The Blue Schism and Why We Should Care – By Amanda S. Green

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The Blue Schism and Why We Should Care – By Amanda S. Green

Well, it’s done. With the exception of Louisiana, all primaries leading up to the mid-term elections are decided. Louisiana will hold its primary on, well, the day the rest of us hold the general election. New York closed the books on the primary season and each of us should look at what happened and learn from it.

Since Trump beat Clinton in 2016, the Dems have been promising a Blue Wave that would wash away the evils of the Trump Administration. If it happened to wash away a few—or many—conservative and even libertarian voters along the way, all the better. If you listen carefully, you can still hear the chant, “Blue wave! Blue wave! Blue wave!”. But it isn’t as strong nor does it hold quite the conviction it did even a few months ago.

The why is simple, even if it isn’t one the Dems, especially the DNC, will admit: The Democratic Party is in turmoil. While that pleases my libertarian (with more than a hint of conservative) heart, it is also something I am watching closely.

Now, I hear some of you asking why I’m watching, much less why I’m concerned, with problems within the DNC and the Democratic Party. After all, that’s something we should applaud because it means we have a better chance to slow the decline into socialism our country has been headed on for some time. Right?

I wish I could say so, but I can’t. At least not with complete confidence and here’s why.

Those districts and states that have been solidly Dem for years are the ones that are feeling the impact of this schism within the Democratic Party. They ask, much as the life-long Democrat did during HRC’s campaign, “what have the Democrats done for me?” The answer is “nothing”. But, after almost two years of Trump, they don’t like what they see. They are buying, all too often, into the rhetoric of the MSM. Trump doesn’t help either with his love affair with Twitter. So they are looking for something else. Something that offers hope and still lets them be “loyal” to their party.

That’s where the Democratic-Socialists come in.

Let’s face it. The DNC opened this can of worms themselves when they allowed Bernie Sanders to run on the Democratic ticket for President. Here’s a man who has not only proclaimed himself an “independent”, but who also claims to be socialist. Yet, because they needed someone to run against Hillary, someone she could beat, they gave him the nod. What they didn’t think about was that, by doing so, they gave him and his fellow socialists a legitimacy not only in the Party but with voters. They didn’t look at how his “You will get what you want for free” message would play with young voters who haven’t a clue about how the world works.

The result?

Pennsylvania’s primary saw what can only be called a sweep by the Democratic-Socialist candidates. We have the poster child for the movement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She and Bernie went across the country campaigning for others of their ilk. I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate their track record wasn’t any better than it was. But we can’t. The door has been cracked and it is going to be damned hard to close it.

And close it we must. In the meantime, we have to keep it from opening further.

For some reason, and I have my guesses why, there are voters in this country who no longer worry about whether candidates are truthful. I know, we have been trained to expect them to lie. That’s politics. But there’s spin which you expect from politicians and then there’s outright lying. New York’s primary yesterday proved just how little the truth counts these days.

Julia Salazar, Democratic-Socialist running for state  Senate, played fast and loose with her own background. According to the Washington Times, Salazar “faced criticism for saying she was an immigrant from Colombia who struggled financially growing up when she was actually born in Florida and had hundreds of thousands of dollars in a trust fund. She was scrutinized, too, over a political and religious conversion during her years at Columbia University, where she transformed from a Republican, anti-abortion Christian to a hard-left, Jewish Democrat.”

Try wrapping your mind around that. There’s more, but you get the idea. Now wrap your mind around the fact that she won a race without a Republican candidate to run against her in November. This is who will represent the district and who will push the Socialist agenda on a state level and, you can bet your last dollar, do her best to influence national policy as well.

This is a problem. Folks don’t think about how a local or state election may impact national politics or vice versa. It’s the same sort of problem I see here in Texas. Beto O’Rourke is using a well-funded page out of the Dem’s playbook. He’s not trying to raise money here in the state he’d represent in Washington if election. Not really. He’s going to California and other liberal havens. He’s making the rounds of the talk shows, becoming the darling of Ellen and others. These aren’t his constituents. Their concerns aren’t ours, as Texans. But that’s never stopped the DNC and it certainly isn’t stopping it now when panic is setting in.

Going back to yesterday’s primary, if anything good came out of it, it’s the fact that Cynthia Nixon lost her race to be the Dem’s nominee for governor. Mind you, I am far from a fan of Andrew Cuomo. I don’t trust the man any further than I can throw him. But you know what he stands for and you know what he’s going to do. Sometimes it really is better to have the devil you know.

Of course, Nixon isn’t happy with her loss. She’s basically blamed it on too many voters coming out to vote. This from someone who campaigned on a platform that included making it easier for folks to vote. Then there’s this tweet from her. It pretty much says it all on so many levels.

“. . . take our country back. . . “  I hate to tell her this but the Socialists have never held this country. Oh, they are doing a good job trying to take it over now, but they have never held it.

“. . . take our party back. . . “ Again, as much as the Dems have veered into the realm  of socialism, it has never gone completely there.

Not that either statement really surprises me. It’s the way that side thinks, and it is a page out of their book. Convince those who are unhappy with how things are and remind them of how good they had it under prior administrations. Then claim those good times came under their watch. Paint the picture expertly enough and the gullible won’t realize the lie. By the time they do, it’s too late.

We are better than that. We are smarter than that. But we are not the only ones voting. It is up to us to keep challenging these sons of bitches. It is up to us to fight for this country and what it stands for. When we throw our hands into the air and say it’s too late, we play into their hands. When we sit back and assume the Red Wave we saw in 2016 will continue in 2018 and beyond, we have played into their hands. The DNC and, unfortunately, the Democratic-Socialists are honing their attack plans aiming not only to improve their numbers in Washington in the mid-term elections but to retake the White House in 2020.

My question to each of you is “are we going to let that happen?”. If not, what are you, as an individual, going to do to stop it?

(I’ll be back next week with another book commentary. This was something I had to get off my chest.)

283 thoughts on “The Blue Schism and Why We Should Care – By Amanda S. Green

  1. I’m so jaded with politics that I’m hoping for a huge blue wave, Detroit-winning-a-championship style victory demonstrations, and totally unwarranted temper tantrums. Nothing makes sense anymore and I want to really embrace it! Being nice and reasonable gets you nowhere so we might as well throw out all the rules just like the Left wants.

    The consequences for behaving totally unhinged are the same as for behaving normally, when you’re a conservative. Let’s stop pretending laws matter. It’s clear they don’t and we all should have the same fun.

            1. Also, keep in mind at all times; the Gun Control Laws the Progressive Left pushes for are for YOU not for THEM. All the laws they push are for YOU, not for them. Do not assume that what pours from their anus-mouths has anything whatsoever to do with how they expect to behave.

            2. Aye.
              “…and we’ll home by Christmas!”

              But bitter experience (aka history) says that said Christmas is many long years away.

              People really do need to realize that “ain’t nuthin’ simple and ain’t nuthin’ easy” as it sounds or seems. And every last weapon* is, as one of $HOUSEMATE’s carry-class instructors put it, “Your own, personal nuclear bomb. IF you use it, the WORLD CHANGES and it will NEVER be the same again.”

              * “Dangerous weapon” is such a silly phrase. If it ain’t dangerous, it’s not really a weapon. I own a device designed as a ‘weapon’ which I consider ‘dangerous’. It’s such a piece of crap that I’d turn it in if there was a “buy-back” program I could take advantage of. And there are plenty of ‘non-weapons’ that could be combined in Interesting Ways if such was ever needed. Details NOT forthcoming.

              1. I’d say practice weapons aren’t dangerous, but that’s not true. Especially if you know how to actually use the weapon.

                Miyomoto Musashi fought every duel past the age of thirty with a wooden practice sword, often cut as he was heading to the duel. Most of his opponents didn’t live to talk about it.

                1. MY definition of ‘dangerous weapon’ is one that is so bad I cannot trust it do the job.

                  A properly working .44 Magnum revolver is thus not a dangerous weapon – is it a useful weapon. A .22 revolver that doesn’t strike hard enough to fire every time, however, is dangerous.

                  1. The Arizona legal terminology is “Deadly Weapon or Dangerous Instrument” to cover when you shiv someone with a phillips screwdriver or club someone with a baseball bat.

            3. They don’t need to know how to shoot. They’re very good at looking up IED construction and utilization on the Internet.

        1. He only way to avoid a shooting war is to embrace their position and loudly acclaim it. Otherwise, they will only double down.

          Better now, than when they have run us into the realm of Venezuela and disarmed most.

          They won’t quit. Their hard core can’t be placated with compromises.

          You have a choice, fight or submit. If you choose the latter one, you won’t be given the option to change your mind later. So do choose wisely.

