting Monday morning.

            No one was injured in the shooting, which broke the front windows and displaced drywall inside the office, South Daytona police captain Mark Cheatham told the Orlando Sentinel. There were no eyewitnesses, but police are seeking surveillance footage to try and determine who is responsible.


          2. November Surprise #3: Assassination Attempt. Pick a high-profile Dem. Try to kill them. Could be anywhere.

            High profile DISPOSABLE Dem. And not “try”, succeed. Like, say, Hillary and/or Bill. The two of them are nearing the point where they tip over from the “asset” to the “liability” column. Hillary’s mutterings about running in 2020 may be the final straw. Either and especially both of them together would likely be far more useful now as martyrs than working pols.

            1. I get that this is deliberately conspiracy theory territory and supposing what a real and determined “false flag” operation might involve and I *get* that we’re a population of fiction writers that have overactive imaginations (makes a note to include this in the future as political intrigue on Zylon 5)… but this makes me very uncomfortable.

  14. I keep watching the news, watching how it’s all happening-the shooting, the bombs, the whole nine yards-and if feels like a movie script. You know, the bad kind? All designed to create a single, simple enemy that can be easily hated and despised.

    It’s NPC fodder, nothing more and nothing less.

    And, I don’t want to live in a world of NPC fodder.

  15. They don’t hate All competence!!! F’rinstance, they love competence at passing the buck, blaming others and weaseling out of obligations.

    Why the Left Hates Competence
    By Sarah Hoyt
    It has been pointed out by people smarter than me that the country – or perhaps the world – is in the middle of a “revolt of the normals.”

    Not just Trump’s election, no, but multiple and convulsive episodes where the cold cultural wars are heating up like Cuba in the early sixties: never fully going hot but having both sides pull off shows of force to warn the other to back off. There are a lot of them, and most are too small for me to even know about because I’m not part of the hobby or part of the interest into which the left has dragged politics.

    I had friends involved in gamergate and I was involved in the very minor (because the field is tiny) cultural skirmish called Sad Puppies. (Everything you see about that on Wikipedia is wrong, by the way.)

    Neither of these was in any way political and both represented the revolt of the rank and file against entrenched elites (those with enough money to corrupt gaming journalism, and those controlling the Hugo through mass-buys of voting memberships by a publishing house). In both cases, the rank and file objected not even to the political favoritism of these elites, but to the quality of the things lauded and the superior quality (ie. things the fans actually liked) of things ignored.

    In both cases, when threatened, the elite went from zero to 100 in accusing the revolt of being “racist, sexist, and homophobic,” which, in the case of Sad Puppies, was utterly laughable based on the identities of the principals and the secondary circle of supporters.

    But proving the elite is elite and controls the media, the slanders were spread by the media and even picked up by a major TV show …

    BTW, Sarah: WTF? I know you don’t assign PJM URLs for your articles, but … trending/94162/?singlepage=true ??????

    1. The Left’s War on Competence likely has a root in Marx’s theory of Increasing Misery. Things MUST get worse and worse so that the Proletariat will finally begin the Revolution!
      Thus, they must deny and fight anything that goes against Increasing Misery. How can you accept any solution that is short of the Perfection of Communism?

  16. Also, given as I received both flu and pneumonia vaccines Thursday and spent twenty hours of Friday and ten hours of Saturday asleep, this redundantly titled item was unavoidably delayed:

    Don’t Let The Media and Democrats Get Away With It
    By Sarah Hoyt
    Hey, remember the one about the communist — trained in the Soviet Union — who shot an American president causing the right in the US — which was neither communist nor in sympathy with the Soviet Union — to be cast into the wilderness for a generation?

    If you’re getting flashbacks to this insanity you’re not alone. You’re not even close to alone.

    I’m not going to tell you not to make fake bombs and send them to people. I’m not going to tell you that, because I don’t think any of you needs to be told that.

    But the left thinks you need to be told that.

    They’re up on their high horse, demanding civility from us that they never dispense nor adhere to.

    Perhaps because they conceptualize themselves as a hive mind, they think we can send word out through the neural net and control how every marginally attached nut behaves or thinks.

