A Shining City Upon A Hill


In his farewell address Ronald Reagan said that America is a shining city upon a hill, whose light guides freedom-lovers everywhere.

He wasn’t wrong.  He forgot the obverse of this.  Those who lived in darkness feared the light, and scuttled back under their stoves like cockroaches.  (I think the Bible quote is somewhat more poetic but less practical.)  And those who would extend the darkness of authoritarianism to cover the whole world can’t help but look upon America and gnash their teeth and make up ridiculous crap about us, in order to scare their victims back into the dark, in order to make them ask for the yoke upon their shoulders and the boot on their faces, because it must be better than those “lawless” and “bigoted” Americans.

Recently at Vile 666 Comissar Frau Buthurt put her whoremouth on my name (she really should learn better.  I might start featuring an excerpt of her “wisdom” on Instapundit every night, to make people laugh.) and those of my friends, to explain we had made ourselves unacceptable to polite society everywhere, with Sad Puppies.

You see, before that the left might have suspected us of evil independent thoughts, but since we didn’t speak they could pretend Alles in Ordnung and that everyone was goostepping to their tune.  But, oh, we had to speak up and point out that “literature that upholds the Marxist viewpoint” is not precisely quality literature.  Oh, maybe for “literary fiction” which is to say “things that college professors love.”  (“Literary” in the sense of trancends its time and place and speaks to generations yet unborn, by definition can’t be decided until the generations yet unborn have a say.)  Not for, you know, stuff people read for fun, like genre literature.  For that, particularly for an award that billed itself as fan-awarded (AHAHAHAHAH!) it should be “things people like to read when they’re not virtue signaling their friends down in ye old communists biergarten, where they gather to discuss how to recover the glory days of “The Lives of Others.”

From this, Frau Butthurt, who wants to be a Comissar just like her dear Papa, decided she needed to give the “European” perspective and the “German” perspective.

Which is funny.  I mean, maybe American leftists stand around, breath baited, waiting in anxious hope for the next great pronouncement from Europe.  After all, their kill list is nothing compared to those of European leftism, and people who hate humanity must revere the millions dead at the hands of Socialism in Europe, both the National and International variety.

Maybe they sit around of a winter evening, looking into the fire and going “if only we knew the German perspective!  I mean, a country that killed over six million of its own citizens due to their ethnic and cultural traits, and an assorted mass of others for things like sexual orientation, can’t help but have great perspective on how we can do the same again, only harder and faster.

Me?  Bah.  You see, I have European relatives and know that their perspective on the US isn’t worth the soiled paper you flush down the toilet.

We are not like them.  We are something quite different.

Frau Blurtout told the massed and credulous sheep of leftism (and a few thousand Chinese robots) that we’d revealed ourselves to be as bad as some three initials, but we might still pretend we weren’t racist like another three initials.  I’m too lazy to remember the initials or even look them up, but I understand the extreme one is their neo-nazi party and the other one some form of social democrat or democrat socialist, which honestly is what passes for “right wing” in Europe.

Of course Frau Blurtout is blurting from a portion of her anatomy not usually used for speaking, and she knows jack and shit about America.  Yeah, I know she supposedly spent some time in an ivy league college in the East, squandering the money that Papa dearest extorted from the captive people of the DDR, but you know, those colleges know jack and shit about America.  They ate the effluvia of Marxism with eager, open mouths, failed to turn against it when Stalin’s sins became known, (mostly because they were SURE communism would win — so efficient, so centrally controlled — and wanted to be on the side of the victors) and are now devoted to obscuring the horrors communism (and yes, socialism, though those are hard to see because it’s mostly what’s missing not what was actively destroyed that marks the path of destruction) and ranting about Capitalism or admitting to themselves they’re craven cowards and moral horrors.  (This is probably partly why they hate humanity and happiness.  Most of all they hate themselves.)

But even if she hadn’t sojourned in the most “European-lite” part of the US, in a field dominated by her fellow travelers, Frau Comissar would still know nothing of America.  It takes a good ten years for the scales to gradually fall from the eyes, and for people to realize the US REALLY is something quite different from the old blood soaked European abattoir.

My family who is far better-intentioned than the Comissar of Vaginitude tries desperately and fails to get it.  I don’t know if they still think so, but for a while they were convinced Libertarians must be the party of religious people.  Why?  Well, they’re called “right” and right in Portugal is the party of soil and religion.  (Sighs.)

The thing all of the spectrum in Europe from communist to social democrat (or, gasp Christian democrat) can be compassed by our democrat party.  You see, they’re ALL socialist.  They have accepted socialism as the only true way to run a society.  (Have pity on them.  They transitioned from monarchies, mostly.  How can they know what to do without someone in power telling them?)  Their only quibbles are national or international, religious or atheist.  That’s all.

And then they look at us, and they hear us say we love our country, and that religious people should be allowed to practice their religions, and their little authoritarianism-addled brains fasten onto that and think we’re some kind of blood-and-soil lunatics, and so “racist, sexist, homophobic.”

They can’t grasp that our entire system is based on freedom of the individual and that what passes for “Right” here is actually howling crazy liberal in any other time or place in history.  (You have to forgive them.  What passes for Left over there is the remains of the “great families” who now call themselves socialists and rule as always, only with less regard for their subjects and fewer references to G-d.  No, I’m not joking.  Every single “son or daughter” of good families I knew was a socialist or a communist.  Because it’s the only way they could get back in power.)

But what is called right here is on the “less government” and “we don’t care what your color is or what your preferred sexual partner is,” so long as you don’t do it on my front door or disturb my pets.

Sure, there is a vanishingly small (and really, truly, crazy, but loud) segment of our population who has eaten the European right’s lies whole.  It’s like 2k people in the entire country, so a ridiculously small percentage.  Most of them are genuinely laughable.  The only person I knew (at a remove) who was in the KKK was the son of a SPANISH family of Catholics.  Yeah.  Crazier than Marxists is hard to achieve, but he was right there.

Thing is, that’s why “blood and soil” can’t take hold here.  We’re too mixed, and we move around too much.  Sure, there MIGHT be 30 families of pure English or German blood (outside of Amish communities) who have farmed the same land for 250 years and who are “blood and soil” linked to it.  But most American families have birth certificates all over the country, and marry whoever pleases them, regardless of skin color.

My friends getting their DNA examined?  Finding out they have oh, African or Asian blood?  They report it not with frustration or shame, but high amusement.  To hear a blond proclaim that they have “more than a drop of the tar” and speculating about which great grandmother got naughty or which great great grandfather changed his name, moved away and “passed” is something that would be incomprehensible in most of Europe, where race and birth place still matter a lot.  (They’re not pure race either.  The country I come from was the reservoir tip of Europe.  BUT it was more than living memory ago, and they can tell themselves pleasing lies.  At least those who are for Blood and Soil who are, arguably, somewhat saner than those who want to throw the doors open to the world and expect the result to look like their own country.)

We?  We’re not a country of blood-and-soil but a country of belief.  And our belief tends to the idea that those who dwell in peace and produce should be left in peace, to produce.  The whole of the bill of rights could be condensed to “Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff.”

We in fact don’t care what color you are or where you were born.  We do care if you are one of us.  What do I mean by that?  Fit in or fuck off.

Acculturation isn’t easy, I have talked about it on this blog often.  Like all processes of growing up, it hurts and it’s a bit like going insane.  But an European (Or Asian, or African, or for that matter Australian) who wants to become American must undergo that process to “grow” into an American.  It’s hard.  But it’s absolutely necessary.  Don’t come here and demand we print ballots in your language.  Don’t come here and bring with it your ancient hatreds and your moth-eaten prejudices.  Don’t come here and bring us your “perspective.”  Don’t tell us how they did it “back home.”  If this isn’t your home, you don’t belong here.

We’re so different from you that you can’t even see us without superimposing your expectations.

But what we are, and what we do make us not only that shining light upon the hill, but also the engine of progress in the world.  Real progress, not the vain promises of “progressives” whose system would take us back to the 1930s.  The future comes from America.  The rest of the world is just running frantically to catch up with it.

Immigrants?  Sure.  What we are and what we do attracts freedom lovers from all over the world.  And if you want to come in and work like hell to be one of us, you’re welcome.

But if you come in to make us more like the mess you left, go away.  We already have enough homegrown Americans In Name Only aka Those Who Are No Longer Our Compatriots.  They were born here, but they had their birthright stolen by an education that inculcated them with the old notions of a dying world.  Or alternately they’re such born sheep they can’t even comprehend freedom.

To them and to foreigners who would “School” us in the old ways I say “Come and get it.”  This is the nut you’ll crack your teeth on.

You see, we, the freedom lovers, have nowhere else to go.  And we’ll fight like hell to preserve this, the last, best hope of mankind.



269 thoughts on “A Shining City Upon A Hill

  1. I can see how the Blood and Soil fanatics can look at us as strange. The Eastern Orthodox Church holds its annual festival, and to us Amurricans, those who attend are all from the same region. We don’t know or care that the Serbians hate the Montenegrans, or the Greeks hate the Albanians, or whoever hates who this week. To us, they’re the same people.