          1. I’ve been listening to Areopagitica and I’m stuck by how Milton is arguing that to attain the effect that the King is hoping for, he would have inject censored i to every single aspect of life, shadowing every poet in his wine, planting them between young lovers on the park bench, preaching them a top viol in the chest, and how even then, you could not steal a miser’s covetousness, even if you have taken every other jewel from him.

            And it struck me just how much we are seeing people try just that, and that, just as the licensor, the doing is peeling the onion for the seeds.

            We either stop them, or be peeled for seeds that never were.

            1. “to attain the effect that the King is hoping for, he would have inject censored i to every single aspect of life, shadowing every poet in his wine, planting them between young lovers on the park bench”

              And, of course, this can be accomplished much more easily when a high % of human interactions are conducted via social media.

          2. The thing is, the hard core can’t be placated by giving them everything they believe they want, because what they believe they want WILL NOT WORK.

            I hope and believe that their numbers are greatly exaggerated by their control of the media and of the Democrat Party. I think the Blue Wave is going to prove to be a ripple at best. Yes, they have gone hard Left in many of the Primaries. We’ll see how well that works out in the actual elections.

        2. A Blue Wave that gets what it wants, impeachment, ensures a shooting war.

          It may be we’re at 1858 or so and Kansas is burning and without one side just preemptively surrendering (and never underestimate the GOP) we’re just biding time for a shooting war.

          I hope not, but I think a Blue Wave that gets impeachment and a president Hillary or Pelosi (because they do Trump and Pence together and perhaps make Hillary speaker during the trial) will result in one.

          1. I agree. A blue wave is the quickest way to a shooting war because there are a lot of Trump supporters and others who aren’t wiling to give anymore ground to the socialists. Especially if they get most everything they want.

            On the other hand, if it leads to a Texas secession…

          2. Looking at the situation in Venezuela, even with complete governmental control by the lefties, there’s still shooting going on; the victims are the wreckers/deniers and those who’d really like some food to eat, at the expense of inconvenience to TPTB.

            Oregon state politics is dominated by the Blue coastal elites, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. The Blues don’t want to live here, but they damned sure want to control our lives, No to that.

            1. I think the epitome of leftist mindset was displayed by a coworker. In discussing gay marriage and I religion I told him about why, forced to choose between doing gay adoptions and getting out of the adoption business, Catholic Charities choose the latter. This meant in MA that the group doing the largest numbers of adoptions of hard to place kids (older, special needs, family groups, etc) left the business and no one benefited, kids or gay couples (who now had to compete with straight couples who no longer had CC as an option).

              My coworker said that was pretty bad by CC. They should just keep doing the charity the way the state told them to. There was no awareness that he was demanding people do what he wanted them to do how he wanted them to do it and that he considered them bad people for not conforming to his will.

        3. That will avoid a shooting war at least as well as Chamberlin’s Munich Agreement did, but unlike Nervous Neville we wouldn’t be buying time for rearming ourselves.

          1. Chamberlain is the public whipping boy… but he went with a nearly-unanimous mandate from Parliament, did what he went to do, and got a nice parade when he came back.

            Everyone wanted a piece of that. Until it started coming undone, at which point they’d never agreed with him on anything, ever.

            It was a bad decision, but it wasn’t one he made alone. Nor, in the British system, was it within his authority to do so.

        4. Face it, if the Left just gains control of the House, they are going to act like it’s a referendum on everything of the Right. Survivable sure, but annoying.

          What I’m afraid of is if there is a sufficiently large Blue Wave, they’ll see it as a mandate to do anything and everything they want. I’ve already seen open talk about removing Trump, then Pence, then keeping going until they install a Democrat into office. I’ve also seen open talk about stuffing SCOTUS, adding 4 Leftists in order to “re-balance” the court (except that would tilt the court massively Left).

          1. They are just waiting on the SPLC to declare the GOP a hate group after their regain control and can block any investigations into that group. Heck, they already denounce every Republican as belonging to a hate group, they simply haven’t yet had the tools to outlaw the party.

          2. That would happen even if they won no more than the 23 seats needed for a +1. Trump and Pence committed the only crime, obstruction of leftist power. Probably have the fig leaf of some no names bringing “proof” of collusion like the 2004 guard docs. But they are not interested in returning to the United States we thought we knew but the one they desire. Where they have control of not only the government but your actual life.

            Ever registered rep? Sorry, you don’t get medical would be the first method. Roadside ditches of bodies come later. The US will yearn for the safety of Mexico. At least they lie that the cops are more than cartel enforcers.

    1. The classic “let it burn” approach. Yeah, I get it, but do recall that over the course of the last century every time socialists, and that is precisely who we’re talking about here, gain power people die in job lots. Estimates start at 100 million and range upwards from there.
      And often as not those who suffer the most are naturally the most vulnerable: the poor, the infirm, the elderly, women, children. But hey, the left is fine with preventing the birth of some 60 million potential children, so what’s a few million more just a tad further along. Mostly they believe there are too many humans here anyway.

      1. My wife comes from a place where exactly what you said happened, so be sure that I don’t take what I wrote lightly.

        If non-Dems are in power, they have an easy-to-identify enemy. There have already been assassination attempts and violence against non-Leftists, and the current Dem officeholders are openly encouraging people to do more of it. But if they are in all of the elected offices, they’ll snipe at each other in a race to see who can be the most oppressed.

        Unfortunately, I think there are too many people and too much space to keep the U.S. as a single, unified country. The Left needs their own physical space to play politics in, and them winning it all seems to me to be the way to achieve that with the least amount of killing.

        1. See, the thing is, the next time the Dems get control, all those historical checks and balances and restraints and legal constraints and limits on what they can do from that old dead Constitution book the R idiots carry around in their pocket are going to be long gone. Their lessons learned from The Reign of the Sun King is pretty much “Well, we (mostly) followed their rules, at least where they could catch us, only pushing the boundaries where we could hide it like in the FISA court, and look where that got us. Next Time We’ll Make Sure!!”

          1. Please understand that I agree with you, except for one point. All that stuff you talk about has *already* happened; it’s not “next time,” it’s history. That’s being discovered now, but not reported, because the mainstream media is trying to maintain the façade of legitimacy. My point is, if the Left will only apply the law to their political opponents, then that’s already political oppression, and we should drop the farce of having one country. Split it up. I think a blue wave is the most peaceful way to get there.

              1. I think they’re good at getting people worked up and bad at getting people working. When they don’t have a reliable core of non-Leftists to maintain them, they pretty quickly become a threat only to themselves. I would rather cede space to them and let them flounder about trying to get their fantasy world up and running than have them everywhere in the country I live in, engaging in step one of their grand plan: destroying the status quo.

                1. See the ‘good at getting people worked up’. If you can’t get them working you send them raiding. Ceding them ANYTHING tells them they can win. Screw that with splintery wooden screws.

                2. Problem is, they will not be content with 1/2 the country and leave you alone.
                  What is the source of evil? Without delving too deep into theology, for conservatives/libertarians, evil is an inherrent flaw in humanity. That is why you create limited democratic republics with powers ceded to the lowest level and extensive checks, balances and proscriptions and specific enumerated rights.
                  For the Left, evil is western civilization/capitalism. All places except Europe started as primative utopias of noble savages [yes the Chineese should be offended by this, but since they are already Socialists, the Left doesn’t care]. European empires spread the vile evil patrachial white male everywhere.
                  Live and let live is a non-sequitur to the Left. Their utopia can only exist by removing the taint of western civilization universally. They must control every person and every thought. Without that control that groupthink, utopia fails.

                  1. The Proglodytes don’t breed, they propagate.Left to their own they would quickly dwindle and die off. Reverse cuckoos they implant their ideas in children’s heads, infecting them.

                  2. The current Liberalism is to my taste a religion replacement. Much of its “theology” is that of Puritan/Progressive America. But in essence (and pardon my cheek) they threw the baby out with the bathwater. They didn’t like that there was no way to avoid sin (the fallen nature of man), and the most certainly didn’t like that there was one source for redemption over which they had no control nor part in. Rather they turned to an ancient heresy, that of Pelagius ( that says you can save yourself. And if you can save yourself what need is there for a Redeemer. With that basis their end view (eschatology if you will) is that things get better and better as mankind (pardon me personkind) exercises their( again pardons xer) will and moves forward. Thus their insane belief in things always progressing forward and history’s implacable arrow (utterly ignoring the last 200 years or so of history, let alone the whole of civilization). It also explains why they thing communism/socialism can work. If they’re not working then someone is NOT doing their part (I’m looking at you Emmanuel Goldstein) and must be corrected.

                    For the present I wonder if the best strategy is not that that is already spreading in the evangelical world. Out breed them and train the children privately. Seeing so few of them reproduce at some point they become irrelevant.