    On the other hand, they not only don’t apologize for their nuts, they act like it’s a bad thing their nuts don’t take all of us out. …

    The reason is obvious: they deem their nuts to be our fault. If we simply behaved like good little proles and remained in our proper (subservient) places, their nuts wouldn’t be going off on us.

        1. Apparently their plan A of blaming Trump for the actions of a Jew-hating loon were not having the impact the Democrats wanted so now they are going back to their standard “it’s the Republican’s fault because they oppose gun control”.

  17. Someone at the HQ had a good question. Given that the package was addressed to John Brennan, *why* did CNN staff even open it?

    Really, that photo was the single item that unraveled the narrative. Thank God they were so stupid/arrogant as to insist on publicizing it.

    1. IIRC, Brennan is a commentator at CNN right now. So it makes sense for someone to send something to him there. It also makes sense for the mail room staff to open obviously fake packages (the return address had DWS’s name on it, iirc) sent to well-known employees to check and see whether the item in question should really be forwarded to the employee in question.

      Someone like Jake Tapper probably gets all of his mail there screened by CNN employees before its forwarded to him, as most of it is probably “advice” on what things he should run stories about.

    2. If he had a secretary or a “personal assistant”, or even a shared one, opening his mail would be part of their job; open, unfold, paperclip the envelope to the back.

      A good one would discard, reply, and sort for urgency and importance before putting it in their boss’s In box.

      A commentator would get a lot of mail. I don’t find someone else opening his mail to be at all unusual.

      1. Mail, yes– but a package?

        A decade back, in NCIS, they had to make it a perfume-soaked letter to plausibly have someone open it and even then he was being an idiot!

        1. Sure. It’s all mail. And prominent people get a ton of “stuff” from all sorts of people. The clerk or PA would open the box, make sure it didn’t contain dog poop or a pipe bomb, remove extraneous packaging, and put the box in his boss’s office. You get an executive or talent making six figures or more per year, they have better things to do than wrestle with packing tape and strew foam peanuts all over the office.

          If you’re a media face, the “stuff” flow goes exponential.

          1. I think you’re misunderstanding my objection.

            The packages seriously look like someone took the “this is a Suspicious Package” lists as a checklist– at best it would have dog poop in it.
            You don’t yank that open and then take pictures of the HOLLYWOOD TV BOMB.

    1. Israel has been under fairly constant attack since 1948, and the Establishment Left has always pretended (with fingers in ears and eyes squeezed shut) that this is not so. That the ‘Palestinian Refugees’ are entitled to anything other than the back of the hand for their behavior.

    2. And when media does mention it, they blame Israel for its being attacked by people whose charter not only calls for the total destruction of Israel, but the worldwide murder of all Jews. When Israel defends itself from those openly committed to genocide, Israel is also blamed. When Israel declares itself a Jewish state it is condemned as discriminating and hurting the feelings of non-Jews, while there are 57 officially Muslim states. many of which the mere expression of a religion other than Islam can get one jailed and executed (if the lynch mob doesn’t get you first). When the one nation in the world that is the Jewish homeland is persistently attacked for exercising its national rights and for things not nearly as bad as the acts of those who condemn it, that is plain old hatred of Jews. They simply mask it in saying that they are just criticizing Israel, not Jews as a whole, even as they call groups that call for the worldwide murder of Jews, there friends, as British Labour Party leader Corbyn has done.


    But I think we could use a break, and this interests me acutely.

    I have just re-watched a BBC documentary series called HOWARD GOODALL’S BIG BANGS. Goodall is a musician and musical historian. His ‘Big Bangs’ are five factors he believes explain the world -wide dominance of Western music.

    These factors include recording, and the development of Opera. The first is important, but I know about it. The second doesn’t especially impress, but what do I know?

    But the remaining three impressed me a good deal.

    One is the development of the Piano. According to Goodall (and I know of no reason to disbelieve him) no other Culture on Earth developed a comparably flexible and powerful musical tool. He asserts that it is uniquely suited not only to performance but to composition. I bring this up because I don’t believe that any writer of musically oriented fantasy has addressed this issue.

    The last two struck me like twin thunderbolts.

    1) Notation; according to Goodall, Western Musical Notation has no parallel anywhere else in the world. Its rise was a positive earthquake in the musical world. If I have read a music-oriented fantasy that addresses this, I don’t recall it.