    Which, I suspect among the immigrants, they’re perfectly fine with. They’re too busy making money and raising their families to deal with that deadly nonsense.

    It makes me wonder what a European would think to go to Gettysburg, watch Northerners and Southerners getting together to refight the battle, then get together afterwards for ice cream while the wives get to bitch about what they’re husbands are wasting their time on, and the kids run around and play. “Why aren’t they busy hating each other? Their civil war was not even two centuries ago!”

    1. “How, how can you get along now? The insult was so recent, and.. you ignore it?”

      “See, that’s sh*thole thinking. The thing we Left Behind. You want it, you can keep it. I think happiness work better than Eternal Grudges, yes?”

      1. I’d like to think that it fades out the more people live. I knew someone who you could say was predjudiced against blacks and a few other groups, but had good friends whom he sought out within each group. Because the group stereotype that he grew up with was what he was predjudiced against, not the individuals he met. So the group stereotype was fading and lost it’s hold in the face of actual experience.

        1. “I’d like to think that it fades out the more people live.”

          It doesn’t though. I’ve seen old, old Serbian men who’ve been in Canada their entire adult lives, and they -hate- those bastards from the next village, to this day. Hate ’em! One old geezer used to get so wound up about it I thought he’d blow a heart valve. You’d have to distract him by throwing nerf balls at his head or something. I used to have a next door neighbor who was with Rommel in North Africa. His wife still didn’t like Jews very much.

          Europe really doesn’t have a damn thing to teach us. Canadians remember the Balkan War because our guys were sent there with f- all for equipment, and stood their ground against the same rag-tag a-holes who were backing the fabulously kitted out German army, with their shiny new Leopards and etc. Because the German leadership was there to save face, not because they gave a s- how many Croats the Serbs killed.

          Or Cyprus, where our guys stayed for years and years, keeping Village A from killing Village B in their sleep, and vice-versa. I knew a guy who was there, he said he would meet very nice families in Village A who would have him and the other Canadian soldiers over for dinner and let the kids play with their helmets etc… and in the back yard would be a .50cal aimed at the houses of Village B, which was about 500 yards away across a creek. Then repeat the performance the next day in Village B.

          Who was there keeping the peace? Canadians. So stupid. Now Americans in the Middle East, same exact story. Except you can WALK from the Middle East to Europe, and it should the the Europeans that are doing the work, but they -won’t-.

          1. That still goes back to the Blood and Soil aspects though. They are caught up in it. In the US at least, if you let yourself see the individual, the stereotypes and grudges can fade out. But there are plenty here who are trying to bring that Blood and Soil back under a different guise. That is where we are having the problems.

            1. You have to give them something much, much bigger than family and history to hang on to. Just telling them, “Blood-n-soil is bad for you. Just say no,” isn’t enough.

              Religion will do it. America used to be able to do it. But the professional run-America-down crew has been awfully good at its job. Witness the Kapernick debacle. That’s where the storytellers come in, with Mrs. Hoyt’s USAians, or everyone else who reminds people that the dream of America is worth fighting for.

          2. “Europe really doesn’t have a damn thing to teach us.”
            What not to do…is unteachable or unlearnable? The best teaching comes from a really GOOD “bad example”.

          3. *snort* I’ve heard of blood feuds that were known for tearing local areas apart, and the ones who wanted to escape the insanity would go overseas – usually to the Americas – precisely because they didn’t want to die for some obscure insult that had absolutely nothing to do with them.

    2. To be fair, a lot of that Euro-hatred of the twits across the border derives from a long history of regular invasions with intent to conquer, and in the Balkans, largely due to periodic expansions of that religion of pieces.

      1. Yeah, but the Croats and Serbs hate each other’s guts, and neither group is Muslim. Same with the Romanians and Hungarians, for that matter.

        1. Still heard “Damned Croat” “Stupid Serb” up here when I was in highschool. Granted the two were best buds, and grew up a few houses apart, so it was in jest.
          side note: Step Grandpa was a Croat, his dad spoke mainly Croatian, I’m told.
          Still some Finn/Swede back and forth going on up here, too, but with all the others in the mix it is more mixed bloods teasing over a name, with the one with the “Swede” name likely more Finn than the one with the “Finn” name, and both more something else than the Scandinavian names would suggest.

          1. and on this theme of mixed up mutt Americans and “blood and soil”.
            It came here and for the most part died or muted. We mostly didn’t care and over time America has truly been the melting pot. The leftoids actively work against that. Part of that is left over from Stalin et al, who was noted for moving peoples back and forth and scattering people, but not to blend them in, but to insert fractious populations in places, relying on this to make control easier.
            We still have the after effects of this going on.

            1. Well, if the guys from Village A had raped/murdered my family or the family next door, I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled about Village A, no matter how much time had passed.

              But my kids and their kids? Or their grandkids and my grandkids? As long as we hadn’t kept up the rapine and murder, we might be able to deal with each other.

              But yeah, the Rules of War are important, because they make it a lot easier to kiss and make up.

    3. For most Americans the Eastern Orthodox Church holding its annual festival simply means a great chance to hit their bake sale for fantastic pastries, score some kebab and listen to some great live music.

      1. Maybe for the GREEK Orthodox church… 😉 But what about the Russians, the Antiochians, and all those other little hierarchies? Just teasing…

    4. Some of my best friends I’ve started out in conflict with. But during the conflict (not usually physical or at least not at that level that we were actively trying to hospitalize the other person) we found something in the other person we respected and eventually became friends.

  2. The problem with “shining cities on hills” is that it takes a heap o’ work to keep them polished.

        1. When faced with nasty stains caused by Vandal blood splatter, we just invent the pressure washer.

  3. o/` Deutschland, unter Alles… o/`

    Perhaps I should go read Die Frau… and start writing (perhaps the world’s un-funniest) joke book.

    Nah. Have better things to do with my time, like floss the trees in the front yard. ♉

    1. She’s a real treat, that Frau Butthurt. Whenever I read her name, I hear the horses whinnying like they do in Young Frankenstein at every mention of Frau Blucher…

  4. America is unique. Even here in Canada, next door neighbors, there are massive differences. I once joked to a fellow Canadian in all seriousness that our CONSERVATIVE party was equivalent to the Democrat party (this was a few years ago and just before Obama had the party show their true colours). The look of shock and dismay was interesting.
    You see, I do tend to pay attention to what’s going on around just me. I am rather surprised when others don’t. Of course I am a little ODD, and I have to remember that.

      1. Told another person that Harper was too socialist for me. Their head almost exploded….
        Mind you, the typical people I have talked to here in Toronto are European leftists. One guy actually told me that he was willing to pay higher taxes because more stuff given out by the government. I almost went into vapor lock over that one.

          1. He’s a European socialist. He doesn’t have his own money. That’s why he needs yours. ~:D

          2. This reminds me of when Billy Jeff Clinton told a crowd of minds full of mush college students that we could cut your taxes but you might not spend their money right.

            Because government is so widely recognized for its prudent management of spending.

            1. Heck, the Fed sucks at accounting too… they’ve moved from being unable to account for billions to unable to account for trillions.

              Apparently the GAO has no functional oversight. Some of the “missing” money was first noticed *decades* ago, and still hasn’t been found.

                1. Pallets of cash on airplanes flying to foreign capitals on overnight flight plans…

                2. Yeah, but they’re still supposed to concoct a plausible scenario for what happened to the money, even if it’s a pack of lies.

                  Sitting there and shrugging and getting away with it shows how much power you have, but it also shows the GAO ia toothless shell; if they can’t/won’t do their job, they need a thorough application of the cattle prod, then they need to be fired and the agency disbanded.

        1. > Told another person that Harper was too socialist for me.
          > Their head almost exploded….

          I’ve been known to assert that Rush Limbaugh was too progressive for my tastes.

          1. I certainly am not impressed with Trump’s credentials on Xenophobia, etc…

            1. Mmm. I’m not so sure Trump is xenophobic. More like doesn’t give a damn unless there’s a good business reasons for it.

              1. No, I’m criticizing him for not being xenophobic enough. Or at least saying that I can do so. He’s a New Yorker and very comfortable with a lot of the immigrant communities there.

                There are defensible positions that are much more extreme on illegal immigration than he is, whatever his actual position really is.

                1. No, it isn’t that Trump is or is not xenophobic — it is his crazy attitude that people should follow the law, regardless of circumstances or position or connection. Good lord! What would happen to this country if the law didn’t get bent all out of shape to conform to somebody’s notions of what fairness and justice ought be?

                  The next step might even be for government bureaucracies to follow legislation rather than “implement” it!

        2. That’s how most rural Albertans saw him, just a slower moving socialist than the ones running the Liberals and NDP.

          1. Montrealer to Vancouverite here, and I very much agree.

            Far too left wing for my tastes.

    1. Canadians usually don’t get just how different the USA is. I lived there for ten years, and I didn’t really get it for the first four. It took a long time to appreciate.