            1. The issue is, you may think they already went there, but I’m thinking they are pretty sure they can turn the knob to eleven, and get real results on that Permanent Dem Majority that they thought they had nailed down last time.

              1. I think they will turn it to 11 and make sure the only way to remove said perm majority is outside the ballot box.

                I have heard plenty say, “You can’t stop an M-1 with an AR-15” ignoring both the fact they are expect a mostly Red State army to be 100% loyal and their own belief the irregulars are superior to the US Army anywhere else in the world.

                    1. Or the people who pointed the column in your direction…

                      That’s precisely why RKBA is written into the Constitution, and why the Left hates it with all their withered souls.

                    2. RKBA = the Right to Keep & Bear Arms. The one that the 2nd Amendment forbids the government from infringing. (Note that I did NOT say “the one granted by the 2nd Amendment”; this is a very important distinction that escapes far too many people).

                    3. … “the one granted by the 2nd Amendment

                      There is a world of difference between the Constitution recognizing a right and granting rights. As the Bill of Rights is essentially a decalogue of limitations on the People’s agent, the State, it would be absurd to suggest it has any authority to grant “rights” to its principals.

                      The people grant use of out sovereign authority for the State to act in our interests; it lacks any capacity to return the favor. Should it ever assert such capacity it will have forfeited its legitimacy.

                  1. Also, as I’ve pointed out befrore, tyrannies are not RUN from tanks. Tyrannies are run from desks. Don’t even try to shoot the tank with an M-16. Try to get a pistol in to see the man at the desk.

                    1. That, incidentally, is part of why “Americans!” is a curse word for much of the world’s military.

                      We’re just as likely to go out of our way to avoid the cannon fodder to get the guy we’re pissed at as to fight “properly.”

                      We don’t think “right.”

                    2. tyrannies are not RUN from tanks.

                      Had to read this twice, as at the first glance I was wondering why trannies are not RUN from tanks …

                1. Don’t even need the M1. “This valve need NOT be open. This contacter need NOT be closed.” and so on. And if you remove the controls to such, it’s a lot harder to change the setting. Not impossible, no, but time is taken up. Time that can be used for.. oh… aiming by those other folks who DO have the M1 – or the old hunting rifle, or…

                2. “the irregulars are superior to the US Army anywhere else in the world.”
                  They are —- under the ROE our Leftists insist on. One reason the Left expects to win the confrontation is they will allow tactics to be used on fellow Americans they label war crimes when used on foreign enemies.

                  1. Exactly. The ruling class will commit genocide against us subhumans without a thought. And even if only 1/3 of military follows it will be effective enough. And I am relatively certain that is an optimistic percentage.

        2. I keep waiting for the first Conservative or Libertarian or Republican those response to a physical attack is to produce a legally concealed firearm and shoot the Lefty sonofabitch doing the attacking. Preferably often enough to make an impressively messy corpse.

          1. You realize of course that such incidents happen on almost a daily basis. But they are not news of course because the MSM believes totally that defensive gun use by honest citizens is a myth perpetuated by the NRA.

            1. Ah, I neglected to say “Politician”.

              My bad.

              Scenario; Blue Wave proves to be a Red Tide. Left goes completely bugsh*t, and the most deranged start attacking Republican officeholders. Some such officeholder, in a state like Texas, responds to an attack by shooting his attacker to doll rags. Media and Establishment Left react with horror! The people the shooter actually represent start talking about erecting a statue.

              1. Or we repeat Kennedy assasination effects. Moar gun control because it affects the annointed.

                Plus you have much more trust that the state or feds won’t drag him thru mud for years, destroying him, family and others.

        3. You don’t say it lightly but you do say it foolishly. I say oh HELL no. They don’t want their own physical space. They won’t just go away and leave anyone alone. They’ll go on and infest anywhere that has it better than they do (in thier own minds). “Burn it down and give them their own place.” is how you shatter the country and make sure it’s centuries before anything worthwhile comes back. Which is what it sounds like you want.

          1. And if that happens….

            well, you know screwed up the world is now.. and that’s WITH the U.S.ofA. being something of an anchor for at least an impression of sanity. Yeah, let’s pull ALL the control rods out and let the world go critical… oh that will go Just Fine… (and Chernobyl was but a mere weenie-roast that got a bit out of hand).

          2. I’m not saying burn it down. When the Dems lose, they burn things down. When the Dems win, they burn things down. Burning things down is going to happen. I just want them to burn their own things down. And if we on the right can join them in burning their stuff, so much the better.

            1. You really expect them to only burn their own stuff? Really? Especially if they get it into their brains that they can get away with burning down stuff outside of their strongholds?

              1. In all fairness, their habits with respect to rioting do seem to be “burn our stuff down so the gov’t will build something nicer for us” and then get confused when the businesses that got burned down don’t rebuild.

                Going Galt doesn’t require a valley as the Capital Strike of 1937 and of much of the Obama years showed.

                What Doldrum seems to be betting on is Dems will follow an Obama model and not try to seize it instead of a Venezuela model of seizing and burning it down.

                Maybe, maybe not. I’d rather not roll those dice.

                1. Once they get single payer healthcare (i.e. nationalizing the healthcare system), and that falls apart they’ll move onto nationalizing other industries.

                  Equal odds between telecom/social media (control dissent) or Aerospace (Keep Musk and Bezos, and all the plebes, from escaping off planet) being first

                  1. Well since the best cost estimates of medicare for all come very close to the entire national revenues over the next ten years one may suppose that all those other annoying programs will simply wither and die for lack of funding. A real win/win in the mind of your typical progressive socialist.

                    1. From behind* the paywall:
                      How Republicans Could Still Win
                      A forthcoming poll suggests ways they can persuade voters in swing districts.

                      By Kimberley A. Strassel
                      This was a week of gloomy midterm polls for the Republican Party, with a wave of results projecting a Democratic takeover of the House and maybe even the Senate. But not all polls are created equal. If Republicans bother to read just one, it should be a yet-unreleased survey that tells a more nuanced story.

                      The data come courtesy of the Club for Growth, a conservative outfit that plays to win. The club’s donors expect it to place smart bets in elections, which it can’t do if it relies on feel-good data. It uses WPAi, the data firm that in 2016 found Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson really did have a shot at re-election, then crafted the messages that got him the money and votes for victory.

                      … Likewise, Republicans have an opportunity in highlighting the left’s more doolally ideas. Uncommitted voters reacted strongly against Democrats’ calls to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and strongly in favor of GOP promises to defund “sanctuary” cities and states, which refuse to follow immigration law. These were top messages for those crucial suburban voters, who have watched in alarm as urban violence creeps into their neighborhoods. (Interestingly, the other top suburban message was repealing ObamaCare.)


                      A major problem of the Republicans is their tendency to believe what they see in the MSM and to cater to the audience they think is represented.

                      *If you [searchengine] a idiosyncratic phrase from the article it is often possible to find an un-paywalled version of WSJ articles

                    2. I go by what the Dems are walking back – when they say “I didn’t really mean Abolish ICE when I said the actual words ‘Abolish ICE’ – I just was talking about sort of a Hollywood reboot under a different director, you know, kinda like Battlestar Galactica” means “that one tanked and it’s hurting me bad with actual voters”.

                      The R side should be cutting together anything the Dems walk back and pushing that out as a greatest hits reel.

                2. Nor do I. As I said above (below?) They’re more likely to go raiding (shipping in rioters anyone?) if they think they can get anything out of it. It’s resistance that dissolves them into a crying puddle of goo. It’s a very classic ‘give them an inch they will take a mile’.

                    1. Exactly what I was thinking of. Ceding part of the country to them isn’t going to make that stop. Might make it more difficult depending on what border restrictions there were, but I doubt it.

              2. I think a blue wave is the safest way for the political breakup to happen. Sadly, I don’t think a breakup is avoidable.

                I would like a safe place for my wife and children to retreat to, not a 3000 mile wide battlefield. The Left wants their own rules. Give them a place to have them.

                1. Your method will guarentee there is never safety again in your lifetime and probably your children’s. I have two kids myself. The Blue wave is more likely to produce that 3000 mile battlefield than anything else. Your entire premise is that they’ll go ‘We won! Now we’ll leave everyone else alone!” Since when have they EVER left everyone else alone?

                  1. Well, then constant destruction is inevitable. There’s nowhere else to go, and the choice to stop persecuting people is up to the people doing the persecuting, not us. I’m done.

                    1. Bull. Complete utter BULL. If you want to give up, Go for it. But these are people who crumble at RESISTANCE. They can’t handle being told ‘no’. That’s what this whole thing’s about. They got told ‘NO’ and now they’re throwing a tempertantrum. And you want to go ‘oh dear! here’s half the country, I’m sorry I upset you!’ Rather than “Go sit in your corner and think about the moron you’ve been don’t come back out until you’re ready to be a sane human being. Me and the switch’ll be right here if you need a reminder of how to behave.”