    2) Equal Temperament. I didn’t even know this was a thing; a tonal shift in Music between the Medieval period and the late 18th Century, which allowed the composition of much more complex music. Even having watched this documentary multiple times, I don’t feel I quite grasp the implications. But the old scales (Pentatonic? Do I have that right?) worked in such a way that there were keys that simply did not work together. Equal Temperament changed that.

    Now, the combination of notation and equal temperament would make Human music MUCH more powerful than (say) Elven music if the Elves depended on oral tradition and used the Pentatonic scale. Or, conversely, the Elves could have much more powerful music if the positions were reversed.

    I throw this out there, gratis. I explicitly renounce an rights I might have the idea (though I’m not sure if any notion this basic can be copyrighted). If anyone wants to run with it, all I ask is that you post notice here, so I know about it.

    1. As I understand it, the problem is that the classic “double the frequency to get an octave” rule, and the related proportions derived from it, don’t work precisely beyond a certain spread. So a chord w or other harmonies) with too many octaves goes sour. Tempering involves fudging some of the note progressions to keep the relationships close enough.

      There were several tempering schemes in circulation for a while. Bach’s “Well Tempered Clavier” was written as a demo for his.

      And yes, it was a *big deal.*

      1. That echoes what Goodall said about it. What gets me is, my Mother was a music major (as an undergrad) and I never heard of this before I watched the Goodall DVD.

        1. A lot gets taken for granted, in any field.

          I read a STAR TREK YA novel once in which Kirk expressed astonishment that a certain piece of information was not in the ship’s library. Spock asked him if he would expect the Engineering manuals to include detailed instructions for the construction of a wheel…

            1. In context, and for its target audience (twelve-year-olds in the Sixties–calling it YA was more a comment on modern language teaching), it made more sense. Along the lines of “do you really have to explain that wheels are round?”.

              And it turned out to be a bluff. Spock and McCoy had a good reason to keep the fact Kirk was asking about under wraps. He figured it out later and said don’t let me catch you doing this again, *bad* boys.

      2. AFAIK, over-simplified: A specific classical tuning, such as diatonic, is based on there being exact matches between different overtones of the various pitches. This only works for one key (e.g. if an instrument is tuned for a scale beginning on C, it’s slightly out of tune for a scale beginning on A, etc.)
        Equal temperament allows all scales to be so slightly out of tune that most people can’t hear the errors, so the music can easily change from one key to another and still sound good.

    2. This is what I learned back when studying music theory. It forces the scales for every key to have the same intonation (sound), whereas in the pure acoustic tuning they don’t. Also, it allows key changes and modulations that sound attractive, rather than jarring.
      There were big controversies during the introduction of tempered scales, with some musicians finding the even-distribution of intervals to be grating to their naturally-tuned training.
      “Equal temperament. … Because it enables keyboard instruments to play in all keys with minimal flaws in intonation, equal temperament replaced earlier tuning systems that were based on acoustically pure intervals, that is, intervals that occur naturally in the overtone series.”
      Equal temperament | music |

    3. Knew a guy once who was taking some sort of non-Western music major at Berkeley. He brought a tape with music done in a different scale to our sci-fi crit group (at this remove I certainly don’t remember what it was) and was surprised when we wanted to listen to it, and shocked when we listened to the entire piece, and disbelieving when we told him it was fascinating.

      I knew that music scales hadn’t always been tuned the way they are now. My dad was very into Bach and organ music (and made a retirement career of restoring pipe and reed organs). Such as, flats and sharps being different notes…

  19. And GAB issued an announcement today that it has been deplatformed by its host and has until Monday to get a new one and will likely be down for days if not weeks. At the same time, both Paypal and Stripe have blacklisted it, depriving GAB’s ability to receive payments. The stated reasons are the fact that the Pittsburgh shooter used their platform to post stuff (which GAB not only condemned but is working with investigators). Meanwhile, Twitter, which allows open threats of violence against libertarians and conservatives, sees no reason to consider Louis Farrakhan’s rants of hatred against Jews as violations of its “hate speech” policies and is used by Antifa and other leftists as a tool to coordinate violent attacks, faces no blacklisting from hosts and pay services.

    Their problem is not with hate speech or threats of violence. Their problem is with any speech, no matter how non-violent, that is critical of leftism and the Democratic Party and their effort to create a new Marxist global world order that will dictate every aspect of people’s lives.