      One thing I can tell one and all right off the bat, everything you see and hear in the media about the USA (or about Canada for that matter) is horse-puckey. TV shows, movies, news stories, its all BS. Sometimes by accident, sometimes deliberately.

      Canadian media is worse in that regard than the US media. Canadian media is one long snowjob. It takes a couple of years being in another country to understand just how false all our public media really is. Painting Stephen Harper as a Right Winger for example is hysterically funny after you talk to somebody who is actually on the Right Wing in another country.

        1. In my defense, its cold out today and the leaves haven’t finished coming out on the trees. However I have had to cut the lawn twice in the last week, so it must be Spring. 😡

          1. I’m actually confused. It was 80 yesterday, 60 today, and it’s going to be 40 tomorrow. Um, Mother Nature Dude, it’s like spring here, right? Shouldn’t the temps be going the other way?

              1. I really shouldn’t complain. I’ve got less than a month here then it’s going to be high 80’s, higher humidity, and just for the insult factor, higher taxes.

                1. Yeah, we’ve gone Hot cold hot cold too. we’ve trended from 20 below normal to 20 over. from one day to the next it seems. Of course, I have been working with something that normally freezes at 65f-70f and this batch is off, and freezes at 85 or so so the warm isn’t going to come back until I am well finished.. And they keep the door open at work because getting a door opener fixed is a 3 year, multi-million dollar effort, or some-such. so in a 20 minute break in packaging product, I acquired a frozen pump and lines and needed to break out the heat gun to speed it along.

                  1. I’m honestly curious to see if the mini-ice age I’ve seen predicted starts this year or next and what impact it has.

                    Three years to fix a door?! Based on the rest of your comment my first guess, that you work for Government doesn’t seem right.

                    Yah, I’m going to stick with my computer job. When I feel the need to do mechanical things I can always work on guns. As long as it’s all back together before the next range day it’s good. 🙂

                    1. At least we’ve missed some of the chances for it to be one of Kratman’s futures, hopefully.

                    2. It ain’t a gov’t job, but we do gov’t contracting. And our computer guys are all mad, one is retiring early and the other, while staying on, is going to be doing less locally.
                      One of the reasons they gave when closing the Texas plant was we were “inefficient” because everything was done by manual labor, from making to packaging. we had 6 guys working on that stuff (4 day shift, 2 second shift) making and dropping as needed.
                      So, the Wisconsin plant has more automation, filling lines and stations etc.
                      So they’re much faster, right?
                      Nope. currently they have 2 filling, and 4 blending, though one blender doesn’t do anything but hold a chair from floating away and telling everyone what they are doing that day so 2 and 3 in reality, one of the 3 does filling from time to time. Second has 2 fillers, and 2 blenders, third shift has one blender, and 2 fillers.
                      Lets take a batch of 10,500 gallons (please) . . . if our crew in Texas had to make one, they came in at 5am, and the guy working that tank would grab the sheet, check the ingredients, start filling the tank with water, The driver of the day fed him ingredients as he asked for them, and when he left at 2:30pm the batch would be done, and possibly in the packing stage, if in large packages (275 gallon or 330 gallon) or 55 gallon drums, second shift would finish dropping it, clean the tank, and be done well before midnight. Although they made a mixing change and added 5 hours mix time to that so no one was around for it to be fully cleared for second shift if it was a highly technical batch. But the less techy ones the second crew might run some checks and start packing it out. 3 guys, sometimes 4, 1 work day maybe, 1 and a partial at most, and the driver is driving for other workers at the same time who were working on other tanks either making or packing.
                      The same product here is allotted 70 hours of work time for two guys per shift, we run 3 shifts. If everything goes right, they can cut 20 hours off that, but usually it runs them 55-60 hours to make it. 6 guys working almost 3 days, for one batch vs 1 guy with help that was helping others as well in a day. I once made a batch like that in 6 hours by using a few tricks and penciling in some of the checks for ISO reasons.
                      Also, say you needed 20,000 gallons of those batches, and needed it ASAP . . . in Texas, the one guy would be doing a 10.000 gallon batch, and 2 other would be making 5,000 each in smaller tanks if they were empty. Then, if a real emergency I would move over to pack out one of those if needs be, but often not needed, so all 20,000 would be made and dropped in a day. To do 20,000 here is twice as long as 10,000 even if two tanks are empty at the start. We only have one blend station . . . and they can only pack out one tank at a time as well, and there is only one bulk packing station, so packing takes far longer too. And if you had 3 different types of goods needing to be put in 275 gallon totes or 55 gallon drums, one at a time only, and at the cross over to each type you will lose 15 to 20 gallons of product too. They wanted me to use the same method! When I toured before moving: Me- “How do I clean out the lines?”
                      they explained running product through until it runs clear.
                      Me- :I have stuff that will ruin other stuff with only a small amount.”
                      they say it works okay, so they figured it would possibly work for me
                      Me- “You know, I got stuff that sells for $30 a pound. I’d need to throw out thousands of dollars per batch.”
                      they decided that wouldn’t work
                      They also never made it easier to clean the lines.
                      so far this year, they have had only 3 saturdays off, and have worked 5 sundays as well. They were supposed to work the sunday of the blizzard but we got closed down, and got that monday off as well.

                      Earlier this year I commented that if there are 3 ways to do something, they’d take the worst one and go with that. My engineer said no, they’d take the worst parts of all three, make a 4th, totally unworkable method, and try to get that to work for far too long before maybe going with the worst of the 3 workable methods.
                      I’m fairly sure both of us would never have moved up here, me to keep my job and him to start one, if we knew just how stupid things were here.
                      The latest “merger” has done little to improve things.

                      sorry. went of on a rant again.

                    3. Sarah:The Last Centurion. Man. Did it have to be John Ringo who picked the future?

                      BobtheRegisterredFool:At least we’ve missed some of the chances for it to be one of Kratman’s futures, hopefully.

                      Don’t jinx us!

                      And there’s Ringo futures, and then there’s Ringo futures…

                    4. Oh, geeze, the Krautmann Caliphate future is the one that I SO do not want.
                      I loved traveling though Europe, seeing those castles, cathedrals, museums and city markets and all…

                    5. Kratman can always do a rush job finishing Drake’s Jane Fonda outline, so we aren’t in danger of running out.

                    6. Yeah, also don’t want Kratman future. I gotta admit he does dystopia well, but I really don’t want to live in the US of Caliphate.

                    7. My brother-in-law is/will-about-to-be-was going through something like that. He had a job that he liked, but the company got bought by Huge Corporate Outfit, and life sucked. He quit and joined a small company. Worked his tail off, and enjoyed it.

                      Until they sold out to a European company. They decided that the outlying office my BIL works at must conform to European time, even for relatively unimportant meetings. I’ve been near there; it’s not hard to organize video conferences that don’t kill schedules. However, these dolts are playing the “We bought your company, bow to our whims”.

                      To add more insult, they demoted him. Still the same number of reports, and they’re adding to his workload. They were shocked to hear him give notice. (6 months, due to draconian contract, minus lots of accrued vacation.)

                      I’ve heard a couple of rants, and the management of that outfit should be on the wrong end of a hellfire missile. (Picky shit, like the Euroengineer being told that using part X won’t work. Euro spent a week “to save money”, and discovered to his shock, X won’t work. My BIL’s fault, donchknow?) Knowing what my BIL accomplished in the industry, after he’s gone, the Euroslime will discover that their competitors will be far ahead. Don’t know if he’s going to retire or switch companies, but I’ve a pretty good idea that in either case the European company is going to suffer a bout of “Bad Luck”. Unexpectedly!

                    8. An interesting question arises: in North America, people are pretty job mobile (IIRC the avg time in a given job is on the order of 5 years). What is it like in Europe?

                    9. Sarah, John even said in like March, “Of all my books to be in why is it this one?”

                    10. Personally I’m thinking Dallas next year when my current contract ends. Even if it does get cold it probably won’t be much worse than what I’m already used to.

                      Didn’t Kratman’s Caliphate series actually take place on another planet that was found through a wormhole? (Though Earth was in pretty piss poor shape as well).

                    11. You’re thinking about Kratman’s Terra Nova (Legion of el Cid?) novels.

                    12. I thought it was Legio del Cid? Been a while since I’ve read any. Anyway, the Patrick Hennesey(sp?)/Carrera books take place on the far future world of Terra Nova, which was originally designed as a way to use a contemporary setting without explicitly doing so.

                      Caliphate takes place on a future Earth, with no relation to the Earth of the Carrera books. Caliphate has Patrick Buckman as backstory antagonist.

                2. Eh, in the past 3-4 weeks, it’s gone from nearly having overnight frost and highs in the 40s to hitting 90 a couple of times in the past two weeks.

  5. Ooooo! SOMEBODY woke up extra snarky,

    That said,

    “What passes for Left over there is the remains of the “great families” who now call themselves socialists and rule as always, only with less regard for their subjects and fewer references to G-d.”

    I think one of the indications that academia has shed the parasites will be when history departments finally notice that at least half the Victorian handwringing about how awful the industrial revolution was, was done by people belonging to or affiliated with the landed classes…who were hemorrhaging money and prestige to the new industrialists. I may not live to see it, but I have hope.