                    2. Slavery is the natural order of things.
                      To survive a country must be ruled by a strong king.
                      If liquor were made illegal the country would face peace and prosperity.
                      The Soviet Union is unstoppable.
                      The destruction of American society is inevitable.
                      I’m betting that things get even more ugly than now, but that the vast silent majority the left holds in such distain manages to somehow pull on their big boy pants and see us through to the other side.

                    3. If you are not willing to risk life and limb for your freedom, then you may as well put the slave shackles on yourself.

                      Most of us don’t know how far we can be pushed before we decide to push back with lethal violence. Cops, mobs, or some other critter claiming authority, showing up at the door to search your house and confiscate your weapons? Hell yes. A crowd of Antifa in the street throwing Molotov cocktails at your car? I’m going 100% vehicular homicide on their butts. Those are both big deals and pretty clear cut. It’s the death by a thousand cuts, the frog in the cold pot, that will get us, because by the time we realize we’ve lost it, we’ve lost it.

                    4. Keep in mind, actual frogs will swim in cold water, and in hot water, but are very sensitive to getting out before it gets dangerous hot.

                  2. This is a reply to your next comment that is missing the reply option. Stand Your Ground. There are things worth fighting and dying for. Venezuela = HELL. If there’s a chance that gov’t might go that way I’d fight all I could. Breaking the US up takes the biggest opponent to China and Russia out of the picture.

                2. You’re missing the point that, if there is a breakup after a Blue Wave, it won’t happen until they have burned EVERYTHING down. They will not ALLOW states to secede, they will tax everything that they can see, they will start seizing the bank accounts of the rich (they’re already talking about it), and more things that I can’t even imagine right now.

                  And after a certain point (and I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet, frankly), the shooting will start, because those to the right of Lenin will go Popeye on them (“That’s all I can stands! I can’t stands no more!”). And then things will get ugly.

            2. You should really look into that whole “Danegeld” thing. Because that’s what you’re suggesting. “Give them what they want, they’ll leave us alone.”

              Nope. The more Danegeld you pay, the more Dane you get.

              1. The thing is, what they want is absolute total control over not just our bodies, but our minds as well. The dirty little secret known only to anyone who pays attention to history is that for socialism/communism to work you must control all the people to such a degree that you completely stifle their humanity, turn them into mindless drones if you will. And when they ultimately fail, that is when you truly see death, destruction, and blood in the streets.

                1. I agree fully. I was addressing that to Doldrum, but it’s possible I mis-nested the comment, heh.

                  Just because they’re going to attempt to control everything doesn’t mean we should just sit back and let them because it would be ‘less unpleasant’ somehow (it wouldn’t be). They’ve been defeated before, in all corners of the world, and they will be again.

                  There are, after all, far worse things than death or even pain.

                  1. “Never again” needs to stick. 140 million* lives should have been enough.

                    *They are revising Stalin’s numbers up, so he might almost match Mao. That’s … not a record I care to see challenged.

                    1. Then you won’t be happy about the inevitable progress of history to a glorious new future. The arc of history bends towards ever greater mass murder.

                      But seriously, we may well have the ingredients to make the twenty first century surpass the twentieth the way the twentieth surpassed the nineteenth. Even with people like me defending the willingness to carry out mass killings as being an essential part of a free republic.

                      We can do some things that may hinder such events. Teach history, it provides so many warnings. Have a line in the sand. Think about the possibilities ahead of time, so that as the level of crazy increases, making the process easier, we can keep cooler, and perhaps inhibit.

                    2. It also pays to point out to Lefties thT Pol Pot may not have the sheer NUMBERS, but he should be given points for enthusiasm. Not even Mao managed to kill between a fourth and a third of his country’s population.

        4. There -cannot- be another secession/separation attempt. The result would be cataclysmic. A fractional USA as a Socialist State would, by necessity, have to destroy any Free US fraction. Such a state -cannot- peacefully coexist with a Free state. Allowing California, for example, to secede -guarantees- war, war to the knife, for such a state is inevitably a murder machine (by idiocy or malice, or both), rapidly fled by its victims, unless there is no place to go.

          Inside of one year, they are a nuclear power. Doubt for a minute they get used as blackmail, or as a desperation move when things go again them?

          Would any sane people create the potential for such a despotism with USA levels of tech? That is -madness-. We would have to conquer them inside of ten years. The slaughter of their own, and the spillover back into us would force it, even if they did not start it. -That- war would be nuclear in a week, and leave both a wasteland, and leave the world at the “mercy” of our foreign enemies, who largely have none..

          No. God forbid, no. NO.

          Better a bloody internal fratricide, than the creation of such a fatal state and the war that would follow

          Can you not see that? You must.

            1. They have reactors. Reprocessing gets crude weapons in months. CNC machining is widespread there. They also have the tech base for aircraft, rockets, etc.

              Nuke power, declared or covert, one year max.

              Have to, otherwise they auto-lose any war with thew free states.

              1. California still has probably the most number of military bases in it of all the states. I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a couple of weapons storage areas with nukes in them in the state.

                1. I’m pretty sure that one or more of the naval installations around San Diego have some nukes in storage, for Carrier Battle Groups, and submarine use if nothing else.

          1. The other problem is the other nations of the world are NOT going to sit back and just watch the U.S. tear itself apart. They’re going to be cheering and throwing gasoline on the fire; and scooping up every bit of American wealth and property they can grab. In fact, I would not be surprised if that was one of Russia’s trials with the past election. Yeah, I don’t think the Russian government did anything directly, it was all through a half dozen proxies. Makes deniability easy for Vlad.

      2. Don’t forget among those who suffer are the masses who fought the revolution thinking they would be in charge, not understanding the revolution did not make ruthlessness go out of style.

        That is a mild consolation to the destruction of revolution, but I’d prefer the grand prize of no destruction.

  2. I agree completely. This is not the time to be complacent. We have to fight and and fight harder than before.

  3. I’m annoyed with the Republicans here. The Dems found a cute, young, any-one-sound-byte-makes-sense gal to run for governor. (Ok, actually, her history looks like she’s been groomed for politics since elementary.) Or maybe she and her handlers found the Dems-she’s not the man who it seemed like was supposed to get the nod.
    The Republicans are running a, as far as I can tell, clone of the last governor. Who just happens to be totally dull, or give an excellent impression thereof. So bad I can’t even come up with his name this morning.

    I have to give Paulette Jordan credit for identifying the problems correctly, it’s her solutions, when stated, which they often aren’t, that are concerning. Idaho has had Democratic governors before, and I don’t think it’s outside the realms of possibility that she could win. Cute and charismatic goes a long way. If she has the right statehouse, she could even possibly be good for the state.

    1. The Republicans are just the other face of the UniParty.

      “No matter who you voted for, the Government got back in…”

      1. That truism is intended to make you not vote. Certainly not vote in Primaries. It, unsurprisingly, is a project statement of the Left.

        The cold facts are that, where voters have sufficient determination, people NOT beholding to the establishment or at least willing to buck it, get elected. The Republican Party is in flux, as much as the Democrat. And it is moving conservative/Libertarian Right instead of totalitarian Left.

        It isn’t going to change in an election cycle. I didn’t get this way on an election systole. And people who observe ONE election cycle and then give up hope deserve the totalitarian, intrusive, know-it-all fucktards who will end up ruling them.

        1. Doesn’t stop me from voting. One half of the UniParty has declared itself the enemy of the Constitution. I vote against them in *every* election, even the little school-board-and-dog-catcher ones.

          Yeah, the other half advocates things just as unConstitutional, but those aren’t part of their Party platorm on their web site, either.

        2. After the usual in-Washington crap, we weren’t planning to vote for our GOPe congressman ever again. We voted for a much more conservative opponent in the primary, but no luck.

          Still, with the House at risk, we’ll vote for the SOBe and keep trying next primary. We’ve had one Tea-Party insurgency sweep at the country level, only to see more establishment types take it back. OTOH, these people figured out that if they make people happy (like targeting illegal cannabis grows and enforcing health codes), they might just get re-elected.

          Battles won, then lost, then mixed results. Still, a lot better than the totally clueless Country Club Republicans who used to run the country government. The closest we have to Democrat-Socialists in the county are the Cannabis growers group. We have a county ban on recreational pot shops, though the big city and one other allowed it. The dopeheads are pushing a measure to override the county rules. We’ll see how that plays out in the general.

              1. Not any better west of the Cascades either. And thanks to I-5 corridor cities, the demo-idiots are the ones who getting elected. We “might” get lucky this round. Enough people are fed up with our current Governer’s activities .. No Sales Tax, means No Sales Tax, darn it. Not “maybe” …

                1. I sure wish we didn’t have vote-fraud by mail. We drop ours off at the county clerk’s office; they’re not inclined to lose rural votes.

