Stand by

I’m not dead or even asleep.
I’ve been fighting with this for three hours now, trying to post Stephanie’s post.  Even when I remove all pictures (I always have to do that anyway) and try to copy paste JUST the text, even when I rinse it though another text editor, WordPress interprets it as a broken picture.  In HTML view it shows the whole thing tagged as an image.
There’s no Earthly reason for this, and I’ve rebooted three times, and tried other computers and it ALWAYS does the same.
If I remove all tags, I have to format it all by hand and I simply am not in a state to do that today (I have some kind of stomach bug or food poisoning, and everything is swaying before my eyes.)
I’m going to do the MGC post and then return here, and see if I can get this to behave.

48 thoughts on “Stand by

    1. Funny you should say that.

      15 minutes ago, I was outside with the dog with the bright sunshine beating down on my head. 5 minutes ago, it was pouring down rain.

      1. What would be “interesting” if it was bright & sunny just before you took your dog for a walk and it started raining when you were outside. 😈

        Oh, I’ve been lucky. Most of the time, it just starts sprinkling when I have my beagle out for a walk. 😉

      2. Bah, I’ve had both of those happen at the same time!

        In Tacoma, it was pleasant and funny; in Texas, I was checking for steam burns.

      3. Thursday I walked out of work to a beautiful sunset, while getting rained on during the trip to the car.

  1. Holy cats.
    Wow. I always try to make it as simple as possible in terms of codes and pictures and stuff, because I know she has problems posting it here, but there’s no reason why it should be doing this. There’s only a couple of links, and the photos should be copy and paste.
    WordPress delenda est.

      1. Well, that’s WordPress for you. There are a couple of shared blogs hosted on WP that I had to pull out of, because I could never get my articles to even post. It simply would never accept me as even logged in, let alone having permission to post an article. I never have figured that out.

    1. oops. I put the wrong kind of brackets in (less than / greater than/ French quotation marks) and they got read inline.

      Is there an IMG tag left or similar?

  2. The traditional thing to do is to open Notepad (or a similar dumb-app), paste in the text, and then copy the text from Notepad.

    There are a lot of hidden codes in today’s word processing software. This defeats them. (So far.)

  3. Sarah, I can try taking the file and recreating it as a Notepad file, putting in non-code flags THIS PICTURE GOES HERE and sending you that, along with the pictures as separate files, if you like. It’s the only other thing I can think of.

  4. So, does this mean your stock photo shows you with more hair than you currently have? And are your cats playing with the strands on the floor?
    (I cut mine too short to grab and pull out.)

  5. Sarah, you needed to make a headdress of peacock and ostrich feathers, and a necklace of live frogs (you have to tie them on carefully so you don’t choke them), then take a brazier into the yard, where you put sage, lemon grass, cloves, and some peppercorns, then throw in some chicken nuggets, drizzle it all with organic, free-range canola oil, and set it alight. As the offering is burning, you must sing the “Internet is for Porn” song, timing it to end exactly at midnight. Then the problems will have been solved.


    1. “Solved” only in the sense that those nice young men in their clean white coats will come to take you away to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time. 😛

    2. For those wondering:
      Yes, it is possible to have FDA certified organic canola oil, it was modified by selective breeding, not by any of the banned-from-organic methods.
      (I don’t know if the old “irradiate and grow the results” thing is banned or not, I think not. For those who would worry about that, heirloom varieties wouldn’t be among them.)

      1. FYI, the top-of-the-line oil recommended in old machinery texts for drilling, tapping, or “difficult materials” was rapeseed oil. That was unobtainium before the ‘net, but a close relative is canola oil, and it’s cheap at the dollar store. I keep a bottle for drilling and tapping stainless steel, etc. I never did find out how it compares to real rapeseed oil, but it’s good stuff. (also incredibly nasty if you let it dry, when it turns into glue that’s impervious to most solvents; wipe it up when you’re done)

        If you’re trying to make a hole with a hand drill or getting tired working the hacksaw, check the kitchen cabinets…

        1. The thing that makes it terrible if you let it try is why it’s great for curing iron– I don’t know if the version with the dangerously high level of can’t-remember-the-name toxin behaves exactly the same, but looking at stuff in my grandfather’s shop I suspect it did.

          My mom still has a bottle of rapeseed oil in her dad’s old gun kit. I remember it BECAUSE of the globs on top of it, but it’s entirely possible something else got on it. There were about two decades where folks borrowed a lot of stuff….

          1. I still have to laugh at the article someone pointed me to with stupid advice of things to use and things to avoid at all costs, that had, “Use canola oil, it’s better for you!” in the first entry, and in the last or next to last, it talks about how evil canola oil is and how it was “bioengineered” from the Rape plant.

            The same article also said that Sodium Chloride is not salt, and should be avoided, and only Sea Salt is REAL salt.

          1. Yes and no. Rapeseed oil contained toxins, preventing its use in food products, but a variant was bred that had low enough toxin levels to be food safe, and THAT is what was rebranded as “Canola Oil”.

  6. This won’t help but I’ve seen a similar problem in the past.
    The web software (not WordPress) had an auto save feature. It somehow saved a partial copy. Since the HTML tags were not balanced correctly the script that was supposed to turn things like italics on and off wouldn’t work and the whole thing was stuck broken. Couldn’t even manually edit the tags because it was too fancy.

    These days I would figure out how to edit the form contents with the F12 browser development tools but back then we ended up logging into the server and manually using SQL to delete the bad autosave from the database.

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