    1. And that Brazilian candidate that Twitter tried to de-platform and the result was a massive Brazilian influx to Gab, following his move there?

      He won.

      1. People are mad, and at this point I’m not sure they even care what someone or other espouses. Is the guy in Brazil horrible? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not in a place where I’d assume he was awful even with video evidence. There’s too many people too enamored of their own performative virtue to realize that *they* are a serious problem and everything they do, every “deplatforming” they count as a victory, works against their supposed goals. Virtue theater. We can all stand up and clap.

          1. Which in the “minds” of the Left means he’s a monster. 😦

            Of course, I saw him labeled as a “far right winger” and thought “What The Heck Does That Really Mean?”.

    2. Re: shutting GAB down… then where will all the domestic terrorism undercover agents hang out? I half way expect that there are more than a few upset FBI sorts now, annoyed that they lost their free information stream.

    1. He’s right.

      “Kill the Jews” is like a Himself putting a giant, flashing neon light over someone’s head going “THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.”

      1. And on that topic, it should be noted that while the Nazis were literally death on Jews, the communist regimes weren’t exactly sweetness and light. One of Stalin’s first instructions to Molotov upon placing him in charge of the Soviet foreign ministry was to purge the Jews. That rather puts paid to the anti-Semitic lies about communism being some sort of Jewish plot, at least to any sane person. But then the anti-Semites aren’t exactly known for their rationality, are they?

        1. EVERYTHING is the Jew’s fault.

          Over at Insty right now, we’ve got either a genuine moron or a disingenuous moron (or three) slandering the Jews.

          1. No, they would put in you in a nicer sort of gulag where you actually got enough calories and stuff. See First Circle, Solzhenitsyn

  20. The Pittsburgh shooter appears to be a garden variety anti-Semite with a side of conspiracy whackiness. He’s no more anti-Trump than pro-Trump, and the odds that he was moved by any real political considerations is vanishingly small.

    The “bombs” though, that one stinks to high heaven with eau’d’hoax. “Cui bono?” pretty much rules out the Right if for no other reason than the downside risk at this time outweighs the upside. There may be some Never Trumpers remaining who might calculate otherwise, but it just doesn’t seem like their sort of play.

    Which leaves the Left, Deep State types, Bilderbergers and foreign powers/entities. Oh, and aliens. Don’t want to forget the aliens, they HATE it when we forget them in matters such as this. I’d rank the probability as foreign powers/entities tops, followed by the VileProgs, then Deep State, and wayyyyyyyyyy down the probability chain, aliens AND/OR Bilderbergers. (Or maybe the Illuminati. It’s hard to keep them straight.) Between VileProgs and Deep State, I’ll toss in the possibility that the bomber may be one of the semi-mythical WYSIWYG beasties. Or an especially Florida Man version of crazy-crazy.

    It serves the interests of a great many foreign entities for the US to be in disarray and wracked with internal contention, perhaps even conflict. Conflict is a lot riskier for foreigners, because unlike our last civil war, we don’t have a beckoning empty West to conquer as a means of putting the “recent unpleasantness” behind us. Given that virtually every great power in history has survived a civil war comes out of it with a certain…. appetite for expansion, this should be a sobering possibility for world leaders. Especially the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

  21. While the Roman Republic managed to survive several civil wars, a true American bloody civil war crashes the world economy. Our food supply which feeds much of the world vanishes, such that it would be worse than Yellowstone blowing. Not to mention the nukes people might be tempted to use. In addition, without us policing, Russia, China, Iran and others might/would take advantage. I think there is a book there.

    This is what scares the hell out of me, we have the left thinking that with just a few more pushes they win. The problem is that with the loss of the rule of law we are left with tribal vengeance. Once it starts, easier to stop the Saint Helens mudflow. WE don’t survive a full scale civil war. My ballpark death toll is 2 billion worldwide. You want dystopian, you get it hard.

    I just hope there is enough of a faithful remnant that Bismark is still correct. That proved true in 2016. It didn’t save Israel from exile. Since I was sure in 2016 when H. won it was going to be the end of the U.S, reading and singing the hymn “How firm a foundation” kept reminding me God was still in charge. He still is.

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