    1. The funny thing is, they do notice it without understanding the implications. Because they (and literature professors) talk about how the landed class hates the new money class and exclude them. So they can talk about it in a class sense but not extend it to “oh, wait, these people we’re decrying for their class predjudice are the ones we’re believing about everything else.”

      1. They fail to make the connection from the landed classes whining “The Peasants are revolting! They should keep their place!” and the waves of “Look how bad the workers have it in the factories” twaddle written by largely the same classes.

        But we knew Leftists weren’t all that bright.

        1. If they were bright they wouldn’t be Leftists.

          Sarah: If you’re still looking for cozy mysteries, I recommend the Miss Seeton series.

  6. Well said, Sarah. I know from experience that you’re exactly right. I remember quite a few years ago, sitting outside a taverna on the Greek island of Karpathos, being harangued by some young Greek guys about how horrible the US was. I waited till there was a lull in their spewing and then said, “You know what? No one in the US cares what you think about us. IT just doesn’t matter to us.” They got stunned looks on their faces–they really wanted me (and I guess by extension, the US) to be upset or mortified by their ranting. To be told that no one was bothering to even pay attention to them was kind of crushing to them.

    1. P. J. O’Rourke has a little rant, that I can’t reproduce but goes something like this: we are a stunning 20 year old woman. They are a pimply 13 year old boy. They love us and hate us, and think about us all the time, and can’t understand we never even NOTICE them.

      1. The late (damnit!) Tom Wolfe observed that the Lefties in art and literature (and I would say in general, but this is HIS observation) act like sweaty little Colonials trying to be as hip as the Progressive establishment in Europe. I think both O’Rourke and Wolfe are on to something. The Progs in Europe want Americans in general to pay attention to Europe’s ‘superior’ culture and all they get is a clique of like minded twits who are mattering less and less….

        1. There’s nothing more provincial than trying to ape the manners of the supposed cosmopolitans.

          1. Not that the Cosmopolitan is very apt in design and form: It’s a tall pinkish drink that looks it would be sweet, but it is really a sour.

            (Btw: It’s now World Whisk[e]y Day. Mark it as you see fit.)

      2. It occurs to me that perhaps they are more like a 50 year old woman who was once a stunning 20 year old, who was rich and powerful, but through high living and dissipation has lost her beauty and is jealous of her beautiful daughter.

    2. Of course, the inevitable reaction of Leftists here and overseas is “you will be made to care.” And they’ve proven they don’t have many limits on how they get our attention.

        1. Yup. There are numerous places around the world that could testify to the questionable “benefits” of getting our attention.

  7. “Blood and soil” nationalism is something I understand intellectually, and at times can sympathize with. It’s 1810, the French army marches in to your village in the Tyrol and says “We’re here to overthrow your feudal overlord!” Yeah! No more icky petty lord with his mill-rights and blocking your timber harvest. “We’re closing your churches because there is no god and using them as stables, you are going to pay us for liberating you, and here’s your new law-code. We will be starting a school and teaching everyone French because France is perfect.”

    Amazing how good the Habsburgs suddenly look. That sort of thing I can absolutely understand. The other stuff? Yeah, I can see how it works on an intellectual level, but the rest of me goes, “Nope, no way, that has more holes than a doughnut factory.”

    1. My parents refer to the kids as “mixed.” Technically, they are. Mediterranean and Northern European. Amerindian and African in there too. But that’s not what they mean. They mean they’re not pure Portuguese. And they can’t understand why I laugh.

      1. There’s a good deal in my family about pure Norwegians but its overwhelmingly all in good fun. The difference, I suppose, between feeling like everyone should be a bit parochial and preferential about their own heritage and with thinking that everyone else should be ashamed they don’t share yours.

        Like… inter-service rivalries. The Air Force can shit talk the Marines can scoff at the Army can make jokes about the Navy… but if the other guy *agreed* with you? That would be just wrong.

        1. My dad was theoretically “pure” Polish—both his parents were Polish, though they met and married in America. So when I got a genetic test done (I know, I know, they’re not really that accurate), it should have had close to 50% Eastern European, right? Nope. Barely above 25%. Which rates no more than a shrug and “well, my cousin who went to Poland couldn’t find our ancestors before the Napoleonic Wars, so there’s a good chance that the last name actually did start out French.” (The largest component was French/Germanic, which would come from my mom’s side, but wouldn’t be in the least bit surprising if there were a hefty dose via my dad because the borders *did* shift a lot, and Poland hasn’t existed more than it has existed in the last two centuries.)

          1. I had a great aunt (by marriage) in California (she’s been dead for some time) who would now be considered Mexican-American because her ancestors lived in California long before California became part of the US.

            Well, she would have rejected the Mexican-American label and would have “boasted” that she was Spanish while “forgetting” that one of her ancestors was a non-Spanish European. 😆

            1. In the ’60s, some La Raza types got run out of northern New Mexico villages because the Hispanos didn’t want “Mexicans” trying to stir up trouble. Apparently there are Hispanos, Hispanics, and [censored] Mexicans if you are of a Certain Age.

        1. Actually, my fiance amusingly ended up being pure-blooded Italian. She’s second generation (or whatever the term is for when all your grandparents are immigrants), but somehow no dilution happened (she was something like 98% Italian). She took the DNA test to see what interesting ancestry she had, and her reaction was just kind of “Oh, well that’s boring.”

          Of course, a few days later she decided it would be funny to start raving about her pure-blood like she was a character out of Harry Potter. And to be fair, she IS an excellent cook 😀

          1. I already know everything significant about my ancestors: they’re all dead. They can do just as much to help or hinder me now as water downstream of the race can affect a millwheel.

  8. Socialism is strictly incompatible with American freedom. What the government provides, the government controls; what the government does not control, it will prohibit.

        1. I was thinking of Minnesota Senate Candidate Richard Painter, for whom single payer health care and cheap university education are so desirable that he would take us forward to the past where he could be arrested, imprisoned, convicted by legislative act, and hung for treason for speaking against President Trump. Such monumental ignorance ought to disqualify him entirely from government office.

          1. Richard Painter? He’s a law professor, so ignorance is an occupational hazard absent regular injections of libertarian/conservative thought.

            But if we’re going to have ignorance bar someone from government office the Senate is going to be short sixty or more senators and the House will be down to about three dozen members. I think we’d have to fill two or three Supreme Court seats, too.

            1. I fail to see the downside. Provided there were a reliable way to replace them with those less ignorant and more principled, that is.

          2. On the contrary; such fools are best placed in (carefully emasculated) high office where they can be watched… and are not mucking up something serious like industry.

            The problem being that we keep allowing them to gather power.

      1. “How can your kind exist here?”
        “You have Socialists and Communists and such, don’t you?”
        “Uh, yes.”
        “Well, if they can be here, we can be here. Their mythology is even unlikelier than ours, but here they are.”

      2. I’m reading articles about China’s global ambitions. But I’m also sort of aware that China’s economy is a lot more frail than it appears. I’m hoping that the latter ends up dealing with the former before something with “lots of little arrows on the maps” happens.

        1. The thing that constantly bumfoozles me is the degree to which people just ACCEPT economic reports from totalitarian nations without question.

          Who the hell knows what China’s economy is like? Certainly not people whotake the numbers reported by the Chinese government seriously. And, when you get right down to it, probably not the people in the Chinese government who put out those reports.

          1. If we know that the US’s numbers are going to be “adjusted” in a month or two, why the heck should we believe China, or Russia, or Pakistan?

            “But that’s different!”
            Yeah, right. And I’m Shere Khan’s long lost twin.

          2. Oh lordy, it ain’t just the economic reporting! Our MSM repeats Cuban health care statistics as if they were more reliable than the Trump Administrations. And the NY Times recently featured an OpEd showing they’ve learned nothing from Eason Jordan’s admission about relaying Saddam’s “news” without scare quotes and they are now pushing Hamas’ propaganda unedited for fear that Hamas will punish Times news sources in the territories.

            Got news for you, bubulah, if you cannot run uncensored reporting you have no news sources, you have only hostages. A legitimate news outlet would withdraw from any reporting (beyond the relaying of “news” as “this is the propaganda the corrupt government there wants you to have.”) Selling such crap as “All the news that’s fit to print” is probably not false advertising, per se, given a proper understanding of what is fit to print, but it is indubitably misleading.

            1. I’ve read analyses that compare China’s situation with Japan’s, circa 1930s. The analyst thinks it’s going to be painful for all parties, but disastrous for China. I look at our location, and we’re steadily doing what we can. We’d avoid the noisy part of any conflict, but surviving the aftermath is the trick. We do our best to get ready just in case.

              1. I’m ok with that. China going sideways might stop the massive flow of money into my area (Vancouver) and pop the housing bubble.

        2. China’s problem is what to do with all the extra MEN. They have way to many and it is going to cause lots of problems.
          BTW: Worst case: What if they just built some ships, filled them with people mostly men and crashed them on our shores. Hundreds of ships.
          Or had them coming across the southern border. What would the Libs DO? What would be DONE? While China sits back and smiles.