                  We’re going to be car shopping very soon, and the “little” sales tax ain’t pleasant when you are used to zero sales tax.

                  1. First among many to come. I am sure.

                    Surprised an initiative is not being circulated on it. Our B of a governor is a sneaky cheeky B.

      2. NEVER fall in to the logical fallacy of assuming that in a choice between “bad” and “worse” it doesn’t matter what you choose. Yes, they’re both bad. But, one is worse. Will choosing “bad” instead of “worse” make everything wonderful? Of course not. But “worse” is “worse”; and even going downhill towards a cliff, “slower” is better than “faster” — and buys you time to look for a better answer.

        1. “He’s bastard, but he’s our bastard” is something.
          And, while not as good as even that,
          “He’s a bastard, but he’s a Known bastard.” has some value.
          And there’s “He’s a fscking nutter. I’d vote for a rum-soaked fruitcake [the actual Christmas ‘bread’ thing – not a metaphor] before this lunatic.”

          Alas, we seem to have the nutters running more and more.

          1. Reason why we are getting more nutters is anyone in their right mind has seen what the Democrat propaganda arm does to reasonable people. Everyone has at least one skeleton in the closet…

            1. Yep. Want to be in public eye? Be out and out Socialist. You can kill someone and get away. Be a Republican with a parking ticket and slandered every minute.

              1. Trump has shown that the way to beat that (at least enough to get elected) is to visibly NOT GIVE A SHIT, and to attack back. By this time the Left’s propaganda arm is so goddamned sloppy with their lies that most stories come apart pretty quickly.

                1. But we’ve seen it doesn’t transition well. Moore be the first example. TBH Trump will be next example once crime is ginned up after we get speaker Pelousi

                  Meanwhile gunwalking, misuse of classified data, pay to play, corruption, sexual assault and more are fair game for Dems.

              2. We have a bad case of the Uniparty in our state. In general, if a conservative beats the GOPe candidate, in addition to attacks from the left, there will be sniping from the establishment.

                Locally, when the GOPe candidate lost in a primary a couple years ago, he switched to “Democrat” to run. (Pissing off the real Democrat in the race, too.)
                What got a lot of us ticked, was that our local R congressman endorsed the “Democrat”, because old boy network. The “D” (and the D) lost, and now the congressman is persona non grata east of the Cascades. He’s spent the majority of his face time in the small section of his district west of the Cascades. I’ll still vote for him; we didn’t get him out in this primary.

                We’ve seen GOP support dry up for candidates who beat an establishment type in the primary. Locally, it’s been pretty incestuous, with establishment politicians having a spouse in leadership roles in groups like the now-irrelevant-if-not-defunct Republican Women’s Club. It got pretty frosty (according to $SPOUSE) when a county commissioner lost the primary race and his wife was the head of the RWC. Country club politics at its, er, swinist.

                1. Suspect that was part of Moore and others. When the suspicion that the senate majority leader (of that party) was the one that leaked the rumors is common, the dislike between factions is obvious.

                  And often tends to be. Politicians rarely get involved for selfless reasons. Just a means of enriching themselves and nepotism is a common method.

                2. One uncle ran for state house, twice, a few years ago. Didn’t get anywhere. Farmer, very conservative.

                  Another uncle, big in the building trades down south, again very conservative, talked about running for governor. Again conservative. But, his problem was as a teen made some very bad choices, involving gangs (note this was mid ’60’s). Despite having paid the full price, & with a full pardon 30 years later after ending parole, over 20 years ago. There was 0 (zero) chance any opponent wouldn’t bring any of that up. Never mind it is ultimately a success story. He chose not to run. FWIW. No I don’t know the specifics other than no one was hurt, was not drugs, or assault of any kind; I was a kid & “too young to know.” Direct parental quote.

        2. If nothing else, you can vote for someone who will be more entertaining while he burns things down.

          I fully expected that with Trump if he won.

          I am pleasantly surprised that there is less burning down than expected and most of it is from the Left.

          I really thought they could pull off “not be crazy” for four years.

          1. Trump isn’t burning down the uni-party. He’s undermining it, behind the scenes. Trump plays to win. Undermining something then pulling the supports is much more effective than burning it from above.

            I really hope drawandstrike, _reximperator_, and thomaswictor are all correct in their assessments of Sessions behind the scenes. 17 days until we can get our first official October surprise.

            1. All that can do is hope on that aspect. After the wet fart of ig report it seems like unskewing the 2008 and 2012 polls or hoping for the PUMAS.

              I put more expectations on an allegation from the special persecutor using a perjurer to take a dump in water.

        3. That is exactly why the GOP is still a pile of crap that talks a good game about fiscal responsibility, but spends like… well… like Democrats as soon as they get in office. Have you seen the deficit projections? Sad.

          And it isn’t going to get better, because all the Republicans have to do to run as SLIGHTLY less horrible than Democrats.

          1. It was possible, even probable, that Trump would be a disaster, but I was certain Hillary would be a disaster (okay, her being a disaster was a best case scenario.)

            1. There are times I drink it straight.
              I do NOT endorse, NOR do I recommend this.
              The rarer these times, the better.
              Were I in politics, I fear it would be a near constant now.

          1. Not this little cat. I don’t touch the stuff unless I’m cooking, and then it’s only wine or flavorings for baking. And they all go into the pot/pan/batter, not into me.

          2. When I hit post, and it reloads and focuses on the reply, it dropped to the comment I was replying to, but my post wasn’t thaar. So I commented ’twas missin’
            Then I reload to see new comments . . . eat wally… thar she blows. nowhere near the reply I tapped

    2. I’m wondering about the Idaho Republicans in my town.

      The Dems have their campaign headquarters in a building on a rather prominent street corner and are even sending out (rabbity, easily-intimidated, slack-lipped, BCG-wearing) young men to do door-to-door canvassing.

      Which according to the police blotter got one of them threatened with a fire-arm the other week. Heh.

      But the Republicans are… nowhere that I’ve seen.

      1. Well, if it’s anything like what’s been happening here in almost-completely-Republican Wyoming…they’re probably worried someone will try to burn their headquarters down/attack them, and are keeping it low key?

        (Not even kidding. Someone vandalized/tried to burn down the Republican office in Laramie recently. Laramie is pretty much the ONLY town in the state with Democrats in any numbers, and it is an armed state. So if they’re willing to do that, here…)

    3. The Republicans are running a, as far as I can tell, clone of the last governor.

      Brad Little, the lieutenant governor. (I have to look this up.)

      I personally was hoping for Raul Labrador, but he probably is more use in the House of Representatives.

      1. Raul Labrador

        *goes to make sure that is a real person*

        That is an epic name. Needs someone who looks like a cross between Bela Legosi and a twig, who is a guardian were-dog, but dang what a bit character it’d be.

    4. If only she were really a conservative who is playing the stealth game as a Dem and will flip after taking office. Nah, that wouldn’t even make a believable science fiction scenario.

  4. “…take our country back…”

    Ooh, this is perfect time to use one of their ‘clever’ lines (when others wanted the country back from leftists…) against them:

    I prefer we take our country forward instead.

  5. It’s not that they allowed Bernie to run as a Democrat. It’s that they didn’t allow anyone *else* to run as a Democrat. This is a nit, I’m sure, but even so.

    Every presidential election in my lifetime each party had a handful of candidates (unless the incumbant) and there was always that one guy… like LaRouche or Ron Paul. There was always that one guy, Crazy Uncle Bernie. And he’d have gotten the traction that those candidates usually get except for the fact that he had suddenly become the ONLY Democrat alternative to the worst candidate in the History of the Democrat party.

    1. There were at least two other candidates challenging Hillary, both with far better bona fides withing the Democrat party. Their names elude recall at the moment, but one was former governor of Maryland and the other was a former senator from Virginia, an erstwhile Republican who abandoned the party in reaction over “Bush’s War” and defeated Virginia’s incumbent senator and former governor, George “Macacca” Allen.

      The decision to allow Bernie to challenge was as misbegotten as Apollo Creed’s decision to grant a title shot to “The Italian Stallion.”

      1. Maryland governor was Martin O’Malley, Virginian was Jim Webb.
        O’Malley would have lost as well, I think, due to his rabid anti-gun stances. Webb, however, would have won going away.

  6. I’ve been poking at my local Representative and Senators on their Facebook. Someone being Very Clever asked which thing about the Republican Party caused me to vote for them… with an enumerated list. Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., etc., I answered, “The erudite opposition. 😉 ” including the winky face.