          1. I had an adult tell me back in the 90s that China’s One Child policy was going to end in war. The pressure cooker hasn’t gotten quite that bad yet—the importing of brides from nearby countries has taken some of the heat off—but it’s still not a great situation.

            1. The importing of brides from nearby countries that also have a male surplus.

              In the wikipedia page on list of countries by sex ratios there’s only a handful of countries where in the crucial age range of 15-24 are there more females than male. (Most of which I wouldn’t visit.) The male-female ratio in China a few neighboring countries: China-1.14-1, India 1.13-1, Vietnam 1.08-1. Even the U.S in that age range is 1.05-1. And I wonder how much of that is due to recent immigrants practicing sex selection… The US Virgin Islands is a place I would visit where the difference goes the other way. Big time. .82-1. Because the males flee the islands looking for work.

            2. There’s also the reportedly widespread practice of the wily peasantry successfully hiding the girl children from the bumbling (or susceptible to bribery, or both) party enforcers out in the sticks.

              Harder to manage in the cities, but even there the “visiting cousin” approach was apparently popular.

            3. Apparently India is now starting to experience the same thing, not due to government policy but to easy access to abortion and the ability to know the sex of a baby before birth. Boys earn money, girls don’t have only boys. Now they are on the path to also having far more men than women. Not a good situation.

              1. Some parts of India have banned pre-natal ultrasounds because the families decided that 2000 Rupees for an abortion was a lot better than 250,000 Rupees and more for a dowry.

          2. Well, most countries have a surplus of women. i.e. there are more women than there are men at any age demographic; and usually lots more in the retired age brackets. Now the question is, anyone want a nice young Chinese man, and are there any nice young Chinese men looking for nice gals?

          3. I’ve seen similar proposals about India; just do a human-wave invasion of Australia, squat, and take it over by default. All that EMPTY LAND, just crying for settlement!

            What they seem blind to (like the European countries that look longingly at Russia) is that most of Australia is uninhabitable, which is why it’s not already full of Australians.

        3. I explain to folks that China is doing pretty much the same financial stuff that Japan did back in the 80’s, and that bubble will pop shortly.
          And we’ll probably see a rerun of the warring states once again.

          1. I seem to recall South Korea riding that bus, too, with awkwardly close relationships between conglomerates, banks and government. Not as bad as Japan’s and China’s finances, but SK has less margin for shenanigans and has to catch it more quickly.

          2. Some other variations. Finance a marine port in a poor country, easy terms, China will provide the workers, and you have to let the families stay, too. Then when the poor country finds it can’t pay for the shiny new port, there’s an instant colony, cum naval base. These seem to be happening in some curiously strategic locations, too.

            1. Which will bite them in the bottom, if they try it in too many places.
              For one, the Chinese aren’t all that popular in the nations they are trying to colonize (excepting the bribed government people).
              The current deal is pretty sweet- a few easy bribes, a road here or there, and they get the resources of the country for pennies on the dollar.
              But, push the colonization thing too hard, and you have to spend lots and lots of money (and blood, lots of your own) to try to hang on to the place.

              1. I keep remembering the phrase: “The Greater East-Asia Co-prosperity Sphere”. That worked out well for Japan, for a while…

      3. That, too, but that could be because the fabian-type socialists have to lie in order to bamboozle voters into approving their programs in the first place.

  9. Does anybody have a line on how the Italians are doing these days? I don’t stumble across much about them, which makes me suspect that they aren’t fitting into the prevailing narratives and that makes me curious.

    I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since an Italian gentleman told me that the reason they elected a porn star (Ilona Staller aka Cicciolina) to their senate was that they felt that if their senate wasn’t going to be useful (and it wasn’t) it could at least be entertaining.

    1. Last I’d heard, the Italians were annoyed with Merkel’s immigrant push because Italy was the landing point for most of the “refugees”.

      1. I have vague recollections of Berlusconi regaining sway but falling short of retaking power … perhaps it was a follower of his? The general sense was that Italy was sliding rightward but less dramatically (traumatically?) than Austria, France and other Europeans, perhaps because Italy had never been quite so fashionably Socialist — or simply not as influential — as the more prominent Euros.

        It is amazing what a gross influx of unemployable refugees will do to a polity.

        Our problem, of course, is the filters in place for receiving news from the Continent. The base assumptions of what “Centre-Right” constitutes are representative of George Bernard Shaw’s quip about “England and America are two countries divided by a common language.” A selection of headlines from the Financial Times offers some light, although I cannot define how it is tinted:

        MAY 18, 2018

        Analysis Italian election
        Why Italy matters so much to Europe
        Five Star and League strike deal to govern country that feeds eurozone instability
        AN HOUR AGO

        Person in the News James Politi
        Matteo Salvini, a populist on the verge of power
        The leader of Italy’s League party has prospered by attacking Brussels rather than Rome
        3 HOURS AGO

        Italian politics
        Italian bonds hit further amid heavy trading
        10-year yield rises 11.6 basis points to a seven-month high
        3 HOURS AGO

        Manlio Di Stefano
        Five Star’s programme will reflect the profound changes in Italy
        From Manlio Di Stefano, Five Star Movement MP, Rome, Italy — Friday’s most read letter
        4 HOURS AGO

        Italian politics
        Five Star and League strike Italy government deal
        Platform tones down some Eurosceptic rhetoric but steps up curbs on migration

        Italian politics
        Italian bonds hit seven-month low on political deal
        Heavy trading volumes in market sell-off as populist parties outline agenda

        Italian politics
        Five Star and League agree governing contract for Italy
        Some controversial elements from previous drafts have been removed

        FTfm John Dizard
        March of Italy’s mini-BoTs may split the euro
        Note-like bonds will potentially help crooks, cheat taxpayers and widen country’s divide

        MAY 17, 2018

        Analysis Italian politics
        Italy’s Byzantine system threatens populist vision
        Di Maio and Salvini will face infighting, institutional curbs and bureaucratic inertia

        Market dashboard
        Italian stocks continue to shine despite political angst
        Weakness confined to banks, with FTSE MIB the best-performing eurozone equity market of 2018

        MAY 16, 2018

        Italian politics
        Italian populist parties accuse markets of ‘blackmail’
        Sharp sell-off follows Five Star/League call for ‘pre-Maastricht setting’

        Italian politics
        Italian bond sell-off worsens amid political tension
        10-year yield rises 17 basis points amid investor worries over coalition talks

        Italian politics
        Italy populists stir markets with pre-euro nostalgia
        Investors retreat from debt after Five Star and League hark back to era before EU fiscal rules

        Instant Insight Tony Barber
        Italian proposals would blow the eurozone apart
        Assumptions that the parties’ bark would be worse than their bite are misplaced

        Italian politics
        League/Five Star want return to ‘pre-Maastricht’ era
        Leak of draft deal shows Italian populist parties sought path out of euro


  10. You do that. Keep America. People like me may never get there, and there is not much hope we could change anything much here, not during my lifetime, probably not during the lifetimes of a generation or two or three – it’s maybe barely possible the blood and soil part of the populations can gather enough support from those who aren’t but realize they are getting hurt by the current invasion that that gets stopped, and maybe the worst parts of it even thrown out (or that reaction goes overboard and straight to jackboots, which is also possible) but as to gaining actual freedom here… no. Will not happen.

    But as long as you have it, preferably stronger than what you are hanging on to now so those who want it can point “That! Look and learn! That is GOOD” there is hope that it might happen some day here too. And elsewhere (you might get screwed fast if China some day gets it, but that’s life 😛 )

    And if you lose there at least try to create something like the Usaian tradition, and maybe the eagle can still rise again.

  11. A big thing that makes Americans different from just about every other nationality is the belief that *anyone* can be an American. It’s the beliefs that make you an American, not where you were born. There are of course legal formalities, but what counts, what really makes American society work, is the beliefs that people have about themselves, their neighbors, and their obligations to strangers — which consists mainly of leaving them alone.

    You don’t have that anywhere else.

    1. Exactly. We aren’t an ethnic nation, we are a creedal, or notional, nation. If you fully subscribe to our foundational principles, you’re an American. Maybe not legally, but we recognize our own. Which is why an increasing number of us are realizing that TWANLOC are no longer truly American.

    2. It’s the beliefs that make you an American, not where you were born.

      To quote a recent occupant of the Oval Office, “That’s not who we are.”

      We may be a creedal country but there is significant difference of opinion just what that creed might be.

      1. Not quite, I don’t think. We agree that we’re a creedal country, but TWANLOC overtly refuses that concept. For them, group identity is all, and willingness to be told what to do. Creed has little or nothing to do with it, unless you consider their insistence that they are the only ones allowed to have power to be a religious belief.

    3. It’s why I prefer keeping “The Star Spangled Banner” as the national anthem as opposed to “America the Beautiful.” The first is a statement of creed while the second extols the beauty of the land.

      (Pro tip for being able to sing the national anthem: Start it lower than you think you should. Most songs start near the middle of the range they encompass, so that’s the instinct, but “To Anacreon in Heaven” starts near the low end of its range.)