      1. It was even in response to something I’d written explaining that the demands for Trump/anyone to denounce the ism-list (Which was my Representative’s Post- she was demanding that Trump do the Denunciation Dance,) was about power and about dehumanizing people, that it was about assumptions that people didn’t share normal human sentiments and it didn’t matter what anyone had denounced before they had to Hop-to-it and do it again.

        So this guy comes back with that?

        Will there be a blue wave? I sort of doubt it, though only a fool bets on politics. Will there be a Democrat Party Schism? Maybe. Because what passes for “Clever” is this “by definition Republicans are this ism-list and anyone who will associate with them proves that they approve of that ism-list.”

        Nothing about the economy (so the Socialists have THAT going for them) and nothing about how Democrats are offering something better except that they “care” more and hate you, oh, how they hate you!

        And meanwhile people are getting jobs. Raises. (My boss gave me another one without saying a danged word about it… I’m very confused but $100 dollars richer.) People who’ve been all-in on the stated goals of the anti-ism-ists from middle school onward have sometimes missed that it applies to them and are unlikely to be all-in as the crazies start demanding public confessions of faith. And I think there might be a lot of quiet push-back going on that we don’t see. Because of things like jobs, raises, and emotional fatigue.

        1. Well, I, for one, DENOUNCE the Ism-list! The Ism-list should be whipped into the Outer Darkness, never to see the light of day again!

          What’s that? Oh, you’re supposed to denounce the -isms that are ON the list? Well, maybe, but what good is that? Any idiot knows that most of those things are bad, but other idiots keep accusing people of performing them when they did no such thing, so those idiots can bugger off.

  7. The Dems going nuts is in general good for the Republicans, but it’s very bad for conservatism. From a strictly mercenary argument, the best move for Republicans is to position themselves just to the right of the Democrats in order to scoop up all the centrists that they’re leaving behind in their race to Cloud Coocoo Land, figuring that those of us on the right are not going to vote for the socialists no matter how annoyed we might get with the alternative.

    Yeah, in practice it doesn’t always work out that way, but I’m still not happy with the idea that we’re talking about ANYONE as the “alternative to the socialists.” We ought to have two parties who recognize that the path of 100 million dead is the wrong one and instead are having intense debates over whether progressive tax rates are acceptable or if we should have a flat tax.

    1. And the Democrat/Socialists will continue to insist that those deaths were because the USSR/Cambodia/China/the disasters in Africa/Venezuela didn’t practice REAL socialism and they’ll get it right this time. *sigh*

      “And the Gods of the Copybook Headings [will] with terror and slaughter return.”

      1. And it is time to start replying; You-all have had a Century in which you had multiple chances to get it right, and in the process murdered tens of millions. You are flat out of benefit of the doubt. Sit down and shut up, slaver!

    2. Listening to the certainty of American leftists, especially under 30, that they know the truth and it is easy to sell them “that wasn’t real socialism, but this time the right people will be in charge.” Like all generations of useful idiots they know they are “the right people” and assume they will be in charge.

      Which is why, if they get their way, America’s Lenin and Stalin will liquidate them first.

      1. Their certainty is derived from having never heard a discouraging word, never being asked a challenging question. Look at the performance of such of their mascots as Alexia Don’t-Know and David “Whole” Hogg. They’ve never actually thought, much less thought anything through, in their brief lives.

          1. H. L. Mencken for the square, Alec:

            “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

            “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

            With a soupçon of Ambrose Bierce for seasoning:

            “Vote, v. The instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.”

            “We submit to the majority because we have to. But we are not compelled to call our attitude of subjection a posture of respect.”

      2. The inability to understand, or even define the concepts of Unintended Consequences or Opportunity Cost is pretty much a defining trait of the Left.

    3. In addition to the merc argument, that is what the actual politicians want. The left seems to get bomb throwers. Right just milquetoast.

    4. We would need to start out with a Party that was willing to come right out and SAY that the path of 100,000,000 dead is the wrong one. That has been verboten. Mention those deaths and get swarmed by the Left.

      High time we started to hit ’em where they live.

      Socialist is a Communist is a Fascist is a Nazi. There may be cosmetic differences, but there are no substantive differences. They all lead to mass murder and misery.

    5. A main reason that Reagan was so beloved by conservatives is he was able and willing to make the he argument for conservatism, and to make it effectively and persuasively.

      For far too long the essential GOP argument has been “We can deliver the Democrats’ program, better managed and at lower cost.” Rarely do Republicans make the argument that the Democrats’ programs are like a Cablevision offer, promising what they cannot deliver and delivering what they didn’t promise.

      1. Oooh, “Democrats are like Comcast.” I bet if the Republicans could get that one to stick, the Ds would never win another election again.

  8. (Re Beto:)These aren’t his constituents. Their concerns aren’t ours, as Texans.

    Well, fair is fair: Ted Cruz (who btw is doing a lot of fundraising here in CA as well – I get landline calls from caller ID ‘SEN TED CRUZ’ pretty much daily) will have to carry the water for my concerns in the Senate, since DiFi and Kamala sure won’t.

  9. What can you do?
    Not a lot.
    You can give money to people for the election. But unless you a really rich it isn’t going to do much.
    You can VOTE. You HAVE TO VOTE, if for no other reason than to vote against the Democrats. Sorry voting for anyone else than the Republican is just the waste of a vote.
    Pray and hope that the war doesn’t happen but prepare for it.
    The Blue Cities against the Red country areas.

    BTW: The whole thing about the Democrats NOT being socialists, not buying it. They have never before been willing to ADMIT to being socialists but if it walks, flies and sounds like a duck it is a duck. The Democrat plan has never changed, they are just being just a little more honest. If it doesn’t backfire on them expect for them to become much more open.

    1. Sure they did. “Socialism” was a big part of the Democratic Party platform in the 1920s and early 1930s. Almost every party called itself some kind of socialist, it was the trendy meme of the times.

      The Democrats then began dissociating themselves from “Socialist” after the ones in Germany started becoming a problem. And now, they like to pretend they were never BFFs with the National Socialists…

    2. You can volunteer for a campaign. It is surprising how much input campaign workers can enjoy. It is also a start on reaching a position where you will be listened to.

      Democrats are running stealth campaigns and the MSM is abetting that. Locally our Republican congressman is being challenged by a woman proclaiming she will “work with anyone to solve problems” and “will be an independent voice for North Carolinians” and promising to accept no donations from PACs or lobbyists. Naturally I was careful to look for the fine print on a recent mailer identifying it as paid for by the NC Democrat Party.

      Before you work across the aisle to solve problems, how about identifying what you think the problems are and just how government can “solve” them? And while an “independent” voice might be worth having it is not very specific in what it will say. As for not accepting PAC or Lobbyist money? Does that include money from fellow party members in Congress, such as the DCCC or the Democrat Leadership PAC? Will this independence mean a vote against a Democrat Speaker and against appointment of senior Democrat flaks to committee chairs? Not eager to see Jerry Nadler as House Judiciary Chair, nor Maxine Waters chairing the Financial Services Committee. Can’t say as Nita Lowey chairing the House Appropriations Committee and Elijah E. Cummings in charge of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform inspire confidence.

      It is ALWAYS useful to remember that the ONLY vote you can be absolutely confident of how your new representative will take is the one to organize the chamber. Know your committee members:

  10. I think I like “failed not-socialism” that results in billions being raised out of poverty, plagues of antiquity being wiped from the face of the earth, obesity becoming the greatest health concern, inequality from imperfect distribution of abundance one HELL of lot more than “failed socialism” where megadeath is the routine, poverty is the standard, and survival is greatest concern with misery being Universal (except for those “more equal” than other…) and even THEY don’t get was Joe Average can get if he wants in not-socialism.

    A common, if a bit upscale, grocery store had a selection well beyond what was available to politburo members… and Joe Shmoe could walk in and buy whatever he pleased, if he so chose. And it was *common* and not Potemkin.

    1. They’ve been sold that it’ll look like norway or sweden where you pay for nothing and sing together after work every day.

        1. Oh I’m not saying its correct. But once you’ve broken the tenuous bonds to capitalism we have the replacement will be closer to black market than currently

  11. We have been in propaganda land since before I could first vote. Clinton’s lies and China dalliances were meaningless. More attention is placed on subjective Trump or Bush statements than out and out lies like the abortion quote recently. Documentary filmmaker who stopped just short of “Bush did 911” given position of honor at convention. And the intel and LE community went all in on acting as the democrats stasi.

    Meanwhile Republicans barely defend themselves. And certainly don’t defend their voters.

    1. “Meanwhile Republicans barely defend themselves. And certainly don’t defend their voters.”

      And along comes Trump who not only defends himself but at least gives the strong appearance of defending his voters….and the whole of the political establishment first mocks his chances of winning, and then reacts to his victory like a Victorian Maiden Auntie who has just felt a mouse run up her lag.