      1. I was over fifty before I found out there were four verses to the National Anthem. We had to stand up and recite the Pledge every day, but they only taught us 3/4 of the National Anthem.

        And the guy who clued me in to the missing verse was born in Russia…

      2. “My Country, ’tis of thee” would be better.

        Unfortunately, the tune is taken.

      3. Or have a coloratura range. That works remarkably well. Until someone gets the bright idea to start it below middle C.

  12. “I might start featuring an excerpt of her “wisdom” on Instapundit every night, to make people laugh.”

    You should definitely do that. I have to tell you, Sarah, every time you link me on Instapundit I get several thousand hits. Every time China Mike links me, or scrapes one of my comments from here or MGC, I get no measurable increase in traffic. Like, nothing.

    They could stand a little sunlight.

    1. I know it’s a cliche and all, but no, sunshine is not the best disinfectant.

      Betadine works a LOT better.

      1. Willie-Pete has a certain entertainment value in addition to the disinfecting power.

      2. Well, depends on the sunshine. The stuff the USAF delivers in a can would disinfect things pretty damned well.

  13. I’m sortof aware of one of the anti-immigrant political parties in Germany. The problem when reading about tyem is trying to decipher how much of the claims of “Nazis!” to take seriously. The founder of the party really has done some stupid stuff, but the problem is trying to figure out how much the media is actually reporting it straight.

    And then, of course, there’s the problem of what the party’s supporters think they’re voting for. Small parties tend to have voters that are more engaged ( they’re not taking the easy vote path), which means even if the worst claims against the party’s founder were true, would his supporters support those beliefs if he tried to act on them?

      1. I’ve been considering doing a list of “decently honest sources for German news” this summer, when I have more time to crawl the web. The Gatestone Institute is always a good starting place, but there are more and more English-language “Here’s what’s really going on” sites popping up.

        1. One site I read which links to many European sources outside of their rsbid left MSM is Gates of Vienna, though it does have a clearly articulated hostility to their muslim invaders.
          Another is Sultan Knish (Daniel Greenberg), who has s good list of blogs linked, as well as good, well written atticles.

        2. “Decently honest sources of … news”

          Would this be me of those gag “blank book” punchlines?

    1. The founder of the party really has done some stupid stuff …

      Of course, no Left-wing politicians ever do stupid stuff cough*Corbyn*cough cough*Open Borders*cough cough*it isn’t rape if we don’t report it as rape*cough.

      1. When you’re a politician in Germany, there’s “stupid”, and then there’s “put people in mind of Nazis stupid”. And if I remember correctly, the accusations against the party in question weren’t purely the result of “He hates immigrants, so he’s a Nazi!” hysteria.

        1. The problem is … when you declare certain positions the only possible responsible stances then the only people putting forth alternate options will be those who are irresponsible. Suppressing “bad” ideas merely means that “bad” people will express them.

          Or, as we say in America: “You want more Trump? ‘Cause that’s how you get more Trump.”

          1. Case in point:

            On the BBC, one man just showed anti-Israel Britons why Israel sustains
            by Tom Rogan
            On the BBC’s flagship political debate show “Question Time” on Thursday night, one man stood up for Israel’s defense of its territory in the clashes with Palestinian protesters and terrorists earlier this week.

            Unfortunately, the panel was biased against Israel in its entirety. Panelist Aditya Chakrabortty called for suspending all arms sales to Israel because those weapons are being used “for the sake of internal repression.” The Conservative government minister on the panel, Dominic Raab, declared that the Israeli response was “deeply, deeply troubling” and involved a “totally disproportionate use of force.” Raab even suggested that “sanctions” might need to follow.

            The audience was similarly inclined and offered an array of comments condemning presumed Israeli theft of Palestinian land and completely ignoring the evidenced role of Hamas and other terrorist groups in fomenting, leading, and weaponizing the protests.

            But then, one man spoke up and explained why the Israelis were in an impossible tactical position in terms of protecting their territory while avoiding civilian casualties. He was repeatedly interrupted by members of the audience. But instead of yielding to the mob, the man turned to one of his interrupters and stated, “This is not a Momentum meeting here, everybody can think [for themselves].” Outnumbered, he went eye-to-eye with the crowd in a style of which the Mossad would be proud.

            Seeing as Momentum is the core base for Jeremy Corbyn’s now fanatically left-wing Labour Party, the man’s words were a clever rebuke to the predominant anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attitudes which now define the British Left.

            Yet, the operative point here is simple: Israel survives because its citizens and their supporters have the resolution to stand up for themselves in a world which largely despises them.
            — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

            Links embedded in original.

            When only “responsible” voices are allowed you are not engaged in debate or discussion, you are engaged in a mob.

            1. Further, via Power Line:

              A BLAST OF TRUTH
              I have the honour to take the floor on behalf of United Nations Watch.

              I commanded British troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland, and served with NATO and the United Nations. I have come straight from the Gaza front line to share my assessment.

              Based on what I observed, I can say that everything we just heard here is a complete distortion of the truth.

              The truth is that Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews everywhere, deliberately caused over 60 of its own people to get killed.

              They sent thousands of civilians to the front line — as human shields for terrorists trying to break through the border.

              Hamas’s goal, in their own words, was “blood… in the path of Jihad.”

              I ask every country in this Council: You have all been telling us that Israel should have reacted differently. But how would you respond if a Jihadist terror group sent thousands to flood your borders, and gunmen to massacre your communities?

              Your failure to admit that Hamas is responsible for every drop of blood spilt on the Gaza border encourages their violence and use of human shields. It makes you complicit in further bloodshed.

              If Israel had allowed these mobs to break through the fence, the IDF would then have been forced to defend their own civilians from slaughter and many more Palestinians would have been killed.

              Israel’s actions therefore saved lives of Gazans; and if this Council really cared about human rights, it should commend the Israel Defence Force for that, not condemn them on the basis of lies.


              MEMRI ✔ @MEMRIReports
              Hamas Leader In Gaza Yahya Sinwar: Our People Took Off Their Military Uniforms And Joined The Marches; They Have Imposed Their Agenda Upon The Whole World; We Decided To Turn The Bodies Of Our Women And Children Into A Dam Blocking Arab Collapse

              1. But how would you respond if a Jihadist terror group sent thousands to flood your borders
                Ummmm, let them in and give them welfare? And then warn everyone not to make the rapists and murderers just let in mad by saying they were rapists and murderers?

          2. Mark Steyn: “When the political culture forbids respectable politicians from discussing certain issues, the voters will turn to disrespectable politicians.”

    2. This may not apply to Germany, but here in the US, when someone (particularly in the Media) screams Nazi, they are usually full of sh!t and probably wouldn’t know a Nazi if he jackbooted them in the neck. What they usually mean by the term is “Person who different from me politically, whom I am unable to intelligently debate”.

      Maybe they are better at correctly identifying actual Nazis in Germany, but I sure wouldn’t want to lay any money on it.

      1. There are actual neo-nazis in Germany. They have to be careful to avoid running afoul of the law, but they do exist. So far as I can tell (and I freely admit that I might be wildly off-base), most of them are looking back on the past with rose-tinted glasses, and picking a philosophy from a moment when Germany was a world power (and it’s easy to forget that Germany has only been united for a very short period of time).

        1. Yea, there are neo-nazis here in the US too. They don’t have to be careful of the law because of it because in the US, we have a constitution that protects people’s rights to be chuckle-heads. A number of them end up in jail anyway, because the kind of people who self-select to being neo-nazis are the same kind of people who are likely to commit crimes, and are too stupid to get away with it. They probably use the same “rose colored glasses” merchants.

          1. This is something that hate speech laws tend to do actually. In the USA there’s freedom of speech so there’s no restrictions on what you say. This means you can get away with almost anything that’s not skirting the law.
            With hate speech laws it self selects the troglodytes for the smart ones that figure out how to skirt the law to get away with spreading their poisonous bilge. Except for the cannon fodder which don’t care much about that except for bashing heads. Their leaders on the other hand tend to slink in the shadows spreading their hate carefully.

            1. Those “neo-Nazis” couldn’t organize a bake sale never mind (like real Nazis) the conquest of most of Europe. They’re ridiculous, worthy of nothing more than pointing and laughing.

              1. “The proper response to (insert neo-nazi, kkk, etc. here) BS is to point and laugh”
                — me… more times than I could count.

                That sentiment has caused me to be called “soft on ____” so many times, but only by people too dumb to understand. Those groups only have the power that people GIVE THEM. Punch a nazi? NO! FSCK that noise! If you punch a nazi, what you are doing is validating that his/her/it’s opinion is worth that level of response. Point and laugh instead, it says that their opinion is inconsequential and only worthy of ridicule (which it is).

            2. Mostly harmless in direct effect, but extremely harmful in the indirect effect, the way they offer opportunity for the Left to smear and denounce all opposition. If there were no Neo-Nazis the Progs would have to create them.

          2. Of course, if you remove the various informers and undercover feds, there probably aren’t enough neoNazis in the US to full a movie theater.

            1. Wasn’t there a famous Richard Spenser meeting in the last two years where the MSM framed their shots as if there were huge numbers, but if you pulled back and got a wide-angle shot, it was obvious there were more media attendees than actual attendees?

              I agree with the statement above that there are probably about 2K actual neo-Nazis in the US, and the rest are just made up by the MSM.

  14. I like to think of myself as a relatively kind and charitable person. I donate a fair amount to worthwhile causes, but only to those where all or at least most of my donation goes to support the stated cause, not to enrich the salary of some fat cat administrator.
    So I feel justified at my anger when a flock of scam artists are attracted to our shining city only to leach everything they can take from us. Come here to assimilate and become an American, welcome home! Come here to do an honest days work then return back to your home country, thanks for your contribution. Slide in over the border in dead of night, overstay a temporary visa, cheat in some other fashion to get in, I’m not a big fan. And come to leach off our social services all the while demanding that we cater to how things are done back in your country, that ain’t a gonna fly here. I don’t care what some bleeding heart liberals living in gated communities feel compelled to virtue signal, such treatment of our generous nature is an attack at the heart, soul, and wallet of our nation. It either ends peacefully through regulations, or at some point the attacked body reacts violently.

    1. Funny, but the cheaters are doing real well. Ask the Somali Day Cares that send 10’s of millions in CASH back to Somalia while the State and Federal governments look the other way because Islam.
      It works, and NOTHING is going to be done until the cold civil war becomes hot, and nobody WANTS that.

      1. It has always seemed obvious to me that where communism is a religion masquerading as a political movement Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion.
        Some very clever immigrants have figured out that they can exploit a government program to subsidize day care for poor parents by submitting claims for services never provided. The simply “borrow” kids to pass inspection, cash the government checks as they roll in, then hand carry the proceeds in cash back to the mother country, which appears in latest reports to be Somalia.

  15. “I shall shed my light over dark even because the dark things cannot stand the light, the light of the Green Lantern.”

    Okay, maybe not entirely apropos, but I’ve just always loved Alan Scott’s version of the oath.

    c4c (at least until I have time to digest the original post a bit more).

        1. What was worst was that was a copy and paste. I made the mistake in the first place I posted it, and didn’t catch it when I pasted it into the comment box here.

          And it’s all on me.

        2. Seriously though, Scott’s version of the oath was about shedding light over the darkness. Jordan and subequents’ was about power (“Beware my power”). I just prefer the former.

          1. You need power to fight evil sometimes. Our military power kept the Russians at bay in Europe after WWII, and helped us win the cold war.

            1. Oh, power certainly has its place. The “ancient legend” that was supposed to go with Scott’s lantern was that it would flare three times, once for death (killed the brigands threatening an old sage), once for life (restored a terminally ill man to health), and once for power (Alan Scott).

              He had power, yes, but the oath emphasized the light rather than the power. And while the stories really didn’t follow through on that (frankly, the writers were often idiots who had no idea what to do with the characters they had) it created a “head canon” that stuck for me. And so I just prefer Alan Scott to Hal Jordan and the others that followed.

  16. Not all of us on the other side of the pond are as you describe. Or am I unusual? I feel about as assimilated as it’s possible to be without living in the US, and would be perfectly happy to come if I was young enough and well enough to live there. As for ignoring past differences the Breton side of my family lived through German occupation, and my uncle was scooped up for forced labour, while my father died with the Resistance whle helping evaders leave France. None of which history stops me having German friends and having as much detestation for our British politicans as I have for Angular Merkin.

    1. Not as unusual as it seems, but the Eurocrats and their American siblings tend to dominate things so much that it’s hard to get a good sense of what ordinary, decent folks think. And some ideas have been so inculcated in a lot of people in Europe (and the UK) since WWII that for example, the idea that you can have a republic or a democracy without a socialist economic system is almost literally unthinkable.

      1. Between those who describe any government spending for the common good (roads, bridges, defense, etc.) as socialism, and those who claim it isn’t real socialism unless the government owns all the means of production, I think we can safely say that the nations of the world are run by Schroedinger’s government, simultaneously existing as “socialist” and “not socialist”. Right?

        1. So, economically fascist then? The government doesn’t own the means of production, but through oppressive regulation controls the companies putatively in private hands. With the collusion of the companies’ directors and executives.

          1. Well, sure, there’s plenty of those. I was just pointing out that if you one or the other extremely-divergent definition of socialism, something like 98% of the countries out there could be described as “socialist” (or “not socialist” if you use the other).

  17. <blockquoteFrom this, Frau Butthurt, who wants to be a Comissar just like her dear Papa, decided she needed to give the "European" perspective and the "German" perspective.

    Frau Butthurt: “You despise me, don’t you?”
    Rick: “If I gave you any thought, I suppose I would.”

    McCoy: “What the wannabe commisar says is unimportant, and we do not hear her words.”

    Yeah, I’ve been kind of on a roll with adapting quotes from fictional characters the last couple of days.

  18. It takes a good ten years for the scales to gradually fall from the eyes, and for people to realize the US REALLY is something quite different from the old blood soaked European abattoir.

    And some people never do (and it’s not just Europe, of course).

    1. But what is really bad is the LIBs born here who seem to want to bring the “blood soaked European abattoir.” here. Tribal politics, smaller and smaller tribes, NEVER Forget anything, etc. Some how the Libs THINK they will come out on TOP. I know Libs are Stupid but I really find it hard to believe that they are THAT STUPID. But from ALL their actions, they are.

      1. What in their experience and education has shown Leftist that Euro style tribalism isn’t a horrific thing?

    2. Yep… we get these articles and sometimes comments on articles from Finns who have lived there for years, and still seem to see everything the same way they would if they had never left Finland and their only information was from our media. I keep wanting to ask if they never tried to make friends with a single conservative or libertarian there. Or even moderate liberals (I presume they exists…). Of course it’s also possible it’s all virtue signalling, or they avoid other points of view deliberately because they are coming back (probably when its journalists whose job pretty much depends on staying true to the POV of their media), or if not have made their live in an area, job and with friends who’d not like them if they started to drift from the narrative so they don’t want to.

      Rather sad.

  19. Well said Sarah, and you missed one thing in this statement “The country I come from was the reservoir tip of Europe.” You also had a MAJOR seaport, one of the best in the ancient world, so you had LOTS of sailors from all over the Med, British Isles, and Northern Europe that spent time there…

    1. Oh, yeah. Two major seaports. But we were invaded by people back and forth including in the 19th century French and Englishmen (yeah, I know,t he Englishmen were there to rescue us, but genetically there’s no difference.)
      ALL of those left… something behind.

      1. LOL, exactly… And anybody that claims to be ‘pure’ over there, or anywhere for that matter, is smoking something. Sailors, conquerors, travellers, etc. all impacted the gene pools, to a greater or lesser extent. That is one of the reasons asians don’t want to do DNA testing, because they ALL have the same root DNA, just like the middle east. As TXRed said in an earlier comment, ““Blood and soil” nationalism is something I understand intellectually, and at times can sympathize with.” Europe has always pushed the notion of Blood and soil, consciously ignoring the fact that the so called ‘blood’ is actually a bunch of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins… Sigh…

  20. One of the things I’ve found is that the refugees and immigrants (around here at least) that came from ‘the old country’ tend to really love the US. They remember the horrors of life over there and are thrilled to be here. Many of those who came ended up small business owners.

    Now their kids, who were either born here or born over seas (but not in the ‘old country’) tend to have bought into the leftist belief that they are being oppressed, when really all they are is spoiled and ignorant.

    More recently I’ve noticed another trend from immigrants/refugees coming from a very particular corner of the world. They’ve almost all gotten here within the last 25 years and uniformly share a religion if not an ethnicity, even if originating within 100 miles of each other. They expect us to provide for them, to conform to their ways, and submit to their ‘rule’, even if they don’t hold any political office. They’ve learned to game the system to accrue large sums of money from our social safety net, yet hardly ever hold an actual job. These particular people are a demonstrable threat to the American way of life. But the leftists keep embracing them and propping them up as ‘the poor savages who need our help’. This needs to end. Those who don’t embrace American values need to be sent packing.

    1. Apologies for the lack of context. There was a school shooting. Early reports and all that jazz.

      I’d been stewing over some of the Parkland details, and my initial commentary was a bit too evil, even for me. I censored myself, and didn’t have anything else to say.

        1. Oddly enough, I have a halfway ethical obnoxious take at the moment.

          He apparently had five symbols on his trenchcoat. Pre 1939 Iron Cross, Hammer and Sickle, Rising Sun, Cthulhu and Baphomet. Baphomet is supposedly derived from Mahomet, and that from Mohammed. Media is saying the Iron Cross makes for Nazi symbolism. How about the Baphomet as an Islamic symbol?

          Or the bisexual pride symbol on his hat as evidence that he was acting in support of Gay Seperatism?

        2. I agree. They aren’t educating, teachers can’t control the bullies . . . Close them all. Folks have three months to figure out what to do, it’s the best possible timing.

          Close the schools. It’s for the children.