      1. And even as he has higher popularity among their voters than anyone since Reagan, the political establishment is undermining him with every day. They don’t care. They figure they’re safe, and even if they lose an election once voter replacement and fraud concludes they figure just go to K street.

        1. None of the criticisms of Trump differ significantly those leveled against Reagan, not even in the level of hysteria, as Power Line contributor and The Age of Reagan author Steven F. Hayward has amply observed.

          “We’ve gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!” remains uppermost in the hearts & minds of most politicians of whatever denomination, and it behooves us to favor those who at least pretend to heed our priorities.

          1. Hell, time for choosing could be given tomorrow for domestic aspects. Sadly the seeds planted by the Soviets germinated well

                1. Charitably, we’ve known for a while that McCain was dying, and some of the Republican Senators may have felt that they owed him a relatively peaceful remaining term.

  12. Yet, because they needed someone to run against Hillary, someone she could beat, they gave [Bernie] the nod.

    When you drink with The Devil be prepared to get stuck with the bar tab.

    Drinking with the devil
    You know I had my fill
    Drinking with the devil
    And he sticks me with the bill

  13. Julia Salazar, Democratic-Socialist running for state Senate, played fast and loose with her own background.

    Nonsense. She just revised it to better reflect her personal reality. She now identifies as “a hard-left, Jewish Democrat.” ” and thus her biography must be updated to express her present identity. There are, of course, no guaranties that her identity will not morph further.

  14. As for The Adventures of Beto, that is the new reality of the parties. Local funding is sooooo 20th Century.

    The rabid base of the party is why DiFi, who once was as much an exemplar of integrity as any Democrat in the Senate got, has been reduced to engaging in McCarthyite smears to placate her party’s base (and it is very base.

    It’s all about the base, that’s whence the financial support and campaign foot soldiers come. And the base is comprised of fanatics whose lives offer no alternative validation to activism.

    1. The Democrats’ problem is that when they made themselves over into “the Party of the disaffected”, they brought together a bunch of disparate groups under one tent, who didn’t all like each other much, and often have opposing agendas.

      Their whip to keep them in line has been “We’re the only thing between you and the Rethuglicans putting you all in concentration camps! If you don’t support us it’s all over for you!”

      Yeah, the crazies are still just as crazy, but the ones on the edges are starting to look around and see that reality-as-they-see-it doesn’t line up too well with the Narrative.

  15. i have made this comments here before, and now it’s time to do so again.
    to all of those who wish (or fear) of burn it down, second civil war. or the next American revoluction. please remember that we (USA) do not live in a vacuum. should the shooting go on for to long, other countries will become involved. Russians in alaskia, china landing troops in califoria, mexician (or cartel) troops in texas, EU landing on the east coast (to be divided among their members. even Canada would send troops down (nicely).
    but why would they do this. because one they don’t like us. an two we have stuff they want. oil-gas-food-land, ect.
    and please note during rev. and civil war other countries did send troops/aid
    so when you talk about a divided country, just who will be doing the dividing.
    please note: bad speller

    1. The EU doesn’t have the ability to ferry troops across the Atlantic.
      Canadian forces crossing our northern border? Not going to happen.
      Russians invading Alaska? If they think they can get away with it. Do you really think the Chinese and Japanese will let them get it?
      China has no troop projection ability- and a few thousand miles of ocean to cross without a blue water Navy. And do think Japan will let them have Guam and Hawaii without a fight?
      Mexicans crossing the border in force I can see. Followed by Mexicans being killed in very large numbers And Americans in all the northern Mexican states. Flying a Mexican flag in front of your business in Texas will become a capital crime. Punishment administered locally and quickly.

      If (or when if you’re a pessimist) there is a shooting civil war here, it will be over very quickly. In our last civil war, all the Southern units were state militia, owing their loyalty to their state, not the CSA. The Northern units were a mixture of state militia and Federal Units- but they were all fighting for the USA, even the state militias. Once the Army picks a side, NG units will join with the Army. Whichever side the Army picks wins. The Army officer corps is more Southern than the nation. The Army as a whole speaks with a southern drawl…

      1. Quickly, only if the football comes out. Met more mil guys who would be rushing to armor to invade and subdue a renegade TX than would even consider doing it poorly.

        1. The key question will be who starts the shooting. If the Left starts it, the military goes right in a body, or suddenly develops logistical issues that will prevent it from doing anything other than guarding the borders.
          If the Right starts it, the military starts by shooting itself.

          1. Most likely start? Something like Bundy Ranch. Even if the Feds (left) start it it’ll be pinned on the ‘terrorists’. Just a matter of branding.

      2. China has no troop projection ability- and a few thousand miles of ocean to cross without a blue water Navy.


        China is working on getting the ability to project its forces across the ocean. But it doesn’t have that capability at this time. Which means that if Chinese troops landed up in the Bay Area (Camp Pendleton is in Southern California, and I would imagine that the Chinese would want to avoid that), they’d be stuck in whichever city they landed in, with no real ability to go inland.

        In twenty years, maybe. But I believe that literally the *only* overseas combat deployment that the Peoples Liberation Army has ever performed was a small group of troops sent to combat ISIS (and the reason why the PLA sent troops is because China’s having trouble with one of its own minority Islamic populations). Logistics there would have been handled by the US, as is typically the case in pretty much any conflict that the US is involved in.

    2. china landing troops in califoria

      At which point the local gangs pull out the full auto weapons.

      And yes, they have them.

      Direct invasions are unlikely; even the cartels aren’t stupid enough to try to occupy by force, just kill lone individuals who are in the way.

    3. Another reason an invasion of the USA is unlikely- the USA is pretty freaking seriously big. Like invading Russia from the West big, but with far much more difficult terrain. The USA can easily do the classic invasion strategy of trading space for time, stretch out their lines, and hit the flank.
      Note the amounts of troops planned for Operation Downfall back in 1946, and that for a land area about the size of California.
      And then you have the whole nuclear thing, which guarantees a repeat of the Bikini Baker test on any potential invasion armada (one of the reasons why film of Bikini Baker is so common).

        1. And they’d have to stretch a supply line over the Sierras and through a couple of deserts to get that far.

        2. Most any of our mountain ranges (and the passes through them) have miners in them.

          The implications of this are left as an exercise for the reader.

        3. Anyone care to list the pass options they’d have to cross the Rocky’s?

          Heck going E. Across Oregon is a major undertaking, I think there are 4 or 5 actual passes: 80, 126 (which include 20, 22, 126, & 242), 58, Umpqua, & ??? further south. But except 80, the others only get you half way, to Hwy 97, now what? Sure there are logging roads that could be used, but for invasions, really? Yes, it is possible to get from S. Willamette Valley to NE corner of Oregon without using I-80, we do it all the time when we go to Yellowstone. Can you imagine an invading army taking 126 though Burns & points east, & actually get there?

          Getting from Oregon Coast inland through the Cascades, is just as bad. There is: Hwy 30, Hwy 20, 22, 126, 242, then the Rogue River way down south. That is it. Short of the logging roads & those are taking off of one of the highways.

          WA state is worse. Not sure about CalTrans which skips the coastal ranges, but the Sierra’s is no picnic either.

          Note, only I-80 is a freeway, out of Portland. Everything else is 2 lane highways.

          1. ok guys you are missing the point. if a left/right war goes on long enough, other countries will get involved (especial if our military is frozen/politics)
            how they will do it is unknown. inner city gangs helping, how about they get paid to attack city hall (government) as for the rest as was using examples of where might happen. how about Clinton (any Clinton) seizes power and invites them in. using our own transports for them. their are many many ways that they could become involved, I only know that according to history they will. and yes if we are breaking up even Canada would want to get a piece of the pie.

            1. I think, just based on recent (past two years) observations, that rather than stick an oar into our mess, other countries will take advantage of a US civil war to go after their own neighbors and “internal weaknesses”. We’ll get our own mess sorted out before they can really get anything organized, the cartels being a possible exception, and the Tong.

              I don’t think Canada per se would want a chunk of the US. More likely, the Prairie provinces, Dakotas, and Montana would form a bloc on their own.

              Most likely, any hard civil spasm in the US would be intense, urban, and relatively short. Southern CA might be an exception, but it might not.

            2. I think you’re missing the point of the objections– you’re looking at physical attacks.

              They’d ahve to do a LOT of groundwork, first. They are already trying that, not very effectively.

              And Clinton wouldn’t do that because Hillary hates and distrusts the military. In that case, she’d be right to do so, because that’s a “get executed by your own guys” level trick.

              1. Even if a theoretical President Clinton turned all sea transport over to a foreign power, it’s still not enough capability to get all the troops & equipment over the ocean needed to militarily occupy the vastness of the USA.