        3. Are you nuts? Do you realize the number of teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and custodians that would put out of work? That doesn’t even begin to take into account the political power involved in bestowing contracts! Far better to abrogate Americans’ fundamental rights!

          1. Looks like a ready-made solution to California’s desire for cheap migratory farm labor. When they’re not picking strawberries or grapes, they can live in recreations of the camps FDR and Earl Warren set up for the Nisei.

            I’m not seeing any downsides here.

            1. One of my thoughts is that unemployed blue collar workers are the solution to the so called teacher shortage. Give parents control over the money spent on their children’s education, and let them select a single person they know to get it. One room schools where ever are a better alternative.

          2. But it’s For The Children!!!

            Haven’t you learned that’s the ignore the other consequences cry yet?

  21. You know, I find it darkly hillarious whenever I see a European commenter try to pull the “older, wiser, and more civilized” act. Seriously?! After the 20th century?!

    1. No one is older and wiser just because of where they were born. This idea that people have access to some sort of hive-mind accumulation of the wisdom of their countrymen is partial nonsense. You can learn things from your history if you want to: So can anyone else. You can spend your time in a decent culture that condones decent pursuits. But everyone is human, trying to figure life out with roughly the same lifespan as anyone else, and the vast majority of hard won lessons must be relearned every generation.

    2. The 20th century. Seriously. Before that the 19th, and the 18th. Anything from France. Civilized? Ye gods – they were savages in pretty uniforms!

    3. None of their current nations is any older than WWII, when America had to go back over there *again*, and restore sanity to their enlightened asses.

    1. The only way, as near as I can tell, that Europeans are “wiser” than Americans is that they’re more willing to accept the idea that they can’t make other cultures over in their own image.
      And even then, they refuse to think through the logical implications of that thought.

      1. Not even that, really. Consider how they try to make us like them, and think they can bring in a million Muslims and give them some pamphlets and voila, they’ll behave like Europeans.

    2. One of the more fun history challenges I pull on people is to name 5 nations that, in the past 100 years, have not:
      -Been invaded by a hostile foreign power
      -Been in danger of immanent invasion by a hostile foreign power
      -Fought a civil war
      -Had a hostile change of government (revolution, coup, ect)

      1. All I can think of is the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that would most closely fit those parameters, though WWII puts some level of threat of imminent invasion on the table for most of them too.

        1. US was invaded in WW2 – but it was peripheral. It was directly attacked, as well – but again, peripheral.

      2. Difficult question. At a guess: Switzerland, Andorra, Canada, San Marino, and the Vatican?

        Give it another 5-10 years and Turkey and Ireland might arguably be in the list.

        1. I think Canada may have had some risk of invasion by the Japanese during WWII.

    3. > None of their current nations is any older than WWII

      True for the most part, but there are some exceptions — most notably, the U.K. There are a fair number of smaller ones… e.g., the Vatican (very small, but punches well above its weight in world affairs)

  22. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.
    Didn’t you listen in indocrt—er–school?
    The Moors did NOT invade or pillage or rape in Portugal. They were benevolent governors who calmed the area with wisdom and learning.
    The families of Iberia are pure lines dating back to the mists of history.

  23. Margaret Ball? Who dat? (Hi Mags! How ya been?)

    Book Plug Friday! Meet Margaret Ball
    By Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin
    PJM: So, you’re one of the new independent writer/publishers, making it out there, in the new world of selling stories directly to the public.

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    MB: I had a slightly checkered education and career path: B.A in pure math with an emphasis on topology, Ph. D. in linguistics, teaching at UCLA, programmer, project manager, software designer, writer and mother. It’s not very dramatic, but even my relatively sedate past can be mined for material. There’s a slightly twisted topology in the current series; two years’ research in Africa gave me background for some short stories; and encounters with the public “education” inflicted on my children infuriated me enough to power an entire novel. Oh, and I once copied a daughter’s chat room transcripts when I wanted an example of teen vapidity, but shh — she still doesn’t know about that. [PJM – ROFL]


    1. That shine is a beacon, but also a strong warning.
      Tyrants beware. Do not approach.

      1. Define “isolationist”? Because I firmly believe we don’t need to be involved out there in the world, trying to “fix” anything or operating as the world’s police. Let them see us and emulate us, from the comfort of their own countries.
        (I don’t have any problem going to someone else’s country and taking care of threats to the US at a distance. Rebuilding their country afterwards? Not so much, especially if prog-tainted attitudes are involved.)

        1. Nod, the “isolationism” after WW1 didn’t mean “we’re shutting the door on the outside world”.

          There were treaties & agreements made by the US that were in our best interest to make because the US was active as a nation outside our borders.

          The whines about “isolationism” comes from two areas.

          One, we didn’t join the League Of Nations.

          Two, we didn’t immediately “jump” into the mess that Europe got themselves into.

          With the first, nobody at the time made a good argument for the US restricting ourselves by joining the League of Nations. IE Why was it in the best interests of the US to join? Of course, the League of Nations very quickly showed that it was dangerously flawed. It “outlawed” war and decided that It couldn’t even “make war” to enforce its decisions. IIRC both Italy and Japan got away with going against the League’s decisions.

          As for the second, considering all of the mistakes made in dealing with Germany prior to (and in the early part of) World War 2, I can’t see how the US could have made a real difference until it became obvious to Great Britain that it needed to listen to the US.

          If the US had gotten involved prior to Dunkirk, our forces would IMO be hampered by the British insistence that “we (and they) have to follow the French army methods”. While some of it was rightly “it’s their country”, prior to Dunkirk the British army saw flaws in French plans but went alone with the French plans. I don’t see that France would be any smarter if US forces had been in France prior to Dunkirk.

          Oh, some people try to claim that if the US was in the League of Nations, the League would have dealt with Germany before a major conflict started. To be blunt, I wonder what those people are smoking. 👿

          1. Nod, there are times that I see that as a Good Thing but I’m not sure that it would actually be possible (as long as we have something to sell overseas or have something we need to purchase from overseas).

  24. “We already have enough homegrown Americans In Name Only aka Those Who Are No Longer Our Compatriots. ”

  25. We’re not a country of blood-and-soil but a country of belief.
    Amen! You might also say that our “soil” is the whole of America. *starts singing America The Beautiful*

    The whole of the bill of rights could be condensed to “Don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff.”
    Ummm, no, not so much. It’s a limit on gov’t, not the people.
    You might say it could be condensed to “It’s not your stuff, the people don’t belong to you, and you’d best remember they have the ability to do this revolution thing all over again.”

  26. Recently at Vile 666 Comissar Frau Buthurt put her whoremouth on my name (she really should learn better. I might start featuring an excerpt of her “wisdom” on Instapundit every night, to make people laugh.) and those of my friends, to explain we had made ourselves unacceptable to polite society everywhere, with Sad Puppies.

    DO IT. I think the world needs more things to laugh about. Or see examples that serve as horrible warnings.

    Rhys and I were talking to a friend who we hadn’t talked for a long time, and said friend was surprised to find out that arctic ice was apparently expanding, despite the usual line about ice loss. Said friend also works in HR, and is shocked about the stuff going on in HR elsewhere in the world when told. It boggles the mind to pretty much risk your job in order to push personal or ideological agendas, when you have priorities like family and financial stability.

  27. I’ve detested communists and socialists, including the vicious branch of socialism called National Socialism, almost as far back as I can remember. I was reflexively repulsed by them even before my early teens, which was when I began to truly understand this infinitely nasty exhibition of pure greed for other people’s hard-earned wealth, although my disgust and hatred for these scuttling vermin grew and matured considerably over the decades. Repeatedly beholding the deathly results of the horror of communism and socialism will do that to a man. It’s amazing that these crawling vermin just keep trying and trying to turn every halfway decent country into yet another horror of famine, disease, and death.

    These filth inherently cannot exist without trying to destroy not just liberty but the very idea itself of liberty. They want desperately for people to be unable to even conceive of the idea of individual liberty and dignity. They are mind butt-rape artists of the most loathsome, evil nature. Frankly, I absolutely adore the wartime motto that went: “Kill a Commie for Mommy.” If I could push a button right now to make every communist and socialist in the world drop to its knees in infinite agony and death, I’d probably break a bone in my frantic hurry to push and push and push the button.

    BTW, it’s “with bated breath” — “baited” is a homonym albeit an arguably amusing one in many contexts. “Come, all ye of bad faith — snap up the baited words in my breath for your richly deserved comeuppance.” ^_^

      1. Ah! I understand. Truthfully, it’s a fine pun to the extent that any pun at all can be said to be fine rather than a stinky load. ^^;

        While the topic is puns anyway, I’ll gratuitously inject a few punny jokes that will cause pain and grimacing:

        “Confucius say, man who runs behind car will get exhausted, but man who runs in front of car will get tired.”

        “If you’re waiting for the waiter at a restaurant, aren’t you the waiter?”

        “Why are atoms untrustworthy? Because they make up everything.”

        “I never could master the art of throwing a boomerang until one day, it hit me!”

  28. Apologies — I should have written “breath bated” to reflect your actual usage.

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