                  1. It’s fairly full of hills and decent rivers.
                    And then there’s the urban areas, which are a serious fighting nightmare as Stalingrad, Warsaw, Berlin, and other cities proved.

                    1. If it’s small enough, they MIGHT be able to invade one, though.

                      ….DC, at least. If Clinton loaned them the equipment. And a decent landing area…I think we have enough LCACs (hovercraft boats) to get folks there from the nearest decent harbor?

                      Only half being silly, it kinda depends on what is required to count as occupied and controlled. I’ve got some relatives in Virginia, and controlling just their area of the city would be a pain.

            3. Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics. And the logistics of even a divided USA is extraordinarily daunting. Even without having to fight your way across the nation, you still need millions of troops just to stand guard over what you captured, to transport supplies, and so on. It would be very very expensive, with very little gain in return.

              Note just how quickly the German troops in Barbarossa went from being seen as liberators to oppressors. Or Japanese troops in the Pacific.

              Foreign troops during a civil war are often seen in the same way as a cop during a domestic violence situation- there’s a good chance both parties will turn on the interloper.

        4. Assuming they get to the Rockies.

          Southern Arizona looks like it was built to swallow armored units.

  16. I’m less concerned about the general Socialism inroads potentially caused by such a divide than I am of a surprise takeover of the party.

    Chaos leaves power vacuums that often get filled by someone who was previously nearly invisible, a strong, charismatic type who hadn’t yet worked his way up in the power structure to become a power player himself, but by working on the disaffected and quickly building a power base, can take over in short order when he would have been buffered by others’ followers in the natural order of things.

    I don’t have any idea who that would be, but as I understand it, seldom does anyone know ahead of time, often not even the ones who rise to power. And if you get such a leader unifying the Democrat base, we’re all in trouble.

      1. Trump, Bama sorta, Bernie, etc. Seems like instead of a pendulum slowing down this is an unbalanced jet engine ripping apart.

      2. If Trump had gotten to the top in the fashion I’m talking, the Republicans would be powering through reforms like no tomorrow, because they would be mostly united behind him, and it would be a very different landscape right now. The Dems in the legislature would be afraid to speak and act the way they do for fear of being censured right and left. The ACA would have been nuked by June of 2017. All kinds of things would be going on that aren’t now.

    1. I don’t (and can’t) see a Dem uniting his party. Too old, too set in their ways. Too fractious. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it.

  17. Meanwhile all the fun pretty car colors seem to be disappearing again and all of the new car paint seems to be gray, gray-blue, gray-green, and creamy rather than sparkly. Tasteful. There are a few purples and mint greens out there still but not as many.

    It probably means something but I don’t know what.

    When Bush was running for reelection I noticed that a whole lot of the kid’s clothing was camo patterns. I figured that meant that Bush was going to win reelection if people were dressing their 8 year old daughters in pink glitter woodland camo.

  18. I am old enough to remember the supposed complete collapse of the Democratic Party after the George McGovern defeat. 

    Promises, promises.

    1. Nixon’s staff snatched that defeat out of the jaws of victory with their really amateurish Watergate shenanigans.

        1. G Gordon Liddy has long held it was a private exercise run for John Dean to capture evidence his wife was a prostitute. Nixon’s “mistake” was being loyal to his underlings instead of hanging them out to dry the way Dems are wont to do.

        2. Short answer- the Democrats weren’t that smart… nor was the CRP. It’s a lot like the Zimmerman telegram where you think they can’t be that stupid… up until they pretty much admit they did it.
          That the CRP did the break in is pretty much proven, and they were pretty much that amateurish.
          Did Nixon order the break ins & dirty tricks? Considering that he constantly pointed out that JFK & LBJ did the same sort of nasty tactics on him, it might be possible he thought turnabout to be fair play.

          1. Even at the time, and I was quite young then, I wondered why Nixon didn’t just sprinkle some National Security pixie dust over it and make it all go away.

            It had worked for every previous President back to FDR, anyway…

            1. Nixon was not loved by the press or the intelligentsia, not at all. He did try to plead executive privileged, but the opposition did not sit down and obey.

              On discovering that the office of the President had a recording system investigators requested any relevant papers and recordings.  The administration refused and offered edited transcripts of a number of conversations, containing only portions of those requested.  The investigators went to court.  The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Nixon was obligated to release the tapes to investigators. At that point most of those who had been following the situation knew the end was inevitable. 

              1. Which is kind of funny, as Nixon was one of the GOPe “Same Programs as the Democrats, Only Cheaper” lovers of Big Government that the media tells us is the kind of candidate the Republicans should be running.

              2. Yeah. And it turned out “Nixon’s secret recording system” had been installed by JFK, as a replacement for the one installed by Roosevelt.

                You can find mp3s of some of the tape (or wire recordings, of the earliest ones) on

                Apparently, all of the occupants of the Oval Office and most of their staffs had a bad case of potty mouth, though LBJ probably took the prize, there.

  19. When I saw that Cynthia Nixon was attributing her defeat to the high turnout, I thought: She managed to run the kind of campaign that got people out to vote…for her opponent.
    I think *I* could manage that kind of campaign. Trouble is, I wouldn’t be running as a liberal-with-other-people’s-money Democrat…

      1. Add my thanks. I looked for a copy of the audio a few years ago and could not find it. It was wonderful to hear the original presentation.

  20. Can people walk away from where they’ve never been?

    Those Who Walked Away From Sanity
    By Sarah Hoyt
    You’re walking down a foggy road, it’s twilight. You’re thinking about how divided this country is and feeling rather gloomy.

    There’s a smell of sulfur in the air. And you think here, finally, is the answer to your worries. As a gentleman with horns and forked tail comes out of the fog, you slap your forehead and realize there is a reason the left is going completely insane and can’t leave anyone alone.

    You slap your forehead, tell the guy that it’s early for Halloween costumes and walk on.

    There are a lot of stories of deals with the devil. They range from the gloomy, where the poor lost soul can never fight free (though he/she can sometimes have lots of fun as a ghost) to the ones where the devil is defeated by a trick. I have no proof, but my gut feeling and experience are that the first are mostly European and the later mostly American.

    And you — all of you — know d*mn well you shouldn’t make deals with the devil.

    The problem is this: the deals with the devil people make — the real ones, which apply whether one believes in the devil or not — are not the kind made at twilight at a crossroads with a being of distinctly evil shape, and imbued with a suspicious smell.

    Instead, they’re made in nice rooms, in meeting rooms, at conferences, with well-dressed people who are so benign, so kind, so full of wish to help us. And also, inevitably, powerful and full of the aroma of success.

    They stand in our way and without quite saying anything political (some of them do. One of them was stupid enough to at least hint at politics to me when I was in the political closet, but most don’t) make it clear that if you want to advance, succeed, or even “just” remain employed, you must say the right words, believe the right things, hang out in the right circles.

    Is this a sin only of the left? …

  21. Personal theory-if the blue wave does succeed sufficiently, what happens next depends upon how many “adult” (i.e. Democrats that want to stay in power) people are elected to Congress.

    If enough “adults” are elected, there will be a lot of sound and fury, and nothing will really change.
    If not enough “adults” are elected, they’ll try to impeach Trump and Pense and everybody down the line until they hit a Democrat to become President.

    In the first case, it’ll be like it is now, but with a lot of the smugness restored to the Media and their fellow travelers. Be assured that they will make any misplaced comma or lost period in any of Trump’s statements be like pulling Excalibur from the Stone.

    In the second case, short of a perfect, absolute, air-tight case to justify impeachment, we could see anything from a variation of “Bloody Kansas” to a run-up to the Civil War. Even if there is an air-tight case (with a HUGE IF attached), there are going to be a lot of pissed off Trump voters that will view an impeachment as “Democrats trying to steal the election they lost,” and that’s when it gets crazy.

    All I can say is this-keep your powder dry and stay aware.

      1. Yes. Further, it served as the incubator for Abolitionist nutcase and violent twerp John Brown. Check out Shelby Foote’s three volume history of the Civil Way (which includes sunup and epilogue to a useful degree) for details. Don’t be scared off by the weight of the volumes; Foote is a storyteller as well as a historian; it doesn’t drag at all.

          1. The whole Harper’s Ferry thing was something that would achieve nothing of what he set out to achieve. That does point to twerpiness.

            1. I don’t think his stated objectives were his actual objectives. To put it bluntly, he lied to his backers.
              He was going for “propaganda of the deed”–and it worked.

  22. Here in California, we have Dianne Feinstein, an ancient Democrat who has been a Senator-for-life, running against . . . a younger Democrat who wants Medicare for everyone. Just one of the payoffs of the open primary. . . .

    1. didn’t the Dem party switch their support to her challenger? I think that was the real intent of her holding onto the Kavanaugh stuff…

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